about me.

About me

Tommy, 51


Born in Denmark, now a days in the northern part of Sweden.


My story goes way back and its memories are thick as a book and can be read soon enough. Working on that. My entire life has been about music. There were artists on a more serious and meaningful level before this band appeared in my life 1983. Elvis Presley and KISS have been the two main ones for me. Elvis is nowhere near collected anymore. I keep the music and the DVDs. Same for KISS. I have a background from round 1970 till 1980 where all kinds of different genres were interesting to me. But especially the original glam stuff from the UK.


I have always loved this stuff, The Sweet, Slade, T Rex, Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro and what not. Eventually in 1976 I discovered KISS as a ten-year-old. They stuck with me till around millennium but the millennium concert 1999 in Vancouver Canada – to me was such a disappointment I dropped out of all.

But Crue was there in my life since 1983 cause of their second album and the song “looks That Kill”.


Ever since then - my life started to change and the older I got the more serious I devoted my life to this musical road of no return. It has been something I would not trade for anything.


I have collected on a rather serious level for decades and the collection is now one of the most talked about in the world. Already the biggest in existence in Europe. I think I understand the fans that admire it and sit with the feelings that this is over the top. I would too had this been someone else’s collection.


I have always been into the stories about artists and always been most interested in the untold stuff. I have been so into this I felt I had to get a job in the industry. So I worked on a record label. A management, a booking agency and also the regular record shop. I guess I had ideas of how cool that universe would be to be a part of but I just did not fully feel happy about any of it. I stopped on all of it and felt that music was something I should have as a personal something and just enjoy privately not have as a job.


Later I worked in the media as a rock radio host and that was the passion. That was a passion I learned a lot working at and I felt it was for sure the passion I found and treasured to go hand in hand with my collecting universe.



For some years now I have been purely collecting and followed what to me has been interesting in the Motley Crue world. I do not care about their family stuff what do they do who are they whom are they married to and so on. Let us just put it this way. I have put my food down and sat my own limits to what I want to follow and what I do not really give a hoot about.


Collecting this band and getting a rather cool collection build up is now what I truly love to do and have for myself. It is a thing I dare say is my drive to my very existence. This is also the one thing that most people seem to never fully understand about me. Have for a couple of decades now been having a little too many discussions and fights about my detailed view upon collecting and what interests me in the world of Motley Crue.

-Hope you enjoy the site. Want to get in touch? Mail me : lee@tdcspace.dk