Diary 2006

30th of December 200SIXX, Have A Good One - Later
7:02PM CET
So it came the end of the year fucking before many of us were even prepared I guess? I think personally this year has passed by faster than I cared for. Then again it was a year in global tragics. It was a year where we all became a little more naked and insecure. I think the world picture is about to get even nastierto us all in the new 2007.

How ever I have kind of had enough losses in my life this year. For the first time in a long tie I trusted something to happen and it didnt. It was the ONLY thing outside my Motley world I wanted to function but alsos that i was taken away. I feel I am not sat here to succeed out side this world of being a collector. I think its a little more sad than what I care to admit. Next year was meant to be my huge change in life and for the rest of my life but other would not that it went that way!! So, here I am stuck in Denmark single and in worse and worse shape, in many ways.

I have sadly also sat a decision to wheater or not I should stop this collecting business. I have had a little too many heart felt dissapointments since summer of this year to say things are ending in happy thoughts and satisfactions in that matter. I am now hoping for 2 last things or they arent really last things if I end up being able to pull em through but two things I really would to get which was also mentioned in my last posting on here. Huge fucking collectibles!!! Over the top killer awesomenss to have and say they are parts of MY personal collection. Get out of here. I love it.

Right now the latest on that matter is gonna have an answer to it perhaps sometime at the end of next week. So.... there are a few things that I think can make my dream happen how ever it takes a lot of will on my own part and it takes a sacrifies and a hell of a lot of luck!! But its now its the right time to make it happen if it can happen. You see things are not gonna come to me easerly at all. It will be a bitch to take this one home but if I do I will be ass proud and like I say I will know more and there by inform you of it late next week.

So on a more positive side of things, inspite of all my shitty deeply cutting losses I have also had a line of really awesome adventures. not to say this site!! We have worked hard to make it more and more attractive and expanded it a ton of times through out 2006. We have reached a path now where we like to say we have finally found our skeleton to be the one for the future for a long time anyways!!! There are more coming and getting added on here for sure in the new year also. You see we have still a few ideas untested and unadded on here.

This is the only and single thing that I have that I fully trust now a days. I have the motley life and the collcting thing that really is a hell of a lot important to me. Words are peanuts no matter which I choose to put together to describe that feeling and that truth so I wont. Those of you who knows this you know what I am talking about those that doesnt well..... its just over whelming. I have no other way to say it.

I have had a doctor vicit last week with my yearly body check as I do. I know I have had a bad heart for some years now. Well the latest test says I am very unstable sitting here having a chat about it with my webmaster and it felt weird to be thrown the question "what about the site and the collection should something happen?" Wow!! Never quiet thought of it. I have not but a single idea about that one. I think I instantly have like three people in mind should it happen. Morten, Jesse and Corinna. But somehow I cant really say that after all. Why??

Well Jesse - my dear dear beloved missed brother in Cruelty course I have seen him sell shit in need of the fucking money we are all so damn depending on. Would be hard to think of my collection going to him should I be gone. Dont really want him to sell shit .. Not even his own stuff. But rather expand the collection the best he can. Morten my brother - should I die I think he would hold on to it all in my memory. But then again not him either course he collected ones and I saw what bad it did to him. now he is not collecting only helping out and I have never seen him happier. Its been the best gift to me in 2006. Glad to see him growing and smiling again. Good going brother. Good going!!

And finally a girl I think I never fully get over. My travelling partner in passion. My heart touched love of my life - Corinna. And in a very complicated way I dont want her to have it either. She is way too unemotional about my shit, me and things in generel. It crushes my heart to know she is not as passionate end emotional as she let me see and thought the first half year I met her. But I will never ever fully get over her. We have shared and she has been a part of whats most important to me in life in a deep, deep way!!!

So for a life time Corinna .... love going your way!!! Want it or not. You see, the thing about me is that I am a passionate fucker that lives LOYAL to my hearts sayings. I will go through fire for things and persons that holds a piece of my heart. I have not seen any anywhere having this, this massively. Not to polise my own glory or anything but I havent. I think people would have to get to know me to fully see and then perhaps understand me.

But hey lets just say we had an action packed 2006 of good and bad and 2007 is but another year. I am walking into it with HUGE goals and hopes and I will be the first to say I am willing to die for my goals. To all my friends, family and the men behind the reason for my ways of living .. thanks for all this year!!! happy new year fuckers.. Love you all even though I dont see many of you all that much. If you only knew.. If you only knew....

A huge thanks and special salute to my new found musical passionate friend in Russia... Anya ... bitch!!! Thanks for all so far - Tommy

28th of December 200SIXX, The Ultimate Test To My Collecting
12:12AM CET
"Hey T Ive almost reached an agreement with xxxx to get you the curtains and backdrop. I thought for a minute that I lost them because MC management said they didn't realize we had them and they wanted to get them back. They now work through the law to get em. Butthey NEED to come up with and show papers of ownership from the past and last storage contract!! And since the mangement they have now is a different one this will take them a good 4 months to do. So law says i can do anything with it till March 18th!! So this means a GOOD situation for you, I hope?

Also, I didn't have enough money to buy xxxx out completely for them, but we are coming to an agreement. Based on the plan you sent to me, you will have until April to get us $4,500 USD. Let me know how much each monthly payment will amount to. This is way way way cheaper than originally asked for but based on the fact that you have a far far shorter time to deliever I give you both ofr the 4,500.

I'll pay shipping to get the stuff to your Boston friend from the $4,500 that you send. Plus, I'll throw in more goodies from my old storage stash. Then, I'll keep Nikki's toy, skins and TL prototypes for you to buy from me at a later time, whenever you are ready...and at a very good price that we can determine later. These items are small enough that I don't need them in storage and when you want them, you can have them. I hope your Christmas went well and I hope this thing all works out for you just the way you want it to. Drop me a line when you get a chance. This is sadly the ONLY time chance you can get these so dont think too long!!!"

So what now you may ask? Fuck dude I just dont know. I need to get some things working. Gotta try to get myself a job different kind of job, selling the rest of my KISS awards and more. I am willing to do absolutely NOTHING for the next six months should not do or go anywhere but to some hell hole job and just pay off the what ever if thats what it takes to get this shit. May very well be the ultimate collectible out there for my personal and private collection.

Fuck I have two huge hopes for the new year about Crue. This is one of them to get these two items. If it fails and the second one will too, Ill stop collecting. I have suffered just an inch too many this late summer and fall 2006 for being able and willing to accept these hopes and dreams to not happen for me too. Its just not acceptable. I could not live with it. I have not had the best time and year of my life. Lost way too much....my inner US dream and girl. Many Crue dreams and shit. Lots of lost crap in sales and buys and what have you.

You have no idea well actually you do if you have followed my brains walking through out the year. I am just so very dissapointed and hurt like you cant even begin to believe?!! I WANT THESE ITEMS. I am willing to pay any person that would borrow me the money first hand a huge advantage and promise even a contract to be the next owner of my shit or pieces of it when its selling time for my private collection.I need this to happen for me and my Cruecial future.

There have been new shit added to the collection online too the last few days. Not a whole lot but bits here and pieces there. I have a line of things I like to do and all still with it. And there will be refined things going on new started ideas and shit!! I think its time to change my ways for a good six to nine months. I dont fancy the idea but I need it. In order to make this above mentioned shit happen!!

I posted a new headline too asking if any had read the the Heroin Diaries yet!! Through the official site of motley.com guess what happend. Here is also the posting and the staffs reply and more.:
Me: Who have read the Heroin book yet? Anyone? Let me hear from you at...
Reply: stop trying to release un authorized copies of the heroin diaries if you continue to do so your account will be suspend..

Me: so again the things between fans gets censored!!! dear Mox... I am amazed how many rules the staff throws together to stop ppl from awesome chances.
Unlike many other bands and their universes.. fans help eacother, help getting rare stuff.. only in the crue world is this going on!! Can you out of kindness and helpfulness tell me why this is and who sets these rules?? A lot of times I talk to fans and collectors that wants things not out yet or redrawned for what ever reason. And if its not coming from here you guys dont aprove of it.. in other words you kill the chances for fans telling fans about some pretty great chances. Just please tell me this... I am just amazed thats all...!!!

Reply: no you are basically trying to rip off profits from Nikki by giving people his book before it is even released.. and as i said i have no idea where you got it from and as such it may not even be the official copy.. this is nothing to do with censoring you this has to do with you basically taking cash from Sixx..

I am amazed in ways beyond words. I am not trying to promote a sell pre release with this. Yet its turned around to threats and more course it is all about protecting Sixx for income. What The Fuck????? People are fucking retarted. I am all weird feeling. I am only setting up a subject to be talked about. I ´kind of get off on how stinky things are run on certain things in the Crue camp. What the hell? I dont get it man... its too low and too non fan like.

I get the picture and more of the financial shit (as if he dont have enough if it really was all about that) but... it isnt. So now, now what? It has been taken off there too. Not to anys surprise really. What the hells this? I do not get it. This is partly also why the official sit do not aprove of the www.motleycruehitsquad.com which by the way in my mind is cool. Way cool. Man ohh man...

There have been a good few talks too with new to me not previously known so called Crue fans. Again my `dissapointment was over whelming. You see I still sadly see too many, way too many being pricks and egoistic sons of bitches in all kinds of ways. cant forget the talk I have had going on and off with Jesse for some time now. The bands fans are so unlike any other. In a cool way? No. Sadly not, no wonder i dont talk to too many of them. Its like ... ohh well. Might as well just give it a rest!! Nothing is going to change or anything so never mind.

Damn I can not forget the offer and the changes it has taken. Its tightening in on me like I am just about to choke. And there are only two doors out of this. One leads to the end of times on these doings that I live for almost the other is demanding a hell of a huge portion of luck timing and no life at all for a long periode of time and more. Which one is the most attractive you think? Like asking one would you rather die by gun or blade the outfal is pretty much the same so who the fuck cares?

Alright I may have overdid that one in writing and thinking. But you get the idea dont you? I am seriously a bit concerned. How will this end? I am not at this very minute able to say or even predict. But if you force me to I have to say I just lost it. It is really not something I believe in getting. But I am sure as hell gonna try!!! Wish me luck!!!
talk to you later, Tommy

24th of December 200SIXX, Wrong feeling, Know Whats 2 Come
1:48PM CET
Merry christmas folks. I have a good feeling this is the last time I am doing this what I am doing today. Skipping the holiday cellebrations. It is tragic lonely affair how ever I think I know why and I know whats to come, hopefully in the next coming months from the decition I have made for this years holidays. I so badly want the things I have talks about getting with the seller. I think this is hard as fuck and to not have a loved one either is just a really stinky thing. 

Above all the reason for this crappy feeling I am sure can be blamed on the financial situation. I see people having a job that brings a rather fairly good income do not have these feelings about anything like htis that I have today. It can also be that I am just this very sentimental fool. Who knows? No one can answer me there. I have been sitting for the last good hour thinking not out of pitty or anything but rather another thinking about what to go after in the next month to come. I so need to have some things to believe in. And I feel I am so extremely in need of something cool again.

I think a lot about what I have been blessed with the last ended year of 2006 on the Crue side of my life. I have truely had a lot of greats again this year. Its hard to deny that one. Why should I? I have had more in a year than many have had in 5 and thats the story too on the previous 2 years 2005 and 04. So hell no I should not complain and yes they still mean a lot to me. it is still heart felt but small parts have changed. At least a little bit. I cant quiet figure out what it is that have been touched but something have. As I figure it out I will let you all in. It will be as natural for me as putting on a shirt in the morning.

Motley Crue is a band that still makes my actions being controlled in their name and I can at times wonder why. Why do I have this passion thats so stinky deep and massive? Why this, why not something else or another band? Why not go back to KISS then? Well I know the answer to that one so thats kind of ruled out. ...... yeah in short its just really, really strong. The feeling that takes me on this constantly ongoing journey. But I still have plans for doing this till I am done with my passionate inner feeling or there comes other things or forces in life that takes me out of this quiet isolating universe it is to be a diehard collector and cruehead.

Anyway this is one last call out to you all on the day ... have a great one.... I gues yo uall are huhh?
I am back on the 28th or something with new addings here and there. There are a few things here now that needs to be scanned and all. 8x10s, mags, tickets, cds, dvds, personal, yeah still a lot in the mail that has not made it here yet too. What a massive control of me it has this thing. Or to be honets it asnt .. not more than I myself alou it to have though. The whole family have already gathered at moms house by now here I am still doing Cruecial thinkings and shit. What the fuck.....? I know as said I have fully understandings for all that may have wonders to why or how the hell I can do this and do that. merry christmas people...

See ya all later !!!!! Your cruester lee

22nd of December 200SIXX, Santa Days & Appreciation
6:56PM CET
Its on!!! Christmas and the end of the year is closing in. Also the day today is the day that turns things around. Its getting to be longer days and brighter days slowly yes, its going to change back from today and on so, all that doesnt like the dark and colder times .. smile fuckers.!!!!! I love winter I love snow (we dont fucking have any) I love most about this time of year but ... well, its just all different for me this year. I am personally not really gonna have an old fasion christmas...Not much else is gonna be on here till we return later.

Next posting might be round the 27th of December and then we are with high speed closing in on 2007!!!! I wanna personally thank all of you each one of you for a truely appreciated support through out our second year!!! 2007 will be taken us in on the 3rd. I am highly happy to say we have more plans with it and it sure as hell will expand a great deal in the new year too. I know its big as it is but listen up, its such a cool thing and it is MY LIFE still just as much as ever. On the matter of the site(s) its been a cool year.

On the Motley front its been a fairly cool year. Shitty ending. Hated the fall tour as you all know. On the emotional side of things it could easerly have been better !!! WAY BETTER!!! But I am used to stand left as the looser on all fronts on that subject But hey,...I have my fucking music dont I? Things are not looking any better what so ever on that front so ....fuck it. I miss a love to share yes but I have pretty much stopped believing so, for good or bad reasons, I have now fallen even deeper into the collecting thing on the band and there by also gotten to the point where I have dropped all hopes for now anyways about a love life!!

I found a new loyal partner sadly a busy one right about now on regular jobs but a seriously cool one. Jesse of Boston.. hail to you brother thanks for all so far .. we havent even begun yet!! Morten the baby brother of mine the one that handles all my audio video shit simply course its a riddle in itself thanks for what ever has been looked in on and dealt with still loyal in a different way to the band I know But I know the best gift you ever gave your self was stop collecting. You have never been happier and never felt better .. youre alive its obvious to see and I know it pleases you more than you can ever tell me.

The webmaster - we need for sure to take this fucker to another level how ever we have done a good deal through 200SIXX and we are heading for another mountain top in the new year right? Merry christmas!! In fact to all my friends and the fucking non believers .. merry christmas . may you all have a good one. Corinna my cruecial bonding for so long. We have shared Crue shit together more than any of us have with anybody else and you know its a missed highly missed minor thing now. There wont be any other of these things for a seriously long fucking time. You tell me if you are still hungry? You tell me if you have fel what I have .. and you tell me if you still fucking miss it. I do. More than anything. But what can one sacked shitster do on ones own two feet... fucking nada!!!! merry christmas to you too...

So till after the big day .. I will return and it will be with a new years salute and the latest fucking thoughts depressions and more thats on my god damn mind!!! Love to you all out there.. Thanks again. Tommy
Merry Chistmas - Happy Holidays

20th of December 200SIXX, Friends, Thoughts & Rock n Roll
5:50PM CET
Here I am on a Wednesday its feeding time for my lonesome.. and I am sitting here with tasty duck and all that goes with it. Fucking nicë!! Have no fucking woman, but then I have the meal!! Quak quak quak......

So much for toast fastfood and shit. ths is MY evening and its all shitty awesome. There have been a few things going on today and the "Rock Fest" merchandise offer to me from the company comes in today I have heard hope i can do it ... its gonna be a nice end of the year deal should it come through. that was a festival hoped for to attend but I never did half a year ago, Now at least the merch is in reach if the offer sounds alright. I have a talk going back and forth with the president of the firm that holds the festival. he said he could put an offer together for me holding one of each items so... cross your greased five!! Thanks.

I think it could FINALLY come through for me but mostly cause of the helping hand right now from my brother. Thanks a great bunch.

Now its gonna be a good half a year till even the Darron dude of the crue touring staff is gonna be seeing the the band again so I have to chase other rock n roll sickness till I myself have any Crue related live activities again. The American boogie rock and that I love too. I so fucking love motor bike rock and boogie rock like i cant ever begin to tell you. Georgia Satellites are gonna be in Roskilde on feb. 9th I would love ot go. Are you kidding. Have seen them so many times too they always bring on a rocking evening making everyone forget about the stinky every day bills and doings. Its sweet .really cool.

Other than that I have a lot of Backstreet Girls, rammstein and Weezer on these days. Still the generation Swine album kicks my ass blue too. have not changed that line of artists in the player for a good 10 days now... shit it just hit me.. .and i have loved the crap every time I have had it on. Well that gotta say something . The shit worls for me then dont it? Lol...... yeah the satellites are cool. Igf you havent heard them give it a chance a high blasting volume. Its insaine. Keep your Hands to Yourself, and others they roll ....and I am on the rollercoaster for sure.

Not the only old school boogie beats coming, Krokus comes in january too to this hell hole of a country.... hmmm should I go?

I have follwed them to for a long long time decades. Buut well wewill see. i am thinking about doing a try out for all the shit on here to be a book in a couple of years is that a cool idea or? I cant quiet figure it out but I like to try to get it done and set it up right and all... guess i have to talk to someone that is in this sort of business I guess? What do you think? I dont think the book of Paul Miles is extremely cool. I think I can easerly do just as cool a book when it comesto creating an inside picture of a dedicated dude. I have thought more and more about it and I think it could be fun to at least try to look into and then throw a few tals together with some possible interested companies.. maybe try to have a few talks and possibilities under the belt till I decide weather or not its cool to go for for real. And then maybe aim for a book at the end of the boys next world tour... could be shitty cool. I would love it.

I have been going solo for a long kind of time now. Jesse is still more than much with me just worlking 24 7 right now and that is just something needed on his parts right now .. he returns i promise .. I am sure he sends all an xmas wish and al lhere in the coming days too in his diary section!!! I will be throwing my last diary posting on here on Friday morning I think. So there will after that not be much else but holidays for my sake. Well untill around the last Decemebr that is...I will return then and try to give it al la good twist before new years.

What are you al ldoing for the holidays? Me? Hell if I know? Have really no plans this year what so ever. I think I am gonna just follow the flow and be stupid!! Doesnt atke much for me to fullfil that act! Lol.... 4 days to go and its decemebr 24th thats christmas eve over here in denmark where my newly bathed ass is sitting...Its not at all snowing or anything its about well close to 27 to 30 degrees (USA) here .. not cold or winter at all. SUCKS!!! I miss snow. But cold and snow or not a lot is going on in my Crue world and shit is still in the mail working its way over from all corners of the globe. Insaine. lol. You get to see it all in time as it goes up on here.

One thing is for fucking sure. There is going to be a damn hard drive on the Motley shit and buuys the first three months of 2007. I have three HUGE (financial) deals that hopefully goes the way I want it to. Its badass and pretty insaine. But its a must. I as of this point dont have plans for any travellings this side of June next year. it kills me and I am NOT sure I will be fine with it .. but lets just wait and see what the stinker called life brings and offers this old fart.

My space - online the site that is (you can find ours othrough the link on www.mcrueloyalty.com check it .. on there the last couple of weeks I have gotten so,me awesome new friends . hell a cuple of them are fucking even tring to hook me up with something nasty!!! Auchh!!! You wanna have a few clues to what and who they are? you try find them on there and hunt them down....

I gotta say there are a few hotties on there one I have seen makes me get a third leg so easy. Another one is or should I say seems to be thesweetests of the sweet and I will try to get in better contact with her and that is not gonna be too easy I dont think. Well again never say never. We will see. I truely hope thing will turn out cool and that all will be going the best way possible. Its just a hard hard time to get things on that front in focus. If you know what I mean? No? Then never mind. Doesnt matter to anyone other than the fucker posting anyway!!! But the My Soace of the MCrueLoyalty is highly vicited thats pretty cool. A lot of people have asked about all kinds of things. its cool. A lot of new people have seen the sites too. Nice. Always feel free to mail any of us in the contact section if you wonder about anything. Cheers

Rocker DAVE NAVARRO is heading out with his band PANIC CHANNEL in 2007 to support supergroup ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA. Navarro hosted the TV talent contest to find a singer for TOMMY LEE and GILBY CLARKE's new band earlier this year (06) and now he's touring with them. The Panic Channel will support drummer Lee's new band on dates from 7 January (07) in Florida. So all you have to do is get the ticket for it all if you wanna go see these fucks. So ... till next time on Friday.. be bad .. sick fucks I know tyou will be ...

18th of december 200SIXX,
3:34PM CET
So this is the last week before the Christmas days knocks on all of our doors!!! Well for most of us anyways. I sat yesterday with a dude, fucking almost in theraphy about my ways of collecting and all. It was just like 99% of all other talks to different people. He just could not understand either. I post this cause the more I talk to people, the more I understand how unreal I live my life and how unreal I set my limits. All I truely want is my Motley life and collection to top my dreams nothing more nothing less.

I do how ever miss the female in my life. But I just see it like.. being around her every day its doomed to kill my passion or (more likely) what I have several experiences with, it will kill her and the relationship. I need to find one that ... and that is not gonna happen in a life time. But this collecting and heart felt honest and very open talk about my Motley life is for me like living in a fairytale. Its an adventure unlike anything else!! I am constantly on the edge of turning myself ill and shit cause I spend all thats got anything to do with finances on ... you know what!! I begin to have a home that seriously need to have everything from A to Z replaced for something new. TV, Stereo, Bed, Furnitures and .. damn man you name it.....

But I dont. I have a good while ago stpped believing in a ton of things so I dive deeper and deeper into the universe of what I do on this matter. Isnt it wonderful? Yet shit scary??!!!!!

I wanna prove to myself certain dreams can still be turned into reality. Its not many I have had going that way with in my life. Its actually, when I think of it, all been about music in some way or another. In every other way it just has not been going my way. And my life has now been lived so long I have stopped believing in chances and shit for other things outside my musical life to come true. I just dont believe it. But dont wanna course I know what its gonna go to me.

I am living a life with no, absolutely no social life anymore. No sex, no bettering in the apartment, no small every now and then little doings that could bring me something thats non Crue related. I do all this as if I was walking towards the only place I dont wanna go to yet HAVE to, cause its needed and its honest. Its who I am. How fucking sad is that? You tell me.....Its pretty sad. But what happens when I say its all the way through HEARTFELT - HONEST - and no BULL? You get stunned dont you? Hell even I do when I analyze it like this. I can get a little bit scared. Its aweful to think about it. I am fucking 40 now and its still not a hobby and still not a thing that I feel Im done with. Next to this Crue living all I am actually looking forward to ... well you dont wanna know. Or at least I should not tell thats for sure. You would think of me as a phyco and we cant have that now can we?? Fuck no!! lol lol...or maybe you already do?

here in europe a lot of us still talks about the fall tour seen with Aerosmith. My feeling is a lot of Americans dont agree and see it the way the press in the United States have said about the Motleys in the reviews. We do!! We the europeans .. or at least a lot of us it seems. Have so far talked to 9 people and 7 of them said it was not something to go apeshit about in a positive way. The final shows were something i should have thought would be cool and all. But look at these reviews too. They dont really say too cool things about the Hollywood boys. Now its pretty silent as said only Tommy and Nikki instore apperences for their respective clothing lines and then Supernova hits the road in a good two weeks. There is a "new" Supernova fan site up and running if any should have that kind of interest? www.supernovafans.com

Saddledome, Calgary - December 11, 2006
Rock train keeps a-rollin'

CALGARY - They may have been billed as co-headliners, but the main attraction at last night's Route of All Evil show was definitely Aerosmith, not Motley Crue.headliners, but the main attraction at last night's Route of All Evil show was definitely Aerosmith, not Motley Crue. While both bands brought their A-Game to the 'Dome, the Crue came off as a bunch of junior high boys, throwing a rockin' party for their equally immature pals, compared to Aerosmith's much more professional and toned-down set.

Motley Crue showcased its usual bag of rock show cliches -- massive explosions, showers of sparks, tons of smoke and a couple voluptuous women in cages suspended above the stage. Video screens glowing with disturbing images of more of the same ol' situation -- scantily clad ladies in bondage gear, fire and an array of devils including George Bush -- added to the locker room feel of the 75-minute gig. Fad? In a way, but it was no surprise that these boys, who celebrated Nikki Sixx's 48th birthday last night, still haven't grown up.

Even less shocking was the band's set list, which ran much like it did in the '80s, the '90s, when they were here twice in the summer of 2005, when Vince Neil played Cowboys during Stampede and so on. Dr. Feelgood, Don't Go Away Mad and Kickstart My Heart and their anthem Girls, Girls, Girls were the obvious crowd favourites. But in terms of performance, the highlight was definitely Home Sweet Home, which featured an acrobat hanging from silk panels twisting and turning.

The band was tight -- Tommy Lee ripped on drums, Sixx was even more impressive on bass and the walking corpse that is Mick Mars looked -- dare we say it? -- lively. The power of singer Vince Neil's vocal delivery was a far cry from what it used to be, and at times he seemed to forget the words. Not that it mattered much to the sold-out crowd, which savoured every cheesy moment the masters of '80s hair metal threw at them, including smashing a guitar.

Considering all of this, it was odd the Crue went out of its way not to be seen. Between the constant smoke and lights pointing at the crowd, it may well have been impersonators onstage. We know all too well what you look like, Tommy Lee. Aerosmith didn't rely on the special effects and side shows, opting instead to focus on Steven Tyler's voice and charisma.

Chantal Eustace, Vancouver Sun December 14, 2006
Motley Crue, Aerosmith deliver an explosive spectacle

Motley Crue - also known as the opening act for Aerosmith on their extensive Route of All Evil Tour - put on a smutty, raunchy, tacky and positively explosive spectacle. The animalistic, ‘80s hairspray metal band was so bad that it was good. (And it was so good that it was a tough act to follow.) R-rated video screens illustrated lyrics that would be better off left to the imagination. A chorus of vampy burlesque dancers of undefined genders hammed it up to the Crue’s trashy-but-catchy anthem, Girls, Girls, Girls. And when things seemed to be calming down, they’d throw in a wall or two of fire so hot waves resonated through the stunned crowd like in the song, Shout at the Devil. It was totally out of control.

The crowd seemed to buy it too. Cougars with thongs peeking from low-slung jeans, 20-somethings in vintage concert tees, boomers in leather jackets and tweens with dark eyeliner all suffered the cochlear attack with arms pounding overhead. And when things felt too crazy, the veteran rockers - Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee - just kept going. It was the same old situation with their banter too. At one point they told us to grab our "nuts" or "titties." Lee or Neil dropped f-bombs between almost every song and sometimes during. And Neil waxed poetic on the year they spent in what he calls “V-town,” when they recorded Dr. Feelgood in 1989 with producer Bob Rock. Next door, Aerosmith was busy recording Pump.

That was the first time the two bands collided in this city. In the midst of the Crue’s heyday of sex, drugs, car crashes, prison and more drugs, they have fond memories of Vancouver. “We’ve spent a lot of time up here. We spent a year up here. It’s sort of like a second home to us here,” Neil says to the cheering fans. “Vancouver. I just like how that sounds Van-f*cking-couver.” After a few more gut blender tunes, Neil tells the crowd: “The relationship we have with Aerosmith goes way back. We really f*ckin’ bonded together when we were here in Vancouver” (During that time, both groups reportedly even shared the same counselor, Bob Timmons, according to the book, The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band.)

The Crue also enjoyed the Vancouver’s exotic dancers, Neil says, and the song, Same Old Situation, was even inspired by a local stripper who dumped one of the band members. Things wrap up on a boisterous note with some cheerleader tactics – a vocal ping-pong challenge with the words Motley Crue - led by Tommy Lee, who also passes a bottle of Jagermeister to the crowd. He tells us: “Goodnight F*ckers.”

So with all the shock and awe of the notorious Crue – all the ruckus, pomp and commotion caused by the big-haired brats - Aerosmith’s performance seemed a little clean cut. A little sanitized. A little quiet at first. That doesn’t mean Steven Tyler didn’t slink around the stage stunning us with his fit 50-something physique and big-lipped, vocal acrobatics or that Joe Perry’s fingers didn’t singe guitar after guitar. It doesn’t mean that Joey Kramer didn’t pulverize the drums while Brad Whitford’s fast fingers kept tune on lead guitar. Because they did.

The rockers were sensational. Instead of gimmicky devices like flame guns and hairspray, they focused on good, solid music. Nikki Sixx band-hopped into the set for a cameo in a rock version of Helter Skelter where Tyler added signature screams and raspy vocals. Perry mixed in some raw, bluesy riffs in their solid version of Baby Please Don’t Go.

The Leader-Post December 14, 2006
Aerosmith isn't a Motley bunch

Published: Thursday, CALGARY -- It was hard not to wonder if slightly long-in-the-tooth arena rockers Aerosmith were still a formidable live band, or it just seemed so because they followed Motley Crue during the pairing's double headline bill at the Pengrowth Saddledome on Monday night. Billed as the Route Of All Evil tour, Motley's harshest evil is on that of unplugged ears. Wailing like a wounded moose, Vince Neil remains one of the lousiest live singers in rock, and his cohorts Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and the infamous Tommy Lee (the fourth and fifth member of the band) remain the loosest live band in '80s metal.

Still one has to marvel: After all, never has anyone gone so far for so long with so little. For those of you who attended the group's headlining show at the Brandt Centre earlier this year . . . it wasn't an off night. The Crue is nothing if not consistent in their supreme lousiness. On the last night of two years on the road. the group's finale was more welcome than Cher's final show of her third Farewell tour. Aerosmith? Different deal altogether. The Beantown heroes led by the former toxic twins of rock and roll, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, are a real rock band -- a musical abnormality during the latter days of calendar year 2006.

A lot of Crue minded people may have thought that at least Sixx would have participated in the new coming release of: "Six-String Masterpieces: The Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute" but he isnt. Rather Ozzy Osbourne (BLACK SABBATH) and Ace Frehley (KISS) are among the latest artists who have signed on to participate in the "Six-String Masterpieces: The Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute" — the art exhibit of guitars that have been hand-painted, illustrated and sculpted by top rockers and modern artists in tribute to one of the most influential metal guitarists of all-time, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of DAMAGEPLAN and PANTERA. Over the next two months, look for new Dean ML guitars painted by: Ozzy Osbourne, Ace Frehley (KISS), Al Jourgensen (MINISTRY), Dean Karr (award-winning video director, photographer), Paul Raven (MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE, PRONG), Jim Root (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR), Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL), Alex Grey (legendary psychedelic artist), Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP), Leslie West (MOUNTAIN), Jamie Jasta (HATEBREED), Aaron Lewis (STAIND)!!

A new eBay auction from the people behind the Texan Crue fest (as far as I have understood it) have made and got it Vince sigend the Skylar banner!!!!

NO EXCEPTIONS.FOR THE ULTIMATE COLLECTOR OF VINCE NEIL AUTOGRAPHS. This ONE OF A KIND 3" x 4" custom leather and vinyl handmade tapestry was created by designer Kevin Sockwell of American Drag Seats for CrueFest Texas. It is being offered at auction and all monies raised will benefit the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation. Skylar is Vince Neils's daughter who died of cancer at age four.This tapestry was personally autographed by Vince Neil at a private meeting before his concert in Dallas on November 15, 2006. Guaranteed authentic. I took the pics and the model is my daughter.

Original artwork has been autographed by the designer and will be included in this auction. The art is of the tattoo Vince has on his chest in rmemory of Skylar. This tapestry is the only one of its kind a true collectors item. About CrueFest. CrueFest Texas June 16, 2007 at The Firewater, Dallas. "A Tribute to the past...to benefit the future!" Music fans organized Crüefest - a music event to benefit charity. An event inspired by good-will and the uncensored energy that Motley Crüe's music embodies.

Since its inception in 2001, Crüefest has grown in audience attendance, musician participation, and dollars raised to benefit cancer research. Crüefest grows every year because of the dedication of organizers, sponsors, artists, and fans who plan, donate, and travel to make it happen. Proceeds from Crüefest Tëxas will go to the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund for Cancer Research. Skylar Neil is the daughter of Vince Neil (lead singer of Mötley Crüe) who's battle with cancer resulted in her death at age four.

Event supporters share their money for a great cause at Crüefest, and artists donate their talent and time. We all share love and verve for every one of us whose lives have been transformed by experiences with fatal illness. Crüefest's continued success is testament to the strength and lasting power of the glam-metal-punk-rock phenomenon. Musicians under this wide and vibrant influence are recruiting the next generation of fans with every show. We at Crüefest know we are partly responsible for fueling the momentum of this edgy musical alliance.CrüeFest Tëxas will be held at The amazing Firewater Bar & Grill and is a 21+ venue.

Okay I guess a couple more diaries are gonna come up on here before christmas day so..... talk to you all later friends...
Chill!!!! Tx

16th of December 200SIXX,
9:15PM CET
Thats Right, After We Had the Site Removed We Received alot of Emails Asking For Its Return and Alot of People Were Missing The Site,So Back by Popular Demand Here it is..I Couldn't Recover Alot of Are old Content Like Bios,Discography,Ect,Not Sure if Thats Coming back or Not...If Anyone Has a Request That they Would Like to See on this Website please Contact Administration...Unlike Motley.Com This Website is Run for the fans And by the fans.You Can Become a Member of HitSquad by Joining Are Forum..Are Forum is a No Holds Barred Arena Similar to that of Metal Sludge!Our moderators do not play favorites or reply to whining requests to ban this person or that person! It's a very Motley place so enter at your own risk!

Does any of you guys know this mutha fucker? www.motleycruehitsquad.com ? No?? Well you should check it out. Its pretty cool. beem away fom the world wide web for a while.. but its on a return now and its hopefully here to stay this time. I like it. Got this in my inbox a good 45 mins ago "Sup Bro,Rude From HitSquad here...Just letting you Know i brought the Site Back...Went through some hard times and had to let it go awhile... " Guess what I said? "hell yeah brother .. back in business..."

I think a few actually very few fans real and loyal honest dedicated fans are making their whereabouts go public. We have not much else than the god almighty Paul Miles in Aussie land and the official site(s)!!! So to hear this was on return made me smile. Welcome brother hope you stay arounf this time. Check it out brothers andsisters this bad dude even holds the respect and love for us sick fucks on loyalty.dk enoough to have us added as the featured website on his!!! THANKS A TON BRO!!! Respect.

Here is a new auction that is up and around I would so love to get this baby...
MOTLEY CRUE received aplatinum award from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for the sales of "Decade of Decadence.” RIAA awards (most commonly known as “gold record” and “platinum record” awards) are given to the artists for their sales achievements (a million copies sold merits a Platinum Award), and beautiful presentation plaques are traditionally given to music industry executives who the artists choose as instrumental in their success.

You are bidding on a 100% official, beautifully presented RIAA platinum presentation plaque. The award was given to a high-level executive at MTV, who has generously donated this one-of-a-kind item to the Bid 2 Beat AIDS auction. There is also an acknowledgment of more than 50,000 sales of the home video for the album. The plaque is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The executive who originally received the plaque has personally signed the Certificate of Authenticity. Proceeds from this auction will benefit LIFEbeat - The Music Industry Fights AIDS LIFEbeat is a national non-profit organization dedicated to reaching America’s youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. LIFEbeat mobilizes the talents and resources of the music industry to raise awareness and funds, and to provide support to the AIDS community. For more info on LIFEbeat check out www.LIFEbeat.org

Some concert venues and companies have had European talks about Supernova should they think of fulfilling the rumored tour 2007. Some have even said they dont want the band to play there course its (in short) bad shit. Auchh!! I cant believe it and especially not in these days where everything that brings in money normally is signed up for!!! Ohh well, not of my interests anyway.

This is only short - quiet short there is a tiny work on the sitetomorrow as the webmaster and myself are gonan sit together for some hours and go some things through!! We will see what the end of the day will bring out. I think it could be rather interesting if cwe should come up with some new ideas or something. And I guess yo ucan check that out Monday maybe or Tuesday....

As said yesterdya in the world of the band itself after the now ended tour nothing is really ahppening. ONly things up and running were mentioned in the posting on here yesterday. Actually Tommy is in a promo instore in a good 5 hours from now in Cal. The MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee will appear at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA today, December 16 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., in the Savvy department. Tommy Lee will be appearing in support of his tattoo-inspired limited edition collection "Peoples Liberation for Tommy Lee" (PL for TL), an exciting extension of premium lifestyle brand People's Liberation. You'll take home a special gift with your purchase from the line (one per customer, while supply lasts).

For more information, please see your favorite Savvy or The Rail sales associate. The limited collection consists of premium denim, hooded sweatshirts, and hats for both men and women. Deriving inspiration from Tommy's edgy tattoos and personal artistic taste, the collection fuses modern tailoring with an edgy, super sleek fit. Spreading his talents beyond the rock stage Tommy is intimately involved in the creative direction of the collection from graphics to fabrics to wash development. You go if you are near that ...If not well tough!! im not going either (tease) lol... later freakos!!!

15th of December 200SIXX, End Of Tour N More Income
4:56PM CET

So the last date in the tour of the Aeroheas and Crueheads is over. It has been a carreer cool feeling for Sixx. One of the best three in hislife he sys? Well good for him. I did not like it at all. Then again I am not the musician playing with my heroes anyways so what the fuck.

So NOW it has officially begun. The silence. For a long time to come. Its over and done with the massive merch release and the much worrying for many what can be done about getting the money for the shows and all thats available. Plus what to expect next since a lot of fans thought the Crue were on a shitty path with the way things were sounding and all on this fall outdoor touring. I am one of them. I had many questions. I rarely got them answered. So it is a huge undescribeable hard time to go through for someone like me.

In all honesty looking back I think it is actually amazing that I got nothing taken away from me during that time. Meaning about my passion. That it not loose a little bit. But now I know the answer to that weird shit too. I am in too deap. I hold it too close to my heart. Its stronger than a relationship between a girl and myself. Or so it feels like. I have been asked about my situation on that too. Well keep guessing folks. Thats just a thing that is totally irrelavant to this posting for sure. While sitting here the laundry and shit is spinning in the washing machine and I am about to get a few daily ordinary and boring stuff cleared out of the way. While doing that i remember back as you can perhaps feel from above?

I think I am about as close to a highly risky move asI can get in a financial sence that is. I love to do and get shit done win some BAD WANTS to get added to my collection and I am still ready as long as I am not taking anyone with me (family, girlfriend and others) I am willing to really risk all I own for things I really want so its cool. Or not... depends on who you ask. Aks me and I say "Sure....Ill give it all up for these items you offer me" Ask anyone else they would say "The T dude is insaine. he is givin up STILL all his fucking belongings and risking health and life greats for dead shit to own that more than likely only goes in to a box in a corner of a room in his appartment"

You figure it out. I gave up a long time ago ... just stopped to focus on what it is all about for me.ANd trust me that takes a monsterous bite out of me too. My grave stone should read "LOYAL CRUEHEAD" only!!! Fuck name dates and all.. just that. I have a line of shit to get handled over winter and hopefully get over my huge America dissapointments and all. I only want not to get another job work like an ant (HARD LONG) and get huge paychecks to get huge collectibles and then not much else untill summer 2007. Sounds boring? nahh its all cool. I know why I do it or would do it if I found a job. Trust me!!!

In the meantime while I go take a piss you cam have fun with the latest official diary note from SIXX;
"December 14th, 2006






Now another thing I think is fucking awesome to have had is the now upfor auction FAMILY SIGNED Gene Simmons Collectors box of "Family Jewels"

Would have loved to have that one. But not fucking paying the bucks its up at, 350 plus dollars with still 5 days to go. Give me a fucking break. Yet still cool I admit that. Shit just read the text to go with the auctions. Yes there are a few of these babies set up:

"You are bidding on a rare AUTOGRAPHED Collector's Edition DVD set for the 2006 A&E real-life series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Take an unprecedented look into the life of a rock-n-roll icon. Includes a must-have for any Gene Simmons or KISS fan - two previously unreleased, never-before-heard songs from Gene! Only TEN sets have been signed and made available for auctions to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Rare AUTOGRAPHED Collector's Edition 3PK DVD set for A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
One of only TEN kits signed by Gene Simmons for benefit auctions.
Signed by the entire Simmons Family, including Gene, Shannon, Nick, & Sophie.

3 DVD's / 385+ Minutes Includes two previously unreleased, never-before-heard songs from Gene.
Faux leather hard-bound photo album with family photos and captions written by Gene.

Halleluja!!!! No I will not get that one. Will get the boxset though .. yet again not till next year. Sadly. Its coming to Corinna as the last thing this year I guess before her moving and all. Out of the bible belt headng to California. Now.. another eBay auction is up. cant really think of the seller from the ID but it says "Heavy solid silver necklace custom made for Nikki Sixx with Motley Crue logo and skull-engraved with Nikki Sixx's name under skull." Has a 15.000 dollars amount starter..

FUCK!!!! Thats a line of cash there baby. No, dont think this will sell. It could easerly be SIXX himself seling from one small detail only. How ever I cant tell you which!! There have been a lot of Sixx auctions on the net over the last year and a half. I guess there have been some things out there from his house that are paid good money for and other shit that to me in mymind has not been worth half the amount they sold for. There will be more. no doubt about it. 2007 returns with more auctions. I guess a lot of things now have found their ways to hapy fans. Some winners of these things are truely idiots in my mind treating their shit so very bad its fucking ripping my heart out. But who and what the fuck am I to judge others on theeir hard earned money theyspend on these things? its sick. But thats just my opinon. Okay thats about it for me this Friday evening. I have a good load of things to do this weekend so .....

I may not fully return till sometime next week. But there should be stuff done on the site(s) on Sunday. Just dont know how much just yet. Keep it clean my friends. Dont do things I wouldnt do... then again that isnt much!!! Also be careful what you wish for it may come true. Hell yeah.....Your dude ... the dane!!

14th of December 200SIXX, More Gold From the Past
4:45PM CET
Thursday, a weird kind of day in many ways. here goes a list ,.. I have started getting sick again. Fucking shit!! The computer has something shitty I cant get rid of. Corinna mailed me this morning saying "we wont talk chat or nothing unless there is something on mind and we do it by phone course the moving and a lot of xtra work will keep me busy off of time to do things for you and off of the PC." So thats the first time in 2 years we have this kind of situation. So weird... once you get used to something you really appreciate it truely is hard to let it go when it still means something to you and you still in one way or another care for what ever it is. just weird. Plus I also have started some contact to one near Copenhagen and there is PC trouble and illness there too so we wont talk for some time either .. man feels like waking up on the wrong side of bed. Not at all attractive. Damn....

On a good note.. the dude from the past Michael from Coffmann and Coffmann have mailed more answers and I am for all truely greatful. This is a dude I wish I had known way earlier and been way closer with!!! Ohh well I am scum and I have no other choice than to say this is what it is and I shall just bow say thank you and appreciate his liking of my ass. Not litterally though. I think he likes me. I might be some what different than most fans and he can sence it. he told me ones anyway. Are you ready for more golden eggs and stories from the man who lived the shit we all only dream off?
Here it goes;

Tommy: Did you never get close to try look the band up again in 82 or something and work with them again?
Not really. Shortly after I quit there was the ill-fated Canadian tour, then the Electra signing, then Coffman's firing and the Santa Monica Civic show where they met Doc McGee.
Looking back if I had any brains at the time I should have contacted McGee and basically asked for a job. That probably would have been easy. It wouldn't have even been a matter of money as I was doing pretty well at the time with other things. The guys would have vouched for me and from what I've read/seen about him, McGee and I would probably have gotten along well. (Never met him)

Tommy: It seems you wanted and certain band members wanted what KISS had and was all about back then - is that true?
Let's put it this way... Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. (Next to Halloween of course) I love fireworks and a SHOW. I feel if people pay their hard-earned money for a concert ticket they deserve their money's worth. A spectacle, not just four or five guys standing on stage in jeans and flannel shirts playing music (unless they're the Eagles or a similar band). Motley gave the crowd that spectacle even in the early club days with lighing and costumes but when I was pushing for pyro Nikki kept nixing (no pun intended) it as he said 'If we can't do it 110% right we're not going to do it at all. We're getting too many KISS comparisons as it is.' All we ever had during my involvement was the stageing (Tommy's riser, the amp scrims, etc) some fog and strobe lights. As usual, Nikki was right. W.A.S.P. did it back in the day and in retrospect, especially after the Great White fire I'm amazed I'm still alive. Youtube.com some early W.A.S.P. videos at the Troubadour and you'll see what I mean.

Tommy: As you started Shamrock did you ever hope Crue would come in??
Actually yes. Tommy was the only one who ever came in, always with Althena Flynt, Hustler magazine publishers wife. Great lady with a bad habit. To this day I believe she was the one that turned the guys on to the needle. She liked her little rocker boys (and girls)

Tommy: You have been there for all the big Hollywood bands before they made it. Why did you not start working with GNR?
It just was in between the lines that something awesome between you could have been?
In between the lines is a good way of putting it.

Tommy: As of today 2006 do you have any contact with any of these bands and members?
Only Tommy and that was three years ago when I ran into him at the Rainbow. It was the same day that the Malibu Judge released him from his successful probation (It was on the evening TV news) for hitting Pam. Details in the book, it was very friendly yet brief. For what it's worth that night he was squeekly clean and sober, just drinking soda. Tommy's a good guy, just never grew up I guess. LOL.

Tommy: Did you after all this hoola hoop continue to do drugs?
Yes and no. I was never that into drugs, never an addict. Maybe a line or two at night. I kinda gravitated to my old crowd of friends which was different from the music folks, but there was a heavy coke (don't laugh, high end disco clubs) scene there too which I can't say I didn't enjoy on a limited basis. Fun while it lasted, I haven't even seen the stuff in fifteen years. (Well, there was that one time LOL) I don't even drink hard booze anymore, just wine.

Tommy: What do you know about the Nikki childhood.. .what did he tell you? What was he willing to talk about?
One thing comes to mind. Apparently he lived with his Mother (Grandmother?) in a public welfare apartment complex in Seattle, Washington. He would watch this neighbor kid who was retarded spend hours each day on the community playground riding the merry-go-round. Hence the inspiration for the song years later.

Tommy: what back then was perpaps each Crue members biggest secrets?
Not a secret, but a funny story Nikki once told me. It was Halloween night in Hollywood and they had been partying at the Rainbow and Whiskey for hours. As hundreds of people in costumes paraded the Strip, Nikki passed out in the gutter by Tower Records. When he came to, he looked up and saw ghouls and devils and all sorts of weird shit and thought 'Oh my God, I've died and gone to Hell.' Then he remembered that it was Halloween. LOL.

There you go my friends more gold from a man in action. Thanks again Michael..its seriously awesome and the memotries you have and a trip down your own memorylane with all the shit I throw at you dude. Thanks a lot for the constant doing sharing and all. It is this coming weekend also gonna be written in stone if I will get the Nikki Sixx Heroin photoshoot used boots Sixx was givin from Donna. Love to have em and try to get em signed sometime too. Its all awesome. There are a few things in the mail these days too. And there have arrived some few things too. Not gonna add those till I have a little more thats already in the mail so I let you all in on that what it is and when that happens later on alright? Thanks.

I am also hoping for things to not fuck up for me on the matter of getting the late Decemebr and January things looked in on. I am trying to sit back most possible and not really do too much hasty shit so things can become bad lol. Seriously I hope things are al lcool as this year rings out.. Talk to you later my dear freaks...To all my missed ones out there I dont get to see much these days .. I miss the crap out of you and I hope you havent fully forgotten about me either.... If so sit on it and pump it bastards.. lol lol lol. Your hopeless T.


13th of December 200SIXX, Crue Birth From Satans Ass Of Salt Lake
3:48PM CET
While the attitude of attitudes rolls out the loudspeaker on a wednesday afternoon home in the devils backyard of this shitty hell hole of a town I get to meet new shit stinky cool fucks every week. Latest sexy "sixxety" of satans smeely ass of a dump town in Salt Lake US. For fuck sake I meet these shit cool people all over and the next thing would have to be me getting one of them for more private involvement. I can not go with a so called ordinary. Or canI? I have tried it before doesnt work. Then as they are all ruled out the rest are kind of nutty and really doesnt work either.

I have in the end as it is right now my musical passion ONLY as a steady thing in my life. So the other dream just has to wait a while again.. But "Sixxety" has started a new MySpace page today and she is gonna refine and work on it for some time to come .. pretty neat. You gotta check it out. To get a short and quick inside look on what she is all about in the Crue world here are a few things "Sixxety" said about her Cruecial visions and wants. Here is a little something on it from the girl herself; "WELL MY MOM GOT ME INTO THE CRUE AND SHE HAS BEEN A FUCKING CRUE HEAD SINCE ABOUT 85 AND THEN SHE JUST PASSED IT DOWN TO ME. SO THAT IS WHY IM A 2ND GENERATION CRUE HEAD 4 LIFE. NOW MY MYSPACE IS JUST FOR CRUE HEADS TO KICK BACK AND LISTEN TO SOME KICK ASS MOTLEY OLD SCHOOL AS WELL AS NEW SCHOOL STUFF.

How did you react to Crue firt time you hard them?



Fave member - why?


Fave album - songs? Why? CARNIVAL OF SINS. IM STARTING TO LIKE THE LIVE STUFF NOW How are Crue givin you something in your every day life? THIER MUSIC JUST HELPS ME GROW EVERYDAY


Anything you would like to see them do they havent done? YEAH COME GO ON TOUR AGAIN.....SOON


Your biggest Crue dream? JUST MEET THE CRUE

Having any Crue fans bonds that are special to you and why?

Link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=138121862

There you have it .Hell maybe we shoould ad a new section on here and start doing something new like ones a month or something post a lill something on a fan every now and then to let what its all about be the center of attraction? What you think? Could be something cool!!! Let me give that a thought or two and tqalk it over with my staff folks lol!! I ahve a few new things that have almost been made promises to me too pretty cool.

Looks like I am now getting the merch from the June RockFest 2006 with Crue headlining the Saturday bill. Thats rather cool I ahve tried without luck for a long long time now to get just something from that event but no luck for so many months. Its insaine. I also have some other various shit coming already!! Its like christmas but sadly self paid and financed a long way ... so the only people that find it to be really christmas with my name attached would be the bank. Ohh dear not going there.

Long and sad stories ... have enough of them just watch the bloody news. Its all bad and negative. why? Well I tell you why!! Thats how we are put together dudes or rather thats what we have become .... the human race is not interested in nice little every day sunny news stories. But tragic actions murder and natural disassters are highly wanted .Blod and shit uhhh we swallow it then!! Its a sick minded generation of people that have the globe in their stinky little hands these days. SICK!!!

I have also today gotten a note of the much wanted thing being backdrop and curtains from OOOOLLLLLDDDDD tours. I seem to be the one to add it to my personal collection in 2007 at sme time. FUCK ME!!!And do it HARD!!! Good and long!!!!! God damn it . have no word what so ever for that little something. Just all over fucking exstatic about the idea that all of a sudden now its a far, far safer and more SURE THING

its gonna be mine. Now only one ingredience to go... MONEY baby!!!! And lots of it. Another thing is a package from THE MAN to work woth the band on tour .. no I will let him remain nameless...... a package deal there is gonna be up and on too!!! Shit cool stuff coming from there too... cant wait to see this shit coming!!! Its gonna go to a US address for a starter as the shipping taxes and shit would kill this one!!

Further more there are so many ideas and future plans for me about things. In the name of Crue i have already booked most of 2007!!!! So heyyy there you have it. now its only hard work for it all to happen. Im cool with it. I gladly work for my shit to come true. There are a good few things thats been added this week already too... as always you get the latest in the top rolling banner and the little NEWS stars next to each section on the frnt pages... just click the links and you get right to it all.

Hell its gonna be a rough and well packed year too. Not too much travelling i dont think. but a lot of addings gaining and changes in my filthy little shitty excistence called LIFE!!!!

Its gonna be a road that will test my ass like it hasnt been in ages. There just has to be found some ways to create energy, possibilities and cash!!! The will the suffering and the other shitty needed ingrediences are there and they are ready to used. You all know me. I live this shit and I am gonna die before its taken away from me too. One thing that is not really worked on yet is gonna come under my wings next year too. New ass, new bitch, new toy, new jummi dummy!!!!! Like this here that is so far not even out of this world. Look at this fucking ass and (I know tyou cant see really) the legs on this baby is insaine. I have officially turned MAN!!! I dont give a fuck ... hate me if you like. I loose nothing .this dool is amking any living man from 12 to 80 sit back with a hard on!!! Fuck sencorship. Tell it like it is. Thats an ass and legs that just hmmm...

Next up dinner here, and then back to next step on all ongoing deals... Your personal hell boy!!!

12th of December 200SIXX, Im Going Up Not Coming Down
3:32PM CET

So the bastard turned one summer older. Fucker Sixx just wont die now will he? Hell never mind we love him ... most of the time .lol, lol sorry Sixxdog you fucker.

I sit here with a good feeling on a Tuesday afternoon its been a few good days and I have more or less isolated myself from the world after working hours due to gain focus and energy to what ever comes next. One person in particulor or it would be fair to say TWO .... have been givon me that extra little nicely felt something.

First and foremost my partner in crime Jesse.... yeah thats right!! He and I have talked like shitty little horny punk ass kids these past few days. He is up to his neck in work thats awesome for him I guess. Im pleased hearing this as he has had enough bullshit running his way lately. Great to hear dude. Just nothing like good times and positive energy. And you have gotten that back I think I can say right? I`ve missed his stinky bad ass smartness. We are so bad together its gonna be a dangerous something when we next year hit a night out together...we have already agreed and promised one another to get a CRUELOYALTY tattoo together tying the life long bond between us together for life. Its gonna be cool. So year next June its gonna be done. The inked brothers ...nahh just kidding .. then again I guess we are .. love the fucker to death!!!

The other one thats been making my days these past few is from a shitty little hell hole like mine in Denmark called Koege!!! Lena, so far thanks for some really nice talking and great vibes back and forth. You have made the every day living a little more fun. Youre too cool for ... well.... hmm!!! I hope the coming times will still hold this something thats there. Wonder whats gonna happen. But for sure, you are one of the rare. You just hold some really awesome thoughts, opinions and ideas bout things in life. Thats pretty fucking cool. lol... how odd "FIND MYSELF" just started on my PC thats set to shuffle mode. A sign? Well... if you believe in that crap. I believe this coming year for me will see new things if I want it bad enough. I have a mission or two and they are all holding things that could be a bright nicely appreciated future after all.. woops did I say that? Well, thanks Lena its awesome!!! Youre one in million in many ways, end of story!

I did not really cellebrate the hero´s b-day too much yesterday!! Could have been stronger but the music was on repeat shuffle mode so all the tunes blasted to their tribute to the 4 stringer. Hope you had a good day Sixxter. A miracle that nothing bad has happend to the band yet... two years on and still alright in the bonds across the four rockers. Nice to see. Now its an end for the tour and then up next comes Tommy`s Supernova crap. I am sorry dude but I just dont like it. Hate Lukas` voice and I think the music on the CD is non revolutionary and will quickly pass into the forgotten and not really being appreciated. I give it 8 months and then no more unless suprising new things comes to surface!!

On a more cooler note my old great pal buddy n highly appreciated rock n roll creature Michael whom you may know as being the right hand partner in and with the Coffmann Management in the early Crue days.
I have every now and then sent him questions and here are more with his replies received today!! I have before posted some questions and answers in on here and here comes a few more.. happy reading he is surely one with the coolest knowledge in the RNR book of hair shit history!!!

Tommy:The history books on Motley Crue has it that Mick was one staying pretty much for himself. Did you never have anything with him?
Well, Mick was surely the 'quiet one' not unlike George Harrison of the Beatles. He didn't have much to say often times, but when he did open his mouth, he actually said something if you know what I mean. I think it had a lot to do with his age, being older as well as his experience. He did to stay away from the Hollywood scene more than the other three, not entirely, but lived in the Marina area with his then girlfriend. If I recall correctly, most of his friends were bikers that he had met when he worked in a Harley shop rather than other musicians.

Interesting triva. My friend Bruce lived in the same condo building as Mick (after Shout was released) Bruce couldn't get his bike started one day in the garage and Mick, who he only knew to speak as a neighbor found the problem, a clogged fuel line I think and got him rollin'.

Tommy: Sounds like the "Motley house" was a place that was the frames for a lot of dirt. Of interest in their carreer and health why did you never say STOP to their thing they did. Drugs booze and all?
Well Alan did. At least until he himself became involved with the 'scene.' Mostly alcohol on Coffman's part but I've recently heard that he partook of coke too. I never saw it but it's possible. Remember in the book where Alan had the roadies beat the shit out of the boys dealer? That was in the VERY early days of Motley House.

Tommy: Ever had a talk to Nikki and them boys about the Wishbone Ash support of Europe? What did they say?
Not really, just that night at the resturant. I think that things had gone so far downhill between Coffman and the guys at that point they had a 'I'll believe it when I see it' type attitude.

Tommy: Was it a try to win trust of points again that Alan offered this Europe tour you think?
Yes. Absolutely. Although in fairness I truly believe that Alan thought it was going to happen.

Tommy: When did you hear Motley starting to talk about not being happy with Alan?
When Alan stopped showing up for rehersals at SIR studios and later it escalated when Nikki was in jail and Alan was nowhere to be found. (He was banging that fat-ass DJ) The it got much worse that New Years Eve at the Troubadour with David Lee Roth.

Tommy: The thing with Greenworld was that the best move for the band back then you think looking back?
Without a doubt. Greenworld was a good Company, good people. They had done well with Missing Persons and as far as I knew were very honest with us in the sales/accounting reports. Too bad they went out of business a few years later. Having said that, remember that the Greenworld deal was the only deal at the time.

Tommy: So you eventually did get paid all you were owed from the partnership?
Easy answer: No.
I didn't feel too bad though a few years ago when I sold my last un-opened copies of TFFL (original Leathur pressing) some tee-shirts and a few other goodies on Ebay.

Tommy: You were suprised that it ended up being Electra that took the band. You mention it course they had diff. kind of artists, were you worried the label would not do them right?
I felt that Electra was signing them not because they thought they'd be the next big thing, but just to keep other companies from getting them. That happens (happened) a lot in the business. Sign a band for a few dollars, keep them on your roster, if something happens big great, if not, no big loss. I couldn't see the Crue on the same label as the Eagles, Linda Ronstat and Steely Dan. All great artists of course, but Motley was certainly the first real hard rock act in their stable. In retrospect though, I was wrong. Electra did indeed put their full resourses behind the band.

Tommy: What label would you have liked to have seen taking them?
Warner Brothers. Or better yet Capital. A few months after the Crue/Electra signing Capital signed W.A.S.P. for more up-front money (adjusted for inflation) than they paid the Beatles in the '60s. Amazing, but the story goes that the top brass felt W.A.S.P. was the new KISS.

Tommy:The place in the hills that Nikki wanted to meet some specific girls (that had the drugs) with you at - think it was a place that was located on the corner of some place that had this long and tall stones made stairs up to a huge house..

That's the place.
Tommy: Who lived there. Or was it like the daughters of the place? Who lived there? (I drove by there last month but we could not park as there was heavy trafiic.. .so I never saw it for real....)
That was Houdini the famous magicians house. A strange fire burned down the original large house fifty or so years ago, all that's left are the stairs.

Interesting reading here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houdini The large home across the street was rumored to be a Satanic cult 'boarding house' where people could come and study the black arts. I seem to remember (and I could be wrong, it might have been someone else) that it was Nikki that told me about it.

Thanks Michael for this, so far another inside scoop for the site and my knowledge and chapter to my Crue life....Thanks brother. You`re one of kind. Awesome knowin you.

We (Michael and I ) are both worried bout another dude in the californian area. The old original member of the White Horse. If you re not familiar with this band it is the pre-Crue band for Mick Mars. This dude have had long, long time contacts to Michael and far less but still appreciated contact with me too. You see we have had silence from him for many, many weeks now and are worried for his well being. I will let you know more should I get to find out whats going on there too brothers and sisters. Thanks.

We are getting things in in the mail these days so smaller stuff will be added here and there too... but the rolling top front page banner tells you whats new and where to find it so....

Just keep coming back guys. Things will be going on n off the rest of the year here!!! But a good few diaries with thoughts and shit still to be published for you all so you all can continue a travel through my Cruecial nutty brains of mine. Can be one scary ride though lol you have been warmned. no bullshit censorship here. Hell no... its all attitude honesty, openness, stiff dick and wet puss here. But thats the god damn way we love it... ask Jesse if you dont believe me (dont blame me single handedly!!!!) Now a toast to the loyal . cheers fuckers!!!
Your personal punk!!! Tommy

11th of Decemebr 2000SIXX, B-day Sinister
12:01AM CET

10th of December 200SIXX,
8:45AM CET
Sunday bloody Sunday for ones its a nice bloody Sunday too. I am off today and it feels awesome. I so need to relax and not do too much. Hoping for only one thing today. Its a much thought about "Down Crue History lane" dvd I like ot put together and get out there with all these special places that they all lived at and did shit at and so on. The last 4 times i have been to Hollywood and the Los Angeles area we have gone around and done all kinds of things filmed and shot a lot of things. I think its time these things got put together nicely for a cool finished thing. I cant wait to have it in my hands ready for viewing too.

Crue is closing in in the last few shows for this tour and this year and then its a long long silent time for them beinga live band. Tomorrow is Nikki Sixx birthday and Corinna as well. They will be live on stage then at "Pengrowth Saddledome" in Calgary BC, Canada then. And on the 13th they end the tour at "General Motors Place in Vancouver, Canada....So I guess a happy birthday is in order for them both!! 31 and 48!!!

There are not gonna be any Tommy, Corinna adventures and crue ongoings for a long long time. You see its a busy time financially and its a slow time when it comes to activities to go to. There is the up n coming Supernova tour. But I would not want to go. I still after such a long time dont like it. There is the Tommy clothing line that he has and every now and then show up at an instore for... not gonna collect that. Its a waste of money and nothing special at all.

Then there is the Sixx clothing line and he too has his instore events here and there... havent really seen it all yet but ists damn high prices and I am not going to hit America for just that either. Then sometime next year is the new vince neil solo album andhis solo tour. I am not gonna do that either I dont think?? But I am not fully sure.He has an attitude as a solo artist that I dont appreciate what so ever. So yeah in short myfeet are not gonna be over ther for a long long time I dont think.

We ill see what happens!! I still hope for the requested stuff to get positive answers to about some buyings. And that means it is a well high amount that I once more have to find with in a good short period of time. We will as said see whats gonna happen.

On antoher account Mr. John Corabi`s ex-wife have recently like Sixx set up in agrement with john some of his old rock n roll clothing gear.Selling it to raise money for their sick kid that needs constant medication. Sad but okay life was never promised to be pretty I guess. But a good lot of the stuff have ben set up with reserve prices extremely high like a belt he had in 1994 1500 dolalrs. The Corabi dude is not that kind of an individual in the rock n roll business to have success with such high prices. Sadly not. Hope they decide to set their prices down so its helping all parties ....good luck John andsorry to hear about your kid.

On another note that has take its room on there the last quarter of the year KISS. I am unsuccessfully trying to sell my last KISS stuff. Its sick how hard it actually is!! I need the money for other Crue items and there have been a line of KISS interested people and they are just not too reliable. They have a lot of talk but not much of the walk if you know what I ean. Fuck!!! Sometimes thigs are just not as easy as they should have been!! Fucking weird. In a good 2 weeks the new Gene Family jewels box limited fan and collectors edition is coming bt to Corinna for me. Its gonan be well unknown when I will have the set here in denmark. Sucks ass. Next from the KISS men to gain for myself would be KISSvideology part 2 and the Gene box to come next year too.

Gene`s Monster the next 2007 bomb to be released. its gonna be a huge fucker.
It will hold a complete carrer spanding music trip from hom and its gonna be a MONSTER like the title of the box will be. Rain Keeps Fallin’ This demo was an early version of a song that was even considered for use on the “Psycho Circus” album. Several different lyrical versions of the song exist dating from around 1991 when the song was first demoed by Gene and members of Silent Rage prior to the “Revenge” sessions. One version has interesting lyrics such as “Burning crosses in my own back yard” and “My name’s on a cool headstone with a pretty rose.” This song and “You’re My Reason For Living” are scheduled to be included on a special bonus CD included with the “Collector’s Edition” of Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels DVD set from A&E. “Accompanying the songs is commentary from Gene — a letter describing the history of these two tracks and the thought processes behind their development. A required addition to the collection of any Gene Simmons or KISS fan, this DVD set should not be missed”

The Vince Neil Ink store has also since last time I was posting had its opening day on the world wide web. Part form what i aleady have and bought ther in Novemerb while standing in thestore, there are two new items I better get asap. The logo belt buckle its bad ass. its rock solid and its nicely made. Plus there is finally the tatoo artists working shirt buttoned front and its all cool Need that one too. Much much much more is coming. Including the earlier talked about jacket. So ... I know perfectly well where to throw my money at. have too many places alocations and people to take my cash for yet a good 3 years as it looks right now. You do the math. Its insaine. But I knew it would be like this should I at least TRY to get all there is and was and will come you know its hopeless to say its covered course its like impossible to do just that! But I am as i have been for the last 3 years giving it a damn hard and serioustry though!!

Alright guys .. there are new stuff added on the Tommy solo section posters and this n that check it out and I ll be with ya again soon...Love to ya all....
Practise hard sex, eat well and dont be a prick!! Fuck normalcy.....Lee

5th of December 200SIXX, Stiffie Thoughts Xmas Wishes & Cool
7:20PM CET
Think are nuts these days. Going nuts over the male needs in life thats not there .. you put two and two together and you get a dripping something. What the fuck. I am only human. rammstein and the Backstreet Girls are blasting my god damn stereo and I am all for wet kittens and rock n roll these days. damn!!! What the hell that may be my shitty christmas gift to myself. Rock n roll and some .....

So how have you all been? Jesse is gonna get the last few probs covered on cam any day now then we begin to be on top of things for real. Well thats untill we have the next lot in ... things are coming in all the time. Either to "my" address in the states or here to Denmark. There is a good lot in the mai las I post this so... should be coming over the next few weeks. Always something. You know from how things have been going the last many months right? Like hell you have ... its a never ending rollercoaster ride isnt it?? Like fuck it is.

My buddy in Detroit attended the Gun N Roses show there a little while ago and with his passion for airbrushing he of course made himself a cool classic design vest and got it sold on the spot for a good amount of cash....he is a really missed and highly appreciated friend of mine. I miss him way too often for it to be healty. Had I been even closer I would have maybe been as luck as having gotten a christmas gift from the fucker... lol lol but heyy no santa finds me to have been this good all year.

Its a blessing when one can actually do shit thats appreciated like this guy and jesse can. They make wonders and I envy them both. Really wish I had a chance to be the god of doings sometime. Its all cool I think. Love a lot of their shit. Its wild. You like KISS, Maiden, Crue, GNR, or what ever you turn to this dude DON ARMSTRONG E-mail-adresser: armstron.don@sbcglobal.net !!
he will do everything exatly the way you like it .. Down to every detial there is.... So dont think twice.. this dude rocks.. youre into KISS? he makes them fuckers look alive on canvas and jackets dude.

London LeGrand a well respected and missed frined in the Californian Holy Wood has finally also gotten the latest shit going. new band coming ... ROCKSTARS ON MARS he has just included the bass player of "ChrYst" so I for one am shit thrilled. I have hoped for his return for way too long. He is the shit and he is by far the cooler front man ....I say no names.. but he is. Love you London.... you fucking kick ass... Its gonna be fucking cool to have the man back on the rocking stages. I love to have these things going right. lets see if he can use his smarts to get the ball rolling the right hills. You go kill em London....

As much as I have said it on here about the people and so called fans of motley that they are fucking sad news and a bunch of loud speaking ass wicking (is that even a word) bad mouthing fuckers constanly so damn negative, they should NOT have the knowledge of getting this news. But some do and they already bad mouth him and the name and well in short you name it. What the fuck is that? Jesus leave what you dont like alone ... its not a MUST to say all the crappy stinky shit people always let out on there. Thats why I think boards are way too often a bad thing. Its a snap of the fingers and you are fucking bathing in shitty issues and comments. And trust me there is no way out. It stinks!!! Welcome back London.!!!! Love you brother .....

Nikki Sixx Autographed Stage Boots
This auction brought to you by SWAGROX the official store and auctioneer for The OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR NIKKI SIXX is for a exclusive Autographed WORN stage Boots from Red White and Crue and COS Tours. Both boots are signed on the toe in black marker by Nikki himself. Boot are New Rock - 591 - Black with Dark Silver Flame size european 43.. size 10 US. This is a rare opportunity to buy a real collectable item WORN and SIGNED BY NIKKI SIXX! And to help the Kids of Running Wild in the Night.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx founded The Running Wild in the Night Foundation, which is dedicated to raising funds for Covenant House. Covenant House is the largest privately-funded childcare agency in the United States providing shelter and service to homeless and runaway youth - So the Nikki boots that was taken off of eBay last week is up and back again. Its all cool. still 5 days for it to end so you have christmas self pitty and money you go get them. I would had I had the cash. But there are things out there offered I wanna try to go at!! I need to at least try. These items can kill these worn stage boots by the Sixxster many times over. Hope I will manage to get the shit.

I will be back here shortly if not before then Thursday or Friday with more news and updated items in the various sections here.
-Love you all and as always I myself and jesse thank you endlessly for your kind support. Its well worth it. Thanks a lot...Tx

Sick my duck honey no matter how much you try
Sick my duck to the day I die
Sick my duck honey think of apple pie

Sick my duck honey till the day you die
Sick my duck honey please dont ask me why
Sick my duck honey uummmmm thats good

Sick my duck honey !!!!!!!!!!

3rd of December 200SIXX, Misunderstood & Ho Ho Ho`s
12:21PM CET
I think its time for me to say it again. I have for the best oart of my life. Been misunderstood. And by one that I like to think is close to me she had been totally misunderstanding me recently.

I think it is with great irritation these days that this ones again comes to surfase. Ton of blaming and shit because one dont understand a person. Then sure its easier to label the fucker and just blame him or her. What the fuck is that all about? Have some interest and a little bit of patience and ask the person about whats up instead of accusing the one. God damn it fucker. I have so had it with all that bullshit.

Yeah yeah its December and santa has officially entered the month to ring out the year later on and ring in the holidays. Well this year for my sake you can take your santa and your holidays and send it all off with a one way ticket. I am so full of peoples bullshit. Christmas has oficially been cancelled ho ho ho. Why is it I always am expected to be and do so and so and so.....but hen I do it in return to the people that asks of me then I am givin hell?

Okay thats all on that matter - I hope you all out there reads this and tink a little before you label me fuckers. It is not even with one week no more that these shitty things seem to hit me. I am so not satisfied with this and I feel more and more that I am not really happy on this planet they way the people have it shaped. I am so against the masses and I am .. ohh dear. I should not really say all this it makes no difference and all there is about it when listed here is a negative posting.

The site has been givin us some major problems recently. There have been weird stuff posted in our KICKSTART section from some one out there. We think that that can be the reason for the problems so for a little while we are gonna ask you to send your guestbook postings to : bellajes@msn.com or lee@tdcspace.dk !!! Sorry bout this.. but we have to do something ot make this site functional since somebody out there wanna give us problems. I ask kindly for your patience. Sorry for the trouble. As you may have seen there are a ton of things out there that can so easerly fuck up what you are doing and it sucks. Well we wont give in and its being worked on. Hopefully tonight we will have a continued adding of guitar picks some Supernova stuff and such things. We have almost gotten through evertything and we have handed you all a new look. A colourful cool I think, how about you? Pretty cool eyy?

Jesse - hmm my good buddy Jesse ...I begin to only have one thought about him. he and I should see each other face to face much more than whart we do. We are so alike in ohh so many ways. I know he has been busy and he has been a little over the top of bad luck and crap. But he has dedicated time to get it looked at and the man is better. he has still some stage probs photos to get around to. It will come and we all look ofrard to the addings for sure. I know its something a few peolpe have asked for and mailed me personally about and i thank you for the interest and comments. I know it is truely making the personal section a monster these days. Give the man a few more days and I think he may be able to get around to have the last pictures for you. Jesse is better and he is gonna be with us here shortly.

I am hopeful for the impossible to happen next year. I will know in a good week or so. There is a small chance that I may be able to get the original backdrop fromthe US leg of the 1985 Theatre Of pain tour. The huge Alister one. And the original red curtains to front the stage with the band logo from the Girls Girls Girls tour. I would really love to have these items. Its sick how cool they would be to have in a private collection. I have made my offer and I will know in a good few days I guess. You see I have so much right now its insaine (again) and I have so totally no money. I need a serious make over both me as an individual but also my home. Everything needs to be traded in for something new. Man everything I have and everything I own needs that. But all I do is spend on them 4 men.

I hardly eat right. I have had lots of bad feelings due to bad eating and more. Trust me I am almost like in a self destruction fase the way I am doing this every day living. It is so shit far from being healty. But I seem to not really give a shit. All I care for is to get some things added and some holes closed in the collection that is but so dear to me. It is not a thing to fuck with for me or to take lightly, Fucjk the none believ ers and the ones to give me shit about the none understanding for this that I do. I wish I had a chace to ...well let that be left as a thought only..

There has been yet another SIXX auction up on eBay. Sixx boots worns on stage last year. But eBay has their weird policies and all and they ended the auction and killed the listing. Swagrox.com have had no understanding for this crap and they are relisting it again next week. So for al linterested parties look in there next week again. It will be back on. There have also come to sufase for me an offer onthe totally missed ROCK FEST in june 2006. I never went and there for never got the festival items there are a shit load of shirts from that festival.

A few new things have actually been up in the air too about more stage probs fromthe guy that sold me the first lot. But this time its more minor things like guitar stands drum parts and shit like that. Sure it would be cool to get the remains he has but money money monye . must be funny... in the rich mans world!!!! And that world is not mine. Lets just see what we can do about it all if the curtains and the backdrop goes through then the rest of the probs can be going through later on too I think. We will have to see. I have a lot of shit to clear .. so I am ready for a sucker punch of a shitty job to gain some cash and kill whats wanted. And kill whats needed.

I have a lot ot clear and get in gera in the new year to come. I so only need to be active and put all my personal goals and dreams a side since they are not gonna be fullfilled no mre. At least not for a long time. So I have almost givin up on that and now its time to just take something shitty and just do something money wise. I am just gonna wing it and see where it all takes me I guess. I only wanna be alive if I can have my fucking rock n roll. Or get to meet the girl of ones dreams. But thats a task I dont believe in so .... im stuck with my rock n roll.
Suck it !!! Off - T dude

28th of November 200SIXX, Has Pam Got Shit For Brains? New Deals?
5:00PM CET
"PAMELA ANDERSON has filed for divorce from husband KID ROCK after less than four months of marriage. The couple married in a lavish "celebration ceremony" aboard a yacht moored off St Tropez, France on 29 July (06), but made it official when they returned to the US and wed at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Anderson, 39, has hired famed celebrity divorce lawyer NEAL HERSH, whose clients include KIM BASINGER, HALLE BERRY, DREW BARRYMORE and DENISE RICHARDS, and cites irreconcilable differences.

Anderson's representative TRACY NGUYEN tells American publication People, "Pamela filed for divorce last week. It wasn't a happy Thanksgiving." Earlier this month (NOV06), Anderson miscarried what would have been her and Rock's first child together. She has two children - DYLAN, eight, and BRANDON, ten - from her marriage to rocker TOMMY LEE. According to entertainment website TMZ.com, the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, but because they were married for such a short time, it probably will have little impact on the divorce proceedings. Anderson is currently in Vancouver, Canada filming BLONDE AND BLONDER with DENISE RICHARDS."

So it got out this too huhh? Well wupdee do muther fuckers. has she got shit for brains? Does she have to fuck and marry every male that looks her way? Get a grib chico!!! Its a farse. Its a bloody joke. How can this not be? Admit it both of you. Tommy and Pam, just get back together and stop making shitty scenes for the papers. Behave and live good. For god sake. When will this Pam news be old news? Does she really have to turn 80 before people and magazines starts to loose interest? Damn....

Well T-bone she is available and if youre lucky you could manage to become married again before new years. What do you say? Tempting? Or is it more fun to bang every pussy nation wide and just dont care? No I am not pissed about the news .. I find it just so absolutely hysterical. All males should have an alarm going ones getting close to Pamela. Fuck her? Yeah dude, who wouldnt? But marry her? Hell no, not in a million years. Are men really this fucking stupid? Guess so. Give us nice ass and titties and we all jump to your saying. For a while anyway. Till the meat is everyday news then fuck it ...loose interest and just dont care. Ohh well....

Have ones again had a talk going with the good friend of mine and recently the suplier of the stage probs. He has more to offer me. He has more to let me have if I can get a solution to the financial side of it. I am so amazingly thankful for his doings. But I am also on the shitter with what is coming and going around of offers and the chances to garb the lots. I really dont have too much to do with I need a new job after new years. I really do. This is not working. By far its not. I should ahve an answer to this for myself, him and you all at the end of this week. I simply have too much going right now. So sorry to have all these long term things going. but that has most of my life also been the case when it comes to offered cvollectibles. Have a constant flow going with more than one two three or more people going all the god damn time. Never has been any different. So yeah its creepy at times I guarentee tee you.

Talked to my swedish friends Mattias and Pearl yesterday. They are going to the beaches and the sun next year early for escape from winter and shit. I have and will never ever have a romantic doing like that with any one no more. I envy that like nothing else.

I guess christmas is cancelled for me this year for a line of reasons. The only holiday I have my entire life loved to cellebrate for I found it to be warm and sharing with only nice atmosphere .That ended this year. I am not gonna do anything on that. I have tried a little too hard to find it to be worth it no more. I am totally fine with it. I miss the right reasons for cellebrating it so this year I am not gonna. Instead I am givin myself some cool collectibles if things goes right and say santa can stick his ho ho hos up where the sun doesnt shine. I am anti christmas this year.

So there really isnt that much else to look forward to this year part from if corinna should send something off from her place thats mine anyway. I am not really gonna make a big fuss about things just let the last part of this year slip by and enjoy the cold winter days. Thats my time of year. I love it. Sadly I miss more snow than what we have here. But who knows maybe this winter will be different? More snow? I am only hoping things will be fine and go right. By the way my finnish friends in Private Line have gotten back to me and there is a package on its way down to me from the cold Suomi!!! I love to get to see them again. One day somewhere. Also the boyfriend of one certain webmaster has returned home so please bare with me. She is not the most reliabe person on planet earth as he is home so....

But a lot have been added as you can see and sadly we have bumbed into some new unseen shit ... our text in the link buttons online begins to dissapear on us sadly it sucks. I apologies for this shit and I promise you she will look in on it and figure the shit out. Of course none of this shit should be messing with the coolest website on the world wide web on our boys. My younger brother is coming by me tomorrow for a good couple of days so that will also bring some light to situation as he is the one that deals with my audios and videos. I know we have a few things to get around as he comes here too. Also there are a good few things that I like to get fixed and there is hopefully some time with the webmaster tomorrow to getthings on here again so things can be packed away from here. i don have a home saving all unadded things in piles all over around here. You know what I mean dont you?

I really have a good few conceerns about things. Corinna called me yesterday too. i know you all probably hate me when I say A and dont finish with B. But I simply can not say what I was told I was just all together chocked. Wonder when and what I will hear from her again. Jesus Corinna, get real. C`mon. What the hell? Also need to know a few things from her about certain things before I can get on with what I have started here too. Ahh I should not have opend up on that one it all makes absolutely no sence to you out there sorry bout that. Hope to have good news for myself and for you out there at the end of this week as said!! Right now i cant say there is much else to win over other than thoughts that right now are but prayers for a good and positive perhaps even supriseing outcome to it all. I will be back Friday on here I guess hope to have heard from both then. Cruecial loyalty to you all...

27th of novemebr 200SIXX, Got A Minute? Whats UP?
3:03PM CET
Another week and a last week before December knocks on every one`s door. Hell Christmas seems to be coming early this year. Its not a suprise only I never fully realized that I needed to hurry up so badly with things like i do. There have been so many things around me that has and have had deadlines line hell. Some I have turned down. Some I have ignored and otheres have been agrred to but yet to be future doings to also. And finally some I have just grabbed a hold of and said FUCK it. It has to be dealt with. Like a few things on and about the sites. As some of you may have notised. There are a few changes and here are a huge pile of added stuff in the collection section. Also there has been givin birth to a few new ideas like the search page. Many often asks for where to find this and where to find that. I hope the "Search" page will kill all your wonders and concers. Lol. have fun.

Most of all the stuff is now up and added to the various sections of things and collectibles on here. A few things are missing still things are in the mail on its way to me and more. So It is a constant flow and incoming on this one. I said it before and I will again - Motley is my life not a hobby. Right now I only hope and pray for my partner Jesse to come around and be and feel better. If you have read his recent diary you knew what I am refering to. Thanks. he is the brother in this I think I have been missing. The gang was sadly never what I want edit to be and my biological brother . ohh boy. he did the best thing for himself. Ended collecting while ahead so to speak. Yet he is extremely helpful in getting me stuff that is highly sort after and I htnak him deeply for all of it.

I have in Jesse what I so hoped to have in Corinna. She MENS AND PROBABLY WILL FOR A LONGER TIME than whats good for me - be a really important person in my life and crue doings. How ever she never really managed to give in and be the part of the "brotherhood" and more like I have with the Boston dude in Jesse. I still love her for all we share and all she more or less always does for me. Jesse get better brother. I miss you and our talks. I am kind of suprised to see how much I myself is able to do and how many shitty beatings I take like constantly and always gets back up and stand loyal to my musical passion. Ohh dear here we go again. I will spare you guys.

As you have perhaps noticed the old and much talked about stage probs are finally getting added on here too. Its been a long, long hard road to make all that shit happen. But now i think its about time to have all this crap listed. Thanks for the patience. i knwo there have people with doubts to if I really did have it or if I was just kind of loking for the attention. Well the answers are listed on the .Dk site under "Looks" and then "personal" and thats that!!!

Also yesterday late night I got a really cool suprise my newly found latest friends of Belgium have been writing me. (Thanks Davy) I love these kids. Hope that afternoon and evening in Atlanta, GA was the start of a long beautiful friendship. they are KISS idiots like I used to be. They are I think... (??) trying also to help me get some Motley Crue items to add to my collection. And there are already now some shit down there they say I have not on my list on this site so .. they maybe can help me get more soon? I love them. Some really dedicated guys just the kind I like to get to know much more. One has been and still is a photographer at rock concerts.

I am sur if you have any fave bands you collect or something this dude can help you. he may sell you some shit awesome ones. I dont know you can try reach him at: Davy Cleenewerck davy.cleenewerck@pandora.be tell him tommy Lee sent ya. Guys if you read this heres my big warm arms around you. Warm winter hugs. I miss you guys dont be strangers now you hear me?? Love you lads.

We are trying to make a few more changes on the sites and next week will hold a few more addings. Hopefully the last of the stage probs and a good 20 new audio and videos more. And some minor stuff.
So its not really over with the adding yet. Or to be more frank with you it never will be. Not till I actually stop collecting. And that happens when.... yeah right!!! There are more coming as said. stuff for the sections of CDs, Personal, Posters, Passes, Picks, Tour Itineraries, Magazines, and more. Its all in the works or in the mail. Sit tight and come back to see us. Remember werre loay l to you all loyal to the band. And for the Belgiums - dont forget us now. Love you Tommy Lee

25th of Decemebr 200SIXX, Closing Another Month With New...
10:23AM CET
SO we are closing in on the final month of December of yet another year. Fuck me if we dont get old before time. Time just fucking flies away like I dont know what. It is insaine. I myself am closing November with a lof of new added stuff on this site and yet a few more new ideas brought to life. We are right this very day working on a "search" section that should make it a helpful detail for finding what you are looking for on here if it has been listed anywhere. It, being the site(s) are beginning to be so big now that even our fucking webmaster cant find things no more. Then its really about time to get our selves one of these things.

Seven more dates to go and some of them are in Canada then the "Route Of All Evil" tour is history. Thank god. That was a really hard one for me to swallow. I did rarely enjoy that tour, but now the boys can sit back do what they should do at this point redraw from Crue and do other things get fresh air so to speak then next year come together for the movie and the new album to be made. Thats all.

THE YEAR HAS SO FAR BEEN EXTREMELY FULL OF DELAID SHIT. Nikkis book, the action figures set two, the Corabi book, Vince solo album and much much much more. Wonder if and what of it al lwill never see the light of day. 2007 can only be a better year. Not that this one has sucked ass. More like so much bullshit has been thrown around and there has been so many twisted actions taken from a band member (not just one) through ou the year and now its just time to jump off the Crue wagon for a while or they become a joke.

((Private Line & KISS - sæt et billede på hver af texten i mint blå så txten ligger i midten ))
There is also a new release (thought I just had to mention this) of the band of Finland / Suomi that is in my link section PRIVATE LINE .... you should get it. Its good. Love these guys and I miss them a lot we have not talked much for quiet some time now. KISS also have released their new 4 Live disc box set. But the promise of the xclusive Best Buy 2 bonus tracks on their sold edition failed. This is the official KISS messege to the ones that have been bouying their release and got cheated:

"KISS Fans are the greatest! Not 15 minutes after the KISS ALIVE!!! 1975-2000 CD Set went on sale this morning, we started receiving fan emails informing us that the Best Buy store version did not contain the advertised bonus tracks "2000 Man" and "God of Thunder." Thank you for bringing this to our attention so quickly. Though not directly involved with Universal's Best Buy store promotion, Paul and Gene were made aware of the bonus track problem and have chosen to help rectify the situation for the fans. Several solutions are currently being discussed by Universal Music and we expect to post more information in the next day or two.

Bottom line - Paul and Gene appreciate your support and any fan who bought the CD at Best Buy expecting these two tracks will receive them. Just heard from Universal Music regarding the Best Buy bonus tracks for the KISS ALIVE!!! 1975-2000 CD Set. They apologized for the situation and also for the delay in announcing the solution because of Thanksgiving. We will be able to announce the information on how to receive the bonus tracks early next week.
Stay with us - you will get what you expected!"

Fans have waited for the Millennium Concert recording for several years. On December 31, 1999 the reunited KISS, with the original
lineup, played BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, Canada to ring in the new millennium before a crowd of 45,000. The career-spanning concert was originally intended to be Alive IV but the KISS+orchestra KISS Symphony: Alive IV appeared in 2003. Meanwhile the Vancouver concert took on mythic status. KISS ALIVE! 1975-2000 finally fills in that gap in KISStory.

Thats a shit cool move. I have said it so many times and I gladly say it again... KISS has always been the most loyal band to its fans. Crue have so many times been told and gotten aware of things but they have acted like they dont give a shit. In many ways they are money men like KISS . but money men in a way that they care first foremost and almost ONLY about their own pockets. KISS do too but with the added little bonus that if you are a fan is so appreciated. You are a fan and you have trouble with something thats an official doing that doesnt turn out right, then come hell or high water the band will fucking fix it to please the fans what they were promised.
Good job guys.

Motley Crue and Trunk Ltm.. also has a few new designs.. I dont support the company of the Trunk and their doings. I think its a shitty thing. Well cool to have the old shit reprinted for sale 2006 but for the prices they have ... hell no. Other than this not much is up or on lol.... the ongoing handling of the site is still happening and I like it. There are a few fresh things some new things and all the added new items all over the place. But that in it self should be something ... right? Hell yeah. I get a few emails here and there about the silence from Jesse again. He is working on somethings and his picture taking of the remaning stage probs so ... he will be back in style soon.. he has done some refreshments too on the my space site we run. Things will get bigger and better all the time. Just wait and see 2007 what we come up with.
Till next time enjoy your week-end. Here its off time thats good but the weather is fucking bad. Guess the lord (if you believe in him) is for sure now telling us the summer is officially over lol. lol.

23rd of November 200SIXX,
5:40PM CET
Okay things have gotten a little out of hand some how. There are updates going on and there will be a few changes on the already stuff up on here. I am gonna try to get more smart ass moves going for the site later on. How ever right now I just have to get all set up on here. Added all thats totally all over the place here. Its a hell. All the time, I am floading in stacks of new this and new that around here. Cant wait to get all that cleared out of the way and get put away some how. Its been a good while since I actually had the whole place cleared for shit round here. My god. its been nuts. I kind of begin to miss that a little bit again. There is no way I can have guests here at this time. No places to sit. i barely walk around here. damn all the Motley stuff totally covers my home. Gotta have that changed. Its a stinky fact that I need to have that air here. I actually often think about my good and missed friend in Sweden. Alexander - KISS nuts. He is so lucky to have done what he has done. Gotten his own place a two store apartment where one floor is a home like away from the hobby so to speak and the other floor his KISS world. I wish I could do that dude. I really, really wish I could. I would so kill for that to happen. You see every now and then because it has been there for so many years you sometimes need to get away from it. Get it on a distance. But I see myself in a like constant move on deal upon deal upon deal and all. Its nuts. Its a fruitball. Its a totally ...well I cant explain. Im a Crue addict. I begin to slowly see the price I have to pay and the lousy living I am offering myself from doing this. But I have no regrets. Its all good. Just so fucking damn hard.

Ohh you now hve a chance too to get an orderst up for the "DISASTR The Movie" http://www.disasterthemovie.com/ But be prepared ones ordered you will get this:Thank you for ordering from Screen Media Films. Your order dated November 21, 2006 has been received. For customer service please refer to order# 00146.Upon shipment, the following items will be charged to your VISA credit card with last four digits 1938 and will be shipped via US POSTAL PRIORITY to:

TOMMY LEE C/O Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, GREER, SC 29651
Qty Ordered: 1
Price each: $24.98 Total price: $24.98
This item is on backorder and expected to ship on 02/06/2007

Thats right sadly its not able to be send to you before next year somehow. It sucks. But hey what can one do? You know its all just taken the time it takes and thats final. Not to be argued. Should be a hell of a fun one. Crue is also in it with a live performance in this kind of puppets movie. Ìts a laugh. My god. Cant wait to see it. Also there is a Hard Rock Cafe, DVD out you may wanna check out too?
"Hard Rock Treasures" DVD. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Rock n' Roll Royalty and their most prized possessions! Travel with Hard Rock's Director of Acquisitions Don Bernstine on a globetrotting, deadline driven search for that next great addition to the most extensive rock memorabilia collection on the planet. Search through the tour buses, homes and garages of rock superstars KISS, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Jimmy Page, Van Halen, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, the Chili Peppers and more, as Don uncovers the treasures that make up Hard Rock's iconic collection. DVD Specs: 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen. 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround. Dolby Surround 2.0. Run Time: 90 minutes 25.00 Dollars.

This venue helt a rather unusual concert on Tuesday with the band in South
Carolina. I had not a living chance to attend but my from time to time soul partner in business doings when it comes to M.Crue attended and said it was really god. Band staff contacts got me a fairly cool lot and Corinna met to bring it "home to me". Thanks for that. I think its a quiet cool thing to have whats there. I can not fully tell you what that is just yet. In case shit happens I like to have it all in hand actually before I do anything on it and let you all know whats in the goodie bag lol. I need to let time pass by quiet a long time, to regin the chances of active doings again. And I am a sucker for that. Period. I have actually thought about getting another job that pays lots but sucks keep it for a long period a good way into 2007 and then get back to loyalty towards myself and drop the shit that doesnt feel right for me. I will see whats possible to just go grab right after new years. I have done way too many buyings and done way too many ... ohh well all words in the active catalogue can be used here. Just need a kind of change for a while thats all.

Right now its a still ongoing refreshment to the site. We hope to have the new stuff added in the next two days the last of it anyway.. parts from a good few pictures awaited from my man Jesse on the stage probs lot. He is taking all thepictures there and I have only but a good few of the total of maybe 15 to 20 shots. But it will get on here. Latest addings are marked "NEW" on the different pages most of them are in the LOOKS section on the .DK site. Check it ... talk soon. Your loyal hore,

20th of November 200SIXX, Updates & New Countdowns, Or?
6:11PM CET
It is a new week and a new ass kicking doing on the site. We have changed a few things and there will be more just started. Its new times again and with new times we also have a few new things and ideas. It will take more than likely the last of this week to bring it all up to date but we are on it. Just bare with us. Hope you like the new shit on here. We are so gonna make it worth your time everytime or at least try to. Again thanks for your loyal interest. There have been added the Supernova section that is slowly taken shape under the SOLO section and then Tommy. Vince too has gotten a new section the Vince neil Ink. The reason for it to have a page of its own is simply cause its said to be a monster. There are stuff on there already and shirts to be photographed so they too can be added one of the next days. And a second new line of items is already made and ready to go into the shop there in Las vegas and online for his new site thats still inthe bilding stages. But we have it up already.

Then we have a good few new places added in the meet n greet section on .COM it holds some recent vicited places. Pretty cool. Just trying to collect time and money to go vicit more of these places but it wont be anytime soon as it looks right now. I am still working on hoped for deals to go my way as the smoke clears. There are simply a good handful of things that can be seriously cool to have. but the items I say that about are really not the cheapest shit to be found. So well... its a hoped for happening only with the things I try to win time and set a deal or two about. You know how I am and you know how it goes.

So there are countdowns for a line of things these days. Maybe not for new doings and happenings like travelling and all. but in these alternative ways of getting things together and try to pick the longest straw and have a future that will include the much dreamed for items to get added to the collection here. For now i am tryong not to think too much about tomorrow cause that is a night of another exclusive live show in South carolina I can not go to. Surely its gonna be a far better one than what has happend up till now. They are doing a solo gig at the House of Blues in KISS Coffeehouse country. Excellent. That too did I miss. God damn. i am not the luckiest dick spreading its seed. Shit. But if I am lucky Corinna that of course is going tomorrow will get me something from there. but then again what does that count for? What kind of cool is it to have others get the shit for ya? Naa its uncool.

Anyways, things are to be dealt with like everything else. Also today is the release day of the Rock Star Supernova CD. Its out today just as KISS Alive the box set. Supernova CD is more than likely at Corinna place for me today. Hope she sends it to me this week. I would appreciate that big time. Getting it added as quickly as possible. Speaking of Tommy. He is on Kimmel today recoding the bands first minor live thing for the TV land. A mini concert of perhaps a good 4 to 5 songs. Interview. Goes on air tomorrow and his website is also setting up a new 4 choice thing is you like to renew your membership. Pretty lame as always material but its there to grab for a pay of 50 or 60 bucks depending on if you are US citizent or not. Sucks. If you wonder what the choices are to choose from for the 50 bucks and a years membership well here they are. You take your pick. His clothing line has gotten a fairly good start for him too.

Other news from us here at MCrueLoyal well I think the site in itself and the stuff worked with should bring you a good portion of greatness. And satisfaction perhaps. I am so far pleased with the things going on. It can be better for sure but with the shit we have that limits us right now that would simply have to be a pleasure for the future. There are still to come more in the "looks" section on .Dk and there will be a updated audoio video list onthepages of "Cruecial Facts" for sure there are much new stuff added this week. Should be a little something for everybody. I constantly try to get things up in a hurry. there are way more live audio and video on its way to thisaddress and there are still a few things in the mail that goes in to most sections on here. So event hough its over for me and this tour 2006 it does not equal a silence on here. No sir ree. Fucking enjoy all you feministic gay loving wankers. Love you all......

Sunday 19th of November 200SIXX, Promises & Losses Life`s Grand
3:10AM CET
I am sitting here this weekend with very little sleep what so ever. Had been looking forward to this weekend since I would have had a chance to recover and regain the lost sleep from since I got back home last Tuesday from the USA. But no that has not happend. I have done a lot of preparing for the work with the webmaster for this site from tomorrow night and the week to come. So last night I did not get to bed till around 4AM. Slept fairly late today and now its fucking 3AM again Sunday morning already. My guess is its gonna be a noon wake up and a shitty Monday morning again and that means the coming week and work will be all crazy ones more. Shit. It is not easy. But oh well one once told me "Tommy you see people are like this, if you have a hobby you dont care spending a million hours a day of your free time to do study on your interests for nothing. But if your job is for the pay check only and not a hobby then you will not even think about doing half an hour overtime for free one single day." I guess the man was right on the money with that one. We all know more about our hobbies than what we know about our jobs anyways. You see my point?

Read the kickstart postings from you guys and YES the STAGE PROBS will go on here in the coming week. No doubt about it. As will the new shit brought home in October and November. There will be new pieces to the meet n greet and personal moments too. There will be added all the missing pictures from the already posted diaries part from the ones that...well lets just say I sat with Corinna this evening my local time in Europe and we discovered a HUGE and sad shitty los. A line of our photos taken are missing the camera of hers must have erased them by itself or she as she put them on to her computer in files something must have happend or accidently erased the damn shots. That is really shitty. I am a bit sad to have had this news today. This was photos of the Tommy and pamela house, the Vince Neil malibu yearly golf tournament location in Malibu, Ca., The old 1981 82 83 Country Club. And the location of Tommy and Heather`s wedding in 1986. Yeah it was a long drive and a long cool day. I am really sad to have these photos missing. That kind of kills me BIG TIME!!!!

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee and Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE are among 36 stars who appear in the new video for the JOHNNY CASH song "God's Gonna Cut You Down". If you happen to watch music videos look out for this one. Other stars who appear in the video include Iggy Pop, Kanye West, COLDPLAY's Chris Martin, actor Terrence Howard, Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, Chris Rock, MAROON 5's Adam Levine, Kate Moss, Sheryl Crow, Woody Harrelson, the DIXIE CHICKS, Keith Richards, Bono, (+44)'s Travis Barker, Kid Rock, Jay-Z and Johnny Depp. The boots listed the other day an in the last diary of mine went for 1100 US dollars. The military proto short is still running. But not for long. I guess there are a good few people out there that still tries to hang in on a personal item from the man. I sometimes wonder myself what would my collection or some of my single items bring in should I decide to sell?!! Well now is not the time to sell out or anything. Still in the expanding collection situation. Some few new "old" items have been bought so lets see what we can do for the winter on things on that front .... right?

All tour picks from the fall tour has been covered . ahh okay not fully but a good 8 of them. I will get them in a good two weeks or something. So look out for that to be added at round the end of this month too. Hopefully I will know more about the still missing Rock Star Supernova items later today, will they be covered or will they be missed out on. They are not to be reprinted as noted yesterday. And some of the fuckers are now already in limited suplies. So ... better get my ass in the swing if that is to happen at all. But lets see if we can do magic there too. You will read and see all on it for sure in the section you sit with right now. I have no doubt to that one. Some of the things Jesse as a solo individual and as my team player and partner in this will take on should take a fairly good time to get ready. But I tell you he is looking into some really cool things for us and there would hopefully come a shit nice result out of it. I guess you can say there are things in the planning stages that are so shit cool that even I cant wait to get my own "copy" of the things we are going to do, hell yeah man. Just you wait and see. A few plans on Jesse part too to maybe change the My Space site a bit for us too. Should be quiet interesting.
Here are a few new shirts that have come out recently, if you shoud have interest. Also check out the new shit from Tommy and his clothing business if you like I personally is not all for it. Nope thanks.

Now if there are anything we could have done better on the site please send either of us a mail and we will seriously take it under consideration. All we really wanna do is make this site the best possible and as attractive to most loyal fans possible. You know what I am saying. Just saying you could actually sit with bigger or better ideas than maybe what I myself am sitting with. Anyway I think with out knowing we will see a fairly large line of things to come out over the next 6 to 8 months to keep the fans busy and reminding us all about the band as they are gonna be laid on ice for a good year. No new music, no movie, no touring. In short no nothing. So the business men of course will make sure to remind us all about spending our money on their name in other ways. I would be the first to be suprised should this not be a solid fact for the time from now till maybe August next year. Ohh well thank god there is no forcing to to buy anything .. .said the hopeless and loyal money spending idiotic dane. Shit lol....
- www.amazon.com has too some still pretty cool things if you are missing some items in your shirt or cd collection. damn there are just holes everywhere and a constant excuse for spending money right? Hell even money we dont have. Who the fuck invented the credit card. Boy my boy was that a stupid move for and towards the human kind. We are so digging our own graves with crappy temptations arent we? I say no more. It is fucking morning here now and I am about to well ... carry on with my fucking doings. But its all good after all I will be greatly prepared for when the webmaster and myself are gonna sit here from Sunday evening. So yeah all in all my doings are good and there by excused for skipping sleep when I absolutely should.

17th of November 200SIXX, More Auctions & Sunday Addings
4:33PM CET
Right on. Had a chat with the webmaster last night she seems bettering. And she and I have set a time together for working on the site here getting all the diary photos added and the collectibles in "LOOKS" section on .Dk over the next days in the coming week. Starting Sunday evening central European time. It will be great and there will be a few good things to see. The long awaited "personal" section will have a rather cool new look and all the stage probs will finally go in too. I have had two trips to the US with only one week between them so I have sadly not had the best of time ot do all that the last month. For that I am sorry I know I promised you. And had the webmaster been a little more into the Motley story and all she could have done this like in her sleep. But she isnt too into it so she constantly need me with her or at least very direct and to the point data and explanations to every picture andall to get it on ... so we have just waited so it all will be right the first time we touch that baby!! Again the next 10 days starting Sunday night we will try to get all this on and uploaded. Thank you.

More news in the sence of the clothing lins from Tommy and Nikki. They both had their opening thing this week and they both Tommy in San Francisco and Sixx in Houston, Texas were present to meet fans and sign shit for the fans that did buy the stuff from these clothing lines of theirs on the day. I would have liked to be there yes, but I couldnt. I have been to too much the last long time already and my pockets says "back off" for some time at least. besdies I have other things in the works and that too will for sure cost me like a mutha load of cash should I in the end be the one to pull the longest straw from all I know are interested in what I refer too. I would rather not say too much right now for the reason of not being sure where it will all take me and what will actally be the outcome of the whole thing. But I will get back to you on that note.

I am gonna try to clear the official Supernova stuff too now that they have changed their name and all. I have been told the items printed shirts, caps and more are to be this one printing only. It may change for a second pressing but NOT with the Rock Star Supernova on it. As they were not aloud ot have that name used no more. So before all that shit gets sold and are gone I like to clear that. There has already been a Supernova section started in the light stages but it will have its addings. Just give it time. You find it under Solos on .COM alright?!! Thanks. Check it out brothers and sisters. Speaking about boots you have two new Sixx auctions going. And there seem to be some sort of a boom on these things again for some time now there was not much of interest or people just didnt have money or something .Others may have saved like fuck to have money for just one owned and worn Nikki Sixx item as there may be put up more. Well now is the time and there are like two items up right now they are:

Autographed Nikki Sixx Stage Worn Ankle-Boots.
This auction brought to you by swagrox.com the offical store for nikkisixx.net is for a pair of Autographed Nikki Sixx (106-1 Italiy Nomada Negro.) Tower Negro Acero, " Ankle-Boots" . Size is european 44 / 11 USA made by New Rock. Item is signed in silver marker on toe of each shoe. And he has also added the words "Motley" on the left and "Crue" on the right! Shoes are black and worn and very heavy. This is a rare opportunity to buy a real STAGE collectable item worn by Nikki Sixx! And to help the Kids of Running Wild in the Night. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx founded The Running Wild in the Night Foundation, which is dedicated to raising funds for Covenant House. Covenant House is the largest privately-funded childcare agency in the United States providing shelter and service to homeless and runaway youth.

N-Sixx Prototype Short Sleeve Military Shirt.
This auction brought to you by swagrox.com the offical store for nikkisixx.net is for a exclusive never reproduced prototype shirt for the N.Sixx Clothing line. Shirt is designed with print from N.Sixx Thermal on a green military shirt… Shirt is size M mens, and has been custom treated to have an aged appearance.. Shirt was never produced in any quantity. This is one of only a couple in existance.. This is a rare opportunity to buy a real collectable item! And to help the Kids of Running Wild in the Night. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx founded The Running Wild in the Night Foundation, which is dedicated to raising funds for Covenant House. Covenant House is the largest privately-funded childcare agency in the United States providing shelter and service to homeless and runaway youth.

So if you have or had money for it and is a serious fan these two items were alright to ad to your private collection if you ask me. All of these items of course are always to be found and auctioned off on the world famous www.ebay.com so if you have not checked that out yet you should but be careful its poison. It will take your money away quickly if you are not careful. You hear it from one that really have done his share on that site. Huu haaa.
And a recent red Sixx stage worn shirt went for 2025,00 dollars as his nazi cap went for 3500,00 so these things are not to be owned for a walk in the park. You really have to have the money and really have to want these things bad if you should own one of these things. I think he has worn shit I would still LOVE to be the next owner of but lets see what shows up. its no longer as interestng as when the band wore actual costumes like in the older days. These things now are yes owned and worn by him but still its just regular shirts, jackets and pants and boots that he fucked up with some patches or some embroided shit on them. Not as cool as back then if you ask me. But then again you dont so .. so nuts go ahead invest in your dreams buddy!!!

talk again Sunday as we get started on the new things. Should be rather cool. See you then. Lee