Diary 2009

29th Of December 2009, First Half 2010 Booked
1:02PM CET

Year is ringing out. 09 is about to go into the history books really. An a new task is at our doorstep. What will this coming year bring? I know already what it will bering for me personally at least from now till end of August. I know how it sounds to read this but fact of the matter is a few totally over the top collectibles from the Crue world are about to come to me. From the vaults there will be a few ONLY a few but so good and rare its is freaking even me out. I am not gonna get into it much. I am really more willingto let time pass and let you all see the stuff as it actually is here. I need to have some serious certainty about this. I just really wanna take this coming year and handle it with no chance at all to be a repeated something from 2008. That was way too painful and heartless on behalf of others in the north eastern part fof the USA - I mean.

The coming year has opended up a little bit already and offered me some dead serious stuff that takes a serious lot of cash but also never ever to come to my face again. Thats my best serious offer anyways. My goal is to go for teo shows only in the summer for the Europe visit. Why not more. The above offers are the reason for this. Besides as long as I see them here it is cool. I really like to aim hard as a rock for these items. Christmas is over and the countdown to change the old calender for the new has started. Yeah, there are so many things to gain and so little time too often. But 2010 has got to be a year fro me with no stress no shit and no middle act personal top my doings. It always only fucks up. I have that fact and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. So that has got to be a high priority for the big 2010 as well.

There are like 48 hours left more or less af this year. And the new years eve is going to be a try out as mentioned before on here. A try out in the sence of giving a new band in my world a chance to entertain me for the first time. My brothers Swedish fave Crashdiet is to play at "The Rock" the 31st. And we are a few that will go check this out together. Nothing about the plans for that date has changed. So let me see if they are to be rocking my world live as wel las it does for my baby brother. That is the band in case you are wondering that had Mick Mars visiting Sweden a good two years or so back to be a guest guitar player on a couple of the songs from the Crash boys second album. Their third is coming out round beginning of march next year. Also with their third singer. Kind of lame to think about but thats the fact to the name of these boys. Many think of Crue as they talk about the Crashdiets. I am now to judge for myself if I understand them.

January first is my first day off and I will be in a resting mode then I am sure. Then it is work for four days and then home to my apartment for one back to work for one and then three days off. That will be the dates for me to sort more out. About all the Crue laying around at home. Trying to get most sorted still and get all organized as I have done a fairly big part of thius year returning home. Tomorrow, the 30th more will be finding its way to the site sections. There will be more things to lock on to and for a little while that will be it from how it looks right now. Not much adding going on for a while. I simply need time to kill bills and persuit these so and so talked about dreams for the first half of the new year. I think there are so many great things going on through out the year in the name of the boys but I can not do these activities no matter how badly I would want to.

It is a pain in a part of me to already now, knowing that I will be starting off the new year by missing out on the Canada tour January and February. Sucks major ass. Then in March from what is the latest that I have heard there will be a Vince Neil solo album release and this long awaited biography of his. That one is said to be much like the book "the Dirt" and I truely want to read that one. Vince is more than likely having a short book siugning tour with that one and I would have nothing but loved to be there for that!! I just do not see that happening either. The new much expensive one off offeres seem to be inthe way of most other stuff that I want to do from now till July. Another book I am kind of wondering about is the biography from Mr. John Corabi. Thats right. I wanna read his stories told by himself and not from a line of different media printed interviews. Well time will tell on that one too I guess.

I would love to get a win with the auction going on right now on eBay; Brandi Brandt Backstage Pass
The crew passes belong to Nikki Sixx' ex-wife, Playboy playmate Brandi Brandt. They are from the Anywhere There's Electricity tour in Japan and America in 1994. The back of the bigger pass is a vintage photo of a small elephant trying to mount (that's the nicest way I can phrase it) and female circus performer. The slides in the bag are color and film-negative chrome (I think they're silver, or maybe these are B&W) from William Hames photography showing band promo shots, mostly of the guys in straight jackets, and then single member shots. 47 total. The ones in the plastic box are color regular-style slides (cardboard borders), mostly of the band, but some solo Nikki and some of Brandi. Nothing candid - all posed style. 31 slides. The white box is more of the same slides, with a couple of candid ones of Nikki and Brandi. 27 in this box. There is also a plastic yellow box that is not pictured. 22 more cardboard slides of band promo shots.


24th Of December 2009, Merry Cruemas
11:58PM CET
Two more minutes left of this christmas evening 2009. Thats right. Here we cellebrate it the 24th. In many other countries it is the 25th. So on this one I will not be late when I say merry christmas. I think today has been both a weird and a good day. I always get a little touched and emotional on this day. It means a lot. Not for religious reasons. But because i long for ones again to be part of loving framings and all. Right now I am at work. Sadly I could not do much and avoid this day and get off. I hope everyone out there have a special brilliant cool day. Give and receive some love. Me I got a bunch of new Motley itmes for christmas today. I am happy. Very happy. You will soon see the stuff up on here. Probably the 30th if not before. I Will also the 30th have more stuff to be thrown on here. Danish Crue salute in an alcoholic way - the 2009 Motley Crue Beer number 5 "decande of decadence" arrived here yesterday. And the collection now looks really cool. I am so happy to have these. Wait till you see it.

Now a lot is going on and new and constantly changes in deals and more are thrown at me. One thing seems to not go the way I dreamed ofg namely the reel tape of the early days. Nothing is setled yet but i can not really see how it will end up here and become mine in the first half of the new and coming year. I feel like I will not at all win this one over. It has gone back and forth 3 times already and yet not settled. Well - I will simply have to see what is going to happen. I do know I would treasure this as a top two or three in my entire collection. No doubt about that. But there are so many other items floading round out there Tours and shit to come that also requires cash and stuff already in the works so there are so many things right now that I think the first three montshs of the new and coming 2010 is already packed and planned for. How is that for a starter?

I think also that I need to get past January to really see the actual possibilities of doings.
I think a lot has to be looked into and cleared out of the way in January to make this next step in my head a possibility for realistic actions. We will see what happens as said. But it is all very exciting indeed. No doubt. I have a thing to be a bit honest about. I so want to get my ass to the Wacken show in August next year. It is a huge thing a stinky line up for my personal liking. But I have to say I would so seriously like to go. I like to go on the 5th and 6th or better yet juts one of the days course the band is playing one of them. And there is no way that I have any chance to get back and I can not make it back and get all the way up north to Stockholm Sweden to the 7th for the Sonicphere Fest then. We will see what is possible for me as time comes. But I truely hate that I am in this position. I haver to figure this out later in the new year.How ever I think I truely need to kill my unawareness to my situation about the reel tape and other stuff. Dear holder of this tape and you with a certain "jacket" i really truely beg and hope that you can meet me on these things. I love to get things as a cool starter of 2010 ...being exactly this. Man it is a really killer offer on the table this year.

Guitar Center's Drum-Off Finals at The Wiltern
Friday 01/08/10. Show: 7:00 p.m. The Wiltern, LOS ANGELES $6.10 TICKET TOTAL $16.10
This is the information about the up and coming USA Holywood Guitar Center event on January 6th. man this is also to be missed on my part I am just so god damn much in the wrong place. I need to hope for something from this event later on. I just can not do or go anywhere the first half of 2010 if the two most wanted itemns are to be pulled off and brought home safely and stamped as new and first personal belongings of the new year.


22nd Of December, Is It My Time Now??
8:42AM CET
Oh do I feel lucky. Two days before chistmas and I begin to get a possibly illness. Thats rad. I have tried for a good couple of months now to get ill. That seems to be the only possible chance to get some serious rest. But it never happend. Now two days before christmas I am starting to be and feel pretty shitty. How shitty is that. Man I am not the biggest fan of this situation. Damn it. Ohhh well have to take it as an experience that simply is a shittytimed tragic son of a bitch. Nothing to do about it. Just jumping the horse all over again and aim forward. I hope things will be good. Soon. I have seven working days ahead of me and I am not the biggest fan of that fact feeling like this And new years is quiet a wanted one this year. Cellebrating with people that matters to me.So i really do not have time for being sick right now how stupid it may sound when I already posted I have longed for getting sick to get rest and all.

The weather outdoors is beautiful. Snow and a gentle cold winter breeze. I love it. sadly its so short every year. but while snow is falling and the landscape is covered in white I am getting all freaked here about new offers that has come to surface and monade me woder if I ever would get monet and time to cover the needed non crue stuff. My girl pushing me to get my hands on one item especially. She really wants me to have this one. She says "this is a one off it is a hostoric goldmine that you will regret the rest of your days if you do a pass and. not getting this added to the collection you already have." To a point I fully agree with her it is a hell of an item really. I will know in mayby 48 hours if this is going to be able for me to gain in a few months time.

Premiere Radio Networks announced today that multimedia personality, producer and writer Kerri Kasem will join Nikki Sixx as co-host of the soon to be launched nationally syndicated radio programs Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx. From radio to TV, entertainment to sports, Kasem is an established broadcaster with a proven talent to excel in any arena. Her career has included hosting and producing several successful national and local radio shows, as well as programs for networks such as MTV, E!, ESPN and Spike. Kasem will provide valuable on-air and off-air experience as Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx prepare to launch on Rock/Alternative music stations nationwide the week of January 11, 2010. Both hosts will broadcast from Premiere's Los Angeles studios.

Kasem commented, "I'm so excited to be working with Nikki. I have always been a fan of his music, and I am thrilled to be sharing a mic with him." Sixx stated, "Kerri is a fantastic co-host. From the moment we met, we had great chemistry. I can't wait to work with her every day."

"Kerri is a broadcast veteran with the ability to connect with any audience," commented Premiere Radio Networks SVP of Programming Jennifer Leimgruber. "She's charismatic, has a wonderful sense of humor, and she and Nikki are a great team - listeners will enjoy hearing them every night." Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx will broadcast Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight local time. Host Nikki Sixx - co-founder/bassist/songwriter of Motley Crue and chart-topping band Sixx:A.M., producer, clothing designer, philanthropist and best-selling author - will discuss music and lifestyle topics as he gives listeners a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star.

Joined by co-host Kerri Kasem, Sixx will provide his unique perspective and attitude as the duo welcomes celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters from all walks of life. All this and more will be coupled with radio station playlists. The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx is a two-hour original weekend program. Available for air Saturday or Sunday between 6 a.m. and midnight local time, Sixx and Kasem will air top-charting songs, showcase new and emerging artists, and welcome guests from the worlds of music and entertainment. For affiliations, please contact Premiere Radio Networks at 818-377-5300.

About Kerri Kasem
Kerri Kasem, a multimedia personality, producer and writer, has anchored music, talk and entertainment programs for radio and television. A motorcycle aficionado, Kasem currently co-hosts Racing Rocks with Riki Rachtman, which can be heard on more than 120 affiliates across the U.S. She also anchors her own show The Kerri Kasem Podcast and co-hosts The Solomon Free Money Hour on Angels AM-830 in Los Angeles. Kasem has produced shows for MTV Asia, National Lampoon and Sprint. Her credits include hosting SiTV's The Rub and Spike TV'S UFC programs Ultimate Knockouts 3, Ultimate and Ultimate Knockouts.

The SPRINT SEE Network recently signed Kasem to host their mobile phone and web programs which include SEE America - a travel show which follows Kasem on her motorcycle. Kasem also writes and produces segments for ALO Magazine, an up-scale lifestyle publication, as their motor editor. Kasem's resume includes appearances on Hannity and Colmes as a political commentator, MTV USA and Asia, America's Funniest Home Videos, Coming Attractions on the E! Network and hosting mornings with Alan Stock on KXNT/Las Vegas. She has also been featured in dozens of magazines. Kasem is a graduate of the Academy of Radio Broadcasting and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. For more information, please visit www.KerriKasem.com.

About Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx is the iconic founder, bass player and songwriter for the genre-defining rock band Motley Crue; author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Heroin Diaries and the accompanying soundtrack with Sixx:A.M.; co-founder of rock couture fashion line Royal Underground; Chief Creative Officer of Eleven Seven Music; philanthropist; photographer and more. The creative force behind a multitude of projects, Nikki is an international superstar who never stops inventing new ways to express himself. Motley Crue has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide, The Heroin Diaries stayed atop the New York Times Best Seller list for more than six months and the accompanying soundtrack by Sixx:A.M. solidified the supergroup with "Life Is Beautiful," the most played rock track of 2008.

Sixx is currently exploring the art of photography and working on the next Sixx:A.M. record as well as his next book, in addition to launching the syndicated radio show "Sixx Sense" and its companion weekend show "The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx". Premiere Radio Networks, Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio affiliations and reaches over 190 million listeners weekly. Premiere Radio is the number one radio network in the country and features the following personalities: Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob & Tom, Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and Billy, Big Tigger, Dr. Dean Edell, Sean Hannity, Elvis Duran, Jason Lewis, Randi Rhodes and others. Premiere is based in Sherman Oaks, California, with 13 offices nationwide.

Former AEROSMITH star STEVEN TYLER has dumped his management team after less than a year and signed with the Svengali behind MOTLEY CRUE. The rocker upset his bandmates when he dumped the group's long term manager Trudy Green and turned to Union Entertainment Group for career guidance - and now he's moving on again. Tyler will embark on a solo career with Allen Kovac at 10th Street Entertainment. His solo plans led to Tyler walking out on Aerosmith in October (09). The band plans to continue without him, recording a new album and touring in 2010 with a new frontman.How tragic is that? I do not see Aerosmith even being able to fill ylers shoes that front man and voice was Aerosmith. I am sorry but loosing these totally cool bands in its original form is so sad. Ohh well Nothing is really to be the same through life from A to Z really. Well Im off here and i hope that there will be some really cool positive suprises round the corner I mean hey.... it is after all christmas. Happy holdays dudes and dudettes. Love all. peace


18th Of December 2009, More Festivals & Collectible News
11:34AM CET

A lot of news is coming to surface more European dates are now a fact. Motley are to vicit what Nikki has always dreamed of. Playing Wacken festival 2010. Tickets available NOW. 140 Euros. The 5th of August I think it was. A few days before the Scandinavian dates. I do not think I can get off to go. Unless I have actual vacation time then. That is not up to me to decide so I will not know till later. Looks like the bands of Crue, Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, Iggy Pop, Rammstein are the names that are to be found on this summers festival. Pretty much not my cup of tea really. But we will see how all unfolds. It was more for the coverage of the merchandise really. I know Wackens merchline is massively huge. So there are plenty of festival shirts and shit to get with the bands name on there. I am these days missing a gazillion things for not beiing where the action is. Also missed now are the complete Canadian 2010 merch line. It is probably only a few Canadian shirts really but still. I need to have them covered and I do not think I will. There is another hunt down added to the endless list of wants. It will just never end. I think it is a fairly close fact that everything here in the matter of buying and getting stuff. I think a lot of things are to be sorted yes but I also think a lot of things are force to be chosen from. There are no way I can cover everything any more.

Heard the Neil news? VINCE NEIL SUED BY LAW FIRM
MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL is facing a legal battle with his former lawyer over allegations he owes $62,000 (£38,750) in unpaid legal fees. Partners at California-based firm Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton claim Neil racked up the big bill in 2008, using their services to negotiate entertainment and corporate agreements. Neil has yet to respond to the lawsuit, reports Blabbermouth.net. The singer is currently preparing to record his new solo album, Tattoos n' Tequila, which is due for release in spring 2010. When asked recently about the much-anticipated record, Neil told The News Tribune, "It's rock 'n' roll. That's it. It has nothing to do with Motley Crue. Tattoos and tequila is basically my life."

MOTLEY CRUE fans will have to wait until 2011 to catch up with the band - the rockers are taking a hiatus in 2010.The group wrapped up its Crue Fest 2 tour in September (09) and they will now take a break to concentrate on various side-projects. Frontman Vince Neil is planning a solo tour and he's also working on his autobiography, which will reveal even more about the bandmembers' wild antics than their best-selling 2001 book The Dirt. And he suggests the tome will reveal he and his bandmates don't get along as well as fans think they do. Neil tells Fox News, "We’re taking 2010 off. I go out and do my solo record and tour (and) I’ve got a book coming out. 2010 is my year. I’m writing about all the stuff you don’t know about... I think we’re still the same band that played in bars in 1980. We still treat each other the same way; we still love each other and hate each other.”

Tommy Lee is to spend his new years DJing in Atlanta USA. Tickets are 30 US dollars a ticket and VIP free bar tickets 80 bucks. On sale now if you should wanna go? I would not really like to. Have attended these DJ things before and that is not my kind of coffee.... how ever if youre awfully good looking and female you have all the coolest advantages on Tommy for a night. I am spending my new years in Copenhagen and doing other things in the name of rock n roll. No doubt. I hope it will be good and I hope it will worth the hassle. So many things going on. I yesterday received a box thats really cool. Holding a stinky load of expences really but the items themselves are Crue collectibles of higher menaing. All should get on here in different sections these days. Personal owned and worn stuff from Sixx, Neil and Lee are in the new to get added. Posters of 97 and 09. Solo stuff on Sixx and Lee. Shirts of 2009 too. Yeah there are some good stuff to be checked out on here now. I hope for some good things to get on here on the 22nd as well. But we will have to see how it all unfolds. I have no chances for saying it will or not. Sorry but the weather in Denmark is coldsnowing and all. Just the way I like it how ever the trains adn busses dont go all the time so I can not say how it will be on the 22nd. I will mine to get stuff done on the site this one date.

More acivities to come. Still have a line of things to do and get around really. have no fear. There will not be silence on here. Not even close. seems like the European headliner tour in March have been dropped for the festivals in July and August instead. Sad to see this but okay. The boys have as a band and individually so many things in the oven that they are desperately in need of time to close all deals and doings. So maybe thats why the management seems to have killed the headliner tour in or round March. So no more own tours from the Crue till 2011. Suits me just fine to be perfectly honest. Ohh my god. I have a ton of things to get covered in 2010 anyhow. Crue and non Crue related. This is how it looks right now / last night at work. Later**

Ohh nearly forgot - if you should have interest in the Tommy done much talked about series of tributed handpainted V guitars to salute Dimebag his is now up for grabs. note: the auction card and lanyard are not included, just showing you we were at the auction. Comes with hardshell case and plaque with the artist name. The cases are in rough condition from travel to the auction and other events that Dean guitars displayed them at.

This was LOT #13 Dean ML Guitar hand painted by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue

This guitar is one of the Dean Six String Masterpieces that were auctioned at House Of Blues Sunset Strip, Hollywood on May 17, 2007. These are hand painted by famous musicians and artists. There were only 69 guitars total done. Only 1 of each guitar was ever created. This auction
was done as tribute to Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damageplan. All proceeds from the auction went to "Little Kids Rock." Neal's Music bid on and won 6 of these guitars. We are now making these available for sale to the general public.If you have any questions about this item feel free to call us at 714-842-9965 or email Neal at nealmuzic@aol.com


13th Of December 2009, More Dates...
6:36PM CET
What a bumber. Motley Crue in Europe 2010 alright but the much talked about arena tour for the band to do Cruefest II in its full is now changed for August dates and festivals ones again. Ohh dear. I am not as most of the ones that knows me very fond of the festivalsd really. How ever I will have to see if I can actuyally do the England, Sweden and Finland ones then. Shit this sucks ass. I hate festivals. How ever there are some serious thoughts about them doing at least a full UK tour. I am not suprised if they do. Course this last European visit had them going around the UK as they normally never would do.

I am also very curious to see if they will have the platinum and gold packages in Euroope not that there are any meet n greet on these at all. As you can see from the tickets below. Plus in canda on the January tour the platinum tickets are over 600 dollars. Not entirely sure it is actually worth the price to be honest. But we will see what happens the tickets are already on sale for the UK and the Scandinavian ones at the coming week. More dates are to be arriving. There are no orries right now about all this but I am worried about some detials and the full tour of next year in Europe should they do something great. The Cruefest II playing the fuill Dr album is what they bring and thats cool. Cant wait to hear it all live. But as said they open up for Iron Maiden in the Summer and they are not to be doing a long set this time either. A perhaps round the 75 to 90 minute mark. Thats not much for festival ticket prices wheen all your heart is truely beating for is Motley Crue.

The Motley Crue Platinum Package includes:
-One premium, reserved seated ticket located in the front row of the reserved section
-Exclusive Motley Crue Backstage Tour
-Backstage pre-show dinner
-Autographed 8X10 photo
-Official Backstage Laminate
-Exclusive Motley Crue Concert Shirt
-Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
-Exclusive Motley Crue Koozie
-Specially designed Motley Crue Die Cut Keychain
-Set of official Motley Crue guitar picks

The Motley Crue Gold Package includes:
-One premium, reserved seated ticket located in the first 5 of the reserved section
-Exclusive Motley Crue Backstage Tour
-Autographed 8X10 photo
-Official Backstage Laminate
-Exclusive Motley Crue Concert Shirt
-Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
-Exclusive Motley Crue Koozie
-Specially designed Motley Crue Die Cut Keychain
-Set of official Motley Crue guitar picks

The Motley Crue Silver Package includes:
-One premium, reserved seated ticket located in the first 10 of the reserved section or general admission floor with early entry
-Exclusive Motley Crue Concert Shirt
-Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
-Exclusive Motley Crue Koozie
-Specially designed Motley Crue Die Cut Keychain
-Set of official Motley Crue guitar picks
*Two lucky guests per show will be upgraded to the Motley Crue backstage tour

Now I have gotten a few more items that will go up on here end of next week. I have also some stuff coming. And I can not wait for more to knock on the door to get added. A lot of people have asked if I do not have any band photos from, events and live. The answer to that is yes I do more than 3000 I guesss. But I think it is a totally sick thing to add on here as that is not something you can even call a section to complete. There is no such thing. So photos and other stuff are not going to get added on here. OPlus I have some items certain people do not want officially listed on here so they are for personal keeps and pleasure only sorry my frineds.

But most of all I own is up on here and it is a hell of a lot ot go through even now. I think a good lot of things still coming. And I do my best to cover all the time. You will have more cool shit to see and to get a chance to go through a load more in the coming year and that is a solid promise. You do not even have to think about that. You know what the people behind this site is all about already. I have some other thoughts going in my mind about next year that also cost a bunch thats non Crue so we will have to see how things unfold. But I am N O T gonna change the alreasy sat promises to myself and others. What the new will hold and whats to come you will have to simply come back and see us on mcrueloyalty.dk course there are too many risks to mail in written in stone just yet and still I dare say these things will happen course I want them to.

11th Of December 2009, Sikki Birthday, Tour, Insaine Plans
10:55AM CET

Friday the 11th of December. It is Mr. Sixx`s 51st birthday. From the early time of dawn on his day have I thought my god. There are so many reasons for me to wanting to be elsewhere today. But I am really fine sitting here and just here. I am in Roskilde, Denmark posting this. From all of us at Mcrueloyalty.dk we wish our 4 sting killer the best day of days today cellebrating his birthday. Yet another 365 days we have all had the pleasure of being a part of this mans creations and rock n roll sharings. So thanks for another year under the belt and for keeping the band alive. We all are loyal supporters of the M.C. of 1981. We have for sure some things, some memories and some wishes about the group. And we are all looking forward with eager and excitement on 2010 for all activations to come. We wish you a happy bday a merry christmas and a happy new year welcoming you to the new and coming year with everything weve got. New Sixx A.M. and Crue recordings up and about - all good thoughts to any of us.

Motley Crue is also eagerly awaited to come with the tour news for 2010. For us in Scandinavia, Europe one date is sat in stone now. August 2010 Stockholm at a festival with Iron Maiden. I am hoping to go but there is still time a lot of time really. No rush. Unless the festival tickets that goes on sale the 14th will sell out fairly fast. I choose to believe that that will not happen. And that March will still give me a chancefor geting one. There is also the Sweden Rock 2010 festival in southern Sweden I would like to go to. There already are a load of cool acts on the bill for that.

Right now I am putting all of that away and focus on what I have here and all. Ton of doings and coverings. There are some over the top cool shit on its way to me from the USA again. That stuff is along with other stuff to be financially completely covered by January 1st. And speaking of January first I have agreed with my brother to help him out on getting a deal home safe. His passion in band collecting the swedih Stockholm glam sleeze rockers Crashdiet have offered him to buy the 2007 to present day used tour, promo and TV apperences drumkit. In its cmplete. And I said okay lets kick in half each and we will do this. This offer is never again to be handed to him so sure why not. It is a fairly large kit and the sale price ...well do no even ask I am not sharing that detail. But other details and a picture of it you can have, The "package" contains:

Doublebass drums (2x22")
4 toms (12",13",14",16")
Mapex black panther Snaredrum (14")

2 boomstands
1 double boomstand
1 double tomtomstand
1 hihat-stand
3 Clamps with 2 x-tra cymbalarms

3 Crashes (18",18",19")
1 splash (10")
1 China/crash (18")
1 Ride-cymbal (21")

It is a shit huge thing to do. But a few things comes ouot of it too form doing this. One is, it will be a crappy cool item to say it is part of ones personal collection. Second it will for sure bring a band or band member owning this item closer tothe buyer. No doubt. There are other cool things from such an envestment. But this is as I always say a Crue fansite so no reasons expanding the story line on this drumset. But it is a great thing and a solid collectible investment no doubt. On the Crue collectible side of tings, home bringings are woked on and deals are being killed and oterhs sat as always. There are not too many new things to say on that matter. Rather wait till you see it come up and on here. There are some stuff to get added on here and the next time will most likely be the last addings this year. Talk again soon.


December 8th 2009, Coverage & Year Endings
2:48PM CET
Tuesday again. But for me week-end. I have worked both Saturday and Sunday. What a bloody damn stinky job this is. I have been totally wrecked. Worn out. I have been off since yesterday morning but was nothing even close to workable yesterday. So I have slept for 13 hours today and that is so not me. Should I get 5 hours daily I am on the good side of general sleeping hours. but 13 today. Holy hell. I feel like I have been on an out all nighter for 48 hours straight. But a morning shower and a quick trip to the post office this noon gave me fresh air and that did me some good at least. I am trying to give some things a chance here and trying to let myself be as calm as I can with things that are not right now possible to act on. Even though I want it badly. never mind what it is right now course ...as said I can nto do jack about it right now.

I as everyone else is closing in on mid December. The days this month is lying by an it is a nice feeling really some how. I am pleased to see time pass by fast right now. I want to be round April 2010 myself. By that time I have so much more control of things and doings and the new year will by then also most likely have been unfolding its doings and future lines will be drawn in the sand I guess. There are so many things I like to say will go well and it looks like they will right now. but I am taking things one at a time. I am taking things the best possible way I can possibly do it.

There have been a coverage of some really neat Crue collectibles again this month. Decemer 2009 has given me a guarentee that I will now get the Vince Neil theatre of pain gloves, a complete tour used Dr Feelgood 1989 show of drumheads from Tommy Lee. An extremely over the top rare "58" CD from Sixx side project back in time. He did a good 100 personal pressed ones before the album actually got officially released for family and friends and one of these 100 is now safe and ready for getting added to this private collection really. Also coming are some poems handwritten by Sixx to some extremely close people in his life. I will keep these names to myself. Point is I am getting them. and I am proud to say so. And more. More is coming.

There wil be some stuff added to the diverse sections here probably tomorrow. Watch as always for the top rolling news line on the front page of the site to get a hint to the sections touched when it comes to updates my freinds. Thanks as always for looking. Also keep an eye out for the new 2010 site. We hope to be able to feed you with some really cool items for fans to get their hands on. Have you seen the Crue beers? They are all on the "this n that pages" Fve so far is out number six is around the corner. It is so awsome. I think these are just great. Looks cool as stading side by side on your desk or where ever really. All are gone and all are so not possible to find already. We are atlking about doing an exclusive poster, DVD and a shirt. How ever these things are requiring time and finance. I do not have any of it at the moment. I think and I hope we wil get to it though. Things are so awsome of what we ahve taled about here so I will do my best to get it all done. A couple more 2009 postings will come but then its time to kiss this year goodbye and say hello to yet another.

Went to see Ace Frehley in Malmoe southern Sweden last week. It was good. It was a classic setlist of so much cool stuff The man is no front man and it shows easerly. How ever it was nostalgic and it was a cool evening. I loved it. next now for me is new years eve in Copenhagen. A new years eve show with the swedish Crashdiet. Me, my girl, my brother (obviously as this is the band he collects) and a few friends are all going. Its going to be fun.

There are some stuff I hope to say I OWN IT by the end of March too. I really want these and if its gonna cost me live shows so be it. These items are heavy somethings that are not to be gained when ever one feel for it. Yes a lot of shit is going on but then again is it not like this all the time? I should say so. I like to get more constantly I like to also get new testings to my name and right off now there are a few and I am all over them. I like to get some cleared agan soon. November and Decemer first were both good times when it comes to clearing things here and there. January February and March will be the same. I

am really happ about how things are right now well part from that working situation. Thats a solid self written issue to be bitchin about lie all the time. But I dont. I have this still continued positive line of positive thinking. Not letting bad control my awaken life and I am doing a fairly good job here on that. I wanna take time out to sme peopple here and say hello Mattias, Pernille, Inge, Peter, Annika, Mario, and others. I wanna say I am sorry for being so lame at geting in touch. I am so over done tired and have been for a little too long. I have had focus on so many things and so many doings but it is getting better now and I promise things will be better. As long as you can give me the benefit of my troubled times lol. lol. lol.
love you all guys


1st Of Decemberr 2009, Rockin Chick, Clearence & Good Times
5:07PM CET
Hey my dear friends. This it is The last posting this month I guess. As I may be a little too busy the next few days. Any chance you all are okay out there? It is closing in the time of year. The holidays, christmas and all. I am ass tired here have done nothing but tried to cope with the new changes at work and more. Nothing is even close to cool on that front and it has all resulted in me getting extremely tired and over the top cooked for a while. I am not gonna have much energy for work the rest of the year. The remains being the coming 5 weeks I have now gotten my time scedual and it is without saying not the nicest scedual around. But okay I will be good for some xtra doings in January and February. If nothing else then that pleases me. And I will enjoy it more than any words cna even come close to explain. I Will have a good 2010 I think. I have some sorted and some stuff on the to do list is only growing. I tell you my dear loyal Crue followers I have a good thing going right now. But I can so easerly in times like these get burned and loose a lot.

A good few things in the early days of December will be seeing more new added stuff. I will try to get it done asap. You should not worry bout that. Watch for new stuff in a load of sections. There are so many things to be thought through in my life that I need to have some things looked in at to be able to say Im on top of all as is. But it is all good. It is all very good indeed. My baby is rocking in the studio and is all alive and well. Happy as a hoppin rabbit.Wanna check out her band its End My Sorrow on the myspace.com page. Its a way darker band than our own beloved Crue boys are delivering. Reocrding their debut album in Horsens Denmark right now. I am only happy to soon see her again. Have not seen her in a while but happy that she is now doing what she wanted to do for years. I have a few good ideas how this will turn out but I will spare you all thoughts as this is not an "end my sorrow" fan page but a Motley one through and through. Some stuff has been covered this December first already and more is to be giving me a fairly fine feelingbefore we head into the last month seriously.

I have the next 5 months set up really seriously when it comes to plans and stuff for me to get coveered cleared and hopefully be happy about. I dont really have anything else to be focusing on. but thats just over the top fine. I want this one this plan to be set in stone with good results. Really. There are a few other future things planned and put in the calender. KISS ticket for Denmark is covered and in hand. I have new years covered and I am not working lol. I am going to be at the new year rock show with my bro and other friends seeing Crashdiet for the first time. I will be looking forward to this and other stuff, small time stuff that cna just be considered happyness in small portions to the bigger picture. It is going to be great. I am still on a ppositive landslide and I will do all in my power to stay on it and expand that and my crue site collection and other private sides to my name.

This Friday it is the space man Ace Frehley to entertain me live. I am really looking forward to that big time. I love that man, the songs, the old memos that pups up in my skull from the old days of collecting KISS rather massively. No collection did I see or have I seen with my own eyes that matches what I had. I know its out there and plenty of them. But shit I had about twice the load that I have on Crue back then. And now it is just over and done with. but the band and the music lives on froever inside of me. Ones a KISS freak ...it never fully leaves you. So many things that are to be and so many things that can be what you dream of. ut a fight and a damn serious one is highly needed to lat thoughts and dreams come to life. You know what I am talking about. nothing that is so highly rated in ones living time of excistence will ever come easy to anyone. So Friday holds Mr. Space Ace and I am willing to stand in line for that club gig for hours if needed. I really be able to see this show live. And actually SEE something. The place he plays in is floor only and all packed always so its a really shitty place to see shows if you arent in the front or something. I love to see the Friday come a little faster....

I guess the European tour announcement for a possible Crue March of Europe is also around the corner really. So again money is needed for that too. I am not gonna go see a ton of shows this time. I am killing situations as mentioned above and I will be happy to have just seen it an covered the merch line to come. Well folks, friends and foes I will be leaving you on thiss the first day in December to cover myself with rest and dinner before the second last night shift crawls in. I am torn to pieces here and I am so close to a massive breakdown. My body is over worked and I am not cabable to do more for a while. I will need to see a doctor too in a few days course this is more than a tragic little pain. It is killing me and I hardly can walk. Rock it away... later dear friends.....and others ***


23rd Of November 2009, More Changes, Addings & RNR News
2:06PM CET
Monday after noon it is. Thanks Don for the excellent news. I am stunned. KISS have announced a new European tour backed up by their in my opinion totally most cool new album in a lifetime. "Sonic boom" hits Europe summer 2010. Holy mother ohh lord am I going?!! I love this news. Crue memebrs are going to kill me with their doings next year but the band is going to be resting and studio working period. SO KISS gives me a chance to go see. LOVING IT.

From May 7th till June 27th KISS rules Europe. Ending at blowing up the mid European festivals that I attended last year. Eve one show in Denmark. Have to go. Getting a chance to hear these 2009 new songs is a dream for me personally. I love the new KISS album. I am a huge Sonic Boom fan. No question. I am really thrilled about this one. KISS 2010....again. Shit not fully understanding it. But hey its great. Thanks for the kept faith guys. Still rock n roll loyal I like this. Scandinavian dates are to be Norway Finland Sweden back to Norway and ending this in Denmark in Aalborg of all places. this will be the bands third ever show outside Copenhagen in Denmark of their carreer. Im there. For sure!!! Ticket up from the 25th. In two days.

June 08, 2010Lerkendal Open Site Trondheim

June 10, 2010Sauna Rock Tampere

June 12, 2010Stockholm Stadium Stockholm

June 13, 2010Malmo Stadium Malmo

June 14, 2010Valhall Oslo

June 16, 2010 Gigantium Aalborg

On a Motley Crue news front there are new items out. there are still the lithographs in the high dollar range that I am missing. the set is 500 US but I have so many thing to gain and buy for doing a cover of these lithos. Sadly. There are new items out thought. Brand new. lap top skin designs and same for Iphones and Ipods. Funny enough the two different designs are the Dr feelgood one and the too fast For Love one. Dr probably course they have this anniversary thing. And Too fast ones the new tour 2011 goes on the road thats the official 30 years anniversary for that debut album. can you imagine the band doing the complete setlist from Too fast? LIVE!!!! maybe even leathur Records edition holding Toast Of The Town and Stick To Your guns. The fans would cry in happiness. Thats my guess anyway. God damn it. I would love it to death.

There are so many great things to still hope for with this band. But I dont think time is on our side. By then 2011 mick turns 60 years old. his illness and crap sets its own limits. And what about Vince? Can he do it with his voice then still too? Tommy I dont have too much doubts to no more. He is a rock n roller a music lover and would do it anywyas. Nikki he becomes more and moer a business guy and I can see him lean forward saying thank you and goodbye. too be a master behind something instead still involved in music and al lthat but more a hidden figure than an onstage caracter. Who knows man? Its all only speculations and shit. I will be patient and see what unfolds.

Have you seen your own thought about your own dreams for your band? Your heroes in M.C. what they should do to make you go over the top happy and be impressed? To me its not always just okay that they tour a lot. I mean hey lets face it a year in ear out tour upontour with the same songs only a few less or changed here and there. No. I personally would LOVE to see them do a bit altrenative setlist. Do some weird shit never played live before or grab some rarely played songsand drop some dead on straight classic monter hits. Yes the band says they HAVE TO play certian songs. I dont think so. Not anymore. I think they can do songs and skip others and win even more respect. Create some more earned respect from doing things differently 2011 and on....

No longer be their own copycats. Its been seen a little too much for too many years. 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09 part from a good three new ones off of SOLA. But the sets have gone shorter ad shorter too since 2006. Whats all that about to be honest?!!

Net connections and more have coursed a slow adding on here but there is stuff on its way its in the hand of my webmaster these days. All has been handed to her ofr putting it up online. It will be there shotly stay put, peace.


11th Of November 2009, Anniversary DVD & Ongoings
1:52PM CET
Wednesday noon here in Denmark. Morning ofr some of you evening for others lol. How are you all doing my friends? How is life treating you all? I myself have had soem really tough nights at work. Had some serious sceptism about staying there. The Top leadership in this firm is fucking bad news. they are so taken advantage of the world crises and putting pressure on the workers in a bad way that leaves all with illness and worries on their minds that is but so fucking unnessesary. They act like the workers are trash polishing their egos till they drop. Then they get sacked and in comes a new crew. There are so many jobless individuals out there with how the ties are these days its insaine. They can any time any day get new people to work thee. If murder was legal I would be considered guilty. Fuck I hate people like that. I have witnessed it here now and wiot ha bunch of crappy fuckers the last year and a half in private bondings through what i thought was frineds and all.......

I am really happy I have this found this great balance for myself. It is so refreshing and it takes a hell of a lot now a days to take me down. That alone is a major cool fact to my November 2009 being and it is a hell of a relief to have gained. Things have been too hard. But now it is good and hopefully things are aloud for a long time to stay this way?!! I have gotten myself into some really financially heavy stuff to be dealt on for a few years. A massive photo lot of more than 2500 8x10s from live evnts and VIP stuff. It is a massive huge doing and it will be a long term doing. Alsdo some really neat stuff like a monsterous rare strictly directly from SIXX promo CD of his 58 project. A drum session personal thing from Tommy kept for personal ideas over the years. A complete drumhead set from a show from the Dr tour. Other personal 1980s stuff and a late 90s bass from Nikki used on tour and also the bass he wrote the 2 new tracks for the late 90s "Greatest" album. yeah a lot of shit is still going on. Its a few good months into the new coming year but hey its all fucking great stuff. I can and will not complain. I have stuff to focus on as you can see for a long time coming. I always have it like this. Always.

Also to come is a new Crue video. Wild Models, Inc. continues to showcase, match, and market its hottest talent with the hottest brands, companies, and artists nationally and internationally. Wild Models, Inc. recently booked former Playboy Playmate, Irina Voronina, in a new music video for rock legends, Motley Crue. The stunning, statuesque, Russian-born Voronina is no newcomer to the spotlight, having been featured in commercial/print for such high-profile, recognizable brands as Michelob Ultra, Skyy Vodka, and Miller Light, as well as appearing in an extensive PR tour as the iconic St. Pauli Girl for the St. Pauli Brewery 2008 ad campaign. Voronina has extensive film and television experience; appearing on the HBO hit series, "Entourage", "Reno 911!: Miami", "MADtv", "Punk'd", "Epic Movie", "Saul of the Mole Men", and is currently filming "Svetlana". Her featured guest appearances on the talk show circuit include: "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "Chelsea Lately", and "Howard Stern on Demand".

Some more chocking news to the music world is the legendary Aerosmith. Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry wants the world to know his band is looking for a new singer. Perry posted a statement on Twitter late Monday putting to rest reports the band was on the verge of a split. Instead, the legendary rock band, whose hits include Cryin', Janie's Got a Gun and Walk This Way, is seeking a new frontman to replace Steven Tyler. "Aerosmith is definitely NOT breaking up ... one of the members is doing his own thing and said so in the press," Perry said on Twitter. Perry was referring to comments made by Tyler to Classic Rock magazine that he was working on "the brand of myself," indicating plans to go solo. The 61-year-old performer made the remarks after the band's October concert in Abu Dhabi. "Aerosmith is positively looking for a new singer to work with,'' Perry said via Twitter. "You just can't take 40 years of experience and throw it in the bin.'' Perry told the Las Vegas Sun newspaper last Friday that as far as he was concerned, Tyler had quit the band.

He also said the singer had not communicated with any members of the band since Abu Dhabi and was not returning phone calls. The band, formed in 1970, had to cancel its world tour after Tyler fell from the stage at a concert in Sturgis, N.D., on Aug. 5. He required stitches to his head and broke a shoulder. At the time, Perry expressed frustration with his bandmate and said Tyler had to try to "get his act together." personally I for some reasons can not see this band withoout Tyler. There are
somethings you just cannot fix. Not with an alternative solution. Then rather say hey we came we did we won and had a blast. I think Aerosmith - personally - is one of them bands. Sorry!!

I am trying to take it slow the rest of this year on most possibly everything and just work and relax cover the deals and gear up for a new year in just 7 weeks. I have fought as hard as I possibly could this year. So to actually give myself the rest the clam and the low set actions will be a pleasure. besides I have stuff with my girl to work on as well so its all good. Not just helping her getting some W.A.S.P. collectibles. I need to have some things sorted and I need to have a relaxed inner self to do it from. I guess I should have given myself this many many months ago. but I finally can do it now and its all a great feeling. Honestly. A big thank yo uto my brother too for getting me the personal anniversary DVD recording of my 100th show on the Crue boys. Filmed in KB Hallen Denmark june 2009. This is a night to remember and it is with great apprecition that he today told me he had found bought and paid it. sadly it is not too easy to find the European full taped shows but this one especially obviously course its my personal anniversary show is too cool.


4th Of November 2009, WASP Over, CRUE Doings Born
11:54PM CET
Wednesday noon, all got a very bad start here today and right now I feel stoned. I am so fucking worn down its almost killng me here.Let me explain a bit so you dont have to sit and wonder like "what the hell is he up to now?". You see yesterday I went to Malmoe, Sweden for a W.A.S.P. show with someone and it all started fairly okay a little train time delay but it was okay. Got there in time and all. It was all good. The show itself was okay. It actually burned the KB Club and it was packed to the max. I think all in all it was going well. And the only negative thing I can say about it is - I miss the glory days of that band. but that is not to see the light of day again so. Nothing to be done there anymore. Its a club band now a days and I think he enjoys that as is. Good songs good guy good sounding and all but me ...I missthe glory.

After the show we heaeded to the train station to get a train crossing the water back to Denmak. Here all started go apeshit. It was close to midnight the trians info board said it would go round midnight but no. It all of a sudden changed into a 12:23AM departure time. Coming to Copenhagen at a time where we had to sit out doors waiting for 70 minutes for a 2AM traion out of Copenhagen to go to Roskilde. It came and we got on. It rolled off and all of a sudden we noticed FUCK the train headed towards the airport ... a total different direction that what we needed it to be. so we ended there in the international airport stuck for yet another hor then the next train tok us back to Copenhagen central and here we found out NO MORE NIGHT trians till 5AM. I just thought all my night rest and plans for the night just got flushed out the toilet. It was storming and ass cold too. We staretd feeling really terrible but the decition about getting some heat took me to a thought of just going to my work for a cup of coffee or something while waiting. So we did. But the evening the night and the early morning and al lgave me a serious kick in the balls and I now sit here 12:19PM again and still on a cross country train feeling ill. Feeling like hell. Shit I have an apointment for heading up to the north of Denmark to my webmaster in the afternoon. I think I am about as trashed as gets right now.

Now A few things are going to be done and given life in form of a huge massive sick long ass high amount deal on shots / photos that are going to blow my own mind. I feel for a nasty roll inthe hay if you know what I am saying? I had a good chance last night but nothing happend. Man I gotta get laid soon again. The mind picking thoughts are totally fucking with me on a dirty level. I can not believe the shit I feel for. I am not sure half of it is legal. Oh well fuck it. Sonner or later...... right now it is Wednesday and I have other think to attend to. My brother and I are each having these fansites but both it on each of our fave bands seem to have a fairly good feedback and loyal returning gang that comes visit. We have talked about making some stuff lanyards shirts and shit. In dedication to the sites and our work to praise our music heroes. What ya think? Could be cool? Yeah maybe if you do it the right way and not thought about shit that would actually kill a daring thought and more. I think fans are highly creative persons and that I love. Its cool to have fans doing things to show their passion for the artists. So this is what we have talked about getting done.

There are a few things that are highly thought of. these photo lots are not ex number of sets containing 24 a set this is a fucked up massive load of 8x10s ... in the number of 2500. Yes you read it right. And therefor its an ass pile of one dollar bills that are not to be made fun about. This, if goin rightfully wil lbe the next long time project of this nutcake. I wil lknow in 24 hours if it indeed will go down this way. -Okay correcting info, already now I know the webmaster ...sitting together is pushed til lthe 10th. It is perhaos a good thing the way I feel tonight too. man the past 24 hours has almost killed me. I will be thinking about a load of things for the next week or so. have a good long line of things on a notepad to make decitions about. So no I am not bored one bit. There is no time in my life for kind of luxury lol.

Loving the latest of my own ideas really and projects I have already started on. But it is a really learning process from birth to ashes a never ending path that you can never ever be too old to go down by. It is a hell of a ride. The Crue on covers most of mine. There seems to be Motley dust dropped all over what ever I do no matter where I go. Be good out there - and watch for the new and latest always on the colletors edition of loyalty to the band we all look up to. Motley rules. Long live the Crue. ***


30th Of October 2009, Xmas beers, Crue Actions & Auction Temptations
1:56PM CET
Friday the 30th. Fuck what a nivce thing to have October to be long fucking gone. It has been a rough month to be honest and November is goin to be its brother. Same roughness in tight financees and shit. But again some cool nice thought and killed issues are to be facts. So I am all pleased. I think today, tonight is going to be the first day in hell. For a month. It is tonight one minite to nine PM the release of this years Tuborg ch´ristmas beer. And trust me here in Denmark thats a huge thing. People go ape shit every god damn year from that. So tonight its BEER day its payday for most and its the first weekend in the new month of Novemvber nice mix. Fuck man ... poor public cleaners and service staff in various doings. Its a living hell to constantly have that shit running in a clean form this time a year here. My god.

I have a few things I am going to focus on here and it is with great pride that I can say this time too my situation is being bettered. Another bite of the cake that stears this dudes passion in living is being taken care off and I there for have a line of great things that are to be cleared and handled with a smile. I think a lot of thinsg are still to be taken care off but here is a thing that i really wnat ot get done and I need to have things killed too to make a ood fresh start for the new year for myself. I am piece by piece getting there yes. The thing thats hard to deal with are the many cool offers coming in in a flow. I am tryong to get a few photo loads in place. They are massively huge really. I like to get these but the fuck its a load of money and shit. Well photos is one thing the single heavy pieces is another and they cost a little more than an arm and a leg. Like the latest offer this Mick guitar

This 1981 Charvel prepro started its musical career with Marc Diglio of XYZ. This guitar was featured in the video "Inside Out". This Charvel started out as a 1-hum, 1-volume and a vintage trim. After Marc sold the guitar a collector bought the guitar in 1990 from his friend who added a neck hum and a 3 way switch. He later sold it to a guitar player in Santa Monica and then was sold to Mick Mars of Motley Crue. This guitar was featured in the 1994 edition Of "oung Guns" magazine. The description reads as follows:"The fretboard is dirty due to the unfinished neck, so has this been used often?!" In the interview, he only said I used Charvel and Jackson mainly but also Strat and Les Pauls" The description of the guitar, the writer described it as "This Charvel Custom Model has been used well on the album.

Made in 82,Body and neck are both Maple" Mick added " I can't comment which guitar is the main since I use various guitars but this Charvel was used 50% and also a Jackson for %50. I also like clean tone of Strat.... I use whatever the songs require". After Mick sold this Charvel someone added a tone control and the collector I bought the guitar from recieved it in it's current condition.Although the article states a 82 model it is a 1981 prepro by the markings on the guitar. This Charvel is also catalog by the www.usacharvels.com website as being owned by Mick Mars. The body is 2PC Birdseye Maple. No trem recessed,1Vol,1 Tone,3way switch, JB and Jazz pickups,Old Floyd Rose, 21 jumbo frets neck, 1PC Maple neck oiled finish. Amazing feel.The best Charvel neck I have ever owned. Straight.The nut width is 1" 11/16. It is pretty wide. Very thin and fast neck. No repair. The neck end has hand written of HB 5(or 4 or 11, hard to read)-13-81. I couldn't find any writing on Body. Tuners are Gotoh. The guitar has dings and scratches here are there since it is old and has been played by pros. Great player with the history.

Now thats just one of a ton of thingfs up in light right now. Some of the really heavy serious collectors are selling out of some things too these days. But its like something you can not even come close to compete with. It is insaine how huge sums thats asked for some of these things some tiems. I dont even know if I can do much on all these vintage things from next year. There are so many things going on in my life right now that are new and that are simply fucking killer doings too. Some believe it or not NON Crue related. But I wanna gove them all a shot to come out on the other end better and having an even more interesting life style to be honest. Come Tueadya its time for my sweetie and me to go to yet another W.A.S.P. show. And then Wednesday its a possibly last time to the north of Denmark to sit and do some really cool refinings and work on the website with my webmaster. Better be going good course I will have a serious load of shit on my hands the coming 48 hours after that trip-. No rest not much sleep but a lot of work and crap. So Wednesday it is for the next site update and more.

So Vince attended things in Hollywood this last week. Tommy went to Mexico and is right now today in Australia doing some partying and DJing. And Nikki a few das ago auctioned off another of his basses to kickstart 4th Annual Denim and Diamonds fundraiser, benefiting children with autism held in Hidden Hills, California. Near by his old home and ground shared with Donne D. I did not do jack about any of this as I as often said have my hands full on killing stings situations and an ocean of import tax fees. They are seriously killing me in a way I can not even begin to describe here. But after all one bird shot, one bird down, one less to kill. Hang on in there and get a look and a smile mid next week. To you all have a safe weekend.

Oh and by the way dont forget also:Premiere Radio Networks and Rock Icon Nikki Sixx Launch Nationally Syndicated Radio Programs Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx

Premiere Radio Networks announced today it will launch Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx on Rock/Alternative music stations in January 2010. Hosted by Nikki Sixx, co-founder/bassist/songwriter of the world-renowned band Motley Crue and chart-topping band Sixx:A.M., producer, clothing designer and best-selling author, the program will air nationwide Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight local time. Each night, Sixx will discuss music and lifestyle topics as he gives listeners a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star. Delivered with his unique perspective and attitude, Sixx will welcome celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters from all walks of life. All this and more will be coupled with radio station playlists. In addition, Sixx will host a two-hour original weekend program titled The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx. Debuting in January 2010, Sixx will air top-charting songs, showcase new and emerging artists, and welcome guests from the worlds of music and entertainment.

The program will be available for air Saturday or Sunday between 6 a.m. and midnight local time. Sixx will broadcast both programs from Premiere`s Los Angeles studios. Sixx commented, "Radio has been instrumental in almost every successful endeavor of mine and it is the best way to connect with a wide audience on a daily basis. I look forward to being involved in every aspect of building Sixx Sense, from the content of the show, to the website, to the logo, to the music beds, to of course, hosting every day." Premiere Radio Networks SVP of Programming Jennifer Leimgruber commented, "We are tremendously excited for the opportunity to work with Nikki Sixx and to make great radio together. The combination of his passion for music, unbridled creativity, humor, curiosity and dedication will create a program that surprises and entertains a wide range of listeners."


20th Of October 2009, Wow Again - More RNR Coolness
2:03PM CET
Tuesday. Ohh man did get a little weird feeling last night after leaving from WASP concert in Odense Denmark. I felt as if I was about to get ill again. That is not going to be good is what I thought. But thank godit seemes blow blow over before it actually was anyting. I am all good again. That was a long hard couple of hours worrying there. But as said over now. The WASP show was well... I dont seem to be able to say they are good anymore. I mean I miss the old huge days too much to be able to say these modern day times are cool. The new CD is a step up again. Nice to see. but still it is a band scrapped to the bone and nothing is to be seen shown or nothing. It is purely the music. You can be tempted to say that thats great. And it can verify that the music stands fine without the visual somethings. Also a nice point. but it just doesnt cut it for me. I am learning to love it again. How ever I will have to say its gonna take a long time. WASP means a lot to me. More than I can evern find words for. But also has a lot changed for me about them. First and foremost as a live act. But okay fairly alright really.

There are so much stuff to be done still before we ring in hte new year. There are a few great things thats new and round the corner. Like Sixx AM; Sixx:A.M. vocalist/guitarist James Michael has revealed that the band is working on new material. James stated, "The first 10 days of recording the new Sixx:AM record have been incredible! I promise that we'll all get the video cams rollin' soon. Sixx:A.M. consists of James Michael, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba. Earlier this yeah Nikki stated, "I can't really tell you what the concept is, because I think I'd just be kind of blowing the surprise, like telling what you're getting for Christmas before it comes. But it's gonna be a pretty powerful record. You know, sonically it does fall in line with the Heroin Diaries record, but I think we're stretching out in certain ways where we can take in other styles of music and expand upon them." A lot of people have been waiting for this follow up of an album. This time too a world tour seems to still be a wanted idea to be fulfilled for the release. Sixx said earlier this was to probably be the best release he could ever see the band incl possible future albums. Could be really interesting.

Also this. Thats something out of the ordinary;
Unprecedented Sale Of Book Rights To Feature Rock 'N' Roll Books Imprint 'An Education In Rebellion: The Biography Of Nikki Sixx' SongVest, the company that reinvented music memorabilia by auctioning song rights directly to fans, has announced the first-ever online auction of book rights by offering access to the royalty stream of the forthcoming re-issue 'An Education in Rebellion: The Biography of Nikki Sixx.' The auction will take place exclusively at www.songvest.com from November 15-22 in advance of the book's Spring 2010 retail release.

SongVest has partnered with book publisher Rock 'N' Roll Books to offer a 30% ownership share in the book's master rights. In addition to sharing in the royalty stream the retail and e-sales generate, the high bidder will also receive a one-of-a-kind platinum album, an 'Associate Publisher' credit in the book's printing, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus DVD featuring interview excerpts from many rock luminaries interviewed exclusively for the book including band members John Corabi and Tommy Lee, legendary Motley Crue album producers Bob Rock and Tom Werman, hard rock diva Lita Ford, former London bandmate Lizzy Grey, Quiet Riot's late frontman Kevin Dubrow, late recovery counselor Bob Timmons, and many others. "We've updated the original '03 release through 2009, with coverage of Motley Crue's massively successful comeback trek in 2004/5, the launch of Cruefest I & 2, Nikki's clothing business with Royal Underground, and solo success with side-project Sixx:AM & the Heroin Diaries to create by far the most comprehensive independent study of the wildly colorful life and times of Motley Crue founder/chief songwriter Nikki Sixx. We're very excited to share this unique opportunity with a fan who'll enjoy the book's success as much as we will," said author Jake Brown. The auction will begin at 3PM EST on Saturday, November 15 and end at 3PM EST on Saturday, November 22. Fans can register now at www.songvest.com to learn more about plans for the book's re-printing and retail release..

Since 2007, SongVest has offered music fans, collectors, and investors the unique opportunity to share the royalties with the writers of their favorite music. Past auctions have included the rights to songs recorded by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Natalie Cole, and The Monkees.

About SongVest SongVest, Inc. is the world's first and only song rights auction house. The company provides 'music memorabilia with royalties' to fans, collectors, and investors by acting as a broker between songwriters (or their heirs) and rights buyers. When a songwriter is compensated for the performance, sale, or use of their song, so to will high bidders at SongVest auctions. The company's unique business model has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, CNBC , USA Today, Forbes, and countless online music, fan, collector, and investment outlets all over the world.

Also on other collectibels right now up for grabs if you have a thick wallet. Here is probably one of the more rare shirts in my collection of of vintage goodies. This XL Motley Crue shirt is in good condition and was made for the kick off show of the Dr. Feelgood tour where they filmed the video which all went down at the Whisky a go go. This shirt was made for this show only and you won't see many, if any, of this shirt around. The back says, " Rocktober 10/89 Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood at the Whisky! this is where the tour starts....love, the crue.history: Acquired this shirt from the owner of the Rainbow Bar and Grill and the Whisky a go go and the shirt was given to him by the band back in the day. Or the personal first ever contract or Theatre Of pain original reel to reel tape from studio recordings. Shit.This auction is for a Reel to Reel MASTER TAPE of THEATRE OF PAIN Album by MOTLEY CRUE. This was recorded 11/27/1986(see tape) as a 15 ips Dolby Master on 1/4 INCH tape (15 in/s or 38.1 cm/s — professional music recording and radio programming). Please see photos for more information about tape.Label copy are included on box of tape. Boxes comes in excellentcondition and tapes are in near mint

Original First Ever Signed Contract. This is an original 1981 Management Contract with Coffman & Coffman Signed April 8, 1981. This comes with a Hilton Matchbook with the words: "Contract 4-8-81 at Beverly Hilton" as a reminder to them to when and where. Also on the bakc of one of the pages. Vince Neil practices his signature his stage name a few times. This is unbelievable Rock n Roll History of Motley Crue A ONE OF A KIND ITEM. This item is signed by with their Original Names Barbara Coffman - Manager Allan Coffman - Manager Nikki Sixx - Artist Robert Deal aka Mick Mars Tommy Bass - Tommy Lee Vince Wharton - Vince Neil.

So there are so many things availbale for the right bucks. Also stuff tah tI would say are amongst the best pieces if you should have them as your own stuff.


18th Of October 2009, Reboxed & Documented
3:25PM CET
Sunday again. Fuck me is time moving fast. Its still good times for me and strictly positive thinking. It is so nice to have reached this point. It isa nice focus on the future really. I have to say also that I am not too keen on not letting things take a turn. It is actually needed. So yes all is fine. unusual but adjustble so - nice. I have had a few days off now to focus on stuff at my home. And boxes and more boxes have been looked in on. Nothing is left untouched in the boxes that have actually been opened. You see from being home so very little as I am I always only come to my house throw the latest arrivals inside to have it at home and then every now and then I go bezerk and put it all in place ... that is what has been going on for me the last two days here now. A lot of smaller stuff has been sorted and is now all placed in its catagory - safely. All shirts have been bag packed indicivually. All tickets and passes etc etc have been reorganized to be in chronological order again.

All in all it has been a very good time at home really. And all that was arriving near by Copenhagen has been brought home too and is now placed in this home finally. yeah thee have been a lot to be honest. A big job a huge sorting but its done. Some areas at least. This also meant that a good few pieces have been dug out from the corners the boxes and more and been photographed and scanned for the site adding. So enjoy the latets new stuff and the stuff to come in the next couple of days. There will be a lot of creative doings here at home the rest of the year but I am not going to do much talking about it in on here. not too much fun to ead about really. How ever it will give me a solidly good cool feeling inside to get it done.

Tomorrow is last day off and it brings me to te home city of Hans Christian Andersen for another W.A.S.P. concert. Odense is the city and to join my sweetie pie there I am going. Then it is back to Roskidle / Copenhagen for some days work and then do a good couple of weeks more and W.A.S.P. again in Southern Sweden Malmoe start Nov. And Ace frehley same place December 4th. After that a lot abotu the period of January - April should by then be in place really. I know it sounds nuts but thats what I hope for. I am looking still for some heavy buys on things like Mick Mars` GGG leather pants. Neils T O P gloves. Along side more collectibles. And in between tryig to cover all the official new itms to come and that I am still missing from 2009 and hopefully fill in a few holes from the old days along the ride. It is obviously ahuge financial something as you can probably imagine right? Yeah it is somehing that requires a hell of an investment. But with the good few things left in stored American places it is a good nice feeling and a huge belief that things can actually be functional. And I have to admit I like to have all this stuff cleared. Several storage places have been killed and it is so close now. It feels really good.

The danish Rock Motley beers are up at number 5. The next is the Dr `89 one to come. If interested there is only single bottles to be found and owned added to yoru collection. There simply is not a chance to get a full case at all. I willo have all four listed on here the coming week not to worry. Look for the next diary posting and it will be thrown in here if you are looking ofr these bottles. A before a line of people buzz me for these let it be said right now. I can not get you all one each. I may be able to find you a good ten bottels all together as it is right now but no more. And rememebr shipping is not the cheapest shit to deal eith eather these days.

Seems like the much hoped for and talked cruefest on danish ground is for god knows what time put on stand by really. No one seems to be able to throw in a serious something for a pre working to organize this thing. Ohh well - it was also just an idea and a hope on my part to get such a thing sat up. Well in the next coming future perhaps...be good.


15th Of October 2009, Planting Cool Stuff - & You?
1:19PM CET
Oh brother this is going ot be a long day. I am in fine good mood just worried that I will be dead ass tired tonight. Right now sitting with the webmaster after only 2 hours sleep after a night shift and a returning home this morning 6AM. I am booked to my neck in stuff the next four to five days. It is going to be a seriously long long couple of days these next two. Then I have a good couple of days with a loved one and it is by far needed more than I can even describe. I need to get laid. Thats my story. I need to get a serious fuck that will leave me speachless for a few hours. How about it? lol, alright then... well as said right now sitting with the webmaster and we are planting new shit online. There are some seriously cool things gettng added today. We are hoping for a Snday or Monday return for more to add. Time will tell. A little tied up on time right now.

Also set is now a rock solid something that will be my main man near the San Frnacisco bay area. he will be shipping out some serious cool collectibles in end October some November and a self given cool beyind cool December gift. As a final goodbye to 2009 for myself a year in litterally speaking hard times. it is going to be a fantastic ending of this year no question about it. The life of mine and the Crue collecting thing are both gonna be well felt and and appreciated as the year rings out. I can not really tell yet whats to come as always things can go wrong. But I am so damn focused on this so it really should not. I just need to hang on in there for yet another good 12 weeks. I think I can do that.

Crued love life!! Tommy Lee has a new hobby. BLONDE? Check. Skinny? Check. Likes stripping? Check. Must be TOMMY LEE's new love interest. Here's the Italian beauty hoping to fill PAMELA ANDERSON's boots in the MOTLEY CRUE wildman's life. CHIARA SALVADE says she's been dating the drummer for "several months". They first met three years ago when Tommy added her to his list of followers on MySpace. She told The Sun: "Tommy Lee has always been my idol, a real sex symbol according with my tastes and I really couldn't believe that I was just talking to him when he added me as a friend. "He told me he was impressed by the photograph I had on my profile and wanted to get to know each other. "He asked where I was from and what my occupation was." Their relationship soon gathered pace thanks to some online chat.

Chiara added: "We started to meet by webcam day and night, we stayed entire hours chatting and watching each other, until all this was not enough. We had to meet each other in the real life. "So we decided to meet up in Milan and we did it several times. "He took me on tour with his rock band and he also asked me to marry me. We meet each other every day he comes in Italy." They were snapped together earlier this week in Italy, inset, although Tommy's reps claim they're just "good friends". The sticksman's marriage to ex-Baywatch star Pammi was one of the most volatile in Hollywood. They married in 1995 a month after they first met and famously had a sex taped leaked online. Divorce followed in1998 after the couple had two sons but they reunited briefly 10 years later. We don't think Chiara will mind the baggage...

So having just passed Tbone 47th birthday and awaiting Nikkis 51st on December 11th. Not much else news has slipped from the Hollywood hills about much new. On the other hand there are so many things already awaited. The November "greatest" album, the news bomb on tour cd and more end of October in the sat UK campagin. let us see what what the last couple of months then will fill us up with. There is the "greatest hits" coming everybody is doing that. now I long for something new and refreshing when we speak of closing in on holiday ideas and christmas. I would be - I guess - somewhat dissapointed if this best of release stunt is all the band can come up with. Seems like a ton of people is sharing that one same feeling .That album is a seriously not really wanted something. We have had enough of it already. Give us something really new and refreshing.... not to compare but look at the KISS machine. They come up with new stuff constantly. How abotu a Motley collectors card serie or series? It would be killer. KISS also did these huge comic series and made it a whole marketing and merch line. Some of that stuff is actually really cool.

Now I will end this posting for the day here and just say - enjoy the updates. Hopefully we can get more in round end of weekend but we will see. Nothing here is final. Sorry to admit it. But it is.There will come more MUCH more also heading into 2010. Not to worry. I still try to be loyal and covering - as said for a good year or so m´now it has become really hard. And now its like extremely almost out of reach. Takes so much money you have no idea. Man this is a sick doing for having a life this short. But I live it my frineds. I live it to the most possible max. Love ya out there. Be careful. Till next time - a CRUEcial love is spread and kept alive - to you all from McrueLoyalty ****

13th Of October 2009, New Gained Blood, Belief & Happiness
10:07AM CET
Before I get off here in my probably long posting today I wanna say happy birthday to my friend my Loyalty brother Mario. He had his day yesterday and I guess I was juts a little too busy to really catch up so - happy birthday bro.

Tuesday. Yes indeed. And what a splended morning this is. My Crue thoughts are running wild. My ideas are pouring out of me. There are so many great things right now that should and could be worked on worked with and made into something over the top nice. So why this mountain of greats all of a sudden? I tell you why. I have had my hands in so many things so many hopes have now seen the light of day and are now making me stand in a new situation where things seem a little more positive. As I posted in here a couple of months ago. I saw a good time coming and that stuck with me. i am more positive than I have ever been in my life. I have changed now working from a theory that is truely way more remarkable than anything I have ever witnessed before in my life. I am truely stunned about how well this works. It is quiet simply amazing. I have been watching people around me and they all live by what I did. Its all a world full of people having more or less enough in themselves and .. ohh dear I am not gonna go there it is a way too long story and not really to do with Motley at all. Still I post it here briefly to make a point. That being that I now live under a sky of better, nicer, more balanced, cooler, the list is long. And all in all I live from this now and it gives me way more pleasure in everything.

Also what has gotten me in high gear and a good mood is that so much has been killed and brought home. I have not much left from what used to be stored in America now. I have killed an ocean of stuff and today its good. Yesterday and 4 days ago came two huge bunches and it feels so fucking nice. My guitars, my smashed basses, my bigger part of the Crue`s personal used stuff all now is here. After a lot of shipments it is so nice to finally sit down and just breath out. It is just pure theraphy. I have gotten so much killed and after more than 5 to 6000 dollars in shipping fees alone plus import taxes to come after that things are finally here at home. And it will be a pleasure to get it all sorted out slowly box by box. I think a lot is to be looked through with myself going wow thats right damn I had forgotten all about that one. And that one and .... it will be christmas the days that the boxes gets opened. The Nikki Sixx swine album cover suite is here Vince`s chaps from the Girls album cover is here and much much much more. Some stuff were taken shots of a long time ago in America so is already on the site. But a lot of stuff also are not photographed or scanned just yet so there will come stuff here and there bit by bit in the next coming month I would say. Thursday will see some of it. And there will also as mentioned before come some things that has to do with the new and latest so far not tried ideas for the site.

The new KISS and the new W.A.S.P. CDs are both here now. And I have to also admit the new KISS and the present line up disc with the new recorded classics are spinning in my Ipod all the time now. I have fallen back. The masked warriors are back with a release that is so beyond what I could have ever hoped for. It sounds so beyond good. Especially the Simmons songs its so refreshing 70s feel to them I think. The demon winged bat has returned with a force that to me is mind blowing. I love this disc. if there ever was a "sonic" in the BOOM this is it for sure. I long now to see them again. If they only would do what no band ever seems to do. Play a good 5 or 6 songs from a latest release. I would have loved it more than I can even put words to.

W.A.S.P. is coming to Odense in Denmark on Monday and then Malmoe a good couple of weeks later and I will go to both. That is something I had kind of promised myself not to do again. I do not like this band live no more. How ever the new disc is great. It is up in the top litsted band faves. So with that maybe I am hopeful for another return of the kick in the butt experience? And besides I will be going with a very close someone to me so ...... But the KISS one is beyond what was hoped for. Thank you for the release of a ....well..... good two decades of more really. The best in years and years. And a praised god relief to hear the original catman is back okay. After lounge cancer last year he is now fine again. That is something I also begin to think about. The boys in my heroic bands they are at an age now where anything can happen really. KISS, Crue anyone. So I look at things in a new light and appreciates it in a different kind of perspective now a days. But hey Mr. Peter Criss good to have you back. I have always been a hero world emotional individual more than family and more. Dont know why but it makes my heart bleed when shit happens.

Speaking of releases. The Crue boys have this "greatest Hits" coming in November. And I am not a fan of the shout board on their official site. people are so high about them selves and it is a constant chopping down to sizes amongst the people that live from being in on there really. I am not that kind of guy. But from what I have seen about the coming release of comments to it on there and other places a lot of people share my thoughts about not wanting this release really. Ofcourse I will buy it being a collector. Ofcourse I will. I just think its a totally not needed album. But the cool thing about it is that it will also come out as a DOUBLY VINYL RECORD set. That should be totally cool. I eally long for that little piece to come. Mid November is the date and I am all over it as it gets released for sure. But you all knew that little detail.

The details about the release itself well; Greatest Hits via Eleven Seven Music/Mötley Records. The track listing is: 1. Too Fast for Love, 2. Shout at the Devil, 3. Looks that Kill, 4. Too Young to Fall in Love, 5. Smokin' in the Boys Room, 6. Home Sweet Home, 7. Wild Side, 8. Girls, Girls, Girls, 9. Dr. Feelgood, 10. Kickstart My Heart, 11. Same 'Ol Situation, 12. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), 13. Without You, 14. Primal Scream, 15. Sick Love Song, 16. Afraid, 17. If I Die Tomorrow, 18. Saints of Los Angeles, 19. The Animal In Me (Remix).


6th Of October 2009 What A Bite, Aiming For next
6:06PM CET
Monday the 6th of October that is today and the date of the arrival of this latest huge box of stuff on the Crue. Away and out of America now here in Denmark as part of my collection. And thats all only too good to even find words for. I am not going to bitch about the extreme low finance for the remains of this month for me. I have killed and received some really heavy peices that cost a fortune to bring home but now its done. It is such a nice feeling. It is what I have been trying to put an end to for a good ten to twelve months now. And its a self sat satisfaction to say I have one or two boxes left and then all is killed past is burried and I AM looking forward to lock the door and throw away the key to that chapter and then go heads up to the future. It will be a really cool nice time and more is in the mail on its way to Denmark right now.

What a bite that was taken this month too on the old and as said now I am aiming for the next chapter and shifting gear. Obviously. There will be a few more added things next Monday / Tuesday. Ther eare a few things that will come on by then. And again lot for lot there will come expanded categories the rest of the year. There will be more new ideas coming to the site too. we are talking back and forth about stuff that could expand the site focus itself and more. It all sounds interesting but we have to keep looking into each idea and see what is really relavant for the site and expanding as said its focus but not loading the red line through it.

November 2009 the 17th is the date for the new and next and in my mind sadly another compilation package. The new 2009 "Greatest Hits". I think it is a money thought that simply is not really in place. I mean I do not really see the point of this part from it is closing in on the holiday season being christmas 2009. But sure it is a buizness nothing more. But I really do not think we need it. How ever fact is mid November it is time ofr the latest offer to a Motley Crue best off. "The Animal In Me", which will be available on the band's Greatest Hits album out 11/17! James Michael, of SIXX AM and producer of the Saints of Los Angeles album, tweaked and twisted the track to dial in a refreshing, yet not distant Motley sound. The updated Greatest Hits will include all your classic Crue songs, the never before heard remix, and the hit song "Saints of Los Angeles."

Some have had trouble with the latets in the guitar picks section under "Looks". It should now be all fixed if you still have trouble have a little patience bout the uploading of the page three in that section as there are really many pictures. It is taking time for some computers. But it should be okay now as said. if you still have problems email the webmaster ..... contact info is to be found under "loyalty gang" on the front page. And also dont forget the Tommy Lee methods project and sight involvence if talent is at hand for you.www.tommylee.tvOver the past several months I've been busy writing and demoing a new Methods of Mayhem record at my new Atrium Studios with longtime friend and producer Scott Humphrey!! Ok here's where it gets really killer. In addition to putting out a new record, we also wanted to do something way different this time. Yes it's a FIRST!! A truly interactive recording process that includes YOU GUYS!!!!! Yea YOU!!! So, we decided to let the whole world participate in the project!! Here's how it works!... Starting Oct 5th.

Once a week we'll post stems or skeletons atwww.thepublicrecord.comof the demos for free for people to download and overdub their own musical parts, bass, guitar, vocals, keys, drums, loops, electronics, etc, then upload them back to us at www.thepublicrecord.com. The best submissions will be featured on the site, used in the final mix and credited on the record. We will be evaluating the best track submissions weekly for 11 weeks for 11 songs!! There will be weekly prizes for the best submissions and an overall grand prize that includes performing with Methods of Mayhem at a showcase for teh record in LA in 2010. Like the 1st CD the record will feature some great guest artists .... "Public Mayhem" is due to be released in early 2010 on Roadrunner Records. So bring it on maniacs. may the best parts WIN! Yours truly interactive!!!!


1st Of October 2009, Another HUGE Bite Of the past
8:57AM CET
What a handful of days its been. It is Thursday again after some serious 4 to 5 days of doings I am resting right now at my brothers home. I should have been sleeping but right now its quiet and its a time of waiting for something that I will get back to. And it al ljust gave me a nice little need for todays posting. I have had a lot of concerns and troubled minds really but countdowns have and are ticking to better times and cool seasons for me. Knock on wood. a lot has been dealt with the last 0 to 60 days and now I have to get an update on all areas in a good 10 to 14 days from now. I am highly looking forward to that. I love it. Ther are better times ahead. It has been turbulent waters since ...shit ages ago. Late spring early summer 2008. Now it is over and I am moving forward in a positive like NEVER before really. I have found magical framings for myself my being and myway of looking at everything. I wish I could share with you all how and what has happend but its my personal life NON Crue related so it is not for this site and section to cover. But I like it.

A few things have been arriving at my doorstep and I now have a great felt satisfaction on things that have been awaited to arrive here for a totally too long time. Some of al lthat stuff has been added on here already and some are only in the refining stages and will come to the site in a few days .Also at the end of the coming week a ton more things will come to cetain sections on here. Man I feel so proud for having been able to survive the turbulent waters for this long .Not quitting the collecting thing an dnot breaking down from constant bullshit pain and sadness from all fronts more or less. hell yes bay. I am ready for a brand new chapter her in a good month or two. Jus twait and see what comes up on here you will be like WOOOOWWWW!!!

So what else is new? Well I have felt a whole new me now that I would like to see more of. I also long for more new thigns in my life and attending other music live again for a change. So I am felt ready for some LA Guns yesterday . Tracii Guns came to town .... long time since I have seen him. And shaken hands with my long missed Hollywood brother. man it was good it was really good. I did make a good new frined in his son also Jeremy Guns from my Hollywood dasy he went verbally apeshit as we met. "Im here Tommy Lee, Im here in Denmark i told you some day I woudl be here.. hows all going?" Yeah man it was a seriously cool event. I have now seen this version of the LA Guns and als othe other with Riley and Co. Energy wise Tracii killed the so called original group. He is simply so fucking awesome. It scares me .The biggest ego in Hollywood is a seriously fucking killer guitarist. end of that. Period.

All the best Guns tunes were delievered in its supreme really. They fucking killed "the rock" - our local rock venue. But of course the Guns from LA is not the only hoped for live experience. Then Perhaps Fleetwood Mac in a couple of weeks. And German Rammstein in Feb. Crue is by then also ready for the European Cruefest tour II. That covers me fine. I have a ton of things to get done with my collection now a days so I am taking it slow on most fronts really. No need to have solid sceptism right now. Just enjoy relax and be a part of things.

Now in a good 50 mins there is a rock solid good awesomeness on the world wide web. mr. Space Ace Frehley is touring Sweden and Europe in december. In Malmo the 4th of Decemebr and tix for that is up for grabs in 48 minutes. I simply HAVE TO try to get that for myself. The shitty month of October is starting today and already my paycheque is solidly gone. I am bringing home more stuff from my northern Hollywood storage spot. Thats a god damn shipping fee alone of 1300 US dollars and then more than likely comes taxes to that. I am unable to even smile about the fact this is going to kill me for the next couple of months. But I have to get it cleared out of the way so nothing else is going to be done from nor about this but closing my eyes and bring this load home to my doorstep as well. I have a huge sadness for throwing all that money the way it goes. Feels like its out the window really. but then only very little is actually left and can be killed in one last atempt for nevre again to have this situation..

There are now in a good two weeks time being shipped some relly nice shit towards me. The complete Nikki Sixx suit worn on the album cover of Generation Swine. And I am finally closing the shit. It is coming home end of October. Along with some other great goodies. Trust me its gonna be a something thats worth looking forward to. I think things are going to be rough the rest of this year but I am willing to talke it rough these last few months too to get things covered completely. Brought all laying round the world home ones and for all. A bunch of what looks to be guitars (maybe smashed basses am not really sure) is being shipped from Hollywood today. So things are going to be covered on that front like in a few days. Hopefully the god damn import tax services leaves me the heck alone this time. I kind of need it. I have paid way too much in that area this past year plus. For heavens sake its a drag to work like I do and see it all go to hell in the pockets of the tax system just course I want my stuff brought home.

So ... there it was the Ace Frehley solo tour of Scandinavia club dates only. I am there and I am really excited about it. It looks like I am to get at least a couple of other goodie wants under my belt after all without too much hassle. Shit!! Well jus tdo what is the only thing to do. Smile and move on. I have really good at smiling the last week and a half. I have found a new should I say philosophy to my awaken times in life. Hope it sticks. I feel much more relaxed and stuff. It really is nice. There will be a line of great stuff to coem that could help that smile stay put on my lips. I am havign a fairly good time. Even though the finances are some what non excisting. A lot of good clearence and erasing the painful past step by step and thank god without any hectic bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit. I have been scanning like crazy here for some hours now. getting a bunch of new shit added to the site today. This n that, picks, personal, shirts tourbook section and more. All feels really good I must admit. I finally have some really neat shit going without any .. you know what! Now till next time dont forget to hold on to what ever is out there for ya. It is not a thing to take for granted when you find shit you like to dedicate your time money or something to. Much love folks. Its a pleasure to be able to say a huge bite was taken yesterday and today out of the cake that threatend to bring me down and end all my Cruecial living and collecting. Not that threat is over for good. Its all good again clearing out cleaning up after the storm that raise hell for a long time locally but its okay. I am here still active still breathing. Nothing is going to go bad if I myself can help it. be safe brothers and sisters...


28th Of September 2009, Countdowns - Ticking
3:04PM CET
What a handful of days its been. It is Monday again after some serious 4 to 5 days of doings I am ones agin on my day off on a train but this time not back to my home but going from my home. I have had a lot of concerns and troubled minds really but countdowns have and are ticking to better times and cool seasons for me. Knock on wood. a lot has been dealt with the last 0 to 60 days and now I have to get an update on all areas in a good 10 to 14 days from now. I am highly looking forward to that. I love it. There are better times ahead. It has been turbulent waters since ...shit ages ago. Late spring early summer 2008. Now it is over and I am moving forward in a positive like NEVER before really. I have found magical framings for myself my being and myway of looking at everything. I wish I could share with you all how and what has happend but its my personal life NON Crue related so it is not for this site and section to cover. But I like it.

A few things have been arriving at my doorstep and I now have a great felt satisfaction on things that have been awaited to arrive here for a totally too long time. Some of al lthat stuff has been added on here already and some are only in the refining stages and will come to the site in a few days .Also at the end of the coming week a ton more things will come to cetain sections on here. Man I feel so proud for having been able to survive the turbulent waters for this long .Not quitting the collecting thing an dnot breaking down from constant bullshit pain and sadness from all fronts more or less. Hell yes bay. I am ready for a brand new chapter here in a good month or two. Just wait and see what comes up on here you will be like WOOOOWWWW!!!

So what elseis new?

Well I have felt r a whle now that I would like to see more and other music live again for a change. So I ma now ready for some LA Guns tomorrow. Tracii Guns is coming to town .... long time since I have seen shaken hands with my long missed Hollywood brother. Then Perhaps Fleetwood Mac in a couple of weeks. And German Rammstein in Feb. Crue is by then also ready for the European Cruefest tour II. That covers me fine. I have a ton of things to get done with my collection now a days so I am taking it slow on most fronts really. No need to have solid sceptism right now. Just enjoy relax and be a part of things. So that is what I entend to do. No more deep worrying or nothing that even smells of negativie vibes. No more. I am done in that department.

I would have loved ot get a good xtra three or four days overtime at work this minth but that did not happen so I have ot simply settle wit hthe minimum paycheque this time around. I have a good few things that I like to under my belt this coming first you see so I need allthe damn cash that I can possibly find and get. I havea ton of things I have been offered too but all that has even put on hold for a while till I have my old stored stuff round the world home safe. I really had thought that I would have had al lthat killed months ago but the import tax department and people round the world have cost me more than I even dare think of. You see these issues have had to be clearly kileld and never to return to me in order for me to look forward and focus on the future not the past. Man it has been a nightmare. That right there was the last itme I am ever saying that and refring ot 2008 and 09 ever again on here. Boom!! In the past just like that.

As said it is Monday and the end of the week will have some more things added on here and in the meantime I am going ot look for the next lots to apear at my doorstp and easen up even more. There is a and have been several cool Sixx items coverd alrady and my 85 bass is now in the northern parts of Sweden ready to be picked up in December. I am sad to admit I can not do that before then so I think I have some cool winter times in sight. I am going to have the complete Nikki suit worn on the cover of the Generation Swine cover 1997 brought home too in October some how. Yes baby thats the plan anyhow. Then after that the 12 string bass from the man that he wrote Bitter Pill on for the Greatest Hits album.

There are so many great ideas what to do with these things but money talks baby. And sadly tat is the next biggets problem to my latest ideas for what to do with it all. Just wait and see how cool things will turn out. I for one am looking really forward to it al . the next couple of years will be fairly excitin for me to see what comes out of it all. What is possible and what it really possible to do for moey and with balances on everything else in my life. Yes sir gonna be really cool to see indeed. Dont worry its not only Sixx stuff thats in my eye sight here lol but its waht has been focused on recently... as said one thing at a time it simply has to be like that so ... Sixx it has been. Fuck I love ot get a tono f the stuff I have offers on and more.. we will see

PS: Vince fuxxxx Neil is getting ready for heading out further more as a solo artist on the road this fal land winter. New York already are amonsgt the places for the first taste of his doings 2009. Again we Europeans are waiting for the fouth time now. Cancelled tours after another has been Mr Neils midle name over here for a little too long. Until late this week man for the coming next massive updates stay cool be good and stay loyal. I would love to see what comes out if this in the end. Its a hard tough world and its rules are razor sharp. I can not believe the shit that some people are saying spreading and what else... But were here together and together as one we all should be for the Crued family. Peace out my friends. ***


20th Of September 2009, So In Gear..
8:34PM CET

Sunday evening I am taking a rest. The latest release is filling me up with all sorts of great somethings. I ...Ohh I ment the latest of my swedish favorite band Bonafide. That secind release of the band from southern Sweden is simply all together right on the money. A step up from the debut almost two years ago. The coolest thing and second best to the boogie melody rock if you like styles like AC/DC?!! You can not help but find the similarity in that. Bonafied is about simplicity and straight fun playing. Rock n roll at its purest and best. Thanks guys for a really great album. I think a lot of the stuff on there have been worth the wait, Now Europe lays at their feet for the couple of months to come then we wil lsoon enough hear and read feedbacks from how they are taken in cross the continent. www.bonafiedrocks.com if you like to check em. Anyone should get a taste of Bonafied really.

There are some things updated on the site theis weekend. This n that toys section, passes, video, amongst others. There will be more at the end of the week. I think more of the stuff that is already here will be added by then course I will be up to my neck in business the rest of the month. I will hardly have anytime to be on here. Also I am thinking strongly about changing some thigns in my life ones again. Quitting stuff like radio help ouots and others. I know it sounds insaine course I love what I do but hey, there are certain other things in my life that I like to find room and time for now.

I feel a little time stressed from the constant crossing Denmark thing in all directions fairly often too. I need to find a new balance in my life to change that little thing for me. And to give in and give up something right now that is the only thing I can honestly think of doing. Have no other alternative to give up right now for catching on time and resting. If you hear what I am saying?!! yeah sure there are some thigns that could simply be changed to keep other stuff like the radio but I think I am going way over my head if this was to be a factor. So as said I am thinking about it.

Certain Crue friends of mne have been really quiet these past couple of weeks on me. And this weekend spread some light on it for me. A few people seems to have had really tough times with body and health to put it short. I had no idea about that at all. I really feel terrible. Happy to hear its a little better for you all. I myself have been through a turblent time still with great felt satisfaction to my doings financially this month BUT... there have been other form of turbulence that I will be smiling about when we turn the page for yet another and new month. It will be like a sweet summer breaze as it happens. Next month will be pretty simular to this one but I have decided that thats okay!! And I do not wanna be crying about it one bit. I like to know the fact of my doings have easend up quiet a few things really. So hey, I am ready for round two of a total three. Things will take shape now and go the way I have needed it to for a little over 18 months now.

Former Motley Crue lead singer John Corabi will headline a benefit concert Oct. 2 for a Burlington girl with celebral palsy.

Organizers hope to raise $8,100 for an overhead track system in the Mark and Kim Edwards home. The track will relieve the burden of having to physically lift the Edwards' 14-year-old daughter, Brooke, to place her in a wheelchair, so she can move her about the house. Brooke has the most severe form of cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia. She is unable to walk, talk or communicate. Brooke is completely dependent upon her parents for every aspect of her day-to-day life. In addition to Corabi, the Gibbs Brothers, the Sean Costanza Band and Rivertown will play at the event, set for 5 to 11 p.m. at Whitey's Bar & Grill, 2601 Madison Ave. There also will be live and silent auctions, in which donations will be auctioned to raise the needed funds. There will be a hog roast and drinks sponsored by Fleck Sales. The average lifetime cost of cerebral palsy, for a single child, is $921,000, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes. That does not include hospital visits, emergency room visits, residential care and other out-of-pocket expenses.


16th Of September 2009,
2:39PM CET

The City of West Hollywood has honored the amazing musical legacy of rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne by declaring Thursday, September 10, 2009, Ozzy Osbourne Day in West Hollywood. That night, the Sunset Strip Music Festival kicked off with a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne at the House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Osbourne will also close the Sunset Strip Music Festival when he performs Saturday, September 12, 2009. That set will mark Ozzy`s first full performance on the famous Sunset Strip in almost 40 years and his first as a solo artist. In 1970, as the frontman for Black Sabbath, Ozzy performed a five-night stand at the Whisky A Go-Go as part of their first U.S. tour. (photos: Tiffany Rose / WireImage.com) Wonder who went to see it. My dearest swedish friend was in the area at this time but I doubt she knew anything about it and actually did go. I have a Hollywood friend that went he met Tommy who shared stuff with him on the new MOM album and road stories from Cruefest II. I miss a lot of folks from over there. I wish I had been in the area as this was happening. so now Hollyweird has a Crue day and an Oz day. man only in America do they love all these weird named days and dates. You gotta agree with me there its a thing to laugh about really.

It is Wednesday and I am again on a train crossing country. A lot of things are sending me signals these days. I guess it is time to seriously do some self care. I am getting rusty as fuck in many ways begin to have a bad sight as well. Things are not coming from nothing. It is the much stressful living and the pain in my doings I am constantly fighting with. My job and the American home bringings are as it is right now the biggest issues really. I seriously need to get into December and take a cross check on how all is standign and how all is going and so on. A reality check that is all about myself and not anyone else. But till Decemebr I am fully aware of how things are and what is going on and all that. So untill then there is not much that I really can do or nothing .And that is also very fine. Absolutely.

A unit owned by a recording producer and had several items by Eddie Money inside it. High bid will be recieving this Vince Neil "Breakin in the Gun" Ampex 499 Master Tape, a Must for Motley Crue Fans, this is on 1/2" Gold Grand Master 499 Tape, This is sold only as a Collectible. That is another one of them somethings that i find rather cool to have as a private collectible. It is now under the belt and amongst a ton of things on its way to be added to this online monster.

There are newly added video stuff in all sections not only the Crue one also the solo pages and there is very soon a HUGE load more getting added. Some have asked me if there is a chance for buying copies or traqding copies of soem ...the answer to it is yes. But contact only Mario. His email can be found in the gang members page. Mario is ready for your requests and he is more than willing to help out. So dont hesitate just type and send away it is all good. other things I have had a hell of a tough time wit hyet another dude in the US that promised me stuff but never fulfilled what was his part so it has taken a lot of time phone calls and threats (sadly) to get it fixed and now it is ...

Still waiting on some things from otheres too though that claims to have sent things ages ago. I just do not believe them much,. It is tragic why people cann ot put theor own ego aside and get things placed in the rightful doings and stop acting like an ass. It really fuckng kills meevery time. I have nothing but hate and anger towards these sons of bitches.

In case some of you are wonderig what is going on with the Vince anual stuff like the poker and golf things .. well on the poker side of things the Las Vegas Hard Rock has held its last Poker neil tournament. That was early this year. The next and new location is elsewhere in Vegas too - but in Novemebr this year already. I am sure much more comes up on it online if you wanna attend the event. Just check in on Vince site and follow up every ones in a while.

The event in Novemerb will be covered for me so I am not concerned. But it is really just another activity taken my money to be honest. There are plenty of them these days on the four. And they all have stuff not always easerly found for the collectors. Look in on my Vince page and then the section Skylar.... Loads of things there from all the events. I have the table cloths from the poker events 2007 2008 and the 2009 is shortly coming here too...Here is a Poker table layout from Vince Neil's "Off The Strip" Poker tournament held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. This layout was actually used in the tournament. It has several cuts where the inserts were on the table. There are 2 great things about this layout. The art work is by the famous Carlos Cartagena, and the layout is also signed by Vince Neil. This would be a great addition to any Casino collector or music collectors collection.


12th Of September 2009, Heard Pleasure Today - Fuck
12.33PM CET

Wednesday afternoon train riding as I always seem to do sadly. Fuck the company I am with I hate the sons of bitchess, but.......rock n roll news for cheer ups is here!!

With Sonic Boom, KISS has stopped chasing the next hot trend and their lust for a number one single. Instead, the band has focused their efforts on making the best possible 'KISS music' and by and large have succeeded. Combining the brash swagger of their '70s catalogue with the pop sensibilities of their '80s adventures and the raw power of their '90s era, Sonic Boom delivers an album that all KISS fans can call their own. 'Say Yeah' is your classic arena rock sing-along with Paul Stanley delivering the upbeat vocals with enthusiasm. 'Yes, I Know (Nobody's Perfect)' finds Gene Simmons in his Rock 'N Roll Over glory days while 'All For The Glory' (a track that could fit comfortably on Dressed To Kill) is the album's big revelation. The song features Eric Singer on his very first lead vocal and shows that his talent goes beyond pounding skins. 'Never Enough' is another upbeat track with Paul Stanley leading us into '80s KISS pop territory while 'Russian Roulette' has that Simmons' snarl that brings us right back into Creatures Of The Night glory.

The band tackles '90s KISS on 'Danger Us' with another great Stanley vocal. 'When Lightning Strikes' is a straight ahead rocker and is the track that most fans will be curious about since it features Tommy Thayer behind the mic. The guitarist doesn't disappoint and it underscores the fact that KISS has once again become a unique collection of four distinct personalities. If the band can continue down this path, fans will clamor for more new music and will demand that the songs be played live. Overall, KISS has done the unimaginable. They've delivered an album that can proudly carry the KISS moniker and should satisfy fans from all the band's various eras and incarnations.

Fuck guys this is one brand new KISS to return with a vengence thaqt I for one is not gonna pass on. To be honest I actually heard more than a few tracks through the promotional side of radio world of this release to come. I in all honesty had a feeling for a split second saying "shit Tommy you should not have sold your KISS monster collection in 2001. These guys stil lcan be a top act in the GREAT rock n roll scene. DId any of yo usee their brand new costumes for the brand new album that will be backed up with a brand new tour and brand new stage and brand new ...man its going to kill major?!!!!

Peewww, the coming KISS will surely rock us all off. a god damn 60 year old demon and his soulmate in music creation Mr starchild passing mid 50s still delievers what some consider the coolest best party rock in the world. Fuck me thats a great album. congrats guys. On the matter of new album and music. Did you all also see and hear the chance of getting involved a little bit on the coming Methods Of Mayhem? http://www.thepublicrecord.com/ check this link its gonna give some of the talented musicians an eye opener perhaps?

To be all honest about MOM from Tommy I have to say I am very excited this time around for the next Mayhem release. Way more than I was the first time around. It is as if he has now been giving a good handfull of years to try to let us all have some time to let him in and say it IS okay that Tbone is not fully and exclusively rock n roll music. It is okay course he is loyal to the band. Back in time he was considered an ass buy many. A sell out and worse. Now it is like it is okay ... he is aloud. We will back him up and take in what he presents. I am in a big way self written to be in that laod of people saying jeezzzz Tommy what the fuck are you thinking? Back then that is. I did not get it. Now I do. Check it it sounds great. And for odd reasosn it is like Nikki we have always aloud to do his stuff no matter if we actually got it or not. Not many understood "58" and more.... but it was okay because he was Nikki. All the others have always taken the heat when it came to be doing something non Crue. Maybe a lot of us have actually grown a bit now? As said I am looking forward to the new T Lee release big time.

Stuff is on its way - just to follow up on the last couple of postings. A lot that has been killed round the first of September is now shipped and is on its way home. I will truthfully hate the import taxes in this country as the stuff bangs on my doorstep asking permission to be taken in. I always pay all my stuff double priced and its a continued pain in the ass to be honest to have to simply face the music and accept that as is. But stuff is coming and there will be some really neat somethings to add on here shortly. A huge expanded updated video list is gonna be a fact in a few weeks. I just need to have the stuff fully ready and detailed for listing. A little too much has come up in that area the last two times I tried to to do what I wanted to do. Sorry about that. Other sections have been updated as you may have seen though?!! Again if interested in a buy of copies or trades for some listed in that section (video) then contact Mario his info is to be found in the gang members section thanks!!

The UK will have some activities in late October for you collectors out there in case you did not know. The "cruefest 1" DVD is finallyto come out in Europe. End of October. Wonder if its gonna have the same exact cover or a briefly different European something. But for all e fans that can not watch the NTSC system your chance is coming for the european Pal Secam version in just a good 5 weeks. The UK will also re release the SOLA album with a DVD in it. plus the first single from the US as a public sold single. Thats new even though its ...old. Also the double disc of the anniversary for the Feelgood CD. I guess yo uall know whats on that second disc by now and if now well; MOTLEY CRUE Dr Feelgood (2009 issue UK Deluxe Edition 20-track 2-CD album set.

Originally released in 1989, 'Dr Feelgood' sold 6 million copies in the U.S. alone and was certified multi-platinum. This 2-disc set comprises the 11-track album, which with guest guest appearances by Steven Tyler, Bryan Adams, Robin Zander & Rick Neilsen [Cheap Trick], Skid Row and more, includes the classic singles 'Dr Feelgood', 'Kickstart My Heart', 'Without You', 'Don't Go Away Mad [Just Go Away]' & 'Same Ol' Situation [S.O.S.]'; plus a Bonus 9-track CD featuring demo versions and live recordings). September 21st.

1. T.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)
2. Dr Feelgood
3. Slice Of Your Pie
4. Rattlesnake Shake
5. Kickstart My Heart
6. Without You
7. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
8. Sticky Sweet
9. She Goes Down
10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
11. Time For Change

1. Dr Feelgood - Demo
2. Without You - Demo
3. Kickstart My Heart - Demo
4. Get It For Free - Demo
5. Time For Change - Demo
6. Girls Girls Girls - Live Around The World 89-90
7. Red Hot - Live Around The World 89-90
8. All In The Name Of Rock - Live Around The World 89-90
9. Dr. Feelgood - Live Around The World 89-90

May also prepare yourself for some major suprises from each members own solo doings next year. Looks to be internationally touring plans as well from all the three of Lee, Sixx and Neil through out late 2010. If you are into what they do individually as well then gear up. Not to mention the merch lines that are to come from Tommy and Sixx next year. Maybe some of yo ual lmay even wanna consider not spending too much cash this holiday season coming in December nor summer vacation next year lol. Ohh well we can not al lbe like the biggets fuckhead (yours truely) and just aim for full coverage like 95% of the time. Its not great not healthy not without concerns and worries. Not even close. I admire the collectors and fans that focuses on simply one area like music in all formats ONLY vinyl CDs and more. I am just not able I tried to limit myself a few times but it felt really stinky for me. So I gave up and continued my hopelss mission of gaining as much as possible in the wider fields of their name on various somethings. Till next time my frineds thanks... be cool ***


8th Of September 2009, Gearing Up - Are You ready?
12:02PM CET
Cruefest II is soon over in the US of A and Canada closing it up in October. Then it is all up for a break part to lay last touches on the solo projects and they are then aimed for as having a 2010 release from Sixx, Neil, and Lee and you know that already. The much speculated Fest II holdiong Dr Feelgood album from start to finish is ready for a European bombastic trip round February. Full UK coverage and some European arenas to be burned so in the very near future there ae heaps more news about this. Look for infos and more on ticket sales and all round start November. That will be the last Kiss of Crue you will get on this side of 2011. Solo doings in all areas covers 2010 and then there is a new BRAND new studio album in the making next year for yet another 2011 world tour and Cruefest III. But I can asure you there is a ton of merchandise to call for your money still for the next year to come. What are you gonna do?

Soon half of their ten year long contract is in the past but then comes a line of new projects and the boys are going to be mid 50s early 60s as all that takes place. You do the math. How long are you gonna be a diehard? Is it still worth the fighting? I think so but I also know it is not coming troubleless. No way!! I have a line of things that are to be covered as said the next couple of months so I am to have a long hard think about what to do and how to it to make it all good. The best part right now is that I will soon see a few of my highæy beloved great friends and that is something I simply can not wait for.

6th Of September 2009, Looking To the Stars
4:27PM CET
Things sometimes come to you like out of the blue and soon you find yourself sitting alone, lonesome and carried away by your own thoughts that soon enough takes you on a mind trip that really puts your life and more in perspective. That is what I feel I sit with at times too. I have a great feeling as posted in the last born diary post here. But I now feel I have myself sat at a crossroad in my life. I have a hard time fully explaining this feeling in a verbal written way. I feel like I have been doing a thing a long long time now and It is something I have not been able to nor really wanted to let go. The "thing" being this - my Crue collecting. I have done a lot of things to gain my collecting status and I have avoided a ton on the other end to not let things slip through my fingers in the sence of staying off of things that could take my time my money my chancs and focus. You do the math on what could be included and excluded in that section. You pretty much do not have a life. A regular fully accepted life in others minds at least. You are living this kind of fantasy lifestyle that is only heard of and seen in books or motion pictures. It is a life lived in the shadows of anyones understanding. Really.

There are some history in my veins that have slowly over the years been reveilled and now there seems to be no more stuff to really come to surfase if you know what I am saying. I have a need now to just contains one thing. A closing in collecting world that I live the way that I myself would like to close it when time comes. And then being let with a fulfilling of one other really important wish. Finding myself in a love life with that certian one that will lean towards the togetherness where there are common will and goals for a truely heartfelt relationship to take me through the remains of the borrowed little something called life. A pulse granted exsistence for a few decades before it ia all over and done with. And hey... it comes goes and dissapears faster than you can possible grasp really. I am blown away about how quickly the past 20 years have passed when I look at the stuff that was then and how clearly I rememebr it all. Compared to a "okay so what has happend in the twenty years since them days then?". Now talking about horror there is a factural something for ya. It is fucking nuts and it is freaking me out how fast life really passes before your eyes.

Some asked me the other day "Tommy if you should chose a Crue track or a few to say these are the ones creating the soundtrack of my life what would they be?" Interesting I thought. On the other hand as I thought about that for a minute I came up with a few that simply did measure things a long way in their own explainable weird kind of ways. I think a few of the songs that could be found as a thin red line through everything really are the songs of the more sad filled feel. Not that I am sad or regretting any of my Crue doings but I have perhaps had a little more shit falling on my head for what ever reasons through the years course i have been willing to do things the way that I have done them. It can be envy from others it can be self sat crises in overdoing things it can be a revolutionary line of actions to rebel against the so called normalcy in what the society and the masses expects and accepts from you as a single individual doing this. Yeah there are many sides to the explenations of why these songs could be the longest redlines in my Cruecial collecting life.

Tommy Lee`s "Hold Me Down", Sixx AM "Permission", Motley Crue "Kickstart MyHeart", "Home Sweet Home", "Looks That Kill" and "If I Die Tomorrow". These songs does not nessesary have o be considered my favorites but the lyrics and the stories behind them more or less sums up my life as a collector. In big parts anyway. Again thats kind of an interesting way of looking into the life I have had and am having with this choosing songs from the artist that this is all about really. What describes the road that I have been down at for years... how has it changed, why and what reasons were coming to me requiring or demanding changes? Well there are many stories hidden in my lived life no doubt!! But there are so many deeper untold feelings and forced on things and situations in my Cruecial life that simply are not always the sweetest of thoughts.

There are so many thought about "life so far" and the latest "the here and the now" in my life. Again plenty of reasons for all my deeper thinking. I have so much in my life that I am more than willing and partly in need of changing around these days so yes there are a lot of speculations about this and that and some can have or does have directly connections to my Crue life. It is a mix of being a gerat solidly kicking ass time for me as well as a very open unset and non balanced living really., And sa i have said to myself the remaning time ofthis fucking 09 will show me a road to take crossing over and into 2010. I will for sure have a good few things in store for myself an a really cool guideline for a new tryout in the year to come. In both Crue and non crue ment ways.

I long as hell for a more stable something in certian areas of my life. But i on the other hand also know that it is NOW for shit sure that I am to hang on tight with this and just try to go overboard as much as I possibly can. man sitting here opening up this can of worms feels even hardder than I thought it would be. Maybe I should quit this posting now before it gets out of hand? I have tons of things I would love to post to the public but I also feel that I have not really gotten it right all the way through till now. Scared that what I really want to say is NOT really coming out the way I wanted it to. But hey I think at least you got a tiny little idea about what I am at least trying to briefly share with you here. Right?

There are so many things in the air right now as mentioned in here the last couple of weeks and slowly things are taken shape on all them things. It feels really nice. and September is still a highly loved month as first posted some days ago. Not a thing I can say that is full on 105% a pain in the ass... The present is like a line of wounds that are healing and they heal in a good way right now. It has stopped bleeding and it is not that sore no more either ... but the memories are inked like tattoos to my chest and will forever never fully go away, and thats okay too. I feel I have a time in life right now that really is ment to just let be ... leave it alone and let tem wounds be left alone give it the time they need to complete themselves and one day wake me up with a "T dude youre whole again. You can remember the pain but you dont feel it no more and non of us on your body and in soul, are no longer bleeding or leaking in other ways.

Guess what???? Thats one beautiful thought that I really long for in life. I know living on earth is a rollercoaster with its ups and downs but for christ sake I would love to get a period of mostly ups right now. Looking back on the year that has called for colder times in Scandinavia where I live have time and time again made me look back on this year in tears in pain and with totally non understanding feelings the amoount of bad shit and pain that I have been forced to go through. It has been like a wanderer in endless wet cold dark woods that all together holds its mystery and scary spots that forces me through them all fore I am healed enough and gone through enough to fully get reasons for taking me through it all in the first place. I am not liking what I am going through or has been through this year but hey good times are ahead hoipefully and we are preparing the closure of the 2009 for a new refreshing one round the corner.... peace out!!!


2nd Of September 2009, Yes, Yes, Yes, Gooood Feeling
12:43PM CET

September has knocked on the walls and are here to stay for a good 30 days. I have been so and so concerned about the month of what has been and would be possible with all my loose ends and more. Well yesterday and today have talked the talk and walked the walk. And I am happy. I am really feeling great about the situation as it is now. A ton of the stored Crue stuff and more in the USA have been shipment paid and covered now and it feels more than just good. I am looking ofr a load to come back home at the end of this month. Nice touch!!!! I am so happy all that America turbulence is soon only a sad memory in the past. Further more certian things that ages ago got deposuites and other located storage places holdong great somethings are now also covered.

The original 1983 Nikki Sixx studded and pentagram shout glove and other personal stuff is coming to me this month as well. You can see the leatehr glove talked about in tons of posters and shout live pictures ... if you still dont remember it look to the right and see a picture of him wearingf it. On the left you see an add fom the 1985 Guild bass that was around on the musician instrument market for only a year at the same time Mick had a good few different guitars of the same brand. That Sixx bass is also covered and killed now. Its been a long fight for things to come through and finally a good September 1st has burned doubts and concerns to the ground to my advantage really! It feels more than good. I can hardly find words for all the shit that is happening my dear friends. But this time for ones it is mostly all positive and nice. I have a ton of great felt feelings inside of me. You see there are so many things that are still in the making ofr the expanding side of this collecting and other stuff that are to be created and done a little something about I have a good few things up my sleeve so sit tight and enjoy the coming like I do.

Yeah I am on a great felt wave right now. Finally. It has and still is a long lonely road to omewhere really .And it ould require the full year of 2009 to comeout on the other side and this month is the first truely to be telling and convinsing me that I was right. I took a great bite of the sickness that surrounds me when it comes to the shit going on these days or rather this year after al lthe American shit that burried my ass since last year. The best coolest and heaviest lecture from it has been taken in and its not gonna happen ever again. I am done all the stuff that coursed this for me. I have been too kind too positive thinking too much believing in people. I shall not continue to do that no more. Sadly it seems like there are all reasons for sceptism with peole these modern days. How fucking sad is that? I am not a big fan of that stuff.

But right now never mind. I am enjoying the just won situation here for myself. And the rest of the year is holdong more greats for me so no reason for paying any attention to the rotten and filthy stuff out there. On the matter of the site well, right now as I post this the site is at the other end of the computer world lol, being updated in several sections. Posters, solo sections, magazine covers, articles, pesonal, this n that, and more. Hopefully the video section will be done today too. A lot of new stuff there too. And in just ten days there will be another good 20 titles or so to get added. Yeah the video section is on a constant expanding path these days too so I feel lucky to have Mario onboard in this site now a days. Anyway to get back to adding stuff I will end this one here now and get with you in a few days again. be good my dearfriends and as always thanks for your loyal support of the site.

29th Of Autgust 2009, Contacts For All Audio & Video
3:43PM CET

The latest loyalty gang member of Austria Mario is the one in the future to be contacted for all wants, buys trades and quesrions when it comes to audio and video. Mario is to be contacted only at the following email address about this. Sixxglam@gmx.at - he will be handling all thats got to do with this section in the future. Mario can answering most things and details about the what ever you may have concerning this area in the Crue collecting buisness. We will have a massive adding to the section of this online too under the "Cruecial Facts" shortly. First lot as mentioned in the last posting will be Tuesday. in case youre wondering how it goes with Tommys hand and his return to the band ... maybe this updated picture of a hand in healing will give you an idea....


28th Of August 2009, Another Burned & Concerned Day
11:52AM CET
Friday night and its alright its Friday night ...for some time to party. But not for me. No chance. I need to get things done and prepared for a weekend with nothing but full working time. Thats about the sadest thing I can say right now cause I so need a break a rest from working and all. It sucks major to feel so burned. But the other thing I long for, the love life, the thought of one, the all through great togetherness and more is so out of reach it is killing me slowly but surely. I know that is a major shitty thing to say and even worse to be the one feeling it... but it is also nothing but the truth. I miss that someone to be greatly and lovingly together with. It is not nice to feel this apart. Here is one for sarcasm... maybe it gets better in Novemebr or December?

I am also slowly getting a little scared and fustrated about the Crue side of things. It is kind of a mix of reasons for it but in short this is it; there are too many things to cover out there now a days and I was like yesterday really feeling it is choking me from the inside all this constant hard fighting to me covering all there is as it comes out. It is not possible to be honest. I know I know I begin to Wsound like an old 45 record. well never the less it is the truth and it kills me. It is to me like if a mother was unable to feed and take proper care of her kids ... that too would god damn well kill the poor thing. My boss should be killed slowly with me sitting on my knees staring into this individuals eyes watching the pain slowly suck life out of the scumbag that rules the flesh this person breathes in. Shit hole. Sorry I am just so filled with all the crap and unforgiven shit they lay on us constantly. But with all this thats going on yes the collecting is freaking me a little bit again. Man it goes up and down a little too much recently on that one. really hard to accept and get used to. And further more why should I get used to it? Thats not right. No one should get used to creepy shit like that. would all be good and have a great take care of one another....

I long for Monday better yet Tuesday to see whats getting covered this month and what not. Its a huge need I pray for four things wish for five but elieve not in more than three. So there are the odds baby. Not the coolest really. October sees the new re-release of Dr. Feelgood. This time it is a double disc CD. y one in Europe is talking about if theband will actualy come to Europe in feb - March as talked about to end the Cruefest II tour here and take the much talked about year off to do other solo doings. I hope they come here. It would have been the best and coolest way to say goodbye for a year for us over here in Europe too. The complete Feelgood performance is a wanted one in these parts too you know. And with the crises thats going on not as many goes over ther to see a concert as there were like last year. Myself included sadly. But that holds more other reasons.

I hope for a good last few months of 2009 and ending it with a solid kick in the ass as it looks to do right now.... But predictions and solid facts have gotten a whole new meaning for me this year. I long for getting new life framings or a part of me does as this is getting really, really hard these days to keep up and do massively well. On the other hand I dont like being even close to ending my shit in the crue world. 2010 solo doings. 2011 the Dirt movie and new album and tour. That taes us into 2012 big time then start 2013 it probably ends and another sort of release comes out a live one maybe? a best of and perhaps one final studio albim round 2014 or 2015? That raps up almost the ten year long shocking contract they did. Could sound like something thats about right really.

Then what ne asks? Then what? After the ten year contract is fulfilled and done with what then? Are they over? Will they do another year by year contract? Can the ykeep dooing this? are they really in that time still able to deliever whats required to be Motley Crue? Who knows? No one really not even themselves. Their ego and shit can speak for them but ... whats gonna happen? I hope things are ready by then to be rapped up in original Crue style not presenting a band that is rulled by ego and then it sucks major...

I am really excited about the new KISS to come. Also kind of curious on yet another political album from W.A.S.P. October 3rd that one is being planted in my face so it will be an interesting thing to see how deep the Blackie dude has found a ego needed something to throw down on an album. Why this is so important to him these days to share his political opinions and totally burry the old rock n roll that W.A.S.P. use to deliever is still a somewhat mystery to me. I love their albums well a good load of them but live I am done with them. Meaning I do not think they are anything special no moe its just a legendary hollywood shock rock band tat has now but the main caracter and frontman still to polish his personal private ego and shape the band and its music the way he feels for not a band effort really no longer. Its sad to see for one like me. But okay we can not all be pleased nor please all others so...

I find myself in a bit of rough situation here with all the stuff thats in my head. A lot of emotional turbulence almost. I am a very sensitive person for all that does not know this. I am a very strict person if I should say so myself yes but I am course I have learned that it is a waste of time walking a mile if you can really just jump the fench and grab whats there. I think it is a really stinky situation to have to do a lot about what really is a peanut. So to speak. It is not always meant to be a negative thing nor criticism but for fuck sake wh ybother? I have a ton of emoptional stuff in my skull as said these days on many fronts including our beloved foursome of Los Angeles. Just a really load of things and situations that needs to be thought through really carefully. I would say I am looking at a December to get a better view and feeling about what certain situations. And from there see and feel how the bigger things in my life should change shape perhaps.

I am to be honest going through a lot of thinkng about a lot of things and I have asked myself a lot of questions if I am willing to do so and so and so and so in case so and so and so....and I feeli like I really am. So Because many of the thoughts that I am having these days are holding other individuals I am giving myself till the end of the year and see about what I should and should not do for a fresh start in my last part of my excisting life. There are as said a ton of things that I have a great deal of trouble with on the Crue front simply course of finance. BVut one thing that did make it and will come home shortly is the latest to be in a fairly good gathered collection now isthe tour itinerary of Cruefest II. Hell its not over yet but still I will have it in a few days. I often cannot believe how much money these goes for but here assaid is another to be added to the collection. Feels rather cool. Let me get more details about things to you shortly. Tuesday the video list is going to be updated a little bit so watch for that as well. More things are round the corner. Be good and stay safe my friends... Love!!

24th Of August 2009, Boxes, Boxes Boxes & Updates
4:11PM CET
Alright so I did what I am so damn good at. Giving rest and sleep the stiff middle finger. Going straight to the daily doings that at times has to get done. I think I had a huge load of scans to get through on saturday. For the one reason Sunday was our time to throw it all up on here. Massive picks lot in the 2009 section. Some articles, magazine covers and more. Hopefully within the next hour there will open up a chance to kick in with a smaller adding with smashed basses, shirts and other stuff. I have done nothing but scannings and emptied box upon box. This was a needed process to search for some things I have no idea where are at. It is really really fustrating. I had gotten some really reare stuff back in the day and i cant seem to locate them in any of the boxes I have been through. And the more obvious boxes really when I think it their consistece. Damn it is a pain in the ass really. I hate it.

More boxes are to be gone through next Saturday and Sunday. I do need a massive better order ... I constantly pack all in catagories really. But since so much comes in like in a regular flow it is a little too hard to simply get time to go to the boxes and place these new items in them as they arrive at the doorstep. And I have to say that is a major, major problem for me. Storage place and time to handle all in the right way. Sadly thats the fact of the collection under the cercumstances that I live under. The solidly great feeling abotu Crue this week is the fact that much more stored around the globe is being paid out and shipping costs are to be killed and covered so a lot more is coming home to me in September. And that is a heavy burdon liftet no doubt. I will really enjoy that. Then in October there is a huge deal sat up for closing as well. Stuff that are simply too great to make a pass on.

I have a lot of things I would love to get my hands on not only Crue I begin to truely be forced to look in on other things shortly. Early next year is a must for this. Things of daily use and more. Simply have to get my ass in gear. Bit there is no question the times of financial turbulence and more ... closing my eyes for the fact of present timing for that compared to all others that are extremely carefull have givven me a chance to get some things done in the Crue world.ot of it have been one offs really. Yeah most of the stuff that has been going on this year have all been here and now things that have not been alouing me to get a week of thinking in any way or form. But as said all out through the year the single major goal for 2009 has been to get all my stred stuff world wide home to Denmark and time and time again it has been pushed further into the calender for the one reason that everytime a huge load frm someone has been sent I have been billed out the wild zoo in import taxes and it all has all of a sudden cost me maybe a good 30% more than counted for. That is 1000s of dollars counted for and not just something a regular worker like myself can just reach out and have in hand if you know what I mean?

It is always a tough nut to crack when things comes up in your face as a deal offer or something and especially holding the really cool heavy collectibles. There are not a single ting that is not wanted of the heavy ones but there are ten times more I have to make a pass on compared to what I am actually getting. Things are not the easiest when moeny is not just laying around in a locker like soome seems to think about me. Those people could not be more wrong. I work my ass off to cover what i aim for in life and I sometimes sadly work a little more than what is healthy, I push myself a lot. I must say I have a lot of nerve at times. It is not too cool all the time. I do not choose to do what most are doing . Namely say everything in ordinary life comes first and then secondly comes Crue wen its affordable. I really do not think that that is a way that makes it possible to do it intencely.

You see its like being a musician at a fairly early starting point. You would have to throw everything away put the stuff you see your family and friends do put all that aside and just have a solid focus on this one thing. It can be extremely lonely and fustrating at times no doubt. But I tell you I have come past that feeling mostly and there for I am still doing this that I do. It is not a hobby that is to be taken lightly. It can kill most thigns. Relationships, family bonding, friendships and more.... Hell I even died for it some years back. Like flatline....died. There are so many risks from doing this. Lost a home ones.. Have more or less been through the full emotional and healthy balanced everyday living from this. It is not a thing that I would advice others to do. It is just not that great for most people out there. You have to be made of a certian kind of stuff to survive a mission like this. Trust me many times I have thought about quitting like also musicians thinks at tiems when shit hits the fan.......

My very loving and long time no see friends of Sweden I miss then a lot and I wanna see them again. I want to go see a certian few for sure from really emotional felt "miss you much" reasons in the fall or winter time. I just need to have it all ready and prepared. Made possible so to speak. Love caring and true loyal friendship bondings and more are worth more than gold to me. I just need to be better in giving them time and all. Its tragic really how little I do this with the ones I miss most of all. Thank god I know the reasons for it to be like this though. They are teo. One all the Crue doings and secondly the job that I have these days it is not giving me proper rest nor chances for doing much outside work, I am burned out and feeling pure shit when I compine it with the work I put in on radio and website and collection. Thats it that takes more than all my time to spend. When I also need a shower, a bed to lay down in a meal and stuff like that. No more time no proper time or nothing to see and be and share things with my loved friends. I owe them all a GREAT BIG APOLOGY FOR NOT REALLY BEING THERE.

I do not really now what else is to say at this point. Things have been updated and a few more things are ready to be thrown on here..but right now enjoy the latest and and be good to yourself and others. I am silent in the way of being burned out and cant really say much about more than the posted till I see my next pay and figure out what is to be covered for absolute certainty and all...... Yeah it is a time to say things are being closed things and situations that have been going on for way too long. And from here on out in the Crue life of mine I am to not have any partner ideas with anyone again as they just always bacfires. I think I am perhaps a little too intense and serious for most.


19th Of August 2009, Walk On T-Bone
7:02AM CET
So new stuff has seen the light of day already. Tommy solo stuff is out for a good 80 bucks a pair you can now walk in T-bone summer sneakers and palm tree relaxing footwear. Well all these three available ones will ahve to be looked in on late this year now now or nothing, It is way too much stuff that I have to get around here these days. But as posted the other day the stuff coming home and there by forever done and dealt with is going to be such a pleasure you have no idea. I am so so so looking forward to the next two months really. Some things will be added on here today and more on Sunday arranged times and stuff for just that with my webmaster now. Feels really nice to have this stuff put in the calender for a possible go. I am really looking forward to be seeing some things changing.


18th Of August 2009, New Arrivals, Shout Glove, KISS & ....
6:03AM CET
My old passion American shock rock fave Kiss to release new album at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club. The veteran heavy metal group, Kiss, is joining a growing list of classic acts putting out new music through the world's largest retailer. "Sonic Boom" is due to be released only at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores on Oct. 6. The three-disc package will include a CD of the band's first new music in 11 years, re-recorded versions of famous Kiss hits and a live DVD. Paul Stanley — one of the quartet's two original members, along with Gene Simmons — said the band chose to release the album at Wal-Mart because the store allowed them to make it memorable. "They offered us an opportunity to do something that's very much in line with what we used to do with our classic albums, and that's to give people more than just an album of music," Stanley said in an interview last week. "We've always believed in trying to make an album a special event."

Large store chains have become a favorite venue for classic acts to reintroduce themselves with new material. Wal-Mart has sold millions with releases by the Eagles, AC/DC and other key acts. It also has a Foreigner three-disc package due out in September. Target released a three-disc set from Prince earlier this year. Best Buy had the exclusive release of Guns 'N Roses first album in years. Wal-Mart executives said Kiss, like other music acts they've worked with, has a special appeal to their customers. "We see Kiss as an iconic band ... that resonates with the Wal-Mart customer not just with their music but in a lot of different areas," said Tom Welch, Wal-Mart's music buyer. "Sonic Boom," which also features Kiss members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, was produced entirely by Stanley.

The guitarist said he made that a condition before he would agree to do the album. "The recent past, or the last decade or two, has not produced the kind of albums that I would have hoped, and that's due to a lot of factors — lack of input or lack of focus by all the band members," he said. "(There's been a) lack of a lineup where people were working toward the goal of making a great Kiss album as opposed to trying to showcase themselves." But he called the new album "bar none our best album in 30 years, if not our best album period. Everybody worked their tails off to contribute 100 percent of their effort and their ability to make this the great Kiss that not only do the fans deserve, but we deserve," Stanley said. The band is giving a special concert in Detroit on Sept. 25 to celebrate the album. When asked if Kiss was doing anything differently to appeal to a new audience, Stanley said: "We've never geared ourselves towards anybody. When we're at our best is when we gear ourselves toward us. "Classic Kiss isn't about an album this year or 10 albums ago. It's about a state of mind ... We are about entertainment with a capital 'E,' and we don't apologize for it."

Guess if I am looking forward to this one? Hell yes.



SONIC BOOM CD Track Listing:
6. HOT AND COLD kiss cd cover HER
Produced by PAUL STANLEY. Co-produced by Greg Collins

On the matter of Crue itmes; new stuff has reached this hell hole in denmark and hopefully these things will get added this week too. There will be posters, picks, personal, articles and more smaller things here and there. Also the dvd list will be updated very shortly. I long for certian things to end and be over with and looks like September will be a great or at least a fairly great month to be having some of that stuff comng to exactlythat - an end. I will treasure it like hell and I will be really feeling great when things are gonna come around to actually arrive in my home town. Yeah September and October will be rather cool months.

I gotta say things have taken a rather cool turn recently on top of all the hard times and shit there now is a fairly cool chance to gain some goals again. I look so forward to it all really. And I have but only myself to thank for all this shit. Solid focus on my sat goals and there for there is this chance to do something about something again. Finally. All my USA helt or stored stuff will be over too and nothing is s great as that to be ended too. The Shout golve by the way pictures in the past diary posting. Lol, I cant even begin to tell you how many have emailed me about it and asked if I would grab it. Well I can tell this much; YES!!! I will. I have had some rather cool chats and talks with the dude and this baby is coming here next month. There are so many things that can and wil lbe done something about over the next 6 months I can not even begin to tell you so I wont even bother trying. But good things are in store ofr the collection and the site.....stick around.

Some of the things that are happening in my life right now are things that in its own way and form will also come to affect my future I think. I have a long list of things that I am working on right now and that I think will be really cool to see the out come of. I am truely looking forward to be seeing it all.....I have a really felt excitement inside of me to see if I can have these things done rightfully and in the end god knows if I will be moving, changeing more things in my life, or if I will simply have spent time money and energy in what ends up as tryouts? Time will tell but it will for sure be cool to see. I will give it the time it needs but also will I hope for what I need to get out of all this thats moving inside of me. God damn it. It is eally cool times I pray for the best. Love shines baby. Just watch from a distance and see it grow.

16th Of August 2009, Presley, Love, Passion, Updates
2:20PM CET
So it is mid August already. Slowly things are showing clear blue sky. It makes me so happy. I seem to have a list of good and bad wanting a place in my every day life like constantly. Here are some of the stinky and blessed ones the last few days. My love life is so and so.... I have faith though. I have a good focus on things and in my own way that will give me the bets possible hopes for well you know. I have a greta feeling and i have some nice things that are to be sucked in and not taken lightly. I also have a lot of talking these days to peolpe that seems to try to help me on the matters of my site and personal future. I wil lbe thrilled to walk towards my future with both things. I like to thank everyone that has been great the last month. A ton of cool times really. Thanks a lot guys you all know who you are.

Presley, Elvis Presley he died today this date in 1977. Its 32 years old the 42 years old man passed away. Gives me a lill time to at least say thanks ones again. Presley was a first to introduce me to music and the passion for it that I have today. I have always liked Elvis. His music is in my archives. The complete back catalogue. I feel belssed having experienced his music and read and seen his story. What a sad one. There are so very few aritists out there that really has ever gotten to me and stayed with me. I think there will be many apprecited hours with his music still. sad for the Elvis fans that he is no longer around .This year he would have turned 74. So next year Memphis will be a party place in another world to be in. much respect from me still so many years down the road.

On a more lively note Motley Crue and the deals closing and more. I have two down and aiming for the next few. but how is this for a read? You stuff a lot of time and some money into things that takes months and months and finally when you get the damn things you see that you have been over the top fucked and made a fool out of. One sold me a jacket of Sixx` but kept the real one and senda copy. I was furious and threatend her in amny ways to put a long story short according to herself the real one is now in the mail. Then I waited a long time for my awards to come that came and the seller has not been givin anything a slight care at all. they were thrown in a box and not packed and handled with care what the fuck...... they need a make over now to say the least. I fucknig hate people fucking with others. Why is it that some can be so careless and nothing but money is in their eyes. They kind of say "fuck you"and take your money and start screwing you over the best they have learned.

The story above is longer and way more sad than this. And if they do not make it right I wil lpost their names and all in here to warm you all about them as far as to deal with if you should sometime get tempted. I hate to say this and do this cause this is so not what I am all about. But I care and respect other collectors that much. for them not to make a mistake about something that can be preventred if only one opens up and speaks out. So let us see in a good week or two from now what will happen. The ghult guitars mid 80s had Sixx playing it for one year only. That one comes next month. I can not wait to have it here. it is without a doubt one of the more hard to find basses since they as said were only on the market designed by Sixx for one year. But now it will come here and it will all be fab.

So many cool things are are up for grabs these days and there is nothing to say but "fuck I would like to have this and this and this..:" like Nikki`s shout costume from the gatefold album cover. Look at the leather pentagram glove. I can have it if I choose to. My loyalty and passion for this is like so intense right now. I really like to get this one too. Well I always want a load of shit and I also know that in a year or something it will be way harder to get thise things as the crises are probably betetr and there for people are not gonna sell oout cause money is perhaps not so badfor everyone. So fucking grab now as you can and what you can is the inner voice in me like all the time .It is not a cool thing to have in me cause its a sort of cnstant pressure but still..... this is what I do and what I am all about as everyone knows. Tough. but Sixx shout costume piece ... hellooooo who the fuck would not want that?

There is a new idea that has become a great sort of collectible. There are more than one to come by the way. But danish beer. in Crue style. This is not really to be found anywhere but thats a completely other story. You longfor high collectibles that does not cost a thousand dollars ... but still will be impossible to find later. Well this is one of thise things. Motley Crue beer....over the top insainly rare and beyond redicilously limited. Well you have a good day now you all. I willhave stuff added here again in the comeing days. More dvd / video stuff to be in on there as well. More personal stuff and more. Postes and shit....

What a rush - later my friends***

10th Of August 2009, Added Stuff, Support & Busy Times
12:03PM CET
Monday noon in Denmark. It is a nice feeling sitting here right now regaining strength for the next ten full days of non stop work. No days off - no nothing. I am not really willing to do much about much part from relaxing and getting my strength back and fixing small time stuff like scans and diaries etc. You see I am about to be one step away from being burned out again. I really can not fully cope with more right now. I will have a hard enough time to do these coming 10 days. Right now I feel like I am okay as said. Yanning yes but I am fairly good feeling inside so - knock on wood - there will be a fairly good flow on work tonight..

How about the Crue life? well I am feeling better by the minute with the pushed things for the band and their solo doings. Tommy`s Methods Of Mayhem release number two is pushed till erly 2010 now as you may know so I am fine about that. Sixx AM is not gonna be active till 2010 either.Vince is coming out with asolo CD and a biography book but i think that too will be pushed till later in the year if not on the other side of new years as well. Splended I think. Suits me way better. I have a gazillian things to kill here first so I am all good about the news on the solo matters. have gotten some things in the mail that we will try to get added here in the next few days starting right now as we speak. The new photo book of the legendary photographer Neil Zlozower has arrived here today as well and I think it is an over the top nice book. I have to say the complete work on it is just awsome. The coffee table sized hardcover binded book and paper quality is simply outstanding. A well worth buy if you like to see pictures of just classic Crue. Yeah it is a really cool thing. Highly recommend it.

Have also tried to get kinds of people to the sie and a lot of new "faces" have emailed me and givien their thumbs up forthe site and all. Its an absolute pleasure and I thank you for all your loyalty toward the site. Thanks guys. Awsome to see so many still getting in to it. Lisa of Sweden a new person a youngster at 22 has mailed me to and given me a good few story lines of how and why she is into the band and what it does to hearound things that I should have done a long time ago but i have had no time this one day off to even think about everything. Nor have I had the strength I sat by the computer last night and several times took myself in banging my head into the tastboard simple out of tiredness. I was so fucking tired you have no idea. And It has been this way more or less since mid June. Now its soon mid August. I can not really keep doing this.I need some real quality time off and all. It is not the coolest easiest times when I need to gain as much money as I can to pay all the shipping and import taxes. Those issues alone are heavy enough issues as is.

There has been a lot of support recently from all kinds of people to the sie and a lot of new "faces" have emailed me and givien their thumbs up forthe site and all. Its an absolute pleasure and I thank you for all your loyalty toward the site. Thanks guys. Awsome to see so many still getting in to it. Lisa of Sweden a new person a youngster at 22 has mailed me to and given me a good few story lines of how and why she is into the band and what it does to her and all. Thats just great. Looking forward to be getting more of this from her. Some day we will be meeting I am absolute certian of it. All in all a lot of great mails from people really. Again thanks a million. Nice to have you here.

Today the first in a serie of Crue beer is coming too. Dont even think about finding it cause you can not. But in a long long time to come (I would say a good year or something I can get maybe 3 to 5 people a complete set of one of all beers in the serie) and if you have interest in and be patience and prepered to pay fairly big cause these are NOT gonna be found anywhere!!!! -Also there are so many things that are in the planning stages for me right now as said plenty already the rest of 2009 is long gone in my calender already. No more things to be looked for in on ar nothing. I have some really sweet goals sat for the last few months of this year so I am not gonna be doing much besides that. And it is all for you to get a total excitement from as it gets on here piece by piece. Well better get going with some more daily things time flies here and I have a few good things to get in on before I board the next train ones more. peace out***


5th Of August 2009, First Week Down - Feels Good
1:26pm cet
The first week of August is nearly over and I am more than pleased about it. This month is no good for me. It is nothing but ....well financially thinking.....its not good at all.the damn national costume services takes all my cash this month. I have done a good job trying to get more stuff home that has been stored for a long round America and other places. Now its paid out sent and arrived with nothing but huge import fees and shit. Its a drag like nothing else when the goverment takes my money for giving me my own fucking itmes. What is that all about anyway?

Sad sick shit. And I did not get nothing but the worst paycheque in 4 years this month as well. So for me this month of August can pass by in a heart beat really. I need it to pass to feel like living again. I can do absolutely nothing here with the constant xtra fees arriving at my door steps.

One of the things that has been sort of worrying me as well is the solo project or projects of the members really.....All should have new CDs out later this year now its said at least Tommy`s next Methinds album is not coming this year. Tommy Lee's METHODS OF MAYHEM project has inked a worldwide deal with Loud & Proud Records, a Roadrunner Records imprint focusing on established artists. Roadrunner will release the band's sophomore album in early 2010. Commented Lee: "I'm so f@&*ing pumped!! I've signed with my friends at Roadrunner... What a perfect home for my second METHODS OF MAYHEM record. We're about to do what no team has ever done before... Buckle up and hang on, kids!" Tommy told Billboard in January 2009 that DJ Aero and guitarist Kai Marcus are still onboard for METHODS OF MAYHEM's as-yet-untitled new effort, and Lee's producing partner Scott Humphrey is also said to be involved.

In a recent interview with TuneLab.com, drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE, STATIC-X, DARK NEW DAY, TOMMY LEE) -- who played on the new METHODS OF MAYHEM CD -- stated about the album, "People are gonna be very surprised when they hear that record. It's very different than anything [Tommy's] done. It's still very cool, there's some very melodic, commercial stuff on it, but the bulk of the record is very heavy, grungy, DEFTONES-sounding stuff. And it's just really cool." Lee formed METHODS OF MAYHEM in 1999 after he left MOOTLEY CRUE. The all-star project collaboration with rapper TiLo featured input from LIMP BIZKIT's Fred Durst, THE CRYSTAL METHOD, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, and Mix Master Mike. After signing to MCA, METHODS OF MAYHEM issued its self-titled debut LP in late 1999.

More s, this n that, personal, shirts, solo stuff and more is to be added within the next week or something. There are a lot of things that I am gonna get up on here over the next coming weeks. Not as much as erlier but still. I said this was to be a fairly quiet month and I stand by that statement still really. Well its obvious from how the country is milking me for money in import fees. jesss louise. I am looking forward to be getting some more things cleared and looking more and more forward to the MOM album to come. It canbe quiet cool actually. There are tours up the wild zoo next year solo wise and a lot of new solo merch my god. Fasten your seat belts and sit tight if you collect everything thats got to have anything to do with a member. It is a damn rough situation to do this if you collect absolutely everything I have said it time and time again the last yeear or so.. it is not right. It is not even possible to do anything that is anyway near a chance to cover all. No matter how many contacts you have ... you wouldhave to be born with a silver spoon up your ass to cover all this crap.

I am still fighting for my pride my loyalty and passion to cover everything there is and have done an awsome job if you ask me since the reunion late 2004. Fuck look in on any section such as picks shirts personal and more from ONLY 2004 and up till now. It is an extremely good job done. I have to say. I would tip my hat to anyone that had done the same thing. I wouactually be a little stunnedto be honest.have my brother to thank for this shit being possible while fighting for getting my stuff home from America. All ideas of moving over there has been eliminated .I have no such wish anymore at all.

Well this is me signing off till round Friday I would think some of the painful billed items will have arrived by then and then I have a chance to tell more on the latest doings in my small time Crucial living as well. Ohh also while I remember Mario thanks a million for your loyalty hard work and morehanks for expanding the dvd collection of mine as well. we have a lot to talk about and get in on. Hope you will enjoy your Crue stuffed box to come. More to come. I can not help thinking how easy it is wth the few Europeans I have worled with to do this site and its stuff right nad not having any shit going on between the staff members. Not what I have experienced as you all know with my US people ... not al lbut most of them. It is a pain in the ass it has had to be this way with a lot of people out there. What a shame. Do not know what the fuck all this was about .. but I am back on trak on that subject and I am blessed to have had Mario coming onboard. Thanks man

31st Of July 2009, Site Ready & New Solved Stuff
3:18PM CET
Friday everybody heads home for a weekend time off. I myself are having a long hard working Friday Saturday and Sunday. No rest for my shoulders this time around .I will have such a hard time during August I will most likely get a littel ill from it. I hope not but I am prepared for the worst. It is a sick twisted sad shitty hard scedual but I will not complain about it. I am in a good mood here for small time reasons really but I am. There are so many things going on and a lot of them are really exciting for me. I have some things to get around to kill issues as said through out July and this being the last day of that month feels like just closing a really hard one. I feel good about that one simple fact. Now August is knocking on all our dorrs and we are heading in to this new month with heads high and a website that is about 95% updated and ready to be labeled as now in perfect order and changed over to the new program that has been a real hassle. We are talking over 60.000 pictures and 220 pages in this monster now July 2009.

The site was finally given its almost last touch to be registered as all switched over to the new program. Yesterday was a good 5 hours work on it and a good few things as you can see in the top rolling banner has been added to the site and it is now ready for new and emproved viewing pleasure. We hope you like the refined new Mcrueloyalty site. THis site has gone through hell and high water in emotional states and more been close to be terminated a couple of times and I am now here to say it is with a better felt calmness and pleasure we are back and have ended several weeks of hard ass work that could have been ending a ton for the site and for me persoanlly over the last 15 months. No doubts.

But I am still here and I am ready to take the next step already and I have started it already really. Now the last few times there have been pictures of a lot of the latest merch that the anniversary of Dr Feelgood has brought iwth it and a good few of the itmes are really excellent. Here is another shirt thats available and ready to taking. I think even more items are to come out in the next 4 weeks. Thats what I hea anyway. How are you all holdoing up on that fact? Its a bit of a slap in the face is it not? I mean it is so damn hard to keep this up. I have contactsand offers so I in a day easerly could spend 33.000 dollars if I accepted all offers I have on hand but that just tells me somethign about the situation out there.

People are selling out cause of two reasons according to peoples own used words to explain why they are doing this. One is the obvious one they are in financial bitterness. Hard times and all. The other is that they ar efull and have desided not to lead their dedicated life no more. They are a little too much into other things simple cause they are forced into it or they have gotten tired of too much Crue and decided to lead a new life. I cna fully understand both versions. It is not easy and it is not nice to be in the middle of it al lif we look through the glasses of finance. If we do not look throught them but just passion wise its a dream they are so active and so much around these years. But 2010 will be a time and a year off fro the band and that at least for me is a nice little bit of news.

New album is in the making then and ofcause silence from the members would be an understatement cause Sixx, Lee and Neil are all gonan be touring with their own solo things and with all new material under theor belts 2010 so there will be plenty to aim for if you are a die hard collector and there is no rest for the dollars to stay in your pockets. I know how it sounds its almost a reall ife nightmare nad not a movie script meant to scare your stiff. It is not an easy something to do I know. But I am myself and I am only trusting myself to make decitions to what shall and shall not happen for me in this Cruecial life and collecting. Period.

Some of the hard and nasty worries ....some of the issuesthat brought that have been killed and that in itself feels so nice to be honest. I can not even begin to tell you how nice it really feels. Why people an not just work together and be helpful in other ways than having ego points to point out to each other is so beyond me. I would say the few issues now killed and burried for good were some nasty ones that really gave me a headacke. I have more where they came from but this right now and right here August will be a really slow Crue month.I have so manythings I can not do much about and will not do a lot about cause i need to focus on already ongoing things and getting as much rest as possible from the madness of a program laying ahead of me.

There will be added stuff on here and there will be many more diaries obviously. I need to get some practical everyday life things sorted too and my girl and i need to figure out what to do. On different matters. I have a lot to get around as you can maybe sence here. Right now we need to lay back enjoy the new site refreshed and updated. Till August be good my frineds.. talk soon....love you all


28th Of July 2009, Vegas Wants & More Dr.
4.20PM CET
The Mötley Crüe frontman's latest Vegas foray, Feelgood's Rock Bar and Grill on West Sahara, was originally scheduled to open on April 1. However, months of issues with city officials pushed the opening further and further back, causing many to wonder whether the bar-restaurant would ever see the light of day. Rightly so, says Feelgood's co-owner Danny Koker. He says if it wasn't for the business partners' other successful ventures (like Koker's custom bike and hot rod shop, Counts Kustoms and Neil's O'Sheas tattoo parlor Vince Neil Ink) acting as backing capital, the bar probably never would have opened. Luckily for eaters and drinkers seeking rock and roll, Koker and company finally sorted out the red tape with the City of Las Vegas and have opened their doors to the general public. Now, four months behind schedule and with more overhead costs than previously expected, Koker is more determined than ever for Feelgood's to take the local scene by storm – starting with the bar's grand opening celebration on August 2.

Feelgood's is a bar/restaurant located on Sahara Avenue, near Rainbow Boulevard. Koker promises a monster red carpet with big names (though he's mum on exactly who) and a rockin' performance from Neil himself on Feelgood's 30-foot stage, which Koker explains is backed by a sound system made for a much larger venue. "It's rock and roll all the way," Koker says. "We wanted to make a statement. This is in your face." He added, "If it's not loud, it's not right." The bar's houseband, made up of members of Neil's solo band, will perform three nights a week at Feelgood's, and the bar also plans to support the local music scene by showcasing Vegas bands. National acts are also planned. Slaughter, who will perform at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station on July 24, are hosting their official after-concert party at the bar. White Snake will do the same after their Aug. 8 performance with Judas Priest at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Movie nights (utilizing a drop down movie screen yet to be installed) and bike nights are also in the works for the bar, which Koker describes as "biker-friendly, but not a biker bar – because that scares people." The biker, hot rod and rock theme, however, is carried throughout Feelgood's. A custom motorcycle acts as the focal point for the bar, while overhead lighting is provided by lamps made from old gas cans and drum sets. The V-Room (which Koker says could stand for Vince, VIP, velvet or vampire) is a leopard-print and red velvet-clad area with tables for guests. Nearby, a fire escape is prepared to act as a go-go platform. The place even has a coffin phonebooth, which patrons can use to make free local phone calls, briefly escape the venue's killer soundsystem and maybe change into a rock and roll Superman. "To my knowledge, there's no place quite like this," Koker says. "Some other places claim to be rock and roll places, but they're just confused. We're not confused." While a sign outside the entrance reads "please no colors, no firearms," (as in, please leave that Hells Angels jacket at home) Feelgood's doesn't plan on turning away people for things like dresscode.

"We're anti-establishment, Koker says. "You go to some places on the Strip and if you have a chain you can't get in or if you have jeans. Our philosophy is, if you have clothes on, you're welcome. All of the chandeliers at Feelgood's were custom made by Count's Kustoms. He's convinced this laid back atmosphere will appeal to wide audience. He says that since their soft opening on Wednesday, they've had the requisite biker audience as well as families and businessmen on lunch breaks. "It's a melting pot," Koker says. "Everyone can come. There's no attitude." "It's called Feelgood," he continued. "It has a double meaning. It's the song, obviously, but it also means that when you come here, you're gonna feel good."

Have you seen the two new hoodies? Man they are something else. Dont know the prices at the venue on the tour but its 79.95 online. I am going to see if I can get these two killed soon too. They are the best Crue hoodies I have seen so far. Must say. More items are in the waiting just round the corner. Yeah it is already a merch wise hard time. There are so many things right now I am trying to do as said in the last posting. And more of them hopefully will be killed the coming first of August and September. I would have loved to attend the Vegas opening too. A really cool missed friend of mine is there these days and I am going to try to get her to go there and get a little something for me. Shit. I am so not round US as I used to. But surely also for reasons of priorities for better times really. Ohh also a few new things have been added. Shirts, belt buckles in this n that mag covers and a poster. More to come shortly.


25th Of July 2009, Love Is For Suckers (it seems)
10:05PM CET
So you try and you try to sort things try to be kind but direct in many fields you step in on in your living days. I think the old classic by the sister(s) the Twisted ones "love is for suckers" seems to fit me just about in a nutshell. Cover your own god damn base and be kind and show interest in things aroubnd you as a second priority. man that sounds sick in my book. But never the less it feels like that is for sure what can take this asshole the longest. "Love is for dreamers, love is for believers. Love is for losers, love is for suckers" Ohh dear. Some hard balls I have ended and killed deals with this month some really nagging sons of bitxxxx.....yeah yeah yeah I know it is not smart nor polite to say things direct. You can so easerly be misunderstood and so easerly be stamped as a muther fucker. Yeah well, stramp me then. Can I win your ego minded tight lillte sat games in any way at all? I honestly think that I can yes, but life is to short to figure these nitty gritty somethings out. For the love of god almighty do you think something besides your heartfelt passion can be worth a months long fight? Especially if you deep within yourself can concer that same what ever elsewhere? No thank you. I hate it. Thats my idea of wasted time. You have a misunderstanding or what ever you sit and you solve maybe not the first time nor the second but then in all honesty. C`mon.

It has bee na month of weird shit and some great times and moments as well ofcause, but man this has been a stinky one. A really hard ball to swin through. I have hated a good long part of this month. I am back from the vacatrion and most of the stuff I am thinking about that covers the words typed here have all come and hit me in my face through end of June till now. The rest of the year is sat for things to cover and clear out... man that is some sick shit...but there is nothing to do about it other than just face it head on and kill it all as time rolls by. Its a pain in the butt to should have to spend time on these issues at all. But to move on and get down another road I will have to have these things looked in on and erased from the face of the earth like permantly.

I long for the new and the coming 2010 already. Man I seem to say that alot. Thank god with different perspectives though. I think some things are going to be setting a lot of answers these last few months of this year. And what are good or bad will shine through and I will make huge decitions round start or mid Decemebr for myself for sure. I do not want to wait with certain things no more. It is time for me to act and deal with some things early 2010. I know almost what it is that I wil lbe doing and so .. but I need to be a little more sure about them. And as said the rest of this year has to be going flawless speaking from how things are right now. I can not have some things continueing no more. I have a few things to kill that has kind of blown up in my face this past week. A little too high numbers involved to even be funny thinking about. Well looks like the next few things are going to be added on here Monday 27th! Do not really know what is going to happen after that date since both me andthe webmaster have gotten changed plans. So time wise it is not going to be the easiest something to work around. 

A true 1 of its kind piece of motley crue/ tommy lee history. this should be in the hard rock locations. I obtained it many years ago. this coat was custom made for tommy lee in 1986 & worn on the girls girls girls album cover & throughout the album artwork as well as worn on the entire girls tour from 86 to 87. it comes professionally framed in a custom shadow box with a genuine autographed pic personally by tommy lee in the box of tommy wearing the coat. this will never come along again. Act now. this is a huge piece of rock n roll history. don't procrastinate folks. buyer pays shipping. have fun people & as tommy says cheers!

I would love to get this one. Since Tommy stopped wearing it I have been offered this one three times now it pops up again and its pro framed now and probably costs a couple of thousand dollars already. Damn!!! Well as always let us see where and what will happen. I know for sure my hands are more than full here the year out but certain things I will try to reach out for no matter what. This could be one of them things. It is a seriously high number though for soemthing totally not accounted for. Now before things gets to my head I will end this posting for the day and get back to work. More on Monday. Love ya all... you whom can take it... Peace bastards ****

20th Of July 2009, Making A Mess
1:16PM CET
Monday afternoon. Northern Denmark ones more. Yeah I know. the answer to your question would be "no, not really" in case you were wondering if I ever slept. It is something I can do in the after life - plenty. Now I have gone up here again to try to kill most of what is missing on the site as of now in adjustments and all. And to be honest my guess would be it will almost be fulfilled. Feels extremely cool. I have to say when things are left alone tonight I will or we will have a chance to actually lay back for a while and only addd the new stuff and my fucked up thinking also called diaries. That will all be a walk in the park really. No bones about that.

I have as said killed one thing completely of the FOUR huge goals I am so working my ass off to clear out and away ones and for all. The second one hopefully will be August 1st. Then by November 1st I will ahvethe third one completely cleared and I know this sounds like a long time plan fro me ... ohh man if you only knew there are so many things and so many goals in my life and I have some really huge goals for myself and Crue is but some of them. I can not wiat til lthis year is over with. I will have a few huge burdons cleared out of my life and feel like a completely new person I am sure of that.

One new thing that could happen is the 1985 Guild bass model made by Nikki Sixx and available in the USA for 12 months only back then from what I have been old. I can say if this one could become another kind of part of my collection in a good weeks time. Yeah I have some really huge watch outs for sure always have had that and I always will I think. Hmm could be worrying me a little. Now what else is to be said here today? Not much really. I have some things to do here and a few new things will be added articles promo cards posters and such stuff. But all really only smaller stuff. I wil lbe back in some days I think when things are just a little bit better and more calm for me. I am in for a very busy two weeks now to come so I think I will ahve enough to look in on and leave the site things to itself for a little breather. In case you wondeer more about the bass I mentioned here are a few pictures. Stay tough. Be good to one another....later

18th Of july 2009, Merch Is Being Spit Out
10:55PM CET

Saturday evening. Late - and at fucking work. I know I never post on here at times of just hanging. Just relaxing. I am always on and up to something. It can be a pain in the ass - mostly for me though. And well... my girl She is really tired of the shit going on. We never have each others company or nothing. It is bringing some crap to the plate obviously too. So everything seems to be a test. And all the ongoing somethings with me and trying to convince people in deals and stored stuffthat they should chill just an inch. Had been super nice if they did. One Sort of met me half way but still billed me an xtra fee and not just ten dolalrs. m an, people can really get nasty when it comes to money. Anyhow one dude is over with financially now and some really cool custome sized record awards of the 80s should be going my way Monday!! I hope he does not change that another fucking time. That would really piss me off.

The other stuff that is going apeshit right now is the official 2009 summer Crue merchandise catalogue. Fuck dude it is so intens andthey have only just opend the box of whats to come. You saw pictures of some of the new in my last posted diary here. And now the first said "still to be aproved" shirt for the Crue fest is coming. (Look to the right) - it is a really cool looking one. One of the bets I have seen in a fairly long time. I like it. Yeah some things are really gonna be hard to do. And one of them is to be on top of what is going on withthe released merch for the rest of the year. I have had a talk to a certain someone and it looks like 2010 and 2011 will be just as hard to keep up with on that front. Any how just stopping by to say hi and share this little something. Monday is another day for me to cross country and and work on the site for the last time this month. Later

17th Of July 2009, Updates & New Goals
10:09AM CET
friday should have been trading shifts wit ha co worker today but to make a long story short I will still have a day off today so I can get some things done.

I am lol, lol, lol on a train no wonder.... on my way from northern Denmark to my home apartment in Grenaa. We have yesterday done some updating and some refining on the sites many pages. And we will continue to do this Monday. It is not an easy doing and it is a hard tough time for me right about now. I think a lot of things are going to be rough to jsut ait around and accept this coming late summer. My god. There are so many things right now that are going to be a rough hard task to control and to fulfill for myself really the coming months.

One thing Ihave decied through is this. Everything that is by my Hollywood man Mr. G. will be cleared this coming first of August. It is simply time to kill this thing with him and all. I love my friend there and he is not to be having a burden any further with my stuff. Things will be done and taken home with in the next few weeks. I am gonna do this and just clear it out of the way. Now about the site there are some things we will look in on agian on Monday and I can not wait to get the final touches on refreshing the old and setting up some new things really. Also gonan have that talk to Mario the latest dude on here. There are so may thiings in theis site and the Loyalty perspective that i am thining about doing. I just really need to have some good available framings for doing making the ideas and bring them to life.

Now I mentioned that new merchandise is out already on the expected massive cellebration of the Dr. Feelgood anniversary. I will still have the CrueFest II merch taken care of at a Sumemr touring show. but right now I think I will try to just kill what is already released so nothing like the last time would happen. getting way behind of the merch front. I still miss a few things of what was out last year. And I hope and pray that the stuff is still around in a couple of months time. I have had no work nor overtime for a while now and that is not gonna make things any easier to cover whats going on. I really do think a lot cvan be and will be covered shortly but yes I need to have that base of finance and more to do this.

I expect there to be a great something in the collecting in the remaning time of 2009. I pray for a good and happy outgoing from this year so that I will for sure have a chance to cover these doings. I need it for myself. I need to have the good felt something and the needed coverage to feel on top of things ones again. You see there are so many things still on the list of plans really. But my god it is not an easy something these days. And especially not with how people screws with you. It costs a lot of unnessesary xtra expence not to mention time. I think a lot of the things could be way easier really if only people stuck with what they had promised in the first place. The merchandise that is out now i will look inon that later on today but before I do that I have ot look in on a recieved mail from a certian someone that I at times get a lot of really cool suprises from. I have sometimes some really unreal things coming. There are so many things that I at times can not really fully believe is happening to me. Or rather for me. But surely .... that is major cool. I love it. Wonder how much new stuff will actually come out this summer. But here are whats out and available already as I type this:

I am still finghting with some stuff here to get some already sat deals to an end. people are getting greedy and changing rules on some matters so again .. its costing me more and more. But right now all I can think of is clearing these deals get the stuff home and then say - that person never again. Sadly!!! I just really do not wanna have any more stinky deals going. On a more happy note the DVDs and more are getting some covers and shit so things will be even easier to find in the storage of my collection from now on. It feels so damn nice you can not even begin to imagine.

I have also decided to be on a watch out with two of my Crue friends about some heavy collectibles and see what can possibly happen on that front. If these thought of items could perhaps come to Denmark as its pernanent resting place so to speak. Not that it really matters but an in direct thought and feeling about my old and early days of collecting was wakend to life too as my brother finally sees his faveorite band Crashdiet - www.crashdiet.org they now finally after a years silence have gone public with their new singer and all and things are to take a bigger kick in the behind shortly.

First concert test with this new and hopefully for them last line up s on a cruise going out from Stockholm, Sweden October 8th 1PM. Ofcause my brother has a ticket for that already. It just made me think of how bad and all new this Crue world was to me ones and I was green and had no knowledge of things what so ever. I knew what I liked to gain and all but had not a clue how to gain it all. The history on that speaks for itself. I am so appreciating all I have done and gotten from all my hard works in this field over the decades. Yeah it is not an easy something at all. and as also said a few times it has only gotten harder over the last few years since the bands are now depending on concert ticket sales and merchandise. The music itself what it really is all about has become so secondary its scary. But yeah it is ofcause also exciting. but a ton more money is now needed to be on top of this game. My god.

I fully more than well understand the thousands that simply says it is not possible to do a massive all coverage of collecting this or any band for that matter. Way too much and I know from personal experience it costs not only all your money but also priorities that makes any normal person go "it is just not worth it" you can not have an ordinary living if you do what I try to do. Not a chance. See you Monday!!!!

13th Of July 2009 Boy What A Mess, Updates Soon
3:03PM CET
Yeah Life goes on with it small time bumbs on the road. For god sake why would anyone want the hassle when things really could be a cool easy honest living? The person that I WILL expose on here if she does not make the wrong right about my latest received Sixx jacket will not be happy with what I intend to do if she is not gonna fix it. I am so sick and tired of people being assholes and pin down honest people for reasons totally rediculous. I so have had it. Fuck em. Fucking low life scumbags. Yes I am harch here but it pisses me off a great deal seeing that I can keep finding these fucks and deal with them and then it turns out that they cna not cope honesty!!!! Fucking treat people right already. God damn it. I have given this seller 3 days to make the wrong right or hell breaks loose.

Thursday is the next day now we missed out on the 11th about more us continue working on the site. I am so hopeful for the remaning months of this year from mails I have received this week-end. If al lgoes right and perhaps a little more than right then I will have two extremely high wanted collectibles. Before christmas. i can not believe the great stuff that could come here really. I will not go in on it more right now but it is with great hope that I now aim high as hell to get these things. It is the final big goal for this year. Yeah I am constantly doing high settings but I have done that since my teens and with this collecting business it is not really possible to get much out of anything if you dont. I have decided a long time ago that if I should do anything in this collecting life of mine it has to be full on 101% not any less or I would rather not do it really. part from that I have done a mile long thinking about a lot of things about my life and what it holds. I am ready to do ome more sick shit soon. I think I would like to get some rest in mind and get some things killed here first the same old already mentioned on here several times. I have a lot to do and I am gonna do it - be sure of it.

So right now I am just waiting and hoping for the Creufest II merchandise not to be a hell of a lot. I like there to be a lot but with everything that holds my attention now and all that needs to be looked in on still. It is a hard long road from the issues laying round since everything only can be looked into ones a month. Round payday. I hate it myself but there is nothing to do about it. Everyone that knows me well would say I wouldhave if I could. No question about it. It just went so well for me on the European tour and then here I am again not depressed or anywhere near giving up or nothing. But I too have my limits for when things are enough. And I have reached a few of them by now to be honest.

Things just seem to geó so much better and at times easier when you do them yourself no one else involved. But that seems not to be possible everytime on everything. Sadly. And yet perhaps good as well. A lot of thought bout Crue are on my mind these days and I need to get round some things to get some things done and corrected. Also wanna try to get this latest of his signature basses!!! But money bro .. damn it money is an obtion like all the time really cause these babies are ass much money. But I will know in a good week or so if this will be going good or not. I will for sure let you know. Obviously cause it would go on here if I would be so lucky. It is a cool fucker and it is a nice piece really.

12th Of July 2009, Pissed Off, Desperate & Anti Sundays
12:29pm cet
Sunday!! Another day and time bringin me a little out of the just gained happiness. I am not pleased with the major things in my life these days again. I know it sounds hopeless. And sometimes it feels hopeless too. I really hate things being this bad. I am at my home apartment and now I have started to feel like I really only wanna leave everytime I get here. There is no room. This is not a home its a storage place as I have said a gazillion times. No I am not happy here no more. MaybeIi need fresh ground under my feet. Maybe I should make my next big goal to move away from here in the fall or winter. I think I will. This is tarting to kill me madly!!!! I think I will just sink into my own sorry ass felt little universe and get down and dirty. Maybe rubbing off for a few minutes and firering away can give me some relief? Jeeeesssuus! Fuck. so all on yesterdays doing site stuff got cancelled. My webmaster got so delaid in Aarhus a city near by here that it was a little shitty going up there to her cause I thought she had working day today but she had not. Well nothing to do about it now. Missed out a good chance to further addings and more refinings. So we are looking at Thursday now instead.

I have gotten the Nikki Sixx SOAL jacket now in the mail. Or so I thought. Got the sme type of jacket alright but this is so NOT what the seller promised me time and time again. I did everything I could to cover all doubts and all and have paid an ass load now for something I did not get. Here is another Aerican promising and no9t fulfilling. What is it about the Americans? I have in all my years collecting not had these examples much with other countries outside US. It makes me sad to see.

I am working on getting something done about this misout on the Sixx jacket I have given her till Monday or Tuesday to rightfully change a wrong. I am not gonna let this one go before its fucking fixed. If it will not be fixed I will officially publice her name and address on here for allto be warned. I have had enough of this crap already. Okay now that lead off some steam.

On the good side I ahve gotrne myself another good opening in a guy Michael Scott. Here is a good example on a dude doing and being all easy straight up honest and easy to have around. I know you may be thinking "and? I dont know this guy and I am not to get to know him why are you mentoning him?" Okay, fair enough I just thought I would if for no one else then myself mention something good on a grey day. I have a feeling there will be some few very few new things coming the next many months now cause the things to come are bigger things heavy collectibles and so on. You should know what I talk about when I put it like this. We will see if the almighty will alou allthis to happen and go smoothly. I hope it will. I hope it will all go just fine.

So how about it people looking forward to CrueFest II? What do you al lthink of a second stage? I personally would have hooped it would not get to this.Not making it into a monster huge thing. But keeping it on a level that it was the first year. it is a thing and a size that was a cool thing. I am gonna be curous to see how this second stage idea will unfold itself. I hope things will be good ofcause I will. But I think it is a little too much and I ask myself why? Greed? Or something else? Well....have you guys seen some of the new Cruefest picks for the tour? A complete set of 24 will be around. And word has it another 7 are to be coming. I will try to find that out for the collectors and let you all know. here are pix of only some of the 24. & by each member in different colours. They will be here in a few days. Very loyal to the old original 1989 90 tour picks right? Pretty neat idea really.


Crue Fest 2 announced a partnership with Monster Energy to add an additional stage at most dates on this year's festival. The new Monster Energy Stage doubles the entertainment value at Crue Fest 2 with five additional bands - Rev Theory, Cavo, Shram and 16 Second Stare plus one band chosen locally in select markets, showcasing the next generation of rock. With no change in ticket prices, rock fans will now see ten great rock bands for the price of one. For the cost of a Motley Crue concert, fans will see a day long rock festival with Motley as the headliners. Crue Fest 2 kicks off in Camden, NJ on July 19th with tickets available now at www.LiveNation.com.

Crue Fest 2 stars Motley Crue with Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool and introduces Charm City Devils. The performances on the Monster Energy Stage will be staggered between the main stage acts creating a non-stop music event and adding to the overall festival atmosphere. "It's always been in our hearts to turn our fans onto new rock music. Another stage seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Crue Fest 2 and gives loyal Crue and rock fans more for their hard earned money. See ya there," said Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee.

Motley Crue manager Allen Kovac notes, "Motley Crue has always added value for their fans whether it be through their music, their merchandise or their stage production, it has served them well in their career." Local radio stations will choose the opening band in select tour markets where the Monster Energy Stage will play. For more information about each local area contest and the chance to open the Monster Energy Stage, including how to enter, please visit www.cruefest2.com.

Monster Energy has dedicated its brand to live music over the years as part of major National and International festivals, specialty concert tours and substantial one-offs, in both core sponsor and associate sponsor categories utilizing on-site activation through multiple avenues. The partnership with Crue Fest 2 marks the first time Monster Energy will have a mobile stage dedicated entirely to their brand. Monster Energy Stage will create a unique online community offering exclusive content from Crue Fest 2 acts, in addition to the local bands.

To kick off this opportunity, the anthem of Crue Fest 2, Charm City Devils' "Let's Rock-N-Roll," will be available as a free download. The new site is set to launch soon, visit www.monsterenergy.com for details. "Motley Crue is such an iconic band with the most loyal fans in the world. In a time where it seems everything is being cut back, Motley Crue is giving more to its fans and at the same time giving up and coming bands exposure. Monster Energy is proud to be a part of the havoc that will be wreaked across the nation this summer," says Brent Hamilton of Monster Energy. The Monster Second Stage will not travel to Minot, ND, Portland, OR, Las Vegas, NV, Kansas City, MO and Syracuse, NY.

About Crue Fest 2
The main stage at the Live Nation produced Crue Fest 2 stars Motley Crue with Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool and introduces Charm City Devils. The sequel to last summer's most successful touring festival begins its North American trek in Camden, NJ on July 19th and comes to an end on September 5th in Darien Lake, NY. As a tribute to releasing a 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Dr. Feelgood earlier this year, Motley Crue will be performing the entire album front to back at this year's festival in addition to their hits.

About Rev Theory
New York City's Rev Theory released their sophomore album, Light It Up, in June 2008. A joint venture between Interscope Records and Brian Howes' Van Howes label, Light It Up features production from Howes (Hinder, Chris Daughtry) as well as Josh Abraham (Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver) and included Rock radio hit "Hell Yeah." The set follows 2005's Truth is Currency, which got Rev Theory on the road opening for the likes of Evanescence, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Saliva. No strangers to the road, the band also toured with Flyleaf and Seether with the release of their second album and joined last Fall's Jagermeister tour alongside Hinder and Crue Fest veterans, Trapt.

About Cavo
The current line-up of Cavo features Chris Hobbs on guitar, Chad La Roy on drums, Brian Smith on bass and Casey Walker on vocals. Their debut album Bright Nights Dark Days, which features their hit "Champagne", is set for an August 11 release date on Reprise Records. Their album will feature songs like the propulsive first single "Champagne"(now on over 125 radio stations across the US), the uplifting power ballad "Let It Go," the blistering "Cry Wolf," and the strutting "Blame." Bright Nights Dark Days is a passionately played collection of hard-hitting rock and roll with keenly felt lyrics about life, love, and the acceptance that comes with realizing that all we can do is to try and be the best person we can for those we love.

About Shram
Detroit rock trio Shram are Brian Shram (Uncle Kracker) on guitars/vocals, 14 year old Jason Hartless on drums and Dave Dion on bass/vocals. They've been described as having a raw sound with crushing guitars and punchy pop vocal hooks that define the true nature of rock n' roll. The band released Disturbing The Peace in 2008 and have developed a devoted following that continues to grow.

About 16 Second Stare
Tampa, FL based rockers 16 Second Stare (www.16secondstare.com) working with veteran producer/mixer Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, and Jerry Cantrell), released their debut album "Red Carpet Material" in July 2009 through Mighty Loud Entertainment/ Universal/Fontana. In April 2009, Clear Channel Online gave the band the honored title of "Artist To Watch." This past year, they've amped up their live performance itinerary to include performances in L.A., NYC, Tucson, El Paso and South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. In May, the band was part of the "16 Second Stare Gets Head Tour ?09" with Brian "Head" Welch, the former lead guitarist of Korn.

16 Second Stare just announced that they will be performing at this year's 2009 California Bike Week leading up to Love Ride 26 (www.loveride.org) on Saturday, October 24. The band is currently working on their highly anticipated sophomore album with new tracks titled "Misery", "Amazing Grace", "Eargazm", "Complicated" and "Fire in the Hole." For Crue Fest 2 ticket and tour information, please visit: www.cruefest2.com or www.LiveNation.com. Follow the Monster Energy stage and download a free copy of Charm City Devils' "Let's Rock N' Roll (Endless Road)" at www.monsterenergy.com. For more information on Monster Energy, please visit: www.monsterenergy.com. For more information on Motley Crue, please visit: www.motley.com.

Crue Fest 2 Tour Dates:
19 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center
21 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center
22 - Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
24 - Minot, ND - North Dakota State Fair (Motley Crue only) *
27 - Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheatre
28 - Portland, OR - The Amphitheater at Clark County *
30 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
31 - San Bernardino, CA - San Manuel Amphitheater

1 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino *
3 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre
4 - Englewood, CO - Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
5 - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
7 - Spring, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
8 - Dallas, TX - Superpages.com Center
9 - Kansas City, - MO Sprint Center *
11 - Maryland Heights, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - St. Louis
12 - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center - Indianapolis
14 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
15 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
16 - Pittsburgh, PA - Post Gazette Pavilion
18 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center
19 - Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center
21 - Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater
22 - Bristow, VA - Nissan Pavilion
23 - Raleigh, NC - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion
27 - W. Palm Beach, FL - Cruzan Amphitheatre
28 - Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre
29 - Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheatre
30 - Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

1 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
3 - Syracuse, NY - New York State Fair *
4 - Scranton, PA - Toyota Pavilion
5 - Darien Lake, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Did you hear there is a German best off CD out now pretty much like the one released earlier this year in the States. Only this one has a somewwhat weird list when you actually hear the wrds "Best Of ..." here is the play list ofr this release. Piece Of Your Action, Live Wire, Looks That Kill, Shout At The Devil, Home Sweet Home, Smokin' In The Boys Room, Wild Side, Girls Girls Girls, Dr. Feelgood, Rock 'N' Roll Junkie, Teaser, Primal Scream, Anarchy In The U.K., Hooligans Holiday, Til Death Do Us Part, Driftaway 16 tracks in total.

Wonder if there will be a lot of all these things now from this band. Best Offs greatest Hits and Classics and all the same ol label named somethings. All classic banss that have gone big enough has these all over the world. It could easerly happen for these guys too. I guess what man y would really like to hear part from the next SIXX AM CD, would be a release from Mick Mars. I am sort of also very suprised he has not done it yet. But I think it will come. I really do think it will be a great listen if you like the slide bluesy sort of rock. But I dont think it will happen any time soon either. Only Mars can truely tell how imåportant it is to him to make such release and when he himself thinks its time for it as well. I guess all in its time right?

7th Of July 2009, Ordinary Daily Living & New Marked Calender Days
1:27PM CET
Turesday and lol,lol on a train. I know I practically live on one. But there will be new times for me onthat front from the end of the year or for me from the early times of 2010. Let us see how it all unfolds. This is not the most attractive detail about my life no more. I really have started to be anoyed about the constant travelling for small things. I need a lot of changes next year. Thats for shit sure. And much have started already with the Crue changed now going on You bet.

So how is everything? Since I retrned from the European trip many have asked about the birthday of mine cause I was unreachable. Not locally around. Well I was in Bulgaria for the Crue final European show. And without spreading things officially let me just say this it was a mindblowing day. I have not had any birthday like it ever. In a good sence. Anyone wanna try to top it for me - boy you are gonna have a handful. I am not for gifts and all sorts of things for myself on these marked almost obligated calender days. I appreciate the every day suprises way more. Long story to back up why this is this way. Anyhow I was there not anywhere near home so I had a long journey there and I had a ton of cool times. So alou me to have that over the top day for myself and just say this was a day with ton of stuff to be rememebred for life. I wish just a handful of days each year were like this one day in Bulgaria.

After the returning from the south for the second time I have been in the norht of Denmark trying to take care of the site and get thing s added and adjusted and more too, We have come a fairly long way with most of al lon here now and there are a fairly constant flow still when it comes to new stuff to add on here no matter if its a few articles or a more massicve lot in various catagories really. All in all just a really good flow. Always something I guess.

There have been so many things that are so intence for me to get around and it requires time so asa always wit ha huge monster like this site has gotten to be - have patience with what ever botheres you. we will have most updated at the end of the next coming week-end. I am so looking forward to the next coming few months there are so much getting better (not financially) the rest of the year. And it will be a pleasure to step into 2010 for a new fresh someting. But then again I have been aiming high and fought hard to make things happen and to kill certain stuff. It will be a cool something really to get passed November. I hope I shall have work this christmas eve this year and then be off at new years. I have a few things I really like to get going for me on that front.

So the ordinary everyday life is back now setting a standard ones again for what I fill my days with. Work takes my time and nights and all ones again. But it is all okay and good. I feel blessed from the vacationtime I have just had and i am not worried much for som time again. I am on a high. I am on a possitive path and I feel I have a good balance ones again to carry me through the stuff that life and everyday living will throw at me. It can only be stuff from and about things that are not Crue related cause that openness and willing ness to be too close to people that promises lines of sounding goods are over. I am not there no more and I am not going there again. I have a new role to play and a new role to be my guideline for the future of my collecting and loyal Crue life.

I wanna take time out right now to also welcome a new guy from Austria that really is like me in many ways. he is Mario of Austria a new loyalty gang member. We will in the future do what we can to set up some thing really neat. There are so manythings we could have and could do that are not seen beofer in these parts of the world. I have great comfort with this guy and really great hopes for something unique for the future on a both collectible and personal level. So thanks Mario so far for what we have had together and for all your kindness understanding shared apssion and more. Looking forward to be doing something with you through Mcrueloyalty.dk in the future to come. And welcome to Loyalty by the way.

Thre will be a coverage of the Cruefest 2 too. The mid August the merchandse will be covered nd I will have it all added on here hopefully late August. It will not be in the beginning of the Fest tour this time. So it will take some time before you will see that stuff on here. There are so many other things that will be getting my attention til lthen and there are other stuff and doings listed in the calender now.New added somethings in the calender that will be marked dates for stuff to coe.

Soon there will be a couple of really cool personal used and owned stuff coming that are fom the recent years incl S.O.L.A. so hopefully they all get through costumes without any billings. The goverment gets enough money from all that import shit. It is a seriously good busines on their part. I gotta give them that. My god. It must be millions and millions every year in income from just that. And I feel as a private individual I spit plenty in their little bucket on this matter.

Now I would have to say this posting probably brings me up todate on thoughts and doings. I have so many of both both for god sake I live this. It is not a hobby as said so often before so obviously there will be a lot on mind in these fields. Yeah I love to take things to a level most would not dare or even think of doing cause it is a price to pay in every other matter that really is not for any person with a clear sanity to mess with. Am I saying I am insaine? Well I am not a shrink so who knows what a diagnose would claim me being. I could not really care much either. I have so many things that would make anyone shake their heads when it comes to how intense I do things so .....

But some of us likes this over the top thing ... so enjoy while its around ..Mcrueloyalty peace!!!!

6th Of July 2009, Exausted But Recovering For better
1:33PM CET
FUCK ME HARD do I love the Papa Roach latest CD. Yes it is the chose release for me creating yet another god damn posting on here. I would have loved to see them live tonight. They are rocking my filthy little living big time. They have some serious cool lyrics on the latest CD of theirs. Fuck you all should check it out. It is a powerful band these days. And I feel extremely awsome to have seen them so many times. Been I think 6 times the last year. I would go far to see them agian I think.

Okay okay okay, enough of the Papas... its a freaking Crue site right?!! Yeah baby. It fucking is. lets bring the Euro tour to an end in on here and let me take you up to date with thoughts and doings from this crazy fuck - yours truely!!! There is not much I will not share with you. Certain things will be kept to myself out of respect for the individuals that will have a saying to certain things being shared on here. So lets get this tju tju train rolling shall we? Okay.

Well I think last time I decided to stop typing we were back at the hoptel from the Belgium Graspop festival 09 adn turning night time to day time. We got up and ate and tried to get some things happening. I was a little shattered by the JAckson news still. I felt for the fans. I know I should have typed the family right? Well I am a fan and can relate to that. So that is where I give my sympathy. To the music industry as well. Like Michael or not he was a one of a kind and we have just gotten gold mine poorer. So it was touching me ofcause it was. I am industry interested still and I ... ohh well never mind. It got to me and that is all you need to know. So we checked out after breakfast and a final hour resting in the room. We had a long way back. And back as of this date the 28th of June was home going. Final destination Denmark. For god sake another long trip and tour has been thrown in the backpackl of memories and unfolded doings.

The taxi came picked us up and we took off wih a delay earliest possible from Mol station. That menat around 1PM as to our scedual we would have a train out from there at 5PM. But we figured let us get the hell out of this place and even though it was a long waiting time else where we would be better off in a place where we could actually do something. That was not an obtion in Miol. So we went as said after a small time mall shopping to find food and drinks. And sweets for the trip. Off to the next stop Hasselt. Sonn on to Liege. here is the triky part in Belgium many working at the stations and information stands they refuse to even try to understand english. They demand french and there for at Liege we got informed totally bad.

We should relaly have been two stops furhter before we got off the train at liege Guillemins. this little scrww up on his behalf did really not do much good for us. We stranded at a place for almost 3 hours and thank god killed two of them by visiting a net cafe. And as we came back another fucking info had been bad on this dudes part. All of a sudden there was no train listed on the departure board for us to get to Cologne Germany. I asked a youngster there and he was helpful bigtime. He said also you have to take this and that train two stops get off and wait for another... Nice touch old man. You would have been fired had you been under my wings in a second. Fucker.

We boarded the Cologne trian at the new station we headed to Liege G. found our seats and sat till we had been going about half way there was an information coming to all passengers. "Sorry to inform you we are having locomotive trouble so we will be an hour late in Cologne." Nice one. Form the already bad happenings that there had been we would normally only have one hour and five minutes in Cologne now. And that was with the fact of not knowing where we should go to in Cologne for our Copenhagen Denmark train. Ohh dear!!

Well to make a long story short. We got to Cologne just as promised (if that is a good thing) one hour late. And yet we had no idea of whrer to go nor how to get there. But it was fairly fast and easy and coming to the platform for the train to take us home we got blessed ones again. It was 12 minutes late this Denmark train. So I wanted desperately to go get something to eat. Without asking Tine what she liked I just said wait here and took off. It was late and I was not even sure if I could find anything. But I grabbed thre pizza slices and got back to her. She had now gotten bad stomack pain so she could not really eat anything. sorry to see cause she had not aten all day.

I ate them all then and felt better myself. Just in time for the train to arrive. Found our cabbin lol, lol onboard and it was a nightliner so we had "beds" for the trip home. Shared with one European guy and three American chinamen. Now living in the state of Tennessee. Tine talked a lot to these folks I on the other hand only dissapeared in y thoughts about Motley Crue again and felt really good about my situation. It had been a trip that truely took me to the stars. I have started as pointed out earlier in here on a new book. Not a new chapter in the old but a freshly made new book of my cruecial adventures. Burried the old and moving on. The trip this time had done exactly what I hoped and prayed for. make no mistake about it. So from here on out I am extremely careful with what I do and with whom I will be doing what. I guess most of you know what I am saying here. The whole trip home I had a terribly heat problem onthe train but we got there and Arriving in Denmark felt both good and terrible. Guess for the obvious reasons. I was really feeling great about all I had done and the much dedication i had done. The suffering for making a ton of things better and the ton of energy put into overtime at work and more to create a possibility for myself to do something right. You know it is the most self satisfaction state of mind I have been in in a long time. Got a lot of things out of hard work. Nothing ended up being for nothing. It was all done with a result of a bunch of many somethings. Feels so nice.

I arrived by my brothers place in Roskilde staright from the train and I had decided that no matter what happend in July I would not let myself be bothed about it one bit. And so far now posting on here the 6th I have kept that promise to myself. Let things roll its cause and just run along on the sideline adjusting things till I have a new found way and balance in this Motley Crue passionate life of mine. From this day on I had to get somethings done and some things going that wouldactually giv me something better .... Due to my brothers girlfriend (yes he found another try out lol lets see how it all unfolds) I went to Tine for the evening andfor the night. I slept there a decition of going to my own place cross country in the moring to get things in place. It was a kind of weird situation for me saying bye bye from there in the morning after. She is without going in to deatils cause it is non of your business really - so living in her past and have a hard time to get things changed within herself .Its so hard and so sad. We just have to get this shit fixed so we can do soemthing about it and move on to new heights. Other wise things as seen so many times before with other peoples lives - it can end bad and there would be no "us". And that is right now not anywhere near what any of us really wants. We could be good together but both parties would have to give up something. Or else this would never get to other levels. Hated this morning as I felt trapped. But home I went and it was needed big time. Get unpacked from the tour and laundry my god...... Picture taking realxing and getting things fixed and dealt with. I have so many things I still am behind with even now on the 6th. Insaine!!!

4th Of JUly 2009, Graspop Crue, Night games & Home Coming
6:49PM CET
Here it is again the first off day after having gotten back on what we could call "work" or "everyday life" or "obligations to living" what ever you decide to pick of them all I am not there today Went ones again for a country crossing straight from a Night shirt and a full day awake yesterday. This means another good start of the 30th hour without sleep and in this sick heat. It is not cool. But Crue site and diary posting and more ....its that time again. And I need desperately to get the whole fucking thing up to date and just put in place for us to have some time off again from here. So we can actually do somthing that just reminds me of having time off to just relax and think about anything else but this. So let a good tw omore hours fom now pass on and we will have another diary posting up and on here (this one) covering the Tommy & Tine trip through Europe. Now here it goes let me try to kill this fucker just fine!!!

Now where was I in the last posting? Ohh yeah there was this time on the clock. Almost about the time for my boys. They were as on the other festivals the closing band. Here it was a time for the alternative Black Sabbath act. Heaven & Hell. The sabbath line up really only holding and in the front and on vocal Mr. Ronnie James Dio. Can I be honest ones again? It was ass boring. Even my girl that loves Ronnie J. D and the old Sabbath said ohh god this is too boring l respect really do think it is more and more often that I see the old classics bands or personalities and I get this feeling very often now "okay guys cool youre still rocking but in all honesty youre getting slow and boring to watch. So back off and bow out before you do things that make your awsome old days kill youre ending days. Dont end up an close your carreer as a joke.

I had all the merch coverd that I had seen and I was happythere were not more than this cause it would more than likely had cost mor than I could have claimed to have with me on this trip. Suits me perfectly really. As you can see in the section especially (shirts) from this trip there has been a lot of it anyhow. I think nothing can be complaint about part from lol, lol the fact that I think the Hellfest and the Spanish one had the most awful shirts for a festival ever. Ohh dear just sitting here now this very minute remembering all the troubled times I have had the last fucking long time, to actually sit here now and say I went on this god forsaken tour 09 and I had loads of fun. Nothing but cool happenings. And a ton of great memos in the backpack now plus knowing all the shit sold on tour attended now is fully covered without exception. Man how can I not smile here!!? You tell me. I can not have that torn away from me or anything. I have a ton of cool things. These were not the coolest of cool items lol, lol but they are here and they are covered. Cool ey?

¨'I have had a lot of happy times here today part from the damn heat that at this point in time finally seems a bit gone now. I have to say there were some cool evening hours for us during heaven & Hell and Motley Crue. I had been thinking the whole trip through in my head that evening. An I smiled fairly often on and off. Sorry this is not about polishing my own glory its just an open spoken mind and shared something to you all about how bad this trip was needed and needed to go well. Shit man. I am so glad. Yeah fucking is.

Now the waiting for the band to get on was not long. Only our feet were now hurting and we had decided to sit down a littel while and just relax on the dirt on our asses .Fully aware that the festival spot was perhaps a hell of a garbage ground to sit in and who had pissed where and all that? We could not tell and at this point did not really care no more either. There were nothing but a relief to it here cooling off no more son and no more shit .only one thing a good half an hours waiting and the boys would go "Woo yeah kickstart my heart..." and then the show was on a roll. You would not believe the greatness I felt and how good a time I had from doing it. What we had done. Yes my friends, things went well hot as hell and now I was here waiting fo the finla shot and dose of this rock n roll circus. I was all good. We both were part from Tine obviously still sharing a tear from the missed meeting and greeting earlier with you know who. Well can not win them all I am living proff of that little saying so I would sign it in blood that, that is no where near just a joke. You cna not have it all. But god in heaven shall know some of us are constantly givnig it a fair shot.

The show as always had its countdown as we had talked things through about what to do on this last Motley day together. We decided to asee all from a fairly distance so we had a chance to catch the booked cab at 02.AM man they fired away and did another seet of the now seen many. These mutherfuckers of the year did what they came for thouogh tonights show seemed from a distance anyway a little loose. Not really tight. Maybe thats the iompression many actually really gets from seeing Motley Crue if they are way in the back cause they are so far away from the stage. So what ever make or crate a pause up on stage and maybe even impulsively for the fun of it it sounds not tight and looks not tight from the distant. Ohh well now I have tried all version. Close extreme close in the middle and far away. All good you get totally different memos fom all angles. Actually really extremely different experiences. No doubt.

Certian cool things they had were thee festival balloons wonder if they will be brought to the Cruefest II in the states? Fuck so hard to get one and yet even harder to get one home that is not broken or anything I now had one and only cause I let the air out very quickly I think. But as a collector I like to see if a new never used one was a great wisch. Let us see what pups up down the road. You just never can tell. They skipped the towo "Too Fast" and "On With The Show" here too. My guess is this was not even an 80 minutes set. The fifth happening on the festival was Mick Mars solo a in the arenas holding their own shows. I really wish thye had dropped that for a song or two and just work and deliever tight and impress everybody. It had been a long hard day for many, out in the sun this long for so fucking many hours and getting cooked alive. Fuck man... a closing and headlining act no matter who it is can not do sloppy . It will not leave too cool an impression. I think a lot of bands forget that.

As the stone heavyy bumpings to "Dr Feelgood" blasted out over the fest grounds we slowly got up and walked towards the exit. I know sucked bit time but it was okay. It was not like this was a one of to see the band for me so hey.... we did it. All covered and covered well. No worries here. You think anyone would actually not love taking a trip to follow their heroes around like this if they had not had a great time recently in life or simply never had done a thing like that ever for their idols. Think again. They would LOVE IT. I have and I have offered myself this tonss and tons of times now. I stil llove it but cause I have done this so many times that half of the pleasure for sure is how we do it. The travelling from place to place that is a shit sure guarentee. Ohh man you have only guessings to how rough this has been. But then again the heat has also at the same time been massive so that has not made the trip more comftable really. I am here now and al lis awsome and woth no shit attached.

Walking away from this festival ground was with both a smile and a sadness. I did not want al lthis to end and at the sme time it was the perfect time for it to end and all. Why? Cause it had all gone so perfect now and it had all been going on for so long now that there really was no reason for it to continue. And with that I mean it can so easerly become a trip if its too long that will make everything seem like a thing you are a part of but dont really give any attention. It can become too much of a good thing. What?? Yes my dear friends. I mena it. It is actually possible ...there is something like that. Too much of a good thing. So just be careful really.

We walked in the dark still dry and dusty as hell. walked like hell and arrived to the so called cab checkpoint and found the driverthat actually took us out here from the hotel early noon today. Man the only thing this dude said to us now was " i dont know what you are talking about and I dont know what you wnat" and then he took off. I did not freak I got a bit pissed and thought here goes nothing. Fuck me. This will be a dramatic stinky night and there will be no solution to our situaion about us getting back to the hotel. FUCK!!! Well to make a novel long story shorter. We then bumbed into the cab driver we had originally made the deal with for the four trips on the day pof arrival at Mol Station here in Belgium. He then said "Dude dont worry no more. Take that cab over there I will inform him where to go to the price agreed yesterday."

So off we went and then in the end of a long fucking hassle by the damn check point we did actually reach the hotel and we now had a good 5 hours sleep if we wanted it. The Crue tour now was officially over for this round. The trip itself still had some adventures of both good and bad. More of that later. I think it is fair to say certain things are not to be repeated and while being an asshole and not having done what was the best possible doing and also the same thing that I have done for years is to write these diaries while on tour, but this time I did not and my reasons for it I have posted in a previously listed posting heere - somewhere lol. Hell so many doings so many thoughts and so many things have been affecting my whole complete daliy pictures of the ongoiong. You see I have so many things, smaller things that can affect my mood or a set up something ...or what ever really. Thats sometimes why these postings are so damn long. Well from time to time anyway!! But you know it is all my ofr my own slef in the first place.

These diary postings are my own personal memories and all. But the site as a whole is for the fans. The fans to have a fansite that is serious and not just self sat glory and shine..... Okay that kind of got out wrong But I guess yo know what I am trying to say. I have missed a site like this to go on every time I felt for it. So in all I guess you can say this is like KISS is for Paul Stanley its the ultimate dream of a band that he himself wanted to see but ended being. Same here folks. This is for you guys. The memos are just an extreme personal something I want to keep for myself and for later to look back on as a twisted writing. But again I share it all with you ONLY because I like for you to get to know a little more about the idiot behind this monster. How a life for a seriously insaine collector is in real life. let me end the home going of the European tour and the latest thinking in my mind etc in the next posting alright? Before this one here get s too long to keep having your attention....


3rd Of July 2009, Back At Work But Smiling. How About You?
12:19PM CET
Friday on my mind. Ohh yeah baby. I just started work again last night so I have been up all night. It is steaming here also at night time so I was sweaty as a pig during the whole night. I think a lot of things are not for me in the summer. I am just not good with how all this stinky heat gets to me. Ohh well I have sat a goal to be happy and not naggin about anything through out July. I have had a long rest from work and a long period of good times now. Uncomditionally. So I am not gonna burry that from heat or a return to work or nothing. End of story.

I feel great now and have had takls to borring practical people like my bank adviser and others and again I went away from places including my bank with good feelings and a great vibe. So why not set a goal to be unconditionally happy. Not in a fake fucked way but generally just glad and smiling. I deserve that for myself so I intend to keep that promise and not let myself down on this. Sounds cool ey? I sure think so. How about all of you? I have gone through all my birthday wishes online and in private never had so many before thanks for the little gesture. You are all too kind. Much love brothers and sisters.

Now the European trip had still a couple of doings for me to experience. I remember when we left Cologne yes, yes, yes after Wettingen!! I know we wet there first now lol, lol, going from Cologne we had a fairly short travel to the neighbour country of Germany and we had a cool time going I think. Belgium and the mega festival Gragpop. Dessel wasthe location right under the boarder to Holland and not too far from Germany right up there in the ocrner actually. Yet cause of the train routes we had to go from Cologne all the way into Belgium fro Antwherpen and back east to this place called Mol. The closest train stain to Dessel town holding the festival. Felt like so much time and so many miles really were for nothing. And a car would have killed that trip in no time.

Anyway we got to Mol and it was nasty hot. All trains from the day we arrived even though the festival did not start till the day after here were packed with people attending the event. Glad we got on suchan early train. Now what we had to figure out was this - where on earth was our hotel? I knew that when I booked the place it was a good few miles out of Mol and Dessel but how far actually and how to get there was another question. I asked at the counter this dude basicly said "ohh dear!!" A>nd that alone concerned me. He said ther ewer no busses no trains no nothing going there and it was maybe 15KM away I freaked a littel bit and was asked to talk to the cab drivers outside.

They were our only obtion adn I needed to have luck with this one cause cabs in Europe is not cheap. And there it was the possible friendliest dude behind a wheel I could turn to was helpfull and did a personal deal for us. to go from Mol station to the hotel to the festival tomorrow early noon and back and again to be picked up from the hotel to Mol as we were to leave from here. A total of four rides it got to be 140 Euros in cabs alone. NOT!!!! somethign I can say I had calculated in the spe3nding really. Damn that was a lot of money. But we got safely transported then and we were not to be mengling with the festival goers other than at the fest grounds. So all in all I would say it was a good deal.

It was a stnky hot day there. This travelæling to the hotel made me think. Fuck in hell we would never ever in our wildest dreams have found this place at all. Even the cab driver had his doubts a couple of times if he could. "Are you sure its a hotel he said to me twice" How about that for your attention? Jesus Christ. Well we arrived and arrived in style I would say. Not too many could complain on this had it been others. The place was a nice country side something and our room was not a room it was a fucking apartment. I could not believe it. It was awsome. So peaceful, big and all in al lgreat. Anothr doing of this trips biggest success detailed something.

A SHOWER was taken and then we just sat and talked for some time. Tried to figure out a few things and just laying low taking it easy. Crue was on the table of issues again. Ofcause they were. And her W.A.S.P. as well. I can not - still can not believe that she is not the slightest dissapointed about them as a live act. That is totally russian to me. And her feelings for loyal the band would take another nasty turn on the day to come. I had a calm feeling this festival was going ot be fine and we would be there the full day from the time they would be opening the gates to the time the festival would close down well almost. For this one day at least. 

Although right here and then on the 25th of june we just wanted to gain our strength find some peace of mind relax and heal our soar feet. It was all good. A great decition if you really wanna know. Tine told me she had had a cool time with me on this trip just sick and tired of my complaning about the trains and the heat. What can I say I dont just settle for anything when there are obtoions to choose from. No one should really life is too short. And since I hate the heat and could not automaticly turn that off I complained I guess. Just a little Sorry honey lol, lol.

Not to be a freak but is there really anything more annoying than to be coverd in sweat no matter what you do and dont do.And after a shower ten minutes passes by and then youre right back where you started? Its hell in my book. But again this day of arrival on the country side was nice. Really nice. I offerd her evening dinner again we dined at the hotel and we got awsome great food. I loved it morethan you can imagine. For ones I ate out on this trip and it was a priceless something. I love to spoil her every now and then. She deserved it. Love her.

Then it was up to the room again had talked about just strutting down the road for a while but we were so full after dinner we did not really want to do anything. Laid on bed watched tele. I know I know not very rock n roll. But that was great this one time to do. Trust me. Dont remember when we actually turned off the lights to get some sleep that day all I know is I looked at the clock like 200 times during that night had not slept more than maybe one hour in total cause it was way to warm. Even though I was laying half naked on the sheets not coverd at all. Tine was all rolled up in the covers and slept like a baby. Blow me if I get how she could do something like that. Shit.

I looked at the time around 6 in the morning and I had checked my phone for text messages. And I was half in shock when I had gotten two text messages from back home saying "Michael Jackson has died." It was not like I had a great LOVE FOR THE MAN OR HE MEANT TO ME WHAT OTHERS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY DOES TO ME. But i really felt shocked. I also felt sad as shit. I can not honestly explain why. He was like him or not but he was a really true icon in his field. Like Elvis in his. Kiss in theirs. Or Crue in the glam and glitter sleeze rock in the 80s. Jackson was a real hero to many.

All I could really do was to share it with Tine who more or less got busy saying things not too cool right there and then. I could not fully take her serious for just a few minutes there. But I turned on CNN and other channels and man.. Michael Jackson was the top story everywhere. I could not believe it it was really true. Shit. The music world had lost a huge personality ones more. At the age of 50. I started to think about the fans and the loyal diehards. What a shitty day to wake up to. I have gone through that a couple of times in my life with feelings like that.

The fact of loosing ones heroes makes your world fall apart understanding it or not. I can only be guessing how hard they took this news bulletin. Fuck. I would have lost myself in some really nasty shit had it been any of the Crue dudes or KISS men for that matter. I have a few things that are really heartfelt for the Jackson fans if I have to be honest. Man what a shock. The 26th of June 2009 to me was really starting off sad. I felt tears coming to my eyes watching the channels and follow the news of his death. I have now learned that Michael was in pain as fuck from his many operations and his personal living so he had lots of pain killers sleepy drugs waking up drugs and more.....all the time tons of drugs swalloed and shot into his tiny body every day how can anyone survive this? Sorry for the fans as I could relate to their feelings and sorry for the world and the industry for a talent more burried.

I have also gotten to see a few sides of his feared daddy. Man that dude should not be feeling good. He is so ego minded and so full of stinky shit he should be tought a lesson or two. And not a verbal one I might add. I simply could not believe my morning how this day of Motley live close to where I was had started for me. I was sad. Really sad. I chose to sit silent for some time just letting this sink in...and it really has not sunk in untill a few days later. But monring passed by, breakfast, another shower and getting ready for the festival all got coverd and off we went.

Round noon we sat our feet in Dessel. we were sat off by the cab and had a long walk to do before we actually got our wristbands and entered the dirt. Here we started to figure out what was where and when was what to be attended. The day was STEAMING. Probably the hottest day of the trip. It was almost painful. But we were here and we were looking forward to a few things for each of us. The merch stands were looked into and coverd. We got something to drink which more or less all through out the day got to be these Monster energy drinks. Man they did good. Time went by but slowly I thought.

How ever at round 4PM Tine told me she wanted to go to the tent of where at round 6PM W.A.S.P. was to do their thing. I was not really wanting to see them any more cause I am hugely dissapointed in what they do. Or should I say what he Blackie Lawless is doing. But I promised her to let her have front row right front of Lawless and then be the one TRYING to get some pictures taken of the band for her. It didnt cost me anything since I was already at the venue really. But there are some things that I stay true to myself about. And this is not a band that I like live no more. They should change the name to Lawless. Or Blackie Lawless or something. How a loyal fan of the man can not admit or see things being really sad and totally out of it from what used to be so damn awsome about them four letters W.A.S.P. is really sad to me. But as with most in life, it is all a personal taste and opinion really. What the hell can be disgussed about it really.

So as she was stainding there front row, I walked around and had a fairly hard time finding things cool in the tent as there was like in an oven that afternoon. Awfully hot. I walked in and out after having tested where to stand for just some reasonable good shots. Outside at one point in time I noticed one guy standing talking to some festi´val goers but with a fence between them. it was Blackie. I got over there .. and got this suspicion confirmed. I had a wish of doing going to share this with Tine since so seemed to so badly wanted to see him.

I ran in but a lot of people had already found their place and waited for the band to start. I told a guy to tab her on her shoulder she did not react so she missed meeting him. Missed signatures and a possible photo with him. Sorry girl. I did all I piossibly coould. There started to be fairly crowded and I found my spot for her to shoot some pictures. it is really not a cool action camera. But what the heck I did what I could and some actually got to be well... okay!!! They did ones again not impress me much. Blackie and his band is a one man gang and I do not like it for this band at all. It was not a really suprising set they delieverd and they did not do it with a suprisingly cool outcome. I am a huge fan not a collector a fan of what it used to be and stil lto this day of the band as a studio recording band.

Anyhow W.A.S.P. did what they did and Tine was happy. I felt not too cool about anything. We decided to sit down outside afterwards and there we talked a bit and she started to break to tears for a long long time. She had missed her chance of the day and she was really more down than I thought she would be. Okay I really had no chance cause she has not shared too much about WHAT she sees in the man nor the music. I have never ever heard the really long menaingful verson. But ohh well. I shower her the taken pictures and she was at least happy with those. I had taken a bunch but very few as pointed out had actually turned out fairly okay. Sorry honey. I did what was possible with where I stood and what I had to work with.

Now starting to look around for more drinks and a little something to bite in on we bumbed into Papa Rauch. I simply had to say thanks for the music and a few snap shots quickly got in the way too. I love Papa Rauch. They rock as oone ofthe best American acts I can think of 2009. Their latest CD is just all the way awsome. "Metamorphosis". Purely fantastic to attend ælive no question about it. I think a lot of the bands out there these days could learn a shit load from these guys. I think we will have a ton of good from these boys for many years to come. hell yeah. Go Papa R.

Have seen them a lot now the last year. They have played almost nonstop worldwide. Glad to see them on the bill of the same festivals of Crue and even the same day since I attended non of the other days at any of the festivals. Too busy to even think about that. This afternoon was hot as fuck and I needed to cool off but there was no chance for such luxary. I had by coincidence seen I had overlooked a shirt a festival shirt and that had to be changed since it had the band on it. I got it and Tine bought herself a Crue shirt. Since her darling Mr bumble bee Lawless did not sell a comma today. But I am all for that change a Crue shirt for a missed out W.A.S.P. one? Ohh yeah anyday!!

After that we handed out a ton of the brought Mcrueloyalty cards again. Got rid of them all and the nice detail we noticed was a ton of crappy flyers all over the festival area ground but we saw not a single one of the card handed out that anyone had thrown away. We saw a lot stuffing the cards in their pockets and it was a real treat to see. I have also already now heard from a lot of the people from round Europe it really has been a cool thing. Thanks to all taking time out to check the site and mailing me. Thanks guys. Dont be strangers. There is plenty more of good to come your way.

More stuff is in the mail I know on its way to me. Stuff I have waited for a long , long, long time now. Personal stuff from the boys. Along ofcause with a good few things of smaller items. Tomorrow more will be added in the sections of magazine articles and video and the solo pages for sure. I have some really cool things flowding round somewhere between USA and Denmark and Canada and here. A lot of the stuff that I have longed for getting home is slowly coming. And I wish I could put it into words how much this pleases me. But there are no words for it to be found to cover my excitement.

Right there and right then we walked around a little more and we changed goal for the rest of the night. We wanted to have a close up one final time together on Motley as they played. But got to think about the deal we had already set with the cab driver that was to pick us up. So we really had to stay in the back not to miss our ride back to the hotel from the masses as a ton of people probably would block us off getting out in time. so we enjoyed the cooler hours now and tried ot clear our minds and enjoy the few last hours in Belgium Graspop festival 2009. The trip cross Europe we had fought so hard for to make happening for us.

The last chapter of this European tour 2009 will be pined down tomorrow. I am at work again and I have not much time to continue so this one will end right here right now and I will catch up on the remains in half a day I promise. So sorry for the massive delay on this posting. I will be back. Sleep tight my friends. Bang the rock out. Crue event to come.....



2nd Of July 2009, Bulgaria International Airport
11:05AM CET

So Peww what a day. What a trip. What a July 1st. From sitting home in your kitchen unpacking your shit from a European tour and do home dily things to stuff things in your pockets and leave for a one day trip to the south east of Europe for a day in the name of Crue only. What 24 hours things could top this? I have no idea. But now it is time to hit the other way round. Home going and work from this date forward. Tonight there will be another nightshift and then the ball rolls on. Humans lives a funny strange way I think. But here it is and thats the way it will coninue to be till I see myself six feet under. And remember that by the way. The hole can be dugged for you way before you plan on it. So dont think too much live by doing. Do not sit around wait and see things through. Just do. If you fail so what? Take notice of it see what happend and use it later. Life is too short for waiting. Welcome to the first day of my new and remaning life.

Cologne I pretty much covered it really but here are some shots to document the many things. The church, the venue poster, the waiting to get out of wettingen to hit Cologne and so on. We had a great chance as said to recover and regain energy and more in Cologn since we had a full day off that was simply so cool.And highly needed. i can in all honesty not advise anyone to take this sort of trip if you wanna follow a band round Europe. Do yourself a favour and combine your travelling ways. Using trains all the way through is too risky in the sence that there are delays and shit. It is hard travelling and all. Combine it with a flight here and there and perhaps even a car. But it is all too late for us now but thank god it all went well in the end inspite of the minor things that went bad!! As said here are a few more pictures from a day posted a little too early. Sorry bout the mess lol, lol, lol.

So like I said in the previous posting lol, I was most likely wrong. Here it is we did travel from Spain by night train but not to Cologne but to Wettingen Switzerland. They played France the 19th Spain 20th and Wettingen 22nd. Cologne 23rd. Sorry for the fuck up!!! We did get late to the show in Wettingen also cause it was a long ride. Almost a full day. There was starting to be threats with rain. And it came after we got to the venue. But from arrival at the train station in Wettingen to the venue ohh dear what a mess. Let me try to sort some shit out here.

We arrived and turned to the counter at the train station asked for two things. Where was the nearest hotel? The dude said easy 5 minutes away the only real hotel we have in this small time city. Okay then!!! What about a place to get my girl a ticket for the show this evening with Motley Crue? She had from before we left said NO to attending it as she did not want to spend money on it for the reasons of her not having too much money for this trip and secondly she wanted WASP more. But after having seen the band some times now she was on the wagon of joy for the band. They were actually better than she had expected. So the dude at the counter said. "yeah you can get it right here"Ii was going like "no, no, no I need a concert ticket not a train ticket." He said "Yes! right here" Wow I had necver heard of that before but okay. She got one.

We took off down the road to find this hotel in hope of having one night there. But we did not have anything but bad luc´k going there. Almost by the hotel it weakly started to rain so we stopped to have a raincoat out for Tine and for protection of the HellFest poster and her backpack. Later we found out somethign really bad. But first in the hotel they said "no sorry we are full". but there was a tiny hotel not too far away. And we went there. It was closed no need ot fool one self. So now what? I was starting to hate this day. Time passed by fast I thought. There was a fucking show to attend to and then there still were all these problems and no place to stay.

Near by another city called Baden was a better try. What a long walk fuck. But in short we did it. Did not ask around just hit the first and best seen hotle. A skyscraer holding 13 floors. Went in and BAAAM!!!! 200 Euros for one night. Jeeezzzz .... really not good but we did it. Grabbed paid and weont to the room. here is the next shitty happening for us. As we were about to pay tine all of a sudden said. "Ohh my god I have lost my money". Can you imagine the look and thoughts on my face and mind? Holy shit. I would not have enouhto cover everything for two till we got to Denmark again. But it had fallen out as she picked out her raincoat. Thank god not more than 100 Euros but still. the rest was now in another pocket of hers but it was a huge slap in the face. We took a shower fast changed clothes and headed off towards Wettingen again walked the same long road we came from to see if we would find the money again. Ofcause we did not so one person had had a great day there finding the money.

Wettingen sportscenter was the venue and it was fairly far away having in mind we walked from another city to get to this place. We thought fuck we will neer get a good spot. It is close to five in the afternoon now and doors open shortly. There are masses of people. But as we arrived there were like only a handfull. So another shit ass luck and we had front row again. And we did. Stood in line for 5 minutes and the rain came pouring down all gone again as we got out from the venue. I cna not believe the luck on that one.

There was no Wettingen poster to be seen at all any where maybe there was not anyone made? I could not say. I only know I wanted one badly. Certain places it is just cool to have these things from and places like this and Austria and other places in Europe it is so ghard to get things from. Swedne the UK Germany and places like that yes easy its huge musical countries and they cover their concerts massively. But places like this just dont. And therefor it is even harder to find things from it. Not even a paper to cover the concert was found Not a comma. 

The Wettingen concert was almost a club gig. The lightning racks were extremely low. Hanging almost just over their heads. I remember everytime Tommy did his throwing stick to the snare drum for it to fly high in the air to later grab it. it hit the lights above him and everytime he looked up at it and gave it the stiff middle finger. Pretty funny to watch really. He and I had a lot of fun together during the show. He looked over a ton of times signaled all sorts of things and at one point he signaled to throw his stick and I cought it in the air then again he did try to let me have it I guess. heis time to come to the front of he stage for his little jagermeister thing he stopped in front of me paused a second then said. "Youre back. cant believe it." Then told the audience like he did in Copenhagen. This guy has seen blah blah blah Crue shows......yeah Tommy had his fun with this fact of a fan it seems. I loved all of it myself. Just one of them little things that you seem to remember from having dedicated your ass to a certain band for so many years and so intence like I have.

The show was great to say the least. It is not often you get to see them this close and so intimate really. Switzerland was just one of them nights. They were on a 97% in my book. Really good. Not much shit not too much trouble with the sound or anything else really. All in all a really neat concert. delievered in a place I think was extremely weird. Meaning a ton of these almost 20 shows for europe this time around were show places that they had never attended before. Made it all a little more unique in some way. Anyway I was happy really happy about my decition about going here.

Only thing that was not too cool was the way back to the hotel in Baden next to Wettingen after the show. The rain as pointed out earlier had stopped still hot outdoors and still sweaty really. So the tiredness and the heat and the sore feet was not a thing for anyone to go through. Cant help it but I keep thinking about the Americans in situations like this lol, lol, they would fucking die. Never the less we found our way back took another shower and BAM!! bed time. In case all you naughty fucks are wondering "IS HE LEAVING IT OUT OR WASNT THERE ANY SEX ON THIS TRIP." No there wasnt much. It was all focused on the thing we went for and the energy was all used in all the damn travelling and walking. A constant moving. Every single day really. Look at the boy to the right of this section see how burned out he was?!! Shit. Show was over my dear friends. It was a hard trip all together and it will be a resting time returning home for daily doings again for sure compared thó the trip taken. Not as fun and cool but way more resting.


1st Of July 2009, Birthday Kid, Bulgaria, European Tour Part Two
9:11PM CET
God fucking damn it. I had this posting done and typed already and just as I was to click send the damn thing went black. There out the door went another two long hours postings. It is not where near cool when the damn electronics makes these stunts. Sitting in Bulgaria waiting for the next thing to apear. Dinner has been coverd and birthday songs and shit only one dare dream of is all under the belt. I can not even begin to share my joy for this day. It has been a little overwhelming. But then again I am not in posting near this date yet now am I? Hell no.

Sitting on the train (again) longing for the warmth to find me again and the next destination Bilbao Spain I as always sat with many thoughts to this doing of mine. Everything was burried in hope of all going good. And I had said it since the get go "the first three days needs to just pass by. They will be rough nad it will be a minimum of sleep and that is if everything goes well. But on top of this I had gotten ill with my headacke got cold as hell in the night to come (Spain) and it had been steaming hot. But hey Here we were. Sitting in Clisson on the train to take us to the south. Crossing the French border and hitting Bilbao in Spain.

It too was an extremely long ride. Starting here 6:15AM and not being there till late into the eve so a lot on the festival would be missed as is already. So nothing really had any room for further destractions nor delays in the time scedual should we arrive in Bilbao and see the band in time. Several train shifts later we arrived. What a cool place. Nice still warm but ot totally burning. It was in the evening already nothing were on our minds but one thing. A shower .It had been two long days now in heat sweat cold day and night times. Hunger tiredness and more pretty much summed up how we felt and what we did not smell cool weither.

So arriving at the buss station we found out a lot of stuff .The central station where the hotel was close to was a gone long way from this buss station. The buss station is mentioned cause at a point on our trip from Clisson we had changed our ways to grab a buss going from the boarder to Bilbao. A much shorter ride and not much waiting time. Thank god we found out. Shit that other and original plan and all had given us about zero chance to make it in time. So arriving in Bilbao by buss we had short time to figure the rest out.

Found a subway train to take us to the central station and there we quickly found the hotel. Posters for the festival was all over the city and there were several different ones but all glued up on something. Even high above the roads there were in the lightning poles banner posters and one cool blueish one of Crue alone. I wanted all I could possibly find but no one has been brought home cause we never found eny anywhere. And the road hanging ones ...too high up to even try. Fuck. Just have to keep an eye out for one sometime.

Hotel - there is a magic word from how we felt. We checked in and went directly to our room. One by one we hit the shower with absolutely nothing else in mind I guess. We felt bad. So the shower was a gift from heaven really. I cvan not imagine a thing I would have had rather than that right that moment. The posters maybe lol. So the cleaning up was over with and we had to get going right away. It felt like a constant on the move thing with absolutely no rest no time wasting or nothing. And that is exactly how it was.

I grabbed a bunch of the new site promo cards to hand out there at the festival. And out the door we went. Took same subway train to the buss station again easy to get round now already. Then passing a block to the sport center and there were the festival bisses that would take all concert goers to the place. And holy mothermary of god. It a festival in heaven almost litterally. HIgh and I do mean HIGH above the city light up in the mountains was where they had this thing placed. Man it was a sight watching down over the city millions of lights from Bilbao and with the mountain sides covering the city we entered the area of the rock n roll living. We had done a lot already and were at a point by the boarder freaking out about the time. But the time was on our side as with everything else.

We were arriving there about 15 minutes before the band before Crue were to play. This was the sedish masters of In Flames. I have to say personally I have never ever in muy living days holding this interest for rock n roll seen a professional band acting so cheap and so lousy. It felt like a band from the garage next door at home. They failed on more or less every note there is in the book of failure for a rock band as a live act. Jesus christ. What a shitty something. I know my honey had been looking forward to seeing this band for so many years and she had her chance now. And for the first time did I finally hear her say she was dissapointed. She hates to say that about a band, she can not handle facing something bad if she watches a band live. She claps and smiles in joy even though it sucks ass. I will never ever get that. She is a pleaser big time when it comes to this field and there is nothing she can argue about that one. What a shame especially becasue she is a singerin in a band herself. Cmon Tine et real. They sucked ass.

I felt lucky in my own way to have the power and honesty in me to say what sucks when it does. Crue have sucked plenty of times. My god. Ohh yes. But that was thank god and stil is only a prove that these creatures behind a band name is nothing but some lucky farts that can live a dream wirld and a fantasy for real cause the low scum being us the daily daytime workers constantly supports them. They are aloud to fail. But they are also obligated to fulfill their conving fantasy world when they perform. If they dont then slowly people will have had enough and let them go.

For multi millionaires and world famous folks to go there it will hurt more than not fulfilling their dreams. The way to the top is hard yes but the way to fall from the mountain top is deadly. I had no problems admiting this neither to or for myself. That is a blessing I am really glad I have found and kept inside myself. Fuck everything and every one that denies this fact to life ends up really, really bad. Sometimes dead.

After the McrueLoyalty cards had been handed out the Spanish festival merch had been covered bought and rapped up in the backpack we headed tothe main stage waiting for the "Hells bells" to be heard. The now well insider fame intro and countdown to the boys to apear live one more time. As it came another thought flew through my skull. Man I felt so lucky having this chance ot be on the tour again. My pain fom the past was heavier than words cna ever describe. So I felt really great standing here. And it did not get smaller as I witnessed a really great Crue performing thiss evening. They were good this day.

Bilbao was covered well. Only thing again was I did not get why a festival headliner did not get a full set to play. They skipped "Too Fast" and "On With The Show" and sometimes one more. Not a cool something in my book. But then againI ave said it all along and refuse to admit anything else. Festivals are for bands to promote themselves give the fans a taste of what they are all about and then hope fpr some new followers to come along. I hate festivals. I hope next time they arrive in Europe hopefully as said Feb / March 2010. That it will be with the full on big bang. Pyro and the hole circus. Motley Crue is a show band for god sake. They should not limit themselves with this shit. Its part of a Cruecial party if you ask me. But all in all they did goodreally good this evening.

It was ofcause rather late as the curtain closed up and signed the band off and the night had ended. I only now looked for a bootleg shirt lol that I had seen one wearing inside on festival ground. I found it and another got both and then it was off to the busses that should take us back down from this mountain side to another shower and then a bed for the first time in more than 43 hours. Man just close your eyes right now here with me and picture that little fact. You have longed for good sleep and a buss ride and a subway ride away you hadve a bed and a hotel morning breakfast that would really do all that for you. Pretty awsome to think about is it not? Fuck yeah.

The buss ride down the mountain side ofcause was with a packed as fuck buss but it was truely beautiful and it had this awsome easing peace to it somehow. A festival was over for us again and it went so cool part from the fucking Swedes in In Flames. There was nothing I longed for to be any different on this festival at all. And by the way I found the long looked for Spanish edition of "THe Dirt" at the merch stand that was extremely weird there it was. And they also sold 2008 festivals huge KISS and Judas Priest posters. Ofcause I bought none of them but still. Weird sales stnad holding these things with the festival and official bands merch lines. Soall in all it all felt good and things were all in place as the shower was over again and I laid down plat on my back on a bed and remembered the evening and the surroundings in my head.

It was a good day in the end. Tine was fairly pleased too. I think she is just happy to be a part of it really. I have some serious hopes for things in the future for me but it all would depend on the outcome of a lot of things and deatils alter on. I will have to wait a few years to see if I will be that lucky!!! But here and now laying in bed thinking about all that had happend till now was nice. It was a good hard really hard first three days of the trip just like I had pictured it to be. But man, I would not have been without it one minute. I thought some greater things would be ahead for me and I was right. But Later on that.

I was beginning to dream about the breakfast in the morning at this time already. I was really to head the pillows and just sleep cause it would not be too many hours here in this luxsury before the alarm clock would be beebing. And then another full day of train rides would be what we had in front of us. I think we talked a bit but not much before we actually burned out and just passed on into sleepy land. I guess next stop had to be Cologne in Germany. Brachwurst and sauerkrautt here we come again.


1st Of July 2009, A Few More Minutes On My hands Before Show Time!!
9:37PM CET
By the way happy birthday dude. Fuck almost forgot. Thanks Tommy youre a dude I can trust. "Hey dont mention it, I am you" lol. Thats right cellebrating my brithday here today. And it is with a damn great experience unlike anything I could have dreamed of. Sorry can not share details for respect to the innocent (as there was any round). Well I am having a blast really and I feel like I have gained so much from this European tour much morethan I really hoped for to be honest. Or could wish for I may say!!!

So it all took me way over 100 shows under the belt this tour - finally! I can not believe it. I have miss counted dead ass wrong last year. But who cares. Its just now that its a fact I feel honoured really to have come this far not only with the 100th show and all but with everything I have won over and gained and bought over the years of travelling and collecting the hollywood scum. Give me a hell yeah!!! It is a cheer that I bow to gracefully. Thanks for all your support and loyalty.

A ton of you out there have givn me great advice over the yeras of the site and all I respect that. Fans opinions about things are cool If they are usefull. If it is to be a nasty butt pimple and only be a pain I see no use in or for the individuals what so ever. But to everyone else thanks a millon. I promise a growing and cooler site as time passes by. A lot of shirts and shit has been added today. More video listings to come. Hang on. Now we had gotten our asses on this European fairytale onboard the train from Bilbao again and headed cross the eastern parts of Spain to France again and on to cross that country really. Well almost. Needed to catch the destination of Lyon before this day of train travelling was at its final stop in the daytime at least.

In Lyon we had this dates final train. It was to take us to Cologne in Germany. The next city of Crue`s own show no festival here thank god. And better yet. We had a day off now. In Cologne. Not the baddest place to be stranded with some time off. The sleeping in this train was not the coolest either but it worked okay part from the heat to Tommys liking. Look at the train rat on the top section bunker for the night she enjoyed it it seems jeeezzzz (look right)

We got there a bit late this day. So after checking in at the hotel and all we ended up on a local train to take us to the nearest place and got off asked around and found pur place. Yeah no way on earth would there be front row standings tonight. A lot of folks had shown up already. Like always on this Euro tour. From around noon people are showing up standing in line for nearly 7 hours and then anohter 2 or 3 inside before the band hits stage. Nuts. I felt fine about that actually Really fine.

I chatted to Tommys wingman / bodyguard and we have gotten off on a great level this tour, he knows how dedicated I am and he offered me picks and a stage used stick by Tommy in the middle of the set .. saw him outdoors again after the show shook hand and he said "see you next city", as it was the most obvious thing to be expecting of me. Then again it was was it not? Yes sir!!!

The show here was a cool one. The crowd seemed to have been waiting for this band forever. And I met a few really cool guys. Hopefully they will keep mailing me and we can have a bond for the future. Talked also to one that had seen some recordings from this tour. Several shows are fully taped on audio and or video. Gotta be on a watch out there too. But the show they helt here in Cologne that was awsome. band was psycked Nikki seems to be really laid back though these days. Not the wild man he is known for to be. No where near the carnival of sins Sixx we all saw ontheir comeback tour, at all.

Again hot great warm sun and all on the 24th of June in the city of Cologne. Woke up to a shower a great breakfast and then we headed out. Wanted to see if we could find a music store. Turned out one of the biggest in Europe was in this city. We found it but hey.. I was not too impressed. Yes it really was big. Yes they had a lot. But it was only of stuff that was still on the market in the catalogues so to speak and still available. It had no cool really hot collectibles really. So again Tommy boy was not to be impressed here. Sometimes it is a really drag to go so much round the world and not be impressed much. I long for a full trip somewhere and just daily go "WOOOWWWW holy shit now that is unreal". But I yet have that trip ahead of me.

So here I am in Cologne basically only waiting now for time to pass us by untill its show time again. We had a really shitty list of nothing to do really so we found a net cafe and looked on the internet for a good hour. We went out later and I finlly took my girl to dinner invited her out as I have wnated to for a long long time. She dont like to go out to eat. Too much money and she is a vegetarian so its hard for her to find anything neat to eat. But we found a restaurent where whe felt alright dining.

So I grabbed the chance to give us a night out and have a good time. Except that got ruined massively from what was brought to me. For a second or perhaps even a good 5 minutes my mind was very far away from Crue land cause I had been served what was totally not eatable. It was not cooked right. Half raw. And only garbage meat not even a dog would eat I dont think. To hell with that shit. I behaved the best I could to spare Tine the embarresment. So I sat still and paid up.

We lft and I went and bought us the biggest ice cream you could find in the area. Had she not been there I would have handed the shit back and asked for a new meal or money back. This was by far not worth a penny. Hell only the sause was okay. The rise was so n so... but no way worth a nickel even. Thank god for the ice. A street clown performer by the icebar were starting to gear up and involve everybody I thought god damn it be a clown without me here and we left.

Not much to do well there probably was but we decided to get a really neat great aswsome rest tonight and sleep in till like nine the next day to go get breakfast before heading out to town see some more. Tine was all cranked up over some old gothic church building. I am sad to say that shit can not or does not have an impression on me. Sure it is an amazing amount of work and all. Hell yes it is. But so what. I can not use it for nothing in my life. Not the life that I lead anyway. I did however let her convince me to go inside with her I sat down respectfully like a quireboy and waited for her to be done with all her picture taking. Ohh dear what a drag I thought. But hey it was her trip too. And like I said I have done a lot of things very differently than I normally would have done and have done in the past on my trips.

Cologne was a cool enough place to be at for an xtra day part form saving extremely on spendings financially. I have not done this massively for a long time like I have this year on trips and certainly not on tours. I just really wanted to have things to go well and have money for what came unforeseen. Cause would come up indeed. I had also not had the longest time in the world to safe for this so I had not the coolest chances to wave my wings. I saved all I possibly could. And I am so thankfull for that now I can look back on what was going on later in the trip. Which really were unforeseen things and situations. Man oh man.

You know so much has happend on this trip that I honest to god am pretty sure I have fucked up some things. But if Switzerland was before Cologne forgive me. I only know I have been at all places. And for the first time as said not taken notes not written down thought. Although as you can see here a lot of things details and feelings sticks with me cause this kind of travels are of most importance to me. So forgive me. I promise I will have Switzerland covered in the next posting here. I am so sorry.

Time is running out for me here and I have to get ready for what is happening here as well. But I am so far behind in my postings that I had to do the best under the cercumstances I am in right here and now. And further more just thinking about it right now the day here far south from home at the last Crue show in Europe and heading ot Denmark in the late mornings and have to get on regular scake again and already from tomorrow its night shift again. Shit have no clue how I can even get myself set for that. But right now "Hells Bells" ... its a cue for the Crue... stay put more to be shared. Love most ... peace out!!!


30th Of June 2009, Europe Closed, Legend Dies - Steaming Heat
11:44PM CET

For the love of god. I have totally screwed up on a ton of things on this European tour. I did not take potos of the venues like i normally do. I did not do notes for the diaries like I normally do I have a full list of the "did not do" and I am truthfully a little sad about it now as the diaries of mine are the soul notes for all my memos of doings really. I can not tell you why I did not do it this time. I guess this was in all honesty my first ever to be European tour or any Crue tour for that matter under the conditions that this trip was actually founded on. Not the coolect framings but some really needed ones. I let you in on what I mean.

Sorry going under water crossing country in Denmark again.. hang on the connection under water will be cut I will be right back. Give me eight minutes. Okay back!!! I have been fighting as all of you that knows me. It has been a hell of a ride in a hard rough tough and stinky way the last 15 months for me,. I needed to set everything a side in my life and say this trip now the boys came through Europe I simply had to cover best possible and make it go well. That was the first step.

Then I had gotten myself this girlfriend and she wanted to join me for several reasons. Wanted to finally have the first solid time together and even away from everything wish so far had been out of question so surely for the sake of love she jumped along and things got changed. Normally I would have been flying around but a line of things made that detail not an obtion. So we did interrail. Trainrides round Europe. It was not too cool. Delays and 2 thirds of the time away from Denmark was actually on a train. She is not gonna say I took things pretty. She would say (if you asked her) that I was a complaning bitch always nagging about the way we travelled. Ohh well.

I work with trains for a living alright. This is not the coolest obsion. Ohh well its done now and we got to see what we wanted. Further more she needed to see what takes so much of my time and passion in life. And wanted to see for herself. Now she has seen 5 shows of the band and her first two W.A.S.P. ones too. They do not do cool as a show band no more. And My god what a balloon he has become Mr. Lawless. It tares my heart to see. I think I had a really hard time accepting this band of 2009. Man what a pain and a self set ego minded man this genious is. It is really painfull to see since things are so great if handled right. Ofcause that is a matter of taste I give you that. But then again this is a one man diary. So I am really only sharing one mind opinions here my friends. You do not have to agree or back me up on a single comma. It is all good.

I think a lot of great stuff has been done on the trip from when we started the 18th in the early morning from near by Copenhagen at Hoje Taastrup and we had a full day to go by train till mid evening where the final destination would be France. Paris Nord would be the station to get off at. Felt a little weird forme to be in Paris or on the road for that matter at all having in mind all the shit I have been through and all the money I have killed the past year in makeups and B plans and shit. It is not a thing I wish for anybody to go through. It is not even close to being an obtion in my ways of thinking.

I have wanted this trip for a long time and all the way through hopeful for the best possible result that would ones and for all kill and burry the pain and loses from the past almost year and a half now more than six feet under. So did it do it for me? Well before the massive writing that I am about to do for the day I wouldhave to say YES IT DID!!! It was a wishful hopeful something that was highly needed and I can say nothing but it has been a well positive doing and a very successful something forme to be honest. let me just already now say thanks to the band, the band staff and all. Everyone has been really with open arms this time towards me. It has not been a stinker at all.

As said weird to land in Paris of all places the first stop for us and not really have time to even explore this lovenest paradise according to many the city of romance. No chance to do such thing. It will have to be some other time. The train ride from Denmark to Paris consisted of three trains. And sadly all of them were way too hot. I got myself the only thing I feared for the trip. A headacke. Cause if I get one from heat hunger or simply from being too exausted it is almost guareteed that I will get really bad and from there throw up and have a couple of days in bed and there really was no time for all that crap on this trip. We would be spending mor than 2 thirds of the next en days on trains going from a to b to c to d to where ever.

Friday morning it was up fairly early and getting to the subway going to a different main central in Paris to cross France for the destination of Clisson where the todays HellFest 2009 would be happening. This day was no different than any of the days on the trip. Solid heat and hot weather was the frames for us. But then again better that than rain and mudd. I would say we had all the luck in the world on this one. When it come to that. There have been a little too many hopes and prayers for this trip for me to be honest so I needed to take the trip from Paris to Clisson a little easy.

We got there obvously and the festival merch line was the next thing to scare me a little. I did not yet know how much these places had for me to get to cover cause I really wanted to cover most possible. But to my suprise there was not that much really since I only wanted what had crue`s name on it. The other stuff I could not care less about really. So stuff was covered and we had to figure out what the heck everything ment really. What every was and where what it all was.

I had another Crue adventure waiting for me for sure. What I did have a problem with a sadness from and all and what I did not fully get why I did not make my baby know what I would really like to do that I have always done. Take pictures of the places they play and all. I do not mean of the band that would only be a bonus I mean to document the polaces they played. But I never did on this tour. My own guess to why I did not do this was two things. I had a girlfriend with me and I was not in ego land as much as I would have been normally without the ego part being bad as such from the times with my South carolina friend.

Back then we documented all very well. We all did a ton on everything but this time was so different for me. I am sad about it. The other thing or reason of suspition would be I was fragile in a way I have not erlier felt. I did not know what to expect not from the trip. Not from my girl not from the band not from their performances and not from my own highly needed somethings to kill the long talked about sadness from 2008. There simply were too many details going on to even be bothered about some sence making in my head. I just ate it all raw. And as said thank god things were quiet alright.

The day passed away and the night hours closed in on us. I really wanted to see this show from a good spot. Got that and I was like hey they do their festival stuff alright. Short a little too scrapped if you will. They should have knocked all over with some cool pyro and shit. But hey maybe next time. The 80 minutes or just about that they played here were not super convincing. If one was told to see them for the first time and I had told and shown them some video and stuff they may have been fairly dissapointed. So thank god I did not do that.

I had fun no doubt. To even be on this trip so expanded was a treat forme. I can guarentee you all I needed it too. France got killed and it felt great. They stopped almost 2:30AM so we had a train to take us out of here at round 6:15AM so not too many hours to kill really. Only one thing was fairly bad. I was in shorts and nothing a tanktop and all the merch under my arm. I as well as my girl would be freezing as fuck that was guarentee no one coulod deny. And this was a packed trip with several 100 miles travelling every day so there was not really any chance for resting untill into the maybe 6th day or so.

Clisson is a place in france where there is like absolutely nothing. I tried during the day on the way to the festival place and back since we walked to find the festival poster since they did not sell it at the merch stand. I only found one and it was nailed up on a fench near or actually next to the train station. So with my nerve and my absolute lack of respect about the place it hung I dared myself and I took it off of its plae and it is not safely stored in Denmark and on the web under Looks / Poster/ 2009.

I slept for maybe 25 minutes on the concret in shors and shit 4:30AM and it was freaking cold at night there. I had a ton of great it was a really shitty second night for sure. How could we not get sick form this cold after having sweated all day and more. I smelled like yesterdays garbage. But I did not get sick well not untill I got home to Denmark anyway. I am having a cold now as fuck and a cold in the middle of a steaming hot summer home here in Denmark. Not too cool. I do not really sleep good. Do not really have an easy time breathing from a cold. The train came for us on scedual and I thanked the dude upstairs for that. It was hell to be out in the cold anymore. France - thanks, nice seeing you again but for now Thank god for leaving too.

I sat on that train waiting to get warmer but with thoughts about everything I had on my hands - the trip. The trip with Tine (my girl). The shows. The tour. And I felt like these two first days just really had to pass before I would start feeling great about what I was on. Since it was festivals and festivals in the middle of nowhere where also there would be some really hard times getting any rest and more. And I was right. It sounds like a complaint. And for the Americans that reads this it can easerly be hard to cope with. Not fully understanding why we would have such a hard time. Well we were without a car and there was no chance on earth that I would have a chance to do it any differently than was already in scedual. Americans dont do anything without a car so it is not even close to easy to explain what a hard time some in Europe can have doing these things. Doing these adventures. So let me just not go there.

Now that I am back from the tour I feel I am really having a sad felt feeling about the news that I first heard about from a received text message the morning of the 26th European time. Michael Jackson is dead? What?!!! That was just not real. I mean I am not to tears over his loss. But I had all that same instant feeling inside that I had lived myself from other heroes of mine as they died. And this time it was another HUGE los to the music industry no matter if you like Jackson or not. He was a man of his times Like Elvis in his. Cobain in his and so on. I felt sad for the fans really. Maybe most of all even. But probably because I had so many thoughts inside that what when my time comes when my personal next hero dies.

I felt easerly like the Jackson lives of the DIEHARD jackson fans - their world collapses. And I get it. I get it in full. Hell more than 15 fans have instantly not been able ot cope with the los of their hero and killed themselves. I know that that is a bit out there. But still. I get it. It has been insaine what the experience has done to me. I keep saying life is fucking too short to fool one self and to just lay lame ass low on dremas and wishes. Man you get things taken away from you sooner than you think if you are not just grabbing the moments - really .... Jackson fans just experienced that this week.


25th Of June 2009, Cologne Wednesday
10:53AM CET
Sorry no time has been on my hands for any tour diaries really. But there are much new stuff and nerw postings coming in 4 days. I promise. There is a ton tf things to do and still I have a tight scedual here sorry. Buzt my body has needed rest like never before and I have not had a chance to have any till yesterday so I have tried to sleep in as much as I could possible do. The 28th or 29th there will be new stuff to see on here...Still on tour in Europe .. but got a lot to share later ... man just the thought of it all being over and the daily doings are knocking on my doors again shortly is a nightmare. Till I return my dear friends.,.. stay loyal be good. Love you.


17th Of June 2009, Guess Where I am!!
5:52PM CET
Really where do you think I am? For fuck sae on another god damn train again. Thats right I have been active on a move for the last 4 days this is my fifth and htere is no rest till the 3rd of July rest in the sence that I am going back to work. I hate that . But what the fuck. I need only to get the next some months to pass by so I can move on with the new chapter. And not be pushed down again.

Today was actually an excellent chance for feeling low again once more but I refuse to this time. I got a 1200 dollar bill that was highly unexpected never mind for what but this surely sat me back some once again. God damn it. I so extremely need to have the next 10 days go smoothly and no bull shit. I am so tired right now. But I am crossing country agian after having been up late as heel at my webmasters and we have worked and done huge on the site. It is actually pretty expanded in may fields. I have finally gotte nmore home that has been laying round worldwide and it feels so good everytime I can say its here its home and it will nto go anywhere no more.

So how are things here? Well as said I feel really good but I am dead tired. I wil larrive in Roskilde tonight at 8PM then do a few things and go to sleep have to get up at 5 the latest cause i havea full day again lol going on a train to Paris. And sleep over then on fromthere to the east coast of France to Clisson and the Hellfeston Friday. WASP and Crue are playing so it will be a good day for me and my girl really. I can not wait to get this on the roll. I need the next 4 days to simply pass by as good and fast as they can. I know I should not say that. But I can nto help it. The connections are what can fuck things up and the connections are what can really do the hole thing bad as hell for us. So yeah let them pass by quietly but surely. The website has been looked in at assaid and I think I need this time with my webmaster more often. It was a pleasure to go there this time and get things in gear. And man it was needed. The video section and more is gonna be updated really soon.

I hope the new received bill will not totally kill plans and counted for doings at the end of this month. I truely need things to get cleared and on a move. It is simply too much hassle to keep it all going. I need rest and peace in mind with all this. You see I have so many things I really need to have going well and ended asap causethy have been kind of on thin ice already from unforseen situations really. Not the easiest thing in the world to have had to deal with but now I have promised myself that this is going to see its end as soon as possible and this coming first shal lbe the first step of the remaning perhaps three before al lis killed only right now I do not know from this bad popped up little incident really. But I am not gonna paint al lblack here and see things in a bad way. I am gonna keep the faith and keep the smile on my lips and just move forward as I have been the last little week now.

THe tour so far has done me extremly good so I refuse to let a stinky bill kill my pleasure. I simply will not. Not this time. There are not coming much more on here for a while. The next almost two weeks I will be away and not return till round the beginning of July. So till then enjoy the new and as always thanks for the support guys and girls. Hope you are all good out there dont be strangers now. Much love

15th Of June 2009, Tired But Loyal & Rocking
8:52AM CET
More crazy times. I can not fully believe what i did. The 11th. day after the Copenhagen show I had a couple of days again back to nightshift. They were both rough days. They took the best of me. Less good did it do me that after the nightshift and in the morning af the 13th I boarded a train to cross country ones more and it was not a cool thing to do. I was so tired I should have been able to even stan on my own two legs. But I did it. Went home ot grab some things from the German show to come in Munich Sunday the 14th. Also I brought home a bunch of Crue stuff that had arrived at my brothers place in Roskilde so it needed to go with me home.

I was all high and thinking about the European tour that I was now in the middle of but my good lord I still can not believe that I went home. Why not? Cause I had come from a night shift and I needed to cross country twice on this day cause I had a south going "Euronightline" train departing from Copenhagen at 7PM. My god it was insaine to do this now. While riding the train i also started to wonder see what is going on Tommy. See - look around and take it in. I think there are so many great things taking shape now. And not to put myself up on a pedestal or nothing and not to judge a full country in one but I am starting to wonder here.

Now that I am doing this on my own terms again things goes well. Things are great and alright. I have no American people around me have no US folks involved in my acive life no more when it comes to Crue part from only 4 guys that I am forever geatful for. Now the evening of the 12th I packed like said above all the stuff from Denmark and Norway to bring it home on that idea of a day trip to Grenaa and leave my shit at my place ... for every item I grabbed I said you are not doing this you are not doing this. It is insaine and it is not for you to do not now. You have a Southern Germany trip to take in a few hours. Dont do this. But as you see I went and i was dead beat while returning to Roskilde.

ps: there it was the sound of the whistle for the trian. I was now on my way out of Munich, Germany from yet another show. I was totally not really understanding this myself. It was not a thing to be fully understanding anyhow cause I was ass tired. it was 9:15AM. Anyway back to the day before Germany. I had packed and I left. Fuck. I was tired as fuck but i did it. Worked out in the end as suposed to anyway. I did laundry, unpacked took a shower repacked scanned a bunch and that was all the clock aloud me to do before i headed to the post office and again out the door to return to a train to cross country and with an arrival time in Roskilde at 4PM.

I now had my girl with me and two hours to pack all and get something to eat and get to the train in time. Yeah it was a really hard time to do it all and make sure I was still myself and had a functional body. I had at the time I left for the trian that should take me to mid Europe and southern Germany been on the move for 32 hours. I took a trian from Roskilde to Hoje Taastrup where I boarded the Euro nightliner and to my big suprise I would not have to switch trains in Hamburg as first thought. Thank god.

A little text message with my girl and I told the one person in the 6 bed cabin that I was ass tired and I would go to sleep very early. This woman seemed friendly enough but she smelled like hell and drank beer like a man. Ohh for sick sake I did not want this to be what i had to deal with this long way. But it was .She did not say much did not really understand much though she was swedish. So she got up and said "I will go to the restaurent onboard". I could only think one thing. and it was "YES!!!!" bye bye. I am tugged in in a few seconds. And I was. I laid down was so ass tired you have no idea. She kind of acted like "what the fuck" but as said headed off. I slept for 13 hours straight and woke up seeing them all 6 beds taken, had not heard a thing during the night where ever these people may have boarded.

I woke up a good hour before we arrived in Munich but we had gotten a good 30 minutes delaid almost. It was fine by me .I was not to be missing anything anyway so all good with me. As we got of the train at central station Munich I went to look for a turist info and a magazine store. I found both I got myself the June issue of the Metal Hammer cause it holds a one page article in it and then bought myself a one day pass for the subway trains that was to take me to the gig tonight. And again everythign including the hotel was ass easy to find. I have not had a single downer on these past few days going around it feels like a walk in the park to be honest. And that on top of it all is just a really appreciated something.

At this time it was now 10:30AM. The hotel staff told me to come back but they could lock my bag in untill round 2PM cause it was Sunday and the still staying guests wanted to sleep in. I for one could understand that so I took a walk about and ended up getting myself a falafel to eat and then I returned to the hotel just sat there waited till I could get a room. It was hot as hell here .My good god. They said the African winds would be the thing to hit mid and southern Europe the next good week and a half so now I know it will be hard to be on the Crue tour to come next week.

After finally geting a room on the fourth floor 419 I locked myself in there and took a bath. Just laying in the tub was heaven for a little while. I so needed this. crue still messing with my mind. But at least my body was resting now and it was under water to really be handled right. It felt so good. Thought about all that I had in store for myself on the tour this month of June. It was a lot of travelling and a lot of patience and food and drinks were to be main priority if not the whole thing trip and goal would fall apart like a cardhouse.

I felt like I was on a form of revenge really from all that I had been fighting with the last long time. Here I was trying to do everything good and in detailed good. My needs for the good and the extremely excluded bad was something I havea hard time putting words to really but it had been like an unwanted tattoo really. I got out of the shower and took less possible with me to the central station and looked for the undergorund found it and the right train line and directions and then I was onmy way to the venue called "Zenith" it was a good half an hour away fom central station but still extremely easy to find. Felt again - good.

I got there early really and felt somewhat alone for some time till I started to talk to a few people and one in particuloa an Austrian Mario. I could not believe the stuff he tols me. I had perhaps now found a new really great friend. I was gonna help him with getting his Crue signatures for later tattoos. To put it short he left before he had the chance but okay maybe some other time then. It is all good. Anyhow AUSTRIA THE ONE EUROPEAN COUNTRY THIS BAND HAD NEVER TOURED in yet. That kind of felt weird having that little detial in mind when I actually listend to this guy guy and huis Crue passion Fuck he had to go to the UK Germany or Holland to see them if he wanted to. There was no Crue coming by Austria.

I got him some signed Sixx stuff though. He promised me an ass load of dvds. He has a good 800 so I am missing a hell of a lot and I am getting them all. Thats a solid fact. I am not gonna miss this. I had a chance to get a load round 150 last year but the guy would not do it the deal was all set and all and we just had to let it go. Or I would and I did. Sadly. But here is another chance for that area to be pretty packed and completed so I am all for it. I will do it take contact in a good two weeks with my new found friend here and get it all sorted. Awsome.

Mario it was to say the least a pleasure meeting you. Thans for being so cool thanks for the beer and the stories. This dude has been awsome all the way. A little shy almost kind of kid that I guess most of his friends look up to. It certainly looks that way from how they all treated him. SO extremely leaned back and pleasant. Again thanks Mario. you and I will have tonsof good times together in the future I think.

The hours were long outdoors and before all this I had another adventure not to be detailled here but to be kept for private but thats how it is sometimes. We finally got to be let in after a steaming hot day in the sun and not much to drink at all cause everything round the venue was closed. Again a dead center front row for me next to Mario actually. It was all great and this time compared to the Scandinavian igs there were new support acts. And more importantly there was no pushing around me really. Everyone was big as a mountain so I thought okay just last long enough to keep your spot for maybe 30 mins of the boys show but they did not get pushy. Amazing.

I kept my spot there and tried instead to help a dad with his very young maybe 6 years old up by the front fence. And she stayed there he did a really good job. She was handled well by the security part from one guy even Mr fCrue staff stone face lol made sure she got two bottles of ice cold water so she managed really good. I am happy for both of them. Now the opening act was as so many times on so many ocations a Swedish act. Backyard Babies. Let me just say this I wonder how is to be the lead singer and frontman and totally be run down by the bands lead guitarist cause he was the show man that made the other three guys look like puppets with no business in a rock n roll band. Yes really. He gave it all and he was the center of attention in that performance sad to see the band so irrelevant. They failed to impress me as a band.

Then a short break not long and hey ...... Duff Mckagans Louder. He by the way arrived round 3:30PM in a local taxi to see him come that way to the venue was some what a weird thing. Really. The band he has build up though felt like a punkish attitude and with all legendary status this man has I would say they weredoing okay. Their own material is not really something to fall on your ass in impression over really. Its not really ...well let me not fullfil that sentence but rather give the album of theirs some more listen and then come back alright?

One thing that is dead sure is the encores. Duff gave us a gift in the snece of doing a GNR medley almost ... then ehaded into "So Fine" and "Its So Easy". Watching him and listenign in on these total classic rock tunes I was taken back in mind remembering the stories of when this kid along with Slash AxlSteven and the others lived on Sunset in sleeping bags and cardboard boxed to keep warm and scrubbing floors for 20 dollars a day that got spent on burgers at Mc D. This is a cool guy that had also personally known the Motleys for 21 years now since they opend up for them on Gurls US tour 1987.

Yeah the Duff boy has done it all too and he has done well. Now here he was in Europe June 2009 opening up for the guys that gave his old band a break. Louder stays as support for the remaing Crue shows outside festivals. I have no rason to not be enjoying them some more. Everything about the Munich trip was good only two minor things were not too cool to be honest. The fact that the conductor on the trian refused to reply in english and that she replied and ignored the travelling costumers in German is just unforgiveable really.

The other thing would have to be the fact that they at the Zenith in Munich did not have waterto give away forthe audience. It was a steaming evening. That totally sucked ass major. But the security as said did a hell of a job .Really pro working. Nice to see. It is needed big timein Europe. We are packed in a small place and people get hurt or dizzy cause of lack of oxygen or water. They could do something about it they just did not do it.

Now the band I came to see: The stage was prepared as always the curtain was tried to get dropped but this time it got stuck. Hanging half down still from the ceiling I started wondering what they would do now. The tones of "Hells Bells" the boys cue was staring so they were busy. They lowered the rig and fixed the curtain but still thingsseemed not totally in place. Why? Well of all the things to be missed lol lol there still was only one member in the house Vince Neil.

All of a sudden from a higher rig walkaway down long side the venue up high came Mick Mars walking wih girlfrind and bodyguard. Man he was late. Could not believe it. Started to wonder if he had been in need of a helping hand or a doctor or something from how I remembered him in the other airports. But only a minute passed by then came Nikki the same way. "Hells Bells" almost moving in on its last minute. I wonder why they had shown up this late . That did not seem to be liek them. And BAM!! like a bullet train Tommy came in last litterally running down the rig on the long side of the venue now all was in the house and the show started its intro only 30 secs later. Totally weird really.

My extreme tiredness from yesterday was only partly there now still but I was ready and focused on what about to happen in front of me. I also thought about my Copenhagen night not cause of the anniversary but because of whom I was there with. My girlfriend saw them for the first time and I was told by a certain someone she had almost cried as Tommy did his greeting on the 100th show. Sweet cute and a little funny. She knows how much this means to me and she is on my mind here along with the rest of the Copenhagen gang. Ahh baby...

Then right there in the middle of my thoughtful excapism (is that the word?) I saw the curtain drop and in a flash I was drawn back to the here and the now. Again many staff Crue members had already greeted me and 45 seconds into the show neil and Sixx did the same. This show how ever started very muddy as if the voulume simply was too loud to be near good. I was not liking the sound. Easy to see Sixx had the same thought. Vince wanted Micks guitar down could not hear himself. It continued like this quiet some time...took several songs before it got a bit better. But later again it went back to bad. liek B A D....sounding.

Kickstart was all confusing and the band was not really connecting to the fans. Second song "Wild Side" got better still muddy sound but the band got more focused. Good to see. The show as a whole was no where near a top ten but it was a middle good thing that was an okay night for rock n roll. The venue itself felt like an old factory I was not sure abotu the regular situation with metal and rock shows in these parts but right next door there were not less than FOUR huge arena complexes that easerly would hold as many people a piece I think. God damn it.

Ohh well booked was booked I guess. So this old factory like place got to be the frame for the band this Sunday June 14th 2009. Mario I think was a bit suprised abotu the acknowledgement from the members and staff folks to me. As told to him itwas a something build up over a lot of years and a lot of time and cash. It has been no where near easy nor cheap. I can not recommend it much. You would have to sign your life ordinary life away like big time. As the band in Munich bowed out after "Home Sweet Home" Tommy came to the front of the stage pointing to me again saying "nice seeing you love you man" and with that the show was over.

I was to meet Mario and his frined after the show again. But at the time contacting him after my own doings he had already left the place. Sad to hear. But okay. I was an inch away from snapping the city poster from outdoors there was one but I knew there were venue people therewatching for everythign so I did not get it. But as I post this I know I now will get that one. The last remaning poster missing of the four shows this year on german ground. Pretty good to have it all covered. I am pleased as a collector.

It had now also started to rain a littel bit I caleld home taklked to some there and told about the show. Now I needed to asap get to the train or sub train station. Did not want to stay an get wet and cold. It was the Freimann station and it was so easy to find still in the dark. Went back to Minich central station and directly to the hotel. I think my baby and I missed each other much now but it was okay still we will soon have a full week in the southern Europe together so all`s cool.

I think as I sit her again on the train going some what up north in Germany I go through another ton of thinking and details. It is with a smile so far that I away from Munich and on with my June European tour. Vacation from work and a mission. So far all has been a success. So all good here. The many hours of train riding is gonna be done with me relaxing purely without any buts. Till tomorrow that is lol. More then will be added on here so till then be good alright?!! Ohh yeah one downer by the way did occure in the middle of the Duff M Loaded performance my arm that is fucked starting to give me pain like I have not had so far in the right arm since it went bad. Fuck I was almost to tears. But as you see I got through the night.

Some have asked me plenty of times about the next few things coming to the collection. Well if you say the months of June and July only then hopefully the Euro merch line the US Cruefest 2 catalogue of merch, the SOLA album worn white leather jacket of Sixx´ and some more of my stored USA north of Hollywood stuff and all the constantly incoming smaller stuff. A possibly smashed bass a new bunch of unreleased posters and more. After start of August and on I can not fully tell you yet a few things have to be looked in at in details and then there is the matter of the everyday ordianry thing called bills worlking situations and more.

There may be Australia or Asia round new year but that is a different story and a very uncertain one right now as I post this. If not then I will be looking forward to th February march 2010 European tour of the Dr Feelgood specvial or in other words Cruefest brought to Europe. I have promised myself not to have any more stuff left in the USA at the end of August. That is not an obtion for me. I need to et it oout of the way and I need to have somethign really nice and something really calm for myself.

Some have asked me if I can raise some monthly rates on some of my part payment plans / deals after October or November that is not gonna happen. I too have been marked by the world crises financially and it is not in any way easier on me than it is for any other really. Everythign that is in gear right now will not be changed to a larger doing and there by killing some time and get thigns cleared a little earlier than what is already going. can not do. So there is not a chance for that to happen.

What that means on a few certain things and som e certain items and bonds to people ....well I can not do more than I am doing now. As said times are simply too tough and there are not much else to do about it really. I respect all around me and I respect all there are and will be but I can not work magic. There you have it the latest so far. man oh man a lot on my mind and all this are just doings and thoughts Crue related then there are all the other stuff in my life. You would wanna trade situations for a week and have my program? feel free... ohh by the way this is not a complaint!!!!!!! C´ya later

11th Of June 2009, What a cool cellebration It Was Part 3
12:00PM CET

Standing inside the KB Hallen in Copenhagen with "Hells Bells" blasting and my brother girlfriend and friends around me front row dead center I was really looking forward to my personal aniversary with the band. All has been calculated and re-calculated over and over and yes this was indeed the 100th show for me with this band. So weird standing there thinking about how much I have been forced through to get to here in my Motley Crue collectors world.

Thinking about all the things I have gone through in life to get to this day it has all been a little more than a simple fairytale. And not alwasy of the good kind. But here I was and I felt so good about it. Was really looking forward to the show tonight hoped for them to do a mindblowing one. The lights went out and the intro started the curtain dropepd and BAM! there is was. There they were. There started my 100th.

Sixx as so often before saw me instantly naughted and smiled confirming. Knowing more than I cae to mention about my little private anniversary as did they all. Knowin about this I prayed for this one on Danish ground to be the best show of the Summer for me. besides they have not been here in ages - sothey owe us. I had so many almost impossible dreams for my own personal self on hand but to be honest all was killed with the totally unexpected little something T-bone pulled when he had his time fronting the stage and sharing the jagermeister.

He got to the center front reached out smield widely and said hey bro went on to sharing the news about my 100h show with the audience. You can see it in on youtube or in the diary posting from last time. Guess how I felt? Time stood still for me these few seconds and I did not register all details till I myself saw the video. For a few seconds I felt alone with the band or here with Tommy even though the venue had a packed audience cheering loud as fuck. Just did not hear it right there and then. I was in a world isolated and was then brought back. So Mr. Lee from my heart to you and the band thansk for the greeting and the appreciation. It could not had come out in a cooler way being a fan of the diehard kind. I love you muthafuckers. But then again you know this mor than well already man.

My extreme time and money spent in yoru name I guess speaks for itself. At a point in time I never fully evne thought I would come close to a 100 with this band more likely with KISS back in the day but that nver happend. So for it to happen I feel really cool about it being here in Europe and even better yet .... Denmark. That is something just not ever believed to happen.

But here we are 10th of June 2009 and the anniversary knocked on my door. Cool. And this is the exact same venue they vicitedus in 1989 for the Dr tour with support of NJ boys Skid Row. Ofcause they have been here for an hour performing 1997 opening show of the Swine tour in Roskilde at the festival. But some how that does not really count. It is not a full concert and not their show really. So thinking of all the details going in on this one it simply was a cool night. Same as the Dr tour last real concert too here in this country. And its Anniversary of the same album and for me. Plus Denmark and with family friends and girl. It was all a good night.

The band killed Bergen here by far I felt really fantastic. Thanks Tommy Lee for this little soemthing. You kill. This evening gave all. The band was high in gear and they gave it all. I feel at this point that I have gained new energy new will new and a fresh breath to take this to another level ones more. I truely love what I do here and I pray for the next ten days to be a continuation of this night fro me to burry the dam nlast painfull 14 to 15 months.

Right now I have to look only in my calender of wha is to still be done just for the near coming time. My god. Shows, deals, items handling and more. This show gave me an inner feeling that I think no single individual has ever given me in my life. My girlfriend means the world to me and she was sharing it tonight. Never really knew what she wanted wit hit or nothing but she was taking by storm too. Her first Crue show and she then now slightly more understands what this is to me and why this band is of such high importance to me. For the first time ever has she now had an invite to see a littel deeper with her own eyes what this is all abotu and what it is that takes her boyfriend away from her so often. They killed her for sure she gets it a little better now I think.

How all in all the band is to me and how the staff members are. What it is that I see in them and why. She has discovered something and in done it in a way that she normally does not see a band when she watches. She can perhaps now better judge things in her own way and that to me is nice to know. All this how the band and staff is to me is normally something I never really talk too much about why should I? It is not possiole to share anyhow. People would not understand. Even less believe it I guess.

But Copenhagen 10th of June 2009 killed. got a ton of reconnision, Tommy sticks, handfull of picks solidly handed after "Primal Scream" and Sixx` setlist handed to me by my respected friend and bass tec Mr. Darren Meeks. You have come true for me many times over bro. Thanks a million. -

We left the venue with a really good feeling most of us and to be honest many stopped an congratulated me on their passing. It was weird to have that one night fame and status really but also I felt rightfully and well deserved if I may say so myself? I feel so okay. No bootleggers were in sight should perhaps have taking it in Norway. I know it is not a coolthing to say on here cause that takes away from the band I love so much. But hey...I collect and I can not stand seeing a prick selling someting for money I could have had and not going after it. So since no one was in sight I took off. Actually we all did together.

Aiming for central Copenhagen and a place caleld "The Rock" that place was the framing for the after show party. And we wanted to go. But fuck in hell as we got there the line outside was endless and inside was caos according to the man behind the event. Never the less he promised to get us in being the biggest fan that I am. So waited a little longer but gave in and headed towards central station again. Never attended the party. Sadly. My brother and the webmaster had already taken off from the line and they headed out with Allan and Inez. So only Tine my girl and my Irish brother Billy was left.

We got to the central station sat and talked about it and the past three days Norway and tonights show then called my brother and he and the webmaster were to grab a train at 2.07AM towards Roskilde. Billy said "you guys go ahead go home rest and I head t the airport for the few hours I can sleep in a chair and we we will meet again." I felt a little bad leaving him there but he seemed okay. And he had had a mindblowing time these two days. So my girl webmaster brother and I took off to Roskilde and we ended the night there.

Tine and I took off to her place since the other two had a Crashdiet site to work on in the morning really. We did not wanna bother them. Plus I had to rest have a long time ahead of me. Sweaty and smelly we got in bed and did we do it? Fuck I do not even remember. Too much on my mind and too tired while posting this. But I got up and I took off to my brothers place in the morning to take the webmaster to the central station Copenhagen where we would split and she go to the airport to fly home and me to find a buss taking me to the office of Live Nation to get the Copenhagen poster. And I got it. All covered.

The pain from the last year or so I have now dug a hole for it kicked it in and all I now need to do is cover it all with dirt. Let it accept that I have started a new chapter in this book of my Crue loyal living. Thank god. Cause it has been hell. Sad that I missed the after party but the cool himself Martin has the event poster for me and I feel it is all okay since I had such a great time at the show already. I hope to hell the dude still has the posters for me man. Stay put more to come in only a couple of days. Be good okay....

12th Of June 2009, What a cool cellebration Part 2
1:49PM CET

The group of people that talked to us here we had a blast and stood together indoors as well. Bergen airport ready to leave Norway and ready to say thank you and goodbye for now. Felt really weird to me. It felt like I had not really been going at all. The show in Bergen was a middle way kind of show. It was nice to see the band noce to have been there their first in Bergen ever. But no over the top experience.

Nikki felt to me like he had slown down part from making his faces to the crowd and all he felt not really present. Hard to say but from all my expereinces with the band as a live act I would say Vince this night was the one that helt it up. Mick is Mick but he seemed invisible some how too. Tommy tried but in my mind did not really make the final inch that I felt was needed. But a mid way classic Crue show was what this evening in Bergen Hallen was really.

I know, you do not have to email me and say you disagree. You do not have to agree. And no I am not putting the band down I would not do that. But honesty and openness about it is what I respect fans for if they are doing it for the right reasons what ever that may be. I know Sixx appreciates this about me that much I do know.

Well I was in the airport had the good 70 minutes to go and all of a sudden again like as we left the airport in Copenhagen to get up to Norway the members walked in. I could not believe it. First Nikki came to the gate counter and then went in to sit down. Then came Tommy and bodyguard or what ever word you prefer to label the man with. They all three wnt to the back of that gate` area. I was noticed and waved over. I want to say hi and hello sat down a little bit had a talk to them. They were awfully nice and friendly.

Two guys came over too and asked for the two Tommy and Nikki to sign a juts bought Whiskey bottle box from the tax free shop. Asked for pictures to be taken with them too. But Tommys guy said "okay guys now youre pushing it" They were aloud to sit down and a guy took some pictures but in the weirdest way. Non of the band members looked up or posed or nothing. It was all like this wird not present situaion. But they were in the same pictures as these two guys so I guess they were okay with it. Not by far a dream picture at all. No way near it. But okay the guys I guess really just wanted to be left alone.

It turned out the plane I was to take to Copenhagen was the same flight they were to take. Mars, Lee and Sixx. They all were to be on this too. Nikki in seat 1F. Mars in 1A and Lee in 2A.

Mars with his mid 20s girlfriend. It was all overwhelming in its own way really. Nice to see them again feels even stupid to say but well... it felt good. They talked to me about the Bergen show and the up and coming personal anniversary show for me. That was a bizarre kind of feeling. I felt they knew a few more things about me than I kind of thought about. Not that it really matter but still it felt kind of weird. But in a good way obviously.

I have a good bond to band and staff here and I have a blessed something in my own way and it is kept low and it is a well fundamental something that I really have learned in time to value in a way that is pure good for me. I am still high on the fact of the framings for me and the mixed in passion that I stil lto this day pocesses for the Crue. I have a huge heart for it and the only thing that really wears me down and take a little bit more out of me than whats good is the line of shitty somethings that I fight with from time to time like the poeple that just does what they do and kind of fucks with me even though they should not do so.

But after this here in Bergen the chats the meet ups the Copenhagen gig that I am about to let you know all about I am still here and I am not gonna change anything and close this book just yet. It has a good fee lto it and I am clos e to heading down south in Europe for the next shows. I have needed this more than I can even set words to. What I am totally happy about is Billy my Irish brother was able to come here nad share the Copenhagen and Bergen shows. That we had chances to talk and catch up after the Florida nightmare last year. It has beena long time healing process for at least me and I have to admit i am really now ready to do what I can to have this friendship lasting for life. I think it can. Thanks Billy for coming over thanks for all. Can not wait for the next time. Round three to come.

Plane left Norwaty, Bergen at 2:10PM that Tuesday the 9th. I was thrilled Vince Neil took the flight a couple if hours erlier and my Stockholm friend Annika that I went with to the Bergen one she left the hotel as mentioned erlier in my postings and she met Vince and got her photo with him in Bergen airport by the gate. Both she and Billy have had their ways big time. I am happy for them. It is all good. I have my own share of things and am NOT ego minded ... lol... I feel its all good to see people having their small moments as their first or maybe even second time meeting their idols. It is all good vibes.

We landed in Copenhagen round 3:15PM. I called my two awaiting friends. And they both, Billy and Annika said they wanted to wait to get a photo with the members onboard and a signature maybe. They got it woth Tommy and with Nikki Mick never passed the arrival section. But he was not looking too good to be honest. It is not hte biggest secret in the world. But in Copenhagen airport he did not look too good. It is a hard fact to swallow for me but i try to stay objective on this and not think too much about it. But it is fucking hard. Really hard.

I dont know how he can be so misserable off stage and then act out such strength on stage. It makes me teary but also stronger in the sence that "fuck if he can do what he does I can then also do what I have to do to make these situations turn in my favour for sure". Okay I often feels I am doing exactly that but it is a hard thing to have to continuing to be a part of my life. Just talked to my brother about it. I dont think any knows how hard all this shit really is on my. I need to have a time now soon where I am not in need of dealing with and finding solutions to hard ball shitty situations that takes my time money and energy. Thank you very much.

Tuesday from the airport Billy and I stayed a little while talking to Annika. She was heading to Stockholm from here not attending the show that night or nothing. we stuck around there for maybe a good 30 to 40 minutes more after the picture taking had been coverd and all. And then we hugged kissed goodbye and we left her there. Billy and I took the train to central station and on to Roskilde station. Walked the 15 minutes and ended up at my brothers place. He was cooking for us already. We were nasty needed a shower and food. Well Bily took care of the shower before I went then we had a hi and hello to my brother and then eating time. My girlfrined came by later round 8:30PM we had plans for taking Billy to her place and all. Staying for the night with me and my baby. But I felt in the end he was well well worn out and there for I offered him to stay with my brother resting and I could go with my baby to her place.

Thats how it all ended uup. We were ass tired. And later I heard Billy just fell in and slept like a baby and so did I out by my honeys place. We were beat, dead beat. Annika was nice to see again a missed frined all the time. But also a someone that I know I am all good and safe with in the sence that our friendship is constantly in focus and no bull shit ego shit is to come in between us. We shared a good few persoanl stories we both seem to have experienced and I am in deep sadness to see we both have had the experiences in what we both thoght were friends but then they acted and gave us both in each our worlds a cold shoulder and a nasty behaviour and a feeling of a great los in persons and friendships we seem to have been willing to really treat glasslike.

I should not say this but what really is reamrkable to think think about is that we both have had these situations with Americans only. And we now stands here 2009 and both wonder what it is the Americans are made of that makes them do what they do when they do these things to people. Just sad really that we have to go through these situations and experiences with people.Wednesday came and all were feeling pretty realxed at first.

My girl and i agreed to meet at Roskilde station she had to get ready at hime and I went to pick up Billy and my brother we wanted to get in to the Copenhagen city venue the fastest way possible even though it was only late mornings. Well guess what as we got there we only stood in line alone for maybe half an hour then people slowly statrted to show up. It was nuts. Its fucking early to do but it feels like people shows up at way earlier times than just a few years ago here in Europe now a days.

Man it was to be a long day or so I thought. A lot happend in the line of waiting. I have to say things I was in for a lot of suprices. I am sitting here thinking what can I possibly tell share and what should be left out for reasons also not to be shared here. Well, I think I will choose to say this I met several of the Crue staff and it was more than just a both unexpected and cool experience and there will be some totally life long cool memories though.

We standing there as the gang for the afternoon shared alot of talking and more and more familiar faces showed up. Several co workers came and was to attend the concert. Yeah all in all it was awsome. I felt ready and I felt like this day my 100th show could be something special it already had been just standing in line. Let me break this up this posting here before it gets too long I have been typing for a long time already and I need to take a few minutes stretching my legs.... I will make a part three to these few days in Scandinavia shortly. What a ton of thoughts you end up with sittting here and remembering all that you did the last three days and all the thoughts that comes from it when you are so dreaming away here.......

11th Of June 2009, What a cool cellebration It Was
2:58PM CET
What a June start this has been. Really ment to start this posting off like three days ago. I had started but everytime it felt bad and nothing really came of off it so I just did not really bother. And how I would have started this one off would have been like now there are only like three days to go before this whole thing is gonna start off for me on this European tour. As said I did that like three times already and then I started over and in the end just did not do it.

Here is the update after returning from Bergen Norway this afternoon. I could not believe it then and I still can not fully understand its happening as I type this .It does not fully feel like I have seen them again do not really know why. Maybe it is just me having had an extremely troubled and hard time and I have been so focused on working my ass of to do this and money for it and more than a thing or two has takeing the ultimate rush out of it and made it impossible to cover it in a way most wanted or preferred. Now the days up to the taking off to Bergen yesterday morning was like flying off and the last evening before I went to sleep this being Sunday evening I was excited but not in the sence I knew from back erlier on so many other trips. I really can not say why cause I can not put my finger on it really.

It then got to the morning of the show. Monday 4:45AM. Alarm sets off. I felt not really ready. I was like dazed and yet really looking forward to this thing. But I got to admit this day was mostly exciting for me cause of a whole different thing. My possibly new future travelling partner, the Irish insanity himself Billy Rogers. God bless the bastard. And the long time friend yet also not seen in ages Annika from Sweden. I know or at least can imagine you out there not believing me saying this. Cause I could not possibly want to se them as much or more than Crue? Well in all honesty I feel it is an even. But from two complete seperate worlds that are just so damn important to me both get top listings from me lol. The friends cause I care for them and they both mean a lot. And Crue for the obvious and for the said one thing over and over again. That being I need this tour to be fucking positive and going well. So here I am trying to get the best out of it and not do too much crap.

So my take off time from Copenhagen was 08:10AM took off from the apartment in Roskilde at 5:15 had checkin at 06:32AM and guess what was and what Did happen. Sunday was an off day for them playing and they came from Finland on Saturday were meant to go to Helsinki to sleep the night but their flight had gotten all fucked up in some way (dont know the details) so they had gotten another flight out and gotten redirected to Copehagen from Sunday to Monday and turned that into a small time base really almost. So I talked to a few of them and got some things told and had a really highly unexpected day in the early hours. Not too easy to sink in when really you did not even feel prepared nro ready to fully cope with what all this was that had started. What a total suprise.

So we all boarded the same plane and took off to Bergen airport, Norway. A little bit delayed but we got there. Good enough for me. We all split and with a "see you later" we aimed in different directions. Me on the local flight buss taking me to the center city to meet my long lost jailbird Billy. I could honestly not wait to see him hook up and talk again. We have something I think that will never go away. Its really cool. A dude so easy to like easy to talk to and easy to share this Motley shit with. He sat at the buss stop as I arrived. Good trained puppy. Love him to death. It was a pretty cool and great feeling to shake his hand in new envirements not being Florida or USA at all. And again... for the same cause. Loved it. We went for a sandwich and a coffee before heading to the hotel. No heavy luggage this time on any of us felt fucking the best. We clicked instantly like expected.

As so many times before at Crue goings I fell into the tonights shows poster and it later turned out that there were fucking three different sizes of it. I know, I know it soounds lame and almost child like. But keep in mind this is the Tommy - the collector - youre talking to here. Or rather that posts this diary. Let me kill that little thing quickly. I have come home to Denmark today with all three versions of the poster and I am happy. Happy as can be really. I have talked to the band and I have had my good hour of fame and asked for nothing. Felt right I am all good.

We stayed not long at the hotel and went to the Bergen Live offices. The organizers, to hear what actually was possible about the posters. But as said I got them all and things were deals easy to say. Only about 20 minutes later we decided to head out to the venue just to be there already and just wait around. Annika was still to be expected. She called a few times and we awaited her for some time and then she informed us that she would be there sooner than planned. Some onboard the plane from Stockholm to Oslo actually lived next to the venue so she would take her. There was not a thing going bad for this girl on her full trip ... non what so ever. I would say she is one happy little chicken now was she not. I think I needed to feel her happy for some reason. And as said it all went well. All posters are here now in Denmark and I am freaking out about the really great chance to have all these. I love them. Thanks Bergen Live you have been awsome.

Tuesday, Bergen woke up 6.45. Mainly cause I heard the other two Annika and Billy waken up at this hour cause they had to leave for the airport several hours before myself. I had had later departure. They left 7.15 I chose to try to sleep a little more guess I got maybe 45 minutes I got up 8:45AM and got out hte door 9:10. I was so awake and i felt I would love to just go around now that this trip up north had no really luggage to carry. I was for once in a situation where going around a lot carrying a minimum was an obtion. Well that was untill I passed the bergen Live offices and I juts happend to see that guy that I was asked to talk to "the day after" for the posters. So I figured I simply had to go in and see what was possible before I did my Bergen stroll.

As you know from above all that went well and I have all three here and they are online in the poster 2009 section a little later today. Amongst other stuff. New section is being born in the 2009 shirts. Europe 09 will see the light of day to gently seperate the already released and the Euro tour and festivals shirts that has the Crue on it. Yeah it is a new section and there should also come a few things iin the personal 2009 section. Tomorrow is almost a sure thing to for adding new articles new mag covers new picks new cards new well a ton of things really. Well okay not a ton but a few things in several sections. And then give me a good two more weeks and I will have more for all sections above and also there by kill all thats new for the European tour June 2009.

Now after all these postes and todays Bergen paper with a two page review was picked up I noticed it had started to rain like really pouring so I dropped all ideas about taking a trip around and there for looked for the place to take the buss to the airport and I wanted to go to the airport at this time cause I did not in any way or form want the posters to get wet and ruined. Hell no. Buss took me out of the city at 10:45AM. here started another totally unbelievable chapter for this trip. To be continued.......


3rd Of June 2009, Crue Hits Europe, The Madness begins
1:01PM CET
Wednesday welcome to June the month holding the years longest day in just a few weeks all the single holiday days in the calender in Denmark are over with. We are back on track on that one everything is back to ordinary if you even like that word to be used these days the way the world is turning these days. The things that holds a new chance as a European to see the band live near you is here. Tonight they hit the stage for the first time since 1989 if we talk the opening night of Europe area. Russia and Moskau. This is the single most wanted to see gig on their tour I think for me. How ever I am not there and I will nto be in St. Petersburg tomorrow either. That had been the ultimate kick in the ass for me this year..

But next coming Mondya it is Norway and Bergen so it is not that far away really. I surely hope that situations able to let me have what I so badly need. A perfect run through the places I will see them at this time around. It is not a financially perfect thing for me to do. Right now there simply is too much from what the daily situations are like and does alou me to be active and fool around with. But I take what I can have for now. I am 15 days away from having my first vacation and solid joyful time together ever with my girlfriend and I am mixing that with the Crue thing live this time. I can not even begin to explain to you how cool this can be. If it will be is a different kind of story now is it not? I do not have a crystal ball nor do I want one. I have what I have and that is a will and a need to make it a success the best way possible without any crap tearing it up. I for one will see to it that it all goes the best way possible.

The European tour will have the new guitar picks if you are into that kind of stuff (look on each side of this section and there are pictured the front and the back of the new 4 to come) and the tour will have the Euro version of the dated tour merchandise and so on. So there are plenty of things to play with and aim for. And I am doing that too. The new stuff will be on here partly mid June and then the rest late June. Hopefully as completed as it gets. I am not to miss anything if I can help it. We will see how it goes. I have a line of things that this month can not be handled so later this month there will be some rather sad amount that has to be found and cover some non Crue stuff. To be honest I am a little worried here abot theis situation. How ever there wil lbe a really great something for me at the end of all this mess. So I choose to keep the good faith and move forward still.

How else is everything going my dear friends? With you I mean. Sadly I rarely get answers to this question. but it is okay. I have my guessing games here and I know how fucking killer it is to have the band over here for us in Europe and how you feel about this. But I also sort of know how many sees and feels about the economy situation of todays hard times. It is not an easy one and it is not an easy one at all to deal with being a collector. There are still things in the everyday life that needs to be handled as a sort of first priority. Am I right? I am not constanly and without exceptions truely always good at this myself but I try the best I can to mix the loved passionate side of life with the dry and plain needed to survive side of life. A rough mix most of the time but I try.

Three and a half weeks away from something I could not really care less about. Namely my brithday July 1st. Looks like this year I am going to cellebrate it Crue style. Thats pretty awsome really. Bulgaria a place I do not really see as the most safe place on planet earth but okay!! I od how ever think partfrom being with my baby that day that this is the ultimate thing I could do for myself should I cellebrate somehow anywhere. On a Crueshow. DId the same last year on the first ever Cruefest show on the planet in Florida.man that brings memories thats half dark back to mind. kaliakra, Bulgaria.

Well there is something new for ya. My god. The day actually has a really cool something and I need to send some personal thanks again to the band ...here by done. There is a day tomorrow, well there is every day after the present lol but tomorrow has turned out to be a second last time for site working. I will go cross country again to hopefully get some more site sections fully updated. One of the priorities will be the video section. There are so many new things laying around that has never been added to this list. Its gonna be a hell of task but it is a needed one to look in on what ever else we will manage to look in on we will have to see. I only have half a day and I only have this one shot at this. Till next time........


31st Of May 2009, Hatred, Scared But Still High
3:39PM CET

It's not like I made myself a list
Of new and different ways of murdering your heart
I'm just a painting that's still wet
If you touch me I'll be smeared, you'll be stained
Stained for the rest of your life

So turn around walk away before you confuse the way we abuse each other
You're not afraid of getting hurt
And I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you

Well aware I'm a danger to myself
Are you aware I'm a danger to others?
There's a crack in my soul you thought was a smile

Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna leave a scar
Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna to leave a scar
Leave a scar, leave a scar
Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna to leave a scar

I'm more like a silver bullet
And I'm like a gun, not easy to hold
I'm moving fast and if I stay inside your heart
I'm certain that this will be the end of your life

So turn around walk away before you confuse the way we abuse each other
You're not afraid of getting hurt
And I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you

Well aware I'm a danger to myself
Are you aware I'm a danger to others?
There's a crack in my soul you thought was a smile

Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna leave a scar
Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna to leave a scar
Leave a scar, leave a scar
Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna to leave a scar

Should warn you that you may fuck me
But chances are I'm gonna fuck you over
Should warn you that you may fuck me
But chances are I'm gonna fuck you over
Should warn you that you may fuck me
But chances are I'm gonna fuck you over
Should warn you that you may fuck me
But chances are I'm gonna fuck you over

Talking about psycklogical theraphy or a person in need of the same. I am not ...I dont think but this Marilyn Manson song amongst others on this latest CD of his is so totally getting under my skin. I have had enough of a lot of things and at the same time fighting for the new and gained balance and more with anger dissapointment and disfuncional friend lists and more I am torn and sad on the inside and it gives me a hard rough edged feeling that I rarely share with people cause of three or so solid reasons.

One they dont understand it or me. Two they could not care less they are tested and forced to dig deep to get an understanding of my being and life of great. And to be on the deep level of life instead of constantly sitting and just take in whats beeing served to them. Three what people do not understnad or have to deal with they normally just if at all give a listen and then its all forgotten. Self polished ego and acting on a surfase level only is the only thing most care t be a part of really. Not getting too complicated and shit.

It is the last day of May 2009 this life time and yesterday was another cross country day so things were handled and the site had a good few new added somethings. you can see the top rolling banner and get info for the latest on here. I am extremely aware of the time needed to do the list I have and the list that is nessesary for changes and full updates and shit. So there will be another repeat doing of the one day off time I sometmes have on the 4th being this coming Thursday. We will have another day of fully doing some areas. Hopefully the video listing. It is so out of up to date so that is just one of the many detials we are looking into on Thursday.

As always I hope you like the stuff that is here and that you still get a kick out of it. I am trying to still feed you all with the coolest shit this site can provide without being a repeated something that all other sites have. No news section no massive link section no small time somethings either. There are a ton of sites out there that covers that well enough already. I am not gonna change that. Also there will come some more stuff to promote the site soon again. We have made new promo cards and they will be handed out like crazy shortly. Its money given away yes but also it is a great something that was a great idea for people to find out about it that had still not heard of it or visit us on here just yet. I will for sure do all I can to have some things worked out and done right for the promotion only.

Looks like I am going to have my baby with me to the Copenhagen show after all in just 11 days. One is selling a ticket so I think we will share that one too. I so feel shitty about the festivals round the European continent in June but I also know it is a stinky something if I did not go. I need the shows covered and I need the festival merch holding their name. Yeah it is not a cool thing to think about lol the expences are high and the finances are running low these days. I really do not like it too much to be honest. And part from that festivals are just so not too cool really. Not ofr me anyway. I am not a festival kind of guy. I am devoted to my boys but thats a whole different envirement.

Wonderting too about how my girl and I are gonna get the connected something working on our soon to be trip lol she loves festivals and she is a very different person than I. I am not even near what she is . And vise versa. She loves to haeve her fingers into as many cans as possible and get a little from a lot where as I am a dedicated focused person with wishes of having my hands in only a few cans and getthe full possible soemthing from the chosen cans. I can easerly see that there are some things that can get out of whats good but doing a lot and getting only half or something out of things is not me. This collection and this site could and would never had beem if I did that, I would have had a few or many but things in different areas not a stunning whole like i have to a certian point ofcause - so far. I hope for the best though lol. Just not gonna focus on that but focus on the fact that we have this trip together and that we can enjoy every step if we chose to. Get my point?

There are not going to be more bought stuff from now on till late June after the European tour. There are several reasons for this decition but I will return round July first wih really awsome things to add on here and I for one is looking very much forward to that fact in particular. I have a ton of still undone doings I need to get my ass in on but there are not time and I am way too lillte at home for doing the list of things i liketo get done .

I have people too that have started to complain about my non active presents. But I am so solidly focused on Crue these days it is mindblowing I need to get all the stuff done and done right so that I will not longer in the process as it appears do it half or blow it. I have people involved here that simply need to have a good portion of appreciationand money and should I blow it just ones then I am screwed. I really do not want that to happen to be honest. I so need to have everythng now it is all on my own two hands and partners in this universe for me has been killed and not to be again I myself is to blame if things are not getting done right .And let me tell you that is under no cercumstances going to be happening. I will not allow it.

There are major things as said that requires my attention and attention in a financially way only. I really do have ot be on my toes here for the remans of 2009 thiere are so many things and so cool this and that that I need to be aware of that I can not fully say I want to even try to change in the sence of winning time and more and puspose it . No way this is a hard case to break yes but there are no room for mistakes and I do not plan ofn that either. So of things to get added to the sie that is not onhere already are only gonna be the tour stuff and what I still have laying round the world that needs to go my way. That is not a massive lot but it is a massive lot of montey to get brought home. And I hate that stinky fact really.

Of all new things available that could be for me cool to have since I have Sixx personal access pas for the show is this:

Script for Bones Episode #4AKY20, "The End in the Beginning" (last episode of Season 4). "Double Green Revisions", April 21, 2009. 58 pages. Motley Crue is in this episode. Has a 2nd cover on heavy paper with ORIGINAL signatures of the 6 main cast members plus all 4 members of Motley Crue!!! NOT a copy or reproduction!

1. Emily Dechanel
2. David Boreanaz
3. TJ Thyne
4. Michaela Conlin
5. Tamara Taylor bones script pix here
6. John Francis Daley
7. Nikki Sixx
8. Mick Mars
9. Vince Neil
10.Tommy Lee


28th Of May 2009, Lord Almighty
2:37PM CET

Thursday afternoon in May. Yeah it is a mid afternoon here and things are coming out of the closets from all angles. I have received one more huge box from my stored stuff lot in America. It really feels great, another box is out and away not to be thought of again it is so nice. What a relief really. I so need to get the complete lots over there killed like not to ever be dealt with or thought of again. I am so doing most I can while balance it all out with doings for my own self and ego to cope with the constantly bad - tried to kill - issues. I think it step by step is getting there it does take way longer than preferred.

But like everyone else in life I too am affected by the worlds situation. It ist not something I excape from entirely either. But as said one box here and a few more to come. I have no pictures of it yet its fucking massive (SEE RIGHT) and I have no idea just yet how to get the bastard cross country ha ha. Greg my friend thansk for getting this the biggets of the boxes cleared out of the way that is simply so cool. I hope all is safe and intact in there I will tell soon enough. I have had also a lot of worries about my frined mentioned here he is such a special brother to have. He is extreme great and highly important to me. Very few are. In all honesty I have a huge hope for things also clearing out to my advantage. I am speaking of ....

There have been a few things I would have loved to add to the collection as you know from my last posting. Non of the itmes pictured sadly. But maybe I will be lucky and be safe to still get to own the stuff in a couple of months time. I also had a chance to get some other stuff this past twentyfour hours. Like the Tommy Lee owned proto type shirt of a shirt that never got to be mass produced so only one was around. Sold by the people owning and working to the www.tommylee.tv site.

So it was covered in the sence of being real alright. Well I did not bid on it I thought okay with all there is being offered to me and from the current situation that I am in this shirt was just not the most wanted item really. Had it been like me not having much going or something I would have aten it up for anything in the world. but for btoh good and bad .. I did not bid and did there for not get it. It sold firly cheaply actually round the 70 dollars mark.

I am aiming for a good Euro-Tour as said plenty of times on here for myself in June. That is a really needed something to be honest. I so need to have things going my way in the month of June. There really is no alternative for it. I would be massively dissapointed and devestated should I not have a good June. I need it badly. I also need to have some good coverage of the stuff the merchandise from this tour. Spoken like the collector that I am.

I am also right now (at least that is what it feels like) so hard focused on magazines still missed that holds the band on the covers on issues from round th world. I have a few new ones here alsready that will be added to the section "Magazine Covers" on Saturday. But more are coming. I have to say some of the prices on the magazines from bac in theday are super high. I am a little suprised to be hinest but they are, when they are in good condition so awsome to have. I am proud of the collection I have gathered together so far. I really am. It is so nice to say have it have it have it and yes I have that one too.'

On a more caring and respectful unselfish matter my girlfriend is into well you all know this too I guess. W.A.S.P. and the band is killing her from the fact that they this summer of Europe only almost tour festivals. But here is something she oesnt know. They tour Sweden, own gigs in November of this year. Three shows three dyas in a row. I would have loved to give her this adventure together as a thankful something for all she is to me. I will have to see if I can. would be a great gift for and to her from me late this year. What do yo uthink?

Do not worry in case you were wondering why am I posting this here if she is suposed not to know? Well.... she doesnt read my diaries on here really. Also I have to so we will see what i can do on the matter. I do in my own self sat ego Crue living have a line of activities the rest of the year so I am not entirely sure if I can do what I here type .... and would like ot do for her. Again we will see... but soemthing in the name of her and the "us" is cool to have a small focus on for sure.

There are so many great things to look in to the next 4 months lord almighty way more than what is possible to do really. I have no idea what of all will actually goes well and what not. It is a guessing game in the major at this point. But surely as time goes it will all unfold itself I am sure. It normailly does. I have no really idea of what to do or choose to aim for other than what is already in the telescope. I know there are too much so I chose the more exciting solution at this point. I have to simply say "let time choose for me. Out rule what is going to be the impossible or less intresting of all that is to pop up in the coming months. Till Saturday - have fun. Love XXX


22nd Of May 2009, Friday Night Reality Check - Really
4:59PM CET
Friday and a calming one too. I have been almost dictated to take as much rest as I possibly can. Cause of the injury with my arm these days. Yeah it is not good one bit. But here I sit thinking about the situation(s) with a line of things that I hold dear at heart. The coffee is brueing and stereo is cranked up to high ear splitting dangerous volume and I am slowly but surely sinking in too deep on my Cruecial lived universe for a good hours time or so. There are so many things right now that clearly seems to do a ton of people bad. really many people sell their heartfelt belonged collectibles for money cause it is as we all know hard times on planet earth.

I am trying to grab what I can but I at the same time have also a ton of bills and crap from the regular living that needs to be covered and taken constant care of. There is this European 2009 summer tour coming in a good week and a half. Plus there are already ongoing (as always) deals going on that also needs attention. Plus there is the SOLA Sixx jacket to kill and the three huge old Canadian tour manager of the 80s old custom oversized record awards and the soon to be Cruefest two merch line. Ohh yeah plenty to do with your hard earned money.

Now some things have been hard to grasp for me for a long time and I feel June will be the month of plenty of rest and plenty of solving things and most of all seeing my baby. I need that, we need that. I think there will be some moves this summer that will do me good do the collection good and do my relationship good. A few moves and killing many issues build and rebuild. Expand and more...ohh yeah it will all be pretty cool ones things get the chance to come in focus for a handling and a care taking. I have desided this will take the rest of the year but then after that it will more than likely be really cool what the outcome will show. And that I can deal with.

A good frined (I like to consider him that) has been hugely affected by the world crises in the US of A and is selling out of what are over the top priceless items of a Crue collection. I am devestated to see him do this and just as hurt to know that I have so much going I can not get all. I truely wish I could. This is a monsterous cool chance to get ones hands on some really neat shit. I would kill for this stuff. But I am not gonna do jack shit about anything unless I actually have a chance to get a STRAIGHT honest deal set about it or parts of it. Trusting some to make a verbal agreement and get fucked like some did to me last year is not worth the hassle. It will on the other hand scar me for life. And to be frank I have enough scars as is thank you very much.

Right now the guy has some really cool stuff up for the world to grab if wanted and mark my words in a feww days these things will be long gone. And some proud fuck out there wil lbe smiling widely being the next new owner ofthese highly cool collectibles. I am wrtint this with sadness to be honest. Would have loved to see the stuff come to me. The current owner would have had no worries ever about it and he would be given the first hand chance to buy it back if wanted to when the day comes that I would part with it all.

I really hate to see anyone go through what he does right now just like I felt the time when my then good friends of Boston went through things that really ate the people up. INcluding our friendships. But instead of working with me and all they snap and loose their control, patience and more. So things get out of hand and nasty shit happens it never comes out good. I am more than living proof of that fact. I could tell stories of certain people that would feel really small if they came out. But I am under no cercumstances doing that. No matter how much I hate them I will not do that. That kind of actions there are plenty of that out there. Really. I hate that kind of actions from anyone. Anyway here are some of the cool stuff the dude - my brother has up for grabs this time. And there are so much more to come shortly. And sadly I have to say.

There are so many things out there that would be awsome to own and have ofcause. But let me tell you in a good maybe 8 to 10 years ....my guess is when their ten years long contract ends there will be pain and tears in manys eyes cause Nikki has a storage holdiong tons and tons of shit sadly never taken well care of either but there has been plans in this guys head about doing an auction at some point and sell out . And now with all the shit he seems involved in he could raise like a ton of money on things from his hanger of history loads. I really think there are some things that would make me cry when coming to surfase. You know what I mean?

Things from the vidoe of "Live Wire" the old skulls, the original shout at the devil cover costumes and more. He has such a load of crap just laying there not handled properly either. I will not be feeling cool when that time comes if he still plans on doing that. But in the mean time and especially now there are plenty of people out there that are willing to sell things they regularly would say are their priced posessions. The dude mentioned here also has yet a last smasshed bass from the 2005 tour. One can only dream of getting these items in a few days. To all going for these things best of luck - its a great something. To the collectors of Crue picks the up and coming European tour will have 8 new Euro picks for the collectors to try hunt down. ;-)


19th Of May 2009, What A Lemon...
12:41PM CET

Things really goes like a roller coaster ride big time. A little too often I tihink. I have a few new changes and they are not too nice. Not for me anyway. First of all the June trip for the tour in Europe is almost clear and ready. A few more things are not fully in place and I need to have also remind myself that the original total price for the doing this summer is not even close to the listed price in the catalogue. Hot damn. I really do think there are a good amount of time and money there that is required more than first anticipated. Sadly.

Also I had a huge want for seeing AC/DC and maybe especially on this tour Black Ice. I got in line abck then as they got offerd to the public nad I got my ticket. Guess what. No it is not cancelled. I had to. my ticket is now sold and I feel truely devestated from it. It was perhaps the band that I wanted to seee the most this year. So why did I do it? Cause the god damn Hellfest with Crue headlining in France is on the same date. I feel truely sad. I do not think I will forgive myself for this action untill several weeks after the show. I feel so bad. Tickets we re going like wild fire and the stadium was sold out in 45 minutes. Thats a sad but solid fact to my doings now. No AC/ DC for me this time. It will be a mind blower I am sure. Fuck.

With that said also the framings for work and time and setting down a workable thing for the webmaster and myself seems a little impossible to do these days. Insaine really. I think the saying "life is a lemon" fits my present really. You dont really find satisfaction to the max from it. You invest time and money and more and you squeeze the lemon all you can but in the end it is but a lemon and nothing really comes out of it thats in anyway useful. Shit. Life is a lemon and I want my money back. Jesus christ. I feel I have a fairly balance but it is not a prefered one by any means far far from it. Nothing is really great like the word in itself means. G R E A T. No way.

Things are on shaky ground being build up again or at least tried to be build up and I think and feel I have a great chance to figure out what this Crue shit means to me these days. And not just feel its a thing thats been there for ages. I think I have a good few things and a good chance to really dig deep in on my passion and heart in this thing. I really do think things are tough as shit and I have an xtra hard fight to get through to win this over and get myself 101% back on track with this collecting thing and still keep my heart in it. Ahh it does not really make sence and it surely does not come out right as you read it I see that now. Never mind really I have it in myself and I am fighting the fight single handed here. Only new thing is I am done having people in over it to fuck my stuff up.

Then there are some stuff that holds late summer and fal ideas for plans in my hopeful head but al lthat will unfold itself with possible doings or not late July. Untill then there is so damn much to look into it is almost insaine. Certainly requires the best of me in all ways. I never really thought this would be a fight as it is. Not such a breath taking rough one. I knew things would set its own priorities and more and that there could come some thunder nad lightning between people in this. With whom ever I would decide to trust and invinte in on my life in this area But never ever did I dream of situations as fucked and painful dissapointments as this. Never.

I am still behind on the 20th Anniversary Dr. CD and the two Mick Mars site shirts and other stuff. I have to see if I can get that stuff covered too soon. It is a CD not really interesting at al lto be honest but this thing it is there for grabs and I do not have it so obviously I need to get that one under the belt too some how in a soon to come time. 2009 installment in this series, entitled Classic... The Masters Collection.

Each release features hits, album tracks and fan favorites from the artist's beloved catalog. This compilation series certainly lives up to it's title, for this music is truly Classic! This collection from the L.A. rockers features 15 tracks including 'Piece Of Your Action', 'Shout At The Devil', 'Too Young To Fall In Love' and more. From the bowels of L.A. they came, but Motley Crue's brand of Glam-influenced Heavy Metal ended up making them worldwide superstars. Universal.

Tracks include: 1. Piece Of Your Action 2. Shout At The Devil 3. Too Young To Fall In Love 4. Home Sweet Home 5. Girls, Girls, Girls 6.All In The Name Of.. 7. Kickstart My Heart 8. Rock 'N' Roll Junkie 9. Anarchy In The U.K. 10. Hooligan's Holiday and more.


15th Of May 2009,
2:50PM CET
Did you all see this? YOU can be winning a massive package as a welcome to participate Cruefest 2 2009. Fuck always on the verge. It is a cool idea. Great competition. But I also sadly see it is within the USA only. That as always with this band rules out all of us outside America. I think it is a fairly sad thing, For several reasons I mean Live Nation has so much moeny already as is so it is not totally impossible to include people from the world on this. But yeah it is as is. But a cool chance to win a great price anyhow.

Mötley Crüe is back with this summer’s Crüe Fest 2! The bad boys of rock & roll will be hitting the road with Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Theory of a Deadman, and Charm City Devils, so look out for the concert near you. Vince, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick want to give you a chance to come party with them on tour in Los Angeles. One grand prize winner and guest will receive a trip to LA, great seats for the Crüe Fest 2 concert at the San Manuel Amphitheater on July 31st, and an autographed Epiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass Guitar. Before the tour kicks off, the Crüe will bring their rowdy live show to TV. They’ll play their classic hit “Dr. Feelgood” on the anticipated season finale of FOX’s “Bones.” The show airs May 14th at 8/7c. Tune in for a sample of this summer’s madness.

Two (2) roundtrip tickets to Los Angeles
Two (2) nights of hotel accommodations
Two (2) tickets to Crüe Fest 2 show at the indsæt cruefest pix her
San Manuel Amphitheater on July 31st
Official Mötley Crüe Merchandise Swag Pack
$500 for ground transportation
One (1) Epiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass Guitar

The site is gonna get a serious work on next Thursday. A few addings tomorrow Saturday. I have a few things ready for it and there will be a good load of updating on things and stuff thn next week. I think there will be a few new lots coming to me in the next 3 weeks. Nothing major but it will be it will be good and a needed kind of action. I am going to continue the sorting in the boxes in my apartment this Saturday and Sunday. In June there are some huge things coming some more awards and stuff. July the Sixx SOLA tour white leather jacket and more. So you see I am already inthe fall here with my plans and sceduals. August and September are months of killing more ongoing deals and home bringings and then a saving start hopefully for the November European part 2 tour and a possible Asian or Australia tour in December. That is basicly what I am aiming for in short for the remains of this year.

I got a note from a couple of friends yesterday saying I looked like somethign the cat dragged in. And to be honest I really do feel like a used snack. I am extremely beat and for real totally tired, burned out. I am trying to make a side profit for the tour to come so at least what is still intact will be a guarenteed success. I need way more rest and stuff than I offer myself these dyas but okay that is without question the price to pay for the grabbing of stuff coming to surfase these days while times are hard for all.


11th Of May 2009, Tiny Steps Makes You A Walker Too
10:43PM CET
So Monday it is and Monday it was the day is soon over and Tuesday knocks on the doors in a good hour. How have yours day been? Good I hope. There is enough shit worry and concern going round in the world. Mine has been a fairly mx or killed worries nailed to floor loses and a fairly okay feeling on other issues. I have for a starter gotten myself a clear viewon the European tour of June. Everything there is able to do has been sat in place today. The interrail ticket is bought the tickets and travelling scedual is at hand and it is now time for me to just stay low as low can be till the 18th of June for shit sure. Also today I have then goten confirmed due to a line of reasons that two tickets aregoing down the toilet and will not be used to atend the shows. FUCKING SUCKS.... but nothing to be done about it. Its very simple.

On a more cool felt note another lot will go out from my buddy in California later this month of all thats there so I have a really good feeling about that. Not as much as I hoped for but so be it. The hard work the last five weeks has not paid off ina sence that I kind of hoped for so.....cant say I can complain really. It is a little too much to besad about when it really was an almost guarentee that nothing this month would see the airways to comeoverseas.

There will be a good new lot of things too in the unreleased poster section as we caleld it way back. I am hoping for something to come through to me with no shitty import fee suprise attack. Also Spain tickets has been or tomorrow will be recaptured so the Crue show will be under the belt for sure. That was a double cost to even go through and I really hate that freaky fact. I think there can only be a satisfied feeling all together. Ohh well. I have it now and I am about to get the shit together and I now have to simply sit tight smile a bit and get on with the stuff that is now sat solid in cement.

I think there are a few things that will also go quiet good in the new next coming ten to fourteen days. There are a bunch of new dvd things in the mail asap too. There are some minor things like posters, shirts, magazines and more shortly knocking on the doorstep. I think the month even though it is demanded a laying low for my sake it will be fairly good after all. Thank you very much. I look to be a bit better off that way too I guess. There are a few good lots that are still waiting to be attended too as well. But this time I have to litterally say all in tis time. By the way seen pictures of the new T-bone studio? pretty cool looking. Looking ofrward to be hearing the new Methods results coming out of there.


8th Of May 2009, DoYour Cocktail
7:02PM CET
There is a certain weirdness to what is happening right about now. "Fight Fire With Fire" old 1984 Metallica classic is bursting out my speakers here. Not cause I am down, angry or drunk. I have stopped giving the band love and excitement. I still do love this and a couple of others of their albums but writing a Motley Crue diary for my site as the latest in the book of future memories documented with the Lars Ulrich and Co. is not exactly daily doings no longer. I remember as I wanted to put on a CD fior the posting here I got to M in the CD arcives of the 4000 plus CDS in stock here of mine and I stopped and had no second thoughts to it. Just a "wooww, thats a long time coming ... why not".

So here I am letting the old Dane bang his drumms and entertain me with a reminder of when life was so easy. Almost delecant. You had parents and shit to solve most of your wrong turns. Man it seems a life time ago now. Ride The Lightning was that year or one ofthem at least god reat his soul Mr. Cliff Burton. danish / American quality of the past. Times have most certainly changed and changed big time.

Ohh man have the last year for me been a rude awakening. I have had a little too few wins and a ton of sell outs and loses. Actually so many had they all been physically touchable I would have had the citys biggest garage sale now. And the prices would be rediculously cheap as I truthfully just wnated to get rid of them. Buy one disaster and get another for free, yeah thats the spirit. If you wanna drink cocktails fine enjoy the party bro but hey - alert alert alert choose your party friends carefully and do not let other mix your drinks. Do your own cocktails. Then you know whats in them.

I have worked so god damn hard this year to kill things issues and give myself some credit some good times and most of all a highly needed CRUE summer 2009 to end all the memos that has sucked me down in the mudd since May 2008. I needed it to go fine and spotless. But here we are in June of 2009 and already way before the tour of June have I been handed problems and loses as is. I wanted to have my girlfriend with me this time and to cut a really long story short we had to not really focus on airlines as much as doing it financially lighter this one.

So now I sit with some Crue 2009 summer tickets that will not be used cause the transportations of European train lines are not really covering the needed time frames to come from A to B to C to say it short. If you can only in a minimal kind of way even cope that picture in your head you automatically know it is a sucking huge thing for a nut like myself. So I sit with Spane and Italian tickets if any is interested. yell out or email me:lee@tdcspace.dk

If I am not fully mistaken this continued bad luck will see me giving it a huge hard try out on getting a wider experience in November and December on these guys. I simply as I sit here fell that I have to. It is unbarable to know this shit. I have had so many other shitty happenings this past month that has killed most ways and chances for me to ship off a huge amount to the man I love and respect so much that holds on to my stuff in California. And it is not even close to how i feel inside if I say I feel so so so so seriously sad and sorry for this long term shit to be a case. And yet with all the summer coming stuff solo things tours and more there is so much I already feel I can not find solutions to. Unless I work my life away. And I have this baby to take care of too. I will not fuck this one up for nothing. It is simply too much to loose. She is amazing she is stunning in her own freaky way and no one not the hottest looks on the face of a babe can compare to her greatness.

This summer Mötley Crüe.. will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dr. Feelgoodby playing the 1989 album straight through on Crüe Fest 2. Luckily for them,the tour doesn't begin until July 27th, because when Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx took Rolling Stone track by track through the disc, they had forgotten obscure gems like "She Goes Down" and "Slice Of Your Pie." "The next time I do an interview I promise to listen to my own music," says Sixx."When you talked to Vince he probably had no idea too. I'll probably listen to it on the way into rehearsals next month. We're going to brush off the cobwebs then."

For now, here are their hazy memories of writing and recording Dr. Feelgood Also, in just a few short weeks, Motley Crue will release a special 20th Anniversary Edition of this classic hard rock album. This expanded edition contains all 11 original tracks plus 5 bonus live tracks and never before seen photos. It has a release ate of May 26th. Click Here To Pre-Order

"Dr. Feelgood"
Vince Neil:"I knew it was a classic from the time I heard that very first 'bomp bomp bomp bomp' -- that intro just kind of grabs you. This song has been popular for 20 years. It was funny because I was watching VH1 and they had the Greatest Hard Rock Songs and 'Feelgood' was 15 or something. I was like, 'Wow, of all time.' Then you have Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and AC/DC and 'Feelgood.' I was like, 'Wow, that's cool.' It's our signature song in some ways."

Nikki Sixx:"I remember it had a whole other set of lyrics. I had sort of forgotten that and I found them in a box recently. I was like, 'oh, wow.' It had a whole different theme to it. It was called 'Dr. Feelgood,' but a whole different thing lyrically. In the end it was inspired by drug dealers. Is there ever just one? A good drug addict always has more than one dealer."

"Slice of Your Pie"
Vince Neil:"That's one of those ... shit, I don't know. I haven't heard that song in a while. I can't really comment on it. I'm going to be playing it soon, so I better start listening to it.
Nikki Sixx:"I can't even remember. I just remember that had a good groove to it."

"Rattlesnake Shake"
Vince Neil:"I always enjoyed that one. It's got a good swing beat to it, and we added a horn section in. It's got a good vibe to it. It's almost got a little blues to it."
Nikki Sixx:"I can't really remember what the song was about. There were some really good grooves going on with the music. I think we touched more back into the feels that were having with Shout at the Devil, which had a real sexy Zeppelin backbeat to it."

"Kickstart My Heart"
Vince Neil:"What can you say about 'Kickstart'? It's full blown in your face. It's about Nikki dying."
Nikki Sixx:"That was a song I had written very quickly and had brought into rehearsal. I thought it was a throw away, something that would belong on Too Fast For Love. It just really took on a life of its own and fit on the album a lot better than it should."

"Without You"
Vince Neil:"That's a great ballad. I love singing that song. We've done that a few times at concerts. For me, it's a great song to sing. It really lets me go and get my voice out there. I remember shooting the video down in Corpus Christ, Texas. We had a black panther and all kinds of crap. It was a goofy video, but it's a great song."
Nikki Sixx:"That was a very simple idea for a song, which I had written a lyric about Heather Locklear and Tommy. They were coming over to my place all the time. I thought to myself one day, 'Without You' coming from Tommy's perspective, life would not be the same. It was a good relationship at that time. It was sort of a romantic moment. I apologize for that."

"Same Ol' Situation"
Vince Neil:"That's about chicks leaving you for chicks. It happens. It definitely happens. It's worse than a chick leaving you for a guy because there's nothing you can do about it."
Nikki Sixx:"That was about a guy leaving a guy for a girl. The subject plagues men worldwide. I love it because when Elektra heard it they were like, 'Oh, this is perfect for a single.' In a Mötley fashion, we were like, 'Wonderful. We'll tell you later that it's about lesbians.' "

"Sticky Sweet"
Vince Neil:"Didn't we do that one already? Oh, no, that was 'Slice of Your Pie' ... I remember the song -- Bryan Adams and Jack Blades and Steven Tyler are on background vocals on it. We recorded this album in Vancouver, that's where Bryan lives. It just so happens that we were recording Feelgood next to Aerosmith in the same studio
recording Pump. Steven would come by and sing background vocals."
Nikki Sixx:"I can't really remember that song. I think it was another big groove song. It will be cool to play live."

"She Goes Down"
Vince Neil:"There's some sex being done in the background of that song if you listen real closely. We can't say who's doing it though, but prostitution is legal in Vancouver."
Nikki Sixx:"I can't remember the lyric much. I think there's a line in there like, 'She goes down on all my friends/She goes down ..." I think it's about that other age old problem of loyalty, not that we were necessarily the most loyal of loyals ourselves -- but its always easy when you have the microphone to point the microphone at other people. Robin Zander is on background vocals. Cheap Trick was always one of our biggest influences. We love that band." 

"Don't Go Away Mad"
Vince Neil:"That's a great song. We've been playing it for years. I love to play guitar and sing that song. It's kind of a feel-good song. When that song comes on everybody wants to sing along with you."
Nikki Sixx:"I saw that line in a movie somewhere, I can't even remember what movie. I thought, 'Great idea for a song.' A little tongue in check. A little sarcasm there." 

"Time For Change"
Vince Neil:"That's a big, big chorus song. I don't think we've ever done it live. It's almost gospel-y in parts."
Nikki Sixx:"I can't even remember what that song is about. At the time we had been traveling a lot and had seen a lot of things around the planet. If I remember correctly, and I probably don't, it had something to be with that."..


6th Of May 2009, So Scandals Continue
2:49AM CET
Man what a drag. For the first time ever and for a long time too I had set my mind on agetting from a nightmare of a year in collecting to a spoiled week and a half in the name of the band touring Europe. Now cause of the cheapest way doing it (interrail) I have a ton of complications going that are simplynot alouing me and my girl to fully get the trip in June going the way I dreamed of. Cause of trains and busses there are no way on earth that the connections sat up against the time frames we have to go from A to B to C and so on will match to our benefit at all.......

I wish I could tell you exactly what it is gonna end with but there is no way I can even get close to the outcome on it. Guessing would be a joke even. How ever I am going to do all there is possible for the summer vacation to come out the best possible. I think a lot will be in the kind of stinky end but still I would not drop out of it without a fight. I think I have gottne for scare for the future from how this is adding up and next time I will more than likely simply refuse to have anything this packedand so uncertain put together. It is not really worth the fight the hope and the uncertanty to it all. damn it. It will be a trip with a fairly high risk and over hanging nervousness to the doings. I tyhink a few things will be great even before we have started the thing. But certain things and places and events already now are fairly in danger of not being withnessed. The train sceduals for our doings and locations just does not fit very well.

There will be a whole lot of nothing new happening as such for me in the next two months ... but a lof of things will be coming here the coming 3 months I think. It will be a time dedicated to grab stuff, brought home to finally get a rested mind and ofcause feel good from scratch again about what has been a turbulent year in this rocking universe with the Motley Crue label attached to things. It has not and still is not an easy thing to do nor have or accept. But I have to settle with it. There is no way around it what so ever. I can not do jack other than hang in here and get things paid all over again for getting it safey to my home front door and smile about it. Tomorrow Thursday we are gonna try to get a few more things up on here. It will not be a hell of a lot but you know little here and littel there. That is how this shit unfolds itself these hard and brushed times of our planet.

I have talked a bit about the older sony signatures / fanfire stuff I have been behind with for a while. Now some of that older long time missed stuff is coming now too. It will be a few weeks I guess (maybe) but eventually it will arrive. Some part of me is happy to have been able to say "so I will have it added to the collection after all". Long story on it though not to bother you all with on here but it feels good. The official stuff that has gotten released since 2005 has been a solid gold of mine to constantly try to be on top with and it is as said a gazillion times not easy these days any longer. But I am not giving in just yet. Some of the stuff will be tough to drag home but I will try and try again till it is totally and absolutely guarenteed to be not a possibility at all for me to do. So stick around and you will see how it all comes along.

Next gig on my girl and summer trip partner is June 5th in Copenhagen. I guess I will try to get that shit solved and get in around too. We will see. I have a lot of things to look into but I am also in good hope of letting the band she is with now see some serious try outs and not just be this backyard something. I witnessed the debut show on May first as you probably can imagine and I felt a huge sort of confution about the band. I have som nay things and details they did not answer me on from seeing them live. I have a few opinions about their limits and their this and that but untill I actually hear it from them themselves I can not say much. So I support her the best that I can and from there just sit on the side line watching in on what will what will not unfold itself. Next gig;

6/5/2009 8:00 PM at Doom at bryggen
islandsbrygge 18, 2300 CPH. S, Copenhagen, 2300
Cost: 50


1st Of May 2009, Say Money Money Money Baby!!!
5:32AM CET
Friday morning rolling along as usual on a trian. Crossing country again for the weekend. Off from everything. My shoulder has been looked at by the doctor. No good what so ever. Careful id what I have to be or I ca kiss any kind of work goodbye ofr a long long long time. The shoulder is in a state where it from now on can go eally really wrong. I cann ot fully tell you how bad it actually hurts. But is bad. It is very often during each and every day really bad. I have been givin perscription I think you guess call it for medication that costs like ohh dear. I have neve in my life been very good at spending money on medication. Pills for a headacke yes but anything beyond that never really. So to be honest I would not be anything but suprised about myself if I used this perscription from tehe doctors to get the proper medication for this.

Money money money is what makes the whole damn thing spin around. Isnt it? Sure it is!! No matter how great things feels like being I will never get enough of it. This is the part of todays posting where I sit and think ohh man a ton of people would not sit and say "who does?"..... make enough I mean. Well, I pay, pay, pay and I pay and there constantly is something that can and will have something go kind of bad. It is so hard. The meaning of the word better times will not come untill I have passed November 1st of this year. Then a lot of things have changed and are in bettering HOPEFULLY. I really do think a lot of cool things could and should come to anyone that has really shaped up if you will an worked hard focused solid on things that could so very well have taken a much, much longer time before what ever issues and situations it may have been to be cleared out and dealt and done with for good. Yeah money should do it. It just does not always do it too well and too fast. It is a rough game these days.

Did you guys see this Did you ever think about how hard it is to get soemthing sold these days. People just does not have a dime to do much. The world crises is rougher than what many of us seem to be aware of. The jobless masses seem to grow solidly by the week. It is insaine. That is also why a lot of the cool stuff comes to surface but does not sell like it normally would have. People just does not seem to have the bucks to throw at anything. I could say me and my brother in his Crashdiet collecting are fairly lucky, we get a lot of cool stuff or maybe not a lot as such but a fairly great deal of what we like to. My brother especially these days he just grabs all on his Swedish rockers he sees up for grabs. No quesions asked. As for me this is one of the latest cool grabbed items I have stumbled across to add to the collection of mine. NIKKI SIXX'S LAMINATE FROM THE APRIL 22ND TAPING OF "BONES" AT FOX STUDIOS. MAY 17TH IS THE RELEASE DATE ON FOX

There are so many great things out ther and up for grabs. But as said it is so damn hard to get the stuff covered by the amount of what is asked for the stuff. All the best of luck to the local freaks of End My Sorrow as well. My baby is shitting bricks I hope (funny really) having her debut concert as the band`s new lead vocalist. Do not really know if I am just perhaps an inch or two more shivering than she is. Well metheothoricly speaking. (is that even a word lol lol) other wise ...there is a new one for you. I hope she gets a cool experience for the locals here. It is in the lower side of hell the sound of these dudes and way out my alley. I hope things as said will turn out just cool is what I am trying to say. All the best to you baby. www.endmysorrow.dk


27th Of April 2009, So Life Is Grand ...Isnt It?
2:16PM CET
Monday again days off now with a bad arm. Still messing with me. And yes it is worse than felt it a week ago. There are so many things now that concerns me. So many things and detailed issues that can be either okay or totally screwed in a time frame of 28 hours. That is when I have my doctors apointment and I will know a little more about what this is in my shoulder. I will be down and counted for if it is what some of us fear it can be. This could mean a possitively end to most things for me. Not great. But before we twost the still unknown facts to pain and dissapointment let me just try to enjoy the next 48 hours of "just shoulder pain". Things may not be so bad after all. I do not know it hurts now yes and it hurts a lot from time to time but what can I say? Nothing. I can only do what is required of me. Rest most possible. Enough of uncertain worries forthe time being. I can not do much about it anyhow.

Certain people in the inner circle of the music industry has gotten their hands on some things that are sold on to any interested. Including Nikki`s latest white leather jacket used in the promo pictures and on the album cover of Saints and the tour onstage during "Home Sweet Home". I am in the middle of trying to set a deal on it. Had been nice to add now to the things that are so building up as my collection. I will know in a good day or so if this actually will happen later in the summer. I think a lot of things are pretty cool and interesting these days in different corners of the planet ofcause all in the name of the boys. A lot seems to be happening for me in both great. good, tough and shitty activities. The full specter is ones again up and running.

How ever one of the good things I am tempted to say will happen for sure this coming month. Its the home bringing of more of my stored stuff by my friend Greg in the USA. I will have some cash send over to get another load shipped to me ones again. So things can become another puzzle piece not to worry bout too much anymore. That is my HUGE goal as some of you old loyal visitors of the site is fully aware of. I need to have all that killed and brought home safely.Also May is the month of this years Vince Neil golf tournament. What ever is there I will have that stuff covered too. I will have to say the same dude holding my stuff there is the one that constantly helps me out on all these Neil evnts and I am for life very greatful and thankful for him doing this for me. Thanks bro.

Within the next few days if I cant make it tonight I will have added the latest stuff ... the cpomplete guitar picks of 1009 (so far) finally and the huge Neil canadian limited guitar set cardboard display it arrived here finally and amazingly in one piece. Its awfully huge so it is amazing nothing more has happend to it than a few kicks to couple of its corners and so. Really awsome display and i am gla I paid the gazillion dollars for it. It is a great little something to have added to the collection too. Tommy of Canada thanks bro for solving this baby. The problmes with it has been beyond anything of reason but its now here and its all cool we have ocme a long way now with the refreshments of the new site too so it is a great something to have almost solved now too. Simply awsome .

And with the new program in use we should no longer be worried about lost somethings on the site again like we had trouble with from time to time erlier. Feels good, to be honest it really does. Now a few things are better thats for sure. Half way through the year and have had enough bullshit to sell of to suply every one in Denmark with a little piece of it honestly. I have also been forced to several closings with people ending contacts and accept and get used to a ton of crap the last half a year. It has not been anywhere near nice or comftable.

I think seriously there are so many things that so easerly could have killed my continuation of this collecting thing on the band. Way too much has been scared and way too much has been messed with. People that is in the category of the bad in my life have been so shitty it is not even possible for me to define. But as said several times i have laid it behind me and I am trying out version number 2872 to see if that will work for me on a collecting level. And further more it is without a doubt a very much solo doing these days. Not much to do or involve other people with anymore. It always only ends up in serious crap. And I am done being the optimist and all on this matter no more.

The European trip in a month or so, I to be honest saw that as my farewell to the boys and ending my collecting thing that way several times this year. But havin found this new fairly okay solotion to myself then I do not really think so after all. It has been a while since I was actually only happy about things and only positive and feeling without a doubt good about the collecting and the site and all that holds Motley to the areas that I speak of,. Now as said I aim for a full try out on this new path for myself. I am willing to change things and try goals for things for the first time out side Crue in my last ten years. I will try to set my relationship, an hom changes up on the top 3 list of most importnat priorities ...okay that kind of did come out wrong ...... but I think you know what I am trying to say here. Look for the updated sections shortly brothers and sisters... take care, enjoy the day. Love and respect to you all......


21st Of April 2009, Heaps Of Great Vibes
4:16PM CET
What is going on? Well as promised some wstuff has gottenlooked in on on here last night and today. More ewill tomorrow. The new defined look and the changes on all 200 plus pages are soon to be totally in place. It is a pleasure and I am sitting with great vibes. So I just thought now on the train again going a bit south in Denmark towards my apartment I would stop byu here and say hi again. Sharing the smiling face of myself (in writing) and having a good feeling that such a huge load got looked at this past 16 hours. I am slowly getting a bit tired now. No wonder. Tehe off days from well you know what.. .are not exactly off days. It is insaine how busy one can be with the little things so often. I need to do absolutely nothing and nothing is what I absolutely do not do on my so called off days. Nuts. Crazy and fairly anoying.

Things have gotten a bit great again at least if you think of al lthe PC trouble I have had and so on. I desperately need to have somehing nice to look forward to now. And that I will have in between in the remaning days of April. I think a good rest is nice but even nicer is the fact that i have gotten the scanner and PC to work fully again. Plus I have gotten myself a bike in Roskilde while I am there now and I also have these great chances of seeing my girl and talk things through with friends that I have so totally not seen in ages. My friends in Sweden Pernille and Mattias have finally become parents and that is to me the great functional couple feels great to be honest. Congratulations. And welcome to hell to little Maja. Pretty cool!!!!!

Now some articles, mag covers, video, tourbook, tickets, shirts and more will be even more up and ready tomorrow so look for it to be found on here then. If nothing else happens then thats all I have on mind right about now and I will soon talk to you again. Things are good right now so I will rest my head for a good two hours and then all hells breaks loose with more scannings more radio preparations and more will eat up my evening hours and the resting hours in bed and sleep I will have to think of while not really getting any. Take care all of you.....

Rocker TOMMY LEE is looking forward to his next trip to Britain - so he can finally come face-to-face with a woman he met on the Internet. The Motley Crue star has been married three times and has two children with ex-wife Pamela Anderson. But he's eager to get back in the dating game - and has taken to the web to find himself a new girlfriend. The rocker says, "I love British women and their cute accents. I have lots of lady friends but not anyone making me crazy. There is a girl in London who I'm looking forward to seeing but haven't met yet, and she is really hot. "We have been communicating but she lives there and I live in the States. I met her on the internet."


20th Of April 2009, Okay We Aim For A Day........
2:22PM CET
Aiming ofr a ride to the north of Denmark and getting to work on the site for the evening and tomorrow morning. Things are taking shape in he new adjusted version and some updates will be created today along with a few added new stuff. If I can carry home my scanner machinery and more from up there I will have more send my webmasters way tomorrow evening local time here in Denmark as I do have some more stuff laying at home waiting to be scanned in. Right now I have passed the first 27 hours awake straight part from two lousy hours in the morning. I will not see a bed for the next ten hours either and then tomorow we aim for a short run up again on the work on this baby. There will be a great felt satisfaction as this is fully done. Completed and updated in its full again.

I am on home territory also slowly making progress. A lot of the stuff the smaller stuff are getting in order and a lot of it is going to be so much easier to find and use and enjoy than what it is now. I have so much trouble finding things these days and that is a massive thig I need to get changed but a lot is on that bettering list and it is simply not the easiest thing in my life. Have already burned myself on one 2009 promise ...getting one item framed and all each month. Never happend. Too much shit to pay and bring home all the items from the USA. And now the world crises and shit that does not make things easier one bit. 

Some have asked me about the 7" single ended last night on eBay of Mick Mars if I got it. I did not . Tried a 510 dollars on it was outbid last second. I bet its either the guy calling himself "Prowl1" or "UKdivision" that took it. Anything else would suprise me big time to be honest. Even though it is a finance crises world wide. You tell me. You two I mean lol. Any how the one that took it hey congrats. Pretty cool.

Why these things all of a sudden comes to surface I have my guessings. Seems like a ton of people sells things they under other framings in life never would even consider parting with it. But okay I sort of understand them. I would never part with it if not I was lost for the passion I have for everything in this Cruecial world. How ever for financial crises in my own personal life I would still keep things and just hang on to them thinking of a different kind of a solution towhat ever the problem would have been. Again congrats to the new 7" owner. I guess Nikki`s Chopper will sell too. Shit. had been cool to have. But not this collector. I would never ever for as long as I live get that kind of money. 

Right now sitting in the middle of the web doings trying to refresh the old page for page. I will get with you all maybe again tomorrow. Things takes an ass long time and there really are things we need to have going for us here and things that will for shit sure take all the time there is to spend this time around. Till then ....


18th Of April 2009, Goodies Pain & Built Hopefulness
11:24AM CET

So there you all are thinking what a trip it is to finally have reached the week-end. Feels so good!! Yeah well I wish I could say the same. I dont have a week-end at least not a week-end like when we think of the word. I am way too busy. I took on way too hard last night too my right shoulder is totally fucked. Its like a paralized right arm can hardly move it. Hurts like I can not even begin to explain. Really nice. Shit. How about all of you? Whats new at you end? All positive? All active? All up and smiling? Or are you like a good few that I can think of that is so extremely marked by the world crises that you feel you just do not have a life these days? 

My own personal thing recently happend is I killed all chances for going to Cruefest 2 this year. Long story but as it is now I am not attending. Aiming for other things in their name so to speak. And with the costant release of official merchandise I see no way on earth that I will see the band too much no more. I know what you are all thinking .YEah right Tommy define "too much". Like ten shows arent really anything. Well okay maybe I should take that back when I think of what all others are doing. Sorry did not mean to sound like a total idiot and thinking sorry for myself to see ONLY 6 7 8 9 or 20 shows. Was not my intention at all. The two latest shirts in the catalogue are up and available now. Look to the right. A lot of things can be said about some of their stuff. But I truely begin to think they are a little too much useing the dr, girls, too fast old familiar images. Think something new please. The S.O.L.A. stuff was not all really cool but it was fresh for a change that in itself felt quie great, Honestly.

Have you all seen the new chance to gt the old Mick pre Mars stuff added to ones collection? Another 7" single is up for grabs. Video Nu-R - Work, Work / Decadence Plus (S.O.M.T Records NSW-016) 1979. Features a younger Mick Mars on guitar before he formed Motley Crue, when he was going by his real name, Robert Deal. Much harder to find than their first single, which recently sold on eBay (item number 330307382081). This is one of the rarest Motley Crue items - it is also highly sought by collectors of KBD, Power Pop, and other weird Punk damaged rock of the 80s. Condition (cover/record): Ex/NM. Recorded at Doug Moody's Mystic Sound, Hollywood. Some dude has Decadence Plus on YouTube - it is ripped from a very tinny turntable but you can get a taste of its minimalist proto-KBD goodness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlEXatWjZAQ

I do not know how cool it would be to add this one too to my collection or well I have a fairly good idea. But I think also that I have to kind of let me myslf know that I will not for the reason being that I have so extremely much to clear and deal with before I can actually do much on such a thing now that the Euro tour is round the corner and there are to be a ton of other stuff knocking on my door. Bills not to say the simpliest .... ordinary living. Rent, Food, Clothes and stuff. Yeah it is a hard ball somtimes and this Summer is not an all through enjoyable one only. I miss other stuff too now in my life like I have been saying from time to time this year in my diaries. Could have been really cool not to think about money and must do doings just every ones in a while but that is so not the case in this dogs living.

If the new shirts and the old Mars record is not enough for you here is a cool something:



Other than this I am in the middle of redoing the complete site with my webmaster. 200 plus pages to reinstore from scratch cause the old progrma that we used to work with is no longer around .So we have to work in something new and something different. we wanna keep the old idea of the visual side of the site best possible cause we liked how it was. But little by little you will see changes and refined somethings on pages as you go through the site. It is a long hard road of work to get this baby "new born" but we are working on it as fast as we can. I am quiet excited about this actually.

We will have most of all this up and running again in the new form as fast as we can. In two days (and this time it is a certain guarentee to it) we will have time together to sit and get some new things added too.) I have a fairly good handful of things that needs to get added here soon. We aim for this Monday and Tuesday to be just that time for that as well. Monday will tell. I am hopeful for a good time and a great result the next coming 6 weeks before it is time to get to head through Europe for the tour. Its my only week off in full from now till November. Do not really know how to be able to get through it but too much in these "jobless" times has to take the place of taking up time for a little more joyfull spending. I hope for a good result with most. You all take care out there till we either talk agian or meet up somewhere. All the best. ****


10th Of April 2009, Days Off Over And Loved
6:03Pm CET
So another weekend fronting us all. Well actually I have had mine already had close to three days off and now on a trian again on my way to work for four days. Not fully ready for it but wat the heck the days off are gone and I am in a position where I can honestly say I needed it took it and enjoyd it BIG TIME. I am geting fairly good now with giving myself the rest and support that I need to have to be better than just hangin in there. I desperately try to change that. And I feel I am doing a fairly good job. The cost for me to do this is lacking on Crue or else I can not do it. Very simply. It costs too much to stay unactive work wise. Sad and tragic but I am thowing myself first for a little while now to keep up on my health and all. I really need it major.

I have talked a lot to my old neighbour and gone through a lot that has also made an impact to my brains about how things are and what and where I am and would like to be and how to get there. You see I have a ton of things up my sleeve but all takes a ton of time. sadly. But that is how things are and that is how things are to be handled. Really bad. But I have some how learned to live with it now a days. It hurts god knows but I have to make those adjustments. I think a lot of things are som how gonna come my way anyhow eve if it takes longer if I still do wanna have em and all.

TOMMY LEE has an ambitious plan to take MOTLEY CRUE fans on the ride of their life by turning his drumkit into a rollercoaster car. The wildman is considered one of the most innovative drummers ever - but he's dreaming up a thrillride that will stun fans. He tells Hustler magazine, "I have this vision in my head of building a rollercoaster where the car is a drum set with a couple of jump seats in the back. "(I'll) run out to the crowd and grab a couple of fans, then f**king strap them in. "The track would go all around the arena. It would start above the PA section of the stage, come down, do a loop, go to the back section of the arena, do another loop, then go to the top of the track and... do the whole thing again, backwards. "I'll be drumming the whole time, with two fans strapped to my back... I can f**king taste it. I'm gonna do it. It's just a matter of when."

What do you think? Sounds cool? Its a show band not a rock band as such. Its a show band andthey are often doing good actually really good with it. This Tommy idea is sounding rather cool. I like to see it. Still missing Vince doing something that would really stick out. Sixx well I dont know really. I dont like solos much. I can easerly be without. But if it holds something visual cool then fine. The fireworks and stuff on carnival tour was not really too cool. Its Sixx in fireworks ...yeah ...well. Not impressing me.Mick I would love to see him do some more accustic madness. He is not really showing off other than when it gets to becom strictly noize. Not complaning here not one bit just speaking out .....

New just out. Mick Mars shirts. Two of them. We have all wanted to have these things on Miuck it just never happend now things the last year or so has changed things around this is the latest. Male and female shirts for a round 25 US dollars each. Not too bad. I better get myself these then. damn it. so much all the time here and there and everywhere. Its pretty cool too. Hellooooo no crappy designs or shit. I am suprised. As said rather cool and available NOW.....


7th Of April 2009,
1:16PM CET
Tuesday. Crue fans have started talks and shared opinions about how the ten year long contract will see the three obligated new releases to come. Looks like most are believing in a new studio album then another live and another best of relese. I really hope thta is not going to be the case. I have had enough Crue compilations now. A final box set with full show and an ocean of goodies had been cool yes. But not more live now thta there seems to be a plan for releasing Cruefest DVDs every year That is covering the live stuff plenty I think And to sit here knowing they could so easerly do at least two new studio albums (just my opinion) is far more attractive than anything else.

There are also the fans that thinks the band has had its high time or hay days of their carreer. And that they are now just in it for the money and a good tribute reminder to the so ever popular 80s scene. To a certian point I can see what they are saying. Sure. But a part of me still think they could really give some awsome shows. They still have a good few years in them. And with the rightful invested finance a show of new heights could do magic. Question is do they want to invest and do larger? I could not say.

I have a good poorly tow more days off tomorrow and the day after. I plan on full enjoyment and a continued sorting in the boxes of our boys. Also my girl has gon apeshit with my photos she wanted to sort them even further. Takes a good amount of time really but she wanted to so she is. I still need to get a few things looked in on have yet a few things I cant seem to find anywhere. And it bothers me major. I think to be honest I need to clear these boxes and have all stuff laying round the world to arrive home safely at my home before I can fully rest in mind and be for sure really calm and fully enjoying the stuff thats in my Motley universe.

I have a complete and solid solo collecting thing now. Meaning no one is a NEW help out nor partner as such no more. I have finally cleared it out out and for the first time in a long time do I have THREE extremely cool friends helping me in the US but it ends there. And that is also ho I wat it to continue. I am done getng hurt used and misunderstood by others. I am not teaming up nor letting in no more it is all now a solidly solo experience for the rest of my collecting days. I t will be a some what weird hard lonely situation again like in the really old days. But rather that than a bunch of situations with only crap and worry. And new loses. That book is read and burned. No more......

There are a few new things coming out shortly. The Summer photo book, Corabi autobiography, and more. But also Vince debut autobio and the 2010 calender is for preorder now out in August. Pictured to the right. Its been a while since a real and good year calender has been put out. Good to see one back even though its only a small time thing really I guess there are some things still that can be really nice in the smaller sections of collectibles too. I am still missing some of the 08 - 09 stuff that has come out. But I think I will have a fairly chnce to kill that in June and July if things are still available.

I have sat my happiness and joy high on my priority list for 2 months only now to feel a little alive again .I need that for myself and that is going to happen. With the European tour coming up and the return in Nov and Australia and Japan in december I think I am gona try to aim for some of that really. A fairly good chance for something ot happen on that front is at hand. I have almost dropped all thoughts about Cruefest 2 in the States this summer. Too much. Too expensive. Too tight to do a lot about it. It is a US thing only but so be it. I long for a ne place to live as well. And nothing comes easy or cheap so I might as well just grab shit by its root and make myself a priority list ones all my shit is brought home from the states in a good few months.

One guy is selling his Ovation bass too. I still need them two colours too Expensive basses and not too easy to just reach into your pockets and grab 2500 to 3000 big ones in a single grab without being financially hurt. Ohh well. We will see if this bass cant get home to be part of the collection at some point. It is not going to be a discontinued item from Ovation for some time they say. I guess there will ocme a new bass next year if my sources are rigt on the money about some things too. These days it is very easy to see the ways bands have to draw their money making. It is purely merchanding and touring. nothing else.

Records and label contracts are not the way no more as it used to be. Thats also why it has become a nightmare to be a heavy collector these days. You quiet simply can not keep up and pull on everything thats being released. Its quiet simple. And with a presently world wide finance crise boy you tell me how to do all this shit. I am trying as always myself to keep up but sooner or later its gonna turn in to this gigantic nightmare of a situation and I will have to simple bow out say thanks for everything and just let go.

Well my Tuesday thoughts regarding this band and all has here by been posted. I am back and ready again for more at the end of the week. But for a couple of days now I am going to sit tight not do jack about much on here and just enjoy my girl, my time off and now the sun and daylight. Its getting warmer here now. It really is a great felt something. You all be good out there.

And Jesse my US east coast friend of the past. Sorry to see you btch me. I never did anything to you. I am sorry you still seem to be so aggresive to my name and now backing up one certian person you said you really did not like only a good year ago. Well changes comes out from time to time. Sad to see they have to drag this shit with it. I have never NOT liked you. Never pissed on your name throwing dirt to your name or nothing. Sad to see you feel a need to do it on the shoutboard to me........PS no it was not me posting on ther.e I have 4 different people working with me here and any and all of them can and have access to my codes and stuff for posting on many sites. The person posting on the shout board only wanted to share the loyalty site. And I have checked this persons posting. Nothing not a comma has been said about anyone. So why you and "she" has a need to play verbal war I couldnt say.


4th Of April 2009, Saturday Night`s Alright For...
2:56PM CET
Got a little headacke today. Not much but its there. I have gone through a ton of things yesterday and today. Tried to clear out some things. Find things. And throw things out. A couple of Crue boxes have been looked in at and a few things have been found that was not on site just yet. How ever I am having a few things that are really great to thave found for my own full pleasure. It feels good. Done all the nasty cleaning well in certan rooms and places. Thrown a lot out and done the laundry Crue stuff have been boxed and I am ready for the nxt chapter in this Motley living. speaking of that. How do you fancy airbrushed things? Not many have the airbrushed stuff worn these ays. But one guy cna do about anything. When he put his mind to it. Don Armstrong. Detroit motor city mad man does this thing that from time time make me numb. He is great. You can order these or any self picked image ofr shirts, jackets ,vests, banners, anything at: armstron.don@sbcglobal.net

A few things will be ready mid this week. And god damn it. I think I may have my computer back too at that time. Hopefully in good functional condition again. What else is new? Well I have my baby here now she is out singing though. yes she sings in www.endmysorrow.dk not my type of tunes but she is having fun so may the devil damn her. Lol. Got the US new double DVD CrueFest today and a couple of books including the Kat Von D book. It all ends up on the site next week. Some minor things will come on too. There is always something to add on here. We are running our 6th year just about and not one single week has gone by with out anything added here. I think personally that is rather amazing when you think about how great the site is in volume. (more than 200 pages now)!!!!!!


3 Of April 2009, Confusion, Developement, Facing An Avoided Life
10:29 AM CET
hey my dear loyal friends. I know a lot of things can and does seem a bit weird from time to time. Truth is long and still kind of blury. Let me try to explain. And yeah before some out there starts to say what the flying fuck does this posting and shared information Tommy boy has to do what so ever with what the site is all about? Well, I tell you what it has to do with the Crue boys my passion and this site. It affects a lot of angles to my Crue life how I react what I do and how I choose to attack things in life. A lot is going through me these days. I am having a slight piece of inner change or something. I think a lot has been and still I post it here. I think I ama always trying to figure tings out. Not just sit stiff and be an observer as such.

I constantly try to do things that speaks to me. A lot has been cool and a lot lately have been extremely hard to swallow. The past year has torn me up big time. God knows and the pages in these diaries of mine speaks for themselves. I have been close a few times to just rap it all up and say okay my book of Cruecial adventures has ended. The last page has been turned and I realize it is time for me to bow out and say thanks for the ride. But that is just so not feeling right. Thaat is partly why I think I have been so unstable too for a major long time. And also I have been really hd too much to fight with. Below you will be invited in to read a bit of my brain activity the last few months. Some has been said others just chosen to not be shared cause I figured whats the point really? Happy reading!!

First of all you have to understand the mind of a solid steel dedicated heart holdng a passion beyond normality to something. And ofcause in my case the band Motley Crue. Recently not to say the whole yera so far I have been fighting with a lot of things. My work, my bosses, unions and workers legal rights and shit. The acceptance of the massive lot of people that are so willing to kill a huge part in others cause of ego minded actions. back stabbing and more. Lies, empty promises and solid self pity. All these areas in other peoples names have cost me dearly since last spring and summer. You know a big part of it but it seems to have loved to just take a little peace of my heart from month to month. Some would maybe tell me to get over it. Heres a rude awakening. I CANT. It all felt and feels so unfair.

Okay let me refrase that. I am getting over it. But its like a tattoo. You get over the pain having it done but you can always see and feel it some how later on. You know what I mean. I know you do. Then there have been all these situations where I have actually been sitting round thinking about everything in my life. Actually my life in generel. I have been smiling crying and screamed out in joy and in pain recently. Needed to find all I possibly could that would give me just the least feeling of making sence and doing me good. Its been a search that I also from time to time have stopped up on thinking "why I am doing this? What am I looking for?

I have all I want. I have my Crue lost some and won some stuff but I still have it. And whats here is not to be taken away from me unless I want to part with it on my own free will. I have this girl that really tres to give me what I need too. I have a full time job not a preferred and a greta one but i have it and it gives me a chance to do things I love". You see I could not really find the ingredience that was missing. Still cant really. Untill I these last two days have found out that I had been going 300 miles an hour for the past 15 years. Never for REAL stopped up and taking a deep breath smelling life. Taken a look in the memory books of life and what I have been running down. All has been stuffed in some sort of inner box and it is now bursting. It is now finally catching up on me and demanding for attention. A need for reflection upon the past. Some of you may not really understand this in me. But thats okay.

I have found out that I still love the crue universe in my life. And the acceptance from my girl is beyond understanding but yet I also want and need for her to give me some limits from time to time. I also have discovered that I really do feel a rather bgger need than I care to admit for having some other things in my life along side Motley now. I have self sat the A-Okay on skipping the things everyone else has in life for a solid focus and doing on my band passion. And i have always. and I have been fine with it. I still am fine with it. But like I als ohave been saying in these diaries from time to time I have been having a really hard time recntly to also catch up on all the stuff that is released in the bands official merchandise catalogue. And that too for me has been a nightmare to simply accept.

I am working hard as fuck on that too to reach the acceptance for this. I now need to have other things in life next to this band passion relationship if you will. I need it simply cause other wise the focus and the dissapointments and stress from not being on top of it all no more simply WILL wear me down massively if I am not carefull. So I have slowly but surely started something that takes some of my time too. Never mind what right now. This is important for me to get out. But make no mistakes about this. I am not backing out dropping my life in Crue / with Crue right now.

I have had the past of my life knocking on the door to my brains recently a ton of times asking myself over and over. Did I screw up? Did I do wrong things that I should have done differently? Are there things I skipped in my life that I now see the result of thise decitions from? Am I at the right place in life being what and who I am? Am I doing good with what I have? do I have a mission like I used to in life? Are there still goals in my calender and are the noted goals in the book the right ones? Am I okay to miss out on some Crue actvities like I have been in massive pain about the last 5 months? Can I find and feel good about a way that will give me a plesantly great balance to live with a smile and find things exciting all through rather than being down and sad about the miss outs? The shit, the loses the wrong turns?

I think I have the best possible chance ever to grab all this by the roots and do a few things about certain issues. I need to face the fact that there will be no this and no that of these and these issues for me this year even though it is all about Crue. On the other hand I will get a lot cleared and get to see the band mor times than first anticipated and hoped for. Just not in the frames wanted. So be it. Everyone that truely cares for me and knows what this is all about for me have told me to alou myself some space and a breathing room and settle with less at least for a while while fighting to kill all my ongoing doings. Continue to aim what I have already pointed to.

Namely getting all my stuff home from the USA even though I have for the last 6 months now felt I have gotten very very very little for my montly pay cheques really. Why? Cause things that are already mine are to be paid over ones more in high shipping fees and import taxes to be in my hands. Thats why. But everybody have told me to keep doing this and think again about what how and whom I choose to take along on my rides and helpouts in the future ones this storm is ridden off. I am told these things in a turbulent time holding a ton of confustion fustration kind of like a time labeled "the return of an avoided life".

It is knocking on my minds door now and I need to face it do and act on it find a new moderated way and form to continue even further down the Cruecial roads of passion for a band IF that is still what I want. And I have a high ringing yes to that question in my skull. So I am trying to face the music here and grab a hold on all parts and police what is required before it cracks and burns slipping through my fingers wiht only one future guarentee. Which is a person an indivuel crashing and burning HARD!!!!

Yes, thats right. I know it is hard and harsh words about my own self but they are true. Real. And dead honest and at least I have the nerve to admit it and say it out loud. Right now while doing this and spreading out the puzzle pieces in my mind ot get the over view to feel I am ones again in control and development to the issues I have to say I am one lucky muther fucker in many ways. I am so undescribably thankfull for all I still have and have had experienced so far. Its a wake up call. Not a 40+ life crise to my name. Not at all. I am deeper than I can sometimes express really. But thats okay. I really have a large heart filled to the max with passion respect and love for a band friends and more....... It is a dead serious cool feeling to sit with.

PS: my webmaster posted a note in the "kickstart" / guestbook the other day about things not gonna be active for some time. Well let me tell you something She came by here spent the night and we talked. She is better and way more than just on top of her loss. She is ready to move on. Funeral on Tuesday and thats all good. But coming Wednesday I am going to do a short visit with her and we are going to work a bit on some things on the site and preparations for the Summer tour. And today already she is adding a few things. The sections touched later in the day; books, Vince neil collectibles, Tourbooks, This N That, Posters 2009. Not much but little has its rights too. Enjoy and thanks for taken time out to "listen" a brief moment to my inner activity. Talk later. See you *****


28th Of March 2009,


13th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (March 6, 2009) - Now listen up! It's time once again for the wildest of all charity golf tournaments. Join Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil on Friday, May 1st, for the 13th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament, being held once again at the spectacular Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, California. Vince Neil lost his daughter Skylar to cancer in 1995. In the years since, Vince has been committed to raising awareness and funding for children's illnesses.

To date, his Skylar Neil Foundation has donated nearly two million dollars to various children's charities, assisting with much needed pediatric research to find cures for leukemia, AIDS and more. Plenty of lovely ladies with the looks that kill are guaranteed to greet you on the course throughout the 13th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament. So, it doesn't really matter if you're a scratch golfer or never held a club: this tournament promises the wild side of adult fun on the links.

To participate in the 13th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament as either a player or sponsor, please visit www.skylarneil.org/golf for complete information on pricing and registration. Individual spaces and foursomes sell-out very quickly, so golfers should act fast to guarantee themselves a piece of the action! For additional information on The Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament, or if you would like to volunteer, please contactAlan Koenig at 615-972-1600 (alan@skylarneil.org) or Jon Scott at 818-981-9876 (jon@skylarneil.org).

I have had a seriously bad day the other day. And I really think I have a test time in front of me. I am not at all doing well. Inside nor in the regular every day life. Things seem to LOVE to hit me in the face with a closed fist. I am still standing yes but I am really in pain and I am do not like where I am standing at all. I am a man in a period of time where things seems to suck ass as nothing I have been witness to in a long time. Most of what I am and had under my wings so to speak is ripped off of my body and excistence so I am not going to anything that even reminds me of a Cruefest 2 either.

I thought I was like home safe in my Motley univerese from how things were the times of 2004 till Spring and Summer last year. But I have been proven all wrong. Nothing that means anything to me is safe and sound in my life at all. Nothing. I am trusting nobody these days and I am not at all near a solution that I am feeling cool about at all. No one in here (my life) is great at all. I am so desperately wanting to believe in Crue related frineds and more but its harder than I can even think of....or explain. Too much have been ripped away. Too many promises and deals have been sat with no kept words and golds in the long run.

Further more I have gone through a ton of flashbacks almost watching my life in review somehow and for some reason. How ever what really has been rough have been the many memories of things I hoped had never happend. Or never changed. It was just one of them days where everything you have lived and cared for or simply remembered in your life passed before your eyes and all just came on to you in a hard and painfull way where you sometimes wish (as said) some of these adventures and experiences had never eally happend. A lot of things and a lot of people I miss terribly much.

A lot of doings, I wish had never been given life and a lot of things would I now give my life for to relive. Simple cause the shit is missed too much. Stuff, places, people and more. I tell you - its been like I have been waking up from a really stinky nightmare only this was dreamt while fully awake. You think things through and you suddently realize things on a whole new level again. As said tough to explain but I had such day here and I hope there will be a life time till the next one appears. I care so much for my Crue life here (just to keep it focused on what this site is really all about) that I get scared shitless just thinking about what I will do and how I will live when it is finally ended for me and I live the last years fo my life for other things and on another level. Teary eyed as fucked. I am not at all even close to even be asking for your understanding. How ever....I am still here so let me just get passed this nightmare.

Yesterday was a terrible hell for me emotionally. Everything just collapsed in my skull. Way too much went though my mind to be good. I had so much shit so many dissapointments and so much sadness in my body that I quiet simple gave up. I felt so sad not having a chance to fix things. Cause I cant. It is all depending on other peoples will and decitions. And none of the othere folks seems at all willing ot do jack about nothing. I really think it is a hell of a stinker position to be in. Peoples ego and self centrerness ( I think you call it) is so impressive massive these days its sick. But nothing is cool about it at all. Nothing is great nothing is gonna change. I will have to simply face the facts and change my last remaning ways and prides to the max. I feel so bad about things it is not even cool to share here. Sorry for this stinker posting of mine today but I quiet simply have to let it out. I really do not feel there are at all any close cool and easy solution to my life and Motley situation right about now.

Okay I have here had a long long long break from typing. I have been sick as a dog. Nightmare of a headacke and puking as hell. So bad my chest hurt as hell. And still does. I have to say there is a doctors call to be made tomorrow. I need badly to get a check I feel I cant even breath right. My next day off from work is Wednesday. I gotta try to get home away from all around me here and just rest. I dont know till tomorrow what that will bring. But this feeling inside is terrible. I need to figure out what it is.

Another thing for me is the fact that Wednesday is my ticket ordering day for the Summer tour of Europe. I have to have that done and I have to take the tickets I can afford this day. I seriously think its gonan be some what less than hopd for. Besides now my Norway ticket is somehow in its own way in a bit of a risk. The god damn job has set up a cause that is like an abligation to show up and attend. Not cool. We willl see what happens. I have a few things that I would still love to attend too. Like on my birthday. July 1st. Bulgaria. Well it is not going to happen this year how ever I think that show could be extremely exciting. I think this one and a couple of others oin the June tour here in Europe are their first time in certain cities. Shit I would have loved to go there and Moskau And pague.

Now I have some more items knocking on my doorstep soon again. Some have been sent from different corners of the globe. I think most of the stuff will be here in the next two weeks or so. Some of the bigger stuff I hope comes late April. As I then am a little more prepared for the damn sure to come import taxes again. I really think a lot of the stuff that comes are gonna be highly appreciated not only for me to own but also for the loyal visitors of the site. And hey...thanks as always for stopping by.

Did you know how many festivals there are on this side of the planet holding Crue this summer? It is not cool. I for one hate festivals. Too crowded and when the weather is bad its often really bad cold and stormy and the sound is shit. Any how .....they play a lot of them in June here and I am sad to say that I have npot found the coolest and best solution for myself just yet of how to cover the damn thing to get the merch from all these places. How ever I am truely gonna keep working on it for sure. I think a few cool shirts and posters at least would be around and also there are these festival programs. I hope so much to get the stuff covered but it is not going to be easy at all.

This Thursday may be a short trip north to my webmaster. We will see. But we have talked briefly about some small time work on the site and also some talk about some more postcards and all for the tour to come. To promoite the site handing out these fuckers like I diod in the USA last summer. It is a really cool way to to do this and it is with out saying a really cool thing to do. The cards I mean. Everyone loves postcards so...we aim for the shit to be ready in time.

I think also some stuff will go on Thursday if I do go up there to be honest. I have a few only very few new things I have at hand that could be brought to be added on the site if one really wanted to. I think we have some good chances for bringing this site to the max 2010. Just wait and see. I think its pretty easy to find the ultimate idea ...I have just still a bit sceptism about doing it. I know it sounds really stupid when I actually sit here and say its the ultimate. Yet the ultimate can kill the whole idea and also bring the focus and the center nerve about this site to the ground. But as said we will see.

We do ahave a ton of things on the table that have been talked through or at least thrown in the air so we will see how it goes. A this time too I would like to say BARE WITH US. We are changing the site from working in one program to another so all pages over 200 are to handled by hand page by page.. so if you some times during the next long period of time should have smaller problems I appologies here by already. We have namely decided to keep this baby open and running while working on it instead of shotting it down like a lot of people do when they make refreshments if you will. Well, www.mcrueloyalty.dk will remain open.


22nd Of March 2009, Marvelous Day Yet......
4:16PM CET

Sunday pretty cool Sunday really. I have not been in grenaa my home place in ages feeling this elaxed and fairly fresh. Not over tired from a night shift and shit. I went to see Surfact yesterday. But the trains were fucked up delaid so I missed a lot of it really. How ever I loved what I saw and I love the boys as some of you know. The most important new cool Danish rock act in the new modern times. I have on the other hand also last night gotten the news on an old old band from here caleld Psyched Up Janis... (look at these two geeks to the right) who would ever believe they can do anhting thats even close to cool music? Well they sat their marks in some places in my younger years with an old girlfriend. Pretty Seattle scene / grunge like really yet wuth a slightly different taste and an inch of old punk attitude.

Here is the news though. They have reunited. Its the guy a lot of people world wide knows of. Sune Wagner from The Raveonettes. They have gone public its a set deal and they have just placed the first two dates of the reuniting duo. June 2009. Pretty cool. I actually would like ot see them again if there is a chance. Tickets I predict to get like hot butter... ripped out of the sales stands - its a classic legendary band of Denmark important for its time as it was on back then. Shit ....

I have no computer now. No way on earth to communicate unless I borrow this one here from time to time till I know if my own is fixable or ready to go six feet under? What a stinky thought. I can under no curcumstances do any new computer shopping for months. I am booked packed and sat for some some time now. It is a sick tirering thought. But I cant do much about it. So I cross my fingers for it to go well this coming week.

As always I have gotten text messages, emails and more with new pointed out available stuff, offers and all. You would not want to be in my shoes and have these things happening to you - I guarentee. Why? Or rather why not? I tell you why not. Because it is a tricky old dirty uncomftable feeling being forced to choose from all the pies infront of you. At times pies you have dreamed of tasting (owning the god damn items) for years and when it arrives in front of you on a plate it is an offer that comes in a line of many offers. I guess right now thats the case cause of the fact that people are on the shitter financially. So things pop up here and there all of a sudden. But from a smorgasboard (is that the right word? right spelling? dont think so but...) you can only choose one or two if any at all at times. It is just not cool nor a positive feeling to be honest. Thats what has happend now again;

For your consideration is this 1984 Hamer Explorer bass custom made for Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. This bass was used by Sixx extensively during Crue's "Shout at the Devil" world tour of 1983-1984. After the tour, Sixx hand carved his name into the back of the bass and gave it to a dear friend. Sixx's other custom-made Hamer, a Thunderbird style bass, was smashed on stage and later sold to the Hard Rock Cafe. This early Hamer is a fine instrument with awesome rock provenance, which was acquired directly from a studio owner who recorded several Motley Crue sessions.

Possibly one of the coolest Nikki Sixx/Motley Cure collectibles, this quintessential rock piece is perfect for fans, enthusiasts, and collectors. This 1984 Hamer Explorer bass was originally blue and black stripped, althouh it now appears green and black due to the yellowing of the lacquer clear coat. The serial number is 411901, and the pot date code reads "137 844x." It features: a set neck, a single function master volume, a mahogany body, a mahogany neck, Schaller-made Hamer tuning machines, a Kahler tremolo system, a P Bass/Jazz Bass pickup setup (identical to most of Sixx's basses), and a very Rock'N'Roll signature hand carved into the back of the bass body.

The bass includes the original Hamer hard case and the Kahler tremolo arm. The bass plays and sounds great. Both pickups work and sound really good. The neck has slight relief, but the neck can be straightened with a minor adjustment of the truss rod. The Kahlar bass tremolo works well and is quite the contraption. There are no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs. There are no strucutral or cosmetic issues that were not directly created by Nikki Sixx himself. These two issues being: 1) The "Sixx" carved into the back of the bass, and 2) One strap pin re-mounted 1" below the original location. The 2 additional original holes for extra tone controls, appears to have been factory filled and touched up for Sixx, as he typically simplified his basses by installing a single master volume control.

Do you have any idea how much I would go through to be able to say I am the new owner of this shit? Will it at all happen? NO!!!!! It will not happen. But I would have loved it dearly. It is a serious one time only chance for certain itmes and on this ....well that one time chance is this coming weekend. You have no idea how cool yet bad it sounds and feels. Well like so much else there are things in life that are simply too hard to swallow but one has to keep walking and move on. I think a lot of the things going on inthe Crue world amongst fns and old collectors is that a lot are out of money to keep being a collector. Or have been for ages and are for financial reasons now maybe FORCED to sell out of at least a good part of what can actually bring in money.

I do not think I am all wrong about that one. I feel really bad even thinking about it. Even though it is other fans and not myself that does this. Its sad. tragic and gives a serious collector part from the greed and hunting instinct of becoming the new next owner of the item also a sad devestating feeling inside as I know more than well what all this cna mean to certain people who has these historic itmes. Yo ucna only guess what a pain in the ass it is for that person. Very often I think these forced to sell individuals are not ever again starting to collect as it is a matter of too much heartacke and not only finance and shit. Its a mental emotional value way more than cold hard earned cash. Well for me it is any way. Keep yourself safe and be good. Some few posters in the 80s section and a diary is ready to go up on here ....
much love ****


19th Of march 2009, Clear Skies & A MIssed America
9:13PM CET
Interesting. Another Thursday night and the world is smiling to me for a full day. How cool is that? I have a ton of great thoughts and doings really. Sadly my laptop is screwed. Turning it in tomorrow morning so ... lol lol lol... ones again crossing country ones again and have a full on packed Friday as is. I think a lot of things will be sat in place over the next 5 weeks and that to me is a really emotional relief to say the least. I am aiming for another home sending of my stuff from the States round the first of April. No clue yet on what is chosen to be airborn next. How ever it is a detail that I dont really care too much about for the one reason being it all has to come to me sooner or later. Period. So what ever kind of miney I can pull out of the gound to send over to cover this is what is gonna happen. But for sure I am thrilled about it to come my way and finally again stand on Danish soil. You have only a weak idea about what this means to me.

Then today I would have loved to be in a different place. Any of a line of cities really. The official DVD that comes out this coming week is being shown in theaters one night only tonight. Its sick. We miss it all. And I am missing a shit load here so fucking often now it is totally not a cool feeling. I am here talking of the new Cruefest DVD. I have 6 friends going to witness the big screen showing. And it is a mind blower I have to say. Another poster thing I will have to see if I can hunt down some time. It is a great idea sadly a thing like that would never have made it over here. It is an American thing. An American thing that is so cool for those of us that loves these extreme promo methods. I love it. Well so I missed that. And it wasfor one day only. Nothing to do abot it really. So I move on. There are other cool stuff coming. Other cool things round the corner other boats in the water. Soon to come, more coming home and soon there after the European tour. So the one day in the USA and the big screen I missed it okay fine I move on.

The latest move I took in to heart was the NY press conference. Nothing in it that blew my mind. Then the official line up for the CrueFest 2 this summer. I have to say its a sad bulletin quiet often with these Cruefest the Europeans. It costs especially for us an ass load since summer flights and more are so damn expensive. Not as big a complaint as it sounds like sorry but still. It is a hard fact. And things are toughter year for year now to keep up on. Yet I try all I have learned so well. I have a girl here that is simply mindblowing when it comes to respect and all for the full time life lived Crue collecting universe I have built up around me. Thanks baby thanks a bunch.

I seriously work hard to see if I can make it over for just one fest in the summer. A lot to do clear out and cover before then. It is not a tiny thing that goes on here. I have a cool something planned out and I think a great lot of the things to come will do me great. I have some friends in te US that today have gotten their cruefest tickets so I am a little low on the joyable side. Envy them. I have so many things i would have loved to get and loved to do. How ever I must have a go at attending it. One show is fine. One here still are some itmes in the official catalogue that i am missing. I try hard as hell to clearthings piece by piece. ..


16th Of March 2009, Please God Let There Be No Shitty Info
3:10AM CET

Presented in highly refined HD and crisp 5.1 Audio, seeMötley Crüelarger and louder than you ever have before.Playing in movie theatres for a limited theatrical run, see the Crüe joined byBuckcherry, Trapt, Sixx A.M., andPapa Roachin an explosive journey across North America, with the electrifying performances each show only paralleled by the off-stage antics each night.Over 90 minutes of incredible footage:During the 40 nights of Crüe Fest One, Mötley Crüe cranked out three decades of their loudest Rock hits backed by a huge fiery post-apocalyptic setting full of pyrotechnics and fireworks: a spectacle fit for the Crüe.

The larger-than-life, Los Angeles theme pays homage to the band’s first new studio album in over a decade, the Grammy nominated Saints of Los Angeles. This movie extravaganza documents the most successful rock festival of the Summer, a tour nominated for the Billboard Touring Award. Filmed in Toronoto at the Molson Amphitheater on August 28th, 2008 by director P.R. Brown, this DVD captures the decadence, energy, noise and sweat that was Crüe Fest 1 with a 15 camera high-definition shoot, mixed in both 5.1 and Stereo sound. Of course, no Crüe performance would be complete without an all access pass to all the anticsBACKSTAGEwith theCrüe’s Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick MarsandTommy Lee. It’s the full Crüe Fest stadium show experience in theatres – Five Bands and only one Crüe...

Well I am a little worried to be honest with all the great luck I have had the last ten months - (ironicly)
I am truely worried about the times right now. Its the period for peoples tax balances to come to surface. Hot damn I am totally fucked and really on the shitter with everything incl this coming summer tour IF I will get a tax bill. I truely hope not. This is so nerve wrecking for me. Everything that I have and want these coming months to hasve in store for me are so very much in danger for not even happening should it go bad with this years taxes. It will seriously fuck things up big time. Alright enough of the shitty thinking and all the worries around the summer doings and summer plans. Right now I need to have a great positive vibe around everything there is and everything there are planned in my skull. I am dead tired now.

Now here I am again. Home now in Grenaa. It feels like I am in a zombie stage how ever I need to feel some rather sureness about everything. So after I returned home I went to the social offices at city hall and I have tomorrow an answer about my tax results. And that is the make it or break it to all my wants and doings. So no more thinking about that tonight. Right now I am preparing the work on the website with my webmaster in an hours time. That will have some new added stuff to it. Some really cool stuff amongst the lot.

There are three new items again in the official Crue merch catalogue again. I will as posted here know all tomorrow about whats up and whats possible for the next many months. More idea planning for my summer tour in Europe is also taking shape in a should wecall it a brain storm type of way. Several new dates added. I would have loved to end my summer tourin in Greece for the one reason of it being Tommy` birth place. I would have loved this. I wish I had had some info on his family address there in Athens but I do not have such things. Well enjoy the new in a few hours and again we talk soon ones more love to all....


********************************* *********
13th Of March 2009, Spook Day, Exausted As Fuxx

4:44PM CET
Here comes Friday – the 13th. Though this classic spook day was my day off?!! Well it was till I got off from work and grabbed the 5:50AM train to take me cross country and home to my hole. Just arrived I called work had to ask something and then….BOOM…. I was hooked and booked for a night shift again so I have again been working for some days straight and a little too hard to be honest. A lot of things are needed for my body is nothing else. I seriously need to have some things cut down and some things taken in. Rest and sleep had been a really cool thing. But all that has to wait for my one day off and returning home again Monday. I have so little time for resting now a days too many things are indirectly forcing me to forget about sleep and more for a while.


Today I have scanned while being home for the four hours. I am so dead it is not even possible for me to type right. I have scanned all the new stuff and it is ready to go on here as my webmaster here are some new stuff in the magazine section, articles, magazine covers new and old. Personal belongings from Vince and Nikki. Like his old worn “All American” sneakers. Signed and more. Came with the now laminated letter here. Then there are some this n that stuff, CDs, and more.

Yeah I know it seems like a lot but really it is not that big of a lot. Still need to get some loads home from around the world. It is not really too cool to think about. It is a lot of shitt that is taken a lot of cash and a lot of xtra working hours. I really do not like it much. However some that feels fairly good is the settled Summer European tour for my own part. I have needed something for myself to go great and being so massive it would make me at least have a chance to push the shit away that the last nine months have cost me. I really do need to get this Euro tour going and going well. Have missed out on way too much since last summer. And it has as you all that comes here on a regular basis cost me out the wild zoo.

I am as it looks right now trying to cover; Berge Norway, Copenhagen Denmark, Munchen Germany, Kologne Germany and the three festivals of Grass pop in Belgium, Hellfest in France and the one in Spain the day after Hellfest. Lets see if it actually can be done. But it is a good ten days of trying to give myself back a little bit of what I have lost. Some have asked me about if there will be another trip round with my old travelling partner. She has a good week ago sat that very straight. There will not be. I know, I know what some of you will be writing me. Spare yourselves. I ca easerly say I am more dissapointed than you will ever know. She is so cutting me out of her life adn social doings. And I mean litterally. Her choice has been made. And spelled out. I really feel stabbed almost by one I honestly considered to be my best friend and loyal partner in many ways of America. It is insaine what you with time find out about and have to just eat up along the way. Really tragic.

More is coming to surface little by little and I begin to have a fairly hard time inviting people in on my Crue life for real. I can handle giving them a taste but the full lot like I dream of and did with my now ex-travelling partner ...no way. Sadly. I am more or less really on my own in that close intimate way sharing Crue stuff from now on till someone new comes along or I quit. Still loyal and dedicated though. I am really hoping things will change even further inside of me so that I can do more next year and the following to come. I begin to feel that I truely have some what of a cool collection. I know some out there would say I should be ashamed saying this. But I have seriously not felt it for some time. It has been way too hectic and way too heavy a burdon on my shoulders to even enjoy the decades long hard fight gathering all this stuff. Now hopefully I can begin to feel like that again. Look before I start writing a novel long something here I will be back on here shortly. Dring the weekend and if not before then Monday okay!!!