Darron Meeks has been Nikki Sixx’s bass technician for many years. He has a big heart and it’s been a great experience getting to know him. Thanks to him, I have a lot of good memories to store away in my mind forever. 

Mr. Right for Brides of Destruction. London LeGrand.

This man gave me many extremely appreciated memories. Hours upon hours of shared stories and personal moments.I miss this band. It was a time of rawness that absolutely felt more interesting in different ways than Sixx: A.M. ever did. LeGrand sadly never got to do what could have given him a chapter of huge success after this band. He has been in on many different demos with a lot of artists in L.A. and later in Sweden after he moved here for a period of time. Now he is not to be heard of back in America but did do a shit load of great 2003 - 2004 in B.O.D.

Many personal stories and as far as I know untold media stories sits stuck in my head from those days after a lot of B.O.D. shows in the US and Europe. Even did interviews several times for radio. Great times. 

Saturday the 28th of July 1997, 8.30 P.M. Motley Crue on stage at Roskilde Festival. Their album Generation Swine had just been released, and this was not only the first gig of that tour, but also the only European gig on that leg. They held a press conference before the gig that kind of restored the world’s belief in Motley Crue, but as a performance… I don’t know, not too convincing. But then again it was broad daylight outside, a rainy day, and they didn’t have the usual fireworks on-stage. It was still a nice memory that they even played at Roskilde Festival. 

This page,, has turned out to be a really cool fansite. I think it lives up to its name. I have said so many times that I have never really been blown away with other fansites about Motley Crue. This one is still in progress and still growing - but yes, I have to say I’m proud of it. It’s a real fansite, not so focused on news and updates as other pages are. Thanks for all the support throughout the years. Respect! 

Brides of Destruction - I have said it plenty of times, this band was, for me, the most exciting thing on the scene in the years 2004 and 2005. It sadly didn’t last due to a number of different reasons, one being huge egos. However, I think the band was awesome and it meant a great deal for me as it was around. Even to this day, the music still speaks to me. What a loss for the music scene. 

John Corabi, once a member of Motley Crue. He killed the original sound of Motley Crue, but in the best way possible. The songs and sound of that album is amazing. During my years as a radio DJ, I had the opportunity to interview him a couple of times, which was a real treat. I love this man, his ways, and his talent. I can’t say enough good things about him. Sadly, I never saw them live with Corabi. 

One of many items I have felt, and still feel, so proud of - the very first custom-made oversized award. This was awarded to, and owned by Mick Mars. for the Too Fast For Love album. I have a lot of amazing pieces in the collection, but this one is special to me in many ways. 

As far as stage show/entertainment factor goes, the most exciting tour for me was the 1985/1986 Theatre of Pain tour. That one will forever stand out for me. It was visually stunning. I had a blast. Also, this was the first time I hung out with the members of the band, on February 20th at the Copenhagen show. I got to visit their dressing room, and come back with them to the hotel, before they decided to venture out to check out the wild side of the city. It was huge for me, and the memories are still clear in my mind. The make-up towels I got from SIxx and Mars are still in my collection. February 20th, 1986 - it was the coldest day in Denmark. I got so cold and then ended up sick in bed for a week. That was my price for the experience. 

The Shout at the Devil tour came to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Motley Crue were opening for Iron Maiden. It was the time where KISS members took off their makeup and Motley Crue put on theirs. So it was awesome as an old KISS-fan… and on top of that, to run into them for the first time ever, in the streets of Copenhagen, was - yeah, you guessed it. Much water under the bridges since then, but who wouldn’t have wanted to meet them back then? I fully hear what you are all thinking. 

More of Motley Crue in Copenhagen, Denmark. Just wanted to share some off-stage hotel pictures. It is sometimes hard to believe that the band is still around, with the same original four members. It’s all in the past now, but we still have the music and the memories. Sadly, for a lot of them, I never really thought of bringing a camera. That part has since changed too, nowadays I try to document mostly everything. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction event. This was early in the year 2006. It wasn’t super exciting to me, but still enough for a mention here. It was so fast over with, but something that will not happen more than once in a band’s career, so yes, I am very pleased to say I was there. I have many pictures and videos from the event. Again, the band was awesome and kind to me. Signed the banner that I brought, shook hands, and talked and… all in all, an awesome day. Fun to have experienced it. 

At New Years’ Eve in 2005, Motley Crue did a show in Detroit. Most fans remember it, even if they weren’t there. I was, together with my good friend Corinna. It is a nice memory because I really wanted to go to this show. Not only did we go, but we had front row and center tickets. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. 

Oslo, June 2005. The band was high on energy. It was a great day. I really wanted to get the band to sign my leather tour jacket. I also knew that if they did, I would never ever wear it again. So on this day in Oslo, I decided to just ask Tommy if he wouldn’t mind wearing it for a photo shoot during the day. Thank god, he was fine about it. I have to say it was somewhat of a treat. It felt great and to be able to get into the picture myself was just amazing. I have to say this day in Oslo was very nice. It was Scandinavia at its best with a real revenge from Motley Crue. 

After the 2005 reunion, the first gig the band played was in Germany. I was there, of course. It was a festival, and the rain was coming down hard. The band played a 75 minute set. It was a blast. They had a meet-and-greet option to add to the ticket, if you were willing to pay the $400 extra. I did so on several of the dates. The first meet and greet for me was in Helsinki, which was the first date of the arena tour a couple of days later. It felt great to see all the guys, but to be honest, it’s also the meet and greet that was the least memorable for me.

As the band played a show at the Forum in Los Angeles, they were presented with awards for the Red, White & Crue album. Their first award-selling album in years. T.J. Martell Foundation made an extra award and put it up for auction for charity. I knew that award would mean a lot to me, and so I walked away from the auction with the winning bid. It was an awesome feeling. I am proud of all my awards, some are just more special than others. 

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. This was the first event me and my American friend Corinna went to. It was a weird day. Can’t really say if it was great or just… unusual. I remember it was scorching hot outside. As we sat in this outdoor tent where the meet & greet would take place, we were informed that Tommy was going to be the only member showing up. Then it would be Tommy and Mick. At the very last second, we were informed that all members would show up, after all. It would have felt like a real waste of money had they not. No way would I pay so much money to just see one or two members for 45 seconds… so, in this case, we considered ourselves very lucky after all. 

Nashville, Tennessee, fall of 2005. Me and Corinna had known each other for some time now, we had a line of shows to look forward to, and she wanted to meet the band members for the first time. I had some things I wanted to tell one of them too. We met all of them, including the background dancers and everything. I got to say what I wanted to say, and thereby ended a rather exclusive day in Nashville. We got extremely lucky this day, in parts thanks to a very friendly and helpful hotel staff. 

Glasgow, Scotland. The whole European tour had been over the top, with an endless line of meet and greets, but this one was special. Nikki talked a lot to me. It all ended with him saying, “I’ll make sure you get the bass tonight.” Which I did. I couldn’t believe it. The show was all in all one of the top 2 or top 3 European dates for me. It was awesome. Simply fantastic. 

Glasgow Meet & Greet, as said it was a huge satisfactory moment. It was just one of those days where everything kind of fell into place. I got my posters from the Too Fast For Love-era signed. The guys loved the big old posters. They even asked if I could find a set for them. Or Nikki Sixx did. I had so many plans and hopes for the meet & greets throughout Europe, and most of them came true. 

For many years, I dreamt of getting an item that had been stage worn by any of the members. One day, a guy from England reached out to me. He had Nikki Sixx’ black and white polka-dotted outfit from my favorite era, the Theatre of Pain one. Nikki Sixx wore the outfit on the album cover. It was something unbelievable. Just one decision and it would be mine. I made a bank-to-bank transfer, a big one. And here it is. An item I am so proud of. 

Birmingham, U.K. 2005. It was a memorable day. I remember that there weren’t really any guided tours of the arena as was promised on the ticket. The staff picked us up from the parking lot and took us inside to see the gear stored away for the show, and then we were taken to the meet & greet with the band members. I know a lot of people talked about and were disappointed that Vince didn’t show up. That was Birmingham for ya. Vince wasn’t there. But I still had great fun, just look at the guys. And I got my smashed bass from Glasgow signed! 

I had arranged to pick up a golden plaque in Wales. I traveled with a friend called Mattias, and we took off in a car and got it. I thought it would be cool if I could get it signed by the whole band. So I walked into the meet & greet in Wales, with the plaque in hand. On this day, all kinds of different countries were represented. Two girls had come all the way from Japan. They all had brought records and books to be signed, so I felt I had something really cool on my hands. Nikki was like, “Wow, Tommy, dude you’re everywhere!” and “Good stuff you bring along.” Yeah, I try - how often do you get a chance like this? Right? 

Had we been missing hot days this summer of 2005 (which we hadn’t), then this was the day that killed them all. It was steaming hot. I will never forget it. The London show had been the talk of the town for a good while before. The venue was a huge tent. This was the last meet & greet for me in Europe. After this, I still had shows to attend but wasn’t going to meet the band members any more, at least not in this way. The show was legendary, amazing. Except for the heat, which was totally killing everyone. 

This day was a day of change and an unknown start for me as a person. The Sunset Strip Festival 2011 – a lot of new seeds were playing. And yet another page in Motley Crue history was wriitten. This would from now on be known as Motley Crue Day in Hollywood. A lot of fun and cool things were going on this day, things that made an impact on me and will stay with me forever.

There were many bands playing on the main stage that day, and Motley Crue closed the night with an intimate and sspecial performance.

The band was awarded three plaques for their work of art, and one of them eventually ended up in my home. It was an amazing day.

Madison Square Garden - New York, October, 2014.

It was a magical day in my favorite of all arenas. Went there, saw it, took it in, met the band, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I took a lot home from this show. Not only in regards to meet and greet items and a stage-used bass, buut also guitar picks, drumsticks, and almost best of all – the memories, the stories, the feelings. I am very pleased I made the decision to go. It was something very special.

2012, USA. A personal dream for me – Motley Crue and KISS had decided to join forces again, like they had done in 1982. Can’t say it enough – it was huge, and what a perfect decision to call it ”THE TOUR.” Both acts were really good on this tour. The merch was cool, even a lot of the bootleg stuff were awesome. Had no complaints whatsoever. It was a dream. Well, except maybe for the heat. It was 50 degrees Celcius, or over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It felt like you were melting. How KISS even managed to perform in their outfits and warpaint is beyond me. .

New Year’s Eve 2015, Los Angeles, California.

Not a good day. Not a wished for day. And also very much a wished for day. I have never felt as lost as I did in the time after this day. The last arena show for me.
Even though the band is back on the road now, which I hate, by the way, my opinion hasn’t changed. That was more than likely my last arena show ever.
This day was a haze. I remember spending it with a Swedish friend and we talked a lot. The arena was sold-out, yet it felt like no one really understood what I went through there and then.

I wanted them to stop touring, they weren’t great anymore – but at the same time, they had been in my life since 1983. So what to do now?
It was a very emotional day. No doubt about that.