Diary 2008

30th Of Decemer 2008, End Of Another Year
3:12PM CET
You have seen the end of the worst Crue year in my excistence. Thats right not much has been cool what so ever and I have no new words to cover the balance of how inner feelings and diassapointments and hurt from what has gone down over the last 6 months. It is truely a nightmare for any to go through like this. You have no idea how bad it has been. Well part from getting an idea from the diaries reading material. But I can honestly say it is way, way, way from what it feels to be sitting with emotionally. I have no clue to how I will ever get fully ever it. But I fight on. I am still loyal and honest to myself about how this and what this means to me. I ones again send a salute a final greeting and all to the one that has been looked at a life long friend and all. Corinna in the San Diego eara in the US. Now she is like not excisting at all. Her choice but its with a continued sadness that I send her my happy new years greetings and wishing her the best for her future.

I am now ready for a new year, well as ready as I can possibly be. I will have a ton of things that is going to be the plans for the first 4 to 5 months for 2009. You see there are a lot of greats that can actually really become some neat somethings for me. Tommy Lee`s Motley collectible life is absolutely going to be a new testing way for continueing this. Nothing is really going to have something thats dead certain to it when it comes to positive guarentees in my actions. But I am willing to try and hope for the best. To you all thanks for all you have done and given me in supoort and verbal beatings over the last 12 months. See you on the other side. I am ready - are you? Happy new year folks. Be careful tomorrow. Dont be foolish.


25th Of December 2008, Xmas Over & Moving On
1:20PM CET
Thursday - Merry christmas to all that has it today, to all others who had it last night I hope you all got what you wanted for the day? I think my own was so and so emotional yet as preferred this year. I was alone this year on christmas obviously that was not deep down preferred but to make a long story short it was self chosen and I got a lot out of it really. I was cleaning a ton of shit out and doing house work like litterally massive yesterday. Going through a ton of Crue boxes and all there really was to do was to figure out where the hell a lot of the missed stuff has gone. Some was easier found than others ... some still missing. But then again I have not had all the boxes turned upside down. It requires another home visit or two to have it all sorted. But so far so good. I am gonna have to start with what I have here.

Other than this I have now the last week of the year to look forward to whis h is holding the last weekend here in my apartment in Grenaa and its a pleasure. I needed the rest and the break from ALL active doings. And that I have givin myself. I am happy to say I have won the years last battle. Sit tight and actually say no to all doings at both jobs. Radio and the train company!!! It feels weird yet wonderful for the fact of - my body being sore as you cant even begin to imagine.

How ever I will regain strength from this and have things going the best way possible. Ready for the remaning three days of the year where I again from Monday (obviously) will retur nto work and gret the new and hopefully great year to a rise!!!! I was gonna do a minor eBay bidding but the shit froze and I missed out. It was only a flyer or folder if you will. But bottom line I wanted it and did not get it. Guess I just can not win it all huhh? But there are also plenty to get worked on in the next short period of time. Something way more interesting just wait and see. I have a lot to do for the site in January. I seriously hope things will go like they are meant to do or I will for shit sure be f u c k e d massively in a way I would not like for the future. And then ohh boy do not even want to even think about that one.

A lot of things as mentioned in these diaries in December are to be looked into and dealt with in the near future and hopefully that will make this site even more attractive. We have so many ideas would perhaps be the rightfully chosen word here. Still creating massive brain storming here on the bigger idea of what could could see the light of day 2009. I like to have something made out on the very hush hush thing to see it working or .. not working. So we have to kind of letting it all unfold by itself and then make a decition to well a let it grow or kill and forget. In five more weeks the 29 dates winter tour of the USA will start hopefully and as soon as possible there after I will have the complete merch line from that tour on here as well. I beg and pray for it to go right. We will see. I have one more diary to do here this year and I will try to grasp time for it to be typed off on Tuesday!!!


21st Of december 2008, santa Season & Blessed Endings
3:02PM CET

Sunday - yeah diaries through out he year 2008 has often started out like that. Sunday....well it is again and I have my lasty working night today. I am beat. Not tired as in sleepy but my body is sore as shit and i can not get down to get things soften up inside. I am truely worn out. I need and I think I deserve my Cruecial holidays now. I am going to kill a ton of hours going through the Motley boxes. I have a lot of new doings and deals to sort in the first good half of 2009. But that requires a ton of boxes go through lol to set them straight. A long story but heyy it is all worth it. More than I can say.

It is still a sweet very turbulent livng for me. It has changed a shit load in 2008 and it has had its ups with tears and blitztering joy along with sad tears and torn hearts. I learn lessons about my loyalty my heart my life and my limits every year doing this. I learn about people and their ways words promises and choices all the time. There are three days to go to the European christmas day and then another week till we for ever and ever put 2008 in a box and turn it from reality to memories. Let me right now just say thanks to all for an extreme support of this site. In a few weeks weare going in to our 5th year with this one. I can hardly believe it myself. Also heyy... guys girls friends and family - have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A JOYFULL HOLIDAY see you ll soon again

A thing that for some time now has been thought through quiet a greta deal and been on the possible do and future crue item add list the magic days of well... in manys minds that knows the man on a deeper level. Mr SIXX was aving a guardian angel some years bakc that is said to have been the soul reason for getting through things and still be alive and here today sharng an amazing thing and new release 2008 with us all. Her name Donna D. and her blue wedding dress form the big day of both their lives were for a reason up for grabs. I was unable to even think about it the first couple off months i heard about his. And to make your reading for today on here a bit shorter all i can say is that it is now gonna be added to the personal collection of mine in the early stages of 2009. In time people a perhaps new revolutionary Cruye thing is gonna be laid out there to you all from Mcrueloyalty.... sit tight and enjoy the christmas holidays..... much love...


18th Of December 2008, Updated Pages
3:02PM CET
Thursday yes indeed. I sit right now in the Northern Denmark visiting the webmaster and we are talking about the next possible big news. We are talking about the current status of the site and have added some stuff too in different kind of sections. Sixx AM, Tommy`Never A Dull, Crue CDs, Articles, Laminates, Picks, Mag Posters, Posters, and more stuff. You can see it all and where to go and more in the top rolling news line on the front page. Other than this there are stuff on the table as said - can not really say much just yet about anything but if this comes through it can actually be really interesting for all fans and collectors of the band. There is a chance that only the diary section will be touched from now on till we are turning the page and writing 2009. We all have a good long list to get through in the holidays so this may very well be the last added activity this year. I will ofcause let you as its time for the season greetings to be spread from here. Hopefully you are all ready for the holidays by now? Dont stress out or nothing.


14th Of Decemebr 2008, Tough Times Again.....
6:36PM CET
Sunday and still in lack of energy. Man it is a stinky feeling. I have a ton of things in the calender and a lot of shit on my want list but I need to get well to look in to it. I have fullfilled my overtime at work. Elleven days with no days off. So I am beat the last 4 to 5 days was attended with an illness. I still say it was worth it. I have ot get shit killed and looked into the first three months of 2009 to be on top of things that I have to get cleared and want to get done.

Yeah I think a lot has gone bad like for whom and what I am REALLY bad. It was so bad and has been so damn rough. Hell even my relationship has been a little rusty and that is god dman brand new still. I miss a lot ofcause and I have lost a lot recently important stuff and i am now really paying for it. Funny how things unfold. One thing at least is still active it seems. Vince Neil has his Poker tournament in Vegas 2009 January. Not going but I pray my buddy working with it is gonna help me out this time too with the stuff that are available from the now 4th anniversary of this thing.

VINCE NEIL AND THE ADULT INDUSTRY'S HOTTEST STARS SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL FOR A GREAT CAUSE - Las Vegas, NV - The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will host Vince Neil's 4th Annual Off The Strip Poker Tournament inside The poker room on Saturday, January 17, 2009. Celebrities, Poker Pros and Las Vegas' hottest dancers will join Vince Neil for a wildly entertaining No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament, benefiting The Skylar Neil Foundation, an organization which has raised millions to support innovative cancer, leukemia, and AIDS research. Seating for the tournament is limited to the first 150 entrants. The tournament buy-in is 500 dollars plus a 50 dollar registration fee. Re-buys and an add-on will be offered during play. Players will vie for a guaranteed cash prize pool of 50,000 dollars and payouts will be made to the final table of ten.

Participants and members of the public are invited to visit Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's new 'Poker Lounge' throughout the day to bid on an amazing collection of unique memorabilia from the worlds of music, sports and entertainment, up for silent auction. Beginning at 3:00pm, Vince will join adult film superstars, Poker greats and Hollywood celebrities for our cocktail welcome reception. Tournament play will then commence at 4:00pm.

Following the tournament, go 'back stage' with Vince and others at the VIP After Party in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Wasted Space. Bid on one of a kind items at the live auction including some of Vince's personal gear and memorabilia. Access to the VIP After Party requires a donation to The Skylar Neil Foundation of 100 dollars(for non-tournament players) and space is limited. All proceeds from the poker tournament and charity auctions will benefit The Skylar Neil Foundation, established in 1995 by Vince to honor his daughter Skylar who passed away from cancer.

Tournament pre-registration is strongly encouraged and VIP After Party reservations are required. Visit http://poker.skylarneil.org for more information, or contact a Hard Rock Casino Host at 702-693-5000. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Alan Koenig at 615-255-9000 or Chuck Milan at 310-450-6895. 

Thursday will have a new lot of added stuff on here. And it is going to be the last 2008 I think. Sang my good American buddy is still making awsome unexpeced moves. I am so very suprised that these kind of people can still be excisting. Hot damn. Thanks for al lyou have done am doing and will do brother. You should have been in my life a long fucking time ago. Shit. Well better late than never. I still do not know if I want to do the N.Y. gig in March or save the most of my over time money and do my Euro summer oturing more massive and jump on more collectibles or what. I have a lot still to be killed financially thats gotten nothing to do with Crue too so there are plenty to do and take from. But yeah no secret that I seriously need something plantedi n my calender of doings soon.


11th Of December 2008, The SIXXster made The Big 5 0
3:30AM CET

It got to the day where it actually happend. Mr. Nikki Sixx got to see the big 5 0.

damn I rememebr the good great old Theatre days .. man where the fuck did the decades go? I am truely amazed about this. I have looked back in mind on the years going going .... gone. You see there are so many things in my memos that are all of a sudden weird to think about if you think time and years. I mean it is a so weird to be thinking about - damn the man is 50. I know Mick has been there for some years .. but somehow when its them other three I am just amazed and I think time has a different kind of meaning when it comes to the Crue boys. Damn Vince is 48 in a couple of months. Ohh well I guess we all grow older but still smiling ... if we deserve it. Mr. sixx congrats on behalf of the staff at Mcrueloyalty we wish you a happy birthday which I am sure you will have. Considering the shit you have chances for. It will be a perfect day for ya I am sure. Congrats... looking forward to the next 50.....

What better way to make sure fans get what they want, than by letting them decide the 2nd single to be released off Saints Of Los Angeles? That’s right Crüe fans, we want you to vote for the song that's the most worthy, "Chicks = Trouble" or "White Trash Circus". It’s your call, so vote today! Personally I would love to see a different track from the CD but my choice from these two would have to be the Circus track. Fucnny the first time I was listening to the CD the Chicks track was the one that I liked the least. Now the choice is ours .The fans will choose the next song for a single. You look in to it there and vote. Next single from an album that has blessed the boys with a nomination for best rock release this year at the February 2009 Hollywood American Music Awards. Lets see if that could be another late birthday gift for Sixx and a cool one for Vince. Lol. Enjoy the spinnings of Crue music in all of your homes to cellebrate the man ... later boys and girl ... ones again happy birthday Sixx.


9th Of decemebr 2008, New Dreams Fresh Set Goal
4:37AM CET

A ton of things are going on as thoughts and ideas but most certainly also as rock hard fatcs of activites. Jezz, I do not even know where to begin. But let me put one really new thought to the plate here. I have an extremely appreciated cool dude in California that I diod not even think could excist. I do not mean him as a person but more his kind. His kind of personality is really exceptional. his name is Sang. Not sice my old days travelling partner in Corinna have I "met" such a cool person. Nothing in words would even get close to cover what positive thoughts and respect I have for this person. Part from my buddy Greg also near Hollywood and L.A. There are some ideas about the much wanted "Motley Museum". I have as some of you know wanted to start one for many years. But still not done it for three reasons, missed partner to do it. The locations and the finances. And last but not least I dont feel fully ready for it with my collectibles.

The cool idea now about my old thought and dream was to try to set it up as a "Motley Online Museum"... the details ofcasue I can not share with you here for a line of reasons. What has also come to ear of a rather more sad fact is that The Body Shop, the seedy old titty bar on the Sunset Strip where Motley Crue filmed their cinematic classic, "Girls, Girls, Girls," went up in flames this morning. More than a dozen fire trucks responded to the emergency. Fortunately, for the sake of rock history, the fire was quickly contained, damaging only the attic and roof.

This is no joke: Tommy Lee just told the S.S. that after hearing the news today, he e-mailed his bandmates: "LET'S PUT OUR ZIPPERS AT HALF MAST!" I do not know how much of all the original shit that holds Crue history is now long gone. But you cna now add this place too. What a drag what a shame. Been passing that stinky place a gazillion times. It is quiet simply sad to know all these places are gone. Or damaged. You can see a lot of pictures of the recent views on what it looks like today where somthing that was Crue historic in the "meet n greet" section.

I am still also not quiet sure if the only show i would perhaps be able to go to on the january and February tour namely New york would be attended. I have a lot of things to sort out and catch up on but I am still not fully ruling it out. fiding this fresh NY cap photo on the net I have to say I feel the lust for going. I will have to see whats gonna happen really. But the last 5 and a half months downfall has this time like never before really killed a lot of what good for me. my girl is not in her most pleasant corner about this either. For the reasons of me being a bit isolated with it cause I am in need of solving and erase all bad to move on.

You have no idea how acared I have become from what has happend in my Crue life this Summer, fall and early winter. I myself am really looking forward to the outcome of the talk I am going to have with me webmaster and then from there on the outcome of what I worl so solidly on right now. I will simply have to let the las t coupple of weeks pass by and head in to the new 2009 with a fresh head up high attitude. Noting is going to come back and nothing is going ot change the already done and damaged so I might as well get the best out of what I have already.

There have been a line of greats on eBay too that I have not gotten to touch. I have had a list from here to basta huhaa ofthings I would have loved to get and to do that I have not even touched all these months. I have how ever gotten some cool new people in my life and they are to be handled, shared and looked upon with all the great stuff they hold and they can feed me with....I am looking rally forward to this - Till next time....


3rd Of Decemebr 2008 Fuck Vince Thats NOT Cool
3:19PM CET

Here we go again. For god knows what time Neil has canceleld the European tour it seems. Got the news at 8:30 this morning and contacted the promoters in Stockholmand Oslo non of them had known anything about this. They both claim they have gotten no news what so ever abotu it from the management. Well the "official first notice sounded like this; MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL has cancelled his European tour just a day before the shows were due to kick off.

The rocker was due to kick off his solo trek on Wednesday (03Dec08) with a gig in Barcelona, Spain. But the concert was scrapped at the last minute, along with two other Spanish dates, reportedly due to a combination of low ticket sales and the recent closure of La Riviera venue in Madrid, where Neil was scheduled to perform on 16 December (08), according to Blabbermouth.net. The star subsequently opted to scrap the rest of the concerts around Europe, including shows in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Russia and the U.K. The news was confirmed in a statement from Fatal Smile, the band due to open for Neil on the European tour.

In a statement, they say, "We're really sorry to inform you that the rumours are true: Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe cancelled his whole European solo tour just one day before the tour should kick off. The official statement for the tour cancellation refers to the rejection of the Spanish promoter for the three scheduled shows in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid. For organisational reasons this has affected the whole European tour. The management of Vince Neil thereupon decided to cancel the tour. All involved parties have tried their best to still let the tour happen, even the tour promoter didn't give up until the very last minute!"

I dont really know what to say but this is stinky and a really damn bad moveon the part of the Neil staff. What the fuck. Again we all get sacked cause of something shitty. I guess this is another damn something I will have to think about for a while now. What now? What to do? Nothing. I think it is a time for looking in on something else really. I have to say there are so many things I like to get done that has been hopes and plans all the time.

We will see what is gonna happen. I have a hope that December will bring me something nice something positive and that is for sure needed ones again. Tammy of Las Vegas, NV - a new briefly talked to person ... I wanna send her my gratitudes too thanks for all help and understanding about things on a certain thing and maybe a really friendly person I can not say anything bad about so far. Well all my fustrations are out now about this shit so lets see what happens if the cancellation stands later in the week or if its changed again. Its in a week and a half. Stinky damn poop!!!!


28th Of November 2008, Getting Sick As A Dog
12:14PM CET

Friday!! Yeah it is. But it is also a long , long, lomg day for me. Yesterday afternoon I staretd to get a weird feeling and through out the day I ended up extremely sick. I was over the top bad. Puked, got fever and was shaking like you cant even believe. half the 5 hours long trip I threw up on the train ride from my apartment in Grenaa cross country and to Roskilde where I am now again. I was to be at work last night but after arriving here at 5PM I was picked up by the train station by my baby and had a terrible time. It was straight home ot bed for me. No doings of any sort. Part form running between bed and toilet. I know why all thisis going on. First I thought ohh dear here comes my fall cold. Or a fall flu.

But I know what has been going apeshit in my mind the last two weeks. Ever since the day of Crue tickets that got to be released and I knew that with the monster changes I have had in my life the last 6 months I had no chance on earth to be going. On top of that all the newly official products that I am soooo way behind with now I have to say I am really not good with these facts. And it may even sound really bad when I say; this is the single thing or reason if you will for my illness the last two days now. There are no way on earth that I will not be concerned, for as long as I collect I will be just that when ever I am left with hopelesness to something in their name. It can litterally get me sick as shit.

You see there are so many great things I need to do and get done. Right now the major one being seeing them live in the January / February tour in the USA will not happen for me.I am so low on everything. I have one single person left that I FULLY trust in the Californian area and he is gonna get me the complete merch 2009 line so I am not gonna go at all. As long as I get it I am fairly okay.

I have already gotten a few emails asking if its right about the white frames around some of the latest items added to sections here and there. Sadly I have to say yes its right. I have major computer trouble so untill I get something done and the old computer works again I have no chance to get these items re-scanned for the right black background sorry about htis. It is not YOUR computers thats fucked up. Sorry for the troubles and concerns you may have had. I have a few more things here now that are waiting to be photo shot and added on the site. A smashed bass, some posters and more. It will all get addded some time December.

I think a lot of good stuff can still be coming to me also in doings not only collectibles but the los in my travel partner ended more than half of all I so exclusively wanted to share with that one person only. I have a good first half of 2009 to be looked into in a serious way. Not only on Crue but also trying to see if I can get my ass to a new home some what closer to here sadly. Not a thing I fancy doing at all. I dont really like this place, but its so way more easier and so way more making sence ...next year is a HUGE fucking Crue year and three tours and a DVD solo releasesand tours, and more. Maybe even the movie. I am so not happy with all the no can do`s at this time so I hope to have some pleasant found calmness and a balance that will be a okay for my inner self ones we head into January of the new year 2009.


23rd Of November 2008, Constant New Ideas
4;42PM CET
Come hell or high water I am gonna try to do all there is possibly to do. About the new stuff released I mean. The latest info on the whats being put out there well lets just say the bucks goes fast in this collecting world. There are yet again a line of new late 08 items and its all as always carefully planned to move in on christmas with and more. Things to let the ones that does not hav a shit load of cash to spend to be getting at least something. You see the heavy collectibles are out already the leather vinyl box and the lithographs. The new items released this week are all small stuff and they are ass expensive in its grand total. I am really not too fund of what is happening. Not cause I done think its coo or nothng. But simply because I know I cant afford to cover it all. Its gonna have to be a choice, ass hard work no sleep and no other doings outside Crue for a long, long time. And then on top of this either choose to see them live ones or to go apeshit to try to cover what is available on official merchandise only.

There is in no way or form a chance to do both. I had my guns aimed for the New York show in March but now with all these things going on and the massive list of released itmes I am in a new position where I have to admit I am forced up into a corner with a choice. Live one night or the lot of collectibles. Right this instant it is not too hard of a choice. I would then rather from seeing them that one night only - have things to be pleased about for life than one night and a huge expense than be ass tight on the financials for the 90 minutes show. I know it sounds really wild to read. Me being a die hard collector and then choose not to see them if thats what it all ends with.

I have to say lets just see whats gonna happen. Cause right now I can not tell what will happen. The answers to al lwill apear as I see my pay check in one week. Christmas is sacked this year for me too alreay. No gifts no shared somethings no doings in that field. I am solidly giving myself a christmas gift in the name of Crue and then thats gonna have to be it. It will be a long lonely day that is really meant as being with people you love nad share the holidays with. Not me this time. Bottle opener, ornament, throw rug, flask dogtag and more are the new shit released.


20th Of November 2008,
3:59PM CET
Thursday it is a day of big pain in my feet. I feel like I have been running a marathon. Its crazy. How ever I am doing a shit load of work these days to cover my bad adventures and get over the hill of stinky situations. I am having a tubulent time in my head with everything thats going on these days. I think it is a really hard tragic situation to have my feet planted in. You see everythign since summer has changed my Crue life. Everything i trusted and cared about on the American side of life has been pulverised. It exsists no more. I in all honesty thought maybe or rather hoped my ex travelling partner even though we dont see each other no more at least had made a reach out and all to me about the new tour coming. Asking me if I was going. Asking me if she should give a helping hand in getting me the merchandise from it if I did not go ro soemthing. But I have not heard a peep.

In short I guess I had too high thoughts about it really. I was told that we would be frineds for ever. Well funny how forever always seem to coem around to you beofer ... way before you actually die. "Forever is a loosen term of speakin solidly as a speaking term for "were all fgood as long as you dont fuck things up and be and do like I like you to". we are in a very selfish set world. No my dear Corinna this last remark was NOT!!!! pointed to your name. Just to keep the record straight. I know how different people read and take written text. Its pretty simple. People read things the way they are currently feeling in their own life. So often aggretion and shit comes to surface. simple things are loved to become huge complicated somethings. I find that kind of sad.

If you think it is an easy task to just sit here and go "man its only a hobby relax and dont make such a fush about it" You see there are so many people out there that keeps asking me a ton of questions but they just do not get the fact I have said for a decade. This is not a hobby for me its my life. And a lot out there has tried to kill most possible for me. So many things I say people either dont like or dont believe. I see it is a hugley hard task to think I can find people that fully wants me as I am in their life. You see I am or seem to be too extreme in this field for them to have room for me. Tine is the single one person that right of now seems to have that acceptance to my name. and my brother. I am tempted to say the webmaster too lol but she doesnt really count as its pure business lol. She is not related not family not girlfriend. So.....

There are so many cool things I am so fucking hopeful to have some of the hugely wanted things covered and won over in December and January. I really need this to be going well. This half year has been a slap in the face that still stings like a muther fucker. I am really not cool with the massive loses. But I am trying to look forward and seeing a possible good in the months to come. I try to have a few things in my personal life out side Motley Crue that is not so heavy on my mind. I kind of need a softer balance to it all. I really need to have a great ending of this year and a solid greta start to the new. Motley is coming to Europe next June and it wil lbe a really covering tour it seems. Doing Oslo, Stöckholm, Helsinki and Gothenburg. If Copenhagen or antother pplace in Denmark is going to be included I am very interested in finding out. Man .....

Did you see this by the way? Guitar center and others are doing a 12 day christmas giveaway from December 1st.
You can attend the giveaway and be a possible winner of some really cool things actually. I think you can get your hands on some really cool things. I think this is a competition that is really actually worth while. You see for yourself if you go in and sign up.

Speaking of great news I see Vince Neil is coming to studio time to do his next sol oalbum finally in April. As is Tommy. Working on his next "Methods Of Mayhem" album. So the time from March till June will be solo doings massively 2009 it seems . Tommy album active, Nikki and SIXX AM album active and so now is Vince. Well I say it again a lot ot look forward to. It is a damn expensive almost impossible thing to get covered in full from about a year ago. You see things are taking everything you have and more if you really need to find a balance of what you are cool with covering. This is getting really really hard. Its insaine. Ohh well I am not giving up just yet. talk soon....


16th Of November 2008, So It Feels Better.....
8:25PM CET
Damn it this news gives me a tiny better feeling and hope for shit to happen;
Motley Crue will follow up this summer's Crue Fest amphitheater tour with a North American arena trek, beginning Feb. 2, 2009, at Cox Arena in San Diego and wrapping March 18 at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine.

The 25-city-plus jaunt will feature support from Hinder, Theory of a Deadman and the Last Vegas. Chicago-based the Last Vegas recently won the first Guitar Center On-Stage: Your Chance to Make Rock History contest. Along with an opening slot on Motley Crue's upcoming tour, the rock outfit's prize includes a management contract with Tenth Street Entertainment and a recording deal with Eleven Seven Music.

Ticket prices for the Live Nation-produced Saints of Los Angeles 2009 tour will range from $25 to $75, with public on-sales beginning Nov. 21 in various markets. Other tour partners besides Guitar Center include American Express and Fuse, according to Tenth Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music CEO Allen Kovac. Kovac, who has served as Motley Crue's manager since 1994, says the band's winter jaunt picks up where Crue Fest left off. "These are markets we didn't play," Kovac tells Billboard. "Rock has always been a middle-of-the-country sport, and you have to go to where your fans are."

The inaugural 40-plus-city North American Crue Fest -- which also featured rock acts Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Trapt and Sixx:A.M. -- grossed $16.6 million and drew more than 613,000 concertgoers, according to Billboard Boxscore. The trek followed the June release of "Saints of Los Angeles," the first Motley Crue album in more than a decade recorded by the band's original members. The set has sold 236,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

After March, Motley Crue will break from touring until the summer, when it will visit European cities in June. From there, the band will return stateside from July through September for the second edition of Crue Fest, Kovac says. Support acts for the summer tour are still in the works.

Yeah baby this is something that I in 4 days will know is a bandage on the wounded heart of mine. I am gonna ask for vacation time in June. And then try to aim for almost every single show in Europe as they come. That had been a damn pretty something. I am so gonna aim for that to cover my missed out loads this year. Just go apeshit in June suits me more than fine. I actually long ofor things to grow good again. I so desperately need it. With the stuff going on I have to offer myself the hardest try possible to get the summer Euro tour 2009 in the can.

16th Of November 2008, A Rough Day In Hell.....
12::19PM CET
So November 14th went by and I managed to get through the night with no Hollywood going. I had still the hardest time ever. You have no idea how tough it is on me when shit goes down and I am not participating in them at all. Its like asking me never to eat when Im hungry never to sleep when Im sleepy or not to get dressed when Im cold. It is not at all near by the happy times I so need and want with this Cruecial universe. No it was a really painful night at work to get through here in Denmark thats for stinky sure. I so needed to have been there. The reasons for me not to? Well for you that have followed the diaries on here well, you know. For othes sorry - dont wanna go through them thoughts again. Too hard too painful.

Also on Friday the same day as for Palladium the tour tickets for 2009 was set up for grabs. Guess what? I like three times before in the times and days of my still excisiting travelling partner in Corinna ones more had credit card trouble use online. It just would not work. So I have no tickets for any of the gigs. And now after several week-end suprises I still have no none. And I am now also in a position where it is not gonna be any more than just the New York one if any at all. Sadly thats the case right here and now. There are these new official items like the leather LP box, the 5 lithographs and more that simply also will not alou me to go see them too. Plus all the bills and more. You see I am not having the coolest Crue times in my life this past half year. It is without saying not an easy and all round positive thing.

So last night I returned home from working times to my apartment in Grenaa and I visited a working free week-end. So I went to my tattoo artist and added the latest or the start on the latest the SIXX A:M logo but only high lighted it and threw in the red blood strokes. Next time it will really come out awsome. All filled in with black. I do not yet knoiw when that will be but I am not done yet with it after that is done. I have several other spots and plces that needs to be filled out. To combine the arms and chest a little more tight and perfect.

Today is Sunday the 16th and I have no thoughts to or why By the way my girl got her Sixx tattoo... from a signed photo she got. There she went too. Got officially crued for her first time too. How it all went down and all was that she took 7 minutes and then it was all done for her. She is thinking of getting his face added but ohh well I could not say what she is going to do. I myself took a good hour or so then we stopped to let this heal and the red spots sink in befoer we fool around with hte black. Its all good. All in time. Im fine with it. But the chest you have no idea how painful that was. Sweet lord have mercy...... just not on me that afternoon. Shit it hurt me like a muther fucker....but hey its inked now and its going to be fine when it is done. More stuff in the mail by the way. It all gets aded in December some time. I try to collect a minor lot instead of just three or four things. Okay? Great!!!


13th Of November 2008, Lol More Mixed Pleasure & Pain
2:21PM CET

Thursday soon to be weekend again. I am looking at a saturday with a possinble tattoo doing again. I need tohave the next step taken so I cna get on with what is already in the making. Lol... I have some thngs that are really hard on my ass too. Tomorrow is the Hollwood Pallaium show and to know I normally would have been there without question and now will not is so very hard for me to deal with. had this been just a hobby or just a something for me I would not ever have taken it so hard. But it is really is not. I have learned the hard way in many things when it comes to my collecting Motley Crue life. But this is without a doubt harder than I am able to put words to. I am really down over the sraying off tomorrow thing. I have heard a few things should be really cool and go down on that day too. I envy big time the ones actually going this day!!! I am so damn sad not to have the chance.

nother thing is also the new official releases around. I am extremely high on my toes with things and I need to be continue trying to follow up on the new coming releases that are coming out. It is like i said last year from 2008 and forwward it will be hell. The band has learned a lot in the merchandise business and slowly it is getting a sence of being KISS like. A band that speits out new items every other week year round. The latest stuff that has gtten out are two new 2008 ZIPPO lighters and 5 new lithographs limited each to 500. And huge poster sized. I want them all. but they are 100 dollars each and its not something i have at all right now.

The day I get way, way, way behind the official stuff being released I am for sure gonna end my collecting. I am not gonna do any more. I have to say that is somethng I really love to do. Grabbing shit as it comes out. But there are way too much or like now not many items as such but the total in the hard earned cash area is for sure not in my favour this time around.

There are also a few things that I think are really cool with this though. New stuff coming out that are great not to say awsome I like really much. I mena the lothographs I think are pretty cool high priced but cool. Unlike the glass wear and stickers and shit. Not to put it down there are a lot of people and especially youngsters out there that are not having the money and are not at all collecting that is more than fine with the smaller things that also arent too expensive. Its all good I think.

Its really cool that there are all the variated priced items. Something for everybody. Me I just aim for the lot. Everythign everytime. It sucks and its hard lol but its all or nothing every time I can. I think I have actually done really good this year on most. HAvung in mind how stinky it has been with bills bad experiences and shitty people -.....I think I ghave done really good. Now going in on the last month shortly of 2008. Yeah there are so many things that are really hard to grasp sometimes. Ohh well. You live and you learn I know. Well I have a lot of things I need to get done today so I will be back some time later ...... Cheers



Sixx:A.M. is about to release a deluxe version of their album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack on November 25, available exclusively at Best Buy. The deluxe edition includes a never-before released live EP, Live Is Beautiful which will also be released separately for those who have already purchased The Heroin Diaries (how cool is that?) Live Is Beautiful (produced by Sixx:A.M. and mixed by James Michael) was compiled from several performances on this summer's Crue Fest, and features riveting renditions of the tracks "Life Is Beautiful," "Tomorrow," "Pray For Me" and "Accidents Can Happen."

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack Deluxe Edition featuring bonus disc Live Is Beautiful

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack:
1. X-Mas In Hell
2. Van Nuys
3. Life Is Beautiful
4. Pray For Me
5. Tomorrow
6. Accidents Can Happen
7. Intermission
8. Dead Man's Ballet
9. Heart Failure
10. Girl With Golden Eyes
11. Courtesy Call
12. Permission
13. Life After Death

Live Is Beautiful Bonus EP:
1. X-Mas In Hell (Live)
2. Pray For Me (Live)
3. Heart Failure (Live)
4. Intermission (Live)
5. Dead Man's Ballet (Live)
6. Tomorrow (Live)
7. Accidents Can Happen (Live)
8. Life Is Beautiful (Live)


The Last Vegas, winner of Guitar Center On-Stage, surprised with immediate opportunity to open for Motley Crue this Friday, November 14th at The Palladium In LA.

In front of a capacity crowd, Guitar Center and Motley Crue tapped The Last Vegas from Chicago, IL, as the winner of Guitar Center On-Stage at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go last night. Over the past eight weeks, bands across the United States submitted their music at makerockhistory.com. From close to 8000 submissions, 30 semi-finalists were selected, which were then narrowed down to the six top undiscovered bands in the country, with The Last Vegas prevailing as the one band chosen for the ultimate, career altering opportunity - the chance to open on tour for rock icons, Motley Crue.

The Last Vegas will get the opportunity to experience the mayhem of touring with Motley Crue, and for a taste of what's to come, check out the Motley's video for "Mutherf*cker of the Year" below. In addition to the slot on Motley Crue's 2009 "Saints Of Los Angeles" U.S. tour (dates to be announced on Friday, November 14th), The Last Vegas also takes home $25,000 cash, $20,000 in exclusive new gear from Gibson Guitars, management from Tenth Street Entertainment, and a recording deal from Eleven Seven Music. In true Crue fashion, The Last Vegas also found out that their career is literally going from "0" to "60" overnight and will be opening for the notorious rockers at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles this Friday, November 14th. The band will record their first single immediately. It will be available as a stream on AOL on November 24th and as a download on iTunes by November 25th.


Limited Edition "Journals of the Damned" Deluxe Vinyl Collectors Set Pre Order!

This exclusive limited edition set includes: a 12" x 12" "Shout At The Devil" lithographic print, hand signed by the band, and 180 gram vinyl reissues of six classic Motley Crue albums, taken from the original analog masters of Too Fast For Love, Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr. Feelgood, Saints of Los Angeles.

This strictly limited edition collectible, individually numbered (1/500), is packaged in a black leather box with gold leaf lettering. PRE-ORDER: Your Limited Edition Motley Crue Deluxe Vinyl Box Set will ship within 6 weeks after placing your order. $500.00


9th Of November 2008, Slowing Down For Nov.
11:49PM CET

Some people have mailed me asked if there are any chance for setting up some more stories of my long time as a collector. Well there arte so many to be honest but to a certain point I think I am covering all with this diary since that one started. And a rather long fairly detailed one is already up on here. My life story so to speak.I think it is a little irrelavant to give birth to a new section likethat. Then in my own opinion this diary section would not be very muchneeded my dear friends.

Maybe I myself am a little too close to see it. But for now any how this is not really gonna happen.I am extremely open here and extremely direct on many things. Those of you that really would like to know more of me should try to make frineds on a more personla basis. I am and have gotten fairly touchy on how much I give to those that comes around trying to be my next best friends. Too many so called frineds have done too much harm to me over the yeras so I am on my toes on some points. PS: Tbone is in Europe for what seems to be a one off DJ Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Veltins Arena 38 Euros plus fee..

There will be a few things going up on here today. Its not the worlds biggest lot - not at all but I am gonna have some things added. Vince solo, Tommy solo, Sixx AM and this n that stuff. its not a whole lot but its on here. Also the This N That page 4 consiting toys etc has been "cleaned out" if you will. had begun according to you all to look messy in the extreme lol but its better now I hope.

There are few new things that I find really good to get done these days now the rest of November is so damn low and job wise busy and packed. The few days off that I actually have I will try to get through some of the stuff that I have and get it all sorted so that I can have things better stored at home and also I have desided to start 2009 with at leats one item pro framed per month. I have a ton and it costs like a gazillion or do these investments but I really like to get it done right and all. It is all well worth it. I need that to be my next thing collecting this band.

I am still doing all the tattoos here and getting things slowly in order again after some things gets going and my sore spots on my inked body heals I am going to continue all the rest and missed spots still. I am trying to get all the done work connected here. It will come out nicely in the end. And yet not look too messy as tons of others who has so called sleeves made. Too many small things combined and too much stuff thats really making it all look like only dark inked amrs with not much sence. Or the tribles some have dont like it. Any how I am not to like or sdislike onor comment anybodys doings. Just want to have mine done and done the preferred way here. Thats all.....


8th Of November 2008, Flat Ass Broke But Things Worked
7:15AM CET
So the week-end came knocking on ones door. The christmas came along with it. Tuborg according to some the best beer in the world every year here in Denmark holds its huge "J day" J for "jul"which means Christmas in english. The famous christmas beer took a sick turn this year. The city of Roskilde and Copenhaneg n probably all places in theis fucking country was havning a bitch long line of drunken teens and older men at 9PM already all over. I dont drink myself. So to me its rather annoying watching these fucks act likes a bunch of no brain monkeys. My god I hate this. My railroad work / nightshift was a nightmare. The trains looked like a fucking warzone. Thank god the shift is over and the shower has been taken.

Now the thing here is that I myself even though I have not givin my hard earned money away to dumb ass beer companies I am still and sadly for personal reasons flat ass broke for November already and there are still shitty three weeks to go. On the ither hand I made a promise to myself recently and guess what? My sorry ass was right, Things I wanted to try out and all fucking worked. I am so happy. And financially just paying for it now but heyy it is all good. I feel totally fine about it too right now.

There will come more much more on here the next few months if you really wanna know. Trying to also work out a part shipping plan for my last and remaning still owned items laying there. I am gonna go and pick up more but right now were working on getting some of it shipped to me here in Denmark as to showing some proof of my wanting and killing of the storage situation by my friend in the USA.

It is getting really close to another and new Hollywood activity in the Crue realted universe. The Whiskey A Go-Go seems to be the old traditional frame for the cool too. The remaning and still fighting bands for the price of opening up on the 2009 Crue tour is still going on. The 10th of November is another date for the steps towards the new and coming rock youth and new generation I so love to be there but as stated in my last mail it is not gonan happen. This summer shit in Florida and the huge los from my personal private keeps and shit from the girl in the North East of the USA totally killed my chances for doing jack shit the remanings of this year. Sorry to say to share and know its a fact. But I hope oit will be good and a good day to be taking the next step inthe waters of new pages in the book of our favorite band.


6rd Of november 2008, Updated And Split Up
4:26 PM CET
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA - October 23, 2008 - Guitar Center and Mötley Crüe announced today the six finalists for the Guitar Center On-Stage: Your Chance To Make Rock History. The final six bands were chosen from a pool of 30 semi-finalists over a period of two days as each semi-finalist performed one song live in front of a panel of industry experts at Guitar Center's legendary Sunset Boulevard location. The final six bands will continue onto the finals to perform live for Mötley Crüe at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go on November 10th in Hollywood.

The top six bands were chosen by influential leaders in the music industry, including President of FUSE TV, Eric Sherman; Producer and Front man of Sixx: A.M., James Michael; Music Director of Los Angeles radio station 98.7, Julie Pilat; Chris Nilsson of Tenth St. Entertainment and General Manager of Eleven Seven Music, Frank Woodworth. Sixx: A.M. front man and producer, James Michael shares, "I was blown away by the talent I saw over the past few days. Rarely do I get to see so many great bands play one after another. The "Guitar Center On Stage" program has already proven effective in finding America's best up and coming rock bands." The finalists who are just one step closer to being official rock stars include:

The Spittin' Cobras (Seattle, WA)

Lorene Drive (Victorville, CA)

The Dirty Pearls (New York, NY)

Waterstreet (Peoria, IL)

Something To Burn (Los Angeles, CA)

The Heroine (San Antonio, TX)

Since launching the search for the next great American rock band in August, Guitar Center and Mötley Crüe have had a staggering 7,930 bands register and close to 175,000 online votes cast at the program's web site--makerockhistory.com. The site also garnered nearly one million unique visitors since its launch on August 1st.

Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars notes, "Our partnership with Guitar Center gives us the opportunity to help an up-and-coming band by giving them every element needed to succeed. Like Ozzy did for us when he took an unknown band called Mötley Crüe on the road, we too are looking for the next generation's great rock band." Continuing its support of aspiring artists, Guitar Center and the world's most notorious rock band will provide one up-and-coming band the ultimate, career-altering opportunity--the chance to open on tour for rock icons, Mötley Crüe. The winning band will also receive ,000 cash, ,000 in exclusive new gear from Gibson Guitar, management from Tenth St. Entertainment, and a recording deal from Eleven Seven Music, Mötley's management and record label.?

"Guitar Center On-Stage is our most revolutionary program yet, and we are truly amazed with the quality of talent that will go onto perform for Mötley at the finals," said Norman Hajjar, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Guitar Center. "Guitar Center invests millions every year behind programs that are dedicated to helping striving artists realize their musical dreams and this initiative is literally going to make rock history."

The Guitar Center On-Stage finals, which are free to the public, will be held November 10th at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go at 7 p.m., where each of the bands will perform live for Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe who will select the top band and winner of Guitar Center On-Stage. Allen Kovac, CEO and Founder of Tenth Street Entertainment and Eleven Seven Music said, "From the performances that we have witnessed over the duration of this initiative, it's apparent that Guitar Center On-Stage is an innovative platform that helps find fresh and groundbreaking new artists, whom would otherwise not have a chance to tour with the likes of Mötley Crüe. The winning band will not only have the chance of a lifetime to open for the notorious rockers, but they will have the support of the record label, management, credibility from Guitar Center and marketing to launch them into the competitive music industry to jump start a long and successful career."

To check out the audio and videos of the final six bands or for more information about the finals at the Whisky A-Go-Go on November 10th, please go to makerockhistory.com

It has been a rough thing to do but the section "Personla#" in the "LOOKS" section is no adjusted. The long lost lot is not in the section anymore but it has been givin its truth in reasons for draging it out of the section and into its new and own one today. It has been harder than anything I have had to do on the site ever. You have no idea how tough it is. Certain ones will be ass pissed and all about this done, But the truth is what it is. And if some can not handle the truth well tough shit. I seriously had to do this the last and final activity on the long lost lot. I think a lot of what I have gone through is now the best way possible set in place. The total lost pile is to be seen in the personal section under looks at the bottom of page three. Should any of you ever get your hands on these things and ever get to be offered these items and wanna hear about them or be interested and heartfelt enough to let me have a slight chance to get them back.. let me hear from you.

There have been a few updated things here and there and you seem to have gotten the latest to look in on at whats at my hands right now. There are still quiet a FEW MORE THINGS even after three or is it four years of this site being around that are still not on here. But I said it all along everything takes a shit long time. And time is not the thing in my favour never has been and I say this cause my scedual and all has always been tightly booked with activities thank god so .... well it will come but it takes as said a lot of time....the front page top rolling banner tells you where to go if you wanna check on the latest stuff.

I have had a tough shitty late spring and summer to say the least getting shit back together and more. This is now my chance to get things back on track and feeling better about my Motley Crue life style again. I am in good feelings these days again and I just have to have some more succesfull stores and all in that bands name. And it is slowly coming. I am still waiting on my latest to come shipments from people round the globe. Some stuff that are so greatfully appreciated having and all that I can not really do anything else to make the collection and my emotional balance get any better. Running a solid try out with this girl now. Trying to get things to work. I love the chances but nothing in my life has ever been in any way rock solid when it has been a matter of depending on another person to give me a "okay" .

Right now I think the toughest last test of 2008 is that I am NOT attending the Palladium show in Hollywood next week. I am not attending the Tommy nor the Vince things the coming weeks in Hollywood either. And fuck maybe not even the January arena tour with Hinder either. You have no idea how bad that feels to one like myself to face and admit out loud.

I feel like my life in the name of Crue has " gotten lost in the fire" the fire being a metafor of something that really burned me deeply like a forever and ever sitting tattoo in my chest....
It hurts a lot to say and feel all this. Time will give me new and change things around. I again thank you for your loyalty and support.


24th Of October 2008, Trapped But Willing....
3:44AM CET
That is so god damn amazing. Here you are wanna help somebody that is close to one self and the person kind of thanks you for the reach out but in the elleventh hour backs off and then leaves you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo that really hurts your feelings. Why is that? Maybe things really are like everyone are so fixed and self set messed up they are ass scared to changes and stuff. I do not know all I know is I am today in a situation where things are not at all attractive to me with this person. And it hurts major. I think a lot of things are and can be so fucking awsome with this Crue loving person but the same great and meaningful person to me that I talk about here is now doing some major stupid stunts.... and I get really sad watching. Fuck I hate these situations.

I am sitting here in the middle of the night we are having a major fall out at work and everything in the train buisness for the night has stopped. So this evening or nights shift has had everybody active for 90 minutes and then its a stand by position the rest of the time. So it has givin me time to do this posting today!!! I am so longing for a huge something a chance to get my shit betterd and some really awsome things started. But so much have been in the way for me to do major things really. I feel really sad about this year. So much stuff has been giving me hell and I am these days at the beginning of the end to have it all killed and more. Thank god. But still it has cost me a line of posibilities and all. I hate it. Now more new stuff has been released of the official products and I need to get it ....

As you maybe have seen by now a good lot of 159 new pictured items have been listed on the site in different sections. Finally we have managed to find time to get it all done and set up. I am highly glad we got it done. These sections grow slowly but surely so check em out.
Sixx solo, Vince solo, 8x10s, CDs, Aerticles Girls and SOLA, magazine Covers, Flyers, Books, Personel, Picks, Passes, Posters, Shirts 08, 05, this n that...ohh yeah lots of smaller new stuff to look in at! Thanks a million....Later xxx


20th Of October 2008, Finally Off!!
1:57PM CET
Any idea how great this feels? This right here and right now. I have just left work. On my way to Grenaa again my home town. I have fucking two days off and I feel so good about it. It is time agun to continue the adding stuff today. I have a good bag of things that needs to go in on that. So my first ff day now is full. Plus two interviews with Thunder (UK band) singer Danny Bowes and Crown Of Thorns voice Jean Beauvoir. Yeah it is going to be a busy time for me for sure.

I am not gonna be around for too long either simply cause I am heading back to Roskilde by the late evening train tonight for a time with and mórning wake up superior with my angel so I am all good today. You have only a very brief insight on the feelings I am sitting with. All the mentioned stuff here are so, so, so very nice things. It is time to be a little focused on things that are workable right here right now. And in my own opinion I am really doing this.

Okay so here came another activity killed by curcumstances. Motley Crue live at the Palladium in Hollywood California mid November. Fuck. I will be missing this too. I dont know what the hell to think. It is normally things like this that are so covered by me. But this is a time in my life where nothing like the ordinary is at all going well. but in its own sence it is okay. It is okay cause changes will do me good. I know it all sounds rubbish with the fact of me being so deep into this and so deep into and now skipping all I truely really wanted. The Asian thing and the Hollywood gig. Great. Not!!!!

There are so many things I like to do and get still but its clear out time on many issues here and I am not gonna besaying anything that could come out s a complaint. I am not gonna do that. Cause I have so many great things already and things would be okay to be on a pause a bit. There are so many things I am trying to get sorted and get done too. I have a lot of things that are in the working stage and that are being tried out.

Whats new is that I have aloud myself to try to limit myself in some things and not have it all all Crue. But rather try to do be cool on doing other things too. Get a little more in on more local things here to actually try to change things around somewhat. And I am sure it is all really good for me in the long run. I have no intentions on killing things in the Crue life of mine just yet how ever I am really gonna be open ti things here and I also have to say there are thigns being spit out liek hell so it is on top of the sadness not attending the live gigs I am actually behind in things that are considered collectibles too. I have not had a chance to follow up on all that either.

There are things on ebay and other places that I would love to have for sure. But right now it is hard times for adding new deals on what is alrady set and is filling up a lot of calender time ahead. But ofcause it is also really great things that are lined up in there so again - no complaning from me. The webmaster and mysef are still havng time scedual problems so things goes a little slow but the other day did have some added stuff as you may have seen. There are another lot coming soon. Maybe tomorrow depends on how long I am gonna need sleep for. I have night shift again now the next four nights. Then a day off and that I am gonna be spending at home in Grenaa again trying to clear out some of the mess thats there and get some house doings going ....its been way too long. I need to have a lot of things done but it all takes time that I judt dont have it seems.


11th of October 2008, Thank Yous & Addings - Finally
2:52PM CET
Saturday!!! Argentina time for the boys night shift job for me. Ohh well. I am more than happy to say that I am better and happier than I have been for some time now. You see things are still rough but a lot of things are in bettering. Have worked hard on all this shit and nothing is even close to be just nice. It is REALLY nice ....well some of it anyhow. I have killed osme hard time part payings and some USA old shit has finally been erased and killed for good. Erased out of my memory. Nice!!! It is now time to focus on some things that are in the calender to have a started go on them and then the rest of the year will have room for no more new doings. You see there are some things that are so big here in the book of doings that I will smile widely when it comes to an actual hand shake on some of these thngs that I refer to.

In a few there will be a good listed somethings. The much talked about pile of things to get added on here may be happening tomorrow or at least some of it. Let me see how it al lgoes .I truely think it is happening tomorrow so brase yourselves and enjoy the things to come. I will be happy to do this for sure.......getting it on so more can be put away its always all over the da,mn apartment called home and there are no way I can or will have a home till I get another place to handle the things better. sad to see it lay around like it does right now. Thats just all shitty. Need it fixed and have it displayed rather than stored in my own home. You see there are so many things that I think could be and make my shit look jsut awsome here. It is a splended greatness and nothing would be more respectfull to have that stuff made and giving it its rightful treatment. But for now tomorrow is a date of things to go into the sections. ...Okay just got it confirmed tomorrow is a date with the webmaster.

This Thursday and Friday has been all rock n roll. Sadly with working hours night time too so I have had a really shitty tiredness in my body. But my baby and I went to Stockholm, sweden to see my Swedish darlings Boinafiedand LA Guns. You see it has been great going out of here away and see things different places and a legendary Hollywood rock act again. The band was good my baby was in extreme pleasure. Got all the attention for rocking out. They played and were all their shit and it was great. Not hte best Guns show I have see n but great. After the show it was like I was ass tired and all. Something hit me like a bomb and I was so exausted and unable to do much. Fell asleep sitting up and more...

I felt bad. went to talk to the Bonafide bass player and then we got to their hotel and slept for two hours at 05.20 we went to Stockholm central station and off towards Denmark. Then in the evening of yesterday it was really time ot go Hollywood. Britny Fox, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bullet Boys. Ohh my god Bullet Boys was not impressing me at all. Far from from it. But nice to have witnessed it really. Hollywood no fucking wonder I feel more in place there than in this lousy hell hole. Well kiddos tomorrow will have shit added on here to be for your viewing pleasure. Thanks as always for the support you are giving ....


7Th Of October 2008, Rady And Willing - Well...
4:47PM CET

So the guys totally had a great opotunity to start something new in the East huhh? A new tour and more and what happens on Tommy mutherfucking Lee`s birthday? Well....Wow!! 1st day back on Crue tour after a nice 30 day break from Cruefest!! We started up in Guadalajara on my Bday Oct.3rd!! ....hahaha what a night ....Mariachi players, Mermaid piñata's and our first Crue show in Guadalajara!!! Well into the second song I smell fire!! ....im thinkin oh must be the new smoke machines?? ....whatever?! And then im like wait a minute!!...that's a f$cking FIRE I smell!!

....soooo come to find out Nikki's dressing room is in a full on blaze and mines next door! You know sh*t is crazy when you see your tour manager and security runnin around like its a riot! ...haha! Well not so funny now cause its really happening and they're pullin personal items outta my room dodging flames n smoke cause Nikkis room is torched!! So sad he lost EVERYTHING but his passport, and a few credit cards!!! Cams. computer, cell phone ,wardrobe,etc!! Here's a few pics along with Bday shots and new recording studio pics for fun! WOW what a Bday!! RED HOT!! Damn - you can say that again. What the fuck really happend? That is some stinky starter

I have had some shirts poster and some Sixx AM stuff reaching the doorstep as mail today so more is even ready to go on here. Let us see when and how fast things can really come to a solid laid on activity. But it will happen shortly. I will have a lot of great things going on from now the rest of the year and I have some Motley related things going constanly that much we do know. There are no chance on earth that that will change or get scrapped and leave my life. Well I will end this short one here today and have some things going before I have to get to work tonight. I need that really. I have no chance for doing anyting new other than whats planned for already.


5th Of Ocotber 2008, More Site Add Changes LOL LOL
4:09PM CET
Hey everyone. Agian for what the 4th time in a row now I am forced to let you know there will not be a day coming this Monday either with a lot adding to the site here. The webmaster and myself jus tcant seem to find the time that it takes to get it sorted. Sorry bout this. But all it means is that the day the adding actually comes there will be an ass load of things added again. So untill then I am sorry for keep setting dates fro you guys .I get a lot of mail asking for the stuff and if something is wrong since they can not see the new. There is nothing wrong here or with your home computer when it comes to updated versions of Mcrueloyalty.dk Its just casue it did not happen after all. Again I am terribly sorry for rescedualling here. I will not list a date here again till it is actually done. There are stuff here from this week too that has already made the pile a little taller lol. 

Now how many of you did get the orders in place forthe 2008 catalogue of reissued titles? Funny I have talked ot a few people over the last week and some are thinking its a joke seeing these out for the what 7th or 10th time or something. Well its a terrible thing for a collector at thesame time its pretty neat. I myself have the entire 2008 vinyl and CD releases coming to me. Got the japan box of the 10 2008 CDs from there the other day so thats in the can already. On the other hand if youre looking for some what cheaper deals on the just finished Cruefest 2008 www.swagrox.com is now holding a sale sort of thing on shirts from that tour.

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I think you should have a line of things fro you shortly any way no matter if I go to seethe webmaster or not.
There iare a line of things right now that needs to be done too. This coming Thursday I am on my way toStockholm Sweden to see and do an articipation with L.A. Guns. A show there with a ton of guests and more. Then Friday its back and to Britny Fox, Pretty Boy Floyd and more in Copenhagen also an event to be shared with a few I happen to care deeply for. I think much more will hit the diaries in the nxt coming weeks cause so much os on my mind these days. It is almost not a load I seem to find a way to handle all too well.


2nd Of October 2008, Hell Yeah Its Burning Now
12:47PM CET

A lot of great things are going to be coming to this bullshitter over the next few months after all.!! There are no reasons for now believing things will be alright slowly but still be alright. There are a bunch of things that will come in the mail spread over some longe periods of time. Also there will be the new2008 CDs and vinyls to come too as soon as they are all ready to be released. Then there are all that I had at my friends place in Caifornia. All that has been there is now dagged closer to Hollywood and there for that is coming home with me the next time I am gonna go to that place probably round Feb if I can...We will see the time that remains of this year is booked. Especially financially. Way too much really. But I choose to see it as all good. End of story.

There is - speaking - of the new released 2008 catalogue there is right now on www.motley.com a competition rolling to win the entire catalogue there. Look in on it. Its pretty awsome if you like to get the Motley history in music. I think its a great chance too. Some of the stuff thats to come from them now are also being worked on. Their own headliner and arena tour 2009. The soon to come next official DVD from the Cruefest 2008. And more. Yeah there are no reason to think its gonna slow down at all. If you follow and collect massively you are in for a heavy list of doigs. It really is a monster to deal with these times. No question. I like to say that it is no longer an easy task t be an all round collector. There simply are too many things and in a financially tortured world sociaty you cant even begín to believe all thats makig the collecting side of things that much harder.

A lot of new photos are to come here shortly too and a line of things are still to be added ads you know too. My back is not all back in shape yet. How ever I am going to try to move more walk more and just build up whats needed. I am going out of my mind here about not being able to have the regular living again yet. Its sick and shitty. But I cant do much sadly. way too many things thats hurting ......
I have a list of things that I need to get by within the next 6 days so I hope I ill be up and around agin then. This is so not happening for me if the back does not get better shortly. Welcome to a new month by the way. October has kissed September goodbye and is now bringin in the darker and colder times to our lives. Talk later...


27th Of Septemebr 2008, Things Running Polished
10:43AM CET
09.24.08 'Saints of Los Angeles' album lyric binder...

Own the original 'Saints of Los Angeles' album lyric binder...straight from Vince Neil and the 'Saints of Los Angeles' recording sessions! These are the actual original lyric sheets and studio binder that Vince Neil read and sang from during the recording of the historic 'Saints of Los Angeles' album. This authenticated binder contains:

20 pages of the original working lyrics used in the 2008 recording sessions of the Saints of Los Angeles album including 'Saints of Los Angeles' and 'M.F. Of The Year'.
Vince's handwritten and personalized modifications to the lyrics.
Brainstorming sheets from the sessions that produced wording changes to some of the songs.
See how they were originally written versus how they were ultimately recorded on the album
Plus: 34 lines of lyrics to a NEVER HEARD secret track not included on the album.
Fully authenticated and autographed by Vince and only available here.
This one of a kind collectible can be yours if you are the highest bidder.
All proceeds go directly to the Skylar Neil Foundation and is a tax deductible donation.
Contact: Skylar Neil Foundation, Aaron Negherbon, aaron_negherbon@msn.com

I am in shock how this is now up for gras. it is a master collectible. Unlike way mire than has been on here the last many mnths . It is without a doubt a really cool having. Only just listed and with 6 days to go it is already up at 850 US dollars. My guess i the 2000 dollars mark when the bell rings out on this one. Holy shit I would have ben honoured to have it. I am just a little too hooked up on what is going on right now for me to do this I think. My girl is safe now. Well assafe as can be. And I am seriously really feelig good with that. I have gotten more stuff in the mail here and that is something that will get up on here tomorrow or Monday cause its set now. I am heading to northern Denmark.. still not completely good in my back but I am gonna try. I need to have this woking for me. I need to be good again and come around for a treat. Thats for sure.

There is a bitter feeling about the tight times and all. But there will be something good coming out from all thats going on. And I am begging my higher powers that Tuesday can actually be giving me some set endings to some of the crap that has been fucking with me for way too long now. I am sorry to say that it has been head over heels for quiet some time now. I am also gonna have to lay low and just feel the flow of certian things going on here. I think it is a hard ball but I have found the end in the mess and am slowly but surely killing the thing.....

My baby is having heaps of fun and straigh out greats from her time with a certian someone too. A lot of emailing and soon to come a signature tattooed on her right side hip. I am stunned but yet please to see it come around. We are so gonna be doing a lot of things too that simply will kill thoughts on new shirts and more. Yeah I am pretty sure it is going to be a monster in results here. Absolutely. Hopefully after returning to here Monday she and I wil have ime to look a little further into it actually. Some of these great ideas if the cme out right too we will try to let you guys have a chance to get hands on em. We will let you know as the results pops up okay? Its all gonna be embrodied most likely.


24th Of September 2008, Addings & happiness
4:52PM CET
Wednesday afternoon local time here in Denmark. Still back trouble but slowly bettering it seems. I am not gonna go on work in any of the coming days if it does not change drasticly. No way am I gonna play roulette with this at all. The back the knees and the whole nine yards are too important to fuck with if you wanna have an active living. So I am still taking it easy here. But as said I am hoping it will not be much longer laying on the lazy side.

Other than that the webmaster and I have talked again and we are gonna aim for a late weekend adding time for the stuff layiong all over the damn place here. It will be a nice little something I think to get done. I am gonna have some really cool things for you to go in on various sections on here. I have gotten to find myself some happiness. Or a belief in the same. I am working slow but I am fully in on it. A lonesome may be turned into a twosome some time here. I am really hopeful. She is already gonna have her Nikki tattoo shortly done too. She is joining me on the Vince solo Dec tour in Europe for a couple of shows and she is a fucking talented little chick that is so impressive in all ways.

There are so many things I love to get too. But as said so many times on here now that is truely for way later in time. I am head over heals here in stuff to cover and put an end to. It is not possible to just set a line of new deals up. I have future agrements with some so it is really cool to have some friends that are trust worthy. I mis my bind with Corinna a lot but sadly there are new frames in her life as some of you knows that have followed my turbulent life on these pages. I am not gonna force anything there and act like a fuck. I just miss her and out times of creative doings.

I would have loved to go to the Singapore event but I am not. The Japan Oct. tour is also gonna pass me by ....... tough to accept but it is. I really need this to go well and now I need too to have a fairly good line of hope on getting the concert dated items of these locations. I pray that I will succeed. The Argentina gig should be covered by my Argentine friend Sebastian.

I think with time I am looking for a good time after all. Just need to get used to certian facts and get over others. I am doing al lI can here and with a possible chance for getting this chick is for sure something that is gonna put me in a much higher happiness. There is not at all anything else rigtht now that can do me much better than that right now. Its been years and years since I was involved anyhow. Now enough talk about this or else this damn thing is gonna go down the drain too. Talk soon ... Cheers

There are so manmy new doings in he Crue camp.. and al lotf the old shit is returning. JApan earlier this year released the forst 10 albums on a 2008 re re re-released set. USA follows this coming month on the same titles. And Fuck me if the month of November isnt gonna have Eleven Seven Records with Nikki Sixx re-release the firts five albums and Saints Of Los Angeles on VINYL!!!! I am stunned. I need those ...Damn it they are up for pre order NOW. Can not miss this ..its hell these days to collect this band most certaintly not easy.


22nd Of September 2008, Flat On My Back
1:55PM CET
Still down here. No where to go cause i still can not walk an inch. Slightly loosen up it feels like so a few more days and I may be good. Still alot of stuff that is now waiting to be added on here. Sorry agin for the cancelled actions yesterday for that. As said I cant really go anywhere so there is nothign to be done till its better. To answer all of the mails that I have gotten from and about the lost stage probs. No there is nothing I can nor will do. I have taken the los in and I move on.

The one selling my old stuff...... well this person asked me to take off the diary posting with lies and what else or a threat to her lawyer would be next thing. Well unlike USA we here in Denmark have a, litterally a, fredom of speach. And it is a danish site and like this person asks of me this person should just grab and swallow. This person seems to feel really good about its doings so I speak my mind here.... my thoughts and comments to others mailing me is what my diary pages are all about. This person doesnt like it well I dont like loosing priceless pieces and thousands of dollars for this one to make a lot of it for one self and pissing on other peoples passions and limitations for solving things.

You see many agrees... (and I join them ) had this person and my situation been changed around I would never ever have done this. Maybe started charging a fee for longer storage. Or if it was a really pain in the butt giving a hand to get the stuff out of there within another good month or so.. then all had been swell and we could have parted ways choosing never to talk again. But this is not cool what happend. Never would I nor the 19 people mailing me have done this.

This person is for the money and not anything else. Or more correctly there are no other signs shown on this persons part that indicates anythig differently and that I am wrong. If so choices had been alive and open. All that has a problem feel free to get contact info on the original seller that I bought it all from and you will get a confirmation to this that is the same stuff thats on the site soon to be taken off and to be givin a seperate section for all to see where it was to be and all.

I have a line of unexpected things here came up and I need to see whats possible on doing about it all. No way that I can have a chance to do even half or a third of it but its okay I guess. I am trying to get a hold on my situation here and I am sure its gonna take a long long time. There are so many issus that have come knocking that needs time to be looked in on. You see I should have been in Japan to witness the tour there but not now.

I have still Summer American nightmares that I need to put an end to. Its closing in for an ending thank god but if it does not happen this first then another month will take its toll on me to burry all for good. What else is there right now? Well a handfull of people are trying to get on an agreement with me or friends of mine to set some deals. What will come out of it I will share with you in time but right now this is whats happening part from me getting a hold of myself my health and the mess that has been the past 10 weeks. Times will eventually be better for me. No doubt!!


19th OF September 2008, Fucked Up No Place To Go
5:59PM CET
Friday my third day in bed cut from al lactiviies really. Yeah I know the diaries these days sucks like a muther fucker. It is a chance to be a little self pittfull. But there really is no good as far as I can see right now. The straooed to a bed situation is here and now due to the a backpain you will not even dream of. I cant stand on my legs cant walk cant do shit. From the waste down I am more of r less paralyzed. Its my lower back that is fully and deeply fucked up. The back spine seems to have a bone fallen out and there is a nerve or something thats now all raped up and painful as fuck. I think there is nothign but a good weeks timefor me to rest stay calm be laying flat and more. Not easy not nice not cool not nothing but yeah.. thats the situation really. I cant do shit with this.

For evertyhing else. I am loosing the girl I love so much. It is hard to keep accepting loses and no wins. There are so little that I can do on all fronts. I really do feel I am in a bad position. And the eBay seller of twinpeak13 has everything I had of stage probs stored. right now one thing is up for auction, The Tommy Lee drum stool and I intend to write all winners not that they should care but they should be told. This is the advise I have been givin from people close to the band as well.

Wonder how any of you or she herself for that matter would have been feeling if it was anyone of you that were living out of a a life long herat felt dead serious passion for someone or something that no money no nothing could replace a bad going on what ever that would have been. But thats what this is for me as most you visiting this site knows. So I am in the deepest hole there is in my lifetime over this situation.

Well to all winners of this item and the items to come that holds stage probs from diverse tours these are not her elongins and she is pissed or not pissed at me for having it stored there a longer time than what she wanted it to....she is now claiming ownership of these items and making a fortune on them. Her comments to me was "why even buy all these things they are worth nothing. Its basically trash!!!" Well she is claming money out the wild zoo now for things that are in the first place NOT hers. I can back all this up with info and contact addresses and more to the people that I first bought it all from myself.

I do not expect anyone to even give a shit about this cause here are truely chances of getting some really collectibles on auction. Some have asked me too why I dont just bid and grab al lI ca again. Here are two reasons for that. One: the shithead has already set all her auctions for USA bidders only and there for there is no chance to register bids on my part. SECONDLY I have already paid several thousands of dollars for all this so there really is no longings for feeding a fucker with my money on top of things. I simply see this is a major downfall and wheather or not I would have been pissed at a person or not I would never have done anything to cause a situation like this ever. This is bullshit and it is by far a thing I find low as low can be.

I have also another sad thing to sare with you all.Tomorrow I should have been in Aalborg in the north of Denmark at my webmasters to add the new stuff.. but as it looks right now I am unable to go cause of my back. There is no way on earth that I can go. It will more than likely have to be pushed till some time October or something. Sorry about that. Right now there really is nothing more to say.....later my frineds as I get back up on my feet here.


14th Of September 2008, Whats more Devestating?
5:28PM CET
Sunday. Yeah I know it is one of them "the big S day" again. But you know what? I feel fine about that today. I am running on testing waters and on a lane of change. About myself that is. I have some things I dont wanna accept but I have to. I have a line pof things that are really going "wooowww this can not be right" But it is. I have a line of things that needs to be reaching an acceptable level. It is a balance with new rules, new ways, new all sorts of things. Simply cause the life that i had has been pulled away from under me and I need to have a lot of new ways and rules that has to be the frames of my future living.

How will it go? Nobody knows. I may like it when I have adjusted myself. I may not like it. I may have to drop more things to make it work. I may have to accept even more that I used to give a lot of attention. By now a lot of you may be wondering isit his Crue collecting he is talking about? The answer to that is yes and no. I am not quitting .I have had actually been forced to give up a lot recently. I have had to do a lot of things that I have never wanted to do and give in to of my own free will. But there have been no choices.

Now it is time for me to put some actions up in gear. I have found out I am as sad and worried as it gets. But I have to simply try to take a few steps and come around to some actions that can push the process a little bit for me. I have a few people that I miss terribly ..Corinna is one. But I am out of her life for good. That is a miss and a los that is very, very hard to accept. And in my own opinion a sacking of a friendship for reasons really joke like. Sorry Corinna but this seems really fucked. And yes I am hurt.

The thank you list holds so far four people. Tine my Roskilde baby. The one that has really done a lot for me. The one that has been there no matter how deep the shit hole has been. Sang a dude in America that seems to have a better understanding of what is happening. A pal beyond what I could ever expect from a dude there. Greg of Northern Hollywood. And then my brother. He has been a dick every now and then the past couple of months but that is cause of other things. It is really not something I wanna talk about here. he has been man enough to come around and talk to me about it and apologiesed. Then ofcause my webmaster. she has helt on to something that has been simply highly needed for me to hold on to this. To you all thanks a lot.

I have a few things that are now rolling and one certain guy is highly commenting what is going on about one certain area. Yeah my Roskilde friend and more is highly involved with someone she never thought would be in her life like he is. I am sorry this is a really private little fact that I can not share with you. I am not refering to me as the one in her life. This other one is giving her so many words advices and all and it effects me big time too. This girl is the most amazing individual on so many points. It freaks me out. I will perhaps with time give my diaries some really laid out about her and tell what is and can be coming. Tine you are nothing but a star in my life these days. You are a one of unseen in my entire life on most parts where there is a deeper meaning for me as a songle individual living an alterenative life style. Again I thank you so far for all you are. All you do and all I will receive.

There are some things I am going to have done and see if I can get lucky with. But there will have to be a time frame accepted by myself to successed. Right now there are so many loose ends that I am gonan hve to clear out before I really can move on in the bigger picture. My Crue life is only going on cause of my still active and honest passion for it. cause Tine is helping the way she is. For the webmaster to be handling the site the way it is. All of them reasons are of high importance for it to ongoing. I ahev a list of things that I need to erase and put to an end asap which is like a good half a year before I truely will have a good feeling and a great solid ground to move on at. If a few more things size wise breaks for me in the nxt half a year I will give in and quit. Simply cause I am unable to overcome more badness. I am only human.

There are some things I try to hold on to and hang on to and give some other attention so the Crue world right now will nto choke me down. I still try to listen to other artists .And the songs from others that I listen to these days aresongs that are either really heavy or really deep and emotional cause it speaks to me from how I am right now. I miss Elvis Presley again. No weird fact really. He and his music has always been in me and with me everytime I have had a really heavy downfall. Been emotionally torn and close to break massively. The king of rock n roll still holds all there is for me in hard time.

Next weekend on the 21st there will be a new added section oops pile of things that will be added here. Till I have time again I will leave you with a thanks for stopping by. I have tons of stuff on my mind still to give my diary pages here but I have lack of time. be good my friends... thanks Tine ..


10th Of September 2008,
6:50PM CET

Wednesday again. I am totalloy in shock how fas tthis god damn watch is spinning. Life is over before you know it. Yeah I have a lot of feelings on the table these days. I can not really say I have too much of the things solved at all. I will be misserable for a long time to come unless i am able to find some new never had something somehow that cna give me an awsome cool feeling. But I will not have that just any time soon. The good news is that I ones again have things in my calender that makes me have something to lok forward to and that is for me personally the absolute best medicine. No doubt. And some of the things are a cople of the coming December Neil shows. Thanks for the possibility to I have ot say to Helena for this and these .. ohh well no reason to make a long eplination about it. Just happy there is someting and someting that I really like to have in the calender to make things go easier really.
No doubt.

I have been doing a few more interviews for radio ex- W.A.S.P. drumerm now LA Guns, Mr. Steve Riley also a couple of others but also on the radio front there have been a fairly quiet time for me. I have been way too down to have the energy and focus on the things needed. I think a few things are desperately needed I have how ever noticed that everything that i have in my calender holds on name attached to it only part form web upodating and tattoos.

Its my Roskilde friend. She is out of the ordianry, we share shit loads together and we have a ton of things constantly to talk about and share. i think it is like this cause she is so very different than any I have ever met. In all ways. Many in the past have had a lot of great sides to them but this girl here is having all the damn loved sides in the book. Tough shit. Ill not be making her mine so no point going there. She is going to Stockholm and mor with me and has an over all nice interest in Crue so there is already there a nice shared bond. But we share so fucking much and its my medicine for bettering in its own really weird awsome great way. I am forever greatful for all this ......

Looks like the 16th can be the next tattoo date for me. Then the 20th and 21st its web and site for me. I am then on the 24th with my buddy Henrik up for tattoo again and there by getting a couple of steps closer on the eally wanted ink results. I need something light ... and I need sex soon all that shit would loosen me up a bit I think. Later...


8th Of September 2008, Surfact And A Crued Load
04:40AM CET

I am almost off from work .. in one hour I have two days off and fuck it is needed like I can not even begin to tell you guys. I have a confession too. Last night as I was so fucking depressed I decided to do something really fucked. I should not even post it on here. I went to the Surfact thing after all. Theboys text messaged me and said "bro we have you plus one on the guest list tonight" - man that is not to be missed. I loved it.

I admit I was really really bad inside and my best new friend went with me. She was not too fond of the CD as I played that for her a while back. But like me she said they are awsome live. And they are. I fucking love these dudes. They spinned about half of all songs delievered from the debut CD and then the other half was brand new coming material being tested before its soon to come release. FUCK IT KILLS!!!!! Well done boys, well done. I am so in line for the first sold second release by them on the release date. Kills!!

After this I went to work ofcause.
Had a fairly okay night casue of my Ipod brought in. I was working solo this past night casue I needed to get away from everybody. I have been awfully sad and teary the last day. I have so easy for tears these days. Nothing has healed yet it seems. There are a couple of auctions ending in a good 2 and 4 hours from now. I have pushed my home going time by train till after these two are done with to see if I can really get these or one of them auctions.

There will be an adding on the 20th of Sep. the webmaster and myself have finally put it in the calender so a oneday adding of the small lot thats here will go in on here in various sections that night. I think its gonna be one of the last soon adding times I mean for this year. wel lthere will come an item here andthere. But I will not have much more sent from the USA nor anywhere else for some time now. The remaning items in California are to be picked up in person start 2009. I am not going to do much till then on things.

I have gotten new projects here in Denmark and I am going to have a minor pile of doings set for the next and last three months of this year. I can not wait to have some more adventures done, I am so fucking bored, down, isolated and worse with the situation as it is right now. I hate this muther fucking shit. I work hard as hell to "move on" as they say out there in the world. Time is the only medicine I think there is to make any changes so time I have to accept as slow as its going ... there is nothing else I can do.


6th Of August 2008, Rollercoaster Emotions - Tough
2:59PM CET
Saturday yeah I know. Should be resting and more I am not. I am really exausted from all the emotional shit about the stuff that I am fighting with. The los and the emotional disaster from it is a truely nightmare. I will probably never get over it. But I am also exausted from all the daily work I have going from well regular day jobs. I have such a huge and tragic emtiness and a feeling about being lonely and trapped in a world of nothing but obligations and no love and a little too little smiles and more.

I have to say this is way rougher than expected. I am so out of the balance I had and have had for I dare say - years. Yeah it is all just kind of painful. Ofcause I have good and great stuff in the calender. I am really happy aboutl. But I hope I am not hurting myself from how I am and partly why I am doing the stuff that is now in the calender. I really wish everything would be back to normal sooner than later. This is unbareable. And it hurts like fuck. Amazing how other peoples doings can provide such very tough emoyions.

Now I have to say there are so a line of thigns I am not gonna be doing nor getting in the name of my boys. It is seriously not possible due to the messed up crap that has to be dealt with and handled before doing anything new. I am in need of changes and right now I am hoping for a solution to the ultimate new chance in life from my bank. I have talked to a friend and have this dream abotu buying a place in south of Sweden and redecorating it. Owning this place where ever it may be and what ever it may be able to give us. It is an investment and it is a huge chance to start over and maybe find something new. I will just have to see what comes with it should we get a green light from the request and application on a loan to do this. This could also mean that there will be a huge space for fianlly displaying my entire collection in the most awsome way. My god that would be a first and a life long dream.

I should have been at a concert tonight with my Danish faves Surfact but there is no way any at work will reach out and help me getting off my shift for the night so I am not going. It is with a little bit of a sadness that that is said cause I love the band and I have missed them and they for the first time play just 5 mintes in walking distance from here. But it is going to be a working night for me so..... no can do.

I have two more nights to cover at work then I am heading hme for a day to Grenaa again. Nothing is really too cool in anything for me as i fight this really tragic hard ball of a pain inside of me. Well I have nothing that I can do about it so no reason to fight it. I am taking it slow and not doing much out of the ordinay to get it over with faster. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a really desperado living a desperate life living without reason and belief. Including value value of life and even worse having no value myself.

You see it is Pain, Fear, Disbelief, desperation and all that that this los has givin me in its own totally destructive way. Nothing is good. Nothing is really in any way giving me anything great. Its like attending a party getting drunk mengle in but inside you know you are putting up an act, Cause you do not really wantto be at the party. You do not feel right. You do not feel there is a point. Not weird some pushes themselves over the edge cause you give up. You give in and nobody could really care much less.

From the picturesd five items auctioned off two of them have ended already and I have not gotten any of them. I do not think I will get any of the five but so be it. I have missed out on a ton of great Crue stuff and personal belongings already. So I am not really having an extra ordinary dopwnfall form not getting these either. But ofcause I would have loved to have it all. Money talks an thats the way it has always been.

I truely mean it when I say my latest Roskilde found friend is the only light in the life right now. We share do and listen a lot. It is so valueable to me right now. I am finding a ton of good here while it ofcause is hard as fuck to be round her cause even though we are together I feel like missing her. Weird. How ever I need time a lot of time to get this hunchback chopped down to size. It really truely hurts me more than I can rememebr anything has. Sorry for the bad posting today I really just needed to write myself off. And it all is a long theraphy that I have ot drag myself through to be feeling better.


5th Of September 2008, Finding Ways Gathering Strength
6:02PM CET
Hey everybody. It is Friday. How are we all doing? I myself am in high turbulence but at the same time feeling fairly okay. Its a weird massive mix of emotions that seriously needs some outside interfearence. These are the days of that - as told briefly last posting also an active in my life right now. I have to kind of taking it slow for many reasons. But at the same time there are things I HAVE to act on like almost emidiately and that can kind of force some hectic vibes within me.

Man all this typing alone makes me acke like "what the fuck am I writing here? This shit makes no sence".... yeah man I am in deep shit in my off balanced mind these days. My god it isa shitty stinky fucked up time of my life. Some people have totally fucked my balance and happiness off. I am so hugely sad and a wreck these days. I hate it. Even as also said been going to a shrink and talk Crue passion like hell and there is nothing so far to be done about it.

I feel so fucking fragile. I break down so easerly these days. It is almost a joke. But a balance is not in my excistence right now. There are nothing, no thoughts or ideas that I have tried out so far that is working for me to get over the los and the anger and furious hate to the people and the situation this involves but what the fuck can one do? I truely try to find a way out of all this fucking crap that these days eats me up alive slowly but surely.

Now I went to the Volbeat thing on Monday and I found it uninteresting but happy about the album that was their 3rd release and á release that day. Yes it truely was awsome. No I meant to say it is awsome. They have some music that is really out of the ordinary. Let us see what the hell will happen to them as time goes by. I can recommend the shit anyways. It doesnt really matter where you start on the 3 releases either.

I have gotten in on the much talked embroided material that I wold like to try to have done. Finally the solution has been found so in October there will be made some shirts and some stuff if you should be interested. I will try to get some pictures up on here as they are ready. lets see how it goes okay? Another thing is I have tried to do a few things in the name of non Crue activities. So what has been planned so to speak is a trip to Sweden to see frineds. My old Brides Of Destruction tour friend and travelling partner and her boyfriend.

Then I have also set my mind to see Disturbed next month with a support act I have wanted o see for a long time now. Shinedown. I really am lovoing the latest release and some of their songs on there like "Second Chance" is so me right now. I am truely on the emotional side of life witheverything and anything these days. Then in December my new very good friend and I am going to Norway and Sweden to see Vince Neil solo tour of Europe. My baby brother is going to Stockholm with us. Yeah you see something fucking has to happen I am going totally bananas if I have to just sit tight and do fucking nada but starring into a wall for two months while all this bullshit catching up to do is going down. Fuck that crap.

Today I hope to get something good out of something. Work these days is so fucked up and there is nothing but bullshit from the top management. My god it sucks major. Thank god for my best friend. I am kind of screwed on that too cause of what is ...well lets not go there let us just say that I am really appreciating what I have with her. Without her I honestly think I would have been sinking like a rock in the deep end of the fucking pool of life.

I am still seeing my shrink and it sometimes feels okay and better but sometimes I feel like nothing else is really going anywhere. This situation has been the hardest thing on 13 years for me to deal with and find a solution to. Another person that in his own way at times is fairly good and supportive is my college Henrik we talk really good and we have sort of future plans set up togther. No not going gay here just so you know. My baby brother sometimes looses ground and all and gets weird but also every now and then supports me the best way that he can to helps out on my Crue life as does two other people for to and with me till I get back on my feet and heads solo again. I am so appreciating all that these people does.

Right now ther eis one new American part from my really good frined Greg that also seems to be geting in on my doings Sang is nothing but a great dude holding most of what is needed to see the real me and support in his own best way my collecting and site too. Yeah ther is nothing like a person really sincere and all. I miss that in most people these days, my Roskilde friend says the same and is the first single female to EVER have said she fully supports and understands me on the passionate and collectible side of life and ...well yeah you know it. She should have been the girl in my life should she not? Fuck yeah. I will never ever agin in my living time on this planet get a better girl in my life that has everything that I would have been good with. Again my los but nothing I can do. There is nothing I can say eother. She is just perfect in most ways possible for a shithead like me.

I am hoping to get some things too right now are auctioned off for any and everyone to grab if wanted,
Pill glass from the Geatest years, Tommy cowbell from the recent tour, his highæy collectible laminates, Nikkis personal home worn pyjama pants form his years with Donna, and finally a bunch of the classic soda bottles. Thats only a few of thee things I like ot get added to my collection but in all honesty i think I should be exstremly happy for and if only getting ONE of these things. They are all gonna go for 125 to 150 and over SU dollars each I am sure. But there will be things added even without these items won when time comes.....later this month. Me and the webmaster seems to be doing a little on that round the 20th of September. We are simply too busy too long till then. So till then its gonna be pretty much diaries only and shit... guess that just has to do. Right? later friends and fucks.


3rd Of September 2008, Finding Ways Gathering Strength
6:02PM CET
Hey everybody. It is Wednesday. How are we all doing? I myself am in high turbulence but at the same time feeling fairly okay. Its a weird massive mix of emotions that seriously needs some outside interfearence. These are the days of that - as told briefly last posting also an active in my life right now. I have to kind of taking it slow for many reasons. But at the same time there are things I HAVE to act on like almost emidiately and that can kind of force some hectic vibes within me.

Man all this typing alone makes me acke like "what the fuck am I writing here? This shit makes no sence".... yeah man I am in deep shit in my off balanced mind these days. My god it isa shitty stinky fucked up time of my life. Some people have totally fucked my balance and happiness off. I am so hugely sad and a wreck these days. I hate it. Even as also said been going to a shrink and talk Crue passion like hell and there is nothing so far to be done about it.

I feel so fucking fragile. I break down so easerly these days. It is almost a joke. But a balnce is not in my excistence right now. There are nothing, no thoughts or ideas that I have tried out so far that is working for me to get over the los and the anger and furious hate to the people and the situation this involves but what the fuck can one do? I truely try to find a way out of all this fucking crap that these days eats me up alive slowly but surely. Now I went to the Volbeat thing on Monday and I found it uninteresting but happy about the album that was their 3rd release and á release that day. Yes it truely was awsome. No I meant to say it is awsoem. They have some music that is really out of the ordinary. Let us see what the hell will happen to them as time goes by. I can recommend the shit anyways. It doesnt really matter where you start on the 3 releases either

I have gotten in on the much talked embroided material that I would like to try to have done. Finally the solution has been found so in October there will be made some shirts and some stuff if you should be interested.


31st of August 2008, Closing A Bad Month GOing September
11:29PM CET
My dear dear friends world wide. I have gone far into my theraphy sessions and I have been givin an inside sight of what is to be done about certain things. You see my dear friends these fucked up stunts and egoistic actings that has cost me a really hard time geting to be a part of a monsterous Crue collection ... yes I am talking about the huge concert swag and stgae probs lost sent me to a srink. A theraphist that is hard as fuck trying to help me through these bad stinky times.

I have come up with a few answers but it was not news to me. you see my friends I have lost touch and focus on fucking everything from this and a love for a person I sadly will never have or so it seems. You see thats two issues for a really sencitive person like myself that is simply way too much to bare on my shoulders.Listen to SHINEDOWN and the song "Breaking Inside" that is how I fee land where I am at this moment. It really is a sad, sad, sad situation. I am in tears extremely easerly these days. I am really torn down and counted for.

I have hit the wall and I am in no position to even be near something that could be considered a solution to my acking pain.

I have been inked some morethis week-end too dear brothers an sisters. Yeah I have been blessed woth a full binder of hand drawn Crue related drawings from the one I love so deeply. I will eventually get them all inked to my skin but I am in deep pain these days so I am a little more marked when it coems to be taking on the needle and the pain. It hurts massively these days. An unstable balnce in a human body makes you take pain a littel harder than one with a really cool balnce and pure happiness. That is a fact in the tattoo world.

But I got my Brides tattoo coverd in soemthing liek a blood splattered red.. or should I say we have started on that. And also I have gotten the "TL" from the www.tommylee.tv site. Yeah I am gonna add Mick`s too. With time. There are a good 6 times mor to go to her my tattoo artist I think. It will eventually be really good. I am not too worried about it. Gonna cover up the titels from the Dr cover on the right shoulder I am pretty sure. But all that later.

Sitting here again after a 3 day period off from work is a blessing. But my time has been taken and givin out to well train travelling.Two times tattoos. heading to the movies ones. A Theraphy session. And now as we are saying goodbye to August 2008 in a good 12 minutes I am again on a train arriving in Roskilde at 2AM. I know it is fucking sick. Sick and almost mind blowing in a bad twisted fucked up way.I know. No need to try to explain it to me or nothing. I am aware of the low life I am leading when it coems to this train travelling. But for now that is how it is and has been ofr a year and a half. I am tring here to get a few things gong my way again and that costs me a fuckling load of energ, money, time and patience. None of you would like ot trade this for anything you are in I guarentee this. I have lost my babies and I am left to pieces and all are watching and could not care less thats how it feels. Its like a movie on TV its so easy to simply look away or change the channel. No sweat. You se what I mean? man it is so brutal. Dont know what I am or can do about it excpet find ego minded focus and have a solid view on my own self and not care about the outer world for a while. Six minutes to September.

I have a long way to go still before I am on top and back in the game. I am going to try to give myself a calender set line of things on my own and with frineds I like. I will know in a day or two if I will have what I think will be in the calender for the remains of the year. That being; Disturbed with Shinedown next month (October). Some more inked apointments set here locally. Getting my dream tattos made this year. And the nVincwe Neil shows in December. Can I have just Lillehammer in Norway and Stockhom Sweden then I am happy. That would be fine. There are also some minor things in and around Roskilde Copenhagen and more here that could go in the scedual of the fall. But then it is closing in on Christmas and 2009. Ohh hang on... here it comes... almost now...closing in...this is a month I like to really say good bye to. And....here we go the month of August is ...ready. THERE,,, GOODBYE FOR GOOD!!!! It is September. Man I pray that this month will be better easier and more plesant than the past one. Brother this is a wish I hope the mighty dude abovew will hear me on and make sure comes to life. Thanks.I mean it, August was way too hard to get through.

MOTLEY CRUE star NIKKI SIXX is considering burning his diaries - because he can't control what becomes of his musings after he's dead. The bass player made headlines with his Heroin Diaries book - based on items written in his past journals - but he has no plans to be that honest again. And he doesn't want to upset his loved ones after he's gone. Sixx says, "It's (Heroin Diaries success) really brought to my attention, glaringly, that I wouldn't want any of my other diaries to ever be read. "When the day comes that I pass, I won't be able to control that. So I've been considering burning them so that I can leave those tales untold."


26th Of August 2008, Theraphy & Focus
2.59AM CET
So the Sunday, Saturday and Friday was just enough to get through the lot that has now been added to the site. Nothing is now laying in my apartment right now but stuff is still laying around getting gathered with time. Like I tell myself I ask you to be patient with me. It is hell to have things going the way it is going right about now. I have a lot f things to get done especially with myself. Seems like no one could care fucking less about the situation. I have said it before and I say it again i have thrown myself into theraphy to deal with the fucked up situation on the matter of the massive huge and expensive los. had that been the only thing that was wrong it would still had been a huge fucking pain for me. But its not. It is beginning to be a longer list than I seem to be able to handle. I am more down and out than up and around.

There has been givin information to the webmaster about the next coming three months. There will not be a hell of a lot of adding to the site here in the next long long long time. How ever therer will be a long lost feeling covering me with shitty emotions controling me. Why there will not be much the next three months when it comes to adding items is simple. Here is the reason; I will not have a lot to do with financially since all pretty much is put on hold to try to get the shitty happenings covered that hit my ass in America in June / July. A huge fucking burdon is on my shoulders with that one. Yeah you see its so much money and so many emotional stages in this that I do not know how to handle the shit. Thats why I have asked for help too.

Some how I am trying to find focus on other stuff than the Crue. That simply has to happen for me if it does not happen I am for real quiet screwed. I think I have to have something to do and something to look for in the near future. I simply have to. I am not good with just fucking sitting around and go blah blah blah starring into the walls. It will for shit sure drive my ass insaine. I have been hurting enough from having people in my life. It is normally then that things goes wrong. So I am doing a non social time in my life for a longer period I believe. It is sad but it is needed on my part I feel.

So some of the things that are now geting my attention besides my situation on things about myself and my sadness and all moving inside my guts, it is books and other small time doings. This coming Monday it is time for a third release by the Danish Volbeat rock metal rockabilly pumping act to release their third CD and I intend to hit the FONA store in Copenhagen central for their instore and get the new CD then. The singer is a huge Presley fan not that that little remark has got to do with anything but he is. They are to hit the USA for the first time and to try fully to win that continent over too by March 2009. I am going to it and I am looknig forward to at least that. It is a local kind og a small thing with that but at least I do something. I really do not feel all great these days. I am getting that sick twisted feeling again like I had years ago......nothing is badder than its easy to get a check out ticket to life. call that fucked up my friends. It is. It truely is. More than I can say. But I reach that point from time to time when absolutely EVERYTHING that I care for is being ripped off of my back so I feel naked and alone and having a pulse in a world that i really do not want to be in. Its a very psychotic state of mind to be in my dear friends.

Now I have a line of things I need to give time and am in no control of at all. I would have to say the next months or perhaps the rest of 2008 has been coverd financially already from catching iup and clearing out all there is and then have a couple of activities coming to kind of give me at least a minimum to look forward to in the sence of activities and emotional importance. The webside goal for the now past weekend has been fulfilled and it is all there online now a lot was added as some of you perhaps have seen already. not all that I would have liked to get around was done but that will have to come next time thats just how it is sadly. Now with that said I think it is time for a shared thing here before I let you all go this time around. Here is some chat news stuff on the band`s next decade as our favorite rock band on this planet. Ten more years - who would have believed this shit?

After stunning the music industry in 2005 by reuniting and staging one of the most successful concert tours of that year, the rejuvenated Motley Crüe has not slowed down. The '80s glam-metal pioneers, who bring their Crüe Fest to Phoenix on Thursday, have signed a reported $100 million deal with global music giant Live Nation to record and tour for another decade. The band's new album, Saints of Los Angeles, finds the Crüe playing the slick, nasty rock of its heyday and looking back on the days that Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars ruled Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. Lead singer Neil, 47, called with an update on the band and this year's tour, which teams the Crüe with Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx:A.M. and Trapt.

Question: Motley Crüe is in classic form on the new album. Was it fun to look back on the '80s musically?

Answer: It's got a great sound, the songs are all fun. There's a lot of memorable stuff in those songs.

Q: The album has some parallels to your band's autobiography (2001's The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band). Why did it take seven years to record it?

A: When we started writing songs, we started going by things with the book. But it wasn't like we sat out and said, "Now we're going to write an album about the book." It just kind of happened.

Q: Down at the Whisky recalls the days when you owned the stage of the Whisky a Go Go. Do you ever drive up the Strip to reminisce?

A: I have homes in Las Vegas and San Francisco. When I recorded and (during) rehearsals, I have to live in LA. So you drive by that stuff. It's still there. I go in the Rainbow (Bar & Grill) once in a while and have dinner. That place hasn't changed.

Q: You seem to have as much energy as ever onstage.

A: Playing live, you feed off the audience. You just go out there and rock. I don't feel any older when I'm onstage. We could be playing Whisky a Go Go, for all I know.

Q: Has the recording process changed through the years?

A: With technology these days, you don't really go to a recording studio and sit around like you see in the movies. This record, I never even saw the guys in the band. I did all my vocals at the producer's house.

Q: The Rolling Stones once did that when they weren't getting along. Should we read anything into this with Motley Crüe?

A: No, not at all. It's just easier. We all travel on separate buses because we can afford it. People like to read stuff into it. You make your life easy and make the things you have to do enjoyable.

Q: Nikki has said the band was a gang, but a musical one, in the '80s. Is that how you still feel?

A: Back then, we lived together, we were never apart. That's how we approach everything. We're a gang of brothers. I've known Tommy for 30 years, we went to high school together.

Q: You left the band twice but always returned. Is it similar to working on a marriage or relationship?

A: That's why a lot of bands don't make it. Once they hit a bump in the road, they quit. We took some time off from each other at one point - but Motley Crüe isn't Motley Crüe without the four of us.

Q: Tommy and Nikki got arrested after a show in Phoenix in 1997 in connection with a scuffle with a security guard. Do you guys raise your eyebrows when you see Phoenix on your itinerary?

A: I didn't even think about it. I don't think anybody even remembers. That was a long time ago.

Q: Back in the band's wildest days, did you ever look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm pushing things too hard?"

A: I tried to be sober back then, but it was tough because there was no support system. After I got into the accident in '84 (which left a passenger in Neil's car dead) and I did some jail time, I was ordered by the court to be sober. . . . You have to stop when you want to stop, and back then, I didn't want to stop. I wasn't ever really a drug guy; I just like to drink.

Q: You've appeared on a few reality-TV shows (The Surreal Life, Remaking Vince Neil). Any more on the horizon?

A: I don't have plans to get into any more TV stuff. I'm a rock star, not a TV star. Those things were kind of fun to do. It was an opportunity. I didn't have anything going on. The Surreal Life was only 10 days out of my life.

Q: What is the key to being a rock front man who lasts for decades?

A: You have to really enjoy what you're doing and try to deliver the songs to the people out there the way they want to hear it. I try to stay as close to the records as possible because I hate going to see a singer who sings it differently. It drives me crazy.


24th Of August 2008, Updates & Healing Process
10:02AM CET
Sunday - I know attimes it feels like i have all Sundays by the diaries of mine. Lol. Well, this time it is what I promised (again) sitting in the north of Denmark scanning and adding a bunch of shit to the sections on here again. LAst time we added round 250 pictures. This time it is about the same 250 to 275 new pictures of all kinds of things. Articles, solo sections, mag covers, this n that, shirts, CDs, Displays, Posters you name it. We have all going. We are trying to get it all done yesterday and today so I am able to store it all away again. The site is expanding big time and I am trying to get a grib of what is smart while healing from the bullshit that I have and am going through. I think it is a major downfall that should never have been happening. Fuck the folks that did this shit.

Now while sitting here in the north of Denmark with the webmaster doing this we are going through some things and talking about all that is going to be and can be with the site. I am myself personally still feeling very fragile if you will and I feel shitty - to say the least. I have ones again been seriously close to shutting my whole collecting life down and just say "fuck it". All the loses that I have been talking about recently were the stuff that would have made this exrta ordinary and really setting the shit up high up on the list of cool collection. Let me take away someones baby and see if they could care less too? I think it is tragic how people can .... you know what? I should not let this situation take up any more room on here. I feel terrible and will NEVER get over it nor forgive but I have to at some point find a point where i get over it and more on. Have talked to a professional brain twister about all of this. YES!!!! This is how serious and how bad it has done me. And I see now that there is nothing but a tried out focus on other things that can make me move on.

It is not going to be an easy task to do. I seriously doubt that I will ever get over it. I am still paying off on it. And that with the fact of never getting it is just unbarable. Now all the stuff thats no longer in the collection will be dragged out of the site and set in a special section and not touched again. Scannings here thats of all the new stuff should be added to the site here today. So in a good 10 hours from now you should be able to see a lot of "new" stuff that has not been on here before. I think it is a nice load to present to you all.

On a personal level outside the site I work a lot obviously on the loses that have acurred. Other than that I am fighting stil lwith all the costs that I took home with me from the Florida trip in late June. I have still September and October to get through before I will have that coverd and out of the way. It stinks like a mutherfucker so there goes my Japan tour in October and more. I am not able to go and not able to witness that stuff since it is eating up all my finances on the other fucked up front from the shit that went down. yeah it sucks pretty much. And I am devestated to say the least that I am forced to do this crap. Then in October I have new bad shit to catch up on and there from its going to be November before I know of it. And from there yes it will be November and December before I know it too and then comes Vince solo European tour and a working on myslf going to California to pick up the remains thats there of my stuff. Then after I have done this I asure you I will slowly begin to feel better about, from and with everything thats got to do with my collection and America.

So I guess my year is filled up with what to do and whats to get cleaned and cleared up. Feels typical for me. Always months and months ahead in my scedual. I fee llike there are so many things I would like to do also outside the collecting world like I am slowly beginning to really NEED to think about moving. I need to find a place in Sjealland closer to work moving out and away fom my brother. But I also have been aware of that not happening til lthe deal / loan for the now lost stuff is cleared and done with. I simply do not have the time nor finances to do that with. Especially now with all the crap that has moved in on me the last 8 weeks. It is taking up a lot more than what its good for. I will be posting more on here later but let me get back to the stuff thats going on with the scanning and adding lol so you can all have the new to enjoy. Later....


21st Of August 2008, Drained Energy Risks For A Breakdown
4:29AM CET
Ohh dear how long can shitty doings keep going on and hit just one person? I am beginning to be really, deeply exausted rom all there is to deal with. Things that are really eating up all my energy. It is without a doubt a long stinky fight to keep holding your head up with things raining down on you for 7 weeks straight. This time some stuff is at risk for getting to me ones again and further more is my staying at my brothers place. Its a long story but I may have serious things to be worried about. I will end up breaking down if some positive shit doesnt soon hit me. You see I am seriously wasted and drained for al lenergy I can possibly think of.

I am fully aware of what is going on but at the same time I am dead serious when I say there is nothing I can do about non of this thats going on. You see I have a long hard road in front of me with things giving me a time of stress and unsorted shit that is very soon a must to have cleared and have under control ones again. If this does not happen man I dont wanna even think about whats can be going down then. It is a long serious painfull road with oceans of hard work and a feeling whispering youre not really getting anywhere fast now are you?!! Yeah these last two months have been pure poison part from the great California trip just 3 weeks ago. But as you remember that too has givin me a pretty high price to be paid. Yeah its sick. But again what the fuck can I do? It feels like it is a trent fucking Tommy over and putting his face in the dirt. God damn it!!!

I am givning in and taking a shitty trip home to Grenaa today for pretty much nothing. Nothing in the sence of I will be in town there for 60 minutes and thats all. Everything else is dropped and changed for a return to Roskilde and all. I have to get some sleep later on today there is nothing I can do say or anything about it. I seriously need a hard core something to get through these next 10 days without getting sick as shit. Then it is two more days for me at work then a fucking hard focused day with the site here and new added stuff for you all. Then back to work for 6 days and .. well it is simply a littel too hard for me to even think about. lets just pray I will get through all of it without any stinker of a well...... yeah you know..
later folks


19th Of August 2008, Tours & Painful Games
4:25AM CET
Oct 3rd Mötley Crüe playing Arena VFG, Guadalajara, Mexico
Oct 5th Mötley Crüe playing The Sports Place, Mexico City, Mexico
Oct 7th Mötley Crüe playing Monterrey Arena, Monterrey, Mexico
Oct 11th Mötley Crüe playing Pepsi Music Festival, Estadio Pepsi Music, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oct 11th John Corabi playing acoustic at Red Light Café, Atlanta, GA.
Oct 19th Mötley Crüe headlining Day 2 of Loud Park 08 festival, Saitama Super Arena, Saitama City, Tokyo, Japan
Oct 21st Mötley Crüe playing Zepp, Fukuoka, Japan
Oct 22nd Mötley Crüe playing Actcity, Hamamatsu, Japan
Oct 23rd Mötley Crüe playing Zepp, Nagoya, Japan
Oct 25th Mötley Crüe playing Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japan
Oct 26th Mötley Crüe playing Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

What do you all say? Cool to go see? Sure it is. I am not as it looks too messy right at this very point!! I need to have things cleared up for myself to event hink about things like this. Now I have gotten news that the fucked up phone bill thing has not reached the telephone company. What the fuck is it all about anyhow? No matter what is being done these days it seems someone somewhere is constantly taking thing from me messing shit up and then spit it out right back at me. It is seriously hard painfull time with more troubled waters than I ever imagined possible. One dude my good frined Greg of Los Angeles has today been like a sent angel to my rescure to be honest!!!! I am really greatful .Everythign that has happend of bad things the last many weeks have been so non nessesary. Really. It is peoples minds and egos that controls most peoples doings these days. I know should these very same people be reading this they will for sure say Tommy you cock sucking bastard ... you lay in your own stinky mess. Yeah yeah thanks a bunch. I have never done any of you harm nor will I. I could never do what certian people of you are and have done.

Well it is also up in the air that Mr.Neil is coming around these parts solo:

Dec 3rd Vince Neil playing Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
Dec 4th Vince Neil playing Estragon, Bologna, Italy
Dec 5th Vince Neil playing Alabamahalle, Munchen, Germany
Dec 6th Vince Neil playing Turbinehalle, Oberhaussen, Germany
Dec 7th Vince Neil playing Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland
Dec 10th Vince Neil playing Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia
Dec 11th Vince Neil playing Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
Dec 12th Vince Neil playing The Rock Star, Bilbao, Spain
Dec 13th Vince Neil playing Rockerfeller, Oslo, Norway
Dec 14th Vince Neil playing Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Dec 16th Vince Neil playing La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
Dec 17th Vince Neil playing Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK
Dec 18th Vince Neil playing Wolverhampton Civic, Wolverhampton, UK

This can become a great one. I am sure most of you all know this is going to be a guarenteed sold out tour. Its clubs only so not many will be as lucky as they wanted to I guess. I am not gonna take more than a couple I dont think. There are way too many things I want to do and HAVE To get sorted and dealt with. But then after al lthat bullshit is taken care fo it will be a way better time for me. And hopefully my time too will see myself getting around the shit the fucks have pulled in the USA on me and live with the massve pain this has caused me.
There are so many cool things that will be handled a little better from now on. No more people getting in over my collecting world like I have done and put trust in some people before no more thats a rock solid promise to first and foremost myself. Only one person here around me in everyday life has shown great sympathy and more and have and still is trying to help me the most powerful way possible through the times right now when its really rough. I could have said my brither he has for a long time now been a great helping hand and more but he is tripping over some other shit and is like a stranger these days. Its all stupid. He will be back fror sure but this is right now the person in the picture from the diary of a coule of days ago. She truely has been a saviur these days and for my all my sadness anger and dissapointment and fustration that I have some how let out on her I am here by saying I am sorry. I truely am sorry Tine. Youre all I really want these days youre an extradinary person and I love you for it. I wil lforever be greatful. Thanks a lot.

Now the next word up is WTF... or WHAT THE FUCK: Maybe this is how Pamela Anderson and her ex Tommy Lee play dating poker. Pam goes, "I'm dating a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family." Tommy goes, "I'll see your Arab prince and raise you one reality-TV vixen." Or maybe that's all just in our heads. But in any case, you probably caught our exclusive earlier today about Pam's new man. Now it seems that Tommy's going tit for tat. Literally. Sources tell E! news that the Motley Crue rocker is dating Rock of Love 2 hottie Daisy De La Hoya. And despite assertions from De La Hoya's rep that the duo are "just friends," our source says they're much more. At the very least, De La Hoya is hot for Tommy's fans. She's featured on Lee's Titty Cam video--girls flashing their breasts for the camera--which plays at the beginning of Motley Crue's current concert tour. Stay tuned. Doohhhh!!!!

A thing way more interesting even though it is bout some non Crue members is the new and to come latest Cd release from the Aussie band AC/DC. I can not wat for this fucker. I love them but who doesnt,. Its said to maybe be their live wise farewell tour. Damn if I ll miss that. Europe 20009. But Cd out Oct. Want a little something before this well the first single is coming next week. Thats fucking right. The band was in the Uk, London more exact to film the first video in 9 years. Yeah man its gonna rock and its gonna roll like a muther.... More Crue added on the site in a few days.

Track Listing:

1. Rock ’n Roll Train
4. Anything Goes

7. Spoilin’ For A Fight

10. Stormy May Day

13. Rock N Roll Dream
2. Skies On Fire

5. War Machine

8. Wheels

11. She Likes Rock N Roll

14. Rocking All The Way
3. Big Jack
6. Smash N Grab

9. Decibel

12. Money Made

15. Black Ice


17th Of August 2008, Pain, Passion, Lost Love
5:14PM CET
It is Sunday yeah another one of those. It is a heavy heavy Sunday. I feel like shit. One perosn in America has got to be pleased about my emotional catastrophy. I am torn to pieces over lost gold in the sence of collecting Motley Crue. I would and could never do that kind of stunts. But thats easy to say right now as it is not even an obtion thats relavant. I have this past 4 weeks lost a lot of things that I hold passion for and a lot of money and non of it all can ever come back into my life. I had a lot of things that I needed to have to stay good and safe with and for myself. But this is just all stupid and about the biggest los I have had in life so far.

Last night I went to a place caleled Hilleroed in the northern part of Sjaelland Denmark. I went to see Meat Loaf. In the end I went there to see him with this girl I do spend a lot of time with. I had a lot of things movnign in me. Meat Loaf always makes me sort of emotional LIVE. he is so passionate abotu his doings and performances. he improvices all songs and do it in passion and overwhelming greatness. It was his tour after this fucked up throat threat he went through late last yeat or was it erlier this year? Any how he is here now or was last night nad I saw it, A ton of thigs went through my brains and I felt life passing before my eyes. I really truely needed to have some things set in order within myself and I felt on off a balance and belief in things. I have to say I am really a mess after thew received messages this month. I miss my best friend in America I miss my lost pile of Crue collectibels I miss a person I have a love for that is not giving back. I am in a state of emotional dissaster here with al lI am not having that I truely feel love for. I have a ton of great things I can not use otr give out due to the fact this is not taken in by others.

I have to say I feel a lot of things are totally fucking with me these days. I went there to Meat Loaf and got a ton of thoughts going a ton of emotions running tears were falling and more. It was a fucking cool night. A night that often made me slip thooughts bout the situation. But surely it always came back to me. It always came back with a pain like needles arunning through my body in the most painful way. The girl I talk about is my single handedly bets card to sainity and balance right now. I really feel I have a rough time here holding nothing but hope and time in me. I am not good at holding on to positive thinking here for and about much from this constant los and taken away from me. I have a really nice feeling when I am with this person I talk to and see quiet often here in Roskilde. One thing is she is not at allunderstanding me like I hoped she would and I not her. Not hte way she liek d me to I guess. I think there are so amny things that I need to change around AGAIN .... feel like its a life long adjustment only. Its really anoying. it should not be like this. we should not be forcved to spend a constant load of energy to always be on alert and change and learn. Had been nice for a change to have the chance to just enjoy and feel the now without having all this bullshit.

I have a fairly huge hole inside of me from all there is going on rihgt now. I truely have. I see things from a heart like window point of view. I can not live if my heart os not in it. I have a ton of things that are really not worth anything to me but if it does not have a heart frelt feeling in it. I feel so fucked up and spat on it is beyind any describtion I can come up with here. The girl that is highly important to me over here is not one that i see as a regular person. This individual is so massively great for me but sadly she does not see that on her own self too much. She is all rapped up in things that blocks her from seeing things no matter what she says. It is a peson that gives me so much and that has shown my Crue life an interest more than anyone I know. And surely in a way that no one has done till now part from Corinna in California

I have a talk going with a greta guy in the USA.
He seems to underatand me much better now than any does about the collecting thing. I have a ton of things that I really liked to do and get from my collection life anfd this one guy in the US seems to be getting me a bit more than most. He is a money maker but he has an understanding too for my doings it seems. Really important for me I think. He is in my life at the right time to be honest. He is also like this girl here really being supportive in ways not always easy to understand and explain. But I am grateful for both their time support and understanding. No doubt. Coming later summer on here will be: a CVD / ticket lot, nikkis peacoat, Micks jacket, and some sixx used bandanas and more... things will come in Sep and October. Dont worry this is not going down and being ended cause of the shit some has pulled on me but it sets me back like ain a solid stinky way.

There will be so much turbulence in my writing and doings the next coming long time so forgive me if I get shit posted on here that at times does not makes too much sence. I am trying to hang on to what I have safely here.

n understan