Diary 2024

July 07 2024,

Still copying all to an external hard disk – of stuff that is and what is to be on this site. Secure things and make sure I know what there is and that things are correct. It is at times fun and other times it just blows cause it could have been right from the beginning but it never did go that way. So – I keep going through all of it. By the end of the year hopefully this is right. Or more correct than today of whats on there and where.

Been hearing some things saying the band is now completely done making a full album ever again. 2008 was the last of its kind. Hmm, I do not know about that. But then again a band member then goes on saying maybe its even over doing new songs. Their stuff from The Dirt soundtrack and up till now to me anyways, is certainly irrelevant. As I have said before – Hearing new music I always ask myself had these songs been the first I had heard with this band – would I get curious and fascinated?

If not I see it as not too cool music. I remember when I heard the S.O.L.A. record. I absolutely loved it. I went as far as to saying its a top 3 or 4 album. But all after they ended in 2015 has really just been farts on a cold day. Its warmed for a few minutes cause it was new music – then it dissapeared in the nothingness. ”Dogs Of War” to me is like that. Fun cool video somehow but the music – you can have it.

Recently Nikki was asked what about an ”Avatar” version of the band in the future – ABBA did it and now KISS is planning it as well. He clearly thinks its a great idea if it comes from a band that feel they still have something to say but can not do it themselves anymore. Could that be the next thing for the band in the 2030s? Maybe. Could it be cool? Yes and no I guess. Depending on what the angle to the idea is going to be.

I have not seen the ABBA one but that is more like a reinveted ABBA 1970s live thing.

KISS seems to be taking the alter egos to a whole new level within the technology and make it something the band physically could not have done as individuals – I got to admit I like to get to see it if possible.

Depending if it is going to be a touring thing or just like ABBA in London a special one off location on planet earth. And if I am not ill or dead or otherwise unable to attend. But it sounds like a cool thing. Also because for me it was like that. KISS = superheroes. Not an actual band but something from the marvel comic world.

I am so ready to just focus on filling in the holes in various fields in the collection already excisting. Always out for posters, tickets, magazines itineraries and other that I do not already have. It is just great fun to find these things and add them so many years after.

As stated on July 1st in the posting during this summer I am going to get the last of the big 1/24 scaled cars and complete that. Then I am surely after some of the promotional Japanese posters. And with time I think I could succeed. My friend in Japan Torigoe is extremely helpful and I am more than grateful. He has for sure been super kind to help finding things the last few years. Over 100 Japan magazines and posters and more have come my way. Super cool.

My friend of the Czech Republic has done the same with things from Poland, CZ, Greece, Spain, France etc etc. He is a passionated Iron Maiden collector and I try to help him out there as well. I used to have a ton of people like that around me but there are not many left anymore. And surely not people that I trust.

Right now the diaries on this site are being reposted as some were lost. All from 2014 till maybe round 2022 are permanently gone. Computer breakdowns and not around anymore. Sad cause that also holds the final thoughts and emotions I had during December 2015 and early 2016 as they stopped. Well stopped in my world.

I weakly remember some of it all. But word for word how I was – all gone and lost, erased from my memories today. That is partly why I love and HATE technology. Its a wonder when it works or you know how to work it. But not working or demandding you are clear with what and how to do things but you are not – then the whole thing is nothing but a pain in the ass.

It is almost a museum type of thought to sit with but I miss the 70s and the old fasion way. Pen paper stamps and phones. Patience – waiting. I still say I am kind of on the wrong planet.

July 01 2024,

Happy Bday – to me. How I have come through 2024 so far at times has been beyond me. I can only say there have been a ton of thoughts today but for sure a great day it has been. I am grateful and very pleased.

A few gifts all great. Some included what this page is all about. Motley Crue. I have some stuff to add here. Shirts, action figures, tote bag and other. Not all gift from today. But yeah awesome really. Not a stinky heatwave day either. Just nice and gentle rain all day. Loved it. Good company and great chats. Thank you.

A 21 year wish may have come to reality as well. A friend that quit his collection send me a birthday wish and said certain things are still not sold of my collection so how about a ones in a lifetime offer for you on the last missed 1/24 scalled car youre missing. I have got to jump it. His is MINT and absolutely perfect. We get it set in a while as you get back from your extended summer vacation - Thanks man. Stay safe out there brother.

Another friend today said he was going to the show (Crue) in September and would get me a shirt or somethign from it since I am not going. A delayed birthday gift. I do have some absolutely cool kind friends I have to say. Wau…

This was the first day of the last half of this year. Fuck it will soon get to be the first snow falling outside and all I guess. Well it is more than welcome but … time does pass by too fast. It is scary as hell to think about. That is my next task – finding a way not to be thinking about it.

Tomorrow most of the day it is site work here and getting more updated. Thanks again for all greetings. Raise your hands to rock.

June 30 2024,

Seven more minutes and I turn 58. A twisted forced on feeling runs through me and I decided to just capture the moment and say this is my last diary ”this year”. Do not forget there is no rewind in life. The seconds goes tik tak – tik tak .- and you just have to see to it that you capture and get done what you really to get done, while being here.

”Seperate Ways” the album of Elvs Presley is on while sitting here for just a few minutes. He will be the last artist I listen to as of this year in my life and first before I go to bed and after having turned …another page in the calender of life.

I will probably love his music and voice much longer than I will Crue to be honest. ”What Now What Next Where To”, yeah those are the big questions….. but I will NOW on and forward see to it my life gets better at least my balance and my stressed life. Not having it anymore. It is time.

On a Crue matter I am curious to see what will come the coming year to this address and from the band. My guess is repeated focus to the already 1980s releases and anniversary milking merch lines will continue. I see not there is to come any more full lenght albums from these guys. Occasionally a new song / single. And then pump it in our faces like with the last one. Several different releases but exact same track. What can I say?

I know there is a few Crue items to get added to the collection as I wake up.

But what all is and what it all will bring I just do not know. This is me saying 2024 so far has been a bitching year in a bad way. Fucking hate most that has been going on. So many tough situations. So many loses so much fighting and stressing and it ends now. As said – NOT HAVING IT NO MORE.

I will continue the work on the Crueloyalty site and secure the stuff I have and all on the extern and then get to the point where things are really in order and sorted the best way possible.

My brother comes for two weeks in December in many ways that is super cool.

The collection will for sure have its ultimate sorted version of it all so far. And we will have some time at the absolute favourite month of year for the two of us. Christmas is simply the best month for us at all times.

So on a collection point there are GREAT TIMES ahead this 2024. Looking forward to a good night sleep and then hopefully have an okay time tomorrow. Happy birthday*

June 29 2024,

Saturday!! A fairly cool day and feeling inside. I am have this weird feeling about the way the band for this years tour have chosen not to put up the latest merchandise.

June 21 2024,

Interesting. I have still the site here worked on and gone through for corrections adjusted and to have added stuff. But I have also watched a good few documentaries about humans, the brains, the thing about reinventing yourself, music documentaries and more.

Searching for information and guided inspiration for myself to find my own and new path. A new path for myself in this life. I am on thin ice these days and I feel the bad and negative takes over for me far too many times. I have what I call ”lost myself” and I want to find myself again. I need to.

Looking a little deeper into human happiness and behaviour.

One thing I have discovered with myself and about myself is that I am in period where it feels like I am living the pretending identity. Not living who and what I really am. Thats partly why the bad, the stress, the irritations and dissapointments. I need to get goals sat and plans sat for me to terminate the pretend to be identity and get back the the core identity. The inner and real me.

The brains are not constructed to bring us happiness but protect us and keep us safe. So in other words we are a product of of own identity and depending on which one you live in the now the brains messes up your way to successes and happiness.

This also reflects my focus on the band I have liked loved and collected for decades – most of my life really. I need to get the plastic fake me terminated. I need to get things clear again. And that is for sure something thats of a great urgence to be honest.

Saw the merch line for the summer tour that is now ongoing and I see at least some good items. But I agree the band behind this name is at a point where the great ideas on merchadise is by far long gone from super cool ideas and presentations. -I do not expect it to be like it was in the 80s – I am all for changes in a band for sure. I just do not like what they changed into. If I may then I say it ”that is all”.

I begin to have the control of things and I begin to have a fair good view on what needs to get done. When talking about the collection. Right now this is the first tour in decades that is not yet covered with the merch from the tour so we will see how that unfolds down the road. Unsure. What is a first is that their store online has never not offered these things on there so it is a bit strange. But things can still come around so… all good.

June 6 2024,

Okay – mixed emotions as always with the collectiing thing these days, I am a mess which is probably why. I need to get the entire me pulled apart and put back together. How it is right now gives me far to dark thoughts. Seeing things as a little too meaningless. I need to reboot. Just a little unaware of how.

There have been a good few thank you but no thank you offers on Crue stuf coming my way recently. And in its own strange way it hurts. This is what I do this is who I am. The collector. The music lover the abnorm kid that sat his excistence on ”THIS is what I am going to do in my and with my life".

Yeah it is a stinky time really stinky time.

I so long for feeling good. Feeling things has a meaning. Feeling focused and feeling important. Cause I do not.

Also witnessed a few items sold I love to have but knew I would never own. Due to money issues. For one the GGG guitar used by Mick .- recently sold at an auction house for .. hold on – 104.000 Dollars. You read it right it was insaine. This had to be between two individuals that really wanted this one. Now its gone for good.

Then there have more more normal priced stuff for all us that are the working class.

But as said not a single thing of these have come to me. No chance as of now. The 35th anniversary this year of Dr. Feelgood. They just put out 3 shirts and a pair of shorts. Not done anything about it… we wil see if they are to be found later.

The band impressively tries to comment in a neutral way the new tune that I still do not like to be a natural expanding thing for the Crue. The tune the sound the lyrics all is a bit too … not MC. And I as said am still not fond of it,. Very cool video but not a cool tune. Yet some has supported it enough to get radio airplay in America quiet a bit.

So with two weeks away from the rather small and short tour of 2024 of US and Canada this year we are surely tosee a pleased audience ones again I guess. I am yet again staying away.

Trying really hard to get the site here more acurate and updated. It is a stressful and demanding focus to get through it. Saving all the stuff on there on a seperate harddisk just in case shit happens – and I have truly come across a lot that is wrong or double or incomplete. Yeah there surely is a thing to do and get through here page for page and section for section.

May 24 2024,

Midnight again. Soon Saturday and soon as well my fucking calm and patiences sees its end. I am so screwed and do not want this that I hold. Not the collection but the life. Need a job BUT A JOB I DONT GET ILL FROM. I have only a few jobs I KNOW I would not do very well with. How ever those are the easiest to get. And I hate it. All this and the economy is ripping my insides apart.

Crue – whats new? Well in my book not too much but then again I might have to add a THANK GOD it is fairly… quiet. Even though it is not. This coming month the 2024 tour stuff is coming out not to me but offered to the public to the world. I have hands deep down in the already excisting collection here. Working hard to load ALL stuff over to the new CRUE ONLY extern harddisk.

And then here will be section for section addings corrections etc all over the god damn site. THIS time is the last one for this. IT HAS TO BE PERFECTED this time no matter how long it takes.

We have new sections too to add slowly but surely.

Got to admit I got a bit dissapointed with stuff coming this summer… the more I look things are just found cheaper and cheaper. Good? Well obviously yes and yet again no. Booked picture disc several months back is now to be gotten for far les. It is a bit of a joke.

Why cry over spilled milk – in this … collecting Crue that would be a full ime job. Crying and being annoyed. So Putting on the smile and keep searching for that daily positivity to carry me through.

Good Night.

May 15 2024,

A lot has passed in the last couple of weeks I think. The band started its tour. Included a secret gig in New York in a club. The Ballroom was sold out and so was all merchandise there. An exclusive club gig 7” orange version of the Dogs Of War and then the days after the Crueseum sat up 666 copies for sale and they went gone in minutes. The one shirt at the club was sold out and so were the three differnt colured lithographs. White, Yellow and Pink. A few signed versions of this as well. But that was it.

There are obviously also new picks for the tour as well. At leas four new Sixx ones. Three colors of one and now and already famous banana one. I have not gotten any of the mentioned yet. But it is out there and the only way these days to getit is paying over price due to me no longer travelling to see them. And that still stands.

The tour is going on yet the online shop still offers nothing from it. That is kind of a new thing. But it surely works for me I am not in a position to put on any spending pants at all right now.

A couple of packages have arrived since last. And magazines, articles, shirts, CDs, Books and such are new to the collection. We are still adding and then going into the ”fixing stage” menaing correct all thewrongs and add on the missed stuff. Trust me there are some of one or the other in almost every section. It is a long hard road before we cross the finish line still.

We have ben offered the first bootleg DVD and it is from Atlanta in May 2024. That one is coming sometime in June or July I should say. I have to admit it – I have gotten a damn serisou hard time to keep track of all shit now a days. Where do I have this and where is that? How did I build up this and that and how do I do with incoming new stuff till it is taken care of and ready for getting added onto the actual site? So insainely loads that I now a days is loosing my cool. The overview and feeling of having control of it all is long gone.

Last weekend had nothign to do with Motle but it was a weekend I desperately needed. Lisa and I took a saturdaay to Sunday roadtrip 1750km and went to the north point of this country. I LOVED IT. Now it feels it is back to reality while summer has knocked down the doors of winter and I BLOODY HATE IT. May it pass quickly.

May 3 2024,

So long dark mystery winter. See you soon. Summer since yesterday surely took over. May has apeared and the last snow is as good as gone for the coming let us say 5 months. Not my time. Nor my my preffered period of the year. I hate summer. The first insects have come to say hello and all is just a bitter reminder of what I hate having to be a part of.

On a more weird Crue related side of things. Got the first two ”Dogs of War” items yesterday. Two shirts. And on Monday in New York ”1981” has promoted themselves as to play a gig in the New York Small Club of Manhatten. That band is obviously Motley Crue.

Tickets went on sale yesterday and it took about 6 seconds to get sold out. I fucking do not get it. What is it people dig about it all that I just do not see? Or are they just as I respect – not old time fans as they are gone and this is the naive new ones or just older fans digging the chance to still be able to see these dudes on a stage in the flesh no matter how tragic it has gotten?

This years ”mothers day” shirt got released and is kind of weird. Dr. Picture from the back side of the album with the text ”every mothers nightmare tour 1983”. Hmm, okay well stranger things have happended in the world of Motley. Goodnight.

April 28 2024,

I hear news on the new Crue track and recording like its backing up themanylast months of rumors and should this be real should it be the truth then I for sure think it is a sad sad shitty thing to be backing up these guys any futher. Especially buying live show tickets and praise them like the are biblic igures thats walks ON WATER. What an absolute insult to the fans. And what a bunch of stupid individuals that supports live shows from the four.

TMD has launched an independent investigation into whether or notNikki SixxofMÖTLEY CRÜEis actually performing his bass live as he says he is, and also, to once and for all confirm thatBob Rockindeed is the “ghost bassist” on the new Crue album.

According towhat is said,Sixx hired producer Bob Rock for his ability to play bass in the studio. As a “ghost bassist” for the Crue, Rock was the obvious choice to play the bass parts, as Sixx was not skilled enough to do so himself.

In 2020, Rock was part of an interview about the experience he had producing Dr. Feelgood album, and it is clear as day to see that Rock is covering up for Nikki Sixx not being able to play bass.

In the discussion, Rock mentions that Sixx “was taking bass lessons” at the time that the Crue approached him to produce  Dr. Feelgood. He even goes on to mock more by saying that Sixx was “playing with his fingers” and was “really good”. Yet anyone else in the rock industry will tell you that Sixx cannot play the bass to save his own life. Plus, he only has been seen mime-playing with picks. The sorry fact is that Sixx has no clue how to properly play a bass guitar with a pick, let alone fingers.

This is why he is playing along to backing tracks during all of the Crue’s concerts, according to the ousted 72-year-old shredder Mick Mars.

Bob Rockis famous for having played bass for METALLICA. In the interview Rock goes on to say that he thinks that Vince Neil being out of the band in 1994 when Rock produced the band’s infamous self-titled record was crushing to the Crue, despite the fact that John Corabi was a really fantastic singer.

The word is that Rock insisted that if he was going to be involved with the new Crue album that the band needed to keep Vince Neil, even as the troubled singer’s alcoholic downward spiral and horrendous live vocal performances continue, all having been foreshadowed long before with Neil saying his “voice is gone” during a solo gig before the Crue’s comeback, followed next by a drunken accident where Neil fell off the stage.

Rock is so passionate about Neil being in Crue that it was a deal breaker for him, so Sixx had no choice but to keep Neil in the band. This is why they have done everything possible to “prop up” Neil during their comeback tour with teleprompter and doing the Milli Vanilli “lip sync”.

This past spring, John 5 told Sirius XM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” about recording with Rock: “Bob would come in and go - ‘Okay, let’s try this here, and that here and this here. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever… I’m thinking, ‘We’ve got so much great technology today’… 

And word coming out of Crue’s camp is that the band, opted to use AI technology to help them get things done quicker, and that is why after 15 years of not being able to come up with a new album’s worth of material, they did it under Rock’s helm in the snap of a finger, taking just a few weeks.

Vince Neil’s vocals have reportedly been recreated with the help of AI technology and CREED singer Scott Stapp, who was secretly brought in to help render an AI version of Neil’s voice that is to be used on the album, not Vince’s real voice. The bass playing will be performed/programmed by Rock, including the AI rendering, that ultimately replaces the need for anyone else to record anything, including drums.

The industry source confirmed that AI is being used 100% to make the Crue’s new album: “The whole thing is AI technology for the most part, there’s very little if any human beings on the record.”

They told Vince that he could just record his vocals over a Zoom call, to make him think he is still really a part of the album’s production, but in reality, Vince is just a puppet at this point.

This is all about business for Rock and Sixx. They know without Vince Neil fronting the Crue that the sales for the new album would bomb so they are going to keep the deception going.

MÖTLEY CRÜE is in the midst of a major “backing tracks” scandal amid a major lawsuit launched against them by their former guitarist Mick Mars. TMD was again the first to expose the truth to fans and the media last year when Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD predicted that Vince Neil would have to lip-sync on The Stadium Tour.

Mars confirmed everything that Rocket reported, going on to state that he carried the band and that Sixx was behind the sinister move to silence him and remove him from the band, not just touring, but also in the studio as well.

Rocket of TMD also is responsible for catching drummer Tommy Lee playing along to a pre-recorded track last year on tour, when his drums started playing before he was even sitting down to play the kit.

In his lawsuit, Mars alleged the band reduced his share of earnings from 25 percent to just five percent. He also said that he was the only band member to play 100 percent live on their most recent tour, claiming Sixx “Did not play a single note on bass during the entire U.S. tour.”

At one point during a 2023 concert in Mexico, Sixx is seen raising both his arms into the air while crossing the stage past Neil, yet somehow the bass miraculously continues to play by itself. Check out the shocking footage

As a long time collector – not so much using the word fan any longer – to me this is unreal cool interesting news. How it can sound like MC but yet you are not quiet sure … programmed shit all the way … bits and parts gives it away in a way yeah . but – what the actual fuck.

April 26 2024,

Dogs Of War, new tune new coming single. Today is the day I have to say I was curious about. I was a little hopeful for a tune of present time that I actually liked maybe even loved. I think I after having listened to it now – I am dissapointed. I am not liking this.

Since 2008 and SOLA I have not been extremely happy with anything coming from them. This is new label, new member, new cooperations,new all kinds of things but in the end – for me – it simply fals flat on its butt. I always ask myself how is the new tune as of today? If this was a new band I discovered would it cause some sort of curiousness that made me want to hear more and find out more.

Dogs does not do that for me at all. It is so far from what I love about the band. And I begin to realize that the magic truely is in the past. This band is solidly selling due to their past. Had they released only studd like Dogs and the new tracks from The Dirt soundtrack – stuff like that – this band would never get much attention. And that is how I constantly measure things – no this is not music that I think would have created a huge and massive career start for them at all. And to me THAT says everything.

Not using my ”approval stamp” here today I am affraid. Hoped I would but no.

April 24 2024,

Just sort of weird. But Crue sold their catalogue last year now signing a new contract with Big machine that holds a ton of world dominating acts round the world. And yesterday they annouched it. Pre order your version of the new single as two different picture discs. One very much more limited than the other and they said to sell out within the first hour o fits publishing. Along with three new ”dogs of war” shirts. One very much bringing on a theme stolen from the old 80s movie ”Top Gun”. Anyhow new stuff comes in June… well the shirts in may. But still.

I got a bunch of magazines from my CZ friend yesterday. Seems like it is fairly new stuff. Boh in its condition and in form of 2023 2024 magazines. Thre new holding Mick Mars interview articles from CZ, France and the UK. Shall be great to add that tonight on the site.

Speaking of the site – there are so much to do the more I try to sort it into brand new folders in the working place on the extern harddisk I see tons of things are incorrect online and a lot of things are not there at all. It requires a massive focus and I guess there is nothing to do but adding all new first and foremost then go in and updae and fix one specific section at a time. This is the ONLY way to get all things right and in place but man I feel seriously on the verge of giving up on it. 15 years plus and still tons of things are so very uncertain.

The signed new deal with Big Machine had a minor interesting thing as there was a short movie made about it where no John 5 is signing anything nor is he in the clip now to be seen on Youtube. One can wonder… maybe he is not really having shit to say and is holding a seperate contract between him and the other three. Smart move too by Sixx on the matter of Mick Mars. I have to say.

Signing new contract makes Mars – I guess – irrelevant on what is coming from that signing date and on. Or am I thiking a bit wrong here? New music – which I believe is not going to be a full album but we will see. But new music with a new company and contract that has absolutely nothing to do with Mars. Isolating all income from April 2024 and forward material and merchandise NOT giving Mars a penny. And that is what the battle was all about anyway last year. Interesting. Still greedy as only bad words can describe him.

43 Years today since first show. Time just flies by.

April 18 2024,

Wow a bit long time since i last gave birth to written memories here. A lot has happended in the life of this little person.

I must say things have taken a turn too. I have this month realized that my girlfriend and her well being is the absolute most important detail to everyday life right now. I need for her to be feeling and being good. I am tempted to say I have given up on myself but I do not think that iti s the right expression. However, I am in a starting fase I think where I will try to lok at my own life from a completely new angle. Let me just see how that goes.

On another matter the exchange student we had in our house a year ago is on a visit with her mum for a week. Really nice to see her again and her mother. Kind funny curious and just an individual I like to be around. It is great. Returning back to France this coming Saturday. In two days. Time always heads out the door and disappears forever far too fast I think. But I enjoy the little time around them also as a break to the everyday ordinary here.

On a more related Motley matter that this all about really… things have popped in and gotten added to the collection the last couple of months. But also a lot of friendly friends helped out added from their kindness just like that. It has been shirts, CDs, DVDs, Picks, Magazines, Vinyls, Posters etc. Fun times in a tough period for me.

I have started the sorting and check up on all folders for the site. To ones and for all be sure that I have everything in place and know what there is and have all site pictures under complete control and in its rightful place and folder on the extern harddisk for the very first time since 2005. Finally it is going to under control.

It will take like half a year to a full year I predict but then it is also in place and I like that fact very very much. It shall be so absolutely awesome to get it all done. Tons of things and detaisl to look into but this now me doing this not the kind individuals that I have worked on the site with. I myself – need this in a bad way.

And there are several new sections that will also need its place on the site.

The band is on its way to strat touring again and my decition stands. I am not going to follow them around no more. It truly is over with that part. And I am proud to be able not to be tempted just because…

It truly has com to the point where just simple collecting is so very much okay and enough for me. It truly kills a lot of concern too to not be all focused and worried of how to find the time and money to tour massively. Feels realy good. And it is for the right reasons.

This band is not cool nor good anymore. So I am really happy about a tough tough conclusion made some years back. I am in balance there now. And that feels absolutely wonderful.

March 30 2024,

I am truly in a haze. I am not at all feeling great. But that is a personal matter.

It is like living and nothing I long for gets to be going my way. I hate the feeling, I really hate the feeling.

I have now taken some more scans and about to do some photo shooting. I as stated yesterday is in need of getting things in place with all this that is not yet in its right place when it comes to the collection. It is really like a never ending story. But the re-doings of so many things are the main reason why this takes time. Adn a lot of time to be honest.

I have found out I really do spend far too little time around this collection that what it is good for. I must see to it that that changes. I must see to it that that will come to an end. It is enough that I am troubled with so much else. Its been a long time coming for a time out. But it would only give me a break not a solution. Not creating changes and that is what I am seeking. CHANGES.

By going through the scannings yesterday I did realize there are some great stuff in the pile of things of the items here, it is truly a really cool collection all in all.

Now to the photo shooting while the light is great. And there actually could come some good results out of this.

March 29 2024,

Okay it has nothing to do with Motle yCrue but a do or die match in the Swedish hockey league SHL just ended tonight and the worst fucking team took it. I cannot say I am affected but right now pissed and annoyed. For sure. Hate the team that took it. Hope they get to burn up on the ice next season.

Yesterday I picekd up a box for my brother. In there and between already handled stuff I have again today started to redo scannigns and photographing items for the site. It is high time for this to get online and be archived ones and for all.

Highly needed to get under control.

There are so much good stuff and all sorts of different categories, shirts, picks, books, magazines, articles, tickets, vinyls and more. It shall be good to get it all in the right place here at home. And online so I am sure to be able to see that I have it. It has been years now with dublets due to uncentain guarentees that I already hold it in the collection. So yes it is a thing very much needed to get in control.

As we moved into this house 4 years ago this July we sat things up in a way that claimed it was temporarily. I still say it is. I would so love to get things sorted and put in different ways here. It would hold so much more and NOT look messy. However it requires some money. And it also requires some time and patience. I am so fragile to this with the collection. I am wanting the best the coolest and more but I cannot just do it. Let me see in two years or so… I want to be clear with some of my must dos first.

Right now it is picture taking time these days and get it all in one place. One hard disk, one online site. Then I am way better off on everything. I really feel like it is what I need to get part of my frustation put aside. I think I am still on the hunt for finding good calm balanced happy times in this country. I have things needed to get fulfilled.

But right now – let me just get on top of this …

March 26 2024,

There are fairly lot of stress these days – but there are also an irritation to the whole thing. I t is very much up and down for me I think. Collecting this band and seeing things in different perspectives.

I am desperately fighting inside myself with a search and a solution to how I can skip the emotionel me and just getting things right by saying it is me my health and life that matters not al lthe stuf I like to do like to see or like to have.

I am more than aware that I have Lisa and the rabbits around me, mum still lives and I need to find it in me to feel that as long as that is IN A GOOD PLACE then I am fine. It is just so god damn hard to see the only needed and life confirming thing which it really is. They are my life my balance my happiness.

Maybe now that I write it down it will be better and get bette? I am not sure I am not fully aware or a beliver of this but I have to come to this point. And then the collecting and all other things are just really nice cool bonuses in life. I do think I could be okay with that somehow in some way. It would just be new to me.

Looks like tomorrow will be the day for another pick up of things in the mail. And get in on ordered things – no fuck what am I saying – get in on the collection and add it there. I am going through boxes as I speak and try to get some thigns in place here with the stuff gone through previously. Also I need to get in on the live DVDs and CDs picked up in Malmö beginning of this month.

I need to get those lists and titles fixed to get in on the site as well. Plus the solo concert lists I have been able to find. Love to get that part in place as well. THIS IS THE YEAR where I so hard try to getthings on the site for a better and more complete thing – being in control of everything. I NEED IT.

It sounds so demanding and so life depending but I just need to get all in place and get all things right … or else I honestly do not see the point of having it. Just heard too that the Mick Mars album should be out on CD in Japan. If that is true I really would like to get it. I have made a request with my friend there to look into it.

March 23 2024,

The Dirt anniversary – sorry but personally I think it is ridiculous - fucking everything they find a chance to call an anniversary thing they do and produce stuff round it. What can I say? It is still a continuation to pull the titties. Milk all around you. I do not think there is neither respect or self consciousness or even a glimpse of it in this band camp – at all.

As a collector I find myself a bit on that bandwagon I get it and it is bad but towards myself it is still honest and straight forward. I too should turn the back on them more than just having stopped seeing them live. – Hmm yeah well, I probably should. But I am still loving the collecting part.

Feels so weird to have lost so much for these guys – Sixx especially. What a cocksucker.

March 22 2024,

Friday and I thought this was going to be a well, fairly dull Friday except watching my most hated hockey team more than likely getting their ass kickd in a couple of hours. To myg reatest satisfaction. Hmm…

But actually got a message from my brother that the small action figures reflecting the Shout period is now in hand, at his place in Denmark. Unexpected but sweet. Also today just an hour ago a seven day only – available double cassette is available solidly to promote the 5 year anniversary of the Dirt movie. Now the band fucking finds reasons to do even more in special packages just to…$$$$$.

What can I say cassettes are cool and fun to collect. My US friend messaged me on this and said I get an extra copy for you then we trade. Hmm, again sweet. Nice, kind. Several things are now photographed and scanned to get added on the site. Some solo things for all of them. But also articles, cassettes, CDs, shirts, posters and more. We are to get things fixed this year so it is not holdng any more stuff from older times.. Making sure that this is the year we get it all sorted and fixed. Only to add when new stuff comes in.

Far too many days, weeks and months have passed to get a ton of things photographed over and over again only due to lost and damaged computers ets. Gonna secure things on yet another and new external hard disc. But as started off by saying Friday – I like that this week. The weekend shall be in my own interest of activities in a far larger scale than what I do normally.

March 17 2024,

So what has happened the last few weeks?

Oh boy where to start? First of all a road trip has been happening.

My girl had wanted to go to a line of shows with her artist fave Monroe. I saw a window and a chance to get out of the town away for a while that was highly needed as I got unemployed. It is tough. Tougher than I want it to be. But I got out of the city and away for a few days did me good and got a chance to extend this trip with her and visit Denmark and my family and a friend I will always keep dear at heart.

Since this is a diary of Crue about them and so on I will add that a couople of moving boxes and more wee brought home with tons of things in them. Mostly a col collection of DVDs and audio discs with all kinds of goods on them. Finally got them home. Along side a bass, first leathur cassette, and some other small time stuff. Not too bad. Shall be exciting times to dedicate some time and focus on these and just see that it will be attended respectfully. I am looking forward to it a lot.

My friends around the globe have contacted me with other small news that they agaiin have gotten me stuff that will be sent in the near future. So looks like the coming month really will offer a load of things to go through and to add to the www.mcrueloyalty.dk site. Fun times coming.

In the same period since last posting, I have really had my challenges.

There are too many things that are too hard for me that honestly should require some changes. But I do not see how things are possible to change thinking solidly on the topics I refer to here. It is somehow not a thing I can change by saying now I do it or .. now I do not. It all asks for a string of activities and luck I would say to get to change and be okay with in the long run.

No it is for sure a fairly testing time for me. But I have decided to just sit it out and do what I can do abotu things. And hopefully on the sideline just keep myself busy with things that hopefully can give me a feeling of a tiny bit extra positive thinking and fuel to believe a bit more than what I do today.

February 27 2024,

Some news, some thoughts and some things getting prepared.

Mick - Life’s taken his health and band from Mick Mars, but his guitar talent and musical spirit remain as exciting, powerful and unique as ever. Mars’ debut solo album, “The Other Side of Mars, sounds like a cornered beast clawing its way out. And in many ways, it is.

Last year, Mars had a much publicized, less than amicable split with Motley. For the previous 40-plus years his singable solos, massive tone and fanged riffage were crucial to that band’s 100-million-albums-selling, arena-filling, glam-metal sound. It’s impossible to imagine classic Crüe cuts like “Live Wire,” “Shout at the Devil,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Dr. Feelgood” and “Primal Scream” without Mars’ tastefully nasty licks. 

The blues, via ‘60s rock interpreters like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, has always been the root of Mars’ guitar. But those expecting a rootsy affair from his solo debut will have their ears bashed in by “The Other Side of Mars” tracks like the brutal “Loyal to the Lie,” sidewinding “Right Side of Wrong” and anthemic stomp “Killing Breed.”

One of the coolest things about the perfectly titled “The Other Side of Mars” is it isn’t just some shred-fest. “It’s supposed to sound like a band,” Mars tells me with a sweet, easy smile. “It’s not supposed to sound like, ‘Look at me, I’m a guitar player.’”

The album was recorded and produced by Michael Wagener, who was behind the console for Mötley Crüe’s raw, brilliant 1981 debut LP, “Too Fast For Love.” Indiana native Mars and the German-born Wagener’s connection goes back even farther, though.

They initially met in Los Angeles through mutual friend Don Dokken, the singer who’d go on to fame fronting his namesake band Dokken. Back then, Wagener recorded some original tunes by Vendetta, a touring covers band Mars was playing with at the time.

“And when Mötley was first getting together,” Mars recalls, “we had this atrocious guy that was working in a studio that was all we could afford. And didn’t record anything very well. So I brought Michael in, and he fixed it up.Many,many,manypeople like that mix from Michael on the first album [which Mötley Crüe initially self-released on the band’s Leathür Records imprint] better than [the one by] Roy Thomas Baker [the producer, known for his work with bands like Queen and The Cars, brought in to remix “Too Fast For Love” for the LP’s ‘82 major label re-release].”

After “Too Fast,” Wagener went on to become one of hard-rock and metal’s most in-demand studio pros. Hismanylater production and mixing credits include artists like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row and White Lion. Now, like Mars, Nashville based, Wagener came out of retirement to helm “The Other Side of Mars.”

They cut the album in Mars’ basement studio. It’s a vintage guitar and amp filled space the guitarist calls The Dungeon because the gothic-looking door to it resembles the entrance to a dungeon.

“The Other Side of Mars” is a longtime coming. Mars has talked about doing a solo album for decades. Busy with Mötley Crüe’s latter day resurgence, he finally began recording sessions for it in 2019. Tracking for the album’s actually been done since 2020.

Mars held back on releasing his solo debut until he completed Mötley Crüe’s 2022 stadium tour with Def Leppard. “The Other Side of Mars” was then mixed and mastered by Chris Collier, who also plays bass on it.

The album’s drums are by Ray Luzier, a hard-hitter known for his work with artists from Korn to David Lee Roth. On “The Other Side of Mars,” Luzier lays down big pockets, occult propulsion and orca-heavy thump. Musically, Luzier and Mars are dialed in like blood brothers. It’s a connection not dissimilar to wallop Mars and Tommy leegave Mötley’s best rockers, both in studio and on stage.

Mars says, “That’s where the real rhythm starts, drums, right? I play around a lot with the drummers. I always have.”

Alabama musician Jacob Bunton, left, and Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars in the studio. (Courtesy Jacob Bunton)

On vocals for 10 of the Mars album’s 12 tracks is one Jacob Bunton. The 6-foot-5 Bunton grew up in Tarrant, Alabama, near Birmingham, idolizing Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses. With his jet-black Sunset Strip haircut and rail-thin frame, he truly looks like a son of Mötley and GN’R.

After cutting his teeth with almost-famous bands Mars Electric and Lynam, Bunton went on to work with “Appetite For Destruction” era GN’R drummer Steven Adler. Write songs recorded by artists like Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler and Smokey Robinson. He’s also composed music for films starring Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson, and for the TV hit “Sons of Anarchy.”

On Mars’ album, Bunton’s vocals shapeshift throughout. From corrosive-adhesive howl, as on lead single “Loyal to the Lie,” to slither, see “Right Side of Wrong” and “Broken on the Inside.”

Inspired by singers like David Bowie and Scott Weiland, Bunton cut his “The Other Side of Mars” vocals in just a couple of takes. He’s been trying on different vocal styles since his early days playing four-hour sets at college fraternity and sorority parties, covering acts ranging from Metallica to Charlie Daniels to Beastie Boys.

This all made Bunton the perfect cowriter and vocal foil for “The Other Side of Mars.” “He gets it,” Mars says with a light chuckle. “I don’t think Jacob is trying to be like, ‘Here I am. I’m a superstar.’ It’s not like that. He does what he does, he does it well and he doesn’t overdo it. He sings [for] the song.”

During the mixing stage, Collier added distortion to some of Bunton’s vocals, adding to the darkness of rockers like “Loyal to the Lie.”

Two songs from the album feature lead vocals from Nashville based singer Brion Gamboa, who sings in a slightly throatier style: “Killing Breed” and “Undone.” The former features a warm, elastic Mars guitar solo that calls to mind Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. The latter track’s a modern metallic mini-epic, with Mars peeling off lyrical lines like a six-string orchestra.

“The Other Side of Mars” collaborators also include keyboardist/songwriter Paul Taylor, whose resume includes the likes Winger, Alice Cooper and Steve Perry. With Mötley Crüe hits like “All I Need,” “Time For Change” and all-time power-ballad “Home Sweet Home,” Mars is no stranger to wrapping his guitar around keyboards.

For his solo LP, Mars says Taylor’s keys, “made it easy to come back and play parts very melodic with the stuff he did. I’m always going to have some knock your face into the dirt kind of songs.”

But it was also vital for Mars, “to switch up things and make the record go into different atmospheres. Where not every song sounding the same, pounding you in the face, and then here comes the chorus and the guy singing the hook. I’m 72-years-old. I’d feel weird just [only] doing something like that.”

Cinematic ballad “Memories” is another standout track. Mars initially wrote the music on guitar. Taylor came up with a James Bond-theme-style piano and Bunton added strings (more on that in a sec). Mars heard it and said, “Perfect. Don’t touch it, leave it right there.”

Of his sonic vision for “Memories,” Mars says, “I see it like [late great Queen singer] Freddie Mercury coming out on stage and pulling in the audience with just his voice and piano. That’s what I wanted to capture. And I feel we did. Paul and Jacob did great on it.”

It’s a typically musically unselfish move by Mars. You probably didn’t have violin and cello on your bingo card for a Mick Mars solo album. But in addition to his vocal, songwriting and other talents, Bunton is a gifted violinist.

Checking in via phone, Bunton says, “Violin is my favorite instrument to play. With ‘Memories,” it’s kind of this melancholy yet hopeful love song. I was like, ‘I’m going to put pretty much a whole orchestra on this,’ because this song is special.”

Up next for Bunton, who splits his time between the Birmingham-area and Los Angeles: More soundtrack work, as well as projects with both Billy Idol and Carlos Santana.

As a collaborator, Bunton says Mars is, “great at making everybody feel really comfortable because he’s just cool. He’s super polite. And what a lot of people don’t realize about him is he’s funny, man. He’s just really, really funny.”

Laughs don’t come as easy for Mars as they do formanypeople. For decades, fought through a debilitating spinal disease like a rock-and-roll warrior.

Following Mötley’s successful coheadlining stadium tour with fellow ‘80s hit-makers Def Leppard, Mars, now 72, wanted to retire from touring. Virtuoso John 5, a friend of Mars’ who idolizes his playing, was brought in on guitar.

But as someone who helped build Mötley Crüe into a colossus, Mars wanted to retain his stake and ownership in the band. The band felt otherwise. Mars sued his former bandmates.

In the press, both sides made accusations of the other relying on backing tapes for the ‘22 stadium tour. As someone who saw that tour, to my ears the only thing that sounded canned in the P.A. mix were the backing vocals.

At one point during our interview, I tell Mars he always delivered on guitar in the handful of Mötley Crüe shows I’ve seen. He then bows to me in gratitude and says without irony, “Thank you, for that affirmation.” It’s ridiculous, under any circumstances, for a player of Mars’ greatness and resilience to need to do that.

Yes, there are two sides to every story. But among his legendarily notorious former bandmates, Mick Mars is by far the most sympathetic character. And I write that as a lifelong Mötley Crüe fan who also loves what Lee, frontman Vince Neil and bassist/primary lyricist Nikki Sixx each brought to make the band’s signature sound together with Mars.

During our video interview, Mars’ humble nature only makes him more likable. Checking in from his Nashville home, Mars, his famously spectral skin tone intact, wears a black cap, T-shirt and a jacket with a “MARS” patch on its left lapel.

Since his legal dispute with Mötley has been thoroughly covered in the press, I don’t ask him to rehash, and he doesn’t bring it up.

For a guy with his legacy somewhat under attack, he seems remarkably at peace. When his former bandmates do eventually come up, in discussing some their most enduring music together, he speaks their names without bitterness.

That said, when Mars explains the meaning behind his song “Killing Breed,” it’s easy to fill in the blanks: “Somebody’s squeezing the life out of you. The people that suck the blood out, you know, the vampires. People that want every piece of you and will not let it go, kind of deal. Sucking you dry.”

As nice as he is in conversation, Mick Mars still does his best talking on the guitar. For “The Other Side of Mars,” his main instruments include Isabella, the well-worn Stratocaster he used onmanyMötley Crüe tours. He named Isabella in honor of the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name. “It doesn’t sound like any guitar that I own,” Mars says. “I own almost 200 guitars and up against other guitars and other things that I played, for some reason, nothing sounds like it.

Amplifier-wise, Mars recorded his album with an array of Marshalls. He also used a Fractal digital system for some guitar effects.

Mars says, “I’ve always pretty much been about tone and melody, always. I come from the blues, you know? And Jeff Beck, people who have their own sound. Alvin Lee [guitarist for the band Ten Years After, known for their blazing 1969 Woodstock performance of “I’m Going Home”]. Alvin Lee was the right kind of shredding.”

Like Hendrix, Mars plays loud because he wants listeners to feel his playing as well as hear it. Bunton says during “The Other Side of Mars” sessions, the guitar volume would be so loud it would literally knock the studio’s power out.

“Mick’s rig is absolutely crazy,” Bunton says. “He goes through like five different amps running together, mixed a certain way, creatively. Some of the amps, you wouldn’t think it would sound good on its own, the way that he had the knobs.

“But once he blends it with the other amps, it’s just insane. He’s just got his own thing that he does. And then of course, it’s in his hands too. His tone’s instantly recognizable. As soon as you hear it, you know it’s Mick.”

Amid our discussion of the new album, Mars and I also touch on some of his most famous Mötley Crüe guitar solos.

Asked what he recalls about cutting his song-within-a-song lead on “Home Sweet Home,” off the band’s 1985 “Theatre of Pain” LP, Mars says, “That solo came pretty easy. It was Tommy and I, and Tommy started doing you know that piano part [in the studio] and I just started playing on it and doing junk. He and I started that song, and of course Nikki wrote the lyrics for it. Some songs come easy.”

On the other hand, it took Mars a while to come up with liquid-mercury licks for “Primal Scream,” one of several then-new songs included on Mötley’s 1991 best-of compilation album, “Decade of Decadence.”

On that song and also the band’s hit ‘85 cover of Brownsville Station’s song “Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” Mars alternates between fretting notes with his fingers and playing with a slide. The idea behind that technique, Mars says, is “Mixing two guitars in one. That kind of deal, you know? I just mess around with stuff and try to be me.”

When “Too Fast For Love” released in the early ‘80s, notmanyhard rock/metal songs had bluesy slide guitar in them. But that what Mars did on his playing on “Piece of Your Action” from Mötley’s debut album. “That where [the influence of Led Zeppelin’s] Jimmy Page came in,” Mars says. “Because he would do that. And I knew how to play slide from learning from Duane [Allman, of Southern rock band the Allman Brothers]. Duane was my hero. And when I was a youngster and had red hair, people would say I looked like him.”

Mars played perhaps his most supersonic Mötley Crüe solo on the title track to 1989′s “Dr. Feelgood,” the band’s biggest selling and lone number-one album.

Mars says while the “Feelgood” guitar solo overall “wasn’t difficult to do, because I play simple,” that “the timing of it” took a bit more time. “The last part, where the hammer-ons [fretboard tapping] came on, [were inspired by guitar-instrumental star] Joe Satriani. The way he hits the note first, and then taps it, so it’s backwards [to how many guitarists do finger-tapping].”

Any discussion of finger-tapping in rock guitar can’t go without mention of Eddie Van Halen, who elevated that technique, which pioneered in simpler form by earlier guitarists like Genesis’ Steve Hackett and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.

Mars says of Van Halen, “I knew Ed since he was like 19-years-old, this little kid and watched him grow until he got to all the places we played together [in different bands], like [Norwalk, California venue] Golden West Ballroom and [Sunset Strip proving grounds] Gazzarri’s and The Whisky [a Go Go].

“Back then, we were both doing tapping. He was doing more. But when he went and did the [1978 debut Van Halen] album, that’s when I stopped tapping. That’s Ed’s thing. I don’t want to sound like somebody that I’m not. A lot of tappers came out after Ed, and I went the other way.”

Given Mars’ potent, tasteful playing, I’m curious if he ever received overtures to play lead guitar in other famous bands or, like his friend Earl Slick did with David Bowie, solo artists. Especially since there are rumors certain other members of Mötley Crüe were sniffing around for a replacement for Mars decades ago.

Mars says, no, he personally never received offers to join another big artist on guitar. “I don’t think I would fit,” he says.


After I reply that other artists missed out and he just did fine on his own, Mars says humbly, “Well, I didn’t do it on my own. I had a lot of help.”

Mars says he’s already recorded the beginning of four songs for his next album. He also has a collabo with singer John Corabi, who replaced Neil for Mötley Crüe’s 1994 self-titled album, in the can for possible future use.

“The Other Side of Mars” album cover features a close of up the M-A-R-S tattoos that have long adorned the guitarist left knuckles. The visual concept was Mars’ idea. “I didn’t want my face on the cover,” he says. On that front cover, Mars’ visage is blurred to the point of being unrecognizable if his name wasn’t also printed there. But the music contained inside leaves no doubt who made it.

Other things that are in the thought of are some things that has to do with the 2023 tour. A few missouts I think could be coming in to the collection actually. Worse is it with the new stuff that is also up for grabs 2024. I simply do not have the money for it. My unemployment and seriously low cash flow is making it next to impossible to do anything. However, I am trying to focus and figure out how to go about things already owned. It is hard to let go of what I do not have only due to cash issues – but i am trying to focus really well on the ”already owned stuff” and get things done and done right with the stuff here.

Yeah there is surely a ton of thigns to go about. But things are up there in the so called CRAZY over priced levels so it is hardly worth the money any more. On the other hand, everything seems to be limited in the numbers of constantly being sold out and then fairly hard to find actually. Man it is a hard fucking business to collect these days.

If all goes right – I will next weekend be picking up the load of DVD and CDs burned bootleg stuff but a massive collection along with some posters both missed and already having. And then a few buttons, which I think will be the next section started on later in March on the site here.

February 25 2024,

Sitting here now and listening to the album of Mick Mars. It is for sure an album I need to give time. Not an absolute super cool one just by first spin. Maybe cause I normally do not go down this road musicall? I ask myself had I liked it was it another artist? I would still say I needed time. Now that is the Mars man .- I need more. More time.

One track is really, really good though. One I love instantly is ”Alone”. Tha tone is soft and almost a ballad. But great. Trying to take on first impressions on each track. It shows a lot he likes Rammstein.

It truly is crazy. And a follow up is already in the works from how we have heard it from Mick.

I have a thought that I heard it somewhere that Mick wanted this album out now to have been even harder than what it is. Far, far, far away from motley Crue. And thank god for that. It is for sure an album we five years ago might not have expected from the Martian. But here it is.

What is weid – not about the album but the man himself is that it is rumored now that Mick has said ”if asked to write new music with Crue I would say yes”. Hmm, okay hmm –  my own response to this one - I hope personally that it will never come to that again.

I still somehow hope someone someday will sink the ship of Sixx. But i am not sure that will ever happen. His old fans are in large numbers turning their backs on him and sells their collections. But there are so damn many newer ones that will never realize the true him and or let that part of him bother them. So there will always be people stuffing cash in his pockets and as long as that happens in the numbers like today then no – it will never change.

God knows the man himself could not give a shit about the face or name of the ones supporting. Old long time fans or new ones. To him a dollar is a dollar.

”Memories” – another track slow one on the album is a track I like to dig into to. Clearly something is on his mind penning those lyrics. But what and who – I am in question here. And why so strong a feeling that a song about whatever was needed to be made? Want to hear more.

”Right Side Of Wrong” – great one. Riffs – and lyrics are catchy, with a punch. Quite okay. I will type down more feedback to this album over the coming weeks I am sure. Just need to – as said – have some few more spent times listening. So much more to fill these pages with in the coming weeks.

February 22 2024,

Man there are stuff going on as I sort of started saying yesterday.

And some updates and news stuff from the internet news companies. Like news on T-bone.

Tommy Lee can twirl his drumsticks for the first time in years thanks to a recent "monumental" hand surgery.

The Motley Crue drummer shared about his "debilitating issues" in a Saturday Instagram post, explaining that he dealt with a condition called Dupuytren's contracture, in which one or more fingers get stuck in a permanently flexed position.

He shared one photo with his fingers bent and several graphic images of his hand during and after surgery. He ended the post with a video of him twirling his drumstick for the first time in "a couple years."

"Well kids, it’s show and tell time — hope this doesn’t wreck your lunch,"Lee wrote. "Only three weeks ago I underwent a hand surgery by @drcohenhandsurgeon [Dr. Glenn Cohen]. He addressed two debilitating issues for me as a drummer, keyboard player and pretty much everything to do with my right hand. And yesterday was fucking monumental for me to the point of tears.

"I have my life back and my money makers," he continued. "And for you drummers and musicians out there, I can say it’s possible to fix! And in the last clip I’m able to twirl my sticks again.I haven’t been able to do that in a few years because of the Dupuytren's contracture and carpal tunnel issues that are now gone! @drcohenhandsurgeon and the staff there I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL."

Lee's hand surgery  came at an opportune time, as the drummer will be back on the road with Motley Crue starting in May. The rockers are currently booked for a handful of North American performances, including Welcome to Rockville, Summerfest 2024 and the Ottawa Bluesfest.

The band has also been working on new music with longtime producer Bob Rock, who produced their chart-topping 1989 album Dr. Feelgood. Lee recently told Bill Maher that the band wrote a song called "Canceled" about having never gone through the ordeal themselves.

"There was this article that was like, 'How did Motley Crue ever not get canceled?' And we were like, 'Fuck, we got to write a song about that because we didn't ever get it,'" Lee said.

Vince seems to be on the path of whiches to bring back certain songs again. At least for sure one.

A band well-known for their litany of hits, Motley Crue's setlists are often reflective of just that. There are 11 songs the band has performed over 1,000 times and the one Neil wants falls a couple hundred shy of that tally.

The answer came when his bandmate, guitarist John 5, called into the show. He even lobbed a question toward his singer, asking, "Is there any song that we don't play that you would want to play live?"

Singling out a track Crue have not played since reuniting, Neil offers, "I always liked the song 'Red Hot.'" "Me too!" John 5 enthuses, sharing a similar affinity for the speedy Shout at the Devil track.

"We used to do it," Neil adds, "I'm sure, John, you know it. You know the song. We could start rehearsing it right before the show and he'd get it and we'd get it. It's a fun song."

The question is then flipped back on John 5, who is smitten with the entire '80s catalog. "Anything off Too Fast For Love or Shout at the Devil or Theatre of Pain or Girls Girls Girls or Dr. Feelgood(laughs). Any of those, I'd love to do. That'd be great," John muses.

According to setlist.fm, "Red Hot" is Motley Crue's 12th most-played song live, having been performed 643 times. Beyond a guitar solo, which has been featured at Crue shows 813 times, the rest of the most frequently played songs are all over the 1,000 mark.

The last time the band played "Red Hot" was Oct. 6, 2013 as part of Motley Crue's residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It was first performed on April 19, 1982 at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, California, well over a year before Shout at the Devil was released.

Today also came a new package from Japan for me with a DVD and a Cd plus some old Japanese magazines incl the latest Burrn 2024. All obviously with Motley in them, I have this really cool and kind soul in Japan – this guy Torigo is a damn hard working man with a lot of loyalty to what he does. For his job, family and his friends. Rarely seen before. And he is the absolute kindness itself - walking on this planet. Amazing man, amazing soul he has. I deeply respect this guy.

So that also means tomorrow I am going to do some scanning. Get these magazines and CD and DVD ready for being put into the collection and on to the website. I think in late March there is an expanded site to go in on that will really hold a lot of things not on there today.

February 21 2024,

A lot has happened I think in the last week. Also in this that these postings are all about.

First of all again this year April 20th the record store day will hold two coming releases. The new track as a 12” pic disc Dogs Of War. And the older Supersonic & Relics album as a 2lp pic disc set as well. Last one already covered from a friend.

Then there is the collecting part. Well, I have to admit it is a weird thing, a struggle back and forth – love hate relationship they call it I guess. But it is a week of great pleasure to now share it is now with a list of thigns coming. New japan book, several magazines, some shirts, a full collection of DVD shows and with CDs holding shows, demos, interviews etc etc. To be coming in here at this address just before mid March.

A few other cool things as well, but there have been a lot of chats round things I will admit.

Also a few good news details to how and why Sixx operates like he does these days 2024. And it adds to my admirations, irritations and disgust. I am in all honesty more than likely just pissed and frustrated because of all mentioned in the postings before – lies – denials – greed – sat up against what I have put into this band of time and money and heart. So it is all a several years kind of war with myself. Just not really sure who will win. Me or the I? Still hard to say. You do not have to understand it really.

February 13 2024,

Several worries about a lot of different stuff these days. Do so not want to bet his worried. It is a little too much. But things in ONLY the Crue world will be handled continuously as already ongoing. In the coming 2 to 4 weeks we will for sure have a lot of the stuff lost added there again.

And in the same period of time there will be things that have arrived here from USA and japan. And perhaps even Czlovakia. Friends in these places are already having items laying awaited to go in the mail on its way to Sweden. I long personally to get to the day when I can say everything is now on the site and all I have to do is add smaller things every now and then.

I fear for the second half of this year due to touring merch and other merch coming. How I will feel and what it will do to me when unable to cover thigns. THIS IS litterally the only thing I have in my life. The travelling, the adventures, the massive social life etc are so far gone it is scarry. I am so in the life I have fought so hard to never have. This will become the death of me. Or so it feels. Everythign I love is piece by piece being taken away from me. And I have no power to change that any longer.

But right now I just need to get things going and hold on to what I can find pleasure in.

This is truly a no good living – constant missing constant worry – no it is not.

I hope it will not completely break me. And that the and ended up being such a dissapointment in the end of their road is just so god damn devestating.

Curious though – no matter who sings and plays on the coming new music – curious to hear the material. I need to be super positive suprised – but I do not think I will be. Mick Mars – next week new album. Debut album I need time to be taking that one in. Cause it is not so far my cup of tea. Too metal nd irrelevant. But maybe it can grow a bit on me. Once I can listen to it in its whole. Shall be interesting.

February 09 2024,

Ten minutes to midnight another day where we go into a new date of the first day after saying goodbye to one of our dear pets.

Our rabbit Morot ☹ - suddently showed balance trouble and since she is a rabbit and a prey animal – there is just no knowledge about how bad she felt with that fact – to not be able to control her balance. Highly stressful for that type of animal I am sure. Pain? Unsure these animals do not say anything so maybe. Tough but nothing else to do than to go to a vet hospital and let her be put to sleep. Ohh my god this is so hard on me. There is no word to describe how bad I these days am taking these things.

Morot – a loner – a kind of want to be alone rabbit – we took her in from some people a couple of years ago to rescure her from slaughter. Now she was met with something else – so innocent so in need to love and protection.

These days I often think about Motley in that kind of situation. And I sometimes feel like I am building up a pure hate to especially Sixx for his fucking lies an greed, with something so innocent as an animal that does not have a say in life about anything. -Yeah really, fuck those greedy selfish, lying fucks.

Some new collectibles or hard to get items seems saved and secured by my frined in Japan. That is great – but the anger and the hate is real. Funny how that still can excist from what is going on constantly with that band.

We were to work more on the site this evening but Morot and the situation with her totally took over. R.I.P. Hope you somewhere bump into Edith, say hello from us.

February 6th 2024

Sixx previously said that he and his family have had two stalkers during recent years. He said sentencing for the other stalker was delayed, but it is also coming. "We are asking for three years in jail," he wrote. "We are using the legal system to hold bad people accountable. When your daughter and wife get threatened all bets are off."

When Sixx first revealed last November that he had been stalked and harassed by at least two people in recent years, he wrote: "Like many other public figures, myself and my family were harassed and threatened by a stalker. A deranged woman from Tennessee, who I have never met or seen before, targeted my wife and child with threats of death and bodily harm.

"This was not some Internet troll but someone who was convinced that she was somehow connected to me. Her harassment went on for a long time and got progressively more scary, forcing me to go to court several times and obtain restraining orders. She violated the restraining orders multiple times. As a result, the court found the conduct serious enough to hold her in contempt of court and order that she be arrested.

"I want to thank the judge, the court staff and my legal team for protecting my family. Now another stalker from a different part of the country started doing the same thing, going so far as to travel to my house and threaten our lives again," he continued.

"It's one thing to threaten my safety but when it comes to serious threats against my wife and children, it just becomes beyond alarming. They do not deserve this.


"Thank you to the FBI, law enforcement, the detectives and the legal and court system for treating these threats with the severity and urgency they require. I will go to any lengths to protect my family."

Thousands of celebrities across the world are occasionally confronted by fanatics who give them intimidating attention.

Sixx then also says ”Today we were awarded legal fees from the stalker. And Are now just awaiting sentencing. People can not do whatever they want when it comes to my family. It is important to hold these people accountable.

Personally I can totally see the point. No one should threaten anyone. But then again I see and hear Sixx threatening all kinds of fans all the time as well. How can that be okay? How can just his fame and fortune be worth anymore than Christine, Peter, Brian Or Shaun as single individuals just not rich and famous? Just saying.

So much more and so many more things have now gotten added to the site.

I gotta say I absolutely hate to be going through all the items and taking pictures over and over again.

But it is nice to see a lot of the sections being completed. Completed in the sense that all is up and on of what I have. Not completed as in I have everything. So damn far from it.

I need to also get through my magazines again not to get any of that added but put in right folders. Piles are starting to take their place again. Simply cause I had so much going on ones and stopped putting the magazines in its right – let us call it folders – for a while. And that for sure needs to get re organized for sure. I need there to be complete control.

I thought about a friend that passed last year – Mats his collection is now spread all over the god damn place – Australia, USA, Scandinavian countries etc etc etc. And the last sign of him and his Crue life – his page www.matscruepage.se is now closed and taken down. Wau, it is really all closing in on coming to an end for more and more people. Still a part of me would love to see people actually turning their backs on the band as well. For many reasons.

But as stated previously Sixx has a loyal stream of followers that would never consider putting a stop to their worship of him no matter what he does. We have seen that now. There are somanyways his life is safe till he dies. He is just one that actually gets away with anything. If he looses then it is like the smallest matter ever. He could not care les. His ego is rising like a gigantic phoenix over everything he does. There is nothing but his way or no way.

Soon more thoughts to be written.

February 2nd 2024

Lots of stuff again added to the sections online. New and renewed mcrueloyalty site for another 12 months. It feels okay even though I am far from the most positive fan and collector around. Still collecting and still aiming for high collecting. Tough times though. I have to say things are extremely fucked financially – all prices on stuff and import fees along side shipping costs, no it is for sure shitty.

I do see a lot of things coming up in the year of 2024. But I sense also there is not coming anything much from the tours to come. I am in a bad place financially and that is a bit of a hassle. I wil simply have to see how and what offers itself down the road. It had been cool to get things covered again but touring is now for the third year in a row a big no, no. Not going to tour or do anything with the live side of things. It sucks major. And I for one still just wish that part of the band would come to an end.

The thing there is that the fucking Sixxster has his loyal blinded unaware individuals or follwers that are not backing down. So the circus continues.

New figures to come out too in February. From Clarks Toys, they are to be released and all are kind of like playmobile men small sized in their own vewrsions of Shout At The Devil era looks. Obviously I have to get the set but there are surely a task to get it all financed. The Supersonic album just got out in a 2 lp colored vinyl set as well. Plus several other smaller things here and there.

In March I am heading to Denmark picking up some stuff, a bass and possibly the stage prob sign from the New Tattoo tour 99-00. If it can go into the car I will bring it home. Had been nice and cool. Have also decided not to add the old ”Personal” section on the new site. There are just toomanyannoying small things and a very bitchin Sixx who is on fans asses about things from the past to deal with for that section to get back up online.

I hope to get the solo gig history sections up on there as well soonest possible. I need to get these details on there. And then just keep adding really, as new found dates shows up from both the past and the future. Had been fun to find all.

Janaury 27th 2024

John 5 went out the other days to say; On Wednesday, January 24 Metal Hall Of Fame gala at the Delta Marriott Garden Grove in Garden Grove, California, MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist John 5 said that he and his bandmates are continuing to work on fresh material. "We're writing songs, and a new song will be coming out soon," he said. "It's really great, and I'm super excited and I can't wait."

Regarding the musical direction of the new MÖTLEY CRÜE material, John 5 said: "Oh, it's heavy, great songs. Heavy, great songs… I would say you could easily hear this off the 'Dr. Feelgood' album."

Nearly a year ago, MÖTLEY CRÜE recorded three new songs with longtime producer Bob Rock, including "Dogs Of War" and a cover of BEASTIE BOYS' "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)"

Earlier this month, John 5 told about MÖTLEY CRÜE's current songwriting process: "Just the other day, Nikki called me and he was playing guitar over the phone and he'll play a riff, and he'll sing this melody, and it sounded like it could be something off of 'Too Fast For Love'. It's just natural for him to write these songs that I have loved and lots of other people have loved. I think we're always going to make new music, because, man, this guy is pumping out amazing lyrics and great music. When we all get together, it's pretty magical."

In December, Tommy Lee told about the three new songs he and his bandmates recorded with Rock: "Wait until you hear it. It's insane. It's not a full album, but that might be down the road a bit. We're always writing and doing stuff, so that's always a possibility down the road. But we just went to the studio not too long ago and recorded three insane tracks and one of them is called 'Dogs Of War'. We're just finishing up the video for it. For those jonesing for some new CRÜE, people are going to bug out. John 5 is playing on it, the guitar work is incredible and it sounds sick."

In September, John 5 told Meltdown of Detroit's WRIF radio station about the new MÖTLEY CRÜE music: "I don't know when it's gonna come out, but everything is a plan. Everything is mapped out and structured, and everything is, 'We're gonna do it here and there,' and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So the songs are recorded, mixed, mastered. And they're so good. I can't wait for them to come out. They're so good. I'm really excited about 'em."

He continued: "Who knows what's going to happen? I don't know if we'll just release singles or an album. It's up to those guys, so I don't know. We just record and see what happens. But these songs that we recorded are so good; they're heavy and the melodies and everybody's just killing it on these songs."

Asked how much how much input he had during the songwriting process, John 5 said: "We all sat in a room and did it together. 'Cause me and Nikki have written for years and years and years together. So it was nothing new. And me and Tommy worked in the studio together many times as well. So it was nothing new being in the studio, but it was new with Bob Rock.

"What was so wild was we got in a room… It was like total old school, man," he explained. "You get in the live room and there's my amp and there's Nikki's amp and there's Tommy's drums, there's a mic… 'Cause I'm so used to just playing in the control room. And it's, like, 'Oh no, no, no. We're all gonna get in this room and we're gonna play.' And that's how we recorded. It was incredible. I've never recorded that way. And it was maybe one of the best experiences I had recording. It was so fun. It was a blast. I had to, like, make notes and all this stuff, and we just played through it. It was incredible."

Last spring,John 5told"Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk"about recording with Rock: "Bob would come in and [say], 'Okay, let's try this here, and that here and this here. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever… I'm thinking, 'We've got so much great technology today'… but we got in that room and it was like being in a garage working on a song when you were in high school… It was incredible, and we documented a lot of it too."


Regarding the musical direction of the tracks he and the rest of MÖTLEY CRÜE have recorded so far, John 5 said: "The songs are fucking heavy. I sound like a little excited kid right now, but they're heavy and they're mean. I can't wait for them to come out. I'm just so excited."

When host Eddie Trunk asked John 5 whether the new MÖTLEY CRÜE music can be compared to the band's breakthrough second album, 1983's "Shout At The Devil", the guitarist said that some of the new riffs are "heavier than anything" on that LP. "All I can tell you is that it's heavy and it's aggressive, and I think people are going to dig it because, talking as a fan, it's fucking badass," he said.

MÖTLEY CRÜE debuted its cover of"(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)" during a "secret" June 30, 2023 club performance for 450 lucky fans at the Underworld in London, England.

John 5 joined MÖTLEY CRÜE in the fall of 2022 as the replacement for the band's co-founding guitarist Mick Mars. Mick announced his retirement from touring with MÖTLEY CRÜE in October 2022 as a result of worsening health issues.

Mars suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis ,a chronic and inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects the spine and pelvis. After years of performing through the pain, he informed the other members of MÖTLEY CRÜE in the summer of 2022 that he could no longer tour with them but would still be open to recording new music or performing at residencies that did not require much travel.

When Mars announced his retirement from touring with MÖTLEY CRÜE, he maintained that he would remain a member of the band, with John 5 taking his place on the road. However, in early April 2023 the now-72-year-old musician filed a lawsuit against CRÜE in Los Angeles County's Superior Court claiming that, after his announcement, the rest of CRÜE tried to remove him as a significant stakeholder in the group's corporation and business holdings via a shareholders' meeting.

From here we already know what has happened or what is going on. Surely we all have opinions about it and many old time collectors stands with Mars and against Sixx in this battle. Simply starting to have had enough of Mr. Sixx and his crap. So really sad that he in a more and more public way shares and shows his ego minded asshole side of self.

January 26th 2024

So here is another thing. Quality wise cool – but caring and adding to the hey hey hurray? No!!

The concert was initially released as a CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray in 2016. It was also later made available as a standalone 3-LP vinyl. And here is the detail to a certain show.

According to Blu-Ray company , the 4K Blu-ray version of MÖTLEY CRÜE's "The End - Live in Los Angeles" will be made available internationally on April 22. A North American release is expected to be officially announced shortly.

January 25th 2024

Another thing that really pisses me off. Is Nikki Sixx going after old school fans. He is pissed these days at them or should I say us for supporting Mick Mars in all the shit that is right now up in the air.

And yet Sixx brags about a car sold for 110.000 dollars into his pockets. WE THE OLD FANS bought you that car you fucking ass wipe. What the fuck, you gladly take the fans money and then you still claim to be sitting with the rights to piss on us all. It is modern day times and I pray that someday you too will be exposed for the inner you and taken down to walk on the ground like the rest of us.

A 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 convertible car previously owned by MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx sold for $110,000 at Barrett-Jackson's 2024 Scottsdale auction.

According to Chevy Hardcore, Sixx purchased the car through Red Hills And Choppers in 2011. It was meticulously restored from the frame up shortly before he bought it, and everything on the car was rebuilt, replaced, or restored, including every nut and bolt. The Super Sport packs the LS-5 Turbo-Jet 454 with 365hp, a TH400 3-speed, and 3.55 gears stuffed in the factory 12-bolt out back. Power windows, top, and steering plus air conditioning, AM/FM 8-track stereo and auxiliary lighting add to the plush interior and driving comfort.


Playboi Carti, Jack Harlow, Car Seat Headrest, Green Day | Weekly Track Roundup:


"I like to drive really fast, and if I can find a place to open my car up, I'll do it. And there's always that moment that I find I'm doing 140 mph," Sixx once revealed to Pure Grain Audio. "I love the thrill of that… That's great. I love speed."

More than a decade ago, Sixx told Motortrend that he had a penchant for convertibles, and has owned his share of Ferraris, including a 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider and a Testarossa. Nikki added that he usually keeps his cars for a long time, except for the hot rods he's owned, like the aforementioned 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS, which he also ended up selling.

"Hot rods to me are real exciting; they're like Hot Wheels," he explained. "I love them and it's like I want to see if I can drive every single one, but I'm not a car collector. I don't ever have more than two cars. I buy them, I get the best deal I can, I drive them, I treat them really good, and then I sell them and then I buy another hot rod with that money."

January 24th 2024

During an appearance on January 19 "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk", Neil was asked how he felt about coming out of retirement and playing shows again as part of the CRÜE's 2022 summer stadium tour with DEF LEPPARD and POISON. The 62-year-old singer responded: "We sat around for — what? — five years without doing anything. I was always [doing shows] with my solo band, but I thought it'd be fun. I was in. They said, 'We're gonna get together and do some stadiums.' And I was, like, 'Okay, that sounds pretty cool. ''The Stadium Tour' got us out to more people, so it was a lot of fun."

When "The Stadium Tour" was first announced in December 2019, CRÜE said the Netflix biopic "The Dirt", about the band's formative years, sparked a renewed interest from younger fans who wanted to see them live.

Asked if he felt that it was inevitable that MÖTLEY would start up again, given the success of the movie, Vince said: "I didn't even think about it. I didn't even think about MÖTLEY at all. I thought the movie was great, and a lot of people liked it. And I guess it was inevitable. Because you get so many fans watching the movies, and at stadiums you can tell, because there's kids with their dads and their grandpas — a young kid, like six, seven, eight years old, to 68 years old. It's a lot of fun. It's good to see those little kids out there doing the devil horns and stuff."

Vince's MÖTLEY CRÜE bandmate Tommy Lee reflected on the band's decision to cancel its retirement during a June 2020 appearance on Sirius XM's Debatable. At the time, the drummer said: ”That was it. 2016 — I'll never forget it. I think it was New Year's Eve. Staples Center [in] L.A. That was it. We all said goodbye. That was the dopest 32, 33 years of our lives. We're out. This is the best way ever to go out — on top. Mic drop, boom, see ya. We're out. And that was it. We're done. We didn't really speak to each other for probably a year. Everybody just went and did their own thing.

"And here it is four years later, [concert promoter] Live Nation asked us if we'd like to do a stadium tour, and all of us were, like, 'Ehhh…' And then we thought about it for a minute. We were, like, that is the one thing that this band has never done. Yeah, we played stadiums on festivals all over the place, but our own stadium tour? We were, like, 'Hold on. Let us think about this. Okay.'"

Lee also said the success of "The Dirt" movie was the biggest catalyst in getting him and his bandmates to reunite.

"The movie … really [inspired] a whole new generation of kids that are probably… I know, 'cause I've talked to many of them; I stay in touch with a lot of fans, and they're, like, 'Dude, is that really what it was like in the '80s when you guys were around?'" Tommy told Debatable.

"And I'm, like, 'That's exactly what it was like.' They're, like, 'Oh my God.' That newer generation feels like they missed out, and they did, because shit isn't like that anymore, man. It was a free-for-all back then —anything went. And I think they wanna be a part of it and see it and witness it. So, yeah, there's this whole generation of kids that that movie has brought into the fold now that are super pumped to come and see what we do, come to see that life that we lived. And [they] probably can't believe we're all still alive. They're going, like, 'These guys are still doing this shit. What are they, cockroaches? You can't kill these motherfuckers.'"

Everyone have had their opinions about this thing since 2016 till now.

Everyone knows what I think and feel. Had the band been great and had I had the chance to do what I used to then hey fine I get to have the band active some more years. Now it is an insulting something that is so not from the heart any longer. It is a well living ego minded poop pile run by one man only. I often think about Michael Monroe and that bands latest album it should be a jacket Nikki should have had. One Man Gang.

January 23rd 2024

So Ruby Sixx gets praised by mum, whos so proud that the youngster to adapt the so called normal life with interests despite being a daughter of a rock star.

Now yeah that is cute in its own sense - but do we really have to hear about every single toilet vicit this family makes? A little sick of it. Ofc her story only gets out with this world shared absolutely irrelevant news from a mums emotions. had it been my neighbour from a working class family going on about a proud mum to her born daughter - even though the pride is the same - no one cares if you are not rich and famously born.

Look I care not if the girl wants to be in the spotlight let her decde herself when she gets older. I so am over filled with this see me see me see us we are the Sixx`s.

I think that, that man ever since I can remember craves the attention and the feeling of being a center piece.

I personally do not think he will ever get over it. he surely is easy to point out when he feels cornered or he is not right or loosing something. The beast - the Mr. Hyde as part of Mr. Jekyll is showing his face. He has build up a very, very powerful life and is in a circle of highly importnat and powerful friends nowadays.

Is that why people are affraid to go against him? As a band member? As a fan? As a .. anything really? Just wondering. Ever since I can remember this band has been paingin when the man has wanted to do so. created the things created when he has said so. A stadium tour cause he ... Okay Sixx, we jump, let me just ask straight up - how high?

That man needs to have a new version of a wakeup call. I doubt he will ever have it. He has loyal fans these days that would never question him. And if he said I can walk on wateer they would go - cool.

The artistic side of things when it comes to this man, in my world, in my opinion he ones had nothing and he thought for it. He has missions. He had dreams and goals for what I would call the right reasons so he wrote great things. As an artist.

Now a days, do not believe for a second, that this man even tries very hard to come up with new over the moon stuff. he is settled. He is a multi millionaire case people like us put him there.

Now a days many people as said above, no matter what this man does they support they buy, they get, they show up - no matter what!!!!

Why do you think there has been a gab in 2008 till now without new Crue music the few new tracks for the movie in my book does not count they were completely irrelevant anyways.

He does not have to fight any more. He is sat. people sadly still praise the dirt he walks on. This is the point and time where I feel a thousand fans going "and you call yorself a fan" Pleeeaasseeee....I on the other hand see the walking shadow in the man as well and see clearly the Narcissistic lines about this guy.

I mean look it up my friends;

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence, they are not sure of their self-worth and are easily upset by the slightest criticism.

A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems inmanyareas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial matters. People with narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they're not given the special favors or admiration that they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships troubled and unfulfilling, and other people may not enjoy being around them.Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder centers around talk therapy, also called psychotherapy.

Narcissistic personality disorder affects more males than females, and it often begins in the teens or early adulthood. Can escalate when getting older.

What of the above is not to be checked here? I guess none.

Just some of the things he does to people his own fucking fans - long time fans since pre mid 1980s. or his need to say this year we will deliver new music to sink the ship and attention tothe album to come late February of Mick Mars. What a fucking low thing to even say when he has all he has. Why the need? because the NEEDS the attention. He constantly needs all on planet earth to know what he thinks about any and everything.

I know he is the bass player of the band I collect but that part of him is a bitch and it fucking ruins several details about the one thing I have stuffed all of my time life and money with. What I like, What I used to have, what I think I could have gotten out of what happend or I owned in 1982 IS STILL MINE., And whom ever has it today 2024 I WILL COME AFTER THIS INDIVIDUAL. What a sad creature. What a ego minded zero. When talking and pointing to the persona of this being.

-Alright enough of his center spot and focus in this posting.

The crue site is yesterday and today updated with things. Shirts, posters, scarfs, picks, CDs, articles etc. Still a lot of posters and vinyls to get done.

I think there are good things to get on here still before this ride is completely over. There are some solo gig lists to get added as well. I am sure I have far from found all there are out there. But then they simply have to be added little by little. But it is a fairly cool thing to have added and get a good cool idea from how it, where it and what there is. When aiming for bootleg recordings of these still missed shows. I am sure this will be a cool little new thign to have added. I have not seen solo live shows lists on any site. Crue yes but the solo stuff no. So I need to get that in. Still interesting times for sure*

January 18th 2024

Powerful night as I went to bed last night. I had gone to bed with the book of mine from 2017 The Crue book.

I read the first few pages and it gave me an injection of what was needed. With the fact in mind that today Thursdy is my last week day at work. Have Sunday too but ... then I am ones again unemplyed.

I fucking hate it but the words I strated the book off with will be my tools to work my ways through this with. I kind of NEED the first two fucking months to just sit back and be find myself again. These idiotic frames to being unemplyed in this society wears down anybody I should say. Fuck the people in the leadership of this latest job of mine. I refuse to ever work with or for them again. It has been "welcome to me and my life. Now please get the hell out and away from me.

The Crue is going to get some more attention till the site is completed.

So many things and details we are going to handle. -In the new Crueseum, things are more limited than ever I think.

However, there are so many things that are changed since 8 years ago. You definitely want to choose your goals these days as a fan and especially as a collector. Tough details and stricht rules to do your businesses. And further more, things are not getting cheaper and with this new Museum is massively over priced, in shipping costs. Absolutely not the actual costs. They are pushing things here.

Things are really not the easiest in this latest and new year on the collecting side of thigns. But I will for sure put in time for it to get sorted in the first three months of this year. I hope.

Mick Mars lawsuit against Motley - “These documents should have been produced without the need for prodding by Mars,” Judge Chalfant wrote. “[The] failure to produce the documents earlier than December 8 amounts to a refusal.”

Though the judge clearly faulted the band, he also ruled Tuesday that Mars’ lawsuit is now “moot.” That means Mars’ more recent requests for subsequent 2023 general ledger entries won’t be granted because they weren’t included on his list of still-outstanding documents filed in November.

The lead lawyer for Mötley Crüe seized on that portion of the ruling Tuesday, declaring victory on behalf of the band. “The case is over.That’s the key takeaway,” attorney Sasha Frid with Miller Barondess said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“By denying the petition as moot and ending the case, the court found that the band turned over all the documents to Mars and there is nothing more to do.The band went above and beyond its obligations by providing much more documents than the statute required – indeed, the court’s decision explained the thousands of documents that the band provided to Mars.”

Mars’ lawyer scoffed at this assessment, saying the case is only over because the band relented and complied. The attorney said the heart of the case – whether Mars was illegally severed from the band – is still heading to private arbitration later this year. In his public lawsuit filed last April, Mars made it clear he felt betrayed by Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee, who each are 25 percent shareholders in most of the band’s entities.

Mars said that before the band’s U.S. stadium tour kicked off in 2022, he let everyone know the tour would be his last. Now 72, Mars has long suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, a disfiguring and painful bone disease that makes it difficult to travel. Mars said he was clear he wasn’t retiring from the band altogether and would be available for a Vegas residency or studio work.

He claimed his “brothers of 41 years” responded by offering him a separation proposal that would slash his touring and merchandise profits from 25 percent to 5 percent and eventually 0 percent. When he questioned this on the basis he helped build the band drawing the crowds, the other members purported to fire him from six additional band corporations and LLCs, he claimed. When he asked to inspect the business records behind the entities, he was largely ignored, he said.

Mars’ lawyer, Ed McPherson, tellsthat the judge’s ruling on Tuesday confirms his client was mistreated by his bandmates. “Finally, somebody, somewhere told these guys they can’t bully Mick anymore. We’re in the middle of a huge arbitration that will ultimately decide if Mick has to give up his shares or not, if they did things properly or not. Obviously we claim they didn’t do anything properly. But they feel that they’re above the rules. And that’s what this lawsuit was about,” McPherson says.

“This was them feeling they were above the rules, and this judge saying, ‘No, you’re not. And you may have given all the documents now, so there’s nothing left for me to do, but, you’re going to pay for it,” he adds. “I think that’s a pretty huge victory for Mick. If they want to claim a victory, that’s fine. But this is someone finally telling Mick, ‘No, you’re not crazy. These guys are bullying you. And we’re not going to let it happen."

On a personal note, simply because I am somewhat pissed over Nikki reactions to the fans with his behaviour tomanythings over the years... I hope he feels it. This one was not to be won.

January 17th 2024

"Crueseum". It is in the works. You can sign in now to get access soon. But the mail info and password does not come to your emnail address even though it says so.

I suspect it is what is called digital / online modern sorts of fanclub. With its own exclusive merch store. That is what I guess anyways. Another chapter in the milking the supporters are about to open.Or some would maybe prefer to say - new offers, new items, new options cool. I guess we look at these things differently.

I on the other hand got through some new things in the scanning process so there are more new stuff to get added on the site. In a week from now it is time for a website renewal to keep it going. I see it is far bigger than normal sites are as it raises in costs to have by the year. I have almost gotten all posters up now. Or almost. Found over 70 that were not online. It sounds crazy I know. How can you miss out on 70 posters?

Well, the answer is as it has been for years. The collection is too large to keep track now a days.

The things are moving and getting in place slowly as said before.

Looking forward to be seeing things being up to date so that it is only new, up and coming stuff that is missed to get added.

Shall be great!!

January 15th 2024

Singer confirmed that there are talks of CRÜE returning for a third residency in Vegas, where they previously played a series of shows at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2012 and again in 2013.

Tour and shows in May, June and July. The Store holds not much news now from since November 2023. I guess it is because of the coming news this week and what the y had planned since late last year. Possibly also due to the lawsuit that is running. I think it is going to be a fairly hard time to get thinigs in place for myself this year. Whatever gets released I will have a hard time. It will be a test like not much else in the collecting world of mine.

My friend in CZ holds magazines to get sent my way possibly in February - he is totally into Iron Maiden and I will have some to go his way as well.

This newest issue of Sweden Rock magazine holds Bruce D. on cover and 14 pages inside. Next issue holds MIck Mars. Wonder if he could be lucky enough to get the cover story. I doubt it but had been fun, as such never happens.

My Japanese friend holds some more stuff even though he just sent me last month. Sweet.

And finally I have manaaged to get my brother some cool rare stuff for his Crashdiet collecting as well. We will see what else can be found in the coming weeks, months in our little collecting worlds.

January 13th 2024

Saturday, Crue related...okay well I have been on the search for solo information on tours from Vince, Tommy and Nikki. Found a lot but I am sure they are no where complete either.

Would like to find all the shows that are and simply add them to the site in a special section on the solo pages.

Had been great. I will try to add all there are as I find them. Aim for tickets and shows on CD or DVD as well. It is a tough long road to gain all the stuff and with a 2024 - 2025 demanding a lot if it is to be followed and gotten the stuff coming out. It is a massive load - there are somanyplans and so much to gain if wanted as a fan or a collector. There is even a rumour that they visit Norway on the westcoast for one show one day in June. Am I going? No.

It is slowly building up new dates for 2024 as we speak. On Wednesday there is a new huge NEWS FLASH coming out from the band,. I guess it is a mix of new dates for the year plus the intro of the Crueseum, that I predict gets to hold pictures, stories, and auctions and an exclusive store for things available ONLY THERE. God help us.

There are things to be done here for the site still. Lots of things to get added new sections to get sat up and more.

There are so many things that used to be in what we call "Personal" meaning band and member used or owned stuff. That section is not to be added here no more. I skip that one and I will not share it on here. There are too many things, too many idiots and too many bad things coming from that. I simply hate that part more than I can find words for. Instead of just being happy to share and for others to see the stuff etc.

It is stuff that makes people green with envy and accusements etc. I am simply sparing myself from that these days. There are too many things to be happy about that are not to defend or fight for in life. Just have and hold it or do not own it but feel alright about it. People man, I am just saying. So sorry that section will not be in on this site this time.

Right now there are new, picks, CDs magazine covers and articles, DVDs, shirts, tickets etc to get added but I need to find time. I need time for all this and I need to get things in a good balance. I myself and me will be first priority the coming two months. And there will be no slipping shit either.

I am dead serious this time. I need to find me. The lost Tommy from years ago is quite gone and I need him back. For a lot of reasons. So I am putting myself first now for the first time in many years in different ways.

January 8th 2024

A friend sat up some new facts and or to me new facts about our so ever lovely little band.

It is in its own way quiet interesting to follow all of this. I still have no intentions to go touring any more. I stick to it as it is not going to get any better than the previous many years, which have not been near anything of a proud cool quality anymore. The band is here for the wrong reasons in my book. But the new stories and new proved facts are interesting. At times one can be all annoyed, ashamed and sit with a 3 seconds long regret to the whole thing.

But I guess this is what I have to simply get through and continue with, for the RIGHT REASONS or simply do as I did with KISS. Start letting it go. Wrap it up and see it closed down and out of my life.

Right now I am trying to get a focus on myself. My own life and my health.

I am not in a good place. Well I am getting to a better place if that makes sense. I was part of the cut backs (again) with the absolutely worst work I have ever had. No one cared, in the leading team. No one backed me up on the issue of peoples well being. The working envirement is so low on the list for the leading team it is pure insanity. I can not work at a place like that. I stood up for all agents there and I am for sure now facing a hard time both emotionally and financially again with this.

Found a couple of ticket stubs from a guy that was willing to let them go for only the stamp it costs to mail it out. So that is great. I once had focus quite a bit on those. Ticket stubs. Then it changed. I like to get them all. Not going to be possible at all. but to clear or aim for my favorite tours had been fun to complete best possible. For sure. A few things in the coming two to three months are coming in to the collection and it shall be great fun to go through.

I have a few things we are still waiting for to get added and updated. So things are in the works so to speak.

January 4th 2024

Wau what a start of the new year.

FUCK THIS. Sixx ones again showed side of him that is straight against what he claims to be. have you heard? Fine. If not, fine too.

I really like to get in on getting things here up to date. Things needs to get organized. Well guess what a s a new years gift this year I yesterday got sacked at my job. I have two weeks left. PERFECT timing for all plans of 2024.

The way the leading team of the work has worked this the last many months are under so much dislike and critism there are no words for it. I really hope to never work with them again to be honest. This is a cultural shock.

Not even in my worst speculations or imaginations have I pictured a company being so screwed up in how the workers are treated. Wau I say. Just wau.

So, that gets worked around in my head a lot at the same time today santa came by with a great Christmas gift from my japanese friend Torigoe.

He sent the 7th of December a package as a very special merry Christmas. Came today January 4th. Okay, but at least it came and a sweet comfort too. I absolutely loved it. Some Japanese tour '23 shirts some old magazines and a couple of CDs he found. As a collector. Nice. Really sweet.

I am so longing for calm years in this country. But yet after so many years no such luck. I should maybe truly have looked into the different options of jobs here before I got here? Well that I guess, is called being wise in the after.... never mind really yesterday is long gone and it in no way able to change for what ever price. So look forward. Look ahead. Be focusing on the positive. Be focus period. I guess. I will most definately try.

The Crue collection is growing a little tiny bit with these things that was in the above mentioend box. Not a pile load. Just a bit. But the pieces are great. Now just wondering what the first 2024 item will be. I could guess. But I really do not know. A new record perhaps. magazine article? Hmm, unsure.

I know there are tours coming to new stadiums later this year. But I am not going not to a single one of them. I aim for the merch from a friend though. Try to see it it all can be gotten. That too is still unsure. nothing as off now feel guarenteed. No there are surely a lot of speculations with yesterdays news. Fuck how I hate it.

What else? ha, ha aint that the question? Well, honestly not too much. I have several things to get in on still to be added to this site so there are for sure things to do.

Anyways, I hope to be able to get in on some rather fun, positive cool things very soon to add to these pages. 2005 compared to 2014 compared to 2024 surely is a different set of books. That is for sure. Same band yet feeling very different.

Maybe I should aim for reading more of my books. have so many. Looking really forward to reading some of my new music books. Cliff Richard, KISS. The book of Dave Grohl is absolutely fantastic. If you like books of and by artists thats really good. This is certainly one of them.

For now a good night.