Diary 2013

30th Of December 2013, Ended Year New Supreme 2014
5:02PM CET
Another year is ending. Another year and its adventures are to be looked back on. Another year with chapters to my Crue collecting life in the book of the bad boys sees its end. Another year has to be opened up for and I have already sat doings for it till the end of May. It is a little frightening actually but it is also extremely needed for me to fulfill. I need this to be done and I need to change all about my look upon work that is my financial source to even make this all is a possibility to have the Crue in my life. So I will from January first see myself ones again totally be signing off all things that are to be me as a fighting soul in there. I am to be the underdog the slave the irrelevant used individual and it kills me course of well reasons that are simply to be lies greed and loads of BS from one stinker of a colleague actually. Never mind that in here just mentioning course it is Crue related in the sense it is my financial source to even be doing this. Sadly.

So here we are the 30th of December happy new year folks. Hope you can look back at life and a 2013 and go I did something good and I made a difference in something that I feel good about today. I look forward to the new year and I think I am to be going into the next big chapter being 2014 with a love an open mind a good few plans and a solid prevalence for the up and coming Motley Crue monster year it is to be. The band and management have already started the planning for the year to come and the coming and last tour is for sure to be a huge one. They also kind of have to. I have thoughts saying how can they not be forced to at least try to top themselves? There is no other way to do this for them as a band bowing out on a farewell. I have to say I am surely in need of doing something that is highly hoped for for myself. This is the last and solid chance to see them as a live act the next two years and then it is kind of over and done with.

My Crue year ended with a HUGE monster of a surprise. I had one massive and monstrous wish and hope for myself that got killed due to huge changes in the owner of the or the beholder of the one item I had been seeing as the ultimate ever Nikki Sixx item actually. I can still not tell you what it is but now there has opened up the totally unexpected and needed one little detail to regain that offer on this item. And it came in today. So here I am with a second and totally NOT normal second chance on an item that is not even to be a possibility to get your hands on as a private person really. A long hard look in on a financial and traceable something makes me have this chance possibly on this coming first Thursday of the New Year 2014. I hope it all works out and I hope there is a chance to actually get it covered in this well messy long but yet sort of simple buy / trade in for other stuff. If it goes my way I will share with you what it is in my first posting 2014. You will have to give it a good week’s time or so.

Had kind of hoped for a day off today but that did not happen. I am now on my way back crossing the full country of Denmark and I need to be at work tonight one of a totally tire ring ten days period. And that is in no way at all a nice good felt something trust me the way this stinky job is handling its workers no it is not a coo thought. No more work talk and posting here. Now my Crue life is so not in any way getting easier. There are too many contacts of high value to get high sorted for items for sure. Then there are the more regular daily living individuals and then all the official merch and tours and what not and all is getting ridiculously expensive more than I even care to get in on here. But I have had my luck in many ways this year even though a huge part of my now called past life was torn away from me and damaged me in so many levels. But now fuck it. I have done all I possibly could to recover and to gain new something’s of equal appreciation and now well I have some that are highly sorted for and handled with the love I know I have for the things and the people in my life. I said goodbye to a short list of really loved and cared for individuals too and that was not in any way a cool nice and warming thing at all. But now let us see how the start of the New Year will treat us what it offers and how our chosen doings will lead us. Happy New Year. Do not be stupid out there tomorrow. Much love


25th Of December 2013, What A Holiday, What A Collection Adding
12:35PM CET
Christmas in Sweden. What can possibly be said? One surprise after the other. I really thought I would be burried in snow as I longed for first and formost but then some short lived heat wave has gotten in over this place and there is only a minimum winter felt outdoor envirement really well if you are me that is. It seems like even here they share the same as the Danes - let us not have a lot of snow. Let us have a mild and gentle mild winter thing coming over us. I just do not agree nor understand but ohh well that is just me. How ever snow less or snow a lot - there has been snow storm over my name and persona in the form of so cool gifts this year its nuts. So many great gifts and cool countdowns to the day of Christmas being the 24th for us here in Europe. Man I can not seem to find words at all. But I got a lot of clothing I love dearly and I got some cool things like books cops and more but in the more interesting aspect to the site here being Motley Crue I got - a massively rare 12" test pressing of "Keep Your Eye On The Money" can not belive this myself and another test press of the picture disc "Without You" totlaly not out there a worn old shirt used owned and all by Nikki Sixx himself. Just pure crazy. As if that was not expensive and rare enough I got the two last missed 8x10 Vegas Recidency photos fully signed by the band actually. So damn cool. Forgive my high here but these all of these things are not just some small time pin and magazine stuff these are bad ass collectibles for sure. Damn sweetie so brutal. HOT DAMN so cool.

The complete medical journal (including the Bill!) to Nikki Sixx from the rehab, july 2001 & The Plane Ticket used by Nikki Sixx when flying home from rehab. Hi everybody I need to sell some of my stuff. And go to my homepage & see my stuff on Mötley Crüe Norway. I will start selling the personal stuff that was belonged to the members of the band. This and a pile of other doings are to be mine around May. I am holding three huge somethings now in form of deals for the next 5 to 6 months that I will not let go if I can help it. This friend of mine is selling out. And I need this lot and I need more from him too but right now this is not especially financially. He is stepping back on collecting at least I can fully understand it he has a family now a girl a kid a house and more there is NO ROOM nor finance to collect this in a massive way if you have chosen to have these things thats for damn sure. How ever this dude knows me very well and knows about my seriousness in the collecting of this band and he knows too that I am not to be in it for the money I am in it for the heartfelt something nothing else. Thanks brother for giving me the chance. I have a lot of things that I like to see come this way and I know how important family is as well so this is for sure not a thing that I take lightly either. You rock brother. Cheers.

Right now I just feel for doing extra good on the collection that I have already these people giving me the stuff and chances I feel I kind of is obligated to them to do xtra good in what I do here actually. I love this so much it is crazy still after all these years. I am truely so grateful for all that I have been able and aloud to do not to say gotten away with over the years of my Crue collecting years. Thanks to al lthat has been of any kind of support to me for and with this. Really thank you.


19th Of December 2013, Christmas Trip & Wide Smiles. So Complete
3:08PM CET
Thursday afternoon 19th of December 2013. It is my last night at work my last day in Denmark my last day before I am to go to our next-door neighbor country for Christmas celebrations this year I have to say I am quiet thrilled and so excited to be getting this chance this year. I have a lot of stuff on mine and Crue takes up still a lot of thinking a lot of focus a lot of different kind of things. So for me to get away to very cared for people and a chance to fly out and leave these surroundings for a little while is just somewhat great for sure. I cannot even begin to tell you all how bad I need it and long or it. This year has been a weird hard and complicated thing for me. But I have bitten down hard on things and my personal situation on things. I am getting out on the other side as they say and trust me I totally adore getting there and not looking back. I am done doing things that can make loved ones have skeptical thoughts to them and that can at all in any way blame me for a list of bullshit ever again. Life is simply too short for idiots to be even given the chance to be able to think like that at all. I hate it. No more. Have worked too hard to find ways of doing this in a different way to not let people have such chances about me again. Sick and tired of it.

I just got a few Christmas gifts from people in the family since we are not sharing this this year. Up till now there has been no Crue in the load but today it was more or less nothing but and man that felt so cool. A huge ticket box office huge poster. From New Jersey for the Cruefest II. I am thrilled to have this poster they are extremely rare and so not easy and available every month every year at all to be found. I love it. Great poster for sure. Good nice and neat collectible. Also got a Nikki Sixx silver sterling heavy finger ring a wristband in leather and Vince Neil used "The Tour" with KISS 2012 in America shirt seen in many live photos. It is really cool. It is really something I had not at all pictured myself getting at all. Awesome start of a great day that gave me a much needed rest too. I had been up and around for over 46 hours so I needed it desperately. And I got it. Felt good. Felt so great. Now getting up and seeing my last awaited Christmas gift for one person got here today and to get these beautiful cool Crue items in hand from family as Christmas gifts - hey - how can this not be considered a perfect quiet completed day? Just asking?!!

I have been in a kind of wild zone with all the offers I have gotten over the last 4 to 6 months as well that I have passed on and gracefully said thanks but no thanks to. Simply not possible from the financial side to things. It is a mean bad ass cool all of it but damn it money sets its own rules and limits for sure there is not a damn thing you can do about it - not really. There are some TEST pressings out there that I like to get my hands on. Three are these below actually. Under that are pictures of the 7" singles that are new vinyl bootlegs and they are often sold to more than 100 dollars each as well strictly limited. However pretty neat I think. Just kind of a cheap shot thinking that they are sounds bits from the often seen full length bootlegs recordings of the shows where these single songs are taken from but never the less pretty cool as it is vinyl’s all of it.

I am going to let you all wonder off now just closing this short posting with a little inside view on the nearest coming future for me in the Crue life of mine. I am going to focus and clear two major things that are sat all the way till may. There are mostly personal owned and pre owned items in the name af Nikki Sixx in this pile. It is a load of things that are to be hopefully going to expand my collection here and with great pride in the sense that I have a hard time now finding a collection holding more in many different sections such as passes picks posters shirts and more. As started off by saying there is no chance on earth that I can cover even 15% of all that gets in my mailbox in forms and shapes of offered somethings. You really have no idea how much I get offers on weekly. It is not human. And it can truely do wonders in a bad sense to your mood and all. But two major things deals are to be cleared till May 2014. So as I do this you go ahead and have yourself a massively cool and great holiday season. I am wishing you all a really marry Christmas and a great time with your loved ones and family. I know I will have a huge cool few days myself it is greatly needed and I know it will be a great one. All the great shopping’s I have done for gifts to absolutely y every one. I guarantee it. I did well this year for all and everyone. Much love to share out there from here merry Christmas.


15th Of December 2013, I Hold A Goal In Different Things The next 4 Months
2:41PM CET
Sunday - what a day this is. A full day off from work. It has been longed for to come around. I have had so many working hours it has felt like I have not had any life at all outside it. Now this is my final day off before the holidays and a time of year that I am really looking forward to. This one this year will hold a lot of cool shit. I bet my bottom dollar it includes some Motley fucking Crue too. How can it not? Just asking. It is my life for god sake. Yeah I am pretty sure it will hold that. But my question is more like ...."What can it be on Crue - what?" -I think we are all in for a huge year to come if we talk Motley however there are so many things I cannot even make that kind of money to be honest. I have tons of things to get in on and I have a list of Cruecial wishes for sure. I will have to see how it all unfolds to be honest. Two large deals are still on the table to get through. Up and active so to speak. I need to clear these two deals it is all holding almost nothing but Nikki Sixx personal old time belongings. Almost. However I think there are also a ton or rather tons of things I have to make a pass on during the coming year.

The site itself here is also something I have had no luck holding active as a good year ago. I need that to change soon. I also need this site to get refreshed. It will. Next year as stated in here I have sat a deal elsewhere to get the site going through a complete makeover. I need to say also that this makeover will be so long time demanding that I have to leave this almost - dead - on actions site version hanging online as we work hard on the new to be. My estimated guessing is sometime during summer 2014 it will be up and active. However with that said I also am fully aware of people may be losing interest in this page since the lack of updates and more. Trust me when I say there are now again 100s of new pictures on things for almost every section on here that needs to get up and added here. Not easy to get in around it seems. I think also there will be a good and better get around in the new site. Simply make it way simpler compared to the one on here. However it all comes from me personally not really believing that this site would grow as massive as it has gone. All for you out there to enjoy more than the one on here now.

Been offered a ton of things within Crue and other stuff outside that universe a lot the last couple of months. However I have done almost nothing of the offered. My mum would say I have been a good buy however I myself have been a little bit out of it from not going after these things and doings. However I think I have done the right thing for many reasons. Right now I want to get over the two big deals that are in the air and that have been given a go to so I can start to get the point where a loan situation can be cleared too best and fastest possible. Too many goals that are large for 2014 2015 are sat already. But I will for sure be happy to aim hard for these goals no question. I have a lot of things I want to get in on the next three years to be honest. So depending on the financial side to life and how my EXTREME changes to and about myself kind of unfolds itself... well it all sets its own standard.


11th Of December 2013, Sixx Sixx Sixx The Number Of….. Damn
11:08AM CET

Another year passed by another hard fucking bitching year is gone. Another birthday has come around for the 4 string axe man Nikki Sixx. Happy birthday Sixx. So many things that could be said about this guy but I did not need to really. This could so easy be his third last birthday in the band as an active act. How is that for brain farting thought? Kind of great yet weird and scary right? I know. It is something that for sure is strange if nothing else. Next year this guy and his three loved hated friends in a brotherly way for more than three decades will head out on yet another and also last world tour ever in their existence. Sure that is weird as fuck. It is something that has come to be such a huge part of so many people`s lives that it is not just a simple something that people wants to or could get over in a heartbeat. It is a very emotional thought. It is a very strange feeling it is like having a relationship and knowing what year and month you are going to be breaking up on. Strange. Never the less that is the future to be today it is mid December 2013 and the day is in the name of our bass player. Happy birthday Nikki. Happy birthday not even doubtful you will be having a blast. Much love respect and an ocean of thank you`s for so much more than just the music.

For the first time ever I have had a pre Christmas evening last night. I had a day off and went to my sister for a full scheduled Christmas evening actually. Shared time stories good laughs and more a full Christmas dinner well done sister. Well done. Her up floor living neighbor – she is something else – shared the evening with us and what a great time we had. Lots of love in that apartment this day. Covered the last remaining Christmas presents too and it is now so covered it is a bad ass cool feeling. No rushing this year well thought through doings and more I really have to say it has been a full on four weeks Christmas spirit on my part that for sure has been giving me a hell of a lot of great vibes this year. I never imagined this being possible after the hard year I have had. But I seem to have done so very well about and with and for myself that this is now something I got to say has been the ultimate cool choices to move on and shit. Thank you myself for this massive and focused hard work on my own being. Love it. PS for any that wonders what kind of Crue did I get for Christmas from my sister then? Lol, lol, lol, nothing . No Crue at all. But a pretty damn cool old type of railway station clock and totally loved cool clothing. I am speechless how good and cool of a bond she and I have. I have told many people I have told many friends that she as representing the female sex is the one that I admire the most. She is such a cool bitch. No question about it. Massively bad ass.

I have so much more to look forward when it comes to anything that is Christmas. I have so much cool coming and I know there will be Crue rapped in Christmas paper somewhere for me this year. I just know it. There is no way there is not something out there waiting for me to have this month this year this Christmas. Love it. I will have my collection expanding some with items shortly. I will have a continued loveable wide smile satisfaction to life and its handing for me. No question at all. Love it all so much. Till I get to another day in the month of December I will leave you be with this brief but positive little something. Loads of Crue to get on here sometime in the horizon. BRAND NEW site sometime late next year. Updated upgraded and more you will see you will love it just as much as I will. Have a Cruecial time and take care.


6th Of December 2013, Frank Ferrana, Deals, Love & Sex
1:56AM CET

Just a little short and sweet thing here while sitting at work in a hurricane storm over Denmark. It has been a crazy night and all. Just so kind of bored part from the sweet chat going on here now with the best and awaited someone soon to be close.......Now it is really an interesting time for me. Almost lost hope for a chance on love today. Long story non Crue related so fuck it ...well fuck it for these pages anyhow. Different forum different pages. I have gotten my hands on some old childhood school cards from Frank Ferrana do I need to say more? New stuff with his original name to it that feels kind of cool. Only course it is so rare in some ways.

Also coming is a pelvis x-ray print of his. Same man more recent years. They are all coming I guess end of this month or something. Also a lot of hot cool stuff is offered it is almost as cool as sex actually. I have a lot of good things coming not only in the mail and all but also in life and some of the Crue things are in the future to be brought to me like last tour last three shows before it’s the magical 150th. And then all the experiences that it holds will I ever be bored from this? I do not think so but maybe a child or something will take over my passion my fashion and my gold rush in life being collecting? Who knows? I have a load of love in me for some people and for some person that it is kind of a healing process for me in many fields actually. I am almost high and the low is slowly but surely getting something you can only soon imagine was ever there in the good sense.

News on Vince Neil and other artists: We are holding a phenomenal concert and live auction to raise money for the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. The greatest lead singers of the era will perform at the event and we've hired the best 80's and 90's cover band around to back them up...HAIRBALL! One band and a parade of singers with no breaks to reset the stage. Just continuous rock from one legend to the next. This is a show that will go down in history as one of the greatest rock events of all time! How is this for a ultimate package: For only : $250,000 +

There is nothing bigger than the Rock God package experience and you will be recognized as such!

Traveling from Sioux Falls to THE Fundraiser? Ask us about our round trip chartered Allegiant flight leaving Thurday the 5th and returning Friday the 6th! Nice price!!!


1st Of December 2013, Loyalty Diary Ways Of Thinking & Deals
2:04PM CET
Hello everyone and welcome to a new and last month of the year. It is today the first day of December and I have longed for and needed this to be coming around like I cannot even try starting to explain to you. However I am out of November now and it was as you may have read in the diaries of the same month a hard one to get through. And another subject that I have discovered that is without a doubt something I have to respond to is the fact that some people have a total misunderstanding about the stuff I post in on there. Some have turned to me and asked also on my friend that I travelled with to the Las Vegas residency in October. Are you pissed and disappointed with the travelling partner and all?
The answer is NO and here is a deeper explained something on this.

I know that I am a little too deep and too serious about this collecting thing and we have all our different opinions and detailed something’s that we like to pay attention to and how we all do it is all good. The thing is that all I post in here are not what you would or should call facts to the matter and only right and truth there is to things. This in here is my personal reactions and thoughts and all to things that goes on in MY LIFE in the Crue world this is what I think and respond to thought wise to activities and since I am not on a stage talking to you all I am and can only be doing this in texting like this but it is not a personal something. If I had been pissy or something I would never have posted it in on here I would have taken hold on the person and had a friend to friend talk. That is way more respected and thoughtful. These pages and this diary are my thoughts to and about what I see and hear and get involved with. We all have different reactions and all. My travelling partner had her own reactions to things too but she is entitled to.

My reasons for the written my reasons for the thoughts the way they were are coming from the fact that some things that were for us ONLY - to experience - were so hush hush and so personally handed that I do react thought wise and all if I fear something can go bad. I knew how she was I know how most are reacting to things like the things we were handed and it is understandable but I have a lot to risk and all. And since I think a lot about all things in life I wrote down the thoughts I had to some things in Vegas this time nothing wrong with that. I have absolutely nothing against this person at all. I love her to death and we share so much personal stuff and are such great supporters to things in life REAL LIFE - and that would never had been had we not been this close on so many levels. So no I am not pissed not anything towards my travelling partner. I have different opinions than many and so have many compared to mine and that is okay. I tell it like I see it or feel it. But that has nothing to do with slaughtering someone and want to make someone get erased from my existence. I am nowhere near a bad feeling towards any of this. But it is MY DIARY it is my thoughts my reactions to happenings and if that should be sencored so to speak I would never do this.

More deals and stuff is attacking my inbox with messages that offers some pretty crazy cool stuff.
I am not going to jump much since I have still unclosed unfinished businesses running and then there are some things I must have cleared before doing anything else really. But I am going to be getting some pretty cool things in the sense of old school report cards with his name Frank Ferrana and those are somewhat out of the ordinary to have if for nothing else then for his name his birth name even though it is not at all any Crue item. I am sure you all get the idea. I have a few things more that could be cool to have and gain but I will have to see and get the wider view and all on before I can even share any information on those things. I am truly not in a position where I have a hell of a lot of things to choose and pick from. So I have to kind of be happy about what I have already and what can possibly come my way for sure with time.

The new Vince Neil thing in Vegas is opened as we all know they do sell things in there but it looks like here in the beginning they sell stuff from the old closed down places and then with time they will have the new merchandise line from this location and party dining place so there is another something to try to get coverage of. Sadly... there are more than enough out there as it is but then again also these people the members of the band got to have a huge income to a life with huge spending I guess. It makes sense and as long as we support their activities they can. God bless the fans for being what they are sometimes. The artists from time to time do not know how lucky they actually are.


26th Of November 2013, Mixed thoughts & Longed For New
4:16PM CET
Whatever the real reasons are for Motley Crue‘s impending retirement, Vince Neil says fans can count on him to keep on “carrying the torch” for the band’s music. And it looks like he’ll be doing it from the road soon, as part of a co-headlining tour that will include Sammy Hagar. Neil shared the news during a recent interview with Vegas Rocks! Magazine (via Blabbermouth), responding to the question of his post-Crue plans by saying, “I have my own stuff. I have my solo band, and we have a lot of touring coming up. And actually, it looks like me and Sammy Hagar are gonna go out together for a long tour next year. I’ll be carrying the torch for Motley Crue when Motley Crue is done.”

As for Crue drummer Tommy Lee‘s recent comments suggesting the band’s demise was caused by guitaristMick Mars‘ failing health, Neil shrugged, “I don’t know why Tommy would say that. It really had nothing to do with Mick’s health. It was just because we all felt — at least me and Nikki [Sixx] and Mick — felt that it was just we didn’t wanna go out on the bottom. We didn’t wanna be one of those bands that start fading away. We’ve been on top for 32 years, and it’s great. And it’s just like, you know what? By the time we finish this tour, it’ll be 35 years of Motley Crue. So … that’s really kind of it.” Does that mean you’ll never see Motley Crue again? Don’t bet on it. “I could probably see us play way down the road,” admitted Neil. “A concert here or concert there, maybe!

CIRCUS CIRCUS LAS VEGAS – Dr. Feelgood has traded in his stethoscope for some Cajun spices and down-home cooking. Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil recently opened his eponymous Tatuado Eat-Drink-Party restaurant inside Circus Circus, offering southern comfort food with a creole flair in a rock and roll atmosphere. David Tuttleman, who co-owns the restaurant, believes a glimpse at the rock star way of life is in store for guests. “Imagine being a successful rocker. You’re living your life, partying with all of your friends, on the road, surrounded by your own memorabilia. That’s the feeling that we are looking to give patrons,” he said. “We want you to be able to experience that lifestyle while you are here.”

“Tatuado” is Spanish for Tattoo. It is the second of Mr. Neil’s Las Vegas restaurants, though it is his first on The Strip. It opened earlier this month in the space that was formerly Rock & Rita’s. “I have wanted to expand the Tatuado brand and bring it to The Strip for a while,” said Mr. Neil. “Teaming with David (Tuttleman) and Mark (Green) to recreate Rock & Rita’s into my own spot will create a true home for the brand. People can come have a great time and enjoy my signature line of spirits while they party.” The new space features red upholstery and banquette booths, a stage for live music – Vince Neil himself gave an impromptu performance during the recent grand opening celebration – and plenty of Mötley Crüe pictures and memorabilia on the walls. A baby grand piano owned by actor (and Las Vegas resident) Nicolas Cage adorns one corner of the dining room, as does a trunk of authentic Carrot Top show props.

The menu offers an array of southern comfort foods and Tex-Mex favorites: spicy chicken quesadillas, Cajun fish tacos, beef and chorizo sliders, and more. For the truly authentic rock and roll experience, order the “Ulcerator,” a 10-ounce burger with ham, jalapeno peppers, onion rings and pepper jack cheese. One of the more exclusive areas of the restaurant, a curtained-off, double-booth lounge known as the Gold Room, is set up to be Vince Neil’s sanctuary when he comes to visit. When Mr. Neil is not around though, guests have the opportunity to reserve the space and relax just like the rock star does. “We’ve created something that we feel is very unique and an experience that you can’t get anywhere else on The Strip,” said Mr. Tuttleman. “Circus Circus, as a premiere property with a great heritage that is very approachable for guests, will be a perfect home for it.”

A good cool interesting lot of Motley 8x10 photos for a very high price total has arrived at m door step. It is a set of pictures from 1980 1981 before any had a tattoo before the "motley crue" tattoo name all had as one of their first on their upper arms. It is a set of the band of which is even from before the named themselves Motley Crue. Stunning historic one but for sure also a price tag that was way over well regular photo prices. For sure there are some that I have never even seen before from the very first ever photo shoot of the four but also some from their first ever video shootings and some live ones from the first handful of shows like from the Starwood. It is a real treasure for sure. I think I will not see a lot of these ever again anywhere. What a blast. It took me more than eight months to have in hand from first talked about but then again it’s a found treasure that I simply love and feel proud to now say are mine. It is sick how much comes to surface ones you dig in deep enough of the golden stuff that is not just some nitty gritty stuff. Really cool actually. Did you al l see the new double vinyl bootleg out?

Also the massive huge Las Vegas banner has been put on hold dealing wise. I can still get it but it will cost and takea good fortune to ship over here and then I have no idea where to put it its monstrous huge and heavy as hell. Not just another kind of something you want to go grab course you are bored or something. I am stunned how great it is and all but how can I possibly get it over and as said where to put it? No solutions to that at all. On the other hand I have found a smaller kind of door sized vinyl banner from this year’s Vegas residency. I have that covered for sure. I think this one will come late this year to me. I think that is and have been a small type of bandage to the small time frustration over not being able to get anything done on the huge banner from the previous Vegas residency. Sadly. The new one from this year is like the pictured one here to the left of this section. It is the picture we all know so well from years back now. I often think it is kind of funny and weird how the band is more and more using the older pictures and not coming up with any new ones.... wonder if they have started to feel they look too old or something since they do not really come up with any new ones in use. Weird but is it really some kind of normal or something. I know a lot of long career bands in action holds so dearly a use of classic pictures instead of new ones as bands and its members grows old. Any how sad it is like this but I cannot do anything I know. Anyhow as said this residency banner is mine guaranteed.

I hear from a friend certain others things from the band or that used to be worn and owned by the band members are up for grabs too. I cannot really see it right now - how - if at all I would be able to get these things. But the worn shirt on stage by Vince Neil from the 2012 tour with KISS in America and then some things from Sixx a leather wristband and a few jewelry pieces like also this ring. More comes to show and seems to be a huge never ending line of offers and deals. I do not know when and how I will stop this adventure in my life of collecting Motley but I am resaddleing as I have been doing out through all of this year. And I think for sure it will the best for me in all aspects. Cannot wait to get by and kill all doings and stuff around me and move in on a fresh start in many different ways actually. I see myself smiling widely when this is reality. Sorry if it sounds like a Crue negative. I do not mean it as such. I only say that more and more things small time things and human emotional life confirming things grows in me more and more and I have been kind of hoping for and searching and awaiting changes and refreshments from the band for about 5 years now. But it is the same safety game so far. Doing the greatest hits safety thing and not handing the diehards the old school vault stuff. The framings being the stage toys do not cut it for me no more. The power, the heartfelt stuff, the hunger and all not just the playing from experiences ... is what I long for to keep the fire alive for me.

The holiday season is over us all I think. I have said it before and I say it again I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. In many ways and for many reasons. I also think it is going to be healthy for me to focus on a really cool nice longed for trip away from here again. Up till January 4th I have not more than FOUR single days off from work part from the Christmas trip away from the 20th till the 27th. So not much time on my hands about anything really. I am seriously in need for some changes. We have gone down in payment / salary this winter for good already and the bonus system at work has changed to a way that we will go even lower course it is sat up this new bonus system in a way we can never ever gain benefits from it only the company wins on this one. Fuckers. Truly frustrating for sure. I hate it more than I can say in words. Now a days it requires three over time days to keep my normal numbers on my monthly paycheques. Not cool at all. No way.

My last yell out is a reminder of a golden time in my life as one other band ruled my days of life. KISS. We lost a highly beloved drummer replacing the original Peter Criss. The New Yorker kid named Paul Caravello. Better known as Eric Carr. He died this month a couple of days ago and oceans of KISS fans celebrates his name still to this date. Carr thanks again for all the good memories and for sure - you are more missed than I think you could ever know. Thanks!!!


16th Of November 2013, Rough November, Offers, Christmas longings
6:12PM CET

Hey folk’s friends and foes - November is well on the roll. I am pleased that is so. I need really to get in on the month of December asap. This November is a month for me that is really taking a lot out of me a lot of tight schedule all month every day actually I have such a need to get past this month it hurts. I have a lot of things in my head Crue oriented that needs to get solved but some of it is time demanding and is not even close to be issues with a string of choices. And it hurts. Sadly I am a little too emotional and too deeply passionate about this area in my life for me not be marked by it. Not to care. So hopefully the remaining two weeks of this month will be slipping through my fingers faster than hoped for. But the mood otherwise if good. I am in total winter mode and I like it. I am not warm as an oven no more I am not sick I am not too bored I am not letting go of the changes I am in the middle of. I am however disappointed about one thing. One thing that can and would be really tragic to come out as only a dream from the last three quarter of a year’s ideas now. The Motley convention 2014. It may not happen now. It may not be off. My partner has gone down bad in all ways thinkable. I have a lot of signs pointing towards his name as not being a partner any more on this. And I truly have no one to do it with if not him and there is no way I am going solo on this. I keep saying and believing all needs a partner in things and ideas like this. So we will just have to see what will happen. Right now my partner will not even let me see him course of his downfall. I say I have been worried the "empire" of his has been built on sand and now I see it for real. Sad but true.

Dirt,’ the big-screen version of Motley Crue‘s autobiography, just found its director. Jeff Tremaine, fresh from work on the just-released hit ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,’ will be behind the cameras starting early next year, reports Deadline. The movie will be based on the band’s mega-popular 2001 autobiography ‘The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band,’ which chronicles the rise of the Crue during the crazy ’80s Los Angeles music scene. According to Deadline, ‘Dirt’ will be about “big hair, big sound, big money, big brawls, scandals and debauchery, and the inevitable big problems caused by drugs, drink, and living and breathing the rock-and-roll lifestyle as the quartet rose from playing local clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to touring the world as global rock stars.” Tremaine learned how to direct working with the ‘Jackass’ crew back in the ’90s. He was the running the skateboard magazine ‘Big Brother’ when ‘Jackass’ leader Johnny Knoxville approached him about filming a stunt in which he was tasered. Tremaine gave Knoxville a camera, and ‘Jackass’ took off from there, with Tremaine shooting many of the stunts that made it to the hit TV show. As Deadline notes, the DIY similarities between Motley Crue and ‘Jackass’ make Tremaine a fitting pick to direct the movie, which sat in limbo for years with a studio that enlisted several writers and directors (at one point, ‘Fight Club”s David Fincher was supposed to be behind the camera). No cast has been announced yet, but since the band holds rights to the work — including their songs — the movie should come close to capturing the book’s raunchy spirit. “Rock stars have a swagger,” Tremaine tells Deadline. “Some of what they went through is funny, but overall this movie is not going to be a comedy. It’s pretty dark. I think fans of what I’ve done will like this movie, but it’s not going to make you fall out of your chair laughing."

Attention all you rumormongers and loser wannabe reporters: Motley Crue ain’t puttin’ up with your shenanigans anymore. The band’s singer, Vince Neil, found himself needing to set the record straight recently when word got out that he’d been telling friends he was getting ready to join the cast of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ the long-running reality series featuring celebrities being fired by Donald Trump. It’s a believable enough rumor — Poison‘s Bret Michaels is just one of the musicians who’s served time on the show — but Neil recently took to Twitter to vigorously debunk those reports. “The rumor about apprentice was started by a loser wannabe reporter Norm Clark,” insisted Neil, describing Clark as someone “who I haven’t seen or talked to in over two years.” The report isn’t completely unfounded, however. Added Neil, “I’ve talked to the show, but that’s it! But if I got the offer, I’d do it! Sounds fun!” For guitarist Mick Mars, the misinformation is coming from a little closer to home; as we recently reported, Crue drummer Tommy Lee has echoed earlier statements by Neil that suggested the band’s upcoming farewell tour was prompted by Mars’ declining health. Mars denied it when Neil said it, and he’s denying it again. Via twitter, Mars told fans, “Once again, any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to my poor health is BS. I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring. Thank all of you for knowing the truth … When I’m done touring, you’ll hear it from me.” Lee’s response? “It’s probably not so much about your physical health, it’s more about our mental health as a band! Haha!”

I have also seen some other cool things slipping through my fingers course of the huge massive problems with getting things to me shipping wise. Sadly it is not really a thing I can do much about. I know things can go to me but they are for sure also holding shipping price tags out the wild zoo man... It is insane the numbers they want to bring items to me. So if items costs like say double or triple the value of the item would it even be worth it at all? I mean hey it is just sick twisted shit to be even thinking about really. And it is sad to see the real facts to things and situations like this. Money is the heavy burdon along side shipping fees to get to hold what you actually can buy from the numbers on the tags for the items themselves. That is something I find to be really sad. I am absolutely not in favor for those things at all. It is going to be even worse even though I can hardly think of it getting worse pricewise course this is just way over just high as it is. I do for sure feel the next heavy Burdon and later on change to my life is this universe of my Motley Crue stuff. As I am to get in on closing that chapter to my existence it will be harder than anything I can possibly imagine at all. I get the chills even just thinking about it. Not a pleasant one to get in around here and now so I just not talk about it no more right now.

A lot of good things are to get in on my life in December also when it comes to the Crue part of my life. There is a meet up with a band member soon and there is a chance to set deals on new stuff since the most dreamed about something’s are now not ever going to be part of my collection here at all in any way or form. It I simply not doable from how the owner and seller is or has changed the price tags and conditions to a deal setting. It got up like 1000 percent all of a sudden out of the blue. And I do feel way more than just kind of tricked. But then again no need to cry over spilled milk. I cannot change shit on this one anyhow. I really just want to get through the remaining part of this year and January and see how all the expected unfolds itself. Even the Broadway plays of the Heroin Diaries - no news on it at all. It really seems weird and wicked for sure. I thought such huge something would at least be something that Sixx himself had some inside updates for the human beings to follow in on? But it does not look like it at all. Also the Sixx AM new release has passed its deadline of releasing it as a Christmas gift idea this year so it comes early next year and so far Nikkis fave song from it is a new made song called "Stars". But we not in the band have to wait a couple of months more for that album to be heard.

On Vince Neil - The VIP Opening of Vince Neils' Tatuado Eat-Drink-Party! takes place at Circus Circus on the Las Vegas strip. Vince is joined by a packed-room full of guests that includes fellow musicians DJ Ashba, Phil Lewis, Vinnie Paul and Ron Keel, along with actor Michael Berryman who fans will recall as the Principal in Mötley's Smokin' In The Boys Room video. In an effort to bring the rock'n'roll vibe of the Sunset Strip to Las Vegas, Vince partnered with longtime restaurant aficionados and owners of Kahunaville at Treasure Island, David Tuttleman and Mark Green to rebrand Rock & Rita's as Vince Neil's Tatuado Eat-Drink-Party! and Vince Neil's Party Bus Bar. The fourteen-thousand-square-foot venue showcases the combination of Vince's affinity for tattoos and tequila with Tuttleman and Green's emphasis on a fun and exciting party-like environment. Photographer Mark Weiss was an integral part of the creative vision for the restaurant and bar areas, and says, "In 1982, after shooting Mötley Crüe for their first national magazine spread, Vince took me to the infamous Rainbow on the Sunset Strip. We ate, we drank and we definitely partied. When I walked into Rock & Rita's to be a part of the creative design team on this project, I was immediately taken back to those days at the Rainbow and was inspired to help create the feel and passion of the Sunset Strip." The venue is decorated with photos and artwork of Vince, along with some of his prized possessions including gold and platinum records.

I have a good long hard time with all the offers going in to my mail box as offers too many cool huge ones to even be thinking about doing. I have no chance to cover these at all. It is an insane world how much money you have to be making to even do give it a try. So that is kind of a bomber really. But Christmas will bring some Crue stuff I am told that is just really awesome. Isn’t love grand? I sure as hell think so. However I feel like I need to get past start of December to get an over view on everything that is going on and is up in the air to make any at all new doings or ideas of future actions. I have enough on my plate as it is and the Las Vegas thing took a hell of a lot of extra money to get things brought home for sure. Things I did not even count for really. However it has been a fairly good year Crue wise but that is about it. My personal life is in a male over state and I am not sharing anything on here as it is for me only to be thinking about. Till I have another list of something’s to share with you dearest Cruecial diary I have a little time to focus on work the Christmas gift shopping’s and more. God I miss some quality people in my life. There sure is a lot of talk talk talk.


1st Of November 2013, Gothenburg Fall, Metal Convention & Frustrations
12:09PM CET
Do not really know if I should say good morning or good afternoon to all of you guys out there. It is a tough detail to kind of define for me right now. It has been a hectic weekend with a lot of hmm, auch, wups and ohh no`s. I guess you can live and ride the cool and uplifting stuff in your life for only so long before you actually get hit by a baseball bat just to remind you that you have not many reasons for being on a high too much for too long at a time. Well I do not know, who am I to even answer that? Well good morning and good afternoon to you all out there anyhow. How is life treating you all? After my Las Vegas thing I went on home to get some next and other stuff prepared for well…. Every time I start sentences like this I go fuck it is always the same old same o with you Tommy. End a thing and you have three more just round the corner to look in on and get your hands into. It is not always the nicest thought. I miss a few days where there is nothing at all. No travels no meetings no doings and yet having typed those words just now I feel boredom from the idea of it already. Yeah I agree it is not easy being me from time to time.

However – there was a long list of stuff waiting for my return from the US of A earlier on in October. And my next thing was Gothenburg October 13th. A planned time up there for a few days to get things done with Mr. London LeGrand again and some time with a special person in my life that for some time has given me so much love it can be considered the most awesome warming feeling I have had for some time. I miss a few people in my life but… how can I force them or time to be on my side and spend closeness with when other stuff seems to be in the way of it? Just wondering course I miss them really much. But this Gothenburg one had this other person for the days there and I loved it more than I can or would even say in here. London was having a haircut deal with this individual so there was this idea that shared time with him could be kind of cool for a day. I dare say it was there was a very much enjoyable time on all parts there. London was slowly growing on me. Well my bond to him and my love for him and all. I was still in a learning process to and about some things round his persona but god knows I loved it like nothing else. This has been a decade with a lot of waiting around to come to this level for me to have this bond with him. A few people close to me have screwed up a load of shit about him and in his name so I am extremely careful with how and what I share with people and him actually. We have this how can I possibly define it shortly? Hmm well put it this way. I noticed him back in 2003 and I learned to enjoy him from Brides Of Destruction. A fascination grew on me. I was never ever pushed forced to be or do certain things so I never backed out and stepped away. It has been the brotherly something that just had its own rules its own kind of appreciation and this unwritten rule book almost to how this would be allowed to be alive and grow over the years. And what is now is not for me to even describe. There is a love and respectful combination of undefined cool and brotherhood here I do not see much of in the world anymore.

Now the time with London was as always good and in smart dozes informative actually. Informative in the sense that old stories details from the Brides tour days were told and I felt more and more there was a far wider and more layers to peal on this man than I actually ever thought excited. It is a very interesting something to be honest. I have to say I am so looking forward to be getting more and more out of this guy. But the naked truth to the BOD days and the damaga to its name and its break up is not pretty. Sadly. I loved this band. But out of it came a good long healthy bonding between some of the members and myself. It is nice it is a very giving circle of pleasure and appreciation from time to time actually. And I get to avoid all the messy rumors and shit from the mags and press but getting told shit directly from the horse’s mouth so to speak. And to you whom this concerns I thank you.

The remaining time of my stay in Gothenburg was personal and loveable not to be shared in my book pages of postings here. However it was a stay that was hoped for in all its private aspects and a trip`s holdings I did not really believe in to be happening for me. Now - time has passed by since my home coming from Las Vegas and a few disappointments have already been received from people that I thought stuff was in place with. Great! I honestly just hate this. And the ultimate huge and biggie that I have not really said in here what was or is that I wanted most of all in life is now slipping through my fingers too and gone with the wind it seems. That is heartbreaking to me personally. I would have gone on hunger strike to get this babe. Fuck. But same individual has a load of other stuff also owned and ones used by the member of the band and are selling that stuff. And that is cool. Of course I will more than likely also grab some of his stuff to have down the line but I kind of need to get over the massive disappointment with this particular item. A lot of things have been in my mind. And I have had extremely little work asked off more days than what is good financially so my November not to say remaining time of this year will be hard as hell. Then again it has been a giving year far more than I predicted in many ways going into 2013 with a belief that my life was over from lost love and all. I had a lot offered and put into what I thought was a life to have till I got grey and old. But in a time period of three days everything was buried and there was no looking back. It ate me alive and I got back stabbed by my friend the second brother I never had. Now it was me and me a lone that had to figure out this new form and shape of life and I focused hard on ALL there is in ones awaken time of life and I could not really handle more negative. A huge Crue event and deal came up as in my exhibition at this year’s Sweden Rock new love new people knew this new that was found but disappointments in some other people and more has taken a toll on me for sure. I need to be looking on my own stuff solidly for a while. I had a weekend at the metal convention in Malmoe this past weekend too. And my partner in crime there (no names mentioned) even though we talked a lot about things after Sweden Rock still slipped with something’s. Still decided to go and let things happening that I said we cannot let this and that be happening no more. It is a hurting process that we will perhaps only see as permanent damage to our names and our try outs for doings.

Again my Hollywood brother Legrand and his band was there and this time it ended with what I like to call d i s a s t e r o u s results and you have no idea how much shit it coursed. I for one will not be having that no more we either do or do only what is about the events we build or we do not do them at all. All party goings and all pushed details till the day after and more - NOT ever again. Plus one certain girl there she needs to be taken off of the ground from being around the musicians. two acts have ones again told me nasty things and it is not a really nice feeling to be a witness to when you think of it as being an event you free willingly involve yourself with and get to hear and being accused of so and so about later on or during the event as it is active. Sorry this is not a very good way of sharing things but it only goes in here course of my disappointment and shit when actually my BOD brother was a guest at this one and that this was for sure a long time promise to the band being involved. Uncool. Period.

My brother was there too with his exhibition kind of thing on his passion for the Swedish act Crashdiet. The band was there too and also he kind of burned many chances and opportunities course he would not listen to what I told him he ought to be doing. And what he for shit sure had to NOT be doing. But again not listening so three or four major points were missed out on and thereby ....ohh dear not really going to put another letter into this story it drains me and I feel really bad about it. You offer people your help and ideas and yet you see them turn away from a conversation and advices and there are the complete opposite stuff done. You end up feeling like you are wasting your time. Sorry lads but hey...

Now I have gotten through the scanning’s and the photo taking of all the latest that has gotten in here to this address through the mail or have been brought home. However I am unaware of how and when there will be a webmaster activity due to her illness and whatever else. There are about 250 new pictures of items that have never gotten to be put online as of yet. So there is a lot of work to be done but it is not on my hands sadly. Sorry. I will we will do the best we can under the circumstances. There is so much stuff lying around now I need to get it sorted as well and packed away. I really do. But here is a news flash about the site. 2014 will at some point late in the year have a brand new upgraded better easy get around refreshed site to check out. And that will for sure be an uplifting change on all fronts just wait and see. It is going to be awesome. But for now and some months more this is what I have sadly. Just got the last missed stuff on the Crue home online shop too today. Or so I thought. Now two new items have been seeing the light of day. A tote Halloween 2013 bag. And a set of 5 new Christmas ornaments and they are season and time limited. You see em here on each side of this section on here today. Both by the way available now. I simply have got to get them ordered or wished for for Christmas and pray they will be grabbed. I am missing a ton of old stuff but shit from this month and on we got to go down in pay at work. Like more than 375 dollars a month.


20th Of October 2013, The Vegas Days, Home Coming
12:49PM CET
So as ending the last diary with - it was about to get show time Crue style in Las Vegas 2013 for me. I was not expecting anything. I felt it in me. I was there totally open minded. The afternoon and early evening hours had been a monster for me. Massively surprising no question but that is not to be mixed in to the experience of their residency show at the Joint this year. It was two to me completely different things. I honestly had heard most bad or neutral some have been psyched about it all so I was in no man’s land. It was a nice place we had this evening. It was more than good to have a seat I think. I like that shit. I am not normal like that I know. But I do and we had some decent ones. The thunder was heard the sirens went off and it started like just that. So here we went. Now the first thing I saw was Tommy busting out his doings as always and Nikki facing Tommy with the back to the audience. No one else anywhere... then showed Mick.... a long pulled version of the original start f the perfect opener. "Red Hot". That was a cool choice finally new. It was an opening riff ripping thing for about maybe 30 seconds then Vince showed up from way back in the stage set up next to Tommy he came down what looked like stairs. What was going to happen how would I myself react and feel after this night? It had in all honesty been a long time since I truly had felt something over the top cool and left a Motley concert with this hell yeah feeling inside. Would tonight be the night to feel that again? The stage was brand new the heat from the fire effects was definitely felt. "A Night In Hell" was the name of this residency and with good rights. It was hot. It was steaming. I truly wondered several times how they could play there.

I ate up every detail there was during this show. And in the end I all of a sudden went like - Tommy where are the goose bumbs where are the inner wide smiles? It was a new toy with the gasoline and the fire madness. It was cool I give them that. But it felt to me like the four members did what they did from experience not from having fun and all no more. I began to wonder a lot. Two more songs to go. Okay they had brought the KISS trick. "Rock n roll all night" only here it was "Home Sweet Home" and the confetti in all and only white was falling from the ceiling. Should probably have grabbed a small bag of it but never did. Ohh well. You think of things afterwards is that not just the typical something? The "home Sweet Home" on this evening had Sixx playing my sunburst signed bass the whole song. It became a warming and really cool feeling inside of me it was warming. And it was the first time I had seen them doing this song with the confetti. White falling to an almost solid blue lightning only from the stage. It looked cool. Possibly the coolest or at least most beautiful detail they had. Nice touch!!! Sixx saw me and he had the salute once I know more than I share with what and about what he does in his body language when we are in the same place / venue in eye contacting distance.

I have a lot of hopes all the time for the band and my balance with them when it comes to seeing shows. Being there live. This evening held one new song to the set list the "Red Hot" one. All other were the same it was a short set. 85 minutes or something I think. Not fully sure. Also I had the sadness inside of me that they are running on experience not too much for the fun and the thing that used to drive them. It feels financial now political contracts across the tables and so on. I do not think they honestly want to have this as bad as they did a long time ago. I can be wrong but that is how I see it. They can still deliver and they can still surprise for sure they can. But me I was not surprised tonight. I felt somewhat disappointed to be honest and I rarely can talk openly and honest to regular fans of the band folks. I get stamped and blamed for a lot of things as pointed out in these diaries over many years now. You see there are so many things that make people not fully understand how I can possibly say anything bad and such about these four maniacs. How does that even go hand in hand being a fan as I claim myself to be? It is kind of weird they all think. I just think that I dare be honest and judgmental in ways any band could actually use some credits for something. That is really all. I do not think all they do is great and so cool. Not at all. Then again fans often look at heroes as none humans but more like super hero like. And that is where you get blinded from the stuff that goes on as one year takes the next.

Leaving the Joint this evening was with a mixed feeling. Not over the top happy. Began to understand what the friends had been telling me that had actually seen them here in September before I got here myself. I was not giving up yet though. Let me just see how all things unfolds and such. It still had a good few days and three more shows to be seen before the daily doings and all would hit me up ones again. Now leaving the venue I was asked to go back up stairs for the pickup of the used stage bass from Nikki. I do not really know what to tell you dear diary it was a weird surreal thing to me. I was blown away by the information that I would get it to begin with then filled with concern about the travelling partner and the pardon my choice of words but her behavior to the gift she got that from me was the 40th birthday gift to her. Then a rather so and so disappointing show and then the pickup of a bass I wanted so badly and never saw the chance to really be getting in any way financially. Now all happened in 4 hours. It was too much high and low in such a short time to really understand and come up with a reaction in a honest ment way. Did that at all make any sense to you? I hope so cannot really explain it. This bass was by far the coolest something of the day. Sixx for what it is worth thanks a million man. That warmed my collecting heart. Nice to see you and the guys again. No question. I just need to get my next few choices chosen with extra care and extra thought. Thanks again.

This was my so to be first day - real day in Vegas. I am totally on a high about the rest of the days. Well in some ways that is. A huge part of me knows this is not fully and completely my trip at all. So much more the travelling partner is in focus. And I felt both really and yet weird about it at the same time. Okay off to bed from this mad day and up to a new day of joy and stuff I am almost sure. Again oh my god I felt so really good about the bed. It was worth all the cash spent. Shit this was a super cool something. My body felt good in all parts and nothing at all was hurting. That rarely happens for me in any bed. So hell yes a huge positive.

Time again to say good morning to the world to Vegas and to my friend. I was up and about again way earlier than I ought to be. But it is like that all the time when I am in the US. Crazy shit. I slept four hours last night and now just about four again. Cannot explain it. My vacation time is even way beyond the hours that I really should have slept. But okay what the hell. It was only meaning I had a lot of morning talking time on my hands. That felt good we rarely get to talk much. We rarely get to have much time period. So I for one felt really good about it. Lol, lol, all the days staying here we ended up starting the days with a trip to the elevator one of us and headed down stairs. Right outside our elevator there was this small coffee shop it was perfect. Morning coffee every day. For me it was vanilla coffee no milk every day. A new tried something I had all other years gone for something else but this time it was this one. Super nice. It was lol, lol my preferred best possible start of all our days really.

Okay so today would be another kind of hectic day I guessed and a new line of so and so where I thought and wished for a few different kinds of things. Or things to kind of turn out a little bit differently. Breakfast got sorted. A few things done and some street shopping. We were in a couple of small shops and my friend went ape shit on different things I totally did not understand. But also got her covered in some gifts shopping to bring home to the family and the loved one. Me I had not much done of these doings myself. I did get a couple of gifts but that was for personal reasons and signs of loveable sharing. Now after all this and a long walk back we actually did end up going back to the hotel again a long walk and not in places you would want to be walking had it been after dark at all. Loaded off the bought stuff and on we went again. Had a chance to get to the LVH hotel and casino. She wanted to go to the Vince Neil cantina. I was like yeah okay we do that for you. The hysteria was not uncontrollable but it was close to the point where I was like oh god maybe I should not have come here. Amazes me how much people awakens his or her own ego and selfishness when it comes to Motley Crue. In all honesty I have during my years of collecting KISS never seen that same thing. It is a far calmer helping sharing thing than it has ever been seen with fans of this band. I am extremely negative towards that kind of behavior. Does this make any sense? I think it does and no you do not have to agree with me. His is not a debate anyhow it is a personal view and opinion and all on things I do get to see and have as a collector of yes Motley. I have a lot of things to do with these emotions about things. Even my last ex said I was not an emotional individual. Just tells me that she never fully had the interest to get to know me on that matter. Not many have. That is also why people do not have the slightest chance to say they really o know me. I can only think of maybe three people that truly know how and what I am all about in all areas. That is so sad to say but never the less true.

So off to the Neil Cantina we sat our selves down well I did she started running around taking all these pictures of the place. I had that from some earlier visits already. God knows where they are those pictures but somewhere. And I absolutely did not feel for playing tourist on this trip at all. No way. The real mess began as there were taken notice of Vince girlfriend at a table. I totally ignored her. Could not care less. But my travelling companion was all over her like a cheap suite. Autograph here and pictures there and stuff. Ohh dear god A. P. hoped you had kind of gone pass that. But oh well. Then Neil came in and had a business meeting in the cantina with Mark Weiss and some other guy. Plus his parents came down. I could have been without this one. Again I do not have the interest in their family members and shit. It is too wide framings on why and what I go deep about when it comes to the four original members. In all honesty I felt for going out of there way earlier but I just kept ordering my cocktails and felt that was my doings at this place for sure. One working girl came up to me and said have you been in here before I just think I have seen you before. I started a shot chat with her and we both remembered the last time I was here. When the cantina was to reopening. In the visual form and decorative way that it was in now. Last time she helped me out on a few things I dared ask for a possible help on getting the new yet used menu from her. She would try to see if it was possible. She asked 40 bucks for it. I said sure. It is worth it to me. Paid her and she went away came back a little later and handed it. We sort of covered ourselves and made a payment to the cocktails and all and went off. We needed to get back to the hotel ones more but this one’s again was so far from it we took yet another cab back. Loaded all off and then we needed food again. In all fairness I do not any longer remember where or what we ate but it may very well have been at Pink Taco inside Hard Rock Hotel actually. Don’t remember too much has happened in the days there and since to be honest. It has been a hell of a ride since October 1st and till now as I sit here posting this the 20th. Now what I do remember is that we had another show to catch on this the only Crue day off. This one was at the Planet Hollywood casino. We had tickets for Meat Loaf and I felt excited about it. I really know we had shitty seats all together…. Man talk about a hassle to have even been lucky enough to have gotten these tickets. But hey as we got there a rest room visit was covered and then we went to the shop or entrance of it all. I will leave out a really cool thing here in respect to some and just keep a really nice memory from the Meat Loaf evening to myself. Sorry folks. How ever the store I thought must have had a good neat something’s in the gift shop. But no. Not at all. It was the worst shirts I have ever seen and shit. Not even a program but hey have crue had programs in many years to share? Hell no. One of the coolest things I think you can actually get from concerts and they do not have them no more. Well a lot does not have that. Respect to KISS for doing them still and so great they are. Shit.

The Planet Hollywood had huge cool decorations too like Hard Rock of the artist playing. Damn even Britney Spears played there all the way till February 2014. I want to see her next time she is going out if she will again? I have this interest in the big artists in some way seeing them live is a nice experience for me. Pop, rock, metal or what ever. Seeing the stuff that wrote history in the music books. Nice kick nice adventure. You do not have to understand. It is okay. I do not blame or comment your likings anyway either. Now as we waited I wanted to get a drink. The Meat Loaf tour cup was only served with the rock n roll drink. And fuck me it was alcohol strong and monster expensive. But I took one and I got the damn cup. Lol, lol. Now in we went sat our asses down and what do you know the ass bad stinky seats all of a sudden now got turned into some fairly okay cool seats. You could see all. No hassle about or with the remaining people in the audience. Very impressive indeed. The size of this place was like; I would say possibly the Joint at the Hard Rock. The show was not really a concert more a mix of a concert a show and a very exclusive evening with fans. Loads of cool songs well obviously have always dug his voice his music and all about it. He is one that brings musicals to record releases in my book and does it almost better than anyone. He has this talent for doing them and delivering them emotionally. He cannot sing his songs if he is not feeling them that is a really strong something I think. As said always loved his music. Left the place with a signed CD of his latest release. Cool. Also the way it was put together as stated above was different not just a concert that would have brought him down. His voice is not in its peak no more. These days are over for most artists I know of that have been around since the 70s and or earlier. I think a lot of the artists actually out of respect to themselves and their fans should have called it quits as a live act at least. Making music is one thing with the tons of smart ass technology these days you can make a monkey sound like Madonna almost. Good songs good entertainment and more from the big dude. Well done Meat Loaf. Thanks again for a memorial night. 90 minutes past and it was with great pleasure that I had taken part of my money to spend on this one. Brought me to a point where I felt I kind of got clear headed from the Crue life. Nice. Actually it is a huge compliment when any person can do that to me. Really cool.

The Planet Hollywood had huge cool decorations too like Hard Rock of the artist playing. Damn even Britney Spears played there all the way till February 2014. I want to see her next time she is going out if she will again? I have this interest in the big artists in some way seeing them live is a nice experience for me. Pop, rock, metal or what ever. Seeing the stuff that wrote history in the music books. Nice kick nice adventure. You do not have to understand. It is okay. I do not blame or comment your likings anyway either. Now as we waited I wanted to get a drink. The Meat Loaf tour cup was only served with the rock n roll drink. And fuck me it was alcohol strong and monster expensive. But I took one and I got the damn cup. Lol, lol. Now in we went sat our asses down and what do you know the ass bad stinky seats all of a sudden now got turned into some fairly okay cool seats. You could see all. No hassle about or with the remaining people in the audience. Very impressive indeed. The size of this place was like; I would say possibly the Joint at the Hard Rock. The show was not really a concert more a mix of a concert a show and a very exclusive evening with fans. Loads of cool songs well obviously have always dug his voice his music and all about it. He is one that brings musicals to record releases in my book and does it almost better than anyone. He has this talent for doing them and delivering them emotionally. He cannot sing his songs if he is not feeling them that is a really strong something I think. As said always loved his music. Left the place with a signed CD of his latest release. Cool. Also the way it was put together as stated above was different not just a concert that would have brought him down. His voice is not in its peak no more. These days are over for most artists I know of that have been around since the 70s and or earlier. I think a lot of the artists actually out of respect to themselves and their fans should have called it quits as a live act at least. Making music is one thing with the tons of smart ass technology these days you can make a monkey sound like Madonna almost. Good songs good entertainment and more from the big dude. Well done Meat Loaf. Thanks again for a memorial night. 90 minutes past and it was with great pleasure that I had taken part of my money to spend on this one. Brought me to a point where I felt I kind of got clear headed from the Crue life. Nice. Actually it is a huge compliment when any person can do that to me. Really cool.

I remember something about not really wanting to do much after this experience really. It was so good I kind of just wanted to go back to the hotel and rethink what I had just seen. We took a stroll up and down the night view of the Las Vegas Boulevard she shot as always a gazillion pictures wonder if this is a girl thing? All the girls I have known have always ended up with 3 point 4 million pictures from any trip taken. Never fully understood it. Then again no one not a single soul understands why I myself would have more than 3500 photos of the Crue either. Guess it is kind of the same thing. However I collect them …. Maybe I should just not go there what do you think? Okay next stop another cab. Well after late dinner. We went to the hard rock café on the strip and I had a really nice BBQ spare rib menu. Man it was absolutely worth the whole thing. Some of days Elvis stuff from the original Hilton Hotel there too. I cannot help it that artist will forever and ever be with me in so many ways it really never seems to change. Wish I had seen him but I never did and that is about the saddest music fact to my life I can possibly think of to be honest. Oh by the way the cab taken took us to an ending day and the hard rock hotel again. Once again a late night coffee was bought and brought to the room for me to reflect on the days doings. Funny I seem to think and reflect a lot about stuff in my awaken hours of day.

The 4th of October!! Yeah I started feeling it now. Time flies way too fast when it holds framings to a get away from your daily doings and you try to simply get a cool vacation time out of the hard earned money that you decided months and months ago to put in to this one. Well here was day three knocking waking us up and sharing its October sun coming in the windows. Okay I seem to have found myself in sort of a black out here folks. I cannot even remember the stuff we have done this morning getting in on here. This is also the reasons why I try to get all written down as it happens for me. Actually I cannot fully remember when I did not do exactly that. But here I am and I simply cannot remember. I guess we took a stroll to get out of the hotel and grab all the snapshots around the hotel of the Crue signs and stuff around it. We ended up far away and hungry there was no such thing as strolling round the actual hotel. Well on two sides of the four yes. But the other half no way. So we ended up far away actually and went in some place grabbed a pizza yes still early bit shit. We had to get something and I did not really feel for waiting no longer than we had already done from this walk that I thought would be like half an hour. But now ended up being a couple of hours more like. Now these things happen when again you do not have car or other transportation really. And running around with a photo horny tourist is not exactly slowing down the stroll nor making it shorter. That was ment as with a smile to my face. Half the pizza was fine but the other half was kind of well not really too cool. It was dripping with grease not really to my liking. However we got to see things and places we may not have seen had we actually had this damn car. That is the fun part to the tragic pain in walking there in the heat when all you really wanted was a slight frosty morning. Okay, okay, okay I will give that thought a rest. No one shares that opinion with me anyhow. So fuck it.

Back to the hotel and strolling around a little bit I had gotten mighty friendly with a worker there no, no it was a guy. A huge guy, lol, lol. He was so nice and helpful to me that he offered me the staff working shirt no one could buy anywhere except maybe on eBay later now all is over and done with at the Hard Rock? Also we had a fairly difficult time to get our hands on the rue poker chips this time. All remaining ones were at the poker tables. I went to the poker casino bank to ask for them. But they said we cannot sell them no more. It is against law policy and also we do not have any in here no more all are out on the tables. So the hunt began. After a long hard look we did find some and some that we needed. I was now fully covered on the new ones and the one old 25 dollars one. Yeah there were several hundred all said that during the first week had been on a look out for those to collect and take home actually. No wonder. It looked as if the first week here everyone had been ripping the stuff that was all over the place even the many small eating spots that for the fun of it had made their own dinner and drinks menu. I did get to have quite a few of them covered and besides they are not anything that is really worth or going to be worth anything at all not even later on as such. I will say this we got what we got and that was all fine. A. L. was so on her toes about these things it was kind of scary in its own weird ways. Sorry A. L. but I am not used to this from many people. I do not often hang out with fans like you that do this. Do not take it badly. But hell yes it actually did kind of scare me some. I missed the fans around me that looked and had the same kind of calmness to things like I have gained from many years’ doings. I know it can sound kind of big nosed but I honestly do not mean it that way. My apologies if you read it like this.

The fourth of October was another show night also my friends last here before an early home going this very next morning. Oh yeah totally forgot now I remember. I had ended up having so much new stuff here in Vegas that all required a new big ass suitcase to get all home in. You see the thing about all is this. I had a huge box waiting in the lobby for me kindly taken care of for me during my stay. But it was a 45 x 42 x 14 inches box massive plus the hand baggage I came with plus the bass plus all the bought things and tour merchandise. How on earth could I not need a new suitcase? So we bought one the other day lol, lol totally forgot. I remembered now course before the show this evening we talked about her taking some of my stuff home to her girlfriend yes she is a lesbian – home to her in Gothenburg Sweden and I could then the week after go up there to get it and take it home with me. So that was what would happen. All we needed to think and sort out was what of it all should she bring. I was first thinking man the huge box had been cool to get rid of here but then again no it would be hell to take it on the bus or train later from mid Sweden and to Denmark and then what? The bass? Yeah nice to have out of here too. But it was a truly heavy collectible and a very personal gift in its own right so I was more leaning towards whatever it could cost me in the airport going home. I could handle it and then bring it to Denmark myself. Only one thing left then. The new over sized suitcase holding all the merchandise and the smaller suitcase I came over here with and its holdings. Yeah that was it she was to take that home. All she had herself was her little hand luggage also course she did not bring home any old clothes or laundry if you will. She threw everything out that was brought to here. Smart move. Now we went to getting line for the evening Motley show and she was all excited again. I was again not surprised at all.

Me I was kind of neutral here I did not see them coming up with this doing better performance really. Kind of felt I was right about the first impression really. How sad it may sound. I do not in any way want to be right about this one at all. Trust me. I want to be that person on this subject that was more than all wrong about this one. This night was sort of strange in the sense that now we were to split again and we really felt we had just kind of gotten here. So how was it then? Well it was kind of the same I was not really too impressed but I started noticing new details and the one of them all that totally impresses me this time in Vegas was for sure Tommy. Sure it was nice to hear Neil actually sing most of the words part from Dr Feelgood he cannot do that one no more. Really want it off the list. There are lots of words in the lyrics to that one and it goes fairly fast he cannot do it no more. It sounds really and I do mean really bad now a days. So guys if you should ever reconsider some for the farewell tour next year think of this one. Not a good job is done no more. Nikki sure he does his thing. But it runs from experience there is no fire and over much unexpected some things from him. Mick not going to mention anything he is excused yet not. Could have been cool with some new “whatever” but no. Tommy – well no drum solo no interactive with the audience as we know from him. However Jesus how on earth he can play so tight and keep sitting there not running out and away in the heat he needs to sit in though is way beyond anything I will ever understand. That is like …. Hey tipping my hat to that shit. T-bone you fucking rocked more than anyone. The playing style I know you for was alive and well. You hit those drums in that heat like I cannot even believe. I am not joking when I say he sits surrounded by fire gasoline and melting drums every night. You do not believe that last part? Well let me show you. I promise next time I will have dug out the pictures from onstage and then I will give you a look in on the drums how truly beaten up they are from this. MELTING!!!!

For sure to me Tommy held this show up with the way he did his actions. He may not be as high from being in this band as earlier but if you really study his playing. He does his thing with such power with such dedication it is hard to watch him and not be impressed. I think he did that to me yet another time during the residency of Vegas 2013. For fuck sake never ever in my entire life seen a sweatier drummer in my life. Never. I started wondering if this perhaps was taking such a toll on him from the heat and all that this simply coursed him NOT to have a drum solo if that was perhaps the reason why we did not have any this time in Las Vegas? I am just kind of wondering. I would never be able to do what he does anyhow. It is truly killing me what he does or should I say did at the Vegas shows. Fucking amazing. I tip my hat to him for sure. The thing about the residency has really given me some thoughts. I am now so close to the magical 150 shows and liking it or not it has become one of the top main focuses and goals to achieve really.

Anyhow the last gig shared with the girl A. L. went so n so well..... We had standing spots sadly I hate standing now a day’s my back and knees are not fully working with me standing for hours no more. They did not impress me more than the first night I saw them here in Vegas but there was a good little detail that I found out. How and what they still do good or great and what I really think does not work too well for them. As said Dr. Feelgood for one. So annoying the course comes out clear and easy but the verses comes out more as hee haa hee huuu sounds and not the actual lyrics no more. As much as I love the track I am just as much annoyed by this little thing with the track live. I know I should maybe not pay too much attention to these small things but I do course I care. And I talk about things I care about. That is what I do. I am a very open kind of guy. I know how many takes that. They get doubtful they get uncomftable they you know - they get strange and like many people do they go spreading some shit and they add to it if the stories does not really sound exciting enough. Any how the night of the 4th ended and we went back to the hotel room. Sat and talked and I sat the alarm clock. We had to get up round sixx am I think it was. I remember it was damn early anyways. We did have a great trip to look back on. A. L. a little more greatness than I had I think since this as mentioned last time was her first time with Crue in America. And the gift and experience from the second night must have been mind blowing to her. I am glad she got it and that I was able to give this to her. Again happy 40th birthday coming October 27th.

I woke up way before her and sat and reflected over the last four days I had had with her now. I was glad we finally got a chance to get to share some Crue in the sense of how I from time to time am getting it. Or doing it. So here we were the 5th of October 2013 it was going home time for her and maybe with mixed emotions. Did not really want to leave but heading to her girlfriend in Gothenburg Sweden directly would and could really be something she longed for and her girlfriend actually needed. So I guess in that sense it was good. Now today was to be the day of some other magic for me but I will get back to that. As we had packed it all and I started dragging this new bought over sized huge fucking suitcase of mine holding my smaller suitcase and the residency tour merch and more I got thoughts running through my head that was kind of emotional. It hit me hard all of a sudden her trip here was over so that meant mine was half over and only two more shows for me as well before a long trip home was in store for myself. I really enjoyed being away from the everyday Denmark but I had a miss you much towards other people back home and it was with great sadness sort of that I could not have had the pleasure of having some shared Vegas time there too. But it just was not possible. So for sure I will have some nice stuff to look forward too as I get home again myself. Right now we had to get her to the airport and I was to go with her. AS a thank you for taking my checked in suitcase with her to Sweden and Gothenburg for me to pick up in just a week’s time. Yes all my stuff was now leaving Las Vegas and the US of A. It felt weird but rather that than handing her the bass to take home or the monstrous huge box that t I simply could not even imagine how would be going from the casino to the airport Monday morning to come?

We got to the airport this morning easy doing with a cab and it all was really fine. No sadness no this no that. We shared a cup of coffee lol, lol or did we shit I know we talked about it but I do not remember all of a sudden. Oh well never mind. We talked a little and after the check in of my suitcase all the way to Sweden we strolled down the long walking areas and I split with her now still only like 6:45 or so AM this morning. I myself was now heading back to the hotel and I was first thing to grab a cup of coffee to bring to the hotel room this mush I did know. From time to time I had my time with A. L. at the hotels computers since I had a huge billing from the phones borrowed to her for girlfriend talks and online web surfing myself .So we did some things on the computer there from time to time. And I got myself a book from my dearest very much missed friend G.G. he had gotten me this KISS book. The latest from them called “the first few years “ I think it was entitled but signed by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in person. Damn I am really happy about this one. Thanks G. But to get it out and handed over by the Hard Rock Hotel staff cost me 14 some dollars. I was again going WHAT?!!! Unaware fees was just a huge negative to me. I mean really. Here we are staying at the hotel and we pay all stay costs pre-handed at check in and yet they charged you more than 125 to 150 dollars in deposit you get refunded at check out. That was thought of as pocket money really. Then a package comes through USPS to you delivered at the hotel and they charge you 15 dollars to get it. Shipping costs had already been paid by G.G. in Hollywood where it was shipped from and this was only like 7 dollars or so. What the hell. How the hell did this ever even be legal? I was very surprised about this in all honesty. But as said I have it now and I feel good about it for sure.

Back at the hotel I got my coffee I strolled a bit round the lobby early morning and again reflected not so much on these past few days but my entire past time here previous years. You have no idea how many things I let running through my skull when it comes to Crue folks. It is book thick every time it happens. I remembered all the previous times here in the city for me. Sadly I always seem to take my thoughts too to the memories of lost friends and lost love that I was at places with. But thank god they do not haunt me badly no more. It is by far water under the bridge now a days and I am still VERY FOCUSED on new love new goal settings and the new life to and for me that is to be started on next year sometime. For sure a lot of things goes through me as memories good or bad are important to me. I live in the now even though I have from time to time been accused for it not to be so. But I do. I live in the now and constantly sets plans for my future. I live from experience from the past but never letting it holding me back so to speak. But I never ignore it. So when I say I got past it, it does not mean that I have chosen to forget it as in never remind myself. I think it is important to remind oneself about past doings and the outcome of it for sure. No doubt in my mind.

The late mornings came around and an old friend that had turned into a really hostile person then came back and now I am fine with was coming out today to Vegas too. An old travelling partner that I hold the best Crue times with ever was now to see me again from round maybe 11AM here. Time past fast I felt so I went to meet the person in the lobby for a hi and hello. It felt both weird and nice at the same time. But thank god time and things have changed from the horrible bad to the good and missed again. Course we have truly shared a lot of good. Now what was also to be going on round noon here was the meet up with a Michael whom had a load of things form the past on Vince Neil’s personal collection and the Coffman years. You see the I wanted to get some of the stuff he had had for sure. He holds like some laminates from Vince that was his personal ones from Dr tour Girls tour and the first ever headline show in Europe ever at the club in London England 1984. I want all them three ones he had a stage word Vince shirt from a solo gig from the more recent years actually some of these things have been pictured on my diaries not too long ago. But then he also had the Holy Grail from Vince Neil collection and this particular one is way beyond any understanding that it even exists still to this day. But many say probably also the only one really left in the world. The first ever show under the name Motley Crue at the 25th of May at the Starwood in Hollywood. The set list of that show!!!! How cool is that now? And no matter the price tag how can that even be under any form of consideration to wheatear or not you are going to buy such an item if you are a dead ass serious collector like me? I mean hello. Holy shit. Set list holding songs like “You Don’t Know What it’s Like To Be Lonely”, “paperback Writer” and more. Shit dude this could easy be the coolest thing I have in the collection really.

So Michael and wife came out from Los Angeles and we went to my room talked a bit and he showed me all the stuff he had brought including some hand written letters from Tommy Lee from sitting in jail. Fucking killer to have. I want the complete set for sure. It is insane to get some things like this. I cannot wait to get some chances to get these items out of his hands and home to my collection to hold. It is really fantastic what there is out there to be found if you have the money none of the things I mention here is cheap buying’s. Some have already asked me what it the price on the set list from their first ever shows. Well I will not share. I however will say this to me it is not the price tag it is the feeling for the item that means and tells me more than anything about how bad I want it or not. Okay enough of this. I grabbed the set list the Vince stage worn shirt and some posters a pass from their 1982 Santa Monica show and we agreed on him to hold on to the Tommy jail letters and the laminate passes of Vince`s till I had a chance to get some cash saved up again. I had a load to cover like I have had for the last about 10 years already. So no there was no more cash to give my friend here and now. But I got to see the now awaited stuff he holds and more. That was really cool. Thanks Michael. Thanks so much.

From here we took off to get a dinner or lunch together my old friend and me. We actually did get to catch up talk openly and honest I felt to one another ones again. Just about a year ago I had not seen this possible at all. There was simply no way I would have ever believed that this was ever coming to a point where things were good again. But it did and it is. So now I feel like I had a new won and regained something I was not just happy about but more like really learning to appreciate again. I needed this to be turned around. Something that means so much to you and that is all of a sudden out of your life and away is just not something you are willing to let go without a fight. I have maybe just had a little too many fights for it to be an okay thing. An easy thing. I have had too many as said. And trust me I have had my share of pain with these travels I have done in my life time. My heart has taken enough as is.

Now the time and day with the regained good friend from the past was shared – actually all day and we drove around Vegas a bit fuck a nice feeling not having to walk round the city in this warmth. Also driving with her was a thing that took me back to the days of all we have shared from 2005 to 2008. And trust me that was a lot of crossing US from all sides. No wonder I am up at 147 shows at this time. I think what I actually felt the happiest about was the fact that we talked so openly and shared our mistakes towards each other and cleared them out and went deeper about ourselves and what and whom we were about to turn ourselves into these days of October 2013. It was a priceless time and a priceless thing to take back to Denmark with as I would eventually leave Las Vegas again. I hope the new bond here will not go away and for sure not get all bad as it was for some years. I have been missing and I have been feeling wrongly treated. All in all I just want to say thanks here for the open talks and shared times in Las Vegas this October of this year. It brought back a lot of nice thoughts.

here I think I just want to say the evening show the 5th of October with Motley took a magic turn. They simply did a better band bonding and a better feeling to me as a paying concert goer and it felt nicer for sure. I enjoyed it a great deal more than the first two. I had this talk too to the friend of California she did not have a ticket for the evenings show she did not know if she should go or not seemed pretty flat broke but we talked and it ended up she buying a balcony ticket after all but we then filmed the complete show and that would and could maybe get most of the money back if selling copies of this one maybe on eBay and places like that. No question tonight the 5th was a better day of the band in Vegas so far. And they now had only one more to go and this year`s shows would be over and done with. I felt happy about it. And more importantly as a collector I had now covered the complete merch line of this show too. That in itself felt really good. Even though as pointed out too in the last posting the stuff for grabs to me was not really very cool. A few things were I think the stuff that indicated this being a Vegas residency. That was like sort of more exclusive and cool than just the regular shirts and small time fun n games as a deck of cards a dice set and bottle opener. Yeah a lot of things have gotten kind of ridiculous to me of what is being made and put out there for the fans to buy. Then again of course it is not forced on you to buy it you have a choice but still. I mean there are so many cool ideas and possibilities that could create some cool stuff for the fans but never sees the light of day. Still saying the two residencies in Vegas now over within the career could have made some pretty cool tour books all together. Or the band starting to do what so many others have done. Taping and selling the shows on a UBS stick right after the show. Sad that they do not go in on this. It is a massively cool idea and item to take home to relive the just eye witnessed event.

Sunday October 6th. Last day in Vegas this year for me. One last show for the band. My old US travelling partner and I went to Best Buy and checked out CDs and more there. It surprised me big time how little there actually was that I felt I wanted. Really surprised. I did buy two CDs thought. But that was it. The new Joan jett and the blackhearts and the new Sammy Hagar. Everything else I either had or had no interest in. Weird to go to American and se the small section of music CDs to choose from these modern day times really. I have known about this for a long time but still course you have such a huge passion for it clearly strikes you hard when you actually see it with your own eyes how sad and small the section really is now a days. Man I am glad I lived the years where vinyl albums cassette tapes and CDS all were exploding. So two lousy titles were grabbed as said and of few went again. Dinner time ones more this time JBs cool nice place nice food but yet – well I felt something was missed. Maybe it was the old times that kind of played with my mind. I cannot really say at this point.

The last day in the city of sin I honestly do not really remember too much of it. It has been too long since I actually returned home and till I actually has had time to sit posting this as I do now. I never do this so long after a trip. But I have not had a single day for it till round now. Anyhow another last visit was made to the Mark Weiss exhibition of rock historic photographs and I did not buy one single print from there. Not one. That in itself is totally unlike me to be honest but I had this feeling that I would be billed out wild zoo as I would come to the airport tomorrow morning myself. And it felt sad. Also that the hotel held on to more than 600 dollars of my money in what they called deposit till checkout. Had I had that money I would have bought some for sure. No questions but I did not. I can more likely always get in touch with Mark and buy from there directly. But it was not to be while staying here. No sir. Not happening.

Now soon show time. We had talked a little about what they would do on this final night of the stay here. I claimed they would more than likely not do anything special. And they did not. You see that is what can be so Sad about a Motley show these days and for a long time back in the history books as well. You know every word that Vince is going to say to the public in between songs and you know what is going to happen before it actually happens. It is like getting kind of dull fast for some of us. Not always too pleasant to know and to witness. As a long time fans you want the best they can deliver you want the surprises and you want the goose bumb feeling I guess. I know I do and not many of these things are left to witness no more. But we shared this last show seeing the concert together and it was nice. They were like the night before way more a band in some strange ways and closed Vegas in a fairly approved way. I could now go home and think it all over. It was now a rap and 147 shows were in the can for me personally. I was really not too disappointed but not surprised in a major positive way either of their live extravaganza. Well yes Tommy impressed the fuck out of me. Still cannot find it in me to understand fully how he could play it nightly the way that he delivered. Hats off. Lee you are still the coolest card behind a drum kit to me. Thank you Crue thank you Vegas.

Back to hotel room last chats last reflections and all packing the little that I had to carry and sorted the bass and small time stuff I needed to have ready before hitting the sack. It would be really little sleep it was around 11:30PM as I was back to the hotel room and it was at 3:45AM that the alarm clock would go off and remind me to go to the airport. I really liked to get a morning shower before going so yeah it was not with completely open eyes these morning doings greeted me. Corinna wanted to go to the airport with me but there were some none cool issues that simply made us say look we split here and talk some time soon. Not going to make a fuss about something that was this small a thing. But getting the box out in daylight that had been stored away for a long time for me now I saw it for the first time with my own eyes and I was like WOOOWWW!!!! That is a bloody huge box. What transport would this even fit in to get me there to the airport? Well obviously in the end it got sorted. So off I went. Getting there and off at United terminal for departure was an easy task. But then started the fun. What to do how to so it and how much the fee would it take for me to get this monster home and what would it take for me to get this bass home too. I had no idea I had no idea what so ever about things as I stood there .I asked and got guided inside to a counter. Then that dude told me to make a self check in myself first and then return to the desk. I did but then got redirected to the other end of the long counter desk and it got to be a little too much. In the end I paid several hundred dollars and I got to carry the bass onboard with me thank god. So I guess this was it. I was in I was through security and I was now sitting at the gate of departure to take me to Chicago and further on to Frankfurt Germany before last stop would be Denmark.

I felt a somewhat weird ending to this trip but I also knew I had not the travelling companionship I have had so many times earlier I had also not the girlfriend to travel with I had also not the slightest idea of when I would possibly come back to this country again. Not this year but then again there was only two months left of it really. Yeah it has been a cool fun nervous sad and very mixed trip this time. A few good nice things had happened for sure. The week long VIP treatment from the band was so cool and totally not expected at all. That I will never ever forget. That is a guarantee. But I did need to have that little extra something where I actually felt I had an equal travel buddy to share the whole thing with. That was not to be on this one. I have simply had a lot changed in my life and ways of enjoying things since the golden days of 2005 to 2008. Now it was certain to me that I was going through a change concerning trips and all. I felt it a lot on this one. Arriving in Denmark made me say “damn this home going went shit fast. But I did also try to rest and sleep some and I had window seats on all three flights home so no one were to bother me about these excuse me can I pass you for I need to go to the rest room or whatever peoples reason may have been NONE OF THAT. Thank god. All of a sudden it was looking out the window and there below me was Copenhagen. I did not really want to see this sight at all. I never really do going home from US. Next thing was now to wait and see how long a waiting time I would have till my big box was arriving and I could take it out of this airport and head somewhere. But amazingly I waited for about five minutes and there it was and seemed still to be intact. Nice one. Fuck this box and its holdings were a huge something to me and that stuff in it normally should never had been mine even less even coming to Denmark. So out of the terminal no costume check up on me and my home brought things that were a huge relief. Down to the trains making a fast decision. Going to Roskilde to my brothers or handing myself another six hours of travelling and going cross country to set all off at my personal apartment. I ended up giving me a rough one and crossed country to have all brought home ones and for all. There it was my ended American and Vegas residency 2013 – what a ride!!!

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee has revealed that guitarist Mick Mars's poor health is partly to blame for the band's decision to retire from touring. Lee videotaped a "Coffe Run" ride with the Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer Deadmau5 (see video below) and answered a variety of questions, including why he gave away his very first gold record (he was "really fucked up") to why the two of them were banned from Coachella festival. Speaking about MÖTLEY CRÜE's touring plans, Tommy said: "The farewell tour is next. This will be it. Our guitar player, Mick, he has a spinal disease that's slowly fusing his vertebrae together. It's one of those things that's treatable, but not curable. So it's just progressively getting really worse and it's painful for him, so he doesn't wanna tour much longer. I can't say I blame him… The last thing we ever wanna do is go out running on two cylinders with some hired guy playing guitar; that's just wack. So we wanna go out with one big hurrah with the original guys and be done with it." He added: "That's such a bad look when bands are still playing the fucking fairgrounds — those county-fair shows — and it's just like two of the original guys, or one original guy, and the rest, no one knows who they are. We don't wanna do that."

In an August 2013 interview with the Oakland Press, CRÜE singer Vince Neil said that Mars' ongoing battle with Ankylosing spondylitis, a painful form of chronic arthritis that causes vertebrae in the spine to fuse together, as well as the band's desire to "go out on top" were the primary reasons for CRÜE's revelation that they will call it quits after 2015. "It's just time," Neil said. "Mick's health is not that good, and touring is tough on him. I'm sure in five, 10 years' time, we'll probably do something together again, but it's not gonna be like a KISS farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. We're not gonna be like that." He added: "We want to go out on top. We don't want to be one of those bands that people are like, 'Oh, they're playing a little club now.' We still sell out arenas and do stadium shows and stuff like that, and that's how we want to be remembered." However, in a posting on his Twitter account, Mars painted a different picture, claiming that his medical condition had never affected his playing. "Any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to 'my poor health' are BS," he said. "I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring and never will." Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/motley-crues-tommy-lee-says-mick-mars-doesnt-wanna-tour-much-longer/#SMkVt6KIdOVqFEhS.99

Another TOTALLY freash only one day old interview Tommy has again said this;
According to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, the band will soon be singing its swan song. In a new interview, Lee spoke about upcoming plans for a Motley Crue farewell tour, citing guitarist Mick Mars‘ battle with ankylosing spondylitis as one of the reasons for Crue’s end. It’s not secret that Motley Crue will soon embark on a farewell tour, but Tommy Lee went into greater details about the reasons in a chat with electronic musician Deadmau5 during a YouTube segment called ‘COffee RuN!!?!?’ “The farewell tour is next,” Lee tells DeadMau5. The un-mouse-headed artist immediately asks if Crue had already done a proper farewell tour, but Tommy Lee replies, “No, we’ve never done one.” Lee continues by speaking on Mick Mars’ condition. “He has a spinal disease that’s slowly fusing his vertebrae together. It’s one of those things that’s treatable, but not curable. So it’s just progressively getting really worse and it’s painful for him, so he doesn’t want to tour much longer. I can’t say I blame him … We want to go out with one big hurrah with the original guys and be done with it. That’s such a bad look, when bands are still playing the f—ing fairgrounds, those county fair shows and it’s just two of the original guys, one original guy, and the rest are like, no one knows who they are. We don’t want to do that.” Back in August, Crue singer Vince Neil claimed that the band would likely dissolve in 2014 or 2015, partially citing Mars’ health as to why. “Mick’s health is not that good, and touring is tough on him,” Neil shared. However, just a few days later, Mick Mars denied via Twitter that his condition would lead to the end of Motley Crue: ”Any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to ‘my poor health’ are BS. I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring and never will.”


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After a three-year courtship, model Courtney Bingham is finally ready to settle down and make an honest man out of Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx. Bingham shared the news during a recent interview with PopStop TV, video from which you can watch above. Revealing that they’ve set March 15, 2014, as the date, Bingham added, “We’re really just starting to plan everything. I’m working on the dress. Anyone that’s planned a wedding knows that you need about a year to really do it, and we’re at seven months now. So I’m like, ‘OK, the clock’s ticking. It’s time to get serious.’” When you think “Motley Crue wedding,” it’s tempting to imagine all sorts of weird bacchanalia, like flame-throwing midgets or donkeys on trampolines, with plenty of Jack Daniel’s to go around for everyone. But Bingham has a more sedate affair in mind: “It’s gonna be traditional,” she insisted. “It’s gonna be in town. But I’m very inspired by everything Parisian, so that’s kind of not super theme-y. But that’s the idea.” As Blabbermouth notes, this isn’t the first trip down the aisle for Sixx, who was previously wed to Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt and actress Donna D’Errico. Blabbermouth’s report also pulls a quote from Crue singer Vince Neil‘s memoir, which accuses Sixx of dating for sometimes less-than-pure motives. Calling him “one of those guys who just loves the whole fame thing,” Neil argued, “He wouldn’t have been with the tattoo artist Kat Von D if she wasn’t famous. And [former 'Baywatch' actress] Donna D’Errico before her –she was a huge star at the time he married her. He just really likes to see his face in the paper. He likes the press buzz. He likes being that guy from the band with famous girlfriends.” -Auch you said it Neil. I think he is right but hey thats just my opinion.

Who is she? Many have been wondering this 5 feet 10 Los Angeles chick that seems to won Sixx over? Courtney Bingham grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. At 17 she began modeling with Wilhelmina Models. Soon after Courtney moved to Europe to pursue her career as a high fashion model. From 2006-2008 Courtney lived in Los Angeles and worked at Paramount Pictures/CFP Productions under Christine Peters. (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Out of Towner's). At 22 Courtney moved from Beverly Hills to New York City to model. The next two years were spent in between New York City and Miami Beach working full time modeling and developing her swimwear cover up line, "Cover Ups by Courtney". It wasn't long before Courtney realized her desire and passion for making movies. In 2011 she produced the film "Inappropriate Comedy" starring, Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Lohan. Slated for release in March 2013.

In July 2012, Courtney launched her Do It Yourself website. Via her website and social media, Courtney shows followers how to get the look they want for less from entertaining and home décor to fashion and beauty secrets. In March 2013, Courtney launched two radio shows for Clear Channel/Premiere Radio Networks and on the XM and IHeartRadio Platform. "The How 2 Girl" where she gives chic and cheap Do It Yourself tips for the woman on the go and "Behind The Gates" a half hour weekly pop culture talk show with Adrienne Maloof and Brannon "BC" Castleberry. Thats just a little something on her for those who cares. Actually Sixx and she were in the jewelry shop at the hard rock hotel on the 5th and did some shopping. What a crowd outdoors - again some hassle I dont really like to participate in much. But ohh yeah it all made sense now.

So I had my Las Vegas residency covered 2013 after all. I was not happy with it before I was leaving Denmark was not looking forward to it at all or nothing. I have found out after this trip that I am truly also not really going to be able to find any more people to look at the stuff the way I do so sharing is pretty much out of option. I mean I go deep on my reviews on things I don’t settle for surface and say yeeeiii all is good all is cool as long as I am in the building the band is. Far from it to be honest. I hate listening in on people that think all is cool and all is so very good. I have no problem saying it is all NOT that, you know what I mean? Yeah I am so not going to be praising the bad the ugly and the.... you get the picture. So with that said let me tell you my trip from Denmark was a weird one. I did not feel anything from Copenhagen to Frankfurt in Germany - absolutely nothing. A matter a fact I was not too keen on going. I have had a ton of doubts to if my days were starting to be counted for. I did not really feel my passion was gone rather a sort of my hopes for the band to change and do better again was slipping. I do not really know what to say even less explain this feeling.

During the time in Frankfurt I was really trying to focus on the trip that was now on the move. You see I had been kind of hoping for this a long time I remember when I was told about this second residency I was stunned thrilled course I loved the first one. This was hoped for to be just as good. I had given a lot to keep my Crue throughout this year not letting it out of my life. Kind of a really hard deal to do since I have had a really hard fighting year emotionally and a long year in the sense of drastic changes and all. It is more than any around me have been able to fully understand really. And I do not blame them. But never the less this trip gave me the first sort of positive thrill as we had been airborne and taken off from Frankfurt after about an hour’s flight. This was to take me to Los Angeles and LAX. Imagine the disappointment when I heard that that exact airport was to give birth to the Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons first airport Rock and Brew restaurant at terminal 5 on the 10th a couple of days after I had left the US. Shit. Some other time I guess. Had been cool to go see and dine in for sure. Well as I normally say nothing to do about it cannot win them all it seems time and time again.

I felt the rush knowing my feet would step out on Californian ground the next time I was having some sort of ground under my feet. That was letting me to the thoughts of why I was going at all. And slowly but surely I was like god I hope this is going to go well. No problems no bad happenings no unforeseen something’s that would cause any shit and ruin my long time planned trip. I have to say a lot of ideas and concerns still sat solid in my skull. A lot could be and go bad. But how ever I had to stay positive and see things from the angle of good and that was pretty much that. So I let myself slip in on a doze of a couple of movies and other wise an ass load of talking to this mid 50s lady from southern Europe somewhere now living in Los Angeles and her son living in and working in Hawaii. A place I have promised myself I want to go see before it’s too late. My inner self is already starting to not fancy these long distant travelling too much. However I would love to go there and say I did it. The reasons for Hawaii are many I will spare you but trust me they are many.

Let us just see how well all this goes look at the line of marriages and or relationship most lasts in the more recent years what a good five six years maybe? I do not know what it is with the members of Crue they seems to not fully be able to just have a girlfriend but it’s like a must to marry them. Feel a little sorry for them actually in a way. Sitting here going okay so now what? Really marriage? Okay then his life not mine... but man that was seen coming but at the same time you know kind of shit I wish it had not gotten to that. Never mind. None of mine nor your businesses really. So if that’s his wish then hey congrats Sixx. Seriously hope it works out for you this time. We know there will be no more kids so that is kind of good for him. However still skeptical in my own way like I know a lot of my Crue friends are. So Neil you next? Lee? -Got to say I am on a kind of not fully understanding some of the stuff they do ....still.

Okay back to what this really was all about my many months preparing for the Las Vegas stay after early on gotten in on the rumor changed into fact that the band would indeed do a second residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas. All covered hotel, flight, and show tickets. Just kind of waiting while healing in many ways in private during the year that now is slowly coming to an end too. yeah I was kind of looking in on this one with mixed emotions to be brutally honest. I did not really know where this Crue life would take me this time around. I felt it was with a great mix of uncertainty disappointment longing passion and lost hope all in one kind of thing for me. I have truly been so loyal though out my disappointments in the sense of the band having done kind of the same set list same songs since 2005. Only the set list has from year to year gotten kind of shorter that really is the only thing that have changed. Sure they have had their new toys on stage and all but seriously to me that is all cream to the cake. If the cake is not good I do not care much for the toppings. On the other hand if the cake is good any toppings would just be seem or looked upon as a cool sweet bonus really.

A lot of thoughts throughout 2013 for me should I continue this or should I not? Had my Motley Crue life gotten a little opening at the end of the long road an opening called the abyss? End of the line? Was I fooling myself holding on to things I only knew too well and for so long had been my rock solid comfort in ways no one seem to be able to fully understand? Or was it like cramps? An old habit I simply refused to see was coming to an end. I dug deep into myself a lot of times during this year and I always came out with looking in to my heart my emotions ... and the conclusion has so far always been the passion is still there and I am not quite ready yet. That has sort of freaked me out a few times too. So close to my goal really. Coming home from the trip I was about to go on the Vegas one would bring me to 147 Crue shows in my life time all together. A few years back I said to myself man the killer number would be to see myself reach the magical 150. It felt out of reach at one point but now I am three shows away. The band knows they noticed and they commented it. Cool.

The trip over was good okay cool with the company sitting to my left all the way over.... a southern European mid 50s lady now living in L.A. sat there from Frankfurt to Los Angeles and we talked like all the time. Cannot believe the cool views upon life this lady had. It surely inspired me to keep doing whatever it is I was doing it felt good and giving no question. Landing in Los Angeles was so n so ... I longed for getting there it felt great and it felt like I was so close to the goal for this trip no matter how big or small thoughts I was sitting with for the whole experience really. I looked for something like airport souvenir nothing that had to do with Motley Crue at all really just something .I have certain cool New York airport cups that I know used to be also in Vegas and LA. But no they were long gone no wonder it’s been a while since I was here. I did get myself a new mug though screw it. Then off to the gate to sit ready for the Vegas boarding. I was not going to miss this or get stressed from not fully having the view of the things that was to be giving me a many months long prepared something hell no. Thoughts were going through my skull about certain people no longer in my life and all.... could not really help it. But also thoughts to new ones in my life. Wish they had been there with me. But it was so very far from the case. Nothing to be done about it - tried hard not to think about what could have been but rather on what was to be. I have to say there were so many mixed emotions to my travelling here on this trip guys I can hardly say it in just a few sentences so I will leave it all out of these pages here for now.

Now sitting onboard the world’s smallest aircraft I think lol, lol I was now on my way to Las Vegas. I was to meet my good friend there the Swedish individual that I have had some long friendship with actually. I tried to kill all wanted and hoped for great stuff as I had already killed and dropped most of the heavy cool things that were to be done and people to meet up with on this trip. Let us just say a hell of a lot of cancelled stuff. Things that made me sad and all. But I was trying hard to look at this with an open mind and head high attitude. Felt and feared a huge disappointment but what the fuck let us just see how things would actually really unfold. It is so easy to be negative and down from things but things if one wants it can be turned around for good or maybe perhaps even better again it just really takes a lot out of you to do but it is doable. I have this full year of proof there too. Fuck the rat race fuck the talk’s fuck the rumors fuck spilled milk as they say..... Its new it’s here yesterday is gone it is NOW!!!! I still think that is a hard one to complete and I still say a lot of things can and will be rough to go through but again ... fresh pen, mind and look forward never backwards.

now met up in the Vegas airport and we headed straight to the hotel I got a couple of new chocks there. We paid the full amount to the hotel and all that was in on the total for our stay there at the Hard Rock Hotel. But shoot me..... They also charged a deposit of more than 150 dollars per night that would get refunded to you on check out. I was like what the fuck. Really? For what? This was my pocket money spending money and all... what if I had told my friend to cover half the deposit there on the spot she would not have had any money to blow merch food and more off from. Damn - I think her trip was saved in more ways than one and we had not even gotten to the hotel yet. Go figure. The entering of the room at 7th floor number 777 became a lucky something for me I tell more later on. but we sat down for a little bit then I started telling her about something’s that may be happening but that it was extremely important that she followed all details to the limit with no questions asked. I am pointing this out course I have always seen her as the type of person and collector that would get a little too high on things going into this ego sat bubble I guess is fair to call it without being bitching anyone course I surely do not want to do that. But going in to this bubble where nothing is more than well ego actions. I knew that would come. I am used to it that’s also why I was really highly in doubt to whether or not I should invite the person to the stuff I had been and still was fighting for should it turn out that I would actually be able to come up with this thing... again more later.

Yeah you see I have a lot of things that are not to be shared really with people course I know this I am so alone with - and there are no few that actually would and be sharing the stuff with that I am referring to so it has been a long lonely road I think. In many ways. It is hard to believe to be honest. But hey this is some framings I have to live with or totally back out and not give it any more of my time in my excisting life. It is a puzzle that you lay piece by piece with extra care. REAL extra care. Anyhow after sitting in the hotel room for a little while we took a stroll round the hotel I knew there were loads to look in on and she had never been there or... here... so surely she would and could get a huge kick that I also knew she would be getting. It was like I had this one planned out as her trip since all my real cool dates and deals had been cancelled from even before I left Denmark sadly. She started going nuts that first night a hotel already. A ton of running around looking for Crue stuff and in the Hard Rock shop they sold shirts already from the Crue and there were not much more than well... anything to do but to cover it. The shopping had started and I felt kind of weird about it to be honest cannot fully explain why or what it was. But weird it was. I longed for the company that was a little over the average fan hysteria lol, lol not to put you down sweetie - not at all. But that is what I I miss that I have been there at the hysterical point a long time ago. Real long time ago. Not anymore and it is with most people really annoying but further more it also leaves you with the impossible. The impossible of truly having that individual to talk to that is above that and past the me, me, and me status ones things are going on. Course trust me it is just not possible to have or to do. I guarantee it.

Rock photographer Mark 'Weissguy' Weiss will unveil a collection of 20 photographs of Motley Crue, along with a display of personal memorabilia drawn from his extensive history working with the band and other legendary rockers on September 19th at the Rock Paper Photo Gallery in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The photographs of Motley Crue span the band's heyday from 1982 to 1989 and are just a small part of Mark's world-renowned portfolio, created over a career spanning 35 years. The display includes Mark's infamous gangster photo shoot featured in the tour book and poster set for the band's iconic 1985 'Theatre Of Pain' tour. Twenty-eight years ago to the day -- September 19, 1985 -- the infamous PMRC Senate hearings raised the controversial issues of profanity and morality in popular music. Mark became a part of rock history when he accompanied Twister Sister's Dee Snider to Washington, D.C. to document the singer's testimony on behalf of fellow musicians' First Amendment rights. Mark's never before seen photographs captured that day will be on display, and prints will be offered as thank-you's to guests who participate in Mark's informal '80s music trivia quiz. The event includes appearances by band members from Raiding the Rock Vault, called "the ultimate Classic Rock Concert Experience," and there will be ticket giveaways to the upcoming shows with performances by Jon Anderson, founding member and former lead vocalist of YES.

There will also be a surprise appearance of the 400-pound manhole cover, direct from the Grammy Museum in LA where it was in residence for over a year. This famous manhole cover was used on the album cover shoot for Twisted Sister's 'Come Out And Play' in 1986, which Mark shot and art directed. This release was the follow-up album to the multi-platinum 'Stay Hungry' by Twisted Sister, which was the first album cover Weiss photographed. Mark will also be available for interviews to share his many experiences working with Motley Crue and other '80s greats, including Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi, whose infamous 'Slippery When Wet' album cover Mark photographed. This all-day event is a prelude to the Theatre Of Paint presentation at the Rock Paper Photo Gallery on Wednesday, September 25, featuring the photography of Mark Weiss and a "live" painting performance by noted artist David Banegas. Theatre Of Paint is open to the public and begins at 7 p.m. I decided this I had to go in and see tomorrow after a good night sleep. I was in no hurry to do or get anything done that was photo taking or acting crazy and stressed out with or from over excitement this evening. At all.

So now there were these coming days and we tried to plan things the best possible way. Now bed time and it felt good. I was really happy about this bed. The cover was heavy and a lil too warm for me but fuck it was good. I am these days a very sensitive guy when it comes to where I sleep and all. My back and my neck and head are things that give me massive trouble if things are not right. I have gone old I guess. Lol, lol. However the day here now was the 2nd of October and I felt we could do a few things that would clear at least some of the stuff that was to be looked over anyways. First breakfast. And drinks. Not alcoholic drinks but water and such..... It was good it was fine to force one self to make that a starting point every day while staying here. Then off to another hotel and casino to meet up with my best most missed American friend’s girlfriend. Long story but I wanted to. So it was really cool to meet her for maybe ten minutes. Jesus G.G. you did well I can see you guys creating cool something’s for sure. Just never take each other for granted. The biggest mistake any person can do in a relationship I think. Anyhow very nice meeting you Steph. Really thanks for doing it even though it was short. We went from this casino to go see Rio. Rio was supposed to have the latest Vince Neil Ink store so we went. It was a walk that was a bit long yes but without a car hey you’re fucked in America. Go figure. The cool part was as we actually got there lol, lol, lol the thing was not around no more. Well the tattoo shop was but that Vince was not a part of it no more. He had split partnership with the second party that now held the tattoo shop on their own. Typical Vince. So why I say it was cool for me it was not there no more was simply the fact that I would save a load of 100 dollar bills for not spending there at all. That felt kind of nice. Superb.

It was a long way from the Hard Rock Hotel this place more or less at the other end of the city of Vegas but worth it all. In the steaming heat well to me it was. But then again I have always had a hell with summers. I never really had a chance to enjoy em course I am always so bloody warm. How ever got to say hello to the girl and then discover that the ink store and shop was long gone. Sort of pleased me in its own weird ways. Shit need a break from this one...... sorry

Okay back!!! Time for some old school music from the days mum and dad were younger or myself for that matter. Some Meat Loaf ...I`d Do Anything For Love.... lol, lol, lol well recent tones but ....yeah that works. Sorry about the little break I have found myself to be way off when it comes to the focus that this trip held almost two weeks back now. Man it has been a really hard one to get down has not had time on my hands to just sit and post anything. And when I did start this one it was a bit messy to read I thought course my head is filled up with all sorts of other stuff that I so cannot really let go till round mid Nov I think. Shit it is not the easiest thing to get around I tell you that much. Ohh well - let me get back to where I feel me kind of left off. From the morning and afternoon strolls round Vegas Boulevard and more I had information that I had to get and be at a certain spot at a certain time near by the box office inside the Hard Rock Hotel. I was a little unsure what that was all about but I was soon to find out the awesomeness that was in store for - I simply could not believe it. I asked my travelling partner on this one to stay a side a little bit for reasons that are not really to be shared. However in the end it turned out a huge surprise got to be mine after some long time tries out of something that was for sure not ever heard of in my world before. Now there was all of a sudden a kind of full late afternoon and evening packed for me after all. You see the band gave in and a meet n greet were handed me and my touring friend to have. For fuck sake that was a fast 2 x 1200 dollars right there.

I had to lay a list of things down to my friend of unwritten rules and I feared some that my friend would not understand and live from it.... I was right. It was too much to ask for in its own weird ways. But I expected it too and that was sort of that. I made a choice but what the hell I will suck it up with time. Not going to get in on here what was not really understood course that is not really anyone’s business. Certain things just do not add up to some people and I had a lot at risk doing this and I knew it. Now that standing in line was to be a so and so thing for me. I had to be KNOWING with all guarantees in the world that the unwritten rules were not broken - shit I was so sure they would be and I would have felt better not being in this situation. Any how we went on and the open rules for everyone were laid out to all there and then we went inside the Joint. Got told things and then to go up on the stage. I had tried these things before now it was just a little more "official" if you will. Sadly the stage tour at this time was for sure NOT worth the time. There was magic as the stage came to life with the band on and all....but being up on there - look - this was a metal stage in the deepest sense of the word. Absolutely not much to look at. I mean this from the deepest parts of my heart. I know that people gets a kick of just being able to say I stood and walked where the four magic men does... but c`mon I really do not see the magic in that sense at all. Again people have accused me for seeing things too many times seen too much over decades and that is why I am so acting like I do not care and so high on myself as some have called it. I do not know what it is to be honest but one thing is certain the stage to go up on and take a look around this time is visually and I mean visually not really worth the money. And speaking of the money that 1200 bucks that this time included a goodie bag we did not at this round get again for reasons untold here holds only a computer bag a tin case of picks stickers a three member signed lithograph and a thermo mug. No I do not think this is a cool package at all. But then you meet the band. Yeah you do but only 75% of them Tommy is not in the line of for the heys and hellos on this one. He has his own reasons that I am also kind of understanding and respecting. I can see it from both parties his and the fans and their reactions. But the meet with the band is as it has been always only like 30 to 40 seconds per person. No questions no signature no nothing!!! So if you truly think it is worth it well then good for you. I heard many come out after saying hey and a picture with the three going YEAAHHHHH FINALLY 20 YEARS WAITING IS OVER....... YEAH!!!!!

After this adventure and the meeting the boys and show round it was a heartfelt huge thing to me that would happen next. My early Christmas gift of heart and love got to be a little more than a thought a dream and more. Nikki Sixx was to give me the last sunburst Schechter bass of his (extra) that he had and was to be made according to how things were at the time. He greeted me after the meet n greet with the band and said hi and hello. He asked for the number of my shows attended. I proudly somehow lol, lol said tonight brother is my 144th. Leaving Vegas next Monday will leave me with only three more to go to strike the magical 150 Motley Crue shows in my life time. He seemed almost proud to hear a fan say that shit to his ear. It literally felt like he cared and felt honored that his band and his music could make any one go to over a 100 shows in their life time. I sensed it. And we clicked one more time the good ten fifteen minutes I was there. I asked in on the bass deal with Schechter and why he left Gibson and the historic thunderbird I have always loved so much. Hell its logo type is tattooed on my right hand for fuck sake. The prove of my love to that instrument is there. But for Nikki Sixx it was now a fresh and new start. They simply lost their cool and gotten slobby he said here now with Schechter I can have it as I please and how I want it. We talked a little about the white and the sunburst that has been made so far. Well others to him personally are already played but these two are my favorite. He loved the white he said it reminded him so much of the too fast days and the sun burst was an always loved look and cool he would never want to be without. I totally agree. It is almost as if the black one is plastic looking. However - He and I talked a bit then he signed my bass to be and he said look I’m going to do one thing for you. You can pick this up after the show Ill sign it now with what you want and I play it on stage in its signed version and you get it afterwards. Deal? Early Christmas? You fucking better believe it was. I was numb for a second but I was more torn for a reaction rather than words to be honest. I really wanted to be showing my highest appreciation on this one. Hope he understood this. I somehow think he did. He knows me rather well.

Okay so how on earth does one continue after the experience like this? A signed version tour bass for sale for all in the world to buy for 4995,00 dollars and here I was standing in Las Vegas the city of sin the city of games and fun and I had paid .......... for mine. It was not anywhere near real. I went to the merch stand after these late afternoon early evening experiences and I got myself the complete merch line I thought. I wanted to just get it over with and see the total costs so I could calculate some more on what the hell was left in the pockets we only got here yesterday I know but still ... needed to have it cleared. So I covered it. It was not much that was there this year I do not think. And even more I think the shirts and stuff this year were not half as good as the first one here. I also think some of the prices are way higher than items actually worth their price tags. But hey you all know me. A collector of all and a collector that is not looking too deeply on what numbers are on the tags more can I cover it and will I be okay after such move? Well this one was not even 600 dollars in total and only I would say two products maybe three were kind of really cool in my mind. But here it is now. At the apartment that I post this from and it is with great pride and satisfaction that I actually was able to pull this one off too covering the load. It was my biggest wish sine 2004 to cover all official merch if possible for the remaining tours they would have and I am trying really hard. There was now not many minutes / hours till the first Vegas residency show for me this year. I was half excited prayed for a good surprise even though many had warned me about a so n so show experience. It would not just do it for me to be there and for them to be carried by the special effects. THE BAND had to be really giving me the belief that they wanted this in a heavy meaningful way. I tell you what got out of it as I return will return with a Vegas part two diaries or else this baby will never get done. Enjoy so far. Much love ...T B C.


29th Of September 2013, London LeGrand, Vegas & Worries
5:54PM CET
A good few things have happened to me and for me since last posting in on here....
I am sitting here in my flat waiting for time to go and running round SLOWLY but still in a very weak knowledge of and if all is going all as planned... let me tell you more later in here.....man so much to think about so many curiosity questions and more have ruled my head and brains the last couple of weeks. I can hardly separate things and keep the thankfulness and appreciation on the positive side of the line when it comes to the Vegas trip in just two days. I will have a good few things on as a final tomorrow Monday not till then. But that is going to be the last straw for and about all that has to do with the Las Vegas Crue trip 2013. Tonight it is with a load of Motley thoughts as it has been for a while for sure. But I am also at the end of the line where it all has been very uncertain and kind of hectic to be honest. For god sake my new or renewed visa only got approved TODAY on a damn Sunday and one and a half day before I actually am airborne and that has been a hell of a sad and quiet frustrating little something. I mean hey all is in place part from all that I wanted to do and have to do there that has been cancelled. And that has become a list and so on. So only a visa missing to have all in hand ...that was a close call this time for sure. Man it was rough.

Another thing that I really hoped for to be cool and get right in its own way. Mr. London LeGrand our dear old friend of Brides Of Destruction has been like gone for a while but is trying to get back with a couple of bands and the one that has been playing a few times in Gothenburg is London Based Hellfire Club. They were playing that same city on Friday and I attended. I went up there on Thursday for being rested till on the day of Friday actually. And I wanted to aim hard on getting the massive monstrous profile of London started on sometime on Friday. It was with mixed emotions inside of myself for different reasons really but a long story short I guess I felt a certain scientism about how brutally naked he wanted to be in the interview started and how many layers I would be allowed to peel off of him to get to the "no one knows about" stuff inside of him. Let me put a long story short by saying this - we chatted back and forth a few times and talked on the phone the night before to set something on the map for Friday. And to just hear about his thoughts and all kind of confirmed these skeptics. I found him the band and most around it a little bit in a messy situation. However ones I / we got to the apartment of his whereabouts he was by his lonesome and he was for sure chilling with the computer that seems to be his guideline to the world around him these days. Thought often man this dude needs some settlements and a manager to get things in gear and not having these loose ends and shitty so n so settlements. Weird to me!!

But in the end obviously it is none of my business really. I just work here - or not lol. No in all honesty I have gotten my personal opinions about this whole thing called L. B. H. C. for sure. But I was not sure what to expect to be honest. I really needed to see the show in the evening to get a real inside look. However my old back head memories of the BOD days could not help come around knocking in the back of my mind sitting here with my friend. some people out there have had their scientism about my closeness with this guy LeGrand I think I got that solidly sat in stone to a few people during Friday. The people that hung with me. Any how he started saying like Tommy you had questions for the start off to this thing we were going to be doing? I replied of course with a yes and started the camera and audio up with just one question. He kind of freaked and asked to shut it down asked to turn it off he could not deal with it freaked him. As a fan and as a want to do good BUT DEEP I felt kind of low and sad about his reaction. I do not want to do a licking ass thing a cheesy stinker I want to do a hard ball deep throat serious cool interesting thing. If he is not into that after all even though he basically poured it out to me emotionally over the phone a while back that he was ready and willing hey then I am not going to be doing this. Course I am dying to get the deeper shit out of him. To make him an interesting persona with a story and not this so and so infamous someone from the past with now really perspective and shit. No thanks

I stopped that taping and sat there with a thousand thoughts but I had as promised also the only reaction that I possibly can have to him ... don’t be pushy. I have some things and ideas that he cannot do or see fulfilling on his own if I do not do them - but it is his choice for sure. He went for a smoke and came back. I thought okay let us do this a little looser for a starting point. So he put on his glasses and he sat there for a while and said okay sorry about that I m clam again but I want you to show that you are behind me.... I am Mr. but not going to lay doing and roll over course you say it.... so we tried again. Question answer question answer and not in the Tommy preferred way at all. However it was a start and I have things now that gave me a kind of surface but updated kind of feel to the asked issues. We will continue and he was so and so happy about it I guess. We ended it agreed to go get a bite to eat together and set us for a full stomach and then off to get the stuff at the venue Sticky Fingers loaded in. personally I had a nice time a good time with a guy I really love and think high of but he did not get the stuff out of me that I hope we both wanted actually it was not even close but let round two come to surface and we will see his reactions and agreement to opening up way more.

Okay on to the show at the club. I was not really sure what to expect as said but the binding between Nikki and this guy and the days they had rolled like movies in the head of mine all the time I tried to build the difference up in my head to kind of see the then and now of the guy. It was a sort of confusing one so I only ended up with a huge new pile of angles and questions to his persona and name to be honest on the special profile I want to make on him with time. But he needs to have the willingness or else....!!! The silent and highly observing Tommy was around at Sticky Fingers not the partying and alive Tommy. And all with a superiors purpose. I wanted to see everything every detail in his doing pre show and see how he acted his body language and all. Simply see how people around him acted said commented and shit. Furthermore his reactions to it. There is a kind of huge difference to the Brides London I got to know a decade back in the calendar. I was slowly getting unsure to if I should take pictures of him or video tape the thing. I ended up filming him / the band. It came out okay sound and picture wise I guess, always hard when it is in a club and there is not much light from the audience angle and in on to the stage but rather the other way around But I think it came out okay. My judgment to it is as expected not my cup of tea but I try to support him the best possible way.

The Swedish band from 25 years ago Shotgun Messiah was the headline act they said from stage it was their last ever concert together as that name and there for a DVD was to be filmed that night. So the friends of mine wanted to be sticking around for that and seeing it. I was tired as shit and had to get down through Sweden to get to Denmark and crossing country to get to my apartment in the morning a close to 13 hour travel on a Saturday so I was kind of beat from that one too. But what the heck we stayed saw the Shotgun show and off to Mölnlycke we went. It had been a truly heavy day and all. So I guess there was a need to go straight to bed really. So I tugged in thoughts were many running through my skull and I had a serious cool list in the back of my mind head I wanted to do and sort of also needed to do to get this idea that I had right and all. You see there are so many things that I can honestly say could bring out awesome results in all perspectives and I think there could be a massive fun time playing with it all. There was no such thing as a lost hope to all about London at all. Lost hope in the sense that okay I think I have met a drastically changed now uncool dude. I do think I was affected on the daily basics about him though stuff that I will keep to myself and all. But I think for sure that all in all I am sitting with a day’s adventure that I can use for something if I am only aloud to that’s all I am saying. You see there are so many cool things that I cannot just do without let’s say permission from certain folks out there and that is not always the easiest task to have and to hold for sure.

Okay so Vegas - the desert city of sin United States of America.... it is Tuesday morning and now Monday noon I am so and so excited about the last answers to the puzzle of all my questions. I am gracefully sitting here with the thoughts and wonders to the issues still unsolved. It will be in about let’s say.....two hours from now. So I will continue this posting and get my stuff cleared that I need to have done before I get them and later leaving the town here to cross country. It is a huge Crue time for me. I have had a little too many so and so feelings towards what is cool anymore and all so I am to be honest a little shaken up. Course its s not the passion and love for the band that I have lost it has been the last couple of years the tours have been a kind of disappointment and the fact to the matter then has been like hey I am kind of not too keen on the band as a live act. I walk away a little too often with the feeling that I am not really going with a HELL YEAH ... kind of feeling but more this ohh no wonder if they have lost the touch and its all rolling on the experience now a days. I have heard a ton of different thoughts and views to and about this Vegas residency so I am not really sure how I myself will see this. It brings one a rather large portion of concern of course it does. I will however cover the merch line ones again even though it has been a nightmare price wise these modern day times now. Shirts are now 45 dollars from what I now the football shirt $70 hoodie now $90 to a $100 so it is for sure not small money that we need to have our minds on. Better think big and have the big wallet up and ready or else....

Right now I am still waiting for the outcome of the still unanswered questions on my behalf so I need to kind of await that to even get things straight. And out of my head for sure. There are so many good things that are possible to get over the next weeks time - and this is the week also making me the next owner of the first ever in history - set list of the bands show as a debutant at Starwood, Hollywood California 1981. I know it is "only" a piece of paper and that’s what is so weird about the whole thing I have been forced to work a lot of hours ... to get this piece of paper from 1981. It used to be the private belonging of Vince Neil but on the 5th of October it is in another guys hands all together and I need to feel that it is for sure also well worth the struggle it has been to get it. But man what a cool kind of piece to have. You try go find the set lists of our heroes holding stuff like Stick To Your Guns, Paperback Writer, Nobody Knows What It’s Like To Be Lonely and so on. It is a search you almost guaranteed will have ongoing for the rest of your life. Not easy to get .Wonder how many are left out there from these early shows. No matter how many then I am quite happy to say come October 5th 2013 I own one. And I own it with pride going to make a cool beautiful frame for this one with the stuff that I have from this show. Other than that a good few new things will for sure come to the collection over the next week guaranteed. Should be mid October when these things hopefully are ready to be visual on the site here. I look very much forward to be getting these items.

There are so many things to share with my friend Annika this coming week over there it is almost scary. I look forward to be sharing things with her for sure. It can only be a real cool something and I really want to make her happy about this trip. I want to make her smile and say the last 10 days have been awesome for me if looked in on with cruecial eyes. I gave her a good private personal meet up with London LeGrand and a chance to hear his thoughts on things and a chance for a few pictures with her and some signed stuff. It was all successful. Now I have one more thing up my sleeve for her if that goes well it can be considered her birthday gift for sure or at least a good part of it as she runs 40 in late October. These are things and opportunities you cannot really buy for money and shit. I for sure think she is over joyed about most of it. So there is no other word to cover it all in her name than COOL. I would have said the same thing had I been in her shoes for shit sure. My other love is in the northern Sweden not going with me but rather going to a good few shows and a Christmas shopping trip in November early December for Michael Monroe. I know there is excitement in the air for a certain someone there. Now other loved individuals I really hope to be seeing soon. Gladly mid October as I return. I miss a good few faces more than words can cover so I hope for that to be a reached wish and shit as I get to medico the coming month.

Other wise the Crue life of mine seems to have helt its fair share as mentioned of doubts to where this is going to be going for me the next few months. I am not stopping or nothing it is not what I am even applying or nothing. It is more like this - where do I go from this trip in the meaning of whets next in the collectible corner or things. I guess if I can set the goal to my advantage I know exactly what is next after this. But again - I am very depending on one certain individual to give me a green light for this item thought of to make me own it later towards the end of the year for sure. And in all honesty that item I simply HAVE to make mine and have to make sure it comes to my doorstep for sure. I will be sadly disappointed I think if it does not happen. We will see as I open up on it again end of October. Course this is for sure a heavy piece that is not even thought of to be available to the public eye or the fan as a part of his or her private collection. Is it killing you yet to know what it is all about? I can or rather will not say till I am absolutely sure of the outcome and till I hold it in my hands. It is an item that wanted. Now while I try to solve and enjoy my Vegas days you all have a cool week where ever you may be and to the ones that have just had your share of the residency I hope you had a good time and that you left smiling more than a few of my friends did in the first couple of shows. Till mid October - much love **


24th Of September 2013, Vegas Cool - Gothenburg, Deals & Fustration
1:29PM CET
Rock photographer Mark 'Weissguy' Weiss will unveil a collection of 20 photographs of Motley Crue, along with a display of personal memorabilia drawn from his extensive history working with the band and other legendary rockers on September 19th at the Rock Paper Photo Gallery in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The photographs of Motley Crue span the band's heyday from 1982 to 1989 and are just a small part of Mark's world-renowned portfolio, created over a career spanning 35 years. The display includes Mark's infamous gangster photo shoot featured in the tour book and poster set for the band's iconic 1985 'Theatre Of Pain' tour.

Twenty-eight years ago to the day -- September 19, 1985 -- the infamous PMRC Senate hearings raised the controversial issues of profanity and morality in popular music. Mark became a part of rock history when he accompanied Twister Sister's Dee Snider to Washington, D.C. to document the singer's testimony on behalf of fellow musicians' First Amendment rights. Mark's never before seen photographs captured that day will be on display, and prints will be offered as thank-you's to guests who participate in Mark's informal '80s music trivia quiz. The event includes appearances by band members from Raiding the Rock Vault, called "the ultimate Classic Rock Concert Experience," and there will be ticket giveaways to the upcoming shows with performances by Jon Anderson, founding member and former lead vocalist of YES. There will also be a surprise appearance of the 400-pound manhole cover, direct from the Grammy Museum in LA where it was in residence for over a year. This famous manhole cover was used on the album cover shoot for Twisted Sister's 'Come Out And Play' in 1986, which Mark shot and art directed. This release was the follow-up album to the multi-platinum 'Stay Hungry' by Twisted Sister, which was the first album cover Weiss photographed.

Mark will also be available for interviews to share his many experiences working with Motley Crue and other '80s greats, including Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi, whose infamous 'Slippery When Wet' album cover Mark photographed. This all-day event is a prelude to the Theatre Of Paint presentation at the Rock Paper Photo Gallery on Wednesday, September 25, featuring the photography of Mark Weiss and a "live" painting performance by noted artist David Banegas. Theatre Of Paint is open to the public and begins at 7 p.m.

The Las Vegas trip is right around the corner for me and I have felt really happy excited and more about it for a long time. Now I have kind of found myself in a little bit of a haze about it to be honest. I have had almost all I was looking forward to about it - changed. Meaning all I looked so much forward to be now not really to be happening. Lot of the people I should have met is not to be met. For a line of different reasons. Stuff I was to get and take home with me is now not to be gotten nor owned. The show itself seems to have gotten a good few critical reviews from people that I trust so I am not too hot and boiling for the shows themselves no more either. I know it is other peoples opinions the thing is just that I very, very often seem to be sharing opinions on Crue about anything more or less with the 3 individuals I have in mind. Ohh god kind of sits here with a feeling that sort of blows now. Not cool at all in any form or way.

Yeah there are a good few things I would have loved to have and have done for sure but damn it is just not doable and it is not at all close to be even fun to have waited for this so long not to say since February and have put so much money and time in to as I have ....I do not know really. I kind of feel a little bombed about it right now and it is only one week away exactly from today. I guess I will use this week to kind of erase all bad thoughts about it and head over with a clear open mind and just see how it all unfolds I guess. Damn it I so wanted this year ending huge trip for me to be a damn cool one for sure. My Swedish good friend and Crue fan Annika is still high as ever about it. She is just happy for going it will be her first Crue show in America and I can totally understand that that in itself is huge. But here I sit with my own sort of down feelings on it all and I think it is sad to sit with the feeling here and not really looking at anything else but pure happiness. Happiness in her. Gonna be a hard one to overcome. It is like talking to one where you are totally down and sad and you turn to chat and comfort to one that is in her high and can’t really fully relate or take your down fall too serious course of over excitement. Guess I can kind of understand that too somehow. But never the less I feel a frustration coming over me to say the least and I am really not even fond of it. Guess you can somehow understand that can you not?

Then there are the merchandise I see they keep spitting out stuff now from their time doing this Vegas Residency. Ohh well I guess it is for sure a huge something that I don’t really should be worried about but I kind of am. I have a ton of things that are to be gotten even without the missed out something’s referred to above. And I truly do want to get the tour and official march covered as I have tried to do on ALL products since 2005. It is not easy but what a cool load of something’s ones you have done it as fully covered as I have. There are not things I regret it all is now a days on HUGE pile of almost complete merch line for a good decade, how is that for a thought? It is a lot of shirts and small time nitty gritty stuff man. It is going to be a hell of a listed something ones all is said and done for sure. I cannot wait to get things covered and sit back in December saying okay I went I did it. I covered more shows so now I am three concerts away from my 150 Crue live shows in my existence. I have worked hard covered a load and almost everything they have released since millennium I have in the collection. Is that not cool or what? I think so. Some of the new stuff you can see here below. Lined up side by side.

Gothenburg, Sweden is next for me - this coming Friday Mr London LeGrand of the old BOD is playing live at Sticky Fingers supporting another oldie from Sweden. There are so many things about this guy that is important to me but I guess that part of the story on this individual is covered more than enough in my diaries so I will easerly slide pass that here today. I am not the biggest fan of the music he does today its quiet brutal. But following him as an artist is still very much cool and very much a loved something that I do not take lightly I think. I am supposed to be starting a rather huge profile on his persona for the first time ever told and I think it is a kind of cool thing to do really. I just hope that he is not going to run out of this idea as we finally get to it. The motors are warming up ready to sail and I am as ready as I think I can be on this one. So it is now totally up to him and him alone to fill in the blanks as they say. I will be there for little over two days then return in mid October to carry on with that one and then my home town and so for Sunday back to Copenhagen Monday and off to Las Vegas Tuesday morning. I think and feel that I am pretty full the remaining time of this month and well into the next and November for that matter. Cannot wait to see Lisa again that northern little something simply has started something really cool with me. Loads of great activities that shapes something new and fresh step by step. I am happy about it in my own deeply way.


15th Of September 2013, Some Deadlines Finally Passed Me By
7:02PM CET
It has been a and still is a really tough month this last one in the Crue perspective for me. I have for sure not been able to sit here and say I have felt fine nor good or great about a lot of things for sure. But a lot of the offers that I had on hand have now had its deadlines passed on me and things are too late to bring home to the collection here in Denmark. That how strange it may sound is the best comfort I have had a long time. I have to say ones things are kind of gone and over with no chance or no return and changes to a possible regret on a non active doing are the best for me. Why have I not acted on it? Ohh I have but not in the form of the sat solid guaranteed sale and deal. No more like in the way that I have asked a lot of questions to the sellers and more and with that I have taken time HARD LONG TIME to think about it all through but that did not really do me much good either. I have really been finding myself in a wild zone here with the offers - what to do on any of it - if anything at all. But now a few decisions have been made and sat for myself. The world’s first concert set list of Starwood 1981 is going to be in hand October 5th 2013. How cool is that? I only ask.... man this is such a ....can’t even find the words for it. Crazy it even exists really right? Mr. Vince Neil may have had the only last one in existence but not anymore.

There have recently come so many things and issues up that I think have given me some choices to find myself with new chances and new wants for changing a few things actually. I do for sure seem to have sat myself with new rules new plans that are all for the next year or so and I have to say there are so many things that feels kind of very demanding actually. I have no idea how to get or gain things the way I like to. And sadly recently I have had that exact fact to life taking really heavy bites off of me. I do for sure feel more and more tired and out of whatever for every month that passes me by now days. It is not easy. So I long more and more for a new life a new kind of living. It is beyond anything I have felt before. Maybe round the time of 2000 2001 when I chose to stop KISS collecting. I totally had a new chance to get and do things with my life. I totally felt that same kind of need and longing too. It is a rough thing to feel you are in a situation where what you love the most is actually the thing in your life you are around the least.

I do not really know how to do anything about it. Not just like that anyways.
I begin to feel les tempted (do not know if it’s just kind of like a period of time really) to gain and get all the small stuff offered. It is a very strange situation for me and I feel like I cannot really let go of the thoughts towards all the stuff I am missing so badly in life. I am not in any way close to have the daily living I so long for. It requires a good huge bite of 2014 too for me to be there. But I predict and say when I am there I will be feeling so much happier about the everyday life course this the now is starting not to function for me at all anymore. I am in lack of quality daily felt doings. Time and life just seems to be passing me by in a kind of really uncool way. That all goes with a bit of a torn heart actually. Torn heart in the sense that when I live a life right now being LEAST around the stuff loved then you kind of take second or third place in your likings. And that my friends are so tearing things up you have no idea. I still want to aim and go for some Crue things still want to go after the 150 shows and all.... My love to the band is not at risk. That is one of the most loved things in my life that I am actually around least these days. (Another long story) But I am saying that I desperately need a little more passionate daily living and it is not something you just get when wanted.

I know it’s all crazy cool times and shit - but I so need to get a lot of nice things in place and I long so much to hold a........ahhh this diary posting is getting a little too filled with words around something I cannot really do much about right now. Sorry!!!! -Crue is starting their Vegas thing tomorrow and I am kind of curious about it. I know I cannot really talk to anyone about it course I have a totally different view and angle to view observe and enjoy the shows and the things I am presented with in their name. But I am kind of curious. I so badly want the unexpected before I get to go see my last Crue show in the next couple of years. Do I think I will get the unexpected? Not really. They have like two chances this Vegas extravaganza and their coming last world tour. They its quits on their behalf and I am over seeing them myself. Funny to think about that my goal sat about 3 years ago was 150 Motley Crue live concerts in my life time and I will get it. I will reach that goal on their last tour as an active massive touring band. Really crazy detail to let hanging in the air for just a second.

I will be meeting up with my much missed American brothers girlfriend to be handed some things that I got to bring home with me. Some of the old stuff gained from Donna D. ex wife of Nikki and some things that are just kind of there at my brothers place. Bringing it all home for sure. Sadly he G.G. cannot make it for a meet up after all it seems. Really bumbed about it. Actually I so wanted to see him. There simply is not any one sweeter more kind or trust worthy out there for sure. On a more positive great side of things even though it is at the same time NOT a nice good feeling .... deadlines have passed and there are now totally killed chances for getting a lot of things that were so cool and one of a kind stuff course I did not make deals or did not react to the offers around. It was not a cool thing to have to turn down but a regular worker and a regular income just did not cover the thing that is or rather was at the table. It truly sucks feeling you work like a maniac and then you still do not hold the options of getting some stuff you really love to get. Some have asked me is there not a thing that could make you feel great or just as great if you have that? My answer has always been YES there is. A love life that is healthy and great and around daily and a home that is not just a home but loved and treasured like nothing else. I will have that. I will just have to still wait a good long time. And that saddens me more than anything

Okay there is an exploded something out there on the internet these days. Sebastian Bach and Nikki Sixx. its a ... ahh never mind read the below stuff and be your own judge to opinions about these things. Personally I think Sixx sometimes over the years have had his facts mixed up. He has from time to time been in need of a reality check I think. And I think he is a little too hyped when it comes to the band. I know he is Motley Crue he is the man of the name but he is nothing in Motlley Crue without the others and they at least some in there have not really been giving what they deserve in my book when it comes to things that are fair!!!! Any how I have to be careful what I say in here there is a lot of love hate towards peoples opinion in public forums to say the least that is also why I never bothered to get in on the old shout board on the Motley Crue old official site the days that also saw the band returning as kings in 2005 06 .......... Crue fans are not all friendly they are totally not like KISS or Elvis fans. They are almost like fighting their own battle fields and would do anything for attention and sacking and slaughtering down any that holds a different opinion than their own. I do not like that. That is also why I do not have many ... okay okay okay I should not even finish that one so.. I will not.

A simple Sebastian Bach tweet has sparked a war of he said-he said between the former Skid Row singer and Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx, with neither side looking like they’re ready to give in. As we previously reported, Bach recently told his Twitter followers that he was asked to join Motley Crue in the wake of Vince Neil‘s departure from the band in 1992. Sixx quickly retorted that Bach’s version of events never happened. And Bach clearly doesn’t take kindly to being called a liar. “Well, it’s not every day you wake up to one of your childhood heroes calling you a liar,” Bach responded in a lengthy Facebook post. “It is incredible to me that Nikki Sixx, one of my childhood heroes, would go on his radio station to talk about one single tweet that I made. I did not realize that my tweets were this newsworthy.” Childhood hero or not, Bach insists Sixx is either lying himself or was too, um, incapacitated during the ’80s to remember much of what he did. “What did they say about the ’80s? If you remembered it, you weren’t really there?” joked Bach, going on to point out what he claims is a discrepancy in a passage from Sixx’s ‘Heroin Diaries’ memoir. “Do I think Nikki Sixx is actually ‘lying’? Not really. I am sure that all of the heroin and partying and drinking would affect a man’s memory … Nikki Sixx is either calling me a liar, or his memory is wrong in this instance. I am willing to assume the latter.”

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx says the story that Sebastian Bach is telling about being asked to join Motley Crue is simply not true. Last week, the Skid Row singer said he was asked to replace Vince Neil when the singer left the group in 1992. Sixx said it never happened. During a recent broadcast of his ‘Sixx Sense‘ radio show, the Crue man pointed out that Bach was still in Skid Row at the time, and they were “on top of the world.” He added that Skid Row guitarist Dave “The Snake” Sabo “is one of my very best friends. So I think I would remember that.” “I don’t know where Sebastian got this,” he continued. “I think maybe Sebastian wanted to be in Motley Crue and just forgot to tell us that he wanted to be in Motley Crue when we were looking for a singer. Which I don’t think we would have taken him anyway, just because of our friends from Skid Row.” ‘Sixx Sense’ co-host Kerri Kasem asked if maybe a drunken promise was made somewhere along the way. Sixx said that wasn’t the case, since one of the reasons the Crue and Neil split was because the singer refused to get sober. Bach stayed with Skid Row until 1996 (Sixx said he often tries to get the band to reunite), and Neil ended up rejoining Motley Crue in 1997. Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach says that MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx's "memory is wrong" regarding whether Bach was once asked to replace Vince Neil as the frontman of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Earlier this week, Bach responded to a question on Twitter, saying he was asked to join MÖTLEY CRÜE more than two decades ago. But Sixx disputed that account, telling the listeners of his "Sixx Sense" radio show that Bach's claim that was "absolutely not true. At the time that Vince left MÖTLEY CRÜE in 1990… '89… '90.. somewhere in there… '91… [Sebastian] was in SKID ROW and SKID ROW was on top of the world," Sixx said. "And [Dave] Snake [Sabo], their guitar player, was one of my very best friends. So I think I would remember that. "I don't know where Sebastian got this. I think maybe Sebastian wanted to be in MÖTLEY CRÜE and just forgot to tell us that he wanted to be in MÖTLEY CRÜE when we were looking for a singer. Which I don't think we would have taken him anyway, just because of our friends from SKID ROW." Sixx added, "Sebastian Bach was never part of this master plan, that's for sure. So I wanted people to know that."

Bach went on to say that his brief gig with Motley Crue included a full day’s rehearsal and a slew of phone calls between various managers, agents and label execs. “I was driven to rehearsal by Tommy Lee, and I spent a full day singing the Motley Crue set with the band Motley Crue,” he recalled. “I remember the songs that Nikki asked me to sing that day. I remember the whole road crews’ ecstatic reaction to us jamming together all day. And I remember Nikki’s very generous, kind offer, at the end of our rehearsal, for me to join the band Motley Crue. I remember his exact words, that he said to me in front of his whole road crew, Tommy and Mick [Mars] as well. It’s not every day that your hero asks you to join his band.” So what ultimately went down between Bach and the band? We’ll have to wait to find out. “I will tell the complete story of Nikki offering me to join Motley Crue in my upcoming book, which will be arriving on bookshelves soon,” he concluded. “I am not simply ‘making this up’ … I am not a liar. I am working on my book right now and I look forward to you all reading it. I plan on my book having even more information in it than one of my tweets does.”

Earlier tonight, Bach posted the following lengthy statement on his official Facebook page: "Well, it's not every day you wake up to one of your childhood heroes calling you a liar. Either that, or Nikki Sixx's memory needs some serious 'refreshing.' "What the fuck is Twitter? Twitter is the new rock magazine of the modern age. "When I was a kid, we had magazines and journalists and interviews and articles and pinups and posters to follow our favourite artists. Nowadays? Twitter is actually the new rock magazine. "Last week I answered one tweet with three words. Some fan asked me if I was 'ever approached to join MÖTLEY CRÜE.' My tweet, in response to this, was: 'not approached. asked.' Literally three words. "The next day I woke up and saw that my tweet had actually become headline news on every single rock music website. Every single rock music radio station. Every single rock news outlet, radio, web, or print, was reporting 'Sebastian Bach asked to join MOTLEY CRUE.' "I laughed that all of these supposed 'news outlets' have nothing better to do then go to my Twitter page to manufacture 'news' stories. "None of these 'news stories' had any actual quotes by me. Or anything that I actually said. Every single article just copied and pasted my tweet. "It is incredible to me that my Twitter feed is a source of 'news' for every rock news outlet around the world."Everybody knows that Nikki Sixx is in control of MÖTLEY CRÜE.

"When I woke up that next day and saw every headline of every news outlet 'Sebastian Bach asked to join MÖTLEY CRÜE', 'MÖTLEY CRÜE Sebastian Bach blah blah blah blah blah,' I was laughing, because this is extremely old news. I could envision Nikki Sixx seeing his band's name 'MÖTLEY CRÜE' in every single news article and saying, 'Hey, I am MÖTLEY CRÜE! What the fuck is all this?' "And now today I wake up to the headline that Nikki Sixx himself is on his radio station actually talking about my tweet. "It is incredible to me that Nikki Sixx, one of my childhood heroes, would go on his radio station to talk about one single tweet that I made. I did not realize that my tweets were this newsworthy. It blows my mind that Nikki Sixx is on his radio station talking about one tweet that I made in response to a fan. "Why people are constantly fixated on what happened in 1991 is completely beyond me. But that's just the way it is. "What did they say about the '80s? If you remembered it, you weren't really there? A perfect example of this would be Nikki Sixx's book 'The Heroin Diaries'. In his 'diary,' Nikki tells a story about the 'Theater Of Pain' tour and how I kicked in the window of the CNE Stadium door on the afternoon of the show and let all of the fans in at three in the afternoon. Being that his book is a 'diary,' you would think that this would be accurate information. But in actual fact, this whole incident did not even happen on the 'Theater Of Pain' tour. In fact, this incident occurred on the 'Shout At The Devil' tour. About 3 or 4 years before 'Theatre Of Pain'. "So does that mean Nikki Sixx's 'claim' that his 'book' is a 'diary' is 'absolutely not true?' Do I think Nikki Sixx is actually 'lying?' Not really. I am sure that all of the heroin and partying and drinking would affect a man's memory. The simple fact is that, I did indeed kick in the doors... on the 'Shout At The Devil' tour. Not the 'Theater Of Pain' tour. "Who even cares? What does this even matter, anyways?

"Vince Neil is the singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE. He always has been, and he always will be. Vince Neil is the voice, frontman, and singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Now and forever. So, Nikki Sixx is either calling me a liar, or his memory is wrong in this instance. I am willing to assume the latter. "The fact of the matter is I was not only asked to join MÖTLEY CRÜE… I actually REHEARSED with the band MÖTLEY CRÜE. "I was driven to rehearsal by Tommy Lee [MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer] and I spent a full day singing the MÖTLEY CRÜE set with the band MÖTLEY CRÜE. In front of their whole road crew. "I remember the songs that Nikki asked me to sing that day. I remember the whole road crew's ecstatic reaction to us jamming together all day. And I remember Nikki's very generous, kind offer, at the end of our rehearsal, for me to join the band MÖTLEY CRÜE. I remember his exact words, that he said to me in front of his whole road crew, Tommy, and Mick [Mars, MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist] as well. "It's not every day that your hero asks you to join his band. "I remember everything about that day.... including what kind of sandwich Tommy Lee had for lunch. "I will tell this complete story in my upcoming book. "This was not just a simple offer to 'join a band.' I rehearsed with the band. I spoke to their management on the phone days later about Nikki's offer. It was a big deal involving record companies, management companies, and all sorts of business dealings.

"Maybe Nikki doesn't remember that day. But I find it hard to believe that I would spend a day rehearsing with the band, at their official rehearsal hall, do the set with them, in front of their whole road crew, and Nikki doesn't remember this? "Oh, well. "I will tell the complete story of Nikki offering me to join MÖTLEY CRÜE in my upcoming book, which will be arriving on bookshelves soon. "I am not simply 'making this up.'"Thank you all for enjoying my Twitter page so very much. "I am not a liar. "I am working on my book right now and I look forward to you all reading it. "I plan on my book having even more information in it than one of my tweets does."

Okay I have tons of small things I would share with you but let me get back home from a Sweden trip tomorrow before I get in on too much other stuff here. My baby and I are gonna do some pretty cool things hopefully with a cool outcome to it - but that, that is to be seen in a bout one week from now. Also getting to pick up my box set of the complete Johnny Cash Columbia Records releases... can not wait to have and to hold that one. Until September 24th ... be good and to you that are going to Vegas this week... have a good one. They have already done their fair share of decorations - fuck!!!!


5 th Of september 2013, FInally Closed Deals - Goodbye Sixx Bass
5:53PM CET

MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil stopped by the KVVU Fox 5 studios in Las Vegas on August 26 to discuss the band's upcoming second residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino and eventual farewell tour. You can watch video footage of his appearance below. Asked about reports that that the final chapter for MÖTLEY CRÜE could come as early as 2016, after the film version of the group's biography, "The Dirt: Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band", gets completed, an accompanying album is released and yet one more tour around the globe, Vince said: "We just think it's kind of that time — to do one big push. The tour will last, like, two years. And kind of go out on top. I mean, we've been together, actually, 32 years, and by the time we finish up, it'll be 35 years. So that's a good enough run." Vince also insisted that MÖTLEY CRÜE's retirement will be for "real" and that they won't hold multiple farewell tours like certain other acts. "There are some bands that are on their fifth and sixth farewell tour," Vince said. "Nah, we're not gonna do that. I'm not gonna say we would never get back together and do some concerts or something — we wanna keep that open — but we're not gonna do a farewell tour and then a couple of years later go, 'Ah, never mind.'" MÖTLEY CRÜE will return to Las Vegas for an exclusive twelve-show engagement September 18 through October 6 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/vince-neil-on-motley-crues-farewell-tour-35-years-is-a-good-enough-run/#2MU1kzRFykL0rA8S.99

Cellebrating the 30th anniversary on my own of the 1983 album Shout At The Devil - I sit here posting a little buit by ones again reflecting on the months of my life when I first heard about and discovered the band. It was a massive shock almost I remember it was a part two of a KISS adventure not really being one. But KISS my then all time heroes part from Presley they had just taken off the costumes and make up - and now here came these four lads from Hollywood, California ohh yeah I remember it well. It was huge. The photo shots they presented themselves with were just so right on timing. It was magicla times in 83. No question. KISS and their Lick It Up album was a new side from the m too but I loved it. Man I can think of a lot of things that are attached to 1983 from my personal life. Funny what sticks to ones memory card thinking back actually.

Now I had a long list of somethings I needed to think about for a good while to be honest in the world of what collectibles to get. What to invest in and throw my hard earned cash in on. I had an agreement sat almost on the used Vegas bass from Nikki. But I have now dropped that thought and I am gonna do something else instead actually. No handed Nikki bass for me this time. I just felt this other thing would be a little more FAR OUT to get than a bass. I know I know a bass used on stage the night youre there its cool. But the same time its only one song its used for so ..... This other piece that I will get now is maybe the only one left in existence who knows and what a cool find. One member of the band sold out and tried to get some cash I guess. Ohh well. I am on it. I will get it and I will get it hand in hand face to face in Vegas. It is going to be rather exciting. I am really quiet happy about it to be honest. It is a great piece and a piece that is for sure not going to be found offered ever again. That is a guarantee. I think this is one of the best cool and rarest pieces my collection will actually be holding to be honest. Really cool shit. Photo? Want it? ......nah I will wait till I actually DO hold it in my hand so nothing goes bad on this one. But let me tell you what it is. It is the set list from the very first gig Motley Crue ever played as a band. From the Starwood 1981. And I get it with the actual table reservation card for Coffman for the night. Now duel!!!

Other things from a guy that I will try to get are the personal laminates used over some tours by Vince Neil personally and some hand written letters from Tommy from his jail time plus some more of the old time Coffman stuff - hopefully these things will for sure go to me and my collection over the next years time. I will also from a Swedish girl buy a smashed bass some personal shirts and jewelry plus a bass strap owned and used by Sixx. Then the other monster crown of the lot hopefully end October I will have an answer to this too weather I will set a deal or not. But I think I will. I know I will do my absolute best possible to get it. No questions there. Course this is another heavy piece I could actually end up getting not to be bragging but it is a well wanted item from many - possibly even some hard rock cafes round the country of USA. You can see some of the stuff here below if you like.

It has for some reason been really hard for me to come up with an okay feeling towards skipping the signed bass and other. You see there are some things that are for sure not the easiest thing in the world for me to just feel okay and good about. There are the people that go kind of "but Tommy for god sake man it’s only stuff. I know you like not to say love to collect and all but ......" -NO!! that not just it .I have decades ago given up all that referred to as a regular living for this the collecting universe and it is for shit sure not just something...... it is a major deal for me a major thing understand it or not. There are no competences in my life. Part from the part that is my love for another human being in form of a relationship. no matter what people say and understands. This is such a huge something for me. It has been seriously hard to get to accept also course I am going with a girl - a very good friend of mine to the Vegas city of sins.... and I wanted her to have the 40th birthday gift from me in shape of meeting Nikki in person. But now that idea is sort of buried with the changed view on decisions here. Sorry girl.

It is all really shitty I know but it’s a lot of prices and to get another bass and a bass from there or somewhere else kind of is irrelevant. I can go after a bass on the world tour to come I guess. Not this round. I will never ever see the set list or some of these other stuff again and should I pass on the leathur stuff etc from this one guy now I would more than likely be also kissing it goodbye ones and for all in my life of collecting these boys. I would really hate to see that happening to be honest. I love and treasure some of the stuff that I have gathered over time for sure. A lot of the things mentioned here today am amongst that kind of emotional box of the inner me. So many things and decisions this late summer - so many cool offers and stuff I am not really too keen on holding them all. Sometimes I wish I did not have these offers handed to me course they can often be thought of as troubled little chapters as they can be thought of as cool opportunities for sure. Life is too short and my work is truly not a well enough paycheque to cover even one third of all I open in on in my email or cell phone being offers on something.

I wonder if I am in the middle of growing up growing out of the Crue universe in baby steps all together. I wonder if I am about to let my life go over the next few coming years or what the heck will actually happen. I say this course I feel a huge new unknown focus on the so called other regular family life things that are right now not even close to be in place and actually handing me a nice all together positive feeling ever day as I get out of bed?!! I wonder if I slightly thinking differently in that way and aiming for a happy solid home rather than more and new crue stuff and concerts in the future. I know it is not now or nothing but I publicly already said that come January 1st 2014 I am out of certain things hanging in the towels and walking away on some things. Like the radio. Doing rock radio will be a thing in my past. Doing a load of partnership doings are going to be pulled the plug on too. A lot of things that have actually been in my life for ages are going to be locked up behind closed doors now. You see there have been a really hard road on all these things tons of working hours doubts and pleasures but CRUE activities and offers have always sat their little prints to decisions on things in all these fields really. Let me tell you I solidly need to feel good on all dictions made to the remaining chances on things the last time of the year if I do not feel more than just okay about all I do on this matter things will hit me HARD soon thereafter.

Next stop will be a few days off in Sweden coming real soon then back home for a few days of work and then hitting to Gothenburg for a London LeGrand show day and a started on massive portrait with him for sure. I truly hope things will come out great. Greater than perhaps even hoped for. We will see. But I intend to make it a massive cool something for shit sure. Certain things just cannot be made on half hearted something’s for me this is one of them things. This dude holds so much more than any sees in him I feel and it is a hell of a weird thing to sit with and to hold a kind of cool chance to get out there out in the open finally and finally see what the hell is and has been behind his name and persona that eventually has brought him back to here where he is right now!!!


1st Of September 2013, So This Is the Week of Final Plannings For The Year
Motley Crue are one of the most celebrated bands in rock and they’ve certainly enjoyed a fruitful career with plenty of standout records, but which album do you consider their best? We’re asking you to let us know what was your favorite Motley Crue album in this Loudwire Readers Poll. Was it their 1981 debut album, ‘Too Fast for Love’? The disc did feature the title track as well as their longtime favorite ‘Live Wire.’ Or perhaps it was their 1983 breakout ‘Shout at the Devil,’ which began to take hold on a national level. That disc spawned the title cut, plus ‘Looks That Kill,’ ‘Too Young to Fall in Love,’ and a cover of the Beatles classic ‘Helter Skelter.’ There’s also the 1985 album, ‘Theatre of Pain,’ which featured their Brownsville Station cover of ‘Smokin’ in the Boys Room’ as well as the longtime fan favorite ‘Home Sweet Home.’

In 1987, Motley Crue gave us the raucous classic, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ which featured the title track, ‘Wild Side,’ ‘You’re All I Need’ and a live version of the Elvis Presley favorite ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ There’s also the band’s stellar fifth album, ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ which gave us the title cut, plus ‘Kickstart My Heart,,’ ‘Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away),’ ‘Same ‘Ol Situation (S.O.S.)’ and the rock ballad ‘Without You.’ In the ’90s, we got two albums. The first, the self-titled ‘Motley Crue,’ is actually the only Crue disc that didn’t feature Vince Neil on vocals. John Corabi sang on ‘Hooligan’s Holiday,’ ‘Misunderstood’ and more. Neil returned for 1997's ‘Generation Swine,’ which featured an updated version of ‘Shout at the Devil,’ plus the songs ‘Beauty’ and ‘Afraid.’ And in the 2000s, the Crue has kept things going with 2000's ‘New Tattoo,’ a disc that spawned the single ‘Hell on High Heels,’ and 2008's ‘Saints of Los Angeles,’ which gave us the title cut and such other favorites as ‘Mutherf—er of the Year’ and ‘White Trash Circus.’ So, with three decades worth of albums, which is your favorite Motley Crue disc? Let us know by placing your vote in the Readers Poll below:

Motley Crue are getting ready to rock the City of Sin once again, and to celebrate, the band has teamed up with Loudwire, along with our friends at Ultimate Classic Rock, Noisecreep and GuySpeed, to give away an incredible prize pack. One lucky winner will receive a Nikki Sixx model Schecter Sixx bass guitar plus a pair of Nikki Sixx BluBlocker sunglasses! On Sept. 18, Motley Crue are set to kick off their second residency at the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Dubbed ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell,’ this string of Vegas dates is sure to be a memorable experience for both the band and their fans. If you’ve been thinking about heading to Vegas, you might as well time it so that you can witness a night of debauchery with Motley Crue. The residency runs from Sept. 18 through Oct. 6. Check out all the dates, details and ticket info here. As for the prize, the winner is in for a real treat. The Schecter Sixx bass is a gem of an instrument, with Nikki Sixx himself having a hand in the design. The bass features a mahogany body, a Grover MINI tuner, a rosewood fingerboard and more. Check out the full details on the Schecter Sixx at this location. But that’s not all! The winner will also take home a pair of Nikki Sixx BluBlocker sunglasses.They’re perfect for a summer drive, a day at the beach and a trip to Vegas. Check them out here. Enter for a chance to win by using the contest form above. The more options you choose, the more entries you get. The contest ends Sept. 18 at 11:59PM ET. See the official rules here.

Mick Mars had a reaction too to a Vince statement - Vince Neil recently confirmed that Motley Crue plan on retiring within the next few years due in part to Mick Mars health -- however the guitarist disagrees, saying such reports are bullshit. "Any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to 'my poor health' are BS," said Mars on Twitter. "I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring and never will." Mars suffers from Ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory disease that causes vertebrae in the spine to fuse together, thus making the spine less flexible and resulting in a hunched-forward posture. Mars was obviously addressing a recent Vince Neil interview with The Oakland Press where the singer confirmed Motley Crue will indeed retire in the near future. "It's just time," said Neil. "Mick's health is not that good, and touring is tough on him. I'm sure in five, 10 years' time we'll probably do something together again, but it's not gonna be like a KISS farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. We're not gonna be like that. We want to go out on top. We don't want to be one of those bands that people are like, 'Oh, they're playing a little club now'. We still sell out arenas and do stadium shows and stuff like that, and that's how we want to be remembered." Meanwhile, Motley Crue are getting ready to return to Las Vegas. The rockers best known for going to the extreme will once again take over the stage at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an exclusive twelve show engagement September 18 through October 6

As for my more personal and private life I have the week to come that will give myself a list of answers to what I will be doing about the heavy list of offered things here and now. Man it is a rough shitty something to know it is far from possible to grab a load of it since all is so holding heavy price tags but ... we will see how all unfolds in the end. I have some things I would really love to do then there are things on the list that are just really cool to have then there are the items that makes me go DAMN this is something I GOt TO DO. You know what I mean? Nothing is even close to be stuff that is making me say I know I do not have it but ahh it is also not really important. All items on this list from various people are so heavy collectibles it is scary!!!

I am without question going for ONE item that is not even going to be put up in question or doubt for me. It is a bad thing to let pass for sure for a line of reasons cannot tell about it till I have the stuff in my hands at some point but I am for sure going to aim for that and in late October the deal will be for sure a solid sat one to be done. I have no second thoughts to this. But as said I will and cannot tell anything just yet about it as I have so many thoughts to it should I let all know about it could go to hell for a few reasons so forgive me for the silent and secrete held for a while longer. I just feel I really have to. There is a good load of new stuff again waiting to get online now and I have to say that there are so many thoughts towards the site now days that will give me a lot of things to do over the next year’s time as well. But you will discover as it goes down.

One man’s birthday was up August 25th I have just not had the time or a full line of reasons to bring a diary to the table earlier than now so as a late one .......happy birthday god. Gene Simmons. I cannot believe all the activity that man still holds to his name in his 60s. It is highly admirable for shit sure. And the way he does it and the seriousness he puts behind everything he does and his kindness to the fans and collectors is mind-blowing. Happy birthday Gene. I am sure you had a good one. Good one probably evens an understatement really. I have a huge past with the band this man is in and it will be a weird world to me ones he is no longer in it. For personal reasons but my god this is really something and someone that has given me a huge something up through life. Absolutely.

Another thing that has happened totally unexpected and uncounted for is an out of the blue message popping up on my mobile all of a sudden from a guy in America that (shortly told) holds a few of the items from the lost stolen long gone lot of stage probs - from the new tattoo tour a good few things he has he says. He mentioned he was going to let me have it if only I can come up with the shipping for it myself then I can have it back. Have it as in HAVE IT. I really want to see if I can but again this comes in at a time where as you can probably tell form the above texted stuff - a very busy time and a lot of financially already sat list of something’s. But I want to go at it try to get it over here for sure!!!

I am reflecting on my crue life and years right now with music of Melissa Etheridge and it gets to me how much I ones again can see all that I gave up for this band. We get one chance here in life and we are all here to make the most of it and that is not happening for a lot of people. For me well I have a very sentimental heart and mind so I am not going to say I have gotten the fullest of the good life has to offer but I am on a change path right now ones again to let my 2014 be the year that starts a hell of a lot of new things for me a new life. And a vacation to Hawaii in 2014 or 15 will be reality too. A place I want to go to see before my mum passes. I know it’s dark thoughts but she always wanted to go there never did now she for sure never will even though she still is perfectly healthy in her 60s but it’s too far. And she is not tempted no more at all. I want to go there come back to bring a little of Hawaii for her and have a hell of a lot to tell her from it. And what a cool thought it is to say I did go. Crue has played there before wonder if they pay it a visit ones more as a touring band or not. Nikki got married there ones maybe look up that place too for the Crue interest side of things to the place. Elvis Presley holds a hell of a lot of history there too so all in all a paradise that for sure holds a serious load of .... yeah I am going to make this happen. Love Melissa E. such a passionate singerin. And performer. Still have never seen her would love to for sure.


25th Of july 2013, okay Pride & Cool Just Cracked BIG Time
06:13AM CET
There is officially no more complete love and passion holding the little word PRIDE for my collection and all that is Motley Crue. My buddy in America just handed and closed a deal with Nikki Sixx this last Monday buying 19 of his historic basses in one BUY!!!! I know nothing is a competition. But in all honesty I got such a slap in the face from this monster deal that must have cost him more than 100.000 dollars but for fuck sake I really honestly just got this ...let us call call it bitch slap that for a while this night local time here in Denmark made me wanna just do one thing. Stop my collecting. This is the worst thing I have ever experienced and it totally killed my willingness to go on. I have never from another guys deal felt this or such a thing ever. He totally took my breath away. Its insaine. One guy a non crue member is now holding the worlds coolect collection untouchable in all ways and shit. I feel like I should not even go on with this. At least not aim for instruments any more it is solidly irrelevant to own a single or two or three used somethings in that field for me now. I am stunned how much this guy actually took from the high wanted stuff on Ebay and ex-crue related personas and how much he has actually been paying on things. I have no idea how he can or has been willing to pay these items. I am thinkin he must own a firm or somethign couse this......

Do we smell envy here? ofcourse we do. It is a face beating like non other and it feels like shit is totally hopeless more hopeless than anything I can ever even think of. So close to my 150 shows an a hard tried ongoing of collecting al lofficial merch since reunion 2004. Done a hell of a job and so on so far but here comes the mother of fallen stars and it aims right towards this town. it will crush me like nothing else and as easy as one two three.... Such a ball breaker that nothing I can think of today wanna make me do much more. I really wish I could simply go like holy fuck bro thisi s such a high and one off cool for you brother congrats and leave it at that ... but it is so hard. Harder than you can ever imagine. I would say I defenately need time to pass me by and things to get delt with inside of me to see if I can come back so to speak and find a new and cool way for doing any Motley ongoing cellebration as a collector in this life time. Fuck Brian this wrecked me good. Congrats man - nothing ever - EVER - made me feel so damn crushed personally when it comes to a something that could shake me deeply and make be stand green with envy in a way it would touch my collecting passion this much. I am speachless as you all might be able to feel and see from this posting today.

So there is now a really testing time for me for the future. Should I drop the instruemtn thing now and try to get in on something more ...fuck I dont even know what to put or come up with as an example here for future monster focus on collecting shit in their name. Sorry lads this is massively torture. I did now how ever thanks to now a really dear friend to me (...... ;-)) get the 2013 hockey bad boys shirt. Fuck it is grat Really nice one. I truely think I remember it right when I say ... as i first saw it online I was like what 130 US dollars for this + shipping and a possible import fee... get out of here.. but holding it in real life in my hands yes a 1000 danish Kroner is a fucked up lot but it is massively nice. One of the best clothing products I have seen one the band in years and years. You should consier getting it for sure. Thanks doll. Youre cool. Awsome. The 19 basses are YES 19 ... its no fucking mistyping; 1. LA bass (natural thunderbird with la sticker & rubber area under pickguard) 2. Flamethrower bass 3. chalkboard finish thunderbird 4. Black rhinestone bass 5. red rhinestone bass 6. Brown Thunderbird with orange spot 7. Thunderbird with sunburst finish with black & red sticker 8. old silver guild bass 9. white warlock bass 10. bod studio sticker bass 11. primal scream jawbone 12. gibson flying v bass 13. little skulls & flag bass with cobweb on back 14. Multiple stickers thunderbird bass 15. pirate bas 16. gold/silver painted bass with what would satan do sticker 17. rust bass 18. rosary bass 19. green feelgood bass. Alou me time to getto an okay level and find out what to do with myself from this one. I am shocked but it will never even be topped by any ever as long as a Crue member has a pulse in this lifetime. Cool stuff is on its way now to me as I speak but ... this killed me in its own fucked up way for shit sure. Till next time enjoy the pictures of these bitches ***


16th / 17th Of August 2013, Crue Vegas Smiles, Presley & London LeGrand

Smoke, fire, great rock ’n’ roll. All elements in any Mötley Crüe show. But this time, as the bad boy rockers – considered among the most influential hair metal bands – return to the Joint for their second residency, they will be experimenting with new technology and pyrotechnics, Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil said. “There’s a lot of cool stuff we’re going to use this time,” Neil said of the 12-show residency. “Technology changes so rapidly and new stuff comes out all the time. All of a sudden someone goes, look at this, and we go, ‘Holy sh*t, that’s cool.’ “We have to outdo ourselves every time we put something new together. This one – I don’t know how we’re going to top this one. There’s some crazy stuff going on in this thing and just a lot of fire and smoke and monsters and all kinds of cool stuff.” Mötley Crüe’s “An Evening in Hell” at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel offers an intimate setting for the rockers and their fans – just 4,000 people max, a far cry from the sold-out arenas Mötley Crüe would play in the late ’80s. “You can encircle the audience here, where you really couldn’t do it in a MGM Grand (type stadium), you know what I mean?” Neil said, whose band has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide. “You’d lose the effect. And so, it’s a perfect size for doing something like that. When we did it last February, we just felt we could do so much more. We’re definitely taking advantage of every little thing on this tour (residency).” Neil, who lives in Las Vegas, said residencies are a “dream come true” for many touring bands.

“Being able to, especially for me living here, pack a lunch and f*ckin’ walk to work, you know?” he said. “Basically, we’re touring without having to really tour. It’s great to play every night here at home for me and not have to be on a bus or an airplane.” The other band members, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, will stay at the Hard Rock when they have a show, but will likely return home on off-days, Neil said. Fans can expect Mötley Crüe to play their greatest hits, such as “Dr. Feelgood,” “Girls Girls Girls,” “Home Sweet Home” and “Kickstart My Heart,” but band members are resurrecting some songs that have fallen to the wayside over the years. “I think we’ll dig a little deeper in our bag of songs and do a lot of stuff that we haven’t done in many, many years,” Neil said. “Those are going to be fun – fun for us and fun for the audience. So, it’s new songs, but it ain’t really new songs. They’re old songs, but they’re new to a lot of people.” But don’t expect to hear songs from some phantom album rumored for release in the next couple years. Neil said he doesn’t see the point in making a full-length album. Instead, the band is recording new songs for the soundtrack to “The Dirt,” a film in production and based on Mötley Crüe’s autobiography, “The Dirt – Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.”

When asked about the film’s status, he said, “I don’t really know (laughs). I’m just the singer for the band. Nobody tells me anything. I know it’s going to be out in late winter, early spring of next year.” As for the new Mötley Crüe songs, they are just that, Mötley Crüe songs, Neil explained. “It doesn’t sound like anything, except it sounds like Mötley Crüe,” Neil said. “We’re a rock band, we do rock music and that’s it. We don’t ever try to sound like anybody or follow trends. We just put out good rock ’n’ roll songs. “Mötley Crüe fans are Mötley Crüe fans. You don’t like us, don’t listen to us. You like us, you’ll like the new stuff. It doesn’t really matter to us. We write songs basically for ourselves, not for the fans, because we’re rock fans ourselves. So, we play what we like. That’s like our last album (“Saints of Los Angeles”) – every single song on that album I love.” Look for a farewell tour – Neil’s term for a retirement tour – starting about 2014 and lasting a year or two, he said. “We’ll do the world probably a couple of times over and call it quits,” Neil said. “It’s about that time.” Mötley Crüe plays the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas between Sept. 18 and Oct. 6, 2013.

The weirdest day to me in a long time has happend. A thing on the day if we talk US time of Elvis Presleys death the man I always will love the man I will always be thankful to for getting me into an interest on rock n roll. God bless his soul. I miss him tons and my memories from Graceland a vicit some years back almost makes me emotional and teary eyed, today!!! There is so much to be thanking Presley for being me. I would be able to post more than 3000 words non stop here on and about him and his place in my life without a pause for sure then again this is not a Presley page it’s my Motley fucking Crue site. But he is in everything I write here course he was the one leading me on to the things that happened in my life and in the end the gang of the four in Crue. If you people had only known me much deeper than this that I only share in words on here it would have been a far better understanding of my being there is no question to that. Mr. Elvis Presley you are missed much more than words can ever describe my emotions my love my thankfulness and more. You have no idea do you not know me deeper than from on here. And today in 1977 or now.... last night we lost the greatest thing in music that has ever walked the earth in the minds of millions and I happen to share that opinion but maybe for far more personal reasons than perhaps most really. Thank you for touching me in the earliest years of my life.

What was on this day of the death day of Elvis Presley 2013 was a fucked up day with country crossings, cancellations and delays on everything that I touched it was a terrible day. I felt constantly longing for being in Memphis today (16th) course I felt a strange need to celebrate my original inspiration as a passion for a rock star. Felt I was at the totally wrong place this day I could not really even find words to feed myself with to fully cover the inner - the deep inner feeling for the Presley time and love I had inside of me. It will probably never die. I think I will take that to the grave with me as the single only solid thing that truly stuck with me since before I had all my teeth almost. The king of rock n roll and more surely got the piece of me that was affected for life.

The night shift got to an end finally - this morning at 4.35Am. I was leaving work to catch a train towards Roskilde at 4:53AM. I had just gotten indoors as the phone rang from Gothenburg. A call that has touched me more than I can even tell you fully in the emotionally way that it actually is and holds to be honest. My old time friend the original singer and front figure in Nikkis side project Brides Of Destruction. Mr. London LeGrand. And say and type that name with a passion and pride none of you can fully know. He has been a friend on many turbulent levels but in spite of anything really I and he for that matter never left the other. It is a something that for sure will and can hold much cooler than any words could and can possibly describe unless you have experienced it yourself on your body.

So London calls and starts of a conversation that will forever be remembered in my mind till the day that I die.

He starts off in his happy go teaseful way that he always does... then started rambling on and on about something that felt more and more serious in a till today totally new way that most certainly made me numb and listening with full on ears. Nothing not a sound outside what came out of the phone and into the ear hole in my skull was paid any attention. You could have taken buildings down next door and I would not have moved a muscle. Let me just throw in here real quick. My passion for London as a rock star and a human being a stripped naked individual has always deeper than just a "cool rocker type of admiration". You know what I am saying? I felt it after just a couple of meetings with him after the debut B.O.D. album hit the streets in 2004. You can only imagine the impact he had on me. The thoughts and ideas I had of him as an artist and as a human being. I rarely meet this type of creature that I seem to be keeping this interest and passion and curiosity towards. So this call and where it later would lead on to was not something I would take lightly.

As London kept talking things slowly but solidly changed from chit chat to this deep thing about the bonding between me and him. He seemed to have this need in telling and reminding me that he himself was fully aware of the fact that he was drunk. He was fucked up at this time but that today possibly was a good day / morning to simply let out the ghosts that he had kept inside of him from since he was a kid. He kept telling and talking about the decade that has passed and that he saw me as one of the few friends he had that actually ment something deeper to him when not really being able to see him on a daily basis.... this is where things started to take a twist in this conversation. The rock star the stage strong individual boiled himself down to open up on things that stole my focus. Things that made me sent through my music life in many within lightning speed really. Let me say this already now - if it sounds a little messy confusing and all I am to blame. I should post this as its fresh I should also not for the reason that I simply ought to write everything down and leave it till later and then come back for it and see if I kind of pull it together even more for a more smooth reading and for shit sure world exclusive here!!! This is hot serious shit from an individual that has helt demons inside of himself for decades. This was a person a human being opening up in a way I truly never expected. And least of all not to me. Again forgive me if this is going to sound all or a bit messy but it is with a turbulent inner surprise and kind of shocked self that I put this down on "paper" and trying to get things respectfully told as the man wanted.

A story started about himself a story going in around his Hollywood start his Brides Of Destruction days how he was introduced to Nikki Sixx by Tracii Guns and all quickly turned into a way more personal and heartfelt perspective only a wounded character could let out or come up with. Suddenly London started to flip between the pages of his and my relationship why I was the one to be hearing this and the life he had leading up and into the world of rock n roll stage presents and rock star persona that is the single one side of the man that anyone sees or for that matter has been allowed to see. Several times he kept saying I know I am drunk but I would not be able to say these things if I was so out of it that this made no sense. And I want you to record this Tommy I want you to have this story of al lI could possibly talk to you have been there since the first time you met me never let me down. I have been embarrassed many times over from not fully letting you in. But thats me. I seem to have needed a lot of time to take in what I hoped for you were and that I now see and hoped for to see and feel from and in others a long time ago. Now I am taking you in 100% Tommy have in my mind for a while but you are a very special someone and you are a very special direct no bull don’t give a fuck kind of guy that I have learned to respected with time. If I at any point in a day from now or later denies anything I have told or will tell you (here he started to cry - like really breaking down in a bad awfully emotional way) tell me to go fuck myself. I know it’s easier to do this now being drunk but I am telling you every one has an easier framing to say these things when they are not all clear in their heads. But I do know what I am telling you. I have been trapped with things since I was a very young boy Tommy. I come from a place not many knows of. I come from a broken home where my mum was a princess she was hot she had it all going she was married and they were good till they went bad. My father was abusive. I was - along with my mother - threatened and beating so hard Tommy I would consider me being here today a miracle. I love my farther don’t put him up as a bad man don’t trash his name don’t think there is no heartfelt love from he to him course there is. Today things are not changeable course he died. My mother divorced him after a long time I was maybe 4 or 5 when he even tried to kill us with a gun the threats were there. My mother always tried to protect me. Tried to protect me in all ways for all costs even though it was with lies and hidden truths.

At this point in the conversation I was all over the place in my head. I was fully listening like with all ears but a little part of me was running through life of my own running through the life we have all learned about on Sixx running through the fact of how the so called Brides Of Destruction fans have seen the band. They kind of all only saw and was in this for Sixx. Then again that is the kind of magnet he is and has built himself up to be I think. But Jesus NO ONE knows the real person delivering the songs the sound the lyrics in the speakers every night that time they were active. At the same time I was like why me? Why me London? Why of all people in the world are you telling me? So I asked this question and got a reply that was heartfelt. You have always stood by me no matter what you did not disappear after Brides you did not give me the finger you did not push me out even when I presented you music from bands I was in in Hollywood and that area back then you always shown respect always backed off when felt I needed space. Not many did this. I sometimes wanted to tell my story to Nikki in the days of B.O.D. but I could not. I never got to it. I never got to this part out of respect for his own hard work and success in sobriety to himself. But I needed it I needed to let things out I needed to find myself and not stand as a foney a fake a plastic rock star fronting a band I knew had potential knew was holding STARS knew had money mansions and all...... but I know now Tommy it’s not about the stuff the fake shit the mansions and expensive cars and shit. It’s the heart. It’s the balance and beliefs in what you do that is everything.....

my thoughts through life have been many but I often thought about where I come from Tommy and it was often a hard place I knew things from life changes in the family put me and my mum in a hard place I often only said YES that somebody had fed me at school for her to be calm at least on the thoughts of her kids well being. And she has said tried to protect me from a hell of a lot all up till round my 26th year. She kept things from me she kept things from me that was of life confirming quality and importance like stuff about my daddy how she kept things from him such as the gun in fear for him using it on us one day and all. She kept her past and my dad’s past from me to protect me like I am and has been unaware of the not less than 9 step brothers and sisters that I have I have never met. Kids that has come from marriages pre the one that holds my parents. Dad been married like five times before with my mum my mum some maybe three times before my dad too. But a lot of things that was done in the family and a lot of things that affected me in my existence growing up and all turned me into a really messed up kid. My mum always told me "if you step every step of another being that does something then who says that you are any better than that person?" Mum loved and protected me rock solid. But in a way that damaged me major and I have walked around with a need to get this story told getting it out of my system Tommy and I choose you for the many reasons you have been told. You have early on tattooed my name and a picture on your skin for life not many has done that. You’re stuck with this freak for life and I respect that more than you will ever fully understand. But the protective ways from my mum built demons inside of me that I could not get rid of.

At this point I was sitting with tons of related questions to almost making it a story an interview a documentary type of thing. I know I have to milk it sometime somehow. There is a really fucked up cool story here that could - being put together in a really thoughtful way - lead to something good cool large maybe in other linked something’s holding our bonding as the strength maybe? I lost my dad that I loved and love without forgetting the shit he pulled on us and my mum from and for the same. My grandparents have all died and parents almost dead now and the relations in the family tree is a dusty old grey shadow in my life today. I believe in the punk rock sleaze glam rock n roll shit. Label it as you will and prefer I could not give a flying fuck but I have things to do that feels like therapy almost on many issues that I here share with you. For the record London is still high on tears and an emotional wreck. I feel somewhat strongly that he really wants to build something together he would like and prefer that I took part in whatever I can in his musical career really. I feel he likes to have me in his own odd ways as the invisible self to turn to and lean up against for comfort for guidance for feeding the sometimes needed pep talks and chatty something’s. His existence has been one long push and pulls existence. And he needs peace.

He kept talking about his growing up his life as is and the fear that all of his words all of a sudden would be looked at as a message to the kids being suicidal. For them to go the last mile and end their lives. He made a longer speech a new twist in his telling still in tears all wrecked that he did not want any more deaths any more misery for himself or people out there. It was important to send out a message that no matter how you are who you are and how miserable you would see you yourself feeling there was this one thing that equaled all beings. We all have a quality that is good for something. We are all good enough. We are all useful in one way or another. We are not trash not meant to be looking in the mirror and see nothing but hopelessness. We are larger than this. We are ALL more important than that. Tons of things are to be told to the world to the people that are low fighting demons and family fues..... way too much stuff are missing love. Love is the only life sorce that takes us through this one way ride in life and we all need to reached out to and be told that we are all loved and hold a quality useful for something. Tommy quote me on this quote me on all I am saying tonight. I am terrified to see or hear about more youngsters thinking life is bad and life is filled with stuff that makes me unimportant. Help me spread the word Tommy. I have had enough of this in on my life for far too long.

Who has ever opened up to you like this or to any person who are media Tommy? No one. I am here at a bus stop for busses or tramps or something I am crying and there are all kinds of people around me close ... within ten to twenty feet. And I do not care Tommy I do not care this is needed this is beautiful. This is really beautiful. Thank you Tommy for listening and make sure to record all of this and quote me on all. I will stand up to this and I know there may be questions but I will answer them all. Just wait. People are asking me to come along but this is way too important I need to do this I need to finish this. Tommy you there? You hear all that I am saying? I am giving you first time ever in my life Tommy first time ever this story to anyone even though it has been there eating me up since childhood.

Mutherfucker I have been scared stiff to stand up and say this to anyone. So why now? Course I found the balls to share this and course it’s you man - you are loved by me I love you I know you love me and it’s for you. You deserve to know the truth the unedited me the untold story. Course you’re that important. You’re that good. You have talent you would never give me shit never trash me my name or nothing as would I not you. Why now? Why spreading this now? Course it’s iconic. I am swallowing my balls here to let you know brother. Tommy you have no idea I want you to move me want you to make a name of me again. I want you to have the exclusive interview I know you can do and give handle and receive. No one else. You are all love and thats what so beautiful it is this is beautiful.

Everybody knows me mostly from Brides I know this but no one really knew me. I buried the sadness the shit and all deep inside of me then I tried to live the here the now the hard try to be proud of having made it to be in the band and on stage and tour with fucking Nikki and Tracii. It was a dream but I always needed the inner me to come to surface to fully be me. It never happened I was not on shit but I was fucked up from the past from the childhood from the history with my family my farther my mother my untold truth. The secrets did not save me spare me or protect me it fucked me up bad Tommy. To have met a few people down the road like you is more important to me than making it and becoming a multi millionaire go buy a mansion and fast expensive car. I had family with money Tommy (the tears the sound of his voice reaches the top of bad on the line now) money such stinky object to the human kind .That why I wore my vest saying GREED. I hate it I always hated it. Money is the worst its controlling everything but it is paper Tommy it comes from trees and it’s the ultimate destructive thing I have ever known. That why I took the pain to get the mighty dollar tattooed on my chest. To remind me of this. To keep me safe from the mistakes I have know others make that did harm to me. We can all live off of love and talent and enjoy this but we are so rarely given it.

Tommy I can do an hour interview I can do a afternoon full time interview but the real me the inner me would never get out. I want you to have it all I want you to break me to the people I want you to come here move in with me for a week or something and take notice of al I do. We share all the tea beers parties’ mornings’ day time night time calm and crazy times. I want you to see the real me want you to do that London special I know you want but with the truth the deep and inner me not the rock star surface any one can do and does that shit all the time its uncool its uninteresting. Let’s do this Tommy let me feed you and you feed me. Let’s do this its right its good. I know you can do this you’re the man.

There are a good few more things to this phone call but you see folks a lot of this got to be a real personal up front thing that shook me in its own overwhelming way. I have always as a radio / media person wanted to get in on this wanted to try to get his story. I have always liked to discover the mystery and more but when it comes out like this and comes out in the raw unthought-of of but brutally through a sort of breakdown course that is what I would call it then it becomes touchy in a far more and far deeper way than any interview can and would ever become.

If Mr. LeGrand is still willing to do this as I will turn to him in a more sober and clear minded state - I will take him up on his word for sure and get some shit created. It it beyond a fact that this one is and can be more than anything I could dream of doing as a fan a media person and a friend to someone that to me seems somewhat in a wild zone in many ways. I have personally seen a guy that used to be extremely much taken care of himself in the way that every time there was a tour a something he was on his hidden hotel rooms drinking tea and all kinds of stuff. I truly do feel a little both curious but certainly also sad and concerned about him now a days. Why? Well for the reasons that he is now on heavy drinking partying and more. I am not and will not never ever trash his name or nothing in any bad way at all. I just notice this really changed L. L. and that for sure is as said both concerning and interesting.

But now sitting here with this happened call and spilled guts to my ear on a very early morning hour I must say there are more and possibly lines of reasons for his change now and his reasons for being in Sweden and not Hollywood California no more. There are obvious thoughts and things actually for me now that this has gone down and being all of the labeled things a friend a fan a collector a media guy to this man absolutely makes me more interested for a list of reasons depending on what person you ask in on. The collector? The fan? The friend or the radio host? It’s all different hats to wear and I can set them apart wheatear people do understand that or not. All the different hats so to speak make me also look at things in different perspectives for sure. The overall picture the details and the easy read and seen stories and later the behind and under the skin untold stuff like this "the call" - how can I as a person wearing these hats not find a huge amount of deeper interesting things to this one individual? Man this has been a long hard day of emotional something’s and I almost feel like I have been running a marathon.

Any and all of such things affects me in a massive way no question. I have a lot of things that will and can be doing a lot of things to me in my head and to me as a person in ways that slowly changes me inch by inch. There are so many things I have going in my own personal life but from time to time things like the above comes in from the left and that for sure gives me ideas and thoughts to ...maybe I should change this a little in the sense that here is something more interesting that will take the place of that over here instead so you kind of takes things in to give up on some old. It is what makes life and the passionate side of life interesting to a guy like me.


14th Of August 2013, Damn Some Days It Is - Trying To Help
9:31PM CET
Good evening out there in Crue land. It is just a little after 9:30 in the evening time locally here in Denmark. I thought I would sit my ass down here for a little while and just let things get out of the system really. I have a ton of thoughts about some things and I have aloud myself to be totally booked up for November already that month is so packed now it is impossible to put more into it as it is now. So there are one month less now already of the remaning time of 2013. When is that not typically me. Ohh well it is filled up outside ordinary job with tons of good things and I have not less than three new meet n greets with bands already lined up. Black Veil Brides, Alter Bridge and Black Star Riders (the old latest edition the the touring Thin Lizzy). Lots of work and lots of rock n roll in the month of November. Delt with. We are here and now in the middle of August and the summer (pardon my opinion) is more or less on a fade thank god. These last couple of days for one that is absolutely not good with heat at all has slowly woken up and feeling a little bit alive again. Thank you very much.

It has been a very demanding week. For my wallet. For my brians and for my body. Yes I know ones again. A few things in the Crue world have been forcedof the smaller thigns in that universe to be grabbed. At work it has been a very hard week for me. We have really been heaverly busy and its been really hard work to be honest. For my wallet well for many reasons but also course I have and would want to try to help my younger brother whom collects this swedish band and have now gotten some hard heavy collectibles directly from the band offered. He is finally step by step learning the process for getting huge serious deals sat up. I thing some of the thigns that are in the wait for myself in the remaning month of the year will for sure be great. And two HUGE things as mentioned do I pray extra hard for will come to this home when the details are all planned out I mentioned it briefly before in the last posting I wrote in on here.

Now sitting here in my very worn out apartment in what looks like the rest of a battlefield but I need to get a few things done on it tomorrow for sure. It will be fine to get som done about it tomorrow for sure. There are nothing that hurts me more than seeing all this way. But .. ohh well too long a story in and about my Motley universe to even get started on in here. But it is a mess and I wanna change a lot so much it frightens me. I have a few thigns that I like to ... realy like to get in on tomorrow it would be a big pleasing thing. I think a lot about a lot in life these days.

The month of July and first week of August has been a time of really heartfelt dissapointments. I need to think new fresh and forward on other things now. And the only thing that has been more or less fully delt with to at least killed a huge thing for myself and give me some peace is the vegas one. I now know I will be just fine on that one. After this is covered in the preferred and hoped for way I have some of the briefly other mentioned stuff as in collectibles to get my attention on. But I did kind of turn things upside down when it comes to priority making and it was an okay choice. I know I ended up loosing some of the things and I had a musically kind of healing way on certain fronts in a Scottish band called Texas do not know how many of you actually knows about it it is far far far from motley music. But it is a thing that took me totally out of my envirement and gave me a breather I truely have needed from as mentioned - a lot of bad the more recent weeks.

I truely hope for a great ending ones again seen with motley collecting eyes this year too. I have been blessed in many ways I know this but for fuck sake a lot of work patience signed off things ordinary life and concerns have been in that stue to even make things possible for me on a lot of the items that are under this roof. I am feeling on my way back to the good again. I am sort of okay with the shaky and kind of uncertanty of not really being able to do anything about everything that has been thrown to my plate the last good month time. But I will be going head to head with some of it course it is all good great stuff for sure. I will get some of the things that are of massive interest trust me. It will bring a financially hole for soem months but in all fairness next year is slowly being build in for m of the much talked about framings as in moving and more. Its a NON CRUE account started to simply lock the amount in on there for nothing but a new life starting next year. No reason to even start to get ideas of anything else. Next year my life starts as a new. And I will be the first one smiling about it from and with a passionate heart of love and satisfaction for it all. Trust me dear diary trust me this is the big one. No way back. Besides I need it badly. Crue is not gonna go anywhere it is all too important and heartfelt still. And I like to say that I wanna finish with a hell of a self satisfaction when time comes not looking back and go I did this for so many years gave up regular living and what a ride its been but ohhh I never closed the book rightfully. That ending will surely haunt me for life. More on my inner self and deeper doings thinkings and more over the weekend if I find the right time for sitting down sharing. Did you all see the chance - IF YOU ARE IN THE US of A and California to see the radio couple in the flesh? Look to the right of this section.


9th Of August 2013, Fucked Up Private Stuff But Crue Thoughts
6:08AM CET
Morning everyone. It is Wednesday here in Denmark now Wednesday morning another night shift is over and done with. There are so many thoughts the last weeks time it is almost killing me. Thoughts of both good bad concern and attitude. Let me try to explain more. Everything touches my personal life style as collecting Motley. I feel it clearly and it fucking saddens me major. I have had so many new mails text messages and told news flashes the last couple of weeks I feel burried in shitty news. A lot of them are about frinedship back stabbing and envy that grew oout of other peoples hands so it turned ego minded and ugly on what I personally have had with some individuals out there. A few that I condered my brothers and sisrters not biologically but at heart have failt in ways there are hardly any forgiveness. I will forever think of them as never excisting from this day forward.

I can not find words enough to let you all get a clear picture what these things have done to me emotionally and what these individuals seem to be made of after all. How fucking fooled can one be? Ohh well I say it again there are no more trust to any on a lot of issues no more. I am and have been way to open minded too hopeful too leaning towards the positive till different proven. How stupid of me. not gonna happen much again I guarentee it. All these dissapointments and the slap in the face from the news from my friend gaining all the basses in one buy one life investment and all....it has sucked a lot out of me for sure. Not shitting you. It has bee na tough round two for this year to eat up. But I am doing al lI possibly can to over come al lthe trash people hand me and I have more than ones asked myself to give in on all thats me as most of you know me by now - would it be cool to leave it all behind and start off on something new anonymously? God if you only knew how hard it is to be open minded and like an open book towards people and when the reality doesnt really add up in peoples minds or they wanna change it a little bit for what ever kick they are getting from them things well...... I am so tired of it.

Trying to get all together here for myself and with a new good and okay felt balance with my motley collecting again ... seems like every now and then I get this bitch slap in the face that emotionally takes me down some and it is a hard one to get out of agaion for one like me. The reason for it is that have my heart in it and people do not get it all the time. It is easy to see and to tell that they dont get my individual. I think Tommy Lee Methods Of mayhem song LOUDER sums it up. Listen to that or his solo album track HOLD ME DOWN those two songs are so me in ohh so many ways ..... I have been in enough pain and sadness course of other people already. I am litterally suprised I am still holding it together at all. Crue has been a massive saving platform over the years for me brought me back up telling me to stand proud for myself dont take shit from anyone it is not the easiest thing but somehow Crue has as mentioned been a safety path and brought me back as they say in so many ways. So many times. Just sat for half an hour and talked to a very sweet person about all this and she even told me you are sometimes quiet easy to envy or to be misunderstood but I guess you sort of have a lot of experience on these things so you at times may be trying to be self protective even though you cant really?

Okay that was a mouthful for me to get off my chest. I am still trying to get things added on here there are some good few thigns that are laying waiting to see its places on the site here so please just be patient a little more. My appologies I have used that line a lot this year. I know. Sorry. I need to get my stuff sorted and I have more Crue plans for what I have and hold already but also new stuff is coming in and I will be of the high end if not feeling good and proud of those thigns coming for sure. I so badly want to do good for my last remaning Crue collecing years and I feel I have a lot of good chances to get something that are really great collectibles. You know what I am saying? Still high on things to get. Still want the hotel banner so bad. The old talked about banner from Hard Rock Hotel vegas.... I think some how I will. We will see. The Vegas trip in October is now on a started saving situation and it is a real cool good thing to know. I will be safe guarenteed to cover the complete missed merch line now. I will be able to get some things that are there I am currently unaware of as of now too. I will make this one a really great cool one. I have killed some of the troubled thoughts about the trip that I sat with and it feels really good.

In the times of stress and shitty down felt feelings of different kinds I have given myself a few things to cover up on the bad and looking in on a rested mind about my Crue life and more so I grabbed a 70s nostalgic night in Malmoe Sweden a good week ago. I went there to witness the old glam kings of the starting original area of glam rock The Sweet my 70s heros and their rivals in Slade along side a band called Smokie on the bill. It was a hot outdoor even completely sold out and it was giving me a ton of flashbacks to the years where and when I actually started discovering rock n roll and the music that took over my life in more ways than one. It was nice to escape somethigns and it was cool to hear these songs delieveered live even though no n of the bands were origianl lineups no more. . Two members of Sladee and one just one of The Sweet but Sweet especially delievered the songs so close to the origian land in such a nice rocked way I left that one in happiness afterwards I was lucky enough to meet up with the original member of Sweet Andy Scott for a chat and a signed CD. I really got a great felt good short time with him and it was such a blast to have. never met him before in my life so it was magicla .... 70s hero. Thanks Andy.

Special Nikki Sixx Edition One of the most popular pairs of sunglasses in the world and one of the best known musical artists in the world. With exceptional visual clarity and sharpness, ultra-light construction, and superior comfort, the ultimate classic BluBlocker sunglasses are great for blocking the sun during summer fun or looking like a champ while you’re out on the town. Block harmful ultraviolet rays and experience unparalleled crisp, clear vision and guaranteed freshness with these vintage black nylon BluBlockers™. Drawstring pouch, collectible sunglass pin, neckstrap, and custom collectible package box includedItem# 2701NS. -Now here is the UNcool part that are the policy of the company carrying the sunglasses for all European interested. How do I get them? "Hello Tommy: Thank you for your inquiry. This promotion is only being offered in the US at this time. If possible, maybe a friend or family member in the US can purchase them for you. Thank you, BluBlocker Customer Service
custserv@blublocker.com 1-800-BluBlockers(258-2562).

Okay so I find one that are willing to let it go there to a US address but I use my own credit card online for placing the order. It decline.... I ask why? Answer from the company is; Hello: Thank you for your inquiry. We only accept credit cards drawn from a US bank. Thank you Shelia BluBlocker Customer Service custserv@blublocker.com 1-800-BluBlockers(258-2562). SUCKS major .... happy to tell you though its been paid for and i will bring it home to get added on here by the home coming from the LAs Vegas tour in just some weeks. Thanks !!!!

I need to get in on a few things too that will make me able to get some other Crue things covered. Did you al lsee the new sleeved vest up for grabs a lot of money I agree. And the patch "81" has already caused a stur about the hells angels. Especially if you buy this and wear it in the UK it could for certain reasons bring you trouble. I still want it though. But ..... I need to get a little list of doings coverd first before I grab it. you can see a few sample pictures of it above here. A few test press picture discs have come to the surface again in Crue land just offered two and one of them will be mine but jeessssuuusss the price tags on them it is almost insaine to say yes in all honestness. How ever it is a doing that is done one one of them. You see the two on each side of this section in todays posting. I am truely hoping for some other thigns but right now I am not gonna aim high for much of it till I have stuff liek the Vegas trip and others completely secured and covered. think with all the stuff I am dealing with right now it is the smartest thing to do. So many things seem to come to the surface ones aain now and it is not the easiest thing to grasp for sure. How ever it is a thing that just shows people have a whole new view and willingness to let go of thigns that are collectibles of the band. I wonder if that with time will make a lot of thigns loose both value and requests to gain these one offs....... that could end up becoming the back side to things if it continues like this. Then again it is not a thing that will be of any relevance in the near by coming years I am sure. Any how things are just - from my point of view - a little cooler now thigns actually are available here and there now and then on the heavy collectible side of things.

As I return from Vegas I will hav to decide on a hard rock cafe item offered. Well it is not at a hard rock cafe but it is for sure hard rock cafe item material. The owner of the piece(s) have been offered 2500 (+) dollars for this and turned it down. So it is a little more than just a casette tape price actually if I want this one. How ever i t is also a priceless something and a spine like item on one of the members of the band if I grab it. Plus it holds a lot value in the sense that grabbing it I would not loose money from it. And I would certainly not feel like I was holding something that was a generaly item for sure. It would be an awsome piece to grab. I think about it quiet often to be honest but there is not a debate about this item wit hthe holder of it till September or round there. I have for sure a hope that I will get it and I have also been told I will get first chance since we seem friends and all. That is such a great advantage to hold I think. I will do all I can possibly do to gain this after my chances stands more open round and after the time of my Vegas trip. I can and will not say what this itme is just yet. But thoughts are high about this for sure and I would be the happiest for sure to say I hold this item(s) in the collection. A good couple of months more and I will more than likely have the answer to this one too. Its an amazing thouhgt in its own way.

I have unlike my good American friend B. Scott never really gotten into framing a lot of the collectible stuff that I have it is jsut not the priority I have chosen to focus on for years. I have instead gotten a shit load of other items added to the collection and now in the next year to come I will start foing this slowly piece by piece. I envy my frined having this done almost instant ly as he gets stuff himself. I dont know how he an he for sure is way more wealthy than I will ever be and besides framings here in Denmark is a real bitch. It costs like you can not even imagine to get it done the way it is suppose to be done no question. I will start doing this and get to the botem of a few of my boxes so it can be wall material rather than another filled box in the lot actually. I like to get then don for sure also to kindof contain the items orginal condition as by received. I will try to get things in gear but so much has made this year a real bitch a lot of back stabbing a lot of sad shit and a massive scares to my heart for sure. I am so sick and tired of it it is uncomparable to anything really. I so need to get thigns sorted fixed replaced with these other cool stuff out there and all. I have slowly started taken in new faces in my life as some of you know and that is a really good thing to me as an individual too but I am not really taking new people in on my Crue life that part seems to be sort of a there and then issue. Enough of the hurt already and the disapointments already thank you very much.

other than all this mentioned in on here this time I have to say the unposted stuff for the day are things that are of such uncertainty that it would not as of yet be worth posting on here. I think a lot of things could make this posting much - much longer but I am not really to put too much time in on things that are not really so very guarenteed just yet. I will probably be back some time next week after a godo few news letters are expected and more so there could be a lot more to post then ....... talk to youall soon. and hey as always thanks for stopping by!!!!

Here is the cool part and policy from the company carrying them


14th Of July 2013, Tons Of New Offers - Time Away !!!
2:25PM CET

Hey dear Diary. Time again to say hello catch up let out a little of al lthat is inside of me. There are so many thoughts and so many things up in the air and yet so little time so little money for it all. I am truely in a haze these days bathing oin offers that are not even close to be just cool. It is over cool and it is a maximum something when thinking about the many Motley crue offers I sit with. Alone since my last posting in here I have been massively bathing in great somethings. A good few of these things are so massively problematic to get course of high prices or because the shipping alone is almost more than the HIGH price on the price tag itself. And one item in particular is so damn cool so historic in its own way too but again I would need someone that could for sure grab a hell of a willingness to have it stored by him or her for a long time till a solution to it going here could be found. Not at all easy!!!

It is the original Hard Rock Hotel monster banner hanging on the wall outside the hotel casino one of a kind massive!!! in size and in weight!!! I would love to get this one. Fuck. I can pay it but I can not really get it home in any way. Tons of money to do that. no way the airline would take it on board I dont think. Not even for a specil a item fee. I just do not believe it in any way. So many thoughts to it obviously course it is a hell of a piece but also in homely surroundings it is a monster to have stored away you know. It is not always the cool things that are the easiest to have or store away at your home. I have not yet rulled this one out but the clock is ticking you know. Shit!!!! hard to make a good something out of for sure. Never the less I need to be kind of good wiht it course there are so many things I will never get that I am offered and it is simply not possible with just a regular job and life and no huge house or home to have it all in. It is that simple. Just from time to time hard to accept kind of course you want it so bad as a collector.

Then there is this need to also get things that are in movement sorted and ended too. these ongoing deals and still not fully completed somethings are also a good task to keep in mind until it actually is fully done and considered final closed deals! I have been offered to buy Nikkis old motorcycle now his proto type signature thunderbird bass, his SOLA tour used bass, Mick generation Swine promo guitar, the skin from Tommys SOLA over sized kickdrum, and much moe ... all very very expensive stuff. The Hard Rock Hotel Vegas banner - the Heroin Diary book(s) from the days they happend. And much much more. There are not words for this shit really.I could spend a good 50.000 dollars today alone should I have all this stuff. It is massive cool shit no question but for the love of god I am a regualr sad little worker and I do not hold the silver spoon up my ass to fullful and complete these hot dreams of Crue collectibles.

I have also this need to get a serious break for a while so I am now goin to take that this coming week. getting some love and comfy times a lot of great times and rest like I had thought and longed for in June. But that took my body down in sickness all month now mid July I kind of need to get the rest I have not had yet since March. I need this and I have made sure it all starts from tomorow. So many things I would love to get love to do lvoe to participate in and with but it simply is not happening. I am awfully close now to my Vegas October trip for the Crue shows there - thinking of all that I need to do every month there is not much time over to do things nor to do xtra work for xtra cash it is just too close now. So I have to be sort fo careful in a way you get the picture of what I am trying to say I am sure? Right now as said I need rest and recharging my body.

I was meant to go to my friend Annika in northern Sweden or at least near by her next week but it kind of got a little complicated for some reason so it will not happen. I have changed some things about my so called frneds list in life now too. Even though some are crue fans and all they are gone from my life ... course of choice. They have not really done anything but there is a certain element from the past of my life that is in their lives too and I have simply reached a point where I do not fully trust or feel fine about the risks for sturred up bullshit to be happening so .... I am not gonna let it have the slightest chance to come to life ... I have told these few that I am not interested in having their bond no more if they choose to keep well this other thing in their lives. Its about my own life and balance for sure ...

It is time for sure to get the hell away permanently but in a handled smart way not a running from what will haunt you.... no thanks that is not what I wanna do. My life has been handed some new goals and they are not to be shared on here right now. I am not gonna spill out any hints or nothing. But I think I could be really well and better from this in the long run. -I have kind of decided it is my future like that so I am here now I have to focus and live on that not a future fantasy or a past that cant be changed anyways. So now I am gonna be gearing up for the remaning time of 2013 and the deals are kind of already sat in stone so I knwo as always what I am to do and all for the next couple of months or 5.

Massive delay on my Sixx owned and used stuff still. Amazing. Also massive delay on my order with the latest 2013 official merch crue store. They are for the 7th week in a row still waiting on certan things to come in. I am a little amazed have ordered a lot of things over the decades KISS, Presley, Maiden, AC/DC etc etc etc but not ever has there been a band that with the fanclub and merch store has taken such a long time to get things put out and in the mail for the costumers. It simply amazes me a lot. Now I do how ever think there are a good few chances that I will have a great chance to get the stuff covered as I have always done after all since 2005. Well not all tour places on earth but at least all from tours I have seen and the official online shop. God a lot of time cash and hard worked hours that has been put to rest covering these things over the years. for now I have to say I am gonna be away for a week.Then a little posting as I get back - then work a few days and the 26th 27th there will be scans new stuff to get added to the sections and then hoppefully these long waits are not to be anymore.


7th Of July 2013, So Much To Sort
2:32PM CET

It has been a very hectic time as posted in the last diary on here. I have had so many things that could easerly be considered as a sort of turbulent everyday living. There are so many offers on things these days that I also have simply had to say thanks but no thanks to to be honest. How ever a good few somethigns are now as you can probably imagine also in the mail and on its way to here. I have a good few pieces that will for sure add and expand the collection o an even greater level in the form of an absolute more interesting something all together. I have a good few things that I like to get my hands on as well but I gotta also be a little just a little realistic and say the hard earned cash is totally controlling the possibilities for getting a lot of the offered stuff. But no doubt there are a lot of things that I truely like getting. Like these just seen two picture discs the full albuim of the Theatre Of Pain and this one off pressed piece of your action picture discs. They are both monsterous high in on their auction listings the Theatre album alone so well over 350 Us dollars already and still a full day to go. Insaine really. But lets see how it ends tomorrow night my local time.

Now I also have this old Nikki owned and worn ROXY 1981 shirt missed out on it but that one had been the real dream actually but fuck over 500 US for it and again money talks no matter what the smart asses say. It is not easy. And my personal scare of the health issue on my own personal body... yeah well I have for sure had to get a lot of shit under the microscope for sure and I need to be really careful for a long time still. It is not my cop of tea. I NEED to be on the go with something. I am just not good at sitting here and go like yeah okay nothing to do and count flies on the wall... does not fully work for this kid. I am really getting restless if that has to go on for a month. How ever I started reading a book on KISS I just got. Rather cool to be honest. I think it really is a great one. I can not wait to get further into it.

Motley crue has since my May posting also released a new merch line. There are so much new stuff in t-shirts belt buckles caps toys and more now and things goes up in prices all the time. I have to say it is all ordered but I have some weird feelings that something too is wrong on the order course it should have been here by now actually a long time ago. I have to make a call to these people tomorrow Monday. What a drag this sometimes can be. Two things that are out I truely like is the baseball shirt and the hockey shirt 2013. They are cool top great quality items. I like to get the complete new line of merch for sure but ofcourse I am also seeing this never really ending shopping course its constantly coming out for sure. I have to say there are so many things stil lcoming out and there is this complete Vegas line in a couple of months as well. Ohh god almost getting dizzy thinking about it. We wil lsee how it all unfolds the last months of 2013.

One thing that I have been quet happy with was the reestablished bond (well never really broken but....) with mr. London LeGrand. Our all young cool singer of the then Brides Of Destruction. Our setting at Sweden Rock festival this June was a great one. He did injoy their part there for him and his band. He has started seeing things what can be done and what can be build to help promoting him and the London Based..... it can go far. But we need to talk more. There were a lot of people stepping up to the table at the Motley Excibition to meet him and have something signed and pictures taken with him. It gave him a new great small look at what can be and should be more realistic for him. There was that and a brand new photo shoot for him made all on behalf of yours truely. I want to do what I can for him. Funny we sat down and said after looking at each other just being happy to have cought up again. "Do you know we have had a friendship now ofr about ten years?" It was something I rally sort of tripped by. Ten fucking years already it is insaine how time flies to be honest. I cna hardly believe the fact to this. How ever I have enjoyed appreciated and loved each and every month of it. Thanks London for the friendship. Here are a few pictures from the festival of London..... enjoy!!

There is also this oneperson close to heart that holds some of Nikkis old owned stuff shirts jewelry and this smashed bass. I will with time clear that off of her hands its a lot of money no question. But I want it and I want it to be a part of my personal collection. This person is what I would like to call a blinded Sixx fan. One that really loves him and have admired him for a long time. But it is a fasade thing in my world but no question the dedication has been heartfelt for this person. There for also the invested money in Crue concerts going for mEurope to New York only for his book signing back in the day and the invested buyings from the Donna D`Errico sales of Nikkis owned stuff from the time of their marrage. Not having less interest but having grown a little maybe and in a need fo the money for things to come I have gotten this offer to get the stuff bought off of her hands and I will eventually. It is great stuff and I have to say I truely do apprecite this offer. Thanks babe. It is a massive appreciated gesture from you and I love to have the chance to get it sometime. Thanks!!

On a more different kind of path the last couple of month I had my long time dream fulfilled too in Copenhagen on the 11th of June. I got to meet KISS at a meet n greet time before the concert of the day at Forum in our capitol city of Denmark. A show that just two days before scedualled to go on was in a threat to be cancelled. Thank god they did not do that. It was a great afternoon. All KISS form around 3PM till the show actually begun at 8PM. You see there is so much that made me think back. Back on the times fo hte 70s and 80s whre KISS was my collected band too. I must say that there were a lot of thigns running through my head and especially comparing the meet n greet time on a KISS ticket to the ones we get from the top fave band of ours Motley Crue. No question KISS gives their fans the best and better time. It is just insaine how cool it is. the goodie bag siucks and is totally irrelevant compared to Crue but they have tons and tons mor quality time with the band members in person than Crue fans have ever had. And it is sad as hell if I have to be honest. And on top of it al lCrue is more expensive. But I finally had my last KISS wish as a KISS fan not a collector but a fan. It was cool. And the band members are BEYOND cool to the fans they truely understand that one litrle wod better than any other band if I have to be honest. Thumbs up no question. Thanks KISS - the gods walked Forum that day once again all hail G. S.


4th Of July 2013, Way Too Much Silence - But A Mountain Of reasons For It
Thursday!! The 4th of July!!! Happy birthday America. I had my own birthday a few days ago.
I need to let you all in on a few things that has been the reasons for my silence the last two months. There are no great somethings that will ever fully make sense to this in writing I guess but I will try to do my best to at least try to explain. It has been a really hectic time and all for me and a serious bad one on my health!! Here goes all well in short story telling the best way possible.

May was a month of a lot of activities done double. A lot of the preperations for the Crue Excibition at Sweden Rock Festival was for sure to be taken its toll on my partner and myself in this. Changes coused a lot of double work. Things that was already in place had to be reorganized. It was not the best possible framings for any of us. My partner went down three times in this period. I was amazed and kind of stunned I was not going down with sickness from all this. But I would get my fair share of that crap in June. More on this later. -There has so much done and so many things had to be in place and perfected to be giving us as good as it was possible for a possible GREAT outdoor excibition. I am stunned how much shit it can bring of unforseen shit and - actually did bring to make it a little more fun (NOT!!!). We did how ever got ourselves some damn great banners monster sized for display for our exhibition

How ever May ordered me to go to my home town for the Crue stuff a lot of times and it was very often giving me perioeds of no sleep for 35 40 or 50+ hours through out the month of May. I guess when I talked to people around me they could not really understand my verbal choice of words and especially in April when I said look I will be busy so try to catch me in June course I will not have time before. People could not at all cope with such a saying. Its almost russian to anyone when I say I really truthfully do not have time. I am around my brother everyday not even he and I have talked for about 3 months course I am so busy. If that at all says something and puts things in perspective. I do not know how everyone things but I do know that this was and has been a hell of a demanding somethin on my behalf to do this.

Are we to do something like it next year again then for sure a massive list is to be looked in on as needed very much needed changes. And I talked and told that to my swedish partner. It has been a really hard road and all but it was great fun and it was for sure a cool thing to have at Sweden Rock no question. Certain things in the team work going on here HAS to have certain changes really that for sure is about to be accepted or else there is not really gonna come anything good and useful out of it to be honest. It is way too easy to just say it will be okay and then hope for the best when experience and more is more than just words and guessing games really.

My life has being on a rollercoaster spin for sure. The last many months of 2013 has been a really good rough ride for me. Much self chosen and I get in on that in a few moments. God knows its been two months of silence in on here but the reason for it are many. The most important ones are myself. My balance and my health. It has not been the easiest shit to do I tell you that much. The meetings of new people round february this year and the preperations for the June 2013 Sweden Rock and the Motley Crue excibition has been a ride I can not fully tell you all about and cover in just words. You would kind of have had to be by my side as it happend. It has been a hard - fucking hard road. No question about it.

My apologies for the long - way too long time of silence in on here. But several practical things along side personal stuff has happend over the last maybe 3 and a half months. Some of it has coursed me to have a seriously hard time in a body balanced way where I am as off now very much in a pain from soreness that is undefineable. About the end of February or something ... somewhere around that I had started a relationship in a friendly way to this swedish guy and we have already won over the chance to make a little noice at this years Sweden Rock Festival just last week. How? I tell you in a moment.

I think a lot of Crue fans and supporters came by us there and with everything that we did them four days verything that we said and more surely made it come out as if we did a nice little noice at the festival. We got interviews sat up and has been in several magazines and radios about it now so thats kind of cool. There is absolutely no bad or not won over thing we could have wished for more under the cercumstances - for sure. We had a lot of great fan talk many that came in had a lot of questions. If I think about it the top fiv questions asked the most were probably these;
1. Who owns all this is it like a company a bunch of guys or...?
2. Wow only you one guy!! What, how do you get your hands on all of this?
3. Where you you find it how do you get the money for it?
4. What do you work with to financially cover this Crue collection like this?
5. What is your life like? Married? Single? Whats your life priorities?

I had a lot of ideas for 2013 but most got burried in December and January course of a split from a relationship. So everything changed. I dragged myself through living hell. I am all fine now about it and I can tell you this much - I am on a new path for myself I am on a new path holding maybe even better things for myself. Maybe even more realistic shit and for sure some drastic changes on a lot of things. I just do not see myself stuck in the box of pain and sadness no more. A line of reasons for this change really. But I promise you Crue and my heart have both been in on every thing and every step I have taken in form of actions and activities I have made since February this year. I feel I now havea partner that I strongly care for that is also my heart and soul in music kind of ways that I have not had with any so far. I thank him greatly. He is for sure one that holds my believes and hopes for a lot of cool shit in the next couple of years. After that who knows I do know for sure right now that Motley Crue is about to leave this guys life in a few years. I have chosen this and I have decided it is all okay now. I have also to this statement a list of reasons for why this is happening to me.

I sit here now with a month of June that has knocked me over in the ultimate way. I have been so sick from all this seen four doctors gotten my complete body checked in all fronts and ends and a total take over of samples and tests that should now give me a chance to get full information to my body and about my health status in all forms in the next coming days. I have been laying flat on my back for weeks now ill in the badest way. Stiff back, lounges bad throat bad bines bad headacke bad eyes bad stomack bad .... you name it and its been massively bad. Two doctors were willing to send me directly to the hospital I ignored it and did things in a way that has more or less not been healthy at all.... I even went to Sweden on the 26th of June for a week too. Going over with my Crue life in mind and my future and all. It was the worst ever travel I have had to take in my life. It was self chosen all said NO DO NOT GO. But I did. And it ended up with me being bad as fuck in the first 5 of the 8 days. Could not do shit. I was so bad feeling you have no idea.

Then on the 30th of June slightly better not a party dancing idiot yet either but better. Got cellebrated greatly by some really cool people I happen to love a lot. Great birthday gifts including what I would have never ever expected really. The personal owned worn and used tour laminate for the New Tattoo 1999 tour of Nikki Sixx. Unreal. I can not believe that this person would give this to me for my birthday a great Sixx fan him / herself. How fucking cool. I will handle it with extra special cool care for sure. You totally overwhelmed me with this one. I am stunned. Great added something to the collection now again. Love it. THANKS FOR IT - forever appreciating all !!!! -I think right now it is a hell of a cool time. A lot of great things are starting to shape itself to something good. There are opotunities for a lot of things really and I have to say there are a list of things and doings I am truely looking forward to the remaning time of this 20 13. I also know a good few things course of my Crue has been pushposted a little again. And I am not proud nor happy all through about it but this is sort fo needed right now I guess? Hard to say. As stated above I am looking in slowly on my end of an era in a few years my Crue thigns are gonna be a less part of me but till then the passion and dedication is a 100% and it is still very much exciting to me. So no changes there from my side of the table. Basicly I am just opening my mind and heart to you all here on my thoughts and feelings. That is the only reason for this diary section as stated before.

I could tell a lot more for sure but this diary would end up not really having an end. SO to spare myself and kindo f take care of my own self for a few more days since my health is not fully in top shape yet either even though I am back to work and more it doesnt quiet come to the "topshape" feeling just yet.
There are more thigns to get added in the different kindof sections too late this month. I am so busy I am not gonna be around to have any done til lroundthe 26th of July sorry again. But there will be added more and new stuff to a lof of sections for sure. Please have patience. Some of the coooler discovered thigns I like to get my hands on are the two picture discs I have seen recently. The full album of Theatre Of Pain and the Piece Of Your Action picture disc. Rather cool I would say. Then there are a few more things that for sure could be of interest to get as well. But for god sake there are so many things out there and all constantly comes to the surface as offeres and it is as it has been for a long time now ... not even possible to cover more than 5% if even that.

Should any have 20.000 US dollars I can help you get the old motorcycle owned and rided by Nikki Sixx. See pictures below. "Selling the 1976 harley I own. It was owned by nikki sixx & mick mars. I have copies of mick´s title for the bike, drivers license, & other documentation. I also have emails from sixx stating he owned it as well. Nikki had "joe the mechanic", mechanic for the Hells Angels, build the bike. It´s totally customized. Super loud & sweet. Hard Rock Cafe has expressed interest in buying as well. It has flames in paint & on leather seat. Nikki put a sunset strip tattoo sticker on rest fender. There´s also a really cool Dr Feelgood snake / pharmacy,emblem on top of the double gas tank."


4thOf May 2013, Final Settings With Sweden Rock Festival
1:06PM CET

It is truely exciting times ofcourse I admit to that. But what is not cool is my time frame for doing all the stuff I need to get done and have ready for this years fesival 2013. It is in four weeks but I have like 6 full days to sort out everything in. I can not fully say it is cool great nor a preferred time limit situation course things have been worked on for a long time and severaltimes actually but we kind of had to start from almost scratch again this week. We have had our last needed meeting in Sölvesborg Sweden at Swedn Rock offices this last Tuesday and we have come to this agreement that things are for sure in place with the limitations we have. Now the fiun part and also the heavy part comes to us which is for me solidly this decition on what to bring to make this excibition look and be as impressive as I possibly can to get and gain more people to be aware of our 2014 coming Motley Convention. We will for sure have these over the top cool things with us then too but we for sure need to sort things out in the sence that this is not a little something. This is actually our best possible ever chance to get this opotunity to go in for four days and make a mass killing so EVERYONE is aware of what is going on wit our ideas and events for the interested parties of Motley Crue lovers.

There is no absolutely no way we are going to be doing this event if we should be doing it like half hearted. Not a chance.... I would not wanna participate in such a thing. Just kind of blows me away how massive this shit is and the piles of work there is for this to be even taken through to an agrement with the Sweden Rock staff. Man this is really something else. I have to say I am not going to have a load of time at the festival this year as a concert goer. But I will try to go and get my top 5 to 8 covered maybe I guess. We have been informed there are no drinking for us there in the working hours but after nine pm we can go kill ourselves as long as we are on our toes in the morning. So here is what is gonna happen. Motley Crue is up as a HUGE excibition on this year festival in southern Sweden presented bywww.Mcrueloyalty.dkandwww.Rockmessan.seand we will have these things ready and prepared for sure for the opening day. No question this is going to be a new festival something that we can actually have as a major lift up and PR to ourselves as in spreading the word about the Motley Convention we intend to introduce to the world next year. I guess alI can say is just watch for pages like twitter or facebook and official sites for the Motley exhibition news really. There will be a monster cool something to come for sure.

As some of you may have noticed by now there are several new items up in the Crue online Store too.I need to get that sorted and I will by tonight. There are so many new thigns I think I myself counted like 9 items or so that i myself am missing as of now. I ofcourse have to get them items in under my belt too. There kind of is no chance for me not to aim for it right. Lol, lol, lol. We will be so meeting people on the festival ground and it all went up officially on ton of rock webpages today and therespondso far has been overwhelming. There is nothing but respect from this side of the table really!!! Thanks so much but remember we are only getting started here not a single touch to the bigger picture yet. Loads coming for sure. Can not wait for my partner and I to get this bitch in the water. WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL WAIT AROUND ......

6 2 - a number that fills a lot of Crueheads today too. Thats the number for the darkest overlooked guitar player for the day. Mick Mars cellebrates his birthday today and turns well... 62. So ofcourse we too like thousands around the world sends him the best wishes we can. Hope you have a totally awsome day man. It would be killer to see the next handful of years be just as rocking with yo uaround in a good form. You are always the "M" in the Motley and the "C" in Crue. Thanks for your loyalty to us all. the band and what ever else. Much love from us all in these parts of the world man.

Since the ball busted news got out they band is calling it quits after next world tour many doubt it will be so. Again a Sixx with an interviewrecently tried to say we go and aare not coming back. I do believe it and just as much as I love the band I for one am glad they wil lgo away for many reasons. Not gonna get in on that here but yeah it is a nice and great time to bow out gracefully and for me to say that was a long ride in my life and I am now in a few years able to feel all the "missed out on" stuff ...
In a brand new interview with Australia'sTheMusic.com.au,MÖTLEY CRÜEbassistNikki Sixxspoke about the band's plans to go out on a high. "I wanna finish our movie [adaptation ofMÖTLEY CRÜE'sNew York Timesbestselling collaborative autobiography'The Dirt: Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band'] and put out a new album. We'll be back in Australia and, ah, that'll be it. I can honorably say, 'We did it our way and we're never coming back.'"

He continued: "It's important that when you do a farewell tour that people understand that when you put a bullet in the back of the horse's head, and it goes down, it's not a plastic bullet it's a fucking shotgun blast. You know, blow its fucking brains out, it's never coming back. It has to [be that way]. It's the only way I can look at myself in the mirror and do a farewell tour. That's it. So when we take our final bow, it'sit. I will cry. I cry thinking about it. "So it's very emotional and I just think it's important that we finish what we started and then, you know, it will be whatever it will be. It could be beautiful. It could be a beautiful ending! When you go and see a great movie — I'll leave you with this: when you go and see a great fucking movie and it ends and you go, 'Fuck!' like, you walk out and you go, 'That was amazing! That blew my mind!' It's not like, 'That blew my mind and, um, maybe there'll be a sequel to it'."PS - One more month today and the Crue excibition is at place at Sweden Rock2013


21stOf April 2013, New & Only Chance To Get Canada Merch
7:07PM CET
So it got to my attention today that there are now a few chances to actually be getting some of the Canada 2013 tour merchandise items. One shirt and the latest in hockey shirts. These always goes fairly fast so I would love to try to get me one before it is too late. All of a sudden these thigns are not gonna be around no more. And then finding them later is a nightmare to say the least. It is a good 140 Us dolalrs for both pplus shipping and the possibility of taxes as the package reaches these parts really. I do not wanna think about the things it can end up costing me. But when has that eveer been an obtion? really!! They are both quiet nice and Canada exclusive so there is this one chance unless you yourslf is out there on tour. I have totally burried all hopes for this thing called getting help form any one that actually are going. Not counting on any no more like that. I have a handful of peole world wide I trust I have a years and years long friendship with and they know me more than well. so I stick my requests with these folks and if that is undoable ... hell fuck it. Not aiming. Too much to actually get down about with al lthe experience I have had from people letting me down over the years.I am sure some of al lof you out there too have felt the same at some point or another.

So here I am with all these things that are about to hit me hard financially. The Swden Rock thing and the Motley Excibition there and the Convention for next year man it is going to be insiane how bad ass these thigns will be but also there will be extremely hard shit hard work to be done till I have all stuff laid out for real. And feel ready to go. Man it is going to be a monster this shit wil lbe cool. Only down fall is there is way way way too little time for me to get all fixed so it is an over the top experience for shit sure ..... Work, and other obligations seems to be so n so killing the over the top details really.

I will have to let a good one to two weeks more pass and then see. But all the promo stuff to be made wil lbeready and spread as we get to the mid of May I hope. That is what I personally aim for for sure. This should really be good. No question about it. I will do all I possibly can to make this shit go best way possible. Loads of shit to get out there for sure. I may even have a chance to get like a few sets of the old infamous Danish Crue beers with me to be sold at the festival. We will see how it goes really. There is also all this offically sold merch that from now on will be coming out and just be totally eating up all ones saved cash. It is a constant battle from now on what to choose and pick up on course I have many many many things in the wait and there are not a single thign that I honestly feel for letting go. See passing me and not grab for my collection. But as said we will see. Did you all see the new picture disc 7" bootleg 50 made .. sells for really high amounts these days too. Ohh dear. Talk soon!!!


18th Of April 2012, Devil Left Angels Came By
7:58PM CET

Here I sit took a long rie the last two days. Been in northern Sweden for some days very Motley oriented but for cry in out loud I am not good at just sitting and let time pass me by and not having my hands and fingers in something to shake around. But three days compleely without phones computers and all contact to the world around me. That was a totally insiane experience actually I have to say that this was far from anything I had imagined and I actally had imagined just about this. Ohh well I got cought up on the thing I totally was in lack of REST!! To say the least I have not rested like this in close to twelve years. This was insaine as said and I have to say as we got well into the second day I felt a truely relaxing feeling more than stressing out from a non happening time. It felt nice in the end actually.

There were many thigs to talk over with my northern fried and we did get around a lot. There were so many things to talk about to get in around and to have this quality time was more than just nice. It was a thing that was for sure much wanted and in some ways needed I think. A lot of Crue talk well go figure. Finally saw her collection too which I had absolutely no idea of how big would be. You see there are so many things that are so cool. But if she had tons of those or not I was never fully aware of. Now I know much more. It was a time we both treasured I think. Finally. Great talks lovely food and resting times and shit. You bet it was all good for this ol fart.

have you seen or heard? Do not know if yo uare interested in these things but Sixx is often sellign his cameras and now another is up for grabs. It is how ever said that it is not for grabs if you are not a professional photographer. That is kind of weird but okay what ever makes you horney I guess? His fiance is selling it for him this time and should from rumors be watching who is bidding. Kind of weird really. Funnymany seems to be in lack of the belief that these two are actually sticking together in the long run. Then again who are we all to have a saying to this really? here are a few pictures from the sale up and on at this time. "I am selling this camera for my fiance Nikki Sixx. He used this camera in a lot of his photography including his New York Times Best Seller Book, "This Is Gonna Hurt." Camera is in amazing condition. Nikki's going to throw in an extra battery and a prism view finder for free. If you're interested in other lenses, we're going to be listing the 50-110MM, 28MM lenses and a tilt shift adaptor separately. Nikki will gladly throw in a personalized signed copy of "This Is Gonna Hurt." This incredible camera needs to go to a great home. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks for looking."

I am selling this lens for my fiance Nikki Sixx. He used this lens on a lot of his photography including his New York Times Best Seller Book, "This Is Gonna Hurt." The lens is in perfect condition and comes with original box. Nikki will gladly throw in a personalized copy of "This Is Gonna Hurt" Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks for looking.

Also Tommy Lee leather jacket from the "Dont Go Away Mad vdeo is up for grabs now a days. Just way way way too much on the plate of offers now I guess. So much stuff out and about these days it is not even worth thinking about course it will only do one thing to you. And that is that its gonna make you misserable and down from the fact it is no where near possible to get all or even half or a simle 10% of all thats out there. Forget it treasure the stuff you have and get it worked on for maximum somethings. You for sure have to get things well taken care of and stuff. There is no way that you will ever be happy if you look at the shit you do not have as to what you actually do have. You know what Im saying? You have a good two to three more years for things and then you can start doing you thank you notes to the band for it will no longer be around after that.

Earlier in the year Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed that the notorious band's days were numbered, and now frontman Vince Neil confirms that the group will will put out a new album in 2014 and then say goodbye. "We're going to put out some new music next year and then it's our farewell tour -- we'll do the world one more time and then call it a day," Neil toldQMI Agency. "Our farewell tour (will be like) 2014 or '15. Tours last about two years. So to finish the world, you've got to do the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia... it takes some time." As for the reason behind the Motley Crue split after forming in Los Angeles in 1981 and subsequently selling 80 million albums, Neil says: "It's time, that's really it. Do you want to go out on top rather than fading away? And that's it. You know, I'll continue to sing Motley with my solo band and put out solo records and stuff and (bassist) Nikki Sixx's got his radio show and (drummer) Tommy Lee wants to be a deejay, and so we'll see what happens."

Guitarist Mick Mars has long suffered from a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects his spine and pelvis. Neil, who has several businesses, says he also has plans to expand those. About a year ago, he opened a Las Vegas strip club called Girls, Girls, Girls, after the Motley Crue song. "It's doing great," he says. "I have a lot of plans to take some of these ideas and put them in other cities and stuff. Expanding my alcohol lines of (tequila), I've got some rums now. There's a lot of things happening that I'm cultivating. That's fun stuff. But music's always No. 1. I'll always be on stage somewhere."

But as also talked to many about, the industry and their label and the boys themselves will be around and feed you massive things in the future to let the name Motley Crue stay alive. It is not a little something it is more like an institution really. There will be heaps of shit to come all up till 2020. I do not even question it in any way. There will be more getting added on the pages in here tooreal soon. I hope things are all going to end up like highly wanted the next 6 months. These wil lbe the months for sure where I with no doubt in mind has this idea that there will be a lot of tests put to my being for keeping up on al lthat is about to come but things are slowly also changing into somethign new. Into something pretty cool and hopefully workable in more of my own favour as time goes by. I think there are some things that can and will be handing me rough days but hey, I take it all as it comes. Right now I just kind of need time to move on and letting me have some really longed for times that right now are smiling to me in the calender waiting in the shadows for me to eat it all up and just simply.... enjoy!!!


11th Of April 2013, New Store Items & Demanded Resting
7:55PM CET

Thursday evening checked in to work early for a list of reasns really. Everyone around me seems so n so sick or on their way to becoming sick. I need non of that to be honest course I have to a small trip to take my ass on to in 48 hours actually. Need ot go where my body can completely rest and not pay any attention to anything that is here in these parts of the country really. I need complete relaxed somethings and there are no way I can do that only having time off. I need to get time off from everything where there are not a damn comma remining me of the stuf that the month of May will hold for me. You see it will be a month for sure that says ISOLATION for everyone artound me. I need to get that shit out of my system for a few dasy it is quiet simply a must on my part. I have worked my self extremly hard the last long time and I will and have not gained any form of recharged batteries at al lthe last 4 - 6 weeks for sure.

Now do not get me wring the Moltye Crue excibition on Sweden Rock Festival in southern Sweden June 2013 is extremely exciting and all but I have to have a sort of break too to get things done and shit. Most importantly recharging as said. Bu yes there wil lbe a huge fucking cool something for sure comiong to Sweden if you like Motley Crue in a few weeks actually. I have to say there are a lot of things that will create a really cool little something for al lCrue fans there for sure. So make sure you have your ticket. We will be present all four days. No bullshit. Stuff to see stuff to possibly get and shit to just enjoy and come up and say hello for sure. We are looking forward to it for sure.

Last time I posted in on here I shared the somewhat weird feeling about the massive silence there has been al lofthis year more or less in the offical Motley shop. Yesterday three new iterm got up and are ready for grabs. A thermal girls girls long sleeve a regual older print too fast long sleeve and a tin box of picks for the Motley toys section. Personally I think it is cool to see some new in there but I beging to feel like I do with their set list stuff. It is al lthe same ol same ol. Kind of getting a little too anoying really. I am not too fond of that course it costs a lot as it is. hell just look at touring price tags on shirts these days. Recently in the US and Australia it has been 50 dollars a shirt. Hellooooo yes I now it al lgets more and more expensive to tour as well and shit but hey .. we are still fans that tries the best we have leared to keep up guys and keep up on supporting with a nice feeling inside. Today the finances are weird. Everything goes up and gets more and more expensive but nothing on the payroll side of things gets anywhere near a rise. Not easy as said to keep up on it all

One shirt I have been offered do not know what to really say about it except this is one of the rarest Crue shirts out there I beleive. The crew staff to the US Shout tour 1983. It is not something you see every other year. It is over 200 dollars as is in a Medium this offer that has landed at my doorstep. These are as said not something you gets offered if ever more than maybe ones or twice in your collecting lifetime for sure. Pretty insaine, but I have so shit loads to get out of this that there are no way on earth that I can say with calmness in my voice that I can easerly pass on this and grab it some other time. No it is not gonna happen. the front and back is placed on each side of this "chapter" in the diary of today. So much shit pops up these days as if peopel wanan find money for the summer time to come or for the Vegas shows that are coming in September and October.I do not know but it is not easy for sure.

I will be off and away till end next week now so I not be posting anything at al lthis week. More posters and smaller thigns are to come on here as I return back so be on a watch out. Hope you all are having an alright time and that you are not totally cought up with the flue and what not like all these masses of folks around me. Crossing my fingers that I wil not get it myself. As I post this I am not gonna claim to be feeling top dandy actually. So I have to kind of watch myself the next 4 to 6 days. Hopefully all willgo just fine. Talk to you all soon dear friends. Much love.


7th Of April 2013, NEW Fanclub, Countdown,
1:22PM CET

So ther new thing is up and running. The new Motley Crue fanclub. It is far from what I would like to think of a fanclub to be. But I guess it is not really 1986 no more after all. You dont rally get anything for your $50,00 to be honest. I have heard al ot of people making comments to it alread. Mainly course they were joining the club this past week to get a code to use for Motley tickets presale. Some of the people could not even use their codes. How lame is that?? Fucked up really. I intend to agree it does not really sound like a fans paradise this time around with this idea of a club. No it sounds more like a people behind the curtains idea of money thinking. Honest. Even I am still missing a shirt from the old club membership three years ago never got it. Look here what you get;

  • Year-long access to Motley Crue online fan club
  • Access to pre-sale ticketing*
  • Online shop coupon with members-only specials
  • 1 exclusive metal Motley fan club members card
  • Exclusive access to Motley fan club contests and sweepstakes

So other than thinking this is kind of a downer to sit with I am ass busy here with things and trying to figure out how many times mor I will come to this place supposed to be a home and how many more times I am gonna have to open all the damn boxes holding Crue stuff here to find what is truely needed at Sweden Rock for the excibition. In all honesty it is not a really cool thought to be sitting with for sure. Way too much stuff and way too many boxes not labelled. FuckI wish more and mor my ex would have stuck to this "us" thing for that reason .... it being easier as hell to have had some cool overview on the stuff thats in al lthese boxes. Now .. it is mayhem and I have no absolutely NO what so ever control of any of it. In all fairness these things are not to be easy handled.

I am also sitting with this feeling that it is a devils task to even make me think I will gain what is want over the next 6 months. But I so fucking badly wanna try to go for it. I am not gonna go blah blah blah about it all here not now anyways but it is a mountian high aiming and I think I so badly need to try for myself. While time passes on andI go in on the days weeks and months to come I have a really good feeling for sure about things. I need to feel really nicely about all I do or not doing it at all. Right now I am waiting for an ex family related Motley member to get in touch with me for some thigns to be send to me very soon. The stuff placed pictures off some postings ago had the pictures in a ment to be kind of bad resolution as it was not meant to be perfected just yet. Stuff needs to get here before I do anything on it as in REAL clear useful pictures at the time for adding stuff!!!

Over the past two years I’ve had the chance to interview a lot of different bands and meet people that I never thought I’d meet before. For the most part, I’ve been able to curb any nervousness when it comes to talking to musicians, industry pro’s etc. However, on March 29, I had the chance to interview Mick Mars, the lead guitarist of the legendary Mötley Crüe and shit was I nervous.

Mick Mars is a legitimate Rock Star that’s earned every bit of that rock star status he has. How do you go about asking someone typical interview questions when everyone already knows you and what you’ve done? We all know that Mötley Crüe truly defined the statement ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll’. If you haven’t read their biography “The Dirt” by Neil Strauss then you most definitely should pick that up. The book goes in depth of their wild times on the sunset strip, playing the Whisky a Go Go, heroin addictions, a shit ton of alcohol abuse and more.

I received the call from a publicist in the U.S. who before connecting me through to Mick, she informed me that I had 10 minutes. 10 minutes? How do you have a conversation with the lead guitarist of Mötley Crüe in only 10 minutes? You can’t ask him if the band really started dipping into black magic? What it was like watching three of your band members all walking the fine line between life and death? Or even how do you manage being 61 years old still touring and playing with your band while battling with Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Quite frankly, you don’t have time for much. However, I did get to briefly talk to Mick about some past times with the Crüe, their upcoming tour that’ll be stopping through Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum on May 10th, the potential of new music in 2013 and of course what Mick Mars thinks life is. Here’s what the amazing Mick had to say:

Mötley Crüe has been around for a long time now. Collectively you guys have been through extremes in life (that’s probably an understatement). What do you think has been the glue keeping you all together? How have you all made it out together still doing what it is you do best? That’s a good question, that’s kind of a difficult one to answer. I don’t know, there’s something about when the four of us get on stage, it’s like a weird thing that happens, it’s like we become one person. Of course off stage it can get bad I guess with disagreements and such but once we hit the stage it’s this powerhouse substance that absolutely stops anything that’s going on. Just keeping up, keeping up with the times and staying on top of things helps to keep us going.

Let’s go back in time a bit and tell us what moment stands out the most as the best time you ever had with Mötley Crüe? The best time I ever had? Hmm… Well you know, probably the first month that we were together. Like the first gig that we played at the Starwood Amphitheatre and we won the crowd over and at the time it was quite a big band that we were playing with. And the next night we played (we played two nights in a row) the crowd was there for us and then for them, kind of empty (laughs). That was kind of a sign like “were doing something right”. That kind of stuff, the first time experiences and that kind of stuff is always cool. We had stuff going on with a couple of guys from other bands like The Gladiators just causing havoc everywhere we went, drinking and fighting. That was the fun stuff, when you’re young (laughs).

Out of all the songs that you created with Mötley Crüe, what song or album are you most proud of throughout the discography? That’s kind of a hard one as well. I like the Corabi album [Mötley Crüe’s 1994 self-titled album] quite a bit. I thought that was really really good writing going on that. It was actually kind of dismissed from by our fan base, but that one is one of my favourites. That one and probably Dr. Feelgood (1989).

In regards to Corabi? Does anyone keep in touch with John? Sometimes on Twitter you know, like I’ll tweet him or tweet back and say something, that kind of thing. The last time I saw him was when we played the Hollywood Bowl a couple years ago, we talked for a couple minutes, that kind of stuff.

After the years of John Corabi, has Mötley Crüe incorporated any of the material from that 1994 Self-titled release into your set? Or has that always remained separate from what the original members have created? It’s always stayed out. Just like when Tommy was out for a bit on the New Tattoo [2000] album. Randy Castillo was filling in for him on that and that stuff to me, was a bit removed. It’s still Mötley Crüe, but we’re staying true to the original four. Even though I think there’s a lot of great songs on both those albums.

So you guys are coming back to Canada on tour and playing Copps Coliseum in Hamilton on May 10th. What do you guys have in store for us? Anything special planned for the tour? The only thing that I can say is that we’ve been touring with this production for probably like the last maybe 8 months and we’re changing it for Canada. A whole new production that we’re doing up there that we’ll be doing for the first time. We’re not only playing a lot of different places that we’ve never been to before and by far the longest tour that we’ve done of Canada but also it’s a whole new production that the world hasn’t seen yet. I’m confident that everything is going to be really, really good.

It’s been noted that you will die playing guitar because you love it so much. That’s right!

What is it about the guitar that makes it your ultimate addiction? Uhh, a lot of therapy you know. There’s a lot of release like if I’m angry or get upset or something. I can play my guitar and get over it. Even playing my guitar may give me the answer to what I’m upset about, it’s very therapeutic for me. As well, I love it more than anything. Playing and touring and getting reactions from fans from the way I play it and what they say, it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Can we expect new music from Mötley Crüe in 2013? I’m hoping so. We’re having meetings starting next week to discuss all kinds of stuff and a record. You know, there will be a record, new tour all that kind of stuff, all together like a package. And BAM! We’ll hit the world with that one.

Any plans to bring back the Crüe Fest? I’m not sure at this point. We haven’t really sat down and discussed it as a band. You never know, I’m not saying we would never do that again but so far we haven’t really sat down and discussed doing it again.

Our final question is our signature question that we ask everyone and you can answer it any way you’d like…What do you think life is? What do I think life is? (laughs) You’ve prolly heard this a million times but… People who say they never had a chance, never took the chance. How’s that? (laughs) ∆

Mötley Crüe will be embarking on their biggest Canadian tour ever starting April 20th, 2013 in Pentiction B.C. In recent news from the band, bassist and founding member Nikki Sixx has stated that Mötley Crüe will disband after their highly anticipated new album, the movie adaptation of the band’s autobiography, “The Dirt,” releasing the film’s soundtrack and embark on a farewell tour for the release. Make sure you make it out to one of their upcoming Canadian dates… you never know if this will be the last time you get a chance to see the legendary Mötley Crüe perform.

See all the dates on their upcoming 2013 tour and get your tickets sooner than later! Buy tickets here: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/Motley-Crue-tickets/artist/910417

MÖTLEY CRÜE 2013 Canadian/US Tour Dates:

April 20, 2013 – Penticton, BC – South Okanagan Events Centre
April 22, 2013 – Victoria, BC – Save On Foods Memorial Centre
April 23, 2013 – Abbotsford, BC – Entertainment & Sports Centre
April 25, 2013 – Prince George, BC – CN Centre
April 26, 2013 – Dawson Creek, BC – EnCana Events Centre
April 28, 2013 – Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
April 29, 2013 – Calgary, AB – Scotiabank Saddeldome
April 30, 2013 – Lethbridge, AB – ENMAX Centre
May 2, 2013 – Saskatoon, SK – Credit Union Centre
May 3, 2013 – Moose Jaw, SK – Mosaic Place
May 4, 2013 – Estevan, SK – Spectra Place
May 6, 2013 – Brandon, MB – Keystone Centre
May 7, 2013 – Winnipeg, MB – MTS Centre
May 9, 2013 – Sudbury, ON – Sudbury Area
May 10, 2013 – Hamilton, ON – Copps Coliseum 
May 11, 2013 – Oshawa, ON – General Motors Centre
May 13, 2013 – Montreal, PQ – Bell Centre
May 14, 2013 – Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Place
May 16, 2013 – Bangor, ME – Bangor Waterfront
May 17, 2013 – Gilford, NH – Meadowbrook
May 18, 2013 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun
May 20, 2013 – Bethlehem, PA – Sands Bethlehem Event Center
May 21, 2013 – Bethlehem, PA – Sands Bethlehem Event Center
May 23, 2013 – Verona, NY – Turning Stone Resort Casino
May 25, 2013 – Atlantic City, NJ – Taj Majal – Mark G. Etess Arena


5th Of April 2013, Las Vegas Onsale, Excibition, New Heights
5:05PM CET

So it fucking happend as said and predicted. Crue doing another residency in Vegas this year. I was heading into 2013 with a rasied head on the matter of feeling good the band would most likely pass on a load of crativity part from writing and stuff. Look at them now. They have opend the year with the continued tour of The Tour with KISS in Australia in March and now heading to their biggest ever Canada tour followed by festival apearences in the US during summer and then Vince solo tours on the side plus a soon to come too SIXX AM tour for maybe a month or so? Then April fools they crawled out of the ground waving hey everyone look what we bring. And out came this Vegas thing. There are both a joy and a fustration to this announcement to be honest. I do not really see how I should even be able to cover a longer time there or even getting there with the stuff that I have going ....but I will would soon enough find a solution to it all and get things in gear on this too. As it turned out I went to work one evening and I knew that April 2nd had a presale of some sort really. So a niht at work and I looked in to what I stiill had from unused vacation from thie past year and all. In short I was good and I have things now covered best possible. I am to go to Vegas October 1st and for the last four shows of their total of 12!!! I am fine with this. No problem. So Vegas it is from the 1st till the 7th. Should be interesting.

Mötley Crüe – They’re Coming Back…
“We are proud to have pioneered the Las Vegas rock residency last year and can’t wait to come back this year to take it over the top with a brand new show that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen Mötley Crüe do before,” said Nikki Sixx. “The guys had such a wild and successful run the first time around, I’m sure they will want to do everything bigger and better this time. We are extremely excited to see what the band brings to The Joint and Vegas during their second residency,” said Paul Davis, vice president of entertainment at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino “If some is good, more is better! That was our thought when we got serious about bringing the Crüe back to The Joint. The run went so well last time…..the show was awesome, the numbers outstanding and working with the band and their management was a pleasure,” said Bobby Reynolds, Vice President of Booking for AEG Live Las Vegas. “I’m honored to bring one of the most entertaining bands ever back to their element.” For more information visit,www.Motley.com. Tickets, starting at $49.50 (plus applicable service fees), go on sale Friday at 10am at the Hard Rock Hotel Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, online at Ticketmaster.com or charge-by-phone at 800.745.3000 - Mötley Crüe will perform 12 shows at The Joint. Show time is 9pm. Wednesday, Sept 18, Friday, Sept 20 Saturday, Sept 21, Sunday, Sept 22, Wednesday, Sept 25, Friday, Sept 27, Saturday, Sept 28, Sunday, Sept 29, Wednesday, Oct 2, Friday, Oct 4, Saturday, Oct 5 and Sunday, Oct 6.

Did you all hear the new thing? Nikki is now selling his stage used basses!! I felt like ohh thats cool paul Stanley and gene Simmons finally knocked some cool into this guys head. But then as I saw the details I was like ...holy fuck this is not worth the amount for sure. ONLY $ 4,995. What? Only? You have got to be kidding me. These basses goes to be sold to public soon for about 1300 in retail I think it was. I know many of the people ot there will go Tommy you totally missed the point . Its stage used played and handed by Sixx himself to you and you get the meet up before a show and shit. I know and for your information I did not miss that out in my skull. I just do not think it is worth the money really. Then again I am the last one to say I look at the price tag on most things. Maybe I should aim high on this one and get it home some how? I dont know. We will see. But just looking at the thing and go that is a defenate investment. No I think it is far too much money but what the fuck. We will see what will go down. For sure the financial side to such a thing in it self is beyond hard to gain for shit sure.

What you get: * A STAGE PLAYED Schecter Sixx. Bass that Nikki plays for one song at this show * MEET AND GREET: You and a guest will meet Nikki Sixx before the show. Bring your camera for photos of you and your guitar! After the show, you will pick up your guitar and take it home with you. * SIGNING: Nikki will sign the guitar any way you like. All sales are final. No returns.This package does NOT include tickets to the Mötley Crüe concert. You will need to purchase tickets to the show separately.Once your purchase is complete, you will be contacted directly to arrange meet & greet and bass pick-up or, if not attending the show, to arrange shipping. Note: The photo shown may not be representative of the bass you will receive. The bass will be either tobacco or black in color, depending upon availability at this particular show

Another huge thing that has come to life and gotten to be a thing soon going down is this years Sweden ROck festival. There wil lbe a Motley Crue excibition. Motley fucking Crue will be a huge attraction to this and on this years festival. My collection or parts of it will be there for display and it will be just a first step towards something that is for sure not even close to putting words on. There will be something coming next year that is hoped for to be so big its crazy. But for now Sweden Rock and this tent will be the framings for three days of Cruecial togetherness. Lots of cool suprises. Stay on this page or a link to be handed soon. There will be a lot of cool stuff some suprises and shit that only vicitors will gain profit from. We will even be offering stuff that is exclusively available on Motley Crue at this event. Loads of cool things in the name of our boys.

The band is slowly preparing ideas and stuff to the what looks to be the last ever Motley world tour of 2014 -15. So be prepared. It is going down fast and in three years time we may have no more Motley Crue around? I have been in on and up personal with people close to the band the last few months and there are some things that truely suprises me. But there are also these things we see and get to hear about in the public press and all ... the stuff we have to remember is we are abotu to loose a classic act soon and we are to be handed just one more chance to get to see them live. It is not a thing that is to be thought too long about as it get announced to be honest. I know this is this weird kind of feeling to be facing as most of us probably can not really understabnd its the final call really. But this is what is has come down to. So fasten your seat belts come see us at Sweden Rock Festival southern Sweden first weekend of June this year and then aim for the announcements of our coming event for the next year it will be huge and it will be awsome.

September 18 – October 6, 2013 Tickets on-sale Friday at 10am!Tweet it: They’re coming back! @MotleyCrue returns for 2nd residency @TheJointLV @HardRockHotelLV, 9/18 – 10/6. On sale Fri at 10am! #Motley Returns. Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2013) – The world’s most notorious band will be coming back to the world’s most notorious city this fall, when Mötley Crüe returns to Las Vegas. The rockers best known for going to the extreme will once again take over the stage at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an exclusive twelve show engagement September 18 through October 6. The band blew away fans and critics last February with twelve over-the-top, sold-out shows.Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am PST, however fans can join the brand new Mötley Crüe Fan Club to gain access to an exclusive general admission presale beginning tomorrow at 10AM PST!Click here for info on how to join. VIP Pre-sale also begins tomorrow at 10AM PST through Ticketmaster. The fall shows will be an all-new production and the band is pushing their own envelope once again. The production will be designed exclusively for The Joint in partnership with AEG Live. There will be plenty of surprise elements for fans and a set-list full of hits.

I will say this too - I have a lot of shit that is to be taken from the Danish house keeping to the neighbour country to be giving you all a really cool massive something for sure. I have no ideas to how I will mange to get al ldone and how I will have all things sorted an shit in just 6 weeks from now as I have so many things and have such a hard time to find time for everything. It is without saying a task that is way more demanding than anything I can find words for to express to you on here. I am a monsterous busy guy the next 6 7 weeks and then its Sweden Rock time. And the horns are up and rock city is on in the name of the Motleys for sure. Fuck yes.!!! Hang around more to come shortly

**Ps did you fancy the latest shirt?

31st Of March 2013, Time Pressure & Dominant Decitions
5:41PM CET

Easter eggs breakdance bunnies and other shit is all surroundng us now a days. But not me. I am way too busy to even think about the holidays here. You can only guess what I am doing and how much I am doing. It is truely a miracle thatam still kind of standing really. I need for sure to get some thigns sorted. I now see and feel my limited chances on getting things in place are closing in on me. I see that there are things that I need to get sorted and it requires a drastic change inmy life actually. That is going to be truely hard as hell. Not the easiest thing to face. I am not gonna cry about it and I am not gonna be a bitch on anything. Let me just see how all unfolds till it is time to actually make a move. Kind of an uncool feeling. Course time and more is not on my side to do these things on my own. I have to simply see if there is a chance to get things coverd to my and in my favour on most fronts really. There are no really second chances tobe honest. Ithas to be kickingin or I have to say let me put the money onanother horse this year in what I havegoing and build up in preparence for 20 14.

Time is changing into spme sprtof pressure here on my part - a lot of things are to be settledwithin a good few weeks from now. And this coming Tuesday is the final date for a settlement onme getting to a decition for this years SwedenRock festival. Should I have a good big part of mycollection be at display at this festival this year? It is a major thing and it is a major cool chance to buildthe ULTIMATE promotionalcampaine to our "Motley Covention 2014". Yes there should could and would for sure be a massive greatness form it. But I am bound to get things in gearin just two months and I am forced to have like all stuff gone through again at home and repacked ... dont know if that is even possible for me to have. We will see. I have a huge chance with my partner here and it could be fucking awsome to have this under our belt as a starting point for sure in what we are about to grow bigger annually.

I am tempted to say we aim and shoot kill pick the tray and then we fucking dothis in the most monsterous way possible. We have such a huge thing going here in our heads and it could really grow and could really be fucking awsome in the long run. I am also right now waiting on things to come in of Nikkis. These items been taking a while to get here but I knowthe reason for it so its fine. No need to be concerned. There are a lot of things that needs to be decided for myself for the remaning time of this year really. Hopefully there will be some final touches to the site as well for us to get the most perfect one possiblein time for the festival really. We will try to make this site an inch more visual for sure in June and on.

Another thing Mr. London LeGrand remember our all beloved BOD frontman from the days a decade ago? Yeah watch for the news to come. I will have him on to things that will make you have a chance to say hello and him to promote his new Swedish band in a new way. Yes you read right - swedish band. He is in these parts of theworld now as most of you guys knows by now. Watch for details later on. I have more in the airwaves but please give time and space and let the things land on ground first before I say too much more. Okay!! -So now I have these other things that I need to get a hold of. the stuff that is up on and coming are another time pressure to me. I need to have all things sorted and planned really soon. I needto have my summer shit in place and my USA fall vacation all set soonest possible. I have hope that it all goes well and that I actually will make it witheverything not falling through and not failing. There is one thing I have seen as a little but weird actually. The bands online store has not had a thing not a single new item thats new since late last year. Feels kind of weird. Dont get me wrong I am really happy there has not been anything new. But I think this could mean that asthe Canadian tour and more is landing on earth very soon their shop will fload over again that is notfor me to handle too well. Why? Course of all the stuff that is going on outside my Crue merch covering. That is not a roboat a sailboat or nothing no more. It is a cruiseliner of the biggestever for me. So I need this shit to lay lowfor a long time (Crue Store) -which ofcourse is NOT gonna happen, lol

Feels like quite an emotional time for me as Ifeel I am so hungry for this happening but at the same time I feela miss out towards one that is not sharing this with me. One that I had actually hoped would go withme to the end of my Motley Crue life. Seriously a shitty thing a shitty feeling. That is one thing I need to kill and get rid of to have solidly focus and succes with this that I have started. It is a bad little something to sit with but there is nothing really to do about it. I for sure needstime away from everything and from the locations surrounding me daily. That will happen for a few days mid April only a couple of weeks away. I hopethat little something will actually see me finding something useful for sure. Something to take back home and then hit massively in what we are doing. Fuck me money talks focus and time frames talks. Be good brothers and sisters catch you all soon again ***


22nd Of March 2013, New Crue Member Related Cool - What To Do?
6:23PM CET

Well, well, well. Man it is far and beyond a great feeling to get things offered that used to be worn givne and what not by band members to other people of helt on to for dear life almost. I have gotten a load this morning today. Just a good half an hour ago I was handed 6 emails from some one very dear and respected with the most cool offers really. My hurtle now is this, how to say thanks but no thanks or say SOLD but then have a hell of a turbulent spring time and pushing some a little more to the future of the calender. Never an easy choice to sit with. These things are one of a kind stuff and they are here and they often are now. So there is no way there are useful unlimited time for any thoughts or let me sleep on it. Right now on these things I have like 12 hours from now to make this decision.

Loads of changing rumors about the Las Vegas thing in September October is up in the air. Seems like a lot of people wants to be the one of better and final knowledge towards it. Well several people says it is STILL ON and it will go down as planned and there will be a short US Sixx AM tour as well. I am not gonna attend that one but the Crue one I wanna go for for sure. I am trying all I can to make it end up going my way. I love to have that happening for me. Then a hoped for great start on the stuff that I have starting point with in activity tomorrow the first ever European Motley Convention. It will be a blast. I hope we will have the final logo ready bout the end of this weekend to show off.

The Crue tour has gotten its so and so lower greatness. Not lower priority but there has come something up that is gonna be my wallets death. A line of Nikki Sixx owned belongings have come to the surface and have been offered to me. How many of you have ever seen or heard of the paintings Sixx has created by hand in time? I am now gonna be owning one of them. Might come here in April. Or if not then it will be stored in a place by the most loyal friend I have inthe US. Wanna see a shitty picture of it just to give you an idea? Okay then here it is.

It was just an item that had me cornered to a point where it felt like it was not at all easy to ignore it. Sixx signed it on the back "nikki Sixx 1997" -Thought it was quiet cool to be owning. So many things are to come here but the stuff that used to be owned by Sixx is now a planned deal sat solid and it is going down. From doing this I just may have won over at least a chance to be offerd something in a while that is beyond anything there is to own out there. In manys minds maybe to be a top dollar piece and most wanted piece in my collection IF it should happen? We will see. Right now I need to get this other deal come to me in a good way and April can now pass me by my approval faster than it comes around really. I will love to get through that month really fast. Course money is not on my side that month. But fuck it it is fine with me. I actually like to say I am happy about knowing the stuff I get instead of having money that one month.

There are so many things up in the air right now and I think I will be busy all the remaning time of this year and will see myself being crating some thigns that are totally gonnaa turn out good. Good in the sense that I will have success with at least some of these things working on. I have really asked myself a lot in the 12 hours time limited frame I was given to think about taking things from the list of offered Nikki stuff. It was many times over on the "what to do" slef asked question. You would have loved to get these offers had you gotten money but it is that always. The heavy parts comes when there are only little or absolutely no preparence time on your hands. And the world is hoping for you to back it down and not be able or willing to take it. You know it is not an easy task to deal with. But I got it fairly okay sorted. Not gonna go in on what how or nothing this has been sorted by me and my damn financial side of the deal. Or what the prices were on these items. I am not gonna tell anyhow. So you have to understand there is a certain exclusive kindo loyalty towards these people selling these things. Bad ass stuff yes. But also bad ass prices in the heavy end of the story.

The stuff I have agreed to grabbing this round are; his painting, his cheque book, his note book of 2002, his tour itineraries for Donna of more recent tours, hand written letter, and an enlarged photo from the photo shoot for the car he owned that went into the magazine with hot rod cars some years ago. Duper enlarged one of him and Donna. Plenty of good shit there. Hope and pray for running off with one more item later on but that is totally out of my hands in form of the decision to if I am to be the lucky one or not. Ohh god.