Diary 2010

December 26th 2010, Christmas Is Here Has Been For Days Now
1:42PM CET

MOTLEY CRUE star NIKKI SIXX has turned Santa for young cancer patients in North Carolina after stepping in to replace videogame systems stolen from a hospice. Five consoles and equipment, used by kids undergoing life-saving cancer treatment, were taken from the Carolinas Medical Center on 4 December (10) and when the bassist-turned-radio presenter heard the news, he offered to help. Sixx reached out to Sony, Disney, Activision and Nintendo and asked bosses to donate replacements. A 45-year-old man has been arrested and charged with stealing the items. Funny form for actions on part of our four string hero. But surely kind gesture.

The man is getting ready to hit the studio this week too with the gang and there by start recording some tracks or demo ideas for the 2011 album release. It is going to be a really exciting year in the name of Crue for me in many ways. But most of all I am curious to see about two things. One is how much is actually gonna come frm merchandise and touring ...and how much of that will I be able to cover. It has come to an extreme harder situation living here and collecting the band now a days. Why? COurse things for us are considered imports wen we buy from places like the states no matter if its off of eBay or a company. And then we get billed 71% in import tax fees on top of the actual itme price and then plus the shipping too. It has gotten over the top expensive to do what I d o now a days. It is money wise not worth it no more. Not even close. So I am curious to see if 2011 will be the year that I redraw myself from the collecting business or if I actually do have so much in me still that i get through it with maybe a slight cut back on the thing. we will see I am sure. It is not even a thing I will decide on it will come as a punch in the face to be honest a self sat settlement on the matter should it happen.

I am here telling you there is no visual or thought of solution to anything that I sit with so the Crue life for me and the collecting side to things seems like it has flown away and by now to a destination I am not at all going to. Guarenteed not anytime soon at least. Everybody tells me not to give in or give up. All tells me to simply hang in there and just hold on to what I have and not do anything stupid with it. Rather call it a break in collecting and then pick it up as time alous it again no matter what that time will be. I totally get it I just can not seem to deal with the thoughtof it not being a part of the Tommy life I like and love so much. I have dedicated everything to this and to my lost girl - nothing else in life for a serious line of years have had as long a passion as those two things in my life. So now with both things gone I can not cope with life.

I have talked to several as stated above and two people makes really great sense in its own wicked way. I have met one that truely makes things nice. Nice in the sense that I feel there is a gateway to perhaps a list of new poepleto come into my life. A dude that is extremely open and straight forward. It is a truely great feeling this thing with the shared stuff he and I have. Truely came in at the right time in my life - even though that is kind of sad to say really. I will call him P. N. Bro you should know I am truely appreciating all you say and do. Your thoughts openly said in a well ment helpfull way means a lot. I am sure there will be great future somethings to be shared in the future. Again thanks for your advices and well ment thoughts and ideas.

Here is a situation where I sit alone with everything and unable to close this year up with a smile and a great feeling in my Crue life but i am not gonna do anything "bad" with it. I will try to hang on to all I at least have already and then see if there is a 2013 suprise coming my way that makes it possible to continue the collection shopping again. My new friend this P.N. mentioned too ... leave the Crue alone for awhile and try to build up this new you. New friends new framings and all. It will take time but I need it no matter what. Even if the Motley boys had not been there I would still need exactly this. So why wait on the work with that till later? It makes sense sure. I just do not know if I am actually able to have the focus it requires to get that going. God knows I need some new this and that in my life that is looked at as high quality cool and is being appreciated for all the right reasons. I think maybe I need to start doing things I have not done before. But at the time now as I sit here and am posting this I just can notreally get it in focus. I am so damn far out from other things and I am not fully able to see how I will manage the stuff I know I kind of have to.


16th Of December 2010, Site Added news & More
2:06PM CET
It got to be a day later than expected with the added new stuff in various sections. But now just five minutes ago it was al ldone for this time .Next time end Decemebr a possible 26th of December. We will see you will be updated. But a lot of new stuff is covered. You will see and find where to go if you wanna check it out in the front page top rolling banner as always. So there you have it. It was a nice feeling to have this covered. There are a few things that are also turning out to my favour. The Brandi personal laminates are coming this way cross the world. The postes of London Nikkis pre Crue band comes in January too. There are more to come January and february. the 2010 Vince cruise and poker stuff will be here then. Shipping now a days are killing all us serious collectors. let me giveyou a SICK and twisted example. Two of the latest Kat Von D books cost from california to Denmark in shipping alone 140 US dollars. beat that. Yeah thats right. 14o US dollars. No fucking wonder everything fo me costs more than dobbel the American. You ask yourself not for a hopeful pitty from you all towards my passion and its frames and conditions for me to get these things. But more to sit for a few seconds and say this collection here and this ste costs so unbelievably much it is a wonder there is a continued activity in these messures really. But thanks for checking in and looking on. As said enjoy the new and in a couple of weeks there is more.

Nikki Sixx and his love life!!! You heard the news? If it interests you?!! No? Well then listen up, Denise Richards just can't stay away from the bad boys. After a tumultuous marriage to Charlie Sheen and a rocky relationship with Richie Sambora, the star, 39, has been quietly dating Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. Richards and Sixx, 52, "have been neighbors for years. They have a lot in common and are taking things slowly," a source close to the pair tells the new Us Weekly. Richards (mom to Sheen's daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5) and Sixx, a former heroin addict who has been married to two Playboy models (and who romanced Kat Von D from 2008 to January 2010), had breakfast at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas, Calif., on the morning of Dec. 12. "Nikki was telling stories, and Denise was laughing," says a witness. Just the night before (his birthday), Sixx alluded to a special someone on Twitter, typing at 10:35 p.m. that he had "a midnight rendezvous planned with a beautiful maiden." Guess he did get his christmas love and relationship needs and emotions covered after all. Hopefully this bad girl can stay more put this time. She has not had the coolest relationship history either. Kat is great n her talents and all. But in my mind NOT for Sixx never was - always said it - she is way too young and tempted for stuff to do and try and test in my mind. Lok at her age and the line of peole she has been involved with already. No kat is out and I am glad personally for both of them. I hope Denise and Nikki gets what cna be achieved from a relationship. But time will tell. And facts will show and share its shapes and doings. A little fact about Denise? Okay.....

Denise Lee Richards born February 17th 1971. 5' 6". Elder of 2 daughters born to Irv and Joni Richards. She grew up in the Chicago area, until the family relocated to Oceanside, CA when Denise was 15. She began working as a model, and moved to L.A. after she graduated from high school. She landed parts in both TV and movies, and gave breakthrough performances in Starship Troopers (1997) with Casper Van Dien, Wild Things (1998) and The World Is Not Enough (1999), in which she plays a Bond Girl. She also was in Undercover Brother (2002) with Eddie Griffin and appeared in Scary Movie 3 (2003) with her now ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. Enjoys kickboxing. Said to have had a crush on John Travolta in her youth. Attended El Camino High School in Oceanside, California located 25 miles north of San Diego, California. Graduated from high school in Oceanside (1989). Former model. Moved from Downer's Grove, Illinois to Oceanside, California when she was 15. Loving animals, she has several cats and dogs. Born to Irv Richards, a telephone engineer, and his wife Joni. Has an older sister, Michelle. Her parents now own a coffeehouse named "Jitters" in San Diego. Was said to have been quiet and shy as a child. Auditioned for the role of Beth in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995). Was a high school cheerleader. Attended Downers Grove North High School in Illinois for her freshman year. Attended Herrick Junior High School in Illinois until she completed the eighth grade. Engaged to Charlie Sheen (January 2002). Was ranked 9th of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan (2001). Gave birth to her daughter Sam Sheen, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, on 9 March 2004 at 10:57 p.m in Los Angeles. Her mother Joni died from cancer (30 November 2007). Ranked #21 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002). Guest-starred in the "Two and a Half Men: Yes, Monsignor (#2.9)" (2004) as a former girlfriend of husband Charlie Sheen's character, who now has a baby girl. The baby was played by the pair's daughter, Sam Sheen. Ex-daughter-in-law of Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen. Ex-sister-in-law of Ramon Estevez and Emilio Estevez. Once worked as a grocery clerk. Filed for divorce from husband Charlie Sheen after less than three years.

She and Charlie Sheen both had very small roles in Dødbringende måben 1 (1993) (they do not share on-screen time), years before they met and fell in love on the set of Good Advice (2001). Gave birth to her daughter Lola Rose Sheen, weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces, on 1 June 2005. She and her ex-husband Charlie Sheen have both guest-starred on "Venner" (1994), though not in the same episode. Was romantically linked to Patrick Muldoon and John Stamos. Drives a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. Ex-stepmother of Charlie Sheen's daughter Cassandra. One of her first acting roles was in an episode of "Doogie Howser, M.D.: Doogstruck (#3.8)" (1991), which starred Neil Patrick Harris, in which Richards played a girl being interviewed by Doogie as a potential girlfriend candidate. Several years later, she and Harris co-starred in Starship Troopers (1997) and again in Undercover Brother (2002). Is of Welsh and Croatian heritage. Ranked as #82 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. (2005) Bust size 34C. Named #89 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006). After a court battle against Charlie Sheen, claiming that he had physically and verbally abused and threatened to kill her, she received a restraining order against him. Voted the "Worst Bond Girl of All Time" by the readers of British newspaper Daily Mail for her performance in The World Is Not Enough (1999) (February 2008). Has admitted to suffering from emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting. Charlie Sheen surrendered custody of their daughters Sam Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen to Denise. She sought full custody after Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller had a domestic dispute over Christmas 2009. [May 2010]. Split with Charlie Sheen while being pregnant with their daughter Lola Rose Sheen. Despite their split, Sheen was present during Lola's birth.


14th Of December 2010, Loads Of Good & A Smile
3:50PM CET
Good day to you all again. Felt for throwing some thoughts down in the memory book. Sitting as much of 2010 on a train crossing country for a work night. I have just gotten out of 12 days off from work. My regular work that is but the days have been filled with examns, within the company that i work for and catching up or trying to catch up on homely doings and Crue sorting things ones again. It is almost possible for me to say it is working. I love to hear myself say just that course it has been a year with a lot of hectic stuff and a lot of stacks of Crue material that from o get the very well and much needed contrl of my shit and trust me that has not at all been easy. I have been home way too little to do that. Now I have had days off and some have been strictly dedicated to do just that. Sorting. Lots of shit to get through still though. But it has helped a good lot to get through all that has been in various lots and boxes. So as said I felt for saying hi and hello sharing some mid Decemebr Crue related thinking.

There are still people out there selling stuff that wants money. End of this year round the new to come I have already as said sat my name on the London (Nikki pre Crue) posters. I am really happy to have this guy in my corner he is extremely nice and so easy to call a friend from a distance. So that is coming up for the early adding of 2011. Then there are some that are selling other stuff here and there hope to be successful on some of it. Some of the items would have been really cool to have are gone these last few days some old 1981 stuff. There were flyers and all but I missed out and besides they took priceprice a trip through the roof. So no could do. Sadly. But there are still stuff out there I like to try my luck around to later call mine. Like the Nikki Sixx ex-wife personal passes of the Dr tour. Or the older original concert contract from 1984 tour. Look here under for pictures of all this. Thanks.

Sometimes you hear people mentioning a top listed band that has been rewarded top touring act 2009 etc etc. Now this nomination and found number one is ones again crowned. Again it ws a band of New Jersey. Bon Jovi reported Boxscore grosses for the period of November 20, 2009, through November 28, 2010, of $146,507,388 and attendance of 1,591,154 to 69 sellouts. When Bon Jovi was tops for the year in 2008 with its Lost Highway tour, the trek finished with a gross of $210 million, the 10th-biggest of all time. Insaine numbers right. Think about it selling merchandise for more than 146 million DOLLARS in one year. Plus 1 point 9 million tickets.

Ohh year there you see an example of what it means when I say bands no longer live from selling music. Their art (the songs) are simple these modern day times now a commercial plague for attracting concert goers and merch buyers. That is how it is these days. Motley Crue have not been nominated for a long, long, long time in this category now. My personal guess is that they will not be selling out too much no more. I think they are still in contract for two more world tours and then after that what then? No one really knows. But when we heard of this contract the first time back in 2005 or 6 we thought man arent we the lucky ones we will still have the band around a loooonnggg time to come .Half that time has now passed us. Insaine how time flies. I have said that a ton of times the very same period. I think a lot of things are passing by way too quickly these days. There are daily living and what it holds that i begin to feel I wanna regain in my life. I myself am getting weaker and eaker too. My body shows signs of getting older. My eyes are sore as shit I need to get reading glasses soon. My knee that got wrecked from an electric tool over ten years ago is beginning say "I am done for". A lot of lims and shit on and in my body is showing signs of this. So I from that also begin to think a little differently too. It is hard to say all ths in a very simply few sentences. It could have been a small book of its own really but let me just say that what I feel inside myself forces me to think about a lot of things thta I also bakc in the day said not hanks and goodbye to.

I have now also sat a date that seems to be the best fitting in the subect to going to take a small trip to pick up my Nikki bass. It will be mid Februaryhere are so many other things I would like ot do and go to. There is also a south America couple of shows in March or round there and then Nikkis instore signing thing with the release of his book and the new Sixx AM CD. The summer 2011 Cruefest III and the festival of Sweden Rock June 2011. No Crue there but I am doing it with frineds and all to also be involved in the social side of life. I need that too. I have a coule of offers on other Crue items that could actually cost me a long USA Cruefest trip in the smmer. I am still thinking it through. As of now I am willing to let the Cruefest monster trip go down the drain for getting this one item. I will not (not yet) share what that item is. It is just a dream of mine and has been for an awfull load of time. Decades really. Maybe just maybe there now in the new year to come is a chance. Fuck there always comes stuff to the surface and there are so many sick things out there but one thing is bonding al lthis all these ites and the dreams of becoming the new next owner of the collectibles. Money. Money in huge numbers. No silly 200 dollars here. We are talking thousands of dollars always on some of it. Wicked.... ***


11th Of December 2010, Sikki Day & Settled Poster Deal
5:15PM CET
Welcome back folks. Our day today is in one mans sign. You already know what it is that I refer to right? I thought so.

Donna D'Errico, the former "Baywatch" star, Playboy Playmate and ex-wife of Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, says she was not ethnically, but rather, um, bodaciously profiled by Transportation Security Administration screeners at Los Angeles International Airport. D'Errico, who was traveling with her 17-year-old son, tellsAOL Newsthat she was pulled out of line for "an extra search," and when she questioned the agent, he told her, "Because you caught my eye, and they" -- indicating the other passengers -- "didn't." "I'm not sure whether they had recognized me or not," she admitted. "If they did, they didn't say anything. However, it is my personal belief that they pulled me aside because they thought I was attractive." She had to go through the TSA's controversial body scan process, though she says she was not given a choice as to whether she would be scanned or given a pat-down search, which is the other option. "After the search, I noticed that the male TSA agent who had pulled me out of line was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing at me. I was outraged." A TSA spokesman insists that passengers are "selected at random and not because they're celebrities," and that agents who see the body scans are in a closed room, with no communication with the agents outside. On a side note: Is the TSA spawning an entirely new fetish category -- body scan porn?

D'Errico's name popped up on Google trends this morning, and when we clicked, we saw someone asking whether D'Errico's body scans are available online. Here's what I don't understand: Why would someone want to view an X-ray of an admittedly shapely former "Baywatch" star when actual nude photos of D'Errico are available just clicks away (well, you do have to turn your Google SafeSearch off)? AOL News asked why she was bothered by the prospect of two men ogling her body scan when she's already appeared nude or in "Baywatch"'s skimpy red swimsuits "I must have overlooked the clause in both my Playboy and 'Baywatch' contracts stating that once appearing in that magazine, or on that show, I would forever be subject to being seen naked live and in person by anyone, at anytime, under any conditions, whether I agree to it or not, and for free," she says. "I posed for Playboy 15 years ago. I was on 'Baywatch' 13 years ago. Both of those were controlled environments, with proper lighting, makeup, etc., and were jobs. I contractually agreed to do both of those jobs. I could have stopped or changed my mind at any time. None of those conditions are present when TSA decides for you that you will consent to being scanned or felt up, or you simply won't be allowed your constitutional right to travel from one place to another freely."

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is releasing his new photography book 'This Is Gonna Hurt' on April 12th, and hopes to have a new Sixx A.M. album out shortly after. Nikki Sixx checked in with Artisan News Service to talk about the upcoming CD. Sixx said the album, "feels like vintage Queen a little bit, a lot of '70s influence. There are some of the same elements you heard off the 'Heroin Diaries', some of the darker elements like "Life Is Beautiful", where its very dark lyrics but with a positive message. There is a lot of that going on. Some of the messages on the album will even take you to another place. I can't really disclose what they are but they do tie in with the book." Also On SIxx, it is that time a year ones again. A happy birthday and a salute to the man with an eager of waiting for the new year to come. It is a year that will totally my throat out I am pretty sure.

New Sixx book and SIXX AM CD in March April world tour new Crue CD and more on the other members as well. A lot of money to go in on that side of the life for sure. I am sure a fairly lot of cash is getting spent today some where else too. Not at all in doubt that Sixx and family and friends will throw something nice today. Me when it comes to cash and sat deals, The last posting on here I showed and spoke of old Nikki band London posters and W.A.S.P. poster lot. It is not carved in stone date for deal closing sat and I tell you this dude is becoming really helpful for me to get another dream a long time dream actually ....maybe turning that into a real life reality. no shit. I am praying as hard as I can to see if I can actually set this one solid early next year and get this dreamed of item home and safe added to my collection. If that happens I will have a set of something that is truely worth a lot a fucking lot of money. We will see for now let there be heard a rock solid ringing LOUD "happy birhtday Sixx" to the bass player of our passionate band loved now for decades.

There is also a new 2011 deal offer at hand that I think I will try to see if can be killed. Got an offer on a 1994 tour smashed Sixx bass. It is "only" the full body with strap and shit but it is from a tour I sadly would have killed for seeing. It is from a tour where Sixx had not really be thought of as to be smashing basses. But here is one and there is a chance ofr me to become the next owner of this one. There already is a heavy required need to keep my stinky job to be able to cover just most possible from the brand new and coming tour and merch for 2011. Then in between comes these fucking loved items. Can not fully put words to them but blow me hard .....it is exciting. I need it as an adict needs his shit. Love the shit. My collection is getting rather awsome. No one denies that. And pride is the right word to throw over it like a bedcover for a monsterous king size bed.

I am today on the mans birthday relaxing and just gainning new energy and all at a cosey place for the night. Not gonna be active at all but resting and purely as said just taken a break from everything and just feel at eased with most. My Saturday is well thought of to go down like this not getting all geared up and party hard or nothing. Went out on the town of Malmoe Sweden last night to see my baby brothers band that he collects. The Stockholm 80s wanna be sleaze act Crashdiet. heavy merch shopping and all was done but there was a sort of curiousness from my point of view to see and hear if the band had grown and come up with some exciting new stuff from the year that has almost passed us now wit hthe latest and there bt 3rd singer spread over 3 albums.

I came to the conclution that says this; the band has something than can be really great. I can not quiet put my finger on it but something tells me their greatness is not fully aloud to come to the surface or soemthing like they are a club band and they dont really come to a full max of 101% rock let out being in a club. Tragic. Sadly I am stil lnot fully impressed from what I saw and al. But they could do great if something the something I can not quiet point out would be aloud to get life. But ohh well, it was a rock n roll night that was quickly over. But brother Morten was pleased and he got his merch shit covered like I constantly try to do myself. Good for him. Now as a kind frinedly closing punch here ...... remember Tuesday 15th is next date for adding stuff on here. Till then and another hi and hello through my penned memories of sick mind thoughts in the sense of Crue and my personal Crue life lived bobble.... you all be good now you hear? Love and respect to all of you out there, peace ***


6th Of December 2010, Investments & Countdowns
2:26PM CET
Hello everybody. How are we all doing? Thinking back on the latest posting only a few days ago I think I have found a balance within myself so to speak that really signifies an okay feeling from how situations are and how I have taken different peoples behaviour and actions towards me and deals talked about or that I thought was fully carved in stone. I have killed another load of original slides / negatives from the photo season of the infamos Shout album. The good 40 some will arrive here soon. There have been a load of speculations on these ones. But damn it is this a cool getting or what? No matter what the heck the the price is then its a good pile of somethings to call yours. I am not saying it is worth what ever in the high end. Course no they are not. Just saying that no matter what you pay it is a good great bunch to call yours and to have as a part of your personal collection right? I think it is gonna be a great feeling ones I hold them in hand.

There are other coool things in the wait and I am more than likely gonna grab a pre- Crue Nikki thing from a dude late December that will be a really nice feeling to gain. Sixx old band before Motley Crue was London. This dude has three different posters onthem and he has two old W.A.S.P. posters that I wold like to include in the lot for helping "my girl" to get some really old rare high priced collectibles for her collection as well. I hope there will be the positive outcome with this as we in a good to weeks closes in on it. There are so many other things out there that I lvoe to get my hands on but as sadi with my main two people when it comes to offers on heavy stuff ...they are taking a step back and they are letting me have space to clear other thigns and holes in things that can end up being a really good thing. I am sure there are some great news in this for me. And a possible USA trip is now closer than it was just three to four weeks ago. Ahh another long sad story. But point is - I just need to find some sort of a balance of acceptence to my situations on various matters.

Hopefully I will do better than I hoped for a few weeks ago. I am gonna take a mini trip fast in and out for only maybe two days early in the new year to grab my Nikki bass. Bring it on home and then smile and feel al lsecure with my new born baby expanding the collection. There are so many things really that are just too cool to get in on but right now I am trying to hld back most possible as the TWO main guys that I have been dealing with are stepping back an inch. I can then get some other stuff sorted and gain a chance to actually find a way to get my ass to the USA and enjoy a gained goal for what it will be later in the nw 20 11. But I hope the London / W.A.S.P. poster lot will go through smoothly as well. Had been a nice little closing thing for this year to end with. 

Tommy Lee has fired off a bizarre missile to the boss of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, demanding he release a whale in captivity and stop using the mammal as a "sperm bank". Tilikum the orca hit the headlines in February (10) after killing whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, during a show at the city's SeaWorld complex. Celebrities including Matt Damon and Lee's ex-wife Pamela Anderson spoke out after the tragedy, urging the venues to be shut down and the killer whales released from the tourist attractions. And animal-loving Lee has given his backing to the ongoing campaign, teaming up with officials from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to condemn the odd way park keepers reportedly extract semen from the whales to keep their breeding program up and running, reports TMZ.com.

In the letter to Terry W. Prather, the President of SeaWorld, Lee brands the alleged practice "sick and twisted", writing, "After learning about the bizarre way you breed killer whales, my friends at PETA and I are stumped about SeaWorld's announcement that no people will ever again have direct contact with Tilikum, the orca who has killed three people including his trainer this year. "We understand that you refuse to release this frustrated whale because he is your chief sperm bank, and we know from SeaWorld's own director of safety... that the way you get his sperm is by having someone get into the pool and masturbate him with a cow's vagina filled with hot water. "Even during my wildest days with Motley Crue, I never could've imagined something so sick and twisted... I hope it doesn't take another tragic death for SeaWorld to realise it shouldn't frustrate these smart animals by keeping them in tanks." I know a lot of famous people are doing al lsorts of things but to have Tommy doing this form of activity... it seems like a lot of different reactions to this one from Crue fans around here. I myself could not really care too much for what they involve themselves in really. I think it is fine someone steps up on different matters when it comes to all kinds of things and situations on animal and human treatment.

Nikki Sixx is getting ready amongst other things to prepare his early 2011 book signing tour with the release of his new and latest release to come "This Is Gonna Hurt" I do not really know if I am going thó this one. Everything about USA has gotten more difficult now. Long atory again. Sorry. But it has. Besides you get 15 to 30 seconds at a table with the man it does not really tic me much no more for a price tag saying 1000 dollars plus on it. You can buy the signed book everywhere the week after. And you know I have great loyal friends to cover me if that should be an obtion to want one signed from an instore. I would be fine not going. But if mixed with other doings or seeing some very missed friends then fine. Could be worth thinking about. But the rumours of the band going to south America in March or round there to tour is some what more tempting for me. I will simply have to see how all unfolds.

One thing for certain though. Its Decemer and I wanna have myself a nice holiday at christmas this year. I need for it to be good. Relaxing and good quality family time. Ohh just called jail bird Billy. Miss you man. Some twisted caller to get in your ear last night huhh? I would hate that shit too. Lol, lol. Hope I will see hyou soon bro. Miss ya lots. Okay that was a minor little brain fart. I truely hope there are no reason to feel too much of a miss you much to any of my frineds anywhere. I wanna see you all sometime. Anyone really you are also welcome to come around to here. There are transportations going both ways hint, hint!!! More added shit on here the 15th. Next Wednesday. Be safe till then... much love.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a short video to promote his upcoming book 'This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx.' The book is due for release through HarperCollins' William Morrow imprint on April 26, 2011. 'This Is Gonna Hurt' will include more than two dozen of the author's images -- he will incorporate the stories behind the pictures and how they came to be, including interviews with the subjects so readers can see "what life is like for those whom society has labeled as freaks." The New York Times bestselling author of The Heroin Dairies, Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, refuses to become a sanitized PSA for suburban mothers; instead, he has found strength and inspiration in his pain and sobriety, and in this raw and powerful book gives us a glimpse inside his sick and dirty mind. "I've always had an eye for the oddities in life. Even as a kid I saw the world in my own way and thought most things that were different were beautiful and magical. Even things that other people thought were horrifying and disgusting and weird. . . . People say I have a distorted lens. I think I see things as they really are." says Nikki Sixx.

Few of us have experienced life with the intensity, fury, and reckless abandon of Nikki Sixx, the wild rock star, driven entrepreneur, devoted father, former addict, bestselling author, and gifted photographer. 'This Is Gonna Hurt' is part photo, part journal--but all Nikki Sixx. It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shape his work. Told with the raw authenticity that defined his New York Times bestseller The Heroine Diaries, This Is Gonna Hurt chronicles Sixx's experience, from his early years filled with toxic waste to his success with Motley Crue, his death from an OD and rebirth to his addictions to music, photography, and love. Love story, bad-ass rock tell-all, social commentary, family memoir, This Is Gonna Hurt offers the compelling insights of an artist and a man struggling to survive, connect, and find a happy ending--a search that fuels Sixx's being. "I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time," Sixx writes. "If you don't deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it's gonna hurt."


2nd Of December 2010, My God A Change
2:39PM CET
Thursday star of December this soon to be ending year of 2 0 10. Yeah that is right. It is Decemebr and I can hardly believe it myself. A very much loved month for myself. Many hates it And i see most that does have had really bad memories from their growing up. The years that passed and left marks really sad. scars really deep. Tragic but that is what it often looks like. No one has to be a christian and a believer in the holy book for liking christmas and the month of December. Shit I am not. But I love the warmth and the and the stuff it does and brings wit hit for sure. I really do. I have so many grat things to say and so many cool memories from this month in the past many years. But enough christma carols from here at this time anyways. but I am thrilled we are in ecemebr and that s has actually snowed already!!!

What else is up my friends? Well I have had a week of really good and few bads and some really sad. It is all a week of mixed emotions. I am not down from it ás such but still I think it could have been betetr and been avoided in the sense that certain things are really not nessesary!! I once had one of my (in my book) best friends. A person I have shared a shit load with in the name of the boys. This person is turning into its own angry really hostile twin and I do not see the old friend in this individual at all. I am really touched and sadly in a bad way from this shit that the person pulls. Does any of you out there know the feeling of thinking you have a really great someone and out of the blue frm just one change in this persons life you get back stabbed yelled at beng acused for all sorts of things? yeah thats the situation herre. I am reall ysad about this. I would never have done so myself. Also anoter individual I really hoped for to be a life long friend I was getting to know fairly well in the sense of bond with a disatnce has bee a good bit of a dissapointment to me really. It is so sad. I took myself with a thought this morning - brushing my teeth going "oh my god what a change this last week has been handing me in many ways!" What I was thinking man, what a lot of people out there that are truely not howing their real colours. It can be a cameleon standing right in front of you - a monster - a selfish angry lost soul that you yourself really thought ment well in all its doings. Man dont judge a book by its cover. Has gotten a real life sort of meaning now.

I think a few things have been going greta as well. It is not all shit and sadness really. I have gotten myself into a little bit better situation on many areas really. There have been som that have been long time fights that are burried never to be seen again and that sure as hell is pleasig on the positive side of the line right? Yeah man. Then there have been a few that have been really longed for a settlement with which are now fully in place. Also feels good. Then there are the ones that did not really hand me the longest straw so to speak have opend up different kind of possibilities now or me. Love that part!! yeah there have been quiet a list of good and a little bad and some realy bad. But nothing has yet killed me so in all I guess it is fair to say that I have a really good situation after all. I love what I do on any levels and I am perhaps not so fond of some other doings but that is how the world spins I guess. You loose some you win some and from it all you get experiences and you change and go into the next and new level of your life. Crue has changed as a band in many ways. Look it over grab your stack of releases and feed yourself with a story that attached the band to that album. What and when did some massive changes pop up? Quiet often right? For more or less every album or? That is a good every year and a half to every other year. So why you and I not change also? We al llive on the same planet. Some are just a little too high their own ego sat soemthings and needs to be gods where ever they go. Others kill and sell family members for a buck. Others can nto cope with much and gets left behind bocoming lost and weird. While al lthe more regular ones though they are monsterously different too they all goes in a thousand directions and each get a life story to tell that can feed others in many wyas good and bad. I myself right now amin the middle of happiness and dissapointments to some certain past spots. But I work on it. I sadly just love life a little too much not to care course the shit that is is so not nessesary!!!

Benjy Eisen of Spinner.ca reports: Nikki Sixx has cause for celebration this month but it's not a new platinum record or Top Ten hit. Instead, Motley Crue's bad-boy bassist gets to celebrate his radio show hitting the 50th affiliate mark -- a feat which, by broadcasting standards, represents a certain milestone. Indeed, akin to receiving a platinum record, the accomplishment punctuates the fact that his radio show, 'Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx,' is a success -- officially. "Radio has always been such an important part of my life, whether as a musician or a fan, and to be able to do this every day has been a dream come true," Sixx tells Spinner. "And to think, we're just getting started..." The show -- which launched in February and which you can listen to online via iheartradio -- is quickly becoming a place where those who run in Sixx' circle go to discuss life, the universe and their latest albums. Recent guests have included Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and Dave Grohl. Think of it as Howard Stern meets Headbangers Ball. As for what's going to happen to the show when Motley Crue goes on the road... we're guessing that getting Bret Michaels to sub is out of the question. There seems to be no Poison Cre tour after all. I have talked to a few they all had loved to see it go down actually. Two huge 8os anniversaries from two very important 1980s hair metal genre. Ohh well. It is not the first time we were hopeful especially not on Europe.

There have been stuff added today some audio and videos. Sorry for the lack of update in the rolling banner. next adding date is the 15th of December. A tiny pile is already waiting and there are to be some much expanded audio and video lists in the next 30 to 60 days for sure. But more onthat as time comes. For now there will be a reating time at this end of the party but I feel pretty sure we will bumb into one another again on here a couple more times before the year is coming to an end. Thanks to al lthe loyal vicitors of Loyalty. And a personal thank yoo to the ones out htere that have been really helpful in all ways thinkable through out the year and recently with helping me expanind my colelction and more. Your kindness and friendships are so ever resected loved and appreciated thanks again. Later lads **

Gene Simmons wants Simon Cowell's job - he's convinced he would make a better judge on the TV mogul's reality singing contests because he has real experience in the music industry. The Kiss rocker has joined a string of stars, including Sir Elton John and The Who's Roger Daltrey, who have taken aim at Cowell and his hit TV competitions. Simmons insists he is "more qualified than anybody" to dole out advice on the program, which he claims will never discover any new music legends like Jimi Hendrix or Robert Plant. He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I think I could be the sole judge on The X Factor, I'm more qualified than anybody on the show. Nobody on the show has written songs, then been on stage, or had record companies and managed Liza Minnelli. Nobody can shine my shoes.
"Maybe Simon should talk to me, although he is the only one on television that tells the truth. Everybody is nice, but that's not how life is. Life is: 'You suck, get off the stage.' Realistic is good. "Part of the reason we like watching these shows is because there are people up there and you're like, 'Are you on crack? Do you actually believe that you belong on stage?' The biggest superstars of all time would have never made it on The X Factor. "Imagine if Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger or Robert Plant came out. I wouldn't make it, and neither would they. We're peculiar and that's what makes stars interesting, not the fact that you can sing well. Broadway and pop is the place where people really sing correctly." Ohh yeah and did you see they did it again a 2011 KISS casket is coming to life. I so wanted the first one from some years back but the taxes in import wuld kill me on the spot. ANd I did not really plan to lay myself to rest just yet. But here is a whole line of cemetary products to come with the KISS icon marked on it all. The casket? Well look below and smile.......


22nd Of November 2010, Sting In The Tail & crue Activities
1:46PM CET
Awsome weekend. Thank you very much. Tired is what I will be tonight more than the last couple of days. Me and the lady of my every day life took a trip to Hamburg this past Friday morning to get a way for a few days and for witnishing the farewell tour of the mighty German power ship Scorpios. They were really good. A load of cool stuff on stage a lot of great songs and obviously a quiet moving evening and tour for the band as well as for their fans. It was an older audience the loyal generation all showed up it seemed and joined in had a ball and greeted their fellow country men and rocked the night in O2 Arena the now old and gone colour Line Arena location. Ohh year great show. Great set great stage - nothing was really should I say missed. Part from the usual always as with any band too many songs you wanted to hear and hoped for getting played. Yeah we both had a blast I have to say. There was a nostalgic positive feeling about this one. Loved it. Nice reason for a get away - out of the daily surroundings and daily doings. Even though we id not spend more than maybe 150 dollars together in three days in transport shopping and food it really was a great trip. Loved it. You bet.

Now besdes this there are a ton of stuff on the table for sure. There are a ton of offers for me from round the world. There are a load of things I can pick and choose from. But there are a little too many things I would love to have cleared out of my ways as well before just jumping other things again. I have to be extreme carefull. I know, it is a never ending feeling not to say actual situation. It is tough. I need to get a move on wit things outside the Motley life to be honest. I have a lot of great things at hand that I now know I will be forced to see slip away. It is a major line of major collectibles to be honest. A complete 80s Tommy drumkit, 5 tour used basses a Mick guitar and a pile yes I did say a pile of hand written lyrics from the boys.

Shit this is more than safe to say had this been in my collection there would have been no question about it I would have had the ULTIME best and most interesting collection from a private person on earth from this band. But !!!! I do not have this lot nor do I have a chace to get all this ... it surely is not easy seeing this being the new found fact to the lot. To the situation. to the possibilities for making magic. I know it is a sick slick world out there and mone y greed and ego controls the most. Sadly I do not pocess too muc hof al lthat really. But I will (it seems) be getting the original shout photo session negatives / slides and some from the shooting of the GGG cover and video shooting of "Wild Side". Pretty cool is it not?

Now Bret Michaels, Vince Neil; MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL is convinced a joint tour with POISON "could happen" because there has been such a positive response to the idea since BRET MICHAELS suggested it. The Poison star recently told fans about plans for a series of joint shows with the band in 2011, claiming the tour would be put together to celebrate his group's 25th anniversary and Motley Crue's 30 years in showbusiness. Motley Crue's Tommy Lee subsequently denied the story, while frontman Neil confessed he was baffled by Michaels' claims. But Neil admits promoters are now talking about a joint tour and it could actually go ahead. He tells American DJ Elliot Segal on his Elliot In The Morning radio show, "I don't know why Bret would say that. And I hadn't heard about it. People were asking me, and I'm going, 'I never heard that in my life.' And I was getting a lot of Twitters about it. I finally just called my office and said, 'What is up with this?' I was kind of p**sed that nobody told me. And they go, 'Look, we have no idea. There was never anything like that (being considered) or that was even being talked about.' "But the funny thing is, ever since (Michaels) did that and now people are talking about it, crazier things have happened. It could happen. Because you have promoters out there going, 'Hmmm... Yeah, maybe. Yeah, that sounds like a great package.' You know what I mean?!"

Now in a few good eight to ten days we have another round of addings and more. I am not fully aware of the actual date yet but you will be warned. There was not much to get added last time I predict there will also not be much this coming next time round Decemebr 1st. How ever the time after that can be quiet heavy. Maybe in round very few areas but still. I am waiting a box that is gonna rip my head of in import taxes. Or at least that is what I expect to be honest. I Will how ever have in there the new and latest from Vince Cruise, Vince November poker tournament 2010. Plus small time stuff of various items. New and old. Plus expecting a good 100 plus new titles in dvd shows. So there is a constant lot to come to my door. You will as said soon enough have a chance to get in arond it here and that is a promise. I have so many gre thougathts and hoped for soemthings for things to unfold nicely in 2011. A time that is just a bit away now - again. Yeah that is right fuck I think 2010 has passed way faster than I hoped for. The last couple of years have actually, well in my opinion. I will back the soonest possible. Be good ye all alright? Much love!!!


14th OF November 2010, What A Demanding Time It Is
1:47PM CET
So it happend again I had posted half of this diary for the day and the fucking computer goes apeshit and erases all my work so far. Here it is the demand for a rest clear that art should I wanna have this posting to go online. Muther fucker!!!!!! I am so over tired and so n so fed up with shit that this month is demanding of me. I have no private life no time frames for personal love and affection to throw on my outer work spare time doings. Now before I get too far into this diary let me make it perfectly clear that even though you may think that negative pissed of son of a bitch is let loose to go wild on here you are wrong. I am not. I am simply telling you that I am over tired and very sad to see myself being so run over in thisng order of me. A lot is job related and it takes me a little bit into what I would call stress country. I have no time left for personal private love and affection to throw around on things that I so deeply care for. One thing is this right here my Crue collection. Tomorrow afternoon local time Denmark I have a new and latest adding to do and share with you all. It is not gonna be much course of my time framings. But as said it will happen and that again shows at least signs of life on here lol, lol.

Then there is a REALLY great friend that send me a list today of things to be offered as far as I understnad this mail from him. I am over and lsot for words on the shit he listed look a t this bitch; Complete Tommy Lee "Theatre of Pain" drumset, A bunch of Nikki Sixx bass, Vince Neil personal make-up box, Mick Mars peavey guitar, Nikki Sixx office chair, Nikki Sxx personal make-up box, Nikki Sixx Girls, Girls, Girls leather jacket, Original and signed contract documents from Too Fast to DOD Plus - Original hand writen lyrics:

We Need a Lover Tonight, Girls, Girls, Girls, SOS, Kiss that girl, Too young to fall in love, Hand wirten ideals from the band on SATD lyrics, Another life behind the pack, Wasted, Wild Side, City Boy Blues, Smoken n the boys room, Danger, Looks That kill, Bastard, Hotter than Hell, Raise your hands to rock, Music notes to Nona There are tons and tons of lyrics in a large box with Elektra Records documents inside. Many lyrics were for songs that never was released to the public. You tell me there is no reason to gain a fucking headcke my friends. Yeah right. Damn. So many things to make decitions and establish paymant plans and shit for priorities to make one up against another list of things and activities to gain and do in life.

MOTLEY CRUE star VINCE NEIL is set to hit the ice as one of the contestants in upcoming TV challenge SKATING WITH THE STARS, according to new reports.The show's all-star cast will be revealed on Tuesday (02Nov10), and the series will debut on 22 November (10) in America. U.S. reality TV star Bethenny Frankel and actress Sean Young are also rumoured to be part of the new show. Rock icon Vince Neil said he's got bumps and bruises all over his body from falling on the ice during his daily 5-plus hours of rehearsals for ABC's upcoming Skating With the Stars premiering Nov. 22. "My right knee has taken some punishment," he told me last night at The Rio, where he hosted his 6th Annual Skylar Neil Charity Poker Tournament.

His 25-year-old dance partner, international gold medalist Jennifer Wester, said, "You have to fall to learn ice skating, but he's a shockingly good student. You will be very surprised and impressed. I am already impressed. When I learned I was getting the bad boy of rock, I thought it was over before it began, but he's been the good boy of ice skating. Vince is humble and very hard working. "I got the total opposite of what I expected. He's learned and practiced and learned and practiced again and again until it hurts. He really has a shot if he keeps studying and rehearsing like this. I'd heard his reputation, but Vince is completely different to that -- and he'll have the opportunity to show that side of him to viewers." They posed last night for their very first photo together -- showing the Crillion move!

Vince laughed: "It's tough work. Sometimes 6 hours a day on the ice. You fall. It's cold. You hurt. But I'm loving it, and I think we're going to surprise fans and a whole new demographic of moms and grandmothers. I think I'd been on the ice just once since I was 12 years old. So this was a whole new experience that started a few weeks ago. I'm so into it we've even been on ice skating dates! The show, of course, isn't just skating. We have choreographed dance routines to music. "My only rule has been no feathers. No pink! I'm fortunate because ABC hired my tour designer to do my outfits for the show, so we'll be looking rock smart."

Jennifer has been stretching Vince in long warm-up and cool-down sessions before his skating practice here in Las Vegas. ABC has now built a skating rink in the studio alongside Dancing With the Stars for the program that debuts after the DWTS finale as a 2-hour premiere special to run for six weeks. The set will resemble an ice castle, and the show's first elimination is Nov. 29. Vince has a Shiprocked cruise to the Bahamas from Thursday through Sunday from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau, Bahamas, with Drowning Pool, Cinderella, Tesla, Sevendust and six other groups. "I lose four days of practice this week, but I will fly direct from the Bahamas to Los Angeles on Sunday and go straight to the rink from the plane to start an intense week before the first show," Vince said. Jennifer added: "If there was a rink on the boat, we'd have kept up the schedule. But instead, I've given him a lot of homework to do while sailing from Florida, and he's totally promised to stick to the schedule. I know he will. He is really up on this."

A few people have kept asking me about one thing - when will I be getting my Tommy personal owned and played guitar and my BOD Nikki tour used bass? Well all is really in a bit of a blur at the moment. But I think it looks to be Sixx bass in hand Decemebr of Janaury. The Tommy Shecter guitar may be January or february? It is a shit lot of xtra money in import taxes and shit that I need to have to pay up front with if I should demand an earlier shipping to get these babies any time sooner that mentioned above. It is really hard. But I can show you some pictures of the bass and the origina ltour used bass case that it comes in when it does. Much love...


1st Of November 2010, Updates, Bills & Decitions To Make
11:51AM CET
So we got through all that October helt as well. Halloween is over I am sure many had a blast. It was not my party this year. I have had lots on my hands but mostly I did what I promised myself. I said to myself I had to back out from everythitng this weekend going home. I did and I ave rested good. Sorted a little in my Crue stuff but maybe 2 % of all thats here. I have also not gotten to do most of what I long for to do. But again I needed the rest and the break from activities. My body demanded it. And now I feel I am fairly good to attack the working hours for Monday, tuesday and Wednesday then I have one more day off again. Gotten my CD computer libary started. You see I have fucking no idea at times if I have that and that CD when I bumb into a great sale somewhere. So here I have staretd that too. Gone through the first maybe 600 CDs. There are a total of maybe 4000?!! Today actually right now as I post this the webmaster has been busy for a while updating the new and latest arrivals on Vince Solo, Tommy solo, and some Crue posters, picks etc.

There are always new updates here every second week. November 15th will be the next date in the calender for this. There are so many things also on here we have been put aside through out 2010 but time and dedication to the new ideas have taken a little too much of other stuff to get fully activated. Sorry. We hope to have some really truely good stings put to life in 2011. There are so many great somethings out there and there are so many great ideas we can do with all of this. The site and the collection. You have no idea how many dreams I have for this and it is what keeps me going.

The problem is that I have too many things on my hands constantly. Too many financial doings to fully let these ideas being of a higher priority than what it already is and finally too many offers on great stuff that are too high priced to make room for these other talked about ideas. Then on the side of al lof this there are these things and sides to the book called "life and daily doings". Thats right. You see there are a line of things for me like there is for everyone else. I am unable to even get to be considered close to have an ass loaded with cash for any pleasure that may pup into my skull. Hell that is not even close to being reality. I have no more than anyone else as said often before. Thats why I am sacking everything else to do this and to do this in the coolest most sincere way I can possibly do.

Today November first 2010, I have a couple of biggies to make decitions on. I have another bass of Nikkis on my hands if I want it. I have some old cool original shit in the sense of slides / negatives from the Shout days, album cover and the Girls girls cover and filming of the Wild Side video. I am truely extrmely interested in these things but god damn it. Money is not the best shit here nad now to cover all that. My bank has well not exactly the bank but my bank financial situation from a lost / cracked / stolen visa card makes me sit with a feeling out being bound on both hands and little can I do till I have my new card thats ordered again. There is a prayer sent out to the people with these items. I really need to get a feedback on my questions to "can you hold shit for me for some weeks?"

Acouple of really helpful guys states side are great in reaching out giving me some slack here and there to actually get things won over and cover it for a safely adding and expanding of my personal Crue collection. I think maybe at times many do not fully get my appreciaton. I am dead on honest and thankful for all these people do for this and for me. It is often like this that I have to have myself convinced that this item should be thought about and this one should be grabbed so the priority making on things are like somewhat changed here and there. I say it again the only rehab I am ever gonna go to is the one when I quit this collecting business. It will be a killer to not be doing but it is all in all just like being on drugs dude. It is so fucking dictating at the same time I WANNA do this of my own free will. But it is not something to be takne lightly. I could never do only certain areas of the band. I would feel half right bout such a move. I can not really tell you how cool it is to be able to course I never did it. And I know I never eer will.

I am thinking alot about the pricetags these days too. The world seems to have all over gotten higher shipping fees now a days. Fuck Canada wants 60 Canadian dollars to ship me one lousy regular rolled poster in a tuebe these days. I am over getting things from there through the mail now. Tragic but true. Sweden has extreme high prices too no a days. Fuck shipping from al lover is half the item total now a days. And it is not getting better. I could do so much for myself and a girlfriend with the time and money I put into this Crue thing it is so scary to even think of. But right now I am still dedicated making constant priorities and all. They have to do shanges in the songs performed to be anywhere near interesting these days. I have seen these songs done this year for about 5 years live now. New stage yes new backdrop yes but the same songs and shorter and shorter sets really. It is not really worth it. Then I for one would rather have my time and money put into something that is a collectible. Somethng to have and to hold. Something to really enjoy owning thats here by me instead of just another couple of shows that cost me like a mountain to go to. You get the idea.

There are many things in my head these days and I am rally focused but it is here and now all about a choice really. The decitions to it all will be heard in the next posted diary on here with in th next week. I guess you can understand the dilemma lol, lol, lol which it what it at times really feels like being. I need to hear from a girl that did an awesome thing for me in the states - it was a home bringing I need to pick up in December. It is such a piece to have fuck I am really happy about it. There is no way words can justify this one for me..... You hear more soon.

Do you remember the name from a few years ago; A Maryland man has been found guilty of his missing wife's murder - five years after the members of MOTLEY CRUE offered a $10,000 (£6,660) reward for information about her whereabouts. Tracey Leigh Gardner disappeared in March 2005 on her way to a Motley Crue concert. Her body was never found, but her husband Dennis Tetso was charged with first-degree murder in 2009. A Baltimore County jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his wife on Friday (22Oct10). Tetso faces a 30-year prison term when he is sentenced on 23 November (10). Gardner's disappearance became a national story in 2005 and when the members of Motley Crue read that she was on her way to one of their shows when she went missing they offered a $10,000 reward for information about her. It is insaine how this one was blown up a tthe time. Crue stepped in as said above rewarded for something that could solve this. Well looks like there is now a found final to the mystery or at least some of it. sadly it wil lnot bring back Tracey Leigh but maybe if this is the really fact to what happend some may now have found at least some sort of rest in their mind compared to be in a constantly unawareness......

Husband Of Missing Motley Crue Fan Faces 30 Years For Murder ***


29th Of October 2010, Life, Scares & Hunted Dreams
5:54PM CET
Friday you have no idea how great I feel today. Ohh what has he gotte nnow you may think? Nothing new there ... well there is but I am home. Surrounded by my own stuff. I have not been here for 3 weeks and it feels so perfect. I was in high need of getting home and ready for on weekend round my things and doing absolutely nothing for at least half of the time here. And I intend to live up to that decition. I am so worked out. I am also so extremely in need fo certain things so tomorrow and Sunday let them two days be the days of good for me. I am not working again untill Monday night. A lot is being settled the next 5 to 7 days.

On Monday early on my local time we will be having a new time for addings to the site. Some of the latest items are to go on here again to expand the whole damn thing. Nothing huge nor way cool stuff. But still a few good handfulls of somethings that will be said with pride that I am now owning with joy and more it is truely great everytime there is something added to the collection. Every second week this monster grows a few inches. Not ever a full three silence to this here. have not been for soon five some years. That is in itself a great something. Not many can say that. And I for one fully understand why not. It is as expensive and it is a mother fucking huge something to add some of these monsterous collectibles from time to time.

There really should not have been so much under the belt for juts one single fan and collector. But I have it it is all here. and that is as said a real win in itself. Nothing on this site can not be viewed if you decided to come and see me sometme. I love it. A few, very few good friends out there are so stunned yet very helpful in getting me the stuff here all the time. I have to say I am really not too suprised it grows this fast. Only spooky detail is howw on earth is all the money found for all this? Well there are reasons to how and to why. Not to be shared on here but trust me it is all with a big will inside and also a huge good portion of luck really. Not many can do this or would be willing to do this as said often - this priority making and the sacrify to eve nbe able to do this. Only cool thing other than having what the collection holds is that it is as good as money in the bank and it is all done legally!!!

There have been a few scares since the last time I posted on here. A good couple of HIGHLY sorted items have bee nwaved before me as offers and nothing have I been able to do about it. But I have had some alternative great TRUELY great moments. A little week ago I attended a concert with the kid and world five foot tall star of Minneapolis. Yes you are dead on right - and it does not have anything to do with Crue or rock n roll. But it was solid. It was perfection to the max. Prince hit Herning in Denmark and he entered the then three days old new super arena of Denmark. Broke most of what I have seen to date and delievered:

Empty Room, Stratus, Lets Go Crazy, Delirious, Lets Go Crazy, 1999, Shhh, Controversy, Sexy Dancer, Le Freak, Give It To Me baby, Housequake, Controversy, Free, Pearls B4 The Swine, Love....Thy Will Be Done,Uptown, raspberry Beret, Cream, For Love, Cool, Lets Work, U Got The Look, The Glamorous Life, Soul Sacrifice, Purple Rain, A Love Bizarre, Kiss, Dance, Baby Im A Star, Peach!!!! The nhe fucking threw out his just used complete guitar to the audience. I gotta say the show was in its all a perfection and a shaped razor sharpe something unidentical but sweet as nothing else. The bass player was a girl on this tour stil lis by the way lol, lol, lol and she is Danish. Hot cool bass beater taking steps back from no one out there. Blow me she makes orgasms on that thing like you would not even begin to beieve. Ida is her name. And stadning front row to the entire show was a little more than hoped for but screw me was it great. My old metal radio engenier was there too and like he said "Tommy have a good one and heyy dont tell anyone we were here. Its not our regular playground". I loved it. Lol, lol, lol. Superb to the max.

My baby sister and the W.A.S.P. fan Tine were with me and they both said it was over the top, well sister came to that agrement later on in the day. She had a little too high hopes for the show before the day even arrived to us I guess. It was a world class delieverence for sure. Thansk Prince for an extreme experience real music by real musicians as the little big man said a few times. Rad!!!!


"So, Miss Tweed and I were at LAX... we got some Decaf Coffee and some eggs... and there I am munching and taking a few sips... and then, I feel this rush of heat from my feet up to my head... and then apparently I blacked out. I woke up in a nearby hospital. I was told I passed out due to dehydration, lack of sleep, and just pure exhaustion. I spent a night at the hospital and found, to my surprise, half of my left eyebrow literally fell off... I must have hit the ground hard. I don't remember. So, there I am being stitched up, eating hospital food, and itchy to get back to work. I'm back home. All is well. I've been getting lots of emails and calls asking if everything is fine. Yes. Thank you. All is well."

This little something on my personal hero and all in life shocked me to my inner guts for several hours. A flashback to the reminding factor that these heroes includng the Crue guys are now well over 25 of age and it can come as a strike from a clear blue sky that we all of a sudden will loose one of these dudes. I am not really cool with these reminders. I really felt weird down sad and concerned to be honest with you. Crue men have had their shit and now after having read Vince book like perhaps many of you I see and hear that our front center stage fighter has been and is in pain for and on several fields inside. He is not all good and all happy as we would like to think he is. many have said things about Nikki in the past but I truely think Neil and maybe even Tommy have the at least same kind of tragic inside carried with them everyday that they are fighting with to get better. Mick is an exception course he has been in pain for decades and we al lknow it.

Now this from Gene Simmons and paul Stanley has collapsed backstage a couple of years back backstage just before a show where the rest took the stage and asked shall we play and Gene doing all songs or should they return as Paul got better. The list of allthese shitty happenings are everywhere and yearly gets new tragic somethings added to the list that makes my heroes feel and seem more and more fragile as time goes. We do not really wanna deal with that kind of stuff but I feel we have to. Fuck we do not even have to see it on our heroes. I feel in on my own body now a days. I have gotten weaker. I have bad eyesight now I have so many smaller thigns pupping up here and there that was not there like only let us say 2 years ago. It is hard to face those facts and realize we are all getting weaker and weaker. Fuck maybe I have lived more than two thirds of my life already I or anybody can not tell really. It is insaine to even think about.

As said on monday morning my time there will come newly added stuff on here like Tommy and Vince solo stuff such as articles CDs, cards and more - and Crue picks, posters etc. Also the last of the Danish royal beers have arrived and there by completed the set of I think it was 16 beers or soemthing EXTREMELY limited and so ever cool to have. There seems to come 4 solo beers soon one on each member to add to the serie. but the band stuff should be all out now. Impossible to get anywhere any more. I have a good few sets to part with if you are into it. Sadly its glass bottles so they are over the top heavy and costs a gazillion to ship out. But if you are able and willing to do what I say "its only money and this is life long joy to have and to hold then there are a good maybe 15 chances to get yourself a complete set. email me at lee@tdcspace.dk or go see the shit on here at,mcrueloyalty.dk/TNT4at the very low on the page. Ones these are all and completely gone they are gone for life. Noway on earth can these be found ever again. So risk it - or loose it for life.

There are a lot of one off offers out there as we all know. And let me tell you these are some of just that kind of offer to you. If you liked the Crue Brue. Then these you will love like hell. That is such a shit cool set of beers. I am so proud to have and to hold the complete set. It is sick as fuck how awesome they are. There is only one other guuy that I know that may be willing to sell sets of the first FIVE bottles from Too fast to Dr. but no titles after dr. he does not have it. So this is truely your only chance. And as said first come first serve. About a good 15 sets in total but its a money investing thing for sure course these babies will cost more than the damn bottles itself to ship out to anyone. Think about it and get in touch if there is an interest.

Having said that let me almost leave you with a continued yell oout of "thanks for stopping by here - Monday is your next day for new stuff getting added on here then next date is mid November. Sunday we set the clock back one hour here and it has then and there officially been made a "its winter time" day for sure. many are sick as dogs already fighting with colds and shit. I am just sore and feeling like crap in my entire body. I miss some relaxing and more and it will be right here right now that the time for exactly that is at my feet. You will more than likely hear from me here in the pages of memories to be - the loyalty diary - a couple more times before next adding course there will without a doubt be thought related to Crue to get shared on here as so many things are up in the air. but take care okay. Enjoy your life have a ball of a weekend and enjoy your halloween - Buuuhhhh!!


20th Of October 2010, Pain, Hopes & Dissapointments
11:53AM CET
Now Wednesday late mornings it is. It has been a fairly hard couple of days the last few here. I have a really sad tragic tough to get rid of neckpain these days. My head hurts like a motherfucker - but I am gonna do this anyway now. I have supported my baby on a trip to Gothenburg for her favorite band. W.A.S.P. This was without blinking my last show with them. It is not fun no more it is not a W.A.S.P. I love. To think of this band as a top three to topfive band of the most important ones in my life this has turned out to be a huge dissapointment. I can not find words to it. I really feel I am getting a bit pissy inside it is like a breakup not acceted for me. I am not gonna see them again.

This was the city I saw them in the very first time I ever saw them in 1984. now same city holds or rather helt my farewell to the band Gothnburg Sweden. It was pissing down too a really fucked up day wether wise. It was not fun. But I supported her on her trip and her doings. So I gaeve it another chance but like it has been for some time I got confirmed Monday night. It was not cool no more. I am not pleased with the Blackie solo project at all. It will be hard to write off completely but I am gonna do it and I am there by saying goodbye to yet another huge important chapter in my life growing up. Blackie and W.AS.P. thanks for what was..... it used to be a hell of a ride.

Now Wednesday I sit here and have two nightshifts ahead of myself and they will go fine and fast just wait and see. Then it is Friday and I am crossing countyr again to go to a city named Herning to see Prince live. The little big man from Minneapolis. I cna not even begin to tell you how much that will outdo Lawless and company. It will be a master piece of a night I am so sure of it. There are so many songs from this mans arcive that will do evertyhing to make it a hell of an unforgettbale night. Tonight he plays Copenhagen but I have a work to attend to. Sadly. I am really pleased with what is about to come my way. Then home to Roskilde again Saturday and three weeks will pass before we then hit hamburg for the farewell tour of the German act Scorpions. That one is also one to really kill I can not wait to see that one. I will in between have a few last 2010 deals captured dealt with and cleared before it all of a sudden will be christmas again.

It has begun here and I have alreay started the christmas gift shopping. Early you think? Nahh all of a sudden it will hit you all like a ton of bricks. Fuck the catalogues are handed out already here. I will be giving myself a CRUE item for christmas this year too. I have done so for some years in a row now and heyyy, there are so many great things out there for grabs and I am not even close to choose at times what to go for. I can not be at the events thats happening over there so what can I say? I am forced to just do and think about items mroe than attending al lthe stuff going on over there. FUCK!!!! Gonna see and gonna know about some really cool rare as hell slides / orginal negatives that are highly sort after. The old shout pictures known florm the coverinside some Girls Girls album cover slides and finally from the "Wild Side" vidoe. It is all some really cool massively rare shit that there is only this one of. No dublets anywhere . I really would love to get this lot from the dude holding them right now. Shit. I will have answers to this one in a good weeks time or so. Over the top cool.

Did any hear about the Gene Simmons situation - the hacking in on his sites? Never one to bite his tongue, the public face of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, has become the latest target of assiduous online attackers, Anonymous. Two of Simmons' official websites, SimmonsRecords.com and GeneSimmons.com, have been hit by the group of activists as an apparent reprisal for insisting that musicians should be far more aggressive in the pursuit of illicit filesharers. The Anonymous group, linked umbilically to influential online forum 4Chan, have forced several websites linked to copyright-protection bodies offline in recent weeks.

The offending comments were made by Simmons on a panel about building a successful entertainment brand. He said on Tuesday: "Make sure your brand is protected. Make sure there are no incursions. Be litigious. Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars. Don't let anybody cross that line. "The music industry was asleep at the wheel, and didn't have the balls to sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. And so now we're left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. There's no industry." Ouch. You can almost hear Anonymous wheeling around their (illegal) DDoS missiles. And, sure enough, little more than 24 hours later Simmons' online brand has been knocked off the internet. Clear Channel Radio today announced Nikki Sixx's brand new digital channel called "Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx," available

exclusively on iheartradio, Clear Channel Radio's digital platform that delivers over 750 of America's favorite local radio stations, celebrity-hosted channels, local traffic reports & exclusive videos. Now, fans can tune into Sixx's nationally syndicated radio programs launched earlier this year -- Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx -- anytime, anywhere through the iheartradio mobile application and on iheartradio.com. On Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, Sixx -- co-founder/bassist/songwriter of Motley Crue and chart-topping band Sixx:A.M., producer, clothing designer, philanthropist, best-selling author and photographer -- discusses music and lifestyle topics with co-host Kerri Kasem.

Sixx and Kasem provide a unique perspective and attitude as they welcome celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters from all walks of life. Sixx's two-hour original weekend program, The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx, spotlights the internationally renowned rocker in his role as radio host and tastemaker, and features chart-topping songs, new and emerging artists, and guests from the worlds of music and entertainment. Sixx's programs air in nearly 60 markets, both nationally and internationally. Sixx stated, "I've been using iheartradio since the beginning, and I'm really excited to be a part of this with my radio shows."

Sixx joins other famed Premiere Radio personalities with exclusive digital channels on iheartradio like Ryan Seacrest, Elvis, Duran and others. Available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android devices, iheartradio has more than 10 million total unique downloads. "Nikki is a popular personality, and creating digital channels for compelling talent like Nikki reflects our commitment to offering our listeners access across all platforms they're interacting on -- on-air, online and on mobile devices," said John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio. Pretty cool I think. It is without saying a man that is about to do a shit load that can only give one the worries of how to cover al lif you are a Crue or a Nikkicollector. Many new shops from his new website is to open shortly. Sixx AM, Sixx Sense, Royal Underground, Motley and shit.... Have you all checked out the new Sixx site? It has been on its way for way, way, way too long. finally here.www.nikkisixx.net.

Jane Stevenson of Canoe.ca reports: Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, whose solo album Tattoos and Tequila is out now, says he's already had feedback from some of the groups whose '70s hits he covered on the disc. For example, Cheap Trick's He's A Whore, got the thumbs up when both bands were in Toronto for shows a while back. "I'm sitting in the bar in the hotel and here comes (Cheap Trick singer) Robin (Zander) and I go, 'Dude, check this out.' I had the version on my phone. And so I played him, He's A Whore, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever," Neil told QMI Agency during a recent interview in Toronto. "And I talked to (Aerosmith frontman) Steven Tyler and he loved the version of Nobody's Fault and he thought it was pretty ballsy to do that song because that's a difficult song but he loved the version. He said, 'Most people that do Aerosmith songs, they pick the obvious ones to redo.' But this song takes me back when me and my friend John, we'd ditch school, and go surfing, like almost every day. And we just listened to the Rocks album (by Aerosmith). And so Steven loved it. The Sweet song (AC DC) I played it for (bassist) Steve Priest and again, he really dug the version. He was going, 'Man, I wish we sounded like that when we do it.'" Otherwise, Neil also has a line of tequila out that he's particularly proud of. "I've got the best tequila -- it's called Tres Rios. It's made in a little city outside of Guadlajara. I bought the company four years ago 'cause the family that makes it, everything's in copper, copper vats, copper tubing, and there's no after taste in copper, so everybody else makes all theirs in stainless steel. It's like drinking out of an aluminum can. There's a little taste. So mine is really clean. And actually in an alcohol convention in Las Vegas, I think 900 tequilas entered, I won the bronze medal, which is cool."

It has been a while now since this latest Vince solo CD was released and I have to say I still enjoy it a lot. There are many cool covers on that album I think I will be listening to it a lot when I get more tiime. It is truely a cool return for Vince. In sweden I asked at a shop if his new book was in swedish it was not. I think there are so many great things to come on that man too the remaning time of 2011. There are to be a lot of great neil stuff from his soon to come Poker November 2010 in vegas and his cruise late Novemerb from Florida as well. A lot of cool shit I am sure. I have those two events covered and I have to say this - there are so many great things out there but it has begun to be over the top on certian things price wise that I am not gonna buy no more. Cananda has ben erased as a country I will buy stuff from. over 60 canadiandollars in shipping for only ONE lousy poster to Denmark theese days. Jezzz Louise. Not happening. No way.


14th Of October 2010, Mixed Emotions
3:29PM CET
Now sitting here having found an awesome nice great felt something with my work. I have honestly had the best week in a seriously long time. The reason is short mixed and cooler times and colleges and partner for the nights the past 5 days. I can not even start to describe how much energy I have had outsiede the job. I feel so damn much better. It has been really hard to not like this week. It has given me a lot of thoughts to my Crue too. there are new rules and shit for import here in this countyr too now. And in short that ,eams that is is now way, way, way, way more expensive to even get things in to Denmark. Everyone inthe states should feel fucking blessed more than they are aware of ... for every one item I invest in I think you guys out there can get two or three of the same kind of rareness in the item and there then is nothing from the gouverment or nothing to even bring to the plate what I / we over here now have to deal with. It is just really, really hard to continue this collecting on this level. But I try to fight on. Finance and all sets its own limits and there are nothing to do about it other than hope for me to still be able to and keep my willingness to this circus. Fuck it is and has become seriously hard times for this.

What really took me down the other day was seeing some pictures online I will not say where or of whom but it is old day situations missed and sadly had a totally for me tragic outcome and all. I think all I could think was why can this and that not be fixed and we all would be good again. I so wish in all honesty. but I do not think it will .And I do not even intend to try. I will nto mess or stur anything in any form or way. not a chance. I think I will maybe not get over this till I am done collecting this band. Certain details are really hard to handle in my memories and I think there are so many things that sadly will never ever be followed up on ever again.

That is how life is I know but I think it is getting to me more than I can fully understand or does it? I have always said it was a hugely important chapter and all in my life and I think most of it will never take that away from me. I am at least brave and fair enough to admit a huge chapter inmy Crue life is burried and not to be relived. I think a lot of things are not gonna be cool as it was .I think a lot of things will never reach the heights of what was. But there is absolutely nothing to ever do about that again. That was a one off that just hit me really hard seeing certain things online a few days ago. I was really feeling down and totally lost for words and positive thinking for a good couple of hours.

There are a few things in the mail coming to me in the next couple of weeks again. This week I also got the extreme and limited box edition from Vince Neil and his latest CD release. I have to say what a fucking cool box. That is a box set that beats most to be honest. I think a ton of great things are ot there in boxes but this one here is really cool. Looks good and is HUUUUGGEEE!!!! I am so grateful I got this. Thanks baby for the late but now safely arrived box set. I amreally pleased with this one. It is a box that I will really take god care of. You have no idea unless you own it yourself how cool this box truely is. Its pictured here.

More is coming from the Vince Neil solo section soon. Already tomorrow there will be more added as promised to you all on the site incl Vince solo sections. I have a ood couple of hands full of items. And you will love it I am sure. I have now reserved the last weekend of October for myself and a home going to solve and sort all the mess out thats there and get some shit in boxes and all. Safely put away in listed boxes of what it all is. There are so much now everywhere again and I have no home as said a few times on here recently. I am really in need of getting things fully sorted and all. So no rest then. Also that weekend will be the next time we add something or work on the site. After tomorrow that is. I am gonna go with my sweetie to Gothenburg to attend a W.A.S.P. show well.. sort of. I am going not attending the show so there will be a rather cold evening and night for me there. It is down at a frezzing point now a days at night time here in Scandinavia by now. Then I will be attending Prince live in Denmark on the 22nd and then soon there after it is November and all the christmas shoppings will be covered and dealt with. But that is another story and very un Crue like.....


9th Of October 2010, Tbone Axe - Thanks Frank
1:38PM CET
I am sitting here on a god forsaken Friday afternoon and I have gotten the day off from a trade with my brother. I will be attending the Elvis live tribute at the citys ... are you ready for this.. at the citys church!! I will actually be going to church. I can not really believe it myself. but never the less I am there. 7:30PM tonight. Wanna see it. Then tomorrow and the coming days its back to hells spot. This countrys fucking national railway system. Fuck me it is ... sitting here with online radio San Diego FM 94.9 just called the spin dr of this mornings records... requested our boys. the man did not believe I was who I am and even less from Denmark. Who calls them and request anything from here. well let me see if he actually spins a tune. It was a funny two minutes situation and its done for m´now lol, lol, lol.

How ever I wanted to share wtih you al lthe BOD bass of Sixx´s comes to my home and house in December. Then the last diary posted guitar of Tommy Tbone Lee own collection. It was a highly wanted one and it was for sure a thing I loved to get my hands on. The days passed on and guess again. I made the deal. Got it for a slick to be honest but there are so many cool things about this one. And a short but interesting story attached to this too. I will not really be sharing this one at this time. I wanna be absolutely sure to get the piece in my hand in the near coming future before I start throwing candy around. But I tell you it is a really great cool feeling to say deal made it will be mine. I am totally stunned over this even being possible as I have been with a good few things this year to be honest. Frank to have talked to you over the phone was a pleasure. You know my Crue passion by now so anything coming up you tell me alright? Fuck I love this axe to come to me.

Also on a news matter I have talked to a very great friend and helpful loyal Crue searcher to help expanding my collection. And there is one awesome over the top nice one up in the air as I post this. I will not be knowing untill Decemebr first if I can actually pull this one through but I am god damn surely gonna try. I have to say my contacts and dealers now are so massive it is without exception getting too damn hard to find mone yno matter how much overtime I do take to get the xtra pennies for cruecial shoppings. man it is getting or rather has already become really hard to fix a kil it all now a days. I have got to say the situation is beyond belief really. What else is new of discoverd stuff wanted? Well there are so much to be honest also on the many smaller items. I am missing so much shit there are no words for covering the shit in that box. I can not do much about it really. But am on a constant watch out as I have been for years and there are so many cool things that actually have been covered already over the last two years. I am highly blessed on that front for sure. Damn man.

has been for a while thinking of attending the Stockholm Rock Out III it held at least htree acts I would have loved to see .but guess what? The festival has been killed and cancelled today now only W.A.S.P. has a show there after all. Cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I can not believe it. Sweden and that type of music... that mix could not pull it off so its killed and forgotten now. I am truely suprised. Well it saves me a lot of worry and a lot of what to do decition making. Speaking of W.A.S.P. there are so many great details and focus on the old days these days... and there in particular is one guy sturing things up. Mr. Fox the original and first ever bass player pre Chris Holmes and pre lawless being the 4 stringer man.

He is sharing al lhe can on the old old days that Blackie himself is not too keen on getting out or woudl even acknowledge as the truth. I guess if people listens and see this and cna get over the woreshipment of Lawless a little bit... you will see and perhaps even get a different kind of view on the band and this ongoing frontman. Yes there could be heaps of people saying ohh man this dude amongst others are just telling things to get attention out of jealousy, I am not to any where near any point agreeing on this. The Blackie L. is not at all as ..... as you think. And by the way a very liked man by Sixx so to speak too. Not funny course Crue and WASP are no where near the same people. Fox talks fairly highly of Sixx too. Again another long second story...

Too much pedestal shit from us towards our heroes really. Just a little bit. I think we are extremely happy about the fact of being blinded by things and all that has got to do with our heroes really. Look only at the good and ignore the maybe not so good. I would personally be really unhappy should I do that my self towards our Cruecial gang. It is so not the real and whole picture. you choose to look at only the fasinating side of your heroes really. I have always had a huge problem doing that. I have always been very interested in both sides that in its full created the "whats to see" and there for I have over the years dug deeper than many maybe!! More small stuff will be coming online on the 15th as promised. It will not be too much that time course I a mtoatlly hooked up with things to get out of my way here.... but then the 30th again more will be uploaded. I think you will find plenty of cool new and news on here the remaning time of this god forsaken year 2010 ***


6th Of October 2010, Thoughts & Hope To Get...
5:51PM CET

Schecter Diamond guitar once owned by Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was given to a studio guitarist with the inscription "What can I say, WOW Tommy Lee." Guitar is in great shape w/ two pickups and stop tailpiece. Abalone neck inlay, mahogany finish and set neck. Shipped in hard case. Real collectors item for a Tommy fan. You seethis is an item up for grabs that i would like to add (too) to the collection of mine. I know what you are thinking. Did this dude not say several times that he was for the rest of this year unable to do much new on anything? Yeah I did. Sometimes you all in to things that you just wanna go over board for. It can be trades - alternative deals - favours or long term deals. Do not even ask. There are a ton of ways to get what you like to get , what you dream of. This Tommy Schecter guitar is now just the most recent item I have been offered that has been givin me that feeling.

I wanna go the distance and see if I can come over the bridge to bring this baby home. There are always stuff. I have said it before every week of the year there are things that I am very keen on getting how ever this time with the crises there seems to be an overload fo people willing to sell for money to cover some holes in their own private exsistence. I do not think i could sell for money unless I would be totally free of all passion that the items would hold. You see there are so many awesome things out there and right now for money that makes in my mind - everyone a perfect candidate for owning some really neat cool extreme collectible. There is a perfect time to do these stunts now so - if you dream those kind of dreams here is youre reality. Stop thinking - act. I do...all I can.

You all remember the Vince Neil "Bad Bones" line and company? There are so much in that name moving now adays. I do not know how man yof you knows about this one? Or even knows that there is an online ongoing BAd Bones company to pick your bad ass clothing from? There are some things in there that are a bit cool. One of the items I hope to get some day are the patches. There are some huge full back covering patches three in al lI believe and then some shirts. Plus this totally rad jacket actually. I think a line like Bad Bones has potential but not in full the actual over the top cool just yet. let me see what happens. But you should try to look into it and then maybe support the line with a shirt or soemthing.

There are so manythings now that are really cool. Al lhave their own soon to come expanded lines fo offers and surguested clothing pieces to make you rock out in the fall and winter. I love to see what they all come out with. Nikki is about to release new cd new book and more clothing. Tommy has his methods line soon ..he kind of has to with a new album and soon to come tour in the US. Vince has his new site new shop and soon more new items too. If nothing lse a lill more new something form the coming cruise and poker tournament. Also there is his dr feelgoods and Neil Ink... there are so much shit in there that I am stil lvery much in need of.

Sadly it is so fucking hard to keep up with. I have no chance to at al lto be anywhere near the shit so I can see and follow what is actually available. But hey i am really cool with the hunt for al li see... so til lbetter and improved times for shopping there I have to stay put .. besides there is a guitar right... lol lol Neil 'Doesn't Trust' Motley Crue Pals; Rocker VINCE NEIL is always skeptical when his MOTLEY CRUE bandmates contact him, because he's convinced there's always an "ulterior motive".The singer has endured a strained past with fellow Crue stars Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, which saw him exit the group in 1992 before rejoining the band five years later (97). The quartet went on hiatus as the stars pursued solo careers and reunited once more in 2004 to launch their comeback. But Neil insists he's still weary of his rocker pals and they all share a love/hate relationship with one another. He tells AOL's Popeater.com, "It's not that I don't like them - we love each other. I don't know. You deal with it and you try and look past the eccentricities. Everybody has their quirks and some are more irritating than others... "For a while there was always an ulterior motive for everything that was done and I still think that way. When decisions are made about something I always try to figure out the angle. I don't completely trust them but I don't think they completely trust me, either. It's a two-way street. That's the way things have evolved. That's with all Motley business, not just the band."

Funny how this love hate relationship continues between the members of this freaky band. There are so many tales there and somuch cool, love, pain and shit that sometimes I think it is really uncool how much shit they can share and do share. Course man it works when it works. One can so easerly wonder again wil lthere be a member ones more to say I will pack up and get the fuck out of this circus ones more? Or have they al lby now sen that this is not a band coming to the spotlight easerly?!! have they learned to unconditionally stick tgether through thick n thin no matter..... ? I can not say myself. It is really hard is it not? Hell yes. Way too much ego minded shit in there. We al lhope and pray for the same really.... but hey... no ones really anywhere near a solid answer to this speculation. It ould be Neil to go I think. Tommy yeah maybe.. but... Sixx and Mars no way.


30th Of September 2010, Sum Up & Summer Endings
11:17AM CET
Thursday - last day of September 2010. Tomorrow starts a new month. the first day in the last quarter of this year. It is a summer endings in a not too long future we are gonna turn the clocks an hour ahead again and we are aiming for colder and darker and shorter times. The Crue still spins no matter the time of the year but they are getting closer to getting things in gear with all their stuff that they are setting up. America is soon to see the bang setting the new 2010 methods Of Mayhem tour on the map. So much stuff we sadly will continue to be missing over here in Europe. Let us see if there is a chance lee will take the MOM boys to this continent and give us a piece of what it is all about. I will for sure be going if it happens. Right now all I need to know and watch for is the dates to come for this madness to hit the USA. I will have the new shit covered for sure. T

here are so many things out there that are to be covered and dealt with. There are an overload right now of things and offers that are so massive I can not even cope with it myself. I have so many totally over the top offers and I do not know where to begin really. It is a smogasboard with a little more than whats possible to cover right now. I have killed another loan. I have killed the Nikki Brides Of Destruction tour used bass this week. Things are covered and are from that opening up a little more for the future too. There are so many great things that are to be looked in on. Great things that are to come to me the remaning time of this year this bass will not be in hand and home brought untill round the month of December. I totally love what I can do now. I love the fact that I am now able to say it will be safe and added to the collection. I have a lot of hopes for something cool with the coming new address of my daily home. I would love to try something new with some of my collectibles. I am eager to see the stuff getting its well deserved what ever it may be and there by enjoying it eve nmore than what has been possible for me now for a long long long time.

I am gonna go home tomorrow for a really short and fast visit. To cover some things and sort some before a quick return to the parts round Rosilde spending the weekend with a loved one that will great. I do not often get to stay round people I love course of work and other doings in my active life. I hope greatly that there will be some really better chances for all that next year. I just have sat my ind a long time ago on killing stuff incl all my stored stuff in the US. and it is financially and timewise killing my obtions for a lot of other things to do. Sorry to al lfor that fact. But doing this will in the long run makes me happier and it will give more quality time and at eased mind to focus on what I have in store for and with dear long missed frineds of mine. That moe or less is the bottom line. It is absolutely NOT course I do not wanna be with anyone or nothing. I am just setting my self a little too tight for that to have as an oportunity really. And I do that simply course I would love to not have all the stuff worrying me really. I wanna kill these things have things safely covered and from that I will as said receive a lot more cool calmness inside and i will be way more enjoyable around others too.

The sum up for myself and about my collecting Crue life is this right now. Tonsof ongoing kills and endings to things that are not home brought yet. But will come soon enough. Tons of offers I can not really do much about so from time to time it will be a priority making and then aim shoot to kill for chosen items. And as off now there are things sat up for the remaning of this year that will be covered. The Vince Neil November 2010 poker tournament, the Cruise inthe bahamas with Vince, some deals like this BOD bass and more. Some other small time doings and covered collectibles and items. Then with al lthis I see a safe and sound closing in on christmas 2010 to roll infrom the east on me before I know it and with that well that concludes more or less this year for sure. And then it is time for a look and a tune in find focus to the new 2011. That is pretty much it really. Remember next round for addings will be on the 15th of October. It will be a fairly short list of addings this time but I think it is fair to say there have been a lot this last two months as it is already right? yeah. Now news on Tommy private worries and Vince new mind sat activities.....

Looktothestars.org reports: International rock icon Vince Neil of Motley Crue and music industry leader Jeff Castelaz of Dangerbird Records, both fathers of children who lost their battles with Wilms' Tumor, a rare form of pediatric cancer, are teaming up to launch a new joint fundraising and awareness initiative for their respective organizations -The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation and The Pablove Foundation. On Tuesday, September 28th, the two rock n' roll fathers did return to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where their children -- Sklyar Neil and Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz -- were treated. With renowned physician, Dr. Leo Mascarenhas, who treated both Skylar and Pablo, Neil and Castelaz will speak at this special press conference, along with several special guests.

Neil and Castelaz will honor the memory of their children, as well as all of the young cancer patients currently being treated at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and across the country, while recognizing September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The two dads will take this opportunity to announce plans to raise funds and awareness for the charitable foundations they created to fund pediatric research in the fight against childhood diseases. Neil and Castelaz will then embark on their own respective tours across America to raise further awareness for their foundations. On the upcoming book tour for his newly release autobiography, Tattoos & Tequila: To Hell & Back With One Of Rock's Most Notorious Frontmen, Neil will talk candidly about Skylar's illness for the first time. The singer will also be donating proceeds from the sale of the book to the Skylar Neil Foundation, which has already raised more than $2 million dollars for cancer research. From October 2-21, Castelaz will embark on the second edition of the Pablove Across America cross-country bike tour, which rolls from Seattle to Los Angeles, and has already raised $150,000 in pledged donations to date. Castelaz and his crew of cyclists will spread awareness and garner support during their 20-day ride down the coast.

How To Help

Pablove Across America riders need to meet their fundraising goal of $500,000 for pediatric cancer research. Donors can support individual cyclists, form fundraising teams, or donate to the overall goal at www.pablove.org. The Skylar Neil Foundation was founded by singer and musician Vince Neil, in honor of his daughter Skylar, who passed away after a long battle with cancer in 1995. The Skylar Neil Foundation's mission is to honor Skylar by raising money and awareness through unique charitable events and activities it sponsors, and, grant and award the money raised to medical, research, and educational institutions/groups/individuals who are doing breakthrough work to find cures for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.

The mission of The Pablove Foundation is to fund pediatric cancer research and advances in treatment; educate and empower cancer families; and improve the quality of life for children living with cancer through hospital play, music and arts programs. Since its founding, Pablove has put together a number of fantastic benefit concerts in Los Angeles, Austin and Milwaukee. Pablove has visited and contributed to playrooms at children's hospitals in Arizona, California, Texas and Wisconsin, and has assembled an incredible Scientific Advisory Board to review research grant proposals. The organization will be hosting an upcoming Wilms' Tumor Symposium to bring together families of patients with the country's brightest pediatric cancer professionals, and is launching the Pablove Shutterbugs program to teach children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography.

Rocker TOMMY LEE fears his son BRANDON has inherited his womanising ways after catching the 14 year old trying to pick up groupies. Brandon and 12-year-old Dylan, Lee's kids with ex-wife Pamela Anderson, have joined their dad on his current tour with band Methods of Mayhem. And the drummer fears they're picking up all his bad habits. Lee tells People magazine, "They love coming on tour. Brandon will say to women, 'Come backstage and meet my dad,' But really I think he's scamming for himself."

Yeah well I can not really tell if this is supriseiing to me or if I actually do not feel I am just that. These kids parens are not the most .....(dot dot dot) to learn from. I am sure they mean well but hey let us face it. People do for sure look to their old folks for ...you know!!! Let us see how it al lunfolds the next few years. I think there are a good chance for these kind to be raising some hell for sure. Watch out Tbone - watch out there are plenty of years for worries and concerns to come dude .... good luck!!! Lol, lol, lol


26th Of September 2010, Site make over
11:30AM CET
Sunday. Not a bad day. last day off from work before a new week in hell knocks down the door. I am truely giving it my best here on all fronts. I have had work on the site this weekend just as promised. Several things are looked in on. New stuff added and really great look in on it and you may find it uncertain how you get to the solo sections. Well on the menu bar click "mcrueloyalty.COM" and in there are SOLO button. That will take you to the solo sections of all four members. Actually Vince Neils section has been updated a good lot in the Skylar Neil section.

There will be a lot of stuff bettered over the next many months. There will also still as I always remind everyone of come new stuff to the sections every other week. Sometimes a ton sometimes a few things. Next time is October 15th. Then there after the last weekend of October. So there you have a hint to when things on herre will happen next. I think we did only on simplify the frontpage and maybe even made it more this kind of personal touch? What you think? Looks simply but cool and powerful does it not? Yeah!!! Loads of cool to come as said. But we on the site have a lot goin on in our non Crue lives and I think we will combin that nicely with the simple addings on the dates mentioned above for October. The winter and fall will see us do loads of great stuff. No question.

There are a lot of sorting and packing for me next in the home of my collection. There are rarely much time there in person as I constantly go around for work, radio, website , friends, family, and more. No real quality time at my place for doing all the needed sorting. I will have to change that the remaning time of this year. I need to handle the Crue stuff some what better al lthe shit thats been almost just thrown in the door as I have been there not really fully sorting or nothing. Need to continue my massive catagorizing ...it is just simply needed. Or else i have no fucking clue to where things are these days. I need bigger boxes or more big boxes for al lthe expanding catagories thats here. I for sure will have a handfull doing al lthat is awaiting on that front. I like to get me sorting girl partner in on it and bring her home with me for this stuff. It takes two almost and a few days of hard focus to do this fully and right. I will get to do more and share al lwith you before you know it. for now enjoy the new.

Gossip news in the rockin world we love so much?

Well looks like Viince Niel will have an ongoing (for a while) battle of words with Miss Sharon Ozbourne. Man she is something else. Very ballsy I give her that. but hey c`mon getting upset about things that went down mid 80s. Why is it so hard to just say "lol lol yeah we were some what foolish and young back then. Now we have grown a lot and it is now all great fn and to a point embarressing memories really". But noooo has to be a slavering stubborn old bitch. I am totally amazed. Jezz Louise. Tommy`ol wife Heather is also trying to clear all her past doing with her latest husbond Bon Jovis Sambora. Heather Locklear is wiping clean her marriage to Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora - she has filed court papers to revert back to her maiden name. The actress divorced the guitarist back in 2007 after 12 years of marriage, but on her official documents she is still called Heather Deen Sambora. She filed a request at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday for her name to be legally changed back to Heather Locklear. Locklear wants her request to be granted before she applies for a new passport ahead of a planned trip aboard next month.

A couple of mu own personal rock gods are also acting really weird. Blackie of W.A.S.P. for fuck sake old man - "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" was clearly the filthiest of the PMRC's "Filthy Fifteen" list, and while it certainly caused a stir at the time, W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless now regrets it, especially as he has renewed his religious faith. "Words are the most powerful things we possess," stressed Lawless as he talked to Bryan Reesman of Bryanreesman.com. "They shape our very lives and determine who and what we are. Some may find it remarkable, but I was born again when I was 11 years old. I was very active in my church until I was 18, and when I left the church, I went about as far away as a person could go when I then studied the occult for three years. I wrote that song a couple of years after I stopped that study. I went for 20 more years before I returned to my Christian faith, which is where I am now. That song was put into my life for a reason. I was talking to Alice Cooper, who is also born again, earlier this year, and we both feel the same about our early work. Although a lot of the music we did early on was as diametrically opposed to the way we had been brought up, a lot of the early songs we did were laced with those Christian valves. He and I were talking and said, all we need now is Marilyn Manson and we could start a band. The world would never believe it! I said all that to say this: I renounce, denounce and pronounce that I will never play that song ['Animal'] live again. Actually, I've not played it live for several years."

Here is my own personal really mixed feeling about his weird act these days. Why is he not playing and doing what he lives off of. The fans wants to hear and see the old shit being performed. He is refusing to play things course he is religious again? Why is he then keeping the stage image outfit? tight stretchpants and saw blades? thats from the days I refer to. Thts okay not provokative? Not to be confused with as a there and then thing? but the songs cann ot be delievered? Blackie you are really doing some things that are dead ass weird. If this is so hard for you why can you then not just step down and do something else? You are taking away what I dare say the old skool loyal soldiers and followers are dying to see and hear be brought back. Hmmm sucks!! Paul Stanley (KISS), Slash and Mark Slaugher (Slaughter) ares set to appear in "Turn It Up!", a feature-length celebration of the electric guitar.

Hosted by Kevin Bacon, the film explores mankind's passion for the electric guitar, and its effect on artists, everyday players, pop culture, history, and even politics. Turn it Up! is the STORY of the electric guitar, from the invention in the 1930s to its golden years, right through the phenomenon of the Guitar Hero video-game and the digital guitars of the future. But, it's also a series of guitar STORIES, where we'll meet all kinds of people from rock stars, to congressmen, CEOs, and teenage virtuosos, to try to understand their emotional connection to their guitars. Nikki Sixx finishing up SIXX AM and there ae by now a few great smethigns out there. 6 complete studio songs are offered to me. Offered as and in versions with shit from the studio that will not end up on the album.

It will be cleaned if you will and there for this will be extremely rare and just financially a dead ass hard ball something to buy if I should do it. That 6 track disc amongst other thingshere are so many offers on the plate right now that I can not even begin to think how hard it would be to say yes thanks to everything. Thats not gonna happen. This next first the BOD Nikki bass is gonna be cleared and hopefully my friend and much missed new comer to the helping bunch of people to suply me with things for my collection is going to the States in a weeks time and have an actual chance to perhaps bring it to Scandinavia end of October. Had been shit cool if it could happen. Man I will look into that in a few days.


22nd Of September 2010, Site Activities, Gold & Weekend
12:44PM CET
Thursday!! Two more working days and I am sitting with a weekend off. I need to be doing something more to the site for sure. The Site will have a few more addings Saturday and then some more make overs and stuff I am hoping to have some detailed goodies next time we will meet on here. Mid October or something. There have come a good few somethigns to the plate and to my attention since I last was on here. I have to say things are not the easiest right about now. There are working hassles and nervousness in Denmark these days. The situation on the world crises have never hit Denmark more on the working market than it does right about now. It is a burning platform and every one is nervous for loosing their job and shit. Should I be in the boat thats sinking at some time I am forced to put everything on hold that has got to do with Crue collecting but I have confidence and I feel okay safe really. Not worrying too much. And ofcourse then again.... how can I possibly be sure?

I do all I can to keep up and to cover my Crue love, life and collecting the best that I have learned. I have just yesterday gotten some totally cool shit that I would have never ever in my wildest dreams thought I would end up sitting with. Remember I have the wedding album and wedding certificate of Nikii Sixx and Brandi? Now I fucking got the papers of their devorce and the court papers of child costudy in hands too. And it will nto be long then I will have the family - originally family owned wedding VHS tapes too. The tapes of the wedding ceramony. That will more or less complete the birth the rise the fal land the burial of the Nikki Brandi chapter. I cna not fully believe it. Have some personal greeting cards too from Nikki and Brandi plus heather and Tommy for the oldest so of Brandi nad Nikkis.

It will all go up here on the "personal" section in "Looks" this Saturday. Wonder what this could possibly bring me if I chose to sell it some day? I know I know ... it is not me to talk about my collection pieces like that. But just as an innocent thought really I wonder. Thse documents and album in ONE LOT is a one off. Fuck more rare than any stage used soemthing of any member really. And so damn personal it should not even be possible for regular folks like us to get these things. But aiming high enough and doing a hard enough job and stay focused some things can become reality moer than just staying a dream and a wishful thought!

I think it is beyond what I ever thought I could find. But here it is all of it. You tell me - did I do good? Nikkis tour used Brides B.C. Rich warlock bass comes too around the end of the year. There may be a chance that I will also get some stuff of high expense from the Sixx solo doings that I can not really post anything about here. There are just a bunch of things going on right now and there seems to be a constant activity with things offers and doings coming my way all the time really.

There will be some rather awesome shit and cool stuff covered after all. My good man Mr. GG north of Hollywood. Covering the Cruise of Vince Neil in October or was it November, fuck so much is in my head I keep forgetting. I am honoured for sure. And I should be ashamed not to feel that. How ever it looks to be covered and that is more than cool for sure. Great feeling for sure. Then there are some other stuff I hope I will manage to get my hands on 2011. But as off now I do not make enough money to cover more than spoken for here. The year has solidly ended with these doings.

Next month I have a trip to go with "my gilr" to Gothenburg for WASP. Not gonna attend the show I do not think. But going with her. Then Northern Germany in November for the farewell tour of Scorpions. Have to see that. I am truely excited about that tour to be honest. Love ot be there and do that. So after that not speaking of all the site acvity and newly home brought stuff from now till then there are plenty to go around for me the rest of the year. All of a sudden it will be December again and I will have to see for some things about christmas. I know it can sound a little bit stressful to mention christmas now already but as I keep saying there are so many things going on in my life all the time that December and christmas for me now is more or less round the corner. Always a lot of things on my "to do list". Every month every week almost every day!! and I am not complaning there are a good flow in a constant doing. I will ratehr have that that sit and just feel bored and have to see time slip through my fingers really.

I have the MOM - the methods CD that is out now and I love some shit on there. It can so be a fave in the arcives now for a while. There are some stuff on there that fulfilled my hole from a missed second swept away inner feeling from the days of "Never A Dull Moment" from our drummer boy. This did that for me. I truely hope Tommy will burn the rumours and replace them with a reality of touring the world with this. If not a massive tour then at least some places in Europe. I would for sure go. Sixx AM almost done with the final touches too. Then we need updates on Mars on his debut solo release as well. Some dates to the map so we can try to scedual shit to come. I stioll pray for a job saviour and a possiblity to kill the summer tour of western America. Cruefest III. I so need that under my belt. I really do. I have had a long hard ball to dela with. This has not bee ntoo much fun the last couple of years as also mentioned a load of times. I need it to turn and be forgotten and feel just excellent about the changes and new framings for and about all. I aim as hard on that one as I possibly can and then I continue the hunt till I know its captured or ofr dead sure a solidly no can do thing.

The last obtion is a non acceptable one really. Now there should come a load more this remaning three months of 2010 and there for I think it is fairly safe to say that you can still expect some rather cool shit to show up here before bidding 2011 welcome. There will be a rough and hard long hours work and focus on the site this Saturday for sure. The webmaster and I have agreed on a solid doing that day so we start bright and early and we then do all we can Saturday and then hopefully we will discover some really cool stuff and welcome you in on it as antoher huge do did done action on here. Till Saturday then. Alright?

Nearly a year ago, Lee and chief cohort Scott Humphrey began posting the album's songs online and invited fans to contribute parts via ProTools, Logic, Garage Band or Riff Works. Submissions came in droves, leaving Lee and company to sift through about 1,500 per week. "It was great," Lee told Billboard.com. "If it was any greater, I probably wouldn't be talking to you 'cause the record still wouldn't be done. Thank God we only dealt with 13 tracks. Otherwise it would've been a much longer process." -Lee said he ultimately used about 50 of the public contributions for the album, though he promised that he lent an ear to everything that came in. "It's not one of those processes where you can just go, 'Well, we'll kind of pick and choose what we listen to,'" he explained.

The most dramatic contribution, Lee said, came from someone in Paris, which resulted in a wholesale makeover for the song "Back to Before." -"It was a straight-up, midtempo kind of rock track," Lee noted, "and this guy sped the song up I think about four or five beats per minute and totally remixed it. "What it did was just inspire me to scrap the song and start over with that concept in mind. So what you're hearing now is a full, 360-degree re-work, which is pretty cool." -"A Public Disservice Announcement" features guest contributions from some well-known folks, too. Nickelback's Chad Kroeger sings on "Fight Song," while Deftones' Chino Moreno appears on "Only One." Sum 41's Deryck Whibley is part of the opening track "Drunk Uncle Pete." Lee suspected that some of his famous friends may have also submitted ideas via the public process. "A lot of people sent in video submissions," he said, "and there was a handful of guys playing guitars and wearing masks.

I don't know if there was anybody that I know or if they were friends who wanted to jump on and rock for a second." The group plans to perform "Time Bomb," the first single from "A Public Disservice Announcement," on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday. Lee said Methods of Mayhem is rehearsing for a tour that is currently being booked for fall and winter. Next year, however, will find him back on the road with Motley Crue, whose Cruefest tour will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group's first album. The Crue, he said, has also "talked about making some new music" for the long-awaited film adaptation of the band's autobiography "The Dirt." -"It just keeps moving around," Lee said of the project, "but we did talk about getting some music ready for it so when it does get going we're not playing catch-up." I love this shit.


16th Of September 2010, Site Growth & Slipping Finances
1:45PM CET

It is the middle of yet another month. I am stunned how fast time slips away. I have said that a lot the last two years I have noticed. Never the less it is true as fuck!! I have so many times felt a season of summer fal lspring or winter just passes in a minute. Hel lit is not all fun. Seems like life is going way faster than I can now keep up with. Sick thinking? nah, just way more to do than many I guess. Thank god it gives me way too little time on my hands to feel borred - at least that is a big win. Any how some of the plans for sitting with my webmaster today has failed. How ever we work on it as I post this in alternative ways so there are a lot of new Crue up on the sections in here. You find info as always where to go for seeing these items in the top rolling news banner on the front page.

Tommy Methods solo section, Sixx AM, Vince solo and crue posters, magazines, personal, shirts 09 and 2010, picks and much more have gotten new added stuff today. All the Vince Niel solo events like golf, poer have new stuff in it too. Like this 6 feet some tall promo banner for the Poker tournament 2010 my helper on the sorting of all my Crue has kindly stood up next to it so you see the actual size. Impressive is it not? One of them were made. Yeah a lot of exclusive somethings are up on here today. There are so many more things to come that will also blow you away. But in time okay? I have been receiving awesome news too on some things. Like Vince Neil Carribean cruise in October it will be covered. All that will be there will be gained and added in here. I feel extremely lucky on that note. It was by far not counted for at all. No where near it really.

Also Nikkis personal and private life from the Brandi days. Got their wedding album and wedding certificate now to round that chapter up wait and see the totally exclusive personal papers to come to that too. I will await it and just leave you with this little tease of what it is and you will be just as amazed as I am that it has been even anywhere near possible to gain. It will be one of the pieces to say "this is just as good as money in the bank". Holy shit. It will be here within I guess a couple of weeks. It is a safe sat deal and closed with pride. man that is just too awesome. Also a Nikki Sixx bass is to come just lost his private one from 1998 in the mail. Fucking postal services. I am totally to tears every time that happens. You pay a hell of a lot ffor their services these modern day times and then there still is no absolute watertight guarentee that you get your shit delievered!!! That is so extremely not cool. It is wasted time item and money from them fuckers. Hate it.

There have been a lot of news flashes recently. Tommys new CD is out in a good handful of days. it is in the mail to me as I sit here too. There are rumours about a MOM tour also coming by Europe. Hope it will happen I will certainly go. Got a funny weird but positive feeling about this release of his. As said before my fave T album is still "Never A Dull Moment" just holds what I like. A Tommy mix of pleasure I think. This could come up there on the side to "Never ...." Also the much press about Neils drunk n arrested a while ago. Court date end this month and more.

The assult case to a female, Vince Neil and the woman who accused him of assault, Jessica Radovicz, had very different weekends -- Vince hung out at a club in Las Vegas, Radovicz went and found herself a lawyer.As reported last week, Radovicz accused Neil of attacking her in an elevator in Las Vegas last weekend. Neil must not be too worried about it -- he spent his Friday night at the grand opening of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, posing for pics with porn legend Ron Jeremy and Bunny Ranch head man Dennis Hoff. To view photos of the event visit http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/vince_neil_in_las_vegas. As for Radovicz, TMZ has learned she's hired Mark Geragos to help her out on two fronts -- the Neil case and for a bench warrant she currently has in Burbank. We're told Geragos will help her settle that this week. His book. The ones I have taled to that has read it finds it sort of sad. And everyone seems really suprised about the book. How about you?

The split of kat and Sixx. Well I do not really have any comments to it how could I really? I do not think it would have worked out for life anyway. Been sadly saying that all along. I have been really positive about what they have shared but I have from a distant also had my opinions. We have all had that. There are also the talk about different issues of Sixx like; In the memoir "Heroin Diaries" published in 2007, SixxHernando High School teacher Jason Galitsky thought the book, which is subtitled A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, would be an effective, though optional, supplement to his Advanced Placement psychology course.

Now Galitsky is himself a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of suggested reading lists. The 31-year-old teacher has been given a letter of reprimand by superintendent Bryan Blavatt for including the book on a suggested list without approval from school administrators. Galitsky also was reprimanded for writing what district officials determined to be an inappropriate message in a female student's yearbook, according to an investigation report released Monday. "Regardless of the circumstances, it is your responsibility to protect students from conditions that may be harmful to their mental and/or physical well-being and/or safety and to protect them from embarrassment," Blavatt wrote in the letter. He did not return a call seeking comment Monday. Last month, the father of the female student came to Hernando High administrators to complain about the explicit language, descriptions of drug use and photos in the The Heroin Diaries.

The book, published in 2007, was inappropriate for high school students, the father said. Galitsky, in signing the student's yearbook last year, had recommended she read the book over the summer for the class this year. Hernando High principal Ken Pritz agreed with the parent and required Galitsky to pull the title from the suggested reading list posted on a personal Web page designed for the class. School officials also told Galitsky that the Web page, which linked from a district online portal, violated policy. During an Aug. 27 predetermination hearing, Galitsky defended the book as appropriate for high school students in a college-level course. He also said he was unaware that suggested material for Advanced Placement courses required approval from the School Board, according to summary notes from the hearing. Galitsky told officials he read the The Heroin Diaries after some students mentioned it in one of his classes last year, but he decided not to make the book required reading because of the explicit language. He noted that he found his copy of the book in the social sciences section of a chain bookstore and that the book also can be found in the Hernando County Public Library.

But Galitsky also acknowledged that, "In retrospect, maybe it wasn't the best suggestion."
"I believed my students would be more interested in a first-hand account of an individual suffering from addictions to mind-altering substances than they would a fictitious account of the same material," Galitsky wrote in a reply to the reprimand letter. "The intent of the author was not to offend and disgust his readers, but to share the story of his personal battle with his demons." School officials asked why Galitsky referred to the student in the yearbook salutation as "Tubby" and "Pork Chop." Galitsky said the student, a vegetarian whom he described as "far from tubby," gave herself that nickname in jest and even put the names on tests and quizzes. Galitsky must complete an ethics training course by Dec. 1. He also cannot serve as a teacher mentor for this school year. The supplemental position pays $175 per mentored student, per semester.

Galitsky was hired in 2004 as an in-school suspension teacher at Springstead High and moved to Hernando High the following year. His evaluations through the 2007-08 school year -- the most recent year available under public records law -- are positive. His disciplinary record is unblemished. Galitsky declined comment through Hernando Classroom Teacher Association president Joe Vitalo. "This was a teacher that was trying to make sure the kids get the best of information," Vitalo said. "He just wants to focus on teaching in the classroom and move on." Vitalo said the district handled the matter appropriately but points to the need for more specific language in the staff handbook on suggested reading. Galitsky, in his response letter, said he wanted to help in that effort. "I will be working proactively with my administration at Hernando High School as a teacher advocate to help define this otherwise ambiguous policy to ensure that none of my colleagues are drawn into a situation similar to mine," he wrote.

What I personally can not find words for and feel really negative about personally is the recent statement from Sharon Osbourne. have you all heard it? Maxine Shen of NYPost.com reports: Sharon Osbourne is "saddened" by Vince Neil's nasty name-calling. The "America's Got Talent" judge says she's "absolutely heartbroken" after learning that the Motley Crue singer called her the "most evil, s- - tiest woman I've ever met in my life" in his upcoming book -- especially since the Crue completed a stint on the Ozzfest tour two weeks ago. "I am very, very saddened by it," Osbourne says about Neil's proclamation. "My husband [Ozzy Osbourne] called him and said, 'What's the problem?' and [Neil] kind of back-tracked." Aside from running into Neil backstage at Ozzfest this past summer, Osbourne says she hasn't had a conversation with or seen Neil since 1984. Suddenly getting called out in print is "a case of 'I need names in this book. I need to shock,' " she says. "It is sad when people do that. They want to sell you out. "I think he is probably very jealous of Ozzy, but he dare not pick on him because the fans will turn on him, so he goes after me."

The event that's dredging up all this bad blood occurred back in 1984, when the Crue landed a spot on Ozzy's Bark at the Moon tour. In his book, "Tattoos & Tequila" (out Sept. 23), Neil wrote about the tour and all the crazy things that Ozzy and the Crue would do between gigs. It was all fun and games, he recalled, until Sharon swooped in and killed everyone's buzz when Ozzy's antics got too out of control. "We couldn't do this and we couldn't do that. There was a whole set of rules we had to follow," Neil griped, listing Osbourne's banning of groupies and imposition of a one beer case limit backstage as examples of those restrictions. "She would f--king have you killed if it was to her advantage," he wrote. Osbourne's response to that particular line of text? "He's the murderer, not me," she says, referring to Neil's infamous 1984 DUI accident, which resulted in the death of Finnish glam band Hanoi Rocks' drummer, Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, and a vehicular manslaughter charge. (In 1986, a judge sentenced Neil to 30 days in jail, five years probation, 200 hours of community service and $2.6 million in restitution to the crash victims.)

"He has murdered somebody in a car," Osbourne says. "He crippled two other people and he is still driving drunk. And that is why I used to keep my husband away from him. And if that makes me a bad person, then I am a bad person." "I was saddened to hear about the quote from Vince Neil's forthcoming book in which he calls me "the most evil and shittiest woman I've ever met in my life" for trying to stop my husband from hanging around with him when Motley Crue opened for Ozzy on his '84 U.S. arena tour. Guilty! Vince, of course I tried to keep my husband away from you at all costs as I truly felt that you were a danger to Ozzy, yourself and everyone around you. I didn't want him to end up like Razzle from Hanoi Rocks who died in a car accident because you were driving drunk or like the two innocent people who ended up with severe brain damage and whose lives were ruined as a result of your actions. Today I see you as a pathetic 50 year old party boy who continues to put innocent people's lives at risk by getting behind the wheel of your car and driving drunk and being arrested for assaulting women. Enough said."

Vince Neil's autobiography 'Tattoos & Tequila' will be released on September 23rd through Grand Central Publishing. Excerpts from the novel can now be viewed at this location.

Now I guess this could sum it up a little bit. the site is stil lbeing expanded as I post this and I have to get back to the webmaster for closing the work for the day really. The finacial side of things for September is a dry spot. all that could get done and a little more is. There are not more than a dry hole in the pocket now. I have done and dealt with all that was possible for this month but it is with great pleasure that I can say the finances for September but it really is going going gone the money that is. But so much are covered and killed and in just another 50 days I am better standing in almost all counts then. Will be great to get there. Now let me slip away here and get on with the stuff active here, getting with you shortly again... much love!!


6th Of September 2010, Recoverence, Crue Stacks & Loyalty
1:25PM CET
Monday noon a quarter into the month of September. A lot of personal shit has been dealt with this past weekend. It was first and foremost a need to gain sleep and resting times course I have had a lousy good 15 hours from Thursday a week ago till this past Friday. It was simply a really nasty week for me. But to a certain point inavoidable. So Friday af after night shift I went straight home. Took a country crossing again early morning got home took a shower checked the post and there from hit the sack. Did not do jack Friday. I needed it .Slept four hours solidly that afternoon. went for a walk for fresh air and day light late afternoon. Then hit the sack for another 10 hours of sleep. It was a needed little something or else my body would have collapsed at any day near today. I slept deep and nicely too. Not a sign of dissapointmen on that account. I now look forward to a lot of sleep this coming week too.

And not to forget ofcourse the lot of Crue items photo taking for the next bunch of stuff to get added to the sections of "Looks" on here in just a little over a week from now. There are a nice slow flow of incoming stuff a couple of times a week now a days. So for sure a load of Crue to be handled this week no question. I have a few great thoughts and ideas about what I would love to have done over the coming two years with some stuff too. But right now as mentioned earlier a high priority is on my to do list is the - getting a new apartment and location - soonest possible for sure. I need it. Others in my life needs it. Yeah lots of stuff on my high priority list these days. There are incoming offers in a steady steam as well. Some are taken some are not even possible to think about. There are some pretty neat stuff on the offer plate from people wanting to or are forced to sell out things they have had for a long time. I am still sitting with offers on drums, basses, used clothings, rare minor stuff like records, posters and all sorts of things. Time will have to tell what is possible for me to do but right now September and October are both months sat ou heard the latest on a couple of our boys? No? here is a fill in then.

MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL was allegedly three times over the legal alcohol limit when his car was pulled over in June (10), according to police reports. The singer was detained on suspicion on driving under the influence (DUI) by cops in Las Vegas. Neil was charged with DUI and speeding and police are also investigating allegations he was embroiled in a scuffle with a female fan who claimed he broke her camera outside the city's HIlton Hotel. And in police reports obtained by TMZ.com, it was revealed the star failed to pass three field sobriety tests and was allegedly three times over the U.S. drinking limit. It is also alleged in the report that Neil gave up on the test, telling cops, "I can't do this." The rocker is set to be arraigned on 27 September (10).

Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx is slated to release his new book 'This Is Gonna Hurt' through HarperCollins' William Morrow imprint on March 23rd, 2011. The New York Times bestselling author of The Heroin Dairies, Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, refuses to become a sanitized PSA for suburban mothers; instead, he has found strength and inspiration in his pain and sobriety, and in this raw and powerful book gives us a glimpse inside his sick and dirty mind This Is Gonna Hurt includes a Foreword by Kat Von D on "Love and Inspiration." Following the success of the New York Times bestseller The Heroin Diaries, the author's solo band, Sixx A.M., is recording an album to be released in conjunction with This Is Gonna Hurt.

Some of the songs were inspired by the author's photographs; others inspired photographs of their own. This Is Gonna Hurt will include mor than two dozen of the author's images. He will incorporate the stories behind the pictures and how they came to be, including interviews with the subjects so readers can see "what life is like for those whom society has labeled as freaks." "I've always had an eye for the oddities in life. Even as a kid I saw the world in my own way and thought most things that were different were beautiful and magical. Even things that other people thought were horrifying and disgusting and weird. . . . People say I have a distorted lens. I think I see things as they really are." -- Nikki Sixx

Few of us have experienced life with the intensity, fury, and reckless abandon of Nikki Sixx, the wild rock star, driven entrepreneur, devoted father, former addict, bestselling author, and gifted photographer. This Is Gonna Hurt is part photo, part journal--but all Nikki Sixx. It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shape his work. Told with the raw authenticity that defined his New York Times bestseller The Heroine Diaries, This Is Gonna Hurt chronicles Sixx's experience, from his early years filled with toxic waste to his success with Motley Crue, his death from an OD and rebirth to his addictions to music, photography, and love. Love story, bad-ass rock tell-all, social commentary, family memoir, This Is Gonna Hurt offers the compelling insights of an artist and a man struggling to survive, connect, and find a happy ending--a search that fuels Sixx's being. "I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time," Sixx writes. "If you don't deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it's gonna hurt."


1st Of September 2010, Import Fee Hell & Crue Loads
4:21PM CET

Wednesday. Mid week. First day of new mnth. First month of the official fall of 2010. that is al ltoday. And what more is today? Today is also the one of many that I have looked forward to for a long time. I am ofcourse speaking of my personal hell and longing for ending something that originally was thought of as a step towards moving to America. but that is a story attached to something that is no longer there. So for a couple of years now I have tried to turn everything around with my Motley Crue life an collecting. What has been the struggle for me on the Crue with the ditching of moving to America is that I have had so much Crue in America stored a good few different places. that has been kind of hell for me course I have tried to bring it all home box by box to Denmark and erasing everthing that reminds me of that dream back in time. I have also mangaed to bring several loads to Denmark. But it has these two years been more and more expensive to actually do.

You see so many things have been at risk. And on the way I have lost and been stolen from given promises and more that all have been like really inked situations - no scares that can be looked at and remind me of what never ever to do again. Way too many people have been a good big reason for me to have all these tragic experiences under my belt but as said the mission or one of the missions since late 2008 have been to bring everything home. To the right you see one more of the monster boxes that has arrived and cleared of what is stored over there. It got here today I am happy about it - really happy about it. And also about 1100 Us dollars more poor than before this box was even taped up. I love what i have done and not too much stuff are now left over there after this. But there are still stuff that needs to be brought home for sure. I will have all what this box holds taken pictures of and it will be ready and on the site on the 16th of September.

There are a little too mnay and practical things that keeps me off from having it on here before that time. Now it is here and thank god it is over with home brought safe and sound really. Greg my man I am forever thankful for all you have done and will do. I miss you crazy but for sure 2011 will be that year where we will meet again and we will catch up a bit for sure. Much love my friend. Be good stay safe. To everybody else same ol same o - be loyal and rock the fuck out***


29th Of August 2010, Speachless, Beyond Tired
7:02AM CET
Sunday - what a Sunday starter it has been. I just got out of the shower. The bets shower I have had in a long time. Here is my story to the details on the last 24 hours. Sitting down? Relaxed? Feeling good? Nice one here goes hell - after getting up a little after noon and to work (nightshift) Thursday I as mentioned rode cross country for the home doings and back to the nightshift again the evening before yesterday. Tired as hell I killed that nightshift and at check out yesterday I went directly to cross country again. The train leaving Copenhagen central at 05:00AM took me to the very north of Denmark for spending a day with my webmaster and attacking the site we here sit with in a massive monsterous intensive kiind of way we both together have not done in almost a year now. But here it was.

Saturday the 28th of August was the return of this full intensive care of the site. So much stuff has now been added to the site yesterday as promised. Look at the top rolling banner on the front page and follow the stuff mentioned I sit here after these very few lines posted and already I have trouble in the big way keeping my eyes open. I am so tired it is almost not able for me to describe fully. I had been ridingthe train for a little over 5 hours before we met. While having a good 15 minutes to go I get this disturbing text message "can not make it time - buss trouble". I instantly said to myself. No, no, no this can not be happenng. We have limited time as I was forced to get onboard the returning train at 9:17Pm same evening. Then as I arrived in the city of my destination being Aalborg the webmaster texted me again saying "not to worry I have been handed a ride from a friend and I am now on my way in to pick you up sit tight" So I did.

Seems like there is always something involving a smooth going for things. Ohh well as said it was a thing a situation that had a solution and soon enough she arrived. Good to see her again the little webmaster. We had a day of work to do strictly massive of site work. I can not believe all we actually managed to get done on there Satuday. It was such a great load. All the long laying around waitings for being updated and added to all the diverse sections on the site took its time but now.... look at the top rolled banner to see how massive a list of new shit that are actually online right now. At the time worked on this we got to say hello and welcome to a brand new staff member that has promised to do her best in an active way in support of the site that I consider yours out there. It is for the fans and it is with great pride we do this.

You all say hello to Annika now. Also on the news front. If you like something exclusive to the site now a days and you like to get something impossible to find now there is a new section opend too. The Loyalty Shop. On there are the Danish beers listed and on there are the last you will ever be able to get your hands on. there are no more around thse are the only ones left. How many and all varies from title to title but ther eare more to come of other products. And just to mention it speaking of beers.. there is a S.O.L.A. beer coming in one weeks time. There are more stuff in several sections now and they will all be greater even more with time. You have no idea how cool it is to sit watching this baby grow. There are so many awesome items and experiences going on right now that would simply do a mans Cruecial fantasy justice from now to ...

The day went smoothly for ones and it was so nice to share an activity with her again. My webmaster was so on it too. Nice - guess it all comes from certain changes that I will not getin on here. But it was all in all a really great trip and experience of the good. Nice work today. Awesome. Now I was to head back to Roskilde for the Sunday to be massively enjoyed with a few chosen somebody. So off I went from the webmaster around quarter past 8PM and had a train arrangement sat for deparding at 9:15PM. I got on this one but as we got about little over half the way a note was shared and info given by the train staff. "Course of an electric cabel accident earlier on today way ahead the train does not go any further that to Odense. We are sorry for this and any...it may do to you but busses will take everyone the rest of the way.

My personal experience with this company is not too good. So I said to myself that from my private experience working for the fucking company this will be a long fucking sad time to kill. Their promises will not hold water. Everybody was promised to be served and handled in a way that guarenteed all to be at their destination at a certion given time. Yeah right!!!!! Fuck off. Not happening and surely enough it was not happening. Fuck this was the only thing that I did not after almost three days of no sleep and a ton of work and travelling wanted to be happening for me. It got sick ass cold all of a sudden too. Many said that. Many freaked and got pissy. Poor working staff. This one lady working on the train was automaticly changed into this information personal. And everyone was on her ass about everthing you can possibly imgine. It was not her fault. But what a fucking lame ass night it was. My original scedualled destination arrival time was 2:15AM Sunday. But we got there at 6:45AM and ofcourse the night was the first this summer to go apeshit cold and I had not slept for three days here. I then said to myself I will take a long warm shower and hit the sack for a load of hours. Took the shower went to bed slept 6 hours. Up again for the original deal I had with people here for Sunday.

A nice sleep for the night from Sunday till today Monday then would have been awesome. But I had a deal with Tine and a night time queing for Roger Waters / Pink Floyd The Wall Live tickets that was to be released and sold from this morning at 10:00AM. We got there at 4:00. Another fucking great adventure of the crazy kind. It was a fine night chilly course I had not slept much till now from Thursday. Was in heavy lack of sleep really. I have to say I got me some crazy adventures this months huhh? we qued and had patience like the rest. Not too many were there lining up so I felt like this would go fine. I would get my tickets. Not a problem. Well - lol, lol, lol I did all I could possibly do to save the cahnce and the clock spinned around to our advantage and when it was 9:30 we got met by the store staff that sold the tickets. Were given numbers so all would go to alls satisfaction. I got number 6. Shoul be a good number with not too many worries really.

We then got handed free cop of coffee and on went the show. Seemed like all were quiet excited about these tickets. Roger Waters setting up The Wall LIVE 2011. Sounds great right? It will be. 30 seconds into the sale the fucking printer of the concert tickets goes apeshit in the store. Al lwere going no, no, no, no. So al lwere handed reserve numbers for tickets till the printer would print the reserved loads. After several minutes it started to go well but then the guy number two inline that had been standing there from midnight last night wanted 7 tickets and was all of a sudden informed due to lost time from printing there now was sold so many in the system that he would get only two but in the section he had wanted the 7 for. he got furious and in short left the shop. Did not want the two printed.

I quickly grabbed an emplyee and said I only wanted two and in the same section. So I was lucky as fuck to get two. Asked for a 3rd but no luck. Only lane / standing tickets left. Fuck I went out the door from there 10:18 with two The Wall LIVE 2011 tickets in my hand how can this NOT be totally too cool a feeling? It was. Now I post this to nicely round up the days of updates on the site these crazy fucking tories and hit the sack for a couple of hours. I can not believe the great sick shit there constantly is - how about you? More great stuff to coem next update with items in sections on here will be round the 15th of September. Stay safe much love !!!


27th Of August 2010, There Is Light An A Smile
7:19PM CET
First of all I have to say fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I had just written a long intro that felt right on then the fucking computer shit erases all and has not saved shit. Well, I guess it is like they say what you do not know of will not hurt you. Here we go again. Fuck!!! It is Friday and a killer hard ass one to get through. I tell you why too. Let us go back a bit. To Thursday morning. I just got home from my night shift. Fairly easy night I have to admit but after home coming the traditional shower and all. I stayed up to work on some stuff as I then found out I had not today (Friday) off as I thought I had. so I got to bed round 9. Got up again at round 11AM. Stayed up till round two simply course I could not focus no more. Back to bed. Pushed myself major here. Up again round four PM then off to another night shift shortly after and then work hard till this morning. Less men at work due to illness so the rest of us had to take their share on top of ours.

Then off at 4:35AM straight bac to you guessed it ...crossing country. Home to do radio stuff and other preparings for the site to get expanded tonight and tomorrow as promised. I had 5 hours or so at home to do all and now I am at this very minute back on country crossing again. For tonights night shift. This is the last time I do this. I can not fucking do it no more. I am not fresh and young at heart no more. No matter what I try to tell myself. It is a really hard thing this shit that I push myself through these days. And then as I arrive in Copenhagen close to 8:30PM tonight I have a good 25 minutes till wor is calling me for activities. Then at 5AM tomorrow morning it is back to ....country crossing ones more to go all the way up north for the visit of a webmaster to work on this solidly and there should then in a good 24 hours time from now be a hell of a good update. You tell me. I am busting my balls for this site. And I now need some rest later on. But it will not fully be untill next weekend to be honest. Again - FUCK!!!

Now the headlines for the posting today are all positive and shit. there is a reason for that. I got a note today that truely made me happy almost teary eyed but I shaped up and did good. I have the wedding album of Nikki and Brandy as you know the wedding certificate with it too. Today I got told I will have the final piece to go with that package. The divorce papers and the papers that always are hard some how for the people involved ... concerning the kids in a seperation and divorce. I will get then papers. COOL is it not? Also will I get the bass of Nikkis he used for some time in Brides Of Destruction. It was a good day for sure. And it is a positivity I refuse to let go no matter how hard this is for me these dyas and the coming September.

Fuck have you all noticed? It is fucking September in a few days.Summer is over here. Fall is all over us here now. People are already beginning ot feel cold and getting one - a cold that is lol, lol. I am really superior on feeling good today. My luck and my needs and wins - for smiles are so honest and true today. There are some things I have to get in over the rest of the years few months now. damn it. This year like the past three I guess have passed on so fucking killer fast I feel my head is spinning. Coming home from the north of Denmark and the work on the webside will remind me it is Sunday and then it is no sleep at night either. I am going to stnad in line for a ticket to the Infamous "THE WALL" I have to see that next year in its first ever REAL thought of result as presented to an audience as a rock show.

That one will be big. I am eager to make sure I am in line to get these tickets. There are a few people I would have loved to sare it with they how ever if I am not all mistaken not gonna do the needed to get them. So I am this time just gonna go "fuck it. I am going without, not gonna hassle about it". I am gonna try to stay really calm this onth for getting more rest than I can even hope for. Need some to stay up and focused here now. I have so many hard ass things to get sorted my dear friends. That by the way was not a complaint. I like it that way but 24 hours tragic as it is it sounding - is also the truth it is not enough. Let me just say tonight has to be what I have aimed for and tomorrow too. You will have much new stuff to go through in the many sections there are and I am for one excitd to see it up and active ... but till tomorrow Enjy what is and comes these hours of Friday and then tomorrow we dig in and kill som more. Love ya all......


24th Of August 2010, Pain, The 7th & 8th Of August
5:05PM CET
That was a few hours break ... rest from the typings. I feel I needed that. I have a night shift ahead of me in just 4 fucking hours. That is whole different kind of story so let me stick to this one not to confuse you nor myself with way too many memos and thoughts all blended together. The time of leaving the Stockholm Sonisphere festival was hard. really hard. I have had long great thoughts and feelings about this festival and trip up here for months now. And to see it al lgo down the drain like this is really just beyond what I can say to convince you I was not in pain. Emotional pain from this disaster. there were no tears lol, but I felt terrible al lthe way back to the house fro Tine and myself.

It was not an easy thing to task to be honest. I felt so misplaced so out of it to have to end my vacation time like this it was not cool. It was no where near a great felt something - at all. I have to say it took the best of me for that 40 minutes ride back. And as we got to the final stop where we walked he rest of the way up to the house Tine had had enough of the cold the whole thing I think. She was fairly agressive and just wantd to get hurry home. My feet were extremely hurting no shit. I could hardly walk. Could not walk as fast as she felt for so I guarentee she was a little more pissy than good was. Not easy to be good all the time. No sympathy only pissy moods course it did not work out fast enough. Yeah great thanks for that one.

Ohh well, we got there and it was shoes off. Sitting outside for me was just cool. I really thought it was a hell of a lift off to get my feet out of them cold soaked socks and sneakers. You have no idea how painful it was to walk in them by the end of the day. Again the most unexpected nice guesture from the people at the house were met when they said: "ohhh no look at you. Get out of that stuff and let us wahs them shoes so you have something nice fresh and dry tomorrow as you are heading hme agian. All the clothes and shit got washed. Unbelievable. I cna never ever thank you guys enough for this one. That was not only nice that was very highly needed. Thanks

Not too long after this Annika got back she had been falling in the mud there and gotten herself a Sixx pick. Thought it was the best ever. I can hardly imagine that to be true. But then again maybe it was to her. I think a lot of things were underrated on this tour and this concert event especially. Never the less I was at a peak of my day a warm bath dry clothes and more. You see I have had a lot of shit this the 7th in Stockholm so now I really just wanted to see the daylight of the 8th and just head on home. Not to get away from Annika and the family but more to get away from all that had happend here sadly what was to come home to was work and daily doings again. Fuck it.

Annika and I sat and talked a little bit not too long. But we talked and then I decited to go to Tine and get rest that was not really seen since two days ago at this point. I had to also see if she was okay course she had been silent more or less since I and she got off from the last train. Her little pissy moods and irritations were to pull me down a little bit more too. I know I should not let it get to me like that but it was hard seeing her so out of it course of selfishness. Them few minutes it took to get home. Now - just to make it solidly clear, we are not having problems lol, lol no it was more irritations mixed with lack of sleep and feeling cold. I know this.

Now a morning came and I was up took a shower and then back to check up on Tine and all again was good. She was asked if she wanted a shower course now she had clear fresh warm clothes and all. She grabbed the offer and took her ways down the basement level and enjoyed that one I could just tell when she came back up. That was awesome to see. We ate a bit and soon there after we kind of just picked up al lwe came with and headed towards the station again to go down town central station and then from there to see and check out a few certain shops and more. All as hoped for had opend so we looked around and we did take a few shopping rounds and I ended up with some new stuff. More shirts, a bag, some gloves and I think that was about it. There was a cup I had wanted for a while but I did not get it now as it was sold out. Well you win some and you loose some like the rest of the ways and situations in life to be honest.

Now haviing done our shoppings and all we were closing in on a time on the clock that told us we needed to get our asses towards the trainstation again for a home heading ... ofcourse right now to the airport of Stockholm, Arlanda. So we strolled the streets towards the station took a few pictures and and said bye bye to Annika. As always a way too short quality time with her. We seem to never really get too much time just talking. We sadly always have too much to do and too much to take our time and chatting away you see. Same with another few people I care for. Lisa in the north of Sweden, Billy my Irish brother, and others. It is just too much hassle really. Too much action for it to be really quality time shared. I am sad about that fact to the story. Off and away from Annika we went and to the trains. Sadly we were now out of time to share together ourselves for some time it seemed. Tine and I. For some days anyhow.

We waited for the train here and as it came ... boarded and got to the Arlanda airport. The remaning and last unforeseen stinker of a happening started to take shape. We found our gate but the longer we moved on on the clock the scedual on the screen also said delayed... 1 hour, 1 hour 15, 20, 30, 2 hours etc etc etc ... I believe we got to be round 7 hours or somethign late. It was insaine maybe it has been only rounfd the 5 or 6 but it got to be a hell of a lot. One airport gate staff employee turned to us and asked if we had gotten ourselves meal vochures. We replied no it has not been seen listed or told / informed by any anywhere. So now we had to get some course we were hungry as dogs had just spent my last Swedish kroners on chocolate so.... but what we did not know was that we had to go out again and let ourselves be checked in agian all over. sad it was. But we needed food. No question about it. We got them meal tickets and turned to the stand of choice and I bought some salade and a drink. I needed that. It felt good. I was not totally full but it helped.

Finally as we could board we had a better time some how. It felt good to say thank good next step Danish soil and a shared cap to Tines place. This was not cool. No way in this rain. Yes you got it. We returned home to a stinker of a weather here too. Rain came pissing down. So a taxi was grabbed to take us to her place and get some good night rest. Fuck me what a chapter to end it all with. This was just a little to sick to be cool. It was a really sad something to look back on but hey - we were now here and we were ready to just get some sleep and talk about the trip in the morning. There it goes the the tales of the Summer on a 2010 European Crue tour. Would you trade it for what ever you did? Not my favorite tour. Not even close. It was a way too bad, too short, too fustrating trip to say it was even up in the top three or something. I am not here to say anything is regretted from doing this August round trip. No way. Just sad it was so shitty weather. Course the company has been perfect to the max. Well maybe we take a raincheck on a better one next year. Bloody well hope so. If the mighty one above us will it. Lol, lol, lol.


24th Of August 2010, Stockholm, Sonisphere & Friends
11:51AM CET
Hello dearest friends. Here we are a little more in the postiing section for the day. I need to get myself up to today in this. There seems to be so much in the stored part of the brains for these diaries these days I just can not wait to get things in order for a move on. Now where where were we? Ahh yes, Sitting in the international airport of Copenhagen. By the gate. I have discovered a really irritating little something about myself. Everytime I see something just something on the band not an add in the papers for some reason that does not bother me a bit. But a full page in a magazine or a flyer or you know something I am having trouble letting it go in my brains. I have to hunt it dow till it is either home covered or totally - litterally - totally impossible for me to get from any place. It is a collectors illness that gives me a line of irritating headackes I am sure. I also have to admit I am stretching myself a little too much to cover all the shit I constantly line myself up for grabbing. It is for not a healthy lifestyle this isnt.

Boy the band signed in 2005 a ten year long contract there are fucking still 4 years to go on that brother. And then what? A new contract? Fuckin sweet Louise. It is a financial rollercoaster that will all of a sudden not really be anything but a massive downfall. Or will it? Would it actually be like I will with my full heart in it have the ride of my life knowing what I already hold for myself in my collection - will it inspite of all the too hard to handle situations still give me the biggets blow anyone has ever given me? In a good sense? Hmm... well time will tell. I am still on the hunting path. Still warm, ready, hungry and longing for great times to apear from what is in my calender. Speaking of which. The stuff in my calender thats booked the longest into my future. Is marked in the month of October 2011. There you have an example of my plannings in my personal life. Always way ahead.

Now Sitting here and ready to board the plane I was hopeful for a good final chapter to the ones already written and closed these past few days round Europe. I so needed them. I need to have some sort of great closing to this weeks vacation to be honest. I have walked away from a full vacation time only to do this and then save some vacation time for later. I am hopeful for sure that there will not be a shitty surprise waiting in Stockholm. Those were my actual thoughts on the plane up north. besides the totally anoying upper class lady I sat next to. Yeah Tine an I had not gotten seats side by side for this one. Buut fuck it it was stil lthe same plane. Taking us to the same wanted destination. now .... getting there was ofcourse easy as shit in the Arlanda airport we found the information and asked what would be pricewise best and time wise easiest to get to Stockholm central. Cheapest busses. Easiest but a little more in the cash section the express train. No stops till central station. We chose the last and bought ourselves the return ticket while we were ahead. the that cost was covered and we had nothing to be thinking about later on for this one as we tomorrow were to head home again. I know. One day. One lousy day. But hey let me tell you what a one day it was to be. Fuck!!!

We met Annika there a good friend from the northern Sweden she had come down too to the festival for the day. She met us in the airport where all our shit were locked away in a safety box. Should not have wasted them 50 SKR. course Annika said let us head home and leave the stuff at my cousins. I have stayed there before. I have bathed the family there with honey like sweet talks course they deserve it. It is way beyond the coolest nicest family I have ever met in my life. So open so helpfull. So loyal. So warm. So everything thats really good. It just is creame dela creame .... no hotel better. Period. I am blessed for knowíng these people now. Love them.

With that said that was where we were going now too. Ofcourse it had started to rain here too. I could not believe the vacation this year. Last year all of Europe were hot as a theapot. This year rain, ran, rain, part from one day in Germany. I wanted a refund. Not really possibly now was it. Gggrrrrr.... We arrived there with the train had bought ourselves a day pass for travelling. It would have costed us a lot more if we had not done this. So we did. Gotten to this station where we were to get off an dthe man of the highly spoken of family to house us was there in a car to pick us up see what I mean? The nicest ever. Saved us for getting soaked before even arriving. Loved it. Thanks johan (auch was this his name I believe so) Thanks anyway.....

We checked in so to speak was invited for dinner and the nwe talked about what had happend since the las ttime we met. Been a while but still... time flies in my book. Then Annika staretd asking us when we did wanna go to the festival course she would like to go early if possible. I said It is not up to me I am fine with all of it. Early or late afternoon. How long will it take to get there I thought. About an hour in total. But it was easy to find. Okay then I lod the girls decide. So we ended up on getting ourselves ready for leaving a good maybe half an hour later. Praying for the bets course the rain was pouring right about now. It was no where near a nice day for this. I was thinking fuck me. Woudl it be like this oout there then we had trouble coming like we were not prepared for. Look at the pictures below these lines here and multiply it maybe three times then you see and get a feeling of what it was like as the Motley boys were about to hit the stage. That is right it was terrible. It was beyond dhit. The whole day was a mes and nothing I even hoped for fell in place at all. Let me cut that up in a like hour by the hour telling a little bit so you can picture for yourself in your head what most dates of the Euroepan tour was like for them and for the fans the short week they were here. 2010.

We took the train t central station already fairly wet there. We decided to take a quick walk round town to try to find rain ponchos for Annika and myself. And just checking out a store for certian things tomorow if they had Sunday opening hours. They had. Fine. After a lot of walking and all we had our luck, Blessed in the swedish colours of blue and yellow we rocked the streets of Stockholm in a sad non rock and rolling look at all lol, lol, lol.

Then on to another underground line that would take us to the actual stop where the festival was located not far from it. Do not remember the time it took us with this one but a guess would be about 2 minutes. Not too long. It was all good. The only thing that was not too cool was the fucking rain. Every now and then it paused in the skies above and gave us what we called a breather. But make no mistake this was only as written pause upon pause upon pause in between the really messy shit. On the path from the "Universitetet" stop / station we walked passing different people then all of a sudden also todays paper stalls. It was kind of weird. But it made sense.

They had paper flyers or commercial posters what ever people call them in their country for different bands. And yo ucould get one from buying the paper. I saw one on Maiden. One on Slayer. But then Tine asked and the dude said yes I have Motley too. So Annika jumped to the plate and said Screw it I will buy one for you Tommy so you get this one too. Got an extra for her for that. Nice little thing for the day. Cheers. As we walked on as saind above the skies opend up... man it was terrible. And the closeer we got to the ground of the festival we saw more and more of what would be really bad in a few hours. Ohhh brother this was not even fun for a minute. Personally at this point I felt for getting in grabbing my merchandise and get the fuck out. Ohh man. This sucked ass - like BIG TIME.

We felt it was a little weird here too. Everyone holding a ticket had to get wristbands but that we are used to but here it was like "walk on in. You get your wristband as you exit your day" What?? That was just all in all strange. Anyone could go in to the festival that day for free. Well who were we to be worried about that we had ou tickets and we were here now. We had other concerns on our minds. We entered and emidiately I saw rthe merch stand - we all agreed on me getting this over with and then they would waite there right behind the que line. Nice. I felt hapy about this. Well untill I was served. Everything I wanted part from ONE damn shirt was sold out. Nothing was even close to available. Nothing .They had like mayb 12 different Sonisphere shirts I wanted 5 or 6 orf them in total. One was available. Of the good 12 maybe 4 were available. That sucks major. Huge dissapointment. but I got my brother in Crue life Billy of Ireland his Dr 2010 baseball shirt. The lady serving me said try the other stand they may have em. Its on the other side of the festival stage. Nice one lady ... crossing the whole area after 50 minutes in line and al lyou got me was a lousy single tshirt.

That was another suck to the bone of dissapointments on crues Euro 2010 tour. Ohh well do as the lady says .. . ishared the news with Tine and Annika nad we walshed cross the area in water mud rain and it did not look cooler if you looked up to the skies it looked wet for the rest of the day. The girls decided to stand their grounds in the middle of the festival area in front of the one stage where Cooper and Slayer and Maiden were to play on. Actually Slayer were just finishing as we arrived. Ready for Iggy Pop on the Crue stage further down. But there they stod on a high spot if one could call it that and it seemed better than in any hole where rain would quickly turn so n so into hell. I said I would do al lI possibly could to get thruogh the line there as fast as I possibly could. Never n my life have I felt this pushing in a merch line. It was front row at a major show. Insaine. What the fuck?

I know this posing to the dauy here in Stockhom smeels really negative. But in all there is not much possible to tell. We had booked our ticket al ong long time ago paid flights and almost had a worry not making it nothing could be worse ... we thoought. But the weather here brought that one to the woods and further. Muther ohh lord. The merch stand was the saem 45 mintes there in POURING rain hard ass rain really and not a sticker did I get out of line wiht all sold out. What a stupid sack of shit. How have the Sonisphere staff been counting merch for hese events? Like nothing would sell? I am shocked. Fuck it.

Went back and saw where I had crossed swappy green grass there now was nothing but a small lake, no shit. Thats how much rain had come down as I stood in line ofr nothing. Can you believe that? Sick shit. we walked up over the hill and found the Crue stage to be in a hole a real hole. Stood by the fense round the soundboard tower for Iggy and watched him for a few songs. Then he endedhis act and we took a risk went down to the barrier of the stage fuck me Tine and I were starting getting really cold. I was shivering something I never ever do. the water in my sneakers were cold and the rain and heavy winds di not make anything easier or more nice in any way.

I looked at Tine and we started talking bout what to to do. It all ended with the sadest ever shit of a move. We told Annika we can not handle this we are tired from a long night s drive a full head on two days in Germany and this weather just makes us more shitty than we thought possible. we split. Annika could not believe her e ears. It was so easy to see. Neither could I for that matter but we had to leave. We would otherwise get really sick and then some. Look at our frined Annika a coupple of days later she had hers coming sick as a dog from this stinker of a day. The rock n roll day of Crue in Europe 2010 ended like that for us. What a tragic summer some how...... be back with more....


23rd of August 2010, Hellride Tests Against Time In Germany
The day had begun to sink in on us where we again should head north as we in the coming morning should board a train for a northern trip to Stockholm for Sonisphere festival. we wnated to take a last stroll tothe market place with all the stands and ones more hit the metal marked tent. I really wanted to bring the boys with me this time. Allan woudl more than likely find something cool. So we succeeded to go all four together. Guess his sceptism ws course they charged you 2.50 Euros to enter. But then again you were more than likely to find stuff you would just not find anywhere in there. hell yes. He did Tine did I did too. Found the DVD box set "Loud As Fuck" in a CD edition. Still holdong a DVD and the two CDs but in a smaller CD sized box. Never had that one found before. A DVD fo 2005 carrying the title "From the Beginning" digipack packing. And some other stuff. Two songbooks I was missing and magazines from Belgium etc etc. Yeah I guess you can say I got a good goodiebag to walk away with. It was a really great tent for collectors this was. Damn it.

I felt okay to have taken what I bought in here. It ws stuff I would later have looked for for sure if I had not taken it. I would have looked till it later was found else where and there were no loans to take for covering it or anything coure the merch this year had already been a joke like nothing else. After the tent "metal Marked" was covered we took one last wlak about on the stands and tried to see if there would have been anything showing up anywhere on the boys. I found a shout shirt and the baby / kids stuff this white girls girls girls suit for newborns. grabbed it and then a bite to eat and some drinks. Off to the car and we were on our way really. The packing went well funny how the boys were highly impressed on how well and organized this girl Tine was around the packing of the stuff like tnets and sleeping bags etc etc .... in short put it all in the back of the car right and make sure we had still the best possible space to sit in as we drove along.

I guess it was around 3PM that we onthe 6th of August parted ways with our festival and camping spot. There was no way we now had any concern of any kind what so ever. But little did we know. Soon we were to have a suprise of the trip by far. You see we used a suprisingly small 3 to 4 hours from Roskilde to get down there and we then figured great we will have a ton of time at home and a nice long nights sleep and there by nothing more to worry about on the day in Stockholm. Shoot!!!! We needed exactly that. This calm feeling to give us a fine balanced feeling the next day in Sweden. Now as we drove away we thanked each other for a great trip a good experieced couple of days. Myself and Tine in the back and Allan drinving with his co pilot Billy in the passenger seat at all time. We were in a good mood. No doubt.

Suddently we passed a sign saying Puttgarden - the harbour where our ferry were to take us to Denmark from. You got it now - it were to get adventurous. Emediately I reacted asnd suguested to take next exit and head back to here. But we did not do that. The GPS said we were fine. Billy had it changed together with Tine to his language - english. we drove and drove and drove. It was really weid. More than double the time had passed and Billy still said the machinery said we were on the right way. Crue blasted out on the soundsystem in the car. The "Loud As Fuck" compilation were happerly listend to. but now wooow what the fuck was that? It was getting dark now. something was more than a little wrong here now. God damn. I was beginnning to feel a little fustrated, yet laughing. The fustartion had to do with the fact of beginning to see us miss our morning flght to Stockholm. And there by loose the last Crue show in Europe like litterally. If it got that far well youll get the notice on that in a few.

We continued our driving and then all of a sudden we reached an end could not get any further we had water on both sides of the car ond a city sign sayng Stutgarden. but the reaods looked fr from familiar. We asked around and were told this "yes this is Putgarden but we have no ferry here" we looked probably weird and very tired. Then they continued "there is another Puttgarden more west. But it is far away maybe 7 hours" we had actually arrived here with two minutes on the right side of the time limit to get onboard had there only been a ferry here. But now we did not know if we had lost or ticke in the sense was it still valid or not. We knew we had lost our reservation for the original booked time but...There is was the limit to all we feared the facts to what made thinsg look dark and half hopeless. Not to mention as we drove awa again to head west we discovered the gas tank had gasoline for about another 15 kilometers and thats that. Billy looked up on the GPS where the nearest gas station were possibly located. 24 kilometers away.

Fuck. What to do? What would you have done. here is a little enlightening about the surroundings here. Long open roads no nothing on both sides. make your move.... We had not talked about it one bit before Billy said "screw it. Go" So we went. as we drove in to the 2nd gas station course the first was closed we saw the car alost go IM D O N E!!!! We got there on the last drop. we went inside and I looked at magazines whie Allan pumped gas and the others were looking for a pplace to piss. Heyyy what do you know. I found not one but two magazines that had Vince Neil in them both. Cool. Sold. Lol, lol thats why we went here I said. Hell I would probably never had seen nor found these two magazines. Now I had them and on top of it I bought a coffee and a burger. Fuck it. Just wanted something and we stood there for a while talked laughed and felt weird yet smiling do not know how we could but we did. I would not have done that on my own. No way. The company I travelled with was to take the medal for that one. the car got loaded we had gotten a break. And we had aten a little .... what else could we have asked for? The original destination? Coming up. Turn on the engience and off we were.

I did not mean to be ant social but I felt I needed the sleep if I was to have any hope for Stockholm should we at any point make it there. Now we drove on as sid I needed the sleep so I tried hard to get some. Billy was the master this night he kept annoyiing the driver enough to have their own long ight conversations and no risk in fallen asleep or nothing. I pay my respect to the man for that. Thanks bro. Tine had slept a lot this night so she was uncounted for. Nothing to pick from her really. It was solidly the front eats that was to be awarded if anyone for taken us to the real Puttgarden or at least the Puttgarden we needed. You have no idea ho I felt as I woke up again and we were a few kilometers / miles from the harbour. And even more lucky - the man in the ticket booth took our reservation papers gave us a boarding card instantly and said you can just make it with the ferry leaving in minutes.

BINGO. Loved that short fast told sentence. Let me tell you - as we stopped the car and we went up on the upper decks I needed to go out doors and get the open sea air in my face. We were to my bog suprise still in fairly good time. I was overwhelmed to be honest. It was litterally great to see we could make our flight though with no sleep. But a quick shower and shit were okay. Now we were to go quickly through the south of Denmark to reeach our spot outsiede Vindinge to emptythe car just quickly and then the shower. It was highly needed. Then once again to toeh loal train station in Roskilde. Allan took us there and we then was sat off there for him to go home and sleep for a day wile Tine and I headed to Stockholm and Billy home to Dublin Ireland.

Insaine travelling I know. But we did this all of us and there by for the gang of summer the shared trip was over. I had to feel a little lucky now did I not? I guess so yeah. And I did. No shit. You have no idea. I loved what I was doing this summer with the Crue trip but I in all honesty also long for a summer or any vacation now that would not be music orientated. I have not had that since 1991. It is such a longed for somethign to be honest. but I do also know 2011 is solidly focused on the USA and cruefest III. I have to be fucking focused on that and I MUST with all hooks and lines aim for a saved amoount at least 4 times which equals 4 months of each 8000 DKR. Or the trip wll not be happening. It is that simple.

In Roskilde as said we split with Allan - would miss him in Stockholm in all honetsy but he had chosen long ago not to go with us. Shame as this dude needs to get some changed activity in his daily living. Now he had had a great chance. Ohh well. Not forcing anyone. as we sat on the train to Copenhagen we had just bumbed into a really great college of mine in the national train company that offered us a free early morning train ride since we now were so internation. LOl, lol ,lol. Thanks man. Awesome. Some are not too high about themselves so we had a killer start. We talked so much all the way and sadly the company soon had an end. Tragic. But what the fuck we will soon meet again. No question. We arrived at the airport and course we were this late and he had a take off before us he had to kicked off to check in and security check almost emediately. he wanted to have a smoking break as always lol, lol but this one had to be really short. Off he went.

Tine and I then sat and had a really weird feeling. Half the company had left us now and we were to go to Stockholm hopefully for a great finish to our vacation together. She had missed her favs in W.A.S.P. at Wacken they play today there but Crue was live in Stckholm so that one won. Sorry girl. But that is the ultimate passion in me that just insisted this year. She has as of toda though gotten herself two October shows in the waiting with the band. So no worries. We got checked in got through security and then we sat there waited. We had a good hour and 20 minutes on our hands. So we digged up a computer section and I bought time for 30 minutes killed some online deals due to extreme low spent cash on merchandise on the locations laid behind us. Crazy. All guitar picks 2010 covered now too. Cant even believe all these got covered this year. Off to the shopping mall and check magazines. To my surise the latest Metal Hammer had two pages on Vince Neil. I would get that either in Stockholm or on my way back I thought so I left it there. We sat our asses in the chairs at the gate talked while waiting for boarding ****


20th Of August 2010, Wacken in pictures

20th Of August 2010, A European tour vacation Part Two
There was so much to look forward to the next weeks time. Sitting onboard the plane from brussels to Copenhagen was reminding me of al lthe stuff that was to come the next weeks time. I constantly think of things ahead as claimed in tesediaries so often. This time was no different. There were so mch new merch, new shows, new plans and a return after the sumemrs fesivals of Europe to get back on the horse of home bringings and deal closings and depth clearence that I would not be bored on this side of September 2011.

I really think a lot of things were bubling in my head. not concerns no rather excitement of what was to be. the flight took only a good 90 minnutes then we had touchdown in Denmark. One thing first. had to find Billy. He texted us saying he was at an old spot from previous tours. So we found the man soon enough. Checking out of the airport we had a 15 minutes train ride to central station. Here we again changed trains and stuck in this one till we reached Roskilde. Billy had taken care of us so well with fucking no expences as we were visiting him in Ireland a few months back. Now it was our turn to return the treatment. He was not to have any expences here in Denmark no in sense of trip costs to and from Wacken and Roskilde. No way. So we treated him the best we had learned.

In Roskilde we split. I went to my brothers place as I had stuff I needed to get rid of and stuff I had to pick up for Wacken. They took off to Tine and on the way did some shopping for food in the evening and more. Nothing was bad .all great the weather was fine here compared to Brussels and Lokeeren Festival. my god. A fast home coming ot my brothers place and a quick talk and photo taking of new stuff for the site sections here and soon I was off again. Taking the buss there It was all going as planned nothing bad no unforeseen outcomes. That felt nice. Called my college Allan Mr. lotto winner recently and agreed on a time he was to be at Tines place in the morning. He was our driver. Yes we were driving to Wacken from Denmark this time. Getting the gang and a cosey feeling build up lol, lol, lol. It was all good.

Actually it really was a great idea. And the bunch that travelled got along mor than fine. Lots of fun laughs and sick humour. Yeah this old dog loved it. I can only hope we soon again will have a chance for a repeated something for the four of us. But I have to say two of us are strictly focused on summer of 2011 right now. We wanna do the california Crue fest II with their 30th anniversary tour. We need that to be happening. But right here that day we sat at Tines and shared a lot of talk out and inside. Billy and I felt we had a lot to catch up on. And we did hell we still do. So many things are to be talked about so many things to catch up on and all. I really feel close to this dude. He is of a certain importance to me. As is this collecge that went with us to Wacken. Allan. It has been ages since I last had a person in my life that I share so much life chatting with without it being the traditional "nice weather, hows you been and his dude is one that I truely hope will be not only in my life but also that I will have really great physical times with. NO!!! NOT sexually.

We sat and talked as said Billy Tine and I took a few pictures for the scrap books and then we sat Mr cheff in the kitchen to do Irish home made pizza for us all. It was not out of lazyness more that i found it really nice to have Billy doing this. The evening went and soon did we too... not out but to bed. We kind of had to get up fairly early next morning. I needed to call Allan and make sure he was up and ready to go. He is in Copenhagen and had a good 45 minutes drive Tines place but it was on the way in the direction we were going to get to Germany anyhow so all cool. I was also the first one up. And guess what? Non of the others even heard I talked to Allan for 20 minutes. Lol, lol. Well I was outside doing it but still. He was fine by the way already on the road and all. So not too long from that time he came to this location where he caleld asked for the actual house and Tine went and picked him up. Nice to see him. Allan was looking forward to greeting Billy too. We started packing the car. And then we slowly hit the road the four of us. Had flexible ticket for the ferry from Rodby to Puttgarden, Germany.

It really was fine. The day was excellent. We got to the ferry way before time and was on the earlier ferry so we were even ahead fo time.Nothing so far had been bad in any way. Allan and Billy ate on the ferry me and Tine no. I did not really feel for fastfood. that was all they had there. The crossing time is 45 minutes so it is smart to serve something that can get multi made in seconds to sell most possible. soon back on the deck in the car and leaving the ferry. Germany was welcoming us with blue skies sun and a fine day. Well till we got closer to the area for the festival. Fuck rain here too? That was what I was thinking. I had again as in Belgium two days ago decided not to bring any rain cloothes. I had to believe in the good the warmth and a blessed time also with the weather. Ohh dear.

No one had been at Wacken before - any of us. But we were eager to get there to find a great spot and to see a fine day unfolding. Man Wacken is beef and muhh muhh country. It was fields for daily wandering of the cows and other four legged creatures here. We were guided in on a field for the camping. And trust me when I say there was horse shit and who elses shit everywhere. This was where we all were to put up our tents. And it smelled really like it too. Unbelievable. I had a hard time finding that any way cool. I looked forward to seeing everything around the area. No wet times as we put up our two tents. Slept two and two together here. It worked.

Leaving all behind closed and locked up tents and the car we walked through everything and tried to make a note of somethign to find our way back later on. Course this place was sick. Insainly huge. We were in the "Q" section. That is right. There were a b c d e f g h ... sections in the parking / camping zones all over. It was highly needed that we all paid attention to the ways we chose to go and all. Itwas a long walk but then we got there. To the market area. t he actual music scene area did not open till the next day. So we had plenty of time today to covr some areas to look out for what was where. I personally just wanted to get the mega shopping overed and leave it safely in the car today already. So I went in line. Qued for a while. Then right there I found out there were not a good 15 Wacken shirts that had Crue on it that I was so prepared to cover.

There was ONE. I say again ONE. This is the summer fo Crue touring that has bee the cheapest and weidest ever in my 20 some years...did not understand jack. I totally did not get it. Wondered if there were other sales stands that held some I would not find here?! We walshed around and I found only the one event shirt, Crue themselves had brought even less than the tiny little place in Belgium. Then the program, and a keychain. Ofcourse while standing in line a third place where I also found the festivla poster it started to pour down on us all. So before it got to be my turn I went for a hoodie. A dry hoodie from the festival. I needed it. I dont think there was any other items holding their name to it. Recuping form that culture shock - we looked for a place to get food. Food and beers were our goals part from looking around some more therest of the day or till it started to get dark and our feets were sore. Only one left thing to do here.

Finding back to the tent and get our asses in the camp for a lill chat to close the day. A full can of bers were bought but no one seemed to like it so even at our time for leving the festival two days later there were over 85% left of it. Another kind of weird fact lol, lol. We finaly found the "Q" section and our tent after a while and then I climed into the tent and laid myself down not to be anti social but more course I really needed to just lay back a bit. I think they stayed up a good half an hour to an hour. Now for the first time we were leading primitive living here lol,lol. Some foundthat extremely hard. Like Billy. Auch. lol, lol. Ohh well it was not a place to be staying much - by the tents anyway. We all eventually got up took a piss some a dumb lol, lol policedour teeths and off we went. Towards the area of the magic ones again. No one could wnt anything less than a morning breakfast of some sort. So we dug in .... later it was opening hours for the music area. Today wih high sun warmth and great surroundings we were to see Cooper, and Crue. Maiden I was not fully decided on at this point in time.

As we got closer and closer to the time of some sort of activities.... the stage later holdng Crue had a band with guests such as Udo Dircksneider of Accept and Doro Pesch performing with em. It was more of a classic rock istory wibe from this act to open up slowly before al lthe bigger shit got on stage. We had walked around a bit till we ended up by the fench front row at the Crue stage. no one had any belief forthis to happen a few days ago. Front at Wacken. Course of its size this festival I just could not see that tiny detail be happenng. But here we were we got the spot a lill left of the stage but still front. We decided to stya put here even though it was stil lfor some good three hours.

The opening classic tribute rock band ended and the man the presenter got up on the stage next to ours. Welcomed all to the Wacken fest 200 and officially opend the party. With an intro duction that was well deserved Mr nightmare, spooky master Alice Cooper entered the stage. He had brought the 2009 tour to the European festivals this time. The cool thing was that every single big screen showed the live performance going on. Not just the screen on the sides of the stage it happend on. So we watched Cooper on the big screen. actually it was like seeing him 15 years ago. All the classic stunts and still razor shapr voice even though he was into his 60s now. Impressive. Hats off. Next the LA bad boys of crue ***

I was really excited about htis one today. I know a few of the members of the band has been looking forward to playing this festival for years. Weird to have them here though. Wacken Open Air is not a Crue festival. It is really al lthe heavy and dark metal on this one and always has been. Every no and then ther does appear to be some alternatives like this year. Cooper, Crue and Maiden. So here we stood warm and dry for now anyway. The intro began and the sound of the screaming and almost gliding guitar intro to "Kickstart My Heart" took off. let me jump ahead a few songs. About 20 to 30 minutes into the set that they gave us today I said to myself and the others "man this day is Crue time. They go full on higest gear and just high tempo shit straight to the face" I could not believe the greatness they showed today.

I was proud to be a CrueHead today I have to admit. It was so awesome. Really cool. No nothing could really bring me down today. Fuck it was awesome. Not often I see them like this. massively impressive - well if you ask me. Great set though I missed more and different songs but fuck it. from the past two shows already I had accepted it for this year and that they rocked so impressively today was just worth everything to be honest. I will post a picture only diary next with photos from the festival not that I sit with totally awesoem shots or nothing but it deserves to be seen course it truely ws a great day. Yesterdays rain was all forgotten. Crue took me for that hour to higher places in heart and mind. Thanks for that guys. Great you proved the greatness on this day. Loved it. Guess we all did. More crue staff folks greeted on the day. And all smiling like I havent seen in Europe so far. Nice one.

Yes, yes, yes so loved it. I can not fully tell you how cool it was to back away from the front row spots and say "man this did it for me" maiden were last and next for the day. But I qickly said "I do not wanan ruin such a great experience with changing focus now on another band. That is not what I wanna do. Let me go have something to eat and we can all met later if you guys wanan go see maiden". Only one did after a bit to eat when it was time - Tine. The three of us stood together and said as if we were a quire. man that felt good. The show and the bite to eat. Now let us go for a beer, we walshed down towards the stage again on the left side as we further down there had seen the liquier tent. Then I noticed the Jägermeister stand. Holy crap.

Now with merch savings like out the wild zoo and great sunny weather nad the Crue delievering a master piece today FUCK IT I wanted a Jäger..... It got to. One, two and three too. But it was great. Loved it. And the boys joined in and we cheered like the happy campers that we were. Tine had run off already so it was the males only Billy, allan and myself. We sat ourselves down and talked about the Motley show and slowly the chat got around all sorts of issues. I like Allan he is fairly much like me in the sense that conversasions and issues brought up was always stuff that was greatly appreciated. No question I get greatly NON sexual - but stimulated form his ways of chit chatting. As for Iron Maiden we could as with Cooper watch what we wnated onthe big screens. They were not impressive at all to me. Nope. Crue took the prize today and thats that. As it was over Tine got back to us and she was happy from seeing the Irons. All in all everyone ws pleased. Tomorrow the 6th of August we were to hit the roads and go on home again. That was a fucking sick sad shitty slow way home that is an adventure of its own. Wanna hear it? Ill pass it to you in a few. Hell it almost cost us the Sweden gig at Sonisphere the next day. Ohhhh yeah. Fucked up lame yes hillarious really. More to come stay put!! ***


17th Of August 2010, The European Rush & Wetness Part One
5:25PM CET
Hey dear friends. It has been a while since the boys came saw did and left Europe I know. And normally all my postings on my trips goes on here if not in the middle of the travellings they go up on here a day or two after the trips have been closed. But this time I have been too busy. Too beat. And just without any proper time for doing it. so here I go. A sudden out of the blue offer came in the backdoor with an invite to the Knebworth Sonisphere show. I had for a long time chosen not to go as I simply had way too much stuff of varous coverage and doings on my hands round that point. But then as said out of the blue from a really beloved source I got a chance to go and had a really high level and personal together put adventure and treatment for this one. I remember I had not really let it sunk in that the boys were actually here till I saw them the first second before me. I had a sort of surreal experience really. Weird. But to the point. The show was to me a bit ohh no. Not another best of show again" It has been too many of the scrapped version of the 2005 carnival tour setlist. Too many of these. I long for new and changes - songs wise. Nothing but the 2011 tour now is really on my mind. I so wanna do that tour and do it well. Three to four shows would be a thing to satisfy my inner Crue heart. I will be a pain in the ass talking about this a lot I am sure in the next half years time.

Right now it is Tuesday. I am sitting at home days off and it is highly needed. Just took and sent my webmaster some pictures of my home to show her how all is a mess here how much I am actually behind in home care taking since March or April. She responded as I excepted "HOLY SHIT" that is to say ...the least. I have plenty of things ot do and all. Yestreday and today I have done nothing but two things taken two showers slept for 6 and a half hours and done a monster load of scannings. Today and tomorrow will see all new up on here. Plenty to go through. More in the mail I have been informed. In short nothing has changed so far. And probably will not either for some time to come. I mentioned that not much will come of new stuff here the next couple of months. and that is true. How ever a lot of what is old and stroed different places are brought home and that will be the added shit on here if nothing major changes anything in any way.

Now the Euroepan motley crue tour of the year. I had plan for joingin the Crue from their secnd gig on the Euroepan bill. Things got a bit changed you can say. Out of the blue I got this invite from well let us just call it higher places. So after some consideration I decided to go. It was a short time trip frm early afternoon till early next morning. But it got covered and I was happy to have gone ones it was over. On the other hand I was also happy about being able to make my decition weather or not to go to Finland for the final show in Europe fom going to the first. i told myself no. It was just not worth it.

I know some will say "wat the fuck do you mean?" I mean that it was just another fast 60 minutes set of greatest hits all over again. I have seen them doing this since 2005. PLENTY!!! Only the sets have gotten shorter and shorter really. i know this was festivals and they played before Iron Maiden. But still. Not worth several thousands of Kroner (our currency) to see that any more times. No!!! You do not have to send me hate mails or anything or claming mails saying I am not a real fan when I say this. I am aware of someones thoughts to these things. But think about it had it not been ultra cool if it had been a fresh vicit in Europe where they for one time only with the only 5 to 6 shows played here were to say "we throw some classics in but we will for this trip over only play you some shit we have not played (maybe nerer played) in decades" hell yes it would have been killer. But it was al for the safe side of things. Classics but hits, hits, hits!!

Knebworth was greta as i had what I dare call VIP seating in the house. and it was the first of the handfull of gigs here this year. But it was also as I said sadly this greatest "play safe" set that I am not too fond of. I was sadly without camera for this unforseen gig and that as always sadly is now another regret in the stack of regrets from old over with doings. I could have taken the probably best shots and rarely seen shots to be honest too. But I did not. It was on the other hand a time a short trip that I really started thinking a lot about my collecting again from. Nothing bad nothing negative just letting the decades of collecting od its own reruns in my head. Remembering a ton of stories adventures good and bad. And to say I am still here and I am as loyal as I possibly timewise financially and heartfelt possibly can be. yeah, it is all still kind of fresh to me. Still fairly exciting and still worth all my trouble and hassle of creative doings.

Priority wise I begin to miss a few this n that from the more so called regular living. I long now for a lot of things when it comes to creating a new and cosey home address. I begin to long for some other doings and creativities that my time and money doing this Motley stuff does not alou at all. When will it be time to call it quits? in all honesty I can not even say. I am not there yet. I see myself doing this till in at elast another good 5 years. And that I say course I have so many greta chances to get and do shit that I would like ot iinclude in the book of all my life adventures of Crue. And to bow out later saying "I had that I was there I did this and I gained that" ... that will be worth more than any pile of money I could have had on my bank account not doiing this.

Getting home the 1st of August from the UK was a thing that led straight into some packed program for the next full day. I had to get to my apartment agian and cross country for the next day had us all on a time scedual with a trip early in the morning from Copenhagen international airport to Bussels Belgium. it was the bands second show on the european tour and it was originally as said above my first really planned one. What a really weird place this was. I had packed for this trip absolutely nothing but what could be in my pockets. Meaning my passport the show tickets money and pretty much nothing else. Also here we had not really any chance for taking pictures. but thank god the person we were to be meeting in the airport of Brussels had his with him. My long time (two years now and still for years to come - counting) irish friend and American trip of hell 2008 brother for life Mr Billy was to come and join us for this and for the German Wacken show 2010.

We met him greeted had pizza and a lattee in the world of coffees. Found out the waty to go to the city holding the Lokeen Festival. Some really weird shit. I tell you more in a minute ... jezz so much to write here about this whole Euro doings. It has been one fucked up weird tiem man. Anyways, we were to take a train from the airport to the city of Lokern it was about an hours ride. we decided to lock up all private papers in a box of Brussels airport. Passports and clothings and more that the other two had brought were locked up and off we went. It was really nice weather untill we landed in this ghost town. It really was like that a ghost town without any comparence to what I have ever experienced anywhere on gods green earth.

More than anything we just wanted to get to the town outside brussels where it was all happening. I can not even begin to tell you the weird feeling this was about to give us. The train out from the international airport to this place called Lokern was about 45 to 60 minutes away. It was ofcourse beginning to rain lightly. I had absolutely nothing but the shit I wore and stood in. But I chose to believe this was not gonna go bad or nothing. yeah right!!!! It did not pour but about 20 minutes before we got off of the train it did come down pretty hard. Then BOOM! it stopped. Guess who was pleased? We all were. Damn it. Prayed it would stay fine all the rest of the day. We had booked our trip to here for this one day only with absolutely nothing else but the travelling ticket and the event ticket.

Well almost. Course it turned out that my buddy Billy had left his Lokeeren festival ticket in Ireland. jeezzz.... so we had to watch for a ticket sales stand or the box office to get him another. It turned out later at opend at 6PM. We got off of the train and stepped out to this god forsaken place. Really over the top weird. there was no sign of life in this town what so ever. Not even a bird peepin. Litterally. Totally crazy. We decided to stroll down through everything look around and try to find this place too. Non of actually believed for a minute that this was the place to be. But we soon discovered it was the whole god damn city that actually was the festival. Everywhere there was shopping stalls, music events, stages, and what ever else a carnival like machinery can offer.

As we strolled down the streets I saw the festival poster and I thought fuck it. Gotta see if I can make it a new added somethign to the collection. so at pne particular place that later became a really plesant spot in Lokern it was hangin on the inside of a glass door. This door was opend so I actually went in and I took it down. Yes people I stole it. Lol, lol. then ofcourse it should ones again begin to rain as we walked on down the streets of the most weird place I have ever been to. One lousy sales stand was having people talking behind a closed off place and I saw they were sort of south american or something. So I put Tine to the test of kindly asking if they had a plastic bag or two we could have to put around this poster so it would not get damaged. We we lucky. lol, lol but then again I figured it would go fine as she talked to them in spanish. Thank you kindly for the help out.

Walking further down this ver street and there it was. The actual entrence to what this evening would be the surroundings for a Motley Crue concert 2010 in Belgium. Ohh well there were absolutely no one here but one that was there was a second festival poster glued and taped up everywhere right here. A dude that worked there came out and I kindly lol, lol asked if he had any idea of where this poster coiuld possibly be obtained. I know it sounds like a kid on christmas evening. But never the less I wanted to have it so I asked. He said "you take it down and it is yours." He went in and grabbed a knife. Helped me kindly to cut it clean. Shortly after came a guy that seemed to be the man putting up the posters. I turned to him for brand new fresh ones of the bigger and the small one plus the "time scedualone" I got them and unrapped my plastic bags from the altinos and did the best I could taping them safely from the wetness. They are now home safely.

Then came again the rain - fuck started pouring like wild fire. I can not even tell you how sick this rain was. It was totally nuts. We were at this point running like shit towards the nearest what seemed to be a possible dry spot. A bunch of huge trees that we thought would set us safe for the worst rain coming down. But boy were we wrong. It so came down. And we were not dry in any way what so ever. Fuck me were we soaked. Here is an example of how bad it really went the day after I could still squeeze water out of the hoodie!! After standig under the trees for a long time we decided around 5.30PM and after a briefly clear sky for soem time anyhow to get out of safety zone so to speak and back in line. Billy got his ticket again and we had tem traded for wristbands and into quing we went.

Standing front row at the first gate of three we were good placed and aimed for what we had almost forgotten all about - front row. It was ment to be on the left side but the barriers tricky setup led us to Mick side for a change and we felt fine still the same. Actually I personally enjoyed it there. Been a while since I stood at the spot of the Mars mans side of the stage. There were two bands before Crue that day The opener from Ireland Theraphy? and then a econd one I have forgotten all about who was. Sorry. During all the pre Crue bands performances it rained like a motherfucker. I got worried about the posters here and did not know what to do with them. Did not even know if my pacstic rapping had been done safely or not. It was a risk taking. but they were but on the ground never the same and under the barrier which was the single only chance I had for what could be some sort of safety from all pushing and more. That though never went crazy - the pushing.

But the rain. My god. It was just the coolest of cool trips -NOT - to be honest. Finally what the whole tri was all about - it was time for the Crue to come to life. The intro started and we all hoped for a great time to forget at least a bit about hte stinky soaked somethings we all stood in. We smiled a lot to each other Billy Tine and I but fuck what a time and what a wet day. I prayed more than ones that my entire vacation and Euro tour would not be too much more like this. I will get around that later for sure. The full time of the show minus a few songs and when the rain really came down hard Micks girl stood right by us in the safety / security zome between audience and stage ofcourse but all the time watching her man and shot a lot of Mars photos. never on any of the other members. Never. Everyone found her extremely facinating. Over the top beautiful. Way more than the other guys girls. Funny think about the maybe less attractive man in the band. And the oldest. He gets the prettiest and youngest. Go figure.

I guess the review of the show itself would be - from a scale of a 5 star TOP performance. A two to three. Not too cool. besides the front man Vince Neil was not at his peak. Seemed extremely unhappy most of the time with either the mike or something else. Basicly I dare say he just wanted to get this show over with. And head the shit out. sad for all of us that have travelled and paid for seeing this show. But nothing you can do I guess.

After the let the curtain fall so to speak I said okay friends need to head to the merch stand. need the festival shirt(s) and the new Crue merch. But to the biggest suprise of all festivals attended in my entire life time. There was not a single thing part from a free timescedual / program pocket size. And thats that. So the two / three festival posters that I got that day was everythign there seemd to have been printed. Really weird. Actually more than that. But that was the fact if the day. The band itself had also to my suprise only ONE tour shirt. One 2010 tour European shirt made. Everything else there were stuff from the catalogue of 2009 early 2010. Nothing to even consider getting as I had it all. I did not really know how to react. But then again hey we were heading out tomorrow back to Denmark and had no sleeping spot in form of a hotel bill or nothing to pay so I had just saved a lot to then later bring to Wacken Open Air.

The show stuck in my head for some hours. felt happy to have witnessed this weird place in the name of Crue but sad that it was uncool. Wet. And a pissed front singer. Ohh well. Smile and move on I figured We danced round the city some time and felt really hungry agan Grabbed something at one of the sideroad stands damn huge greased something. rreminded me of a pita kebab but it was not really. Over sized as fuck. Still wet I also longed for a fresh shirt. Looked at all places from a new Crue shirt. Never saw just one. I then we went by an eastern soomething that sold all sorts of eastern hippie shit. There were a few fairly okay longsleeved hoodie thin fabric shirts and we got one each Billy and I. From here on since they were alike now know as the jesus brothers. It was okay to invest in it it was dry. But smelled like lama yes the animal. Damn it. from there to a bar a REAL disco bar for some beers. They played al lthat was hip n the disco culture of the 70s and 80s. The bar staff sang along to every shitty song they played out and played out L O U D.

Man it was crazy in there. We just sat there in out Crue shit and jesus shirts pouring beers for a good maybe 45 minutes. Then we hit the road again. the dude that we had fallen into and stayed with in the rain all day forgetting his name but an English dude then met up with us later for the cold, cold sharing of an evening and long night. We wlashed around town some more and passed another stage heldong free concerst of diferent kinds. There were a Norweigan four piece girl band - totally crazy. Giving it the full on show in all forms. Nuts!! We laughed had a blast and moved on. To the train station that sadly did not open till after 4.:30AM.

Stil many hours to go. I felt for stretching my legs and resting my feet. So at a bench there in front of the station I laid myself down and just felt at ease. Cold yes. but calm. I passedout for a good 40 minutes or so. Course I looked around again and saw many more people crawling together at corners all over to keep warm. Tine and I then went for a stroll to find blood cuculations again. Passed the place where I first found the smaller festival poster, that door was still open. We went straight back to get Billy and our english friend asked them to be silent and stay calm. But was warmer and dry in here for the next maybe 90 minutes to two hours beforethe station opend up. A lot of music stories were shared and the englisg dude obvisouly seemed to be a huge KISS fan so he had my personal attention. Lol, lol, lol interesting stories really.

Needless to say we headed back the minute we cold to see the time for the firt train out of there. Man it has its price to do weird shit in low financial framings. We aimed for the track as time was and boarded tired and so and so uncomftable. Straight to the airport - unlocked for passports and more the locker used and to the top 4th floor for coffee and some small stuff to eat. Then we waved Billy off and went to our own gate. Man here we found the next nightmare like happening delays. Not much buut still. As far as I remembered we did board with good moods though, got sat in our seats and I tried to rest al lI could. Next stop Copenhagen Denmark. A days rest and then off Germany in the morning. Wacken open Air.


13th Of August 2010, It Will Come Next!!
7.21PM CET
Hey all. Europe for Crue is over and I will in my next posting coming Sunday or Monday tell you my adventure. I will do it as I have the time to do it right. That is not now nor is it in the next coming days. I have so much else to catch up on. and things to collect for next massive scanning and adding. Monday and Tuesday will be that time for exactly that. So bare with me till hen and new added shit will come to surface on there and new diary adventures from crossing Europe will come on here too.

Seen this? I want it badly but the reserve price and shipping on top of it makes it almost impossible to grab. You are Bidding on a Basson Sound 8x10 that was used and autographed by Nikki Sixx on the "Carnival of Sins" Tour. Nikki Sixx has been Endorsed by Basson Sound since 2004 and has played our gear ever since. Nikki is known for playing six Basson 8x10 bass cabs on stage. When we sent Nikki his gear, he decided to put his own twist on the Bass cab by painting the face and the carpet red for the Carnival of Sins Tour. These cabs have taken a lot as you can see in the pictures. Pyrotechnics were placed on top and also around the gear for an amazing visual effect, and you can see from the pictures how the carpet and even some of the wood is singed from the extreme heat.

At the end of the tour, Nikki gave us two of the cabs back as we sent some new gear to him. He returned them autographed and with his own artwork. In the middle of the cab, you can see he wrote the band name "Motley Crue". This is a great piece of Memorabilia for any enthusiast. The best part of all, is that this cab is in perfect working order and sounds amazing, although who would want to risk blowing a speaker ha ha. There are included pictures of Nikki Sixx using the Bass cabs on stage for visual verification of authenticity and a picture of the owner of Basson Sound (Victor Basson) with Nikki Sixx at the Basson Sound Booth at the Winter NAMM Show where Nikki was signing autographs. Please email our office at info@bassonsound.com or call us at (760) 929 0457 for any questions you may have. Good luck and happy bidding!

Our rocking faves MOTLEY CRUE were forced to cancel a concert at Finland's Sonisphere music festival on Sunday (08Aug10) when a severe thunderstorm damaged the band's equipment and injured dozens of fans.An estimated 30,000 people attended the two-day event in southwestern Finland, where acts including Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Iggy Pop were scheduled to play. But the music came to a premature halt when heavy storms rolled in, leaving 40 revellers injured and damaging sound equipment and the main stage. Iggy Pop opted to play an acoustic set instead of using electric guitars, while Alice Cooper borrowed equipment from Slayer.

Meanwhile, headliners Iron Maiden bravely took to the stage for the festival's closing set on Sunday evening (08Aug10) despite the freak storms. A statement from organisers reads: "A severe thunderstorm hit (the) Sonisphere Festival in Pori, Finland this afternoon at approximately 4pm (1300 GMT). "Strong freak wind gusts damaged the stages and knocked down tents and fences. Approximately 40 people were injured, two of them seriously." You all know this by now. After leaving Sweden going to Finland it got even worse than what it was in Sweden. (details coming with pictures in a few days). It was now more than ever asked will the band come back for a sow this year in finland or will they just leave it at what was?

There are a lot of things coming too. Tons of picks and posters and articles are to be added on here shortly. There are so much going on right now for me. But the next good three months will see a fallback on the numbers of items coming. Why? Because I have so many financial bigger deals for single items and more than that private non Crue doings I wanna have killed asap too before a moving is at hand. Yeah that will be what my income is gonna go to the remaning time of 2010. Besides before we even know it christmas is here and we then have another hurtle lol, lol, lol to deal with before we aim and shot high on yet another year.

I know it all sounds crazy but as said so often before thta is how my life is lead. I am constantly focusing on what lays about three months ahead. As that is what always seems planned for me. So I never ever have that feeling many sits with - what should I do today? What shoould I kill time and money with? Hell I have not felt that since maybe 1991 92. It has been wild for decades now al lin the name of rock n roll. Well as said let me get back with you wi th a posting on here of the European trip and adventure plus a hell of a lot of new added items for the sections in the collecting pages. Start your countdown - give me three days. Tomorrow I will have more of the news in what has been brought in from this years Ozzfest. Untill then I can tell you the fie new shirts are in the mail on its way to me here (look below).... Peace!!!!


23rd Of July 2010, Just A Thank You Note To Life
5:59PM CET
Friday - man I have all day thought it was Thursday how wicked. A very reminder to the posting from a few days ago. Time slips and passes by ay too fast for me to even keep up. I feel hunger to living. I feel like ohh man I gotta do this and do that all the time. But a few barriers are keeping me from some of them. But it will come trust me. So many Crue doings I wanna get sorted as well. I simply can not explain what is going through me these days. I see other peoples hard times and feel such a blessing really. I have ton of things to gain and to try to run out and kill to be mine. It is reeally a sort of new birth and refreshing time for me it feels like. So many are hurting so many are in pain and in trouble in all kinds of ways really. I myself am blessed to have this strength to do and fight for more. I feel like I am in lack of time to do all. Maybe that is why I at times forget the name of the day and all. Maybe I am so focused ón the good and the tempting in life that time, money and calender days does not really matter? I am pretty sure I am going through things like that?!! As a private lill something - good luck to the webmaster on her trip to better times by the way.

A few more things have been added to the remaning calender of 2010. But some of the newly added are stuff that has nothing to do wiht the band actually.And understanable or not it actually feels really good. That there are a few other things are a good escape - when it is pleasing doings so to speak. New added shit in the name of our loved four nuts there are some new comng deals. I will as I always say here hold back on what all that is as I so many times see shit go down the drain course of ..well a line of reasons really. I am only really focused on what is and what can be and as always I will try to hunt it for as long asit takes and hope that I will - in the end - pick the longest straw. Yeah a ton of things are to come. But right now I need to make August a month of gained results as I have hopedfor in a long time now. I feel I have done all I piossibly could by now on that one. August holds so many things and till September it will be rather tight in many ways. I feel September will be a bit easier to get my ass dragged through. I have a load of things that are to be killed in September too. Many new things are coming and will be added there too. More doings and then new preperations for October and NOvember and obviously December will be started on in Sep as well.

Seldom Offered for sale RARE! Original Power Pop Pre-MOTLEY CRÜE with ROBERT ALAN DEAL aka MICK MARS of MOTLEY CRUE! Definitely The Real Thing!! This is an Original!! NOT A REISSUE!! This Original Pressing is in Excellent VG+ / Near Mint - Condition; thin Paper Cover intact with minor crinkling lite stkr shadow. Red and black deep groove label. Vinyl has maybe a light scuff or two but overall looks barely played like new with some surface noise on the lead-in of side b only for the first ten seconds or so. Overall an Excellent copy of this sought after truly rare California 45! I am missing this one (amongst a million other items really lol, lol, lol. This was auctioned off and ended officially this evening. I was aware of the reserved minimum it would have gone for but it did not reach that amount. And I was unable to do anything about it as I was on job. This oene how ever did not sell. It was some what xxx dollars under the minimum the seller of this baby would let it go for. Hopefully it comes up again then I will hope for it to be ending ona date I have a day off. Or I am really limited on what I can do on these great colelctibles. But assaid it did not sell. Threr are hopes for this one to be mione some day after all. I think loads ofthings up for grabs that are cool - really cool are not selling after all. Maybe people are still in doubt of certian details about these items or maybe they are stil marked from the crises we still have world wide, who knows? All I can say I see it coming back up and then I am gonna try to be prepared for it.

Another dude in America has been closing his storage of my stuff. Meaning my shit has been sent out to me now. So it gets really close now with what is really left there of all stored away stuiff that has been longed for to be brought home. That feels really good inside .You can only guess how long and deeply I have been waiting for that t to be a fact. I have been heavy fighting within to come this far with a lot of stuff and this year just really has shown me a light to make that part of collecting much lighter. I have been in massive need of having this put to an end.

Right now there are a couple of old friends in America that holds some shit I like to get beforethey actually sell and pass it on to other collectors. I really would like to see this too come out on the positive side ...... me becoming the new owner there too. I also stil lget some questiions from old sellers and all about cool shit I ones got from them if they would be aloud to either buy that gained stuff back or trade it for something else .Some other cool collectibles they sit with. But the thing is I am still loyal towards myself saying no matter what the new offer is to getting some other great stuff from these people I still say no thanks. I do not part with things that I have only ones no matter how lame the item may be. I simply do not do that. If that then means I can not get what is offered to me on other stuff well tough. Nothing to do about it. As with one gig in Europe of the few that are lined up to take off in a good week week and a halfs time.

I have also been looking for more of the non officially sold items for the summer festivals. Sonisphere looks to have different tour programs or guides in various coiuntries and also posters. I am still looking for the Sonisphere poster of UK. I have been offered the one from Finland (look right) and I hope to be getting it for sure. I have the Swedish one and thats the three Sonisphere festivals Crue are at this year. Then I am looking for the 2010 Wacken poster but my guess is I can grab one as I am there in a coupple of weeks. I do not hting that will be too much of a problem to get to be honest. There are a lot of these promotonal items for things I constantly seek. many have both posters in different sizes and flyers and promo shirts and shit like that. I hope things will go my way on the wanted for these few 2010 festivals buut time will tell.

Should you reading this by any chanc have a chance to help me out getting some of these described items let me know .Email me at lee@tdcspace.dk I am all ears here. Just let me know. I have been informed there are perhas a good 10 to 15 diferent shirts at Sonsphere festival this year. But I am feeling all good aboutthat. As I am not gonna buy any that are not holding the band name on the item. I only take what say Motley on it. Everything else is not of interest to me at all. So that limits the shopping there and that is the only way to do it too. Way too much merch all together otherwise. I look forward to be clearing all this as said on the days of the events. It is less than ten days now til the BOOM of Europe. guess who smiles widely?

Ohh by the way did you all see the awesome collectible from Nikkis now dear ol roommate? Robin Crosby of RATT? no? man that is a beauty. Could I have grabbed it I would. The old tour and video usedguitar of his. It is beyond cool and to me personally simply way too cool to slip away. I do not think it will sell course its top dollar price tagged sadly. But still..... What you are bidding on here is a RARE one off custom made Firebird V11 for ROBBIN CROSBY original member of the famous rock band RATT... I purchased this guitar from Robbin after he left the band and was living in Hollywood Ca. around 1993.

This is a one of one only guitar that was made just for Robbin.. Gibson used some early Gibson parts on the guitar such as the older volume and tone knobs, and the long gold Lyre tail piece and vibrato bar that Robbin gave to the custom shop to put on the guitar.. Also the guitar has the older gold banjo tuning pegs. I never pulled out the pickups to see if they are early 1964 pickups or not.. I didn`t want to slip with a screwdriver and hit the finish. They could be early pickups but not sure unless they are taken out. I prefer to leave them untouched. The next guy can take the guitar apart if he likes to see what year the pickups are.. That really doesn`t matter anyway because the guitar sounds incredible. The guitar is what it is and its a rare one off custom made for a rock and roll star..

The guitar comes with its original brown case with the fuzzy purple liner from the 1980`s. The combination lock is broken but that is how it was when I purchased it from Robbin... Robbin had several vintage tobacco yellow guitars in his collection because he liked that color, so he had Gibson do this bird in that color as well... This is the only Gibson firebird VII ever made in this tobacco yellow color according to Gibson. All the pots date from 1984 and the guitar was made on Feb 19, 1985 at the Nashville plant. The serial number is 80505571...

When I purchased the guitar from Robbin he also gave me the video that he played the guitar in. It is their 1986 video for the song "DANCE" made by the Berle company and RATT and ROLL enterprises.. This video also comes with the guitar. That item alone is worth some money since it is rare and it was Robbin`s copy... Copies of the DANCE video were made for the band and promo for the band and a few friends. I put some pictures from the dance music video showing Robbin playing this guitar on stage. The guitar still has the same strings on it that when I purchased it.. I haven`t played it that much the past 17 years, so Robbin most likely played it way more than me... In fact it still has the same old strings on it when I bought the guitar way back when. NO neck breaks or cracks just lacquer checking on the whole guitar from being 25 years old.. The checking actually makes it look very cool..

I have known Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier since the late 1970`s when we all grew up in the Redondo Beach area and played in local rock bands. The now famous Don Dokken and myself played in a band together called Airborne, and when our drummer left we asked Bobby Blotzer with his double bass drum kit to play drums. That was around 1978-79. After I left the band to open up a vintage clothing store Juan Croucier joined the band with Dokken and Blotzer. After the Airborne band split up, Dokken went his way and Bobby and Juan joined up with Robbin and Ratt and the rest is musical history.. I still talk with Dokken once in awhile and I saw Juan at a corvette car show a few years ago and we talked about some of the early days of Redondo and a club that all the local bands played at back then called the SMOKESTACK.


21st Of July 2010, New Working Rules & Tour Countdown
2:40PM CET
Wednesday - middle of the week and nearly the end of the first month in the last half of the year. Almost 18% of the second half of the year is gone. Man things and situations takes time away so unbelievably fast. I still have a really hard time to even understand how quickly time just seems to dissapear. But that is one of the things about lif. There is nothing you can do about it. As always just try to make the most of it. Life is too short as it is. So you better think smart and get things sorted for course all of a sudden things and times are gona tell you it is too late. Damn it feels like I have nothing in hand that could even be considered a positive excuse to stop my hunting for ideas dreams and doings in the sense of passionated wanted ideas that constantly pops up in my skull.

Now to all that have emailed me the last three to four months about addings and stuff. A new settlement with and between the workers of the site here. From now on around the 1st and the 15th in every month if there are things laying waiting for getting put up on here thats when it will happen. From now on it will be every two weeks we are gonna do that. Sometimes it may be a whole bunch and other times it may be just 2 or 3 items. But we are doing this to make it a consatnt lively thing for it to be as active as possible. The addings and few changes here and there will be touched a lill every two weeks. So for all of you that have been following us for a good few years now you now have a more clear time sat idea to know when there will be possible changes and new added somethings to check out.

August will be great when it comes to addings. There will be a lot coming on here in August. No doubt. I will also try to get the SHOP section up and running soon. It has taken a long time and it will be bettered now with the new working frames - hopefully. Ha, ha, ha, ha. The European gigs are now just a good ten days away and I am ready as can be for this one. I am gonna cover every piece of item that is off of official sales stands that holds the boys name on it. You will see a lot coming here from their vicit here the summer of 2010. There are sadly a few different kind of festivals so it is fairly hard to cover everything. But as said everything I see and get a hand on from the trip over here from the boys will be on here too as my latest added belongings mid August. And Late August. As for now the last couple of days of this month will see and be the next time for the next added stuff to be.

There are some people out there that are are selling out of really cool colelctibles. One guy is selling his Hollywood hairdays collection from the VERY beginning. I am talking 1981 82 83 here. All the shit off of the holy grail on the bands we all love so massively. Right now I am really into a temptation on some shit rare posters on Crue and WASP. The last one mainly to support my sweetie as its her passion for real. It is extremely rare posters and I can not believe the chance seems here now. Only a few practical issues are not really in my favour. The time for the sale, the prices asked and finally the ...well my list of excuses lol is not really to exciting t be hearing about here. So I will spare you further. But fuck these are so totally collectibles and are more than highly seeked for buy soooo many of us out there. You see these things does not often come to surface and especially not as offered stuff you can be the next proud owner of. here are the one Crue andthe three W.A.S.P. ones I really do have personal emotional movement for. Check em. Damn!!!!


15th Of July 2010,

Pamela Anderson admits her two children with ex-husband Tommy Lee don't spend a lot of time with their father and she does the majority of the parenting. Pamela Anderson admits her children don't spend a lot of time with their father. The former 'Baywatch' babe has two sons, Brandon, 14, and 12-year-old Dylan, with ex-husband Tommy Lee but says she takes responsibility for the majority of the parenting as the Motley Crue rocker isn't really a hands-on father. She said: "No, they don't spend a lot of time with their father. I think they will spend more time with him when they are older, but Tommy is eternally 16. It's not that I don't like them being with him. He spends as much time with them as he can. I just came to the realisation that our relationship. it just is what it is."

Although they are no longer together, Pamela - who has also been married to Kid Rock and Rick Salomon - says she will always love Tommy and hasn't ruled out getting back with him. She told Fabulous magazine: "I have tortured myself over it for years and was devastated and depressed for much of the last 15 years about that relationship. It's mostly about the kids. I think I've just tried to attach myself to anybody who'd create a family, but the people I attracted weren't really the fairytale I planned. I think I'd just rather be alone and take care of my kids and wait it out. Something will happen one day. If not, my kids will look after me. "Tommy? Life's not over yet. Of course we love each other. But we don't have to live together. Romance is tragic, so let's leave it. My parents are still together and madly in love." How is that gonna to be cool and how is that going be affecting our drummer boy? Time will tell.

It has been rough waters aleady this month. we are thank god through half the month already. Never in my life have I like these last few months hoped and longed for time to slip and pass on by so damn quickly I would not even be close to withness it being in the present. That is hard for me to admit and post here course I love life. I love what all has for me and I am not only talking Motley here. I really hunger for life and a new living. New home base. New address. New this new that. But first I need to massively kill some stored stuff and some tours and a summer vacation with friends. I truely need August to be cooler in temp. but also in the sense it goes well. feeds me with pleasure and timeless long lasting smiles and shit. It has been crazy sick shit that I have grown to be really tired of at work so I need this "non work" short time coming in August to really fulfill me with all I acke for so damn much. 

Now things have been lined up for actions ones again and I feel I have covered everything financially possible that there can be this month of July. August comes shortly and will have a lot of new tour merchandise from European festivals and the US Ozzfest as well. All that is now covered and all I now need is for time and all to go and pass by present itself to me and let it al lcome home and lined up for photo shooting and then add all to the sections in "Looks". There are more personal Sixx stuff coming soon too. Later in the year many personal Tommy Lee items as well. Especially from the Supernova time. There are also many more smaller things like books, posters, shirts, this n that, guitar picks and stuff coming in August as well. The rest of this month will hold new magazine articles, shirts, solo stuff and more. You will see it, all comes around little by little. Very cool stuff indeed. I was actually asked what I would be doing with it all the day that I no longer hold the interest to save it all and collecting side of life will see its final last few breaths! Well I have no idea really. I keep saying life is short and there for I may just sell it. buut no, no, no, no, that is so now even close right now so do not even bother to ask me about what how and when. Okay? thanks!!

I have a small pile here again and I am willing to try to get it all on over the next few days. laying in the waiting are some Vince solo stuff articles, his brand new shirts and lithograph. Some Crue shirts, Nikki book, CDs and other small time stuff. There are as I always intend to say - so much more round the corner. Welcome back to a lot of new stuff spread all over. Be good, peace ***


10th Of July 2010, Countdown, Offers & Summerheat
3:44PM CET
Saturday afternoon. Fucking burning outside. I am off this weekend and I feel really good about that fact. I ma in the middle of getting shit together for the coming 4 months here. What concerns most in my avaken life at least. More much more crue shit is coming to me in form of itme offers. I have to say yes to a few of them and I have to say yes to at least something that i have tried to complete for a long time. What is it all you may ask. Give it time and let me try to win it over before I say too much. I really hope and pray that there are gonna be a great line of positive outcomes with this. There are so many cool things right now that are just around the corner and I need it desperately to be going down as the good experiences. Working on gettin the complete guitar pick sets for 2010 European tour and Ozzfest too. 70 plus picks are made for these two tours all together now and I have MAYBE a slight chance to get the complete set. Sort of have to. Wont I? You bet I do.

Things are not financially the easiest these days how ever I am not giving in. I am for sure trying to stick to the plans no matter how they look dark or bringht does not really matter. I want this and this is my call for 2010. The headliners have shared on here plenty this spring and summer. I am solidly focused on getting these things called for and covered. No change in plans on that really. I have really great hopes for this week to go grat too. It is hot as hell and I feel like I have mor than a hard time with this. Heat and this puppet are not a good mix. I hate it really. I need way cooler times to be max functional. I think a lot of things here are really hard to come around and be on top of these days so I have not really had too much of al lthat is and have been offered to me the last 3 months. But some have been taken care of handled and settled. New shit won and more set as a future solide deal in form of detailed agreements and all. But mostly just in the middles of clearing things stored round the world actually. More is coming next month of the Californian stuff and I am pleased to know and hear it may only be like to shipments left then its cleared and nothing more is stored there.

Only three weeks and two days til lthe next Crue show. Belgium calling and I am so ready to attack that one for just one night before home going. For a single day and then off to Wacken for the Crue down there and up to Stockholm. That is my vacation time for this summer if we talk Crue live in Europe 2010. I long for more already but I really long ofr new shit. new and mindblowing stuff that cna shake me good like the carnival tour. That one did just that for me. I long for those crazy hard huge new somethings. Next year better be a cool non greatest tour new stage and ARENA sized new asylum for the boys. I long for that. As said I am totally into the collectibles these days and bringing home my stored stuff rather than seeing the band ten times. I can not really tell if that is a good idea or not a good idea. It is but a guut felt great move being a collector. So I do this to cover whats almost impossible under normal days and all on planet earth.

Mor than 200 imagies have been added to different sections recently. And more are to come late July. And mid August. But right now I need to focus on other things to be honest and then I will hit you all hard with a line of new stuff again. Hope you enjoyed the stuff recently though. Some heavy stuff in the lot there and I am pleased to say the hard work on al lthat both getting the shit and adding it and all paid off. I am PROUD to say it is all now private and personal belongings for sure. Classic rock radio online and KISS "Heavens On Fire" blasting while posting this. So glad I attended the especially Denmark gig last month. It was really good it was really cool. A rare nice opotunity to see the masked men in full grease and platforms infront of a very small audience. I love the fact they did it. brings back a lot of memories to be honest. I am so insainly proud to have my past with the KISS New Yorkers too. Well till things expands and all on here ones more be good to yourselves and each other. And a huge thank you to Lisa "SIXX SENSE" helper. She is feeding me these radi oshows of Sixx in a steady steam. I love it. I thank you Lisa for al lyou do with this for me. means a lot. Hopefully you can soon gain pleasure back in ways you like for your effort. much love ***


4th Of july 2010, Thoughts & Mind Settings - Ozzfest A Fact
3:09AM CET

I can hardly believe it. It is the 4th already. Sitting just locked on to the net rock radio. and oout spins the "have you read the news in the so .... GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.." there is so much Crue in my life right now that it is kind of frightening really. Feels so right. So strong, so right. it is four days already since the birthday of mine attended and entered my days. Now it is fucking fours days ago already and there are so soon also coming a mid July then there are only like three more weeks till the European Motley live adventure is hitting my ass fro a little ten days before they ones again hit American soil to start a week and half with Ozzfest 2010. Today I got that one covered. California the 14h I think it was of August the merch there is safe and considered covered already as is. That is just a killer cool feeling you have only guesses to what I hold of a satisfied feeling on that fact.

My very much missed frined but great and highly beloved friend Greg Gura is my extended arm on this one. No long borring explanings needed. All you need to know is it will be covered and I will have to admit the Ozzfest merch worried are killed solidly today. I know there is one Ozzfest in September in the UK to come. but it is not with Motley Crue in the line up so I am not gonna head over there for that. I would have adored it I am sure but there are so much Crue for me the rest of the year here and I have a line of things that will require my time and hard earned money for sure. So everything tempting but not really needed is gonna be erased from the focus section in my brains.

I was just sitting going "welcome to the jungle...were gonna take it day by day,..." ohh well that is not fully how the rules are in my life within the collecting buisness anyways. there is no day by day doings, You see you decide you aim and you shoot to kill. Period. No soft long term thinking. there is no room. Others are gonna put down your prey and kill to have. But a jungle ohhh yeah. You can say that again. It is a jungle alright. You feel the tension but fuck you never know what hides in the bushes. Youre ion the jungle baby and youre gonna die if you blink or think too much. As said others are gonan either kill your wants or kill you for their own survival. Dont be a thinker be a very cool hunter. Aim and shoot. There is no radar love. No bed of roses. It is all live wire out here.

You may be wondering what the fuck I am doing up at 3AM on a day off since I often talk so highly and intense about the hard days when it is a working night. Well I got home today after another cross country trip. I felt really tired after only half way through my last night working shift. I began to wonder if I was about to get ill or something? I arrived at my doorstep at 10:35AM this morning. And I snapped at noon. Passed out felt ill. Woke up a few times with a splitting head pain you can not believe. I tried everything I could but nothing worked. A full gallon of water and maybe 6 or 7 times pissing have sat the standard for the day. So round 9ish this evening I have been extremely much awake. Fuck with a pain and sleep all day I am fine now or well actually beginning to feel a bit slow and tired again now. But I have a WASP poster to try to win for my baby. 34 minutes more to go. And then at the end of the night in a good 5 and a half hours I need to see if I can get though to the fianl things of the Donna / Sixx items auctioned off. His Swine listening tour itinerary and a laminate of Donnas.

I am actually watching a movie on DVD but I felt I had these thoughts that I now share on here with you all. And I felt like I could only get them outy of my skull if I wrote em down. So I thought why not just go do a new diary posting. It is for future memories anyhow. I have had a lot of great and missed, and appreciated friends calling or mailing me by the way on my birthday I thank you all for that one. This minute right here takes me back to the thoughts of great times in life. Why I do not know but "Summertime Girls" by Y&T comes to mind. Recently saw them at Sweden Rock Festival 2010 and they were cool. Really great show. And hey not to mention their new CD. Love it. So cool. A Y&T top 2 or 3 favorite I think. Anyway I am sitting here with a lot of past years memories doing this posting and listening ot old rock n roll on the world wide web. So many great stories locations and doings in the name of rock n roll. I have to say I miss a good few places to come back to. But not this year. I have as said a ton of Crue to kill before that at all finds its place and time in the calender for me. But hey then you have great things to look forward to anyhow. And that my dear frineds is what I live for. Shit in the calender that I can have a constant countdown for. Yeah that is the gasoline to my motor really.

Again if you have not been in on here the past good ten days. A lot of new stuff have been added to different sections here. we are slowly but surely beginning to catch up on all the dusty stacked stuff laying here. And I think it is safe to say there are many great items placed round the site that I a year ago did not even think of be getting. How could I ever become so lucky? well I do not really know so I have no answers to you there part from.... that is what I do. I see I decide I aim and I shoot. And I do not give in till I know it is won over or for shit sure impossinble for me to gain. we are trying to clear this huge pile of items to be added on here and then return to the further doings on the new sections and ideas for the site that have been under way for a long time now. It will come. Do not worry. It will.

Ohh and by the way two new beers are in the Crue beer Denmark catalogue to be found on here too. I have a good (I think it is) 18 to 20 complete sets of this series of Crue beers. So far 12 different bottles. From what I have heard there are three more titles to come. That will be nothing less than an over the top cool collectible. Selling each set for 100 US if interested. NOT to be found anywhere no more. Remember shipping is probably mor than item price to be honest. it is a bitch but these are so cool staning next to each other.... email me if any interest. lee@tdcspace.dk later my dear friends.


1st Of july 2010, Birthday, Membership, Love & Ganings
12:26PM CET
Happy birthday to meself. Yes indeed. I am turning dinasore like age wise now. But fuck it I am still here, still alive, still kicking and fucking still loyal to the boys. This peace of shit of a dude is not going under for any reasons being a new daily number marking the amount of summers I have been aloud to rock this planet. Hell no. I am still here and I actually have discovered a few flaws here and there about myself from age but there is always a pumping stereo that takes those discoveries away fast. Yeah my dear friends I am here and there is a hotter than hell day in sight for the birthday kid. The 19 SIXX SIXX boy of last century is gettiing ready to open up and read a new chapter in the presense of the thing we all call life. A life that takes us all on a journey that non of us are ever able to predict much. But shoot... that is just the great fun and exciting part of it al lis it not? You bet your last dime it is. Welcome to July boys. I am all fired up ready willing and spending.

There have been such a hard time in June for me in many ways. I would so love to say it is now behind me but fuck it really is not. Lol. I have a ton of things to cover the remaning time of 2010. And you all know it. I am so covered in things to do. To experience. To clear. And to simply add to the collection that will continue to be expanded through out the next and new year in the living of your host to this site. Actually not too long ago I mentioned a lot more of single items from Nikkis time with Donna D was put up for grabs. certainly one wants it all if youre a fan. But this time I had a chance to walk away with two items a good 5 weeks ago. Then another small lot of items was put up a good couple of weeks ago. I did not do anything about that really. Had too much at hand. Today on my bithday 6 or 7 things ended. And I am walking away with three of them. Nikki 98 tour itinerary given to Donna. Her Rolling Stones one off concert show with the boys in support that shows laminate pass and Nikkis vinyl record label he was handed in the cellebration to the bands first ever release of a record. In its own way pretty cool old, old little something. I can not wait to actually be holding it for real. That is just so cool to have won.

Hey I also did something really nice for myself today. The so called self given birthday gift. I joined the Vince Neil fanclub today. Yeah I wanted to do this since I saw it was the latest in the world of Neil. A lot of shit has been going on established and created since his release of the new CD. I am amazed how much there finally is in the man these days. Finally some really cool doings. I was not too impressed with what it helt before the old official site of his. And very limited somethings unless you started to dig in the Vince Neil Ink or Dr Feelgoods bar stuff. Now finally it seems like the man has gotten shit in gear as he should have a long time ago. Congrats Vince on a new fresh and cool section of al lsorts of great shit. Incl the new merch. man you certainly cought me by suprise there. Now all I need to do is find a solution to get it all covered before it actually gets sold out or something. That is right. Now that is al lI really need to do. And some how some way I will fucking make it happen too. How can I not? Stil lto come is the MOST wanted thing from him these days the release of his book. I want that more than I want the CD. He was not saying much in the book we all adorre "The Dirt". I think he has a lot more to be said than just that. And I eager to read it. I will lock myself away for a few days and go through it. I have no doubts to that at all.

So much gained love and great friendships have been started this last year of my life. And I intend to treasure all of them like the most prised collectibles I hold in my collection. Sadly a shitty thing a little detail in life called time is not fully on my side still. But I am working hard on it. Harder than I have worked on much before. I have so many cool people round me now and I like to take the day and opotunity to gracefully share my appreciations and thnak you al lfor being in my life. I cna at times be hard to cope with since I live and lead a fairly abnormal living structure. But trust me I hold you dearly at heart every single day of my life. I love you all out there. Now go spin a tune for the birthday kid and remember I love you all so deeply. Now it is time for me to catch up with loved ones for a few hours before actually having to hit the night shift agin. Yeah that is rigtht. I have to do that fucking thing even today. PS; more shit to be added in the sections here shortly again. Kick it *** ;-)


28th Of June 2010, Apologies, Collectibles & Auctions
5:33AM CET
My inner self is in a bit of a shocker. let me start of by saying I need to make a solidly important official explanation. ell not important as such. Course it only concerns a few people out there. Not everyone that comes back on here but the ones that have been listing stuff on eBay that I won from. I need to just mention again that I have reached my limits here with paypal. Limits meaning they and the banks have some limits of how much money you can actully send through paypal monthly. And when you reach it you are put on neutral and are unable to send more for 28 days. I sadly often reaches that limit due to all the stuff that is active between me and people here round the world. There is not really anything I can do abotu it. But for those that I am dealing with often that I know reads this site and this section I mention it here so there will not be any misunderstanding and placed questions to wheather I want my stuff and my wins or not. Course I do. There are no question to that issue what so ever. But I am just as irritated as you out there that this concerns.

More of the older Sixx stuff from Donna D`s house is up for grabs. Surely again there are stuff there I like to get added to my own personal collection. No doubt about it. I know there are things there and up for auction now that most certainly would be killer to get. I love that there are these chances to get shit. And there have in all honesty been a shit load the last years time. It really is quiet cool all this stuff thats out there for grabs if you ave the interest and more importantly the cool cash baby. Course a lot of this shit is not cheap when the curtain drops. I tell you it is sick and I have been the higest bidder plenty of times. Some have asked me a few times if I do not regret some of these buys as it truely is many long days at work for just one single item at times. Well the answer to that one has to be no. Not really a regret. I do think I have paid more money for some things than what I actually think it really is worth. But then I remind myself that I really wanted it and after all it is only money. Like these things now tour itineraries laminate passes and more frm Nikki.

There is a brand new Vince Neil site opened. Have you all checked it out? His D backed up with cool new collectibles too. The release itself has this really awesome luxury limited box set edition olding stuff thats just too cool a package all together. I think a lot of these things of the new and certainly improved Neil site could be cool to get. I will try to do my best to have it covered and added as a new part of my Vince solo section on here over the next couple of months. There are wya more to come but as off now there are 5 or 6 shirts already and a lithograph along with the CD and a new fanclub you can join and get a lot of stuff in your membership package. But how about the actual facts to the songs on his new release do you al lknow em all? Or who did what with them originally and when? Here are a few facts to the stories of them all.

The International rock icon's new album Tattoos & Tequila, co-produced by Vince Neil, Jack Blades (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper) and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Buckcherry) is a compilation of genre defining hits that have been given the Vince Neil rock renewal treatment and is sure to be an updated rock lifestyle staple. Neil's refreshed collection of classics consists of nine hand-picked, influential covers, as well as two new tracks; "Tattoos & Tequila," which was also written and produced by Frederiksen and "Another Bad Day," which was originally written by Nikki Sixx for Mötley Crüe's release of New Tattoo in 2000 and just missed the cut. "Mötley Crüe recorded 'Another Bad Day' many years ago and I thought it was one of the best ballads we'd ever done. When it got voted off of New Tattoo by the rest of Mötley, I held onto it waiting for the right time to dust it off," adds Vince. The title song for the album captures Vince's signature sound with a contemporary feel that has been compared to current acts such as Cavo and Godsmack. "Tattoos & Tequila" celebrates the rock n' roll lifestyle.

Tattoos & Tequila - Track By Track A run through the titles of the nine covers on Tattoos & Tequila sound like chapters from the upcoming Vince Neil autobiography, also titled Tattoos & Tequila.

"He's a Whore" - Cheap Trick, 1977

"He's a Whore" has been in Vince's repertoire since his Rock Candy days. "We used to play that song at backyard parties and underground clubs," adds Vince. "He's a Whore" was intended to be on Mötley Crüe's Top Ten album Theatre of Pain in 1985 and was replaced at the last minute with "Smokin' In the Boys' Room," which landed on The Billboard Hot 100 chart and remains concrete in the band's live set to date.

"A.C.D.C." - The Sweet, 1975
After including his version of "Set Me Free" on his debut solo album, Exposed in 1993, Vince tackles another hit by The Sweet with his rendition of "A.C.D.C." The track comes from The Sweet's highest charting album, Desolation Boulevard, which is amongst Vince's favorite albums of all. Vince adds, "not only myself, but the rest of Mötley Crüe really looked up to and admired The Sweet early in our career as a band."

"Nobody's Fault" - Aerosmith, 1976
Vince and his high school buddies would throw their surfboards in the back of his '57 Chevy pickup and trek out to the beach, as long as they brought along their eight-track of Aerosmith's Rocks. "We would listen to that album all the way out to the beach and all the way back, every trip. I remember 'Nobody's Fault' being one of the hardest rocking songs Aerosmith ever recorded and I think that's what drew me to it."

"No Feelings" - Sex Pistols, 1977
Prior to his reign as the legendary blonde haired singer for Mötley Crüe, Vince worked with his fair share of "Live Wire(s)." "I was working as an electrician, and I remember listening to the Sex Pistols constantly. 'No Feelings' off of Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols is up there on my list of favorite songs of all time, so it was truly a no-brainer to cover it. I love the humor of the song and how it brings a smile to your face if you really listen to the lyrics." Besides beefing up the arrangement, Vince battles his desire to sing the song with an English accent in his paralyzing version of the Sex Pistols acclamation.

"Long Cool Woman" - The Hollies, 1972
The Hollies "Long Cool Woman" is a subject Vince certainly knows a lot about. Vince was attracted to the story of the song that speaks of a club raid on a Saturday night. The original version reached #2 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

"Another Piece of Meat" - Scorpions, 1979
In this track, Vince refers to his high school days when he and Tommy Lee would drive around in Tommy's van and blast "Another Piece of Meat" and the rest of the Scorpions' breakthrough album, Lovedrive. "Tommy and I would cruise around back in the day and Lovedrive was the only thing we listened to over and over," adds Vince. "I was really excited to take this song and make it a little thicker. We gave it a completely different sound and now you would never know it's a Scorpions cover."

"Who'll Stop the Rain" - Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1970
One of Vince's favorite tracks on the record, he created a minimal and bare bones interpretation of the classic. "It's just one of those songs that I always told myself 'I'm going to redo that song,' and this was the perfect time to do it."

"Viva Las Vegas" - Elvis Presley, 1964
With two tattoo parlors, a restaurant, an aviation company and more located in Las Vegas, Vince has become a Sin City transplant. Recording Tattoos & Tequila in town put this track at the top of the list when choosing the covers. With his unmistakable vocals leading the way, he's made one of the most recognizable Elvis staples his own.

"Bitch Is Back" - Elton John, 1974
An updated rhythm and Vince's signature snarl add a surprising take on the Elton original. The tongue and cheek track is a refreshing contradiction to the Mötley Crüe vernacular.

With one loafer in the world of business and a steel toe boot heavily planted in rock n' roll, Vince Neil is the epitome of a modern rock star living the luxury lifestyle continuing to create current music, writing, finding new businesses that interest him, giving back through his foundation and expanding his brand based on the complete and enviable standard he has attained. All a brand new something frmo our frontman of our beloved foursome. Below you will find the new merchandise to be ordered from his site.


22nd Of June 2010, More Sixx, Stuff & Preparences
10:16AM CET
Hello again everybody. Here we go again. I have talked on and off with some really neat dudes the last couple of days. The people getting me the Brnadi / Nikki wedding album and marrage certificate now wants to part with the devorce papersand child costudy papers too. I want that. Its a Crue linked something from the members private life but I really think it is something that can be of interest to many. I will eventually be getting it for sure. There are even more stuff on this bass players private belongings from his days with Donna D. You may be aware of a lot of things from him that was up for grabs just a few weeks ago. Well now there is more. And it goes to quiet good prices. Yet also a lot of money for the daily worker and collector. This time its smaller stuff like his debut vinyl label, his BOD and 2000 laminate passes. His own brue bottle and a few more things. All ends in a good weeks time. Do I intend to grab some of it? Well I should not do that but it is a one off thing no question. So we will see. It is having an ending time where I there for will have an overview of my financial somethings. So we will see lol.

There is a lot of Vince talk these days. Surely its natural as his CD is coming out in the states now and the book about to hit us all very soon too. I will have a great chance to get it all really. It is not that hard to come by. The different versions of the CD is already out there up for grabs just reach in your pockets and buy it. No digging needed to be honest. Its a piece of cake to do this obtaining on his book and released CD. The European CD with bonus track is already on the site as are a few posters of the album and more. Yes there have finally been added a load of things and the sections to go through are; tickerts, posters, mag covers, articles, shirts, this n that toys, CDs, the personal section even all of the solo sections, and more. Tomorrow Wednesday more gets on and then we are closing in on what was new at hand here for a while again. There are constantly stuff coming in as there have been for years now. But there are also some things coming up in a good 6 weeks time. The European shows and the US Ozzfest tour. Way too much merchandise there too. I really need to have a tried go on it all but we will see what is possible as time comes. I hope and pray here are chances for it to be covered. 

So whats the thoughts to the new Vince album? Personally I have learned to look away on the fact of this being a cover album. I like it. He does cool interesting covers of some really great classics. I love the "Nobodys fault" version. Really good. I think his solo tour to come or ratehr going on as is can be really, really great. Lots of cool shit now to hear live. Such a great 2010 sound to these old songs. I hope there will be a chance to hear some of it live some time. We here in Europe have been having nothing but cancellations really from the get go. I am not too fund of that fact. Let us see how things comes around now with a new CD and a book soon to come. I think some of the stuff that is in the wait for us al lfrom the band will take a lot ourt of me to cover most possible. I find it so cool that the fqact of the matter is i will be and have been getting most of the official new stuff and have killed a lot of some really neat old shit too. I have done it with a really hard rough way of living course of the big numbers financially speaking. There are so many things that could do well. So manythings that would be awesome to have but as with anything else in life it is also like that with the collectibles of your heroes. Certainly it is like that to me. But as you can so plainly see I have tons of things coverd and the the sections just not to say the entire collection has now grown so massively it is not even always possible for me to go through everything. It surely is a monster beyond my own expectations really. And it still grows. Wonder what will be the last thing that I ever get to buy and do in the name of Motley Crue? **


Wednesday 13:Release date on 2010-06-15 NEW Murderdolls album!!!!
It's been eight years since we recorded the first CD. It's been six years since we played our last show in California in 2004. We just did two off shows and prior to that we had eight months off. That was the last time that version of Murderdolls played. This is our first show tonight and we've had seven or eight days of rehearsal. It's a whole new theme, Joey and I decided we wanted to put a whole new band together and not use the original guys. It is nothing against them, we are just in a different place now, those guys are in different places and we just wanted to do something new and fresh. That is why we did it this way. We had Mick Mars from Motley Crue come in and play guitar on two tracks, “Drug Me to Hell” and “Blood-stained Valentine.” He came in, spent a day and worked on the songs. It was something that Joey and I talked about. We didn't want to have any guests on this record whatsoever, but we were talking about it and we did this song “Drug Me to Hell.”

We were about to do the guitar solo and I was thinking it had a Mick Mars kind of vibe to it. We knew someone who knew Mick, they called, it was done and he was there in three days recording the tracks. It was really cool to have a guy that I grew up idolizing playing on my record. It is a really cool thing. He is a great guitar player and I consider him to be one of the villains of rock. Our manager used to manage Motley Crue too so he is used to dealing with our shit. He called up Mick and it was done. It was a really cool experience and it was an honor to have him on the record. I can't wait for people to hear it, it's great and it sounds like Mick Mars. You will know it immediately.

This one is completely and totally different. The first Murderdolls record was a combination of my old band and Joey's old band. We took all the songs, smashed them together, reworked some of them, changed some parts and wrote a couple of new songs, but for the most part it was kind of old material. It was stuff that we wrote when we were 18-20 years old living at our parents house just trying to get jobs. Any Murderdolls album is a whole revelation, this is us now, we are in our thirties and we have been through everything you can imagine. We're pissed off! We are still having fun, but we're pissed. This is a very in your face record. It was my first experience working with Zeuss, but Joey had worked with him prior to that. Zeuss is such a great guy; he pushed me to my limits on there. I love that because I've never really had anyone to push me in the studio. He definitely helped me out a lot and brought new ideas to the table that I would have never thought about. I would love to record the future stuff with him as well. He really got into the band because he'd been dealing with so many of the same kind of bands. He is known for the heavier type of stuff. We come in and we have all this stuff. He was like “Oh my god, this sounds like Ministry and this song sounds like Cheap Trick. I've never dealt with this before.” He loved it, it was a whole new animal for him and he was a cool guy.

This one is completely and totally different. The first Murderdolls record was a combination of my old band and Joey's old band. We took all the songs, smashed them together, reworked some of them, changed some parts and wrote a couple of new songs, but for the most part it was kind of old material. It was stuff that we wrote when we were 18-20 years old living at our parents house just trying to get jobs. Any Murderdolls album is a whole revelation, this is us now, we are in our thirties and we have been through everything you can imagine. We're pissed off! We are still having fun, but we're pissed. This is a very in your face record. It was my first experience working with Zeuss, but Joey had worked with him prior to that. Zeuss is such a great guy; he pushed me to my limits on there. I love that because I've never really had anyone to push me in the studio. He definitely helped me out a lot and brought new ideas to the table that I would have never thought about. I would love to record the future stuff with him as well. He really got into the band because he'd been dealing with so many of the same kind of bands. He is known for the heavier type of stuff. We come in and we have all this stuff. He was like “Oh my god, this sounds like Ministry and this song sounds like Cheap Trick. I've never dealt with this before.” He loved it, it was a whole new animal for him and he was a cool guy.


18th Of June 2010, Offers & Star Wants
1:38PM CET

Michaels Wants Poison / Motley Crue Tour, BRET MICHAELS wants to take POISON on tour with old pals MOTLEY CRUE in 2011. The rocker is hoping to capitalise on the renewed interest in him since his recent health crises - and he's hoping to create a super tour to celebrate his band's 25th anniversary. He tells Billboard.com, "I think it would be killer to do something with Motley Crue. Me and (Motley Crue singer) Vince Neil are really great friends, and we're talking about doing something really cool with the two of us solo, or maybe it could be Motley Crue and Poison, their 30th anniversary and our 25th, and go out together. "It could be the 55th anniversary of Motley Crue and Poison! I think that would be awesome." But, before that, busy Michaels has a solo tour to take care of, a reality TV show and surgery to repair a hole in his heart. Michaels recently battled an appendectomy, a brain haemorrhage and a mild stroke. How does this sound to you all out there? Would you like to get some a tour of them two? Crue and Poison? I know Sixx a while back would not wanna have a tour with the band of Poison stated quiet clearly a while back. has things changed? It is both anniversary bands, for them two in 2011. Poison has 25th and Crue their 30th. I know I know time flies like I can not even believe myself. Man that is so unreal thinking of it. My own personal opinion of them two on a tour. Could be great I think. Both delievering some strong live shows - we will see what will happen and Sixx respond.

Got an offer from the auction house of Auctioncause. They had the recent auction for a meet n greet with Sixx and the Sixx Sense studios. "Hello! This message is in regards to the Nikki Sixx auction. We were wondering if you were still interested in a VIP meet and greet at his radio show for $ xxxxxx. Please let us know asap and we'll set it up! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me directly at xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com or you can call our office at (323) xxx-xxxx. Thanks so much!" I would love to really but right now it is not happening. I have too much to take care of to even do this it is not the financial best time at all to even be thinking about this. I mailed them let us see what is to be and not to be of possible doings on it later in the year. If the company would at all be willing to do this for me. But hey quiet interesting.....


17th Of June 2010, Holy Shit KISS Still...
6:05AM CET
Thursday 17th. Man this month is going fairly well considering I just really wanted to pass on by as fast as possible without it sounding too negative. For financial reasons. last night was KISS in Denmark time. Just got back three days ago from a Sweden rock festival holding rock n roll from almost all decasdes really. Cool times. And now the KINGS of showsin rock n oll the masked New Yorkers going Holly weird got a chance ot rock my ass ones more. They totally rule with this latest tour. I have to bow to them one more time really. But the day running up to the event was one sick shitty suprise after the other. I am so unaware of how much you can go through and still come out on the other side with a positive something. You want the sick story? Alright here goes ...

Got up from my nightshift round 11AM. got ready slowly but surely had ti kill an auction for my brother before heading off. We were bound to fly to this locaion at the other end of the country from the city of Copenhagen. So we got ready walked the good 15 minutes to the train station and boarded a train to take us all to Copenhagen central. Waiting for a college from work Allan B. Then off to copenhagen domestic airport for a plane ot Aalborg the locaion and city for the KISS extravaganza for the day. Arrived early and got our boarding passes and all no worries. Then got in line for the flight at the gate and ones they checked the boarding cards they asked for other ID papers even though it was ine and others I am heading directly for the trains and HAVE to try to get country crossing by traun then and try to make it in time. FOUR MINUTES was what I had to departure as I stood at the track two for train departure. Four fucking minutes and then I was not even sure if I would get there in time. I had to switch trains again in Aarhus. And all was now massively delayed and with an unneeded sceptism I boarded and took a chance. Fuck me this was not the best possible trip frame for my KISS show in Aalborg Denmark at all.

The ride to Aarhus was fairly promising but in Aarhus there was a dead cell phone and my frined Mattias of Sweden I was to have met with in Aalborg did not happen no phone. From Aarhus I was told it would take two hours to aalborg that would leave me missing out of the first good 30 to 45 minutes of the show. I was devestated really. What was to have been a group trip and a cosey nice travelling was a single one mans ride in nervousness. Dissapointed and not really cool inner feeling. The conductor thank god passed me in the train from Aarhus again sauing he had looked at the wrong travel scedual ot one nad ordered a ride the the venue "Gigantium". took a good ten minutes. I had a weird scared feeling it was already on. My girl stood outdoors to meet me. Had my KISS ticket and there we were. Got in got a spot almost front row on the side of Gene Simonns. Great.

45 seconds exactly after we parked our asses there the curtain dropped and on was .... baba bada dadadaaaa... "Modern day Deliah" KISS had begun their 125 minutes set in classic master kickoff style to the max. LOVED IT. But was not at all energetic in the audience sorry boys. I was way too what ever it was from this major blowout trip of alternative planning. But I made it and I loved it. Itwas classic. Today the Danish papers have all giving the smallest show on the European tour top caracter. They rocked and kileld all sceptism about KISS being running out of fuel. These men are monsterous 2010. I love this tour. This is way, way, way better than anything they have done since 1997. I stood several times with teary eyes thinking I am so blessed to have been able to be (also) here. I do get easerly emotional when i know I succeed with things i fight so hard for. So I get to be emotional alot more than I can even tell you here. It was an over the top cool night in Aalborg. I can not believe it. The band was totally cool.


Modern Day Delilahi, Cold Gin, Let Me Go Rock & Roll, Firehouse, Say Yeah, Deuce, Crazy, Crazy Nights, Calling Dr. Love, Shock Me, Guitar & tromme solo, I’m An Animal, 100.000 Years, I Love It Loud, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Detroit Rock City Ekstra: Beth, Lick It Up (m. The Who’s 'Won’t Get Fooled Again')
I Was Made For Lovin’ You, God Gave Rock & Roll To You, Rock And Roll All Nite.

More stuff received today of the Crue stuff. Nikki Sixx prescripted glasses area 1998 has been received today. Got a few shirts and smaller stuff too. The pile of new is growing and there will be a lot of new shit to look in on after I get it al ladded on to here. Look for it soon. I have been promised Saturday and sometime next week from the webmaster now that that will be time set off to do a little activities here. And that is great news to be honest. I think there are so many great things here now. I am still waiting for more incl the 1998 bass from Sixx. It will get here eventually but I have the patience. It is not bothering me at all. So much to see and clear and do so surely I am not worried about any of al lthe stuff that is awaited. There ae so many great comings but right now I am really excited about having some time out now with no travellings and shows in all different directions. It has been hard this month. Ton of doings and a ton of clearence. Mone comes money goes. Time sneaks in time passes by. But the great rock n roll memories comes to stay!!! And I love it ***


15th Of June 2010, Ended Gold & Coming Greats
5:31PM CET
Remember the recent auction; VIP hang with Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe! And take home a signed copy of his New York Times Best Seller "The Heroine Diaries" It ended. And it ended at a huge US $2,794.00. Holy fuck. That is simply a bit too high for me to even think of. I think a lot of the auctions and things out there as this is going high every single time. No question. I think also the a little too much is always paid for these things but okay I do see the fact and problem for the one wanting it bad. There is no way round it really. You can not get these things won over to become your personal experience just like that. Sadly that is how it is. But look at the number for god sake. man thats a load of cash for it. I am curious if this is really a dude with a regular paying day job or what. Course this is really not pocket money what so ever. Man, congratulations to the winner for sure that is one awesome day he will be having.

Tommy Tbone Lee has his coming Methods Of Mayhem album up for preorder too now. Its now sat for a release dated September 21st. Order it now and get a chance for a signed edition of it as its comes out. I have placed mine now course I want it safe and coverd. The "Fight Song" sounds really LOUD. It is a track that brings me to a point sitting with high really high expectations to the follow up of the first one. This can be a really cool tour actually. Had been killer to see them in Europe. But then again as we are used to over here that is a long shot. Sadly I do not see that happening what so ever. But T if you hear our calls and loyal yell outs. We want Methods here this time. But till now we enjoythe Fight track and eagerly awaits the 2nd slipped track to us all coming soon from you. We are highæy excited about the new and we hope to see you do great and to be feeding us with only the best we know you can do in all areas. merchandise, touring, album wise and more. Again "Fight Song" sounds like a fighting machine over the max. Thanks.

There are new merch out again. Or actually one new shirt through fanfire. Dont know how interesting it really is. the clssic vintage look now of the Theatre image and in heather grey colour thats nice. getting away from the traditional black shirts. We miss that some. Also some other new merch is in preperations and soon will hit the road stores and all. The coming Ozzfest merch and the European new stuff. Only 5 weeks away. There will be done the most excellent effort to cover this for sure. I will let you all in on it and how it goes in a good 6 weeks time. I am sure I will have it all covered without second thoughts to it. As it is cleared and the next load of home bringings ae covered end June I will have to see what I do then.

There are a constant load of things really no stop signs in isght. But what the heck. It is all good. But financially a real heavy burdon to have constantly covered. It is as said so often before not the easiest thing in the world. And has not been either for a long time really. I am still waiting to hear from the webmaster of can happen when about all the stuff that is ready to go up on here. There are a lot of stuff. it will eventually and I should perhaps hold back on promises when it comes to dates and weeks. Sorry for this to you all. I am doing all I can to push the situation here and there are as said so much here now that are ready to get added so hang on tight for something massive to come. It will all be great. Have a really cool time out there - back with more brainspins before you know it.


14th Of June 2010, Rocking Month Soon Over
2:26PM CET
Monday, Monday .... you remember that song? Well no matter if you do or not it is Monday now and I have a good few couple of days to rest from a really rough Sweden Rock Festival. Holy mary what a thre days package we had there. Fucking rain every sngle day and worst was during Billy Idol set. man it was coming down. Let me try to break it to you for a quick rap up and story telling. It has already been Rammstein, Slash, Black City and AC/DC this month. Now this one on top of the mentioned.

I saw treat an old Swedish rock melodic act they were well so n so. I saw.... man the list is long how ever let me still try to go through some of em. Pretty Maids. Our Danish oldest rock pride. I just think they did also so and so great. Nothing overwhelming to me. Y&T they were great. I loved them. Great songs from the new CD too live they rock and they work. MSG - totally awesome. Michael Shenker was killer. Really cool 30 year anniversary. Missed DAD only saw Magnum from a disatnce course I wanted to be perfect placed for Cinderella. They get the price the best on the festival in my opinion. Cinderella did Shelter Me and sort of only songs from the firts two Cds. KILLER: A Dream concert really. Saw jorn. Great too. Not mindblowing but great. Saw bit of Slayer not for me. Never has been. They still do their stuff perfectly great still after allthese years but it is not my cop of tea. Aerosmith. Everybody longed for a great show. My own personal opinion was from 1 to a 10. Ten being ultimate live experience. Id give em 6. Way too much jaming and a missed team play that was convincing between Steven Tyler and Jow Perry. It was not the glittering gold they stand for. Sorry.

Quireboys accusticly was a killer performance. Really great intence and very convincing. Cinderella and Billy Idol.. Well told you how Cinderella did Idol was a very strong stage caracter. Rellay he still has it. he passed the higher age but he rocks. His set was not the best. It was way too diverse really for it to be top killer. Sad course the man has some serious good songs. But as said for the set and time he was performng the set was way too much all over the place. But still thumbs up. Fates Warning, Epica Winger were on the Saturday list the last day of this years event. Fates were my first time seeing them it was nice to hear the old old stuff live. "Parallels" just got re-released and it was played in its full. Nice one. Epica more seen for Tine nor for me. Not me at all. Winger was okay he is getting really old looking. But obviously great hearing the older songs again. Performs good though.

I saw SAGA the canadian monster group from bakc in the day. They did really great. How cool they were with this music live. I loved it. really killer even though the new singer is not the original. Still good. He did do a good job. No question. Bachman Turner Overdrive ohh ohh ohhh ohhhhhh nice one. the old men spits out what feels so good. Man "not Fragile" the album of theirs is so remembered when standing there listening. Fuck it rocked. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet. Well, well, well. Cool man So cool. WASP was more of a higly wanted one to witness. They had contracts to play solidly songs from the firts two albums only. Well. All I can say is it did not last. They also did and took time off of their play time for "the Idol", "Chainsaw Charlie", "Crazy", "Babylon Burning".... I was not too fond of that fact. I had seriously too been looking forward to feel a glimse of 1984 85 86 again. Briefly happend but it was not good enough. this was the most energenic band on this years festival. But it dd not cut it. It was not the ultimate special boom he so lead us all on to. Sorry!!

Last but not least was the mighty GNR. Guns N Roses were closiing the festival. Stood way, way, way back. Course I wanted to do a self resting split if needed .I was really hammered and litterally with a headaque from a tall dude behind me at WASP who for the first 5 songs hammered his albow down on top of my head maybe 20 times it brought out a headacke like fuck for the rest of that evening. That solidly did it for me to be honest. I could not enjpy the rest fully. Fuck he nailed me hard and exact several times. And obvisouly did not care no matter what. It was the wrost pushing too at the festival. Totally insaine. I have not fully felt a WASP show pushing and handling like that in the audience since many many many years ago. Any how it was as said wild energetic but not living up to what I hoped to see. Sadly. A few songs were delievered for the first time in a good 2 decades. That felt good like really good. But al lthe remaning songs could have been played too from the first two albums had he not done the good 6 songs of more recent years. Sad!!!

GNR was wild and big. Can be hard to accept the new GNR compared to the wanted original but I think they do good its a helle of a colourfull show 2010 for sure. Oceans of great tunes and classics. As said I stood way way back so the ultimate experience escaped me on this one this time. But about the complete Appetite album was done all hits from the rest of the albums up till Use Your I and II. Plus ofcourse some rom the Chinese release. Their latest. I like it. Dont see how real Axl fans cna not appreciate his pen work. Its a masterpiece really. Well never mind. we had a cool time even though it rained as fuck all the time. We also had a line of walk abouts to al lthe stalls that sold al lsorts of stuff. I bought a little here and there. A couple of Crue shirts, magazines, but not really anything over the top. I did get a chance to meet Michael Senker, Cinderella, Y&T and Treat. So a few CDs were grabbed and sgend for myself. thats about it. The rest was eating and thinking festval atmosphere and the coming ones in August holding my Motley gang. One thing or one guy actually that I really loved to meet at this years Sweden Rock festval was an older guy from Australia. he and is wife must have been in their 50s late 50s maybe even. They do a save up every second year and come here to see this festival for the man and shopping and country side trips for the wife. Tehy were really cool. we seemed to havea love for a lot of the same music and shared opinions about bands the old and the new. Cheers mate.

I have a lot of things to look forward to the next years time. Both here in Denmark and cross waters and more. Sadly the site ones again can only be pointed out as having yet another huge lack of focus and stuff added. The piles here rises weekly now. I am sorry for this. But I will as I always say do my best to try to get new stuff added on here and thats all I at the time can possibly do. There are even more in the mail right now. More to come. More round the corner incl Nikkis glasses from 98 and his bass same time of area. Just wait and see.....


7th Of June 2010, RNR Dreams Fun And Misouts
12:33PM CET
VIP hang with Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe! And take home a signed copy of his New York Times Best Seller "The Heroine Diaries What's Included There's no one in the world quite like Nikki Sixx, and there's nothing on the radio quite like his show "Sixx Sense." Each night, he's talking about the music and topics on everybody's mind, but filtered through the unique perspective and attitude of someone who has seen it all, done it all, and is still hungry for more. You and a guest will get a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star. But not just any rock star, Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe. You'll get the inside stories that others are too afraid or ashamed to tell. Plus, he'll play all the hottest music in rock. As part of this exclusive experience, you and a guest will sit in on part of the recording session of Nikki's "Sixx Sense" radio show and get a behind the scenes look at the legend. You'll have your own private Meet & Greet withNikki and his co-host Kerri Kasem, and if that's not enough, you and a friend will take home a signed copy of Nikki's New York Times Best Seller "The HEROIN Diaries." Donated by: Premiere Radio Networks Terms: Transportation not included in package. To be scheduled on mutually agreed upon date. Radio show recorded in Los Angeles, CA. Estimated Value: $1500 . A portion of the proceeds from this auction will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Who would not wanna be a winner of such a thing? My guess is it will end at an auction closing of round the 1700 dollars mark. But we will see. There are a few days to go on this baby!! It has been all rock n roll the last few and first days of June really. Slash and Rammstoin on the 2nd and Saturday the 5th of June it was the city of Horsens here in Denmark that created theframes for the gig from AC/DC. And what a sick adventure it was. let me tell you. Last year at the Copenhagen show I stood in line for tickets to 5 people and I got it. But in the end I was the one not being able to go. My girlfrined and I had aleady tickets to a festival holding Crue and WASP in France the same day. What a fuck up. I rememnber I was torn course I really wabted to go and then now this June 2 days ago they came here again. And again I stood in line and got two tickets. Waited for months and I crossed half the country of Denmark with a friend and college to do this show.

We got there alright. It was monsterous how the city had its city center cellebrations to the show. Saluted the Aussies big time with bands live in the center and more ....Pretty Maids that some of you may know was incl and free. So we did our thing passed a store got a few beers and headed towards the stadium. At one point in time we decided to sit down for a few minutes and take a bite to eat. I had brought sandwiches and now we had beers. So could it be any cooler. The sun was high in the sky and the skies were all blue. It was hot. I guess you can say everything was so in place for a good day of rock n roll legency. Now as we talked about going on. I rapped the last uneaten snadwich up in the plastic bag that i had it in to begin with and simply left it there. Was not thinking more about it. Then we walked away towardsthe arena of sound. Man we were so damn excited. I can hardly find words to fit it. You see things are really cool in mind in me head when i think AC/DC. Nothing really gets too much bigger than that. Abotu an hour later already in line to go in a guy comes up to us and says "I am looking for a ticket to buy. If you dont have any can i see yours so I know I will not be offered a fake one as I might get lucky?"

Right there ad then I thought fuck me. My ticket was left behind in the plastic bag on the bench with my sandwich. I was close to crying and yet laughing. It as simply too much. It was way too much to be even funny. AC/DC just doen not seem to be my luck this time around. We fastly headed back after Allan my travelling partner here convinced me to go look. At least we would be looking. Now here comes the sickest of the sickest in this story telling. We reached the bench and I saw my left over sandwich laying onthe sidewalk. taken out of the bag. Still uneaten but no thanks .... That was all there was. And I was not suprised. I was crushed though. I knew about 5 to 7000 had passed that bench since we left it last. I looked over my shoulder. The black plastic bag was laying inthe parking lot next to us looking all ripped and all. And I have no idea to why I got up to look at it. It was with absolutely zero confident that there would be anything in it. There had already been people in the bag as the sandwich was on the sidewalk already. BOOM!!!! I looked in the plastic bag and there was my AC/DC travelling gig brochure AND MY GOD DAMN TICKET. Fuck me!!!! I could not believe my own eyes. I did not know if I shold laugh or cry. I was to tears later... But this was ohh my god. That is not even possible to be happening. Some had been in the bag taken out the sandwich feeling uninterested and torshed the bag over the shoulder not seeing the show ticket for the day. AC/DC. man how lucky can you be?

We walked in silence back towards the stadium and got let in. The 3 and a half hours of waiting time for the support act to get on was fine not long at all. And let me tell you As the REAL show started I was so fucking besides myself it felt like it as ONLY me standing there and missing my girl. My travelling partner and all. But to share this with Allan my co worker was awesome. I was really moved by this evening. I was there and from the lost ticket in a city with 30.000 fans I should NOT have been there at all. I shouldnt. It is totally unbelievable if any had tld me this story I would NOT have believed him or her. The show was sooo cool. It was a dream set that was delievered. 120 minutes non stop classic boogie rock big style. I was seriously fucking happy. My god.

They played; Rock N' Roll Train, Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be, Back in Black, Big Jack, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Shot Down in Flames, Thunderstruck, Black Ice, The Jack, Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, War Machine, High Voltage, You Shook Me All Night Long, T.N.T., Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock------- Highway to Hell, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) Blow me lads this was awesome as hell. I can not believe it. I was in boogie heaven. This was really a cool seriously cool night. Man last nights shift at work pre AC/DC night was not even felt as hard as I feared. This day had been long waited for and now here we were doing this really over the top experience and in killer framings as well. I was stunned to be honest. Loved the shit.

We got there alright. It was monsterous how the city had its city center cellebrations to the show. Saluted the Aussies big time with bands live in the center and more ....Pretty Maids that some of you may know was incl and free. So we did our thing passed a store got a few beers and headed towards the stadium. At one point in time we decided to sit down for a few minutes and take a bite to eat. I had brought sandwiches and now we had beers. So could it be any cooler. The sun was high in the sky and the skies were all blue. It was hot. I guess you can say everything was so in place for a good day of rock n roll legency. Now as we talked about going on. I rapped the last uneaten snadwich up in the plastic bag that i had it in to begin with and simply left it there. Was not thinking more about it. Then we walked away towardsthe arena of sound. Man we were so damn excited. I can hardly find words to fit it. You see things are really cool in mind in me head when i think AC/DC. Nothing really gets too much bigger than that. Abotu an hour later already in line to go in a guy comes up to us and says "I am looking for a ticket to buy. If you dont have any can i see yours so I know I will not be offered a fake one as I might get lucky?"

Right there ad then I thought fuck me. My ticket was left behind in the plastic bag on the bench with my sandwich. I was close to crying and yet laughing. It as simply too much. It was way too much to be even funny. AC/DC just doen not seem to be my luck this time around. We fastly headed back after Allan my travelling partner here convinced me to go look. At least we would be looking. Now here comes the sickest of the sickest in this story telling. We reached the bench and I saw my left over sandwich laying onthe sidewalk. taken out of the bag. Still uneaten but no thanks .... That was all there was. And I was not suprised. I was crushed though. I knew about 5 to 7000 had passed that bench since we left it last. I looked over my shoulder. The black plastic bag was laying inthe parking lot next to us looking all ripped and all. And I have no idea to why I got up to look at it. It was with absolutely zero confident that there would be anything in it. There had already been people in the bag as the sandwich was on the sidewalk already. BOOM!!!! I looked in the plastic bag and there was my AC/DC travelling gig brochure AND MY GOD DAMN TICKET. Fuck me!!!! I could not believe my own eyes. I did not know if I shold laugh or cry. I was to tears later... But this was ohh my god. That is not even possible to be happening. Some had been in the bag taken out the sandwich feeling uninterested and torshed the bag over the shoulder not seeing the show ticket for the day. AC/DC. man how lucky can you be?

We walked in silence back towards the stadium and got let in. The 3 and a half hours of waiting time for the support act to get on was fine not long at all. And let me tell you As the REAL show started I was so fucking besides myself it felt like it as ONLY me standing there and missing my girl. My travelling partner and all. But to share this with Allan my co worker was awesome. I was really moved by this evening. I was there and from the lost ticket in a city with 30.000 fans I should NOT have been there at all. I shouldnt. It is totally unbelievable if any had tld me this story I would NOT have believed him or her. The show was sooo cool. It was a dream set that was delievered. 120 minutes non stop classic boogie rock big style. I was seriously fucking happy. My god.

They played; Rock N' Roll Train, Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be, Back in Black, Big Jack, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Shot Down in Flames, Thunderstruck, Black Ice, The Jack, Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, War Machine, High Voltage, You Shook Me All Night Long, T.N.T., Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock------- Highway to Hell, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) Blow me lads this was awesome as hell. I can not believe it. I was in boogie heaven. This was really a cool seriously cool night. Man last nights shift at work pre AC/DC night was not even felt as hard as I feared. This day had been long waited for and now here we were doing this really over the top experience and in killer framings as well. I was stunned to be honest. Loved the shit.


3rd Of June 2010, Rocking, Broken & Strugling
5:28PM CET
may passed away and June knocked our doors. Officially summer time now. I am NOT good with heat and shit. And yesterday was one of them. I was at something rocking but not Crue, It was called Copenhagen Live and it helt a few up andcoming Danish names in rock n roll. They caleld Black City is to be recommended. It was greta. A stage holding no gimics and no nothing only them their music and the people attending. And in only 3 days there are another gig for them as a support act to AC/DC. Totally over the top cool. Its insaine. Congrats to a band promising to be great. I can not wait to be honest. It will be another great night really cool. Black City and AC/DC. The day of yesterday as said was live under the blue skies.. and it had the stage mentioend plus main stage holding Slash he was okay good not over the top but good. Then Bullet for My Valentine not for me thanks but no thanks. Too much too non saying for me. Not to my liking. Then Skunk A. thats right I too thought the old 90s band was long over but here there were andthey were annoying. I did not like it much. then Danish pride in rock. Volbeat. they did their loved songs that stands just fine. But they were massively borring to see. Really boring. Then Closing it al lGermans Rammstein. great cool nice awesome all in all just a splended closing. Sadly too early did not play more than 90 95 minutes. felt weird to let them go. They are so good. They really are good. But this was perhaps their last ever trip to Denmark and for sure their last album. tragic.

Glad I had the chance to go there last night. Thats my rocking part. And Saturday AC/DC - chapter two in my rocking June. I am broken from the new set of rules. I am not too happy about the stuff I have to worl on and change. the cut backs on stuff and doings the activity and stay in bed and let my body heal from resting and such but i am giving it a shot. Im broken I feel so worn out but now in a different way. It is not a really nice feeling to be honest. I have a really hard time to not feel broken here. Broken in another way too is the site. I am not able to get my webmaster and I in gear with this. Different kind of priorities sorry to you all. I can not do anything about it. And finally I am broken in a financial meaning. I have truely not cash at hand this month. It is a really hard month to get through. Why I have not? Well that little detail is not really for this site. It is totally irrelevant. Just a really hardo ne to get through.

On Crue matters, there are not much news. I have been receiving a few things here and there and it is all in the pile of what is ready to up on here. Great new stuff in the wait really. Golf stuff from Vince 2010, shirts, posters and all the previously mentioned stuff that has now laid in the pile for a long, long, long time. I will try to get this done in over the next couple of weeks. It is really in need to go. The new added pages and sections are really only in the making stages as well so again sorry for the time taking. It is not an over night thing all this. Things will come soon where things hopefully are to be in better up to date stages. I will keep you posted. Thanks


30th Of May 2010, Small Time Fustration, New Focus
2:57 PM CET
Sunday!! Could have been a cool resting day and more. And it is. For me it is with a small felt forced on resting. I am so in need of just that to be relity. Resting. Doctors told it like ot is. I am on too hard and too long at a time. I am already sitting here now after just a couple of sentences and staring out in the room. Reflecting on all that is happening. I have and am going through something with my body (dr. orders and so far the most body wise rude awakening I have had). I guess every ones in a while you get wacked so hard you stop up and realize you have never stopped up quiet in the way you did this last time. Tew years and my will to pressure hat is the case for me anyhow. I am rethinking the last few years and I have gotten to a point that you can get all you ever wanted if you fight hard and sincere enough. How ever you can do a little too much work, a little too hard. Some would maybe call it work in the wrong way. Setting goals with a bad planning or what ever. It is how ever with a great risk if you are not too careful your damn health and shit can be at risk. I am forced to now take it easy and give it at least stay in bed resting and more importantly sleeping for a minimum of 6 hours. I have forced exactly that on myself the last few days. I dont see it go too well though. But I intend to stay with the new set or rules the rest of the year to make my body havei ts needs the doctors required.

A few of my friends have asked me (that has been told the more detailed news) what I am now to do with the Crue the collecting and more. The answer really is not really anything new. Nothing to be changed really. Just gonna have a few less bucks for monster shoppings. that really is all. Ofcourse that to one like can be painful enough. But I will just have to do and thats that. Speaking of more Crue stuff the next three months ae to be months that kills the remaning of my stuff laying round the world. Bring it all home and finally get a three year long pain and concern brought to an end. That is from this unexpected change in my life my latest goal. There are how ever a few Donna items wel lNikki items from Donna life with him that are u for grabs and I really hope to be able ot get on of them Three items in the lot are highly wnated. They are to be really great collectibles down the road. Wel lthey are already but time will give them really cool collectible value even more. Nikki necklace, rings, his song book of handwritten lyrics of 1996. several songs from the Swine album of 19997. damn folks there are great stuff up for grabs al lthe time these are rather cool and by many sorted after. They will end high on the winning bid. Good luck to al land congrats to the winner of these items.

MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil will release his new solo album, "Tattoos & Tequila", in Europe on June 4 via Frontiers Records and in the U.S. on June 22 through Eleven Seven Music. Neil recorded "Tattoos & Tequila" in the winter of 2009 with bassist Dana Strum and Jeff Blando (both of SLAUGHTER) and drummer Zoltan Chaney. The album includes two new songs — "Tattoos and Tequila" and "Another Bad Day", both produced by Marti Frederiksen (AEROSMITH, OZZY OSBOURNE, DEF LEPPARD) — plus a selection of classic cuts from some of the rock giants that have influenced Vince Neil throughout his musical career. The cover songs were produced by Vince and Jack Blades (DAMN YANKEES, NIGHT RANGER)."Tattoos & Tequila". Neil’'s refreshed collection of classics consists of nine influential, life defining covers, as well as two new tracks; “Tattoos & Tequila,” which was also written and produced by Frederiksen and “Another Bad Day,” which was originally written by Nikki Sixx for Mötley Crüe’s release of New Tattoo in 2000 and which just missed the cut. "“Mötley Crüe recorded ‘Another Bad Day’ many years ago and I thought it was one of the best ballads we’d ever recorded. When it got voted off of New Tattoo by the rest of Mötley, I held onto it, waiting for the right time to dust it off,”" adds Vince. The title song for the album captures Vince’s signature sound with a contemporary feel that has been compared to current acts such as Cavo and Godsmack. “Tattoos & Tequila” celebrates the rock n’ roll lifestyle which has served as the centerpiece for Vince Neil's career over the past 30 years.

track listing: 01. Tattoos & Tequila (album version) 02. He's A Whore (CHEAP TRICK) 03. AC/DC (SWEET)
04. Nobody's Fault (AEROSMITH) 05. Another Bad Day 06. No Feelings (SEX PISTOLS) 07. Long Cool Woman (THE HOLLIES)08. Another Piece Of Meat (SCORPIONS) 09. Who Will Stop The Rain (CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL) 10. Viva Las Vegas (ELVIS PRESLEY) 11. Bitch Is Back (ELTON JOHN) 12. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ TOP) *
* Bonus track available on first pressing in digipak listen on:



27th Of May 2010, Mixed Emotions
1:50PM CET
Tommy Lee and his team, including producer Scott Humphrey, singer-guitarist J3 and others, wrote and recorded the songs for the new album, then made the core components of each available for download on www.thepublicrecord.com to anyone who wished to add their playing or otherwise re-interpret the music however they saw fit. Lee listened to every single submission that was uploaded, chose the best, and integrated the actual audio tracks into the album's final cuts. Every single musician whose part was used is credited and thanked on the album. The song files were made available on The Public Record web site on October 5, 2009. By the end of the submission period in February, 2010, the page was viewed over 1 million times and over 10,000 submissions were uploaded. What came back once the public got its hands on the raw ingredients was truly all over the map — just as Tommy Lee had hoped. The diverse submissions included techno tracks sent in from Japan, hand drum rhythms from India and searing guitar solos from as close to home as San Diego. METHODS OF MAYHEM self-titled debut was released in 1999 and was certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales in excess of 500,000 copies in the United States alone. The album featured Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock and Fred Durst, among others. METHODS OF MAYHEM's set was a featured highlight of 2000's Ozzfest.

"A Public Disservice Announcement" track listing:

01. Drunk Uncle Pete
02. Time Bomb
03. Louder
04. Fight Song
05. Blame
06. Two Ways
07. Talk Me Off The Ledge
08. Only One
09. All I Wanna Do
10. Back To Before
11. Party Instructions

My god. A lot with me is happening. Not much too cool really. Well there are cool shit happening but - it is with questions and speculations really. What I am thinking about is my own self care and helath. Been through some doctors apoinments and all. I am way too active and pushing my body way too much. My daily ordinary job is doing non of us in there any good. They squeeze us like a lemon and we can either keep up feel bad or get lost. The times on the working market is not cool these days at all. I have been ordered to really start changing things around for myself. Quit doing as much as I do. It is with a health risk that I do what I do it seems. So I am about to just let myself gear down a little bit. There have been too much affecting my body and health from the tests I have gone through. Raised my risks for strokes with 30 some percent I was told. Gear down NOW and rethink all I do and all I eat and more was the message. Man thats a full circle thing it feels like. What a bumber. This means less over time for me for some time and there by less money and shit. Less money less Crue for a good period of time. Iam stunned how sick this even sounds in my head. In short the doctors orders were - everything you are and do - CHANGE IT!!!!

I gained a couple of Nikki Sixx old used owned and worn stuff from a Donna D`Errico auction from old left behinds. Got his electric razor and his 1998 glasses pictures in an earlier diary posting on here. More shit are up for grabs now and no doubt about it I would love to get my hands on three of the things just put up. How ever two of them will be extremely high in the end price wise. So I have no hopes what so ever. But I aim and I shoot and if I miss so be it. Can not win it all. And that is a fact. There are some sorted shit in the sections here too. But things with other takes more time than originally thought it seems. Sorry bout this. It will be fixed and it will be cool inthe end. I wirk faster than many of my gang members on here but hey I can not expect them to be high on delivery as myself.

I live this shit and that is what is the problem with me and my involvement with others in my Crue life. I am not too cool with that fact so I rarely do much with others on this matter. It is not a nagging detailed something more a fact that I am fully aware of and it just requires a hell of a lot of patience from me to get in on things with anyone. I have enough work onthe site with my webmaster to sit with it daily for a good 3 to 4 hours but we do not. She is in another world and I am way, way, way, way too dedicated to this than what she will ever have time and focus for to complete. So it will be ready will be done but it will be a longer reqired time to fully take this to the finish line with the way we are forced to work. So just to make things clear it is not empty words from us at Mcrueloyalty sometimes I just think and promise what I am told but things seems to change time scedual wise in a way that I am not able to predict much!! We will be ready with all the new shit to get added and more soon. Not to worry!

Looking for the next three months to come and go - rest my mind after the summer comes and goes. There are so many things I am in the wait for. A lot of Crue stuff to come and get worked on. Then Rammstein and Slash on Wednesday. AC/DC on Saturday and Sweden Rock holding man that list is long onthe 10th and days on from that. So many things have been planned and so many short trips every month during June July Aug and Sep. And then the final news "my girl" and I am finally setting the wnat to a am gonna do thing. Scorpions farewell tour. heading to Hamburg, Germany home country of the Scorps to see them in the fall tickets are in the ordering status. Waiting for the DHL delivery van to come knocking on my doors. handing over the tickets for the probably most wanted tour to see by me this year. I am really excited about this one.

The more downside to things recently or lol, since last posting is a few more items seems to have gotten lost in the mail and now gone for sure. Some rare Neil promo stuff of the new coming album. Some tapestry and small time stuff. Some posters too. In all 3 packages are ones again lost in the universe of mail services. Fuck I am so sick and tired of this. Pardon my french my seriously. Why am I to loose so much stuff? Why is it some company no matter the millions of boxes daily world wide that it can not all be proper delievered? It is a sick sad something really. And it is unforgiveable. Sounds like the mail systems world wide have some shitty holes in the system as the national railway system has with its emploies here in Denmark. Fuck em.


17th Of May 2010, The World Is Touched From Metal Los
3:07PM CET

Wendy Dio, wife/manager of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW), has released the following statement: "Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45 a.m. [on Sunday] 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away. "Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. "We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. "Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. "Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever."

It was only a month ago that Dio, 67, spoke about his battle with cancer with the Artisan News Service on the "black carpet" of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which took place on April 8 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. When asked about how he had been feeling since he was diagnosed with the disease late last year, Dio said, "Well, I feel good and bad at times. It's a long process. Chemotherapy is a... I never realized what a difficult thing it was to go through. It's a real cumulative effect — the more you have, the more it piles up on top and it takes longer and longer to get over it. I find it very difficult to eat. I don't like to eat anyway, so I guess that's OK. But I know I have to. But this makes it very, very hard. But if you're determined to beat it, then you have to go with what you believe is going to beat it for you, and in this case it's that. I go to a great hospital in Houston called M.D. Anderson, which I think is the best hospital in the world, I have the best doctor in the world, Dr. Ajani, who I really trust and I really believe in, so I think I've done all the right things. It makes me feel positive about my life and positive that there is a lot more of it to live."

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has released the following statement regarding the passing of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW): "Ronnie was one of the kindest souls I have ever met and his talent was beyond inspirational to so many of us. I still have this image of him standing on stage in front of 100,000 belting out 'Man on the Silver Mountain' and remember the shivers it sent up my spine. He will be missed by all of us.

KISS has released the following statement regarding the passing of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW): "We mourn the tragic passing of the great Ronnie James Dio. In addition to his powerhouse vocal ability, Ronnie was a true gentleman who always emanated great warmth and friendship to us and everyone around him. We will miss him."

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has penned the following open letter to legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW): "Dear Ronnie, "I just got off stage in Zagreb. I was met with the news that you've passed on. I'm kind of in shock, but I wanted you to know that you were one of the main reasons I made it onto that stage to begin with. "When I first saw you in ELF, opening for DEEP PURPLE in 1975, I was completely blown away by the power in your voice, your presence on stage, your confidence, and the ease with which you seemed to connect to 6,000 Danish people and one starry-eyed 11-year-old, most of whom were not familiar with ELF's music. The following year, I was so psyched when I heard the results of you joining forces with my favorite guitar player. You guys sounded so right for each other and I instantly became RAINBOW's #1 fan in Denmark. "In the fall of 1976, when you played your first show in Copenhagen, I was literally in the front row and the couple of times we made eye contact you made me feel like the most important person in the world.

The news that you guys were staying in town on your day off somehow embedded itself in my brain and I made the pilgrimage to the Plaza Hotel to see if I could somehow grab a picture, an autograph, a moment, anything. A few hours later you came out and were so kind and caring... pictures, autographs and a couple minutes of casual banter. I was on top of the world, inspired and ready for anything. RAINBOW came to Copenhagen a couple more times over the next few years and each time you guys blew my mind, and for a good three years were my absolute favorite band on this planet. "Over the years I've been fortunate enough to run into you a half dozen times or so and each time you were as kind, caring and gracious as you were in 1976 outside the hotel. "When we finally got a chance to play together in Austria in 2007, even though I may not have let on, I was literally transformed back to that little snot-nosed kid who you met and inspired 31 years earlier and it was such a fucking honor and a dream come true to share a stage with you and the rest of the legends in HEAVEN & HELL.

"A couple of weeks ago when I heard that you were not going to be able to make it to the Sonisphere shows that we would be sharing this June, I wanted to call you and let you know that I was thinking of you and wish you well, but I kind of pussied out, thinking the last thing you needed in your recovery was feeling obligated to take a phone call from a Danish drummer/fan boy. I wish I'd made that call. "We will miss you immensely on the dates, and we will be thinking of you with great admiration and affection during that run. It seemed so right to have you out on tour with the so-called 'Big Four' since you obviously were one of the main reasons that the four bands even exist. "Your ears will definitely be burning during those two weeks because all of us will be talking, reminiscing and sharing stories about how knowing you has made our lives that much better. "Ronnie, your voice impacted and empowered me, your music inspired and influenced me, and your kindness touched and moved me. Thank you. "Much love."

Earlier this month, HEAVEN & HELL canceled its summer tour plans in Europe due to Dio's treatment for stomach cancer. The band said in a statement that Dio wasn't "well enough to tour this summer. We hope that everyone understands and want to thank fans and industry colleagues for their continuing support at this time." Ronnie James Dio had performed with ELF, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH, and his own band DIO. Other musical projects included the collective fundraiser "Hear 'n Aid". He is widely hailed as one of the most powerful singers in heavy metal, renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in metal culture. He was most recently involved with HEAVEN & HELL, a project which also included former BLACK SABBATH bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice. Their first and only studio album, "The Devil You Know", was released on April 28, 2009.

I have to say there are a lot of weird toughts running throuh my skull from all this Dio news yesterday. I am really thinking man there are so many reasons for me to do most possible with my still living heroes. They are in the age wise catagory that would and could send any man down before we know it. Totall y out of the blue a news falsh could hit our ways and include names I love admire respect and see as daily inspirations; Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley. I am terrified to be even thinking about how sad I will be whe nthe days come that it is their names in the news sections of passed icons. I do not even know how I will ever go on with them not in my life like they are now. It has been a terrifying thought for a good days time now and I truely think There are sadness in the eyes of my idols as Mr Ronnie James Dio in many ways were my heroes reason for jumping up on stages to begin with. A strong positive inspiration that holds nothing but happiness smiles and cheers all around. I gotta admit I have witnessed that kind of los and tragic a couple of times and I truely feel sad and touched by it. How ever these here are MY daily passion and heroes. it will be a much stronger heartbreak when their time comes. I have been crushed many times but this subject and what that will bring with it as its time will rip my heart out.

Having a talk tonight with my Irish buddy and travelling friend Billy.No doubt I wil ldo all in my power to gain what is truely a wish for my rocking n rolling heart in my chest. I need to get things sorted at work tonight to find peace and get a solidly focus on what have been up in the air fro some time now. I will let you in on what how why and when should I be lucky. It is still very much "button city" at my webmaster today. I have ton of things laying here for us to put up but not to pressure the master we will have to take this bite for bite and just add a little something often in the coming days. take care and remember is too short for speculations and hold backs - live out your wishes your dreams and aim high. ***


16th Of May 2010, So Much On Mind
9:44PM CET
Sunday evening. Have sorted ones again al lthe latest passes, tickets and picks. Hell I need massive help to get all in my collection pout straight. And I eager to get it all sorted and have it ready for what could be considered "ones and for all". It is my life spendings on this monster really. My honey is helping out greatly and I am so thrilled and thankful that she does. There are so many things so many items so many things and blings that just have to get sorted and catagorised. But for every home going I am doing to there it helps so I can honestly say it really is slowly but surely taking shape in the right way needed. I have so much on mind to be honest not only with my collection but on the site here too. I have had long talks to the so called "loyalty gang" and there are new and improved ideas for what is already on here. But that is to come. And hopefully soon. As some may have noticed we have killed the line of link buttons on most pages already and are about to kill em all to gain the new and improved pages that in the end also should open a bit faster. Course some of the pages on here now are about to be declaired monsterous. And to be honest it is unavoidable from how I collect.

I have soon a meeting with my webmaster and things are lined up as last reported for new to come addings here. Pretty interesting stuff in the pile just wait and see, ohh did anyone hear? Donna D is selling some stuff small time stuff but still of Nikkis left overs at her place. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. I will be biting off a lot from that cake? The answer to that is no not really. I have so much going already and I have loads in my calender to come and non of this from her is included or nothing. So I am quiet positive I am making a pass on this one. Would have liked to dig in, sure. No question. But as said my calender is fairly full as is so I am not to ... you know. You can see some of the stuff down below of what is to gain from her. Glasses, used shirts, ideal recorded cassette, razor, and more.... No doubt there will be money made here, I do not htink these things will actually go for under 175 any of em but hey that againa is seriously cheap considering. Have any of you ever really done auction activities on some of the stuff this man sat up for grabs earlier? I personally paid several thousands for single items a few years ago. Good luck in your own tempted huntings on these items. Talk soon.


14th Of May 2010, Damn It - I Won & It Feels Great
6:11AM CET

Fuck me (again) is what I said two days ago. Or Actually even more yesterday morning. You see I did my opes come to life the other day and I fucking won over the tings I so hoped for. There are so many things in the world right now that can be mine well if I can come up with the money for it. I have had my doubts to a lot of things including the hoped for for this month. Especially the two items that had deadline for me on the 1st. I went totally overboard and took a monsterous chance ones again and I paid off both of the items I so loved and hoped for to be mine somehow. I know it was a super chance to take course this and the next month for me wil lbe pretty damn low. Not to say anything too negative lol. Any how I did get the 1998 bass of Nikkis that he wrote the 2 songs on to the then "Greatest Hits" album. "Enslaved" and "Bitter Pill". Amongst others. The bass was also used by him on tour and all.

I will not have it in hand till June but that is due to a request of mine. But god damn it I did it. And now only time has to ass for me to get it. No question asked. I wil llove this one. The other item was a real out of this world treat in the name of a member. Told you all before. The Brandi and Sixx wedding album from 1990. Damn it, I won it too and that one has been received and is in hand. I really can not fully share my thoughts on that win course it is still surreal to me too. But I actually do love having it here and should it come to a time for selling which is always the single only thing I do NOT think about with my stuff. I think I can easerly bring home the money paid for it. God shit. But the ultimate to this one is I got the certificate of marrage to go with it.the original paper froom the reveren of Hawaii that day in 1990. Check this one out to the right. Dont ask for samples of the many, many photos in the actual album I will not do that. Sorry.

I feel so undescribably lucky. I know for some out there it is not fully to yunderstand. but tis is my life. And it is what I do. I spend a ton of money and all the time for things to expand my collection. Now these two here are so damn rare and one of a kind items they simply get my high ratings of the rare shit I now proudly hold and own in the lot. Sorry again. Words do not really come close to my inner thoughts and feelings about actually winning these two over. There are now tings that are to be looked at later but not now. I have a good maybe 6 weeks or so to let pass by for financial comeback as this month two items really took its toll on what I had. With in the next month or so there will be a really second cool decition to make. I know it is outragious pretty much all of it. but there will be some rather interesting decitions for me to look in at And as always I refuse to let these ideas and wishes go til lI know thety are either won over and brought home or they are with absolute guarentee not to be mine at any chance what so ever. There are so many great things and doings to come that lines in my posting here today is so irrelevant. Truely irrelevant. The original Dr negatives /slides have also comes to my doorstep Truely some great finds and awesome added stuff to my collection, No dount. well I could post an hour long here but let these be the last words for now. There are a lot of things now in the wait to get added online in various sections so watch for it next week ....


5th & 11th Of May 2010, My Fucking God, Finance & Wins
4:06PM CET
Wednesday early May what can I possibly say? There are things going on that are totally over the edge right now. In both a good and also hardball nut crushing tough way. Yeah that is right. Things goes well - slow- but well. It is a totally exciting time but also a double sided one. With a backside that screams for and with warning signs all over. I have temptations up the wild zoo really. and I have a gazillion things that needs to be going together hand in hand not to ... well get out of hand. It is a puzzle of the bigger to get to slowly fall into place. In the right order and all too. But I do what I have always done. I aim high push myself like not many I know and then I wait. Let me tell you it is a life that at times gives me the feeling of playing with fire here. It is fucking excitement to the max but it also burns and scars me for life if I fail on certian things. So all I constantly do is look myself in the mirror take a deep breath and go "Tommy boy you cna do this". It is a ones in a life time opotunity. Only problem with that sentence is there are that kindo f situations a little too much a little too often for me. Fuck it I grab all I can and it will soon enough be different times and all then I am forced on the back side and pushed on to step back and not throw myself into these adventures for longer periods of time. That I also know is one of lifes solid guarentees.

Now sitting here thinking where the hell is all gonna take me? I sense a small time nervousness as things can really go apeshit with all that I do. But I am also quiet aware of my collection on the band my personal privately owned collection. What it is that I have and what it holds a large great of somethings. No doubt there are so many cool small details on things I hold things I experience and things I will go through in the future with this. I am almost in trance from all the thinking and the remembering of what was with everything. Let me get back to you later on all. See for every thought posting right now I have 20 in mind like it. cant focus on this right here. Happens some times. Later....

Wups later turned out to be VERY much later. It is now Monday and the 11th of May. It has been a quite wild time these last few days you see my girl and I thought we should get to do something just go away from everything. A while ago it ended up with the choice for Dublin and the area there - Ireland. I had a full week last week after just returning home the weekend before from Sweden, Stockholm and then on to work straight away. Same thing last night after returning home from Ireland. Was home for two hours then off to work. Fuck I hate what I do these days. My god what a low non inspirational crap of bull it is. "But it brings you the cash baby for what you love so dearly" someone would soon yell in my earhole. True. True enough I will not argue there. But still is just does not do it for me. I am fully aware of what it is all this love for the band and collecting and more. I look forward to the better times of this world crises and then I am really out of here. In the mean time I do the best that I can and try to grab all I can of the Crue collectibles available from people under financial pressure these days.

More of the Ireland adventure for me below but hey, are you ready for an epic rock n' roll vacation, with a backstage pass? VINCE NEIL, front man of multi-platinum rock outfit Motley Crue, returns to the high seas for the first time since his wildly successful Motley Cruise. Not to be outdone, California rockers TESLA will reprise their role as ShipRocked passenger favorites for a second consecutive year. Still need more rock? Well you got it, by way of DROWNING POOL! The Dallas based rockers will be making their ShipRocked debut not long after their appearance on this year's Ozzfest! We couldn't be more excited to welcome all three of these amazing artists to our already unbelievable 2010 lineup! Oh, did we mention we're still not done? CLICK HERE to save time and BOOK ONLINE. Make your reservation any time of day or night! Or you can contact one of our ShipRocked agents by calling 888-370-9680. And remember, you must book your cabin through our website or by phone to gain admittance to all ShipRocked concerts and other events. www.getshiprocked.com.

Also last night Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil would join his bandmate Nikki Sixx on Nikki's SixxSense radio show this Monday. SixxSense airs Monday to Friday from 7pm to 12am - for a list of stations carrying the show visit www.sixxsense.com. Vince Neil is not just the lead singer of Motley Crue, he's a solo artist and entrepreneur with a Tequila company, tattoo parlors, nightclubs -- even his own charter plane service! Next month Vince's new solo album "Tattoos and Tequila" hits stores. In September, a book of the same name will be on the shelves, with all the stories "The Dirt" couldn't hold. Go to Vince's website at www.vinceneil.net.

All quiet exciting stuff I think. The ozfest 2010 and then this cruise. Have to be at least one of them I have got to try to get covered. Anyhow right now that is unnessesarely concerns of mine. Right now it is the news of some arrived packages with my brother for me. I got a feeling what it can be and that alone is actually fairly exciting but I will nto see it till tomorrow morning after work. I am for the 1000th time (it feels like it at least) crossing country and on my way to work in Copenhagen. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on tomorrow. Returned as said from ireland yeserday late afternoon and had two to three hours offbefore doing my job coverage from 9PM last night and then skipped in the mid of the night to cross country for a home heading due to a doctors apointment. I am so beat right now. But I also have to be awake to do this before I forget the Ireland details. You know how it is I guess?

Friday morning we took off from here and had for a couple of days followed the Icelandish ash clouds. Yeah they are said to be a problem for flights for almost a year ahead. Thats just soemthing we can not really fully understand now isnt it? But as cleared - we did get to go. And what a time we had. All only course of my brother Billy. `This dude sowed us a time we could and would not ever had even dreamed of. The itinerary for the three days there went overboard. Cool. And unforgettiable weekend Billy we thank you massively. Thanks. There are no words for how great a time we had what a weekend. Thanks again. Now The opening night of this highly loved and appreciated weekend held one huge thing I had no really expectations to except I convinced myself it would be great. But not anything near over the top. KISS live at the O2 Arena in Dublin.

Boy was I mistaken. This four piece of masked heroes totally killed Dublin May 7th 2010. that was an experience for the night that litterally killed all no sayers. damn they rocked sounded great and they had a show on this European tour that simply knocked all out. No need to deny. Pre show I met up with my old travelling 90s partner Alexander fo Sweden. he just turned up out of the blue and heyy it was more than nice to see him. we talked old times new tour todays life and more. Really nice to see him. I gotta say I stil lhave a sadness to the fact that as I sold my collection of KISS in 2001 this dude was ment to get the entire shit and that would have given him the ULTIMATE best European collection. But sadly he couldnt and never got it .I stil lhold a few pieces though that i hope he gets and gladly at the end of sumemr early fall. I would be honoured to see him get these things as new adding s to his collection at home. It is fairly impressive. Good seeing you Alex. Been way too long sorry bout that.

"You wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world - KISS" I guess that line to rock n roll fans is not an unknown lead of to a rock n roll show you will remember for a long time. I stood in the start of this show and got a little emotionel it was massive. It had an opening that just left me speachless. The riser holding the boys shipping them from the back of the stage up from the floor over the drum kit and to the stage front. Looked awesome the way they had done it. I can not even tell yo uhow cool it al felt. I was thinking first Ramm stoen gave me a huge experience earlier this year in Malmoe Sweden now this .. man the Moleys have a huge somethign to come up with to make me go "helll yeeaahhhh" as I see them again. You judge or yourself look at these pictures. Live Dublin May 2010.

I loved this evening. It was te best possible starter of a three days off from work trip. I am really ppleased that I actually went. Crue had my attention in the back of my mind here and there but I was overwhelmed with the show the masked warriors put on. Now the show ended and I have to say the tourbook blew my mind. Did I buy it? lol, no. I did not. I am not collecting KISS you know. but that tourbook is a killer one. Any KISS fan should be proud of their boys 2010. I did how ever buy the evenings show as an MP3 UBS stick sale. Actually I later found out we all did. That was an awesome feeling. I have to say this was just over the top. Thanks KISS for old memories brought to life with pride and a smile. No bad guys not bad. Off from the arena areas and home to a bite to eat. Not long after that it was nap time .I was beginning to be rather tired. Friday closed but hey what a great day. And the rumours of Ireland bathing in rain like daily. Did not see it today ... actually didnt see it at all here. Another bonus I guess?!!

Saturday morning up breakfast Crue on m mind this morning. This was to be what we liked to cal Tines day. Out in the wild. up in the highland. Over the hills and far away. She wanted to go see the celtic Ireland the Irish backbone of history. We did. It was beautiful and even though I teased and played hard to please course of nothing but stones and trees I loved it. I felt relaxing and ganing strength from a normally really stresfull life. At times though I did wonder what the daily doings for the Irish was part from work and going to the 4 point 7 billion pubs they hold here. Just wondering for a split second really. we parked different places and man there were a lot of great places. It really was nice to see something different. Nice to be out. Nice to share things and told stories from Billy. And last but certainly not least. Observing Tine how she loved and appreciated what was handed to her. I hope yo got a feeling a glimse of what we can share in he future. Trips and doings like this every now and then. Yeah it was great.

Closing in on the end of the daytime we headed back after a few visits to places I will keep in mind for many years to come. Including the secret burrial place for Mr. Guinness himself. Yes indeed. have a lot of pictures from these places but I will spare you all for that. Just staying loyal to the vibe of rock n roll here this time. But it was awesome. It truely was a remarkable day. In between Blackie Lawless was in a teasing way giving shit. Tine is a WASP fan so from the walks in the highland we came up with the next title for a hit single for Mr lawless "Cheep Shit And WASP Jackets" - has a great sound to it does it not? yeah. Lol, lol, lol.
The returning to home base Leaving the car and we were about to see the life and vibe of a real everyda Iris pub. Two medum guinnesses and a nice talk and shared somethings. Again really, really nice. Tine had one Guinness and felt drunk. Funny but I liked it. Not that she got drunk. but that it did not take more. In other words feels nice that she is not a drinker. I am not too cool with drinkers. My own two beers did it for me too. Not that I got drunk or nothing but I felt it. No lie. I am NOT a drinker myself. All my money go you al lknow where. Beers Pub and off to pizza. Sounds like a really easy loving laid back noght out a night closer on a long car drive all day. Really good pizza. Crispy and longed for it felt like lol.

Sunday my day. I know sounds rather stupid but it was. Went off after shower breakfast and more. Wanted to so much to go by Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynnot grave. Adn so we did. It was a good drive there on the other side of Dublin really. Sorry do not have a picture of the grave ready just now. How ever did go did find did see. I felt really weord even walking in on the cemetary. I felt such a weird rush and sadness at the same time. I, as we found the spot in there, had a really long silent time while the others looked talked snapped pictures and what else. I just felt somewhat unable to understand that the man of the most underated Irish rock band ever laid to rest right here. Some how I guess it has never really felt real that the man was gone till now where I stood side by side to his grave stone. What a sad and big los to the rock of Europe. man this dude died 1986. only 37 years old. That is just - sad.

Funny I found out no matter the age sex and all no matter whom you mentioned his name to ALL knew of him. I was scared that it was all U2 country. Phils grave was coverd in black roses red roses here and there and all kind of wristbands guitar picks drumsticks and just all ozing rock fans place for sad get together. Tragic but understandable. No grave round his even got near to the same sort of attention. But he was laid to rest right there on the grass flat laid stone next to just any "ordinary" other. Nothing special had been done or brought in as attention to his resting place. Fans all took care of that easerly enough. Even though I do not believe in him I still say "gid bless yo Phil". Your music lives on just fine as of today. Thanks for great memories. Feeling a little weird we left the grave and drove down town. More city center Lizzy spots were to be seen. Billy was a perfect host. And the spots we saw felt great since we did not really have a ny time to a rock solid Thin Lizzy memo trip like I had done Crue in California. This was all just fine. Another pizzaanother beer another locations of rock n roll histroy. Yo ucan say again I was pleased. Nothing on this short trip to Ireland Billy and Dublin was wanted exchanged for other. Cool.

Now in short that was my days in Ireland and yes ofcourse there was Motley crue. DVD, talks fall late summer talks on the USA about a possibly going. And more. Monday morning home going - I have a gazillion things to catch up on... coming in the next few days. Promise.


6th of May 2010, Extreme Outcome & Dublin Cellebrations
10:02PM CET
Fuck me hard!!!! What the hell just happend? The Thursday started with a home going from work from a night shift nightmare and a VERY tired Tommy. Your host was beat. Damn it I felt over cooked. mashed potatoes to say the least. so I tugged in slept for my greatly appreciated 5 hours today and then I woke up with a headacke that I truely thought would kill me today. I took some tablets and drank all the water Icould to kill the pain. but it insisted in staying in my skull. So what I did was just take it slow. Really slow. The mailman brought new Crue items to the address in Roskilde today so a good few new old items lol are ready next weekend the 14th to 16th to get added. Shirts, personal collectibles, tickets, articles, beers, books, DVDs, etc etc etc. Do some clearing on the computer and paying some bills and what ever else of what you could consider qualified for daily family doings.

Then late afternoon I took another few pills and headed out to Roskilde city. It was time to meet up with my special one lol take a hold of what was needed in form of a money exchange and more for tomorrows hoped for travelling twards Dublin Ireland. Gonna spend a good three days with my little jailbird (inside joke) Billy the kid of Ireland. Love you brother. Ha, ha, ha, ha we shall have fun like F U N the coming couple of days. I have also at workput in a ticket for a change of holiday time so we can look at a fast in and out of the USA in August. For what? The 2010 Ozfest withthe Crue. Thanks Lisa for finding the you know what DVD for me. Really cool. I will get you some Cruie in return for this. MA nthats cool. Looking so much forward to be setting myself down next weekend to listen to the Sixx Sense shows too.Got a load of them at handd now too .Again thanks Lisa. Pretty cool of you.

Now I mentioned the other day arriving home with the mid 1980s bass right? I mentioned also that I on Monday have covered and made a solidly safe on the 1998 Sixx bass from song wrting and tour use? Yeah!!! Al lis so great to be honest I love it to death. I have always had a fairly good feeling about getting these things. But as posted on Monday I had the 98 bass and another Sixx out of this world collectible piece that I had a chance to be the next proud owner of . And that was the Brandi & Nikki wedding album. Monday was a deadline for both the items. A tricky little something out of anyones hands really has been a saviour and I tell you how. I had a chance to just go done, taken covered mine... on one of these two items Monda. So I did and uit was to be the bass as now mentioned a few times. I kept emailing the party (cant say who it is :-)) that holds the wedding album though. But from a few days now mailing and sending convinsing mails and more..... I today got a reply that stated "Tommy it is yours" Send me an address and other relevant information ..... " I have to say that that piece now to be mine too is totally mind blowing. I can hardly comment with any words that would fully cover the emotions and satisfaction of this first week of May 2010. So yes it brought home verbally and in "contract" some seriously cool items. Bass 80s bass 98 and Nikkis wedding album. Along side coverd things issues and small time items that I also can not fully believe I now have gotten.

SO yo utell me is it sounding like a cool strong something or what? Fuck yes!! So tomorrow over the weekend its travel time I know I know I know again ... this time to my brother in many ways Billy the kid of Ireland. Bang, bang. U2 will not be sleeping safely the next three nights. Hell its gonna be a ride I will love and remember for a long time. I now just want that one to go well get a feeling of joy resting but no lasy bad time crap. I wanna go see Thin Lizzy original Phil Lennots grave and just have a memorial killer time not to mention seeing KISS Friday night... ohh fuck me (again) it is tomorrow ha ha ha yes indeed so have a safe one while I go rock n roll all night with my maniac loved ones and then I will be sharing more of my loved hoped for happenings and bring the shit to the posting plate Monday or Tuesday. Be good ... What a week it has been.....


3rd Of May 2010, The Biggie Knocks On My Door
9:23AM CET
I have to say these are tight financial times that really holds a massive sraight sharp edge for what is flexicel and what is not. There are a few nice cool somethings out there in the offer pile and there are cool news in the band related activity sections of news info. Man it is without saying a hard tough time and I have to really think about everything an xtra time before burrying myself in things and actvities here. It can be quiet borring reading here for you all and for that I am sending you all my apologies. But it feels like it can be looked at from my own point of view as a great sort of self theraphy. And with all that is happening I feel that that is exactly what I sort of need to have in reach right now as things are really coming in over me in form of offers of the awesome kind and Crue activities that could be attended. And no matter how you look at this any of it. You can not do all. So wo things a few days ago came to me as offers with numbers on it and info that was needed and is of importance to look more in to and today is the final saying on a either Yes I grab this or Cool but no thanks and forever and ever see it go to someone out there that will never let me have a second chance on these two items. Fuck this is monsterous and gigantic much harder than I care to admit. Any how give me as said here two more hours and I will have it all in writing for myself and for al lyou to share some sick psyched bitching cool news for .....ohhh brother....

Have been totally beat. Gone in mind. No what so ever energy for nothing. So time has passed by now and today it is actually Tuesday. Now the stuff mentioned here the other day were two VERY cool items for any private collector of the band to be able to claim is his or her personal owned stuff. One of the two things is now safe though not here till next month. But it is the bass of Nikki Sixx from the old greatest hits tour in 1998. This is a personal owned Sixx bas that he toured with then too. But also that he wrote "Enslaved" and "Bitter Pill" on back in the day as new tracks for the then greatest hits album of 98. I am really psycked about getting this one home. It has been with a lot of cool communication back and forth about it and I am not even close to find the right words for what I feel now that it is secured .And the deal is sat in stone. Really cool. Love this fact to my life May 2010.

The other much loved and highly wanted item for the collection ofmine is not yet fully in place but it smells like it will be safe with me in time. It is the old owned shared and totally out of this world in many ways for a fan to get hands on - the wedding album of Brnadi and Nikki back in the day. It has a solidly goldmine of an "xtra" in the deal when we close it. I will not say tell or mention what that xtra is that goes with it. But that is the rock hard cool of cool. I will contnue to tell and share my thoughts and the outcome of that on here but for now hey..... can you understand my happiness? There is so much moer to tell here but time flies sorry I will post another something in the next couple of days.

Hate this news flash course I so wat to go and a ttend but do I have a million? No.

More than 15 years after OZZY OSBOURNE debuted OZZFest, the defining blueprint for hard rock tours and festivals returns this August in six American cities with an explosive bill co-headlined by OZZY and, in their first-ever OZZFest appearance, Motley Crue--touring together for the first time with OZZY since he invited the group on their now legendary 1984 arena tour. Expect the energy to go way off the charts at the all-day extravaganza of music and deranged merriment. The 2010 OZZFest--back after taking a year off in 2009 and the 2008 one-off stadium spectacular in Dallas, TX with OZZY and Metallica headlining--will kick off August 14 in San Bernardino (the birthplace of the first OZZFest in 1996) and then make stops in Chicago, IL, Hartford, CT, Camden, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA and Boston, MA. Live Nation will promote the tour nationally. The main stage will feature full sets from Ozzy, Motley Crue and Rob Halford (who last appeared on OZZFest in 2004 with Judas Priest), performing songs from his solo career along with material from Judas Priest and Fight. DevilDriver and Nonpoint will round out the main stage line-up. Second stage headliners and six-time OZZFest veterans Black Label Society will be joined by Drowning Pool, Kingdom of Sorrow, and Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, Saviours and Kataklysm.

Each OZZFest date will include 13 bands on two stages with music beginning at 1:00 PM. In addition, concert-goers can once again visit the OZZFest "Village of the Damned" featuring a mix of interactive activities, shopping and entertainment throughout the venue concourses. These OZZFest dates mark the first concerts in the U.S. in connection with the June 15 release of SCREAM (Epic Records), the OZZFest's founder's first album in three years and 10th studio album overall. OZZY's band consists of his OZZY's new guitar player, Gus G., bassist Blasko, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman.

Tickets for the show's go on sale May 22 at www.OZZfest.com and www.LiveNation.com.

The 2010 OZZFEST dates are as follows:
Sat, Aug 14 San Bernardino, CA - San Manuel Amphitheater
Tue, Aug 17 Chicago, IL - First Midwest Bank Amp
Thurs, Aug 19 Pittsburgh, PA - First Niagara Pavilion
Sat , Aug 21 Hartford, CT - Comcast Theater
Sun, Aug 22 Camden, NJ - Susquehanna
Tue, Aug 24 Boston, MA - Comcast Center

About OZZFest:
Since 1996, OZZFest has been a virtual breeding ground for rising bands. The festival has been instrumental in igniting the careers of platinum-selling artists like System of a Down, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Incubus, Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Lacuna Coil, among others. It was cited as "one of rock's biggest juggernauts" in the cover feature of Sunday's New York Times' "Arts & Leisure" section (6/25/06).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrbOr4aWbsg


30th Of April 2010, Theare Area Bass In Hand
11:46AM CET
I am in Stockholm, Sweden as this is being posted. I have a lot of things to tell really but for now I just want to say, I am a happy camper this time around. I have finally gotten myself an old 80s bass in hand. I have finally after 6 months waiting - travelled a fucking long time over a period of two days to pick this one up yesterday. All in all it was an almost 30 hours train trip back and forth. But I have it now so it is a nice feeling. I have a few more new items in hand too and Monday is gonna be the ultimate biggest day of 2010 so far for me as in collecting. I will not say more till Monday as it is simply a bit uncertain still if I am to pull the longest straw. But I am for sure going to be posting on here Monday after things have its outcome, okay?!! Much more stories to tell Monday I just wanted to say I am still here and I am in high gear on doings and other activities. Monday I will let you all in on things and have pictures and more for you as well. Hope You all are having a good weekend and hopefully all feel fine. Till Monday as my perhaps most important Motley outcome on coolness will hit me. Peace

26th Of April 2010, Serious Thoughts In Demand
2:00PM CET
Monday it is. For some a new weekend has been in sight. For me a long weekend at work. But by god it seemed needed. I am in a situation with nothing but a request for some serious thoughts. I have been offered something that anyone really would give their arm for if they collect seriously. I am quiet stunned myself and can not fully grasp the item up for grabs. You see every now and then there are stuff out there that comes by your doorstep as solid collectibles in for of your next in line offer to expand your collection and life savings. Thats right. It is like putting money in the bank. I am stunned about this and I have no, absolutely no intentions of letting this go to another party. I feel blessed in any way but at the same time I am also really tight in the finances as so many things are lined up and now ready for coming to me any day soon. Nice!!!!! I have been really worked out from all this work now and sitting with my webmaster adding new stuff I am posting this diary today listening to 181.FM 80s hairmetal internet rock radio. Cinderella is blasting "Coming Home" nice 80s feel posting this grey cloudy Monday afternoon.

Now by the way before you ask yourself too many questions about what this specific item is. I really would like to wait till its all in the can at the end of this week. I think it is with absolute wide smiles that I have to say its gonna be mine for shit sure. and I am seriously gonna be carring this item with pride. An alternative collectible that is really smashing to say "it is mine". So give me a week and a half and I will gladly share the news. The new gain. damn it can be more cool than cool really. Just sit tight. Some of you will probably not even believe me when it is safe and secured for this diehard fan and collector. As said new stuff is being added with the webmaster right these minutes so it is updated fully so to speak .... but by god there are still a load of cool stuff to come. Not yet even close to have this baby here called finished. You will see some rather great collectibles coming on here over the next 5 months!

Coming soon will also be our own "Crue Shop" trying to build some small time stuff that is working for everybody in a cool way. More details about this up and coming new section that again I myself and the webmaster is working on. Trust me we are trying to constantly get things back in shape on the site on all matters here and at the same time trying to come aound some of the new ideas to expand the site some. It is a great please trying to fit new ideas new sectiosn and most of all feed your inner crue child to satisfaction. I will be getting the 120 minutes Sixx Sense radio shows as well by next week. So you see there are tons of things in the wait and there are so many great ideas for all areas on here. The baby of a website is going from baby stagers to teen to soon to be a grown experienced muther fucker. Bigf time.

Ohhh KISS is on the net radio. "Hide Your Heart" It sure brings back some memories everytime I listen to them. They were the opening page in my metal hard rock book of interests. One more week. May 7th and I will see them live in Dublin Ireland. I can hardly wait for it. I have gained a good healthy relaxed relationship with the four masked warriors of New York. They were my collecting passion to the max uptill yera 2000 but then ... and now I just enjoy them again like in the old days. No, no, no, no do not worry I am not gonna start collecting them again. I had a brutal collection ot them ones but its all 200% Crue now. Ohh by the way KISS is like on the 35 Anniversary tour again offereing direct live show double CD disc set sales right after the show. Think I wanna get myself the Dublin and the Aalborg ones. I will be attending those two. And just give in to the rock n roll all night .....*


20th Of April 2010, Fuck Me I Am Blown Away
5:59AM CET

An auction up, running and shotly ending. A dieard Crue fans dream to gain. Mutherfucker. I wish I could be the next one holding this in my hands. My sweetest of the holy. Mick Mars Leather Long Jacket Up for auction is this amazing ONE OF A KIND long jacket, custom made for MICK MARS of MOTLEY CRUE for MOTLEY CRUE'S Saints of Los Angeles tour!!! This item is AUTOGRAPHED by Mick Mars: "Mick Mars 2008" Item description - Jacket measurements: chest - 34", shoulders - 32", arm length - 26", body length - 52" This jacket is made of white leather with black splashes and accents to give it an industrial feel. The detail that went into this piece is extraordinary!

Check out the pics. The back is laced up with black leather cord that goes from the waist to the neck and has silver eyelets. It's pleated for a silhouette fit. The sleeves end in a V cut that remains open and the very ends of the coat have an unfinished aggressive look. There are four rivet-type "buttons" up the front that clasp shut with industrial looking eyelets. The inside of the collar is a dark grey and is made to look worn with black ink splashes. The inside of the jacket is lined in black gauze with skulls down the left hand side and the word "junker." Probably the best part of this amazing jacket/coat is the signature on the bottom right hand side (inside) of the jacket. It's signed my Mick Mars himself and dated 2008. Mick is probably the most reclusive member of Motley Crue while also being the man responsible for their signature sound which makes this an incredibly rare piece!!! This item could easily find a home at any worldwide Hard Rock Cafe, but it can be YOURS now! This is the REAL DEAL folks! You will NOT find this One Of A KInd item ANYWHERE else but here!

We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Cody @ Forgotten Saints Los Angeles for their gracious donation!

Reserve Price is $1500.00!! One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Donate Life Team Ted Charity for the 2010 Donate Life California Walk / Run event to be held at Cal State Fullerton on May 1, 2010. For more information on Donate Life or Donate Life Team Ted please visit our website at donatelifeteamted (all you have to do to go to the site is enter the www and the ".com")! All Payments must be received within 48 hours of the close of auction! Failure to do so will resort in the winning bidder being reported to Ebay for failure to pay and item will be offered to the next highest bidder! Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please ask prior to bidding! No refunds or exchanges. Included in the shipping price is the cost of shipping, the cost of Insurance, and the cost of Signature Delivery Confirmation, the Insurance and Signature Delivery Confirmation is required to protect both the seller and the buyer! Please understand that we are requiring these extra services because the items you are bidding on are RARE and not easily replaced. The breakdown is as follows : Shipping $19.95, Insurance $17.70, and Signature Delivery Confirmation $2.30 with the total of $39.95. The cost of Insurance and Signature Delivery Confirmation is set by the United States Postal Service and is a set fee that Donate Life Team Ted has no control over. Good Luck Bidding and Thank You for looking!

After some time passing now the auction is over and there were having many bidders but fuck me the reseve that was even made pubic was not met in other words it did not sell. It is still available. This is almost too much to bare. Fuck I will try to write the holder of it and see what can possible come out of it. My mind will not let it go really. Shit. Now for a mre rock solid sat thing for all rock lovers waiting fro Sweden Rock 2010 to come around or the ones sitting out there pissed for missing out the 2010 rock paradise - time scedual is now official. What a great few days this will be if the weather reports are on the dry side of heaven for this year. Man it will be so cool to witness all this shit in only three days. Look at this baby - and feel wide smiles stretching your lips. Wonderful life is it not?

Sweden Rock Festival 2010 Runningorder Changes may occur.

Last updated april 20
The festival area is open june 9: 1500-0200, june 10-11-12: 1100-0200

1530-1615: Vinnare Battle Of The Tribute Bands
1615-1715: Sator
1715-1800: TBA 1730-1815: F.K.Ü.
1830-1930: Alestorm
1930-2000: TBA 1945-2045: Steelwing
2100-2215: Michael Monroe
2230-2300: TBA 2230-2345: The Quireboys
2400-0200: U.D.O

1200-1315: Mothers Finest 1215-1315: Dundertåget 1230-1300:TBA 1130-1215: Damn Delicious
1330-1445: Nazareth 1345-1445: Treat
1500-1615: Stone Sour 1500-1615: Y&T 1515-1545: TBA
1630-1800: Ratt 1600-1700: Death Angel
1815-1945: Sabaton 1815-1945: Pendragon 1830-1930: TBA 1730-1830: Blackberry Smoke
2000-2130: Slayer
2145-2315: Danzig 2145-2315: Jorn 2130-2215: The Quireboys (accoustic) 2015-2130: Amon Düül II
2330-0200: Aerosmith 2400-0130: Mayhem

1200-1315: Grave Digger 1215-1315: Bigelf 1230-1300:TBA 1130-1215: The Itch
1330-1445: M.S.G. 1345-1445: Screaming Lords
1500-1615: D-A-D 1500-1615: High on Fire 1515-1545: TBA
1630-1800: Rick Springfield 1600-1700: Praying Mantis
1815-1945: Magnum 1815-1945: Steel Panther 1830-1930:TBA 1730-1830: Chicken Shack
2000-2130: Cinderella
2145-2315: Billy Idol 2145-2315: Mastodon 2130-2215:TBA 2015-2130: Suicidal Tendencies
2330-0200: Gary Moore 2400-0130: Behemoth

1200-1315: Cathedral 1215-1315: Dream Evil 1230-1300:TBA 1130-1215: Nascency
1330-1445: Fates Warning 1345-1445: Skyclad
1500-1615: Unisonic 1500-1615: Epica 1515-1545: TBA
1630-1800: Winger 1600-1700: Point Blank
1815-1945: Opeth 1815-1945: Saga 1830-1930: TBA 1730-1830: Raven
2000-2130: Bachman & Turner
2145-2315: W.A.S.P. 2145-2315: Watain 2130-2215:TBA 2015-2130: Anvil
2330-0200: Guns n' Roses 2400-0130: Stratovarius


14th Of April 2010, Sick Shit Or What:
11.35AM CET
Monique Tamminga of the Surrey North Delta Leader reports that a 28-year-old Langley man who legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx Serafino has been charged in the second-degree murder of a Surrey man who was shot and killed 11 months ago.

Serafino, who was previously known as Jeffery Alan Smith, was arrested on Friday in connection to the murder of 33-year-old Damon Michael Martin. It was the morning of May 12, 2009, around 8:45 a.m., when Martin was shot in the stomach while inside a house in the Panorama Ridge area of Surrey. Martin stumbled out of the house, attempting to flee. He got as far as Highway 10 at 132 Street, when he collapsed to the roadside. A passer-by called 911, believing Martin had been run over. When police arrived they saw that Martin had been a victim of a shooting, not a hit-and-run. Air ambulance landed on the busy roadway and rushed Martin to hospital but he died of his injuries a few hours later. "It was an extensive investigation that led to Mr. Serafino's arrest," said Integrated Homicide Investigation Team's spokesperson Cpl. Dale Carr. The murder isn't linked to drugs, gangs or organized crime, said Carr. The victim and accused did know each other and some dispute may have taken place at the house. Serafino, who police have learned is a huge fan of the heavy metal band Motley Crue, changed his name to match that of the band's bassist Nikki Sixx. Searches of court documents does list a Jeffery Alan Smith as having trouble with the law in Dawson Creek and Kelowna in the early 2000s. Martin was also known to police. He had convictions dating from 2000 to 2006 for breaking and entering, possession for the purpose of trafficking and uttering threats. But he seemed to be on a different track of late, said police at the time of his murder. Serafino was held in custody over the weekend and is expected to make his next court appearance on Wednesday, April 14.

Now for all that has emailed me about the danish beers. There are extremely few full sets left ... I am at this point in time unable to get any more. maybe single bottles here and there. But if you want these you better get your writing in gear and send me a note. Beer number ten arrived here yesterdya and I think Friday it will be up online her e in the "looks" / "this n that" / "toys " section. It is a beauty. This latest one s the "New Tattoo" bottle. Looks really cool. I noticed that one title in the chronologicla order is missing,. So I got curious and turned to em and asked. The reply was; we are avare of the missed title of 1999 the Live Entertainment one and we had actualy planned on doing the studio releases only but due to what seems to be a higher demand than expected we will also put the live ones out and in that way it will be a more complete set of the released titles expanding the nearly three decades of the Hollywood bad boys Motley Crue beer set." How is that for a cool news flash? I am eagerly excited here. Its a hell of a cool set to have up on your bookshels. You will adore these too should you jump on it and collect..

Just heard - cna not believe this either Pete Steele of Type O Negative not a favorite band of mine how ever I am a bit in shock. Peter Steele, lead singer of metal band Type O Negative, has died at the age of 48. Steele’s friend Juliya Chernetsky from Fuse TV broke the news via her Twitter page.“Peter Steele passed today. I loved my friend...our idol...my heart is with his band and family...” she said. A second posting said that Steele had died of heart failure. The death of Peter Steele needed conformation as the band faked Steele’s death in 2005. 6 foot 7 inch Steele was also the bass player for Type O Negative. Steele formed his first the band Fallout in 1980had had his official first release with the EP ‘Batteries Not Included’ in 1981. Next came Carnivore but after a few years and two albums they were over as well. Type O Negative formed in 1990. Their most recent album was ‘Dead Again’ in 2007. Steele had been diagnosed with clinical depression and was occasionally receiving psychiatric treatment. While Chernetsky is a respected source, there has not been an official statement about the death of Steele at the time of publication.

After several days of speculation on the Sleaze Roxx forum it has now been confirmed that original Pretty Boy Floyd bassist Vinnie Chas has passed away. Details surrounding his death are currently unavilable, but guitarist Aeriel Stiles, who played in Pretty Boy Floyd with Vinnie Chas, sent the following statement to his Facebook readers."Dear friends, I am extremely sad to confirm here that original Pretty Boy Floyd bassist Vinnie Chas has passed away. There have been posts and rumours on the net, so I called the company Vinnie worked for to confirm it for myself. I do not have the all specific details and the family wished to keep it private, so all I know at this time is that it was a sudden onset of illness and he passed away over Easter weekend. He called into work ill on Friday and when no one could reach him on Monday, they sensed something was wrong and went to his home, where he was found dead. Vinnie was going to be working on some new recordings for Kery Doll, but unfortunately ran out of time. see there are such wicked times and happenings these days it is almost scary. Bret Michaels of Poison even had a near death situation too recently if not rushed to the hospital that very hour ... our Poison lead vocalist had been another one added to this dark tragic list of lost and passed on rock legends. Sometimes these things makes me sadly think fuck all of a sudden one day it will or could be one of our own four warriors in the dark news pages. man that is not even barable for me to have in mind.

AS we sit here things are getting added to the site and there are even more to come. You see there are a fairly great load coming. But as I normally am forced to say "all in time, all in time my friends". There are also these new somethings around the corner that are to be dealt with and again if you feel in need or have a wish for the Crue beers a few are still left. But once gone gone for good. I have a ton of fine things coming and so is it with a few more things that wil soon see a page on the site for you to get things from. More on al lthat stuff later. Much love **


12th Of April 2010, Time Money Fun All Flys By Fast
11:39AM CET
Time money and fun passes on by extremely fast I think. I can not believe we are already in the middle of April. I mean hey April fools day was just here yesterday. It is not a complaint or nothing. I mentioned it in an early posting here for this month that I like to see April go by us fastest possible. but this is really really fast. Man thats just insaine. Fuck I had hoped for a fast time passing here butu I have gottenthat just plenty to be honest. I am all pleased with that. Another thing that pleased me big time the other day was the vince Neil CD promo single I wanted so bad. I got it. And I feel really happy about it. Now I am just waiting for it to arrive here and be put in the arcives. Really cool. Also I am awaiting my Theatre tour jacket baseball style type of wool look a like leather sleeves. Great to have it covered and brought home finally. I have a long line of things that I like to see come home any day soon but things in shipping and shit costs just as much as the items these days. Crazy.

I hope that there will be positive good times for me in May and June. those months actually from May all till October will be pretty packed and craay with things going on Trips all over and buys and clerence of deals and home bringings and hopefully a moving to a new place for a fresh start some place else. That is my goal anyhow. But hy you know for us all the fans of the mad men there are great news in sight for us all not just me. Nikki is even excited about his shit. Fans may prefer that Nikki Sixx work with Motley Crue rather than any other musical outfit, but they certainly took a shine to Sixx:A.M., his band with James Michael and DJ Ashba.

The trio's companion album to Sixx's 2007 memoir, "The Heroin Diaries," sold more than 300,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and the song "Life Is Beautiful" was a rock radio hit. And Sixx promises there's more where that came from. "We've got a lot of songs," the bassist says, "and we're in the final home stretch of buttoning all those songs up. It's definitely going to be this year -- or in a perfect world, it will be this year. I don't want to jinx it." The new album will be another concept piece, but Sixx isn't revealing the storyline yet. "As a lyricist, I'm really trying to raise my level of quality," Sixx says. "Being able to say something lyrically, to say something that will do more than just be words, is really hard. It's easy to do when you're writing a chapter of a book or writing poetry, but it's really hard to do when you're confined to a melody line." Sixx -- who's also working on another book and just started a syndicated radio show called "Sixx Sense" -- knows that "The Heroin Diaries" puts a bit of pressure on Sixx:A.M., but he's doing his best to put it aside. "There are expectations, but you have to ignore them," he says. "Sixx:A.M. is a passion project. I think when you do things like that and put your heart into them and do your best and don't necessarily put them on a marketing grid, that's when things turn out the best."

Vince Frontiers Records signs MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL for the European release of his new solo album. "Tattoos and Tequila" will be out in Europe on June 4th, anticipated by the digital only release of the title track single on April 16th. MOTLEY CRUE singer Vince Neil upcoming solo album "Tattoos and Tequila" has been signed by Frontiers Records for release on June 4th in Europe. The album's title track will be released as a digital download and will be available April 16th in Europe at all digital shops. The music video along with the single was made available for download on www.vinceneil.net earlier this year but now it can also be seen on the Frontiers Records Youtube channel.

Vince Neil recorded the new album in the winter of 2009 together with his band, formed by bassist Dana Strum, guitarist Jeff Blando (both of Slaughter) and drummer Zoltan Chaney. The album will include 2 new songs: "Tattoos and Tequila" and "Another Bad Day" both produced by Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard etc), plus a selection of classic cuts from some of the Rock giants that have influenced Vince Neil throughout his musical career. The cover songs were produced by Vince and Jack Blades (Damn Yankees, Night Ranger). In a recent interview Vince Neil stated: "This album has nothing to do with Motley Crue, Tattoos and Tequila is basically my life" and definitely the new record shows a new, yet familiar side of Vince's abilities.

"Tattoos and Tequila" tracklisting will include:
Tattoos & Tequila (Album Version); He's A Whore (Cheap Trick); AC/DC (Sweet); Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith); Another Bad Day; No Feelings (Sex Pistols); Long Cool Woman (The Hollies); Another Piece Of Meat (The Scorpions); Who Will Stop The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival); Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley); Bitch Is Back (Elton John); Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top)* - * Bonus track available on first pressing in digipak

As frontman for Motley Crue, Vince Neil came to exemplify all things rock and roll: the sound, the look, the outrageous lifestyle. Neil's unmistakable voice leads some of the greatest rock songs of this generation including "Shout At The Devil," "Home Sweet Home," "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Dr. Feelgood," "Kickstart My Heart," "Same Ol Situation," and the recent "Saints of Los Angeles," which was nominated for a Grammy Award in early 2009 for Best Hard Rock Performance. As a solo artist, Vince's Top 200 Billboard albums, Exposed (which reached number 13 on the Billboard Albums chart) and Carved In Stone have spurred the hits "You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)" (co-written by Neil with Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw), "Can't Have Your Cake" (co-written by Neil with Steve Stevens) and "Sister Of Pain" (co-written by Neil with Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw). When he is not performing or raising money for charity (the foundation founded as a tribute to Vince's daughter Skylar whom he lost to cancer in 1995, to date has raised over $2 million to help combat childhood cancer), Neil is also an accomplished business man overseeing his latest entrepreneurial efforts which include Feelgoods Rock Bar and Grill in West Palm Beach and most recently in Las Vegas; Vince Neil Ink, a Las Vegas based body art shop; Tres Rios tequila and Vince Neil Aviation.

I will be back with more stuff and added items on here Friday. It will be good. Wait and see. There are sooooo much more to get on here through out the year. No doubt you will find soemthing that satisfies you major. Till Friday then - be good and have a great week.

Could it course trouble between Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson - her new goal will it be hell or no harm when; Pamela Anderson is planning to make a bid for a £4 million property in South Kensington, LondonThe former 'Baywatch' actress is considering purchasing a £4 million property in the plush area of South Kensington, which is close to the British capital's main museums, to use as a base when she works in the UK. A source told The Sun newspaper: "She has fallen in love with South Kensington and the way of life. She is interested in history and arts. She's considering an offer on a four-bed by the museums."

In addition to a London base, the 42-year-old star - who has sons Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11, with ex-husband Tommy Lee - is also looking for a second property on the English coast, with Bournemouth, Blackpool, Brighton and Morecambe Bay all possible locations. Her agent, Toby St Just, said recently: "She loves it in England and is looking at buying two houses, one in London and one by the sea. These activites with kids involved even though it is "only" in working situations Pam seems to wanna be using these locations - they can easerly course some disturbence between the rich and the famous and to a certian point it is understandable. Wonder what Lee is thinking? Who knows maybe nothing!!


4th Of Aprl 2010, What A Time -
5:29PM CET

Former Motley Crue frontman John Corabi has challenged the accuracy of Nikki Sixx’s book The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star.Blabbermouth have reported that Corabi, who appears on the Crue’s self-titled 1994 album, says of the bassist’s 2007 memoirs: “Everybody that I know that’s done heroin, they do heroin and they’re out. And I find it very hard to believe that somebody can do heroin and then have the foresight to write everything down”. This actually has started to be some what of a talk amongst fans. There seems to be a two sided thing going on. The Sixx fans are solidly loyal and undoubtful to Nikki himself about it. The rest of Crues fans have sort of stopped up and alouing them to have a kind of second thought about it all. where do yo stand? I do not personally know if I should look at this comment from Corabi as an interesting thing that should be thought about a second time or just being read and then turn the page. It seems like it is personally not the biggest issue of importance to me really. But shold I answer the all over conter of thougs. Well yes I think the diaries truely were written back then and that they are original and real.

There is a Vince Neil CD promo single out that is said to be only out in 25 copies. It is the single we all have see nthe video for. "Tattooes And tequila" I want this CD. Shit it is a competition out there that truely seems to be hard as hell to even think it is safe to have this one considered a won. It is an onlin auction going on right now. And there it is no way to say safely what it will end up at in final sales price. But I am for shit sure wanting this one if possible. You see there are a lot of things that I really wanna do and have but there are already made priorities. Certain things I wanna go for mor than just things and itmes I am missing in general. very exciting course you never know what you fall into or receive offers for from phone calls text messages or emails. You see it is always a constant exciting time. My dear, dear sweetie who is intoW.A.S.P. just got herself a seriously great photo deal. Hell she is slowly but surely building up a cool and impressive poster and photo collectionon the band. Me too I am about to get some of the coolest photo collection on Motley that I am aware of. But that is a different field. This is now for the Neil promo CD single for the first time in many years from the man. I long for seeing this end and see my name takethe win. I will know Friday evening local time here.

What else? Well there is news about Methods Of Mayhem going on live on tour in October. But my guess is that is US only first time around. I guess time will tell if there is a MOM tour round about to see European soil. Rumours are also that they will be on Cruefels III as Sixx AM was last year. I think it is really exciting to see if they also in a further expandign thought of Cruefest wanna bring it to Europe. I think we would all and many non Crue fans would attend. The love of the style of music atrracts thousands still in 2010. Would there be more stuff for me personally anytime soon .. in the sense of shows and Crue related stuff? The answer is NO. I am not having any really not till the August events. There are several stuff in the waiting for me like KISS, AC/DC, and more but all is focused on my situation with everything it holds and also itme deals closings and home bringings killing storage of stuff round the world for me. But you know what? I am fully fine wih it course the focus and the ongoing doings are seriously making me have an expanded life and collection in the name of the Hollywood foursome. I will be back with more added stuff ednesday in a couple of days. You all be good till then. Cheers my friends - have a continued good eastern **


30th Of March 2010, Getting Better But Wanna End April
6:54AM CET
So beat. My body makes me feel like I am sick here. Needs sleep rest and no doings. I am seriously so unreally gone. I long for Wednesday and Tuesday those are my days off. Everything with Crue and killing deals are going well. It is all going and getting better but I long for ending the not even started month of April too. Need it to simply just pass and go away. Actually the full summer to come is booked full of all sorts of doings and dealing so I am all set more than wat I care to admit is even helathy or wise lol. Tomorrow I have some monthly payments that will clear as said before some more of the already ongoings round the globe. Soon I will have in hand Tommy Lee`s Hollywood club tour 1981 drumsticks in hand. Speak of some of the rarest Tbone shit out there. Yeah man I am gonna be smiling like I do not know what, when the mailman punches my doorbell in April with this delievery. Surely I am very excited about what this next box holds - for it to come to.

Wédnesday finally it is here. I am dead beat, worked out, dead meat massively tired. My entire body has been shit today. More than that. I have yesterdya been so close not heading to work at 9PM last night. I felt so ill. I thought I was gonna puke and get a good fever going. I had a massive headacke and more. Felt so fucking dead all day. But hey - I have also the last 3 weeks not had any true rest or sleep. I have the last 6 days slept an all 16. You do the math. That is right. No wonder I am so very done for and felling like I am no more any good for nothing. Right now I am heading home crossing the country of Denmark as a million times before to head home to my shit after the night shift I thought I would not be able to get through. My baby says I need to rest and lay down lay low at least for today as I arrive at my place. "Your body is screaming for rest sweetie" she says. I know fully well she is right as can be. I have pushed this body more than to the limit. I really do need to get some rest. but while doing it I have a few more ne stuff to scan and send over to the webmaster for further updating.

Two new items up and able to be picked up by the one willing to pay the higest dollar. I am so stunned about both these items I would so like to get both BUT!!!!! Lol, that is correct. A little too much to do a little too much to get through for the dollars be covering these items ...... did I really say that? Well yes and no. I will se how all unfolds. It is a really neat something any of these two items to have. Shit. Vince Neil's personal SilverTab leather jacket! Collectable memorabilia This size large SilverTab jacket was made specifically for and worn by Vince and has his name patched onto the back including his tattoo gun / dragon logo symbolizing his tattoo shop in Las Vegas. We are also including an autographed picture of him that he signed for and gave to Carey Hart, professional freestyle motocross rider and Las Vegas Tattoo Shop owner.

Or this; Hand Written Lyrics for HOME SWEET HOME These are Hand Written Lyrics by Vince Neil of Motley Crue This is also signed at the bottom by Vince Neil These were obtained from Vince Neil THIS ITEM COMES WITH A Certificate of Authenticity for PSA/DNA .....


26th Of March 2010, Back On Updates & Shit Flies
2:04PM CET

Robin Leach of LasVegasSun.com reports that Motley Crue rocker and hometown hero Vince Neil rolled out his new airline fleet this morning, and with its rock and roll-themed furnishings and painted flames fuselage, he's all set to ensure that there are music flights in the friendly skies from now on. Vince showed off his first three jets: a Hawker 700, a Lear 35 and a Gulfstream. Vince told me: "They are all now finished, all tricked out. We will base Vince Neil Aviation at McCarran Airport's Signature Terminal. The Hawker will hold eight passengers and fly nonstop Las Vegas to New York. The Lear holds seven but will make one fuel stop en route to New York. All three are perfect for short, fast hops from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Aspen, California cities, Mexico and Canada. In fact, I took the Gulfstream down to South America for our last tour, and we stopped in Aruba for a few days' vacation on the way home to Vegas." Vince provides the pilots and flight attendants for the private charter trips, and although his wife Lia and best girlfriend Marley Taylor of Zowie Bowie fame appear in the brochures, they won't be onboard as flight attendants! Vegas DeLuxe will have the full behind-the-scenes photo shoot with Vince and his planes, cars and bikes next week during production of the new promo video and sales brochures for VinceNeilAviation.com, which will be fully operating in the next 10 days. His new single from the upcoming album Tequilas & Tattoos hits radio stations April 6, but you can get a sample of the song and the video at VinceNeil.net. Hackers broke into his Web site and stole the early unfinished song and video, so he'll post the official completed versions next week. Book your domestic flights here Crue style if you can handle the details!!

Denver March 19th - "This is our first show in over three years. A lot of you know about the throat problems I've had and I got to admit, I'm a little nervous." Cheers filled the hall and then the band went into the next song. By the time they kicked it up a notch Tom tested his pipes and you could tell he was feeling good. It was at that moment that it felt like he let go and the rest of the show was classic Cinderella. When they hit the last note and Tom shouted, "Thank you, goodnight!", it was like 20 years had disappeared in a moment. 01. Second Wind 02. Push Push 03. Somebody Save Me 04. The Last Mile 05. Night Songs 06. Heartbreak Station 07. Coming Home 08. Fallin' Apart At The Seams 09. Long Cold Winter 10. Gypsy Road 11. Don't Know You Got (Till It's Gone) 12. Nobody's Fool 13. Shelter Me 14. Shake Me. That is the mid late 80s sleaze rockers 2010 style live. Gotta sa it is something worth looking forward to at Sweden Rock Festival southern Sweden come mid June. I am really happy with the line up and a totally non Crue thing to do in the world of rock n roll. I am really looking forward to it. No question about it. If there was a thing to do other than Sweden Rock I think I would still have preferrred this festival this year. Crue is NOT gonna be put on hold at all from this event for me. I will not alou it. Had it come to that I would have stayed off of the event. There is no need to make a mountain of things smaller when you already am forced to make choices course you can not have the complete cake and eat it too. So... no priority making here. But yes I am looking forward to this thing. Gonna be great.

We have finally started picking up on the updating too again. It is a long slow process for reasons too borring for you all to be worried about. There are some new sections made in the articles sections here and there to make the big pages holdong too many pictures course it would make the time for opening the pages too long. So sections have been split up a bit. Also in the guitar picks section. The 2010 section is finally up and viewable. Looks good. All in place there too. There are about 150 more pictures right now of items not on the pages here. It will eventually get on but we go by sections these days one by one. And again as we have done previously instead of closing it down for a long time we have decided to keep the site active and open so we can stay on top of presenting the most awsome Crue fan site on the world wide web for you loyalty follwers. We would not have it any other way. It is way too long a time to close it for operating and updating it should we do like most. namely close it down through the ongoing process. So bare with us if there are a few here and there things on single pages that can appear a bit weird.

I hope we will have a chance to manage a page in here that could be like a "online" buy / trade page for things that we have to offer when tere is anything. Could be rater cool to have as a new fresh idea. Could it not?I think so. A lot of people writes us all the time asking if this and that is for sale. The thing is the entire collections holds nothing thats up for grabs. How ever from time to time we have a chance to present items we have either gotten doubles of or something and then these things can be sold to any interested. Trade offers will be described on the page in details as we get to it. This is all a near future idea we are gonna be working on shortly. So please do not bomb me with emails about this just yet. Shit is flying here al lin a positive great wibe so we are all positive andexcited about the comeing months of site activities and life ongoings and even a little excited about the weather. Spring has finally jumped out of the closets here too. Enjoy we will talk again soon.


22nd Of MArh 2010, Long Live Neghbour Love
2:15PM CET
Monday again another working week has started but it is a short one thank god. It is insaine what you can achieve in a couple of days off. I have made miracles this time off and a perfectly great week-end has been laid behind me now. Yes I did say perfect and I tell you all why. There is a solidly wide smile on my lips from having gotten my stolen guitars back. I know now exactly who it is. And you better believe if I ever bumb into the the fucker alive he will be sorry for seeing my face. This is not a threat this is a rock solid promise. He should not be feeling too cool about what is and what is not happening when time comes. You see, most I have talked to think course I turned the fucking landlord on his ass for growing weed shit in the basement thats why he has gone out of his way to break in and steal what he knew was a solidly pride posession of mine. I got it back course I talked to the new creature living on the top floor. He seems to be a hell of a nice guy by the way. He was up in the attick as he had stuff to put away. There he found these guitars. Beween old matresses. Fuck!!!!! The fucker now no longer living there has either not been able to sell them or forgotten about them as he moved OR he just wanted to hurt me and take things away from me that could give the sucker a small time thrill. Man I will smack this ape one not to be forgotten soon. So much for the neighbour love ....suck it

There has also been a few good new started friendships (perhaps) from America with a few people found online that have been in on here from time to time and that ofcourse has been an extremely nice a sweet n nice little week-end something- New bondings in the Cruecial world is always a cool thing. Have had a ton of bad experiences as you all know but here we are trying again with new faces and new believes and hopes. Should be cool. Course these Crueheads are not youngsters nor signaling any big headed selfishness at all. Time now will see what is gonna happen there. But I am looking forward to the try out so to speak. Things with a stepping in on that field can hardly be anything but a positive suprise. My mid European buddy and site partner Mario is in high gear too and is spreading the word abut the site and all. It is all a positive good summer in sight.

There are so many things in the calender I do not see how I have even time for work and a resting scedual any time near September. So many ongoings you can not really believe the list thats at the table these days. The latest is added is Sweden Rock Fest in June. A little too cool line of bands this year. For the first time I have counted at least 15 acts I wanna see in just three days. www.swedenrock.com Check it you will love it if you are a 70s and 80s rock / metal fan. Extremely awesome this year. Guns N Roses, Wasp, Billy Idol, Cinderella, Ratt, Y&T Aerosmith, and .. .well go see for yourself it is a cool line up and it is now just another something to do in a month that alreay holds AC/DC, KISS and more. June 2010 is a monster for the love of rk n roll. And all is to be shared with the people that means the most. Can it be anymore perfect really? Well can it?

A load of new stuff is coming here in the next few weeks and there are a load of shit laying waiting to be handled and added online to the sections by the webmaster as is. There will over the months of spring and summer be plenty to go through of new cool Motley stuff on here. No question. Some have asked about the stuff of mine if it is up for sale or something? The answer is no. But there will soon be sat up a page on here that will hold whats to buy. So keep an eye out.


19th Of March 2010, Stolen Goods & Summer News
1:07PM CET

Friday yes baby. Another weekend is knocking our doors. Nice one. How about you guys out there how are you all doing? Me? I have and am feeling both okay and extremely pissed sad and dissapointed. All to be explained below. There are so much that has happend since last posting. First off let me hand you that has not already heard it. Our 4 string monster is active on this years fest, Nikki Sixx To Broadcast From Rock On The Range. Mötley Crüe and Sixx:A.M.’s Nikki Sixx will host his nationally syndicated Premiere Radio Networks show, Sixx Sense, from this year’s Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, OH. Sixx will set-up a backstage studio to give listeners an all access look at the event with artist interviews and reporting. The festival, taking place on May 22 and 23, will include Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Limp Bizkit, Slash, Three Days Grace, Seether, Rise Against, Deftones, Papa Roach, Theory Of A Deadman, Bullet for My Valentine, Puddle Of Mudd, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Sevendust, Skillet, Airbourne, Like A Storm, Janus and many more. "One thing I've always loved doing is hanging out and talking music with other artists, so whether I am playing Rock On The Range with Mötley Crüe like last year, or broadcasting my radio show, Sixx Sense, it's always a bad ass time at Rock On The Range," commented Sixx. "Having Nikki Sixx spread the ROTR gospel all over the country on his brand new national radio show is an honor," added Gary Spivack, co-executive producer of the event for Right Arm Entertainment. "Nikki is a rock legend and a ROTR alumnus. We're excited to have him backstage with us again this year. You never know what tricks and surprises Nikki and his crew will bring to the ROTR experience!"

Do not forget Our voice master Vince Neil - The 14th annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament hosted by Vince Neil at Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, CA. If you are interested in sponsoring, or if you would like to donate an item to our gift bags, auction or raffle, please contact tournament coordinators Alan Koenig at +1-615-972-1600 (or via email at alan@ask4entertainment.com) or Jon Scott at +1-818-981-9876 (or via email at jonpaulscott@gmail.com) to discuss these and many other ways you can get involved. If you are interested in playing in the tournament, please complete and return the golfer registration form as soon as possible; it sells out very quickly every year. Individual and team entries are reserved with payment only, on a first-come-first-served basis. Vince says, "Eradicating childhood illness is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, so I hope that you will find it in yours to become a part of the 14th annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament."

At some time in betwene my home comings from work at the other end of the country some has broken in to my shit and stolen one of my Crue 1989 guitars plus a STARZ jackson flying V guitar. I am really torn within. I have rarely felt this kind of anger dissapointment and pain. I have moved all up into the apartment now and it is all hopefully an inch more safe and sound now till things changes and for me to be at a new address and having that to be the address where I go to from and after work. And my shit is safe and secure. Nothing is to be taken lightly no more. I am sick and tired of people and pricks with these types of thinkings and doings. I have nothing left for them but a spit in the eye and a solid rock hard fist in their face for their fucked up behaviour and stupidity!! I have nothing not a comma of good to throw into sentences when it is about these idiots. And should I ever get a hint or a solid fact to the name reveiling of the guilty I am afraid that I will put away for some time for very extreme violence. Mutherfuckers I hope it al lfucking backfires on you you fucking scum, low life little piss ant ignorant pukefaced imbasil. Some day some where some time... trust me!!!!!!

For all that also does not know there is a brnad new Mick Mars shirt available. I am really pleased with this shirt. Gonna try to get it covered before it is too late. There is no way that I am gonna be missing out. Mars does not have a hell of a lot as it iss so surely this baby is gonna be bought and paid for safely to be added with pride for the collection laying here. There are so many things on Mars that could have been cool to have seen made as a product but it has never for some reason really gotten that far. Only one thought about it and then cange focus and get this one covered now it is actually here. I am stil ltrying to find the CD release of the rock chick that attended the then TV show Rock Star Supernova. It is not out here in Denmark nor Scandinavia as I know it. Have to see if a friend of mine can perhaps help me out finding since old Mick is on it qand has helped Dilana out a great deal on that still missed CD. All still sharing their eager and thoughts and expectations to the solo and FIRST solo release of his sometime late this year I guess?!! Good goin Mick - all the rest of us human trashies now have only a good 140 days to go till the hero and his playground freaks steps food on European ground ones more. Days to be counted.

For some reason I have received a good few questions to info about the Tommy Lee and DJ Aero .. how it all started for them whats their bonding story? You can have their full bio right here right now as wanted happy reading. COSTA MESA, CA – Rising from the ashes of Los Angeles’ early-‘90s rave scene, DJ AERO (birth name: CHESTER DEITZ) is a hip-hop turntablist at heart, although he is today best known as TOMMY LEE’s DJing partner and associated with a deliciously dirty, electro-house sound. Lesser DJs might panic if, say, hip-hop icons, SUGE KNIGHT, JA RULE and ICE-T, were to jump onstage in the midst of one’s electronic dance music set (as happened recently at Foundation Room at The Mirage in Las Vegas), but AERO – the very definition of composure and self-control – gamely laid-down the backing-tracks to the hip-hoppers’ most popular tunes and allowed them to rap live over the instrumentals. Always true to the mission-at-hand, AERO skillfully steered the set back towards the synthesizer-laden, blippy, booming electro the crowd had come to hear.

AERO met LEE when they collaborated together in the rock/electronic/rap act known as Methods Of Mayhem, and together with MIX MASTER MIKE, FRED DURST, the CRYSTAL METHOD, SNOOP DOGG and rapper TILO, they brought the art of showmanship up a giant notch. As DJs under the touring name, Electro Mayhem, AERO has spun at award-winning nightclubs from Bliss (New Jersey) to Stereo (Montreal), Rich’s (Houston) to NASA (Reykjavik), RFK Stadium (Washington DC) to Climate Music Festival (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). AERO’s tour itinerary grows faster than he can keep track of, and that’s not counting the gigs packed into WMC 2008 in Miami, where AERO will be a presenter at the annual Club World Awards and headline club gigs at Cameo, Nikki Beach, Hotel Gansevoort South and Bed. In fact, AERO debuted as a DJ with LEE on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival at WMC 2004, shattering preconceived notions of what a DJ could be.

As a youth, AERO was influenced by West Coast DJs like Barry Weaver, Doc Martin and Steve Loria. AERO was also a member of the West Coast turntablist crew, the Heavyweights, a collective featuring DJs for SNOOP DOGG, EVERLAST, KORN and DILATED PEOPLES. Turntablists who still inspire AERO today include THE BEASTIE BOYS’ MIX MASTER MIKE, THE SKRATCH PIKLZ and QBERT, and AERO maintains a close friendship with SIMPLY JEFF and supports the latter’s record shop, DJ Culture. AERO’s dry wit belies an intensely focused music-lover who is the grounding force of his DJ performances with LEE. In the DJ booth, AERO’s and LEE’s gear setup consists of: two Pioneer DVJ-1000 DVD-players, an Edirol V2 video-mixer, a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer, two Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 CD-players, a Pioneer EFX-500 effects unit, two Apple Mac Book Pro laptops, an M-Audio O2 keyboard, and assorted live performance software including Ableton Live 7.0, Artillery 1.3, Native Instruments’ Traktor 3.3, Komplete 5 and Kore 2.

Most recently, AERO and LEE have added the new, state-of-the-art Pioneer SVM-1000 audio-video mixer to their setup, which will replace the other mixers. “I’m using Traktor Scratch with two [Pioneer] CDJ-1000s to control the computer with the music. We used to use a DJM-800 mixer, but now we’re using the new SVM-1000 audio-video mixer, which is a sick piece of technology. Basically, I select the next track to play, send the signal to Tommy, and he does whatever the hell he wants to do with it, and sends that effected signal back to me. I use the mixer to control what the [audience] hears. We are really busy when we’re up there onstage, and we’re mixing and creating audio and video. We’re really busy onstage; it’s not like we’re up there having cocktails and blowing air-kisses to the girls,” said AERO.

AERO has given countless press interviews to prestigious media outlets including: magazines, DJ Times, Big Shot, Remix, Club World, Live Design; newspapers, Miami New Times, Houston Chronicle, Las Vegas Weekly, Newark Star Ledger; radio stations, SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s “Area 33,” KTCL Radio-Denver, WKSE Radio-Buffalo; websites, Clubplanet.com, Raves.com; and TV stations, Canada’s Chum-TV on “A Morning News” viewed by 2 million people. AERO’s latest project includes original electronic dance music production under the moniker WTF?, the group he helped form with LEE, DEADMAU5 and STEVE DUDA. The first tracks released under WTF? include “Chicken,” “Ceaba55555,” “Redic,” and “You Can’t Afford This.” for DJ AERO, the future is brighter than anyone could’ve imagined.

Dont forget the new to come MOM release either. Tommy is proud as fuck of it. And I think its the first ever to have had the project it had behind it to create something new unheard of. Mid May brothers and sisters. Should be rad. I for one am very excited about it. It is a thing with Tommy most of us has had to chew and swallow in small dozes for years. Course it is al lso very far from where we all prefer the man to be. anmely behind the drums banging. But I have to give him some respect some serious thumbs up. He seems to go for all he wants no regrets. It wasn’t logical but it made complete sense. Tommy Lee has rocked every continent multiple times, he’s sold millions of records with Mötley Crüe and on his own; he’s done everything a musician dreams of doing. Except this: he’d never made a record with the entire world. “This really was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had making a record, other than the first time I made a record – because there’s nothing quite like popping your cherry!” Tommy says. “This record was the craziest thing ever. Parts were sent in from all over the world by people wanting to participate in the first once-in-a-lifetime global collaboration. It was insane dude!”

The result is the second Methods of Mayhem album, A Public Disservice Announcement, the first truly collaborative effort an artist of Tommy’s magnitude has ever dared to attempt. The concept came easy, the execution did not – it took time, technology, patience and dedication. The first step was to set the parameters. Tommy and his team, including producer Scott Humphrey, singer-guitarist J3 and others, wrote and recorded the songs, which ran the gambit from hard rock anthems to ballads to dance tracks. Then they made the core components of each song available for download on thepublicrecord.com to anyone who wished to add their playing or otherwise re-interpret the music however they saw fit. Tommy listened to every single submission that was uploaded, chose the best, and integrated the actual audio tracks into the album’s final cuts. “Some people were confused because no one has attempted anything like this before,” Tommy says. “I got a lot of emails asking me if they’d get songwriting credit if their part was used. That wasn’t the case, because all of these songs were already written and recorded.” That’s not to say that the many contributors will remain anonymous, however. Every single musician whose part was used is credited and thanked on the album. “Credit doesn’t always happen in the music industry – or any industry – when you’re starting out,” Tommy says. “And it hardly ever happens the first time you do something. I’ve done plenty of things for the credit, not the check, so I made sure that all of the people who sent us things we used were called out for their work. Take it from me – credit lasts forever, money doesn’t!”

The song files were made available on The Public Record on October 5th, 2009. By the end of the submission period in February, 2010, the page was viewed over 1 million times and over 10,000 submissions were uploaded. The music Tommy received was all recorded in ProTools, Logic or Garage Band. And if a would-be collaborator had none of those, they were able to download a program called Riff Works for free from the website. What came back once the public got its hands on the raw ingredients was truly all over the map – just as Tommy had hoped. There were techno tracks sent in from the foothills of Osaka, Japan, there were hand drum rhythms sent in from India and searing guitar solos sent from as close to home as San Diego. There were also plenty of sounds to confuse and boggle the mind. “Some crazy dude from Prague I think it was, sent in a spoken word track that had nothing at all to do with the song,” Tommy says. “It was this bit about ‘the cow’s moon being in the sky, parting the broken winds of the clouds of the sea.’ I turned to my producer and was like, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about but I want what he’s got!’”

In his work outside of the Crüe, Tommy always challenges himself musically, so the greatest side effect of this project was his exposure to so many new ideas. “When you hear something totally left field,” he says, “you realize that someone is hearing the same song so differently than you are. It makes you think about how you wrote it – and there’s pros and cons to that.” One of the pros, was that the song “Back to Before,” which started out as a rock song, ended up as a dance song. “This guy from France sent in this complete re-edit – he made it into a full on dance track. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love dance music, so when I heard it, that was it! It threw the song into a full 360°. We pumped the breaks and started over.”

Tommy, along with his producer and band listened to about 1500 submissions a week – over 200 a day. For all of the memorable oddballs, there was an over-abundance of talent. “There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, from kids just getting started, to shirt tuckers who have a 9 to 5 that just rock out in a bar band on the weekends. They don’t want to be famous, but those guys are stars.” Tommy’s greatest reward, however, was the appreciation he received for giving those unsung heroes a chance. “I got so many emails thanking me for the opportunity,” he says. “I kept thinking of myself at 15. If Led Zeppelin had put tracks online and I’d ripped a few beats in my parents garage, sent them in and they’d used them? I would have died!”

Though the project is called Methods of Mayhem, it bears little resemblance to its first incarnation – except for the fact that it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. “When I founded Methods in 1999, the whole purpose of the band was to be all over the place,” Tommy says. “And in keeping with that, this Methods isn’t anything like the last one. There’s no hip hop and there’s no roster of guest stars. This time, it’s me, my band, and the world.” When Methods of Mayhem brings A Public Disservice Announcement on tour to the public that helped make it later this year, expect more of the unexpected. “There’s some technology out there right now video and lighting wise that is blowing my mind,” Tommy says. “I do a rock band with Mötley. Methods is not going to be that kind of set up. I want something like Daft Punk but unique to this. I want a real robot playing bass. I want the show to start at the mixing board. I want to do everything you’re not supposed to do and hope it works. This is going to be something else, something I’ve never done before – that’s my goal.”- Watch for the first single, “Time Bomb,” to drop in March and the album, A Public Disservice Announcement in May, 2010. Peace out much love.


13th Of March 2010, Constant New Finds, Im Smiling
5:03AM CET
Wednesday morning what a sick and twisted time to do a diary. It is just passing 5AM. Yeah you read it right. Five fucking AM. Just leaving work for the night and heading "home" to get a good 4 hours sleep. Can hardly wait. A few things have been up during the night - as it often is for me. The 2010 picks set lot is being send as mentioned today going towards Denmark from the good ol US of A. A dude had a guitar for me yet an hour later I get an email saying this guitar is a cancelled agrement between us selling it to someone else that would take it right here and now. That is certainly not my call in the end to say he can or can not do that. How ever it is another example of one going agaiinst a deal sat in stone. Hate that shit. Then I tried to get some WASP stuff for my girl. I both failed and succeeded. Got something but not the best of the items aimed for. On Crue I have found a place that sells posters and cards on the band that I do not have.

Look below to see the posters found. Most of em in 16 x 20 but also a couple of them in 20 x 30. I wanna see if I can with time get them all. Its a lot of money for them to be honest. But hey, what in the Crue collecting universe is not? Shit. We will see how lousy a paycheque I will have at hand ones we get into April. I know I have not had at all anything near cool overtime this month. I am saying this already now only a little over a week into March Yes I need more I need much more overtime to cover all that I am getting at. No question. We will see. While I watch for that possibility you look at these prints on posters that I found this link to. WWW.YOUNEEK.COM No doubt do I need to try to find em. The cool cash for this lot somehow some day while they last.

It is the 13th today that itself though is half way through March already - now again. Man the time eats itself through the calender like wild fire. It is really hard to keep up sometimes. I hope and pray that there will be a better chance for low times when it comes to offers that has got to do with what I do. All doings and all there is and rather sooner than I think. It is a hectic living and it is a really not easy (all the time) choice of lifestyle doing this. Well more than anything I shoud l feel blessed and not stressed. There are constant new finds and I amsmiling. It is a still continueing adrenaline rush getting offers on shit that is really cool. And it is a fight and a very alone kind of feeling when stuff is oout in the open. Open for grabs for any living soul in the world. It isa damn rare chance sometimes should you be the one to pull the longest straw so to speak. I am a huge fan of the kick that it brings.

My girl is allup and about the W.A.S.P. boysand she is funny to see helping out on the Crue shit as it gets sorted. So thankful for her cross country travelling to help out. She has not a killer W.A.S.P.collection but she has focused on promo photos and posters from time to time shirts but she wears them. She has a totally different kind of "use" with her collection being built. She wears her stuff and she could never do what I do. Save and pack it all up and store away. She wants to use and wear her stuff. We are two totally opisits on that matter - that matter too lol, but it is interesting. I am learning the passion and the satisfaction seeing how and what she does to and with her shit. .

My brother is collecting the Swedes Crashdiet ( new and 3rd release end April) he also like me stores shit away and never uses or wears shit that he gets. I am very into watching other people how they do with their passionate collections. I often wanna just say "I wanna use and wear this and that" and then again I go "nooo no no no no way. It will no longer be in perfect condition as when I grabbed it 11 years ago " or more. I try to be a helper as a track dog for both of them to get some great shit. My brother I recently found a Crashdiet used flying V guitar by Martin Sweet of the band now he owns it. I sometimes find some really rare shit on W.A.S.P. too and then as often as we can we try to get this for Tine (her name) it is a cool rush to see their thankfulness in wide smiles and shit. Pretty cool. I myself gets a couple of Too Fast stage used drumsticks from the 1981 club days in Hollywood. Helllooooo pretty rad. Not an easy find. but now we have acted and it is safe and secure waitng to be shipped to me next month. Guess what I do? I smile widely!!!

This years summer and flal and winter is soooo coveret already with home bringings too. Sadly I am also to say goodbye to some people in my life for the ultimate last time in the fall. I will hate to do that but it is not my call. Long tragic story. My partner Mario of Austria is soon back on track too with me I have missed him and I think it is a seriously cool guy that I have found there. We will be sittiing down and make some really cool ideas later this year. No doubt about it. I had some great ideas earlier with another person involved on here but there was a little too little dedication for it to be brought to life. I will spare the details on that one and aim high for the future on the new thoughts and ideas. I can not wait to get in on the summer and fall for this site. So many great things to get done and add and so on. Fuck dude, I can hardly wait to see what it all ends with. But then again I can not even see an end anywhere...... maybe that is good? or tragic? What do you think?


8th Of March 2010,
5:53AM CET
Monday morning. Fcuk is it morning. Shit early I am ... you guessed it. Crossing country here in Denmark. On a trian after a night shift I am going home to my apartment in Grenaa for one day. Have a few things I need ot get done. Really exaucsted today. It has been a hell of a rough week-end. Much to do. My girl and I have tried to go through an idea about and for my collection. The site is one thing but we ave some great ideas for the ultimate cool idea. Hopefully it will work. There is a monsterous re going through the complete collection as some itmes seem to have gotten lost in wiberspace..... Pain in the ass but it is needed. I am holding on to a lot of latest arrivals here but in time they will go on. Do not worry.

How many out there have been joining or rejoining the Tommylee.tv membership? I did last yoer in September. I have emailed the people behind it a gazillion times waiting for my member kit. Today 6 mnths later it reached my doorstep. W T F?!!! Why people on a workers list for these things has to take this long a time to serve you as a signed up listed member is way beyond me. An I know a ton of people that have dropped resigning in to www.tommylee.tv course of it as well as to www.motley.com It simply is not to anyones satisfaction. Sadly. Course there could have been a seriously line of cool stuff to be getting. The kit today received contained twelve 8x 10s in colour really good cool ones of the CrueFest II show all of them. Plus a DVD exclusively made ofr members holding a line of personal shot clips of Tommy and Rock Star Supernova. I thik it had 11 or 12 tracks on it. But point of the matter is it is finally here and it is not worth the amount paid nor the long waiting time. Truthfully!!! But the shts are still over the top nice. Disc is ...well so and so ... but an exclusive look not available anywhere so there for it is really rare. Speaking of T-bone; he is now finished with the CD of his MOM II adventure and he talks highly of it, He says it has een a really hard ride this time as they have as you all know invited any in the world in on it and heard a good some what 200 tapes a day through the process. Took a lot of ideas and some are now on a Tommy Lee album about to be officially released how cool is that. Damn!! He also says there is a tour to back up the album.

The song files were made available on The Public Record on October 5th, 2009. By the end of the submission period in February, 2010, the page was viewed over 1 million times and over 10,000 submissions were uploaded. The music Tommy received was all recorded in ProTools, Logic or Garage Band. And if a would-be collaborator had none of those, they were able to download a program called Riff Works for free from the website. What came back once the public got its hands on the raw ingredients was truly all over the map – just as Tommy had hoped. There were techno tracks sent in from the foothills of Osaka, Japan, there were hand drum rhythms sent in from India and searing guitar solos sent from as close to home as San Diego. There were also plenty of sounds to confuse and boggle the mind. “Some crazy dude from Prague I think it was, sent in a spoken word track that had nothing at all to do with the song,” Tommy says. “It was this bit about ‘the cow’s moon being in the sky, parting the broken winds of the clouds of the sea.’ I turned to my producer and was like, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about but I want what he’s got!’”

In his work outside of the Crüe, Tommy always challenges himself musically, so the greatest side effect of this project was his exposure to so many new ideas. “When you hear something totally left field,” he says, “you realize that someone is hearing the same song so differently than you are. It makes you think about how you wrote it – and there’s pros and cons to that.” One of the pros, was that the song “Back to Before,” which started out as a rock song, ended up as a dance song. “This guy from France sent in this complete re-edit – he made it into a full on dance track. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love dance music, so when I heard it, that was it! It threw the song into a full 360°. We pumped the breaks and started over.”

Tommy, along with his producer and band listened to about 1500 submissions a week – over 200 a day. For all of the memorable oddballs, there was an over-abundance of talent. “There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, from kids just getting started, to shirt tuckers who have a 9 to 5 that just rock out in a bar band on the weekends. They don’t want to be famous, but those guys are stars.” Tommy’s greatest reward, however, was the appreciation he received for giving those unsung heroes a chance. “I got so many emails thanking me for the opportunity,” he says. “I kept thinking of myself at 15. If Led Zeppelin had put tracks online and I’d ripped a few beats in my parents garage, sent them in and they’d used them? I would have died!”

Though the project is called Methods of Mayhem, it bears little resemblance to its first incarnation – except for the fact that it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. “When I founded Methods in 1999, the whole purpose of the band was to be all over the place,” Tommy says. “And in keeping with that, this Methods isn’t anything like the last one. There’s no hip hop and there’s no roster of guest stars. This time, it’s me, my band, and the world.” When Methods of Mayhem brings A Public Disservice Announcement on tour to the public that helped make it later this year, expect more of the unexpected. “There’s some technology out there right now video and lighting wise that is blowing my mind,” Tommy says. “I do a rock band with Mötley. Methods is not going to be that kind of set up. I want something like Daft Punk but unique to this. I want a real robot playing bass. I want the show to start at the mixing board. I want to do everything you’re not supposed to do and hope it works. This is going to be something else, something I’ve never done before – that’s my goal.”- Watch for the first single, “Time Bomb,” to drop in March and the album, A Public Disservice Announcement in May, 2010. Peace out much love.


13th Of March 2010, Constant New Finds, Im Smiling
5:03AM CET
Wednesday morning what a sick and twisted time to do a diary. It is just passing 5AM. Yeah you read it right. Five fucking AM. Just leaving work for the night and heading "home" to get a good 4 hours sleep. Can hardly wait. A few things have been up during the night - as it often is for me. The 2010 picks set lot is being send as mentioned today going towards Denmark from the good ol US of A. A dude had a guitar for me yet an hour later I get an email saying this guitar is a cancelled agrement between us selling it to someone else that would take it right here and now. That is certainly not my call in the end to say he can or can not do that. How ever it is another example of one going agaiinst a deal sat in stone. Hate that shit. Then I tried to get some WASP stuff for my girl. I both failed and succeeded. Got something but not the best of the items aimed for. On Crue I have found a place that sells posters and cards on the band that I do not have.

Look below to see the posters found. Most of em in 16 x 20 but also a couple of them in 20 x 30. I wanna see if I can with time get them all. Its a lot of money for them to be honest. But hey, what in the Crue collecting universe is not? Shit. We will see how lousy a paycheque I will have at hand ones we get into April. I know I have not had at all anything near cool overtime this month. I am saying this already now only a little over a week into March Yes I need more I need much more overtime to cover all that I am getting at. No question. We will see. While I watch for that possibility you look at these prints on posters that I found this link to. WWW.YOUNEEK.COM No doubt do I need to try to find em. The cool cash for this lot somehow some day while they last.

It is the 13th today that itself though is half way through March already - now again. Man the time eats itself through the calender like wild fire. It is really hard to keep up sometimes. I hope and pray that there will be a better chance for low times when it comes to offers that has got to do with what I do. All doings and all there is and rather sooner than I think. It is a hectic living and it is a really not easy (all the time) choice of lifestyle doing this. Well more than anything I shoud l feel blessed and not stressed. There are constant new finds and I amsmiling. It is a still continueing adrenaline rush getting offers on shit that is really cool. And it is a fight and a very alone kind of feeling when stuff is oout in the open. Open for grabs for any living soul in the world. It isa damn rare chance sometimes should you be the one to pull the longest straw so to speak. I am a huge fan of the kick that it brings.

My girl is allup and about the W.A.S.P. boysand she is funny to see helping out on the Crue shit as it gets sorted. So thankful for her cross country travelling to help out. She has not a killer W.A.S.P.collection but she has focused on promo photos and posters from time to time shirts but she wears them. She has a totally different kind of "use" with her collection being built. She wears her stuff and she could never do what I do. Save and pack it all up and store away. She wants to use and wear her stuff. We are two totally opisits on that matter - that matter too lol, but it is interesting. I am learning the passion and the satisfaction seeing how and what she does to and with her shit. .

My brother is collecting the Swedes Crashdiet ( new and 3rd release end April) he also like me stores shit away and never uses or wears shit that he gets. I am very into watching other people how they do with their passionate collections. I often wanna just say "I wanna use and wear this and that" and then again I go "nooo no no no no way. It will no longer be in perfect condition as when I grabbed it 11 years ago " or more. I try to be a helper as a track dog for both of them to get some great shit. My brother I recently found a Crashdiet used flying V guitar by Martin Sweet of the band now he owns it. I sometimes find some really rare shit on W.A.S.P. too and then as often as we can we try to get this for Tine (her name) it is a cool rush to see their thankfulness in wide smiles and shit. Pretty cool. I myself gets a couple of Too Fast stage used drumsticks from the 1981 club days in Hollywood. Helllooooo pretty rad. Not an easy find. but now we have acted and it is safe and secure waitng to be shipped to me next month. Guess what I do? I smile widely!!!

This years summer and flal and winter is soooo coveret already with home bringings too. Sadly I am also to say goodbye to some people in my life for the ultimate last time in the fall. I will hate to do that but it is not my call. Long tragic story. My partner Mario of Austria is soon back on track too with me I have missed him and I think it is a seriously cool guy that I have found there. We will be sittiing down and make some really cool ideas later this year. No doubt about it. I had some great ideas earlier with another person involved on here but there was a little too little dedication for it to be brought to life. I will spare the details on that one and aim high for the future on the new thoughts and ideas. I can not wait to get in on the summer and fall for this site. So many great things to get done and add and so on. Fuck dude, I can hardly wait to see what it all ends with. But then again I can not even see an end anywhere...... maybe that is good? or tragic? What do you think?


8th Of March 2010,
5:53AM CET
Monday morning. Fcuk is it morning. Shit early I am ... you guessed it. Crossing country here in Denmark. On a trian after a night shift I am going home to my apartment in Grenaa for one day. Have a few things I need ot get done. Really exaucsted today. It has been a hell of a rough week-end. Much to do. My girl and I have tried to go through an idea about and for my collection. The site is one thing but we ave some great ideas for the ultimate cool idea. Hopefully it will work. There is a monsterous re going through the complete collection as some itmes seem to have gotten lost in wiberspace..... Pain in the ass but it is needed. I am holding on to a lot of latest arrivals here but in time they will go on. Do not worry.

How many out there have been joining or rejoining the Tommylee.tv membership? I did last yoer in September. I have emailed the people behind it a gazillion times waiting for my member kit. Today 6 mnths later it reached my doorstep. W T F?!!! Why people on a workers list for these things has to take this long a time to serve you as a signed up listed member is way beyond me. An I know a ton of people that have dropped resigning in to www.tommylee.tv course of it as well as to www.motley.com It simply is not to anyones satisfaction. Sadly. Course there could have been a seriously line of cool stuff to be getting. The kit today received contained twelve 8x 10s in colour really good cool ones of the CrueFest II show all of them. Plus a DVD exclusively made ofr members holding a line of personal shot clips of Tommy and Rock Star Supernova. I thik it had 11 or 12 tracks on it. But point of the matter is it is finally here and it is not worth the amount paid nor the long waiting time. Truthfully!!! But the shts are still over the top nice. Disc is ...well so and so ... but an exclusive look not available anywhere so there for it is really rare. Speaking of T-bone; he is now finished with the CD of his MOM II adventure and he talks highly of it, He says it has een a really hard ride this time as they have as you all know invited any in the world in on it and heard a good some what 200 tapes a day through the process. Took a lot of ideas and some are now on a Tommy Lee album about to be officially released how cool is that. Damn!! He also says there is a tour to back up the album.

He was asked if he in 2011 is taking MOM out on Cruefest III but he was not too sure abut it. He was not refusing but as he said he is trying to buold a tour for it with late night atmosphere not afternoon sunlight so he was not too keen n doing it. But still maybe. Also he tells about his passion for Jägermeister and he claims he does not really get drunk form it. And 6 to 10 shots are just pre Crue live shows. But it is to come from the freezer directly ice cold or he will throw up. Hates the stuff warm. I may be getting the jägermeister machine from his tour dressing room later this year. I hope so. It is a funny little something that is a bit out of the ordinary really. We will see how things unfolds itself. All I know is a ton of things a re going on for me. The 2010 complete gutar set is on its way in the mail for me too. So it will be up and added shortly. Tons and tons more is going on and holding status active so ..till next time my frineds... be good: Love ya....


4th Of March 2010, A Mayhem Round the Corner
1:18PM CET
So another week is closing in on an end and a new weekend for some is at hand. I myself have work from now till Monday morning. I can not even begin to tell you you how good it has been to have had almost a week off from work now. Not off like sitting with nothing to do. me and a highly loved one has been at my apartment for days now sorting shit. Repacking shit and cleared a good few bags out of the door for secondhand stores to pass on. A lot has been gone through and a lot has been needed and is still needed even after this rather great operation has taken place. Man its a war zone at my home. Well not as much as it was but it still is no where near a nice home for cosey times. hell no. Still a long way to go. And my prediction says it will not be either before I am way out of there and have found a new place to live. Next stop is to be with a girlfriend that is what I am aiming at. This other single living thing needs to end. I need some test modes to get through. I need for someone to fucking make the best possible challange at me. Give me something that makes me wanna shape up some. Someone that is really more than just a puppydoll and not just an all over "yes" sayer. I am looking forward to it.

Now the latest on Crue members fact is that Vince is to have his CD ready in April and now Tommy Lee is spreading his coming album biography round the room as well. Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem, A Public Disservice Announcement Bio It wasn't logical but it made complete sense. Tommy Lee has rocked every continent multiple times, he's sold millions of records with Mötley Crüe and on his own; he's done everything a musician dreams of doing. Except this: he'd never made a record with the entire world. "This really was one of the most incredible experiences I've had making a record, other than the first time I made a record - because there's nothing quite like popping your cherry!" Tommy says. "This record was the craziest thing ever. Parts were sent in from all over the world by people wanting to participate in the first once-in-a-lifetime global collaboration. It was insane dude!"

The result is the second Methods of Mayhem album, A Public Disservice Announcement, the first truly collaborative effort an artist of Tommy's magnitude has ever dared to attempt. The concept came easy, the execution did not - it took time, technology, patience and dedication. The first step was to set the parameters. Tommy and his team, including producer Scott Humphrey, singer-guitarist J3 and others, wrote and recorded the songs, which ran the gambit from hard rock anthems to ballads to dance tracks. Then they made the core components of each song available for download on thepublicrecord.com to anyone who wished to add their playing or otherwise re-interpret the music however they saw fit. Tommy listened to every single submission that was uploaded, chose the best, and integrated the actual audio tracks into the album's final cuts. "Some people were confused because no one has attempted anything like this before," Tommy says. "I got a lot of emails asking me if they'd get songwriting credit if their part was used. That wasn't the case, because all of these songs were already written and recorded." That's not to say that the many contributors will remain anonymous, however. Every single musician whose part was used is credited and thanked on the album. "Credit doesn't always happen in the music industry - or any industry - when you're starting out," Tommy says. "And it hardly ever happens the first time you do something. I've done plenty of things for the credit, not the check, so I made sure that all of the people who sent us things we used were called out for their work. Take it from me - credit lasts forever, money doesn't!"

The song files were made available on The Public Record on October 5th, 2009. By the end of the submission period in February, 2010, the page was viewed over 1 million times and over 10,000 submissions were uploaded. The music Tommy received was all recorded in ProTools, Logic or Garage Band. And if a would-be collaborator had none of those, they were able to download a program called Riff Works for free from the website. What came back once the public got its hands on the raw ingredients was truly all over the map - just as Tommy had hoped. There were techno tracks sent in from the foothills of Osaka, Japan, there were hand drum rhythms sent in from India and searing guitar solos sent from as close to home as San Diego. There were also plenty of sounds to confuse and boggle the mind. "Some crazy dude from Prague I think it was, sent in a spoken word track that had nothing at all to do with the song," Tommy says. "It was this bit about 'the cow's moon being in the sky, parting the broken winds of the clouds of the sea.' I turned to my producer and was like, 'I don't know what he's talking about but I want what he's got!'"

In his work outside of the Crüe, Tommy always challenges himself musically, so the greatest side effect of this project was his exposure to so many new ideas. "When you hear something totally left field," he says, "you realize that someone is hearing the same song so differently than you are. It makes you think about how you wrote it - and there's pros and cons to that." One of the pros, was that the song "Back to Before," which started out as a rock song, ended up as a dance song. "This guy from France sent in this complete re-edit - he made it into a full on dance track. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love dance music, so when I heard it, that was it! It threw the song into a full 360°. We pumped the breaks and started over."

Tommy, along with his producer and band listened to about 1500 submissions a week - over 200 a day. For all of the memorable oddballs, there was an over-abundance of talent. "There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, from kids just getting started, to shirt tuckers who have a 9 to 5 that just rock out in a bar band on the weekends. They don't want to be famous, but those guys are stars." Tommy's greatest reward, however, was the appreciation he received for giving those unsung heroes a chance. "I got so many emails thanking me for the opportunity," he says. "I kept thinking of myself at 15. If Led Zeppelin had put tracks online and I'd ripped a few beats in my parents garage, sent them in and they'd used them? I would have died!"

Though the project is called Methods of Mayhem, it bears little resemblance to its first incarnation - except for the fact that it's unlike anything else you'll hear this year. "When I founded Methods in 1999, the whole purpose of the band was to be all over the place," Tommy says. "And in keeping with that, this Methods isn't anything like the last one. There's no hip hop and there's no roster of guest stars. This time, it's me, my band, and the world." When Methods of Mayhem brings A Public Disservice Announcement on tour to the public that helped make it later this year, expect more of the unexpected. "There's some technology out there right now video and lighting wise that is blowing my mind," Tommy says. "I do a rock band with Mötley. Methods is not going to be that kind of set up. I want something like Daft Punk but unique to this. I want a real robot playing bass. I want the show to start at the mixing board. I want to do everything you're not supposed to do and hope it works. This is going to be something else, something I've never done before - that's my goal.. - Watch for the first single, "Time Bomb," to drop in March and the album, A Public Disservice Announcement in May, 2010.

Shit I am quiet excited about that shit to hit us all. There are so many good and cool shit in the waiting right now. I am right now in a position of no good finance. Have killed more stored shit in the USA that is to be brought home now. I am feeling good for every box that leaves the states to be honest. I truely need all the stuff to come back home. Not in my intire life have I made such huge try out and aimed for somethign that has cost me so much like when I started to bring a lot to the USA for first steps for a possible moving to the states. But getting butt fucked from friends and others cost me more than I even care to go over ones more. You ave no idea how hurt I have been from it all. So yes indeed. Every box of my old brought things that comes to Denmark again is truely appreciated and I am not gonna be doing that ever again.

I have gotten myself two sets of Tommy sticks frm the club days 1981 when all was an open road and nothing was money gold glitter and fame or anyway near it outside Hollywood for the foursome. I can not fully believe that I am getting these home to me here in a good month time. Thats simply too cool. Then I have to admit my remains of 2010 is packed and not holding any other new offers to come in from the unexpected .Way too much ongoings is at hand. Already now 2011 is in the planning stages as well. I know time is a borowed sad thing. And I never have enough of it really. Wonder if I ever will? I long ofr something different but am still addicted to the collecting life as wel. And the "something else" and my active collecting life is just not going hand in hand - too well. There are so many things I long for doing and with a girlfrined I wanna be able to do those things and ... fuck why am I even sharing this stuff with you guys. It is but personal little brain farts that smacksme ones in a while as small time reminders and I all ears when it happens. Need a drasticly changed living if tht is to be. I have found out one thing no one iwth a commond sense is putting up with this collecting thing. It simply takes away too muh of any matters that are reminding any of a so called normal life ad what that holds. I have been fully aware of this way too long but still my passion and loyalty to the band and what it biings has kept me away from any living normalcy to be shared any someone out there.

A massive refining operation has started here on the site. It will take a fucking long time to get back on its full so if you find a page here and there that feels or seems a bit weird. Dont worry things are being handled. It will be a long time as said. But instead of closing it down for a long time we have decided to leave it open for visiting as normal and just refine the pages on here as we get through them. Thanks for your understanding and for stopping by. Love you all.... peace out


28th Of February 2010, Well Well Well, Classic Sunday
1:43PM CET
Sunday bloody Sunday!! Hows that for a title Billy? Lol, I know, I know it is just not funny. U2 is stuck with the Irish gods that I know you hate so much. Sorry bro. I feel for you lol. Anyhow It is a more or less classic Sunday here. Sitting here thinking my god there is a virus going between me and my webmaster these days. half that I send to her is not getting through and ...well it is a damn bad felt feeling and there have come issues and situations to be handled in the future about this and the site in generel and it is going to take an ass load of time. I have a lot of things here that are still be laid on the site and hopefully there will be a fair chance to get it on in the coming days. Sorry bout the messy times. I am fighting the situation all I possibly can. Right now it is time for me to sit back for a good half an hour and share a little high and hello with you all before geting in on the scanning track again. I have dusted off some really long time no hear music in the back of the back of the music libary of mine. Found the old classic Elvis Costello "My Aim Is True" yeahh man - going down the old memory lanes here on side roads to be spinning while posting. ALong with the brand new freshly release of HIM. Cool nice great fist in your ......

The thing is I had a rather heart felt and shared posting typed and sent to my webmaster the other day but it has gotten lost in the cyber space. Do not at all get it but it is long gone. And I do not recall all and how I shared my now long gone news. Things are going a hundred miles an hour here and I am not to be bragging about me being on top of all. Course I am not. I am in lack of a good three hours daily here with all I need and want to get through. But it is a situation that I have decided will just take some more time and just will be taking that more out of me in form of patience and focus and priority makings. Yeah I am to be going through a ton of decitions really. There can be a lot of this and that in the meantime so it is not always an easy going here for me my friends.

Think I am going to be grabbing an offer tomorrow and get some things killed again. My old US clearence from people that have had stuff stored for a long time now has not been handled for some time. And it is now time agian to bring home another big box of things just laying there and waiting for a home coming. A trustworthy somebody in the north of Hollywood has been forced to ask me to act on something tomorrow too. His framings for storage and all has taken a change so I am killing some more tomorrow. Means more is coming to me in March. Som e Japanese old 86 87 and 93 Vince Neil stuff. Old tour manager belongings and a radio award for "Youre All I Need" will be greta to have home finally. There are also Tommy lee club days pre first world wide release of "Too Fast For Love" ohh yes there are things coming that I am quiet excited about to be honest.

I am getting ready for a couple of days with a Crue sorting action doing here too. A lot has to be packed dpwn and gone through now I have a day more off from work. You have no idea how massively the stuff here is when I refer to boxes and items laying every where. That is what happens from time to time here as I am so rarely at my home apartment. Sadly I find it tragic to come home now a days and see all thats a mess. But there really is a way too much crap laying here and I need it to be sorted and stuffed away or taking the the garbage can or put in bins. I ask myself a lot these days what the fuck do I do with it all in the end. There are way too much here to be even able to live a normal life. And with a moving in mind sometime this year it will have to be a hell of thing to sort out as well. Course places to live closer to work is way, way, way more expensive than here to be honest. So I would need a way higher priced and bigger place to have it all fitting in. You see there are so many things that are of practical importance to on the side of my collecting that I need to get in on.

If somebody out there has any of the complete Sixx Sense shows and would share trade or sell me a copy I am highlæy interested too. They are a good 4 to 5 hours long I guess.One has them but has skipped all played somgs to minimise the shows to minimum on her computer. And I really do hate getting things half when I know it is around in its full and are complete. So if anyone out there.... email me. I am all ears and not on ly on that but things you think you have and do not see on the site. On a more band related news flash side of things. February 24th Sixx commented this about the next Sixx A.M. record that does seem to change and gets added ideas like constantly after all; Discussing work on the next Sixx: A.M. album, Nikki says, "Creating new music is like a rollercoaster ride marked by the highest highs and the lowest lows. This dose of high highs and low lows doubles while writing a book that requires me to uncover things from my past I have either forgotten about or chosen to keep hidden away. Finally, flushing these waves of emotional honesty through the lens of photography whilst meshing the words and music together is exhausting, almost to the point of becoming spiritual. The last few weeks in the studio with Sixx: A.M. has been intense and exhilarating (not to mention a fucking blast). We finished two more new tunes yesterday. One will rip your heart out and leave it torn to pieces on the floor, and one is going to rip your face off. Either way, you're pretty much fucked; I know I am. I don't see this project as just another 'rock' record. This is a very important album to us as we are constantly struggling for greatness and trying to push the envelope. It's not only musically, but also lyrically condensed into these very potent little potions that I feel are open to interpretation. When the whole project unfolds, I hope people will be blindsided by the big picture. I feel we're pushing ourselves further beyond what we, as a band, ever expected."

Also three days ago Mötley Crüe's song Girls, Girls, Girls to become available as a downloadable song for Activision Publishing, Inc.'s Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. As part of the '80s track pack, the song will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 440 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system for $5.49 and for Wii for 550 Wii Points. In addition, all songs in each track pack will be released as downloadable singles for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 system for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each. In addition to the in-game music store and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360, Xbox 360 owners can expand their Guitar Hero music library using the Guitar Hero VIP Pass Music Store, available exclusively on Xbox LIVE online entertainment network.


21st Of February 2010, Blow My Horn It Keeps Coming
1:32PM CET
Sunday. I know these days normally is just a drag a lay back and "I am not gonna do anything but count my toes day". This Sunday for me lol is juts that. Nothing more. Trying to relax the best that I can a bowl of ice cream TV on and doing my diary. There are so many things that I wanna get into. So many Crue things to get sorted. There just do not seem to be enough time nor money to get round it all for still years to come. Think about that. It seems like a dream almost too big to ever really come true fully in one life time. There are still new names to the list of contacts that comes up still new offers still new personal "I wanna dos" it surely is not easy to fully sit with and just simply accept. But that has now become my frame for being a collector. I guess this one thing has become the hardest single issue for me really. But hey that is what the game is all abou I guess. It is a loners world in this. You are so on yoru own and most others are considered your competitions. And the reason for it is course they all want the same thing you want. They eager to gain and become the next proud owner of what you have been offered as well. It is a jungle out there and the one gettng through without gettiing the win is more than likely one of two. You have the cash baby or you want it bad enough. Both works to be honest.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has commented on the progress of the new Sixx Am CD. Sixx states, "Sixx AM is balls out and balls to the wall working on our new album. DJ Ashba layed down guitars yesterday on a few tracks. Today is bass and a new tune we're just finishing up. Some very Sixx AM left turns on this album.. I don't remember laughing this much in the studio in a long time. I imagine there is over two albums worth of material written, but just like last time it will probably be a single album...the cream always rises to the top...no filler allowed." well it is not always coming the way you want it to. seems like a lot of folks are longing for the next Sixx A.M. album. I do too but I am a little more curious on the Neil one in the wait right now. But hey the Sixx A.M. is a new band that has so much to prove I think and it will be interesteing to hear the in my mind real first album to come from them. And after receont news of a late summer release they have a fairly long time to get this one in correct and wanted shape really. The radio show seems to be a great something for the Sixxster - but hey no matter what he does many just eats all raw and goes thumbs up. So how can the dude ever really loose?

Vnce by the way is starting to be all over the map of solo touring through out 2010. He is also just listed as a headliner of another festival. M3 Rock Fest. Guess a lot of things are in the wait to be going down. Fuck this year can be truely hell. It is not an easy thing to cover al lthats coming. I will not either. I am this year hand picking things events items and all to aim for and trying to keep my head cool. Really cool. There is no chance on earth that I will put myself free willingly through stress and pressure over live actions I can not attend 2010. Screw it. Too many personal goals on the plate already. Too many things that are prmises to my own self listed as top priority. So there. Speaking of Vince Niel. seen and heard the new song andvideo of coming album? "tattoos and Tequila"? Extremely 80s sounding. I am amazed. Sounds pretty promising though. Check it out on youtube. April - Ican hardly wait. Even more excited as said about his biography. Fuck!!! Also Tommys Methods album I long ofr it. I have learned to grow from and with his music. I was not always sure I could part form "Never A Dull.." love that release. Always has. How about it? Are you liking his stuff? Or are you as many just buying and spining it course its Tommy? Soon a brand new Vince site to. Refreshing the old. Bite me thats going to be cool. I am really excited about Vince actually.

Got myself an unexpected offer and news mail today from my most precious buddy in America. It is an offer on something almost unheard of these days .Original club tour used drumsticks as Tommy did not use to give them away much. They were often used to the max. Often not given away at all. Even more rare then the setlists from that time. But!!!! And there is a major but here folks. It has a price tag that is not really just pocket chains. Ones again I have to go by and ask, talk and share this with my precious. Shit man ... I will never get time or cash to ... okay .. STOP Tommy. Quit complaning. It is an offer an awesome one (again) but you have the choice to say thanks but no thanks. No forced on doings. Let me leave that right there and we will see how it unfolds as so many other things before.


18t Of February 2010, Killing Everything Yet A Sad Twist
11:58AM CET

Thursday and I slowly am getting down from the totally killing all live experiences in along time. Rammstein. Holy fuck. Not only does this piece of a 6 man German soldiers totally rock in the heaviest pumping beats alive but the tightness and with a stage set that was so so mobile nothing I have seen comes even close to it. Fuck the only thing this stage did not do was move from its place to the other end of the arena really. man that is some compact shit. Any one carring about a SHOW and a performance to a rock concert would have to bow down to the gang of Rammstein live 2010. Fuck me hard!!!!!! Shit I hope they will release a live DVD from this tour. I know they have several out already. How ever this one killed all in the past. You just sat there and didnt even wanna in case you would miss something. The opening alone made me get a bit teary it was just that cool. I do intend to get a little emotional when I attend things I love and they actually turn out to be even better than I could hope for. Nothing wrong with that. For myself I have to say it gives me a feeling of being real being up front and honest and have loyal dedicated love with an aloud touch of sceptism for dissapointments. So yes I was moved in a highly positive way here.

After the Tuesday show in Malmoe Sweden with the metal masters I feel like its gonna be a really almost impossible thing to be topped by anybody to come. I now I have KISS, AC/DC and more to come Crue not to forget but the show just seen was fairly close to what one can call perfection. a ton of shit could go wrong from the set and stage the Germans have brought to the road this year. but nothing did. And the sound was perfect. Loud but perfect. Shame on you Copenhagen for not being on top of things when it coems to you talk about a multi arena. Fuck man the capital cit of Denmark has had about ten years of empty talks about doing one. and now several cities of Denmark has beaten our capital city and pulling a ton of big bands outside the city when it comes to concrts. A thick stiff middle finger to the Copenhagen politicians. Fuck you for missing out. Every city around you has beaten the shit out of you now. Rammstein I bow to you man. That was one sick puppy of a show. Hell Yeah. I am gonna see that shit again in June if I can get a day off. I feel I have to.
SETLIST :RammliedB********Waidmanns heilKeine lustWeisses flieschFeuer freiWiener blutFrühling in ParisIch tu dir wehLiebeist für alle daBenzinLinks 2-3-4Du hastPussySonneHaifischIch willEngel

Speaking of a band that will give an almost same impression I guess is AC/DC. Right now and right here it is a sad anniversary day too. On Feb. 19, 1980, the Scottish-born singer had everything to live for. After years of struggling, he and the rest of the Australian rock crew -- guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd -- were finally enjoying the fruits of their labour. Their sixth album Highway to Hell, produced by Mutt Lange, had finally pushed the underground heroes into the mainstream, going platinum in North America. Propelled by Scott's winkingly lascivious lyrics and leering screech, tracks such as Girls Got Rhythm, Walk All Over You, Touch Too Much and If You Want Blood (You Got it) were earning a place next to AC/DC's early classics such as Sin City, High Voltage, T.N.T., Let There Be Rock and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

They had slowly expanded their fan base by slogging it out on lengthy North American tours opening for Aerosmith and KISS, where Angus' schoolboy togs and hyperactive stage presence -- a contrast to Scott's bare-chested swagger and rooster-like strut -- made a memorable impression. Scott felt their next album, the band later said, would be "the crowning glory of his life." So, when the newly minted 33-year-old rock star hit the town on Feb. 18, the night before he was due back in the studio with the band, he was in a celebratory mood. At a London club called The Music Machine, he spent the evening downing quadruple whiskeys with several friends, one of whom drove the passed-out Scott home that night and left him to sleep it off in the car. He never woke up. The next day, his friend discovered his lifeless body still in the vehicle. He had died from acute alcohol poisoning. Death by misadventure, the coroner ruled. Ten days later, Scott -- clad in his trademark jeans and white T-shirt -- was cremated in Australia, marking the final chapter in his journey. But it was just the beginning for AC/DC. Within weeks, the band had regrouped and risen from the ashes, hiring singer Brian Johnson and heading into the studio to make Back in Black, the album that would serve both as a tribute to Scott and the cornerstone of the global success they enjoy to this day. But for many fans, AC/DC still isn't the same without Scott.

Motley Crue has been a rumour I understand of sweden that Vince Neil has been sacked rom the band. That is not true. relax all you swedish fans. There is not a single comma of truth to that one. It is a sick fact that Vince is not attending the show of Rock Out festival in Stockhom May 1st. I agree there. Esecially since he is not playing elsewhere and especially when half his backing band is Slaughter members. And that very same band Slaughter is now headlining Saturday the 1st of May. makes no sense at all. It rather seems like a god damn joke - again. Did you all see that the band (Crue) is to be a headliner of the "Rock On the range" festival in America in May? Sometimes we really do feel cheated now dont we? Europe is often a place on earth that is more loyal to bands than what many can fully understand. Course they dont tour a hell of al ot here in often long times. Crue sacked the cmplete live experience of te Dr album in Canada last month.

Wonder if they do the show here or just another best of show. We ere in Europe want the dr in its full .tahts what all talked about when it first got out that Cruefest II was covering just that. Fuck we want that too here. Well we cant really do much about it to be honest. I think a lot of things are not fully to be understood. Nikki is some what rasing hell again over a book that was called "An education in rebellion" some years ago This summer its being re-released with an updated few chapters to it. He mentioned that he is NOT in appreciation for its release. And he is NOT in over it. I have the first one its not really too great. But hey for collectors ...what do you think? That people will go around it? No way. No chance. Its coming out again as said and I have it coming in some months time. I long a real lot to read Vince book. In my opinion that book cna be equaly exciting as "The Dirt". Neil has always been the most open and up front honst one I think. I think he is the most dedicated one too. And for the right reasons. Sorry bout the slow times on the site and for taking so long to get updates on the new added stuff. I have a good lot to get on now and hopefully there is a little better chance in te next few days to get it sorted. There will be more stuff on here ad there is a new coming section to the site coming soon. Stick around it will be worth it. Thanks a lot. Stay loyal peace out ***


10th Of February 2010, Permission To Expand
4:15PM CET

Wednesday soon mid February. Nice to know. I need this month to kind of pass away silentl without too muc noize really. I have talked to some people that have some rather intersting things. I really hope for a positive outcome of it all. One guy in the L.A. area is my latest and fresh breeze to my Crue life. Stephane is a dude that knowswhat shit is cool and what shit is of a high interest to my name. he has some serious great shit and I want it all. Nikkis drumkit from the "Funny farm studios" I have a feeling some of it has been usedin writing parts of the "Heroin" album. he also has and can provide me with the electronic machinery from the Carnival tour the one Tommy usesin the drum solo holding the infamous little gimics "LETS GET FUCKED LETS GET DIRTY".

You remember it I am sure. Tommys personal ägermeister machine from his dressing room follwed him on same tour and more. And an old snare. Passes and more. I am all for gettting it all. But damn it I have to kill certain things first before I even think about these great finds. Hope Mr. Stephane is large enough and in no rush to get this stuff killed. I would love to have this stuff. And not to brag or be selfish in any waybut i honestly think anyone to hold my collection should also own thisstuff he has. God damn it Iam really hopeful here. I will have a talk to a certain someone to see if a permission can be received for a "go for" on this stuff. The same dude went to a Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley book signing in L.A. and he stood in line ofr me took pictures got to buy me the monsterous cool latest book form the masked giants and got it sogned to my name by god himself. Mr. Simmons.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H2POni3uOk gotta laugh!!!!!

A pair of lusty MOTLEY CRUE fans were thrown out the band's 29 January (10) show in Winnipeg, Canada - for making love in the audience. The couple spent four songs giving fans an eye-popping show as the band performed tracks like Motherf**ker of the Year, but when the unnamed man dropped his trousers, some rock devotees decided they had seen enough and reported the pair to security, who asked the lovers to leave. Footage of the sex act was captured on a camera phone and was posted on YouTube.com on Monday (08Feb10). One fan who watched the sex act has written to the Winnipeg Sun newspaper, claiming security "over-reacted" by kicking the couple out of the venue. He writes, "It looked like a stripper show or something, but it wasn't really all that bad." Funny how the humanoids constantly think about sex have sex and want sex .But ones its somebody else doing it in your view its disrespectful and nasty shit in a definate bad way. That amuses me. Big time. Sorry can ot help it. Just fnd that little thing and fact to life really entertaning.

Looks like saturday is the next time to get some stuff on here from all thats still missing to get added. Next to com would be the news of Kerri being active on the beauty of kerri. radio co host. Lol. May suspects it to happen. I could not really tell. But I do think she is a league over kat. In many ways. If you talk the music indistry she out does kat by miles. If you talk beauty same dance... if you talk caracter I think they are equal just in different fields really. Oh hell the man cna more or less chose and pick whom ever he wants so cna this puttycat. K. Kasem is one great catch. No doubt. Lets give it a good 2 3 4 months and se how all unfolds. Its a mistake to do on behalf of the Sixx dog as this is a bisness thing and shit can go bad. But I think its mor than possible that it could happen. Two and half weeks more and more really cool stuff one offs are being kileld and gained to get added to the collection here. Love it - talk saturday!!! Much love folk


5th Of february 2010, Fuck No, not Again
7:10PM CET
Stockholm Rock Out - Official Statement

"Due to scheduling conflicts Vince Neil will not be able to perform at the STOCKHOLM ROCK OUT.
Instead Slaughter will be making a very rare appearance in Europe and will be back in Sweden for the first time in many years! /Gabe Reed productions..."

We are very sorry to announce this, but Vince Neil will not make this years festival...This was totally out of our hands and nothing we could do to make it happen, we need our headliner confirmed now and we just wanna make the best festival ever....We are very sorry to forward this statement from the Vince Neil camp. So if you have bought your tickets between january 29th and February 4th we offer a buyback if this was the main reason you bought the ticket...You will have to contact the Tickster support and they will help you with this, and you will have to do the buyback no later than February 10th. Ofcourse we hope you still will attend to Stockholm Rock Out. We are very proud of the line up and we can now announce that SLAUGHTER will be the headliner of the saturday instead, first show in almost 20 years and the only show for scandinavia. This is amazing. Hope to see you all on April 30 and May 1. If you have further questions dont hesitate to contact me, Chris.

I truely feel there is a curse hanging over Vince head when it comes to going live solo on European soil. man this is the god knows what time there is a neil cancelled tour. I can not believe it. He is supposted to be re-scedualled for Scandinavia at some point but hey... are all equally willing to keep buying the tickets and then turn em back in from a note saying C A N C EL L E D ???? I can not say. All I know is a lot of people are highly fustrated over the fact this has happend since what feels forever now. Ohh well the real band comes in August so fuck it. I have my own personal highlight from now till then. A good huge one every single month from now. So a cancelled Vince show will NOT ruin my day. Just sad to see it happening - again.

Have just killed all new scans and will forward all to the webmaster. It wont be too long till you will see all up on here. There are a few more things in the mail waiting to get here. How ever I think it is all (for now) only smaller stuff thats not really that interesting but still new items filling in the spots of missed pieces. Nothing major will come now till March. besides a bunch of photos. But as said many times before photos are not getting on here at all. There simply are too many and its not a field where you can actually really ever end it. So as some other stuff that will never get on here are also the photos. but I will be getting a good 150 new 8x10s with in the next coming week or two And thats every month almost for the nxt year. year and a half perhaps even. Sick how many cool shots are not at hand. I can not fully cope with it myself. But there are really some good cool shit in the bunch. As you can perhas imagine?


2nd Of February 2010, Coming New Addings
5:00PM CET
A strictly limited-edition collectible, individually numbered (1/500) Saints Of Los Angeles album cover lithograph. Each lithographic print measures 36" X 24". Your investment comes with a completed and numbered CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. These five prints of Shout, Theatre, Girls, Dr an S.O.L.A. are still offficial products I am missing. They got out what was it 2008? Maybe early 09? I still miss al lof these. They got released and were like 100 US dolalrs a print. Now they are lowering the prices to 75 US per print and I guess its time for the fanfire live nation merch company to clean out right? Well I want to see if I can actually gain the set of five lithographs next month. Find rest in mind about being behind on these official roducts. A lot more have been thrown up in the air of offers and shit. but February is done for. I have no other chances for actives not yet touched for this month. It has been a long hard fucked up road the last two weeks to be honest but I have done the best possible thing I could and now I am giving in for a month of resting on laurels. Been a good interesting something the start if this new year.

Got some really cool babies in a box by my frinedly mailman. The leatur record days reel tape from the californian studio has arrived so has a really cool CD of the "Heroin Diaries" the "Sixx Sence" promo disc and the reel tape VHS cassette of Tehe video track for the "Primal Scream" video. damn this is really great stuff. I nw have all these cool things in hand and you can this coming weekedn see them in the sections of Nikki Sixx solo, This n that page 1 and the "cruecial factspage holding the VHS tapes. These things are so expensive and so rare I dont think they are to be found again ever ofr more than a couple of people. Menaning I know there arent any more of these other than the one of the tapes how ever I am not to be selling them untill..... man how can I even finish that sentence? The one to gain these things after me will have to have a good amount of money ready. But that is seriously way into the future. Not selling in any near future.

There are so many things right now that are to be looked into as I always say. You see a ton of things are really on a constant priority list. I think there are so many issues like all the time. I have long time ago realized that there always will be as long as I collect so seriously as I do. Its tough. Very tough at times. This month is really not to be any different. Actually I would really like to just get passed February and into March. There are so many things for the next coming month already. And especially two items are very much a one off. If I say "nahh I will wait a while and see..." Then I can kiss them things goodbye for life. I have so damn many situations like that. Its a contant line of "a now or never" thing. Tomorrow friday I will have some more stuff scanned and ready for adding. There are some really neat and awesome things in there ...

I am in Stockholm for Vince may 1st now. I am aiming for a trip to Ireland to vicit my good long missed friend Billy that I shared the most devestating fcuking USA trip with a coupple of years back. Then he is coming to Scandinavia to share Crue with me in August. People are weird in my mind and often too many are really fucking anoying. Pardon my direct speaking terms. But man so much wasted energy has been used on getting things guided down the right path in a positive direction. But you see there are not many that have the same interest so a little too often I sit with issues that are to be looked into at times for too long before there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thats also the case right now with a couple of people. To be nice I will not list any names of the guilty. But hopefully there wll be a nice solution to the mess shortly. Well, well, well I have a line of cool and positive shit too lol, it is not all bad and grey. Ofcourse not. But there are so many things right now but lets get rid of February first okoay? Then we will start on a fresh again in three weeks. I havea lot in my calender and it is all very cool and very positive future doings. Best of all it is with friends and all that I hold dearly to heart. But for now tomorrow ..... or Saturday hopefully there will be these few addings of really MASSIVE collectibles. Take care - later ***


30th Of January 2010, Vince Stockholm Attack
10:51PM CET

Fuck me - now all seems to fall on my ass. Today the solo act and tour is annouced to stop by Stockholm May 1st 2010 for headliner "Stockholm Rock Out" April 30th and May 1st. www.sthlmrockout.com check it out. Man I so fucking wanna be there. I want to see if I can get a grib and get up there some how. I am not off from work so I have a huge problem on even finding a way to get there no matter what!! Hate that fact. But what the fuck can one do? I hate my work. Pure and simple. Tickets are going now and going fast. Just my luck with this shit. Its a two days oldies rock 80s like names only almost. Small club gig really fuck me thats a line up and shit that will grab all fucking tickets and fast. The only Scandinavian show there is. Teaming up for the two days watch this line up:Jani Lane– (US)Keel(US)Steelheart(US)Dizzy Reed of Guns n Roses(US)Pretty Boy Floyd(US)BulletBoys(US)Vains of Jenna(SE)Nasty Idols(SE)Chris Laney(SE)Badmouth(SE)Dynazty(SE)Killer Clan of F.U.N.(SE)can only be great!!!

This is an ORIGINAL SET LIST from a Motley Crue Concert from Hollywood, CA back in 1981

Written by Nikki Sixx. Removed from the stage at their concert. Measures approx 8 1/2" X 11". It was taped onto the stage with duct tape. Has some torn corners, glue, a few tears and tape. It is old and a little beat up, rough looking, but that is the cool thing about it. I grew up in Hollywood and attended many Motley Crue shows when they were just starting out. All of my Motley Crue items are authentic. I hate to part with them but I am out of work and gotta feed my kids.

Please ask ANY questions BEFORE bidding. I will offer a shipping discount for multiple items. Just email me for your total. There are so many cool items up from this dude right now. I so seriously would love to have these things. My collection would smile you see. God damn it. Way too much right now for me to even be able to hope for. I think it is a weird time now a days. many are fighting with their claws to get items home. But only rarely as much as just a year ago. But ten times more are selling out now more than again just a year ago. I find it really a buffet to pick from now. Very hard to keep believing in things from how my jobs polics towards the workers developes now a days but hey, I stay as long as I can or untill there is other job for me to attack at a different company. But this is also the times right here and now that I reach out abnd try to grab all I can possibly cover for my money of all these awesome items up for sale these days.

Right now I can not even speak from what I have offers on. I think there are so many cool things rihgt now I will be missing but what the hell can one do?!! I know I know stupid queestion. I am sure a lot of you out there are unable to do much about all you wanna do too. I will return in a few days and have more for you. I think the next weekend that comes will have more news more diaries more items up on the walls of the sections to the site ... enjoy my frineds till then be good.


29th Of January 2010, Blow My Horn, I Went Down
1:59PM CET

Friday on my mind year perhaps. But there is no weekedn for me for at leats another week unless yesterdays doings were a one off. I am still testing what I mean by that is I came home from my night shift and three hours later I was stuck by a bad ass downfall. I went rock bottom. headacke in the biggets way puking all day have not been able to hold anything in me for 27 hours. Now I force myself to stay up out of bed and try to come back. One cop of coffee and one coke three biskets are still kept in my tummy right now. Good sign. How eveer I am not pleased with it. Dont feel all that good nor do I think the finances are to be on my side this coming February. Much has kind of went down hill. Long boring story and a personal matter so fuck it not for this site to share.

I went up at 7 today as said tried to force myself some standing and walking around and I have so far succeeded not with the best inner feeling but still. Now today also was the day of the release of the AC/DC tickets for the Denmark concert June 5th. And I felt like "youre even sicker than I thought Tommy if you with a little fever and shit will walk out and stand in line for over 3 hours in your health". But I thought "eat my cookie, I wanna go and I can always go back if the line is already too long". I was there as number 6 so I decided to stay. I got my ticket now for me and my girl... so its a return ticket with the rock n roll train in June. Thank you very much. I am known for not giving up in a fight for what I want. here was another in the line of many.

"I have at least 50 ideas for some new songs for Motley. Everybody in the band writes on their own and has their own thing. Tommy's doing his solo album, Nikki is doing Sixx:AM again and Vince is touring. And I'm writing songs for a solo album as well. But we've got a bunch of ideas we can collaborate on some time", Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars told The Toronto Sun's Darryl Sterdan in a recent interview. The timing of Motley Crue's aptly titled Dead of Winter Canadian tour is all Santa's fault, laughs guitarist Mick Mars. "He started it," cracks the 58-year-old glam-rocker from sunny Southern California. "He said he was going to have us delivered by Dec. 25 and he lied, so now we gotta make it up, to make him look good."

And just to stick with the Yuletide theme, the Crue -- which also includes bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee and singer Vince Neil -- have been making a set list, and checking it twice. "The original plan was to do the full Dr. Feelgood album as a 20th anniversary thing," Mars says. "It was a thing a lot of bands were doing -- Judas Priest did British Steel all the way through on their last tour, and Iron Maiden did their whole new album. So it seemed like a good idea. And we tried it, and it was cool. But I felt it had too many ups and downs; I felt we lost the crowd. "So now we're doing kind of a mixture of everything -- but mostly, it's the heavier songs from every album. Not too many ballads or mid-tempo songs. It should be a good show."

Looks there is a chance for an absolutely no full Dr Cruefest 2 performance here in Europe this summer either. Thats a major blow if its gonna end up like that. Fuck we all here in Europe wanted that ad Crue fans in Europe are old time old skool fans so it would be a tragedy if they decided not to do thiss. But time will tell I am sure were gonna hear more of this before the actual tour is starting. hell its not till late July and August that things are to roll cross Europe anyhow.

Did you hear of the sickest so far on behalf of Axl Rose? Guns N' Roses fans were forced to take sides in the legendary war between Axl Rose and Slash -- after security at a recent GNR show banned fans from wearing Slash gear inside the show.

It all went down at the GNR show in Canada last Wednesday -- concert security informed fans that they were required to turn their Slash t-shirts inside out .... and leave their top hats outside. TMZ.com spoke with a member of the concert security team who confirmed the marching orders -- and told us the instructions were passed down from a producer for the band. We're told a few fans took the high road and went home ... but most just sucked it up and did what they were told. Could not see it not getting a few lines in todays posting. My fucking god how low can one get. Banding all sales and support of former family members like that. Thats a disgrace to the fans. Think Mr. Rose lost quiet a few fans there that day. Jesus christ. I would have hated any Crue member doing the same kind of sick sctions.

I have a box on its way to me here in Denmark holding some totally cool stuff. Including the earlier talked about Reel tape from the leathur days. Its sick how rare these things are and how much they cna be found for. But its on its way and I can not wait to get it in my hands. A few other over the top items are to be settled for me in the next few weeks. You have no idea how i feel if these things will actually happen for me. I will ofcourse keep you posted on that later on..... watch for a moody dude or a really fucking wide smiling idiot ... both will tell the outcome... much love guys later ****


25th Of January 2010, More New Interesting Somethings
5:59AM CET

MOTLEY CRUE rocker NIKKI SIXX has ended his romance with TV tattoo artist KAT VON D. The pair began dating in 2007, following Von D's divorce from fellow tattooist Oliver Peck. But Sixx has released a statement announcing the love affair is over.

He says, "I want to wish Katherine (Kat Von D) nothing but the best in her life. She has loved and inspired the hell outta me and I know I have done the same for her in these almost two years we ruled the earth together. We are taking a break from our relationship for reasons that we will choose to keep personal. You won't find me saying a bad word about her and I don’t believe vice versa… we have too much wonderful history together to ever deface that."

Hows that for a Sunday news flash? A lot of people seems shocked about this and at the same time a lot really are not. I am amongst the last. Not that I wanted it to pass it is more the fact that now as it happend it is a bit sureal really. It felt weird to begin with and it felt weird all the time for me somehow. Now I have a line of reason to just wish them both the best of luck in the coming future. It is all really exciting to see what is going to happen next on Sixx part. Funny my "own girl" is so high on Kat she is now interested in following her on Kats next coming months. A lot of things are going really cool. I am not really affected by the breakup of Kat and Sixx. I think it is a lot of cool exciting times that I am going towards. I think most of the stuff that surrounds me is now either in a hectic fase or a really dissapointment. Everything else in my life inside and outside my Crue daily living seems to be filled with excitement and oceans of highly interested stuff , things, offers, and more.

There are also news on the personal collecting side ogf things. You see my dear friends a line of cool somethings are on the table ready to be tried out. Tried out in the way of aiming for a getting and future owning situations. And on other stuff just trying to gain new contacts and benefits from the Crue universe for later. One thing can be really interesting to be honest. You see ther are some really awesome stuff coming to me in February. It is not a gazillion items but rather very few but my god they are so unique and highly sorted after collectibles I can not even wait myself. A ton of people really would give their right arm for this shit coming. I feel very praised blessed and lucky to have these items coming to me. It is rather unbelievable. Amongst the more simplethings of what I am still missing are the new 2010 tour itmes from canada. I will try to get info on that lot today. but they look cool most of it so surely have to try getting it all.

I think I still have a little trouble on some fronts with the dealers around me. One is still of high importance to me so hopefully this person will get his / her shit together and come around. I have some great hopes for a couple of things to actually go well ad happen for me. But this is solidly up to the individuals round me. I will simply have to see whats up on all fronts there you see. Hopefully all will go well and not ending up in a too much of a dissapointment. More on all matters as the unfold. Tomorrow Tuesday will see more added to the site and all. I now there are stuff laying waiting by the webmaster to be thrown on here for latest expantions. I will be back on next wave of Crue relevant doings thoughts and other Motley related actives in any form in my life. Wont be long since all is always in my life on a daily term. Peace out ***


20th Of January 2010, Follow Up To Yesterdays Mess
1:49PM CET
Holy shit what a messy something its been the last few days with all kinds of people in a few totally screwed situations. I can not believe how hard headed people are and can be. Changes in people over the last maybe ten to fifteen years has really turned many into solidly ego maniacs and short fused individuals. I am stunned how sick it is out there. My own involvement in three of these things has all been put to an end last night and I am happy to share the news of probably being the one that comes out on top from it all. I have here by saved the stuff / gained or actually regained some stuff pre the mess between all involved parties in some really seriously longed for items to become part of the collection here. In other words end of this month should see two major items covered and cleared to my advantage and not having any more shit to clear out. Very few people are to be thanked for these outcomes. I have to say polishing own glory or not I have made some seriously big hearted moves here towards people I care for and love that ended up giving the results thats now at hand.

Vince solo album out in April and his autobiography this summer. I have my hands full more or less up till July right now but I long for answers and decitions to a few more things that could make me do some suprising changes and ganings. Lol. Trying to get focus on some more of the ideas with Mcrueloyalty too. But the gang members have to get some times and decitions made for each of themselves and there by come around with me to create a group focus. Right now everyone is in their own direction from stuff each has to do. But I will try to sort this out so we can get on with the ideas and evelopements for the site for you guys too. It is all time for sorting really. It is mainly time for ending and organizing things here at my end. Killing issues solving issues creating new issues the list is the infamous never ending story. But it will be good and more calm again ones things are in place and sorted.

You see as mentioned about in this posting people have seriously personal issues these modern day times and I feel it is sick to deny it. And even more sick to say its easy solved. I sadly see more and more of this. And it is without saying quiet fustrating really. I think all could get way further by not being so ego minded and picky al lthe time. Change things around sand see a negative as a situation that could teach you something change something and even be considered a cry out of "there is something wrong but noone else says anything so I will not either". Its healthy to act on things instead of being stubborn and selfish and in denial. I find it very hard to work with people fulfilling these descriptions. No matter if its friends, family, buyers or sellers doesnt matter.


18th Of january 2010, Really Strange Changes
8:13AM CET
Monday morning. Came home from my nightshift about 6 hours ago. Should go to bed really but after a shower I wanted to check my emails. I did and now I can not sleep at all. I feel tired but my curiousness and part sadness is taking over the sleepyness. You see some of my sat deals may now be in trouble and I do not understad why. Really strange actions on the part of certian sellers are somewhat suprising me and rather deeply hurting me. I really never thought there would have been created doubt and fustration to the bonds and sat deals. Time can sometimes provide really suprising news to the table. I often ask myself why it is so hard for people to stick to whats already planned and then be loyal and appreciated? It all really does stress me out somewhat. Fuck.

On a more obsecure and totally strange note a seller that said something that was rock solid there too and would never deal with outer countries from where this person lives well..... sold the item that this person had at hand that I also truely wanted but then the high bidder / buyer of it had not done anything about his or her win and there by sat deal. Then I out of the blue gets this offer on it and I just threw a mail the sellers way saying HELL YES LETS DO THIS. Now I eagerly awaits a reply to get this sat in stone for sure. Course even though I was the one getting contacted it is still NOT a solid sat deal. We will see whats to be the end of that too. And on top of it if this goes well i have a really cool yet sad story to add to it later. I am suprised ones again about htis. So hopefully I will get this deal trough I really, really, really hope to course that is something else to have.

The 13 year long hunt for the straight jacket worn on the cover for the 1989 release Dr. Feelgood ran out between my fingers tonight too. the owner up till maybe 1 or 2 days ago said he would not sell it for under a certian amount so I would actually have a great chance (got a long story there too to tell but I wont) and again people change their doings their told sometings and now ... its all gone. Thirteen years of huntiing this baby down. I was so shocked to hear it just went away. Totally unreal. Yes there are more to share but all and a few stories more are of negative outcome and hugely dissapointments to me that has really been hurting me massively / emotionally. I wish there was something to do really. But there is not. I got to stay cool for a little while then take all things from there.

There will be answers to all my