My story

My story

Really, the only reason why I’m writing this story is because I believe it could be interesting to many to go “behind the scenes” and really get in under the skin of a fan that is so loyally dedicated to a band. How could someone be willing to risk everything in the name of passion? 

It is a remarkable thing, if I may say so myself. Interesting to dig in on. So, who is this person and what is the story behind this Cruehead from Denmark?
Well, my story is long, and to start, I would have to go back (way back), to get to the reason why music in general and Motley Crue in particular became such a big part of my life. 

Why am I even willing to risk so much for a band that probably doesn’t really care about just one more fan? There are no simple answers to that question, and also,  it is a universe that I have given up on trying to explain to people. 

One day in 1983, while I was working at a record store, the new releases of that week were delivered. One of the titles in that box was Motley Crue - “Shout at the Devil.” I remember looking at the gatefold cover - it looked powerful as hell. What really blew me away was the inner sleeve of the cover, with these monstrous new pictures of the boys, side by side, in a devilish powerful line of shots. 

“What the hell is this?” 

I was flooded with the same feelings I had with Kiss back in 1976, as I first saw them in a Danish magazine called “GO.” Kiss is the rock music band that started it all for me, but I have today sold most of my Kiss collection to focus solely on Motley Crue. 

The timing for finding Motley Crue for me was perfect. The one member that I really loved was Mick Mars. He looked so powerful, fucked-up, and he really had me hooked. I bought the “Shout at the Devil” album before the box was even unpacked. I also looked to see if we had the debut album, “Too Fast For Love.” We did. Sold! 

From 1983 onto the present has been a ride like nothing else in my life. There are some chapters to my story which I can hardly believe myself, like lost jobs, lost relationships… but from that I can also honestly say that I learned just how important Motley Crue is to me. I truly believe I’ve become far more aware of my inner self in some strange ways. ‘

I have sold belongings - and a lot of them - only to exchange the money for Motley Crue items that very same day. I have taken huge loans throughout the years to realize some dreams in the name of the band. In short, there has been nothing I wouldn’t do to be loyal to the Crue. I have over the years had a lot of worries; health, finances, y$ou name it. However, I’m not at all done with this. I just care too much to take a step back. It’s not a hobby, it’s a LIFESTYLE! 

After a well spent $100,000, has it all been worth the ride? YES!
Is it still worth the ride? HELL YES!!! 

The stories of bands are well documented, almost no matter what band we’re talking about. What we don’t hear about a lot is the fan story. So, here is a normal (I dare say) kid that started many, many years ago, supporting a bunch of guys he considers to be his heroes. It has grown to be an obsession I just can’t live without. It’s an addiction, no doubt about it. Healthy? Probably not. 

It has been an ongoing thing for decades now. I have many times been wondering what it would take for me to stop collecting. I still haven’t found the answer. The dedication, the adventures, and the curiousness constantly controls the actions I take and the decisions I make in life. I simply don’t feel attracted to the so-called normal life. 

Honestly, I think I would die if this life was not for me anymore. I would be bored with the ordinary. It is an awesome thing for people who can actually figure it out and get something good out of it. I can’t. I really don’t know what to do with myself outside the music world. 

People have asked me many times why I haven’t gotten a job within the music industry. The truth is I have, but it’s not as great and fun as people might think. So I ended up within the rock radio business instead, which was another heartfelt passion of mine. I loved it. Still love it. I think it’s a nice little sidekick to my musical interest. I have got to say also, that it takes a lot of hard work to get a radio show rolling and to keep it afloat. 

But to have all of the above make more sense, let’s just start with the classic little intro about the individual that is Yours Truly. Get your coffee, cigarettes, or whatever makes your day just a little bit better. Sit back and enjoy the ride, and just remember - if I die tomorrow, Motley Crue rocked my world!