Diary 2007

31st Of December 2007, Last Crueloyalty Kiss From Us 2007
5:15PM CET

So its finally here. How on earth did this year go by this fast? I cna not believe it. Wel lwe are all still here. I think? Most of us anyways. So what ever kind of turbulence you have had 2007 you got through it and you got out safe. That is something. God knows have had my share this year. I never for one believed I shoudl survive the shit ...sometimes I didnt anyway!!! Buthere we are on this happy jolly and good day in the name of alcohol partying kisses sex and shit. well Count me out. I am for one not doing jack fromthat go do list. As the clock strikes midnight here I am sitting in a train on my way to work. can you fucking believe it? Not easy to huhh well I am . Not a party night this year for me.

So let me quickly run through this one. 2007 .. my god. What a year. It has not been of the better ones for sure. I have really had a lot of shit happening lost a great lot and been in a lot of pain and missery. You all have read the previous diaries I guess and for that I thank you. So no need to tell ones again about my new years resolution. ONe could be a new one though. Trying to take small breaks from all Motley every now and then and do other thngs. Will I be able to? I cant guarentee it. I cant even say it. But I like ot try. It would be a healthy thing for me.

I think it is also about time to say THANKS SO MUCH for all your support on behalf of all behind the Mcrueloyalty. We are honoured to have been able to keep up with this site and continue to bring you the biggest best Crue fansite on the planet. God knows it has been close to be shutting down a couple of times this year. But as started off by saying here today ... we all made it. What ever we fought with we are here now. So thanks again. 2008 will be a monster year for the site and a monster year for you to go in on here and see a lot that is so awesome. We have a few plans....

Notices the new front page?? Cool eyy??

Now today have had a good couple of handful of addings too my brothers and sisters. So enjoy!!
And make no mistake we have a lot of things to bring you still. We are not even half done. Just need the right moment and the right frames for it to happen. Thats all.

I hope you all get well and whole into the new year in a few hours. I wish you all a great 2008. A new year with all could wish for. And remember March or April is the time for the new Crue single to be a pre-runner for the brand new studio release that could be hte boys last. We will see. Vince is coming out with a new solo CD soo ntoo. Corabis book is coming. yeah its gonnabe big .. .passionately THANKS GOD. Financially - Fuck no.

16 more days and I am in Hollywood San Diego and California coming back end of February and have two full suitcases with new Crue to go on here. You will love it. Just wait and see. January is no silent month!!!

Till then take care of each other be good - Life is shit short so use it well.
Thanks again - Mcrueloyalty, Tx

26 Dec 2007 19:30 PM
3 years with loyalty and counting
Hey All I guess it is time for me to make a posting..
Its been a long time since I did.. 2007 is about to end, and we are starting our 4th year on the loyalty site…

I still have a fulltime job as a bus driver.. Just got my own house, so I still need A lot more hours in a day
to make everything work, and fit together..
Sometime I just want to close this site down and say FUCK IT, when things don’t act the way I have planed…

but somehow Tommy always gets me back on track…
As Tommy have posted in his diary, we have talked about some new ideas we have for the site…

Right now I am working on a few ideas on my own for the site, but to make it happen, I need the help of the Crue members…Hope to , somehow, get in contact with them.. it is an idea I don’t want to tell you about , because Tommy doesn’t even know what it is… I want it to be a surprise.. I still hope that we in time can begin to make a little money in making this site..

Just to cover the hosting – maybe new programs – get someone to help us in the design, or even a little trip to US to work with some web designers… Only time will tell… So for now I will just whish you all a Happy new year.. See you all in 2008
And thanks Tommy for being my best friend...
Webmaster Heidi

28th Of December 2007, Import Sage Continues, Gearing Up To America
8:00PM CET
Friday normally a day we all love ot get in on. Cause it means WEEK-END. But not for me. Everything is so the opisit for me. I have work tonight tomorrow and Sunday. No new years eve for me either well I am off in the day but checking in for work at 05AM again on the 1st. So as said .... no free time no party no nothing for me. Fucking lousy and boring. My god this is so anoying. More complaints. More shit - I know this is what it sounds like. You think of it as you will. It is a hard time when you combine it with stuff in my personal life that for good reasons you do not know much about.

The saga, the adventure, the mess, the mystery about the pick up and tax import office pullings are continuing.

have today received the fian lpapers for what I am to for in import taxes before I can pick it up. I called the office and got told that I could pay it dierectly to their bank account. Just go to the bank they have and put the amount in. Today I got my january pay check and I pai it. My good lord the deal has gotten its last dime. What a hard tricky trip it has been financially. I can honestly say it has been the worst thing i have done financially but the best thing I have done collectibly. My god it has been hard as hell. But its paid out now. So have I gotten it yet? No!!!

They said to pick it up is possible either the 2nd or the 3rd of January. Shit dude.... again!!!! delayed.
But the story then goes that I can NOT go there the 2nd. Cause I am not here. I am in Grenaa. The 3rd? Can not go there either. So it has to be the 4th or something. Then I am having a really hard time to get it home to Grenaa and the rest of the collection. Fuck I feel I have so tricky things to sort out about this here. This deal is not the easiest to seal.

I am gonna say to you that there are things to do and things to take care.I hope to have a camera with me as this pick up comes to life. It would be a treat to have. Pictures of the pick up.

Getting slowly prepared for the USA again. Not economicly. Cause I will not have money with me to fuck around with. no way. But i do not really care cause i only wnat the stuff to be picked up that is there and then bring home most possible. I really do havea lot to bring out of there. But a good portion will come to me this time. There wil lbe a slight meet with some people incl Sixx, Tommy sister, Jack Valentine the band Cage and al lthats gonna be done at the NAMM.

Ohh dear time is flying away. Time ot go to work again. God damn it.
You all take care folks. Talk again soon. More to get added on the 31st. Just a little bit more. Love - Tx

26th Of December 2007, Xmas Sadness, 2008, Trip & Updates
10:13AM CET
How sad a time it is for me. These past few days ahave been really hard on me. For many reasons. Actually for so many it is almost rediculous. I will not bother you all by going in on em but it has just not been a cool time. Only a period that has been kind of givin me time to do something I have done a few times this year. Reflecting - on the year that has now passed. Well, it has been a year I wish in many ways I never had to witness. But I have so it is time now to simply move on and look forward. Use the shit I have learned from all this and think twice again before I do any stunts. Sadly it especially involves people only. It is not really something done solo. That normally goes fairly well.

Now, some have asked me about 2008. Well lol, to be honest with you the year time wise (vacation time) and financially is more or less already planned. To share some of it with you I can say this; Next week it is Januury and by the 3rd of January it kind of already starts the new plans. You see i have had one of Europes biggest KISS collections ones a good 6 years back. Sold it all. Or rather most of what I had kept all my record awards and guitars and that was almost about it. Now all awards are gone (41 of 43) and all guitars are gone (6 of 8) but one of them are to sold here early January as a part payment plan. And that will see the first 2008 step into the plans for everything I hope to do and have success with this coming year!! Thank you.

Now I am having three main goals for the new year to come. Hopefully as said I will have success with them. One is to go to the US here mid January. I know that one is already kind of safe. It is going to happen mid january a short fast in and out of the US but it will happen.

Then I have as most of you all know a lot of stuff laying round the USA by people and i wanna have all that picked up by myself or paid to have shipped out to me next year as well. I want to have all that cleared best way possible. Easiest and cheapest but yet safest way possible too. I am so done having all these items laying there. All old dreams that has been with me for a couple of years when it comes to America and that has been flushed out. I am done dreaming. Time flies by like I dont know what and allI have gained from it have been loses. Lost material. Items. Friendships I thought I had and loved. The price has been too high to have all these people invited in on my dreams to be a part of it.

In my own world I say I am way, way, way more serious on my collecting than they ever will be. maybe I am wrong? But I do not see it. I think I have such high hopes, plans and wishes and them shared with the people invited in on this, felt with time like pressure to them. So I guess I am solo on this inthe future. It is nothing bad in being less serious than I but to take it all the way out to let it kill bonds and friendships that so killed me. And I have tríed to repair some but unsuccesfully. That was the big lesson of 2007.

The third thing t oget done in 2008 would be to try to cover a handful only shows in the summer.
The band has said to tour from June or July again. But will it happen? I simply can not say cause I do not know. They may even be in lack of a drummer at this point. Tommy fucking around quitting the band and then not quitting the band has kind of caused a split. None of the other members returns his calls or noting it seems. So what is the current situation is he in or is he out? If the band knows then they seem to be the only ones knowing. Tommy himself says he is in. But is it single handedly his call? I do not think so. I can think of one in the band that is ass tired of his stunts.

But does the tour come then yes that is my third wish to go and see maybe 4 or 5 shows and thats that.
Try to cover the merch line to come and say that is it. I did what I did and 2008 is covered. That would be cool for me. In a Motley sense. cause on the private life there are a gazillionthings I like to get done also. But to be frank with you all I am not making that much money that I can simply do all that. Not possible. So it is a choice. Al lthe time. Choose and pick. And forget what you passed on. cause there will pass a long time before I get back to that kind of doins again.

A lot of items are still awaited in the mail.
If there will be less in 2008 I can not say. I automaticly would say yes there will come less. Cause with changes in my Motley buying life things and rules have changed major. Everything else from now on is way more expensive for me that it has ever been. Long story not for you to worry about. But it is. So I am not going to be upset about it. Just simply have to see if can still hold my passion alive from them changes. If it is still to be worth it or not. Thats all.

The last two days we have been going through some stuff here cleaned out the apartment I live at and tried to figure out how to give me more space to live on. LOl. I know it sounds silly but that is really how it is. And we have I am happy to say succeeded. My baby brother and I have gone though all the shirts too single rapped each and every one of them in airtigh plastic so they will never change get more smelly from laying in carboard boxes and all. And we found maybe 20 to 25 shirts that are either lost from the site shirt section or has never been on there. He counted it to be close around 300 diffenrent Crue shirts total now.

I wish I had had a camera here to show you a few pictures from all them spread all over the living room last night . Jesus. Sadly I had none. So you gotta imagine that on your own. But things right now for me as a person and as a collector is this; we have new ideas in mcrueloyalty to be tried out next year and then we have to see it it will bare fruit or not. So January will see a lot going on there too.

I also have things to get done as a pvt. person from major changes in my personal life that affects me big time. Plus I am right now trying to focus on the main goals when it comes to Motley Crue as listed in this posting above. Trip, home bringin, and tour. There you have it. Now I personally only waits for 2009.

I will get with you one more time this year more than likely on the 31st of December.
Until then be good take care of each other dont do anything stupid.

22nd Of December 2007, Site News
4:55AM CET
Saturday morning. I am off in 30 minutes from work for 5 full days. Thank god away and out of hell for a short time.

Going home ot Grenaa for the full time really. I think I need no, no, no .. I refraise that I DO need to have time off from here. I am so fed up on this fucking job. How ever right now I have my body situation to get used to too. I do not feel fine really. It is a long fucked story but I am not going details on here for the reason that it is pvt and not Crue related at all right now.

Wanna hear something fucking anoying? The dreamdeal mess continues. Now they have again contacted me saying that the papers that they have gotten were good.. well not no more. Now they are not good and accepted at all. What a fucking mess. All I want is my stuff all the old and previous owner wants is to let me have it and the god damn import tax office and their stinky paper works .. just take it a step up the ladder of complications. What a drag. Its so silly. Fuck let the buyer and seller get this over wioth and stop this shitty paper mess. Bill my ass for import taxes and hget it over with jesus christ. Now it seems like I can not get it in hand til lafter new years. never experienced such a stupid situation before. But on top of all this it is also going to be more expensive for me. How cool is that? Awesome right??

So you will all have to wait a while to actually see the lot on the site sorry about this.

A new Sixx worn tour shirt from the Route tour of the late fall / winter US tour 2006.
A few more things are getting added today on the site and tomorrow again. It is all good on that point. Yeah, things will absolutely do good and it will be nice turning into its 4th year coming 2008!! I for one can not believe it. Well more on that in a little two weeks time I guess. Stick around.

I will get with you all again tomorrow on here making a diary and sending you all a happy holiday salute. There is so much going on up in my head and in my life right now it is ...well hard to seperate it all and have a calm feeling on top of it. I did yesterday have another COOL few hours with my Danish best band passion .. ofcause talking about the band Surfact. Let me in on a little story.

Latest on the shit for brains that holds my stuff in Denmark brought home from the USA seems to have reacted. Well let us wait and see till it actually is in the hands of me. But the fucker sent a text message and offered a December 27th to meet up and hand over. God damn it is an anoying fucker. Turns out this individual had a ton of trouble with the band he was in. Yes was he now got sacked cause other than me have had about enough of this one. So hopefully that lot (not too big but still a lot and mine) seems to maybe come to me that adte and there by is a new lot that will be added on here early next year. As you have maybe seen already there are a good few things added on here today and I am so glad it got on. Finally it can be packed away from the places it just lays at and it shouldnt. And besides it gives you guys too a little new load to look at and enjoy.

My special thanks today has to go out to a few people that have made more than hoped for possible now. First and foremost the bond and team work and solo doings by my webmaster. 2007 has in many ways for myself for her and especially for us to find common time to sit with this baby of ours....loyalty.com and .dk - I thank her for a job well done. A lot of hard times have been won over and we are still fucking here. We are moving in on our 4th year.

I know there are talks from her about her trying out perhaps new things that with time could make this site maybe even a bigger killer something. It already is a killer. We know for a fact a lot of people find it prety useful if not the most useful for checking out merchandise and to get info on and about things. I think it is a bloody cool thumbs up that a lot of people out there have shown us. And I pass it on to the webmaster and a personal between friends tip with my hat to her for keeping up. I know somewhere deep inside of her ownslef she finds it well worth it.

A huge salute and a thank you also to my baby brother. A lot of things had never been possible this year had he not done what he has done and felt okay with. Not to say have had a understanding for. He is now back on t he colleting wagon himself (god help us) not on the Motleys thank god, but the Swedish quartet Crashdiet. (www.crashdiet.org) if you want to check em out. The band Mick Mars went to Stockholm to help out on their recently latest release. (to be seen also in the "looks" section under CDs 2007).

Corinna a name that has been on here a ton of times in the past. She has been really helpful on the US side of things and helped me trying to cover all thats gotten out there for me. A highly appreciated something too. Tina in New England north of Boston USA, for giving a hand during times when I lost a dude I considered a HUGE friend and brother for life..... but sadly it was not looked at the same way from him to me. I still miss him. But what can one do?? Yes there have been a couple of people that have really made a difference for and to me this year and it may not always come out but my appreciation is bigger Tina I can possibly just yell out in words in a diary!!!

To everybody out there untill we return on here....

Have a
Merry Cruesmas

And a
Cruecial New Year

From us at the worlds coolest Crue fan site known to the diehard Crueheads.

19th Of December 2007, Import taxes, Websites & Life.....
I feel kind of desturbed in my head these days a lot of dissapointment and shit happening but also some very cool and good of cause. Right now I feel totally focused on the clearence of my soon arriving "dreamdeal" have talked back and forth to the import tax offices. And it is said to be in the harbour of Copenhagen on December 27th. That means its at my house round new years. I can not even begin to tell you how great that feels. Certain people are constantly asking me questions about the up and coming January california trip. That is something that is not too important to me other than going to pick up another load of what is my items there to be brought home - finally.

There are still trouble with a stupid little sad excuse of a man holding some of my Crue stuff. He is a selfish deep shit little cockass ignoring all mails and more from me to get my stuff. Turns out the fucker is in deep shit with some of his own god damn band mates here in Denmark too. What a sad sad sad little shitster. I am going to turn the police on him soon if he does not respond to my shit. It blows my mind how fucked and selfish people can be.

Sticking to my plans for 2008 - getting a lot of stuff for my one replaced / or changed if you will. Plus getting a lot of my stuff stored by people round the world home. I then after these priorities going to try to save days off and money for going on to a few dates of the coming Crue tour in America this summer. I still say think this will be their last. Hell I am not even sure I would like ot see them after this one. God damn there are assholes like BIG time everywhere these days. Go die like NOW please fuckers....

I have found what seems promising on being a new really good friend in the Crue world. It is a German dude living in America soon to be moving to Vegas. he seems really real this dude. I will out of respect not mention his name here. But I have a liking to this individual. maybe there are still great people out there after all.

The site has been updated and have had a few addings on here so enjoy as usual.
I am not gonna touch the site on this side of saturday now so there is a little slow week or so right now to come. I will have a few diaries up here I guess to keep you up with chances of picking my brians if you feel for it. I am so sad in mind these days in things that are none Crue. Begin to feel like a split personality. As most of my shit in life is boring and pulling me down in major ways. I hate the job I have I hate people around me. Would not have had they only been capable of acting desent. Fuckers. But they are not so I feel really down on life in generel.

I miss a love life. Not sex really just having someone now. I know it is not about being older and getting lonely. It is more cause there are not pure pleasure in the Crue life of mine no more. It is packed with a high percentage of bad feelings too. So I would have loved to have the love life going. We will see what we can do about it next year. This is the last time I am going to say this...

I will have a few changes on the sites from the new years. There will be a few things that are to be detail changes and well consider it as a little freshness lol. I will have a lot of things coming in January to be added here for sure. I will also have a good few new ideas that will be tried out as we find time ot do so. I think there will be a rather cool time coming in 2008. And I truely hope that there will be such a cool time holding some of you in it and in my life. But if you know youre an ass please do not even bother just back off and stay the hell away from me.

Have had so many assholes in my life from this passion that I can smell shit for years to come. It is of highly importance to me to have focus on myself now and not all the ones around me. People I care for and people I have got siuees with all knows who they are and I am in a waiting position on wheather they want to change or not as well. I am done trying to talk and tell....if they wont on their own so be it. Talk again soon....Crue fans are not all cool I have said it before a lot of fucks out there.

16th Of December 2007, Cruecial Thoughts And Life Passing.....
1:34PM CET
Here we go again. There are so many thoughts to and about life for me these days. With now .. even further illness and shit I see life being even shorter than I even considered it to be. And believe me I myself am one that have for years thought and lived from the thought and idea of "life being too short".

Have gotten further information today about certain people who now are dying too. with a givin 4 to 8 weeks. It is again another life taken out of my own. I myself am sick. I myself feel I loose a member of the family or a friend or something every year. It makes me think I got to be loyal even more to my dreams and my doings. Make jobs and shit secondary. Cause I will fucking not get another life. And this one is packed with plans as it is. I have to think hard about whom I include in my life from now on. I have no longer time to bullshit in it. And that is period. Call me what ever you like. I am sentimental and I take my own life seriously. I am not to fuck around with it and have nobody fucking with it and not giving me any more hard times. Just wont have it. fuck life is not cheap nor long. Later


14th Of December 2007, Dreamdeal, Taxes, Manson & Gearing UP
3:20AM CET
Still at work. Night shift at the national railway company in Copenhagen. So!!!!! I feel I am through this night for activities anyway. Right now I have a troubled mind about something that has now happend twice in my city back home of Grenaa. Twice over 10 days has there nopw been a new rapping by a fuckhead of the age around 20 years old. He still has not been captured. Fucking idiot. That is a guy that I really like to stand toe to toe with. I would freak out like hell and more than likely go apeshit. What the fuck is the world not coming to? There are tons of shitty happenings going on in Copehangen these days too. Mostly second generation foreigners. God damn fuckers. I am not a rasist but I could become one like so many others easerly!!! They try to control the drug market and sell to new young kids all the fucking time. FUCK THEM!!!!

My dreamdeal is right now in Gothenburg Sweden close to Denmark now. I have been instructed to send in papers that are confirming things about the deal with the boys in America. And that is right now a huge problem. cause I need my guy in America to send iot ASAP. Or if they could accept it fax it to the tax offices. There are no way at all that I will get this one out of the tax and import location of Copenhagen before these papers are here. I have been further more instructed that as it lands here it wiull only be held there for three days anmd after that it seems to be returned to the seller. NOT COOL. I need to contact these people in USA to get the papers really extremely fast!!! So I can get this one dealt with and taken care of.

There are no not an easy mind on my shoulders untill this is safe and secure. I really do want to have this deal cleared finally before christmas. Cause this is really soemthing that financially and mentally as sid so many times really been scribed off from any hopes and believes I may have had over the time since first offered this. So I still need to have some more time to really express myself about this!! So please be patient. I promise you this lot as it comes will have a good few pictures that will make me proud and you will see it all here as it is dealt with.

Tomorrow to be thinking about something else is Marilyn Manson live day!!
Yes sir. It is my god knows what number of Manson concerts for me. But I am looking forward to it for sure. Simply cause I love and always have loved this dudes music for ages. Ever since the Antichist Superstar album. I think it is going to be a killer show even though the latest album also has had some really harch comments. It is like the cretics does not fully get the latest changes of the dude. Ohh well any how I am there tomorrow night in Copenhagenand I am excited. Especially also about the support act. It is the norweigans nutballs Turbonegro. That is one fucking awesome band that knows how to deliever. It is doomed to be rock n rock hell for an evening out!! Were all gonna be part of the latest dope show I am sure...

Got a few more items in the mail today. i8t is christmas time so there is a little longer waiting on my hands for the stuff that I know is on its way to here. But again the 22nd will have a few new addings. It is going to be a good day hopefully. And I am gearing up for the new 2008 now. For many reasons. The trip tothe US of A the new deals the new times the new chances. And more. God the list is long. Ass long.. so you just wait. It is going to be a fairly good year. Hopefully. bare with me as times and doings will form a new something on here. I think it is going to be okay. Still miss a loved one in my life and ones again another christmas and anopther new years eve without that special someone. My god that need to change for the new 2008. later friends and foes.. be good....


11th Of December 2007, Thoughts Of Pleasure And Pain!!!
11:50PM CET
It is Tuesday evening really close to midnight. I am at work right now. It has been a tough few days that has held me in some sort of nervousness a bout the arrival of the "dreamdeal" to come. Well as I slept it seems my phone had been ringing. And I tried to call back but too late. Closed. It was the shipping agency in Copenhagen that needed info on a USA arrival lot. Well man....what the hell to say? I need to call again tomorrow to get info and obviously give the info that they need there too - to more than likely bill me out my ass in import taxes. It sucks major that there are these fucked up things going on. But I can not get around it. Sad to say.

So tomorrow Wednesday is going to be an interesting say in the name of the Cruecial passion. Yes man I love owning it but what a seriously high ass price to have to pay for it. It is without saying a hard tough one to have pulled in. But most of it has now been paid off so there should not come anything BAD to kill it in the last few days. I simply will not alou it.

I get with you all on this as I get more news in a day or two alright?

I have had some conversations to different people about life, passion, music, Crue and more these few days. And I begin to feel something again that has been really weird and with me for years. It could be read as something really dark and a cry out for help but that is not what it is menat to be honestly!!! But ever since 1984 I have believed I should die at a certain age. Aint it weird? And you know what? That age is coming up 2008. I can in all honesty not tell you why that is or what would casue it should it happen. But I do think I will be dying a half satisfied boy should it happen. For all my doings. My adventures and more...

Funny how a mind can fuck around with you is it not? I dare say I think so. I have a lot of dreams still to aim for but some of the absolutely most longed for are killing me slowly but surely it feels. I have an extreme good friend in a girl called Tine, we talk every time we meet about life, the earth, human behaviour and more. None of us feels very attracted to this place called the western world.

It is really a sad ego minded shithead kind of world. It is not a place I would recommend at all should a foreign planet creature ever ask me about it. God knows it is a world of ssadness, violence and war every fucking where you look these days. My Motley Crue is rapped up in all of it and to do what I do these days seems even more fucked up as I close out all of that shit going down around me. But every time I try to grap an individual that I seenm to have a liking to and invite that person into my life a spark lights a fire and I get crushed just another time. I hate this shit.

I know now that Crue will be my last and remaning dream to go at for as long as it does not kill my inner self in a way that really makes me feel I have had enough.

W.A.S.P. was one of them bands that never really did that to me. Made me feel I had enough. I love them or should I really say Blackie Lawless? Well I saw them the very first time at "Mudd City" a shitty little club in Gothenburg Sweden 1984 and gues what my last seen concert on them guys was also Gothenburg only 2007. The "Crimson Idol" TOUR SAT ITS FINAL ON THEM LIVE FOR ME.

Wonder if there will be more than 10 more Crue shows for me in my life. I could not at this point say yes nor no. Should not really open up that boxof explenations as that would be a never ending diary for the day. And my fucking break here would not be that long. Right at this time - here and now - I am not a happy smiling boy. I am so fed up with crap that seems to surround me these days. Sick and tired of most. And travelling down what seems to be the never ending road of dissapointment in people. I constantly have like only a handful of people that I feel extremely good with that I would consider my loyal gang of friendships till I die. I have a tiny little group that really have my unlimited respect and all. And I feel it is the same the other way around. If you know what I mean.

Before I say anything really aweful tonight I better end this diary for the night. But tomorrwo as said will I have handed some info that will really make me smile or make me be in serious trouble. But the dreamdeal seems to have arrived in Denmark. And there by these items from the tours of 1985 USA and 1987 USA are on Danish ground for the first time ever in its excistence. That is a fucking unbelievable thing to think about.

later fuckers***

10th Of December 2007, Nothing Much Letting Time Pass On By
1:21PM CET
Hi everyone. How is all going ? Me? I am kind of in a state of simply waiting. waiting for the dream deal to arrive in the harbour of Copehagen-. Waiting to see if I will get the sad shitty shock of an import bill out the wild zoo....cause that would truely kill my remaning chances for anything this year. Not in the sense of buying major more things cause that limit has been reached already. But a huge damn import tax fee right this week will set a lot back for me. Incl. things and possibilities with my USA trip to come in 5 weeks.

There is another getgo on the .com site sorry about that. Meaning we are going to try to erase it all and have it set up again. It is a thing that keeps returning and fucking with that site so we have more or less desided to kill it and start it over so if you should have any trouble on it be patient. Now you know why. It is not your computer.

I have been giving 2008 a lot of thouht. But most of what I like to do will more than likely not be happening as I have a shit load of things to "clear up" next year it will take my time and my money to do so....

I feel a little uncomftable with one that I still would love to see and consider my close friend but things are cooking under us I feel and that kind of makes me sad and worried about future Motley adventures. It should not be like that but some sad shitty reasons sets me in that position with them feelings or thoughts if you will. Well no need to paint the devils face on the walls till things and situations will show now is there? Thats what I thought!!

December 22nd as it seems right now is going to be a day for the next adding on here with things.
Me and the webmaster will hopefully and finally have a chance to go head to head in a good way and share time together and sit for a few hours and do what we have talked about for some time. I hope it will happen. You will hear from me again I guess round the end of the week as the "dreamdeal" should finally have arrived and I will know about the import taxes. Well for now this is it. This is what I have. Not much but a short hi and hello is also ok is it not?

Are you going to be here:
seeking audience members to attend the exclusive live taping of Holiday Groove 2007 - A Massive Year-End DJ Celebration presented by Satisfaction and Mixology . Swedish Egil will be back to host the 4th annual massive line-up of special guest DJs and Groove Radio personalities. To see a complete list click here Holiday Groove 2007 will be recorded in front of a live audience on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at an exclusive location in Hollywood, California.

Event time is 8PM - 4AM. 21 and over welcome. This is a private event. No tickets will be available. Guest List is limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. EMAIL YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME HERE (or directly to: groove@grooveradio.com) before 5pm on Monday December 10th . You must receive a confirmation email for you plus one guest to attend. Hurry! RSVP TODAY


3rd Of December 2007, What A Bummer, Yet Hopeful For Year end. 7:13PM CET
Another Monday and another kind of thing going on in the world of emotions. I do push myself when it comes to things and happenings I like to see go my way. Yesterday was no exception. A lot of things were ending on eBay to mention but one. I had a list of tings on there that I liked to get. A lot of minor things but a couple of bigger ones that totally took another fucked up stupid turn out. There was a Girls, Girls tour itinerary I liked to win. And with a good I think it was 3 or 4 hour to go it was way up in the 140 dollars. The normal dude aiming high quiet often on items he wants “Ukdivision” and another dude both kept out bidding one another …

I still shake my head when people do these fucked up things. Why want to raise something that could end up being your winning bid and bill?? I do not get it I am sorry. But I do not. Anyway it ended in the middle of the night our time here in Europe so the alarm clock was set again. I bid and well I took it. Ass high priced. Worth it? No not for the amount as such. For the passion? Yes. Well you see there are a little too many things going on right now that are kind of close to be killing me. I do have a USA trip in 6 weeks and I do have a line of things too to have coming. So it is not the best times for awesome offers. But I do see it like this. Have extreme special offers and grab it. Have a ton of offers on minor things you do not have… but have huge events round the corner….wait. Thank the sellers kindly but with a no thank you.

I then also won a magazine and that one had a seller as often before with a “USA bidders only” I did win it (yes I overlooked that minor detail this time) and he simply would not sell me the magazine ever though I won it and offered a more price total to cover shipping good. It is so annoying. I do not care what people say most people there are so ego minded it is creepy.

Anyway I also had a brief talk about things with my travelling partner that here remains nameless.That person is in a situation now in its own private life that there more than likely will not be a big go around no more. So certain things and sections here could have seen its last adding. I do feel sad about that of cause I do. It is always a seriously cool thing to have had going the last 3 years. But now it has its cutbacks big time so will there ever be this again? I can not say. But I can say this about it. It will be in far smaller portions. And way less covering.

I got a feeling the last couple of tours the band may have in them will be “covered” by me solo. I am not going to see a shit long list of concerts next tour next year. Only maybe a couple. Like I did on the European tour last year. Woops. It was this year was it not? Lol. Shit yeah, lol it was. Now what I would have loved to be able to see on TV even though I have it all myself already is the VH1 special on the 7th and the 8th of December. It is surely KISSmas time. Look at this scedual.

December 7: 9:00 PM Dodger Stadium 98 Concert 11:00 PM KISSology II Special
December 8: 12:00 AM Dodger Stadium 98 2:00 AM Unplugged 3:00 AM Sydney 1980

4:00 AM KISSology II Special 5:00 AM To be announced 6:00 AM KISS Video Hour
7:00 AM KISSology II Special 8:00 AM Sydney 1980 9:00 AM Unplugged
10:00 AM Houston 1977 11:00 AM KISSology II Special 12:00 PM Dodger Stadium 98
2:00 PM KISS Video Hour 3:00 PM Houston 1977 4:00 PM Unplugged
5:00 PM KISSology II Special 6:00 PM Sydney 1980 7:00 PM KISS Video Hour
8:00 PM Unplugged 9:00 PM KISSology II Special 10:00 PM Dodger Stadium 98

Well I am not in the US of A so I can not watch it. I am so longing for getting the KISSology III. Again there are different sets to find. I have a ton of things to clear so it is not the easiest thing to do. But it is out this coming week. So if it is on sale there man, I do not want to say it but I will regret it if I do not act on that then. Buying them in January is stupid. Well stupid in the sense they will cost a good 10 to 13 bucks more a set. Shit. So why not just drop them I collect Motley Crue not KISS. Well the four masked new Yorkers will always be in my heart period. But I do think these box sets are the ultimate way to present themselves to anybody in the private home in digital matter. Damn these box sets are so cool. Check em out.

More Motley items in the “AIR” that I love to get my hands on man but it will more than likely all be settled in the next let us say 3 days or just about. I have gotten a lot of sorting done lol, the last couple of days back home. My god there is so much new another huge box has been filled up. I am so tired of boxes. Not tired of collecting or nothing .Bu t I do feel like I live among boxes.

I sleep at a storage place. That is what it feels like. I really should have a perfect home and location where most of it could be displayed huh? Yes. Well that would take like a really huge home and that costs way more than what I am willing to pay for having roof over my head. T is insane to pay an ass load for a home that is really only rented. Or owner for that matter, Why? Why not sped your hard earned money on adventures making your life a rich ride? That is hat I really rather want to do and have done fro several years.

I would like to get a lot more “holes” in certain areas like awards – records – and more closed. Would really like to be able to say okay there is no more to be bought that I do not have within let us say 7” singles. Or rolled posters or .. something. It just feels like there is a never ending hunt going on. It will never be closed. There always is something to be found. Can at times be rather frustrating. Don’t you think? Man ……

Oh well keep on spending or start focusing on only one or two areas then you may have a chance to do this get something completed. With a lot of luck that is. Do it like I do… collect everything and you can forget about it. It is impossible. Oh well, I got an email the other day from a Swedish guy saying “Shit I was in on your site if all this is what you hold in your personal collection and is owned by you then I send you respect. Never seen a bigger and more massive Crue collection anywhere”. Well I thanked this dude for his kind respectful words but think about it man….

With all you see on here you can say maybe 10 times that is what is out there to be bought found and hunted down. It is insane. And when I think about the fact that this has so far costed me well over the 150.000 dollars mark then you do the math. Do you really want to try to find the money and then the places and locations and all that holds it all? You are going to grow old and grey way before that hunt is sealed and bringing you the pleasure hoped for. Oh yes, it is a huge cake to eat unless you are really hungry dead serious and do not really want a normal life….. DO NOT EVEN START!!!Well boys and girls till we meet again. Keep it dirty.


2nd Of December 2007, Last Chapter, A Thousand Thoughts......
10:59AM CET
Christmas is coming. I think it can be christmas for me but in a very new and untried way. I have reported lol (funny word) to my family that I have no intentions of being in a holiday gift rapping shared spirt this year. Due to something that is partly the reason for my resigning from the celebrations 2007. I have had offeres on Crue things that have now come to an end for me. Like the huge dream deal. I wanted something and I got it. I am still waiting thoughh for the stuff to come but in a good week and a half or two weeks I will go get it. As it should arrive in Copenhagen harbour by then.

It is Decemebr man. God damn this year has flown by fast. And looking back it has been with a lot of hurt and dissapointment I have to say. It has been with a lot of heart and back stabbing in many ways. Lost a lot of items. Lost a lot of friends or what I cared to believe was friends. Lost a lot of hopes and more. What I gained and won over have been seriously neat things though. It has been a turbulent year. In many ways too. But the storms have also had its stops where I have have gotten some really cool things for my Motley collection.

I think I am trying to share with you all the following, that no matter what is happening in life. Try to stay focused and hang on to what really pulls you through things. I was seriously in doubt at the beginning of 2007 that I would ever overcome the shit I felt I personally experienced from and with the band from late 2006 till summer or at least spring this year. On top of that a lot of fights and verbal crap between me and other people related to my Crue life. Like briefly described above.

Oh yes it has been a tough but fast running year - for me anyway. How about your 2007? have you had a good one? have you had a year like you wanted it? I hope you have. I like to see my friends happy. I like to hear good news and good stories. Shit that makes me smile. There is way more than enough of the other negative hard ball shit in the world as it is.

I have talked to my webmaster about things well briefly so far anyways. And we will try to have something new tested out next year. Have talked about spicing the site up a little bit. That is going to be tried, at least I hope for some good results. There will hopefully be a good thing and feeling to it all through out 2008. I think somethings may change too on it. I have as you have maybe seen redrawn myself from a shit load of people and that will eventually cause the site to be a bit more ME than a "us" site. I had all these great things not to say dreams for a Cruecial army to be like a gang behind this site but people were not living up to nothing. So I am kind of going back to being invincible again like the first 15 years of my Crue life. Not sharing much with anyone. Just living it all for myself.

I feel Crue is beginning to be what I have for a while, outside my job(s).
There are signs of people moving in on a more and more ego minded and selfish set living. Not room for anything or anyone that does not bark the way you want them to. Old bonds are slowing slipping through ones fingers and all. It is a weird shitty world.

Anyway let me be the frst to spread a holiday greeting to you all early ... welcome to the last chapter of 2007. It is December.

29th Of November 2007, Damn It Feels Good But Shit How Cash Flies
11:43AM CET
It has been with a huge urge to get to this day!! Today the remaning of my dream deal has been paid off and I feel to be honest really good about it. It is uncool in the sense that it is Decemebr and holidays are coming and more. But this deal has been talked about and seen as something totally unreachable several times over the last year and a half. Now it is paid and it is in the mail on its wayto Copenhagen, Denmark. That is fucking rad!!! Bad ass. Mr. Sixx and Bowman. This is a deal only dreamed fo for so long. My god. can not wait to have it here. What a pick up it is going to be... shit!!! Hurray!!! It is done - dealt with and I succeeded. What a fucking rush!!!

There are now a new fresh year to pick up on well from the month of February or something. Cause I have the Californian trip in January in only six weeks I board another plane. I do not really long to go. More longing to go pick up and bring home more stuff that is there of mine. That would mean an ass load to me to come home again from that with another full backpack and two stuffed suitcases. Hell yes!!. Then after that thre will more than likely be a summer 2008 trip over to take a short part of the up and coming new world tour.

I can not really explain at this point how good it feels to know al lthe tours from the reunion tour 2004/5 has been coverd and all merch more or less is safe adn sound in the private collection I here hold. I have really done a fantastic job. I never exected it to have been this much possible. But I have made my priorities and done my suffering. I feel great about it now. So happy to say things are going fairly well. A lto of money has been put into this band this year. It is easy a good 13000 bucks. I repeat - this year alone.

Now Other artists that are to be witnessed was to be Gotthard tonight that is cancelled too. many have been recently. Ill singer no voice. Sad. It is rescedualled for March though. So cool. Dec 14th Marilyn Manson Copenhagen. And the next years ton of shows and radio interviews of all kinds.

The Bon Jovi concert June 2008 Denmark got sold out instatly same day. I am NOT going. But I am going to this one. With my brother we will relive the mighty Maiden in the biggest Scandinavian outdoors show ever put on stadiums. That is wjat it says. So ... Bloody hell year. Guess the ticket price by the way? No?? Hard? It was inner center tickets for the danish amount of 666 Danish Kroners. Even the god damn price is Maiden related... Get it? "6 6 6 the number of the beast..."

We are actually really going to enjoy the kill of that Sunday in July. So it will NOT be there that I am going ot be in America again. No way. It is going to be such a thrill I think to see thisparticular tour from the English men. They praise so highly of the tour to come. And I think it could perhaps be the best ever in Iron history?!!. Having all the albums and have not listend to them for a long long long time makes me feel even more excited about it. Ohh well enough Maiden lol. I am sure if you are a Maiden fan (too) you can find plenty of them and about this coming tour that will kill serious ass else where on the mighty world wide web.

There is a few updatings of items shortly, have a few new CDs and other stuff sent to the webmaster today so it will come on shortly.

Just come on back in and see us. You can always see on the frot page which sections and what date something has been updated. So it is not a nightmare to find out what is going on here. I think there is a pretty solid something here in almost every section there is so it feels really awesome. I am proud. And I should be. I have worked hard as fuck to have these things set and reached the heights that they are al lat right now. Still fighting with a few fucking individuals about some things of mine in the name of the Hollywood kids in Crue. But it is going to be worked out. So totally unnessesarary ... shoot.

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about life and what is going on and what is a burden and what is still thrills and chills. Dreams and more. I have a couple of days ago had a brief chat to my travelling partner. Fianncially a mess but passionate and more we I hope will try to walk this shit o the door together if you know what I mean? We have done so many EXCLUSIVELY things together and I have a dream doing just a tiny few more together and then let it be closed that way. What will happen to us as friends? well I for one do not see us being the kind of friends I long for. She is way too unpersonal and non sharing compared to what I think of when I think TRUE friends. But in helpful ways and more she is a queen. It is just two very different thngs. So what when all this is over? I can not say. I simply can not say this time around.

I have been really ill as you all know these last handful of days. I am now feeling way better and I also have gotten my Decemebr scedual and booked myself in for three extra shifts at work to get some more cash out for january and have more things killed and get ready to throw money to an American so that person can ship off the next lot of my stage probs from USA to Denmark. Should be a killer feeling when it is all done with. I can not wait. I have too much invested and too much pain and argueing with financesand people about this lot. So it fucking has to ALL come home in 2008. No exceptions....... I can not wait to get it home....

It is fucking December in two days ... want an early christmas greeting and an idea for a holiday gift to someone?http://www.flashenhanced.com/sixxam/christmas.htm - enjoy!!!
Later it is a good day. An expensive day - but a good day. Shit yes!!!

Hell maybe even both parties of Donna and Nikki can finally find piece for the holidays too now? MOTLEY CRUE rocker NIKKI SIXX and his estranged wife DONNA D'ERRICO have agreed to settle their financial matters quickly in a bid to speed up their divorce. The couple - who split in May 2006 after nine years of marriage - have finally reached a settlement after both parties waived their rights to financial support at hearing on Wednesday (28Nov07). An agreement on the rest of their finances was also reached, meaning their divorce can now be finalised, reports TMZ.com. Sixx wed former Playboy Playmate D'Errico in 1995 just one month after he divorced his first wife Brandi Brandt. The couple have one daughter, six-year-old Frankie-Jean Mary. 29/11/2007 07:52


26th Of November 2007, On The Road Again Feeling Pale & Weak.
6:36PM CET
I am here onboard a train. Yes that is right have called in saying I will try to come back to work now and hopefully catch breath and get back on full. It has been a day of long strokes outdoors forcing myself to get on my feet and stay on em. I started in the morning – the cold morning by doing a 3 hours long but extreme slow walk to get air and try my strength. I am NOT all there – and that is politely said. But I do how ever feel that I have enough to try this insane choice. It is only three days then I have a day off and then it is one day work again and then two days off. And then hey, it is already the 5th of December shortly.

I have killed a few things SMALL things today that should now be on its way here. So that is good. I am on Wednesday killing (hopefully) my dream deal for good and then it is time to move in on 2008 with new things. But the year is kind of already planned for me so yeah man.... constant packed months of plans especially financially. I will not yet open up what I have in mind for the coming year. Most of it is actually only to clear loan and other private finances. But there are four big plans for next year as it is right now and they hopefully will all see me succeed as December of 2008 sneaks up on us.

I begin to long a lot for the right girl too. I begin to feel like I am willing to meet new people. I feel ready to let people in again. There have been hard tough emotional times in this passing year where I honestly felt more stepped on than appreciated. Where I felt I gave a lot but rarely got too much back. When you actually sit with thoughts and feelings like that and had huge appreciation in these people being in your life you can not help but somehow feel some what hurt. A few people outside my Motley world but inside my life too have been kind of a mystery to me.

It has been a really rough year in that sense. I wish I could explain it more. All in all that alone has also for you that have been reading here regularly seen me pulled back a bit and redraw a lot of ideas and openness when it comes to having people being involved in this site. Way too many considered themselves DIEHARDS when really they were nothing but gold diggers or regular fans. Nothing wrong with that just not cool for the site here.

It is totally not for that. That is also why I never really wanted to have a forum / chat board on here look in on the www.motley.com one there are such a hostile shouting at one another it makes me sick. I truely find it sad that people have to be so full of themselves and there by so god damn ego minded that there is no room for others personal opinions what so ever. On here there is plenty of room for that. Feel free to say anything you want on the “kickstart” section. (link to that on the front page!!

I am with so high hopes that I will get through the next and last month really easy. Sadly it can be yet another emotional Christmas not only cause I have skipped it. But more because I honestly thought there had been a really chance to find some one to share life with for myself and that had been the second best Christmas gift this year. I love the idea of that one. But the tragic fact is that it also only stays as an idea. I had one in sight but again – Tommy is the dude holding the “love looser sign up high.” I often feel that I have had my last girlfriend in life the last one that really was tried in a serious way at least from my side and point of view. I will work more on it next year.

One that has been the biggest and most appreciated surprise of all in 2007 has without a doubt been my younger brother. I have never in my wildest dreams felt he would have been as supportive to me as he has been this year. My mom was n a completely different way along with Corinna of the USA last year. She has been in some ways this year too. But no one has been anywhere near what baby brother has been. Thanks for that. I can even begin to tell you how much that has meant to me. Not half of all there has been going on could be like it has been had he not done this. Having shared the roseleaves to others I have got to tip my own shoulder too.

I have done and stayed with shit as it was the best thing for the time being this year. I have complained about it to people yes. But I have fucking also stayed on track with the crap. I should be proud. Not happy but proud. Sadly I do not feel pride. I hope it comes to me or will pass. The missery I mean.

I am not here to make a thank you for all in 07 lists. No that is not what I am doing here all I am saying is that a couple of people had they not been acting sharing helping and giving and being like they have this year you have forgotten this site in many ways. SO!!!!! Thanks friends. Thanks….. God damn I need a back massage and some skin lotion. Fuck I am so sore and so dried out. Not enough drinking. It feels really terrible. But I guess it has to be or has to do till I get my ass to Copenhagen for the night. I feel extremely sleepy. Have slept like half a day till I woke u but it has not been a sleep of no disturbance if you will.

I can already now promise you all that this coming week-end will have just a couple of more added items on here. It is not going to be many. But there will be posters, magazine posters, shirts, Tommy solo, Nikki solo and perhaps should something else show up during the week. I have to go. Got to try to get some rest. The last little time on this train. I have a full night to work my ass through and I am not in a good shape at all. I will be with you later in the week as more Crue oriented shit has plugged my brains to be shared with you all. Can’t believe the hard and never ending misunderstandings there is to my name. Wonder what it will say on my tube stone “Who?” God that would make me laugh even dead….!!!


25th Of Novmber 2007, Holy Crap - Speaking Of Illness And Concerns
3:43PM CET

It is Sunday again. My last day off from work where as I should normally have had a few days of already (well I have) but I got cough up in illness on Friday. I had all week been looking forward to be going home and to have some things done on the site here as promised the last time I posted. And also some things I should have been covering Friday and Saturday night. FUCK!!! I miss out on an ass load these last couple of months.

I got seriously pale, ill, weak, and dizzy after my few hours on Friday afternoon at the old work at "Skakkesholm" the restaurant. I have no idea why. It sort of just came out of the blue. I really only needed to feel it ones and it stayed with me. I still am not sure how or why it hit me. But it came like a lightning strike. I have to also fill in here that my job there Friday was interrupted by a Dr. Visit in the morning. WIth my hand. My inner side of the right hand.

I am going under the blade as soon as I can. Surgery!! An old broken bone with a now attached something hurts like a mutha fucker when I grab something that struck's my hand right in that special spot. Right below your middle finger inside your hand. ......so yep!!! Surgery for me. That will kill maybe 2 to 3 weeks for me doing anything. No work no extra money (again) no nothing. All this alone makes me worrying like you can not even start to believe. I can not afford another 3 weeks off.

The illness that hit me in the late afternoon took me down for some days. Like to the god damn basement. I got seriously bad and missed out a lot on eBay again. I can not believe the great and the smooth ride I was on really turned on me and I have not been able to keep a single bite or mouthful of water, tea or nothing in me at all for three days. My chest hurts and I feel really shitty. It is not a good feeling yet I still some how manage to say fuck that. I am more pissed about missing out on all I miss out on from this crap.

I got hospitalized and they had me under observation for 6 hours and gave me a lot of salt water and forced my body to take something fluent. I began not to be able to stand on my legs or nothing. I also now after having returned from hospital and all have a headache that could kill elephants. I am not a happy smiley guy tonight!! Fuck!! I have also from this and the last time loosing several weeks money lost a lot of other opportunities that I do not even care to mention on here. It is just too painful to make a note of.

Doctors have taken tests on me and some were fine and others they said with concern they had to look in deeper on before they could tell me things. Way to go .... what the hell now is what I am thinking. God damn it. First thing they sent me home with was this: "Tommy you are pushing yourself way too hard. You need more rest. You need more diverse food. And drink way more than you do!!!"

That one I am fully aware of its risk to that sentence but that one I deal with. What the fuck else can I do and deal with to get around all this crappy illness these day. Was sick just a few weeks ago. God damn it.

I have done my best to do a little on here only interrupted by toilet visits and then some laying down. I feel weak still but I have done some scanning's and tried to catch up. The webmaster have several new articles Sixx am stuff, tommy stuff and mag covers and posters to get added on here. So I am retiring for the day. I can not sit here anymore sorry!!! I will return... Better armed and better ready.

19th Of November 2007, What A Day, What Emotions, What A Love
12:58PM CET

It was a day off from work this Sunday and I took off to Gothenburg Sweden. I do not know what you know about waitng for 15 years for something that has been with you of higgest importance through as many years. Last night was it. W.A.S.P. was coming to Gothenburg in our neigbour country. I know what I had been waiting for was something that was way beyond words. It is a relese from 1992 that I have never played in its full to anyone. It is a something that with in releases in the music business has been the single most important CD in music history. For me!! W.A.S.P. being Mr. Blackie Lawless

The trip up there was a something I can not share cause there are no words for what went through my mind my body my soul knowing that I had the 15 years long wait being put to an end. It was the day in the calender holding my dream of seeing this man perform "The crimson Idol" LIVE in its complete scenery. Frames for the show was "Trädgårn" in Gothenburg?!!! We went out there in the evening with me totally excited yet disturbed and shattering about what I was about to see. Waiting for one thing for so many years is not possible for me to put down in writing in any short way. Let me just say this thing; as the door man checked my ticket and I was let in to the venue I felt like I was entering something totally new and unprepared for when it comes to concerts. It was a shaky feeling beyind words but I felt I had won the lottery and yet the show had not even begun yet.

From getting in till the lights shot down in this place I had my last 15 years passing through my eyes. I have rarely said so little at a show or pre action if you will. It was a situation unexperienced till this day. Also as the lights shot down and the first tones from the guitars gently went through the venue I got a chill like rarely before. I got goosebumb all over and I felt my eyes watering. Nothing has been so unreal and heartfelt ever before in my life when it comes to conert experiences.

As the first two songs of the story of Johnathan was over I felt like "ohh no I wish that this tour had been blown up to something major and the stage set had been over the top Crimson like. But it wasnt. There was this big screen telling a video / filmed story of Johnathan as the band ran the songs down. But after about 4 songs I was fine I was more than fine with this. It was told raw and played in its full like I wanted it to for 15 years and no audence talk in between songs or nothing. It was a shit awesome told story in its simplicity and it was the best thing I will probably ever see. No big setups no bombs no stadium massiveness no special effects only coolness and teary feelings.

You have no idea how touched I was. You will never know. I saw W.A.S.P. do what I so badly had wanted and yet.... not wanted yeah I know it is strange but it is even more strange to sit with the love and hate relationship that I have to this release.

Everybody is so busy admiring Sixx and his life and the "heroin Diaries" - I dont think too many non W.A.S.P. or Blackie fans have had the urge to check in on this guys life. It has by far been an easy one. Listen to the hghly beloved album and go see this tour if you wnat a good idea of what it all was and has been about. I do not care what anyone says - Sixx is loved highly by me but his one year told story is not more impressive to me than the Crimson one from Blackie. It is a thing I will treasure till I die. I will ever get over this concert and the album. Ever. It has followed me in good nad bad fo rso many years and it is a thing that is by far more important than any KISS or Crue album out there. You hate me for saying this its cool. You disagree with me thats cool. Its me and my opinion and my life and I will never get over it.

Thanks Blackie for pulling this off. This was the ultimate evening in the name of W.A.S.P.and it sealed myself witnessing or seeing this band live ever agian. They will never top this not because the show was exceptional or the biggest most fantastic ever. No it was becasue this album is to me the most important one and it was as this time only told LIVE only this ones.

I bought myself the Crimson shirt and got Blackie´s setlist to seal it off for this old fan. Thanks again for bringing this to surface. A good few yeras will nw pas by before Eurpoe will see them here live again. They have been touring non stop for about 2 years now and been in Europe 3 times in that same period. So its all deserved that that they do try to get the rest he talked about.

More new mags and articles and more is going up n here in the sixx and the crue sections more tha likely Thursday!!! Till then be good and open minded. Much love from an extremely happy boy!!!


16th Of November 2007,
2:47PM CET
******************* Friday!! Week-end is just outsiede the door. Yeah well. I have a lot of things to do so little time. Tomorrow is a day off from work. Actually the whole week-end is a good few days off. Lol. FINALLY!! Well not quite. I am doing as said a ton tomorrow Saturday and Sunday is a long day travelling to Gothenburg Sweden and going to withness the dream show of shows for me sincce 1992. W.A.S.P. is bringing "The Crimson Idol" in its complete to the city Sunday and I feel over excited at the same time freaked out cause that is the single most important and deep release in history of the CD for me. The band has made one strictly message to the people before coming in to town:

Dear fans, please DO NOT bring any cameras into the shows this fall as it is strictly prohibited to take pictures or recordings of the performance of W.A.S.P. Security Personnel at every venue will confiscate any cameras (including digital cameras and mobile phones with ability to record) from you before entering the venues. Please respect this request and enjoy the evening with The Crimson Idol. Inquiries have been made as to whether The Crimson Idol will be performed only in select locations. The Crimson Idol Event will be performed every night in each of the cities in the Tour Schedule. After the Crimson Idol has been performed the band will take a 10 minute intermission and return to perform all the great W.A.S.P. classics you know and love.

Guess what news on lee -. give me a fucking break. I know it is not cool to saythis as a die hard but cmon people really;
"Drummer TOMMY LEE on-off relationship with his MOTLEY CRUE bandmates is on again - just days after guitarist NIKKI SIXX revealed he's quit. Lee initially announced he was leaving the band this summer 07, but he quickly changed his mind. However, Sixx revealed he'd had enough of his bandmate's "antics" and they'd mutually agreed to go their separate ways last week Now it looks like Lee is back in the band after singer Vince Neil told MTV News that news of the drummer's departure was greatly exaggerated. He explained, "I just talked to him yesterday and I talked to Nikki a couple of days ago and we're going to go into the studio in January 08 and hopefully have a single out by March and a tour in June." Neil also revealed the band are working on a new album called The Dirt, named after their hit autobiography."

And I am in a GREAT mood too. You know why? Because one of the many people I have had troubles with is solved. It is pout of hte way. It is solved and I have gotten my stuff back. Fucking about time. I am not goan publish any names cause that is not what i want to do .. but let me tell you I am more than happy it is done. Things are slowly but surely looking good. and I am continueing to make things better. also today got the notice from the dreamdeal sellers that pleased me more than I can even start sharing with you all. "Hey T, I thought you'd like to know that the package holding the original 1985 backdrop and 87 front stage curtains is scheduled to arrive on the 12th of December in Copenhagen Denmar. Talk with you soon, H."

Things are for real looking awesome more than I can express in short here. Situations at work that has held me down a bit and more is now getting bette too have had a lot of meetings and I have also here succeeded in great ways. Also that makes me happier for and about a job I think sucks ass. I am in a great winning stage in many ways and it feels so fucking good. Ohh yah the Whiskey a Go Go poster mentioned and pictured a few days ago in the diaries is going to be mine too. You can not even begin to know how cool I feel about that as well.

Hell yeah baby things are going better than I can say in short on here. So let me just simply express my happiness and these lastest great news flashes that appeared at my door today. Much love your friend and dedicated Crue fuck - Tommy



13th Of November 2007, Dream Deal, USA, Summer 08, Site

9:54AM CET

I do not know how many times I have started my diaries off by saying it is this and that day and her e I am on a train posting this. Today Tuesday is not any different. It is the 13th and today was meant to be Meat Loaf day in concert in Horsens. But the guy has gotten a serious throat illness and I feel really bad about it .I love Meat Loaf (both kinds lol) but this cancellation of the rest of the tour is just awful. I now have a full day off here today then on the Danish collection day. I am not going to vote this time. I simply do not know what to vote. They talk and they talk and nothing really makes any sense or rather it all does. So fuck it, let the other people deside Denmarks destiny for the next couple of years.

Latest news on the dream deal is simple short and sweet. I only hope that nothing will go bad about it in any way at all. The near future will tell us if hat wish can be granted. But in short the status is: My dream deal holding: THEATRE ALISTER BACKDROP AND GIRLS TOUR FRONT STAGE CURTAINS HAS ALL BEEN SHIPPED FROM THE UNITED STATES TO DENMARK.

There simply is no word that can honestly describe the pride I hold in owning these pieces It has got to be some of the heaviest pieces in the collection now. That is such a thrill for me. I have fought hard and long o make this one happen and come through. November 2007 finally became the time and month where it happened. Now only a couple of weeks have to go pass by till I am getting he note saying “You have a shipment waiting for pick up”. It is so god damn cool.

USA; well hopefully the situation is all cool But there are a few minor spot on the wall that still makes me feel a little worried about the fact of; IS all actually fine now with the people that have been hell for me for a long time or not? Well I will give it next week too to be the final prove of a yes or no to that. It has all been dragging out and it is with a huge irritation that it is like this too.

Sometimes you do things in life out of a good will or cause you truely wanna build up something perhaps with somebody?!! Well, as said before on here this is my last time doing anything like this ever again. I have kind of retired myself to be this anonymous collector as in the days before this site got born. I am truely not going to deal with any people in a personal way nor invite them in too close to my life no more. It is a sad shitty fact of experience that I get nothing out of it but trouble and concerns.

Fuck that. No more. But all the people involved at one time claims now to have sent their stuff that is mine so I will give the postal services a good week to see if they have actually changed ad spoke the truth. Go it is annoying in a major way when it gets like this. The huge lot some of you may remember that I have had by a lost friend on the east coast, well next shipment from there I see that being in January some time if what I have been told from my work is true. There is a financial coolness in form of a great bonus coming to me then. And that could go directly in on a shipping fee to let some more of the stuff come to me here in Denmark. We will see as we get to that.

Summer 2008. Well a lot of things have been thought about becoming a part of my summer 2008. Most of all I really want to see myself in a relationship by then and forming a summer holding that girl and that relation ship as the major thing. Bu since that stuff is kind of like playing lotto and rarely win I have some other excited things I am going to do. I can not share all with you right now here as I simply holds some things to myself saying “dear friends this and that is none of your business”.

But my brother and I have yesterday bought ourselves tickets to the inner circle barricaded area for the biggest concert event in Scandinavia ever. Who is delivering such a show? Iron Maiden is. It is going to be so huge it is said to be putting all previous outdoors shows to shame. That my frineds I gotta see. Cause I have seen some rather fucking huge over the top cool shit over the years .So Eddie and co. bring it on. That is going to be huge… hell yes.

Another never to be owned (cause Prowl1 will take it) and highly wanted eBay piece: This huge 28" x 36" black & white poster is for Leathur Records/Greenworld Distribution, sponsored by Bam presenting MOTLEY CRUE, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars at the Whisky Club in Hollywood for 3 nights, Feb 12, 13 and Valentine's Day 1981. A Coffman & Coffman Prod. with 20 other sponsors listed from Licorice Pizza to Tower Records. All the places available to buy the Leathur Records release! It is in GREAT CONDITION with pen markings on back bottom listing "Whisky shows Promo/LR 5-C". A super rare promo almost appears to be a giant Xerox. An amazing collectors item for the True Crue fan.

8th Of November 2007, Fuck Me Its Tough, Finally Meet N Greet 2:58PM CET
I am ones again, god damn it, on my way - crossing the damn country to go to work for the night and the next 5 nights. I have been worried about finding time not to say finding pictures to update the “meet n greet” section. It was a long time since it was September and all the locations to be added and documented was actually taken. Sorry bout this. It finally is under control and it finally goes on here hopefully in a few hours from posting this diary. Enough said just please accept my apologies and enjoy the expanded section. It is now the biggest documented inside view of the bands activities and personal lives on the net.

Also I have been made aware of the latest collectible thing holding Vince Neil`s name. The recently just ended Las Vegas Poker tournament II if you will cause he held one last year too. Fuck look at this award. I am totally amazed. It is truely cool and beautiful. Up fir grabs auctioned off. Starting bid 800 dollars. It will go for maybe 1500 I think. And I think there are a couple that are already going to bid on the fucker. Damn this will slip away there is no doubts to it. Well I can try but I can not say I will succeed. I know I will not.

It is tough to cover all the goods as they show up and comes up for grabs out of the blue. It is shit hard. But I constantly do the best I can. I think I seriously need to get the bonds killed that holds names attached to my Crue stuff and world before I can fully focus and relax again. Sorry if that did I not make sense. But I can not really think straight right now. I am still in pain from my leg and my travelling partner said to me this morning “DO NOT GO TO WORK YET”… well I am sorry and stupid enough to admit this means more to me. Not the job but working so I can get money to do this and gain what I want. The collection is huge yes but I have a ton of things I still would love to get added.

Like the other day a line of Asian original pressed live CDs were up for grabs. I was sure to take a few of the maybe 15 I was missing. I did not. Two guys outbid each other crazy incl. my eBay enemy (lol) and a lot of them ended up at prices between 85 bucks and 220 EACH!!!! Fuck. That is outrageous. Totally nuts. I passed on it all. Have other things including my dream deal to take care of and to kill before I am willing to pay that much on CDs and smaller stuff like that. Are you kidding me. Even my travelling partner did not give a fuck about an item I was high bidder on and she took it in the last few seconds. I turned to her and shared a comment about it. She kept herself in silence. There you have it. No love alive when it comes to eBay between Crue fans. Forget it.

Alright let this be the news and shared shit for the day. I hope to have some great things to say again shortly. I am almost there now in Roskilde so hopefully there are some neat news to come to my destination for. Much love – later.

7th Of November 2007, Dreamdeal, Love, Web & Emails
4:49 PM CET
Hey everybody. I am here again not becasue I have to but because I feel for it. My leg is well... painful but hopefully also slowly getting better with some patience, lol. So there is a day off from work today for me you have no idea how great that feels for me. I have been in such a need .. yesterday was an off day too but I had to still go cross country to be at work for a couple of meetings that I simply had to attend to. How that can and should fit on here of any Crue related relevance ... well.. you see it is like this; if what I went to meetings for did and also does not spit out results - wanted results in the end - I have no plans for staying in this company. And that can financially affect my Motley life massively - again!!!

so it was an off day but I had to still be on the run and active from 6AM till 8:30PM yesterday so most of that off day was not really a rest day. And today from 6:30AM till 2:30 PM has been me jumping round on wooden legs (it felt like) to help out a little bit atthe old job. A retstaurent in Grenaa. It felt really good seeing the people there again. I miss them often. Not like if I miss some one out of a loving feeling .. you know.... but still. I miss them.

So I have been there ofr some time today. and finally now I felt for throwing a little something together for the diaries here today. I am really on things and I hope to god things, certain things have seen the last pulling on my side to have them going my way. being solved and dealt with for the last time. That in itself is a huge something for me. I need that I feel. To have certain things and situations put to rest. I hope so bad this will be solved now. No more dealing with these people ever in my life again after this. It is just not worth the hassle.

I have received a few emails from some of you out there that asks if I am quitting this? The answer and also if you read it all right is NO!!
But I would if i found the love of my life now and the right one to share things with. If it required me to stop. I would. I feel ready if that is some thing you can feel. Maybe it is all just abotu putting your mind to it and do it. Like quit smoking or something?? It is hard yes but it can be done. I have a huge need to find myself THE ONE. People seem extremly busy with talk from me like that. Funny. Why is it so weird when I say it and when others does it is the most obvious thing in the world. Weird. Ohh well I am relaxed about it.

What I am not all relaxed about is my inner feelings about other things but it is my own only business so no need to go in on that here. I ones wanted a life in the USA but now I do not. Things have changed and a lot of hopes paid fees and emotional heartacke touoght me lessons for miles. No more. I am quiet done with all that. Some then said - ohh but california is the place that you love Tommy and californa has the actionthere of your favorite band. True. But you know what? TOUGH!!!! I am done with that dream. I wnated a life with two people there in that area in my life. Not anymore. I have other doings now. Other goals that I am aiming for. No shit!!!

Love? yeah I said it plenty on here recently. Love is a wanted ingredience in my life. I feel crue is slowly closing down .They are gonna recend and release this brand new studio album 2008 yes!! And do a world tour? Yes. And the dirt movie is comin out? Yes!! But it is a huge change again and next time you will not se the original Crue no more. I do NOT see that happening. Tommy is long gone and the bow out we all wanted so bad from the four is now NOT going to happen. It will be a bow yes sometime probably 1010 or so but wit different names in the line up. That is slowly becoming a bit of a ..... yeah well you finish that sentence.

The website here is going well now. It is kind of under control again and things have been added for some time now. Tody only one thing is up and on. A new two paged Sixx solo article. That is all. I have a truckload of things in the USA still and next pile to come on here from that laying there will be late January 2008. Untill then only small bits and pieces gets added every now and then. And ofcause these diaries so I can share with you all what is on this freaks mind. I love you all and you that claim it to be other wise is a dickward. And you have just gotten this fucker all wrong.

My long lasting dream deal is about to get closed. We are in the final stages to have it going out. I am seriously fuckin much looking forward to be the next owner of them pieces are you kidding me? Hell yes. It should be here with in the next month or so. I can not tell you how it feels but also about that to be al lhonest I can not feel calm about till I actually hold the monsters in my hands. Too many shitty things have gone lost and gone wrong man I am not resting easy till I can touch the fucking things here at home. Hell no!!!

Okay now. I am about to get in contact and to let you all know later how this one is finally ending. I feel better ones I know myself and have a note from some shipping house saying it is here ready for you dude to come by and pick the shit up. You will know as that happens cause I will feel in seventh heaven. I guarentee!!!

Ohh Fuck there comes the bad news of today!! Meat Loaf fucking canceleld due to illness. I have ticket for his show on the 13th. Fucking hell. I have all the luck in the world GREAT!!! Damn it. I so wanted to see this tour. And it is said not to be rescedualled. God damn fuck.
Oh well, next to come up then W.A.S.P. take care my frineds out there be good to each other!! Much love and respect.

5th Of November 2007, Feeling Tired, Fucked Up & Longing For Love
4:38AM CET
I am the last and remaning dude at work this morning waiting for the train to take me to Grenaa. Going home for a day or two. With a busted fucking left leg. Totally bad and stinky. Bone fracture a minor I guess but still... Fucking shit. Accident at work yesterday. Anyway been tired for a day now and tired of the job that I have. Longing slowly for something new. Love!!

I had a great chat yesterday to my so called travelling partner in the USA. She is all up and about the Sixx dude these days and his Sixx A.M. Me? No I just feel kind of satisfied slowly in the whole field. I still love the band and love what I do and I will keep doing it til lI find and win over the girl I will fall in love with.

I am having a little too much shitty experiences with the Crue world and I am missing out on a gazillion things now so I feel more and more just ... letting go. Slowly but surely. Maybe it is just a fase in my life but I truely feel I am getting covered with things. Enough is enough. I know for sure I will not join in on any more instores and meet n greets. I want a love life now. I want to fel the greatness in sharing things. I wanna do that and nothing else. Well let me refrase that. I do want to do things lol, but I am not at all high on stuff like this ion the over the top way.

You may sit out there going what the fuck has happend? It is a mix for sure. The mix contains the fact of ongoing dissapointments and all. Too many fuck heads in the so called Crue Fan world. I am not pleased with them. No ahh ahh no more. VERY few out there of the shit load that I know are cool friendly nice and and loved. But generally no. PLus the fact that I know my USA dream of going there for good is definately over. I need someone to sweap me off my feet and these days one like that is not fully there ...yet!

I have a strong feeling for a somone buut I need to see where it all takes me. I am not cool with the minor interfearence of my inner balance when it comes to this new thing. One is malking my head spin but I am not at all any where near a feeling that this could be off. I need it in my life now a days to move along . To open new doors and to slowly let the Crue life slip through my fingers. Very few remaning things or dreams are to be won over in their name. I have kind of had it. Had most of what I would have loved to have as a collector and a fan in my years long dedication. I am slighty inspired to do other things but I just do not know how to get it all rolling.

But let it be told that I so want ot see things move around for me on certain things. I need the change again. The job here is not cutting it for me and the collecting thing is still the main factor of importance in my life but let love knock on my door and I am ready to rap it all up and leave it behind. I am sorry if this kind of feels strange new and chocking. I can fully understand that cause it is. It truely is.

I think there is a time in everyones life where you just stop up and go .. okay I guess there is a need for changes here. I feel something missing that is not there.. actually I feel that a situation like that is coming to us all more than ones in our lives. Here it just feels like I have a new one in mine. A lot of dreams have burned up in flames never to have happend.- But so be it. I can not win it all. It is really weird to even say this "out loud" on here. You have no idea.

I wanted one of three major things to happen in my Crue life and two of them got killed by two people I loved for a lot ofreasons. One lost trust or what ever the fuck it is and the other well.. claimsd to just dont have the time. So both killed my hopes of haveing a dedicated partnber in A the site and its greatness and the other in the life long dream of putting a Crue museum and a yearly Cruefest kind of thing together. I have tried too long too hard to be the engine in this and to encurage these loved and now missed people in my life. My engine is no longer running. It is out of gas and there is no gas station to do a refill in miles and miles around me. So new heights is set for my Crue life and everyday living. I need a love life. I want one I would give most my soul for an honest great heartfelt and respectful one.

I love to watch this "self portrait" of a movie... lol. Lol. (Speaking in metafor) To see how it all unfolds. I have the patience and I now just really want to jump pages in this "book" and see how it ends. I am truely curious. But I am making every day a new one to push it to be the best possible ending or start of a new living sometime some how somewhere down the road. Guys and girls out there - be good. More to come in a few days ...


1st Of November 2007, Flat Ass Stripped for Finances - & Killed concerns, I Hope?
8:40PM CET
So November 1st huhh? Who the hell would have thought the year went by so damn quickly? Holy crap. yet for me personally the month of November will be an ass long one. I got pay check today and fucking every penny is gone. I have not a single clue ot how that will go and how I will come through this month what so ever. But I am in for a blessing after al lI guess. I have the concert of concerts to look forward to this month and I just have to finance that ine for shit sure in what ever way is able and willing to make this one happen fro me. W.A.S.P. in Gothenburg and the CRIMSON IDOL show. It means the world to me. And it will be covered. There is no way this one will go down and around me.

The stuff laying round in the US of A hopefully if I understood the received email of today correctly - I will have had my first of a lot safe and saved from some that really was not cool with me for a while. If you have followed my diaries for some time now up through this year you know what I mean. And hopefully the next two steps of the same matter (about getting my belongings back to me) of Motley items will come to show this coming week. I fucking have to have these things come through the best way possible.

My travelling partner seem s to be in a state of mind not too eager to share much. You know who you are sweetie - "Im broke nad cant do jack MY ASS...... yeah right. And the moon is of soft yellow cheese. Lol...... you got inked again I hear and there is nothing that can convince me you mean it when you say I CANT DO JACK..... lol, lol, lol. Hillarious. Sorry but it is. Ohh well I am the first to admit I say "go have fun". But no Sixx A.M. for me. Do not want the experience. I am fine with out.

Anyway thanks for letting me know you are okay after the fire and for the brief updates you give me. I have now kind of burried all hopes or what ever you wanna label it as that maybe we could join forces in the Crue thing. you live your own little life and you dont mind teaming up for the every now and then activities we share. You somple are a little too self centered in your own ways .. (not putting you down at all) just ... saying.

I feel I am in a state of being hopeful with a love life these days. I do not belive anything will happen untill I at least see a couple of signs for it. Yo uknow what I mean? Love in my life is a foreign word and a foreign world that i have not had too much luck with one bit. I want it but I do not think I wil lsucceed unless I really sit and I can actually touch it. Touch love. Physically. Why am I living a life where everything has to be so god damn tested on me? I do not understand it.

I am and have been so hard trying it is with out a doubt the most bizarre part of my life. That it just will not happen in a workable way for me. I need it in my life now. It is getting to the point where I am making my passion secondary if I have a chance on love.Trust me. A lot of the Crue passion is untouched menaing I love what i do and spend so much time and money on BUT!!!..... I desperately need the other to feel whole!! I am not asking you to understand the ongoing change in me and it is okay too that you do not. I am only sharing every single thought on here that is in the slightest way Crue relevant. And that tiny little thing called a love life my friends is a major factor.

Other than this a lot of work has gone into the site today. A few new awards - news papers - magazine posters - vince solo - posters - ohh well you look it through. You may find some few things that you have not seen yet. Enjoy ... till next time ... much love everyone.

29th Of October 2007, Winter Time, Worries Yet Bright Times

9:19AM CET

Monday morning – sick!!! Not that it is Monday but I, I am sick. Have been throwing up, gotten the fever and what else. Maybe the flu knocked on my door. Anyway I am off from work for a couple of days now and been almost ordered not to lead such a packed life for a couple of days. God damn I can not do this. I need to be active and be it in the best known way.

I will have this site extremely updated and fixed with the few wrongs and still missed items laying here – all done on Thursday this week. So there will be a lot of done things. And finally something will be fixed. I guess it is also time to face the facts. Anything that even reminds us about summer times is long gone. Actually this past Saturday or Sunday morning at 2AM we sat the clocks back one hour. So ohh yeah, it is without a doubt dark all my awaken hours now. Having this night shift job going on in my life.

I have had some luck with things I liked to have. It is not going to be the most active shopping ties in my collecting time. Basically because I have the dream deal to close and put an end to and also I have the January trip to California to be covered plus some rather huge doings still. Ohh yes my November, December, January and February pay checks are all marked big time But what the heck it is all good. It is alright. I kind of just need to have this thing with the deals settled. So no money after action on that is okay. Lol. I get what I like and want and it has its price and I feel ready and willing to pay it.

I am worried about the silence from California. It is not cool after having told the people that it would mean a lot to me getting updated on what is going on. How is everything now after the fire and shit?? Are all alright and are all and everything safe? I guess I will have it confirmed today I have decided to call them myself. That is bad. But looking in on other things I have the last three days been told from two of the four people that holds my stuff and that have been causing worries and concern that they will both send it this week to come. So hopefully now a lot of fucked up bullshit sees its end. That would actually be quiet nice. For all our sakes.

Kind of funny too that Morten my younger bother now has gotten his interest again in band it looks he will be collecting. It is the Swedish glam stars I Crashdiet. He is pretty high on them right now, a band that back in June of this year had a visit and a helping hand in guest player Mick Mars of our own gang of faves. I think I kind of hoped for him not to be collecting again but ohh ell, who am I to dictate his doings? Have any of you out there heard that latest release of the crashdiets? No? check it out. It is so th 80s in its best all over again.

A lot of my friends now have ordered or bought the Sixx heroin book or A.M. CD. A lot seems to be into that stuff from Sixx. He must make a good amount on that these days. If he also is making a lot on the matter of kate Moss? I would not know and I truely do not care either. Same on Tommy. He is said to be so down about another Pam loss and now wants to get a new wife? What the fuck …. Wonder when their kids are going to be affected by all that shit going on. She just got into another marriage. What the hell is all that? Does she have to marry every guy that speaks to her?

Ohh well it is the American way at its best. Be a guy and do not marry ever. Be a girl and marry as often as you can well if you look at it from a financial point of view. But what a lame ass story. Even the www.tommlee.tv is fucked with me, every time I have ordered shit on there it has taken for ever or not gotten through ALL of it at all. Now I wait to get the latest packages and they still after what? Three weeks, have not acted to it or send out a note about delays or anything. It sucks as shit.

But I am in feeling good well part from my health these days. Damn that illness. But about the site and about the clearing up with some people it so far looks good and positive. I will know way more by next Saturday. I should be fine. Love is not an ingredient in my life these days but I am working on it. Wonder who out there can make me turn around a little bit when it comes to my collecting.

25th Of October 2007, Emotional Stress, Fire, KISS, Crue - Life
4:36PM CET
Been a hard few days. Worrying sick about my friends in California. That fire shit is just totally eating up some achers.

I feel helpless like they do living there. I LOVE my friends and I could never get over it if something happend to any of them. My travelling partner has been so close to evacuation the last 48 hours. And I have had a really hard time to just sit and wait and get feeded the news. I want rest in my head about this fire thing. I am split in half. cannot fully focus on what is and what is not. My job is seeing a half present Tommy. Hope it all goes away shortly.

My Motley life is as active as ever. These times right now of my Cruecial life is in a very touchy mood. No that is not the right word. The thing is that a coule of really huge and important things are about to see its closing and I just can not afford to have anything go wrong. Hell even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I want these things so much to end well and not have the slightest tip over what so ever. It has bee na long long long hard road to get to here for me and now it all has to come together just perfect.

Yesterday was a huge day too. I got four (4) new awards. Two of them oversized custome made. All UK awards. Shout, Theatre, Girls and Dr. Wait till you see pictures of these babies. They are awesome. The only downer to and about it is that there is not enough wall space to have em hanging. Sucks. But most of the stuff brought home from America in September is now up and added here. The last few things about 20 will go up and on tomorrow.

KISS - well the old masked heros from New York well... The third release in Kiss' archival "Kissology" DVD series will arrive in time for Christmas. "Volume Three: 1992-2000" is due Dec. 18 via VH1 Classic and will feature four DVDs comprising nearly 10 hours of footage. The first disc begins with a performance recorded at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit from November 1992. It also features the complete August 1995 "MTV Unplugged" set which found the original Kiss lineup of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss perform together on stage for the first time in nearly 16 years.

The second disc chronicles the original lineup's subsequent successful reunion tours of the late '90s, including the Detroit kickoff of the 1996 outing. Five tracks recorded near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York for the same year's MTV Video Music Awards round out the DVD. Disc three boasts a performance from the August 1999 film premiere party for "Detroit Rock City" and a June 2000 concert at New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena. The fourth disc eschews the chronological structure to offer a December 1973 set from New York, when Kiss performed the majority of its self-titled debut two months before its release.

Certain versions of "Kissology" will also include a fifth disc, which features the group's June 1996 performance at L.A. radio station KROQ's Weenie Roast.

In 2005, Stanley explained that the Kissology series was inspired by classic film by another renowned rock artist. "That Scorsese/Dylan piece ['No Direction Home: Bob Dylan'] was eye opening, at least to me, in terms of how you can be immersed in a time capsule, and not only see the music and be part of the crowd, but also get a sense of who Dylan was then," he said. "That set a really high bar, and I think that is more likely our approach at this point."

I can not wait. The only sad thing is that there are too much going on and to many wants to be able to cover it all with just 24 hours in the day and a normal regulæar job. C'est la vie!!!!


23rd Of October 2007, Tragedy Worries Part Collection In Danger
6:06PM CET
Sitting with an extreme bad feeling about the ongoing wildfires of California. San Diego and areas there are in danger the most. My travelling partner and friend is in the risk zone of evacuation. Could loose fucking everything in a wildfire. Part of my crue collection is at this address and I worry double for that and the friend and her family. I am feeling ill and shitty still in a massive way but I could not go to sleep much this morning after a full night at work. I am now here and worried as hell. How will it go with it all.

First and foremost my friend and the collection parts. In short the address and house is at risk. There is an alert out and they are all (who lives there) at alert one - red zone, have packed what is lifely important in a car ready to leave all behind if the call to leave is coming. It is crazy how this is going. I am so numb and in lack of words. Just happy I do not live there. But a lot of my friends there and people I know are in danger in many ways either in life threatning situations or their homes or "just" in minor ways that could give them health problems.

I am also extremely sad to have the fact told to me that a ton of places I love so much and that used to hold Crue history that we THANK GOD have covered seems to be either in high risk zone or already gone lost in the fires. A ton of places are not to be no more. I am hurt emotionally from having the love for the place on earth that is like tattooed to my heart. I can not even begin to tell you how fucked up a feeling I am sitting with. I am calling my travelling partner every 12 hours to be updated and I sit glued to the net and Tv for updates and more. I can not even begin to tell you how bad this is for me in interest and heart ... and fuck I am not even there physically. I pray for an end shortly to this.

Prayers to my friends, my heart goes to you all


22nd Of October 2007, Got Fucked And Got Sick - Lost All Crue Wants
12:17PM CET
I decided to head home last night at 7PM. From Roskilde to Grenaa. I would have givin me a chance to scan the last things and to pick up and leave some other stuff. As I got to a place called Aarhus a good 275 miles away I was in good time for the last train out of Aarhus to take me to the final step being Grenaa. It was sadly canceleld and being replaced by a buss to go the same way for travellers to Grenaa. Guess what?? The fucking buss never came that was suppose to leave at 11:14 and it was the last one out. To be short I got fucked and I had to stay in the streets here in Denmark where it is now really cold at night. It was not good as I was already having a cold and a started to feel really bad too. There was a good 375 miles back again but no trains no nothing to leave before early inthe morning. FUCK ME.

I wandered around thinking of al lthe Crue things I was meant to have too from the nights biddings after arriving home. This was all going down the drainHad no internet had no nothing with me. Thats it. I have sat my mind to it. I am cancelling my internet connection with TDC (national phone company) and going to another where i can have transportable internet. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I lost three things I would have won cause I wanted them so bad. A Itinerary, A Neil Tequila bottle, and a shirt. You have no idea the emotions I was dealing with.

Loss of Crue stuff feeling bad getting sick and have a terrible cold already. Man this is just way too SHITTY!!!

I was forced to NEVER go to Grenaa and just head back in the morning hours to Roskilde and call it a waste of time. A waste of lost sleep and a waste of ...everything. Had not money on me had no food no drinks no nothing. It was as bad as it could get. One thing for shit sure to be homeless like this I would never survive. Never.

Fuck I just had an aweful BAD night and I got ill as fuck from it. Nice......plus loosing al lthe wanted Crue shit!!

21st Of October 2007, My Fucking God The Things That Goes On 7:26PM CET
Alright folks it is Sunday a big nasty one too. Ass cold in Denmark. I have cached a cold and guess if I like it?? Yeah right. I hate having colds. I would rather want the flue or something. It is damn hard to deal with. Fuck I hate it. Why have I gotten it? Again - stupid question. Its cold outside and it is that time of year. Plus a lot of people around me all have it. Stinks. Look it is not the only damn thing going on but I think there are so many good ones too that makes it all worth while. I love things these days. And there is not a single thing I can think of that would seriously kill what is in the air. Of the good stuff that is. Ohh well….

Last night I should have been well… it is kind of a long story. The short one that could cover most of it and that would actually make sense would go something like this; Dokken and Kingdom Come played Copenhagen a club gig last night. I should have had an interview with them both. But it got cancelled due to changed travel plans for the bands. What has come up I have no idea. But it changed, and there for I seriously considered going to the other end of the country to see my Danes Surfact live this evening.

Then I got a mail from the band manager of Dokken saying “sorry but we still have two guest tickets for you if you want to come see the show” And I know my younger bro wanted it bad so I thought okay dude Ill do this one for you. So we went to see the old 80s sensation in Dokken. How was it? Well, I for one for reasons (many) looked forward to seeing Kingdom Come most of all. And that kind of blew away all there was hoped for. They were good but not great. All the classics were shared and a long and very energetic guitar player took the show of that band. Along with an old grey haired half balled bass player. He was ass cool. I loved him ways. Damn some entertainer he was. What else to be said abut the Kingdom? Well I guess they kind of made me think of Crue again. Crue still did a better show than these dudes from the UK but they kind of still rocked.

Dokken the Norwegian front man of a singer (true enough!! He really is Scandinavian) he has gotten extremely fat and he is well was to begin with giving me an impression that he had become big nosed self centered and really an asshole. They had MAJOR monitor probs too and it was kind of with great sadness that they played this evening. Well sadness on my behalf not the bands. Why? Cause I would have loved to see them do great.

Four times was the show stopped to fixed problems and it was nutty. I guarantee you Don Dokken was for a while NOT cool with the situation. But it eventually got fixed and later they had a great time a lot of humour and the drummer Mick laughed a shit lot. All the classics were blown off so surely there was a nostalgic kind pf feeling to it all but impressed?? Not likely. No. Next one to try to pull it of for me of the old skool of rock lads would be W:A:S:P: with their Crimson tour …in Gothenburg November 18th.

There are one before that too Meat Loaf but that one I have absolutely no worries about. That one will be nailed to the floor I am sure. Meat Loaf is such a pro he is and can not really be doing any big ass mistake. Really looking forward to that one. Hell yeah!!!! More stuff it going on the site of things incl. all the Neil Ink stuff within the next few days so surely that will be something new to look at. I truely think there are a cool lot to the stuff to go on man. Also some old magazine posters and some other Vince collectibles. One of the long time people of the USA holding some of my belongings well in short again I think – it has been settled. It is with a fairly nice feeling that this feels like it is all over with. Thank god.

Nikki, well, well, well he is said to be over with the playboy chicks and is on a kind of hunting mission of one UK chick in her 30s. She is Kate Moss and Sixx wants her for what ever reason. It is none of all our business but why even worry. Cool looking millionaires can always get anyone they fucking have their eyes set on. I think this will probably see the light shortly and them two will make headlines.

There are more stuff in the mail on its way over here. There are also a line of cool things to have to look forward to. It is November any day now and there for I think there will not be too much hassle about and with much from now on till Christmas day. Simply because I have items and doings as told earlier on most of my remaining 2007 pay checks coming.

Okay I now have a lot of things going and there will as always be a monstrous massive load of activity on here the rest of the year as well. You see there is a line of things to the site that is thought of to be changed. But I can not really say if I really want to. But some really cool new things are in the works for sure. I think anyone being a true cruehead would envy what is going on. Peace out … Enjoy your cold days unless you are in the hot late summer some where on planet earth….

18th Of October 2007, Yes, Yes, Yes, What A Night What A Rest!!!!!
12:44PM CET

Man it is Thursday and I had my night out last night and I had a BED under me to SLEEP in during the night. Fuck me what a perfect thing .Ohh What perfect things. Lol, lol. Yeah I was thinking Crue a long way last night when I had the pleasure of attending the club gig and their first I might ad in their 33 years long carreer. I am talking about Y& T. damn dude they are so fucking great. Play and sing like they had just started. Mana club gig for almost no money and to be handed a 120 minute plus show is what I call a perfect night in the name of rock n roll. Fuck they are cool. They are great.

It was a fucking classic set list of all the best of the best. 20 some songs and I gotta say if you are not familiar with Y&T and all they stand for you have missed out. Well that is if you like shit like foreinger, and other great shit thats rock n roll like Bad company. Y&T killed Copenhagen man. Sold out show. And I was thinking man bands like Motley and others have kindof trendy times ....and its not always cool nor successful to have them out on theroad. But the oooollllldd classic bands they are mostly killer acts all the time.

Woops, did I say something bad? Well it is the truth. I am a diehard yet it is not all the cruesters are doing that is great.
But I had a hell of a time anyways so thank god for that. Also a minor little bonus my friend and member of the Surfact was there ....... Martin. Nice to finally see him again. It was nuts. It felt so good yet a bit strange. He offered a beer closing the night. On the 25th he and the mates are playing at the exact same place. All together cool. I am going to be there for shit sure. I have missed out all the good and the big on them this summer for various reasons. But I am now ready to have the Surfact return of the season. I am there and there is a new album coming from them shotly so heyyy can it be April 2008 already please.

Yeah - it was a rocking night at the rock www.the-rock.dk


17th Of October 2007, Fucked Up Hard Times Today – Give Me A Bed, Please
3:15Pm CET
Alright today has been what I would call totally a rough day. I got off from work at 5.30 this morning and at 5.50 I boarded and rolled out of the Copenhagen central. I felt sure I would so how die from a too hard schedule for the day. The night shift at work was amazingly hard. God damn it. The people of Copenhagen are fucking pigs. No respect for public transportations what so ever. Fuck em. I have to say they are the biggest slobs and big nosed fuck heads I have ever been close to.

Yes I have been cleaning trains all night and the fact that there was a lack of people at work today only made it some what harder for the four of us there. Also while at work I was thinking a lot about Crue. What do I do now, what do I do next, have I done recently things that I wanted to do in the right order? Tons of speculations. I guess I should just really be feeling blessed that I have actually had the chance to do all I have done. Ahh never mind here I go again thinking out loud on something that could take up page after page.

As I was saying after work I went straight to a train that should take me to my own place again. 5 hours away. For one thing only. A lot of things still had to be photographed and a lot had to be done soon. I promised you guys that I would go and have that taken care of today .so ….. I went!! But two unexpected things came up. One I did not manage to do it all. The time was simply too short. I only could stay in Grenaa my home town for exactly two hours before ones again taking the 5 hours long train ride back to Roskilde and Copenhagen as me and my brother have a Y&T concert to go to tonight.

the photos that got taken I hope and pray are alright. What? What is he talking about? Well you see the person that had been nice enough to let me borrow the camera ha forgotten her cable to the computer so I never could what I did take get the pictures down on a computer to be worked on and added on here today Sorry bout that. So the camera now has been given back to its owner along with ha disc for her to burn the pictures down on and there by send it to me to get it added later.

I have scanned some more things though that has arrived here the last 4 days. Right now I am still on the train to take me back and I feel like I have had a drinking night out. Feeling dizzy, seeing double and all more than likely due to lack of sleep and food. I had to buy myself a sandwich. To have at least something.

But I have new DVDs, CDs, and Tommy stuff for you. As soon as I get the time more that likely tomorrow I will send that to the webmaster and things will go on here. There are even more stuff in the mail and more much more to come. I know that line is said repeatedly. And it will be that way till I stop collecting. It is a collection on constant growth. And sometimes I wonder myself where will it really end? What will this collection actually hold as I throw in the towel? That is something I can not even answer. Cause there seems to be so many cool items being offered to me like all the time.

I feel like I never fully get really rested. No rested in the way that I should anyway. I feel pretty amazed about the body. When will it quit and say “hey asshole no more. Give me break will you”. Should have happened already. Ohh well, again I guess I should just feel really blessed for the fact that it is going so well. But the time schedule of today is really pushing me to the limit of what I can do. And as I arrive in Roskilde and leave all this junk it is a fast 30 minute break to eat and change and then on another train to take us to the Y&T concert later tonight. A thing I am actually looking forward to. God bless rock n roll. Would not change it for anything. Later ***


15th Of October 2007, Sixx A.M. And Waiting Times - Still Good
5:44PM CET
As thought - my travelling partner Corinna has informed me today she is going to the Sixx A.M. show. lol I am not one bit suprised. I would have been had she not been going. I still feel good about it. I am not going ot see them live. I do not want to. I simple want to keep the Sixx A.M. thing as a record only. Nothing more. I do not have to explain myself further than what I have already done in previously postings. She will more than likely cover the merchandise if there is anything on them for me so that is all I want. So for everyone that have said "Tommy you are going to the show arent you? You are going to cover the Sixx A.M. thing just as massively right?" The answer is NO!! I am not going to do that!!

I am still high on my collecting (as if that was any news at all) butI now also long for a new life. New kind of life. But mostly with a partner in everyday life. I miss a girl in my life. One that TRUELY cares and one that is truely great. no fake shit, not limited in any form or way like everybody else has been. I am and feel ready for such a thinkg now. But the biggets problem with that as of today is that I do not believe in it. I do not believe that there is such a life for me out there. Have been burned too many times and I do not feel cool about it what so ever.

Have gotten more things to add on here. And I have solved the thing with the continued miss out on the Vince Neil Ink lot. Again sorry about that but time and all is a burdon to me to cover it all as fast as it comes in. But Wednesday the 17th will be a rough day. I will get off from my night shift at 5.30 AM and go straight to the trains and ride for 5 and a half hours and do this thing for 2 hours and another 30 minutes later i am going ot see myself have the 5 and a half hours train ride back to Copenhagen .... NO REST AT ALL that day. I will be fucked up but I saw an opening for doing the photos of the lot back home so I take it. It is okay. So hopefully at the end of the week I will have it all on here.

I do have the smashed bass of the 98 tour to come to me in January as I will personally bing that one home. Along with some other stuff from California. I am going to have another lot brought home as I go there and it will be alright. Thanks
That is all for now.


13th Of October 2007, Another Thousand Bucks – & More To Arrive God Bless Me 4:59PM CET ********************************************************************
It begins to be a returning starting point to my postings on here. Dear diary I am ones again in a sea on a train on my way to work. It is a stinky way to live when you have passion that lays in other fields. But what can one do? Go to work do your thing and be happy to get your pay check for covering the shit that you long for adding to your collection. So this is what I do. I cover my work and I do not complain. Well I do but that too is kind of taking me to greater heights. Did that make sense? Ohh well it is another long stinky boring story and I will spare you all.

Last night I had a couple of friends coming over. Both playing in a Danish band called, Sleaze. You should check them out. Fuck I do not remember their website at this point. Good job Tommy, good job Lol. Oh well, what ever. Anyway they came by and they took a good few of my last remaining something’s on KISS. I am thrilled in some way to get rid of that. Because it is not something I collect no more and there for I have all that stuff only sitting in boxes waiting to find new owners that truely appreciate it as much as I used to.

Do not get me wrong I love KISS. Still I do. I always will. They are my gods of thunder in rock n roll. Never to be topped. I love the second recently released KISSology. Fuck every one should own these fuckers. The boys of Sleaze grabbed a couple of my KISS awards and the entire 8x10 promo glossies from the record label days of 1974 till 1998. And that money made me able to get myself some things paid off and to go “Yes, I take it” to a Nikki Sixx 1998 smashed on stage Gibson Thunderbird.

Guess if I feel happy? I do. I have also some more magazines, shirts, promo photos and other stuff in the mail on its way to me for getting added to this. The ultimate muther fucker of a fan-site on our boys. Ohh damn here it is the link: www.sleaze.dk knlowing these guys could cause sme serious damage.

I am on it about the grey silver coloured and the red Ovation of Sixx as well. I will take those two next year. 2008 will see a lot of things happening too. All my collection stuff from my old friend Jesse now stored in Bitish Columbia at Tina’s. All that stuff will come to Denmark next year as well. No question asked. I will try to get the next lot send here in the end of January. It is highly important to me to get that lot over here as soon as possible. So the end of January seems to be the next try for a shipment.

I have a ton of things going now. Well that really is no news. I always have a ton of things going. But this time it is stripping me for hard cash to the bone the rest of the year. But it is fine. It is only two months. And it is some rather huge things that will come to an end including the long time talked about dream deal. The Theatre Of Pain backdrop and front stage curtains of the Girls tour 87. All that will be seeing its end and fulfilled by November 15th.

That has been a hard one to cover and it has been a hard thing to even hold onto in dreams and belief – that it surely would end up in my possession and become a private belonging of mine and a part of this monstrous collection some day. But as said it now will be. I am so close and only one more payment away from it to be real. So November and December gives me more pride than any regular Christmas can ever give me. I have even dropped out of the family Christmas to do this. And Crue is not the only reason actually it is really not the reason at all. Other than in an indirect way.

These train rides are comfy in the way that they make me have time and rest to do these postings. And I think the relaxing point on the trains begins to be my only time for relaxing. I am totally not getting enough of that these days. I still do not like my job but I am going to aim for new things in the same company of the national railway company.

From November 6th I am in a group that has been put together to be some kind if a test group for bettering the workers in the company that cleans the trains. I will try to team up with one certain person there to aim for higher status in the company later on. Most of the people up high in ranks are pussies and sissies. They should all be sacked. I hate the shit they pull or better yet do not pull. Fuck em.

Sorry about the still missing updates on Vince Neil the solo section .I know I from USA told everyone that I had gotten all the latest Vince Ink merchandise. I have it I just do not have a camera to shoot the pictures of it all to get it all added and the webmaster seems to be head over heels and in lack of time to come to me and take the shots so we can have it done. I promise you all I will figure out a way to do it. Sorry about that. That lot is so huge you will not believe the adding to that section. I will TRY to make it happen on the 21st of this month. Including the new things for the “meet and greet” section. Please bare with me. Time is a little too short for doing it all

I think a lot of things are good for me. HARD but good for me this time of the year. Many things are as said being cleared. Deals closed. Things added. Adventures happening. And more. The things that are kind of not so cool for me are stuff like being low on money, lack of rest and an awful lot of loneliness. But my inner balance thank god is still on its max. If I loose that I will break. Have lost it too many times before that was also part of the reason why I decided to change things in my life this year. Talk to you all later. Much love fuckers much love.


12th Of October 2007, Nothing Much, But finally A Day Off From Work.

6:02AM CET

Just got off from work. I think I should really try to sleep as I now sit here onboard this train that will take me from Roskilde to Grenaa. My private home and things are still there. I think there should have been as said some rest instead of typing this one right now. How ever I have a few brain farts I would like to get down on paper before they slip my mind.

I really have had a fairly cool week and now I have this ONE single day off from work. I think a lot of the stuff that is going on in my life is good. Hard - but well. I have a few things that I like to get done with and others that I like to jump on and get started. So many temptations I can not even begin to tell you.

I know that I today will have the late 1990s smashed Gibson thunderbird bass from Nikki paid off and have send to a friend of mine in the states. And speaking of Sixx the Ovation editions in grey silver colour and the wine red one they are now both up for grabs through “Swagrox” at 2300 dollars each. Oh damn!!! Those have got to be 2008 goals. I think a lot of things are going to be on the want list to be honest. But how many of them things will actually be in my belonging by the end of next year I can not yet say at this point. I totally love how things are right now on that matter ….. cause a lot of to her things are not fully at its preferred “spot” just yet. It all takes time. Quiet a lot of time.


4 String Acoustic / Electric
Body Type: Mid-Depth C/A
Top: Solid Spruce
Scale Length: 34"
Fretboard: Ebony
Fret Inlay: Custom Iron Cross
Bridge: Ebony
Rosette: Bass Side Mult-Soundhole
Pickup: Ovation High Output Bass
Nutwidth: 1 9/16"
Machines: Black
Case: 9155-0

There are a bunch of shorts at the same place “Swagrox” that are screaming to be acted on by me. In other words there are still a good few shirts that I am missing. I got to see if they can be covered and cleared some time soon too. There are two more payments this year for me and I know more or less what every single dime is going towards. Now it is not going to be easy and especially not with the January trip to California again. But I have plans with that and I think there are things that can be easerly a great experience.

As you have perhaps seen there are now a good few new items added on the site(s) and I think it is fair to say that there now are updates with some of the latest in any of the sections you can find on here. Ohh yeah, it is truely getting better and better every week. At least every month. Lol, lol, lol!!

I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind these days too about what can be awesome for me to start doing. I mean what should I perhaps consider a little bit more than what I do today? There are things you know that are more on my mind than what thy have been for years if ever. Things like jobs, careers, relationships, family, etc.

I am staying at the job that I have now for a good one or two years too. Unless I meet a girl somewhere or I get a new idea to travel away to some totally different place. I have a huge thing involving my brother these days o it is not just something I change around cause I feel for it. Ahh okay hat did not really come out right either. It does not really matter either. It is okay to just let be as it is.

I feel for doing a lot more than what I am already doing in life now. But I feel time and strength are not really something I have too much of when it comes to expanding my awaken life wit all the thought of activities. My Danish friends in Surfact are also active live wise as hell. A lot of shows through out the summer in Denmark And still touring I have to say.

I am going to see them again for the first time in what feels to be a long time on October 25th. In Copenhagen. It will be a treat I am sure of it. They are right now in the studio recording shit for their follow up album to come 2008. Fuck I love the band. That bunch of fuckers are as cool as it gets. I love the boys period. And I am eager to get new music from them you have no idea. I still tell everyone to get the available debut album of “A Terrific Downfall” it holds a bunch of diverse coolness. Not Crue like material at all but yet …. This old fart here – loves it. I fucking love it. I adore it

Today on my day off I think I will be resting most possible. Okay (laughing) I know myself rather well so I kind of know I will not get too much rest when it really comes to it. How ever - I think I will at least try cause there is not too much work on the site to be done for me today. I have a few new received items to scan and all but really that is more or less it. And I feel pleased about it. Should you have any problems with anything on the site that is not viewable or something please contact the webmaster directly at bellajes@msn.com and let her know what the problem is and it shall be sorted. Well hopefully lol. Lol.

Right here and now though I sit on this train going home towards Grenaa and I will end this right now try to get a good hour of sleep or something. Then as I get home I will have the soon last few KISS awards shipped out when I take another 5 awards to the post office today and then in a good few das I will have 4 new Motley Crue ones and they will rock on my walls some where. If I manage to find any space? Also I have that late 1990s bass to be paid off today and finally if I can. I see it already January USA has a full suitcase of things brought home again this time (January) I will not have as any single items and smaller items as I will have bigger and way more valuable ones. As said I have a few plans for the January trip over that I hope dearly to see happening. Only time will tell

10th Of October 2007, The Most Important Show To Me To Date
3:49AM CET
I think these are the times of extreme pleasure of various kinds. I have such a huge satisfaction to what I have in my life right now. I have to say it is with great excitement that I am about to have my biggest and most wanted live concert ever in my life next month. I am sure there is going to be tears and shit though out the night. The shit I am talking about is the concert that was menat to have been a movie. A release that used to thought of as a movie abut also as a concept tour that not untill now is finally to happen. W.A.S.P. "The Crimson Idol" - the single most important release in music vinyl and CD history. I have said it before and I mean it still to this very day.

People that knows me still have trouble understanding that fact since KISS and Motley Crue have been my life`s since 1976 and on the boys since 1983. Well if you read the story on me on this site under a link you will know why this W.A.S.P. release is so important to me. In my book there is no album from the two favorite bands of mine that can even measure up to the "Crimson Idol". And guess what? Now it is to be - FINALLY!!!

It is going to be Gothenburg November 18th and I can not really say how much I am going to enjoy that night. I am so god damn excited to be in that audience I can not even tell you how cool it will be for me. A ton of great feelings are running through my veins from this event to be happening. FUCK!!!! It is such a cool thing.

There are poeple that are asking me about the SIxx A.M. release and band for that matter if that could measure it. It is after all one of the golden boys in my life. Well to al lthat wonders ... here is my answer .NO!! It is not as important ot me as the W.A.S.P. one. I like to album of Sixx A.M. I am slowly beginning to like it but I think I would not like to see that band live to be honest. I treasure it as an album and all. I would love to see a movie or a musical edition of the "Heroin Diaries". But not the actual band. That to me is just simply a thing and a band that is too much of a .... well shit i dont even know what to label it as. But in short the W.A.S.P. thing is my fave of all time.

More is goin on in my head and I will share just not now give me a few days and mpre diary postings will come your way I promise. There are so many things in my head and my collecting life these days that are simply too cool to be said short!!!


For the First Time Ever, "The Crimson Idol"
will be performed in its entirety live.
Never before has this great work been attempted to be performed this way.
The live performance will feature all of the music from the original album but in addition,
never seen video footage will be shown throughout the show from beginning to end.
This filmed footage was shot in 1992 and was originally designed to be a full length movie.
To commemorate the 15 year anniversary of this milestone album, it will be presented in its original story form.

This promises to be a powerful and moving live experience.
Being done in selective dates worldwide in 2007-2008.

Don't Miss it... Jonathan STILL lives here!


8th Of October 2007, Hope, Life, Appreciation & Ongoing Loyalty
6:21AM CET
My dearest friends - I do not know if you all every now and then stops up and think about life? Think about how your own personal life unfolds itself!! Do you? I do that often. And this morning I read something really great for ones in the morning paper on my way home from work. I am ass tired and feel like I need the rest and some sleep. But I for sure wanted to do this posting first. My mind has been spinning like a runaway train all night. I thank god had the Ipod blasting my ear holes.. lol.. all night so the stinky job did not have the same fucked up effect on me. The rock n the roll made sure I was able to think about other things andnot just work.

Have had a lot on mind as said and been thinking about my life for reasons I do not know. It has just been there kindof ... in my head all night long. Life, the adventures, the life of collecting the boys. It has been kind of weid to be honest. Guess a part of me just went through a time machine or soemthign.

A lot of memories came to me of what I have done since the early 80s. Man i think there could have been a line of things i could have done differently but no need ot regret things. And you know why not? Cause it has all made me what I am today and I now for the first time in a good long time feel good about most things. Also by the way just to kill some mails that have come to me the last few days ..... I will start TODAY with adding the new stuff on here. So look for the rolling banner on top of the front page to see what is new on here. There will be ton of things.

Back to my thinking of today. I think life is ass short to be honest. A lot of things in my life takes a long time and then as I think about it a good 2 3 4 5 years have past already. I think some of the most precious times are the moments othat we seem to miss out on things that are right there infront of us all. We just do not see it. cause we are too blind or self ceentered or burried in todays TV or newspaper or something .

On the computer or listening to the discman, Ipod, MP3 players or what ever we all are carrying with us out in the streets as we go. A lot of cool moments we do not even see or act on. Think about all the cool stories we all carry within ourselves and how many do you miss out on cause you do not talk to strangers. Man I think life seems so fucking short to be honest. Waytoo much I like to take a bite of. I try so often and oftensucceed but far from how many times I like to actually.

I see and hear it already what the hell has all this got to do with your Motley site Tommy? well nothing and yet everything. This is the Tommy that is behind it. This is the individual that holds a brain that think about these things all the time. I have a huge passion for life I just wish it wirked out better and gave me more obtions for successful stories and doings.

Life is a wonder to me. I just think I need a couple of things I do not have in my life what I already have I have in it cause I like it. And what I have I just want more of. Is that not the typical modern day thinking?? Be shit selfish and kill all competion that is out there that seems to bethe 21st century way to go. Fuck that crap. But then again fighting it gives you only more problems.......shit I dont know. I am just me the misnderstood one the loner the longing for true love one.....

I feel so lucky and feel that I should truely be grateful even though I have had a serious hard time with too many wanted try outs that litteraly killed parts of my inside. I so would like ot get involved again have a love life that would be considered greta in most ways. Not prefect cause I think for real there is no such ting. The extremely shitty thing is that i do not really believe I will get that. That seems rather sad to me. What a waste,.. But I have my music I have my Cre and I have a huge cool time with it.

Tommy is out of Crue I guess permanently. Hmm I feel weird about it yet I think the way he acts he shold not be a musician no more he should perhaps change his life to become a TV star or something ...Could then go bang some chicks like he always does and just do it like in a way he ... ahh what is the use of saying anything about this? It is waste of time. I think he has gotten rather stupid thesedays. I do not feel much for him as a person or a rock musician no more. The Tommy Lee I ones loved does not excist no more.. at all. Fuck that shit. Well T boy good luck with what ever the shit you are about to do. What a waste of a perfect musician.

I have come to a point now with the Sixx A.M. thing that I think this is actually a band I will not see live but I like to keep it as a CD experience only. Unless the much talked about musical of the story will actually happen. But other wise just get the stuff available on and about it .. Hard to explain do not even think I need or want to. Never mind. Just sharing the though iwth you all that is all.

have gotten the Crasdiet CD holdng Mick Mars on a couple of tracks on there too. Weird to see why or how he has had aby interest inthat band of Sweden. I like to hear the story. Think I will contactthe band to hear a little more about it. But is is out now anyway and I have it inhand. you can find it too under the "Looks" section and under CDs. Tommy has again been banging a huge breasted someone.. my god I am sorry but seriously I am so sik and tired of this. I could not care less abotu the fact that he loves it. But could the press please care a little less so it would not be shared so fucking much. Jesus... fuck that part of Lee. How uninteresting can thngs about him be?? THAT much...

Nite nite ... Still loyal to the passion I have and hold for the MCs.!!!


5th Of October 2007, Getting Ready Yet Waiting & Uninspired
5:00PM CET
Friday the 5th of October. Well what do you know. In a few days one third of this tenth month of 07 is gone. Man before you know it is will over. I have sat with a lot of different moods and at times actual sadness. It has been really weird to been going through this after home coming. I mena I have had a blast there and have not really had a single clue to why I have felt this way but this is not good. Right now though I feel fine and I have an okay feeling inside.

I am trying to get ready for the massive work on the site with all the new stuff but I have sadly found myself coming home to a monster working scedual with almost no time off. Andthe little time I have off I am in need of rest and more. It is actually quiet nuts. But I promise you guys there will be a start to the adding soon. we al lneed that. especially me. I am drowning in lipes of new astuff in my home that can not be boxed away in to its boxes till it is actually been added or I would not know what and what not has been dealt with.

I have had a huge miss to being in a relationship recently even though I am not in that situation where there is someone that could actally give me that chance. I miss to be able ot get the chance again to share things and life with someone. Someone really neat. I could think of a couple of girls but ... it is not a obtion in real life. I did have a hard time returning home even though as posted here earlier I was thrlled ot go back. not to the everyday life but just to go back. I have a new Tommy in me and I intend to live that Tommy out. I also know Corinna claims to have seen partly the old Tommy in things said and in actions taken. But he is not really around no more. Not saying he is a complete goner. You always take parts of your past with you to the new. It is called life and growing or what ever you want to label it with.

Motley Crue is still my biggest life passion. It is still very high on the positive list in my doing. But it is just what the whole Crue universe holds if you think of a huge box caleld motley crue then what it holds has changed a little bit. But only opening the box you willbe able to see the changes. In other words to confront me on the issue you will get to see and hear about the stuff inside the box. But just by looking at me and not having interest in understnading me or not having a curiouscity to my name or collecting it is not showing at all. Trust me.

I am now in the middle of preparing myself for my Closings to deals going on. Also I am trying to figure out the remaning months of theis year how to split up what I have going. Especially financially since my last week visit to California I had this new invite and all to come to that place again in January. That was kind of a bumber financially. But yet great to hear and to go for ofcause.

Well here is the latest part to that story. I have paid my ticket fees to the going in ajnuary today!!!
I now have a ticket and I now have another trip to do in 103 days. A lot of things to get done before that and how weird it may sound I am extreemly short on one thing. TIME!!!! Time to do all I have to, to get things ready for that January 16th 2008. You see this is kind of what my life is all the time. Always way ahead of today`s date. Constantly having a million things in my book. Wonder how many years I will continue this adventure??? NO one on planet earth has that answer just yet! let me see when I will bumb into a glass wall I had not seen in advange as I smash into it. Like I did with KISS. Well right now I as said have a ton of things to get done ...

I am in my sentimental corner of things these days and it is all fine too. Good to connect to your emotional side of you every ones in a while. Well I am in mine these days I think. I think and miss ceratin things that are really not anyones business but mine. I have a lot of things that I need to do and that I need to think through and get to deal with. it is not the coolest of situations always but what the hell. Some callthat "life". I could not really agree more.

Miss Corinna, miss Tine, miss Gaia, miss Jesse miss a lot of people but I have to say too that i need to not think too much about that cause it kind of wears me down. And it takes a good few people to have things happening. And if the interest is not there or time will not fully alou it as you need it then yes - you are kind of screwed. And I will be the first to say it should not be that way, We should not be in situations where we have to let go. Have to accept lack of a need what ever it is. But what the hell can I do? I am not god. Come to think of it there is no such thing.

I wil lhave my dream deal closed next month it seems. So that is ass cool. Finally!!! I am not going to say anything moe about that. It is a huge thing for me and I will have it soon so hey... who is the happier? Me.



3rd Of October 2007, Ready Again - I Think!! Piles Now In The Wait.
2:19AM CET
Alright laying in bed in Roskilde of Denmark typing this latest update of a diary thinking back on the last two weeks USA and more. I have had a really good time. I have been loyalto my new me and have stayed calm and no regrets. Only as always wanted more time and more money. Oh well that will never change no matetr how many times I go there. I will also I think pretty soon not wanna go round to more places to figure out and to see where things went down and wrote somewhat of a Crue history.

Why? Or rather why not? Well, sinply because the places are often not there no more. So due to the extreme change in many things and locatrions it is just not really too cool no more to go see these addresses. Well I may be the only one to think this but I do. Ok my extreme early morning in the San Diego airport went well. Easy and all. I got checked in and it turned out my packing had done me good. No overweight yet no thin packing either so it all could kind of change around in the suitcase. Good job in short...

As the plane started to move towards a take off I felt okay leaving but yet as I always do from the US of A sad to see it all dissapear in the horisant on me. I like ot have a little more than just a short time here. One time I was so close to be moving here but the exact same chick put a stop to that as some of you loyal readers know. I think I had done what I should have done here this time though. I will now be aiming for a January visit again here as said. We will see as I get to have it laid on the table for my boss at home.

Now the much worried about flight change in Newark, New Jersey had a suprising outcome. We arrived from San Diego almost 30 minutes earlier than scedual that was kind of unusual but to my advantage absolutely. So the jack Daniels bottle I knew Corinna had been missing I looked ofr it but it was sold out. Sorry bout that. Or I would have gotten it for her. A lot of Motley thoughts went through my head here now. All concerns were gone and I now only had to focus on stayng good on water and eating. I felt fine. Crue and the new experienced Crue things from this trip had been great. I felt this was right. Not too much so I could not really appreciate it and yet also not too little so time would alou us to be bored or have a fight or soemthing. Just in all perfect.

I switched planes in Jersey and off I went to leave the USA for good this year. Sixx A.M. was to play on October at a Halloween party in some city here but I would not be going. I still feel kind of fine not being too much into the Sixx A.M. thing. I have managed to keep main focus on my Motley Crue. Thank god for that.

I am shit surre corinan is going to call or mail me saying I am off to the Halloween thing. I have kindo f stopepd taken her word serious about her being on the shitter when it comes to the financial matter of things. I mena I know she is not lying but it is not worse than it is for her still possible to do what she does. And she as said too now has gained the currange to go solo on things. She is fine and she is looked up to by some of her new found Californian friends so I am but a side thing to her Crue life now. Feels weird yet good.

As I landed in Denmark my time was all screwed up. I had had a nine hour shorter day than most on planet earth due to time difference and all. And it had been a Saturday of almost only darkness. Night time and all. I was in Copenhagen looking for my suitcases and arrived here at 7AM sharp. That felt sooooo good, I thought I am going to call my brother in Roskilde and have him know that I would rathr go straight cross country home to my own place so I could do all laundry and unpack things. My suitcases just would not show up. Fuck. Again on the final destination I would be fucked. What the hell. The baggage band number one had stopped there were no more baggage to be arrive. So I started to kind of think that this was damn bad - again.

I walked around there and at another baggage lot round number 3 I spotted what looked like mine. It was but wait a minute this was baggage coming in from Milano. What the hell? Or well fuck the wondering. I had my shit again so I was ready to go call him. I did - twice - but no one answered so I decided to kind of just head for a ticket and head on home ot Grenaa. I did.

Arrived in Aarhus where I had to change trains for a final 75 minute ride. But now a new something had come up.there were no tran s for the day. They were working on the rails so all were redirected to busses for the day. Fuck. This sat me back another good two hours. I was not to be at my apartment till after 5PM. That is ten hours to go cross Denmark a thing that normally would take a good 5 and a half. I emptied the smaller of the two suitcases and started my laundry. Felt so good to just get it out of the way but a lot of my Crue things were in mind. I wantedot have an overview of what was actually brought hme and also I was so missing my computer at my brothers place to get started on scans and all could not really do jack. A really unpleasant kind of situation. Yet something that kind of tested me.

This was now a two days thing with no contact no phone no computer no nothing. I could rest and I felt kind of fored to rest. There was nothing else to do. So did I? Yes I got a lot of rest Actually it felt really good all the way till the Monday evening when I was about to go to bed again. I had slept till in the afternoon on Monday felt so damn good. Needed it. Wheather I liked it or not. So in all it had been good I had not had that computer to take my time and focus. It was all good.

Monday evening I knew that Corinan had gone to this Sixx in store xtra siging thing in Diego. I felt not jealous. But something came in over me and I got really bad. I felt so small so alone so choking I could not be anywhere. I got in and out of bed like for ever. I was not sleeping till 5:30 Tuesday morning. And what good did that do me? Nothing. I had to get up early today cause I was on my way to Roskilde a huge meetng at work and actual working time was to start tomorrow. So I had no moretime ot rest or nothing. I really hated it.

As I got up I called work to get a guiding line n my January plans. Guess what it all went extremely well. "GO FOR IT" tha lady said. "we will find xtra work for you to equal this ouot sometime during the rest of 2007. You only will be in need of a good 4 days overtime. Then your trip in January is covered. Awesome. I called the USA and said it "is a go. "

So I know now what I am going ot do in a good 110 days or so. It is back to California and attending the NAMM 2008 show with VIP access to Sixx and more. All good.

All things have been set and placed at home in my apartment. I am going to start scannign all the new stuff that is to be added on here next on saturday as I will have one day off from work. I will for sure be ready to to get all that down. Now with this diary for the day I am up to date and ready for another round. Piles of stuff in the wait of being handled and added. Just wait and see. And still a good few suitcases waiting in Ajnuaryto be brought home as well.

But here and now there are Nikki , Tommy and Vince solo stuff of various kinds and magazine covers, articles, CDs, shirts, stuff for this n that, Singles, Personal, Passes, Tour Itineraries, and more. Plenty to look forward to. All I need now is time ot do it all. That is the tricky part cause there are only like 6 off days form work this month for me and 3 of those have already plans in the wait for me. So you do the math..

Much love and satisfaction to you all.....Times are good eve though the finances are small. Tons of great addings to be shared with you all. Welcome to October. Fall has come over us ad we are soon changing the clock to go on winter time. I like that. Iam a winter kind of person. I have plans and goals for the remanings of this year and they are all looked upon with a smile. I love it. Do you love yours?


1st of October 2007, Denmark, Ordinary & Ready
3:11PM CET
It is Monday the little country of Denmark is again the ground under my feet.
Friday was the last day in Hollywood and let me tell you it was a bad day. Well not that things went wrong or nothing just a bad day in the sence of delayed sceduals and stock in traffics BAD!!! We had Joelle from the San Bernadino area coming up to bring Cornna`car around so we had that one ot drive to San Diego in after returning the rental car. My god. We checked out at round 11.30 of the hotel and cleared it all up. Then around Hollywood for a final time to get a few last things done. Nothing major but we ate and bought some final minor things.

Then on and off on the phone to Joelle. She had had deathfalls in her family so she got all hung up and delayed too. As it finally got to be time ofr us to meet with her in Hollywood it was already round 3PM in the afternoon. I would say Corinna began to have a bad feeling about the rental car. And sure enough as we got there it turned out that we got billed for yet another day!! Fuck, It was delievered back a good two hours late. Sucked ass. HEAVY TRAFFIC there and from the car rental place to Joelle which is a drive of normally a good hour it today took us three and a half. And then we still had a good 150 miles to go. And that traffic from there to San Diego and Corinna was so bad we did not come home to her untill in the middle of the evening. Should have been there already at late afternoon. That sure as hell did not happen.

So all Friday actually was a stuck in traffic day. I quietly packed or should I say repacked my suitcase to fit in most of my stuff or most possible to be more presis of what was there of my stuff. I could not throw more stuff in there.-.. .sorry time up.. I have to return to you all later.. BUSY!!!

Alright back from my business it has gotten later now... here I go again. Like I was saying the Friday was almost nothing but driving but after arriving there was a packing made that simply was the best I could do this time around. But what the heck now there was a possible January travel to do too and then I would for sure bring home another good load of stuff from America, I will tell you tomorrow if I have the luck of going.

The packing not really carefully chosen. Thank god I kind of only took grab of things from one end of the pile there and stuffed it carefully and tight into the suitcase so it would not get broken and not damaged in any way what so ever during flight. But the trick was surely also to have this lot not turning into to an over weight kind of packing. I did not want to pay for overweight I would rather pay for things I had going there so I gave Corinna a lot of cash or to be honest my last cash I had now only like 7 dollars something in my pockets. But then she could cover some things for me I would have had to send money for anyways. So I now really think looking back that that was a cool choice. So things got packed and off to bed I went. Worried a little about things the next morning. I think it was a little after midnight before I actually got under the cover.

Corinna sid it was time for us to sleep too as we would not get much sleep. She was the one ot take me to the airport next morning. And I had to be there round 6AM plus the alarm clock would ring round 4:30AM. Hot damn!!! Thank god it was all packed before the sheets called on me. As the time set off the noize I was morethan tired .And it was a no shower morning. Just did not want to. Rather just go and travel then a shower as I planted my feet in the land of Denmark again......

Fuck what a morning....Corinna was ass tired too and a little nervous cause she did not know her way to the airport. But her dad was a great help, He had wrotten all directions down more or less. Corinna did a great job not a single wrong turn. So we got there round 5:30 or so so I had heaps of time on my hands. Huge hug still kind of not ..well I am not gonna go into that. We hugged said thanks for this time and a see you around and off we went.

Back to ordinary - Denmark and getting ready for the next round.


27th Of September 2007, Crue Path Old Style, Rockers & Greetings
3:37PM CET
It is Wednesday morning here. And I do mean morning. I am quiet tired this morning as is Corinna I see. It is almost scary. We have these extremely long days in cars only almost. It is sick. What a lousy way to do and live. Well it is all coming from the passion of this motley collecting. I cannot even begin to think about the many miles we have laid behind us over the last almost three years. The areas here have been just covered from left to right, right to left, north to south and east to west and plenty times over.

There is a huge puzzle starting to come together in my head of where they did what and when. What could have been a real treat was to buy one of them huge sized tourist maps holding all these places in one fairly detailed of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Encino, Thousand oaks, Malibu, Santa Monica, Calibasas, and much more. Then pin down the locations of the places they each and all held someting ....You know what I mean?? That had been great.

Well I feel I am about to have a really neat time later on with all that kind of stuff. Then maybe sell it sometime. What a great thing. Anyways that is what I think could have been a seriously cool thing to do now after having been to so many places. I seriously think no one else has ever been to all of these places as a Crue fan. No one on earth. Well Corinna cause she has been with me. But thats all. I am so sure. Who would and who could?? All this information is some what impossible to get your hands on really. But my god has it been exciting. Could I just sit with some in the band and share these doings I am seriously sure that that person would not believe the places we have dug up. And the stories to most of them too.

Oh well dreams are great. That is the main reason for living. Stop dreaming you might as well lay down and die if you ask me. I feel I have a great collection all I now have to do is to get all the shit home from over here and I feel it is finally getting to become a collection that holds pride. Not many others are this great as a whole.

There are awsome single collections out there that has some shit cool pieces in them but man, I am so happy to even have had the ride I have had in their name. I just need to continue now down the same road that I have been riding since early summer of this year. Not include too many people not invite new in... just try to avoid all that cause it is nothing but trouble and stinky situations. There is no way on earth that has solidly givin me pure pleasure in the long run. Sad but true.

Now I better get the last couple of days down on here cause I start forgetting things that could have had its coolest kind of tellings lol, lol had I had time to put it all down as it happend. But our schedual is still as busy as it has been every day of this trip. We have an ass load of pictures a good lot of new video material and more too to back up the memos so the writings on here should be the final thing to help us both later on with the detailed memories should we one time sit and look back on all of this.

No doubt there could be an awsome book written from all this. A Crue world through a fans eyes. Fuck me that would be a seriously damn cool one. It could even had been a shit cool movie I think. All the private life ongoings mixed in with the pain the pleasure the joy the sadness and all that it holds ... there are stories in here that could have blown away any serious fan. I myself would even had found it seriously fucking awsome. What a life I have lived. What a huge part of my life I have givin four men and only one of them kind of knows. Man it blows my own mind even typing this down. It is sick. Fuck what a ride I have had.

Any how, Tuesday was a day of more driving. Suprise suprise!!! We had a lot of things done for ourselves and after a nice shower (no not together) we started getting ready for the day. The attack on this Tuesday had not too many locations set up. Did that one come out right? Well in other words we did not have too many addresses and people to meet for the day. But we did start by heading down south....towards the beach of Redondo.

We got to see a lot of the areas and I tell you going down these roads and see the places even knowing they have changed a little bit since the early days of Motley Crue it kind of gave you a great feeling of what kind of place these four guys looked for or lived in and around back then.

Well now it was time for the old 1981 apartment of Mick Mars. It was as far as I know the first place he lived in alone after joining the Crue. The house held four apartments not big at all. His was on the second floor in a quiet area no huge traffic but pretty much right on the beach. It may even have been one of the actual houses that was the closest to the water back then. I take it houses have been popping up many times over since then.

Yeah it was a weird feeling it often is a weird feeling being present at on these locations and being able to actually kind of feel how it all may have been. At least for me that is something I have running through my mind as I am at these places. It is really just crazy. It is like I am able ot have these short films running through my skull picturing the times back then. A young Mick coming home from a gig or something to this place. Riding up the driveway. Walking these stairs and so on.....

Anyway we found the place and I tell you I do not believe for a second this was or has ever changed. Probably some new door knobs and smaller things. New mail boxes, things like that. But the frames of the place and how it is with the garage and more .. I bet that is as it was then. Nothing seems to have changed or been touched like that at all. So odd a new location frrm back in the day when Crue played places like the Whiskey, the Troubadour, the Starwood and more.

Form Micks old place we took a good 10 to 15 minutes and headed toward Huntington Beach where my man Jeremy Guns of LA Guns lives these days. This place was kind of the birth of Mick Mars becoming a known musician. The band Whitehorse back in the 70's had its apartment here where Mick after joining the band slept for a longer period of time on the second floor to the right. That is the place and that is the window of Mars the guitarist room mid 70's. It is just all fucked to think about, is it not?

He had nothing. A broken guitar, one set of clothes and his passion for music and that was about all he had. My new found friend the original drummer of the band Jack Valentine has told the story to me of this place some days ago as we went to his place. Man now as I post this I feel extremely lucky to have gotten that piece added to the story of knowledge. What a crazy time this has been for me in the states this time. A lot of new places to get added to the "meet and greet" section on here. So enjoy.

It has been a ride for sure. The house was back then I was told the last and closest to the beach. And let me tell you there are a ton of houses built there since. That kind of just tells you that this area is a tourist success. And a beach people favorite. It is great. Again if ytou like the beaches. All crazy. But this house was the first ever house too to hold the name "the motley house" only spelled different lol, lol cause Whitehorse as said in an earlier posted diary sometimes called themselves Motley Crue to avoid all the tax bills coming out of their gig earnings.

From that house to a place that was the first ever to hold three major things.
Now a restaurent but back then in the 70's early 70's it was a club called "Pier 11". Now Pier 11 was a place Whitehorse seemed to have played a lot of times.... And I mean a lot of times. The three huge special things that connects it to my story are: this is the place the exact spot of when the world was introduced to the very first ever upside down drum playing. It was not as hightech or nothing as the Tommy Lee on the 87 tour. But it was the very first ever. And the boy that did it .. Jack Valentine. How awesome is that. You can actually find small clips of him doing it on youtube . Not the exact first ever done one but still him doing it. Taped by his own mother and a surfer.

The second huge factor is this was the first place ever to hold two names on a bill of concerts in one night. The night(s) of the Whitehorse calling themselves Motley Crue (again different spelling) and an ass early version of Van Halen. Woooowww!!!! That has got to blow ones fucking mind. It certainly blows mine. The final and third one is the fact also of Mick pre being a Whitehorse member the "Pier 11" club was the one place where the band already exsisting saw Mick watching this band a lot of times showing extreme interest in the bands guitar player back then. A man Mars or back then Bob later replaced.

Actually Jack thought he was a fag due to the interest in the bands male guitar player. Until he one night saw the two sharing riffs and talks about guitar playing. The rest is kind of history as they say. So ... my god..... some say "The Starwood" was the huge thing for Mick and the boys? Well if you talk about Starwood being an early Motley Crue holding our boys then yes. But this was NOT the place nor was the Whiskey or the Troubadour that made Mick becoming a star. It was this place here. The "Pier 11". Man it is weird to even say it. Mostly becasue I have now been there seen the building seen its shape and location.

Damn it is good stuff for one like me. It is such a treat. Only one thing is truely missing that I would have treasured just as much as going to the places .. and that is that at the end of the day every day to actually sit and share the adventure of the day with this girl. It is just not something we do. Why? Well beats me. I have tried a lot of times not this time around on several trips before to have all that going. It is just not my travelling partners thing. Do not know if it is because it is me or what . I guess she sits and talks to others about it actually I feel kind of sure so it makes me a little sad that we do not. Cause neither of us, not her nor her me will ever do this with anyone in our lives again. This is a one time thing only done in chapters lol, lol. But yeah, it is sad we do not have that urge to seal the days off with talks about what has happend that day.

On our ways again to Orange County, or round there. The Swedish American band Meldrum. A hard heavy thundering band all girl band ..I have had them on rock radio in Denmark a few times before. Well long story short, the swedish guitar player and mom of a three year old Michelle has agreed to meet me. Nice. So a fast and quick little updating interview with her about the band was done and video shot. Out in the front of her yard. Hot and steaming yet not. We had a peaceful place in the shadow lol, lol. She lived at a place that was like a ... fuck forgetting the word. ohh a maze .. lol, thanks corinna. There you go. It was all crazy. Michelle called us and said hey you guys just drove by twice now. Guess how we felt. No need to spell it out for you. Shit!!!

Well she tried to help by going to the sidewalk and acting like a paniced house wife crying for help waveing her arms and all. lol, lol... what a sight. Not very rock n roll. lol, lol!!! Anyway we fianlly got there and we got it done. Sweet people. This chick and the drummer in Gene were the only people here. The remaning two bitches are in Sweden trying to work on the up and coming Scandinavian tour to come.Yeah you heard me... damn I want to go. This is going to be awsome.

Well the interview and the photo taking - always a must - was done with and I knew that they were ass busy rehearsing the new songs to the up and coming next Meldrum album 2008. We packed our shit and was almost about to hit the highway back to Hollywood. As Michelle came to the car and said " hey you guys if you wanna avoid the main heavy traffic rush why don't you come on in and listen if you want to the remains of our rehearsal?"

WHAT!? That was awsome. All new and coming songs played by only two mmbers. No one will ever get that chance and it was the final rehearsal before reconding start that was to be Wedneday. Cool. Ohh and happy bday to Michelle's son Monday. She herself has her bday Friday. What a treat. This day had been exclusive as well. Fucking eyy..Thanks Gene and Michelle for being so cool.

The rest of Tuesday kind of was an easy night. Not doing too much. As always we tried to get all the pictures and video done with each its details and all. A lot of great stuff to hold on to and a lot of stuff to constantly have to sort out. So it is kind of needed to be handled each and every day!!


Oh brother so many things to write and post on here. I feel like I do not even have time for that. Well Corinna has gotten up now and I have been typing for a good hour lol, lol she is out of the shower has blowdried her pretty hair and is now in the grease box (make-up to others). So it will not be too long untill we are ready to take on the last day of travellings to find locations. But Wednesday being yesterday was starting a little late.

I chose to just let Corinna sleep in. She is after all the driver in this. While I sit in the passenger seat hoding and controlling all driving directions and info and all she stears the wheels. Well she woke up 9.30 or just about did what she does everyday being a girl that takes kind of foreer but it will give e time ot do this. Posting and preparing for the trips of the day so it is fine. lol, lol.

It was a little past noon that we took off. First stop the grosery store. Breakfast. I had a pasta salade it was doable and cheap and filled my stomack for the morning hours. All good, Then a ride to the Melrose only a minute or two away. I wanted ot just briefly as always go by Mr. London LeGrand to see if he was there to say hi and hear what was up. He was and things were up. My god this biy has a line of projects going on a godd 4 or bands and all have some material put down as rough ideas and he said "Well I can not really share with you guys. It is a secret" Typical that man. But as always in the end he invited us in on a listen to some of the music. '

It is ... different. Well different from what we know him for in the B.O.D. God I miss that band. Well tough shit. London is active and seems to have gone past some barriers that he had the last time I met him. But still to use his own words. "I am always around. I am always there loyal to death. No doubt about it, Love you London thanks for the short time but better something than nothing. Respect brother. Can not wait to hear your stuff and see what and which of your projects you are gonna give main time and work on. Love you brother.

So from this little something with London and his personal "Shoebox" (inside joke never mind lol) we started our ride towards Crue history locations for the day. The first two locations were up in Sherman Oaks between Holywood and Encino. These two places were some members personal bank contatcts and more round the time of the millenium. That ishow far out it has come. Now some of these things and more personal things have been pinned down as well. So a lot of times I guess yo uevery now and then could bumb into a Crue bassplayer or guitar player doing financial businesses back then right here. Weird. Unreal and yet .. .they are but only humans.

Not too far from these two locaions is one that is still in use of Tommy Lee. Also this is a business contact to him so he may be seen here from time to time. I did not really video shot any of these buildings as it is A) not aloud and B) we had shitty and illegal parking. But then again it was only office buildings so not too much of a big deal. It felt okay. On to a place hidden away fro mmain traffic and all.

Nikki Sixx home address sadly we were unable to get to the actual house as it as the only one (ofcasue) on that road in that place had its place down behind some trees bushes and what have you. But here is the sad little thing that shows the address or rather house number ...sorry I will not share the actual full address with nobody. This is out of respect and more... so save your askings. Sorry.

From this place we had a long drive way past Sherman Oaks and Encino into the mountains passing Calabasas and that is all I can tell you. But we located the much and often talked about "Mars Mountain". There is a funny story from the day that should be shared though!! We had never been to this place before ever so we simply did not know. We did not know what or where to look for this address up there in the hills. As we got to a place way the fuck up high there were all of a sudden houses and we thought maybe it is here but look at the numbers...well numbers to be seen from the road in the hills. It is way too low numbers from what we are actually looking for.

So we continued. We then found this place that really spelled it out for you. STAY THE FUCK OUT!!!! So we did. We could only see a road leading to some place a good maybe 100 to 150 feet up. No house no nothing was to be seen. Crazy we thought, felt sure that this could really be it. Lol, lol. We spent so much time here it kind of blew our scedual and time frames for what was left for the day to be covered. Drove by and drov to other hill sides to get better pictures and more. Then finally said "damn it, let us jsut roll out of here casue we have a long way to go".

Well on our way back we stopped and checked the numbers on the mail boxes of where we passed the first time only like 1 minute awayd from this other mysterious hill top.Guess what...lol, lol. It was here and not where we had spent a lot of time trying to see something. We drove down the way passing the mailboxes and BAM!!! there it was the infamous house of Mars on the Mars Mountain from the golden days of the golden 80s and all.

We did what we do shot some vidoe piece and took some pictures. That house is also looking to be the exact same even in colour as it used to be. Looks fucking amazing ... Crazy. This was the place where Mars lived with Emi Canin. What a place and what a location. Guess he moved away from this one when their marrage started to go bad. But this was a real gool thing. It has juts been a really hard try out to fiond this "Mars Mountain". And to be honest I did not een know this addres was it, but it was. Cool.

From here we drove a good while decided to try to go by Axl Rose house. Ass high again up in the hills but between Malibu and Santa Monica. Not really a great drive by. Cause we managed to only get to the street sign so really close like 30 seconds form the house due to the road being like blocked with police officers holding shotguns so what ever was going on there we were not to be a part of. It may not have been at Axl house but who can say. So if yo uall of a sudden hear something in the near coming days about some Axl shit that involved police and shit well we were there then. We will try to cover it today though the house. It is in our scedual of things to go see. Ill rap this up later...

Off to the road later..

25th Of September 2007, A Monday Doing Of '06 Re-runs....
6:22PM CET
Today was kind of a back and forth day about what we should do. Not that we did not know whjat to do. We have lists up the wild zoo on stuff. But it was more like are we too tired ot go this and that far today? But in short we ended up doing a rerun on the trip to cover something we had already done last year. But we lost all our pictures of them places so we kind of had to do this again. That sucks but what can we do?

So off we went.

We covered The Court of malibu where the whole thing with Tommy and Pamela took place of her filing a lawsuit on Lee for spoutal abuse. It was here all the press coverage from the magazines were taken and from here we took a ride up through Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway and started to close in on the old famous Tomy and Pam house. Place of the sex tape place of the pool drowning of the neighbour kid place .. well most of what has been a disaster for two.

Finally we had taken some shorts. But as we were about to look in on them.. fuck me guess what. Corinna discovered the fucking card was not in. So all the pictures of the court and this place were not on the camera after all ... again!!! God damn it. It was like what the hell are we not meant to have these things in our bag of covered doings? It was a joke almost. How ever we put the card in - it was in the computer jst had forgotten all about it - and then we started all over. Now finally !!!! It was in the can.

Then on to the Malibu Country club of golf. This is where Vince ones a year has his Skylar turnament. So we wanted that to be covered. On to Santa barbara way up north from Malibu. To ones again cover the hotel of where in 1986 Tommy and Heather Locklear married. It is suxh an awsome place and my god they must have had a really good time. From what I am told it has not really changed, maybe gotten some paint and new colours here and there. But all in all about the same.

It was a drive we felt we could now do in our sleep and it did not at all take too long. We were ready and done with it again right on the other side of noon lol, lol and i had kind of reserved this day in its ful lfor this only. Well that was kind of nice. Now the talk started to get going bout what to fill up the rest of the day with. So I called the L.A. Guns bass player. And we agreed to meet up late afternoon or the best possible time after this. Cause they are leaving round midnight Thursday going on tour for a good 3 weeks incl. a fast in and out of Australia of all places. Damn. But here in the USA it ws to be some Mexico dates and southern states like New Orleans.

Tiome went by and we were back in Hollywood thinking about buying tckets for the Metal School tonight at the Key club but ended up not to do so. Then we awent to "Ralphs" a grosery story bought tonights dinner Chicken and salate and stuff. Extrmely cheap but not near great what so ever. Ohh well it filled our stomacks. Lol, lol, lol. But before dinner we went to the meet up with Guns and had a good half an hour there. Was offered to smoke some pot and shit but hey man... youre talking to Tommy form Denamrk. I am not THAT ROCK N ROLL. Well, if it is rock n roll to do that? Who can say?

It was nice though to see the people there and have a few pictures taken and all .Jeremy Guns did this totally fucked up message thing for me and well the whole situation was just like funny. I was givin an old LA Guns fanclub short and a handful of picks. PLus the original dress for the nurse girl in the video of "If I Die Tomorrow" by Motley Crue. Jeremy had that dress in hand and wanted to sell it to me. Not cool financially. But now it is done with. And my god I have spent way more money than what is or has been good for me. There will be no eBay watching for the next well rest of the year. (yeah right)!! I have a gazillion dollars to pay off and the January trip out here so it is with out a doubt tight times for the rest of the year for me. I surely hope I will be able to get some of the last KISS stuff sold.

What else? Well not much really. We did the LA Guns thing and headed for our dinner then off for a stroll on the Hollywood Blvd. and yeah not much. Just kindof took the evening off to chill at the stinky cat piss smell room at the hotel. Fuck that is so nasty. you have no idea. It is fucking BAD!!!! We did call and said "hey mister this is fucking not gonan cut it for us. The place is a stinker and it is not just like stinky it STINKS!! SO the dude came up and he sprayed the room but what the hell could that do for us? Nothing later on it felt it had even gotten worse.. Fuck me it is bad!!!

That kind of concludes the day and we are now awake to a new day again. It is Tuesday and Corinna just got out of the shower it is 10. 38 now local time here in Hollywood and we have like a new day to cover with awsome doings and al. Guess today will hold a meet up with the girls of Meldrum and some Huntington Beach stuff from the old Whitehorse days nad Micks home apartment tha I think was his first in 1981 after being in Crue.

Tell you more about it all as I post on here next time.. till then have a blast... we will!!! Tommy

25th Of September 2007, Vegas - Now Broke. Ass Tired
8:21AM CET
So here I am right on the money. Well not quite. I am not on no money what so ever. I have spent fucking every penny I had. And now it is holding like three more days here and I will have a long ass trip to do ... Denmark and normalicy is starting to call upon my name. God damn fuckin shit. I do not really know what to say. Except the last days here wll be ass busy too but also kind of self written ass cheap cause there is no money to throw around no more. It is long gone and long over. I have just ended the first day here in Hollywood after the return from Vegas and Gran Canyon. I am tired now can not wait to get to bed and just sleep it all away. It has been a really cool one.

I do not even know where to start.

Well we kind of picked up my friends south of Los Angels Joelle and Chuck. Fuck me what a caracter - I love him. Lol. We have had a rather lot of driving recently Corinna and I alone and we have in all honesty had a great long time together this time. No bullshit no nothing. Just straight out and down the line. So from all our driving alone we took place in the cbackseat and had them other freaks driving. Joelle and Chuck. It was a blast.

I kind of slept most of the way and hardly realized we got there. But damn dude, we got there alright and it felt so weird coming back. Good but weird. We pretty much took off after settign them off at thier hotel by the Tropicana. We then ourselves had a stay over at Lisa's place. Superb!!!! Really kind person. Nice to have that chance to save on two hotel nights. It was really nice to be honest. So not really much other than a car drive all day and then directly to Lisa today.

We got sweet tea there and a brief talk while doing a few things. "Tomorrow" was to be the Gran Canyon day also holding the Sky Walk but I kind of chose another offer on all of that. Due to way to many problems to say it short we did not go to the glass bridge hangin in Canyon but we will next time. We just went nuts all day with drinkng and more after having had a blast going to Red Rocks Canyon. Hell yeah. Superb cool.

The rocks there the mountains were all red as hell and we were there for a long time taking pictures and staying on the rocks .. or rather crawling around. Every one going to Vegas should do this. A short 20 minute trip to the Red Rocks. Killer. I found a mountain piece and have brought it home. Nice little memo of thqat day. It was crazy new and exciting and we all went superb. God it was so hot there in the desert I almost died.

Hotter than hell is what it was. But fuck some nice pictures we took there man. It was pretty wild. I would like to go back there some time again. We have had a day with some sick shit lol, lol, lol. Hell I have had more beer this one day than I have had in a fucking long time all together. 2 full six packs and a monster bottle. I have no idea how this really got to go well for me cause I was waiting for an ass long night of getting ill. Drunk and sick as hell. But it did not happen. jee haaa... cool for me. But we had a blast.

The full day had been over the top./ Only one tiny thing killed my smile. We went to the Vince Neil Ink store to get more new pictures. And guess what since the openign a year ago they have had the whole thing changed. Now there are costume Vince Neil Ink record awards all over and there are all new merchadise. That was one huge blow out. Fuck me. I could not touch the lot at all. I felt down and out. If I had been smiling that day I was surely not happy now. Well not NOT happy .. more like god damn this situation kind of like. I wish I had brought me my Visa. But I had convinced myself not to so .. I had that laying at home waiting for me.

We met up again at the Hooters for Joelle and Chuck and we wanted to just get back to Lisa's really. Had talked about going to see a few shows. Non of them happend. Actually both te Vegas days got beeter all together after heading home to Lisa and not worrying no more about the Neil Ink stuff. I had to think about it but I emailed my Brother to have kind of an outside opinion about it all. He later called and said .. well actually he called us up on Sunday morning local time here in the USA. He said do not think about it just get it the best way possible. All of it. It will be ass cool. And we will be covered by the available stuff from there so far. Right? Hell yes.

So Sunday noon we went in there again and started plugged off of the hangers and all. And in the end I stood with maybe a good 25 new items in one deal and NO DISCOUNT!!!! Not a penny brother. That was feeling pretty shitty. Here I was .. a good 1200 dolalrs shorter .. fuck me there was an ass lot of new shit to have so what but a move like that could I do? Do you think I should have passed on it? I personally think I should. But then I would not have had a chance in hell to find it all later on. Never mind all the speculation. It is bought amd covered now. No more reasons to cry about it.

Funny enough the rest of the trip got better. Well the rest of the Vegas trip that is. Chuck and I drank ourself silly or tried to at least and the girls well they gambled their money away. Fuck what a trip .. we had fun. And man to top it all off we had Volbeat and Clawfinger doing the beats. Fuck we hada lot of partying on that ride. Our way home to Chuck and Joelle's place was a smooth one.. we all were having fun till we al lgot so tired we just fell asleep.

Corinna and I had talked about NOT wantiong to leave Vegas after 2 PM or something. But we did. It was way past 5 closer to 6 oclock before we took off. Headed home. Sat them off and drove on. We wil lsee them again my final day here being Friday so we will have a cool time I am sure. Our stay ther was short.. we stil lhad mor than an hour long drive to Hollywood so... we took off. Guys thanks for a balst there. Corinna thanks for you know what and it is truely a pleasure being with you here again. It feels truely way easier and better to be around you than ever before....

Well I can hardly see anything anymore so I am going to have to say nite nite and cover todays doings tomorrow.
Sleep tight outthere where ever you are and have fun in the morning I know I will. Much love !!! Your crazy atourist Tx

23rd Of September 2007, Basson, Whitehorse, Vegas, Money Crap & New Goals
8:30AM CET
So it is 30 minutes to midnight here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crazy shit. Thast is right we took off yesterday to here. But my god things happend in a great way for me the day before hat too. It was Thursday morning we were a little unsure about the huge dream of mine would actually happen. The dream being Going to see the original drummer and writter of the book from last year "The Motley .....".

Mr Jack Valentine was a man that I had been emailing andcalling for a few times these past few days. And untill we kind of knew more about when we eventually would meet him we decided to get in the car and make a trip to a couple of local placeswe wanted to check out anyways. It was places that we had visited a good year ago but videos and pictures some how got lost for us. We have now redone this and it feels good.

We went by house that holds a sticky little Nikki Sixx story from 1981 and home of the old great magician Houdini. He also died in this house back in I think 1920s. Anyway it s locatd at a place in Beverly Hills that really is ass hard to even get good pictures of. But we went and we did it. After that a trip past gene Simmons house. How cool is that to say we know where GOD lives and where he walks on water lol, lol.

No just kidding well not about going there but him walking on water.
I think it was just the right time that we arrived there cause it was not more than a god 10 minutes after that an ass load of cars came by him got buzzed in and you could only be wondering what was going on. Business meetings or a shooting to the episode of season three of the "Family Jewels" We got a few video clips and we got some pictures thats all good and cool.

Then on our way back to Hollywood for a new doing we got this phone call. It was Jack Valentine. He could meet us today this afternoon but at his home and house ... in San Diego. God damn another huge long drive. So we said yes thanks and started our ways back tothe hotel for refillings of this and that and then took off. On the way we called Basson gear and were told that it was mor than fine to come by today. Come by for a chane to buy myself that 60 x 90 promo Basson poster of Nikki Sixx and the second one of Tracii Guns from the back then other loved band Brides Of Destruction.

The trip down there went kind of slow but we did it. Got off the highway and found the Carlsbad address holding the long time email friend Shawn Green and Basson gear it was nuts. We got invited in to Shawns office and had a long warm talk. I felt really welcome. It was something that I really had wanted to do for a long, long time. Shawn and I...well it turned out that we are alike in many ways he is about 2 years younger than I. And a good food higher than me but we clicked so well. It was like so cool.

He showed us a round the placeand told how it worked and all. Really neat. I will treasure this visit for a long time. Then Shawn said look at this and showed me a Brodes huge PVC poster of the band hanging on his wall. Next to a Sixx live poster also PVC promo one of a kind. These posters were taking my breath away. I was ...I do not even have the words for this. It was mindblowing. And to see this one of the B.O.D. now they are not around no more was kind of suprising me.

Then Shawn said well it is not really my posters it is "the man" personal owned. Now "the man" was Mr.Victor Basson. In fact Shawn wanted me to meet him. It was another huge treat for me. Felt like it was an early christmas already. Mr. Victor Basson was the sweetest man. He came down to Shawns office and he started taking interest n me right away. We sat o nthe coutch there and talked about music. My individual, radio, the marked of music, Nikki, NAMM, Basson, and more. Really cool. Then he told me "I hear you have an interest ion the posters. Well I do not wanna part with them now but let me think about it." Later on that day I got an email from him saying if he wanted or when he wanted to part with it I would be the one to buy it. Cool.

While staying at Basson we got some pictures taken and some I got perhaps the ultimate handed on a silver platter. VIP passes for the 2008 NAMM show holding also N. Sixx. That is runing round January 18th so I already now know I am going over here again to see and be a part of that. That was nuts. Just cause we clicked so well and all they said I was kind and extremely dedicated so there .. here you are here you go. Pass accreditations to the 2008 show. Sweet.

Mr Victor Basson and my dear friend Shawn Green, I thank you both for the ultimate time there. A good hour can pass by so shit fast it is almost unreal. Good company loyalty and pasiionate frames for meetings like this kills time in a hurry. Thanks again for all you did for us there. I will not forget that. You have been a dream. Thanks again.

So off we went from Carlsbad with the long wanted Guns and Sixx posters. Well Corinna I let you have a Sixx one could have bougt all three but I did not. Hope you see what I am all about through a move like that. I had you get one too. We took off also holding a huge handful of the latest little folder holding Sixx on cover. It will be folders that I will hand out to some bands and music equipment stores that I think should look into. Cause the Basson company really would like to get though to the European market. And Shawn also said they would have to at some point soon jsu tgo there get over to Europe and show face. They are so awsome unlike anything else on the market. So it will happen for them. They already are covered in japan, Asia, Canada and the USA. So its growing good.

From Carlsbad to San Diego. It was time for another loving dream. The Mick Mars pre Crue band caleld Whitehorse. There was the original drummer then Mr. Jack Valentine he and I had talked a few times over email and finally this was to be the day. Here is what he told me after the visit. That was just all overwhelming!!! Loved it. Thanks Jack.

"OK now you've gone and done it. How is this for a new title. "Tommy Lee source of my inspiration". I just dug out my old box of fan mail that has not seen the light of day for 30 years. Why didn't I read some of this stuff when I was writing the book? I was so short sighted not to go through this stuff. All these people knew Bob Deal my side kick and Nurk Twin.

I should have gone through this stuff when you were here. It has been like opening a treasure chest. Letters from girls that were in love with me. Letters from girls I was in love with but I knew I was just in town for a week so I better not get serious and keep my distance. Letters from Mom and friends sent to me when we were on the road. Wow there are really a ton of memories and more stories here. I hate to read but I think I am going to have to read some of these for only the second time in my life. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I feel like a closed up flower that is finally opening.

Your eternal friend, Jack Valentine"

Now to tell you how it was for me to be at this mans house - well it would be hard to use words and not to show feelings about it. But I was like a kid in a candy store only older with a lot of experience for these things. I totally got off on it. Jack seemed to be a slowly extremely opened man about all. He is a god believing man now a days holding a video shooting company that just kind of shoots weddings and all. And he seems to love it. He is missing his music days but is still on a hobby level active. Thast was so nice to see.

And fuck me if he has not still gotten the oiginal glass drumkit from the Mick days the original one that was the worlds first cver upside down kit. Damn!!! And the Whitehorse van. Surely took some pictures of that all of it. It was nuts to even think I would not. HE showed me some old original scrapbooks and ton of photos and shit. These pictures holdiong Mick was 1975 to 1978 or just about. It was nuts how cool I think these pictures are. I love it.

Jack you simply in short gave me a day or a late afternoon and evening I can not put words to. I thought I should have cinsidered myself lucky had for a godo 45minutes to an hour. But this was like 5 hours or something .His wife came home and all of a sudden we were invited to stay for late dinner and all. Man!!!! The kindness these people showed us was beyond words. Nuts!!! There are so many things there to mention and share with you all but I would just not ever get done with the diary about today then. So I will not lol. Lol.

I just had a balst that is all.Killer time. Thank you very much. Thank good I am so fairly good at talking to people that I meet. I guess it is my curiousness to my passion combined with my calmness and radio thing as a show host that makes me do alright and that makes these people open up likethey do to me all the time.

Okay so from here on we had to go by Corinna home to leave the hard cardboard posters so they would not get ruined. Then all the way back a good 200 miles to Hollywood again. We talked a little about how and what kind of a time we had had with this man. Stunning. It was some what also sd to see Jack missing so much. Cause he seems to hold a lot of things and feelings back. Trying to move on with certain things. But I think he will be all good. Just needs to stop fighting the past and work with and on it instead. You will be happier too Jack my frined. Go do it... fucking kill it.

We drove a long time traffic was goo d but our eyes were not. We had to pull over and make a rest. Corinna had to close her eyes for some time before we ate the last miles up. It was all good. It still at times blows my mind that I have found her to do this with. And that she is still wanting to do this and with me. We are an Ex couple on top of it. That does not have to be in the way and in all truth it is not!!! It is just so easy it seems.

I have my mind else where and it is still proven top me tht my changes with and about myself since I was here the last time has done me extremely well. You have no idea. But it is a truely appreciated time and what we do and have been able to do all these times - well you would have to me a diehard fan to even understand just a tiny little bit of the appreciatioon I have for the adventures.

On Friday well we had not much else to do but to drive to Joelle and Chucks house. Part from trying to find a tiny little shit place towards Long Beach for a meet up eith a fat fuck that was to hand over $3000,00 worth of jack Daniels bottles to Corinna. Yes you read it right. $300,00. I almost fell on my ass as she told me. Holy shit. And was only like 5 bottles or soemthing. Really rare and really old. But still you now.... 3000????

I think it was nuts to do all this driving but it is how it basically is here in the USA. I know nothing like what we do is even possible if we did not have the willingness to drive and all. More or less the rest of the day was driving, driving, driving....Picked up our friends in Joelle and Chuck and we headed to Las Vegas. More on all of Vegas later. I miss nothing from back home right now part from a few friends. But I will have my time with them in one way or another ...

This is too cool not to say I have a blast!! Tommy


13th Of September 2007, Lee Shocks The Fans. Leaving Motley !!!
6:00AM CET


So it happened AGAIN. Feels like a few of my frineds have kind of expected this to happen. No more Tommy Lee behind the drums no more in the band Motley Crue. The news got to me at round 1AM this morning while at work. I think I have kind of waited for this for a long time to happen. Have even talked about it to many round me over the last 7 months.

Tommy is not in good feel with the rest of the band and there have not been the best it seems since before the European `07 tour. I think there will still come an album but it is now again set back. Also Tommy seems to want to do way more DJ and house stuff that simply is his new thing. He is tired and taped for passion for the rock n roll. I think what he got famous for being the worlds probably coolest and best skin beater is now a label to his name from the past. He wants to burry that character and be something new.

I think It is brave to step up and did this business reasons or not. Fuck that detail in a way. But the fact that he is way ore a media whore and a celeb than a rock musician says a lot. We the fans have just lost a final chance to say thank you and good night. What a fucking drag and a shame. Always thought when someone left the band it was just not the way none of us wanted it to end for real.

What a shitty fact. In the middle of nothing God damn it Tommy do you not at all think of the fan? Then again .. I have also constantly said better to be honest than playing a game. So Mr Sixx what now?? Was this the end of the Motleys as we want it? OR is it going Oh well this only means it is for shit sure the end of a dream band . Ad it is time to look for cru related something in this collecting. Not cool. Hell Can not even say I feel honestly at eased bout it. I has just kind of laid there waiting to explode for too long a time really..

Damn – Tommy Lee not a Crue member no more. Shi this is going to be yet another chapter holding strange feelings. I am stunned. In my own weird way, Well – only one thing left for me to do on this situation. Feel blessed for having seen them so many times and then think back smiling…

What a fuckin messed up thing and drummer boy.. pardon me - but something has to change with this dude ...as much as I love him this is retarted. get a grob man stop the drugs and alcohol and focus on other things that teen pussy....

You have a talent that youre wasting big time..........


12th Of September 2007, Sixx Guitar, Deals, Deals, Deals, Shows & Pizza!!!!
5:58PM CET

Well, well, well, well!!!! Arent I the fucked one??? To hell with it. I am still on a good role here.

I am so on top of what is happening have turned down a shit load of things and offers. But I t is okay. I have such a good feeling still. I am NOT excited about the travelling itself Monday morning but I am excited about going over. Such a great program lined up. There is no question about it.

-Such a killer time it is going to be. Plenty of diaries to come from the trip over there.

There is a BRAND new up and coming Ovation guitar collectible.

Product Description

Package to include: -Celebrity Ovation Guitar featuring Heroin Diaries Graphic designed
by PR Brown (artist of Heroin Diaries book and cd cover) -GUITAR CASE 8317 INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE PRICE! (25%) of each guitar package sale to be donated to Nikki Sixx's -Running Wild in the Night - charity supporting Covenant House

PLEASE NOTE. This item can only be shipped via UPS. If you purchase this item and select another shipping option, your order will be changed to the cheapest valid UPS shipment method for your location. (UPS GROUND for USA orders and UPS worldwide for International **non-USA orders) you will be e-mailed with the change in price. You will not be Charged for this item until it is ready to ship to you IN EARLY JANUARY.

This baby is in order as well. I truely do not know how many it is produced in. But what the heck I needed but the one to come. Lol. A lot of things are coming home over the next 6 months as well. I have really liked the change in my life and the overcoming of my downfall (ggrrr) to better belief and regained strength and belief in this collecting thing.

I have changed a lot in the matter of collecting and as a person this year. It truely is a great feeling to have this new fresh feel about things. I love it. It has been a hard fucking time to overcome all the dissapointments about this Cruecial universe of mine. But I seem to have done some TOUGH but RIGHT choices. And I am not about to fuck it up in any way. No way. Also a lot of doings to come home to after the US of A has had me there for a couple of weeks.

There are so many old bands coming by here in the fall. Today it was announced the RATT is taken on Copenhagen October 6th. And with our beloved John Corabi on guitar I am going. Then comes Dokken later on. Also kingdom Come and Y&T. Meat Loaf and December so far closes it all wit h a visit from the devil….Marilyn Manson. In the USA he has Slayer on the road with him, I kind of feared that cause I do not care about Slayer. But it is not. It is the band from Norway Turbonegro. Holy fuck it is going to be a fucking thrill. LOVE both them bands. And both have recent released albums out. Cool.

I am sitting here now I have one more hour till the train takes me to the final night at work. That leaves me with a morning home going for one thing. VACATION!! I can not even begin to tell you how much I look forward to that. The vacation time for me will not be a resting time. If possible it will be even more action packed and busy times. God damn, I can only say one thing, I long for vacation but I think I will be even more tired after returning home ready for work again in October…..

9th Of September 2007, Fame, changes But still A Blitztering Trip To Do – 8 Days Left
4:56Pm CET


I have a few changes to my wish list for the Californian trip. It is kind of sad but these people that I was to meet just do not work the way all the ordinary people does!! They are often business people or rock musicians. I think it is a highly soft spot in my life. Not that I admire or worship them all in a way that makes me turn into a copycat wanna be. Not even close. I am pretty relaxed about it all. Lol. Anyway I should have met up with some that simple since we started talking about it – have gotten booked out on the road with their bands or other stuff. Well tough maybe next time. We will see.

So the new house of Tommy Lee is Nikki Sixx like this time. Meaning you can not get really close to the house anymore. You can come to a gated drive way and then that’s about it. Oh well tough we are still going to try to get to that anyway. Just another new little feature to add to the “meet n Greet” section on here. It will be alright. Also Pamela` recent castle lol in Malibu we will try to find and take a couple of pictures of.

There are so many things to see and so many places to go to anyways. And I am not in the hope pf meeting them this time. I am kind of in a time or period of my life where not meeting the members is fully cool. I actually long for what we will also be doing more. GO and do and see other non Crue related places and all. It is just a thing that is overlooked on many of my trips over there. It has been massively Motley Crue every time. Not only….this time. And to be truthfully it really feels nice. Honestly.

Maybe I am moving in on a period of my collecting life like my good and missed friend in Alexander of Sweden he is and has since 88 collected KISS. He needed time off from it too. Not stopping or nothing. Just kind of spending time on something else you know. So he did, he himself found a balance of just that. So I am maybe moving in on that….I can not really say?

But there is something, I feel it.

There is so damn much to bring home I am kind of like bombed about all that will not go with me.

But I will have some send home in the mail. Simply have to. There is not going to be any Crue togetherness in collecting or museum building or nothing so I have a new first time only goal for next year to get all home to Denmark as typed in here a couple of times. I will be so much happier. Just need a new and bigger place for it all when that time comes. I totally am hooked on that thought. Only downfall to that is that I will have to stay at my not much liked work. For yet another fucking year. What a drag. What a shitty fact. Hopefully I can stand it that long.

Not thinking too much about it right now. I am still a happy boy and nothing should have a chance to even bring me down one bit. There are 4 more working days and 8 days till I step out on American soil again. It will be okay!! Ohh well back to more preparing for just that…. Later *****

7th Of September 2007, Soon Airborne, European Friends & Deals…Again

5:05PM CET

I have had a blast the last couple of days – especially because a couple of highly needed things have been dealt with. First and foremost my much and long time highly needed change or repair in my loudspeakers. Fuck yes!!! There are fixed. Out with the old and NOW!!! Wu huuuu in with the new monsters. They fucking kick ass like not even the old could. Damn it feels good. Really good. For one that loves music this much that move was highly needed. And so I did. New Monster speakers now rules the address of this collector. Of course KISS and Motley Crue tested the new… and Heyyy its beyond words. Thank you very much.

It is as you know my friends also been a huge pain in the ass for me about the American deals so called friendships and Crued bondings. Two more contacts have been killed this week. I am slowly but surely cleaning out on that front too. And I do not understand why it ever got to this. But there in nature just seems to be a drastic huge difference in the American people versus the Europeans. My god.. learn and get to them and you will see it I guess.

Never mind I lived then did some open minded thinking and invited people in on my collectible life and I got burned a ton … that’s all over with now. No more. It is in the past. So this week took care of yet another good few problems and sad and emotional doings for me. I am pleased. I also got to do a lot on some things in preparations for the trip just around the corner. It has simply been some awesome good days. Not even bothered to think about the still ongoing bullshit. I feel good and that is the way it is going to stay…. No doubt.

My European connections and friends are beginning to get more attention and time from me from home coming of the September travel. That is a solid promise. I will not waste time no more on only empty promises and a lot of blah, blah, blah…. !!!! _Anybody ever heard about Blacklist Union? They opened up at the key Club in 2006 for B.O.D. with new bass player. I love those guys. New refreshing and really cool. Going to meet them in September there too and do a rock radio special. That will surely take my thrills to a max. Lol

Have talked to a few people and done a few minor deals again. It is all going on here in October. There will be a lot of cool stuff brought home. So sit tight and wait around. You will not be disappointed. I for one am super excited. I really love that….

I think there are a few things that are really going well for me right now. And to be honest it is highly needed too. I waited a long time on that. Have fought like crazy with a bunch of things and it finally slowly pays off. And I am so happy about it. I do not need to think about all that stuff no more and it is such a huge burden to have hanging over ones head. But …. That is now as said in the works and it is partly over.

Next year a lot of cool things will have its results and all the stuff I have in America will be here. And I will then NOT be doing the highly wanted Crue museum. This collection could make one. But I will not. I slowly but surely just crawl back to being invisible. Meaning still doing it, but not involving people. You know what I mean? Too much shit goes down from that. I have seen it shown good faith and all and now look at the results to all of that. Bollocks. Sucks ass. No more.

I think I will have a good one or two more diaries written down before I actually leave.
And there will be a chance to make postings from the USA with pictures almost daily… and that will be a cool thing. I am going to make it a high priority. We will be going to houses of the members and past historic places and all. No wonder we will fucking happy about this trip. Corinna is going to fill in her tummy tattoo. I well – I doubt that I will get inked this time. I can not say yet. But I know I would at this point rather save all the money I do not have and then send money to my storage place and have some of my stuff laying around sent home to get that part started.

I am going to arrange somehow to see Corinna in 2008 too bring home more stuff but also have shit send over here. I think we will try to head out to the opening of the Dirt and more. We seem to be the only ones functioning in the Motley universe together. So that’s a thought right now.

That is al land that is that for this day. Now let me enjoy my dinner before night time calls me on to work again. I need to work as much as possible with all that I have going.

PS: A slight little new chance for a HUGE fucking killer collectible is talked about with the owner and seller of the item. Can not tell more right now.


2nd Of September 2007, 15 days To Take Off, New Deals & Preparations

2:50PM CET

Sunday the last time at my apartment before I come back to pack for the USA trip later in the month. I have had a huge need of sleeping. So I slept way more than planned for last night and this morning too. Slept from TV and lights on must have been a little more than bombed from massive working schedule lately. Fuck me no wonder things have taken its toll on me. I have been doing nothing but fucking working. Have even skipped a solid list of Surfact concerts and invites for togetherness with the band. Simply have not had time to go or do nothing. What a fucking downer. Anyways!!!

I am ready for more activities again. And I have stayed low on a lot also to try to focus on and kill things and clean out in various doings and dealings. And the last two months have done me good in a lot of ways. Simply have done myself NEW changes and set willingness for new framings to and about my Crue life and collecting. I have some rather neat smaller things coming in the mail the next coming week or so. But as said nothing will go on the site till beginning of October. As will all these September diaries …..Sorry bout that. But we at Mcrueloyalty have simply agreed to take a break and enjoy our vacations with no doings on this for a month!! It will be worth the wait though. No question.

Right now “Tommyland” is spinning. Not too bad for a Sunday resting day and warming up with.

I with my changed look on things and as a slight changed persona I am truely enjoying this release. Have not been too fond of it for a long, long time. But you live you learn to love and appreciate I guess.

Speaking about thoughts of mind. I have also begun to look at my own luck in having what I have in my collection with a little more pride than what I have had. I think a lot of what I have is way more appreciated now than it has for a long time. Well not really it’s kind of not the right word. Just can not really explain myself on this one. But I look upon it with different eyes I guess. Why? I do not really know. May be because I have had a lot of shit to deal with in other people in my Cruecial universe and from that I have just been aware of the HUGE possibility of loosing a hell of a lot of my collection. So from that feeling and awareness I have been really looking at things with different eyes you know.

Now a good few items will be brought home from America too this time and hopefully I will be able to go there next year as well a couple of times to simply do things see friends and pick up things I have stored there. I am so high on getting all my stuff home by the end of 2008. I really do not want to have my stuff there no more. For a ton of reasons. Only ONE person when it comes to my Motley stuff do I trust, and that is not many from a pile of people that have over the years been fully involved and invited to my life in the name of the band we have this passion for.

We will also as said before go by places that holds Crue history and try to see if there is a chance to pass by the homes of the Sixx, Lee and Mars residence. Mars has just bought some house this summer and also Tommy is moving this late summer. So all three members actually now lives not too far apart again. See pix of micks new home below. As you all know Neil is still a Vegas boy. I do not see him moving back to Los Angeles area again either.

And it is somehow understandable. Not a cool place no more I do not think. Not nearly what is used to be and also the fact that he too has gotten older have other preferences in his life now a days. That is all cool. But yes we will try to go by their places and get a few shots to post on here if any luck. We will see. But for sure the section of “meet and greet” will be expanded that is a promise. Only needing to figure out with how much!! Much love till next time..Back to my preparation for a long wanted and needed travel. Later frineds … later.

PS: Tommy you Sleeze dog hope you enjoy my precious Stanley Washburn axe!!!! Take good care of it.

29th Of August 2007, Coloured Girl Power, September Silence & Mayhem
10:34AM CET

Tuesday night is over and it is now Wednesday morning daish time. Last night was the night of the colour Pink. The artist Pink the bomb Pink all in all a live show event delievered in Oense Denmark buy Pink. I loved it. This chick is an extreme exciting caracter that for sure is favorite girl in the rock business next to Melissa Etheridge. Pink played not more than 75 minutes in the most weird plpace ever. A over sized Circus tent. I think she did a brillinat kob. She is the most get together, beautyful, sexy, in shape awsome package I have seen in a long time. No fucking wonder she is successful. She sings cool has a stage presents and more way over regular.....

Fuck yes I am so glad I got to see her. She is stunning in every way. She like I ... fuck ordinary in the way that I like without pissing on other people. What and hopw othersthen takes it cant really be "our" problem". Good goin Pink. Good goin!!!!!!!!!

September silence, yeah I know I wrote that in the headline fpr todays posting. Well that is exactly what it will be on here. My webmaster and I takes a full month off from activity on here. for several reasons. Moving, vacation, work and more. Totally taking up al ltime there is for the month of September.

We will NOT have any diaries posted here no collectibles added no nothing. What you see her e as of NOW!! is what staysd on here till October. Sorry bout that but there simply are too manythings to do and attend to till September is over. I will return from USA then and have a buch more to get added to here. So there will be plenty to look forward to. Truest me.. I will ofcause do all I can to type down diaries as the trip in through September takes me through it ... then all postings will be added on here in October. Tons of new pictures will be thrown in here too. Just you wait and see...


he mayhem that is right now, well it is a lot of creepy ongoings and turbulence with people and sadly it is opinion against opinion. And I am loosing what I thought of or like to think of as friends a lot. But so be it. I have for too many years now tried to make everyone happy and guess what the dog finally realized it can not be done. So do what is best for yourself and thats that. No need to type a novel about it. For the people still in my life and still loyal and all I love you all hope you may have a good September and we will talk soon again. No need to be doubtful there.

Here is another kind of thought!!
USA is self asure that a Al-qaeda terror attack seems to go off on America ones again any time soon more and more about it on the internet even here in Denmark as well. We will see how things goes. MAybe this could be the last fo Tommy`s American doings lol. Lol. Or maybe I should not be laughing, I have said it all along. You never know about my tripos to the USA. So many fucked up things have gone wrong.

All my trips have been marked except ONE wioth something. Attacks, knife stabbings, lost luggage, delays and sent off to diffenrent and wrong cities .. you name it and it has more or less all happend to me when we talk Toomy trips to the US of A. Never anywhere else I go. There just seem to be a really weird something about me and the land of America. I here by close this diary. Talking a deep breath and then just wait and then go!!!! To hell with all worries and more. I simply want to have a good time and thats that!! To you all have a good September and stay true to yourself no one else is gonna do it to or for you. Later dudes.


26th Of August 2007, Travelling Thoughts, Night Times & Crazy….

11:36Am CET

Took off to work last night with my mind really messed up. Felt distracted from reality and the latest shock about my so respected friend in Boston. I can not believe what has gone down. I am in wilderness and I ask myself the same asked questions that I have thrown at myself about other people. WHAT on earth is it that makes people do and judge me like they often do?

It has got to be my English. That I can not express myself very well? I am so loyal to the people I have in my life and I have no where near the need or anything to cheat on them in anyway. I am NOT like that. I also think it is my openness and honesty. The complete package of what could be called the extreme difference in my being verses others. I am high misunderstood – and it does not seem to change.

It simply is not popular talking freely about ones views on things, I don’t get It, it has never appealed to me to talk in riddles and have guessing games or split after having shared some conversation with somebody!!! Anyway I simply have to get used to the new life that I intend to lead. The life of not really sharing anything bout this passion of mine with people other than what they can read about here online at www.mcrueloyalty.com!!!

With the KISS song blasting in my headset from the active MP3 player “Im A Legend Tonight” the sound of the birthday kid (Gene Simmons) gives me new and fresh energy to just close my eyes and move on. Realizing life is too fucking short for this too to let me down. About feeling bad. I just do not want to let that happen. My passion for this thing is bigger than that, and am not going to let outside people kill my focus and strength. I am just not going to have any people in it as said before. What a sad world it is.

I am also going to try to have some sort of way found to fly to Norway for 2 days or something in the beginning of September. TO have a QUICK hi and hello to some family and pick up some CDs at a much loved and appreciated friend there. I hope to make it happen and that I can for sure make it as some things there are quiet important to bring to the states!! And that as you all know is soon.

I am sitting here on my way in a train. Going home. Not home to my brother but my own place for the next two days. Then on Tuesday I am going to Odense trying to give myself some other kind of entertainment to bring me away from the ordinary every day shit going on, Odense will give me a night with the performer Pink. Live in concert and it should be good. I like Pink actually a lot of her stuff on her latest album really speaks to me too.

Soon to come Y&T, Dokken, Kingdome Come and Meat Loaf and Marilyn Manson. So there should be fairly good wind on the live front to pull me off from the thoughts that pressure me. Some have asked me what happened to my passion for Surfact?? It is still there. But something really personal emotionally has made me have a need to back away from it a little bit. A need cause their songs or some of them makes me extremely sad listening to them.

Have had all the chances in the world to see these boys live like 10 times or more the last month or two. I just have not attended. See this is the exact same situation with my private Motley Crue world. Sometimes it just becomes too close and too much. So I have to back away from it for a while. I have so far only met ONE person on earth that could kind of understand this about me. But hey what is good for me then is that I do not have the need for them to understand. That is then a great thing.

A few more things I have got to do these next couple of days. I need to start my California packing as I do not really come home much more before I take off. I have to get the last few things that have arrived on to the site too. I will try to make that happen today. Some Vince solo things magazines and posters. I have quiet a few posts that needs to be taken are of really. But that is good. Good to have something to do. A bunch is going to be brought home from the USA anyways so I will for sure have more to add to the already existing monster of a site. I hope badly for a few things to have been cleared as I arrive over there. We will see.

My home living room stereo is about to have seen its last days well the speakers that is. So new monsters will come to life and gets set up in there in the beginning of September as well. I am going to skip Christmas and all this year and do some things for myself that I have wanted to fix and change for a little too long. It is now time……Setting myself a line of new goals for 2008 right now and they are all to better my life if they only come true. But this time it is up to me solidly NOT anyone else can take things away from me from how its going to be!! Till next time ...

Oh and by the way the KICKSTART MY HEART section which is yoru page on here for comments and more is now up and running again. You can feel free to use it as you like. Dig in. be good ....enjoy!!!

22nd Of August 2007, Nikki In-stores, Learning To Take In Sixx A.M.
7:07PM CET
Nikki Sixx- Heroin Diaries Book Tour Dates
September 18th - Borders / Westwood - Los Angeles, CA
September 22nd - Barnes and Noble / Mall of America - Minneapolis, MN
September 23rd - Borders - Oakwood, IL (Chicago)
September 24th - Borders - Detroit, MI
September 25th - Virgin / Times Square - New York, NY
September 26th - Borders - Philadelphia, PA
Spetember 27th - Borders - Boston, MA

There they are. A good handful of In-Stores and that will cover his book release. Then it goes on from there with a tour coming up. A continual work and line of meetings I guess for the idea of setting the "Diaries" up asa movie or a musical play. Sixx A.M. then goes on to write more music that is not Nikki life diaries really. But more regular music from a new band. They seem to be together for some time even after the much talked abut touring of the Heroin thing.

Some are going to be quiet happy about that I know. Me?? Well I wil lhave to see. I have not done much to try to over win my kind of really weird feelings of the project. I have no interest in forcing myself or automaticly jsut say ITS AWSOEM. The music as said somany times is so different and YES very personal but I still have a strange feeling about it. have listend a lot recently and am learning to take it in some more. It is for not something I hope to have a ton of talk about with the people to meet in a good 3 weeks time in the US of A.

Anyway I am not going to go to other in-stores than the first one. I think it is enough if you will for me. I know, I know... this is one of them things one can not understand about me. But thats cool. I do not mind and I do not have a NEED of making them understand.

Missed out for the 4th time in a row on an item really wanted on eBay. Kills me. But what the fuck can I do? Times and the stinky little fact and word of seconds are just making the whole difference. Loosing your high bidding position damn.


21st Of August 2007, I Get Ill Over This Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:03AM CET
Fuck me if I was not having the shittiest of luck ever. The to me personally ULTIMATE Crue collectible poster ...
MOTLEY CRUE - Doug Weston's Troubadour, Los Angeles, California, December 31st, 1981.
This is the ORIGINAL 14" x 22" cardboard poster promoting a New Year's Eve Motley Crue concert (with Stormer and American Heroes), only about a month after their first LP on Leathur Records was released.

I was at it as the screen said ONE second left my computer screen said High bidder ME!!!!
Then it kind of tripped out and all of a sudden said; ended. You have been putbid and the winning bidder had a lower amount on it PLUS as predicted he was "P R O W L 1" My old skool Crue collectible enemy number one. Fuck.......I got so ill in my stomack you have no idea. For a second or two I actually thought I should throw up. What a god damn bumber!!!! Sick shit... Bad ass start of a Tuesday


20th Of August 2007, God, vacation, In-store & Website Doings
4:00PM CET
Monday and there by a new week has opened up ready to share new doings and adventures with us all.

I think it is fair to say the last 24 hours in my life have been purely positive and exciting. I have had a lot of things looked in on and a lot of things have started to take shape like I can not even begin to tell you all. A good 250 more 2006 / 2007 live photos are in the mail for me to be used on here and to get added to the private collection of mine. I have a ton of things that are going on and I will have a good week and a half until we are going from August till September and then a line of new and more things are to be decided upon and looked in on. Excellent I am at my peak as I have a ton of things in my calendar to do and get done. I love being busy but not more busy than what my body can cope with of course.

I have gotten the Vince tequila banner it arrived safely so that is one down and now leaving a few tons to go lol. I did not get the double vinyl show that I have told you about in a previous diary posting. Why not? Well it passed the $50 mark and it was still NOT at what we call the “reserved price” mark so I dropped that one. The 81 New Years poster ends in a good 12 hrs from now so … well what can I say still predict “prowl1” to take off with that one for a good $600 or so??? We will see. The last thing, damn at this point I can not even remember what that was. Ohh yeah the toy car, that’s what it was.

It ended at the 200 dollars mark so I again…passed. But yeah there are still a good lot to be looked in on and a lot of things to get cleared and to get in gear. And the winter time is so going to take my money as well. For what you may ask? Well depending on what my highly beloved missed American brother in Crue passion tells me shortly I will throw a ton of money to the states to get all my stuff from there brought home to Denmark. We will see on that one as well. Simply it is too early to say right now.

What else? A more personal wish and dream that has nothing to do with Crue is also being realized. I am talking about things at home. Things that have been kind of broken for a while and I have not had money for are getting fixed now. NOT all!!!! To me that are some important things. I am so pleased I can not even begin to tell you. Looking forward to having it done anyway. I have a good few more weeks till I am at the point of yet another trip to the USA.

The 18th seems to have a Sixx in-store signing of his book so surely that is one evening we have to say is all covered. Standing in line and all well it is just a thing that kind of takes up the evening somehow. But a good and nice way to cover the release of that item.

I am not all sure about his schedule where he is going and the dates of it. But the 18th in Los Angeles / Hollywood is one we will attend before the many doings round Southern California and the state of Nevada!!! I am so trying to get a few things to work too with in our already set time frames. We are already kind of fully booked. So it is fairly hard to throw more into it. But I want to cover some things and have a few things listed in case things blow up our faces and gets cancelled for what ever reason.

Right now I am sitting onboard the train and on my way to work again. Have just finished a HUGE 10 days straight monster work scedual. It was hard as hell and then I had this one lousy day off and it was yesterday now back to a full 8 days night shift again. I think it is a tough thing I have in my calendar but surely it will pay off in the end. FOR SURE. And guess what? It pleases me and it is financially shit much needed. So I put everything aside and will be working my ass off to gain my dreams. Come to think of it … always has.

Have so many thoughts in my mind that it almost kills me. But it is stuff for future doings and concurring. So fuck it. I am more than pleased with my self pushing. It is all good. I actually sit with no anger, no funny business no nothing of negative energy no more. I have lately cleared a lot on that with my inner self. I am at a point where it is kind of up to others now to do “their work” on the things and situations that involves me. I am kind of through being feeling bad about what ever. I have been using way too much energy on it all - to be honest. No more. I am over that now.


16th Of August 2007, 30th Ann. Lost King, Long live Rock N Roll .....
7:08Am CET
Look at this !!!!!

First and foremost - The King`s fans cellebreates the memory today in Memphis , TN. The man that started my personal music interest - Elvis Presley. Amazing I remember the news of his passing like if it was yesterday. Remember how it was, how it came out, how I reacted and all that. Nothing was a bigger sadness for me that August 16th 1977. If there ever was a REAL understanding for cellebrating things in a heros name its whats going on every year with Presley in his home town.

My god had the Cruefests only been like a tenth of what goes on in these events it would have been a blast. I know this is a Motley site but I still due to personal interest and cause he was he one turning my interest for music on.. aloud myself to throw in athe complete scedualled Elvis Week 2007 program. Look at that fucking monster of a togetherness and cellebration. Sick!!!!! In an awsome cool way.

Crue auctioned items are not fully having my attention these days for the reasons of ... a lot of deals going on already with me and sellers. Need such a load closed and ended. Not that it is a burdon or nothing. Rather a need to get things back in balance and most certainly .... I can not wait to have these items here with me. have a ton of things going and a lot more in the waiting. W

onder whats going to happen with it all as I end my Motley days. Lol...well I right now have a ton of things to get done before leaving for the USA. I am working like I dont know what this month and have no absolutely no damn time ot do much. So yeah it is really hard to believe I will get it all done in time for my flight out. But fuck I hope I will. It will simply make the whole rip too go smoothly as it happens.

So the day closes in for the release of the Sixx A.M. cd. I think it is still a great bunch of songs but I still have this weird feeling for and about it. There seems to be a tour in the making for the A.M.`s...anothr something I will not attend. I have my reasons. And they are not to be shared on here for the fact of so many people misunderstanding what they read in writing and there by judge me and more. It is simply something I think is so lame and I can be without .

So to be wothout I simply .......... stay off from posting these thoughts and reasons. fair enough isnt it? 32 days till the book is out .. that one I am getting on the release day. Having new tattoo ideas too. God damn all my love for the things I do ... will they ever end? Okay - again look at this below. Envy the fans of the king - what a fucking huge cellebration.

Elvis Week 2007 Events Calendar Saturday, August 11 - Sunday, August 19On this page is the currently available event information for Elvis Week 2007, which marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s passing and is expected to the biggest, most exciting Elvis Week ever.

The other listings are for officially EPE-sanctioned events presented by other organizations. The roster of these additional events will grow as we receive and process the presenters' event listing request forms. Want to be alerted whenever we make significant updates? Sign up for our FREE e-newsletters service. Detailed listings are on this page. For a streamlined calendar showing only event titles/dates/times to help you plan your days in Memphis for Elvis Week, see our EW 2007 Daily Planner page.Want to find out more about Memphis hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more? Visit our Elvis Week partners section. Need help with a hotel room booking? Consult with Omega World Travel, the official housing bureau for Elvis Week 2007.

August 10 - Elvis Meet Up at Marlowe’s
7:00 PM. Marlowe's, 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis. No cover charge. Attendees pay for their food, drink and tip. Elvis door prizes will be given away. Special guest speakers have been invited. RSVP to Sharon Parker (615-830-5126) or elvismeetupatmarlowes@webtv.net.

August 10 - Sun Studio Allstars Concert
8:00 PM. Heartsong Church, 800 N. Houston Levee Road, Cordova, TN 38018. Admission price is $15.00. Reserve Friday, August 10 when the Sun Studio Allstars with special guest Billy Swan (remember Billy’s 1974 No. 1 hit “I Can Help”) will perform your Sun Record favorites from Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison and, of course, Elvis! General admission tickets are only $15 ($20 the day of the performance) and can be purchased at Heartsong Outfitters or by calling the church office at (901) 755-6332. The single performance will begin at 8:00 p.m. Themed concessions will be available.

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Peppers - Memphis Farmer's Market
7:00 AM-1:00 PM. Central Station Pavilion, G.E. Patterson and Front St., Downtown Memphis. Free admission. Shake, Rattle and Roll at the Memphis Farmer's Market, which is "all shook up" with a rockin' selection of healthy, locally-grown produce and goods. Love Me Tender Tomatoes, Heartbreak Hotel Purple Hull Peas, Burnin' Love Beans, Don't Be Cruel Crowders --- just for starters! Enjoya a medley of Elvis-inspired music under the pavilion, Teddy Bear Children's Fun Fair, Tutti Fruitti concessions, Adopt a Hound Dog with Save 1 Pet and more. Market Fans, it's now or never!

Tupelo Tour with Mike Freeman
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Pickup in the Graceland parking log behind the airplanes. Mike Freeman, former owner of 1034 Audubon Drive, will lead a tour of Tupelo beginning at the Birthplace. Take part in Fan Appreciation Day event. Then, squeeze in visits to Tupelo Hardware, Lawhon School, Fair Park and Priceville Cemetery. Price is $75 and includes lunch and admission to the Birthplace. Prizes will be given away. Pre-pay with US check, money order or Paypal. For more information, contact Mike Freeman at mike@memphisexplorations.com or call (901) 481-3877.

Fan Appreciation Day at Elvis Presley Birthplace
10:45 AM. Elvis Presley Birthplace, 306 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo, Mississippi. The birthplace's annual fan day to show their appreciation to all fans from around the world. Entertainment, food, new attractions to include the new museum. Program begins at 11:00 AM and will conclude at 3:00 PM. Come and be part of a special fun day. Ticket price is $6.00. For more information, contact the Elvis Presley Birthplace at (662) 841-1245, email info@elvispresleybirthplace.com, or visit www.ElvisPresleyBirthplace.com.

Cranston Fabric "Make and Take" Workshop
Two demonstrations: 12:30 PM & 2:30 PM. Walk a Mile Theatre, Graceland Plaza. Get some great ideas of what you can create with the latest Elvis fabric now available from Cranston Fabrics. Cost is $10.00. The demonstration will include a fun Elvis fabric project, and will provide each attendee a wonderful takeaway. Seating for each class is limited. Tickets will be available at Guest Services (cash or credit card) and at the door (cash only) of Walk-a-Mile Theater before each class.

Elvis Week 2007 Memphis Meetup
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM. EP Delta Kitchen, 126 Beale Street, Memphis. There will be a "southern-style" buffet at $20.00 per person including a beverage. Out-of-towners visiting Memphis are welcome to come and meet the members of the Memphis Meetup group. Elvis music and videos will be playing. Some surprises guests may drop in. Parking is available in the EP Delta Kitchen lot for a fee. Because of the Official Elvis Week Kick-Off Event at AutoZone Park, carpooling is recommended. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Gigi Ballester so she will have an approximate headcount for the staff (they will prepare a special menu). Please RSVP to ballester_gigi@yahoo.com.

Rock-A-Hula Girls Alzheimer's Benefit Dinner
5:00 - 7:00 PM. Marlowe's Restaurant, 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis. Join the Rock-A-Hula Girls in celebrating Elvis and raising money to help fight Alzheimer's Disease. Guests will include Marian Cocke, Darwin Lamm and Sandi Pichon. Tickets for this event are not being sold, only a suggested donation of $15.00 per person at the door. Just show up and have fun.

The Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park - Official Elvis Week Kick-Off Event
6:10 PM. AutoZone Park, 200 Union Avenue (corner of Third & Union) in downtown Memphis. On behalf of the citizens of Memphis grateful to Elvis and his fans and all they mean to our city, the Memphis Redbirds baseball team and AutoZone Park celebrate Elvis and welcome the Elvis fans to town with this official Elvis Week 2007 kick-off event. The Memphis Redbirds will be playing the Omaha Royals and there will be Elvis music and videos, live entertainment and a huge fireworks display set to Elvis music during the evening. Tickets range from $5.00 to $18.00. Purchase online , by phone at (901) 721-6050, or in person at the AutoZone Park box office. Also visit www.memphisredbirds.com to learn more about the Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park.


Elvis Fan Club Presidents’ Eve
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon. The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis. The annual gathering of the presidents and officers of the independent Elvis fan clubs from around the world with the management of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). EPE will present a program of company updates, a Q&A forum and special guest speakers. Club leaders will receive detailed information directly from EPE by the spring or early summer of 2007. This is an invitation-only event.

Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom – Day 1 of 3
Sponsored by Reese's
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, South Exhibit Hall. The ultimate Elvis tradeshow with more than 100 booths and 35,000 square feet of Elvis that includes all the latest Elvis music, movies, merchandise, celebrity autograph sessions, authors, artists and photographers, and lots of Elvis freebies and samples. You'll even be part of all the excitement from the SOLD OUT Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13 and 14 because the action will be broadcast live into the Elvis Expo 2007 Showroom.

Open to all fans for the admission price of $15.00 per day or $35.00 for a three-day pass. To reserve your tickets for the Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom, call Graceland Reservations at (800) 238-2000 or (901) 332-3322 or click here to reserve online. Elvis Insiders Conference attendees are admitted free by showing their conference badge.

Some of the special guests participating in the conference program will also make scheduled appearances in the ELVIS EXPO 2007 Merchandise & Memorabilia Showroom nearby. We also have these ADDITIONAL guests appearing in the showroom:

Joe Moscheo, a member of the vocal group The Imperials, who backed Elvis, and author of the new book The Gospel Side of Elvis; photographer Alfred Wertheimer, who had unrestricted access to Elvis for a few magical weeks in 1956 and shot some of the most astounding photos of him as he crossed the threshold into major stardom; rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, who toured with Elvis early in both their careers; Larry Geller, who was Elvis's friend, hair stylist and spiritual advisor; Elvis's longtime friend and jeweler Lowell Hays, who designed Elvis's famed TCB ring among other signature pieces of jewelry: Nancy Rooks, who was a long-time member of Elvis's housekeeping staff at Graceland; actress Darlene Tompkins, who appeared with Elvis in the movies Blue Hawaii and Fun in Acapulco; actress Cynthia Pepper, who appeared with Elvis in the movie Kissin' Cousins; actress Chris Noel, who appeared in the Elvis movie Girl Happy; dancer Tanya Lemani George, who appeared in Elvis's 1968 television special; singer/author Maxine BrownRussell, formerly part of the hit-making trio The Browns, with whom Elvis toured early in his career; and Elvis Insiders members Sandi Miller and Sandi Pichon, both of whom are Elvis fans who became REAL Elvis insiders by getting to know and socialize with Elvis and his inner circle of friends; and June Jaunico, who dated Elvis in 1955-57 during his rise to fame; and Elvis Insiders member Joe Petruccio, whose Elvis art creations have become special part of EPE's licensing and merchandising initiatives. More guests to be announced.

Elvis Insiders Meet & Greet
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, South Exhibit Hall. This is event is for Official Elvis Insiders members only. Free admission, however attendees must have a ticket and and Insiders membership card to get in. Elvis Insiders members may reserve one additional guest ticket in addition to their own. To reserve your Elvis Insiders Meet & Greet ticket, call Graceland Reservations at (800) 238-2000 or (901) 332-3322 or click here to reserve online.

Graceland Scavenger Hunt - Bears on Tour #1 of 2
5:00 – 7:00 PM. Starting at the Graceland Ticket Office. Guests are invited to tour Graceland Mansion (no audio tour) and the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum while simultaneously participating in a trivia scavenger hunt. Adult and Junior versions of the scavenger hunt will be available. Prizes for both adult and junior to be announced. All ticket holders to receive a complimentary collectible bear donated by EPE licensee Limited Treasures. This particular edition bear is exclusive to the scavenger hunt event at Graceland and not available anywhere else. A link to a detailed flyer about the scavenger hunt will be posted here prior to Elvis Week and the flyer will be handed out to ticket holders the night of the event. Admission $24.99 Adults, $12.99 Children 7-12. Tickets on sale now. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest – QUALIFYING ROUNDS
Sponsored by The Elvis Cruise and Madacy Entertainment
5:00 PM. (Doors open 4:00 PM.) The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis. Qualifying rounds of competition for the first-ever official Elvis tribute artist contest. Attendees at the show will see the 24 of the best Elvis Tribute Artists from around the world perform on stage in a first-class contest. Elvis Tribute Artists will receive their chance to showcase their talents and why they should be named Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2007. Ten finalists chosen from these rounds will return to the Cannon Center on August 17th to compete for the title of Elvis Tribute Artist of the Year. Backing all the contestants will be the popular ExSpence Account Band. Tickets are assigned seating, $29.99 and $19.99, and available through Ticketmaster at (901) 525-1515 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages, including The Elvis Week Ultimate ETA Package.

Visit www.elvis.com/ultimatecontest/ to learn about the contestants.

Sponsorship support provided by Reese's, Madacy Entertainment and Jazz Cruises.

George Klein's Elvis Mafia Reunion

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Alfred's, 197 Beale Street. A reunion of people who were close to Elvis. Lifelong friends and associates of the King of Rock 'n' Roll reminisce and answer questions. For more information, call Alfred's and ask for Jay or Brad at (901) 525-3711.

Elvis International Fan Club Charity Dinner Party For St Jude's

8:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight. Marlowe's Restaurant, 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis. Join the Elvis International Fan Club as we kick off Elvis Week in Rockin' Style at Marlowes. We are inviting all Elvis Fans to come hang out with the Elvis International Fan Club and enjoy a good meal, many laughs, and lots of fun as we kick off Elvis Week in style! We will have Elvis' costar Cynthia Pepper, close friend Patti Parry and other special guests on hand, as well as door prizes, entertainment and items for sale to benefit the Elvis International 2008 Charity Drive for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital. For more information visit elvisinternational.com or email Jason Edge at jasonedge@elvisinternational.com.


Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom – Day 2 of 3
Sponsored by Reese's
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, South Exhibit Hall. The ultimate Elvis tradeshow with more than 100 booths and 35,000 square feet of Elvis that includes all the latest Elvis music, movies, merchandise, celebrity autograph sessions, authors, artists and photographers, and lots of Elvis freebies and samples. You'll even be part of all the excitement from the SOLD OUT Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13 and 14 because the action will be broadcast live into the Elvis Expo 2007 Showroom. Open to all fans for the admission price of $15.00 per day or $35.00 for a three-day pass. To reserve your tickets for the Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom, call Graceland Reservations at (800) 238-2000 or (901) 332-3322 or click here to reserve online. Elvis Insiders Conference attendees are admitted free by showing their conference badge.

See the listing for Elvis Expo 2007 on Sunday, August 12 for a list of confirmed guests who will be making an appearance in the showroom.


Sponsored by Reese's and ABC

Hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Production at Turner Classic Movies

Two-day event. August 13 & 14. 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis. The annual Elvis Week gathering of members of The Official Elvis Insiders. Elvis Presley Enterprises is putting together two very full days of special programming exclusively for the Elvis Insiders, including on-stage interviews with people who were part of Elvis's life and career. Conference attendees will receive a welcome kit loaded with Elvis-themed gifts and everyone will win a door prize.

Elvis Insiders members may purchase tickets for up to four additional tickets for guests, but only members may make the purchase. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click hereto purchase tickets online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

The ELVIS EXPO 2007 Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom will be open nearby. Admission to the showroom is included with your Elvis Insiders Conference ticket.

Individual two-day event tickets are sold out, however two-day conference tickets are still available via Elvis Week ticket packages one and two.

Closed Circuit Screening of Conference: Anyone without tickets to the conference may enjoy a closed-circuit screening of it in the ELVIS EXPO 2007 Merchandise & Memorabilia Showroom with their showroom admission ticket. See the Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom listing for more details and prices on Showroom ONLY tickets.

Special guests confirmed so far for August 13: Actress and former Miss America, Mary Ann Mobley, who co-starred with Elvis in the films Girl Happy and Harum Scarum; D.J. Fontana, Elvis's original drummer, who worked with him from 1955 to 1968; Loanne Parker, former long-time RCA Records staff member who worked with Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker and later became Mrs. Parker; Dick Grob, who handled security for Elvis and was a member of his entourage; and Charles Stone, who was part of the management team for Elvis's concert tours.

Special guests confirmed so far for August 14: Priscilla Presley - actress, entrepreneur, CKX/EPE leadership team member and former wife of Elvis Presley; Priscilla's segment will be hosted by Jerry Schilling - entertainment producer/manager, former member of Elvis's inner circle , and author of the acclaimed 2006 memoir Me and a Guy Named Elvis, My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley; members of Elvis's legendary TCB Band, who backed him from 1969 through the 1970s - lead guitarist James Burton, pianist Glen D. Hardin and drummer Ronnie Tutt; from The Sweet Inspirations - the female vocal group that backed Elvis on stage from 1969 to 1977 - Myrna Smith and Estelle Brown; and from Elvis's legendary 1969 recording sessions at American Sound in Memphis - drummer Gene Chrisman, organist Bobby Emmons, bass guitarist Mike Leech,pianist Bobby Wood, and guitarist Reggie Young. These American Sound sessions produced some of Elvis's finest work, including the classic hits In the Ghetto; Kentucky Rain, Don't Cry, Daddy and Suspicious Minds.

Some of the special guests participating in the conference program will also make scheduled appearances in the ELVIS EXPO 2007 Merchandise & Memorabilia Showroom nearby. See the listing for Elvis Expo 2007 on Sunday, August 12 for a list of confirmed guests who will be making an appearance in the showroom.

Visit the special Elvis Insiders Conference site for more information.

16th Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner Charity Event
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Charity Auction. 6:00 PM - Grand Ballroom doors open for 7:00 PM Dinner & Program. The Peabody, 149 Union Avenue in downtown Memphis. Presented and hosted by Elvis's former friend and nurse, Marian Cocke. Our dinner will host Terry Mike Jeffrey performing with the Jordanaires in the early part of the evening and followed by The Jordanaires performing with Millie Kirkham and several other singers who have been invited. Songwriter Mark James will also be performing. Other guests will include the Sam Phillips family along with Sally Wilbourne, Andrew Solt, George Klein, Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, Dick Grob, Larry Geller, Sam Thompson and many others. Tickets for this event are $75.00 each and all tables are reserved. Proceeds will be donated to Presley Place, Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center, United Cerebral Palsy , the American Cancer Foundation and the Memphis Cancer Foundation, along with token gifts to Alzheimer's Foundation and the Kidney Foundation. For tickets please make your check payable to EPMD Charity Event and mail to: Marian Cocke, 784 Pecan Gardens Circle East, Memphis, TN 38122. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive your tickets in the mail.

Elvis Music & Movies at Graceland

Presenting Sponsor:Budweiser
Also sponsored by Reese's

7:00 PM. (Gates open at 5:00 PM.) On the Graceland Mansion grounds! Andy Childs and his band plus the rockabilly trio The Dempseys perform live in concert on the front lawn followed by the screening of the Elvis movie Viva Las Vegas. Hosted by NASCAR’s four-time Most Popular Driver and lifelong Elvis fan, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Bring a low beach-style lawn chair* or a blanket, make yourself at home and enjoy a live concert by two of the Elvis fans' favorite bands while the sun begins to set, then stay for the screening of an Elvis movie under the stars. Refreshments available in a vendor area outside the mansion gates. Food, beverages and coolers may not be brought onto the mansion grounds. Admission $39.99. Also attending Elvis Music & Movies at Graceland on the 14th? - Save money and buy a 2-night package for 74.99. Tickets on sale now. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

*To allow for maximum visibility for everyone at this event and for safety concerns, if you bring a lawn chair, we strongly recommend that it be a low-to-the-ground, beach-style chair. Want a chair or blanket, but don't want to travel with it? There will be a supply of event-themed beach chairs and blankets available for purchase for this event. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.


Tupelo Day Tour by Sweet Magnolia Tours
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Boarding at 8:15 AM; Departure at 8:30 AM tour returns to Graceland at 4:00 PM. Tour departs the rear Graceland parking lot next to the Heartbreak Hotel. Bus will be at the walkway from the hotel to the Graceland parking lot. Visit Tupelo, the Birthplace of Elvis Presley with Sweet Magnolia tours. Your day of fun includes an all Elvis Tupelo City Tour, a visit to Elvis birth home, the "Times and Things Remembered" museum and gift shop, round trip transportation, all admissions, box lunch and trivia contest by your Elvis tour guide. Price is $70.00 per person. Advance payments may be made by check or credit card. Two weeks in advance all monies are non-refundable. If you have questions or you wish to book your tour date, please call 1-866-320-5295 or visit SweetMagnoliaTours.com.

Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom – Day 3 of 3
Sponsored by Reese's
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, South Exhibit Hall. The ultimate Elvis tradeshow with more than 100 booths and 35,000 square feet of Elvis that includes all the latest Elvis music, movies, merchandise, celebrity autograph sessions, authors, artists and photographers, and lots of Elvis freebies and samples. You'll even be part of all the excitement from the SOLD OUT Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13 and 14 because the action will be broadcast live into the Elvis Expo 2007 Showroom. Open to all fans for the admission price of $15.00 per day or $35.00 for a three-day pass. To reserve your tickets for the Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom, call Graceland Reservations at (800) 238-2000 or (901) 332-3322 or click here to reserve online. Elvis Insiders Conference attendees are admitted free by showing their conference badge.

See the listing for Elvis Expo 2007 on Sunday, August 12 for a list of confirmed guests who will be making an appearance in the showroom.

Elvis Fan Reception by The MED Foundation
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon. The MED - Park Cafe, 877 Jefferson Ave., Memphis. Admission is free. This year, the MED Foundation will be celebrating the 30th anniversary. High quality collectible memorabilia items from the estate of Linda Vasquez will be auctioned. Tours of the Elvis Presley Trauma Center will be available immediately following the reception. For more information, contact Marsha Evans at the MED Foundation at (901) 545-8372 or email mevans@the-med.org.

Elvis Insiders Conference
Sponsored by Reese's
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Day 2 of the conference. Hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Production at Turner Classic Movies. See the Elvis Insiders Conference listing in the Monday 13 section of this calendar for details.

Elvis Scrapbooking Class with EK Success
Two classes - 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM. Walk A Mile Theatre, Graceland Plaza. The 12:00 class will feature a different scrapbook idea than the 2:00 class. Check out the latest in Elvis scrapbooking items from EK Success that will be available at Graceland during Elvis Week 2007. Cost is $30.00. All attendees will receive Elvis scrapbooking kits and will be able to create their own Elvis scrapbooking keepsake. Seating for each class is limited. Tickets will be available at Guest Services (cash or credit card) and at the door (cash only) of Walk-a-Mile Theater before each class if tickets are still available.

A Celebration of Life to Benefit Kids Unlimited
3:30 PM. Holiday Inn Select, Garden Court, 2240 Democrat Rd., Memphis. Free, however donations are accepted to benefit Kids Unlimited. Bruce Wilburn, Bringing Back the Memories, for Kids Unlimited Foundation, a foundation for children with cancer and their families. This is their 4th annual event during Elvis Week. Come out for an afternoon of great entertainment and fun. For questions, contact Kids Unlimited at (800) 219-0522.

Elvis Music & Movies at Graceland

Sponsored by Reese's

7:00 PM. (Gates open at 5:00 PM.) On the Graceland Mansion grounds! The Imperials (Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood, Gus Gaches, Joe Moscheo), former members of The Stamps Quartet (Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Larry Strickland, Donnie Sumner), and The Sweet Inspirations (Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin, Myrna Smith) perform live in concert on the front lawn followed by the screening of the concert film Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Special Edition. Bring a low beach-style lawn chair* or a blanket, make yourself at home and enjoy a live concert by these great gospel groups who sang back-up for Elvis, then stay for the screening of an Elvis movie under the stars. Refreshments available in a vendor area outside the mansion gates. Admission $39.99. Also attending Elvis Music & Movies at Graceland on the 13th? - Save money and buy a 2-night package for 74.99. Tickets on sale now. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

*To allow for maximum visibility for everyone at this event, only the short, beach-style lawn chairs will be permitted on the grounds and because of space limitations, coolers will not be allowed. There will be a supply of the short, Elvis-themed lawn chairs and also blankets available for purchase at this event. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Rockin' Sock hop with Sonny Burgess and the Pacers8:00 PM - Midnight. Marriott Downtown, 250 N. Main Street, Memphis. Come join the Brits for a great night of 50's Rock 'n' Roll. Live performances by Sun record artist Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, and Europe's top Elvis sound alike, Colin Paul. Kick off your shoes and dance until there are holes in socks to Elvis's hottest rock 'n' roll songs . Jive, doo wop, rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. There will be something for everyone. Tickets are $20.00 in advance; $25.00 at the door. To order tickets, call toll-free (866) 320-5295 or click here.


MIFA's Presley Place Reception and Tour
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon. Presley Place, 715 St. Paul Ave., Memphis. Join MIFA for a 50's style reception and tour of MIFA's Presley Place. A joint venture between the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and MIFA, Presley Place provides families who are homeless with transitional housing. Since opening in July 2001, Presley Place has been home to more than 100 families, providing a safe and nurturing environment where residents can learn the skills and get the education they need to be independent and productive members of society. Free. For more information, contact Elizabeth Garrett at (901) 529-4544 or Charlie Nelson at (901) 529-4514.

4th Annual Elvis Film Festival Presented by Malco Theatres
10:00 AM. Studio on the Square, 2105 Court Street. Spend a day traveling down memory lane with Elvis movies all on the big screen! There's even a special presentation of the newly re-mastered classic Jailhouse Rock. Tickets are $5.00 per film and proceeds benefit the Elvis Presley Scholarship Fun at the University of Memphis. Tickets are on sale now at Malco.com or at the Studio on the Square theatre box office. For additional information, please email karen@malco.com. Films and show times: Jailhouse Rock 10:00 AM; Girl Happy 10:15 AM and 2:30 PM. Charro! 12:00 Noon and 4:20 PM; Speedway 12:15 PM; and Live a Little, Love a Little 2:15 PM.

Elvis Scrapbooking Class with EK Success
Two classes: 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM. Walk A Mile Theatre, Graceland Plaza. The 12:00 class will feature a different scrapbook idea than the 2:00 class. Check out the latest in Elvis scrapbooking items from EK Success that will be available at Graceland during Elvis Week 2007. Cost is $30.00. All attendees will receive Elvis scrapbooking kits and will be able to create their own Elvis scrapbooking keepsake. Seating for each class is limited. Tickets will be available at Guest Services (cash or credit card) and at the door (cash only) of Walk-a-Mile Theater before each class if tickets are still available.

Open House Benefit for the Memphis Teddy Bear Project
12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM. Phillips Entertainment, 1229 Marlin Road, Memphis. The event will benefit the Memphis Teddy Bear Project's chosen charities of Presley Place and the Elvis Presley American Legion Post. Guests and further details TBA.

Mass in Memory of Elvis
3:00 PM. St. Paul Catholic Church, 1425 East Shelby Drive, Memphis (south of Graceland approximately 2.5 miles). Recorded music at 2:15 PM. St. Paul Choir sings at 2:45 PM. Memorial Mass begins at 3:00 PM. Come together to pray and remember Elvis. Spaghetti dinner to follow.


At 8:30 PM there is an opening ceremony at the gates of the Graceland Mansion property. Then, fans are invited to walk up the driveway to Elvis’s gravesite and back down carrying a candle in quiet remembrance. Free admission. No tickets or reservations. Gates remain open until all who wish to participate in the procession have done so, which typically takes until the early morning hours of August 16, the anniversary date of Elvis’s passing. Free secured parking at the Graceland visitor center complex after 6:00 PM. Prior to Elvis Week, posted here will be a link to the text of the special information and guidelines flyer for the Vigil that is handed out at Graceland during Elvis Week.

Can't be here for the Vigil? Enjoy live coverage from Graceland byElvis Radio/Sirius Satellite 13. They also will have special Elvis programming throughout Elvis Week.

Candlelight Vigil Fact Sheet/FAQ


Elvis Day on Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
Starting at 6:00 AM Eastern/5:00 AM Central, it's Elvis Day, all day long and then some, Turner Classic Movies (TCM). So if you can't make it to Memphis for Elvis Week, you can remember the King of Rock 'n' Roll at home with TCM. Or if you are in Memphis, enjoy watching Elvis on TCM while you rest up for more Elvis Week events. Click here to see the schedule and for more information visit www.tcm.com.

Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes Tour Series by Sweet Magnolia Tours
9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon. Boarding at 8:30 AM; Departure at 9:00 AM and returns to TN Welcome Center on Riverside Drive at 1:00 PM. Tour departs TN Welcome Center on Riverside Drive in Memphis. Elvis himself gave the first Elvis tour of Memphis. Some of the sites you will see on your tour will include places like his alma mater, Humes High, his old neighborhood at Lauderdale Courts, and Pop Tunes where he would linger hoping to meet Sam Phillips. Some sites will be narrations as time has taken its toll. Some will be drive-byes and others picture stops. The highlight of this one-of-a-kind adventure will be at Lauderdale Courts, where you will visit Elvis's apartment. You will be able to tour the Presley's apartment, which has been carefully restored to replicated the original furnishings and decor. The remaining time on your tour will take you by Lansky's on Beale Street, The Chisca Hotel, Lowe's Theater, the site of Crown Electric, the Peabody Hotel, Humes High School, and the Overton Park Band Shell. Tour is $40.00 per person and includes motor coach transportation, Sweet Magnolia Tour guide, and tour inside the Lauderdale Count Apt. If you have questions or you wish to book your tour date, please call 1-866-320-5295 or visit SweetMagnoliaTours.com.

Jerry Hopkins - The Once and Future Elvis: A Conversation
10:00 AM. Theatre and Communications Arts, University of Memphis. Jerry Hopkins, original Elvis biographer, will discuss perceptions of Elvis from then until now and beyond with locals who knew Elvis and audience members who choose to participate. Hopkins will soon publish an updated version of his 1971 Elvis biography. He was a part of the first University of Memphis seminar on Elvis in 1979 and his original tapes and research notes, archived in the University of Memphis Library, have been the foundation for many subsequent scholarly works on Elvis and his times. No tickets are required to the event. Donations will be accepted to benefit the Elvis Presley Endowed Scholarship Fund at the University of Memphis. This event is hosted and produced by Dr. John Bakke and funded by The University of Memphis Foundation and The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.

George Klein's Elvis Memorial Service
12:00 Noon. Main Theatre Building, University of Memphis. Free admission. Annual event hosted by George Klein, longtime friend of Elvis. Speakers will include friends and family of Elvis, and celebrity guests. Free admission. For more information, contact the U of M Department of Communications at (901) 678-2565.

D&N's Pre-Elvis Concert Dinner and Humes Benefit
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM, Silent Auction; 5:30 PM, Dinner. Humes Room at Club Superior, 159 Beale Street, Memphis. D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club invites you to join us for a fabulous 3 course dinner in the private Humes Room at Club Superior. Enjoy the large collection of Humes memorabilia, including unique items of Humes' famous graduate, Elvis Presley, formerly displayed at Anna's Steakhouse. Silent auction benefiting Elvis's Alma Mater, Humes. Tickets are $35 per person. Advance ticket purchase only. Reserved seating. Mail checks to: Nancie Craft, 6607 Cindy Lane, Houston, TX 77008. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for tickets to be mailed. For more information, click here.

Elvis Presley Induction - Peabody Duck Walk of Fame
4:45 PM – 6:00 PM. The Peabody, 149 Union Avenue, Downtown Memphis. The Peabody will celebrate more than just its 82nd birthday at its annual Anniversary Party this year. The "South's Grand Hotel" will pay tribute to the King of Rock 'n Roll by inducting Elvis Presley into the Duck Walk Hall of Fame. Priscilla Presley will be the guest of honor at the event, which will take in the Grand Lobby. Belz Enterprises Chairman & CEO Jack Belz will posthumously induct the Elvis Presley into the Duck Walk Hall of Fame. The Peabody’s Duck Walk Hall of Fame honors those who have played a pivotal role in the development of Memphis. Priscilla will accept on behalf of Elvis. The center portion of the Grand Lobby will be cordoned-off for a private, invitation-only party, but the perimeter of the Lobby and Mezzanine will be open to the public. The Hall of Fame runs along Union Avenue and Second Street in the sidewalk outside The Peabody. Elvis Presley’s plaque will be placed in the sidewalk on Union Avenue, near Lansky’s “Clothier to the King” gift shop, in the weeks after the August 16th ceremony. Click here to read The Peabody's press release about this event.

8:00 PM. (Doors open at 6:30 PM. VIP ticket holder access beginst at 5:30 PM.) FedExForum in downtown Memphis. A spectacular, historic concert event starring the real Elvis Presley, via video, accompanied live on stage by a large cast of singers and musicians who worked with him, an orchestra, and additional singers and musicians. A wonderful production along the lines of our anniversary shows in 1997 and 2002.

CAST: Joe Guercio* (musical director & conductor); TCB Band members James Burton* (lead guitar), Glen D. Hardin* (piano), Jerry Scheff* (bass guitar), and Ronnie Tutt* (drums); Sweet Inspirations members Myrna Smith*, Estelle Brown* and Portia Griffin; Imperials members Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood*,Joe Moscheo* and Gus Gaches; former Stamps Quartet members Bill Baize*, Ed Hill*, Richard Sterban*, Larry Strickland* and Donnie Sumner*; The Jordanaires - Gordon Stoker*, Ray Walker*, Louis Nunley* and Curtis Young*; D.J. Fontana* (drums) and Millie Kirkham* (soprano). Also appearing are special guest rhythm players Walt Johnson*, Ron Feuer*, Joe DiBlasi, Paul Leim and Larry Paxton; and guest band The Dempseys - Bradley Dean Birkedahl, "Slick" Joe Fick, and Ron Perrone, Jr.; and members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Special appearances by Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley.

*Indicates a person who worked with Elvis.


Tickets are $90.00, $75.00 and $50.00. This event is sold out but for a limited number of $75.00 tickets that are part of a special multiple-event ticket package that includes access to attend concert rehearsals the day before the show.

Some of the tickets that are presently held back for corporate and sponsor commitments could be released at some point in the final weeks/days leading up to the show. If so, they will be available via Ticketmaster online at ticketmaster.com or by Ticketmaster phone at (901) 525-1515. Tickets also can be purchased in person at all Ticketmaster Retail Ticket Center locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri and in person at the FedExForum box office. Typical ticketing service fees will be added. It is a matter of personal experience and preference which method you should choose.

VIP Tickets (SOLD OUT):

There was a number of $250.00 VIP ticket packages that were available when tickets went on sale September 12, 2006. These sold out in less that 20 minutes. Later, more VIP seats became available due to a change in production layout and were auctioned online in April/May 2007. The VIP package includes premium seating for the concert, access to a private VIP reception room before and after the concert and at intermission to enjoy beverage service and hors d'oeuvres, an appearance by the cast in the reception room, and a special gift bag of commemorative concert merchandise.

There was also a sold-out online auction of 12 front-row V-VIP ticket packages. These packages include all the regular VIP benefits plus access to the backstage hospitality room during intermission.

Note to VIP Ticket Holders: Click here for details about your VIP access and benefits.

QUESTIONS? See our special Concert FAQ article.

Sponsorship support provided by Cadillac of Memphis.


That's the Way It Is

By popular demand! This exciting new concert event was added to the Elvis Week calendar just after Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert sold out in early May. Knowing that many Elvis fans attending that August 16th show would be beyond ready to keep rockin' out with Elvis and his band with another concert, and wanting to do much more than just console those fans who will have missed out on tickets, we asked members of the cast to stay up late for you and re-create the wild excitement of Elvis's midnight shows in Las Vegas. His dinner shows and matinee shows were outstanding, of course, but there was just something about Elvis at midnight...

11:59 PM - August 16. (Doors open as soon as venue empties from 30th Anniversary Concert.) FedExForum in downtown Memphis. ELVIS: MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS stars the real Elvis Presley, exclusively using performance footage shot for production of the MGM concert film Elvis, That's the Way It Is, which focused on his Summer 1970 engagement at International Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis will be on the giant screen and live on stage will be a cast of singers and musicians – many of whom worked the 1970 Vegas engagement with him. Event runtime approximately 90 minutes.

Cast: Joe Guercio* (musical director & conductor); TCB Band members James Burton* (lead guitar), Glen D. Hardin* (piano), Jerry Scheff* (bass guitar), and Ronnie Tutt* (drums); Sweet Inspirations members Myrna Smith*, Estelle Brown* and Portia Griffin; Imperials members Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood*, Joe Moscheo* and Gus Gaches; Millie Kirkham* (soprano); and members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

*Indicates a person who worked with Elvis.

All tickets are $55.00. Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster online at www.ticketmaster.com. Tickets are also available by Ticketmaster phone at (901) 525-1515. Tickets also may be purchased in person at all Ticketmaster Retail Ticket Center locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri and in person at the FedExForum box office. Typical ticketing service fees will be added. It is a matter of personal experience and preference which method you should choose. Group Ticket Sales: Leaders of groups numbering 50 or more people may contact the FedEx Forum box office staff at boffice@grizzlies.com to request seating together. There will be no VIP ticket packages for this event.

The venue will be cleared after the 30th Anniversary Concert. Details on how ticket holders for that concert will be given re-entry with their Midnight in Vegas tickets will be posted here as soon as possible. However, all 30th Anniversary Concert VIP ticket holders my remain in the VIP reception room until the doors open for seating at the Midnight in Vegas concert. The VIP room will close and those who have tickets to the midnight show may go to their seats and we will bid the others departing the VIP room a fond goodnight.

Sponsorship support provided by Reese's.


The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest - FINALE
Sponsored by The Elvis Cruise and Madacy Entertainment
7:00 PM. (Doors open at 6:00 PM.) The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis. The finale of the first-ever official Elvis tribute artist contest. Ten finalists from qualifying rounds earlier in the week compete for the title of Elvis Tribute Artist of the Year. Attendees at the show will see the best Elvis Tribute Artists from around the world perform on stage in a first-class contest. Elvis Tribute Artists will receive their chance to showcase their talents and why they should be named Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2007. Backing all the contestants will be the popular ExSpence Account Band. Tickets are assigned seating, $39.99 and $29.99, and available through Ticketmaster at (901) 525-1515 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages, including The Elvis Week Ultimate ETA Package. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

Visit www.elvis.com/ultimatecontest/ to learn about the contestants.


25th Annual Elvis Presley International 5K to Benefit United Cerebral Palsy
8:00 AM. Starts at the Graceland gates. Join thousands of Elvis fans and runners in front of Graceland for the 25th Annual Elvis Presley International 5K Run to benefit United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of the Mid-South. Runners and walkers will enjoy more than the typical 5K. More than 2,000 entrants from around the world will join in the family fun while enjoying the festive atmosphere of Elvis Week 2007 and raising money for UCP. After the race, join everyone across from the mansion as UCP hosts one of the best post-race parties in town. Entertainment will be provided by The AIMS Gang, one of the best bands in Memphis. Pre-registration is $20; Race Day Registration is $25. To register for the race, call Joanie Nuchols at (901) 761-4277 or click here to register online.

D&N's Leis for Elvis and United Cerebral Palsy

8:00 AM. At gates of Graceland, in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary Elvis Presley 5K. D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club invites you to support UCP of the Mid-South and honor Elvis's memory by purchasing a Hawaiian lei for $4.00. You don't have to come to Memphis to be a "spirit runner" in the 25th Anniversary Elvis Presley International 5K Run. You may register as a "spirit runner" to receive the collectible Elvis Race Shirt for 2007 and a Hawaiian lei. Click here to register online. Leis may also be purchased during Elvis Week or the morning of the run. For more information, contact Joanie Nuchols at UCP of the Mid-South at (901) 761-4277 or click here.

Graceland Scavenger Hunt - Bears on Tour #2 of 2

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Starting at the Graceland Ticket Office. Guests are invited to tour Graceland Mansion (no audio tour) and the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum while simultaneously participating in a trivia scavenger hunt. Adult and Junior versions of the scavenger hunt will be available. Prizes for both adult and junior to be announced. All ticket holders to receive a complimentary collectible bear donated by EPE licensee Limited Treasures. This particular edition bear is exclusive to the scavenger hunt event at Graceland and not available anywhere else. A link to a detailed flyer about the scavenger hunt will be posted here prior to Elvis Week and the flyer will be handed out to ticket holders the night of the event. Admission $24.99 Adults, $12.99 children 7-12. Tickets on sale now. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click here to purchase online. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.

Heart and Soul Of Rock 'n' Roll Party
8:00 PM. Gibson Guitar Factory, 145 Lt. George W Lee, Memphis. Presented by the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain. Join Elvis fans from all over Europe for a classic end of Elvis Week party up on the roof of the Gibson Guitar Factory as they celebrate the music of Memphis! Live soul from the Soul Shockers Band and a pumping all-Elvis disco, spectacular dancing from the Memphis Maidens and cabaret from GMTV's Heath Ashton. Hosted in true "Meet the Brits" style by Todd Slaughter, Victoria Molloy and Jon Aldersea from Big L AM1395 and Tony Prince from Radio Luxembourg. Tickets are $30.00. Purchasing tickets inside the UK, call 0844-800-6881. Purchasing tickets outside the UK, call 44-166-4424-674 - or mail payment to EPFC, PO Box 4, Leicester, LE1 32L, United Kingdom.

Club Elvis at Graceland
9:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight. The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum in Graceland Plaza becomes Club Elvis tonight and you’re invited. Come hang out and enjoy a private party with your fellow Elvis fans. A disc jockey spins Elvis records for your listening and dancing pleasure. Cash bar featuring adult beverages (ID's checked) and soft drinks. Outdoor smoking area designated – no smoking inside. The Chrome Grille restaurant next door will be open for dinner. You also may enjoy the free-admission live entertainment taking place nightly at Graceland Crossing and the free walk-up time for the Meditation Garden at Graceland. (See separate listings under "Multiple-Date Events.") A wristband ticket allows you to come and go from Club Elvis as much as you like during the evening in order for you to enjoy all the other activities on the property. Admission $14.99. Tickets on sale now. To purchase, call Graceland Sales & Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or click here to purchase online. SOLD OUT. Also click here to learn about some very special multiple-event ticket packages.


There are no one-time events planned for this date. Please see the multiple-date events listings to find out about ongoing activities.

Walk-Up Times for the Meditation Garden
Daily throughout the year, there is a special period of time for free-admission walk-up visits to the Meditation Garden at Graceland, where the gravesites of Elvis and members of his family are located. The summer hours for free walk-up visits are 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM daily, and then the garden becomes part of the regular ticketed Graceland tour. As a special courtesy to Elvis fans, there is always an additional schedule of evening walk-up times during Elvis Week. Dates and times for the evening this year: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, August 11, 12, 16, 17 & 18. No morning walk-ups on the morning of August 16 due to wrap-up of the Candlelight Vigil. Schedule is subject to change due to weather or other operational issues that could arise.

The Elvis Presley International Art Show - Fan Art From The Graceland Archives
July 27 - August 18. Tyiese Scarpa, 515 South Main Street, St. 101, Memphis. Over 40 pieces of fan art from the Graceland Archives displayed in a gallery setting. Soon after Elvis Presley became an international singing sensation, fans started sending their drawings, sculptures and paintings to Graceland to him and more has come on a regular basis in all the years since his passing. Fan art received over the last 50 years has been catalogued and kept in the guarded Graceland Archives. The art show is presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises and hosted by Memphis Heritage, a non-profit organization that works to preserve historic structures and the architectural heritage of Memphis and Shelby County. Admission to art show is FREE but donations to the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and Memphis Heritage will be accepted. Venue phone: (901) 521-4660.
Tupelo Tour by Blues City Tours

August 9-17. Tour includes Elvis's Birthplace, Hardware Store, welcome center, Fairpark, Lunch at McDonalds, rare Elvis picture, Elvis's elementary and middle school and picture stop. Price is $90 per person for 4 or less passengers. $80 per person for 5 or more passengers. Please call (901) 522-9229 or email bluescitytours@aol.com.

Elvis Fan Club Festival
August 10-15. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Airport Inn, 1441 E. Brooks Rd., Memphis. The 29th year for the Elvis Fan Club Festival. A very special event commemorating the 30th anniversary for Elvis. Special guest tables with Vegas atmosphere, original 1956 EPE products and Vegas items during Elvis's appearances. Elvis music and videos will be played during this entire event. Free admission. For more information, contact Fred Whobrey at (217) 875-3598.

Madacy Entertainment Tent at the Elvis After Dark Complex

August 10-18, day and night. Elvis After Dark complex (formerly known as Graceland Crossing shopping center). Continuous presentation of Elvis music performed live by various singers and bands, plus other activities. A preliminary schedule of acts should be posted here close to the start of Elvis Week. Free admission. A detailed schedule will be available at the Elvis Week information table in Graceland Plaza as Elvis Week begins. Children and Youth karaoke also featured - dates & times for that TBA.

Live Entertainment at EP Delta Kitchen & Bar- Jamie Aaron Kelley
Nightly, August 11-16. EP Delta Kitchen & Bar (formerly Elvis Presley's Memphis), 126 Beale Street in downtown Memphis. Jamie Aaron Kelley performance schedule: Nightly, August 11-14 at 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM; Candlelight Vigil night, August 15 at 11:00 PM; and August 16 at 11:00 PM. Visit www.epdeltakitchen.com or click here to go directly to information about Jamie's booking with us.

Memphian Theatre Tours

August 11-17. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 51 South Cooper St., Memphis. $5.00 per person or $3.00 for groups of 20 or more. A 30-minute tour of Playhouse on the Square, formerly The Memphian Theatre, where Elvis used to come and watch movies with his friends. You'll have the opportunity to sit in the Elvis chair (a theatre seat taken from the original row where Elvis used to sit). You'll also have the opportunity to purchase original Memphian Theatre artifacts relating to Elvis. Must call ahead and make a reservation. Call Lindsey Roberts or Mike Detroit at (901) 725-0776.

Tours of Lauderdale Courts

August 11-18. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Uptown Square Apts (formerly Lauderdale Courts). Second only to Graceland, Lauderdale Courts is the Memphis home Elvis lived in the longest. From September 1949 to January 1953, Elvis and his parents lived at 185 Winchester, Apartment 328 in Lauderdale Courts. "The Courts" proved to be a pivotal place for Elvis as he developed his unique style, for it was here where a shy Elvis would practice the guitar in the basement laundry room. Elvis would stroll to nearby Beale Street and gain inspiration from famous blues artists. Tours are available for $10.00. For tickets or more information, contact Uptown Square Apartments at (901) 523-8662.

Elvis Week Art Contest & Exhibit
August 11-19. Ticket office pavilion in Graceland Plaza. Free admission to view this exhibition of Elvis-themed artwork from amateur and professional artists from around the world. Rules & Entry Form for artists who would like to submit their work.

Elvis Legacy in Lights Laser Concert
August 11-19. Daily at 1:30 & 3:00 PM. Saturday & Sunday at 4:30 PM. Sharpe Planetarium, 3050 Central Ave., Memphis. Since 1973, the planetarium's laser light concert honors the memory of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. The popular show is a sanctioned event of Elvis Week and a must-see for Elvis fans from all over the world. This year's all-new program showcases some of Elvis's most memorable tunes, in fact, the show starts with the classic Memories. Of course, the 50th anniversary song That's All Right is included in the show, along with Bossa Nova Baby, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Hound Dog, and Peace in the Valley, among others. All of these timeless melodies have been choreographed with laser images, lighting effects and photos of Elvis through the years. Admission is $5.25 for Museum System members and $6.25 for non-members. Laser concerts are not recommended for children under seven years old due to the volume of the music. Reservations are strongly recommended, please call (901) 320-6362.

Children and Youth Karaoke
August 12, 15 & 18, 11:00 AM 3:30 PM. Entertainment tent in the Elvis After Dark center (formerly Graceland Crossing). Children and youth aged 2 to 17 are invited to perform karaoke Elvis songs. Free admission to perform and to be in the audience.

Children's Crafts
Daily, August 13-18, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Location in Graceland visitor center to be announced. Craft activities for children aged 2 to 12. Stop by and make your own special Elvis Week souvenir. Free admission.

Tours of Elvis Presley Trauma Center
August 14-17. The MED, 877 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis. To schedule a tour of the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center, contact Marsha Evans at The MED Foundation at (901) 545-8372 or email mevans@the-med.org.

Budweiser Clydesdales at Graceland
August 14-18, daily. Times TBA. Back lawn area of Elvis After Dark complex (formerly known as Graceland Crossing shopping center). Budweiser will honor Elvis’s passion for horses with a visit by the Budweiser Clydesdales. Enjoy seeing these famous, magificent creatures up close.

Elvis BingoDates, times & location in Graceland visitor center TBA. Play bingo for great Elvis prizes. Admission is FREE, but you need at ticket. Tickets for each game are available at the door just before that game's start time. Seating is limited. Each game runs approximately one hour.


15th Of August 2007, Writings, eBay & Tongue Day
4:14AM CET
I have started something I have thought of doing for quiet some time. The "Tommy book" if you will. I have done a lot of thinking about this one and have said it in here for some time now, that I wanted to try to find a journalist to have a second teamplayer. I have so far not found one and there for I have decided to just start this thing. It is an interesting thing to throw myself into. I am so pleased to get this one REALLY going. I wish I could tell you all in words how I feel about this thing. But right now I can not cause I simply do not have such words. But trust me it is a great thrill!!!

Part from that I have been a little bit chocked to see the old really wanted 1981 eBay listed poster the one that all of a sudden was gone. Well guess what it is back. It is up there again and the threat of threats "prowl1" is the one to take it home mark my words. But I am surely going to try to give it a shot. I predict ones again that it will pass the $450,00 mark. I can not let the dude take it for under that. Actually ..... I should not even type this in here he may read this ... Tommy you sucker .. lol ..lol.. what the fuck?!!

Also the still long missed 1:24 scaled car "2001 Matco Tools Exclusive - off the tool truck of the FAMOUS Girls, Girls, Girls Motley Crue 1/24 scale Funny Car by Racing Champions Authentics. Driven & Signed back in 2001 by Jim Epler with a black sharpie on hood - #697 on chassis @ Firebird Raceway International in Phoenix, AZ. This diecast car is in MINTcondition with complete packing, body prop & box.


Yeah I would really like ot have these three things from the right now listed items on eBay!! Now a lot of things can be said about eBay listings but the one thing that constantly kills a lot for not only me but everyone is the mighty dollar. Money talks a little too much. Sucks and kills a lot dreams I know .Believe me I know. I have had a gazillion of items never won over!!

Today also is the KISSology release day of the second in the box serie. Damn I want them three sets. Well it is the same set but each holding a bonus disc that is different in three releases. It is called business. And smart busliness for the money man and a fucking pain in the behind for the collector. What can one do? I know it all too well. But even though I have dropped the KISS collecting life i want all these here. I have all three of the first set. Now this second set has my attention. Fucking killer sets to have.

I really wish Motley would have done somehting like this. Can you even imagine all the huge screened shows they have done that have been shown up on the big screens over the years the television aired shows the TV specials and much, much, much more.... fuck some cool box sets they could have been. KISS have thrown in collector cards and posters and shit too. Purely a collectors dream really. Love it... I now have to get the sets before one of them all of a sudden becomes really hard to find. Thats what happend to one of the three of the set.

Alright people gotta run. have a lot to end of all my doings before bedtime. Now I will get back with something on Friday I guess. Till then have a good one. Much love suckers...... peace out!!!


11th Of August 2007, Hosting Sixx A.M., More Gettogeters, Palin Cool
3:36AM CET
Sitting at work the first of a fucking 18 dasy in a row. I can fucking see no end on this pile of work crap. God I hate ordinary. Who the fuck invented this shit anyway? He or she should be tortured forever. And a hot damn night at work it is too. How can anyone claim to be fine with stricvtly night work? It is surely unhealthy as shit. I truely think you should not do what I am doing!!! My god it sucks major. But the money is good ... some out there in the darkend woods yells out loud. Yeah well ...it somehow just does not cut it really. Ohh well enough of my whining.

Summer has for shit sure sure invaded Denmark. God lord it is nice to say that October is near and we there by go out of Summer time as we know it and sets out clocks back and the fall and winter should come creeping up on us. yeee haaaaa...... Im all for it . Boy I am going to get slaughtered for that one.

Anyhow - the Vince tequila banner should be in the mail towards Denmark now and the smashed bass in last diary entry should have a fairly good chance to come to this madness of a house as well in time. What else can be said? Wuu Huuu?!!! Yeah yeah we all have seen the Simpsons movie by now I guess. Love it by the way. Ass funny.

Another Whitehorse dude is up for a meeting in Sep with me. And maybe Robbie Craine too the baqss dude of Neil`s solo band. Well the original one anyways. Shit I can not even begin to find a way to share my happiness on that front. It is shit cool. I really need to make these talks solid doings while I am there. Right now it all looks good unless ofcasue something for these busy people comes up.... I will cross all there is on and in my body and beg for winning these things over to return to Denmark with but an ass load of cool stuff..... the trip can on the paper right now ONLY be a monster success.... damn it is great to be darey. Love it.

SIXX:A.M. will be the featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show ROCKLINE with host Bob Coburn on Monday August 20 at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. Fans are encouraged to speak with Nikki, DJ Ashba and James Michael by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). For a station near you and for information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast go to www.RocklineRadio.com
Good luck if you do this one!!!

There are a line of things to be told shared and all if that was really wanted by me. But it is not . Well not at this point. And the reason for it is that it could be the things I want to say could change before they actually happen. And that is kind of a drag. It would be nothing but a creepy lame blah blah if I would have to change it later. So with that you have to wait really. I hear my buddy Jesse is doing better all the best buddy!! I am so thrilled to hear you are getting back on track with things .... life is simply too painful if noting could be at least a little bit positive and fun.

Glad to hear it buddy - mail me one time as you feel you are back with the energy it should take. Love you man.

Alright guess some would be a little scary and pretty loud if I kept sitting here in the god forsaken working hours...
I will talk to you all later while in my little old self continues to keep time on my countdown to California ones again!!!


8th Of August 2007, Bass Offer, Music, Circle Cleanouts - yes Pls.
3:53PM CET
************************************************* Wednesday soon again mid of a month. Fuck me time flies fast as hell. How are you all doing? Summer has seriously hit Denmark and I hate it. I can not wait till in a good couple of months the dark and cooler times are coming our way. Have been out of town a couple of times thes past days. I need to find out a way to get the remaning assholes in my life out of it in the best and most calm way possible.

A lot is going on right about now in the Crue life of mine. Have also today gotten this next (and returning) offer for a smashed 1990`s bass. This is for the bass guitar is from the 11/17/98 show in Milwaukee, WI. The price asked can be done perhaps in the next month or so. So I am thinking what is the answer going to be? Will I grab the fucker? I think I will. But a couple of things have to come clear first in order to nail this one down too. And add it to the monsterous collection laying here.

The day of today has fed me with new music too from Korn, Prince and Clawfinger. I think it all is rather cool in its own way. I am quiet diverse and cna easerly appreciate masterpieces as I hear them. Love music period. But the artist caleld Prince is a little guy closing in on his big 5 0 that I avealways kind of admired. New music like really new music ...not much that I like out there. It all misses caracter and more. Just a big balloon with a lot of air in it. None exciting.

I ma not really looking forward to anything new in the matter of comig releases really ... not too excited about whats to come. The Sixx A.M. thing well I had a talk to a swedish person the other day and as I said. I think it is only interesting cause we the fans love Nikki. Had it been any regular filthy rich fucker on dope writing the book with the almost exact same words we would not have paid attention. So I think i will always have a hard time seeing this Sixx A.M. thing as a music album as such. But rather take it in like he would have loved the fans to do. And then leave it at that. I am not too high on it for some reason NOT saying I think the music is bad. Cause it more than likely is some of the best penned shit since the mid 90´s days. I just look at all this Sixx A.M . thing with totally different glasses that therest of the fans.

Like I have always done with Lee´s DJ shit and his Supernova bull.
Sorry but I really hate all that. But I looked at that too with different eyes than most and then I kind of backed off to let all others suck it up the ones that wanted it. I may have a thing about these side doings now a days I dont know. -We have a few new items added to day in the Vince Neil and Sixx sections and the carnival article section. As a collector like myself it is kind of sick to even start describing how i feel putting money into the side projects and doings of the boys when it often is something I really dislike.

But I try to cover most possible anyway. Crue as the main thing obviously. I know a line of people thinking they adore the Sixx A.M. thing. God bless them. It is just more Crue for me.. Shit. I think it is getting harder and harder to collect massively. It costs more and more all the time it seems. Huge compettion for the heavy pieces too. Some ot there seems like they dont care bout the price tags one bit really. Damn I often have a really tough time with all this for sure. But for the next good half a year there are things coming that are really appreciated not many rather huge and ass expensive pieces, and I can not wait to hold them in my hands really.

Tommy keep adding DJ shows in the USA through out the summer. Fuck easy money and a lot of free hangobvers and pussy but in all honesty T dude - get some ass cool music down instead this is a celeb doing that takes more and more respect away from you as being the ultimate cool musician!!! many people share this point of view really. Okay I can not and will not even try to do nothing about it but it is sick. Not going ot spend money to see him at a club again that is kindof really a waste. Be a chick, look hot, act hot and be hot and you have the mans attention and he let you get inside his pockets but being a loyal ass load spender in cash as a collector he could not care less on those DJ days.

Ok letting off steam today I see. A little pissy Tommy?? Nah I am alright. I actually have a lot of things on my mind. I really want to get down doing a lot of them but time is fucking me over and I do not have enough of it. Time that is. Lol......

I long for a lot of things but having this stinker of a job and sleeping a little and well pretty much not time for any self chosen doings ...then it is fucking hard to get things going the preferred way !!! My biggest wish right about now these days are to well get things sorted out and clean out in the people in my circle....... getting some stuff ended with people that are nothing but a pain. Other than that well...I am all happy. Will be way happier in 2009!! That is going ot be the start of the rest of my life. In a brand new way.. IT will be mind blowing to me.

7th Of August 2007, Tommy Kills Crue? Future Doings & A Sixx Somthing
2:46PM CET

Bassist Nikki Sixx says they'll record this year.
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has told MTV.com that the band should begin working on a new album, in earnest, toward the latter part of this year. "We're always writing, but it will take its time," he explained. "Motley Crue is a big machine. It's like a barge. It takes a lot to turn it around and like with us, we just kind of do it and go, and with Motley, it's a slower move, but it's something I'm really proud of and something I plan on doing for a very long time."

Yeah that is no news , no news at all. The bigger news or rather bigger sceptical is if the album will see a tour again with the band as it is right now. New things says Tommy is not too keen on doing another round. He is in the making of a kind of new Supernova album / solo release. meaning it seems like he this time has Supernova singer with him but not the rest of the gang. I do not get it.

Also his DJ things. I understand the temptation and to get like 20.000 US dollars for each night is a fucking killer pay check for three hours record spinning. Hell I would do it too. Plus his fame makes him have an every night new chick to go bang inthe night. I think that and the free booze is pulling him towards the massive DJing he does. I think he is not fully focusing on him being a musician no more. He is way more a celeb than a musician.

I personally is kind of sad to see him do what he does. The damn solo records released has never givin him the credit he deserves for them. Well for "Never A Dull" and his "Tommyland" anyway. I truely dont mind him doing experimental things music wise but I think it is shit sad that some of that material never got the attention it deserved. I to this day still think "never A Dull" is his best work. Absolutely do not at all like Supernova. Tommyland was a bit too polised for my taste and the Methods days were just a fucked up stunt on his part too.

Anyway - I have had another cut in on the grand total on the dream deal too. Man it is as safe as it can possibly be. What the hell can one describe the pride and all with. Words just kind of feels like they do not quiet cut it. I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you Herby, Thank you Sixx. God damn it, it is a superb collectiblke lot to come. What a shit cool christmas it will be. Cause that is when I predict to have it and then I am trying to drop the christmas hola hoop and buy myself a brand new set of loudspeakers. I would fucking kill to get the ones I have seen. I love them they will blow my ass off.

So many things I like ot do and get so I know for sure at least for the next year I will be at this stinker of a job I really do not like too much.... but I will for sure get a lot of crap cleared and end a lot of shit that has been going on for fucking way too long. After this dreamdeal is all taken care fo next step in monsterous doings in the name of the Motleys will be to pro frame some of the personal belongings I own and get the stage probs sent home to Denmark. I have giving up on the USA movement. I wanted that so stinky bad. But the imigration thing without a marrage does not seem to go my way too much. And that is just not for me. And I have none to marry for that matter either. So fuck it.

I have not much left for the Americans anyway right now. Have been fucked over way too many times. Form trying and only wanting ot nbe nice and helpful I get burned. Fuck that!!! I have massively learned my lesson. Enough is enough. No more of that stuff. I have like only a handful of HIGHLY trusted and loved Americans that I would do anything for anytime anyhow. No doubt to that one at all. Fuck no. And I will see most of them all in September. Going ot be cool. Really - no doubt no nothing.

I will return with a new handful of things here Tuesday or Wednesday...Keep an eye out!! Love and miss some of you out there. You know who you are. Tommy


2nd Of August 2007, Writings, KISSes, & Emotional Heartackes !!!!!

8:32PM CET
Thursday a day off from work. My last for the next 6 days then two more and it is with out a doubt going to be an August to remember. From the 10th till the 31st not a single day off. Fuck me ...hope I will survive it all. I have a vacation to go on in 6 weeks. And a lot of cool things to will go down on this one. Fuck man it is such a killer of a trip that is ready for me there.

Anyway I like to share some thoughts to something that has been on my mind the last few days. Motley Crue means a great deal to me. A little more than just actually lol. But I have been sitting here thinking to myself for some time how much music in generel really has a toll on me. It is in one way or another music all the way through for me. It is in everything I do and in most steps I take. I think perhaps a little time with some none music acting would kill me. So the music keeps spinning.

Some Motley thoughts these days are making me feel so good. I am shortly getting some really neat things brought home. And then the dream deal is going rather smoothly now too. Another huge part payment is slipping through my fingers tomorrow and on to its rightful place for the items to be mine. And then again late August isan even bigger pay to it. It will be a pain in the ass to get home but fuck it its a part of Cruecial history and it is a none copied couple of items that are simply NOT around in any other part of the world than well right here .... soon!!

I am more and more keen on trying to write a book about all this - my musical life and adventure. All I truely need is a journalist type of person to kind of have a will and a hunger for trying to put this shit together with me. I am in the liking of trying to get tested on my life `experiences really. Find it really interesting to have for myslef first and foremost. I love to share things and from what has been going on fro some time I think I am perhaps one of the more known fans around that are highly misunderstood.

I lead a life and have an openness to and about my personality that is like the song says... "my life is like an open book for the whole world to read" and I like thet idea. no holds barred. No shit told. Nothing held back or hidden. Fuck that. face the music as they say. And that I do. That makes a lot of people out htere judge me and misunderstand my individual. I guess being a human being I too reach a point where I say fuck it. Fuck him and fuck her. Really using the most used word in the world today a lot lately. Fuck it ... thats right. Fuck!!!!

Another Crue fan has died this week I just got told. A friends friend really. He was so highly dedicated too and got killed in a car accident two days ago. Just got it from my friend.

He was an englishman and my thoughts goes to his family and my friend for having lost his. I feel for you buddy!! Much love. It is always stinky tough as you loose someone dead or alive that really truely matters to you. Most recently my own family - my daddy´s brother and two sisters have been diagnosed and operated from cancer. The brother does not seem to be coming out of the hospital no more - alive. It is a hard time too here ..... and to be fuck over by the living that ment something to you as they get you all wrong and judge you as something shitty when you really would just have givin them half the world. talk about hurt, pain and dissapointment. FUCK YOU ....

I think in more ways that one rock n roll keeps me sane and have saved my life many times over. It is a little sad to say for some reason yet again it feels good. At least somethign did. When the human fucks gave me a stiff middle one .. the sound of music came to rescure and gave me an injection that simply kickstarted my sorry ass ticker.

Thank god for rock n roll. Long live the believers fuck the none beli......
Stay safe be good dont forget to LIVE LIFE is is sadly way short er than what good is.
Oh: PS got the Vince tequila banner after all... longer story but bottom line - got it!!

31st Of July 2007, Fucked UP & Scary Happenings.
4:27AM CET
SO how did the three wanted items and auctions end for me?
Excellent NOT!!!! None of the wanted was won. The drum too much. The poster all of a sudden gone from the auction site and the banner of Neil .. was mine till 2 seconds left. The last refreshed punch to the key board told me it was mine and then shit happend. Did not get a single thing. -Fucked!! But it means there can be other stuff done anmd hopefully be thrown in a little more than the minimum on the dream deal.

It is a bye bye to July this year and a hi anmd hello to August.
So what is so great about August then? Well for me it is the time for the SECOND in the serie of KISS dvd box set to come out. Man I am so excited about the old heroes to reelase the follow up to last years smash!!!

Speaking of Mr. Starchild Paul Stanley. Fuck we almost lost a legend the other day to death!!! Damn right ... his heart went apeshit and they had to stop his heart and bring him back to get control. Shit dude thats something scary...Hope I get to see them just one more time before we al lfor real loose any of them.. get well paul...

"To All My Friends And Fans,
I wanted to let all of you know that I AM ABSOLUTELY FINE! I'm going to the gym as usual, painting as usual and will be going into the recording studio this week. Like many, I have had a rapid heart beat condition most of my life and I never have had any type of restrictions. When I've had an episode, although momentarily disrupting and taxing, it has no residual effect. This is nothing new and my doctors have known about it. In short, It doesn't change, hasn't changed and won't change my life. To make it clear..

I WILL BE AT ROCK & ROLL FANTASY CAMP IN NY..I WILL BE AT THE WENTWORTH ART GALLERY SHOW in Des Peres, MO. and anything else that's on schedule. I'm stoked and looking forward to it all. Thanks for the literally thousands of calls and e-mails from all of you. You all mean the world to me. Now ONWARD!
Paul "


29th Of July 2007, More Pain Little gain & Strange Endings!!!
6:18PM CET
It has been a good few days waiting for the eBay auctioned things to end. The much wanted 1981 new years eve poster all of a sudden was taken off of eBay again way before it originally was to end. So my guess is that soeone has either offered the seller a great amount and sat a deal in private with the seller or the seller some how ended it not selling after all?? I have no idea. "Prowl1" the eBay ID member who collects more or less only Too Fast stuff might have done something I suspect. I really, really wanted that one BAD!!!

The Vince tequila vinyl banner ends today as do the Tommy drum. The drum is up at 500 dollars already not reached the reserve price even though the seller has lowered it. So yeah I think it is up round 750 or 1000 dollars. That is NOT something I can do right this time. The banner of Neil is only in a starting stages amount wise so I will get this one I am almost 100% sure. Just have to set the clock for 3Am ...so that is what then will do!!

Other than them things not much of extreme interest is on eBay right now. SO that is a good feeling to be honest. Coming this Wednesday I am more than likely getting the first payment for my sold cracked mirror stanley guitar. So another good amount goes towards my dream deal of the orginal stage and tour used Alister - Theatre Of Pain 1985 US backdrop and the front stage curtains of the Girls girls Girls tour 1987 USA. Fuck those items are going to be huge collctibles. can not even begin to share thoughts and words on them things!!! I am going to be so fucking proud to have them itmes in my personal private collection.

One thing that seems to have been going right and that I am extremely excited about is the old drummer of the Mick mars pre-Crue band WhiteHorse.. Jack Valentine has agreed to meet with me for a talk about old days and let me vieo film the meeting and the interview. That is something really appreciated too. I can not even begin to tell you my really high appreciation to this one.

Many people from the ordinary world seems to hate my guts. have absolutely no idea why .. guessthey have a problem with my opennessand straight forward way to handle things. Or maybe it is jealousy and more.

The erlier talked about people that have been trying and threatening me to sell MY stuff continues their fucked up journey about this. I laugh at the same time as I am bloody pissed at them. I have totally decided not to involve any more people / fans into my Crue life. As the smoke cleares 8 out of 10 seems to have some shitty issues what ever they are built upon and I loose trust friendship money and items in the end. It is highly unacceptable so no more. The entire ideas about this and that for the future in the name of Motley with different people have here by been burried. No more. I simple will not do it again. The worlds ordinary people are not ready for my massive dedication and all. Dont know how else to put it really. So fuck it.

have even thought about dropping this website and go back into my collecting ways from before the web days and be sort of annonumes.

It is a quiet tempting thought. I love the site and all but it is also bringin on a good load of crap. I have been a huge KISS collector myself and I know a lot of other bands fans and huge loyal collectors of some rockers. Just really seems like like the Crue fans are a bunch of ego minded small time fucks - many of them anyway - that can not handle things. hat a drag what a shame. You that read this should not be offended if you are NOT such a fan. That is also why I started hating the chat boards of BOD back in the day and the Crue ones .. cause there are so many people on there that does nothing but bitching one another.

So as off today I am still thinking of going back to just be me and stop sharing al lthese stories and the collection that I hold. I am not have never been out to harm or bitch about no one. But I do have issues with some yes. People that stab me in the back and act like fucking babies ..... that is something i can not handle too well. Cause in my world there is no need to act that way. Honest why even bother? Life is too short for that fucked up shit. And I have also notized that some people are easy on taking in peoples opinion about others they do not even know even though a person only tells his or her side of things. What a bastard little sorry ass life they lead.

Anyway enough about the bad negaitve energy I am a positive minded person and al lI can tell you all is that i will let you in on it if I do decideto closethis one down. It will be a shit shame butu it will also be for my own personal slef satisfaction and inner balance - the crap to deal with all that is just not worth it .. at all.

23rd Of July 2007, New Auctions, Wants & Preparations - Ohh Yeah!
4:20PM CET
So as always there are a ton of things that are wants dreams and hoped for to be future addings. Some of the right now ongoings are the 1981 Troubadour poster of the 81 / 82 new years eve show. Gotta be a huge want to add no matter what collection you have on the boys obviously. Then there are stuff like the new Vince Tequila - the promo vinyl banner. It is a cool thing these banners pro made and maketing promo material not to be bought no where. Ofcause it is a cool thing to have. I remember as I got one for a specific show on the 2005 USA tour. I love it. they are huge and just kind of hard to have anywhere. You kindof have to have it hanging somewhere to stretch it out. As it slowly but surely otherwise will come apart. But Right now the new Vince product has such a promo banner and it is up for grabs.

Then comes the snare drum of Tommy Lee´s. It is with great hope that at least one of these three highly wanted items could get added to the collection. Whish one would I prefer if it was to be only one? hard to say but surely it would have to be a choice of the drum and the classic legendary poster. Probably the poster to be honest. We wil lsee. I may not get any of these items. We will see.

MOTLEY CRUE - Doug Weston's Troubadour, Los Angeles, California, December 31st, 1981. This is the ORIGINAL 14" x 22" cardboard poster promoting a New Year's Eve Motley Crue concert (with Stormer and American Heroes), only about a month after their first LP on Leathur Records was released. David Lee Roth (of Van Halen) was scheduled to sing "Jailhouse Rock" with the group as an encore. However, just as Roth was heading for the stage, KROQ DJ Michelle Nuval (who was dating Crue's manager) jumped on stage and sang it with Vince Neil.

This rare poster was printed by Colby Poster Printing Co., which printed many concert posters in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This item was retrieved from the telephone pole it was stapled to at the time by a fan. Because of this, it has some staple holes (and other holes and tears). There is a horizontal crease across the top of the poster and some tears near the edges. Overall, the condition is not bad and certtainly could be much better which a little restoration. A fantastic Motley Crue item from early in their career, pre-fame.

This is a huge vinyl poster / tarp, intended for hanging outside in a outside seating area or event, for Tres Rios Tequila, featuring Vince Neil of Motley Crue. The poster is brand new in its original tube and will be mailed in the tube. Its dimensions are 34" x 71".

The tarp is heavy and mulit-layered and the streaking that can be seen in the photos is the nature of the material itself as it sort of "bubbles" because of its multi layers. I also had to take the photos on a day without ideal sunlight because it has been overcast on the East Coast all week, but the poster is bright and vivid and not faded. Vince Neil is toasting with a champagne glass of tequila, looking tan and buff. He is covered with incredible tatoos and wearing a fortune in diamonds! The ring on his finger is a 1" thick band completely covered in diamonds and he has a gold circular pendant around his neck that is threaded through a thick chain.

The poster has four grommet reinforced hanging holes on each corner to hang with ropes, and the close up of one below shows yet another huge bracelet on his wrist with a double row of diamonds. There is actual writing with a marker in the upper right corner that reads, "Vince Neil is HERE!" There is printing on the poster below this telling you to only use a soft eraser to change the message. I don't know if this message was as signed by Vince Neil.

You can see the photo of the three types of tequila, each with a card attached with Vince Neil's picture, as he is the sponsor of this line, not just of this poster. It says "Hand Crafted Tequila" and refers you to avimports.com. I am sure this is a hard to come by limited edition item that will only become more scarce. Shipping for this item is $8 with delivery confirmation tracking provided. Please let me know at the end of the auction if you would like the entire tube mailed in another mailer to preserve the tube as well from any abuse in transit. If so, it will add a little to the shipping charge. I only charge actual shipping. Payment by Paypal, personal check or money order, please.

Tommy Lee's Actual Snare Drum. I won this snare drum a few years ago for promoting his Methods Of Mayhem cd. Hard times are forcing me to sell this one of kind treasure. This snare drum measure 11" tall! That's right - a snare drum that is 11" tall! It is a custom Slingerland snare made for Tommy Lee. It has the same scheme as his set from the Theatre Of Pain tour. It is a played snare drum. This snare dum is from Tommy Lee's personal collection and not some random snare that someone had signed. It was given to me for my efforts promoting his release. It is signed KILLING SH*T - Tommy Lee (on the top - see picture) and Methods Of Mayhem (on the bottom - see picture) Free Shipping U.S. Bidders only!

OWN A PIECE OF MOTLEY CRUE HISTORY! Paypal only! All sales are final so please ask questions prior to bidding. GOOD LUCK!

I think these things are quiet cool items as said and I got to have a long hard try to get them. Its going to be way over 1000 dolalrs for them all. So should I win the first of the three I will have to make a hard decition on ONLY one more depending on the winning amount for the first SHOULD it come to that. I think my September trip to California and more is going to be just fine too.

Guess what the guitar deal is going to make it all happen the way I kind of hoped for. Meaning an all round thing to LA, Hollywood, Different places and locations in between san Diego and L.A. San Diego itself and places north of Los Angels plus Vegas and Gran Canyon. Then I bet my bottom dollar there will not be a single minute more to fill in with stuff. There will be a full perfect planned doing these almost two weeks. More crue places and history are to be added to the site here under the "meet n Greet" section. I will be so thrilled about this one. Hopefully this is not going to backfire none this time.

It has been a little while now since the last adding I know. Well not that long actually. But there are mre laying here to be dealt with. Posters, shirts, mags, display, and more. I think I will have to add some time to the wait around cause I am a bit tied up these days. bare with me. Hope you all are doing good out there guys. Much love to the loyal. Fuck the fuckers. Lee


14th Of July 2007, Countdown Begun & Plannings Taken Shape
3:57AM CET
It is with great pleasure that I am writing this thing. I really need to have some cool things in the right kind of order set up for the September trip to the state of California again. A lot of things have been talked about getting done but now it is time to try to set all down on paper so we dont fuck around too much wasting time. So to put the stuff in geographic order if you will is a huge task. But also kind of exciting. I will get a good job done with it.

We only need to talk it all through one more time to make sure that we are doing the right thing and all the right things in form of what we want to have included.

Looks like it is goin to be as Crue like as possible also really... that was the reason for me going and to pick up more things on Crue to be brought home. But we are also going to Vegas perhaps seeing Def Leppard perhaps seeing Velvet Revolver. What ever else to be done in Vegas I am not really sure yet. But as being there it should not be a problem of what to do and when. Do I have the finances for it then I am going to get inked some more. Still have holes or skin if you will to be covered up on the arms and other places... I know I know but.....

But also Grand Canyon and the newly famous Skywalk seems to be a thing to go do. Fuck that will take money dude ... but then again will I ever in my living days go there and do that again? I dont think so. So it would be an alright investment in a new born memory. I think.

A few more days and my travelling partner and other good friend are both attending the Sixx A M debut ever in Los Angeles. I am almost sick of envy to hear this. But I have on the other hand killed a good few things financially. Also the old 1981 original Glendale street poster. Thats fucking marvelous. Thanks a damn good bunch pal. WIll treasure that one too. Getting it framed asap and have it safely stored and all for as long as I am collecting. Thats a sweetie man...

Have also tried to comfort myself and all since i am not going to be THERE Monday for the event. So I have also covered a few other things for myself. Done a lot of cleaning out and put in order all my dvds / bootleg recordings and stuff. Slowly but surely getting some covers made so I can fucking track down a show as quickly as possible. It is with great pleasure that I have all that done.......

There are also a few things in the wait now again like new shirts, posters, magazines, CDs, and more. Ohh yeah it will be a still great load to be added on here. A good full suitcase or two will come home with me in end of September of items too. Have as you all know so seriously shit much laying there still. Itis crazy.

Also have a few good loads and deals that I have got to get cleared for good. I wish I had more cash to do these things with. It sucks ass. But hopefully it is slowly but surely coming to what I want to happen. Still some pricks around that are hard to deal with to be honest. But maybe one day they will attend the real world and agree to act like grown ups and get things in gear. Jesus christ. How many fucks can possibly walk this earth man??? How many?

Coulæd be a load of things to be added to the September list by the way but it kind of depends on the willingness from the people out there. Meaning a lot of people could perhaps tell uys some awsome stories but I am not all sure it will happen. Too many people would have to give us green light for cooperation to all thats right now only ideas.

Also have set up a meeting witht he band CAGE. The dude / vocalist and all is living in San Diego close to the ocean so .. how wonderful can a day there not be? ha ha ha ....The cage band and people of it I "met" through a radio interview we have done a couple now and always gotten off rather cool with each other now hopefully it is time to meet and greet lol. I would love to really. They just have a new album out heavy and dark as shit "Hell Destroyer" what a concept album what a story to it. I am a sucker for these things.

It looks like this trip for me is not only a Crue trip - again - more diverse and all especially since there is no Crue tour to be covered this time. Actually it feels really really nice. So many cool people and all to meet and places to go see and more. Hell yes i am loving every part of it. And it all is being worked on right now as I am one more time sorting al lthe minor nitty gritty at home in the many Crue boxes. Ohh yeah. For other bigger general news to and about the band you know what sies to go to. These are just all my persoanl little news flashes ... take care - Tommy


11th Of July 2007, Old Skool Of Rock – A Rocked Day Holding Nervousness
4:34AM CET
Imagine that sitting outdoors in the cold rainy morning at Aarhus central station at 4.30 AM that is not the funniest experience when you are tired and hungry. Anyway I sit here doing this posting to kill time. I am waiting for a train to come to take me on home for a little while. I truely hope there is a chance to get things done as I arrive. So far no sleep during the night and my ass is going to the shower straight then off to my old work until past midday at the Skakkesholm Restaurant in Grenaa.

The day last night and late afternoon gave me some rock n roll high and some rock n roll passionate nervousness. The dream deal of mine that is going on right now almost got lost yesterday. It was a sick wicked thing that almost happened. Not going into detains just here. But I was so feeling my guts being ripped out of my stomach. I desperately need to get more than just a few bucks found and faster than really hopped for or planned to kill this deal and make things come home safely. Shit….

But it looks quiet promising now from another unexpected happening. I am more than likely getting my KISS Paul Stanley cracked mirror baby pearl of a six string axe sold next week. FUCK….It hurts a little bit thinking about it. But that money coming in from it could really help me make the dream deal on my Crue shit be far safer than ever before.

I will know about this on Wednesday next week. So there will be a really happy boy in me or a quiet sad and nervous dude should the deal not happen. Also if it happens the USA trip would feel far easier to get covered really. And trust me that am a financial minor concern as well. It is in September and it is closing in quiet fast now, alright guys my train just arrived even though it will not leave for another 30 minutes so I will head indoors and write this off. Hang on.

Holy shit that feels way better. Should not catch a cold or nothing either. Anyway sitting in here is nicer and not the coldest morning train either. Last night only like four and a half hours ago I was sitting in Vanlose Bio, a cinema location in the Copenhagen area that for one night only held a promotional event for the CD and DVD release of the newly released “Old Skool Of Rock”. A tribute holding 39 bands, of the metal hair days of the 80s.

The event was nothing major they rally just showed the DVD more or less in its full then the national paper of BT and the rock journalist from it Steffen Jungersen held a couple of lectures about his personal thoughts and mind of the days of the hair metal. He loved it. As he said that was a time of willingness and aiming for goals and partying. Today’s music and all is dark somewhat twisted and depressing. Who could be happy listening to Coldplay and a continuation of the 90s “I feel sorry for myself and the world is terrible” genre in rock. Nobody…..

But this spandex time of rock n roll was so ridiculous t was actually fun in a really attractive way. And will it ever come back? Well it kind of is here in a modern version of 2007. For me personally it was a rocking night at the movies and I got to talk and become friendly lol with the man himself. Ohh yeah, he handed me his promo pack holding the double CD the promo shirt the new promo brochure for the “got a few things to get through the scanner later today and get in on the site here.

All in all a fun different kind of evening that led the few days off from work come in on me in a nice relaxing way. Feels great. You all take care till next time. Much hair…. 80s style – Tommy

Also the expanded bill of te Vince Neil Cruise 2008 is on now; VINCE NEIL is very pleased to announce the addition of RATT to the musical lineup of VINCE NEIL'S MOTLEY CRUISE sailing from Miami to Key West and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on January 24-28, 2008. RATT -- featuring Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, Bobby Blotzer, John Corabi and Robby Crane -- will perform on board during the 4-day rock and roll vacation, which will also features performances by fellow Rocklahoma artists Skid Row and Slaughter.

Even more artists will be climbing aboard in the coming days and weeks, and cabins are booking up FAST! So be sure to visit www.motleycruise.com and www.myspace.com/motleycruise for all the latest info, and to make your reservation.

VINCE NEIL and CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES invite you to take a ride on the Wild Side on-board the Fun Ship Imagination for a 4-day Rock & Roll vacation filled with music, fun and sun - and of course plenty of Girls Girls Girls! Departing from Miami on January 24, 2008, we'll set sail for the Mayan Riviera, stopping by Key West, before making our way to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

VINCE NEIL'S MOTLEY CRUISE in 2008 will feature intimate on board concerts by Vince and his band, RATT, Skid Row, Slaughter, and more! We'll have an array of exclusive events, including meet and greets with the artists, wet and wild shore excursions in Key West and Mexico, a no-limit Texas Hold'Em charity poker tournament (big cash prize!), and our one-of-a-kind live charity auction benefiting Vince's Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation, just to name a few!

All of this takes place on board a Carnival Fun Ship cruise with non-stop entertainment, fine dining and 24-hour room service, lively casinos, extensive decks and beautiful swimming pools, spa, gym and other great amenities. Add your special Motley Cruise Survial Kit and the comfort of our nightly private lounge, and we're sure you won't go away mad! -Book your cabin today by calling 1-877-883-4682, or by emailing reservations@motleycruise.org

7th Of July 2007, Joesi Sweets & Travelling Partner Salutes
7:08PM CET
Saturday would ad could have been a day of rock n roll. But my god it only sucks being a working day. I hate this crap and ordinary to kill my lust and need for the doze of... well cnat help crying about it. It just sucks that is all. I have been receiving a few emails today and yesterday about people being pointing out to me about miss outs and more onthe site.Sorry about this. I honestly dont know what to do about the steam of constant faults and all. I am truely trying ot wirk it all out with the webmaster but the actual button pressings is not my doings, so I cna only forward the stuff to her. Sorry again for any irritations towards the site.

Dancer Josie has had her long balck signed tour boots up on eBya for grabs - did not sell. So I am sure if you wnat them they are still available. I myself found them to be a bit too high priced. Not the money I would put down on a collectible like that. But if you missed it here are afew pictures from the auction and the boots as signed. Later Tommy


6th Of July 2007, What An Excited Time In My Musical Life This Is!!!
9:22PM CET
"Be a part of rock history and attend the first ever live performance of my new band, SIXX: A.M. All you have to do is bring a printout of your MySpace profile with 'Heroin Diaries' [MySpace] in your Top 8, and the single 'Life is Beautiful' in your audio player. Admission is limited (approximately 150 people) and is on a first-come-first-served basis. The concert will take place July 16th at 9:00 a.m. at 1024 S. Grand in Los Angeles, California."

There you have it a one off concert from the band that ... or should I only say from the MAN with the new products in the wait for us all coming late August and September. Fuck I am not able to attend this thing. Fucking hate to be in the ordinary world and daily must dos. Sucks ass. The soundtrack CD has leaked already to a full download on the net - the book is still there in the shops September 18th. The Final print of the official release of the book to come will be like this:

There is also on my past passion and last year`s success of more than 5 million sold units - the long awaited volume II coming out August 14th of the KISS dvd box set - KISSology. Fuck me I have got to have those ones. THose ?? yes !!! It is going ot be a special 3 part collectible again like the ifrst one with different bonus discs. So the hunting is staring again in a good months time. Shit dude...a constant something and money required doing but it is exciting ofcause.

I can not wait to go to the USA in September go to these wanted places again and document even fucking more locations to where things has gone down. Its nuts how cool that is as a fan to have witnessed these places. And there will be a ton more new pictures and shit added to the site as that trip is coming around trust me. It is going to be seriously awsome. But sadly that is then not now. Right now I am only having time to spend - waiting. But surely a lot of Cruecial doings here while waiting. Still recording a ton of things from old VHS to DVD now. Getting it all fixed and set in chronological order once and for all. My god it is a nightmare to do. Way too many to go through. You may find the new shit in the section of videos in Cruecial facts. Enjoy.

A ton of monthly payings too are all going on like constantly. It is in that way a seriously tough hard task to deal with. I can honestly not wait to have it all cleared and the stuff to be here that is in the works and set up in several part payment programs. Damn it is rough being an ordinary little time single worker and to cover all this from a regular pay. A part of me can not believe i still am willing to be and do this. My Crue heart must be even bigger than I ever thought it was. Holy shit. Later my frends and foes....lol. Sick shit Tommy


1st Of July 2007, Happy Birthday Self - Rock It Right Now!!!!!!!
7:28AM CET


Here it is. The big day. The first day in the last half of this 2007..Happy birthday Tommy.You old dog. It is to going to be a day of or with anything special. No one around me is going to be at all available so I will more or less be having just a day like any other in my life. It has been an ass hard working week for me so now that I have two days off from it I have a plan of really only relaxing like the best I can…..listening to some kick ass rock n roll. Ohh yeah, it will be the cool Sunday that way. Yes indeed.

Seems like the release date of Nikki`s book has been pushed. But this time its to the surprising better. From the 25th of September to the 18th. How weird that rarely happens in their name lol. Any way I have to say it is a really cool and great way to get an awesome start for my trip to the USA. I am going there on the 17th so already the day after will I be there with the book in my hand. And the CD will be at hand then too. Seriously cool. Bassist Nikki Sixx delivers his September 18 when he releases "Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star" via MTV/V

What we have here is a Rare Piece of Original Art - This is Original T-Shirt Art drawn only for Motley Crue. It was created for a special concert event in 1990. Drawn by Mique Willmott. It reads: Motley Crue Rough Draft 2 Fish Eye Design. It features Allister Fiend standing on a star on top of LA. Signed by Willmott 1990. ***It's a one and only*** Measures 14 inches high by 11 inches wide. This item was up n eBya but did not sell had an opening bid for 499,00 dollars!!

This one sold for 510,00 dollars - This is John Corabi's belt buckle (and belt) from his Motley Crue day's.It has been seen in several videos and many photo shoots.It comes with a letter of authenticity and a printed picture of him.

If you happen to see someone headbanging and playing air guitar in Water Works Park on Saturday, don't be alarmed - the person is likely reliving the rock music of his teenage years. The fourth annual Waterstock Rock happens in Des Moines on Saturday, and with it comes the opportunity for central Iowans to get nostalgic about heavy rock.

But this is not just any headbangers' ball. This year's Waterstock Rock will bring a slew of '80s and early '90s favorites, including Seven Mary Three, White Lion, and one of rock music's most famous and quintessential frontmen, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, who also performs and records as a solo act. "A lot of people are excited for Vince," said Ryan Patrick, program director of KAZR-FM in Des Moines.

Especially Nikki Fitzgerald. "Oh gosh, I remember seeing Motley Crue in Ames in 1990," said Fitzgerald, a 35-year-old from Des Moines woman. This year's Waterstock Rock will be her first. "I think (this music festival) is great, in fact, I wish Des Moines would bring more acts like this here," she said. Fitzgerald couldn't pinpoint which act she was most excited to see, but growing up in the 1980s she was a fan of White Lion and Winger - two of the other acts. "I'm just excited for the whole show," she said. "It's going to be great."

But Waterstock Rock should not be seen as a follow-up to the popular Lazerfest, which was in May in Indianola, Patrick said. Waterstock Rock is its own outdoor festival with its own rocking image. "Both are great events, but Waterstock Rock has always focused more on '80s hair bands and early '90s groups," Patrick said. "That's what makes this particular event fun. Promoter Willie Glosser agreed. "There's a lot of heavy metal and country in Des Moines, but (business partner Damon Vogt and I) saw a niche no one was really playing with, and that was '80s hair bands," Glosser said.

Four years later, Waterstock Rock has matured into its own, bringing local acts as well as beloved bands from the 1980s and 1990s. Seven Mary Three, an early '90s grunge band based out of Orlando, Fla., will kick off the festival at noon Saturday. "We have never had a national act start the show," Glosser said. "It'll start rocking early on and rock hard all afternoon." Seven Mary Three is certainly up to the challenge. "We're gonna bring the rock," said bassist Casey Daniel. "The energy (from the crowd) makes performing easy for me. I feed off the energy from people."

Daniel, 33, joined the band at age 18, after high school friend Jason Ross invited him to move to Virginia with then-guitarist Jason Pollock, who later ended up leaving the group. The quartet, which now includes drummer Giti Khalsa and guitarist Thomas Juliano, have gone from playing in coffeehouses in the Southeast to selling platinum records. Daniel said, however, that Seven Mary Three is still interested in delivering a great rock show to its fans, and Waterstock Rock is no exception. "I'd like to think we haven't let money and success get in the way," Daniel said. "We like to bring a good rock set with songs the crowd will like."

Equally anticipated is the headlining set by former Motley Crue frontman, Vince Neil (born Vincent Neil Wharton). It will be the rocker's first appearance in Des Moines since the Crue performed in support of its greatest hits album, "Red, White and Crue," in April 2005. Though some of these headbanging bands have gone platinum, split up and reunited, or have pursued other projects, many of them are anything but being swept under the rug. ,

Seven Mary Three finished its seventh studio album, "dayandnightdriving" - an album to be released in fall that Daniel said will remind fans of "Rock Crown" - but still has "tracks that have their own sound." Though some members of Motley Crue, including Neil, are pursuing other musical endeavors, the 27-year-old band is reportedly considering a ninth studio album, to be released in 2008.

More stuff recently offered I did not get and will not get either. Oh yes, it has been a wicked weird something this last short period of time. I so wanted stuff and all but I also have to as said the last time I posted a diary - try to focus on things to be cleared and the up and coming US trip in September. It is hard as fuck but I somehow will succeed I am sure. It is of such importance to me you have no idea.

A few new things again will be added to the site today or tomorrow in the magazine section, articles, CDs, video and more. I am for god knows what time in the middle of sorting all my stuff that has come in the last months. Simply to have a better view of what I have. Still fighting, trying to get my stuff from different people in the USA. Especially two or three girls are not showing willingness to work with me so I can get my stuff they have at their place. I am really bugged by it. Fucked people acting like 3 year olds. Even though they in real life are grown ups in their 30s. What a fucking joke.

My Motley Crue life right now in my life is quiet active I have to say. I have a good lot in the works and I think I am having a larger deal on video stuff going too. Ohh and audios. Those sections are going to grow quiet a bit this year it is cool. I hope to have all in my hands from the fuckers that seem to love giving m trouble about my stuff laying by various people so I can have it added this fall. A lot of things are here and there trust me - certain sections can really have things added like big time.

Thinking about getting myself a new tattoo too in the US. If I have the money for it. I will have to wait and see it is a thought not a plan really. Not for the trip over. I will have more inked to get the arms completed and more compact all together. Have a few ideas and I will have it all done eventually. It is just a lot of money and right now I have things or deals that are in desperate need of being closed. So that are surely more or less first priority. Alright guys nothing more to ad this time – let me just enjoy my day sort some Motley out and then rest the short time off from work. Fuck!!!!

30th Of June 2007, What A Vibe - What A Rough Time
2:34PM CET
So it is yet another Saturday yet another ending month. Scary how time flies by so damn fast. You fucking grow old before you get to do much. Well unless you are a rock star or some other celeb. I feel like I constantly loose time and dont really get anywhere. Things are getting better and better by the month. But it is a hard time for me to convince myself to stay low and not really do nothing till after we enter the fall and winter again. For one reason only, my financial situation is really tight from all the doings and bills and now this badly wanted USA trip in September.

I do not see much possible of doings before anda while after that. Simply also because things with EVERY SINGLE ONE of my Crue related "friends" of which I had plans and more have changed. It is just nothing but extra money going out every month. And nothing really gained. I so want to have put an end to it all. But a good handful of the Americans envolved are some what ego minded and fucked up instead of cooperating and get things cleared they wanna play hardball and walsh around on their little private ego trip and NOT putting an end to the stuff going on. All it does is that it costs me worry, money and my irritation limits gets tested big time. Fucked up that so called grown ups can even think of being like this. Kids are way easier and nicer to deal with than this bullshit.

Ebay --- oh the classic eBay has had its listed items I have so badly wanted to ad to my personal collection. I am not really fond of saying I have lost all them things for different easons not just from being outbid. Sucks ass. There was a Tour Itinerary from Aussie 1990 one of the 3 major "Enemies" of that eBay site took it. Amongst oter things I really wanted to have.

Now there is another dude "Prowl1" he will for sure hit the jackpot on the Glendale Civic gig poster of 1981. My god another huge wnat. It wil lnot be sold for less than 450 US dollars that I am dead sure about. But yeah I wnat it if it is at all possinble. There are a few things on there right now I would love y´to have indeed. But I have to lay low as hell and jus ttry to apreciate the lot that is here and clear all the bad ongoings with people out side and around the world. So yes it is a bit hard really.

There are a few things and ideas that I am working on going to happen and all. I really hope fpr the best in everything but then again dont we all? I think there are a few things I would like to have in my loife again right about now that I have not gotten. Like a relationship. Only problem there is that i live under the rules and frames that I do right now and more importantly I do not believe in a relationship these days. I meet nothing but fucked up ego centered girls and I am full of that. So I lay low lol, lol and not really putting my mind too it too much. Stll trying ot be as positive as I possibly can though.

I have to ones again say sorry for the flaws and faults on the site here again. There does seem to be some things not fully in order or perfection. Sorry bout that folks. All I can really say is, it is being worked on. Should you have major trouble with something then contact the webmaster at bellajes@msn.com she should be there to help you out. Other than this I hope there is a fairly good day for you all it is weekend and my god for some of us it is needed more than anything. My body is shit sore from hard work this week. I need a good rest and all. Will be scanning and more tomorrow Sunday which is my birthday.... so .. till then .. bye bye have fun


24th Of June 2007, Cruecial Updates & New Financial Mess
12:12AM CET
Saturday or now rather Sunday really - it is a time for a little updating or it has been and you should be able if all has gone right to see more and new stuff in the sections of; passes, posters, cds, shirts, newspapers, articles, the solo pages of Vince and Tommy and Nikki. There sould not be too much else right off now. But there will come more.

The merchandise from the European tour thank god was not much at all but the prices were fucking insaine. But it is covered and it is added to the site here now.... I am truely hoping for everything to have gone well. Vince has been put on tour of the summer and he continues plus he is promoting his new Tequila!!!

To capitalize on his fondness for drinking, despite having at least one trip to rehab, Neil was at Gary’s Liquors on the VFW Parkway to promote his three types of tequila called Vince Neil’s Tres Rios.

“It’s just good stuff … it’s made down outside of Guadalajara [Mexico],” said Neil of the three types: silver, reposado and anejo. All three types are aged for different durations and different ways. Neil, an alcohol aficionado, also owns his own vineyard, but this past Friday he was focusing on his latest venture, tequila. “I like tequila … there’s no worms in these. It’s a fun thing. It’s little bit more rock ’n’ roll,” said the Motley Crue singer whose band was known for songs such as “Girls, Girls, Girls” “Shout at the Devil” and “Home Sweet Home.” Neil said that he and the rest of his band mates, which includes media-magnet Tommy Lee, are looking to go back into the studio to record a new album soon. He added that it’s also great to see younger fans not even alive in the ’80s rocking out to Motley Crue songs.

Fans such as 9-year-old Alyssa Jameson (“As in the whiskey,” said the youngster) of West Roxbury, who came with her mother to see Vince Neil. “My favorite song is ‘Shout at the Devil.’ I just like it,” said Jameson, who had Neil sign her electric guitar. Also in line to see the rocker was Chris Rucker, 30, of Reading, who had been planning on coming to the event for a couple of weeks. Rucker had two CDs, “The Dirt,” the biography of the band, and a vinyl album for Neil to sign. “I’d love to sit down with the guy,” said Rucker. “Ask him things about the Crue and the guys.” The event was also a family affair for the Murnanes of Andover, as husband-and-wife Cheryl and Mike brought 4-year-old Abigail to get one of her first experiences with a real-life rock star.

Cheryl said that they’ve met Neil a couple of times already and that they try to see him whenever he’s in the local area. She added that her husband is the bigger fan between the two. As for their favorite Crue songs, Cheryl said she liked “Primal Scream” and Mike said “10 Seconds to Love” while Abigal went with the ’80s rock ballad “Home Sweet Home.” For Fitchburg resident Brian Miller, who performs as Vince Neil in a Motley Crue tribute band called Primal Scream, seeing the man he mimics was a treat. For Miller there’s no doubt who is the better Vince Neil, as imitation is the greatest form of flattery. “He sells more wine than I do, too.”

Joe Rutledge added that he loves Motley Crue because they sang loud and had lots of girls around them. Rutledge, 31, of West Roxbury, brought a set list from a Motley Crue concert for Neil to sign. He added that he would purchase a bottle of the tequila. But even with adoring fans and his own tequila, Neil knows to never forget a fatal mistake he made. Back in 1984, after a tour with Ozzy Osbourne, Neil was in a drunken-driving accident in California that killed Nicholas Dingley, who was a passenger in Neil’s car.

When asked about the accident, Neil pulled no punches. “I don’t endorse drinking and driving. I endorse driving responsibly. I made a tragic mistake that cost one of my dear friends his life,” said Neil. Neil added that he likes drinking, but as long as he does it responsibly. On the lighter side, Neil said that rock ’n’ roll, specifically loud rock ’n’ roll is on its way back. He said that some of his favorite bands include AC/DC, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar), the Scorpions and the Gypsy King - Neil added that his tequila is better than Sammy Hagar’s, which is no longer in production.

More news - What do Guitar Hero 2, World of Warcraft, and Fight Night Round 3 have in common? They're the motley crew of games that make up the World Series of Video Games (WSVG) competition -- And speaking of which, Motley Crue's Vince Neil (card-carrying member of heavy metal's living legends) will lead a bevy of celebrity guest judges in the Guitar Hero 2 segment of the tourney. Other judges include famed video game composer, Tommy Tallarico; Becky "Aktrez" Young, the first lady of the Girl Gaming Network; and even GameSpy.com's EIC Sal "Sluggo" Accardo. More than $60-large is up for grabs (or strums) in the rock n' rolling matches, which feature showmanship as part of the judging criterion. Look inside for event and airdates.

I have gone into a state of shock since the latest of yet another fucking American .. pardon me but it is fucking insaine how much I keep getting shocked from American behaviour. What the hell is it with them fucks. There sure as hell is a really bad attitude going on with them people. I am done doing anything in the name of Motley with people over there part from one. That is all I can say.

I do not want more bullshit in my life like this. It is shitty and it is fucked like I can not even find words for. I have nothing but time to do and long ongoing patience but this is enough all ready. I am really done with it now and that to myself is a rock solid promise. It has cost me a mountain of money and it is all just a shitty thing that is absolutely not appreciated in any form nor way.

I think there is a line drawn now that is so about stretched enough now and it is more than pissing me off. I think there is not a thing more than this to say abotu it without mentioning any names and I really do not wanna do that not sinking that low no more. I am a bigger person than that really. Some really cool ongoings are and have been in danger from this and I will not have it. I hate it and I do not wnat it no more...

Anyway give me a good week and let us see what is and has changed in that period of time and let me yell out some more about how things are and wat can be done to improve a few things.
Talk to you all soon... enjoy the new stuff ... even though the site is getting so big now it is hard to sometimes see the new arrivals lol. Sorry bout that.... does feel good though for shit sure - your favorite bitch Tommy

19th Of June 2007,Hard Times But Good Feelings -Fucks!!
2:57PM CET
Ten Seconds To Love......its blasting out the video recorder as I post this shit. No doubt I am going to complain today at all. I feel fine only driving my own ass way too hard these days. Way way way too active. I rarely sleep and sometimes that totally fucks me up good. It is not an all together alright feeling. But I now have some things in my calender again that I am looking forward to a real lot. September 17th it is Tommy going airborn again. I am in a wild again and I am looking forward to it as hell. so many things are being planned again and my god there are some great times to be killed over there again. No fucking doubt. My every day job - screw it. People are like children fucked up stubbon and stupid. Hate the crap. But I am able to ignore the bullshit and just do what i have to do and get out. Stinks how stupid these dicks and cunts can be.

We have started doing all my old VHS tapes too into DVDs ..killing the old fasion mega cassettes and create these smaller better DVD discs. Nice.... So now all that crap is getting in order too and a lot more shows are going to be added this summer and fall so the section of audio and video is really growing monsterously in the months to come. Just watch for it all. Right now I am sitting with a good 30 new shows to be listed in the section.

There is the try out on the Cruefest to set it all up as a first timer on European ground
is not going to be the easiest tasket. But you know what? The challenge is going to be half the fun. I seriously have to get things in gear with my partners and have this giving a go. It is actually quiet exciting. A Motley Crue night to be held sounds like a mind blowing fucker for shit sure. Love it...

So Tommy has been the danish national paper a full page hanging and bangin with the daughter of Rod Stewart. She is lame ass fucked up and way gone for shit sure. So our drummer boy had yet another try for free drugs and booze in her company and they did it all. Nuts!!!! I seriously do not think he will ever get totally out of the drug and alcohol thing either. Not completely. It is his own business so why care I know and I agree. There is just this tiny little something. It is called passion and love for the band and the single members. So how can I not care? Not asking anyone to understand just sharing and telling. Ohh well, there is this life long inked bonded body now that simply gets hurt in a way many cannot relate to so I am not going to go any deeper into it than this.

Crue is sueing Tommy Lee personal manager now I see ...well well well.
"Rockers MOTLEY CRUE have launched as legal battle against drummer TOMMY LEE's manager, claiming the svengali has "diverted revenue" from the band. The reformed group filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday (18Jun07), charging that Carl Stubner, who also represents aspects of the band, orchestrated a campaign of "self dealing" and "promoted Lee's solo activities to the detriment of the band". In the documents, obtained by rock news website Blabbermouth.net, the band also charges Stubner "mismanaged Lee's career so as to harm the Motley Crue brand and Lee's reputation as a musician and band member".

The lawsuit goes on to state, "Stubner's motivation was greed. He has brazenly said as much. Stubner stated that he received significantly higher commissions on Lee's solo projects because he did not have to share his take with the other managers." The group also claims Stubner demanded 100 tickets per show for free, which he then resold at "scalper prices". The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages of more than $20 million (GBP10 million) for lost earnings, lost profits and diminished brand and goodwill value resulting from the defendants' actions. The Motley Crue bandmembers are also requesting punitive damages because, as claimed in the lawsuit, the defendants' "despicable" actions were undertaken "fraudulently, maliciously and oppressively". Good work dude... Mutha fucker.

Yeah I have so my things rolling right now hopefully something really cool will come out of it and give me some really fucking awsome results in the end.. Speakin of the end ... this is going to be just that for now. this posting is over, lol. I need to have some really good things for myself. And I am all positive these days and that in itself is a seriously an aggresive good vibe for me thats controlling my body these days. Well part from the sleep thing. later homies....

14th Of June 2007, Non Dying Godfarther Of Rock And Cruecial News Of Exclusive
12:58PM CET

It was a longed for Wednesday night in Copenhagen after three cancellation over a longer period of time the god farther of rock Prince of darkness Ozzy Ozbourne finally released a new CD and went on tour. The show took him to Copenhagen at the Forum last night. And boy oh boy was I excited. For a line of reasons. Alot of us thought we would not have seen him again since the last apperance with Sabbath at Roskilde a couple of years ago. And all the health crap going on the last couple of years.

But the Forum glove as the prince of darkness came on stage and he did his best to rock our socks off one more time. He was smiling and I guess just extremely happy about being able to go out one more time. To be all honest and that I have no problem with.... he was out of tune and out of timing lol, but somehow for ones that did not really matter we all just wanted him there. Doing a few slips or not. It was a party that quiet simply rocked and what a nostalgic evening it was. Felt so fucking good. Only huge miss out was to start the encores with a ballard... Oz dude that was kind of lame....way too many slow songs for a rocker of this maginitude ..but still an awsome evening in june 2007. Thanks for making it man.

His set for the evening : 1. 'Bark At The Moon' 2. 'Mr. Crowley' 3. 'Not Going Away' 4. 'War Pigs' 5. 'Believer' 6. 'Road To Nowhere' 7. 'Suicide Solution' 8. 'I Don't Know' 9. 'Here For You' 10. 'I Don't Want To Change The World' ENCORES; 11. 'Mama, I'm Coming Home' 12. 'Crazy Train' 13. `Paranoid`

With him he had The opening bands of Black Label Soociety and Korn.
I saw Black Label and they are not my personal favorite music but my god they rocked deep and dark. Hats off Zakk boy. Fuck in hell that slim debuting man of 19 went out on tour with the Oz man many many years ago and he is still there. He is a monster of a man now HUGE fucker but he still kicks his six string like no man can do in my opinion. Bad ass for sure. Way to fucking go man....there you had an opener that was heart felt rock n roll to the fucking bone.

Then on came Korn and I kind of split for fresh air out doors. Not fully to get fresh air but more to catch up with a good friend and music industry dude. Martin of Bonnier Records and Rock the night host and DJ alias "Love Gun" at the rock club of our capitol Copenhagen "The Rock"...We had to have a talk about something that would really be an exclusive and a debut for the Europeans ... a Crue Fest. Had to figure out if there at all was a chance to get that particulor venue to be the frames for such an idea??

Guess what??? It looks like we can have something done in that area. Looks like there will be something that is kind of working towards making that idea and dream a reality. So there you have it. The first ever European Cruefest may come to life sometime..... Pretty cool huhh??

Ohh ran into my boys of Surfact them too. The whole damn band was to attend the show of the Oz Now give me a hell yeah!! We will share more as time is aloung it and all. That could be a master and monsterous night for the Crueheads to do - hope I will be able to later say see you all there guys. It could be fucking killer but of course we will have to have a line of meetings and set goals in action and try to pull this shit off. But picture it "Rock the Night - presents Cruefest Copenhagen" Sounds kind of cool huhhh??? Loving it in mind now hope to get to love it in life.

The Crue live tour of Europe is over and a lot of peopple have asked me if I regret not taking the complete tour. I am not in regret at all. I am happy to have gone to some shows but did not want to go to all. It was kind of a discount version of the Route Of All Evil tour from the USA last fall with Aerosmith. And this time around the band was not even looking to be enjoying it or nothing .Nikki tired of touring and all kinds of shit in the band going on. Yeah I am glad to have seen the Euro tour and to clear all the Euro merchandise which I did it was only a handfull of over priced shirts thats all. But they are here now and covered so it is all cool. But in the end no - no regrets. -So look for a new 2007 section in shirts around the last weekend of June.

Later all my beautiful friends greetings form your favorite bitch, Lee

8th Of June 2007, Euro Shows, Financial Beasts & Inside News
7:46PM CET

So my own short 2007 tou of Europe has been dealt with. Never went to Helsinki the day before Stockholm and thank god for that it was a lot of cash tothrow out the window a show cancelled and shit. It was rescedualled and has now been delievered last night after all. I never went anyway. I took Stockholm and had a really weird experience. I did not see the concert giving me the biggest hope of over excitement after all. I had a great day with frineds I met and all. And it really was super cool. Seriously hot day. Ohh my god. Nice to see my friends and ton and ton of Crue music played from various stores and places. It was neat. The poster of the event was to be seen everywhere on the day of the show.

The show itself was nothing I could say made my day. I got a little touched for a minute about being there but I wish the experience had been better and been better in the sence of he performance and the memo to leave with. It sadly never happend. I was not impressed or nothing. I also was not really impressed with the fact of them coming all the way over here and only doing a copy of the Route Of All Evil 2006 fall USA tour. Parts of the stage and show was not even with them. But the set was like US.. 75 minutes. BAD!!!! Not at all a cool thing in my opinion. There should have been more... much more....

-The day after we tried to do a meetin the boys thing but sure no luck what so ever.. the reasons for al lthat I found out later in Oslo.
It was another fuckin HOT day. Really crazy. I went with my swedish friends that by coincidence was going from Stockholm on the sam flight!! Nice one. Even sat with them. Perfect. We arrived and more should have happend but I only met up woth a few of all I was to meet in Oslo. Sadly. I miss my frineds and it did not go right. In Oslo we went looking a little then met up with my new frined "Chainsaw". We will be tryng to see if there is any way or chance to build a Cruefest in Copenhagen....could be fucking awsome.

The show was starting and as most know Papa Rouch is supporting the Crue. They are fucking bad ass. Love them on this tour they are so good. In between them and Crue I was tapped on the shoulder by a crue worker and was handed Tommys sticks from soundcheck and a backstage pass valid for the time after the concert. The how inOslo was way better still not a SUPERB one still not one that killed. But way better than Stockholm. All good.

The time after the show was an xclusive had a good time. I missed some of these guys and felt lucky to have the chance to staep behind the curtains again and to say hello. Nice time. Shared a long talk to Darron the bass taech and a hotel trip and br in the lobby before we sad thank you and good night again.

The bulletines of news were - Vince is sober on his 9th week thats nice to hear but a little late the tour is over in a week then its his solo stuff and he WILL fall back. The Sixx AM thing is not gonan be backed with a tour after all but there will be a Sep and OCt signing books tour maybe even rought to Europe. Kind of cool.

Then the book is being looked at these days as being set up to become a broadway play. The movie and album is still worked on.
A lot happend and a lot of great times were shared ... I love these times mostly. There are so many things in the air that are to be for the rest of the year. But we will see what happens. I miss it all now nothing will happen on that frint for a good full year.

So what to do and what else to say?? Well not much I have to be ok with what is right now and thats that.

Financially I have a downfall on some things in my Crue life... I have to get a load of stuff moved from its place right now .. and it costs a seriously amount of dollars FUCK. have to think good about this to get it done... righT!!!
later guys

26th Of May 2007, Third Monster & Mixed Emotions - In The Good Way
10:42Pm CET
It is fucking Saturday night here in little old Denmark. God damn it. It is a time off here and it is a time off like REALLY time off. No nothing at all no god dam thing going on. Well there is but nothing I am forced or obligated to do. And for the love of god I am loving it. All of it .. fuck yes. I am so in need of this day off....have been riding hard the last long time now. I need to go catch my breath so to speak. But it is all cool.

I am fucking high on life again. no question about it. I have been seriously busy with my stuff on Surfact and some Crue doings and for the love of god work. Ordinary fucking boring shitty work. God forbid but I have no lust for that part of life. Not cause I do not wanna work. But more cause I feel life´s offered ordinary jobs are kind of a stinker. Ohh well what can I do? Change jobs? yeah yeah yeah you all have a line of good advises here I am sure but leave it be. Its not up for debate. Lol.....

Speaking of Crue duuuhhh!!!! That really is what this site is supposed to be all about isnt it now?? Well yeah it is. Things are rather exciting times. In a mixed sort of way. Things are happening in the Crue camp but what and how good or bad it is is kind of a ... should we say "unknown" detail. I am for one really curious to what it is all about. Are we looking at a break-up ones more? Are we looking at something that is to be looked at as just a passing through something? Yeah I think there are a ton of things that could make one wonder about a line of things. For real. we will have to see what is coming up and what is going down I guess. Somethings are for sure on the table. Only the outfall and shit is to be wondered about. The European tour is only like a good week away let us see if it shows on stage that trouble can be bruing in hell ones more. Much love is still in the air for this from me though.

A third of the four long time plan is ready. icna not even begin to tell you how cool this baby is in real life. All of them are mind blowing. The ULTIMATE four canvas paintings in super size...larger than life to cover your walls. It is a Tommy time for sure. Only Mars is to come and it will. This summer. I am so looking forward to have the complete thing ready. Here are the step by step pictures from how it was looking when it was created ... Watch, swallow and be stunned. Fucking awsome is it not?? No good damn doubt about it. It is totally over the top awsome for shit sure.

I am going to try to bring this one to the road and get this signed by him. I know for sure it is going to be a shit hard thing to do BUT I want to try for sure. Absolutely. That kind of is my goal for the four get them all sigend by each member and then take em to be framed professionally. But as said these are shit awsome and i am proud as fuck to have em. Go druel you all. I know its hard isnt it??? Lol, lol, lol....

Tomorrow it should be another going under the needle day for me. Trying to anyway. Going ot try to get the masks all done right nad shit.... On my left upper shoulder. Going for a fiction background like fogy cloudy and mix it in with a "Step into The Light" Surfact tat.too...aiming down the left chest!!!! If we can get it to go right and if I can fucking stand the pain!!!! I am a sucker for those things. You have no clue. It is just a really mind blowing fucking thing ..I feel so shit much pain doing it. But it can look nice as a whole connected right. ANd no one can really tell its a Surfact thing anyway!!! Yeah I am all for the crap. Let me get ill feeling bad and crappy for a good 3 hours then it is all over with. And there for life!!! Peace out fuckers...

24th Of May 2007, Feeling Super, Yet There Is A Crue(l) Happening Going On
6:22AM CET


So the new Sixx A.M. song has been taken in by many I see. Well yeah it is understandable. How ever it kind of makes me sad to see all the people just having this one a liking cause of cool sounds. Of cause that is generally the main reason for anybody to like any song at all. How ever … well let us just say this song and coming album should be listened to in a kind of totally different way as it is a deep meaningful something – as a song from a soundtrack coming. A soundtrack coming that is to be a soundtrack to a dark nasty really fearful book in October.

Ohh well I can not change how people listen to songs and I will not try either. But I do have the freedom to say to people that that one subject I do not want to talk to them about. Cause I would not get anything out of it other than being irritated about it. I am in too deep with this song this book this stuff this band. So yeah I can not really deal with people just coming up to me going that is one cool song. Sounds nice … Yeah well people….

While we all wait for that one – there is a European tour coming up and we are all excited about it. But!!!! Yes, people there are a but. The band is ones again not on the same page. It is kind of fucked up but what the fuck? What can one do? I can not tell you what is up but the fact is there is trouble bruin between members again and I myself am shit curious now to see if they can pull the shit off and make it all good again or if this is the first step towards the end again. If that is so then there will not be no re re-union that’s a solid fact. Enough said for now anyway.

A totally different band or artist that is to step on stage in Copenhagen soon is Ozzy Ozbourne. Me and my brother are going. The 13th of June he comes to us with a cool new CD and backed up by Black label Society and Korn. Think of that one huhh? Cool bill if you ask me. Fuck yes it will be an awesome evening. For the love of god. That’s three stinky cool shows right there. I can not wait. We are both looking forward to that one.

Besides these shows I myself have my highly beloved Surfact. First one coming again is tomorrow Friday already. In Herlev Denmark, I am so seriously excited for that one. Then I just found out they are playing a line of new shows too this coming June and July. And in August they are part of Skanderborg Festival 2007. I am so fucking going to be there. So many concerts to come. I can not wait.

Another thing that has come to our attention is that this our site here has become too big. We have no more space for this site. We have used up the whole fucking thing….. What the fuck to do? Get another and there by 3rd site? That is pretty sick if you ask me. I can not fucking go on like this and just buy a new site and all every time it is going in on critical waters size wise. You know what I am saying? Shit yeah that is another kind of blow out. I am not going down or going anyway bad from this. I am in too god a balance these days. I am really all good. I feel strong for the first time in a long time as said earlier on here so no way in hell, will I return to shitty moods and crap again. I am all good and it is going to stay that way. Period.

Some more deals have been closed so small stuff comes this way all the time again. As said next adding will be Saturday. In just two days. Shirts, Vinyl, This N That, Posters, and more. Look out for it. The next HUGE lot to get on is not really going to come before September… unless I am coming home in a little over two weeks from the attended Europe shows with a bunch of things. I will do all I possibly can of cause to cover fucking all there is. There may not be too much. That is my guess anyway. And how much there actually can be found on the bootleg marked is on to my guessing. Cause I would not have a single clue.

Back in the day there were shit loads but these days it seems harder and harder for people to actually get away with selling these things. The bands now a days have hired personal to hunt the bootleggers down out in the parking lots and more. But as said should I see any and do I have enough money then fuck yes I will be going to cover it all. Not to worry. That stuff what ever I will be bringing home will go on here I would think around mid June or something. What else? Not much really. Don’t you think this was enough though? Lots of news good and bad told in a short quiet direct way. Till next time boys and girls – Crank it!!!! Love Tx

21st Of May 2007, Sixx Treats & Surfact greats
510:39AM CET
It has been a cool time for me. Busy very tirering time but my god I would not have been without it what so ever. Now there are even more smaller stuff coming in these days and they all will go on here some time soon. Right now there are computer breakdowns and crap going on. Sorry bout that man. I am so looking forward to go to the USA this September for a line of reasons. Want to go say hi to some really good friends. Some missed friends and some new friends.

ALso going to pick up some of my Crue stuff laying there. It is just all crazy how much is there. It is kind of insaine really. I have loved the last couple of weeks and so much has happend. A lot of good and emotionally but no time ofr boredom or nothing. Really great. I have a few great things going for shit sure. You have no idea how bad I want these things to be successful. And you know what? I am sure I will have it all going well and good. Not seriously nervous about nothing of it.

The danish act Surfact and I have connected like nothing ever even dreamed of. I havea lot to do with their touring .. not as aworker but as the guy thats all overthe place. I am having a really awsome experience. We have taken each other in like I can not even begin to tell you. But this band these five guys and I are so connecting and the band here are so making me high from just natural beauty and emotions from music and bonding. Ohh hell yeah we are great together.

I am so wanting all of this to really go well. And I am not pushing nothing. Looks like the inked skin of passionate things has another something to get added if this keeps up. Holy shit. Boys hey... THANKS FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for the dedications and all during your shows. Nothing has ever menat more coming from a band to me. Nothing. I am a Crue head for life yes...but this has been mind blowing and this has been something I will mostly never forget. Surfact love baby... Surfact love....

On Tuesday May 22, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx and UGO.com will premiere the video for "Life Is Beautiful". This is the first single from "The Heroin Diaries" soundtrack, which hits stores on August 21. The song is performed by Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba (ex-BEAUTIFUL CREATURES), and James Michael who are collectively known as SIXX:A.M..

"The Heroin Diaries" CD is a precursor to Sixx's autobiography of the same name, which arrives September 25. The album's 12 tracks each match up with one chapter in the book; "Life Is Beautiful" can be streamed from the book's MySpace.com page.

"The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star" offers an unflinching and utterly gripping look at Sixx's descent into drug addiction with a soundtrack, featuring James Michael and DJ Ashba to match. Few bands were as influential as MÖTLEY CRÜE in making the 1980s the heavy metal decade. Theirs is a cyclonic story of runaway success and its price, blending outrageous record sales and arena headline tours with smashed up cars, jail sentences, models, drugs, breakups, reunions and more breakups.

In this candid memoir, Nikki Sixx — MÖTLEY CRÜE's bassist and main songwriter — recounts the band's heyday. "The Heroin Diaries" takes readers along on one of the most breathless and harrowing roller coaster rides in the history of pop music. At its heart lies the author's nightmare come true: a punishing heroin addiction that brought him and the band to the edge of losing much more than just their spot on the charts. Serving up snapshots of rock culture at its most manic, this insider's look at triumph and tragedy is every bit as explosive as the musical odyssey it chronicles.

Nikki Sixx was born Frank Feranna in San Jose, California, in 1958 and grew up in Seattle with his grandmother. At the age of seventeen, he sold his guitars and took a bus to Los Angeles, where he began hanging out in local clubs and playing in bands. He founded MÖTLEY CRÜE in 1981 with friend Tommy Lee. Today he's a family man with numerous projects in the works, including songwriting for other artists, a movie, a new band, a clothing line, and ongoing work with the CRÜE.

"The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star" will come out through MTV Books/Simon & Schuster. The accompanying original concept soundtrack will be released by Eleven Seven Music and distributed by ADA, with a portion of proceeds donated to Nikki's Running Wild in the Night, a fundraising initiative for Covenant House. The book is a tell-all covering 12 months in Sixx's battle against addiction, drawn from Nikki's 1986 and '87 journals, and reportedly makes CRÜE's celebrated "Dirt", now being made into a motion picture, sound like Mary Poppins.

Looks also like there will be a good chance to make the September visit to the USA now the way that I wanted it to be made. I like to hold on to that hope. Things are tight right now but not negative ...I shall only hold on to the new me that I have Started building. Even more stuff have now gotten won over and there will be some serious ading up during the year. Next time there will be a good handfull is on Saturday.In a good 5 days. Thats kind of alright reminding myself of the busy scedual I am in these days.

So a lot of things are kind of in the work right now all I now need is to have the stuff ended and gotten myself some better time in the days so rest too can be a thing in my daily doings. It is not what I have had themostof these past what 10 days... it has been wild and crazy. seriously busy. Only like 3 hours here and ther of slepp at times nothing at all in like 2 or three days. Nuts. But I have had a line of great cool doings when I have been awake so I am not complaning. My body is but I try to be paying it attention for and to its needs every now and then.

So Crue tour is coming up in a very few days now. Two more weeks and I am airborn to the northern Scandinavia. It is all going to be fine. Hopefully there will be some really neat experiences I want that a lot and it is so needed to for me inthe name of M.C. As said I am way positive about all no downers no shit on the bad side of the line. No negativities round at all. Feels so great to have that balanced out again. Alright I should get some sleep now so ...

Gonna have my surfact kick for the day in the after noon maybe mixing it a rued way.. lol lol lol hey fuckers ... be good alright. At least try. Hey Crue partner - you know who you are - come september we are gonna get that shit repeated its cruise time and ink time baby. Dont think anything ekse. Finally fiucking eyy it is. heeee haaaaa....


15TH OF May 2007, Tommy Bringing Techno Too
1:01PM CET
Two Scandinavian DJ guest gigs for our drummer boy have been lined up. Yes that is right. There is one after the concert in Stockholm at “Bern`s hotel” and one in Oslo at Cosmo after the gig as well. That means pretty much the Copenhagen rumoured show has been giving a stiff middle finger. So whats up with all?? Well I can see there are good chances for going to these things if one wanted it but it is music I do not like and it is fancy dressings and high prices so you tell me whats attractive about it??? That is correct. Nothing.

Tommy is there … yeah well… it is not like you are going to be meeting the man like that. He is well sort for and protected. I know, how these things goes around. So no there more than likely will not be any Tommy on Tommy at these places. Tommy is not going to be at any male fan greet lot for sure. Or should I say it is highly unlikely anyway. He has always been the girls man. And he has always been the one to get pushed on by the guy that looks out for him. Periode.

What else is there to be said?? Well about the DJ gigs not much. It is on and then we will see what fucking happens. I have kind of other plans too. Plans for stuff to be tried out. Any only one “missing link” now is what I need to kind of fall in place now for it to happen. No doubt about what is preferred for sure. We will see what goes down and what actually turn out good. The complete European tour seems to be a complete sell out when it actually goes down. That is pretty cool What else in the name of Crue is new for this kid?? Well I have had watched the talked about Japanese tour poster of 2000 that I wanted. It ended at a good 50 bucks. But I got it as I said I would. I love that it got to be the next thing to get added to the collection of posters.

Another offer right now is up for me. Remember the skulls that were in the 1981 photo session and very first tour for the band?? Yeah one of them skulls from then are offered to me too. I have no idea as of yet how much that shit would or should I say could be mine for?? But Heyyy no doubt this dog has the interest for shit sure.

I know should it go on eBay or something I would get fucked for sure. I have way too much to be able to do a win on such a thing. It would have to be a one on deal with the owner of this baby. No I can not tell you ho has offered it to me. I will not do that to the person that has it. I think there are a line of things that are hugely attractive to get as a serious collector, But my fucking god things costs a fortune. Especially these things, with high valued history and all. Yeah its all nuts. But I take a breather and we will see what goes down on that too.

There are again few new CD and Tommy article news added to the collection again. You will see more on here on the last week-end of May. More than likely not before. Part from a diary posting here and there. Due to really busy times from now on till then.
Enjoy all till then alright? Thanks to the ones that have been awesome since the last time – you all know who you are. Thanks a million. To all the brothers and sisters in the Cruecial universe that I miss so much – see and talk to you all soon.


12th Of May 2007, Auctions - & Set Deals, Ready For June
4:11PM CET
Again not much on mind. The yeaterday talked about poster of 81/82 like I thought did not get it the usual Prowl1 that collects I think more or less ONLY Too Fast material took it for a good 500 bucks US currency.

Thats fucked up. But then again - cant win em all. But of course I am not pleased with the outcome of this. But no use in crying over it. It is long gone now and I was not to get it added to this collection right here. End of story.

I still have the japan 2000 poster and that one I will get. I wnat it and thats that. There are other stuff minor itmes that I have gotten and still will get no doubt.

Other auctions that are on as I post this is the "Six-String Masterpieces' Benefit Auction Now Live on Ebay's Live Auction Site":

The world's largest online marketplace hosts guitar art pieces created by Dave Navarro, Marilyn Manson, Tommy Lee, Sammy Hagar, James Hetfield and other rock legends. Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 11, 2007 -- Six-String Masterpieces, a charitable art exhibit that pays tribute to heavy-metal's most influential guitarist Darrell Abbott, and supports music education in public schools, is now live and open for bidding on eBay's live auction site. The exhibit features over 60 electric guitars; hand-painted, illustrated and sculpted by legendary musicians including Dave Navarro, Marilyn Manson, Tommy Lee, Sammy Hagar and James Hetfield.

This is a comprehensive collection. Some of these instruments of art will be amongst the most valuable guitars ever introduced.Visit www.liveauctions.ebay.com/catalogs/21724 to view the entire collection and place a bid. Live online bidding has begun and the auction will close on Thursday, May 17 at 8pm PDT.

The list of participants who have donated their original artwork the exhibit reads like a who's who in the rock and art worlds: Kelly Clarkson, Mark Ryden, Alex Grey, Daniel Martin Diaz, Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield, Ace Frehley, Tommy Lee, Dave Grohl, Kirk Hammett, David Stoupakis, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Cantrell, Sas Christian, Rob Zombie, Paul Booth and Mark Mothersbaugh to name a few. The exhibit is curated by Curse Mackey; an artist, musician and creative director of the Action Arts Agency. Guitars in the exhibit are the Dean ML model, which Darrell Abbott played throughout his career.

Darrell Abbott was best known as the lead guitarist for Pantera. The multi-platinum, Grammy nominated band dominated the heavy metal world in the 90's. The musician was shot and killed on December 8, 2004, while performing onstage with his newest band, Damageplan. He was only 38 years old. Six-String Masterpieces was created by Curse Mackey, creative director of the Action Arts Agency, to honor Abbot's memory. Last year, the guitar exhibit was on tour displayed all over the world including SxSW, Ozzfest, Family Values Tour, MTV Studios, London and Tokyo. Los Angeles will be the last stop for the exhibit. La Luz De Jesus gallery (4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90027 - Ph. 323-666-7667) will preview the entire collection from May 4th through May 16th. On May 17, the collection moves to House of Blues, Sunset Strip.

This is a comprehensive collection. Some of these instruments of art will be amongst the most valuable guitars ever introduced.
Visit www.liveauctions.ebay.com/catalogs/21724 to view the entire collection and place a bid. Live online bidding has begun and the auction will close on Thursday, May 17 at 8pm PDT.

The list of participants who have donated their original artwork the exhibit reads like a who's who in the rock and art worlds: Kelly Clarkson, Mark Ryden, Alex Grey, Daniel Martin Diaz, Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield, Ace Frehley, Tommy Lee, Dave Grohl, Kirk Hammett, David Stoupakis, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Cantrell, Sas Christian, Rob Zombie, Paul Booth and Mark Mothersbaugh to name a few. The exhibit is curated by Curse Mackey; an artist, musician and creative director of the Action Arts Agency. Guitars in the exhibit are the Dean ML model, which Darrell Abbott played throughout his career.

Darrell Abbott was best known as the lead guitarist for Pantera. The multi-platinum, Grammy nominated band dominated the heavy metal world in the 90's. The musician was shot and killed on December 8, 2004, while performing onstage with his newest band, Damageplan. He was only 38 years old.

Six-String Masterpieces was created by Curse Mackey, creative director of the Action Arts Agency, to honor Abbot's memory. Last year, the guitar exhibit was on tour displayed all over the world including SxSW, Ozzfest, Family Values Tour, MTV Studios, London and Tokyo. Los Angeles will be the last stop for the exhibit. La Luz De Jesus gallery (4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90027 - Ph. 323-666-7667) will preview the entire collection from May 4th through May 16th. On May 17, the collection moves to House of Blues, Sunset Strip.

"This is a comprehensive collection. Some of these instruments of art will be amongst the most valuable guitars ever introduced." said Mackey. The auction will officially close at the Six-String Masterpieces event at House of Blues on May 17 followed by an all-star benefit concert with proceeds from both the auction and the concert earmarked to support Little Kids Rock, an innovative non-profit music education program that puts music education back into public schools by providing free instruments and lessons to students. For more information on the concert and auction click here: www.littlekidsrock.org/6string/flash.html

Confirmed performers include: Dave Navarro, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan) and a rare acoustic performance by Alice in Chains. Tickets for the House of Blues Auction + Concert event are on sale now at www.HOB.com

About Little Kids Rock
Little Kids Rock believes that music is a critical component of a first-rate education. Many schools have been stripped of their music programs. These cuts have had a disproportionately large impact on children from low-income backgrounds. Little Kids Rock restores music to its rightful place in the academic lives of kids in our public schools by providing a rich music education program including instrument instruction, free instruments and trained mentors. Founded by an elementary school teacher in 1996, Little Kids Rock is now serving thousands of students in CA, GA, LA, NY, NJ, PA and TN. More information can be found at: www.littlekidsrock.org.

Media Contacts: Curse Mackey
Allison Neves,PR Director Creative Director
Little Kids Rock Action Arts Agency
415-948-1200 813.477.2552

One of the guitars thats up for auction of these ONE off only exclusives is the one handpainted by our drummer boy Tommy Lee.
Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Hand-Painted Dean ML Electric Guitar One of the all-time great rock and roll drummers for Glam Rock legends Motley Crue, Tommy Lee was a close friend of Dimebag Darrell and this hand-painted instrument is full of symbolism, messages and meaning that reflects on their friendship.

The guitar is completely painted, front and back in acrylic, tagged with marker. Tommy Lee is a supporter of animal rights and PETA.[2] He recently donated autographed drumsticks to support PETA's campaign against Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In 2006, Tommy launched his own clothing line with apparel manufacturer People's Liberation, to produce jeans, T-shirts and other products featuring graphics inspired by his tattoos. The line is carried by high-end retailers, including Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and other boutiques and chains. People's Liberation brand clothing is marketed and manufactured by Versatile Entertainment, which also produces the William Rast brand, inspired by Justin Timberlake.

This is a one-of-a-kind full playable and displayable Instrument of Art. Complete with electronics, pick-ups, strings and hardware installed at Dean USA. It is hand-painted or otherwise decorated by the artist who?s name is associated with the guitar. Proceeds from the auction of this guitar go to support LITTLE KIDS ROCK, one of the most exciting music education programs available to public schools in America. This guitar is one of over sixty pieces created for Six-String Masterpieces: The Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute

Yeah that is deffinately something rather different and cool to have dont you think? I am sure these things will go shit high. Not jsu tstay at the 1000 to 1500 dollars amrk ones the LIVE auction at the house Of Blues in Hollywood rolls on. God damn it as always just too many cool exclusive things that will never really give a lot of people too much of a chance. Sadly I see lot of auction company holders spending money on these things to acution off again later on to make xtra cash for themselves. It is all about money for them where as to the fans its more the right reasons if you ask me namely the passion for the thing. Not the financial matter.

Anyway let us see how the thing goes. there are also guitars from metallica, Ace Frehley of KISS, and .. ohh dear you name it and it is more or less there. it is just crazy but all cool. Yeah I love these things to watch them and sadly way too often just be sitting on the side line of these shitty happenings. Lol. Nothing one can do - not much anywya when they pup up all over and constantly and you yourself is but a regulr and ordinary little individual. it is god damn tough.

Well just wanted to share this baby with you all and bow down and admit that the Roxy poster .... got lost. Tough fact ......Lee

11th Of May 2007, Cruecial Thrills & New Music & Well......eBay
3:55PM CET
Friday afternoon - rainy day but it is actually nice with the rain ourside makes me realx today and feel focused on these new things for the day. have gotten a huge kick today that felt almost electirc again from listening to Crue and all. I have a greta satisfacytion from it today. have gotten a line of new video / DVDs and its going to be added today. Look ofr it in the Cruecual Facts section on the .DK site.

Also some other stuff in the Tommy solo This n That, CDs and more have beed added to the monster here. It is actually a nice all positive feeling today about things in the MC name. Feels so good. Been a while since this exact feeling have raised through my body. I am so thankful for having gotten this feeling back. it is fucking insaine how shitty this boy has been feeling. The beast is back - and he is fucking ready to kill again.

new music - yea man I every now and then get a lot of packages from record companies to listen to new shit ... and there is a two chick band called Two Of A kind. Reminds me a little bit of Heart its great. There are so many new names in music that have arrived at my doorstep now and I feel ready again to be opend to new tunes ... its kind of cool again. I have not had it this way for a long time trust me it has been really bad.

eBay lol, lol well there are things up on there I fucking want. Right now two posters one from early 80s Im sure its gonna go for 200 or more dollars .. but well then I have to eat grass and apples for a while cause I want it bad. Also the japan tour of the Tattoo album. never seen this sized poster before and .. well you guessed it I wnat it. Dont think it will go up over 60 dollars but maybe up round there. i tell you as they end. And hopefully you will see a smiling face on these shoulders. Fuck yes. I love to have it . Nothing important to share just wanted to share my happy face today with you all.

Much love fuckers...

10th Of may 2007, Surfact Thoughts And Cruecial Doings - Electrical Feelings
8:33PM CET
PRYOR, OK --ticket sales across six continents, Rocklahoma has become a worldwide phenomena July 13th to the 15th 2007

"The eyes of the world are on Rocklahoma,” said Mark Nuessle, General Manager of Catch the Fever Music Festivals. “Rocklahoma has struck a chord that has reverberated around the globe. We have sold tickets to ‘80’s rock fans in all 50 states and across six continents. Rocklahoma has literally become one of the largest music festivals in the world.”

Twenty-three bands are scheduled to play during the three-day festival, making Rocklahoma the largest ‘80’s rock festival of its kind to be organized. Two weeks ago, when Twisted Sister was announced as Rocklahoma’s headliner, word spread like wildfire via satellite radio and the World Wide Web. Rocklahoma’s draw is most likely a combination of the bands’ talents and the sheer number of bands playing at the event, said Dave Giencke, Director of Operations for Catch the Fever Music Festivals.

“The worldwide ticket sales we are seeing with Rocklahoma show the power these bands have held on to over all these years. One of these bands would sell-out an arena in the ‘80’s. They left their fans wanting more. Now those fans are lining up to be a part of history when, for the first time, all these bands are coming together to play in one setting,” Giencke said.

With VH-1 Classic Host, Eddie Trunk, as Master of Ceremonies, Rocklahoma’s three-day line-up is:

Friday, July 13:

12:45 - 01:15 ZENDOZER
04:15 - 05:00 WHITE LION
05:30 - 06:30 Y&T
07:00 - 08:00 SLAUGHTER
08:30 - 09:30 QUIET RIOT
10:00 - 11:00 RATT
11:30 - 01:00 POISON

Saturday, July 14:

10:00 - 10:45 36 INCHES
11:55 - 12:40 BANG TANGO
01:00 - 01:45 BULLET BOYS
02:05 - 02:50 FASTER PUSSYCAT
03:10 - 03:55 ENUFF Z'NUFF
04:15 - 05:00 FIREHOUSE
05:30 - 06:30 WARRANT
07:00 - 08:00 SKID ROW
08:30 - 09:30 WINGER
10:00 - 11:00 DOKKEN
11:30 - 01:00 VINCE NEIL

Sunday, July 15:

10:30 - 11:00 PEDAL POINT
12:20 - 01:10 TBA
01:30 - 02:15 BRITNY FOX
02:45 - 03:45 L.A. GUNS
04:15 - 05:15 GREAT WHITE
05:45 - 06:45 JACKYL
07:15 - 08:30 W.A.S.P.
09:00 - 10:30 TBA

WHITE LION is rumored to have been added to the POISON/RATT summer tour, which is tentatively scheduled to kick off June 12. This information, however, has not yet been confirmed by an official source. The current touring version of WHITE LION (a.k.a. TRAMP'S WHITE LION) features original member Mike Tramp (vocals) alongside Claus Longwood (bass), Troy Patrick Farrell (drums), Jamie Law (guitar), and Henning Wanner (keyboards). WHITE LION is planning a small European tour starting with an appearance at Italy's Gods of Metal festival on June 2 and including dates in Turkey, Italy and Sweden (where the group will perform at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 8). The band is also working on releasing a new WHITE LION album late summer.

Tramp recently made an appearance on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM to respond to an interview with ex-WHITE LION guitarist Vito Bratta in which Vito expressed interest in reuniting with his former band. While Tramp didn't rule out the possibility of a collaboration with Vito, he made it clear during his appearance on "Friday Night Rocks" that he wanted Bratta to take the first step and stop making excuses for why he has remained musically inactive for the past 15 years. WHITE LION's "The Definitive Rock Collection", a two-disc compilation featuring the band's hit 1987 single "Wait", plus "When Children Cry", "Tell Me", and several rare rehearsal recordings, came out on January 23 via Rhino.

Ticket sales around the world are making Rocklahoma one of the most successful events of Oklahoma’s Centennial Celebration as ‘80’s rock fans will converge on the state from locations as far away as Japan, Australia and South Africa. “I said early-on that Rocklahoma would exceed all attendance expectations but there was no way of knowing Rocklahoma’s draw would reach so far,” said Giencke. “This will be an incredible three days of music with an incredible audience. Anyone who wants to witness history had better already have their tickets or get them now.”

ROCKLAHOMA, an offiTickets to ROCKLAHOMA are on sale and available by calling toll free (866) 310-2288 or online at www.rockfeverfest.com.


One Day General Admission $ 40.00 plus handling fees and tax
Three Days General Admission $ 90.00 plus handling fees and tax
VIP Tickets $ 275.00 plus handling fees and tax
(VIP is good for all three days, reserved seating, and all the beer and food you can eat)

So this is a fucking killer event for all 80s music lovers. damn dude. It looks like the merchandise from this event will be fairly covered as well. Pretty Cool. Also the shit of the Milano, Spain festival of 2007 The Gods Of Rock. Yeah man its going to be a cool summer. Ton of things to get the 10 smelly fingers in on. Only problem is there are so much shit to get in on I cant possibly work enough to get money for it all. It is a little bit of a pain in the ass. Buut I have so much change in my life and so many cool goals and already set adventures for the rest of this year to even be aloud to be complaning. So I will not.

I am slowly getting better. I know this line has been said a lot in here recently but it is the truth. Guess I have found the cure for my own personal dissapoinments and open wounds making them heal faster and stronger than if I had not tried this change that I am going through. So things are getting better and the summer looks promising or at least it can look promising for sure. Things have it with being changed al lthe time for me ...... how ever this time I as said try to cover the possibilities for a downfall on my dreams a little differently and that will be the difference I think. I simply will not have no more bullshit in this life. Now for you that are a little curious about the Milano festival of GODS OF ROCK 2007 - here are a few details:

Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver...
Tradicionalni italijanski festival Gods Of Metal se letos predstavlja v dveh "krogih" - prvi del bo potekaj 2. in 3. junija, drugi pa 30. junija v parku Idroscala na obrobju Milana. Letos se bomo odpravili, podobno kot lani, vsak dan posebej na festival. Glasbena ponudba je izjemna za ljubitelje metal glasbe - prvi dan bojo žgali Motley Crue, pa Slash z Velvet Revolver, pa stare legende Scorpions in Thin Lizzy, pa še nekateri. Na festivalu igrajo MOTLEY CRUE, VELVET REVOLVER, SCORPIONS, THIN LIZZY, WHITE LION, TIGERTAILZ, ELDRITCH in PLANET HARD.

Its all june 2nd, Idroscalo, Milano, Italy - for Euro 105,99 !!!
Now book your ticket and rock the fuck out......

Surfact is playing Hollywood the Viper Room tonight. My danish faves played Hollywood last night too and was on net TV I watched it round midnight danish time. It was not the coolest interview the interviewer was kind of an ass to watch and had fairly few interesting questions. But they were there and for a very personal touch of reason they were just really nice to watch. It struck me that the singer Jesper is so awfully invisible when off stage he is just not in the spotlight.

How ever the thing was cool to watch when they are so missed. But they shortly will return to denmark and there will be shows with them the 17th, 18th, 19th and the 25th. So I am all good and pleased. There soon will be worked on a Surfact site too. They had a cool time in the states from what I can tell. I will get to know a ton more about it in a good weeks time.

Yeah it feels good to have other things in my life now that actually gives me nothing but pleasure, smiles and self satisfaction. !!!! Thanks a lot guys. Respect. I would love to have gone to the states to see this but ... too much already gone in the planning scedual and then the minor little thing caleld work. i know sounds boring but it is kind of the rules for the daily doings that comes from there. Peace out fucks,


May 8th 2007, Rock N Roll Heaven And An Ass Kicking Summer

5:47Am CET

Right so it is with a smile that I now head home from Copenhagen. It has been a seriously tough day or night actually. I really have worked my tight little ass off. I am so looking forward to be coming home again. A line of things are already in gear inside of my busyness. I have found a good new balance I think. There are not much left of the old negativity and painfully pressure that heldAn my heart and soul in a dark place. I think things looks a little bit better. And I know also what have caused the better feeling. And that perhaps is the singe most important thing right now. That I do know what is causing what. Other wise how would I know any god damn thing??

I got a lot of new things going in my mind and I may have found a new helper in ways that goes M - O - T - L - E - Y!!!! I like the idea anyways. There are so many things that can be said about the NEW and possibly improved me but I am not fully done yet improving lol lol. I love the idea of getting through all this shit up in my head ending up high and possibly even more appreciating the shit I fill my life with. Cause it has been affected from the HUGE letdown from the last half a year. You have no idea. And it is a way too long feeling and story to even get started on here. It is as always rather deep for me so ....

There is the new album to come from Sixx the "heroin Diaries - the soundtrack" ... My goodness its a good one. I have to say the songs I have heard are really good. One song, the first shot video and single is online too for a possible download. I am really excited about this package coming out the book and the music. I know the book is a journey in itself as I have had it read for months now.

The Heroin Diaries is the upcoming book by Nikki Sixx, the co founder of the most legendary rock band of the eighties, Mötley Crüe. The Heroin Diaries offers an unflinching and utterly gripping look at Sixx’s descent into drug addiction with a soundtrack, featuring James Michael and DJ Ashba, to match. In addition, Sixx’s autobiographical The Heroin Diaries, compiled from his 1986-’87 writings during the height of his drug addiction, will be published by Simon and Schuster next year.

Sixx plans on taking the concept of a book to a different level, and with Nikki, these words should not be taken lightly. As with all things Sixx, all we can do is wait and see. I hear rumors of a solo tour o back this shit up as a huge dark production. This is something I would simply love to fucking see for sure. I would love to have this crap put out on the road for us all to share. We are quiet a few that has supported the individual as the dark times were every day life for the man in 86 and 87!!! Ohh well we will have to see wont we? Yes sir. I think Nikki could see it as a theme tour. Would be awsome.....

There are ones again new shit listed and added to the sections here and there ..... To know which well read the rolling news banner on top of the front page. Thanks again for all your support. Things are going to expand through out this year too. I know I say this a lot and its true too. Always some ideas in the works, I think there will be some great items added the rest of the year having in mind what are coming and what kind of deals are are on the table so to speak. Yeah, it is going to be cool.

Right now the bigger single ongoing deal (sorry cant say nothing just yet) is going to be a master piece to get added to the collection. I love it. There will be some cool reactions for sure to that one I think. But we are talking round end of the year on that one. Then again so what as long as it comes in fro sure.y

I so wanna go to the states in Sept. There is like almost no acception to not be doing. I want this an I feel so much crap is at risk or to loose lol lol if I do not. I have the real good friends and all and I want to meet them all. Meet them all and say hi and share. Just going round and avoiding the trash I have sinked my shit into earlier. But that is to happen no more. I am done with all that crap. Right now I have nothing but a lot of work to do and deals to close and a minimum saving for the tour in June and the USA flight in September that's all something I truly want to do!!

So until all that crap is set and covered I will just keep adding shit on here for your viewing pleasure along with sharing aææ my thoughts with you guys. I love you all lots . And some how some where you fucks know this to owell. So no need to explain myself. Wonder what the rest of the fansout there in yahoo land are thinkning these days about the crue? Some of you must have some thouhts about things.

4th Of May 2007, Fake Bitches, Angels And Music
1:47PM CET
I have got to laugh my ass off. What the fuck is that!!!! So many bitches and loaded liars. I jsu tgot rid of one of them. I can not even begin to tell you what it feels like. To wanna give tour life and soul to one that is nothing but a back stabbin bitch. Yes I am fully aware of how harsh this sounds but I fucking have a whole page of reasons for it too. No god damn more of this trash in my life.

Now I ponly need to get my Crue stuff out from there and then this is fucking truely done with. What hurts the most really is the shitty fact of this person playing with your heart like it was a touystore item running on batteries. What the fuck does she think she is. Thats right not WHO but WHAT .... cause she sure as hell is the most selfcentered bitch I have ever seen or been around. This is way worse than anything I have been witnessing in my life.

But my Motley Crue load and my guitar is going to leave that place any time soon and then My Crue shit will be added on here too and forever and ever there will be a treatment of her name and individual as if she never excisted. Period. Done being a doormat for anybody!! NO FCUKING MORE

One thing that did give me a huge cool feeling last night was attending the W.A.S.P. show at "The Rock" in Copenhagen last night. I have followed the band since 1984 seen them on every tour every album and now with the new release of "Domination" it just felt so freaky cool to see them again. I love the universe of Blackie Lawless. Ever since 1992 he has been able to bring tears to my eyes and water down my cheeks. I am greatful for going and to the man B.L. for still doing what he does so fucking well. Thank you man. You are a one off.

Another pleasant dude that I met by total suprise there was Mattias from Sweden. No fucking wonder he is appreciated like he is. Man I love that man love his woman. Pearl how are you honey? These two fucks have put up with me and never erased me no matter what hit me. When I was down the most they still hang on. I am so greatful to them for their sincere affection and frinedship. I love them to death.

I am cleaning up and cleaning out in my life in many ways right now. I truely am hungry for bettering things again. Bettering things for myself. It is time to put myself first. i have always tried to give all my attention if I loved them before i took care of myself. But that is not the way the modern day society works no more. So Fuck it!!! I give in and be like others on that front.

Other sad news the site it has suffered from shit that has givin us problems with something that fucks up parts of the site every now and then. It is shitty and ít is sad. Sadly we are working on it these days but its not quiet ready yet. But instead of closing the site down for a few we choose to keep it open and then fix the downfalls and better things with the site active.

Music from Surfact still rules my every day life I have learned to take each and every track in now in a way that is probably more deep and analyzed than most people care to even go in on. Also the old book of Nikki`s has some news to it; In 2008, Rock N' Roll Books will re-issue 'An Education in Rebellion: The Biography of Nikki Sixx', originally published by Black Market Publishing in December, 2002. Out of print since 2004, the book is currently sold exclusively on the Motley Crue merchandise retail website Swagrox.com.

While the original version of the book featured exclusive interviews with Lita Ford, Quiet Riot's Kevin Dubrow, former London bandmate Lizzie Grey, drug counselor Bob Timmons, producer Tom Werman, and engineer John Purdell among others. The re-issued 2008 edition will feature updates including the years 2003-2007 encompassing the massively successful Motley Crue comeback, as well as new, exclusive interview material with band mate Tommy Lee, former Motley Crue singer John Corabi, producers Bob Rock (Dr. Feelgood) and Scott Humphrey (Generation Swine), Michael Wagener (Too Fast For Love), solo collaborator Dave Darling (58), co-writer James Michael (Saliva, Meatloaf, Drowning Pool, etc.), and others to be announced.

Pretty cool - I hope?? We will see cause the book itself as it came out was really nothing to be too excited about.....

I have had a few heart pounding situations with some things that I really wanted to happen but could not. Some of them now seems to be doable again. And there will be these few actions taken ... it will make me happy should they go right. But I think they will and that means some cool heavy collectibles addd to the collection here too. I have cleared out so much dirt in my life now that I think it will be fine. I am truely high in hopes about it all. So as the year closes in on the darkend times again of fall and winter there could be some rather cool shit here again.

More to you later, much love as always - Tommy

2nd Of May 2007, Website Junk and Activities
1:08PM CET
Wednesday the 2nd of Ma. Damn time flies by fast. I am in a little bot of a haze in my life here. Getting better yes but am have so many addings all the time to the section labeled "dissapointments" it is nuts. I try to keep a focused mind on the good and there are good shit happening. The biggest concern right as of today is all my Crue stuff around the USA. There really are a ton of things I have to get solved and that I have to get somehow shipped to me here in Denmark. It is hell depending on partnerships friendships and more. But I simply have to get things rapped up and closed down. I do not really like it cause it is people I care for and a coupple of them cared for in a past sence.

The site have had some shitty outbursts too. Sorry bout that. We are trying to get them all fixed as fast as possible. Ones again sorry. On a more personal note about my messy Crue life the past long time. Well as pointed out erlier in these diary pages I have tried to work things out in a different kind of way. Attacking the Crue universe in a different kind of way. And so far it is still working. I am pleased.

I am not going to go back to the old Tommy as some know him for. Tommy is in a changing face and he will come out on the other side a better and more stabled guy. Thank god. Guess the biggest change is that I now try to put myself first not being the huge understandng and helpful person I have been to fucking everyone for 20 years. There are so many things I would like to have done and changed and they are all worked on.

Some few new added items are up and hopefully some of the USA stored stuff will be coming to here through out the summer. Tomorrow is another and new experience too. W.A.S.P. is in Copenhagen andI am going. The universe of Blackie Lawless has spoken to me since 92 in its own way and I am not going to deny the fact that the "Crimson Idol" from 1992 is the single most valueable album to me of all releases inthis world. The new one is really something else too. "Dominator" I always enjoy the live shows of W.A.S.P. there just is a huge special mind on the shoulders of that dude. The new album is a political album in the sence of an open saying about the dissapointment in the US goverment andthe political ways and the country`s president. It is heavy stuff lyricly ... musicly not the best he has done. But still very much Blackie. I can not wait!!!

So there - the latest few so and sos....talk soon.


30th Of April 2007, With The Good Comes Some Bad
2:33AM CET
How many times have I said in my diary secvtion here that dealing with people is some what hard these modern days. Well one finally got chopped down to size today too. The latest in line of shitty feelings and all got born today. The event called love and with what that all offered me in the name and such things on Crue got burried today. No more romance and possibly friendship too. I have a hard tijme seeing anyhting in there that is fucking fixable. With the god damn ego minded attitudes and all surrounding my sorry ass it is not possible to believe in anything future like of a positive magnitude. That is as fucking shit sure as shit gets I bet. Abnd you can take that one ot the bank. I am soooo very dissapoined from all I had lined up for this one too... yeah well fuck it. If the alternative is to be someones doormat or trasgh can I can be without just fine.

This latest change is now also touching a few possibilities in form of havng Crue send shit and watched fro by this person. But it is okay even though I feel shitty about it I know I have done about all I possibly could without not caring. So there tough times and just when I started to wioork so hard around myself, Well here is the news flash then, with the good that is gonna continue and not killed from this shit - well it brings a price with it too in form of crap. So all good takes it bad with it. But it is okay I am kind of prepared feel like I saw this one coming. Now ,... it came.

Not much else but watching some minor small stuff will happen till the Europe tour is hitting our asses. One had a chance to come over but seems like she cant so no company touring there either. Sad. I think there is a chance to get things in gear for thiat tour so the load will be covered what ever in the load of opotunities are highly needed and wanted of cause. So that is another good thing. Really is it not? Yes it is.

My second loved passion is up. Danish Surfact will soon get its own new website. It is involved yorus truely and will get to come aorund as www.mindofsurfact.com Sounds nice I think .. you like it? It will be up and running in some weeks but it is going to be just fine. I want it to have this fine fresh start. So to speak.

Truely I have no more on my own mind right as of now. Thereare so many things in the air thatI have going I need to get down and come back----
Yours Tommy

PS: another guy is in offer of letting me have some cool stuff ones this dude won a competition in the USA and had his first prize coming to him in pvt. Tommy fucking Lee paid the youngster a visit at home gave him an award a drumkit and a guitar. Now all up for greedy hands and adorrible collectibles like the guitar and the award. I dont have much hoppe in getting it but sure as fuck would it be sweet..


26th Of April 2007, Short But ...Ohh well
7:19AM CET
There have just been a few really sweet offers that I so truely wnated to have. But I failed. I failed due to something else that is goin on. I am really not too good with the letting go when its things I eally like to have. And now adays in my life all I truely wnat more than ths Cruecial life s a healthy relationship. But that is just not one bit m luck. The latest love has so totally made me what one could call a none believer in love and true passion and respect. So I am not going to spend too much time no more on that front. Love is wonderful when it worls but ebing willing ot give my soul away and seing the other just stepping on it is harder than most i can possibly think of.

The three things I truely would have loved to have well;
1970 vox AC30 topboost. All original wiring. Rare and original whiteback celestion speakers. Once belonged to Mick Mars. I also have the original vox logo (adhesive wore off). It has 3-speed vibrato and tremelo. In great shape. Sounds amazing. Great for studio/live. The amp is for sale locally. Buyer must assume all shipping costs. Amplifier will be shipped from Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Sold for US $1,325.00

an authentic Nikki Sixx Bass guitar that was smashed live on stage by Nikki himself. I was lucky enough to be front row, center on the night of this occasion. It seemed that Nikki intentionally slid it down the center of the stage, RIGHT TO ME after he smashed it into about 3 pieces on the last song of their set... I think he liked me.

This was on the first of 2 sold out nights with Aerosmith on the 2006 "Route of All Evil Tour" in Wantagh, New York. You can see by the attached ticket that the show was at Jones Beach Theater (now called the Nikon Theater) on September 17, 2006. I have been storing this guitar in my closet since that night as I just now got around to posting it up on ebay.

I can tell you though, moments after I caught the guitar, I had people from all surrounding rows approaching me with offers to buy it. In so many nice words, I told them all to eff off... LOL! Well... wouldn't you?? Now to be honest... I'm not much of a Motley Crue fan, otherwise this would be in a glass case along with some of my other proud possessions... so I thought I would give back to the rock n roll community and put this fine piece of memorabilia up for auction for a real fan to own. I lived it... I don't need the memory hanging on my wall... Now, if this was Joe Perry's smashed guitar (even though he would never do that) I would have it mounted over my bed... HAHA! Happy Bidding... Rock on!

Sold not but highest bid was: US $585.00

OK, I'm really crushed to have to do this but Mr. Tax man is due some dinero so I will part. What we have here is a Motley Crue Mick Mars guitar. I aquired this guitar a while back on ebay so I will tell you what I know. The neck is a Kramer American Signature original and the tuners are original to the neck as well. It does have some scratches on it, not perfect. I can not say for certain that the body is a Kramer original. My guess is that it isn't. I upgraded the pickup to a Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 that is designed for floyd roses specifically (It screams) The Floyd Rose is a Lic Floyd Rose PING (Lic still cost $160 and most say are better than original as its the only lic floyd that has Floyd Logo on it) The old floyd looked a little aged so I upgraded so the guitar looked crisp.

This guitar is technically used, even though I upgraded the pu and floyd it has been unplayed since I've owned it. Not one scratch from pick or wear n tear I'm unaware of the wood of the body The guitar will need a set up as its been unplayed since I've owned it. Has been a piece that's hanged on my wall great for the Motley Tribute band or somebody that wants something to hang, or if you wanna wail to Crue tunes I'm sure the cats at Kramer Forum will see this and have a great discussion. Please I've tried to register, but am unable to post? Help!

I miss a few things in my life but I still ontinue the ride down the new road as described on here the last couple of times. Much love to you all. Tommy


23th Of April 2007, Gaining Strength !!!
03:23AM CET
Blow me good people. Fuck in hell. I am sitting here at work in the middle of the fuckíng night heading into Monday morning here at work. My god it is more than boring. But I have this machinery from hell called a computer so time flies by faster nowe lol. L et me start this posting off by saying I am blown away by the constant flow I seem to have of people I run into that are so fucked up fake and unpredictable when it all comes down.

I love to meet people and all and the latest example is one that started off persenting him/her self as the ultimate personality. Really and individual to my liking. i felt so happy so lucky so almost dreaming thinking this can not be real. Well when the smoke cleared it was not. It was a shitty illution on my part and it sucks. What the fuck is it with people that are so fucking out of it in these modern day times??? I do not get it. I think it is more than fair to say that this is to happen no more. I am sick of it. Wasting my precious time - this will be the last time I give someone so much time and patience with things. It is a gosd damn joke.

While I seem to be gaining strenghth I also seem to be loosing one very respected and highly loved person in my Crue life. Jesse seems to be on his way out of this Crue(l) world. It is not a 100% guarentee just yet but it looks to be coming down to that. I feel seriously sad about it. he is as said a highly appreciated guy in my life. Too much bad has been going on in each our lives so we have not had too much gained the last long time. I think we will not have that chance now either but just to kind of prepare you all for that change too I am telling you all now. Should he stay ion the end I am all pleased.

I have gained new strength from a lot of focusing on things in my life. It is time for me to take a step or two futher. I have the last couple of days had a fairly good feeling about most. Far from all, but most. So I am going to continue this travelling down this what ever road. It seems to be good for me. I am so not turning back, should this be a way out of things that have been so dissapointing and hurtful. I am through with a continued fight for something I truely wanted if that thiing just will not give in and let me have something to work with. Then fuck it. I am done with that crap. I want more out of thiings. I want more out of my high spend energy time and money. Period.

The new ongoings or try outs if you will has also givin me a chance or rather a second chance on a Motley dream. I am aiming for it so it can come to be a part of the collection after all. If nothing goes wrong then hey thats cool. But I have learned my ways with another thing. This site.

I read through a full passed month from time to time andthere way too often is too much negative in here. It is all honest and all what I want it to be but it makes me sad that I actually gets hit by so much shit. So from now on I will also keep a few things out of here and wait to post anything about some things till they are more certain and in a good way solid!!! I have build up a couple of new things in my life and I am holding on to those as the first to bring me into a new better balanced and happy excistence.

Also on the Crue boys do I feel better for the first time in months. It is nice I watched crue the other day for the first time in a long time. I am free again in a spiritual way!! It is such a relief and I feel so way much rested kind of inside. Yep, without a doubt this is good for me. I can and will be feeling better as I have a little more time behind me from what is on right now. I am trying to get more work on the sites here too this coming future. It should all be good. I hope there are chances for something nice to come out of it all. Thanks for sticking by. Love to all. Fuck the none believers.


20th Of April 2007, Fucking Surfact & Cruecial Refreshments!!!
1:02PM CET

Fucking ey people. I was in Aarhus last night attended a Danish debut artist. Surfact live. I was FUCKING BLOWN AWAY by these 5 kids of Denmark. Martin, Niels, Jeppe, Claus and Jesper was the shit. I had spent a good late afternoon and evening with them and was truely excited like i can not even explain. It was something that was just so fucking out of it. I had told these guys that there was no way on earth they could suprise me on a positive level since I already saw them as the fucking coolest best damn band of denmark at this time. I could not get more than dissapointed at the most.

My interest in this band and their style and passion for what they do is beyond normalcy and of no comparence what sp ever. They rocked the "Musikcafeen" round midnight and guess what? They fucking took my head apart. I know Martin and Jesper was watching me on off and they saw I was like a statue - hard concret they could ave thought I was so bored for all I know. But the truth is - I saw nothing else but heaven on earth last night. Suck my cock were they amazing. Could I ever get a job wnated and appreciated it would be to work for these guys. That is fucking mindblowing top quality rock ass perfection in rock n roll.

Guys You have done nothing but giving this old idiot of Jylland a belief that there is hope for some serious awsome honesty still out there in this damn poppy country of ours. Surfact did the shit man. Will not even disguss it with no one. say it with me ..... S U R F A C T !!!!!!!!!

-There is no better release in this country that can possibly top what this shit does to me. In all honesty it was such a thunderous heavy experience that I fucking had to pass on seeing them again after the show. I was numb. Nothing is even going to describe the experience I was having. I knew they were cool and probably shit cool live... but THIS?? no no no no no --- NO WAY ... this was not fucking possible. Holy crap this was HUUUUUGGEEE!!!!

I had this idea in my head many times during their set. Why cant somebody just take these guys and skip this baby like stage in theor carreer and give these fuckers a stadium to blast their shit out in?? WHY??!!!! what the fuck. I get all goosebums and shit listening to these fucks. There is no regular headbanging trip on my part here. No WAY!!!

I love this shit and I feel carried on rose leafs listening to this. It is so deep and brutally honest to my ears. And watching these guys looking them in the eyes and see their face expressions as they do it live - makes me get teary eyes in pleasure from watching them. Guys what the fuck? is this normally how you are?? Or what was that? A good night only? Fuck me - that is top of the shit guys. More damn power to them. SUUUUUURRFACT!!!!

The Crue site on the other hand is now getting its own form of facelift too. I really do not have a single idea of how to get through this one. How ever some slight changes here and there should do it!! So here is a start new front pages on both sites. www.mcrueloyalty.com and www.mcrueloyalty.dk More stuff to get addedon here shortly. maybe as I return to here in a good weeks time. I love this again. What do yout hink abotu the new front page by the way?? Ok? Fresh enough? Cool enough? I love it actually. It is rather cool and different again. A minor little detail I always like to do when we change things.

Life is too fucking short for unpersonal shitty things. I have to say thanks again to Martin fo Surfact. He or they have been so good to me. I need this new belief in life. And he reached out took me in and from that I have new found things that are cool. Also thanks to Inge here at home for trying to keep my chin up. Morten for putting up with the roughness that it is on other parts in the daily living. Cassie for being a support and a good listener. These people have made a few things possible for me. And made me not wanna go give in for nothing. Abso fucking lutely. So thanks. Let me know whats cracking people. What is up out there in the world?? I have een blinded and walking in darkness for a little too long. I have been lost now..found.

More shit as it goes down alright. - be safe fuckers.


19th of April 2007, Things Will Be – I Win This Over

6:34AM CET
Thursday dear god, I am fighting as fuck to win things over. Things have been a pain. A concern for a SERIOUSLY LONG TIME. I can not do that no more or one thing will happen for shit sure. I will literally die. You have no idea how serious my shit has been. I have been hanging low fighting to find a way out.

I found a loved one that I tried to give my everything but nothing but blames and shitty issues killed the beauty in that one. Yeah I lost hope on a lot of things. I even wandered around thinking “fuck dude even my Cruecial universe did not work out. I can not find my way home and I feel I can not stand ground.” So now all I can say is fuck it. I am giving my absolute best just one more time and try to attack the shit hole from another angle as said in here before. I think I have but things around me have not been giving me positive feedback and it hurts like fuck.

Everything I have done to win shit over have more or les failed. My brother has been a huge support in his own wicked ways and I am now finding a new strength that will have to be my final and last attempt to win shit over. And right now I think I will. Somehow. I will fucking attack everything over ones more and come out on the other side and get the fist in the air in the end ….. in victory. Trust me, I am going to give this a final get go and overcome all. Things will be and am going to better things. I am going to aim for greats and bow out the best I have learned – IF this new idea works.

So a couple of things have been “re-instated”. I am going to try to make it work but with a different way too. I am reaching out to life and my Motley Crue life again. Trying not to be so fucking nice. Nice seems not to work for me. Never tried to be a selfish fuck - or nothing. But maybe this soft ego shit would do me good. The world seems full of that crap so …. Watch out – here I come, too!!!

I have restarted a few things that I dreamed of for a long time and this time I fucking hope they bare fruit if you know what I am talking about?!! I will try to get the best out of it all .Nothing to do about it in any other way than what I try now. I at least do not know a third option so here goes nothing.

There are going to be tried out some new ways too on the visual side of things on here. Some how think it is time for a make over again. Trendy? No not really. But I think we will be well worth some changes. There are a few new things added today in the Supernova, Tommy solo section. I have so many things laying round the world I hope sometime to get it all collected here and have it all displayed and shit this is fucking no good to have it spread like this. I ought to for real not to even bother bout nothing but to invest a mutha fucking huge shipping fee and get all my crap home.

There was a huge dream for me to work out in real life with my second partner in the M.C. world. Jesse …. Sadly I do not see that no more. His life and all have made him make new decisions and it feels kind of all hanging in a thin you know what. It makes me seriously sad. Not even do I have any words for this one. Jesse I miss our togetherness and ton of ideas for shit to work out. I love and respect you for life brother. Dont you ever fucking forget that.

A few more things have been dealt on and sooner or later they will end up here too but that will more than likely take a long time. I am really not having a shit load to say about my new ways of attacking life and my Motley world. Let me see if this at all works. I will feed you with much more later. Right now I really just want to give myself some time and space to see what is going to happen. But let me just see if this really will be a way to tacle this thing. So now you know. Give me some time and I will try to make it the best for myself and for you visiting the site.

darron Meeks Sixx´s bass tech is not going to be the bass man for Nikki on the coming European tour. Wonder how Sixx is with that. he has now had him in everything he has done since 2003. He is not wanting to go for this short a time and he is busy doing all kinds of other stuff. he may come to Europe later this year a couple of times though. With Alice Cooper that means bass tech for Chuck. Chuck being also bass man in ESP. ESP also holding John Corabi... yeah, they are all family in one way or the other. Cool. I thank you Darron for being the best of the best- you are a fucking awsome guy. God damn it.

So right now I feel I am all good with things part from burrying a lot of emotions and having a hard time with my finances. Too much bad has happend. Sucks
We talk again - enjoy!

15th of April 2007, Name Brd, Tour & Gaspin For Strength
12:38PM CET
Sunday bloody Sunday. Know that tune? U2. Well It is and it is not. A bloody Sunday that is. I think I have a line of things Hoped or and a line of things I feel like giving up on. I am gasping for faith here for strength to pull me through some really troubled waters. I feel back stabbed by a couple of people that were suppose to be really close and shit. Yea!! Really awsome. You go figure.

I have soon lost all hope for fairness and willingness from people in this world. The world seem to have taken most people to a stage of egoism and selfishness. I miss closeness and partnerships in many ways. But I do not seem to be giving any. So I said to myself yesterday I am going to fight my love life in a new way. I am going to reach out and simply stop pushing things. As I am sick and tired of being one to reach out and still be the only one to feel like standing alone. You know what I mean?

The same with friends and all. I am not going to continue asking and trying to solve things. I think my life on a personal level Inc. My Motley life is being pushed and put under pressure from a stressed out Tommy in a really bad way. So I will try to do that no more. If people are true to me how ever they are connected then they on their own should be mature enough to reach out and not only turned to by me. No more.

I think the June, Summer and Euro tour will see me going to still only one. I have received a lot of e-mails asking me this question. How many shows. Covering yet another full tour as we kind of see you doing? Well folks the answer is no. A huge and ringing no. There are two actually three reasons for it.

I am still not fully recovered from the huge sadness and shitty feeling about the band that has now lived healthy ways inside of me for close to six months. But I am also here trying to make up for things and solve them by going to take only small steps before anything major again. The second reason would be I don't feel for heading out alone no more. I had a huge Crue partner travelling partner anyway not too long ago. It has all changed and I miss it. The ultimate willingness and reach out came from there ones but as said things in many ways have changed so I am now solo and I am not going to. The last major reason is that I simply do not feel I am going to handle it financially. I am so totally rapped up in things right now that would not alou me doing a full tour. No matter the feelings for such actions anyway.

The web-site of Tommy Lee.TV have more new member packages. I think they are endless still fairly shitty. But okay they are there. Why it takes an ass long time to get the paid orders out is so beyond me. I just do not get it. Truly speaking I find it lame as fuck. I think also the fact that from you order something online and till you get it some packages have been changed and from the order is placed till they are actually handled and shipped out ... If they have changed of what they each contain then the NEW changes are what you get not the originally listed you got tempted to buy and order. That sure is bullshit. Is it not?? Hell yeah man.

The latest member packs are up now and some have a few cool things in em. But I think the amounts are fairly high for what you get. Never mind my rubbish it is just one guys personal opinion. But you can check these out in detail on the www.tommylee.tv site. Just got two new more up there. There are still many items from some of these packs on its way to me so they get added on here as time alous it to find my doorstep. Takes forever it seems. Fucked up.

On more Tommy stuff. Me living in Denmark - well Tommy and his DJ Aero partner in guest DJ jobs are planning a Euro tour too. I think it is gonna go down in June. It is said that some night club in Copenhagen is going to have him in June. I know not which one yet but it seems to be happening. So no Motley concert here but a guest visit from Lee and his DJ partner?? Well... Not too interesting but yeah why not. Do not see myself going but - we will see.

There are a line of these jobs for him. Got to be the most easy shit in the world for him to do. Just be present and talk a little here and there to the audience pick girls get free booze and then head the hell out of theree after a pay check. My god. What the fuck, sometimes these ordinary lives most of us live are just really not attractive one bit. God Damn it. He now has a steady girlfried too in Pamela (again) so guess he is happy.

New things arranged for releases too in the summer and fall for all the fans too. I think it was not really meant any ways to be a resting 2007. Inspite of no real tour nor album release. Shit it is sadly a high financial spending year still man. I for one have a hard time keeping up. But I also have a line of things that are not going to happen since it is simple costing me too much. And right now a lot of already owned and paid off items are not going to have extra costs on my part too since the storage places round the USA is now going to change.

So in short I will pay my item prices again. It is not as such a complaint, But just a sad shitty expence that could not come at a more shitty time. Well it will have to take the time it takes and then just be handled slowly. I feel really bad about it actually. But there is nothing I can do. I in short will just have to see this year as being one in the name of the Crue to be a fucked up year for me. I hate to say it but it cannot be more true.

Jesse thanks for the line of things that you are bro. Corinna thanks for all you have done. Heather thanks for something that gave me hope I am still fighting and praying.
To David Tveide from NorwAY THANKS A LOT MAN. YO UAND I HAVE ALWAS HAD A VERY ODD BONDING. It is time to change that for the better too. But for what you did recently ... Thanks man. Thanks a lot. Superb.

Nikki`s first Ovation bass that he ones gave to Brides Of Destruction producer Stevo Bruno has been sold on eBay this weekend. I was hoping to get it but ... No.

It was just one that I would have loved to have. But sure enough with how things are going in my life these days that too would just not let me pull it off wither. Yes I do feel shitty and pitty myself. I hate this life and this feeling. I am not willing to totally give in and live like others want me to. And totally drop the inner me it would be wrong. Here and there adjustments and shit fine. Changes are healthy for everyone but a total make over .. No thanks.

SO now one happy fucker out there again holds some thing I would have fucking LOVED to have in my personal collection. The really exclusive items seems to be laughing at me this year. Nothing really happens for me. Part from a lot of hard times and shitty experiences. I figh to change things and let me see if these things right now that I have plans for as new ways of handling things will give me the benefit of something nice. I hope so. Much love to you all. Your fucked up host, lee.

11th of April 2007, Fuck Me Guess It Does happen - ??
3:52PM CET
Ok so tonight the shit goes on sale ticket wise for the complete (almost) Europe tour 2007. June is coming in a rush ... I am not at a round trip or nothing as sid but looks like Osolo is going to hold me as part of the fuckers withnessing the event on June 6th. At 6 PM tonight central european timeI am going to see all these thiings go for sale online through Sin Club Motley.com. I do think if it happens that will then be it. The only one. Not doing much of nothing else I really am not.

I planned on not doing this. But I see a slight chance for it to happen and there for I could be going!! You will know in time. I would like ot cover the tour merchandise anyway. I do not know how when or nothing about any details other than this said. The 6th of June. Got a few things to have going on here too. I really liek to say things are bettering but they are not. What can one really expect? I posted on here yesterday. Stockholm started selling yesterday and sold if the rumor is correct the Globe arena out with a 12.000 seater in hours. Crue still seems to pull europe then. Woow....

There are a few new things in the making too. I still have all the stuff laying around and none of that shit is going to me through mail services. Have lost way too much and crap!

I am trying to get all the stuff here put in boxes and all so it is no longer laying ... but I simply can not. It is way too much and all. Think I am going to give up on that.

I then for sometime too have thought about doing a book about my Crue life and all. How is the life of a collector. Would it be a smash? I can not really say but I do think it would be rather cool to get done. Maybe I will start looking around for someone that can actually be of any help with that ..... putting it nocely together maybe inspired from this site. Or sites I should say lol. Yeah that would have rocked quiet a bit. I will try to work on that one. Staying a colelctor and supporter of the boys or not that if for nothing else would be nice to have kind of all collected in a book form. Right? Hell yeah would be cool.

I think there are a lot of great results but the main trick right of now would be to have to be finding a really cool kind of journalist to put the shit down for me. Just kind of dig in for a good year or two. Create the baby. A Cruecial Fact, can you picture it already? I sort of can. I think that could be set up a kind of a goal for myself. We will see. Much love from a broken dude... Tx


Date City Country Venue Pre-Sale
6/1/2007 Wintherthur SWI Eishalle Spirit of Rock Festival N/A
6/2/2007 Milan ITA Gods of Metal N/A
6/4/2007 Helsinki FIN Icehall N/A
6/5/2007 Stockholm SWE Globen Login/Join
6/6/2007 Oslo NOR Spektrum Login/Join
6/8/2007 Brussels BEL AB Login/Join
6/9/2007 Donington Park ENG Download 2nd Stage N/A
6/11/2007 London ENG Hammersmith Apollo Login/Join
6/12/2007 Manchester ENG Apollo Login/Join

10th of April 2007, Things Took Off
3:58PM CT
**************************So today was the day for release of tickets to Stockholm. I did not do anyhting about it. I have an issue in my life right now that fills me up more than this tour this band this thing. I am in a haze so shit sad and feel so lost in life. Nothing is or could be badder for me right now. I am so not cool woth nothing in my life these days there are so many emotional downfalls it is frightening. I sit here in Trekroner outside roskilde in Denmark am not the least pleased with life and more. I feel torn and longing for getting a one way ticket out of here. Just leave this place behind this life this thing thta was supposed to be so good so beautiful so warm and loving.

Motley Crue in Europe it is outrageous to say I am not gonna be seeing them this summer here. Unheard of really but listen to how things are and looking around feeling carefully inside of myself whats up and all it is simply not cool. Not too much is really going my way or in a way workable at all. I miss life I miss things - things that gave me pleasure and things that gave me lust for living. I do not think I am going to find that again no more in case I do not get this situation fixed to be a retrned nice feeling. I am really not going to fight no more for things. I am torn inside and the stuff going on is killing the 120% stricht focus on my Motley situation too. I do not see it return as it was the last three years, it was all I wanted and the stuff in all ways were going right no more.

I know Helsinki is going on sale Thursday not going to that either as I see it now. I am so shit sad about all this crap. Just really out of touch and order ...nothing turned out in life that I wanted in the end all got lost, everything I threw so much energy and love and shown will in on has now gotten ripped away from me and the last pieces are going bad and fighting for dear life.

The very few things that are coming from now on till long into june is not much. I have things laying in USA again .. a ot that are not on the site yet either... I just can not guarentee if you will be seeing it all. there is so much and there is a chance constantly hangin in a thin line that all this could be a something in the past. I love the band and the colelcting but whn things do not add up really and things outside this MC life are totally fucking me over then there is not much hope for a sharp continueation really.

But the Euro tickets are untouched too. I miss doingthese things together with a loyal companion I no longer have either. I miss the shared feeling and all. I miss my love, my passionate possible future and all. None ofthat is fully functioning so I lean towards hopelesness and just really want to bow out.
God this is wearing me down BIG TIME!!!!


6th of April 2007, Love, Openness, Willingness
11:37AM CET
Simplicity and communication a huge lack of importance in my life these days. I am so about to give on all hope for things in the world of love. I am not gonna have a novel written out here but I am saying I know I will never get to fel real unconditionally love ever in my living days. There is so much I wanted to have and so much I wanted to have won over. The will to change for it all is there massively too but that is not enough it seems so what the fuck do one do then?

I feel like a stepped on blooming flower that would have looked pretty in a vase in someones living room. And no matter how much I do how many miles I run there will always be this someone standing waiting by the finish line ot say ... this and that is not good enough. I then try to turn it al laround going what the fuck all youask of me NOT to do you do right back but in no way or form should I ever even dare asking for the same kind of understanding and respect. What the fuck is up with that????? Is that how people have turned out to be? A bunch of fucking nogood ego selfcentered bitches and bastards that is only solidly about one self and nothing but!!! I am so not a believer in this much more. I find myslef willing to sell mysoul give my life away for a good felt love too and it is not appreciated - the worst kind of letdown one could ever put on my shoulders. Fuck!!

Today is also the day for more added stuff as promised !!! Look into it all and enjoy. I honestly do not know how long I will keep my sanity I am from the issues in the top of this posting kind of getting killed here and it hurts me more than I can put words to. I love life but not if all it has for me is a hurtful and harsh wya of treating me back. I would rather kill myself than having a life long stinker of a living like this. Imagine that ... coming on here to find but a note of a "farewell and thanks for all" saying that simply took me on a way to the dark side ......

I am so full of all the shit people lay on me constantly. If I could have it like I have with with extremly few people then yes I would have a love life like nothing else. Unbeatable a life that would be a constant feeling of walking on rose leaves and never worry bout thorns. But I do not have that no more. I miss some sunny days, sunny years, a sunny life. I could be dying and not be missed at all I think part from, from the 3 or 4 people I can think of. A line of fake shit and ego minded fuckers are out there and no one seems to be willing to give what they themselves asks for .... what so ever.

Next week is the time for the Scandinavian dates to start their ticket sles for the Crue June tour. Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki are the ones up here. What I am about to do .. well.. I still can not say really, I feel so pressured feel so out of it cause the shit that really matters dont hang together too good. And I then have also this crappy shitty meaningless thing in my everyday life that totally controls what I am doing and what I can be aloud to be doing. Fuck, I do not work well with it. I actually hate the god damn shit. So if tickets are gonna be bought or not for any tour dates is something I just can not really say yes or no to at this point.

A part of me sure wants to go and fullfil the dream I had of keeping my collecting thing going till they retired and stopped their doings. Grab all there was coming out as official products from the reunion till the last day when ever it comes. Well now is a time and a situation where all that simply is on shaky ground. No matter what the heck am doing there just is not much belief and pleasure in it. Life has become a neagitive institution for me now. I miss love and I miss pleasure... Nothing is even close to that right now. A supposed to be started love got bad and is trying to burn me like hell. I refuse to let that happen. form one that was ones hurt massively herself now seems to have forgotten all about that and passes it on to me ... UNCOOL. !!!!!

I have a cooler feeling with the danish band Surfact right now. They give me so much pleasure right now. the CD of theirs as listed a lill something about last time I was on here is still highly recommended. It is brilliant. Dont even think its not. You should check it out. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=10774613 look in on em!! They rock and its fucking cool to have them here and being a danish act is just ...blowing my mind.

Wonder how Vince`rehab is going ? damn that dude should have a different life but I dont see it ever happening. he is fucking it all up and he does it good. His liver and shit must be about to shot down or something soon. Nikkis new book CD and video and crap is about to be all done and going into the pressing again for the late summer release if again not pushed for a later release. My god. Nothing new there with the Cruesters.

Tommy - I totally got stomack pain in laughter as I heard he and Lukas have started working on material for the second Supernova CD for 2008. What the hell? Wasnt this downfall one too many for him? Does he really think it is that good? Ohhh Tommy, Tommy ,Tommy, sorry to hear this. unless something totally unexpected has or will come to surfase any time soon. Will it?? Hmm guess we all have to wait and see. Mick has signed himself up for things to be working with other artists and all. he even took Dilana in from the Supernova thing to his house and have worked on material with her for what ever. her next CD? I dont know . havent really paid attention much for a long long time.

Talk soon, but at least as promised the new stuff is on here now and I think there is a chance to have things kept alive at least a little while longer. -Again happy eastern, Much love if only you wanted it Tommy
PS: I miss the hell of out you and you know who you are.

3rd of April 2007, Denmark As A First
1:47PM CET
It is officially over with my american vicitor. Things have been talked out and I feel better. Not way better but better. I am looking forward to meeting later on hopefully in the summer or sumthing. The thing is we have a line of things to still talk about and do. But I am not really redrawing my posting from a couple of days ago. She is so in need of learning to change some ways in a line of things. My god she is not sharp at all on things that are all kind of really important.

So Denmark for a first time vicitor is over the airport and the KLM took her away a good 2 hours ago. I felt kind of sad but there is nothing to do but that to look forward really. I really want this new life of mine or get turned into reality I hate this shit as it is right now it fucking sucks ass. So for all it is worth and for all it should and could have been thanks Heather it was in spite of everything awsome to have you here and I wish things had been different in a line of ways as said before ...... we as I with a couple of others could have been so out of the ordinary in life together.... lets see what comes or if its time for me to just pull the god damn plug to life.

So heading home tomorrow to my own place ad then Friday as promised there is going to be this picture taking and all so things can be added to the site here again. I am thinking about getting things sent to me thats in the USA. Or at least some of it thats at some of the 4 places I have crap laying. Sounds good? Well yes and no. But I am thinking about it we will see what happens.

Tour of the summer here by Motley Crue is so talked about now and many wants to see me go. I have still not done jack about it .... but hey... we will see what happens. Also right now there is this auction of a hat signed by.. well...Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars Autographed American Made Outlaw Cowboy Hat This auction brought to you by SWAGROX the official store and auctioneer for The OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR NIKKI SIXX and MICK MARS is for an exclusive Autographed American Made Outlaw CrueFest Chicago 2007 CUSTOM COWBOY HAT.

Signed in silver marker by Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars. The hat was made and donated by American Made Outlaw to CrueFest Chicago to Raise funds for all the charities of Motley Crue. The team at Ameican Made Outlaw took the hat to NAMM 2007 and got Sixx and Mars to both sign the hat to help raise even more cash and awareness for these great CHARITIES!
This is a rare opportunity to buy a real collectable item SIGNED BY NIKKI SIXX and MICK MARS! And to help the The CHARITIES OF MOTLEY CRUE.

I want so bad to get things back to the old days bit with new added. God damn it. It is so tough and it is a little weirder than weird really. What can I say probably a whole lot but I do not really want to either. I simply have a line of things that are gonna make this posting sound so bad its freaky. But I am in my own little peace and more holding on to some of the few things I have wanted to win over for a long time now. Yes - I could just burst it out to you but no I am not going to. I better just sit tight and not say nothing till its a definate final and all.... bu while I miss the Amerian girl I will now have to sleep and eat ... have worked all night not slept yet and it is fucking close to 3 PM now. Shit I have to get things in gear and first off is sleep... later lads...

Heather have a safe trip home and we talk tomorrow. One Love ....Tx


2nd of April, Life Killed Again
10:05AM CET
I wish I could have said and found a good cool sentence to throw in here. There is not much lust for living no more to be honest. I am finding myself in an almost endless fight for pleasure and happiness. I have a few new downfalls on a Crue matter but not even gonna mention them in here, it feels kind of irrelavant. I am so not gonna do a lot of shit for many months it seems. It is all just wicked and crazy. I am not gonna have a line of great things to look forward too again. More kind of just sitting here with dissapointed and with a let down feeling - it is raining down on me .......

I have today the last day of the US vicitor here. Things were fun things were cool things were new and there could have been something .... maybe even the most beautiful thing between me and a girl ever. But it is just another name in line now that took me chewed me and spat me out. I get drained a lot when emotional stuff hits me in a bad way. This is the single one thing that could not happen for me to have a good and continued will to believe and aim forward for things. Again I should not go and say too much cause there is not much to say. Just the bottom line - things I have in life especially people seems to have this one thing ....... they all take a little bite of me and leave me bleeding.

I think if I could I would probably just go ahead and something really bad. It is fucking almost a cry out. Then again whats the point in that? I put so much in my things my friends my love my everything and for it to be taken away is just all ending things for me. I saw a huge new coming life here and I saw a great thing with a great family and all but no - I feel like I ma not gonna be doing nothing no moe with anyone like this ever again. I just feel like I am not gonna be having this feeling ever again. I am almost officially lost for hopes, wants and all.

There is still gonna be the promised adding of things on here in different sections on Friday the 6th I am holding myslef up to that promise. No worries. A few little things have come in since the last time I posted too anyway so.....

Does anyone out there know the feeling about sitting and wanting something so bad cause what you feel in your heart is soooo good and then in the end it burns you like if it was a permanent new tattoo? This is what I fee llike right now. Nothing Icare for and put my time and money in is delieveing warm feelings and cool results. You can be the cool of cool and you can be doing all you ever imagined to this thing you love so much but the result is just a simple let down and heart burn like non other. It is a great feeling isnt it? I cant fucking go on like this. All just kind of splits me open...

This postigng gives me a chance to tell you than most of what is in my life right now is bad. Most of what I have in life of wants bites me. Most of the wounds I sit with wont fully heal. I have become a wreck ... a wreck with a pulse I am only waiting for to end. Hope you all have a better time than I am ....

Peace out to you all.... happy eastern,


30th of March 2007, Xtra Xtra - Yeah!!
5:27PM CET

Yeah I guess!! I had to kind of share a cool day with you all. A new found thing and interest a new danish band ro so n so new .. SURFACT fuck yeah, they are shit awsome!!! Something new and fresh to my life. I like it. I had a huge interview with them yesterday and I have to say the little interview turned into a full day in the sun on the day after a wild night for the band themselves lol. Yeah we had a blast. It was shit cool. Tour coming up in April round here and all.. fuck yes I am going. You should really check this band out. They rock and have a line of things in the wait also for .. well everyone...

Motley Crue has another new show set up for Europe June 1st. Tickets set up for sale as I post this. now. Papa Roach and buckcherry are with them - can be nothing less than a fucking cool night for sure. hell yeah!! Now if you wanna attend this one its a hall / arena thing as far as I know so .. dont wait too long. CHF 90.95 is the price for the excellent evening. Its the "Spirit Of Rock" if you wonder?!!

Last few long missed Vince neil Ink items are about to come and well... inspite of all mess and crap its getting added to the colection till something ends up taking the collecting thing away from me. A few more things that have been in on its way for a long time is now getting here too. As promised last time there is around the 4th or 6th being added the things that are here so you have a chance to see them with the other stuff already on here. You tell me - you request it to get added so I promised. It will happen the 6th as it looks right now.

Simmons - Mr. God ....I know it too has gotte nothing to do with M.C. but this man is so admired by me and it is so insaine to see al lthe shit he has going. I think maybe I am looking forward as hell to the Family Jewels part or season 2 that in the uS has already started. man this is seriously cool. I have season 1 and I now wanna have the shit thats going on ... but its not gonna be available till late this year I am sure,....

he has a clothing line coming too tons of new comics and so has his son Nick. And much much more... its crazy... what a fucking cool family...
Heres to you Gene ... damn you still rule - hell yeah!!!

The copmplete Euro tour 2007 is as following:

JUNE 2007
Fri 1 SWI, Wintherthur - Eishalle Spirit of Rock Festival
Sat 2 ITA, Milan - Gods of Metal
Tue 5 SWE, Stockholm - Globen
Wed 6 NOR, Oslo - Spektrum
Fri 8 BEL, Brussels - AB
Sat 9 ENG, Donington Park - Download 2nd Stage
Mon 11 ENG, London - Hammersmith Apollo
Tue 12 ENG, Manchester - Apollo


28th of March 2007, Okay Round Two
12:25AM CET
****************************Okay the latest things that have arrived that never got on the site will. I have gotten mails about this requesting the unseen stuff to get added. So sometime after the 4th I will, sadly I am not able to do nothing ...... not in town. So be patient please.
Things in my life has been messy but slowly straightening out now and I am gonna give it a second shot like I said after or round the 4th I will have it done. So things are now to be ...tried out!!! I talk to you soon... One Love - peace out. Thanks for a huge support Heather and Morten....you guys have rocked for some time now hugely appreciated,
So cool....

Here is by the way ashit cool thing. You have no idea how much I would have loved to get this one under my belt....my ultimate hero. God Simmons and soulmate ...exclusive dinner for one lucky ass ...yes its anpther eBay auction set up from the A&E company that holds the "Family Jewels" .. here is a taster of whats to be won:

*The Experience for you and up to three guests
*Fine wine, champagne (proof of legal drinking age required to consume any alcohol) and *cuisine in the company of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed on May 19, 2007
*Round-trip flight from anywhere in the continental US to Los Angeles
*Limousine transport from hotel to (and from) dinner
*3-day/2-night stay in deluxe accommodations
*Signed Gene Simmons Family Jewels Collector’s Edition DVD set

100% of the net proceeds will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
Bid now on this experience of a lifetime for you and up to three guests to dine with Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed! Fly to Los Angeles, where you’ll enjoy a 2-night stay in deluxe accommodations. Join Gene and Shannon for a night you’ll never forget, as they wine and dine you at one of their favorite LA restaurants.

This once-in-a-lifetime star treatment begins when you and your guests board a plane from anywhere in the continental United States and fly to Los Angeles, where you'll enjoy a 2-night stay in deluxe accommodations. Then travel like rock stars in a limousine bound for the restaurant where you’ll join Gene and Shannon for dinner. Ask Gene and Shannon what it’s like to live in the spotlight, or star in their own real life series on A&E, GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS... and everything else you’ve been dying to ask.

Finally, you’ll take home a rare Gene Simmons Family Jewels Collector’s Edition DVD set signed by the entire Simmons family to remember the night you partied with a rock legend!Fuck yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ...I would wanna do this one any day over any of the crue members. Auch gonna get hate mail for that remark. But I was honest so quit it.



22nd of March 2007, Interesting - Still fucked Up
9:56PM CET
So 43 people have responded saying it can not close down it can not stay off of the world wide web. It can .. yeah the stories and mails have been kind of overwhelming. I have to say things still are not cool one bit with a line of things and the Crue matter is not at all too cool for my school either. Have not touched any MC for days now. It is a weird weid weid feeling. It is a hurtful thing and almost like an alien kind of thing waiting in my tummy just waiting to be a big enough shitty feeling so it can burst out totally fucking me up.

The best part right now is the fact that things have been kind of cool with at least some people in the MC world. Also the news today about my stuff that was considered to be gone - fucking lost in the mail ...well one of the VERY important packages anyway seems to have come to surface again ... to the senders address in the USA and is sort of safe now though stuff is fucked and ruined in there. God damn the postal services sometimes. Wonder what KIND OF RETARDED people works there sometimes. But ..safe now. Shitty situation. And totally not needed. Shit.

It is up in the air again with what I do with my life ... a ton of thinking and twisting and turning have been my doings for days now. I am not quiet happy with the stinky things my life is holding. It is easy for me to say the Tommy I know is not the Tommy present. But I have in all honesty also trying to set my mind to go down a road of unknown try outs....just cant seem to find the true will, strenght or interest just yet and that for shit sure is not a cool thing for one like me.

I need to find belief in things that I have to do in my awaken life or I am not functional. Pleasure and satisfaction is a big part to make my body feel good. That is also why I have time and time agian told people around me that the so called "ordinary" I am no good with that what so ever. I can not figure out to find a way that that satisfies me in the .. well... ordinary. I would kind of rather die. It may sound bad but at least it is honest.

The American thats been here ...well the visit is almost over. It has been a trip so far on good and bad. A few people have asked in on that as well and how that perhaps can and would affect my MC life. I have to say it is still way too early to say anything that I would not be lying about. I know what I like to have from it and I know what I would change and give from my personal life for what I want but thats is not the same as saying I am getting it nor will get it. It is just another person that kind of likes to complicate things ... but over all its been cool. Its been good for me and its been good to say that a few things have shaken my world and personality. Let those be the only words on that so far. Nothing can be or will be planned changed nor said on here for things will and can simply make people misunderstand and i for sure do not need questions right now. I need answers to make my life feel better I need solutions and actions to get moved on from the hell hole I am sitting in.

But yeah for a line of reasons and issues thank you Heather - thanks for most!!! I long for seeing the results to all thats going ...
Bare with me all - Tommy

17th of March 2007, It Is A Closed Book
12:58PM CET
******************************It is now official, this life of collecting is not no more. The final dream is not turning out the way I dreamed about either. So there is no more. That was the last thing that could make me stay in this thing. I am so not gonna say I am fine with things but the cancelled deal is so ending it all for me. I will thank you for the support over the last 3 years its been going on and now I am resigning. Resigning and not doing anything more. There will not come more tings on here and there will not come more shared adventures for you all to read and stuff. The official collecting of me and the MCrueLoyalty site is officially over.

The ESP show last night in Copenhagen was as always for me a cool experience. I loved it. No interview as set up and promised so again a thing added to the list of fucked loses on matters of something I wanted. But a few signed pictures and a few live shots ... though that is nothing really to talk about.......Again thanks for the support to all that gave this and to the none believers ....fuck you. Be good - Tommy

12th of March 2007, The Bomb Just Dropped - the End
12:44PM CET
After some messy times in my Crue life there seems to be a solution a decition a something ... you label it I wont part from calling it the end. yes, it has been a tough long fight and an emotional rollercoaster the last many months for me and I feel I am holding on to something that is just not active much in a possitive way no more. And after having had an experience today with my old partner in Crue doings I am in a state of mind now where a lot is taken out of just that. Th Crue life is not gonna be alive in this boy`s life no more as a collecting thing. I do not blame any for not understanding but there is a thing that has and I hoped for to always be shared with a certain one... and that person now not even no more in my life is the last straw that makes this a none attractive lifestyle. There I dont really feel for more explanations really!!

Crue died with me today there have been helt on too hard to find the fire agian and I have said it over and over on here ... there are so many things that have been needed to keep it going. Now with the ex partner its over. I only wanna say thanks for all you all have done and more... its been an extreme ride and a couple of decades are over with burried and I just did not make it to the final. So there you go .. Have nothing changed by tomorrow this time ... and another posting been set up bythis time - this site is not gonna have more ongoings really!! I am drained for belief and whats more.....The End !!!!!

10th of March 2007, So Weird Yet Quiet Good - Love!!
3:19PM CET
So last posted diary a good two days ago got lost in space too. Fuck nothing seems to be functional these days for little ol me. Damn it. Heather is here and I like it, we have good times together. Share an aweful lot of talks and doings I think. It is so cool. Feels like a line of great things can be happening....Now I am going to have a few things added to the site here. Some more Vince Neil solo things, mag covers and books, this n that and more has arrived here today. I am so not really thinking about it all right now Crue I mean and you know what? It kind of else good.

Seriously, I am really happy to have this emotional break kind of thing going for me. Thinking of other things and doing other things for a few days. Yeah, it is rather refreshing really. I have even asked myself about the miss out on the Sixx lot and nothing seems to be of any regret there either. I am kind of fine about the shit going on right now. Again I am so far still unable to say if this is like a closing in on the end or not.

I have a SERIOUS month ahead of me with figuring out what the heck to do and what the heck to think and settle for and work on with my remaning last 2007. Am I having only a tough shitty time on this Motley shit or is it a tubulent kind of middle way before things hit the high waves again? I am again totally not able to tell. But I think we can have a good solid thing to count for in the next big results coming in on it all end of March.

Yeah it is so quiet and yet so weird and strange a feeling and situation for me thats for sure. Have never really tried this before it is kind of bad too. yet not.. ohh dear its all going back and forth, for and against lol lol. But I am sure in the end things will come around here.

I am going to hit the movies for something so not understandable to many. "A Good year" Russel Crowe - Confident and cocky, headstrong and handsome, Max Skinner is a successful London banker who specializes in trading bonds. A financial barracuda on the banks of the Thames, Max devours the competition in his efforts to conquer the European market. His latest conquest has netted a tidy seven-figure profit, much to the chagrin of his Saville Row-draped rivals. Max's triumph is in perfect keeping with his philosophy: winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! Soon thereafter, Max receives word from France alerting him to sad news: his elderly Uncle Henry has passed away. Looking forward to it. For sure...

<<<<<March 10, 2007 -- PARTY animal Tommy Lee s not done with his wild ways. He hit Tao in Las Vegas the other night with a crew of seven - including Palms owner George Maloof - for a night of debauchery, which ended with Lee climbing up a 20-foot Buddha statue. Spies said he came in about 10:30 and "ordered lemon-drop shots and a bottle of Dom Perignon for his table." During dinner, Lee banged on his turned-over cocktail glasses with chopsticks and then tried to climb the Buddha. "Management told him to get down because the statue was going to crack," I begin to think life is great for the rich and famous but what a line of stupid moves and idiotic behaviour they spill while being it. jeezzz.....<<<<<

So I am fucking already running late.... I hate that. Dinner is still cooking and we have a good 45 minutes left to do this in. Cook finish, eat and get there. Damn thats shitty!!!
Anyway we will make it, nothing to be concerned about.... Hmmm - well Download UK festival and the Gods Of Metal in Italy are the two festovaæs thats gonna hold the Crue as headliners this summer in Europe. Nothing else seems to be fitting in on their shit here. Not much but okay so be it. Next Friday its ESP - with john Corabi behind the mic on stage in Copenhagen Denmark. Gonna be pretty cool I am sure.

There ... not much to aim at right now. Trying to get through this month and find answers and results and more...later my friends...Tommy

7th of March 2007, An Angel Apears In Crue Land
8:34PM CET

No, no, no, no, I can not believe this is true. What Tommy? What? I tell you gys...There is an ongoing Sixx clothing auction going on .. half has ended already. It is running as I post this on eBay. I have lost a ton on there. Why? You didnt bid high enough? No brother, Tommy didnt bid at all. Not many that really knows me will believe me on this. Not many that knows a good deal about me will say "I believe you" Got one email aleady asking me So Tommy what you got from this auction? Tell me or post it for all to see" well kids the auction is not fully over but it will have the last itme ended in a good lets say ..a good 2 hours.

And me? Well I will not have a single thing from there added to my collection. Not gonna happen. I know its sick and totally out of order. But here is the thing. Not many rusted me and the words I let out on here like "I feel hur tdissapointed and am kind of wondering if I should be looking in on my last Crue hours here guys. I cna cot say if I am. I know its still a passion but there is not much happiness in it these days ad that thing has been going on a little too long now. All but dissapointments and loses financially and more.

But I feel kind of fine about it. I won anyways. I won the girl and a visit of heather coming here tomorrow she is on a plane in the sky as I post ths. I would say she is right now flying over the ocean on the east coast of Europe and towards me. I have so many things i like to better in my life. And I want it to be with a girl that loves me and will do for me as I ofr her. I will have to say life is getting shorter every fucking day.

So i am not thinking much crue these days. I am but all happy cool and excited about her and the future should I be so lucky. I Want my god damn life to change. I want music to be the muther of passions still for me but the godess above all would be the chick that is beyond passion and worries. Things are just so fucking cool could I have that. I let you all know in a good few weeks if I am heading that direction. I will know then and I will let you all in on my situation.

I love tomorrow,. I love the fact of getting this visit from this one. Sadly my last attempt to have a girl for life backfired and totally changed not all for lost love but from time difference and totally changed lives for both our parts too. Now this thing has to be over won and be the best next thing that I now fucking fight with like every day. But listen miss H. Walker is goin to make my day from tomorrow and on.. fuck all other doings .. trust me it will be good. Really good. I love tomorrow.....
Welcome to Scandinavia, Denmark and my home and life.

Welcome for real to my life - Youre a treat like none other.
Tomorrow an angek apear in Cruecollector land !!!!!

4rd of March 2007, Painful Passion, Passive Actions
5:47PM CET

I am in a weird yet fucked up special undescriable mood today. I have been bursting out in laughter 3 times and in the split of a second have been crying like a baby from a ton of music blasting through my ears this morning and afternoon. I am finding out that I am on an unchosen journey like a fast forward flashback of all the emotions I have ever been through. From anything ever. Music is taking me through a ton of emotions and now with a baby so fine so brutally naked in every step she takes I feel I am dying at the same time. I CAN NOT HELP IT it is an extremely emotional time for me and I know that this time a relationship is my last go. It is my honest to god unexplainable heartfelt saying and truth that this one is what could make me put down Motley Crue.

Heather, Chene, Kota You all are a hugely life importance to me that makes me proud and teary every single day. I would wanna die if this gets to be the next los in my life. The scary part is that if this person to person los will ever come it will be my last. That is a promise. I have no way of getting over a los of that kind. A few more days and I am going to be the proudest fucker on planet earth I am sure. There simply is no way that I can or will be less if even tried. I will have a few hard days in my innerself to get relaxed and all..... for one reason only that I will keep to myself and off of here - the Crue website.

More emails to me about the sixx sells and auctions. "Tommy what are you gonna do? Tommy what or which items are you gonna be going for? Tommy do you have to have this and that... here is the final truth - I am not going ofr a single item of the lot thats there. I have a March that is testing my passionate life of the collecting of Motley and my long missed love life. I am maybe also a little out of focus a little out of touch with myself cause nothing and no one has ever at all made me be even close to a consideration of stopping and giving up what I am collecting. nothing and no one I tell you. Not past relationships, family, friends, jobs, money pressure ...NOTHING.

The thing is ... I want it now and I have this huge unger and scary feeling cause my heart has been captured ones again. I am done with aiming for the dreams I have had a gazillion years
. I take it as it comes now but with this new thing as my higest priority till I know and feel safe rock solid. I need to have this new love functioning in a way where I do not have to be a nervous wreck and be scared stiff for loosing again on a daily basis. I do not even fucking know if it is normal or nothing when you find what you think and feel is the ultimate and yo uget returned your love in such a beautiful way...it scares you shitles that you can actually loose it quiet easy too. Lets see what it all ends up with and where it takes me.

Motley well its a band a passion that is right now only on a resting position not dropped not nothing. I just really realyl need as a human being and where I am in life right now .... need these people to my next and new family. Heather, Chene, Kota I love you without limits. Yours forever if you will have me. Thanks for all so far. Counting the months, weeks, days, hours and seconds. Chene you get my KISS guitar to get busy on... fucking rock that fucker dude..... I love you tons....age is but a fucking number. Passion, honesty, friendship and family is so out doing everything else.


3rd of March 2007, Sixx Sale & Countdowns
5:28PM CET
It has been a troubled time for me as you have all been able to read about on here. I think it is fair to say I am looking more forward to next Thursday than anything. The 7th will have this new caracter in my life coming over after a long hard tough battle of all kinds of things. It has costed a lot in various things. Time, Money, Hope, Fustrations and all. But now its all reset and she is gonna be here then. I will have to say this time together will be considered the single most important and uplifting time for me this year.

All other stuff seems to go bad and smells bad. I am on the blv. of broken dreams these days but I think also that I have a kind of ultimate coolthing ahead for me. No I refraise that I KNOW I HAVE a cool time coming. Since my Crue life is not fully going the way I need it to I can only say that this will be an uplifting thing for me. The beast have woken to life again still sleepy but I will be good and all in a few days again.
Thanks baby!! Thanks for being all you are and all that you give me.

I am gonna have to say things are not looking too bright for me on the matter of doing much alone this year on the Motley trips and more. There are new ways of thinking and new times for me to have taking over whats in it already. I need to have some things going unconditionally well for me and I bet my collection that this coming now wil lbe it. I then at the end of this month have a line of things to decide wheather or not that I will be doing doing or not later in the year.

Love and a shared life with one is a huge priority for me now. Crue in Europe in June and all is something I need to reconsider if I should do or not. I just do not know yet. I am not keen on it. So I know the bad period of loses and dissapointments have set its scares on me bad. And I do not know if I am or will be able to erase thenm again somehow. time will tell I guess. I am just extremely in bad shape these days when it comes to Motley Crue.

13 more days till John Corabi in Copenhagen with the KISS boys of Singer and Kulick in the Eric Singer Project. I am gonna do a interview with Corabi again. And then hopefully have some new pictures of the boy. I will put em on here and have you all a little view in whats up and on with him too. KISS had just been set as the headliner name of this years Rock Fest 2007. Last year it was Crue. And I would love to see KISS again. For ol time sake. I hope it happens just one more time before its all over with.

I have a few offers on crue items going have not made up my mind on if I should pass on them or not. Again all this doubt is coming from the fact of the shitty let downs and loses the last 5 minuths. It has obviously just means way more than I ever thought it would. Sucks.

Speaking of offers and sales . Nikki Sixx has giving up all his worn and fal ltour used clothing pieces from the Aerosmith tour in the USA. I am not gonan be doing anything on it. I have received a good 23 emails about it. All I hear is "Tommy you have to have these things and you have to add these itmes. People like to see this bea new part of whats in the collection I guess. But damn I am not gonna this time. I simply have way too soft spots for other things right now and it is not holding Sixx worn shoppings these days. Thanks for all the help information and all you guys so nicely do for me, I appreciate all and every step of it. Thanks a million.

The Sixx stuff is up and on through eBay and Swagrox right now. Four days to go and then its gone for good. It will all sell and be ripped off of the market then too. So you want this stuff you better get your ass in the swing. Its happening now not later. Here is a line of things thats up. Check it. I will have next updating on things on here with minor small stuf by the 17th or something. Talk to you all soon, tommy

Nikki Sixx Stage worn Aerosmith Jersey
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Nikki Sixx Autographed Stage Jeans
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Nikki Sixx Stage worn silver tie
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27th of February 2007, Tough, Crappy And A Heartacke
9:44PM CET

Tuesday - and a new month about to start buut its already kind of financially gone for my part. I have been thinking a lot these days about a shit load of things too. I am not pleased with much these days what so ever. Everything I care for, love and have a passion for goes kind of down the drain for me. So there will more than likely be a huge gab on the site now for a long time. I have a few more addings here and there next time will be round the 17th of March. I do not see it come any sooner. Sorry bout this.

I am also getting down emotionally day by day bout the crap that is going on!!! I think I am gonna loose on the Crue collecting too. I am not a guy able to feel fine about doing this half way and right now I have nothing but a huge downer on the whole thing. I am torn to pieces and it is not fully working for me at all. Most things that I buy and pay out gets lost for some cock sucking reason and I have after a huge enough beating on that point started to kind of feel less and less. Meaning I am in a state of mind where I kind of feel as bad as if I was loosing a loved one, a relationship of some sort. Yeah it is for sure not good for me what is going on.

Now I have a line of fucking things that keeps go bad on me too. On a more personal note and all that costs me money too. I have kind of hoped a little more than whats good for me to have this visitor of Heather from the USA here. She should have arrived tomorrow danish time. But no passport yet so that too costed money time joy and all. NOTHING!!!! is functional for me. Nothing goes my way. I am loosing, loosing loosing. And in my Motley world that is not acceptable for my inner self to let continue. I am week by week getting more sure abotu this will be the beginning of the end of a soon close to 3 decade long journey!

I have fought as hard as I possibly can as a one man gang. I feel no use for anything what so ever. I Dont feel strong in this world of collecting no more. It just wont happen for me.

I also a good couple of months ago ordered some shit from Tommylee.tv and fanfire all is gone never arrived too.
I am as stated kind of... above close to be giving up. Looking in on a girlfriend thing instead and that would actually do me way better than any of this shit happening right now. Hope things could turn but I dont see
it happen.

I will keep you posted on what ever goes down here in my little universe...
A few things that I think would have been cool to have but that i doubt Ill bod on are:

Ill rap this up now see if there comes anything positive AT ALL to say... sorry .. Lee

25th of February 2007, Things Are Set And I Want Sex
5:36PM CET
Okay things are set for the Sumemr of 2007 and motley crue in Europe. here is the sad part. Iam not excited at all. I would normally be the first to have things set up and ready for what ever would be needed to have this covered by now. I think actually the damage is bigger than even suspected and now the shitty feelings that have been in control the last 5 months have gotten its toll on me. Fuck!!! Wonder if my extreme deapth is ruined anfd gone without me fully being aware of it?? Feels extremely weird.

I have not touched much Crue stuff for sometime now and after al lthe fucking loses I have had it is beginning to be some kind of creepy!!! I am admitting one thing though and a thing I have never ever fucking said and meant ever in my living days!!!! I want a relationtion and I want sex now more than I wnat this. I am so in change or what else to call it I sure as hell cant say cause I simply do not know any other word for it. It just sucks like big time end of story.

Summer festivals around Europe is a fact even though it is not up on the www.motley.com yet. Trust me on this. It is on!!!!! Festival tickets are all set up one of a few is the Italian Gods Of metal 2007. Crue is closing day one and headlinig with a 2 hours show. I think it is a sad and shitty situation that I am in right now but what the fuck can I do to change it?? I can not find anything. I just do not feel it. I have not booked myself in for a ticket or nothing. Will I? -I can not say. I do not know. I want my shit here to be functional and I want my situation in the everyday life to be bettered. One day tickets are € 63,25

I want to have a life with someone. I wanna have a base that is giving me a good feeling. I wanna have one to come home to and one to share life with. It is too short for too much worry and concern. damn it!!! Wonder still if they are going to be in Scandinavia for either Roskilde festival or hultsfred Festival in Sweden?? Wonder if they are gonna be doing any scandinavian dates then? The talks are here but will they?

I feel I am in for a long shitty break from all the deep going Motley stuff. I want other things to be a new part of me and the little stinker of a thing caleld life since I have right now nothing but worries loses and concerns!!!! Just fucking give me a girl that would love me for all the good and the bad that I hold in me. I need to get me som of what I seem to always loose in. I have not the band ot fall back on so to speak so I take the girl that holds my love and seems to share whats needed over the band right about now. Never thought you should actually hear this from me now did you? - Life kind fo sucks a little too many times !!!!!

MILANO - IDROSCALO Part I: Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd June - Part II: Sat 30th June :
Saturday 2 nd

tba Sunday 3rd
HEAVEN & HELL (Dio - Iommi - Butler - Appice)
DGM Gods Of Metal 2007 - part II - Milano, Idroscalo


MOTLEY CRUE 21.30-23.30 HEAVEN & HELL 21.30-23.30 OZZY OSBOURNE 21.30-23.30
VELVET REVOLVER 19.20-20.50 DREAM THEATER 19.20-20.50 KORN 19.20-20.50
SCORPIONS 17.30-18.50 BLIND GUARDIAN 17.30-18.50 MEGADETH 17.30-18.50
THIN LIZZY 16.00-17.00 DIMMU BORGIR 16.00-17.00 BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 16.00-17.00
WHITE LION 14.45-15.35 PORCUPINE TREE 14.45-15.35 TYPE O NEGATIVE 14.45-15.35
TIGERTAILZ 13.30-14.20 SYMPHONY X 13.30-14.20 SADIST 13.30-14.20
ELDRITCH 12.30-13.05 ANATHEMA 12.30-13.05 DEATHSTARS 12.30-13.05
PLANET HARD 11.30-12.00 DGM 11.30-12.00 SLOWMOTION AP. 11.30-12.00

24th of February 2007, Yep Shit Upon Shit falling On My Head

1:39PM CET
Saturday - what a splended day a Saturday can be. I was kind of hoping for great news on the matter of at least having a week-end. Expecting positive results from the passport office USA. Expecting and praying for cool news on the Crue questions sent out about different things to different people since the last diary posting. But IN short all of the above mentioned things or subjects have not had one single good outfall. It stinks and my love life is kind of not excisting. I am seriously considering finding new ways and all to have that come in to my life for a physical touch. I need something new in my life. This life that I lead is not fully functioning as it is. So I need to change or at least do something.

Denmark - nothing here is working fully well for me either. And now the weather and the job of mine is not fully helping me out either. The country here is fucking with me and I need to find a way not to get pissy at the snow situation here too. I love this time and season. Love snow and finally we have gotten so much its almost unbelieveable. But Its here for such a short time all together so I am cool with it. The country is pretty much paralized from it. No trains no busses no nothing is working. All public traffic is down at 15% all together right now. But they have promised it gets better with in the next 4 to 5 days so yeah the huge snow masses are gonna be gone any day soon again. sadly!!!

I have the girl that I long for to come ... on hold too. She can still not get her fucking passport. Nothing not the passport head offices in Seattle nor the postal services works to my favour tese days when talking US of A. Fucking hell!! I seem so pissed dissapointed and sad about it all. You have no idea. I cant even find words for the god damn shit no more. I am just all in all torn and dissaponted BIG TIME. Yeah folks your Cruecial mental case is not fully happy today!!

Only one thing seems to be a-okay, as March 16th os coming the concert in Copenhagen with E.S.P. (Eric Singer Project) holding Mr. John Corabi is still on and I have been invited in for an interview. With Mr. Corabi if wanted. Pro show. Could be neat. I would have loved to bring Heather this american girl with me to meet him and all. We will see if her origian l ticket has to be re set then still to have her over here for that ... we will be good after all then. And I will bring her. Morten my brother and a couple more are going. My old swedish friend and his girl Mattias and Pernille are gonna be there too for sure. So I think or at least hope for this to be a cool trip ad evening.

ESP Annonces European Tour

ESP featuring John Corabi (guitar/vocals), Eric Singer (drums/vocals), Bruce Kulick (lead guitar), and Chuck Garric (bass/vocals) will be hitting the road in March! The two week European tour will be to support the new “Live In Japan” CD and the upcoming DVD “Live At The Marquee.” 3/15 Bergen, Norway @ Garage Club 3/16 Copenhagen, Denmark @ The Rock Club 3/17 Helmond, Holland @ Plato 3/18 Bochum, Germany @ Zeche Bochum 3/21 Budapest, Hungary @ Wigwam Club 3/22 Madrid, Spain @ Heineken 3/23 La-chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland @ La Croix-bleue 3/24 Cerminate, Italy @ Black Horse Club 3/25 London, UK @ The Underworld Camden

-Other than this right now I really not much to say. Not because I dont want to but, simply out of way too much shit and lack of control and all in my life right here and right now. Old Tommy is not a happy guy till shit falls into place again. Fuck I hate being a constant fighter and then stand at the same time as the big time looser in things longed for so often in my filthy little excitence. Hate it. Heather I think we have a few things to look in on and make this trip happening to make my thoughts go in a different direction. Yeah its not even funny saying that. It is fucking meant for real. I will give it all till Monday to figure things out. Fuck!!!!

We are trying to better the "This N That" section and uploading a few new visuals in the "Looks" section on .DK!!
I will keep you all posted on things and hopefully this heavy lift and negativity will soon leave my collecting Motley life again and things will fall in place and be and feel way better. The devil knows I need it .... and sooner than soon too!! -Fuck yeah, Need it bad!! Talk soon folks...... Much love to the loved one out there..... One Love*** Your Tommy

22nd of February 2007, Ending A Lifestyle?
4:25PM CET
There simply seems to be way too many worries and concerns in my life about this collecting thing these days. Have lost a line of things again and a highly wanted visit seems to be rapped up in trouble and crap too. Let me take this statement apart a little and make it slighty easier to understand. A lot this year have been crossing my mind and have been taken to thought and under consideration. It is more or less about everything that there is in my life. And I started this year by some rather huge and drastic changes. More or less moving away and getting a new job that would bring me better income and totally new roads to travel down by. No music or nothing. Holding music in my life as a sort of purely a spare time thing and hobby or something.

I had these things going my way in generel for a long time, in my mind anyway, before they really took place and turned bad in real life. I kind of made a line of things happening and I kind of let myself be convinced that this changes ways in 2007 on the job and geographical and more for that matter, that would be a positive and really smart and useful new and changed frame for my own life. For my own good. But no it has just not been happening for me. I feel fairly misserabel and I feel kind of no good with all my lost hope and even less belief in what I have in my now a days awaken life. It is shitty and I feel like nothing can be trusted no more and no passion will really fullfil my needs again. My already excisting passions for things in my life only lets me down these days and that kind of leands me in to Motley as kind of what its all about on here, so ....

Yeah Motley Crue has been to me personally, one long tough battle fighting for pleasure and all since September or October. The fall tour were nothing but a dissapointment well part from seeing a lot of cool things places and historic venues with my Cruecial travelling partner. Things have costed me a line of cash and a shit load of painful adventures and crap. I have since then fought to re-capture the pure pleasure for and with this band and about this collecting thing. I have been buying a lot and guess what? The latest things that have been going on!! Loses in the mail like a little too many times. A little too many lost packages and all this year alone in the mail. Must have lost a good 1700 to 2000 dollars worth of items. I can not at all find the will or nothing to overcome this thing. Then I have the dream deal as you all know about, more than I can even say.

And shit has happend this month that makes that deal extremely hard too to win over. I have got to try and I have got to keep true to my emotions about this thing that i do and have done for decades. Only one thing seems to kind of get in my ways these days. In my every day thinking.. I can not tell or explain how it slowly seems to affect my passion for this. It is a fight to hold on to it, a more generel daily thing is not meant to be a stuggle when it comes to a passion. For me my collecting thing is like a relationship. If a releationship gets too messy dont you then loose control and slowly the longer it lasts the more your passion kind of slips and fades away for this that you do right!!??

Right now I am missing a treasure. I am missing a treasure of love in my life. I fight too hard and too long for things that should not exactly be fought for this hard. I miss a really deep passion and a relationship to some one thats there in my every day life. I have just renewed the site for a year as holder of the webname so it will go on this 2007 still. The we will see. If I do nothing more than pay for nothing and gets dissapointed and all i pay for is loses and shit then this has got to stop for me. It is not attractive no more. That is all I can say it is not a thing that is totally worth a constant fight more than other things in life. I have lost way too much and I have a "miss it much" and missing a positive and good experience again . I need it to come back or I can see myslf pull the plug. It is too much.

My visit to be off next Wednesday seems to be kind of fucked up too. The American passport offices ahave fucked it up and now there seems to be a cancellation of a visit and a huge los in money on a ticket ... all around not good. It is like all I care for just shall not happen. I do not know what to say do or feel about anything. I need the ongoings in my life right now to happen or I will loose my mind. I would prefer to die instead of this endles road of heatackes and loses and endles but useles fights. Yeah I feel sad and hurt these days. No question. In the news of the Crue in my life well right now there is none. I have to find rest and peace in my head I am really not going well I need to have certain things within the next 3 days ending up with a good outfall. I am not fully functional right now. Shit......

I wake up to find myself After all these years And where all the time has gone Still seems so unclear 'Cause there's no one else Since I found you I know it's been so hard You should know

If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything You make me feel so alive If I die tomorrow

It brings out the worst in me When you're not around I miss the sound of your voice
The silence seems so loud 'Cause there's no one else Since I found you I know it's been so hard You should know

If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything You make me feel so alive If I die tomorrow

I spent all my life Looking for our innocence I've got nothing to lose One thing to prove I
won't make the same mistakes Now I know That everything will be ok When I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything You make me feel so alive If I die tomorrow You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow If I die tomorrow


17th of February 2007, Kind Of Low Moods & Missed Company
4:55PM CET

It is Saturday the last half of this second month of 07. I have been kind of all over the place in my mind since last time. There are no reason to think I am going bad here casue I am not. I am having kind of a sad time here. Thursday the 15th at 7:05AM CET my grandma died the last of the older generation if you will in my family. A grandma that often made me keep the hopes of a better time world and more. She was in my own way very special to me.

It has affected my Motley life these past few days in a way that I dont feel Im fully focused on the music. I have not even responded to offers the last 48 hours I am truely sad that I have lost this woman in my life. There are no reason to even begin to say that she rules over what I could have bought the last few days. It is not that I have just not had the interest in getting anything of the offered caause I have been in greef and there now is a funeral this coming Tuesday! In Norway!! May you have found peace grandma!! -I will forever miss you. -She made me go silent on the last handful of Crue offers. rarely happens......

- www.cruefest-inc.org new website. The Board will acquire corporate sponsors for the Cruefest name, and distribute Swag and funds from those sponsors to all approved Cruefests. The board will create a look and feel of consistency for the Cruefest name and supply all art for Cruefest Charters. In addition, they will also report to Operations the funds from all Cruefests.

All Board of Directors and the additional board member get one vote on any topic or item that needs voting. No board members vote will count more than any other member. If a tie should occur, a vote by all active Cruefests will be made where each fest will get one vote. A Cruefest/Motley.com Representative will act as Secretary of Operations and will vote only if the first and second votes should end in a tie.

Crüefest's are a music benefit to raise funds for Vince Neil’s Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, Nikki Sixx’s Running Wild in the Night Foundation, Tommy Lee's Charity of choice St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Mick Mars's charity Spondylitis Association of America!!!! Check it out and get more information. So yet a new site frm the folks behind the Crue, Vince, Mick and Nikki official ones.

A few new things have been listed today too Vince neil solo, Tickets, CD`s, and Articles. More will come in a couple of weeks. Seems like I have lost a good package AGAIN from USA. One sent me a package holding a lot from Sixx and his right hand tour man. Along with some other stuff. I think my luck is still outdoing me. My shit continues to kill me not going my ways. I see it now again even though I was so happy and thrilled for a new kind of life to test try. Fuck that is really stinky!!

I can not believe the fact that I will not have this package. A lot has come to me from the USa after this one was sent. I hate this paid a lot of money for now ... nothing. Again!!! this is the kind of situation that wears me out completely!! I have got to find something out too about some things and dreams of mine. I said it before if things dont start going my way I simply can not keep doing this. It is a waste of too much money and the concerns and shitty feelings overcome the great and appreciated. That is so not cool. Once that happens it is time to stop collecting for anyone I think. This package has such an enormous personal high value that I cant even begin to tell you all how cool and important it was. I have stopped believing the package will see my doorstep.

Things are to too cool with my new job either. The job itself and the frames I live in in this "new life" is uncool to me and all. I dont know how to say it in another way! I simply have these thoughts that are not too cool to sit around with and I feel so god damn obligated to do what I have signed my name to do. FUCK!! Yeah lif is not the coolest for me right now.

I begin to miss a love in my daily life too. Things were so god damn set a good half a year ago but slipped through my fingers and I miss it pretty massively now. The only thing I can think of that can again give me some balance in my life. Motley .. .well as said they kind of give me a little too many worries .. more than pleasure these days. And that kind of kills me. I am in a state of mind where I really have very lill hope and shit these days. SO much los and such much worry and crap. I ask myself arent I suppose to have a good time for mor than a week at a time like... ever???
Yeah, I am hurting from the los in all ways these days and I feel loosing a good friend here too these days. I am not all able to save shit single handedly!!!

-These are kind of hard times for me and they are not to enlighten up any time soon. I see it becoming June and July first!! Fuck...I hoped for FAST better times but with how the everything is going its gonna take a lot longer than the hoped for 3 months!!! Its nuts. I will maybe not make it there I cant fully tell yet! It is just a hard shitty situation that keeps sucking life out of me these days. The fight continues ... talk soon folks, much love in a time of missed company and kind of low moods. Not easy at all. NO sir.

14th of February 2007, Tour, Web & Headackes
3:59pm cet
There are things that are just a little bit hard to understand sometimes and right now it is the summer of 07 in Europe. It doesn`t really matter that I do not undertsand it though cause it is a good thing.

In other news, Neil has confirmed rumors that MÖTLEY CRÜE will head back to Europe in June for some festival appearances, which will likely include a stop at the Download festival in England. According to Neil, the band has written more than a hundred songs for a proposed new studio album, which is expected to be released sometime in 2008.

MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil is working on the pilot for a new A&E reality-TV show. According to Vince, the program will follow the singer and his family after his parents have moved in with him. Neil told Eddie Trunk of the "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM last night (February 9), "My wife [Lia] hasn't talked to my mom since the wedding," which took place January 9, 2005 in Las Vegas.

Neil has scheduled a number of solo headlining dates in Australia and the U.S. during March/April. He will be performing the red-hot hits of MÖTLEY CRÜE (including "Kickstart My Heart", "Girls Girls Girls", "Dr. Feelgood" and "Home Sweet Home") with his all-star band featuring Dana Strum (SLAUGHTER, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION) on bass, Jeff Blando (SLAUGHTER) on guitar and Will Hunt (TOMMY LEE, DARK NEW DAY, SKRAPE) on drums.The hard-hitting Will Hunt is no stranger to MÖTLEY CRÜE, having substituted a tendonitis-suffering Tommy Lee last year for some shows on the CRÜE's "Carnival of Sins" tour. He previously toured the world playing drums in Tommy Lee's solo band.

I have had more items going back and forth in the mail so there will in a short time be more on the site perhaos the beginning of March or something. Most of the Vince neil Cruise stuff has now been covered too so thats another one down and down with!! Thank god. It is seriously a time for me with a ton of thinking bout how can I truely find enough money to even get the shit that is coming out this year.

The Tommy shit solo and Supernova stuff is all very heavy producing. And I try my best to do all but damn it I have not a single chance to get things. Not as it is right now with the dream deal and all thats going on. It is insaine. I have to say there is not much I can do right now. Lol. man It feels so endles. Truely somehow hoped there would be no tour no this no that this year but my god guess again will you. This year has been just as huge merch offering that the last two of touring. A slight hope of getting things covered wth time is there of course but I don`t know when or nothing. There are too many things I would like to do and have done but it is not the best of times rigt now.

My new 2007 situation is so far from wanted and loved but I will mang in there and just get things done as needed. No way I am gonna run with my tail between my legs. Na ahh!!! I have this thing now and I want it won over. I am doing all there is to do and I am seriously going to give myself this present of covering it up. So yes there should be a great chance to have things dealt with later on in the year. All I need right now is to make it through to May first!! Then we will talk about new chances for new doings. But when you are not fully too happy about the frames for your daily doings then really what do you have??? Not much right? I know. It is fucking not too cool. And I would be really sad to have the slap in the face just from giving up should I have done that. So no way .....
I hold on here to what I have gotten.

Mick Mars now has an Official MYSPACE Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/mickmarsofficial
Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil autographed the axe raises cash for Skylar Neil Memorial Fund! Mike H. from Fort Worth Texas won the bidding and paid $3000 CDN for the guitar. Auction was held by Long & McQuade! 100% of the proceeds will go to the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, c/o The TJ Martell Foundation (founded by the music industry for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research.) There goes another lucky fucker. I had actually wanted that guitar but there was nothing I could have done at this time - so I am as always just kind of sad to see thestuff of high wants go slipping away through my fingers. Not at all a nice thing to admit time and time again. It is sick. But what the hell can one do??

I know that there for a little too long a time have been people out there that have requested a slight chance in the "this n that" section .. setting it up a bit differently and also put some texts to a few of the things there like the Coffmann section. I will have it done I promise one of the first coming times that the webmaster and myself will actually sit down together again we will look into it. Sorry for the long wait. I do see your point!! I will be back woth you shortly. Next diary I guess will hit this week-end as I have time to get home on private territory again and relax for a couple of days. Thanks for coming back - much love folks.

11th of February 2007, News & Tight Times
9:52AM CET
I am ones angain home on week-end, back in my apartment. I think and I feel that there is a huge need for these short trips every week since the frames for my awaken life in Roskilde and Copenhagen is extrmely shitty!! I know it is a little different from what I posted about the job and situation a couple of diaries back. Ohh well, I have just kind of seen now how it is with the things around here and there should not be these tight choking frames for me but there are. I miss coming home to my own stuff and all after work as I have a huge need for being surrounded by the frames thats me. These days I am not.

How ever there is Heather who is coming over in two weeks so now I can look forward for that. I think there are a few things that are going to be extremely good for me from that vicit. She will make me think a little less about the job, frames for my being and all. Basicly makes me think less about the shitty things some how wish she could make me forget about Motley for a month. But not likely lol.
But nothing is more exciting to me than that vicit right now and the dream deal going on.

There are ones again new Tommy stuff out too. His Rock Star Supernova is still touring tonight in Texas and only a good few handful more and they head towards Australia. Every one that I respect as fans and collectors of Crue that have attended the concerts of Supernova says the same thing. It is nothing much and had Tommy not been in it the lack of interest had been seriously huge. That kind of says a lot does it not? hell yeah. This is one thing I am not going to be doing. So yeah, it is wild that they actually do something I do not care for and go head over heels about.

People have asked me about the new Tommy and Nikki clothing lines when will they be seen on here? The answer is never. I dont like it for one reason. I am not a clothing fan, and I do not want to spend a mountain of cash for things that are not really Crue like just cause they in name have been in over it. I think it is sick how it is with that. The Sixx clothing line this time around is seriouly expensive and I am not wanting it. Designer clothes is not for me. I am not a fasion freak and not with them and their name attached either. So for the first time ever I can have a NO saying to some things they are in on. These clothing lines and the Supernova thing are just not me. What so ever. The new Tommy stuff is a shirt and a poster. www.tommylee.tv

Another thing people have asked me about is as last week the Aerosmith concert to come here in Denmark June 6th. Holding a few concerts in Europe and this one here to be the only one in Scandinavia. Thats pretty cool. Will Crue be brought over for them and tour here too? The answer is a rigning "no". The Aero boys are only going to be doing these shows below here and thats all. So its going to be a rare chance to see them. How ever they are playing at these huge places. Like in Randers, Denmark, it is a stadium thing and after the first 10 minutes when the tickets started selling Friday they had sold 18.000 tickets just like that. Price is a good 100 US bucks for it.

Aerosmith Concerts Europe 2007:

Show Date Venue Location Buy Tickets
Apr 15, 2007 River Plate Stadium Buenos Aires, Argentina Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 6, 2007 Essex Park (Randers Stadium) Randers, Denmark Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 10, 2007 Messe Frankfurt - Hessentag Butzbach (Frankfurt), Germany Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 12, 2007 DM Arena Karlsruhe, Germany Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 14, 2007 Olympiahalle München, Germany Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 19, 2007 Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy Paris, France Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jun 28, 2007 Kölnarena Köln, Germany Buy Aerosmith tickets
Jul 19, 2007 Sarnia Bayfest Sarnia, Ontario Buy Aerosmith tickets

A few more things have been put up on here like in the personal section and shirts and Supernova. There will be more added in a couple of weeks too. And then it is time for me to get thenext payment sent off too on the dreamdeal. I think I really need this one to get set and all. Trying to kill it as soon as possible. But I think it is going to be seriously hard though. So much still to do and still things to look in on and have set before I am even able to focus fully on the shit that is going to be dealt with as off now to do my dreams again and all. Ohh yes it is not fully a walk in the park for me these days. Kind of hard and very much testing me!!

I will be back in full attack on here again for sure. How ever I do also see a few things worrying me as hell. Corinna has a lot of my stuff as you all know. She moved ot California some time ago now and I am slightly worried about some things of mine there. Damn it. Hope nothing will be ruined and / or lost. She and I have minimum contact these days it is sick. We used to talk or get online daily now its ....

Alright Iam off from here for now and I am gonna havea day of full focus on daily doings and crappy things you have to do when you are alone. Its boring the fucking shit out of me. Man I thought I would be happy with the new job and more it is just well still kind of a lame feeling. I am only hoping this is and could be a great thing later on. Still have trouble with adjusting things I guess. So that could be it.
Peace out fuckers, your personal creep salutes you!!


8th of February 2007, Rumors & Emotions
5:34Pm CET
So another thursday night has entered my life. Fuck soon mid February is here and we have like so many things to get done this weekend too. Its almost insaine. But I am happy that there at least are shit to do that is not all cooking, cleaning and work. For fuck sake. I have my goals for the first half of 2007 so I am all aware of what I have to do on work and all. I will have Heather here for a good month from the 28th this month and we will do all we can to have a great time even though I am working. -There will be a cool thing and time in that I am sure.

I have kind of a rest in the fact that I now have started the dream deal 07 with the back drop from the USA tour 85 of Alister. And the front stage curtains tour used logo red girls girls girls 87 monster huge things too. Damn i a m gonna be pleased holding them one day.. FUCK!!

A new book guys - Motley Rock Stories, by Jack Valentine
"It's a comedy. It's a tragedy. This is the true story of two desperate people sharing the same dreams, apartment, road tours and life in the crazy world of Southern California's rock and roll community in the early 70's." Before he joined Mötley Crüe, Mick Mars played guitar in Whitehorse. Their drummer Jack Valentine tells lots of rock 'n'roll stories in this book.

Veteran producer Bob Rock (METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE CULT) will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the 2007 Canadian Juno Awards, which will be broadcast on Sunday, April 1 on CTV from the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, SK. "It is an honor to join great producers like Bob Ezrin, Bruce Fairbairn, Daniel Lanois, Jack Richardson and David Foster in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame," Rock said in a statement. "They are all giants of the industry, and to be recognized, means that I had to have worked with truly great artists. I thank them for their confidence and inspiration." He is producing and working with THE OFFSPRING on their next album.

Vince neils son is in as we all know rock n roll junkies and there is a voting going on ... read all and support him and the band of his on www.myspace.com/hotpicksusa thats right. check it out. Instead of me doing a lot of typing bout it go visit the page and read more.

Okay so there are a few things you ca actually say that are of my liking ot have and hold but I have not touched eBay like in a shit long long time. What the fuck many may say. Well I have not. I think and find myself quiet loyal to my ongoings right now and there are no way on earth that I can alou myself to fuck the deal up with the two items that are a one off offering and all. So Till I get home this weekend. We will see if the webmaster and I will hook up for a good few minutes. f so we will add some new shirt arrived and if not we will have to wait i guess..
keep cool you sick fucks. Love you all



5th of February 2007, I Have It Set
5:37PM CET

Motley Crue - Tommy Lee is in love agian.... fuck that guy seems to never really settle down wonder if he even wanna?!!!! -"HARD rocker Tommy Lee has a soft side, and he's not afraid to flaunt it. Spies at nightclub Home on Wednesday witnessed Lee fawning over his cocktail waitress. "He was obsessed with her," we're told. "He kept telling her about a new line of lingerie for men and his new perfume line. Tommy said that guys need to do more role- playing." Lee hasn't gone totally girly, though - our source also saw him tweak the cocktail waitress' nose. "He just would not leave her alone," the tipster said.
What the fuck?? See these are some of the news things I really think is somewhat silly to feed us all with. What the hell is going on.

I have now settled the thing with Heather coming over as you know. I have to say I am quiet excited about it. She is not the typical Crue fan and that is somewhat good for me too. People have asked me (very few but still) will this girl make your collecting ways change?? Here seems to be the answer to that one. "NO!!!"

She will not stand in my ways even though she one time did say - maybe Tommy you are ready to change some things and maybe you are ready for more or new ways or new things that you have not had the will to let in before?? That could be possible. I would not know!!! Simly cause what ever it may be have not yet been tried out by me. And further more I still DO have the passion for the Crued dudes so I am not gonna change it aroud just like that .... guess many of you already kind of knew that right?? But there is no doubt that I will have a good girl here in support in everyway there is and could be. So trust me I wanna do the best possible thing there is with any true girl. But to the ones that have asked me .. no there is not an ending in sight when it comes to my personal collecting so the site and all continues.

Some more new thing are in the mail so as soon as I get that here I will have it on too. There has been the start of the payments as written in here on my so caleld dream deal on the old backdrop and curtains. There will be some more smalelr pieces from past tours but Crue members used material so again the "Personal" section is gonna be growing quiet some after all this summer it seems. I love it and I am proud to say that I am able to have such a collection!!! Its shit great!! I love it morethan I can possibly say on here.

More news later for me this year. But hey, I have o kind of wait till we get way into the summer. I have to try to make sure that this new job of mine will be with me longest possible. I can already now say it is a fairly simple job to do but it is also a so not Tommy job. I dont feel for it really . but itts needed and to be honest I need to get a little list of questions answered for myself to make right moves and all. I so need it to find ultimate peace in my life. You have no idea. Ohh boy ...

Anyway now its dinner time here for me and I will more or less only realx and watch TV tonight here in Roskilde and tomorrow they have promised cold and snow again. So the whole idea of this new life of mine and calm waters on my Motley life is kind of not too exciting.. to my frineds and all visitors on here .... much love - fuck the non believers!!!! Your personal bastard..


This auction is for "the original" Sonor Phonic 7pc double-bass drum set used by Tommy Lee durring Motley Crue's extensive THEATRE OF PAIN world tour. Made famous due to Tommys outragious drum solo where the platform rises and is angeled at 90 degrees while he played his killer drum solo. You can see the holes on the bass drum hoops where it was mounted onto the platform to keep it secure. The shells still have the May Mic system (no mics, clips only).

The set consists of 14"x14, 15"x15" toms, 16"x17" 18"x17" floor toms, two 24"x18" bass drums, will also include Tommys original Pearl Free-Floating snare drum that was used on the "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" video and subsequent tour. Still has the trigger mounted on the shell. I have included a picture of Tommy from one of the concerts. You can click on the pic to see all the detail. Also, You can see a clip of the concert on YouTube (see link below)

The set is in great condition considering the hundreds of shows it endured. "Top of the line" Sonor Phonic/made is Germany/beach wood shells. The drums are very heavy. UPS ground shipping to U.S. and Canada. Los Angeles local pick up would be great. Auction will start at $2000 with no reserve. Highest bidder will win this fantastic drum set. You may check out the drums if you are local. Contact me to arrange a time. Good luck and happy bidding!-------http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xn2PRCcO78 or Youtube key words (Too Young to Fall in Love & Tommy Solo)

This killed me the other day as it was up for grabs. I know this was another huge want the old orginal kit not with the floor drum hreads and not the symbal but still.... I was more than torn not getting or having the chance to get this one!!! It just felt like a knife in the back bad timing and all. This was a situation and time where I really needed the girlfriend I would love so much!!! Get love and comfort trying to make me think of something else. I honestly shared a few tears for this los. FUCK !!!!!



4th of February 2007, A Thousand Thoughts
6:53PM CET
It is a new week, after the first week of the new life, in my old life and it is kind of a weird feeling having to do all kinds of new things in a new and extremely different kind of scedual than from what I am being used to. I guess I am going to take a few weeks to adjust this and myself really. Anyway the new life, job and address in the weekdays are kind of going to be really weird for me for a long period of time. I have nothing but a madress and a back pack where I am at for the next long, long, long time from now on. So in its own wicked ways there are plenty of things to think about that could and should involve summer time and there after.

I am going to have a visit in 3 weeks or 24 days to be exact. From the USA Heather Walker is going to be here for some time. That is kind of a weird new feeling but it will be a lot of fun. Hopefully. She is coming here at the end of this month. Last night I was informed bout the ticket being set up and all. So yeah, we will absolutely have a regular Danish every day life to show her. She is a Motley fan but nothing more I mean when it comes to the Crue. She is not having like a huge thing for them or anything. Not collecting them nor buying an ass load of things and all. Kind of a nice feeling I guess. No competitions there in any form or way lol, lol.

I took a ride home this first weekend off from my new job and all. I think there was a cool feeling about going home. I needed that some how. The new surroundings are not attractive at all to me but I deal with it and have a line of things that are kind of making me okay with it in the end. Like the fact that my man Mr. H. holding some past tour things that I want in the States has seen its first payment to it. As I post this the first payment is as a money order going to him. I feel really cool abot that fact. I have to make it. I have to just really be able to get that thing home safely. It is hard as fuck but that is the main reason for me to even have taken this job to begin with.

I have to say I am not quiet surprised about the ways I see this. Not quiet surprised about the feelings I am sitting with towards this deal now started. I think I am going to be a lot more willing to work since I know what I will get for it. Big pay checks? Nope. Fuck that. I am getting money yes, but money to cover a ones in a life time offer, an offer that I would not ever get over if I did not take it. And guess what I am At least I have started trying with the first payment to it already. What a close call that that too would not have been happening for me. So many details and convincing talks and shit to go through before I would have the bog last word brothers.

So in its own weird ways yes I may now really happy about that one. Here is another thing that is kind of painful being a massive collector. New Tommy stuff again. New Tommy glasses and shirts from off his site. www.tommylee.tv Yeah, it is all crazy now. And hell he has that clothing line as well as Sixx has and them two I have promised myself I will not touch. Also now Tommy is said to get his own perfume line. What the fuck ….. how much are we going to be concerned about financially lol?

I think it is shit hard to get around and just grabbing all there is and not only because its highly priced some of it but because there are so much of it. It is kind of a hopeless situation. I tell you all out there to even just TRY to cover all there is on the four is more than a hopeless thing. It is just not possible to do it. You kind of always have to choose and pick whats wanted the most. And that I myself have a really hard time doing. Cause what I want the most is … everything that I do not have.

You see there is a way of getting a lot but the price and not only in dollars is huge. Sometimes it is for one like myself a high priced thing that really takes a big bite into your health, well being and more. It is just really an un-cool thing that can be asked of me to get to own some itmes really wanted.

I think this weekend at home by my stuff, by my belongings has been giving m sort of new blood and fresh view on it all. I have been working like a donkey on the site all Friday night and full time Saturday too. I think a good. Have added new shit to the Vince Neil solo pages, Tommy Lee solo pages, Crue passes, Articles, Magazines, tickets, CDs, DVDs, This N That and more. Still some shirts laying there waiting to be taken shots off and added too.

Ohh yes, there are still a lot of things to be looked into. But a good 100 new pictures and items have been added to the site yesterday and are now there for your viewing pleasure. It is so not going to be the last adding for some time. I am going to be home again next Saturday and then I am going to have shirts and stuff on there too. A full time work out on the site (s)

There will be more from Jesse too any day. He is still working kind of on his time frames for a few new diary postings and all. Some wants his Supernova concert experience as well as I do. And I tell you guys, he will do one. He promised me this much lol. Love out Jesse. As he builds up the crazy Motley museum with the load of personal past belongings of items stored at his place is just over the top. I love it. I need to be a better guy to myself and to him in some ways I think. I am so hoping for some great share with Jesse He is shit cool about things and I get along with him like nothing else I can possibly think of. I think there are things in my Motley life that are not meant to be shared with most people but Jesse is one of the very few counted, that holds my wants and willingness to do just that with no limits at all. To share.

Tommy is right now still out there doing his Supernova thing and I am not one bit tired of not doing that. I have been giving the CD a spin again and there is not really anything part from the fact that the drummer in the band is 25% of my daily passion. But part from that I could not give a ratt`s ass about it. I think maybe the new stuff on Vince Neil could be fairly good – his next solo album to come that is. I hope it does not get pushed round no more. He is now where he needs to have that one out I think. He needs to have the solo album finished.

There is a March tour coming up for him and that is way sooner than I care to think about. You see I have a line of things that are just not feeling right if they gets pushed much further so yeah, that solo release is absolutely one of them things for sure. Need the CD to be finished and available to us all. There are more kind of much more to be released for us collectors from them all. This yeah I mean. And that is kind of painful enough to know about. Shit I really hope there will be a nice touch to how things will work out for me in the long run. I have been so amazingly good with trying to cover all there have been released so far since that magical day late 2004 in Hollywood. Fuck. Not much missed at all of official released items. And I kind of need for that to be a continued thing till the end of their next and more than likely last world tour and all.

Next on the websites here we are going to try to better the info on the items that needs it. Like stuff on the “This N That” pages or something. Trying to feed you with a little text under the items that some of you have had doubts about what is. Thank for the feedback. That makes it possible for me to better every little thing there is on here and that is kind of super cool. Appreciate that a lot. Critism is the best useful feedback you can possible have coming in your life. Okay I am almost at the stop where I need to get off this train and on another for 4 hours. SO Ill pack this away now and then continue on the next!!! Till then ……. Rock it dude….

Okay on the next train out. Leaving Aarhus now, heading towards Roskilde. I am not really too calm about my seat here. I did not buy a seat ticket so I can be asked to leave any time. Not cool .I just forgot to get one. Anyway I am here now and I am only in need of being left alone for the next three hours. And I will be fine. It is for sure a huge help if I could sit here and not really have too much shit going on. We will see how it all turns out. Right!!!

Yesterday Saturday we got our ESP tickets for the concert at “The Rock” the rock club in the heat of Copenhagen. I am pretty sure that’s going to be a great one. It was the last time the boys were there. Will get to meet a few good friends there too. Now when I say “we “ got tickets then I mean me, my brother and this Heather of USA. That’s right. We are all going and its March 16th. Looking forward to that one. It will be cool. Another night with Mr. John Corabi and ex-KISS men. I like it. No interviews and nothing. I love to do what I do on that front but yeah…. This time I will be there for the viewing pleasure only. Kind of nice.

Motley Crue had this dude over a decade ago and I loved it. I miss another follow up with Corabi on the mic stand. That will for surer never happen ever again. It is fine though. When it all comes down we al want the original members of any band we love so much. So now it is time for us to do a new evening with Corabi in Copenhagen and it will be sweet. I love it. There have been a line of items up on eBay that has also ended and that I did not do anything about. Not because I never wanted to. But because I right now try to focus solidly only have thr deeama deal in my head. We stopped again … need to shot this off in case we have seat trouble …okay seems like I survived this one too. Never again will I do this travelling without a seat ticket. No way nahh ahhh….

Let me throw in a reminder here of the SHOP page on here. Have you guys checked out the drumheads up for grabs ( without signatures though) – a true copy of the past tour floor drum heads. If you truly are a massive collector you should save money up and get these. They are fucking amazing. Check em all out. Or maybe you want some other costume thing jackets, helmets, bike, car or other cool doings to a loved piece of yours. I know I will but right now I have to have the things dealt wit hand leared first that I have started.

I miss Corinna and my shared adventures and it is with great pleasure that I think back on the many trips we shared over the years of 2005 and 2006. More than likely there will not be any this year. I fucking don’t even know if I will have any vacations at all. Ohh yeah, there are so going to be troubled minds as I see and hear things to come that I can not attend. It will be like somebody is stabbing me. Not cool at all. Fuck, but I will use energy and worry when those times comes later. Right now I have other things to focus on.

Should I point out one single thing that really kind of killed me emotionally this past week since the last posting on here it would be the fact that Tommy`s old theatre white dbl bass drum kit ws up on eBay. Obviously it sold. For only 2800 dollars, FUCK!!!!! How ever had I jumped it I would be missing out the deal going on now. And its not a question of what I wanted the most. It was a question of whom I promised what. And the seller of these two items has raised hell to make sure they are going to be mine. So no letting this guy down one bit. And besides I will be ass proud as I hold that stuff in my possession and can say now these collectibles are all mine. Okay here comes Vejle – the next stop on this travel. Better save again and wait to see if someone takes my seat here.. I will be back if I avoid that one too. Hang on…..

Survived that one too. Nice.. now let me just close this posting of today. I have a good feeling that I will be having a line of great times in the name of motley in the near future. There are still a lot of smaller things like constantly coming in. As said have just added a good 100 pictures over the week-end and there are still shit on its way here. Oh yes, things will expand all the time through out the year of 2007. I know its going to be great.

Don’t know what the future holds don’t have a crystal ball if you will, but I know that I will have a good chance of getting a few things added that I longed for, for many years. And this is the ultimate best year to at least try to get some of the old wants and stuff. Cause next year 2008 will hold new release world tour and a movie that more than likely will have a line of things to it too. Plus what ever else they will throw at us all. Yeah the Motley camp is surely not sleeping. There are so shit loads of things that are just so hard to even sit and just think about. My god. This would be the last few lines of wisdom lol this time around. See you all later in the week, much love – stay Crued, Tx

29th of January 2007, Strong Emotions
12:38PM CET
So the last week-end as I know it is soon over. I am not gonna have more weekends like this for time and time again. today is an off day relaxing and all. have spent my friday and Saturday like there were no night to seperate them. Only been having a total of 5 hours since I got up for work Friday morning. Now I am here it is Sunday and I am gonna try to have some sort of relaxing day. Its interview day at 4Pm for e the the German 80s old school metal SINNER. Mat is gonna call me then at 4 gonna be pretty cool. I like them. Other than that the site here has been looked at a little today too as you can see. A few more magazine posters and shit. Plus the new page in Crue Shop!!! Yeah its all going to be new times expanded times and more on here. And in my life in generel.

Had an old kind of talk to Corinna my travelling partner of doing in the name of Motley so that was kind of a flashback on past doings and all. We both miss the shared travelling and all experience and more Yeah its sick. Have so many more things to do and wanting to see. It it is kind of like a never ending journey to do. So want it. But the year of 2007 has this damn thing attached to it called new job. Just a job with a whole new set of rules and shit. I can not begin to tell you how cool it is going to be from a financial side of things in a few months down the line but it also limits a lot if doings for me so I guess I am forced to say that I am glad there is not going to be a tour and all this year. In that sence it all fits just perfectly.

Today Sunday Supernova is going to be at the DCU Center, at 50 Foster St, Worchester, MA...for a show tonight. Guess who will go? No, no, it is not me. But my partner in crime Jesse is going. I am not jealousd really more curious to hear what he thinks about it afterwards. I will make him post something on here tomorrow like his day of thoughts about it pre show, at the show and after. should be interesting. Guess hen the band is staying on the east coast for a few days having Regis & Kelly in New York tomorrow on TV too and then move back in towards the middle of USA. They get around. And a line of new merchandise is up too. It is still through Fanfire so ... long delays and crap can be expectd if you order online. But the new stuff should be at venues too I guess?? Anyway this is what the new gear looks like ;

Toronto's Lukas Rossi says he can breathe a major sigh of relief now that he's performed the first Rockstar Supernova concert on New Year's Eve in Sin City. "It's just a feeling of accomplishment," the 30-year-old singer told the Toronto Sun in a Canadian newspaper exclusive the night after Rockstar Supernova's North American tour launch at The Joint in the Hard Rock Cafe. "It's good to get it under your belt. It's kind of like, 'Well, we went through all this s--t, we can only go up from here,' you know what I'm saying? I think the band gave it 110%. I think we just brought it as best we could, man. And it's going to get better. This is the first show of the tour, so it's taking baby steps."

Rossi, seated on a couch in The Joint's second-floor, candle-lit dressing room of his Rockstar Supernova bandmates -- guitarist Gilby Clarke and bassist Johnny Colt -- sipped on a soda and seemed generally pleased with his opening-night performance, despite some room for improvement. For example, Rossi stopped and restarted the band's show-ending cover of the Rolling Stones' Let's Spend The Night Together because he wanted the crowd's response to be louder. What he didn't realize at the time was that his voice was being drowned out in the mix and the audience couldn't hear him.

"There's glitches here and there," Rossi said. "Hills and valleys, man, and we hit a couple of valleys (Sunday) night, but the best thing about falling down is getting up again and you've got to do it really quickly 'cause everyone's just standing there and you know especially (Sunday) night, just drunk as hell and just wanting to rock 'n' roll. All in all, it was just a f---in' blast."

Rossi said Rockstar Supernova, rounded out by his pal Tommy Lee of Motley Crue on drums, only had about two weeks of rehearsal before the New Year's Eve launch. The group's next show is Jan. 16 in Hollywood, Fla., so even more rehearsal time is in the cards before they arrive at Massey Hall on Jan. 24. The North American tour wraps up at the end of February with dates following in Australia and rumours of a more extensive Canadian tour in the spring. Before Rockstar Supernova's appearance at The Joint, they warmed up with an outdoor, five-song set that was projected above them on a curved overhead screen known as the Fremont Street Experience.

"S--t, I thought I had a big forehead in person dude, you should have seen when my head was up on that s--t," Rossi joked. Otherwise, Rossi said he wasn't nervous about the first show and that seeing all those Canadian flags waving back at him from the audience on the floor at The Joint was reassuring. "So cool," he said. "S--t, man, that's where I was raised, man. And they came all this way just to support homeboy, and I'm like, 'F---!' That's like big hugs, you know? Like I went in the front row and this girl gave me like this big leather bracelet that had my name engraved on it, like gold-dust, it's amazing, dude."

So really no opening-night case of nerves? "Everyone's just here to support us," said Rossi, who had plans to head back up to Toronto after the band's second show at The Joint on Monday night. "I'd be a fool to be nervous, you know what I mean? I think I came into myself a few songs into the set 'cause you gotta take a deep breath and step back and be like, 'F---, okay, we're actually here. We're doing this now." And once the show was over, he was able to celebrate New Year's Eve into the wee hours. "I never drink before I go on stage, ever, I don't party," he said.

That, of course, all changed when Rossi headed up to Lee's hotel room for the afterparty. "It was f--in' ridiculous," Rossi said with a laugh. "Tommy brought his f---in' DJ s--t up in his room, we had like a couple hundred people in there, just nuts. Just off the hook. There was like 13 comped rooms because they were all complaining and s--t about the noise."

Some other Supernova news shit is that is this "Rossi Under Restraint" Toronto singer Lukas Rossi promises a sexually tamer show when Rockstar Supernova pulls into Massey Hall tomorrow night. The band that sprang from the second season of last summer's CBS reality-TV show, Rockstar: Supernova, got off to a lascivious start on New Year's Eve in Sin City with a raunchy spoken-word introduction by Rossi that wouldn't have been out of place in Penthouse.

"I want to use that intro, but it depends because there are some kids that come to our shows. I don't want to pollute their minds before they get a chance to get polluted themselves," said Rossi, 31, in an exclusive Canadian newspaper interview with Sun Media in the dressing rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel's The Joint the day after the tour launch in Las Vegas. "It's f---in' rock 'n' roll man, but it doesn't mean we have to be f---in' belligerent. If there's young fans coming, there won't be any bulls--t like that." The tour opener by Rockstar Supernova -- rounded out by Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and Black Crowes bassist Johnny Colt (filling in for an injured Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica) -- also employed the use of "the titty cam."

Basically, Lee operated a video camera that encouraged females in the audience to flash their breasts, something that's hard to imagine happening at Massey Hall. "Well, that's up to Uncle T, man," said Rossi with a sly smile. "No, at Massey Hall, you sit down and s--t. You know what? We're just going to feel it. I won't allow that if there's children and s--t."

Surprisingly, given the assembled players and their back catalogues, there were no Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses or Black Crowes covers in the set list at the tour launch. Rossi said there was some discussion about that but he was against it. "There was talk about that but I just don't want to bring the past into the future and I think the guys agreed on that," he said. "It's open for conversation, I guess. It's just I don't think we need to do that right now. I don't think people want to hear that. I mean, sure, there's a lot of people who do. But the majority, I think, they're interested in Supernova, the band, not ex-members of (other) bands."

Unlike the Vegas launch, the Massey Hall show will also have three openers all related to the reality-TV show: Finalist Toby Rand's band Juke Kartel, finalist Dilana, and judge Dave Navarro's band The Panic Channel. "We have a sold-out show there, so that's going to be crazy, man," said Rossi. "Toronto, Canada is where my heart is, man. Again, I was raised there my whole life and I learned the ups and downs of life there. Yeah, it'll probably be the most special one. They're all special to me, but that'll be the most touching, I guess. I'll be a little nervous. It'll be amazing."

The Torontonian, who at the time of the interview remained estranged from his family, said he only gets six comped tickets, but is willing to bring more people into Massey Hall if he has to. "Hey man, they're going to come in with me -- even if they're just fans walking down the street. I don't care. I don't give a s--t. You can't put limitations on a fan's love, man. I don't care. I'll pay for a ticket myself, just to show some love." ---
What Rockstar Supernova played at their North American tour launch in Las Vegas:

Be Yourself (And 5 Other Cliches)
It's On
It's All Love
Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse (With Strings)
Social Disgrace
Bittersweet Symphony (With Strings)
Make No Mistake ... This Is The Take
The Dead Parade (With Strings)
Leave The Lights On

Let's Spend The Night Together

Any one out there collecting or know of some that collects KISS I hav a few itmes from a past monster collection ready up for grabs. That was just kind of like a thught on the side. I know there are gonna be a line of things the webmaster and myself, are going to work on under the new to come different frames of timesceduals - but we have a good few ideas to throw new things together on here as do Jesse and I. It really is going to be new exciting addings and we are quiet high on getting them on.

More stuff in the mail to me here so the next time tehre will be an adding to the site of items will more than likely be at the end of February. I dont see it happening earlier I am afraid. But diaries and all will be on here like constantly still. There is still stuff at my two other Crue collection addresses in the USA that are not added on here just yet. Looks like distances and more are all whats gonna be the limiter of things to be done here of cause along with the meanest word known to man - money honey!! Lol....

Talk to you shortly. Get your collectibles on the "Crue Shop" site of www.mcrueloyalty.com now.

Heather, it looks like there are a few good chances for us to be the couople that really could survive most. Ever felt you meet someone you really wanna get things going with then time after time you only get a more and more complicated situation and it ends? Also tried the oposit? Meeting someone that then turns out to be everything or close to it that you have ever hoped for finding in your past!?? This is kind of that feeling I have these days. It is just a great feeling that kind of gives me serious cool xtra energy and hope for a better time.

I have a lot of confidence in my hopeles Motley situations right now due to this one girl. She is an amazing piece of caracter. Just love her ways and her views and willingness to share, give and take. It is a fullblooded pleasure for sure. So it kind of goes off on my Motley creativities and collecting too. Heather for that I thank you. Jesse you ahve been a beyond cool friend in many ways recently. Thank you too for the person that you are. I say it agan now on here and in public, I envy your ass brother. You are a shit cool dude. Dont ever let anyone tell you any different. later kids, One Love peace out - Tommy

27th of January 2007,
12:09PM CET

Hey people its time again for a little something on here. Have added a few things again on here slowly begun a section in the CRUE Shop. Look in there and make your order to us in the contact section to either Tommy or Jesse about the limited collectible old school bassdrum-heads real size tribute to Tommy lee´s old kits skins over the years!!! There will be all of them available with time. Plus check out the insainly biker tanks and helmets. Its quiet simply insaine. More items will come also with Supernova, MCrueLoyalty and more. You will dig al lthis shit. Oh yeah brothers and sisters there is a shit load of ass cool stuff to decorate your walls with here. all cool. There is gonna be a shit load of so ever cool things to collect in the future from this page!!! So keep coming back and we let you all in on a little something. For a starter here are whats there now!!!

I am gonna have a thing about the dream deal started here too shortly. Next week will see its first of maybe a good 4 payments or something to get the deal going. I am so psycked about it and a few out there knows all about it. So hopefully sometime late April or soemthing the shit will bein Boston at Jesse´s and he will have the pain in the ass respocibility of keeping an eye out on all that crap thats there. Looks like there will be quiet some cool shit there when the last bit of smoke clears huhh lads??

Vince Neil will be performing the red-hot hits of MÖTLEY CRÜE (including "Kickstart My Heart", "Girls Girls Girls", "Dr. Feelgood" and "Home Sweet Home") with his all-star band featuring Dana Strum (SLAUGHTER, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION) on bass, Jeff Blando (SLAUGHTER) on guitar and Will Hunt (TOMMY LEE, DARK NEW DAY, SKRAPE) on drums.

Vince Neil will make two appearances at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, February 22-25, 2007. On Sunday, February 25 at 2pm, Neil himself will preside over the bar along with Francesco Lafranconi, founder and director of Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada's Academy of Spirits in the step by step concoction of everybody's favorite frozen cocktail. Neil will initiate margarita lovers in the art of making the perfect "Rita", blended with his own Tres Rios tequila, the outcome of a dedicated search by Neil for the purest 100% agave nectar, which he found flourishing at the juncture of three rivers in Mexico.

Later that afternoon at the Publix Grand Tasting Village, Neil will open the Delta Live Auction tailored to the ultimate Vince Neil fan. Up for bids is one case of signed bottles of Vince Neil's Tres Rios Tequila, two first class tickets on Delta Airlines to Las Vegas, a "sweet" suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas with all accommodations for two, a personal invitation from Vince to have drinks with him in person at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, dinner at the RIO at Café Martorano and a Vince Neil personally autographed guitar. Bidding begins online at www.sobeauction.cmarket.com and carries over to the Delta Live Auction on Sunday, February 25.

Tasting Neil's perfect Rita is just one opportunity from the compendium of spirit-oriented events at this year's Food Network South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Held at the South Beach Marriott throughout the weekend are four interactive cocktail clinics focusing on creative cocktails, such as an intensive on "muddled" drinks such as caipirinhas and mojitos, a refresher on classic cocktails, and a return to sexy libations perfumed with rose essence. These cocktail clinics sessions are all hands-on, and led by master mixologists Tony Abou-Ganim and Francesco Lafranconi, both winners of cocktail competitions.

For a complete listing of events and for ore information, please visit the festival web ite at www.sobewineandfoodfest.com or call 877- 762-3933. Produced by Florida International University and Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida, with the support of the Miami Beach Visitors and Convention Authority, the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine magazine will continue to bring together some of the planet's greatest chefs, winemakers, spirits producers and culinary personalities to entertain patrons in high style and to educate palates with cooking demos and wine seminars.

Events include the Moet & Chandon BubbleQ, Wine Spectator's Best of the Best, Wine Spectator Wine Seminars, Burger Bash and the Grand Tasting Village to name just a few.

MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil has lined up the following solo dates during the coming months:
Mar. 10 - Owensboro, KY - Executive Inn Expo Center
Mar. 23 - Libertyville, IL - Austin's Saloon
Mar. 24 - Fountain Hills, AZ - Ft. McDowell Resort And Casino
Mar. 28 - Sydney, Australia - Sydney University
Mar. 29 - Melbourne, Australia - The Palace
Mar. 30 - Brisbane, Austalia - The Arena
Apr. 01 - Perth, Australia - The Capital
Apr. 04 - Honolulu, HI - Pipeline
Apr. 14 - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Halifax Forum
Apr. 22 - Redding, CA - Win River Casino

There is another new item I like to get my hands on on eBay these days. It is hard at times and quiet often that I have these watches and all. And right about now and a god year forward its not at all financial ly attractive to stumble into these damn things. But lets see how it all goes. Here is the auction text and some pictures "This is your chance to get a REAL Nikki Sixx Guitar from the "Route of all Evil" Tour!! This is Nikki's Final "Smasher" Bass Un-Used From the tour. I honestly hate to part with the guitar...But I'm selling a few item's from the tour to help purchase a new home. The guitar has been engraved by nikki's tech for the show but Ended up being an extra and was given to me. I'm including a set of 3 Nikki Sixx guitar picks from the tour and a setlist. Good Luck"

Finally there is a new model out of Nikki`s famous "Blackbird" bass from a few years back. This time it has the Epiphone cheaper edition to it and it just got released last week on the NAMM show in Anaheim, Cal. Yeah things often has comes as I cant do jack about it. But then again this and a lot of other shit is not like here and now this week only. This bass is gonna be around for some time.

If you wanna get it or just wanna check it out go to the company`s website http://www.epiphone.com/ Thats about all for now there will be a lot of news on here to get added in the near future but remember from now on there will new set of "rules" as I have a long shitty stinker of a new job for me from Thursday and there will be absolutely no time to do much at all. How ever its gonna be a line of new things and working frames so till all that is nicely settled we just have to work as it come .. nothing further from here this time. XX

20th of January 2007, B`Days & Crue Actions
1.23PM CET
Today is kind of a shitty day for me. I wanna be somewhere else if we talk Motley activities. You see today the yearly returning event of the NAMM show in Anaheim is having a couply of our boys there. And I feel like crap not being there. My Crue partner Corinna I wonder if she even knows she moved there and lives fucking round the corner now. But is she dont then hell this is one huge mistake. Then again there may be the minor detail called work.

Fuck I hate normalcy!!! It sucks and limits people like me from a lot in my wants and at times needs. Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars and bassist Nikki Sixx will be at the NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim, California on Saturday, January 20. Wanted to have been there like yeasterday for shit sure too cause Paul Stanley of KISS appeared Friday from 12 - 2 PM at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, California. He was at the Washburn Guitar booth to promote his new Paul Stanley guitar series. Gene Simmons is there today too.

Mick will be appearing at the Marshall booth from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. signing autographs for fans.
Nikki will be at the Dean Markley booth from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.,

Basson booth from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and the
Ovation booth from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Check this one out see how massive this shit is.. go to www.NAMM.com and check out the 06namm video to get a small time look in on what its all about. Interested in music by heart you have GOT TO GO to this thing. I am limited and out of reach and chance to attend due to my dream deal .. yes i have said it so many times already i am so gonna be loosing shit loads of experiences and items for these single two items. damn. The NAMM show is january 18th to the 21st at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim just south of Los Angeles. You wanna meet the starts and more these days arethe days to get that dream fulfilled. Its all possible at this massively extreme exclusive event yearly. Fuck i cant beleive I am not going.

Besides Mick Mars going to be there today his site to many`s interest has gotten up and running. But yet not fully loaded with all that's meant to be there. I kind of like his site the ideas colors and things in there. A ton of cooler info and all can make it a bad ass site. I think this turned out to be one really cool one. The Vince Neil site has changed too as we all know. Far cooler colors and set ups how ever cooler or not I am not the greatest fan of his site. I still think www.Tommylee.TV is the best of them all, It rocks huge!!!!

Also as said today is double B`day to two rather important people in my life. I wish both of them a shiny happy birthday what ever and where ever they may choose to hold day of their latest added number in summers they have been on this planet. I love you both and nothing will probably ever change that!! Heather you`re a pearl awesomeness amongst all known to man. I have never ever in my life met one with a bigger and more passionate heart than yours. It is fucking almost scary!!!

The other B`day kid of the day and a long loved one on my life. And of highly importance to my musical road in life is Paul Stanley of KISS. Turns 55 today. Its almost not thinkable. He still is 25 - 30 in my mind and nothing is more real and straight forward in the rock music business than this guy!!! He has always been loyal to his music no matter where it has been and taken him at one point in time. Love Paul!!!! This is Genes birthday message to his musical partner: "Once upon a time, the Lord created one of his wonders: The Starchild...and it was good. And so it went, until one day, the Starchild got up and rocked, with the guitar heard 'round the world. So it was written, so it shall be. A Happy Birthday to my good lookin' partner, Paul Stanley, Gene"

Also check this one out - Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp!!
Camp starts at 2:00 PM on Thursday February 15th and ends Monday at Midnight February 19th (you can be home for Valentine's Day - Feb. 14th) with no night off throughout the camp. The last camp sold-out in record time ... Reserve your spot now.

Full Camp: $9,499
Includes attendance for 5 days and nights at Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood, CA from Thursday February 15th, 10+ hours of daily jamming & instruction, 13 meals with campers and celebrity musicians, DVD of camp highlights, welcome bag, travel to and from camp events and Battle of the Bands at the famed House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Add on Spouse Package: $499
Please register my spouse for Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp evening activities including dinners, drinks, and the “Battle of the Bands” at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Spouses may attend seminars and dinners with campers.

Q: What is the camp?
A: It’s a five day camp that begins with you jamming with the Rock Stars immediately in our audition process. You are then grouped into a band led by one of our Rock Star counselors and then you will spend the next five days rehearsing for your performance at the Battle of The Bands at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. You also have the Mega Stars swinging by to throughout the week to meet each camper and play with each band.
Q: Where and When?
A: Hollywood California, February 15-19, 2007
Q: What can I expect?
A: Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp™ highlights include:
Small group instruction from celebrity musicians (campers are placed in a band with a rock star counselor for the entire camp duration)
Play and write your own original song
Perform live on stage to a sold out audience at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip
Counselor-led master class sessions in drums, bass, guitar, songwriting, etc.
A souvenir DVD of you jamming at the final night's Battle of the Bands
10+ hours of daily jam sessions with your bandmates and rock star counselors
Daily meals with celebrity musicians and campers
Rehearsal time at professional rehearsal studios such as SIR Studios
Plenty of opportunities for photos and autographs as guest stars walk through the camp all week (so be sure to bring your camera!)
Q: Who's going to be there?
A: We have Brian Wilson, Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers, Paul Stanley, Bret Michaels, Mickey Hart of Grateful Dead, Steve Vai, Scott Ian of Anthrax confirmed and rock stars to be announced!
Q: Will I get to play with the stars?
A: Absolutely you’ll get to play them in the studios and onstage with at House of Blues
Q: How old do you have to be to attend the camp?
A: Campers typically range in age from 21-60. We have accepted younger campers who have exceptional talent, with parental supervision. We offer "spouse" packages, which parents can purchase if they want to attend with their children. We ask that you be at least 16 years old to rock at our camps!
Q: What does it cost?
A: $9499 which includes all meals, all transportation within Hollywood, studio time, use of equipment, playing at the House of Blues, master classes, and gift bags.
Q: Is the hotel included?
A: No, but we do provide discounted hotel rates at the Renaissance Hotel in LA. Please contact us if you’d like assistance in booking.
Q: How will I be assigned to a band?
A: The audition process is an opportunity for our campers to start jamming with our rock stars immediately. You’re given a list of songs well in advance and you let us know what song you would like to play when you first come to Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp. You’ll be playing along with one or two other campers in front of our camp counselors. This enables our counselors to get a feel because later on they’ll be assembling bands and it gives you an opportunity to get rid of your stage fright right away and put you onstage with a rock star. Most campers have turned and said, “I’ve got my money’s worth” after the first day. There’s nothing to be scared about, it’s a lot of fun and a great event to watch. Once you finish auditioning you can already go to a room and start jamming.
Q: Can I bring my significant other?
A: Yes! We charge $499 which includes all the meals as well as the cocktail parties, rock star sessions, and the final night at House of Blues. We only ask that they do not attend the studio sessions because that is time meant for campers only.
Q: Can I be in a band with a friend?
A: Absolutely! All we require is enough notice. We’ll arrange for you to be rocking in the same band.
Q: Is equipment provided?
A: Yes! Our sponsor, Gibson provides the finest guitars and bass guitars. We also have DW drums, Korg keyboards, Marshall amplifiers, effect pedals, and any other necessary gear you may need as well as top roadies and staff, who handle the biggest rock and roll stars to take care of you. If you’d like to bring your own guitar or snare and cymbals we encourage you to bring what will make you comfortable, but we do ask that you mark your gear.
Q: How much time will I be in the studio?
A: Everyday from 10AM – 10PM besides lunch, dinner, and appearances. Then again in the evenings you’ll be jamming onstage with the counselors. You’ll be immersed in RRFC!
Q: Will I be able to get autographs and photographs?
We make sure that our campers get all the photographs and autographs that they want. Your home will look like the Hard Rock Café.
Q: When will I be able to meet with other musicians if I am not in their band?
A: Everyone will eat together and almost every night will feature a celebrity jams during which you will get to meet all the celebrity musicians.
Q: Can I change instruments?
A: Yes, but the camp would like advance notice for the request to be processed.
Q: What clothing should I bring?
A: You will be rehearsing in studios for most of the day so bring whatever you think you’d be comfortable in.
Q: How much time do I get playing with the stars?
A: The Stars come in do a performance and then a Q&A session which can last an hour. After that they walk through each studio performing with all the campers, as well as signing autographs, taking photographs and talking to the campers. At this camp, campers will actually learn a Beach Boy tune from Jeff Foskett & Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys
Q: How do I sign up?
A: There are 4 ways you can sign up:
1) By Phone: Call us at 1.888.ROC.BAND (888.762.2263)
2) Online
3) By Fax: Fax your registration form with credit card information to 917.591.9470
4) By Mail: Fill out the registration form and send it in with your check or credit card info to:

Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp
61 W. 62nd Street, Suite #18M
New York, NY 10023

Q: How do I get additional tickets to the Battle of the Bands final show?
A: Tickets are available online at www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com, by calling the home office at 1.888.ROC.BAND, at the venue box office. Tickets are also on location and through TicketmasterPaul confirmed that he will serve as a "counselor" at next month's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. The five-day camp takes place Feb. 15-19 in Hollywood and culminates in a Battle of the Bands at the House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood, California. Thats all folks!! A lot of fucking cruecial cool and more going on these dayas in my interest of music but also in place to be California FUCK!!! Tommy

18th of January 2007, Life Has Its Ways - I Just Eat It Up....
7:44PM CET
There are ways to change a life. I am not going to say I am stopping collecting, lol imagine that lol, lol. No I am in the middle of this change in some ways that are gong to put things in some sort of new perspective. On many subjects actually. So I am still really excited about getting things started. I know things will be hard and I know things will be quiet hard to get used to the first month will be ass hard. But I have so many cool 2007 things to look forward to its insaine. The last few days have had some truely remarkable addings to my filthy little life.

Next thing now would be a girl living with me 24-7. It will come. It will this year i am aiming for some Motley Crue expandings to kind of complete the full circle of hoped for things since the reunion in 2005. Plus on a more personal level. I had my biggest dissapointment and lost all belief in many things the last half of last year. Looked myself inthe mirror right before new years eve and said to myself. I wanna have my Ex corinna on chat and webcam on new years eve sharing that and go into a new year that way as a final sort of thing for me before I took my first step into the new and "richer" me (on personality) so yes it was and has so far been a treat for me in 2007. And damn it look at the date it is only fucking the 18th of the first month in this new year. Thats pretty well awsome. I can not wait to move on to step two and three and four.

My 2007 has many chapters expandings in my private life as well as in my Motley collecting. I think there is going to be a smile so wide later in the year so my face needs a smile lowdown operation. No more heartacke. No more shitty pain and no more misguided doings in this boys everyday living. If I dont see a "repaid" passion for my givin love in all aspects then I just will not share mine.

On a Motley front on that subject its a bit different. I am gonna change things on that page in my life too but not in a "lay low" kind of way.I have done all this now and I have promised myself to do most possble the last few couple of years they are gonna be around for and as a band. You see I still am loyal by heart not cause it is a habit to me though it has now been going on 24 years for me. So next year is my 25th anniversary as a Crue fan and started collector. Aint that something? Where the hell did them years go? I have gotten a little more loose in the skin lol, lol, and some summers older but I am wiser, cuter and a hell of aa lot more serious when it comes to be listening to my heart and my actions.

MÖTLEY and SUPERNOVA drummer Tommy Lee — who is said to be big martial arts fan — announced the Pride Fighting Championships on Thursday (January 11) at the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel in West Hollywood, California. Tommy Lee was spotted outside Hyde club in Hollywood last week, signing autographs for fans. Watch footage from Lulop. he was quiet personal with a line of fans and all were quiet excited from what I can understand. To even hear all the stories I hear now and then from this area and knowing in the back of my mind that I could have lived there in the midddle of my pasionate ground is kind of hurting me quiet bad.

SUPERNOVA will kick off its North American headlining tour tonight (January 16), with THE PANIC CHANNEL as support. The band, which also features guitarist Gilby Clarke (ex-GUNS N' ROSES), vocalist Lukas Rossi and bassist Johnny Colt (BLACK CROWES, TRAIN), lost ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted after an accident that resulted in a torn anterior labrum in his left shoulder and a rotator cuff and bicep tear in the right. Newsted suffered the injuries while trying to catch a 90-pound bass head that had fallen from atop his amp. The combination of surgery and a lengthy rehab assignment could leave him sidelined for up to nine months.

There will be a few new things getting added here shortly again then there will go a good few weeks in between all these addings when it comes to pictures simply because I am not gonna be in here more than a few times a month for picture taking. bare with me. The new job as said is gonna change a lot in my awaken life. But things with me and the webmaster is simply going to be treated and handled with xtra care from now on to get as much shared time together for this site in the future. So no worries there either.

I am well into the fact that another thing may change some things too. The universe of love is knocking on my front door too. Have had a "meeting" lol, lol, Already here the first small steps to a perhaps new love thats gonna give me a lot more energy and positive wibes towards everythign else in my life has started. It is seriously a girl that is way beyond any dream from an emotional fart like myself !! Ths girl can be a lill too much of a good thing. This is yet a new complicated action on my part. But I have here a quiet opposite girl than ever had in any before. There have been laid everything card on the table good and bad. Loving and less loving things have been shared so there can eventually not be any surprises. Never have I experienced this either. Seems like the 7th heaven has discovered my ass on planet earth and is trying to help me out. Making things easy on a new fresh start a little easier. I highly appreciate it. Love it!!

I know people may wonder how this can possibly have anything to do with my motley life. As you all know my diary on this site is about things that touches my Cruecial life only!!! Well here is a clue. I have al llast fall been hugely dissapointed as you know buut have had nothing outside my Crue life working my way. Here is something, someone that maybe can. I tried to build al lthis with a certain someone else not too long ago but lost everything.

So hereis a new chance a new situation from a little town up north of the USA called Plentywood, Montana!There is nothing much to say or that I wanna say on here thats really any of anyones business but mine. So I only wanna say that this sweet little rock n roller also but of couse Crue fan. My pretty little angel eyes my precious little grudge (the kind one of these thiings lol lol ) Swear to god in certain ways she looks like "it". Kind of scary but yet ...ohh well not going there...

My Montana xxx chick is just so out of the ordinary. Other wise I guess I had not taken her in. But from her should things go well and hoped for then I gain a new found energy that is just gonna totally kill all the worries and negative shit that circles round my Motley life. Just let me get this dream deal going in March or April and let us see what is next in line for my Crue life and all other stuff in it. Buut this "discovering her" and sharing the whats evers been shared ..... life smiles to me again in a brand new way!! Fuck all none belivers.
Much love to all my dudes and bitches out there... one love - got it?!!! Your salve to passion Tommy

16th of January 2007, Two More Weeks Until It`s....
5:23PM CET
Yeah thats right fuckers. Only two more weeks and i should be able to say its all safe and secure. The dream deal and more. If I get through the next two weeks and they go like the time has so far in 2007 then it is all safe. I am beyond words for how I feel about that!! I so want things to go well and I so NEED it to go well too. I cant think of much else but this one deal / offer coming closer and closer.

One person out there is my safety net and I am for life thankful for it trust me. If it should come to the need of rescue. How ever I think no matter what the dream deal will come to me with not too many problems. The huge case here and now is without a doubt the fact of me starting a new job february first. I will not get paid in over 7 weeks from now on. So I am gonna be a little lost on the one short payment. but yet i am dead sure these two items will come to me in April. To all involved and you know who you are I thank you from my heart.

Speaking of thank you´s. jesse boy you experienced something yesterday that was just a little over the top personal and fresh. I dont know if I have actually thanked you in the right way yet. How ever I would like to take a second here and say thanks for the help the built up new belief in the lost and missed passion of love out there. You told me it was out there all I had to do was try my luck and believe again. My dear soon to be "loyalty" inked brother for life I thank you. I am and will always be here for you no matter what kind of issues you may have dude. Thanks again. Hope you found the latest catch exciting. I guareentee you it is.

"Glitter" I Only Want your Love!!!
Onething is rare in this world that is for sure. That one thing is nalked honestness and openness and to add love and bonding to it is almost unreal in these modern times. Life sometimes has and show its mysterious ways. My start of this new year has so far been a little better than I dared hope for. Things will be new for me but there have been hopes about things on a mile long list from 2006 so many have already now in the 3rd week of 2007 shown colour.

I am maybe one of the luckiest sons of bitches walking planet earth. I am a lucky fuck - thats not even a question. New life new style new love new belief new job new this new that I should cry in joy. I have so much energy and so much belief in most that I do so hey, guess who is smiling. Now I have three things in my calender that all are over the top in sizes of activities to do this year ....so far!!! I will succeed. Why? how can I be so sure? Cause I have my heart in all goals set and I have a list thats seriously dedicated in activities from my inner guts. So I can not loose this one. Can I?

My love, my new life is worth the last breaths I have in my body!! I am not gonna deny any on that front. No one could be in need of an angel passing his ways more than I.

Recent news - The auction of the signed limited new guitar by Vince neil and Nikki Sixx from Ovation went well it seems and ended at HIGHEST BID: $3,800.

The item up for bid: a gorgeous Ovation 1868T, donated in part by B&J Music, with a suggested list price of $1,800! The Motley Crue connection: Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil both autographed the axe! The part that'll make the winner feel really good: 100% of the proceeds will go to the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, c/o The TJ Martell Foundation (founded by the music industry for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research.) The auction ins and outs:bids will start at $1,000

bidding opens January 9th at 8am EST and closes February 9th, 2007 at 5pm EST.
bids must be sent via email
winner will be notified on Monday, February 12th, 2007.

Ill get back to you guys shortly again. There have been more added. A few more things This n That, Tommy solo, Articles (Girls 4) etc.... I am with such good belief and balance these days and I think I honestly deserved it. I have paid high dues to get to here. I am not gonna do the bad over again. The road to here has been too hard. "Glitter" I am nuts about it all and you know more than likely things are gonna be a new life from now on. Things are just insaine and almost unreal. let me spend time to adjust myslef to the new life coming and let me continue to feed my Motley passion and reach my Cruecial goals. To all that helped and stood by me through the hard times ... forever ... one love, youre all rare!!!! Yours Tommy "bear"

13th of January 2007, Cruecial Cruecial Cruecial
10:31AM CET
It is a fine lovely saturday morning here. I am these days in a great mood. I know why too but I am not going ot spend a line of space on here about it. I am just in a good mood. I am carrying around with a ton of cruecial thoughts here. And I have been following a few things that are simply stunning to have added to ones personal collection on eBay. things that have now ended and I did not take a bite of. Why not and what was it you may ask?

Well The "why not" is easy!! I still have that one huge want in making the old stage probs a reality. That is my biggest hope about anything thats got to do with Motly Crue as of 2007. I have a line of things or other things in their name I like to get but I just cant not for most of this year anywya. It will be a damn hard thing to pull in this single dream so....the other half "what was it" well here are a few details just to say it short and to say it let you see the tuff yourself if you didnt see the or attended the auction through the internet. There was a poster the first huge album poster in black and white, there was a lyrics lot of papers from the Coffmann auction from a few yeras back. There was the first edition of the Too Fast Lp. Look under each picture here what they went for. Man thats pretty high.

Again I did not bid on these things as I want this other thing more. It simply is over the top and I can not afford to let it slip away. You will see a few things going my way this year I am pretty sure. There are a few goals to make my life change around for the better in the long run well hopefully!! And I am starting already. Its life grand? ((This time I feel so)) I am in a cool mood. Its sometimes a miracle what one can feel ones things roll like they were supose to. You know what I mean?? Good thank you.

This boy has been happy many times over but have also had the hardest time and longest down period since September 06, from dissapointments and emotional hurting but I am now feeling some extra energy and more and that I tell you its good for me. Give me another 6 months and I have probably gotten to a point where I am able to say "welcome to the new Tommy Lee" I have big plans hopes for this year and all yes. But I am so high set on making every single one of them true also. Sorry for al lthe rambling. I just feel good and I wanted to share.... tons of cool Crue ideas too here.

I have a few things worked on too that I would like to say end up to my advantage. So they too can get added to the collection here. I already had had a few things added the last couple of weeks and now with a vicit as I post this from the webmaster. This will be the last time for a long time, we can actually sit side by side and work together. Its gonna be a few hours with a few more pictures taken and adding them on here as we sit here. It is also a chance to talk a few things through before I leave town for Roskilde / Copenhagen you know. yeah we will have a plan set up for the next few months I am sure.

I also have shit laying in Roskilde that will be brought home to Grenaa next time I am coming over, home or on vicit what ever the new saying is from then on. Lol...it is kind of weird. That it is. But yeah I am adding all the time through out the year too. There will probably be a lot of things to say and tell as time goes on so dont be strangers. It is all good and it is all good in time.

Tommylee.tv has these latest three member kits too had not long ago four so in a short time they have now had 7 new member kits and all should be covered. So in some weeks from now all that should be received too and you will find it on here some time. Dont worry it will all go on here. But give it some time alright. The first four packages is said to be sent yesterday from US. The latest three from January .But the latest thre as said have now been covered too and whats included this time as said a few days ago, these new packages have finally some rather cool stuff in them compared to the first few packages the www.tommylee.tv presented.

here you have a taste of what is in the latest three. Here is my reciet:"Thanks for your membership purchase to Tommy Lee's Official site, you now have All Access to the member's area of the site where you can watch hours of Tommy Lee TV, view his exclusive photo gallery, and read his journal entries.Thanks for your membership purchase to Tommy Lee's Official site, you now have All Access to the member's area of the site where you can watch hours of Tommy Lee TV, view his exclusive photo gallery, and read his journal entries.

Thanks for your membership purchase to Tommy Lee's Official site, you now have All Access to the member's area of the site where you can watch hours of Tommy Lee TV, view his exclusive photo gallery, and read his journal entries. A confirmation e-mail receipt has been sent to you at lee@tdcspace.dk, your member e-mail address. If you have any questions or concerns, go to the support page to contact us. Head on back to the home page to navigate to the member areas of the sit

I will stop this one for now to get some time spend on the togetherness and refinings with the webmaster before time flyers .
later folks.. new stuff has just been added too in the Tommy solo section on the .com site and there are new shirts in the 2005 section, this n that and other minor places. It is a bit weird to have these old things looked through again as they are sort of new addings to the collection. Its nostalgic to have fingers in these things again as they come to me and ready to be handled as new arrivals lol....later folks. Much love, Tx

9th of January 2007, Member Kits & New Photo Ideas For The Fans
2:52PM CET

Tuesday damn one third of the first month in the new year is already gone and over with. I have to say it feels like its been a long time since new years. Then again it was 10 days ago so .. well I have a good feeling things will just continue to go fast. Time is really running like I cant even begin to tell you. There are a line of things I like to get through as said already. The new thing of today are my thoughts about the Tommy stuff going on in the Supernova camp and the Tommy solo website of. www.tommylee.tv

There are always some various member kits there you can join the site asa member with. I know and I agree with the ones about to say Tommy why dont you just leave it alone if you are so against it. That is not the point here in my typing. You see folks, I think its cool to hear people out on thoughts of happenings in the boys camps and this here about the memberships and all. I think as a world status rock star if you really should do this .. it had been a bit cooler to actually throw some great quality shit together.

I think maybe the latest of the kits the so caleld "E" kit thats up for a limited time only now is fairly cool. there have been I think about ten kits since the get go now and they have all had these cheap printer prints adnd discount crap that is for do I dare say non serious teen like people that would not be too serious on the matter. I think itsa sad that its purely a great and cheap way to score some bucks from hundreds of people that joins up. When they really could have gotten some totally over the top merchandise. But as said the latest one the "E" kit is pretty cool. You get a framed liited prnt a shirt and some crap. Thats alright ofr a mmber package. Thanks for this one folks.

On the Supernova front it is now time for a limited time only pro photo set offer. www.frcphotos.com Basicly its like ... well you do the math; if there are at elast six different photographers at every major concert and each snaps a good 250 pictures thats a total of 1500 shots. You will then through papers and all get to see what 3 to 5 of them and own well none. It doesnt add up really. So "Front Row Center" changes that now. here is a chance to own these or at least a good few of them. With authorirization from great live acts esteemed rock photographersof "Front Row Center" now offers us all some brilliant moments shot to perfection for all to enjoy.

You bought the ticket you saw the show, here is a chance to in the future get the missing link covered as well. Front Row Center, Inc. is co-owned by Blair R. Fischer and Sam Jemielity two Chicago based journalists ones met through playboy.com where they both worked. They shared an adoration of music and a pasiion to help preserve the memory of great rock n roll memos in form of concerts. Now - for a limited time only they have included the new years and the January 1st show in Las Vegas by the Supernova and the pictures can be ordered there online!!! Now these photos are all 8x10 or 11x14 and are fairly high priced single sold shots. But if you love photos and you are a collector or just want a few from a good memorial concert you went to this is a cool chance ot get these for sure!!!

You tell all or simply for yourself go check this one out and maybe order a few ... Thats all for the day my little darlings, lee

8th of January 2007, Its An AC/DC Feel - Life Is ....Isnt It?
10:28PM CET
Fuckin eyy people .. hell aint no bad place to be. I tell you.... its not. Its actually quiet cool. Well if you know what you get in the end. I am gonna start this new thing called work at the other end of the country. I am gonna start at 9Am Feb first. So there it goes. The curtains and the backdrop should be well safe. No one can possibly kow how cool that feels.

The trip through hell is gonna be a hard long one with night work only no day job no evening only nights all the fucking time till. Well the end. But this is what I wanted and to actually have this going on is just a too cool a thing. I have to get these things to make my survival of my collecting life. I am gonna have to do this to make it over all dissapointments of the last say 6 months or just about. Its been fucked and the loses and emotional crap have been too much. A little touch too much brother.

Do you think there is a chance for me to get over it and pass a darkness that will bring me out on the other side and carry on? Thats my goal and should this go through then hey, I am optimistic. Fuck yes I am. It is gonna happen. And I am gonna prove first and foremost to myself that I want this. Thats my downpayment blues. Right here right now man!!! I am gonna do it I am gonna deal with it and I am gonna come out on the other side with a new fresh view on Motley crue and to my living in generel. I wil llike this. I just have to make the new a new habit. A daily habit.

So January has so far givin me what I wanted 2007 to start off with. Thats just a little too cool for school dudes. I am really pleased just trying to adjust myself to the new.

I have a few hopes and wants in the next couple of days too. It is hard to do much from now on tll end of February. But we will see how all goes. I am fresh and willing. And trust me I am all about reaching my goals. This one is not up to anyone else but myself to make the best of it. I am really gonna show - myself. Have anyone been hearing about Vince Neil solo tour coming up? I am not going on it as it is soon to come and I have a massive list of work to do before I am even able to get my mind on anything what so ever else.

I think I am gonna hope for the tour merch but its gonna be a little hard I think. It has been hard to find the shit he brings to the show if you arent actually attending. But so far there have been a fairly coverage of past tours as you can see on the .com site under "Solo" so yeah I hope to be covering this too some how. I know Supernova is out there too again a tour I am not too cool about but let the boys have fun. Trying to cover his / their shit too. Look also under "solo" to find Supernova stuff and more to come. The new years show I have now seen that on the computer. Man that sucked ass. Hated it. It was so uncool. There is still not a single sign from me to turn around and say heyy T dude this is actually pretty cool. Course it isnt!! It sucks and it has not much quality shit to it. Its a whole lot of nothingness really.

Then Tommy should really do soemthing else. I think a followup to his Dull CD release could have been exciting. Guess we got it in a Tommyland release. That wasnt too bad but nothing major either. Damn it lookes like there is a lot of trouble for the members to have huge success solo. Doing solo shit still as members in Crue can pay off. I guess thats just a way of making people more interested I think. That two part word haunts them for life . Motley Crue!! hell yeah man thats something they can and will never fully succeed with an escape from. Would yo not agree? !!! I hope to have gotten rid of a few things on the site that were also giving us trouble. Again should shit come up contact the webmaster through contacts on the site and let her know about whats wrong and she will get back to you.!!!!

Okay nothing more for now it is not a large number of news flashes here just these few things and heyyy, a few new things have been added again.. so.. enjoy!!!
later fuckers!! lee

5th of January 2007, Holy Mac What A Day!!
6:08PM CET
I have a fewthings to say here toay actually quiet nice. Ready? Lets get rid of all the gossip first what do you say? On January 1st I got an email about something that went down in Las Vegas but here is now the official side to a few things... enjoy!! Its just all knocked up and crazy. I can not really figure out how I see everything part from the whole fucking hola hoop is a line of kindergarden stunts and brains of a 5 year old.

Kid Rock's attempt to beat up Tommy Lee fails:
Kid - who is currently divorcing Pamela Anderson, who was previously married to Tommy - was left fuming after hearing the former Motley Crue drummer and the Baywatch actress had hooked up again.

Overtaken by rage, Kid allegedly stormed over to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, where Tommy was staying at the time, and started breaking down what he thought was the drummer's door. However, once Kid gained entry he realised he had smashed into the wrong room, as Tommy was staying on a different floor. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Kid is divorcing Pam Anderson, but he heard Tommy was hooking up with her, and got all riled up. So he went over at 6am with two bodyguards, and began kicking down what he thought was Tommy's door. Only it wasn't, and Kid found himself staring at some poor, startled family. He signed an autograph for them as security arrived, then bolted over to the Paradise strip club."

Even though a brawl was avoided, Tommy - who is in Vegas performing with his new band Rock Star: Supernova - is expecting more trouble from Kid. The source added: "Tommy has been calling Kid Rock and taunting him about Pam, and Kid Rock is ready to kick some serious butt."

Rock Like a Fool:
Was it really that strange to see our own Tom Gardner hanging out with Motley Crue's bassist and founding force, Nikki Sixx, this past weekend?

"It was like meeting a long-lost brother," Tom says about the meeting in Colorado at a bash for Aspen Peaks magazine. "We talked seriously at length about his investment goals. The Motley family is finally coming together." Tom was moved by the meeting, and the feeling may have been mutual, as Nikki also singled Tom out in his online diary. One can argue that the Los Angeles-based headbanging quartet and the Virginia-based company that empowers individual investors have little in common. I beg to differ.

Motley Crue sang about shouting at the devil, while Tom and his brother David riled up passive investors to get up and shout at their full-service brokers.
Take the lyrics to "Girls, Girls, Girls" and replace the chorus with "Stocks, Stocks, Stocks," and you will have the perfect Wall Street anthem. OK, so you may want to alter some of the strip-club references, too.

Some of the members of the Crue have had intimate videotapes leaked to the public. In the same vein, Tom and David once starred in their own PBS television special.
"Looks That Kill" was an early hit for the rockers. "Loads That Kill" was an early mantra against high-load mutual funds around Fooldom.

Nikki turned his recovery from heroin addiction in the late 1980s into the basis of The Heroin Diaries, while The Motley Fool survived its initial fascination with the flawed Styles on Video to learn from its shortcomings.

Motley Crue got signed to Warner's (NYSE: WMG) Elektra label in the 1980s. America Online, which ultimately merged with former Warner Music Group parent Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), gave The Motley Fool its start a decade later.

Wait a minute, those last few points are actually legitimate connections. It also bears mentioning that Nikki has followed the lead of another famous bass player with a knack for theatrics -- Kiss' Gene Simmons -- in cashing in on his rock-and-roll celebrity to expand into new businesses.Nikki's got a fledgling clothing line going on, as well as a book deal and a charitable campaign to lend a hand to runaway children. Reunion tours are also a hot commodity when the bandmates aren't promoting solo projects.

Anderson Blasts Ex Rock:
PAMELA ANDERSON has launched a thinly disguised attack on her estranged husband KID ROCK, apparently branding him self-obsessed and "childish". The former BAYWATCH star was furious to learn Rock tried to get physical with her other ex TOMMY LEE on New Year's Eve (31DEC06) in Las Vegas after being taunted by the wild rocker over his split from Anderson. Writing on her website, the actress insists she is "excited about moving on" from Rock and finding a new love, rumoured to be actor and former Hell's Angel CHUCK ZITO.

She says, "I need a man with interests outside of himself, someone with similar beliefs." And apparently alluding to the Lee incident she adds, "A rock star scorned... it's been a hard month - completely childish threats. I'm so disappointed. That's why my friend Chuck Zito has been with me. He's great security." Anderson and Rock, real name ROBERT RITCHIE, split in November (06) after just four months of marriage.

Isnt life grand?? So much bull, and many thought the rich and fames lived a spoiled cool life. Fuck that. I would rather be poor and better than filthy and shitty!! Okay yesterday was all Copenhagen and Roskilde for me. This recent talked abut job interview that could be the solution with a full set guarentee for getting the much wanted and talked about Motley 87 logo front stage curtains and the alister 85 backdrop is now in place.

I got a note today. " Hej Tommy, Jeg har forsøgt at ringe til dig uden held så derfor denne mail, da jeg ved at du plejer at svare. Du gjorde indtryk og vi vil gerne tilbyde dig ansættelse pr. 01.02.07. Med hjemstation på København Depot, det vil sige på vores depoter om natten. Ligesom Morten arbejder nu. Du må meget gerne lige ringe til mig. Mvh Camilla"

I know to most of you out there this makes no sence what so ever. But in short it says Welcome job is yours. Starting Feb. 1st!!! So I am gonna have a far better financial excisting now but also a far harder living as I have to work at the other end of the country and still have my apartment here. I am not gonna be moving at all for some time. I am still open to most of all balls thrown in the air over the last year. How ever that couold all go wrong and should it then well I ahve this!! And that is something I gotta say is my want right now. I need to be pleased here for many reasons but I also need to have a lot of better and more realistic hopes on things that are all non Motley. But surely the Motley doings or should I say buyings are now too . way more open.

I have set goals for 2007 like for the whole year already in case I am aloud to have things going as hoped for now with this new message from and about the new work. I am first and foremost gonna deal with the dream deal in late April and get that out of the way. that is kind of THE big ine this year. Then after that I start to grab things one by one. It is a hell of a list I wanna try to get cleared and I am PROMISING myself as well to get out more get a some sort of social life going that I have not had in years.

I need to get a life net to the Motleys as I have no love life and no soul mate to share shit with. I need to gain some new things and expand other than the site and collection. I dont believe for a second I can take either time or money away from my collecting thing... but this is a handed opotunity that can give me new times a new life and shit. I should really grab it.

I miss certain things and certain people in my life but its time ot kind of aim for something new. Especially with the odds I have received folks. Bad heart and shit. I ned a bit of everything and I have to learn to let old dreams go and get over shit that I fought so hard for but just would not go my way and set new ones. Now this is something that several times a week get me through the hard times in my Crue fights and more... its norweigan and its fucking kick ass biker wooden boogie rock.

I think we have a really great chance me and myself in most this year but I have to be dead brutally honest and give things a chance and all. But I do not wanna feel threatend on my Motley side of life. I am looking forward to everything in an odd way here this evening. I have an ocean of feelings running about all sorts ofthings bout Motley tonight too in my head.

Another and very true thing is that I have to be true to myself about finding the new rules and the new scedual in my living life suitable and adjust my body and all to whats coming and i will have a good 3 months to prove to myself and the imployers that I can and want this bad enough!! It can give me a shit load of limits on activities and in person doings on my life style but fulfill and bring other sides to life into my life again. And who the fuck knows maybe this is healty for me maybe I get to watch the Motley life from another side of the what ever and see things through different glasses that I may like. The site today has been refined and gotten some few addings - enjoy.

I forever love rock n roll and everyhting else is only toppings to my cake. what ever it is ... Rock n Roll is my main single thing that just so takes it ...... peace out fuckers, Tommy

3rd of January 2007, Silent Times Yet Not In Denmark
11:49AM CET

It was a night last night with my liqueur bottle and high volume "Generation Swine" and Paul Stanley. I still catch myself thinking a lot about things. So I also did last night. I have a truely bettering financially should this go my way but the price for a bettering on that field is a suffering from everything else in my life. So you see right now I am ready but a little nervous about the possible new changes around the corner for me.

Tomorrow is a full day of train travelling and with the one goal to get through a good job interview and just get it and see how things will go. I need this. There are so silent times in the Crue camp yes but yet not here in Denmark. I have plenty to do and get done and I have to get all down one thing at a time. This here can be that one thing to start things off.

Yestaerday was the first day as a day opend for shops post services and more. So I have the huge first 2007 bill day laying at my feet. And I realized ones again after things were paid and all I am now sitting with pretty much nothing left for January at all. That is what makes me wanna do what is to be tried out tomorrow. On that interview. I have the dream deal to do in March and I have a few toher things I wanna get going plus I wanna go to the USA two times this year! you see there are simply too many things that costs me too much money to alou me just sitting around no more. Its over with.

As always when I think and I am in need of answers or sorting out a solution to things I put on my rock n roll and I try to feel whats moving me. I have a thing inside of me that often acts form the first thing coming to mind. What ever the problem is I often do whats thought of first. I call it gut instinct. And I believe this to be the right one maybe not the easiest solution to things but in the long run the right one. I just wirk best that way. Thats also what going on right now with the way I go into actions on the dream deal situation. I need this to pull through and it will. Trust me!! I have a safety net now as told the other day for this deal so I will get it. And I am fucking pleased about it too. I cant wait to get it rolling!

I just cant get around this tiny little bit either here.... I dont know what you people listen to or what kind of concerts you attend. But I recommend a 2 months old thing to be a part of your collection. The rammstein latest cool release "Völkerball". Its out in the editions the huge monster of a release is a 5000 copies wirldwide only. I have that one of course but fuck all editions areawesome. Try it out. Just a little brain fart on my behalf. You want a butt kick this will do it for you. Bück dich ....noch einmal. hell yeah bitches.

January does not have much else that Tommy´ Supernova touring and Vince neil` boat cruise in the mid of the month. Now that gives me plenty of time to get my shit together for the next step, next level. You see I have a few things I gotta have working for me and I am ready!!! I walked into 2007 with a raised head and more. I need this year to be a good one in othr ways than motley too. Long boring story but I do. So it suits me fine that they arent really doing anything this year. I dont care for seeing Supernova and I know Neil is going on a 07 solo tour USA from March but that wont happen either. And I am cool eith that too. I really only wanna work my ass off from now on till June all the xtra work I can possibly get and all...

More things have found its way to be mine. I cant tell you how many fans I know that are in the middle of or just have recently quit collecting. For various reasons. It is quiet a few. I understand it for many reasons. Some do it as they are sick and tired of the band. Some was hugely dissapointed and could not get over it after seeing them at the fall tour. Some just find it to be way too expensive these days. Others have found other things in life more joyable. I get it all. To a certain limit.

I myself said it too should I not get the dream deal in MArch / April then I too have had way too many dissapointments for myself to be able to find an honets heartfelt way out of this turbulence. And I would have stopped too. Now I have fairly good cards on my hands to make this one happen so I refuse to quit on anyhting. A matetr a fact have just gotten a line of smaller items added to the collection too. Still waiting for it to come to me though but this weekend to come will have a few visual addings coming on the site here in the LOOKS section and all. Watch for it.

Some off the things to come also will be shirts, mag covers, articles, presskits, posters, solo stuff and more. One of the auctions on a pair of Nikki boots that a friend of mine took and won has been hugely dissapointed in his US fall concerts so he is dedicating his time to his girl now and is dropping Crue. He contacted me yesterday and said if I would help him out on his outhouse he would give me the boots for helping. He has not gotten them yet though!! They are still in the USA. He here by has a helping hand. Cool!! Also the 2 limited Vince solo tour shirts of 06 are safe and the 06 book release of studio stories from producers of bandsincl for Tommy solo projects and Motley Crue.

There have been some trouble with the site we are told and they are today being fixed by the webmaster. She is dedicating this whole day to totally build up a new one transfering it all over to a new one and well... in short it should clear the problems?? Hopefully!! Five weeks to Vince` birthday. What else is to be said?? Nothing really at this point. A lot of hard weird shit is to be looked at and I think we will have a good 2007 on here too. Its gonan be alright. Fuck if I can getthrough everything in my filthy living then you can too. Just set your mind to it and it will be fine.

later dudes. Love ya all..... *bastard*

Many of you who are oldtime Cruefans and yes, long time Shout members, know Rockxzombie and his wife SixxxKitten. You will probably remember that He Has severe heart problems. He has been unable to work for the past 4 years and has no health insurance. He has been in and out of the hospital numerous times. A few months ago he started selling off his collection of Crue memorabilia To Pay Hospital Bills. This week he listed a very precious piece of his collection for sale on Shout, that was a signal to those of us who know him that things were getting really bad.

Kenny needs our prayers, well wishes, and money. If you can help even by just posting a get well message, please contact Administration,and We will get you the info on how to post your wishes. To Make a Donation Please Use the Add to Cart Link,You can Donate Any Amount you Want once you get to Paypal. Please keep both Linda and Kenny in your prayers, it is a very rough time for the both of them.


2nd of January 2007, Jeee Haaaaa & Then Some FUCK YES!!
12:04AM CET
Happy fucking new year bastards!! That is one some what great start on a new year I think!!! You wonder whats going on huhh?? Well Here goes nothing!! My own personal new years was the most quiet one imaginable. Not a comma happend. Why? Well I wanted to and needed to hold all cash for and to the deal that has invaded my mind like the single most important thing yet !!! The backdrop and curtains offered. I did not wanna pay a dime on alcohol, fireworks or nothing. And for me to do this I would equal company with a lame ass bored idiot of a company where ever I would have been going.

You see my new years was a home staying slow night with TV a book nice minor things and no huge excellent lovely dinner and party. I had it all expected so I was fine with it. You seeI REALLY want them items offered no words can describe it. So a long time I actually spent by the computer with Corinna. Her last days in S.C. We wished each other happy new year two times. Funny. When we in Denmark passed 12 o clock and 6 hrrs later as the US did east coast style. So we had a joyful long talk and I appreciated all there was. No shit, no bad mouthing, no nothing. Only nice time. Thanks for it. In Vegas there was one band that were starting their tour called The Rock Star Supernova. At "the Pit" in Vegas and guess what? It was as I expected no fucking big deal check this out....

Rock Star Supernova fails to impress out of the block at Las Vegas opening :
LAS VEGAS (CP) - The reality TV show is over for Rock Star Supernova. Now there's just the reality of turning a made-for-TV group into a real rock band. And judging from the foursome's opening show New Year's Eve, there's plenty of work left to do. Led by Toronto singer Lukas Rossi, Supernova delivered a wildly uneven show before some 2,000 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Supernova chugged through the show like a car on its last legs, occasionally speeding up only to lose power and fall back. It was one step forward and two back for most of the eighty-minute, 13-song performance that started at 11:20 p.m. after a performance by opening act Luna Halo, a fivesome from Nashville. The band's musical hiccups weren't helped by a sophomoric Girls Gone Wild mentality throughout the show, with drummer Tommy Lee digging into the Motley Crue vault for the "titty-cam" to encourage women in the audience to bare their breasts for the big screen. No stranger to using a camcorder, Lee should know better.

And any style points the band received for using a four-woman string section for three songs were lost by the decision to have two dancers in lingerie, denim chaps and boots gyrate on several others. All that was missing was the pole, but it's early days on tour. Rossi was welcomed by a vocal Canadian contingent, with Maple Leaf flags and at least one Leafs jersey with the name Rossi stitched on the back. All of them must have cringed when guitarist Gilby Clarke introduced Rossi "from the great state of Toronto, Canada."

Wearing black pants and T-shirt, a white jacket and bushels of bling, Rossi was a bundle of energy bouncing across stage, contorting his body like an escape artist as he sang. There were rock star poses galore, but his character didn't shine through. Maybe it was his trademark war paint. His heavy eye makeup made it look from a distance like he was wearing a Lone Ranger mask. Combine that with the sweat pouring down his face and the big video screens on either side of the stage made it look like he had greased up to swim the English Channel. Not helping matters was the fact that his stage banter was all but inaudible, although he clearly dropped plenty of F-bombs.

Still, Rossi had more conviction opening night than fellow Canadian J.D. Fortune did on his debut after winning the Rock Star INXS contest. Fortune babbled between songs and seemed unsure of what he should be doing. Fortune, however, was saved by INXS' extensive catalogue of hits, something Supernova lacks. Rossi won the televised audition to front the band featuring Lee, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Clarke, and Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, although Newsted has had to temporarily give way to Black Crowes bassist Johnny Colt after injuring himself trying to catch a falling 90-pound piece of equipment.

While a shirtless Lee battered his drum kit at the Hard Rock, across town ex-wife Pamela Anderson was hosting a New Year's Eve party at the Venetian while soon-to-be-ex-husband Kid Rock was at the Mirage. Clarke is a solid guitar player, who stepped out more as the set progressed, and Colt proved to be a stylish fill-in. Lee, however, was hidden behind his monster drum kit most of the night, with only the occasional video glimpse. The band needs to find a way to get the charismatic bad boy out of the shadows.

Lee came across as a likeable sort on the TV show, but he was just another heavy-handed drummer Sunday night. Supernova could also grow up a little. The band was preceded onstage by a taped message from Rossi on the club's video screens. Call it The World According to Supernova, a testosterone-fuelled bawdy raison d'etre written over a sneering caricature of the singer that included the slogan "What happens at a Supernova show, stays at a Supernova show." It was the first hint that originality might be in short order during the evening. As did Rossi's initial greeting of "Whassup?"

Sticking mostly to their album, Supernova opened with "Underdog," built around the tried and true riffs from the TV show opening. The band did well on "It's All Love," "Social Disgrace" and The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony," which Rossi performed on the TV show. And the band delivered a fine slower and heavier version of Rossi's self-penned "Headspin," with Clarke's guitar wailing nicely. "Can't Bring Myself to Light This Fuse," another slower number, also stood out. The uptempo "Leave the Lights On" started well, although a limp ending to the song did little to set the stage for an encore.

The band did return to the stage, struggling through the Stones' "Let's Spend the Night Together," another Rossi TV effort. Rossi actually stopped the song to request a volume fix. It made for a sloppy ending to an evening that went further downhill when Lee did an impromptu rap on stage before saying goodnight. The tour takes Supernova to Montreal on Jan. 23, Toronto on Jan. 24 and Vancouver on Feb. 19.

Not too great right? Yeah, well I have kind of been saying this all along. Fuck this project. Its uncool and it is kind of going nowhere fast! For a TV reality shit show its cool. Fun to watch but other than that I dont really think much of it. I give it this year out and if extremely lucky .. a second CD release. Dont believe in that though!!

Anyway back to where I started; I am going for this job interview for a shit ass job this coming Thursday ad I think I get it. Cant see why not. So I will then be working with it for a long time and raise that money to do and to get for sure. Smiling. I have today also gotten a sort of safety net so I will fucking get the dream deal. Hell yeah mutha fuckers. What a splended cool year to move in on eyy? Fucking yeah!! I fee lsuddently so way, way, way, more relaxed. Trying not to be a bitch about it. Love the shit. I cant even tell you.

Well I am not gonna pretend all is in place course my life has it with things getting changed around the last minute to a bad change too even. But I believe this will go as wanted. No fuss no bull no shit. I will get back to you Friday with more news on the situation and hopefully a bit happier face. Also a few more new scannings of items arrived. Its all going to be good. I promise. More great news through out a new year wait and see. Welcome to another starting chapter in the life of the extreme. Love you all...